The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


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Wisconsin Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


Rabbi Bonnie Margulis: Nudge Walker back to Medicaid expansion (The Cap Times, 12/31/12)
Vos gives ‘cheater’s proof’ a whole new meaning (Cognitive Dissidence, 12/31/12)
COMMENTARY: Why have they no fear of voters? (Beloit Daily News, 12/31/12)
EDITORIAL: Vos is right: State tax code is overdue for an overhaul (Racine Journal Times, 12/31/12)
Walker, Van Hollen back expanding DNA collection (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/29/12)
Wisconsin state retirees could face 13% cut (AP, 12/29/12)
Out-of-state billionaires bought Walker and they intend to collect during this legislative session: Be on the alert! (Uppity Wisconsin, 12/29/12)
OPINION: Sic key issues to focus on over the coming year (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/29/12)
COMMENTARY: Taxpayers get what they pay for (The Cap Times, 12/28/12)
Justice Roggensack: High court getting along, despite contentious reputation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/28/12)
Kathleen Vinehout: State’s chief watchdogs among nation’s best (The Cap Times, 12/28/12)
OPINION: Walker backs transparency, in theory (The Cap Times, 12/27/12)
Financial controls lacking at state jobs agency (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/26/12)
Environmental impact of mining rules remains in question (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/25/12)
EDITORIAL: Tell Wisconsin’s GOP congressmen to be partners, not bullies (The Cap Times, 12/24/12)
Wisconsin AG seeks millions from other agencies (AP, 12/24/12)
COMMENTARY: The GOP’s latest scheme to grab the presidency (The Cap Times, 12/24/12)
Wisc. business owners join national call to raise corporate taxes (The Cap Times, 12/23/12)
EDITORIAL: No right-to-work battle looming here (The Journal Times, 12/23/12)
VIDEO: Gun control measures face uphill battle in Madison (Appleton Post-Crescent, 12/22/12)
NRA put big money on Walker campaign (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/22/12)
Business subsidy or corporate welfare? The numbers can get fuzzy (The Cap Times, 12/22/12)
Walker opposed to closing guns show loophole (The Political Environment, 12/21/12)
State senator who proposed arming teachers now silent (The Cap Times, 12/21/12)
Latest 4-year job estimate far short of Walker goal (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/21/12)
EDITORIAL: Don’t end same-day registration (LaCrosse Tribune, 12/21/12)
Teachers weigh in on proposal for guns in schools (The Cap Times, 12/21/12)
COMMENTARY: Privatization is no panacea (The Cap Times, 12/21/12)
Wisconsin court upholds domestic partner registry (AP, 12/21/12)
Grover Norquist: Scott Walker is the Conservative of the Year (Human Events, 12/20/12)
EDITORIAL: Let’s learn from WEDC mistakes (LaCrosse Tribune, 12/20/12)
EDITORIAL: Walker wise to avoid voting distraction (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/20/12)
Latest election controversy brewing over idea to ferret out non-citizen voters (The Cap Times, 12/20/12)
Walker won’t hit jobs target, state’s own report predicts (The Cap Times, 12/20/12)
Report had warned of problems with WEDC-like agencies (The Cap Times, 12/19/12)
Wisconsin really is ‘Open for Business,’ so where are all the jobs? (Badger Democracy, 12/19/12)
Wisconsin AG blows kiss to gun lobby (The Political Environment, 12/18/12)
The (alleged) Republican plot against the Electoral College (The Cap Times, 12/18/12)
Second report calls for changes at state jobs agency (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/18/12)
When Scott Walker stood up to the NRA (WTMJ, 12/17/12)
COMMENTARY: Walker has yet to learn to accept responsibility (The Cap Times, 12/17/12)
Five new Assembly Democrats are 35 or younger (The Cap Times, 12/16/12)
Walker won’t pursue union bills in next session (, 12/15/12)
Walker says he won’t pursue union legislation in next session (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/15/12)
Walker says he’s got high bar for Kenosha casino (, 12/15/12)
Is Wisconsin still a presidential battleground? (The Wisconsin Voter, 12/15/12)
Few Democrats lining up to challenge Walker in 2014 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/15/12)
Walker outlines education priorities for next year (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/15/12)
Peter, Paul, and Annie: State’s transportation budget won’t fix itself (InBusiness, 12/14/12)
Walker backs shift to mental health community care (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/12)
SDC rips Walker for lack of board appointment (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/12)
EDITORIAL: Perhaps Wisconsin should simply dissolve Economic Development Corp. (The Cap Times, 12/14/12)
Is Scott Walker preparing to run for president? (The Progressive, 12/14/12)
COMMENTARY: Shades of McCarthy in right-winger Johnson (The Cap Times, 12/14/12)
The stress must be getting to Walker (Cognitive Dissidence, 12/14/12)
OPINION: Walker wisely backs away from limiting registration (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/13/12)
Scott Walker’s dog and pony show (The Progressive, 12/13/12)
Five fallacies about ‘right-to-work’ laws (The Cap Times, 12/13/12)
Professional backgrounds of GAB judges show half with previous GOP ties (The Cap Times, 12/13/12)
COMMENTARY: Mining expert lobbies, but is no lobbyist (The Cap Times, 12/12/12)
EDITORIAL: Walker must compromise on mine rules (The Cap Times, 12/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Bring back our part-time Legislature (The Cap Times, 12/12/12)
Walker says right-to-work battle would be distraction (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/12/12)
Unions here wary after Michigan rushes through a right-to-work law (The Cap Times, 12/12/12)
Report says $69M in recall spending outside state (AP, 12/11/12)
EDITORIAL: Scott Walker’s gold-plated kitchen (The Cap Times, 12/11/12)
Follow the payday loan money to see why Wisconsin Democrats are in trouble (The Cap Times, 12/10/12)
GOP redistricting leaves its stamp on 2012 election (The Wisconsin Voter, 12/10/12)
A fresh, but tough, face takes on the Dems’ top Senate post (The Cap Times, 12/9/12)
COMMENTARY: The peril of ‘no rights at work’ (The Cap Times, 12/9/12)
Paul Ryan attacked from the right (The Cap Times, 12/8/12)
Ex-Walker appointee charged in John Doe sentenced to prison (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/7/12)
State Supreme Court candidate declares himself a Democrat, opponent of voter ID (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/7/12)
With Walker on hand, son used same-day voter registration in GOP primary (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/7/12)
DNR, facing public outcry, amends proposed state parks hunting access (The Cap Times, 12/7/12)
Political twins on the right: Wisconsin’s Walker, Michigan’s Snyder (The Political Environment, 12/7/12)
The Walker Agenda is still working! Part CLX (Cognitive Dissidence, 12/7/12)
As Michigan GOP rams through right-to-work bill, is Wisconsin next? (The Cap Times, 12/7/12)
Wisconsin Dems brace for changes in mining law (The Progressive, 12/7/12)
About that new charter study (WPRI, 12/6/12)
Wisconsin has nation’s biggest jump in new jobless benefit claims (WTAQ, 12/6/12)
EDITORIAL: Count on Walker to play politics with tax dollars (The Cap Times, 12/6/12)
Scott Walker on eliminating same-day voter registration: ‘This is a ridiculous issue’ (Huffington Post, 12/6/12)
Critics say GOP-favored mining bill headed to court if it passes (The Cap Times, 12/6/12)
COMMENTARY: Do Wisconsin legislators need to be paid more? (The Cap Times, 12/6/12)
Dane County referendum on same-day registration in works (The Cap Times, 12/5/12)
Senate GOP leader says caucus hasn’t decided on action on abortion, school vouchers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/5/12)
GOP sends mixed messages on election-day registration (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/5/12)
Walker wants no state action on immigration (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/5/12)
COMMENTARY: Reforming teachers — and unions (The Cap Times, 12/5/12)
COMMENTARY: Is Paul Ryan making socialism sound better? (The Cap Times, 12/5/12)
GOP presses on with voter ID laws in other states (The Cap Times, 12/4/12)
Walker, Wisconsin GOP, consolidate power with ALEC’s help (The Progressive, 12/4/12)
COMMENTARY: Groups eye redistricting reforms (The Cap Times, 12/4/12)
Fitzgerald: Wisconsin needs new election board (AP, 12/4/12)
Attorney Vince Megna, an avowed anti-Walker Democrat, wants a seat on the high court (The Cap Times, 12/4/12)
Rep. Robin Vos wants to revisit the voter ID law; opponents wonder, ‘what now?’ (The Cap Times, 12/4/12)
Incoming Senate leader favors political appointees over judges on GAB (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/3/12)
GOP Senate leader looks at elections changes (AP, 12/3/12)
Q&A: Teachers union chief explains new reality for labor (The Cap Times, 12/2/12)
COMMENTARY: Secession? No, Wisconsin likes it here (The Cap Times, 12/2/12)
Rift widens as prison guards try to form new union (LaCross Tribune, 12/2/12)
EDITORIAL: End assaults on right to assemble,speak at Capitol (The Cap Times, 12/1/12)
On the Capitol: Talk with Walker tour not open to all (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/1/12)
Assembly Speaker-elect appoints 4 Republicans to finance committee (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/1/12)
WEDC hires outside help after losing track of millions of dollars in loans (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/1/12)


Dem lawmaker: State exchange best option for lowering health costs (The Cap Times, 11/30/12)
Wis. job agency heads: Issues serious but fixable (AP, 11/30/12)
Eliminating Election Day registration wouldn’t have blocked state’s known cases of voter fraud (The Cap Times, 11/30/12)
Why nonpartisan high court races in Wisconsin favor conservatives (The Cap Times, 11/30/12)
State gun sales on track for record-shattering year (The Cap Times, 11/29/12)
John Doe investigation and a Rice Lake Harley dealer … all roads lead to Scott Walker (Badger Democracy, 11/29/12)
How soon will Wisconsin reverse its gay marriage ban? (The Cap Times, 11/29/12)
COMMENTARY: Beware of partisan efforts to restrict voting (The Cap Times, 11/29/12)
Conservative groups create own news outlets to counter alleged liberal media bias (The Cap Times, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: GOP stacked deck to control Legislature (The Cap Times, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: Walker for president? Can he beat John Doe? (The Cap Times, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: Watch out for wasteful outsourcing legislation (The Cap Times, 11/27/12)
Walker says he’s confident he’s in the clear (LaCrosse Tribune, 11/27/12)
For Scott Walker, walls are closing in (Crooks and Liars, 11/27/12)
Sen. Schultz expects better mining bill (The Cap Times, 11/27/12)
COMMENTARY: Mounting evidence shows system is rigged (The Cap Times, 11/26/12)
Walker discusses budget, same-day registration, DPI race, mining, Medicaid (AP, 11/26/12)
Walker confident he’s clear in probe (AP, 11/26/12)
Walker says he’s not thinking about 2016 (AP, 11/26/12)
COMMENTARY: After celebrating Obama and Baldwin, it’s time to turn to the war at home (The Cap Times, 11/26/12)
EDITORIAL: Democratic leader starts with good choices (The Cap Times, 11/26/12)
OPINION: Our college-dropout governor has no ethics (The Cap Times, 11/26/12)
Exchange decision puts Walker’s donors at odds (Appleton Post-Crescent, 11/24/12)
Wisconsin clerks fighting Walker on same-day registration (The Cap Times, 11/23/12)
DOT proposal would delay Zoo Interchange project by two years (The Cap Times, 11/23/12)
EDITORIAL: School funding formula is broken (LaCrosse Tribune, 11/23/12)
OPINION: State should move forward with mining legislation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/22/12)
OPINION: We need more than empty promises on mining bill (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/22/12)
Transportation Dept seeks delay on Zoo Interchange construction (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/22/12)
Milwaukee prosecutor uses calculated move to introduce Walker into sentencing hearing (The Cap Times, 11/21/12)
Emails show coordination efforts between Walker campaign and county staff (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/21/12)
Attorney Lester Pines racks up impressive wins against GOP agenda (The Cap Times, 11/21/12)
COMMENTARY: Election law violations not easy to prove (The Cap Times, 11/21/12)
COMMENTARY: The shameful effort to suppress the vote (The Cap Times, 11/21/12)
Deja vu: Key players in John Doe investigation witnessed similar case during caucus scandal (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/21/12)
Democrats say emails show Walker was involved in illegal campaigning (AP, 11/20/12)
COMMENTARY: Home-state scandal interrupts Walker’s presidential positioning (The Cap Times, 11/20/12)
Analysis: Wisconsin has little wiggle room for an income tax cut (The Cap Times, 11/20/12)
OPINION: Walker’s same-day voter registration ban is bad politics, not good policy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/20/12)
Reason given by Walker against state-run exchange challenged (The Cap Times, 11/20/12)
Former Walker aide sentenced; prosecutor says campaign, office staff in regular contact (AP, 11/20/12)
COMMENTARY: Now Walker gets to walk high wire for two years (The Cap Times, 11/19/12)
EDITORIAL: Walker throws state under the (2016 campaign) bus (The Cap Times, 11/19/12)
Wisconsin vote split was closer than results (AP, 11/19/12)
Gov. Scott Walker unveils agenda for Wisconsin during speech in California (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/19/12)
Analysis: Years of GOP domination coming for Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 11/18/12)
COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan’s rapid rewrite of history (The Cap Times, 11/18/12)
Wisconsin election analysis: Vote split was closer than results (LaCrosse Tribune, 11/18/12)
Lobbyists push for repeal of mining ‘moratorium’ (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/17/12)
On Politics: Priebus seeks to keep GOP leadership (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/17/12)
Few signs that Doe probe will net more suspects (AP, 11/17/12)
Walker’s health care decision ripped by Democrats (AP, 11/16/12)
State won’t setup health insurance exchange, Walker tells feds (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/16/12)
Walker campaign, GOP hired county aide charged in John Doe probe (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/16/12)
Wisconsin voters approves majority of school referendums (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/16/12)
Walker goes against tea party nine, says ‘no’ to arresting federal officials (The Cap Times, 11/16/12)
Analysis: Critics ignore fact that Obamacare will affect only a handful of companies (The Cap Times, 11/16/12)
Corporate spending in Wisconsin elections: Obvious, but undisclosed (The Cap Times, 11/16/12)
COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan’s GOP colleagues recognize he just doesn’t get it (The Cap Times, 11/15/12)
Walker doesn’t support arresting federal officials (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/15/12)
Will Wisconsin Republicans wage another labor war? (The Cap Times, 11/14/12)
Walker pinched between tea party and powerful lobbyists over health care exchange (The Cap Times, 11/14/12)
State Dems shine as WISGOP shames itself (Cognitive Dissidence, 11/14/12)
EDITORIAL: Walker fails state on health exchanges (The Cap Times, 11/14/12)
Cuts to teacher benefits don’t fully offset school aid reduction (Baraboo News Republic, 11/14/12)
Nine Wisconsin GOP/Tea Party legislators go over the cliff (The Political Environment, 11/13/12)
Ex-Reagan official: Scott Walker for House speaker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/13/12)
9 lawmakers want to arrest US officials who implement Obamacare (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/13/12)
EDITORIAL: Walker should set up state-run health insurance exchange (Green Bay Press Gazette, 11/13/12)
COMMENTARY: Did they underestimate Tammy? You’re damn right they did (The Cap Times, 11/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Baldwin victory a win for progressives (The Cap Times, 11/11/12)
Politicians, analysts debate election’s lessons for state leaders (LaCrosse Tribune, 11/11/12)
State Republicans veer for The Low Road – Again (Cognitive Dissidence, 11/11/12)
COMMENTARY: Citizens discounted (The Cap Times, 11/10/12)
Explaining Wisconsin’s dizzying political swings of 2010, 2012 (The Wisconsin Voter, 11/10/12)
Fickle Wisconsin sends a trusty progressive to the Senate (New York Times, 11/9/12)
Gov. Walker predicts tax cuts, mining bill, bipartisanship (LaCrosse Tribune, 11/9/12)
Wisconsin voters mottle state’s political colors (Appleton Post-Crescent, 11/9/12)
Wisconsin’s super swing counties, home to the Bush/Obama/Walker voter (The Wisconsin Voter, 11/9/12)
A state gas tax increase could be on the way (The Cap Times, 11/9/12)
COMMENTARY: Paul Ryan and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Election Day (The Cap Times, 11/8/12)
Campaigns’ control of media gets heavy-handed on election night (The Cap Times, 11/8/12)
Analysis: Koch Brothers lose, but big money campaigns win in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 11/8/12)
Obama’s win forces Walker’s hand on health care (Appleton Post-Crescent, 11/8/12)
COMMENTARY: Taxpayers in the dark on development subsidies (The Cap Times, 11/8/12)
Wisconsin Republicans pick state Senate leaders (AP, 11/8/12)
COMMENTARY: Record spending brings little change (The Cap Times, 11/8/12)
The triumph of the Obama-Walker vote (The Cap Times, 11/7/12)
Obama wins Wisconsin, Baldwin wins US Senate race (AP, 11/7/12)
Democrats rejoice in Madison after two years of election night blues (The Cap Times, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: It’s over, but election blues remain (The Cap Times, 11/7/12)
Republicans retake state Senate, full control of state government (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/7/12)
High number of early voters suggests high turnout overall (The Cap Times, 11/6/12)
Tracking those unpredictable Bush/Obama/Walker voters (The Wisconsin Voter, 11/6/12)
Q&A: Prof says Madison and Waukesha a study in contrasts — and similarities (The Cap Times, 11/5/12)
Editorial: Vote Obama, Baldwin, Pocan, Zerban for real reform (The Cap Times, 11/4/12)
Opinion: Wisconsin Farmers Union leader: A clear choice in a critical election (The Cap Times, 11/4/12)
Critic: Wisconsin Right to Life’s ad about abortion and Obamacare makes dubious claim (The Cap Times, 11/3/12)
All eyes on Oshkosh in state Senate battle (The Cap Times, 11/2/12)
Why Obama is coming to Wisconsin again (The Cap Times, 11/1/12)
Democratic Assembly candidate admits voting for Walker (The Cap Times, 11/1/12)
Wisconsin is vital to Romney, Obama strategies (Washington Post, 11/1/12)


Political payback? Nino Amato says Walker administration wants aging coalition muffled (The Cap Times, 10/31/12)
League of Conservation Voters dumps $1 million into Senate race (The Cap Times, 10/31/12)
Judge overturns law that lets governor block rules by DPI superintendent (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/31/12)
GOP training materials for poll watchers misleading, state elections officials say (The Cap Times, 10/31/12)
Rob Zerban: Ryan’s budget threatens our economic security (The Cap Times, 10/31/12)
Analysis finds Tammy-Tommy battle most negative in nation (The Cap Times, 10/30/12)
Dem lawmaker: WEDC hid lost loans from Audit Committee (The Cap Times, 10/29/12)
Commentary: Baldwin’s win would be a stinging rebuke of Thompson (The Cap Times, 10/29/12)
In liberal Madison, young Republicans rare, passionate (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/28/12)
Commentary: Thompson’s attacks blow back on him (The Cap Times, 10/28/12)
Politically, some parts of Wisconsin swing wildly (The Wisconsin Voter, 10/27/12)
Wisconsin lawmakers releasing few details about post-election agendas (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/27/12)
5 things to watch for in Friday night’s Tammy Baldwin-Tommy Thompson debate (The Cap Times, 10/26/12)
Commentary: Gun laws should consider all citizens, not just gun lobby (The Cap Times, 10/26/12)
Commentary: Why do conservatives hate early voting? (The Cap Times, 10/25/12)
Editorial: Unlike Ryan, Zerban actually wants to serve 1st District (The Cap Times, 10/25/12)
Strong independent streak makes Wisconsinites fickle voters (The Cap Times, 10/24/12)
Commentary: Campaigns embrace new technologies (The Cap Times, 10/24/12)
Without a debate, Rob Zerban unleashes ads on Paul Ryan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/23/12)
Opinion: Early voting is bad for democracy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/23/12)
Judge declines to stay ruling striking down parts of collective bargaining law (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/23/12)
Economic upturn, auto bailout lift Dems in Midwest (AP, 10/23/12)
Wisconsin Senate: Can Tommy Thompson recapture the magic? (Politico, 10/23/12)
We Are Milwaukee pushes Democrats to the left (The Cap Times, 10/23/12)
Judge refuses to lift union law hold (AP, 10/23/12)
In the end, this election really is about ‘class warfare’ (The Cap Times, 10/22/12)
Judge rejects request to reinstate union law (AP, 10/22/12)
US Senate contest between Tammy, Tommy has high stakes (LaCrosse Tribune, 10/21/12)
Little-known change to voting law could cause major headache on Election Day (LaCrosse Tribune, 10/21/12)
Shilling, Feehan matchup key in battle for Wisconsin senate (LaCrosse Tribune, 10/21/12)
Commentary: Thompson’s politics of cheap shots (The Cap Times, 10/21/12)
Madison Politiscope: Courting the Latino vote in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 10/20/12)
Editorial: Speak out against intimidation of ‘voter fraud’ billboards (The Cap Times, 10/20/12)
Can states be pressured into reinvesting in higher education? (The Cap Times, 10/19/12)
Walker calls for ‘dramatic’ changes after WEDC lost track of $8M in past-due loans (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/19/12)
Commentary: Coalition steps up to work for reproductive justice (The Cap Times, 10/19/12)
Commentary: Congressional candidate cash on rise, too (The Cap Times, 10/18/12)
Lessons from Act 10, and what should come next (WPRI, 10/18/12)
GOP lawmakers’ attorneys withheld redistricting emails (LaCrosse Tribune, 10/17/12)
Wisconsin firms getting state subsidies don’t provide full data (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/17/12)
Why third-party candidates find it so hard to win, even in Madison (The Cap Times, 10/17/12)
Editorial: Keep building state  rainy day fund (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/17/12)
Walker trumpets deposit into state’s rainy day fund (AP, 10/16/12)
Lawyers in GOP redistricting case withheld 34 emails from groups (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/16/12)
Wisconsin Family Action endorses lawmaker who made ‘some girls rape easy’ comment (AP, 10/16/12)
Madison Politiscope: Republicans hesitated to rebuke Rivard over rape remarks (The Cap Times, 10/16/12)
Wisconsin, the land of persuadable voters (Washington Post, 10/15/12)
Commentary: Tipping even more to the right in Milwaukee (The Cap Times, 10/15/12)
Commentary: All the extremism is from the GOP (The Cap Times, 10/15/12)
A decade later, Madison still makes the ‘creative class’ grade (The Cap Times, 10/15/12)
NRA plays to gun-owner fears in swing states like Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 10/15/12)
Koch pitches reasons to vote GOP to its Wisconsin employees (The Cap Times, 10/15/12)
Madison Politiscope: Green Party goes after Hulsey, again (The Cap Times, 10/14/12)
Jury convicts former Walker associate Kevin Kavanaugh of stealing from veterans group (AP, 10/12/12)
Lawmaker says ‘easy rape’ comment taken out of context; Ryan, Walker withdraw support (AP, 10/11/12)
Ex-Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch pleads guilty to misconduct (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/11/12)
Rindfleisch plea deal a missed opportunity to get Walker on the stand? Not quite (The Cap Times, 10/11/12)
Tammy Baldwin: Moving America’s health care reform forward (The Cap Times, 10/10/12)
Rep. Roger Rivard criticized for ‘some girls rape easy’ remark (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/10/12)
Gardner’s departure from Wisconsin & Southern comes as the rail line’s fortunes improve (The Cap Times, 10/10/12)
Tommy Thompson: Reform health care with Wisconsin common sense (The Cap Times, 10/10/12)
Commentary: Outside cash flows to hot state races (The Cap Times, 10/9/12)
Walker subpoenaed in former staffer’s trial (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/9/12)
Wisconsin government spending, number of employees below US average, says new report (The Cap Times, 10/9/12)
Trial set to begin for John Doe defendant (AP, 10/8/12)
Liberal group creates blog for Wisconsin’s ‘dumb senator’ (The Cap Times, 10/6/12)
Swing voters to watch in Wisconsin: Those who approve of both Walker and Obama (The Wisconsin Voter, 10/6/12)
Wisconsin slips down in energy-efficiency ranking (The Cap Times, 10/6/12)
Vinehout: Hold WEDC leadership accountable (The Cap Times, 10/6/12)
Editorial: Ryan has time for $100K checks, but not to debate (The Cap Times, 10/6/12)
Walker release confirms: Wisconsin lags on job growth (The Cap Times, 10/4/12)
Editorial: Speaking of debates, doesn’t Ryan owe Wisconsin one? (The Cap Times, 10/4/12)
Commentary: Cash is key in Ryan-Zerban (who?) race (The Cap Times, 10/3/12)
Editorial: ALEC tie a reason to dump legislator (The Cap Times, 10/3/12)
Commentary: Inconvenient comments could haunt Tommy Thompson (The Cap Times, 10/3/12)
Editorial: Tommy Thompson’s fine whine (The Cap Times, 10/2/12)
School boards association advises against reopening teachers contracts (The Cap Times, 10/2/12)
WI Farmers Union: US House walks away from rural America (The Cap Times, 10/2/12)
Commentary: What if Walker’s iffy payments to businesses had gone to poor families? (The Cap Times, 10/1/12)


Election 2012: Control of state Legislature in the balance this November (The Cap Times, 9/30/12)
Commentary: No clear winner in Tammy-Tommy debate (The Cap Times, 9/29/12)
Keep politics out of science, Natural Resources Board chairman says (The Cap Times, 9/29/12)
Editorial: Walker aide must ensure transparency (The Cap Times, 9/29/12)
Commentary: If you think you’re voting for a ‘real’ Republican, you’re wrong (The Cap Times, 9/29/12)
Editorial: Good to go forward with John Doe-related trial (The Cap Times, 9/28/12)
New Wisconsin business group forms to counter right-leaning WMC (The Cap Times, 9/27/12)
Wisconsin high court won’t restore Voter ID law before Election Day (Washington Post, 9/27/12)
Scott Walker goes organic (The Cap Times, 9/26/12)
Commentary: Did link to donor group doom building code changes? (The Cap Times, 9/26/12)
Editorial: Dane County right to renew collective bargaining (The Cap Times, 9/26/12)
Commentary: Will Wisconsin unions and Republicans ever be friends again? (The Cap Times, 9/26/12)
Capitol Police chief’s crackdown on protesters appears to be backfiring (The Cap Times, 9/26/12)
Editorial: School Board right to renew union negotiations (The Cap Times, 9/25/12)
What’s Scott Walker up to? (The Fix, 9/24/12)
Walker: Romney needs ‘fire in the belly’ (Politico, 9/23/12)
Jadin departure caps tough week for Walker (The Cap Times, 9/22/12)
In Ryan Country, Obama keeps up attack over ’47 percent’ remarks (New York Times, 9/22/12)
Obama tries to lock up Wisconsin (Politico, 9/22/12)
Obama visits Wisconsin as campaign tries to curb Ryan’s influence (Washington Post, 9/22/12)
WI Gov. Scott Walker says Mitt Romney needs to be more forceful with economic issues (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/21/12)
Wisconsin offers window on hurdles ahead for Romney (New York Times, 9/19/12)
Two polls suggest Baldwin now leads Thompson in Senate race (The Cap Times, 9/17/12)
Commentary: Scott Walker reduced to name-calling to defend struck-down Act 10 (The Cap Times, 9/16/12)
Commentary: State’s bribery and gift laws for politicians in dire need of update (The Cap Times, 9/16/12)
What the Wisconsin collective bargaining ruling means (The Fix, 9/15/12)
Quick appeal expected in collective bargaining case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/15/12)
Ruling against Scott Walker’s Act 10 is a huge boost for unions (The Cap Times, 9/14/12)
County judge strikes down some restrictions on public unions in Wisconsin law (New York Times, 9/14/12)
Judge throws out Walker’s union bargaining law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/14/12)
Blatant homophobia appears to be bad politics in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 9/13/12)
Commentary: Don’t rush the courts on voter ID (The Cap Times, 9/13/12)
Editorial: Walker, Huebsch to blame for troubles at Capitol (The Cap Times, 9/12/12)
Editorial: Wisconsin would be worse off under Romney (The Cap Times, 9/10/12)
Report: Wisconsin’s cuts to K-12 school aid fourth-largest in nation (The Cap Times, 9/10/12)
Q&A: Labor economist says Wisconsin’s infrastructure at risk (The Cap Times, 9/9/12)
Commentary: Baldwin speaks for Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 9/9/12)
Your right to know: Lawmakers exploit loophole to hide ALEC ties (The Cap Times, 9/7/12)
Commentary: Walker shouldn’t be so quick to claim Globetrotter status (The Cap Times, 9/7/12)
Free speech advocates defiant in Madison, WI (The Progressive, 9/6/12)
Baldwin beckons voters to ‘the Wisconsin I know’ (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/6/12)
Commentary: Baldwin’s night to shine (The Cap Times, 9/6/12)
Opinion: Cuts show Legislature needs to re-prioritize education funding (WisOpinion, 9/6/12)
Can Democrats keep Wisconsin blue? (The Wisconsin Voter, 9/4/12)
Commentary: Ryan’s dumb lie will taint him forever (The Cap Times, 9/3/12)
Editorial: Education gaps threaten job growth in metro areas (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/1/12)


Video: GOP Convention 2012: MSNBC hosts jump on Gov. Scott Walker (Politico, 8/30/12)
More importantly, Why did the Janesville plant close? (National Review, 8/30/12)
Commentary: How Bill Clinton helped Scott Walker deliver in Tampa (The Cap Times, 8/30/12)
Realtor group’s $1M contribution to Wisconsin Club for Growth irks some members (The Cap Times, 8/30/12)
Editorial: Paul Ryan rewrites Janesville’s history (The Cap Times, 8/30/12)
Vinehout: Take a hard look at education funding (The Cap Times, 8/30/12)
Gov. Scott Walker on the perils of bipartisanship (Washington Post, 8/29/12)
Walker at RNC: ‘Let this be our time’ (Watchdog, 8/28/12)
Ryan, Walker, Priebus and the ‘Cheesehead Revolution’ (The Wisconsin Voter, 8/25/12)
Tommy Thompson wins Wisconsin’s Republican Senate primary (Washington Post, 8/14/12)
Why the Wisconsin Senate primary matters (The Fix, 8/14/12)
Will Ryan help GOP ticket reverse trend in Wisconsin? (The Wisconsin Voter, 8/12/12)
Capitol Report: Idea for state-managed pension fund for private workers could be headed to voters (The Cap Times, 8/8/12)
Sen. Majority Leader Miller releases redistricting files (The Cap Times, 8/3/12)
Conservative group honors Scott Walker (Politico, 8/3/12)
Walker ponders making US Senate endorsement (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/12)
Gov. Walker headlines conservative gathering in DC (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/12)
Capitol Report: Senate Democrats aim to quickly revive mining bill (The Cap Times, 8/3/12)
Commentary: Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: Is tax money for job creation resulting in jobs? (The Cap Times, 8/2/12)
GOP urges Senate Dems to release redistricting records (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/2/12)
Under Act 10, negotiating labor issues with unions largely gone (Beloit Daily News, 8/2/12)
Walker to speak at group that denies warming (AP, 8/2/12)
GOP lawyer warned legislators about redistricting plan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/1/12)
Commentary: Tim Cullen tested Mark Miller, and Miller passed (The Cap Times, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Editorial: Why Baldwin is pulling ahead in Senate race (The Cap Times, 7/31/12)
Commentary: State parties differ sharply on campaign finance (The Cap Times, 7/31/12)
Walker says he feels ‘super’ since recall ended (AP, 7/31/12)
Walker approves new foster care initiative for southeastern Wisconsin (AP, 7/30/12)
Conservatives challenging moderate Republicans in state legislatures (AP, 7/30/12)
PolitiFact: Walker says a study shows the federal health care law will ‘devastate’ Wisconsin rated FALSE (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/29/12)
Editorial: Disclose campaign funding sources (LaCrosse Tribune, 7/29/12)
Walker misled the nation on health care; Will Washington Post correct? (The Political Environment, 7/29/12)
Commentary: Better ways to spend $81 million (The Cap Times, 7/28/12)
The corporate rot eats away at Wisconsin (The Progressive, 7/28/12)
Better ways to spend $81 million (Big Money Blog, 7/27/12)
Health care reform: Realities and myths (, 7/27/12)
Prosser recusal strategy moving forward (The Political Environment, 7/27/12)
Cullen mends fences with fellow Democrats in Senate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/27/12)
Ziegler recuses herself in Prosser case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/27/12)
Madison Politiscope: Senate Dems’ squabble likely pointless (The Cap Times, 7/27/12)
Walker’s cronies still crudely push bill for one mining company (The Progressive, 7/26/12)
Wis. state Sen. Jauch slams WMC over mining letter (The Progressive, 7/26/12)
But Governor Walker said… (Blogging Blue, 7/26/12)
Recent GOP backers weigh in for Democrat (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/25/12)
Video: Scott Walker knocks Mitt Romney campaign (Politico, 7/25/12)
Walker dials up criticism of Boston (Politico, 7/25/12)
Capitol Report: Voter ID law caused problems at the polls June 5, reports say (The Cap Times, 7/25/12)
Commentary: Hope springs eternal for Wisconsin election reformers (The Cap Times, 7/25/12)
Recall race cost record $80.9 million, new tally shows (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/25/12)
Cullen breaks with Democratic caucus in state Senate, may become independent (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/25/12)
RNC airing ads in Wisconsin in presidential race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/25/12)
The Chatter: The voter suppression game (Urban Milwaukee, 7/25/12)
The Democrats’ adult has left the room (Wisconsin InBusiness, 7/25/12)
Commentary: Tim Cullen demonstrates the wrong way to be an independent (Isthmus, 7/25/12)
Madison Politiscope: Koch Industries connects with Wisconsin Democrats (The Cap Times, 7/24/12)
Wisconsin Dem’s defection may cost his party control of state senate (The Progressive, 7/24/12)
Turmoil in Wisconsin Senate as Democrat breaks with party (The Caucus, 7/24/12)
Walker’s record: Few jobs created, but ‘Yes’ to a job-creating deficit (The Political Environment, 7/23/12)
Walker, Romney and Schneider: Lies and the lying liars who tell them (Uppity Wisconsin, 7/23/12)
Dem lawmaker: Recall the Law is a less expensive, less divisive alternative (The Cap Times, 7/22/12)
Commentary: Walker, Romney spin confusion on health reform law (The Cap Times, 7/22/12)
Will Walker walk back his failed jobs pledge? (The Political Environment, 7/22/12)
Wisconsin joins trend of voter ID challenges (The Cap Times, 7/21/12)
Wisconsin: A very quiet presidential battleground (The Wisconsin Voter, 7/21/12)
Commentary: Health care exchanges critical for Wisconsin’s rural communities (Sun Prairie Star, 7/21/12)
Teacher contract negotiations moving quickly (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/21/12)
Editorial: Keep welfare, work linked (Racine Journal Times, 7/21/12)
Wisconsin loses jobs in June, unemployment rises (CBS News, 7/20/12)
Editorial: Democrats’ control of Senate may not last long (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/20/12)
Spending to exceed revenue at Wisconsin’s new jobs agency (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/20/12)
Opinion: Despite uneven record, WEDC remains good idea (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/19/12)
Report says state lost 11,700 private sector jobs in June (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/19/12)
Democrats will get GOP redistricting file (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/19/12)
Senate Democrats push Republicans out of best Capitol space (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/19/12)
Walker shakes up staff at jobs agency after bungled offer (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/18/12)
Wisconsin Voter ID: Second judge blocks law (Huffington Post, 7/18/12)
Editorial: Probe voter intimidation complaint (The Cap Times, 7/18/12)
GOP engineers black lists of Wis progressives while its senators filibuster sunlight law, calling it a ‘harassment’ tool (Uppity Wisconsin, 7/18/12)
Editorial: Judicial Commission should be free of politics (Appleton Post Crescent, 7/18/12)
Capitol Report: Shift in power again prompts office moves (The Cap Times, 7/18/12)
Commentary: Why would elected officials want to discredit elections? (The Cap Times, 7/18/12)
Attorney general to appeal Judge Flanagan’s voter ID ruling (AP, 7/18/12)
Walker’s Legal Defense Fund paid public relations bill (Big Money Blog, 7/17/12)

Second judge rejects state voter ID law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/17/12)
Commentary: Walker misleads nation on impact of health care reform in Wisc. (The Cap Times, 7/17/12)
Wisconsin voter fraud allegations unsubstantiated, DA says (AP, 7/14/12)
WI Gov. Scott Walker’s advice to Mitt Romney: Get off your heels (Washington Post, 7/14/12)
Walker: Obamacare is an unhealthy proposition (Washington Post, 7/12/12)
Poll finds tighter US Senate race and GOP primary (Marquette School of Law, 7/11/12)
Wisconsin Senate race getting interesting (Public Policy Polling, 7/10/12)
In New York, donors urge Scott Walker to go national, and Walker urges Romney to campaign ‘like me’ (Capital New York, 7/9/12)
State’s reddest, bluest enclaves separated by more than just space (The Wisconsin Voter, 7/7/12)
Walker won’t touch pension system… not yet anyway (Cognitive Dissidence, 7/3/12)
Gov. Walker: Comment on pension report (WisPolitics, 7/2/12)
Gov. Walker’s statement creates wiggle room to harm Wisconsin pension system (Caffeinated Politics, 7/2/12)

JUNE 2012

Retirees fear more changes to state pension system (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/17/12)
Anti-abortion groups, emboldened by successes, ready for next legislative session (The Cap Times,6/17/12)
Commentary: There’s good reason for strong civil service system (The Cap Times, 6/17/12)
Commentary: Paul Ryan versus the nuns (The Cap Times, 6/17/12)
Congressional candidates Roys and Pocan spar over fundraising, campaign style (The Cap Times,6/16/12)
Dominance in rural areas ensured Walker’s recall win (The Wisconsin Voter, 6/16/12)
53% in Wisconsin now approve of Walker’s job performance (Rasmussen Reports, 6/16/12)
Editorial: Rising unemployment calls for new seriousness about jobs (The Cap Times, 6/15/12)
Commentary: One election can’t kill a true movement (The Cap Times, 6/15/12)
Wanggaard demands recount in Senate recall race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/15/12)
Former DNR secretary critical of state’s weakened environmental enforcement (The Cap Times,6/15/12)
Opinion: More accountability needed in state programs (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/12)
Commentary: The irony of Lehman’s Senate win (The Cap Times, 6/14/12)
State jobless rate ticks up (The Cap Times, 6/14/12)
Corporate welfare programs sketchy on jobs but good for wealthy special interests (Big Money Blog, 6/14/12)
Pundits run amok explaining Walker win (Milwaukee Area Labor Council, 6/14/12)
Scott Walker urges Romney to offer bold economic plan (LA Times, 6/14/12)
Gov. Scott Walker taking a victory lap through Washington (Washington Post, 6/14/12)
Post-recall Wisconsin open for business, governor says (Stateline, 6/13/12)
Will recall organization help Wisconsin Dems in November? (The Cap Times, 6/13/12)
Wake-up call: Walker’s easy win exposes Dems’ weaknesses (The Cap Times, 6/13/12)
Commentary: How Hovde turned recall to his advantage (The Cap Times, 6/12/12)
Commentary: How the recall money was spent in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 6/12/12)
Commentary: What money bought: Shift in framework of recall debate (The Cap Times, 6/12/12)
Was the Wisconsin recall inevitable? (Washington Post, 6/12/12)
Commentary: To reunite Wisconsin, elite leaders must step up (The Cap Times, 6/11/12)
Obama says he was too busy to campaign in Wisconsin recall election (Washington Post, 6/11/12)
Commentary: Now pressure’s on Walker to produce jobs (The Cap Times, 6/11/12)
Commentary: How to deal with state’s school wake-up call (The Cap Times, 6/11/12)
Scott Walker disputes Mitt Romney’s ‘message of Wisconsin‘ (Boston Globe, 6/10/12)
Scott Walker calls for Romney to present ‘big and bold’ ideas (LA Times, 6/10/12)
Commentary: A ‘hugely scary’ money power win (The Cap Times, 6/10/12)
Quick question: Was it appropriate to try to recall Gov. Scott Walker? (The Cap Times, 6/9/12)
A recount? Of course (The Cap Times, 6/9/12)
Video: Scott Walker for vice president? Maybe next time (Washington Post, 6/9/12)
New Regents president hopeful ‘politics won’t get in way’ (The Cap Times, 6/9/12)
Commentary: Don’t let election muck and mire stick to you (The Cap Times, 6/9/12)
Feds in dispute with state over development grants (The Cap Times, 6/8/12)
Commentary: Progressives must keep on plugging (The Cap Times, 6/8/12)
Are Walker foes ready for some spiritual outreach? (The Cap Times, 6/8/12)
Wisconsin: ‘The work goes on, the cause endures’ (WisOpinion, 6/8/12)
WI Regents approve 5.5% tuition increase (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Editorial: It’s time for Walker to ‘move forward’ (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Walker win has state business groups upbeat (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Opinion: Why the voters rejected the Walker recall (The Daily Page, 6/7/12)
Commentary: It’s crying time again: Big Labor, Dems slapped in the face by recall reality (Wisconsin InBusiness, 6/7/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin is still a progressive state (The Daily Page, 6/7/12)
Commentary: Planned Parenthood’s recall success story (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Analysis of voting across Wisconsin shows how Walker won (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/7/12)
Commentary: Winners and losers in recall 2012 (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Commentary: When finger pointing is over, will Dems fix their brand? (The Cap Times, 6/7/12)
Senate power likely shifts to Dems; Wanggaard ponders recount (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/6/12)
Walker vs. Barrett: The sequel was a replay of the original (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/12)
Barrett loss brings disbelief, bitterness to downtown Madison gatherings (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin will keep bending toward justice (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
Solid turnout in Milwaukee County not enough to push Barrett to victory (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
Editorial: Call special session on campaign reform (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
Democrats claim the state Senate — does it matter? (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
What did Racine voters have against Barrett? (The Cap Times, 6/6/12)
Wisconsin vote dispels notion of a mellowed electorate (LA Times, 6/6/12)
Wisc. Republicans going after Senate seat long held by Democrats (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Walker: Time to stop fighting and look ahead (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/6/12)
What Wisconsin’s recall means for labor unions (NPR, 6/6/12)
Wisconsin exit poll: What happened? (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Gov. Scott Walker’s victory deals blow to unions (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Wisconsin recall: Union voters doesn’t equal union households (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Can Mitt Romney match Wisconsin’s Scott Walker? (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
In Wisconsin recall effort, the side with most money won big (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Turnout: Not presidential, but off-the-charts for governor (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/12)
Talk of higher office swirls around Wisconsin governor in the spotlight (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Editorial: The message from Wisconsin (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Looking at recall vote as drawing lines for fall (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Walker wins recall race over Barrett (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/12)
Wisconsin recall: Winners and losers (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Commentary: Unions are driving a wedge between Democrats (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Wisconsin recall shows labor isn’t coming back. So, what’s next? (Washington Post, 6/6/12)
Barrett supporters express sadness, outrage as Walker marches to victory in recall (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/5/12)
Despite Scott Walker’s win, Obama outpolls Romney in Wisconsin (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
Gov. Walker survives recall in Wisconsin (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
Wisconsin recall: Scott Walker wins (Politico, 6/5/12)
Extra ballots printed for Dane County polls; turnout forecast to hit 80% (Wisconsin State Journal,6/5/12)
Milwaukee calls in extra poll workers amid heavy turnout (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/5/12)
Walker goes for conciliation (Politico, 6/5/12)
Romney phones victorious Walker (Politico, 6/5/12)
Wisconsin: Canary or coal mine? (National Review, 6/5/12)
Wisconsin recall exit polls: How different groups voted (New York Times, 6/5/12)
Walker survives Wisconsin recall vote (New York Times, 6/5/12)
Lt. Gov. Kleefisch survives recall attempt (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/5/12)
About that Madison recall turnout (Politico, 6/5/12)
Big Labor is big loser in Wisconsin (Politico, 6/5/12)
Unions flex muscle in early Wisconsin recall exit polls (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
What a Scott Walker win would tell us about Wisconsin (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
Wis. senator: GOP tried to rig recall (Politico, 6/5/12)
DWD denies Cap Times request for latest job numbers (The Cap Times, 6/5/12)
Endorsement: Tom Barrett for governor (The Cap Times, 6/5/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin recall FAQ (The Cap Times, 6/5/12)
Obama’s last-minute virtual weigh-in on the Wisconsin recall (LA Times, 6/5/12)
Big Milwaukee vote can tip the election to Barrett (The Political Environment, 6/5/12)
Barrett gets a boost in TV ad spending in the final days (The Cap Times, 6/5/12)
The big recall question: How will Tuesday’s electorate compare to 2010? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/4/12)
Frenzied campaigning on eve of Wisconsin vote (New York Times, 6/4/12)
Madison Mayor Soglin on Scott Walker, schools and the state of Madison (The Cap Times, 6/4/12)
Yes, Scott Walker stonewalled, according to indicted Walker crony Tim Russell (Blogging Blue, 6/4/12)
‘Twas the day before the Wisconsin recall election (Wisconsin InBusiness, 6/4/12)
Editorial: Kleefisch makes the case for electing Mahlon Mitchell (The Cap Times, 6/4/12)
Commentary: Walker’s smears, out-of-state cash put democracy at risk (The Cap Times, 6/4/12)
‘We’ll know if you vote’ mailing causes stir (Jim Rosenberg’s Blog, 6/4/12)
Wisconsin recall: Democrats prepare for recall recount (Politico, 6/4/12)
Late polls find Walker is still favored (Five Thirty Eight, 6/4/12)
For minister’s son, Walker sure tells a lot of lies (The Cap Times, 6/4/12)
The elephant in Scott Walker’s courtroom: A John Doe investigation, a rise to power, and a crazy case(Esquire, 6/4/12)
Time to address those nasty rumors! (Cognitive Dissidence, 6/4/12)
What to expect when you’re expecting a recall — Wisconsin gubernatorial/legislative edition (The Recall Elections Blog, 6/3/12)
Walker leads by 3 points (Public Policy Polling, 6/3/12)
The Wisconsinites running the RNC double down on Walker recall fight (The Daily Beast, 6/3/12)
Recall battle in Wisconsin may snarl Obama camp (New York Times, 6/3/12)
Wisconsin recall election is an epic battle (LA Times, 6/3/12)
Opinion: Progressive faith renewed by recall vote (The Cap Times, 6/3/12)
Come what may on Election Day, police say they’re ready (The Cap Times, 6/3/12)
All recall, all the time (, 6/3/12)
Commentary: Why my Republican dad would back Barrett (The Cap Times, 6/2/12)
Your right to know: Walker, Barrett imperfect on open records (The Cap Times, 6/2/12)
Commentary: This is what civic heroism looks like (The Cap Times, 6/2/12)
Editorial: Why are Walker allies so rattled by early voting? (The Cap Times, 6/2/12)
Opinion: It’s a mistake to cut back the right of recall in Wisconsin (The Political Environment, 6/2/12)
Bill Clinton is campaigning for Tom Barrett, but where’s Obama? (The Cap Times, 6/1/12)
Commentary: It’s Walker’s policies that turn back the clock (The Cap Times, 6/1/12)
Editorial: Out-of-state agitators … for Walker (The Cap Times, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Capitol Report: John Doe investigation takes higher profile in recall election’s final days (The Cap Times, 5/31/12)
Editorial: Seven debate questions for Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 5/31/12)
Recall election could foretell November vote (New York Times, 5/31/12)
Commentary: Scott Walker tries to buy an election — and a state (The Cap Times, 5/31/12)
Commentary: In Wisconsin, we have ’super-duper PACs’ (The Cap Times, 5/31/12)
Commentary: Recall Walker to end labeling of groups of people as undesirable (The Cap Times,5/31/12)
Commentary: The recall election is about ‘a polarizing brand of conservative politics’ (The Cap Times, 5/31/12)
The endgame: Will tying Walker to criminal investigation be enough to beat him? (The Cap Times,5/30/12)
Dem poll: Walker recall battle is a dead heat (Washington Post, 5/30/12)
Scott Walker leads by 7 in latest Wisconsin recall poll (Washington Post, 5/30/12)
Feds confirm Walker’s job-growth data (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/30/12)
Commentary: Walker aligns with nation’s cop ‘union buster’ (The Cap Times, 5/30/12)
Poll: Walker leads as Wisconsin recall election nears (LA Times, 5/30/12)
Commentary: The wealthy now rule the country (The Cap Times, 5/30/12)
Editorial: Tom Barrett for governor (The Cap Times, 5/30/12)
Mahlon Mitchell: Vote Mitchell to bring Wisconsin back together (The Cap Times, 5/30/12)
Election officials say voter turnout in recall could reach 65% (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/29/12)
Still no answer: Why does Gov. Scott Walker have a criminal defense fund? (Forward Lookout, 5/29/12)
Editorial: What will national Dems bring to recall effort? (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
Walker once hailed recalls as democracy in action (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
Commentary: Walker’s reforms benefit taxpayers, many workers (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
Lori Compas: I’m challenging Fitzgerald to restore state traditions (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
Commentary: Missing pieces distort recall money picture (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
The Walker fund-raising machine (The Political Environment, 5/29/12)
Walker strategy: Lie. Shout. Repeat. (Fighting Bob, 5/29/12)
Parsing that New York Times article on Scott Walker and the recalls (Wisconsin InBusiness, 5/29/12)
New ad: If question in recall is honesty, Walker has no answer (Uppity Wisconsin, 5/29/12)
Did Walker or Barrett win debate? (Urban Milwaukee, 5/29/12)
Wisconsin isn’t Wisconsin anymore (Big Money Blog, 5/29/12)
Wisconsin recall: Scott Walker enters final week with edge (Washington Post, 5/29/12)
Commentary: For our schools, is blame the only certain outcome? (The Cap Times, 5/29/12)
Walker raises $5.8M since April 24 (MPR, 5/29/12)
Editorial: Political money talks (New York Times, 5/28/12)
Commentary: Get ready to celebrate progressive victory (The Cap Times, 5/28/12)
Commentary: Walker shares blame for Milwaukee’s woes (The Cap Times, 5/28/12)
Sen. Kathleen Vinehout: What are the real Wisconsin job numbers? (The Cap Times, 5/28/12)
State papers begin recall endorsements … or not (The Cap Times, 5/28/12)
Recall Memo: June 5: Gov. Walker invents budget surplus ahead of the vote (Blogging Blue, 5/28/12)
Another absurd lie: Walker has ‘no memory’ of signing Feingold-Kohl recall petitions (Uppity Wisconsin, 5/28/12)
Walker plays the anti-city card (The Political Environment, 5/28/12)
Significance of email exchanges in John Doe investigation won’t be revealed for a while (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/28/12)
DNC Chair: Wisconsin recall a ‘test run’ for Democrats in presidential battlegrounds (TPM, 5/27/12)
Opinion: Lt. Governor candidates couldn’t be more different (The Cap Times, 5/27/12)
Milwaukee Council President slams Walker for anti-Milwaukee campaign (The Political Environment, 5/27/12)
Commentary: Walker and Barrett differ on political reform (The Cap Times, 5/27/12)
Commentary: The importance of Mahlon Mitchell’s independence (The Cap Times, 5/27/12)
Stakes high in Wisconsin’s other recalls (Politico, 5/26/12)
Editorial: Governor’s race too close to call (Appleton Post-Crescent, 5/26/12)
Commentary: Walker’s cynical ‘right-to-work’ scheme (The Cap Times, 5/26/12)
Editorial: Walker owes Wisconsin’s veterans some answers (The Cap Times, 5/26/12)
Editorial: Walker deserves a full term (Green Bay Press Gazette, 5/26/12)
Barrett swings at Walker in debate (The Progressive, 5/26/12)
Did Walker sign recall petitions against Dems? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/12)
Editorial: Is Walker plan working? Let’s wait, see (Beloit Daily News, 5/26/12)
Wisc. recall election: Scott Walker’s fate will have November implications (Washington Post, 5/26/12)
Tracing the political dividing lines over Gov. Scott Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/12)
Tom Barrett, Scott Walker clash in first Wisconsin governor debate (Appleton Post Crescent, 5/25/12)
Led by Walker, Republicans winning Wisconsin ad spending battle (National Journal, 5/25/12)
Opinion: Walker’s ad mixes up a fruit punch of a claim (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/25/12)
Another day, another three (!) Wisconsin recall polls (LeftMN, 5/25/12)
Exclusive look at Walker’s cross-country cultivation of high-level backers (The Cap Times, 5/25/12)
Editorial: Walker is divisive? Let’s kill the messenger (The Cap Times, 5/25/12)
In debate, Barrett says Walker purposely divided state (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/25/12)
Milwaukee could decide recall race (Urban Milwaukee, 5/25/12)
Little-known Republican group once again spends big money in Wisconsin (The Progressive, 5/25/12)
More rays of hope for Barrett beating Walker (The Progressive, 5/25/12)
Editorial: Walker versus Barrett (and John Doe) (The Cap Times, 5/25/12)
Barrett is within 3 points of Walker, who is under the critical 50% mark (DGA, 5/25/12)
In Wisconsin, Walker is likely to survive recall (New York Times, 5/24/12)
Commentary: Barrett’s internal polling suggests his campaign is dead heat (Wisconsin Reporter, 5/24/12)
How did Wisconsin become the most politically divisive place in America? (New York Times, 5/24/12)
Obama keeps a low public profile in Wisconsin recall fight (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/23/12)
Video: St. Norbert poll gives Walker edge against Barrett (WBAY, 5/23/12)
Scott Walker carves out a lead (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/16/12)
A primer for recall elections: 10 questions and answers (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/13/12)
Senate recall challenge by Compas is giving ‘Fitz’ fits (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/13/12)
Republicans rally around Walker at convention (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/12/12)
In the Walker-Barrett do-over, how many will re-do their votes? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,5/12/12)
No one wins Wis. GOP endorsement for Senate race (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/12/12)
Walkergate: The WinKEI connection (Cognitive Dissidence, 5/12/12)
Commentary: We’re pedaling backward on pay equality in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 5/11/12)
Video: Walker talked of ‘divide and conquer’ strategy (Political Wire, 5/11/12)
In film, Walker talks of ‘divide and conquer’ union strategy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/10/12)
Wisconsin voters fiercely, evenly split as recall vote looms (LA Times, 5/10/12)
Editorial: Pocan has been the anti-ALEC champion (The Cap Times, 5/10/12)
Wisconsin shows why Obama’s gay marriage move is unsurprising (The Cap Times, 5/10/12)
The Wisconsin political map amid the recall wars (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/10/12)
Dem lawmaker: Campaign finance reform needed to reclaim our airwaves (The Cap Times, 5/10/12)
Feingold ‘disgusted’ at what he sees post-Citizen United (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Good news, bad news for Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Supersize contributions still flowing in (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Walker, Barrett begin sprint to historic vote (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/9/12)
Mitchell cruises to win in Democratic primary for lieutenant governor (Wisconsin State Journal,5/9/12)
Wisconsin Dems defeat fakes in Senate recall primaries (AP, 5/9/12)
Waunakee voters reveal divisions over Scott Walker and the recall (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Commentary: Walker borrows Europe’s failed austerity agenda (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Sorry, elitists, but this is what democracy looks like (The Cap Times, 5/9/12)
Scott Walker’s extreme hypocrisy on Milwaukee jobs (Washington Post, 5/9/12)
Milwaukee mayor earns a do-over with convincing win in recall primary (Wisconsin State Journal,5/9/12)
Secrecy, dishonesty at center of Walker’s performance, recallability (The Political Environment, 5/9/12)
Kathleen Falk says lack of name recognition was her downfall (The Cap Times, 5/8/12)
Editorial: Electorate needs to be well-informed (Green Bay Press Gazette, 5/8/12)
Falk praises Barrett’s victory in recall primary (AP, 5/8/12)
Voter turnout about 30% in recall primaries for governor (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/8/12)
Madison firefighter Mahlon Mitchell wins Democratic lieutenant governor primary (The Cap Times,5/8/12)
Tom Barrett to face Scott Walker in June 5 recall race (The Cap Times, 5/8/12)
Video: Falk urges unity after primary defeat (The Cap Times, 5/8/12)
Unions that backed Falk get behind Barrett (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/8/12)
Editorial: Prepare for month-long spin cycle (Sheboygan Press, 5/8/12)
Tuesday’s primary in recall elections is prelude to main event (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/8/12)
Observers say Barrett-Mitchell ticket gives Dems the best shot against Scott Walker (The Cap Times,5/8/12)
Wisconsin Democrats choose challenger to run against governor in recall race (New York Times,5/8/12)
Thompson campaign blasts Hovde ‘dishonesty,’ says it hurts Walker (The Cap Times, 5/8/12)
Labor’s second choice may face Walker (Politico, 5/8/12)
Commentary: The template takes shape for people-power vs. money-power politics (The Cap Times,5/8/12)
Union vote will be one key in today’s Democratic Party (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/8/12)
Hard-hitting new spot highlights Walkergate scandal (Uppity Wisconsin, 5/8/12)
The waste dumping case taught us why Walker needs recalling (The Political Environment, 5/8/12)
Can you stand four more weeks of recall talk? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/7/12)
Editorial: Better to leave BadgerCare alone (Sheboygan Press, 5/7/12)
Democrats scrap unity rally Wednesday for a ‘day of action’ (The Cap Times, 5/7/12)
Opinion: If money can’t be limited, require more transparency (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/7/12)
DNR touted pollution self-regulation; record showed its failure (The Political Environment, 5/7/12)
Why it looks to be working for Barrett (The Cap Times, 5/7/12)
Wisconsin to pick Democratic candidate for June recall race (Sheboygan Press, 5/7/12)
Scott Walker Recall: Barrett lead over Falk said to involve candidates’ styles (Huffington Post, 5/7/12)
DNR eyes campaign contribution disclosure policy (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/12)
Feelings run deep in recall; few undecided (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/12)
Barrett, Falk make final campaign stops before primary (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/12)
On eve of recall vote, Dem candidate Tom Barrett visits Sheboygan (Sheboygan Press, 5/7/12)
Scott Walker is talking a lot less now about his pledge to create 250,000 new jobs (The Cap Times,5/6/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin turns against Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 5/6/12)
Few are undecided about governor as recall primary approaches (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/6/12)
Opinion: Jauch recall overlooks mining reality (The Badger Herald, 5/6/12)
Editorial: Tourism critical to Wisconsin’s future (Sheboygan Press, 5/5/12)
Editorial: Today, money drives politics (Beloit Daily News, 5/5/12)
Editorial: Falk stretches facts to gain women’s vote (Racine Journal Times, 5/5/12)
Wisconsin politics amid the recall wars: a participatory sport (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/5/12)
Dems in governor recall race make their case at final debate (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/5/12)
How deep is Kathleen Falk’s liberal support in Dane County? (The Cap Times, 5/5/12)
Editorial: Kathleen Vinehout reconnects Wisconsin with itself (The Cap Times, 5/5/12)
Can a Democratic candidate overcome Gov. Walker’s huge money advantage at the polls? (The Cap Times, 5/5/12)
Commentary: Prosser’s get out of jail free strategy (The Cap Times, 5/5/12)
Democratic Party anoints Mitchell to face Kleefisch (The Cap Times, 5/4/12)
Opinion: These recall elections are a waste of time and money (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/4/12)
Time to break the glass ceiling? Falk and others say so (The Cap Times, 5/4/12)
Doug La Follette’s ‘power to the people campaign’ (The Cap Times, 5/4/12)
Talking politics too incendiary for some Wisconsinites, poll finds (The Cap Times, 5/4/12)
How much does Walker’s money matter? (The Cap Times, 5/4/12)
Commentary: Scott Walker’s billionaire boys club – Big money backs anti-labor agenda (The Cap Times, 5/3/12)
Editorial: Kathleen Falk’s grace under pressure (The Cap Times, 5/3/12)
GAB predicts primary turnout of 30-35% (AP, 5/3/12)
The good news/bad news for Gov. Scott Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/3/12)
Legal scholar unimpressed with Prosser defense (The Cap Times, 5/3/12)
Walker’s Democratic challengers raised $2M in latest period (LaCrosse Tribune, 5/3/12)
Walker, Barrett in dead heat in recall showdown, poll shows (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/2/12)
Commentary: We need independent redistricting (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Mahlon Mitchell: State needs my ‘all hands working’ mindset (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Ira Robins: We must get special-interest money out of politics (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Editorial: Walker takes uncertainty to new level (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Commentary: Walker is state fundraising champ (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Commentary: Dems should listen to Vinehout, La Follette (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
With Wis. recall election in a dead heat, it’s anybody’s game to win (Forbes, 5/2/12)
May 8 primary candidates speak out (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Walker transferred $60,000 to legal defends fund (WisPolitics, 5/2/12)
Incumbency, record-breaking fundraising on Walker’s side (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Recall challengers’ combined cash pales to Walker’s total (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/2/12)
Walker’s haul includes high amount of direct mailing expenses (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/2/12)
Who would be best against Walker? Four Dems make their cases (The Cap Times, 5/2/12)
Barrett challenges Walker on legal defense fund (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/2/12)
Poll: Walker, Barrett tied in recall race (Politico, 5/2/12)
Shock-and-awe fundraising in Wisconsin recall (Politico, 5/1/12)
La Follette puts his money where his mouth is (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Editorial: Progressive approaches for May 8 primary (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Dem lawmaker: Walker is ‘false statement’ champion (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Falk demands Walker fire DNR leader after State Journal report (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/1/12)
Justice Prosser says investigation of him violates his rights (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/1/12)
Chris Christie goes out of his way to distance himself from Walker’s approach (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Walker reports raising $13M in most recent filing period (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/1/12)
Barrett keeps focus on Walker; avoids mention of Democratic rivals during campaign tour (LaCrosse Tribune, 5/1/12)
Walker touts redevelopment of Milwaukee’s urban core (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Commentary: Why unions and Democrats have lost ground (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Seeing green: The conservation case for recall (Fox Valley Scene, 5/1/12)
Commentary: It’s appalling that Walker disses women’s vote (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)
Scott Walker raises $13M for recall (Politico, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Editorial: Waukesha County clerk can’t quit soon enough (The Cap Times, 4/30/12)

La Follette debuts ‘Miss Forward’ the little windup cow (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/30/12)
La Follette wants to ‘return power to the people’ (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/30/12)
Who will face Scott Walker in recall election? (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/30/12)
Commentary: No time for fatigue – let’s make some history (The Cap Times, 4/30/12)
Dems say Bucher offers primer on undermining John Doe probes (The Cap Times, 4/30/12)
Commentary: There’s no doubt — Tom Barrett is the best hope against Scott Walker (The Cap Times,4/30/12)
Opinion: Why Falk is best candidate to defeat Walker (The Cap Times, 4/30/12)
Commentary: ‘Worst job losses in the nation’ (The Cap Times, 4/29/12)
Wisconsin Democrats divided over who to best oust Walker in recall election (Washington Post,4/29/12)
Madison Teachers Inc. finds ‘one more reason to recall’ Walker (The Cap Times, 4/28/12)
Recall election tests strategies for November (New York Times, 4/28/12)
Charles Woodson for Wisconsin governor? (The Cap Times, 4/28/12)
Following nasty campaign, Senate recalls about to begin (AP, 4/28/12)
Commentary: Up north, we know Falk has what it takes (The Cap Times, 4/28/12)
NJ Gov. Christie to campaign for controversial Walker (, 4/28/12)
Editorial: Rally against Walker’s war on women (The Cap Times, 4/28/12)
Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce makes $2M ad purchase to promote Walker (AP, 4/27/12)
Judge to rule on Occupy Madison lawsuit Monday afternoon (The Cap Times, 4/27/12)
Feds approve state Medicaid cuts; 17,000 adults expected to lose coverage (Wisconsin State Journal,4/27/12)
Different voting rules apply for recall primary (AP, 4/27/12)
Falk, Barrett deflect questions about each other (WisPolitics, 4/27/12)
Business group make huge ad buy in recall race (AP, 4/27/12)
Order blocking parts of collective bargaining law will stand during state’s appeal (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/27/12)
Barrett raises $750,000, Falk brings in $1 million (AP, 4/27/12)
May 8 primary candidates speak out (The Cap Times, 4/27/12)
How recalled GOP Senator Hopper beat his drunken driving charge: A good lawyer and a lot of luck (The Cap Times, 4/27/12)
WEAC official, others say they’re campaigning ‘aggressively’ on Falk’s behalf (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Prosser seeks to remove fourth justice from discipline case (WisPolitics, 4/26/12)
Appeals court turns away challenge to second voter ID injunction (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/26/12)
Pro-Falk labor group announces $1 million ad buy (AP, 4/26/12)
Wisconsin state lawmakers spar over corporate PAC contributions (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Four state Supreme Court justices boycott part of meeting (AP, 4/26/12)
Can Wisconsin Democrats afford a nasty primary? (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
The other Wisconsin recall campaign (Politico, 4/26/12)
Discontent among Wisconsin Dems: Walker foes are divided in run-up to recall primary (The Isthmus,4/26/12)
Democrat Falk rallies union supporters (News8000, 4/26/12)
Commentary: The Democratic wing of the Democratic Party strikes back (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Kathleen Vinehout: A fresh start and new solutions for our state (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Doug La Follette: I am offering Wisconsin a better way (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Editorial: Scott Walker’s war on teachers (The Cap Times, 4/26/12)
Democrat Barrett has momentum in recall primary (News8000, 4/25/12)
Jauch recall effort hits halfway mark (Superior Telegram, 4/25/12)
Senate recall candidate taking ‘fake’ Democrat Engel’s challenge seriously (Chippewa Herald, 4/25/12)
Obey says Democrats must avoid ’suicide pact’ (News8000, 4/25/12)
Wisconsin a right-to-work state? Barrett says it’s Walker’s next move (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Wisconsin job losses highest in nation for last 12 months, federal report says (Wisconsin State Journal,4/25/12)
Tom Barrett: Needed – A governor to bring us together, create jobs (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Kathleen Falk: We’ve built a big tent that can defeat Walker (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Commentary: No ‘frugality’ when it comes to highways (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Commentary: Governor out of excuses, but not Koch money (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Editorial: How much (legal) trouble is Walker in? (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Frayed bonds: Report shows many feel disconnected from UW-Madison (The Cap Times, 4/25/12)
Arthur Kohl-Riggs: Vote for me to restore true GOP values (The Cap Times, 4/24/12)
Commentary: How Republican scheming could help Arthur Kohl-Riggs (The Cap Times, 4/24/12)
Scott Walker: With my changes, state is moving forward (The Cap Times, 4/24/12)
Tom Barrett endorsed by state’s largest police union (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/24/12)
Video: Walker hit by first ad in recall election (CNN, 4/23/12)
Walker redefines Act 10’s ‘Base Wages’: Teachers’ pay likely to be slashed by 30% (Uppity Wisconsin, 4/23/12)
How a single fiction helps Scott Walker and his allies (The Cap Times, 4/23/12)
Response muted to Barrett’s calls for Democratic unity (The Cap Times, 4/23/12)
Labor group’s pro-Falk TV ads vanish (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/22/12)
Editorial: Political parties spin job statistics in their favor (Green Bay Press Gazette, 4/22/12)
Education expected to be a ‘major issue’ in Walker recall election (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/22/12)
Commentary: What Walker did to stall job growth (The Cap Times, 4/22/12)
Walker reinstates bonuses despite budget shortfall (AP, 4/21/12)
Editorial: Walker chips away at right to choose — with too much success (The Cap Times, 4/21/12)
Job headwinds continue in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 4/20/12)
Van Hollen says he’s concerned about voter fraud in recall elections (Wisconsin State Journal,4/20/12)
Commentary: As we mark Earth Day, Wisconsin is on a dangerous course (The Cap Times, 4/20/12)
Through the recall election, ‘the economy, stupid’ must be the mantra (The Political Environment, 4/20/12)
Editorial: State GOP policies hurting women (LaCrosse Tribune, 4/20/12)
Barrett outlines plan for restoring collective bargaining rights (News8000, 4/20/12)
Bloomberg study: Wisconsin sucks (Capitol Fax Blog, 4/20/12)
Koch gives $1 million to pro-Walker GOP group (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/20/12)
Walker loses Wisconsin jobs after tax cuts while Illinois surges (Bloomberg News, 4/20/12)
Commentary: Outcry over Walker’s visit to city is misplaced (State Journal-Register, 4/20/12)
Voter ID case won’t be resolved before recall elections (AP, 4/19/12)
Commentary: Grab for delegates sparks GOP infighting (Green Bay Press Gazette, 4/19/12)
Barrett and Falk debate electability against Scott Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/19/12)
Dem lawmakers: Tom Barrett offers best way to restore collective bargaining rights (The Cap Times,4/19/12)
While other state employees’ pay drops, Justice staffers get bonuses (The Cap Times, 4/19/12)
Barrett poll claims 14-point lead over Falk in Wisconsin primary (TPM, 4/19/12)
Falk announces plan to address student loan debt (News8000, 4/19/12)
Wisconsin unions bet on underdog (Salon, 4/19/12)
Barrett gives plan for restoring collective bargaining (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/19/12)
Walker’s lying ads: The governor slimes his recall opponents on jobs and taxes (Isthmus, 4/19/12)
State loses 4,500 jobs in March, mostly private-sector (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/19/12)
Falk lays out plan to tackle ’student loan debt crisis’ (The Cap Times, 4/18/12)
Where’s Walker? Ask the Kochs (The Cap Times, 4/18/12)
Lt. Gov. Kleefisch: Unions ‘weaponized’ recall (Politico, 4/18/12)
Judge who signed Walker recall petition to stay on John Doe case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/18/12)
Kleefisch tells Politico recall is a ‘game changer’ for 2012 presidential race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/18/12)
Commentary: The real thugs are on the other side (The Cap Times, 4/18/12)
Walker financial disclosure shows $55,000 owed to defense attorneys (WisPolitics, 4/18/12)
Walker uses Illinois as argument against recall (News8000, 4/18/12)
Recall petition organizer backs Barrett (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/18/12)
State’s public schools shed more than 2,300 positions in 2011-12 school year (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/18/12)
Commentary: Fundraising appeals sound similar themes (The Cap Times, 4/18/12)
Commentary: La Follette would surely back this recall (The Cap Times, 4/18/12)
In conservative circles, Scott Walker greeted as rock star (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/18/12)
Walker takes campaign out of state; still dogged by protesters (The Cap Times, 4/17/12)
Why recall target Gov. Scott Walker is taking his message to Illinois (Christian Science Monitor,4/17/12)
Wisconsin recall: Barrett outspent on TV (Politico, 4/17/12)
Commentary: Walker goes all in for NRA/ALEC ’shoot first’ agenda (The Cap Times, 4/17/12)
Editorial: Give Walker credit, and don’t blame Barrett (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/17/12)
Dem lawmaker: Walker’s failing to protect our environment (The Cap Times, 4/17/12)
Walker returns $170,000 in donations to PAC (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/17/12)
Walker lists debt of $55,000-plus for John Doe lawyers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/17/12)
Election officials vote to allow fake Dems on recall ballots (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/17/12)
Walker killed biomass energy; His PSC now endorses biomass energy (The Political Environment, 4/17/12)
Supreme Court won’t hear challenge to voter ID injunctions (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/16/12)
Big City faces College Town in Wisconsin recall primary (Bloomberg, 4/16/12)
Rep. Gwen Moore endorses Tom Barrett for governor in recall (TPM, 4/16/12)
Picking the right Dem to take on Scott Walker (Washington Post, 4/16/12)
Opinion: Reforms to schools a step forward for Wisconsin (Wausau Daily Herald, 4/16/12)
Opinion: Court flap helps make case for appointing justices (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/16/12)
Scott Walker leads in new Wisconsin recall poll (Washington Post, 4/16/12)
Why Scott Walker is winning in the Wisconsin polls (Forbes, 4/16/12)
Officials say fake Democrats can run in recall elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/16/12)
Walker more ‘Nixonian’ than Nixon, says John Dean (The Cap Times, 4/16/12)
Commentary: Both Kathleens would be good governor (The Cap Times, 4/16/12)
Commentary: Despite GOP gerrymandering, Chris Taylor is sitting pretty (The Cap Times, 4/14/12)
Commentary: Delving into state income tax reform (Racine Journal Times, 4/14/12)
Courting the crossover vote in the recall primaries (The Cap Times, 4/13/12)
Editorial: Falk, Vinehout and the political glass ceiling in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 4/13/12)
Setting the record straight about Tom Barrett (Blogging Blue, 4/13/12)
Walker tells NRA crowd that recall issue extends beyond Wisconsin (AP, 4/13/12)
Dems say records prove Walker knew of alleged John Doe activities (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/13/12)
WEAC responds to Walker charge over missing surveys (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/13/12)
Walker’s Hooters connection and other fun facts about campaign spokeswoman Ciara Matthews (The Cap Times, 4/13/12)
Justice Prosser wants Bradley, Abramson off discipline case (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/13/12)
Walker launches ads against Barrett, Falk (WISN, 4/12/12)
Former Walker aide facing felony charges appeals for change of venue (The Cap Times, 4/12/12)
Barrett & Falk won’t say how they would have balanced WI budget (The Weekly Standard, 4/12/12)
Editorial: Fake candidates threaten elections, too (Appleton Post Crescent, 4/12/12)
Commentary: Why John Mellencamp is not amused by Scott Walker’s use of his music (The Cap Times, 4/12/12)
Editorial: Rethink, reform or repeal ’stand your ground,’ ‘castle doctrine’ laws (The Cap Times,4/12/12)
NRA’s influence seen in expansion of Wisconsin self-defense laws (New York Times, 4/12/12)
Dem gubernatorial candidates face off in friendly territory (The Cap Times, 4/12/12)
In Wisconsin, Dem establishment getting behind Barrett (National Journal, 4/11/12)
Kohl backs Barrett in recall election, AFL-CIO supports Falk (AP, 4/11/12)
Barrett releases first recall campaign ad (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/11/12)
Baldwin says she raised more than $2 million so far this year (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/11/12)
Democrats question legality of running as a ‘fake’ candidate (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/11/12)
Commentary: It’s time for all lawmakers to exit ALEC (The Cap Times, 4/11/12)
Commentary: Teachers – When will conservatives learn? (WPRI, 4/11/12)
Editorial: Negative Dem ads will only help Walker (The Cap Times, 4/11/12)
Commentary: Dem primary attacks would hurt Dems (The Cap Times, 4/11/12)
It’s official: Four Democrats file to fun in the recall primary (The Cap Times, 4/10/12)
Former Lt. Gov. Lawton endorses Barrett (The Cap Times, 4/10/12)
Commentary: Is Dave Obey right about Tom Barrett? Not so fast (The Cap Times, 4/10/12)
Editorial: GAB should examine issues raised by fake Democrats (The Cap Times, 4/10/12)
Wisconsin recall election’s first Democratic ad up from Kathleen Falk (Washington Post, 4/9/12)
Commentary: Labor leaders may end up helping Walker (The Cap Times, 4/9/12)
Editorial: How sympathetic should media be to Walker? (The Cap Times, 4/9/12)
Obey endorses Barrett, slams AFSCME video (The Cap Times, 4/9/12)
School referendums greeted favorably by Wisconsin voters (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/8/12)
Commentary: Tuesday’s results signal recall appeal (The Cap Times, 4/8/12)
Editorial: State Capitol costs fairly low (Beloit Daily News, 4/7/12)
Wisconsin recall effort against Gov. Scott Walker now at center stage nationally (Washington Post,4/7/12)
Walker signs slew of controversial legislation, including anti-abortion and sex ed bills (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/7/12)
Are ‘fake’ Democrats illegal? (The Cap Times, 4/6/12)
Wisconsin recall: Labor trains fire on Democrat (Washington Post, 4/6/12)
Walker’s war on women signed into law (The Cap Times, 4/6/12)
Religious language enters the recall race (The Cap Times, 4/6/12)
GAB double standard: Public’s right to know applies to recall signature, not to Walker defense fund(Wisconsin Citizens Media Co-op, 4/5/12)
Walker says ‘God’s got a plan’ for him (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/5/12)
Waukesha damage control; Nickolaus steps side (The Political Environment, 4/5/12)
Exclusive: Scott Walker on recall: ‘God’s got a plan’ (CBN, 4/5/12)
Troubled Waukesha County Clerk ordered to step aside in recall elections (Patch, 4/5/12)
Fake Democrat forces primary against Dexter in recall (Chippewa Herald, 4/5/12)
GOP’s Moulton: GOP moves righted state’s finances (Chippewa Herald, 4/5/12)
Capitol  cleanup cost about $200,000, fare under prediction (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/5/12)
GOP’s fake Democrats for recall primaries named (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/5/12)
The Walker appeal: To conservatives, Wisconsin’s governor is a godsend (The Cap Times, 4/5/12)
Commentary: Tom Barrett’s challenge in Dem primary (The Cap Times, 4/4/12)
Editorial: Romney has work to do with state voters (Green Bay Press Gazette, 4/4/12)
Tom Barrett: I can end this civil war (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/4/12)
Vice President Scott Walker? (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/4/12)
Ron Kind endorses Barrett in recall election (LaCrosse Tribune, 4/4/12)
Kathleen Vinehout: State’s integrity score nothing to brag about (The Cap Times, 4/4/12)
Editorial: Right to sign petition is a basic right (The Cap Times, 4/4/12)
GOP primary doesn’t hamper progressives’ Dane County Board gains (The Cap Times, 4/4/12)
Tom Barrett re-elected as Milwaukee mayor (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/3/12)
Recall of Wisconsin governor gets national attention (Stateline, 4/2/12)
Mitt who? State issues, governor eclipse presidential politics in Wisconsin (NPR, 4/2/12)
Commentary: Uprising is bigger than any candidate (The Cap Times, 4/2/12)
Barrett gets endorsement from Erpenbach (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/2/12)
Milwaukee public safety unions again endorse Walker (The Cap Times, 4/2/12)
Mitt Romney gets boost from unified Wisconsin GOP (Politico, 4/2/12)
Killing of unarmed 20-year-old reignites debate over ‘castle doctrine’ law (Wisconsin State Journal,4/2/12)
Commentary: The really important April 3 votes (The Cap Times, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

Rep. Barca says no to entering gubernatorial recall race (Channel3000, 3/31/12)
Endorsement: Barrett the better choice for voters on Tuesday (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/31/12)
Recall elections ordered for Walker, Kleefisch, 4 GOP senators (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/31/12)
Barca  won’t run in recall (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/31/12)
Editorial: Teachers (and their unions) aren’t the problem (The Cap Times, 3/31/12)
Federal court strikes down parts of collective bargaining law (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/31/12)
After much anticipation, Barrett says he’s running for governor (The Cap Times, 3/31/12)
Commentary: Making a case for privatizing state universities (The Cap Times, 3/31/12)
Barrett announces run in Wisconsin recall (Politico, 3/30/12)
GAB throws out few petition signatures; recommends Walker recall proceed (Wisconsin State Journal,3/30/12)
GAB sets historic recall elections; GOP to field fake Dems (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/30/12)
GOP plans to run Democratic candidates in 4 recall races (, 3/30/12)
Commentary: Allegations of massive fraud in Wisconsin recall proved false (Center for Media and Democracy, 3/30/12)
Tom Barrett, Milwaukee mayor, enters Wisconsin recall (Politico, 3/30/12)
Scott Walker recall set for June 5 (Politico, 3/30/12)
Barrett looks for rematch in Walker recall election (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/30/12)
Milwaukee lawmaker adds voice to  call for ‘castle doctrine’ repeal (The Cap Times, 3/29/12)
Walker vs. (yawn): Democratic contenders aren’t firing up voters (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Commentary: GOP candidates are no help to Walker (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Doug La Follette announces candidacy for governor (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/28/12)
La Follette blasts Falk for connection to special-interest money (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Rally calls for repeal of ‘castle doctrine’ law (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/28/12)
Doug La Follette announces candidacy for governor (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/28/12)
Is Emanuel here to push Barrett to run against Walker? (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Voter ID lawsuits sent directly to state Supreme Court (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/28/12)
Are private voucher schools failing to deliver as promised? (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin’s loss is Illinois’ gain as trains roll (The Cap Times, 3/28/12)
Commentary: Ryan budget clearly not about deficit reduction (The Cap Times, 3/27/12)
Commentary: April 3rd’s most important vote is collective bargaining referendum (The Cap Times,3/27/12)
New poll finds Walker in tight matchups with Barrett, Falk (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/27/12)
New labor federation chief says it’s time to ‘organize, organize, organize’ (The Cap Times, 3/27/12)
Many Democrats may vote in Wisconsin GOP primary (The Cap Times, 3/27/12)
Doctors behind bars? Another splendid GOP idea (The Cap Times, 3/26/12)
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Landmark Legal Foundation seeks probe of Wisconsin judges who signed Walker recall petitions (Green Bay Press Gazette, 3/22/12)
Public employee unions file unfair labor complaints (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/12)
Conservative group asks for investigation of judges who signed recall petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/12)
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Fireman to run against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in recall election (Green Bay Press Gazette, 3/20/12)
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Commentary: Wolf hunt bill based on politics, not science (The Cap Times, 3/20/12)
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Dem lawmaker: Democrats fought for kids, jobs — GOP for corporate power grabs (The Cap Times,3/20/12)
GAB fined 110 people for campaign finance and ethics violations in last 3 years (The Cap Times,3/20/12)
Prosser plans to ask other justices to recuse selves in discipline case (Wisconsin State Journal,3/20/12)
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Opinion: Legislature’s rail aversion is a missed opportunity (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/20/12)
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Firefighters union head Mitchell to run for lieutenant governor (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/19/12)
WI Supreme Court rules for disclosure of attack ad donors (The Cap Times, 3/19/12)
Failing on jobs, GOP signals new extreme with gender crusade (The Cap Times, 3/19/12)
Public employees pushing back some of new disciplinary rules (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/19/12)
Editorial: Iraq vets back public workers, public workers back vets (The Cap Times, 3/19/12)
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Public employees pushing back some of new disciplinary rules (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/19/12)
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Conservatives aim to recall Sens. Jauch, Schultz over failed mining bill (Wisconsin State Journal,3/19/12)
Explosive revelation: Walker secretly hired & promoted Rindfleish without knowledge of Chief of Staff(Uppity Wisconsin, 3/19/12)
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Judicial Commission files complaint; Justice Prosser asserts his innocence (The Cap Times, 3/16/12)
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Candlelight vigils to mark anniversary of collective bargaining bill vote (The Cap Times, 3/8/12)
Commentary: The Wisconsin movement that went global (The Cap Times, 3/7/12)
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Dem lawmaker: WI GOP has declared war on women (The Cap Times, 3/6/12)
Revelation that judge in voter ID case signed recall petition raises questions (Wisconsin State Journal,3/6/12)
Judge grants temporary injunction barring enforcement of voter ID law in April election (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/6/12)
Commentary: Libertarians have every reason to oppose Walker (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
Tommy Thompson opens Scott Walker’s playbook (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
Schultz again tells GOP colleagues no to mining bill (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
Editorial: Tommy Thompson’s political surrender (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
Walker’s new ad calls on voters to ‘help me oppose the recall’ (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
GOP bill seeks to blame single parenting for child abuse (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
Tin Cup Brigade aims to reform campaigns (The Cap Times, 3/5/12)
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Commentary: Why Dale Schultz should run for gov (The Cap Times, 3/4/12)
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Video contradicts Walker’s claim about union bargaining (The Cap Times, 3/3/12)
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Wis. GOP leaders open to hearing in mine process (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/2/12)
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Wis. budget committee to vote on mining bill (Racine Journal Times, 3/1/12)
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Editorial: Closing doors won’t help WI Supreme Court justices’ image (Green Bay Press Gazette,2/29/12)
Board seeks more time to review Walker recall petitions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/29/12)
Mining legislation appears all but dead (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/29/12)
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Democratic lawmakers want to close tax loophole to aid BadgerCare (The Cap Times, 2/28/12)
Walker won’t challenge any recall signatures because of ‘impossible timeline’ (Wisconsin State Journal,2/28/12)
Wis. Supreme Court votes to close conferences (Racine Journal Times, 2/27/12)
Wisconsin Dems unveil first recall commercial (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/27/12)
Facing recall vote, Scott Walker plays nice with Obama (Chicago Tribune, 2/27/12)
Commentary: Walker’s bad Koch connection (The Cap Times, 2/26/12)
Recall organizer Lori Compas to challenge Senate leader (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/26/12)
Opinion: Imagine if Falk had won (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/25/12)
Blogosphere goes wild after Rep. Kleefisch caught on video (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/25/12)
Commentary: Walker’s ‘pants on fire’ over venture capital (The Cap Times, 2/24/12)
Walker has ‘zero’ plan to tinker with Wis. Retirement System (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/24/12)
Wisconsin recall rival slams Scott Walker (Politico, 2/24/12)
Wisconsin lawmaker caught on video voting for absent member (Political Wire, 2/23/12)
David Koch: ‘We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.’ (Wisconsin State Journal,2/20/12)
Open records requests coming at rapid pace under Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/18/12)
Commentary: Now we need to move beyond protest (The Cap Times, 2/18/12)
Federal court issues harsh order that GOP must release redistricting records (Wisconsin State Journal,2/17/12)
Panel discusses possible privatization of services (Herald Times Reporter, 2/17/12)
Commentary: Inside special interests ruled on redistricting (The Cap Times, 2/17/12)
Judge denies Walker request for extension (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/17/12)
Critics of proposed mining legislation sound off in raucous committee hearing (Wisconsin State Journal,2/17/12)
WEDC floats venture capital program (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/17/12)
Judge denies Scott Walker’s request for additional time to review recall petitions (Appleton Post-Crescent,2/17/12)
Editorial: ALEC should be required to register as a lobbyist (The Cap Times, 2/17/12)
Federal court issues harsh order that GOP must release redistricting records (Wisconsin State Journal,2/17/12)
Editorial: Another case of Walker cronyism (The Cap Times, 2/16/12)
Commentary: Walker made right call by not appearing with Obama at Master Lock (The Cap Times,2/16/12)
Walker seeks 2 more weeks for signature review (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/15/12)
Editorial: Barrett ably challenges Walker abuse (The Cap Times, 2/15/12)
Falk: Why I would veto and why it’s important to say it (The Cap Times, 2/15/12)
Commentary: Walker’s past comes back to haunt him (The Cap Times, 2/15/12)
Facing recall, Walker gives Obama friendly welcome (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/15/12)
Walker changes plans, won’t accompany Obama to Master Lock (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/15/12)
Walker to join Obama for Wisconsin visit (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/14/12)
Teachers’ role huge in protests’ success (The Cap Times, 2/14/12)
Fitzgerald campaign submits bizarre, inaccurate signature challenges (The Cap Times, 2/14/12)
Editorial: As governor, Herb Kohl could heal Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 2/13/12)
Into the recall election’s ‘chamber of secrets’ (The Cap Times, 2/13/12)
About 500 turn out to mark beginning of fight (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/13/12)
Commentary: Dems totally wrong to ape Grover Norquist (The Cap Times, 2/13/12)
Commentary: At minimum, John Doe shines light on Walker’s judgment (The Cap Times, 2/13/12)
Commentary: Walker’s on out-of-state money hunt (The Cap Times, 2/12/12)
Editorial: Falk foolish to make union pledge (LaCrosse Tribune, 2/12/12)
Video: Scott Walker rallies against recall efforts at CPAC 2012 (Huffington Post, 2/12/12)
Voter ID law limits ability of volunteers to register voters (The Cap Times, 2/11/12)
Editorial: Walker’s budget shortfall (The Cap Times, 2/11/12)
Editorial: Pledging to keep dividing people (Beloit Daily News, 2/11/12)
Move to oust Justice Gableman draws little support (Racine Journal Times, 2/11/12)
Resolution to oust Justice Gableman gets little support in Assembly (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/11/12)
Barrett, others rip plan to use part of mortgage settlement for budget (Wisconsin State Journal,2/11/12)
Justices Crooks, Bradley: Time to consider merit selection for judiciary (The Cap Times, 2/10/12)
State school superintendent Evers upset with Walker over education bill (Racine Journal Times,2/10/12)
Wisconsin to use part of settlement for budget (Racine Journal Times, 2/10/12)
Editorial: Walker shouldn’t squander mortgage settlement funds (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,2/10/12)
Tea party ready to do battle in court over recall signatures (Patch, 2/10/12)
Walker allies hit the air with $700,000 ad buy (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/10/12)
Commentary: Out in the cold: My recall diary (The Cap Times, 2/10/12)
Democrats face uphill battle in money war (LaCrosse Tribune, 2/10/12)
Conservative activists give Walker a hero’s reception (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/10/12)
Teachers union defends endorsement of Falk but denies budget veto pledge (LaCrosse Tribune,2/10/12)
State’s budget condition worsens; $143 million shortfall in 2013 foreseen (Wisconsin State Journal,2/10/12)
Recall pits grass roots against loads of campaign cash for Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/10/12)
Unions want repeal pledge from Dem candidates (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/9/12)
Walker promises no budget bill despite shortfall (LaCrosse Tribune, 2/9/12)
Walker, Van Hollen: Chunk of mortgage settlement going to state budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,2/9/12)
Four GOP senators file challenges to potential recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/9/12)
Why out-of-state donors are pouring money into the Wisc. recall election (Isthmus, 2/9/12)
Scott Fitzgerald submits challenges to signatures (WiscNews, 2/9/12)
Senators targeted for recall submit challenges to recall signatures (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/9/12)
We know Walker’s on the road again, thanks to protesters (The Cap Times, 2/9/12)
Commentary: Out-of-state donors have stories to tell (The Cap Times, 2/9/12)
Editorial: Robin Vos’ secrecy scheming demands legal, legislative inquiries (The Cap Times, 2/9/12)
Democratic Sen. Vinehout enters governor’s race (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/9/12)
Opinion: Walker shows true colors in push to delay recall (The Cap Times, 2/8/12)
It’s a one-issue recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/8/12)
Editorial: Why is Paul Ryan upset about job growth? (The Cap Times, 2/8/12)
GAB won’t accept help checking recall petitions from outside groups (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/8/12)
Opinion: It’s time to stop demonizing public workers (The Cap Times, 2/8/12)
Former Walker aide pleads guilty (WisPolitics, 2/8/12)
State’s largest teachers union endorses Falk (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/8/12)
Commentary: Walker, ALEC take war on workers national (The Cap Times, 2/8/12)
Tea Party goes all in for Scott Walker (Washington Post, 2/8/12)
Anti-Walker sentiment leads to circuit court primary (The Cap Times, 2/7/12)
Analysis: Invalid signatures likely not enough to halt Walker recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,2/7/12)
Tea party leaders upset with recall decision (Wisconsin State Journal 2/7/12)
Scott Fitzgerald says he will challenge enough signatures to halt election (Wisconsin State Journal,2/7/12)
Commentary: Walker foe must stand up for women’s health (The Cap Times, 2/7/12)
Commentary: State shouldn’t waste more on outsourcing (The Cap Times, 2/6/12)
Commentary: GOP knows 2% cut in Dem vote could be enough (The Cap Times, 2/6/12)
Commentary: How will recall’s undecided voters react to the tea party? (The Cap Times, 2/6/12)
Opinion: Scott Walker, progressive (Washington Post, 2/6/12)
Q&A: Sen. Tim Cullen says the recall is going to be expensive and nasty (The Cap Times, 2/5/12)
State’s public worker cope with reduced buying power following Walker legislation (Wisconsin State Journal,2/5/12)
A year after dividing the state, Walker in fight of his political life (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/5/12)
Scott Walker and Tommy Thompson; a Republican study in contrasts (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,2/4/12)
Allegations, complaints and the Wisconsin political environment (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/4/12)
Walker to meet with prosecutors on John Doe investigation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/3/12)
GAB to discuss court decision at Tuesday’s meeting (WisPolitics, 2/3/12)
Opinion: Open season on sandhills? Send our crazy legislators home (The Cap Times, 2/3/12)
So how about Craig Counsell for governor? (The Cap Times, 2/3/12)
Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch: Falk’s failed policies would be bad for Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 2/3/12)
Appeals court vacates order on the review of recall petitions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/3/12)
The Scott Walker and Goldwater Institute connection: the ‘Kochtopus’ (Blog for Arizona, 2/3/12)
Sen. Cullen says no to running in Walker recall race (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/2/12)
Commentary: A state of the State on women’s health (The Cap Times, 2/2/12)
Commentary: Recall cash spigot now wide open (The Cap Times, 2/2/12)
Choosing Walker’s opponent: Let’s have a wide-open Democratic primary (The Daily Page, 2/2/12)
Citizen Dave: Handicapping the Democratic candidates for the Wisconsin governor recall (The Daily Page,2/2/12)
Commentary: Money beats Tim Cullen, and that’s wrong (The Cap Times, 2/2/12)
Sen. Cullen says he won’t run for governor (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
People’s Legislature wants a Walker opponent not beholden to big money (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
The petitioners: How 4 political novices drove the recall movement (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
Three Dems say they’ll challenge senators in recall elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/1/12)
Former aide accuses Sen. Coggs of using Capitol staff for political, family purposes (WisPolitics, 2/1/12)
Ex-legislators, rep to challenge state senators (Chippewa Herald, 2/1/12)
Editorial: Take a deep breath, Wisconsin (Racine Journal Times, 2/1/12)
Democrat Cullen bows out of governor’s race (LaCrosse Tribune, 2/1/12)
Opinion: Walker spins the State of the State (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
Commentary: What did Walker know? And when? (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
Editorial: Assembly mining vote disregards the North (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
Commentary: Why Legislature should scrap mining bill (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)
Time line: The political climate surrounding United Wisconsin’s creation (The Cap Times, 2/1/12)


Dem lawmaker: GOP mining bill threatens federal flood aid (The Cap Times, 1/31/12)
Democratic candidates raise very little money (LaCrosse Tribune, 1/31/12)
Despite denials, records show Walker was clearly and strongly supporting Brett Davis for Lt. Governor(Uppity Wisconsin, 1/31/12)
John Doe threatens Walker (Milwaukee Magazine, 1/31/12)
Recall challenge set: Dexter vs. Moulton, round 2 (Chippewa Herald, 1/31/12)
Declared Walker recall challengers have so far raised very little (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/31/12)
Editorial: Looks like Dems will win control of Wisconsin Senate (The Cap Times, 1/31/12)
Former top Walker aide Russell had previously been fired for ‘gross misconduct’ (Wisconsin State Journal,1/31/12)
Editorial: Not all realtors support Walker (The Cap Times, 1/30/12)
Editorial: Another lesson about secrecy (Beloit Daily News, 1/30/12)
Commentary: GOP lawmaker has had enough of poisoned system (The Cap Times, 1/30/12)
Commentary: Recall more popular than GOP presidential field (The Cap Times, 1/29/12)
Despite jobs agenda, health issues hit Legislature (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/29/12)
Commentary: Walker recall is shaping up to be a two-fer (The Cap Times, 1/28/12)
Commentary: Scott Walker’s ‘friends’ tell us about his true motives (The Cap Times, 1/28/12)
Sen. Fitzgerald collected most per diems in 2011 (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/28/12)
Walker denies knowing of wrongdoing by former top aides (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/28/12)
Scott Walker, the new Nixon (The Political Environment, 1/27/12)
New charges in John Doe investigation allege pattern of illegal fundraising among Walker aides(Wisconsin State Journal, 1/27/12)
Editorial: State needs solutions, not shouting (LaCrosse Tribune, 1/27/12)
Editorial: Rebecca Kleefisch should watch her back (The Cap Times, 1/27/12)
Early Walker endorsement irks some Realtors (The Cap Times, 1/27/12)
Editorial: Walker is lying to himself or to Wisconsin — or both (The Cap Times, 1/26/12)
Senate recall targets attract big donors (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, 1/26/12)
Protesters say Scott Walker has made his last State of the State speech (The Cap Times, 1/26/12)
Criminal complaint reveals Walker email (The Cap Times, 1/26/12)
Walker avoids ‘r’ word, but protesters don’t (The Cap Times, 1/26/12)
Editorial: Unlimited recall contributions wrong (Appleton Post-Crescent, 1/26/12)
Recent pro-Walker poll grossly misweighted: When properly weighted, Dems beat Walker (Uppity Wisconsin, 1/26/12)
Scott Walker needs to fire Brett Davis and Cullen Werwie  – now (Uppity Wisconsin, 1/26/12)
Editorial: Walker can’t have budget both ways (Journal Times, 1/26/12)
Walker owes the public more on John Doe investigation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/26/12)
Opinion: Walker’s jobs claims strain truth (Wausau Daily Herald, 1/26/12)
Jobs in focus as defiant Walker delivers State of the State address (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/26/12)
State of the State speech marks end of tumultuous first year for Walker (Wisconsin State Journal,1/25/12)
Walker and Obama have single digit leads in Marquette Law School poll (Marquette U Law School, 1/25/12)
Poll: Walker has narrow edge in approval rating (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/25/12)
Wisconsin ranks 44th in private-sector US job growth in 2011 (The Cap Times, 1/25/12)
Out-of-state donors help Walker bring in big money (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/25/12)
Editorial: Consider these rules for Dem primary (The Cap Times, 1/25/12)
Opinion: Lori Compas should take on Scott Fitzgerald (The Cap Times, 1/25/12)
Commentary: MLK’s stand on voting needed repeating (The Cap Times, 1/25/12)
WI Supreme Court rejects court-appointed lawyers for poor in civil cases (The Cap Times, 1/25/12)
Q&A: Job creation is goal for Jadin, Walker’s economic development head (The Cap Times, 1/24/12)
Editorial: Money can’t buy this governor love (The Cap Times, 1/24/12)
Walker campaign reports raising $4.5M since mid-December for recall fight (Wisconsin State Journal,1/24/12)
Further fast-tracked ‘tort reform’ would work retroactively (The Cap Times, 1/23/12)
Former Walker associated will stand trial (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/23/12)
Dems say mining bill has flaws (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/23/12)
Commentary: Dems should make Walker’s money the issue (The Cap Times, 1/23/12)
Dem lawmaker: Governor’s education policies fail Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 1/23/12)
Commentary: Walker plays politics again as he rejects heath care exchange money (The Cap Times,1/23/12)
Editorial: Recall million renews hope for Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 1/22/12)
Does Wisconsin have a budget deficit? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/22/12)
Proposal would let new UW staff opt out of state retirement system (The Cap Times, 1/21/12)
Editorial: John MacIver would not approve of the distortions being made in his name (The Cap Times,1/21/12)
Editorial: Voter ID case cannot be dismissed (The Cap Times, 1/20/12)
Commentary: Stand in solidarity to defend state’s air and water (The Cap Times, 1/20/12)
State lost 3,900 private sector jobs in December (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/19/12)
Dem lawmaker: Wisconsin’s recall law exists to assure the consent of the governed (The Cap Times,1/19/12)
State loses jobs again even as unemployment rate dips (The Cap Times, 1/19/12)
Falk announces candidacy for Walker recall; other Dems prepare to enter race (Wisconsin State Journal,1/19/12)
Commentary: Another chance to recall a ‘jackpot politician’ (The Cap Times, 1/18/12)
Kathleen Falk announces bid for governor, but will she be the Democratic nominee? (The Cap Times,1/18/12)
Nothing ventured, nothing gained? New state-backed venture capital fund pushed (The Cap Times,1/18/12)
Kathleen Falk jumps into governors race (CNN, 1/18/12)
Nothing ventured, nothing gained? New state-backed venture capital fund pushed (The Cap Times,1/18/12)
Editorial: Replacing Walker a matter of freedom (The Cap Times, 1/18/12)
Commentary: Walker’s delay could sabotage health reform (The Cap Times, 1/18/12)
Walker turning down $37M intended to help implement health care reform law (Wisconsin State Journal,1/18/12)
Organizers file more than 1 million signatures to recall Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/18/12)
With Gov. Walker present, MLK tribute at Capitol gets political (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/17/12)
Walker recall volunteers rejoice after their massive effort (The Cap Times, 1/17/12)
Democrats file 1 million signatures for Walker recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/17/12)
Organizers collect more than 1 million signatures to recall Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 1/17/12)
Editorial: Wisconsin GOP should honor King with deeds, not just words (The Cap Times, 1/17/12)
Recall vote on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker appears imminent (LA Times, 1/17/12)
Wisconsin slugfest is a fight over facts (Chicago Tribune, 1/17/12)
Commentary: Wisconsin people will make history with recall (The Cap Times, 1/17/12)
Commentary: The recall is the greatest popular democracy movement in Wisconsin history (The Cap Times, 1/17/12)
With recalls looming, GOP leaders put forward muted agenda for new session (Wisconsin State Journal,1/16/12)
Unions busy behind the scenes vetting candidates to take on Walker (The Cap Times, 1/16/12)
Democrats aim to oust Walker, but lack candidate to oppose governor (Fox News, 1/16/12)
Scott Walker recall deadline on Tuesday (Politico, 1/16/12)
Next phases of recall process likely to be more difficult (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/16/12)
Audio: Political observer wonders whether recall action will impact GOP legislative agenda (WUWM, 1/16/12)
Recall drive set to clear hurdle (Washington Times, 1/16/12)
Elections officials to ask judge to schedule all recalls on the same day (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,1/16/12)
Conservative think tank states case for tying teacher pay to success of a school (The Cap Times,1/15/12)
Governor who took on unions may face a closely watched recall election (New York Times, 1/15/12)
Commentary: An agenda to reform Wisconsin’s political processes (The Cap Times, 1/15/12)
GOP-led redistricting in Wisconsin screwed up? Great Scott! (The Political Environment, 1/15/12)
Commentary: Scott Walker, Texas (money) Ranger, cashes in (The Cap Times, 1/15/12)
Video: Recall organizers throw a party for petition volunteers (WBAY, 1/14/12)
Audio: Recall supporters confident, but GOP has sway (NPR, 1/14/12)
Republican faithful gear up to defend Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/14/12)
Record number of WI government workers retired in 2011 (Huffington Post, 1/13/12)
Tea Party enters the Wisconsin recall fray (Patch, 1/13/12)
Battle lines stark as Wisconsin recall push nears end (Chicago Tribune, 1/13/12)
22 Dem lawmakers ask US DOJ to review Wisconsin voter ID law (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/13/12)
Fitzgerald recall ready to go (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/13/12)
Scott Walker discusses Wisconsin Working plan (The State Column, 1/13/12)
Recall timeline questioned (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/13/12)
Group says it has enough signatures to recall Fitzgerald (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/13/12)
Former supporter challenges Fitzgerald to debate; Senate Majority Leader recall may be reality(Dane101, 1/13/12)
WI man arrested at Gov. Walker recall demonstration after playing cowbell in officer’s face(Washington Post, 1/13/12)
Editorial: Saving money isn’t partisan issue (LaCrosse Tribune, 1/13/12)
WI governor determined to survive recall threat (Human Events, 1/13/12)
Industrial Midwest states challenge union power (NPR, 1/13/12)
Last petitions gathered in Walker recall effort (WISN, 1/13/12)
State superintendent calls on Assembly to ‘keep promise,’ close voucher loophole (The Cap Times,1/13/12)
Editorial: Help recall Scott Fitzgerald (The Cap Times, 1/13/12)
State Dems blast new public health administrator as unqualified (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/13/12)
Group says it has enough names to force recall election of Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (Wisconsin State Journal,1/13/12)
Redistricting problem means thousands are listed in wrong district (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,1/13/12)
Government workers retired in 2011 in record numbers (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/13/12)
Commentary: Picking sides in Walker recall battle (Green Bay Press Gazette, 1/12/12)
Lawsuit, judge ruling cause delay in recall review (WisLawJournal, 1/12/12)
Opinion: Gov. Walker’s fateful decision on rail (Isthmus, 1/12/12)
Pro-Walker billboard removed (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/12/12)
State election board to purchase software to review recall petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/12/12)
Signature review in recall election to take longer than original plan of 60 days (Appleton Post-Crescent,1/12/12)
Commentary: An independent’s take on the state Legislature (The Cap Times, 1/12/12)
Scott Walker billboard removed in Wisconsin after controversy (Huffington Post, 1/12/12)
Wisconsin Democrats use Scott Walker aide’s scandal to raise money (Huffington Post, 1/12/12)
GAB director says recall signature review will take more than 60 days (Wisconsin State Journal,1/12/12)
Editorial: Governor’s spokesman is abusing his position (The Cap Times, 1/12/12)
Commentary: Picking sides in Walker recall battle (Green Bay Press Gazette, 1/12/12)
Scott Walker, Texas Ranger (The American Prospect, 1/12/12)
Accountability Board to create recall petition database, request more time (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,1/12/12)
Editorial: Voucher school fix needed in Assembly (Appleton Post-Crescent, 1/12/12)
The Polarizer: A look at what makes Scott Walker tick (The Cap Times, 1/11/12)
Why was Cullen Werwie given immunity in Milwaukee County John Doe investigation? (Blogging Blue, 1/11/12)
The GAB’s duty of ‘careful examination’: Why Judge Davis got it right (Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog, 1/11/12)
Glitch puts some Wisconsin voters in Africa (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/11/12)
Editorial: Challenging Walker’s out-of-state cash (The Cap Times, 1/11/12)
Video: Both sides of Walker recall effort plan major events (WISN, 1/11/12)
Host of GOP heavyweights slated for pro-Walker rally (Patch, 1/11/12)
Gov. Walker accused of over 1,000 violations of campaign finance law, could face $557,500 fine (Think Progress, 1/11/12)
Opinion: State’s status quo had to change (Wausau Daily Herald, 1/11/12)
Republicans in Senate and Assembly differ on major upcoming bills (The Cap Times, 1/11/12)
WI Democrats revive medical marijuana bill (The Cap Times, 1/10/12)
Walker touts jobs program (WisPolitics, 1/10/12)
GOP lawmakers want to make ‘recall bribery’ a felony (The Cap Times, 1/10/12)
200 miles of Wisconsins – Recall signs pave the way (CNN, 1/10/12)
Walker waste panel identifies nearly a half billion in savings (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/10/12)
Walker: Commission on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse releases final report (WisPolitics, 1/10/12)
Dem lawmaker: Walker’s report on Waste, Fraud and Abuse is misleading (WisPolitics, 1/10/12)
Commission finds $456M in savings (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/10/12)
Walker unveils new council to prep students for college, jobs (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/10/12)
Dem minority leader: Year of secrecy and power grabs puts Wisconsin democracy at risk (The Cap Times,1/10/12)
Governor unveils new jobs plan (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/9/12)
Scott Walker does it his way (Huffington Post, 1/9/12)
Job creation must be bipartisan agenda (BizTimes Daily, 1/9/12)
Falk talks potential bid for governor on ‘UpFront’ (WisPolitics, 1/9/12)
Walker introduces ‘Wisconsin Working’ plan (BizTimes Daily, 1/9/12)
Dems asking recall signature gatherers to wrap it up (The Cap Times, 1/9/12)
Commentary: Walker appeals to GOP’s labor-bashing zealots (The Cap Times, 1/8/12)
Commentary: The twinkle — oops, Personhood Amendment (The Cap Times, 1/7/12)
Walker way too involved in ‘Operation Freedom’ (The Political Environment, 1/6/12)
Walker staff probe leads to charges for three men (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/6/12)
Scott Walker recall effort will cost $9 million, estimate shows (Huffington Post, 1/6/12)
Both sides see positive news in latest revelations from Walker staff investigation (Wisconsin State Journal,1/6/12)
Special collective bargaining status for police and fire unions causing problems (Wisconsin State Journal,1/6/12)
Scott Walker’s other big problem (Express Milwaukee, 1/5/12)
Editorial: Gableman should have recused himself from cases (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/5/12)
Editorial: Gableman’s lapses demand reopening of bargaining case (The Cap Times, 1/5/12)
Scott Walker gears up for recall election (National Journal, 1/5/12)
Scott Walker: Big unions will pick my rival (Politico, 1/5/12)
Scott Walker, undaunted by recall, urges governors to cut state budgets boldly (The Hill, 1/5/12)
Walker tells conservative DC group he ‘doesn’t plan to lose’ (The Cap Times, 1/5/12)
Judge tells GAB to try to remove fake names from recall petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/5/12)
Friends of Scott Walker v. GAB changes the recall rules mid-stream (Marquette University Law School Faculty Blog, 1/5/12)
Commentary: Attorney conduct at issue in Gableman dust-up (The Cap Times, 1/5/12)
Temp worker applicants who signed recall petitions won’t be hired to check signatures (The Cap Times,1/5/12)
Walker’s investment board pick draws scrutiny (, 1/4/12)
Editorial: Wisconsin’s battle transcends partisanship (The Cap Times, 1/4/12)
While states roll ahead with high-speed rail plans, Wisconsin idles (The Cap Times, 1/4/12)
Commentary: With New Year comes hope the GOP is overplaying its hand (The Cap Times, 1/3/12)
Commentary: State lawmakers should butt out of local affairs (The Cap Times, 1/2/12)
Commentary: Open primaries, not caucuses, renew democracy (The Cap Times, 1/1/12)
Internet reports say Walker booed off the stage in California (The Political Environment, 1/1/12)
A call to action: We can be, and we need to be, better in 2012 (Appleton Post-Crescent, 1/1/12)

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