The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


WI 2011 Archives


Wisconsin Gubernatorial Headlines – 2011 Archives


Editorial: Have civil debate this election year (Sheboygan Press, 12/31/11)
UW tuition must go up as state funding goes down (The Cap Times, 12/31/11)
Closing 2011 with bipartisan aid for Wisconsin workers (The Cap Times, 12/31/11)
Commentary: Walker’s attack on women’s health access unprecedented (The Cap Times, 12/31/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin needs public health consortium (The Cap Times, 12/30/11)
Feds ordered Walker to lift cap on Family Care (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/30/11)
Opinion: In 2012, let’s return to Wisconsin values and decency (The Cap Times, 12/30/11)
Commentary: 2011, a year to create a deeper sense of democracy (The Cap Times, 12/29/11)
Gov. Walker proposes lifting cap on Family Care program (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/29/11)
Editorial: Paul Ryan is scam artist of the year (The Cap Times, 12/28/11)
Politics blamed for defunding a state program run by Planned Parenthood (The Cap Times, 12/28/11)
Commentary: Walker and the environment: ‘That dog  don’t hunt’ (The Cap Times, 12/28/11)
Commentary: What a $pectacular year it was (The Cap Times, 12/28/11)
State officials criticize feds for providing inaccurate jobs data (The Cap Times, 12/27/11)
Dem lawmaker: A year of living dangerously under Walker (The Cap Times, 12/27/11)
Lawmaker proposes ‘personhood’ amendment to change WI constitution (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,12/26/11)
Editorial: If Justice Gableman had any scruples, he’d resign (The Cap Times, 12/26/11)
Commentary: ‘Open’ primary needed to pick Walker challenger (The Cap Times, 12/26/11)
Editorial: Justice Gableman’s decisions leave bad perception (Appleton Post-Crescent, 12/25/11)
Where’s Walker? Out-of-state travel often kept secret (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/25/11)
Walker sees compromise in mining bill (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/25/11)
Walker’s 250,000 jobs promise was wildly optimistic (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/24/11)
Deja vu all over again for Milwaukee Mayor Barrett (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/24/11)
Walker says he could have sold his changes better (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/24/11)
State releases details of budget cuts; UW System to take biggest hit (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/24/11)
Dem lawmaker: Looking forward – Wisconsin in 2012 (WisOpinion, 12/23/11)
Commentary: Rep. Sensenbrenner’s obsessions are showing (The Cap Times, 12/23/11)
Two unions discourage Barrett from running in a recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/23/11)
Walker says he has met man jailed in investigation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/23/11)
Jobs report notes high number of Wisconsin layoffs (The Cap Times, 12/23/11)
GOP lawmaker: 2011 – an eventful year (WisOpinion, 12/23/11)
Commentary: Ad campaign comes ‘close to the line’ (The Cap Times, 12/23/11)
Walker’s lapse plan another big blow to UW System (The Cap Times, 12/23/11)
Despite Walker’s efforts, funding woes for rape crisis centers persist (The Cap Times, 12/23/11)
After one year, 250,000 jobs pledge looking harder to attain for Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/23/11)
DA Ozanne may ask WI Supreme Court to rehear union lawsuit (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/22/11)
State might not cut 53,000 from Medicaid by year’s end (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/22/11)
Walker reviewing state’s use of Gableman’s attorney (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/22/11)
Gov. Walker dominates the air waves early in push to burnish his image (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,12/22/11)
Commentary: Jeff Fitzgerald’s move to scrap GAB preposterous (The Cap Times, 12/22/11)
Collective bargaining referendum on Dane County ballot April 3 (The Cap Times, 12/22/11)
The reasons for Democratic optimism in Wisconsin (National Journal, 12/22/11)
Women step up to hold Walker to account (The Cap Times, 12/21/11)
Walker’s new ad plays up themes of holiday season (The Cap Times, 12/21/11)
Recall backers ask judge to dismiss Walker campaign lawsuit against GAB (Wisconsin State Journal,12/21/11)
Walker’s budget cuts are costing state private jobs, report warns (The Cap Times, 12/21/11)
The reasons for Republican optimism in Wisconsin (National Journal, 12/21/11)
Commentary: Scott Walker’s ton of cash can’t counter people power (The Cap Times, 12/20/11)
ACLU, protesters in wait-and-see mode over Capitol permit policy (The Cap Times, 12/20/11)
Commentary: Some reasons for Dems to be optimistic (The Cap Times, 12/20/11)
Wisconsin leads nation in job losses (The Cap Times, 12/20/11)
Two arrested for allegedly spitting on recall workers in Iowa County (The Cap Times, 12/19/11)
Commentary: DNR puts public lands on chopping block (The Cap Times, 12/19/11)
Q&A: State GOP Senator Galloway on concealed carry, recalls and leadership (The Cap Times, 12/19/11)
Gov. Walker: I’ll win recall vote by creating jobs (Human Events, 12/19/11)
Editorial: Scott Walker’s extremism wins national notoriety (The Cap Times, 12/19/11)
Planned Parenthood contract’s fate uncertain (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/19/11)
Commentary: Bargaining rights are human rights (The Cap Times, 12/18/11)
Rebecca who? Recall volunteers find many ignorant about lieutenant governor (Wisconsin State Journal,12/18/11)
Testing the recall ads (WBAY, 12/18/11)
Volunteers hit the streets to find new signers for recall petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/18/11)
Recall effort against 4 GOP state senators on pace, groups say (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/18/11)
The Wisconsin Factor (Governors Journal, 12/18/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin recall calculus: $5M distant dollars v. 500,000 citizens (The Nation, 12/18/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin is open for business, not jobs (Central Wisconsin Business, 12/17/11)
Scott Walker kills women’s cancer screening program for political gain (Forbes, 12/17/11)
Signatures, money roll in as recall efforts amp up (Wisconsin Rapids Tribune, 12/17/11)
Out-of-state donors play growing role in supporting – and opposing – Walker (The Cap Times, 12/17/11)
Opinion: Cullen guv candidacy surprises (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/17/11)
Out-of-state donors giving in Wisconsin (UPI, 12/17/11)
Opponents, supporters of Gov. Walker clash on jobs numbers (WQOW, 12/17/11)
Fitzgerald bill criminalizes multiple recall signatures (Wisconsin Radio Network, 12/16/11)
In Wisconsin, Fitzgerald stays in the recall mix (National Journal, 12/16/11)
GAB defends practices in wake of recall signature lawsuit (WTAQ, 12/16/11)
Deer gets unofficial gubernatorial pardon (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/16/11)
Wis. Dems to intervene in GOP lawsuit challenging recall process (TPM, 12/16/11)
Is the Democrats’ attempt to recall Scott Walker a mistake? (Powerline, 12/16/11)
Both sides of recall fight see big jump in out-of-state campaign donations (Wisconsin State Journal,12/16/11)
Walker recall effort hits 90% of signature goal, group says (Appleton Post-Crescent, 12/16/11)
Both sides build war chests as recall election nears (Channel3000, 12/16/11)
Editorial: Stop grousing at the referee (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/16/11)
Four GOP state senators fundraising for possible recall elections (WTAQ, 12/16/11)
Editorial: Fitzgerald’s vision: A state without the GAB (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/16/11)
Wisconsin loses jobs for fifth straight month (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/16/11)
Walker reports raising $5.1 million (WisPolitics, 12/16/11)
Editorial: ‘Total Recall’ day is Saturday (The Cap Times, 12/16/11)
Repeatedly signing same recall petition? Bill would make that a felony (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/15/11)
Drive to force Wisconsin recall vote nears goal (Reuters, 12/15/11)
Wisc. GOP senators amass recall campaign cash (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/15/11)
Group says push to recall Wisconsin governor on track (Reuters, 12/15/11)
Fox falsely claims ‘Mickey Mouse’ and ‘Adolf Hitler’ are on Scott Walker recall petition (TPM, 12/15/11)
Wisconsin’s Mickey Mouse recall process (National Review, 12/15/11)
Republicans sue GAB (Wisconsin Radio Network, 12/15/11)
Walker recall organizers near required signatures, set new goal (WBAY, 12/15/11)
State lost 11,700 private-sector jobs in November, agency says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/15/11)
Dems claim milestone as GOP files suit (Wisconsin Radio Network, 12/15/11)
Walker camp files lawsuit against GAB; Fitzgerald seeks to overhaul board he once called ‘a welcome change’(Dane101, 12/15/11)
Scott Fitzgerald recall moving forward (Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, 12/15/11)
Scott Walker recall nears needed signatures (Politico, 12/15/11)
Walker, GOP sue state elections and ethics agency over recall effort (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/15/11)
Wisconsin loses jobs for fifth straight month (The Cap Times, 12/15/11)
Commentary: Mining bill simply modern-day colonialism (The Cap Times, 12/15/11)
With half the money coming from out of state, Walker far outraising recall organizers (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/15/11)
United Wisconsin reports 507,533 signatures to recall Walker (The Cap Times, 12/15/11)
Recall organizers report gathering more than 500K signatures to recall Walker (Wisconsin State Journal,12/15/11)
Commentary: For Wisconsin, turbine jobs are gone with the wind (The Cap Times, 12/14/11)
Wisconsin governor recall signature review plan approved (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/14/11)
‘Mickey Mouse’ OK for Walker recall (Politico, 12/14/11)
Commentary: It’s clear Walker dances to fossil fuels tune (The Cap Times, 12/14/11)
Dem lawmaker: GOP’s mining bill paves way for environmental degradation, big corporate profits (The Cap Times, 12/14/11)
At 84, she lacks identification, but not will to fight voter ID law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/11)
Commentary: Walker brings unions together (The Cap Times, 12/14/11)
Editorial: Why it’s important to recall Kleefisch too (The Cap Times, 12/14/11)
Report: First arrest made in John Doe investigation (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/14/11)
Federal lawsuit challenges Wisconsin voter ID law (Ballot News, 12/14/11)
Walker donor arrested for not cooperating with John Doe probe (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/14/11)
GAB director expects ‘mischief’ with recall petitions (WBAY, 12/14/11)
Realtor jailed in John Doe probe set to be released (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/11)
Jailed realtor had requested secret immunity in John Doe probe (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/14/11)
Scott Walker recall volunteers say they have proof of intimidation by opponents (Huffington Post, 12/13/11)
Governor’s office confident voter ID law is constitutional, despite lawsuits (WHBL, 12/13/11)
ACLU sues Scott Walker over Wisconsin’s Voter ID law (TPM, 12/13/11)
Voting-rights groups sue Wisconsin for Voter ID law (NPR, 12/13/11)
Mickey Mouse, Adolf Hitler allowed on WI recall petitions (WISN, 12/13/11)
First arrest made in John Doe investigation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/13/11)
Elections officials likely to seek more time to review recall petitions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/13/11)
ACLU sues Wisconsin over photo ID law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/13/11)
Bill would require doctors to confirm abortion request is voluntary (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/13/11)
Wisconsin workers feeling the pain (The Cap Times, 12/13/11)
Commentary: Attempt to recall Sen. Jauch a fool’s mission (The Cap Times, 12/13/11)
Walker to be keynote speaker for Conservative Political Action Conference (Wisconsin State Journal,12/13/11)
UW colleges to issue voter ID cards to students on request (The Cap Times, 12/12/11)
Yet another case shows how voter ID is hurting citizens (The Cap Times, 12/12/11)
Madison lawmaker wants to see contacts between Walker and mining firm (The Cap Times, 12/12/11)
Editorial: The Capitol is not Walker’s private palace (The Cap Times, 12/12/11)
Editorial: Walker’s permit policy is poorly timed (Green Bay Press Gazette, 12/12/11)
Commentary: One Wisconsin Now helps ensure recall participation is possible (Green Bay Press Gazette,12/12/11)
Walker recall intimidation caught on video (WISN, 12/12/11)
Commentary: Takeovers show how GOP aims to steal election (The Cap Times, 12/12/11)
Commentary: Walker and Kochs vs. voting (The Cap Times, 12/11/11)
Editorial: Walker has mixed record on openness (The Cap Times, 12/11/11)
Commentary: Sen. Fitzgerald’s a hypocrite on veterans (The Cap Times, 12/10/11)
Why Jeff Fitzgerald can win in Wisconsin (National Journal, 12/9/11)
Sen. Jauch could be target of recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/9/11)
Walker announces campaign team (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/9/11)
Thousands of Wisconsinites could lose health coverage (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/9/11)
Is public higher ed a partisan issue? Rookie regents weigh in (The Cap Times, 12/9/11)
Editorial: A year later, Walker rail blunder looks even worse (The Cap Times, 12/9/11)
Assembly Republicans unveil bill to streamline mine permitting (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/9/11)
Commentary: One Wisconsin Now: Watchdog or attack dog? (The Cap Times, 12/8/11)
Majority of education unions vote to recertify (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/11)
Assembly bill would ease environmental regulations on new mines (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/11)
Walker to seek extension to SeniorCare (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/11)
Judicial panel deals setback to GOP in redistricting case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/11)
Editorial: New rules for rallies need another draft (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/8/11)
Protest permit policy likely headed for court (The Cap Times, 12/8/11)
Commentary: How Wisconsin politics stole Christmas (The Badger Herald, 12/7/11)
Commentary: Time for Scott Walker to start swinging (National Review, 12/7/11)
Walker signs ‘castle doctrine’ bill, other measures (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/7/11)
Opinion: For our sake, get them out of town (The Cap Times, 12/7/11)
Commentary: What Cory Mason would bring to Democratic ticket (The Cap Times, 12/7/11)
Editorial: Capitol protest limits violate constitution (The Cap Times, 12/7/11)
Wisconsin lags neighboring states in 12-month job growth (The Cap Times, 12/6/11)
Walker administration slammed over new Capitol permit policy (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Protect independence of our election watchdog (The Cap Times, 12/6/11)
Scott Walker’s new narrative is just as phony as the old one (The Cap Times, 12/5/11)
Citizens change lawyers in recall (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/5/11)
Dem lawmaker: Education budget cuts bring challenges, controversy (The Cap Times, 12/4/11)
Commentary: Walker used to like recalls (The Cap Times, 12/4/11)
Appeals court says no to closed hearing in Walker campaign probe (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/3/11)
The coming deluge of political advertising in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 12/3/11)
Commentary: What’s a recallable offense? (The Cap Times, 12/2/11)
Stories reveal hardships of voter ID (The Cap Times, 12/2/11)
Commentary: Sorting the half-truths about tax reform (The Cap Times, 12/2/11)
Editorial: Make sure military personnel can sign petitions and vote for recall (The Cap Times, 12/1/11)
Opinion: Make sure military personnel can sign petitions and vote for recall (The Cap Times, 12/1/11)
Commentary: Supporters of recall are certain, and wrong (Wisconsin State Journal, 12/1/11)


Why small cities, rural areas back the recall of Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 11/30/11)
Commentary: Walker’s school message open to debate (The Cap Times, 11/30/11)
Republican thugs — henchmen edition (Blogging Blue, 11/30/11)
Police investigate claim college student destroyed Scott Walker recall petition (The Cap Times, 11/30/11)
Commentary: Hey, governor, your pants are on fire (The Cap Times, 11/30/11)
Wisconsin, the Midwest and the 2012 electoral map (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/29/11)
Walker-Koch prank call back in anti-Walker ad (The Cap Times, 11/29/11)
Scott Walker fan or not, Wisconsin job numbers aren’t so good (The Cap Times, 11/29/11)
Should state Rep. Keith Ripp be recalled? (The Cap Times, 11/29/11)
Walker recall organizers: Over 300,000 signatures gathered, more than half needed (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/29/11)
Editorial: No need for party-appointed poll workers (Appleton Post-Crescent, 11/29/11)
Can Dems hold out for a hero in Walker recall? (Thirdcoast Digest, 11/28/11)
Jobs report should make governor blush (The Cap Times, 11/28/11)
Walker recall effort has over half its needed signatures, organizers say (Green Bay Press Gazette, 11/28/11)
Another day, another fresh PolitiFact “False” rating for Scott Walker (The Political Environment, 11/27/11)
Student rips up recall petitions, brags about it on Twitter (Blogging Blue, 11/27/11)
Editorial: Don’t change rules for recall elections (Green Bay Press Gazette, 11/27/11)
Political parties fight for edge in state recalls; Direction of state could hinge on courts (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/27/11)
Milwaukee region turns to clusters as growth strategy (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/27/11)
Under Walker, Wisconsin is #1 job loser (The Cap Times, 11/27/11)
Commentary: Walker could reverse his fortunes by cleaning up state politics (The Cap Times, 11/27/11)
With recall election probable, who will face Walker? (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/27/11)
Major efforts afoot to help students navigate voter ID law (The Cap Times, 11/26/11)
Occupy Madison battens down for winter as officials press for permit application (The Cap Times, 11/25/11)
Proven false claim by Walker featured in national recall story (Political Environment, 11/25/11)
The recall Scott Walker effort, to date, has been anything but dull (The Cap Times, 11/24/11)
Editorial: Tax credits aren’t magic bullet for jobs (Appleton Post Crescent, 11/24/11)
Frontier Airlines debacle exposes how the biggest suckers wear suits (Milwaukee Area Labor Council, 11/23/11)
What would Russ Feingold do? (The Daily Isthmus, 11/23/11)
That’s debatable: The Walker recall (WisPolitics, 11/23/11)
Video: Scott Walker launches second ad since start of recall effort (Hufffington Post, 11/23/11)
Wisconsin led nation in Oct. job losses (The Cap Times, 11/23/11)
Commentary: Independent political groups spent more than candidates in four key races (The Cap Times,11/23/11)
GOP wants to put sex ed and reproductive health care out of the reach for many teens (The Cap Times,11/23/11)
Illinois winning jobs battle despite Walker-Kleefisch wacky tactics (The Politicsl Environment, 11/23/11)
Anti-abortion lawmakers propose constitutional amendment to extend personhood to embryos (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/23/11)
Editorial: Republican argument on IDs nonsensical (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/22/11)
Opinion: Walker budget reforms working (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/22/11)
Wisconsin’s down-home recall effort (The Progressive, 11/22/11)
Sensing Walker recall inevitable, GOP focus becomes election control (Badger Democracy, 11/22/11)
Editorial: BadgerCare cuts will Wis. families (Wausau Daily Herald, 11/22/11)
Scott Walker tilts school accountability standards to favor charter and private schools (The Progressive,11/22/11)
Republican Party plans to name poll workers across the state (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/22/11)
Q&A: A school board president speaks out against budget cuts (The Cap Times, 11/22/11)
Commentary: It sure looks like rural Wisconsin’s for recall (The Cap Times, 11/22/11)
UW-Madison to issue IDs valid for voting to students who need them (The Cap Times, 11/21/11)
Prediction: Russ Feingold will run against Scott Walker in the recall election… (Althouse, 11/21/11)
Commentary: Conservation cuts shortsighted and dumb (The Cap Times, 11/21/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin turns against Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 11/20/11)
Commentary: Recall turnout – 1.3 million WI voters failed to vote in 2010 (Wisconsin State Journal,11/19/11)
Scott Walker’s whining about protesters shows his disconnect with Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 11/19/11)
Walker recall effort gets 50,000 signatures in first 48 hours, organizers say (Wisconsin State Journal,11/18/11)
Dem leader: Walker’s ‘reforms’ disastrous for our schoolchildren (The Cap Times, 11/18/11)
State’s redistricting fight widens (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/18/11)
Walker, outside groups air ads preparing for recall vote (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/18/11)
Police: Man ripped up Walker recall petition and drove off (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/18/11)
State losing tech, finance jobs (The Cap Times, 11/18/11)
Editorial: Where do state leaders stand on ‘personhood’? (The Cap Times, 11/18/11)
Scott Walker lives the downside of ideology (The Political Environment, 11/18/11)
Recall costs, including local governments, could be in the millions of dollars (Wisconsin State Journal,11/18/11)
Jobs, Jobs (Fighting Bob, 11/18/11)
State lost 9,300 private-sector jobs in October (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/17/11)
Commentary: Obey for Governor? (The Cap Times, 11/17/11)
Editorial: Wave of elections in state seemingly endless (Green Bay Press Gazette, 11/17/11)
Wisconsin taxes at 15-year low, report says (The Cap Times, 11/17/11)
Lawmakers OK wage freeze, new overtime rules for state workers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/17/11)
Elections panel estimates $650,000 state cost for recall efforts (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/17/11)
Report: Wisconsin lost nearly 10,000 jobs last month (The Cap Times, 11/17/11)
Walker’s ‘Open-for-Business/’I did what I said I’d do’ defense mocked by job losses (The Political Environment, 11/17/11)
Union blames Walker in Manitowoc Crane strike (The Cap Times, 11/17/11)
First WI pay plan under union law up for vote (, 11/17/11)
‘Intensity score’ numbers bad for Walker; he’s intensely disliked (Uppity Wisconsin, 11/17/11)
Commentary: Democratic rep rips role of money in politics (The Cap Times, 11/17/11)
Walker says he’s not responsible for recall effort against him (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/16/11)
Opinion: State should venture forth with new fund (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/16/11)
The ‘Recall Scott Walker’ effort begins (National Review, 11/16/11)
Small state unions vote to recertify (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/16/11)
Gov. Walker recall crew yells fire in a crowded swimming pool (The Isthmus, 11/16/11)
Walker doesn’t know how much he’ll spend on recall defense (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/16/11)
Walker says he’ll spend what’s necessary to win recall fight (Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 11/16/11)
The recall goes out: County volunteers mobilize in bid to oust Walker (WiscNews, 11/16/11)
New poll shows majority support Walker recall (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/16/11)
Arrest of gun advocate will likely be a test for state gun laws (The Cap Times, 11/16/11)
Kathleen Falk, Mahlon Mitchell take notable roles as Scott Walker recall effort begins (The Cap Times,11/16/11)
Petitions filed to recall 4 Republican senators (, 11/16/11)
Editorial: Walker acknowledges his ‘reforms’ have hurt schools (The Cap Times, 11/15/11)
Democratic Party files recall paperwork against Sen. Moulton (Chippewa Herald, 11/15/11)
Education cuts alone are enough reason to recall Walker, Huff Post blogger says (The Cap Times, 11/15/11)
Scott Fitzgerald targeted for recall (WiscNews, 11/15/11)
Organizers start the clock on recall of Walker, 3 GOP senators (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/15/11)
Walker’s GOP ‘cronies’ end four short years of GAB autonomy, shred constitutional checks and balances(Badger Democracy, 11/15/11)
Walker recall effort kicks off (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/15/11)
Walker foes kick off recall with pajama parties, ‘midnight madness’ (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/15/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin must right this wrong (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/14/11)
O’Malley says DGA may join effort to recall Wisconsin governor (Washington Post, 11/14/11)
Recall Walker for deeds and duplicity (The Political Environment, 11/14/11)
WI gubernatorial recall — thoughts on timing and signature requirement (The Recall Elections Blog, 11/14/11)
Opinion: The proper time to vote is 2014 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/14/11)
United Wisconsin recall website down (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/14/11)
Opinion: Recall mania perplexing to out-of-staters (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/14/11)
Republicans set up website to keep tabs on recall signature gathering (The Cap Times, 11/14/11)
Commentary: It’s imperative to get recall signatures (The Cap Times, 11/14/11)
Massive effort’s humble start (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/13/11)
Commentary: What Ohio’s election results say about the Scott Walker recall (The Cap Times, 11/13/11)
Commentary: Slashing BadgerCare a step backward for state (The Cap Times, 11/13/11)
A 2012 Wisc. polling snapshot: tight races, vulnerable big-name pols (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/12/11)
DPI, administrators sketch ‘bleak picture’ for state schools (The Cap Times, 11/11/11)
Recalls in Arizona and Michigan cap a 2011 recall spree led by Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,11/11/11)
Commentary: Walker’s failure on jobs is no surprise (The Cap Times, 11/11/11)
Statewide survey reveals impact of state budget cuts on school districts (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/10/11)
Editorial: The right  recall in Arizona — and Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 11/10/11)
Commentary: Labor rights, abortion rights, immigrant rights, voting rights prevail (The Cap Times,11/10/11)
Editorial: Message sounds across the state: Recall! (The Cap Times, 11/9/11)
Security costs double for Walker, Kleefisch (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/9/11)
Commentary: BadgerCare dilemma manufactured by state (The Cap Times, 11/9/11)
Commentary: Cain, Koch, Walker and the smoking man (The Cap Times, 11/9/11)
Realtors object to fee funneled to political issue groups (The Cap Times, 11/8/11)
Commentary: Occupy the Polls: Tuesday’s critical tests of political power (The Cap Times, 11/8/11)
Governor gets death threat on Facebook (The Cap Times, 11/8/11)
Editorial: Voters should keep rebuking Walker (The Cap Times, 11/7/11)
Under new voter law, a few won’t need photo ID (The Cap Times, 11/7/11)
WI League of Conservation Voters: Coal ash spill should make legislators stop in their tracks (The Cap Times,11/6/11)
Dem lawmaker: A better way to balance Medicaid budget (The Cap Times, 11/6/11)
How a poor economy could affect the Scott Walker recall fight (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/6/11)
Thousands of citizens gear up for Walker recall petition drive (The Cap Times, 11/6/11)
Opinion: League of ConservationVoters: Coal ash spill should make legislators stop in their tracks (The Cap Times, 11/6/11)
Independent charter school bill fails to muster votes (The Cap Times, 11/5/11)
Walker backer forms recall committee, giving governer a funding step up (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/5/11)
Commentary: Federal grants help keep Wisconsin tech firms in the game (The Cap Times, 11/5/11)
Editorial: Will Gundrum bring judicial activism to Court of Appeals? (The Cap Times, 11/5/11)
Walker recall effort launched unexpectedly; Dems cry foul (The Cap Times, 11/4/11)
First recall effort launched against Walker, triggering unlimited fundraising (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,11/4/11)
Lawmakers approve bill to choose venue for suing state (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/4/11)
Walker, Kleefisch must be recalled separately, says attorney general (The Cap Times, 11/4/11)
Wisconsin snubbed again in business climate ranking (The Cap Times, 11/4/11)
Walker appoints three to UW System’s Board of Regents (The Cap Times, 11/3/11)
Assembly backs proposal to eliminate race as factor in grant program (The Cap Times, 11/3/11)
Editorial: Redistricting games threaten democracy (The Cap Times, 11/2/11)
Lawmakers will vote on state’s request for health care waiver (The Cap Times, 11/2/11)
Commentary: End lawmakers’ ability to purge records (The Cap Times, 11/2/11)
Thousands download concealed carry applications as law takes effect (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/2/11)
Lawmaker in attorney fee cap debate has lawyer bill pending (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/2/11)
Recall district change stalls with GOP Sen. Schultz’s opposition (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/1/11)
Commentary: Right wing funds state news source Franklin Center (The Cap Times, 11/1/11)
For booze sales, Wisconsin is open for business (The Cap Times, 11/1/11)
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Commentary: Participating in democracy just got tougher for elderly (The Cap Times, 10/31/11)
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Sen. Mary Lazich versus democracy (The Cap Times, 10/28/11)
School cuts were big piece of state job losses (The Cap Times, 10/28/11)
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Election chief says recalls will be based on old boundaries, for now (, 10/27/11)
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Dem Party says it plans to file a complaint over Walker’s new website (The Cap Times, 10/24/11)
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Lawsuit claims voter ID law violates Wisconsin Constitution (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/21/11)
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Gov. Walker supports ending ‘double-dipping’ (The Cap Times, 10/21/11)
Editorial: Walker’s ‘Back to Work’ agenda: Deer, fertilizer and sex ed (The Cap Times, 10/20/11)
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League of Women Voters files suit against voter ID law (The Cap Times, 10/20/11)
State loses jobs again, including 8400 in local govt (The Cap Times, 10/20/11)
Commentary: Feingold’s ‘all-in’ support offers another indication of Baldwin’s strength (The Cap Times, 10/20/11)
Cuts signal switch in state’s approach to health care (The Cap Times, 10/20/11)
Public speaks out against Medicaid, BadgerCare cuts (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/20/11)
Dems rip GOP proposal to rewrite sex ed law (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/19/11)
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UW system absorbing additional $65.7M budget hit (The Cap Times, 10/19/11)
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Walker says he exceeded promise on pension, but defends his actions (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/18/11)
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Walker didn’t start paying full cost of pension until August, breaking campaign promise (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/14/11)
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Democrats outline plans to recall Gov. Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/11/11)
Effort to recall WI Gov. Scott Walker to start Nov. 15 (Green Bay Press Gazette, 10/10/11)
Walker recall effort to get underway Nov. 15 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/10/11)
Two top GOP leaders back concealed guns in Capitol (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/10/11)
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State offering job help to veterans (Wisconsin Radio Network, 10/5/11)
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Groups vow to start Walker recall signature collection in November; Walker pushes presidential primary back to April (dane101, 10/4/11)
Scott Walker fast-tracks tax dodging bill for ‘Special Job Creation Session’ with DOR and WMC support (Badger Democracy, 10/4/11)
Secret inquiry gets closer to Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/3/11)
State aid to Wisconsin & Southern predates campaign funding probe (The Cap Times, 10/3/11)
Millions stand to be disenfrachised by voter ID laws, report finds (The Cap Times, 10/3/11)
Commentary: If Walker’s recalled, who’s in the bullpen? (The Cap Times, 10/3/11)
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Walker chief of staff resigns to head up recall defense (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/30/11)
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Committee to review policies on photo ID, recall petitions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/26/11)
Governor puts forth bipartisan list of bills (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/26/11)
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Opposition shaping up to mining law changes (Wisconsin Radio Network, 9/26/11)
FBI targets a key player on Walker’s team (The Cap Times, 9/25/11)
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DA looking at voter bribery accusations (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/25/11)
Gov. Walker: Schools need more than money to improve (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/25/11)
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Scott Walker vs. education: An open letter to NBC News anchor Brian Williams (Isthmus, 9/24/11)
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Walker spokesman granted immunity in John Doe probe (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/24/11)
Walker stops in LaCrosse, talks jobs with local employers (LaCrosse Tribune, 9/23/11)
Secret conservative report reveals Scott Walker as a dire fiscal failure (PolitiusUSA, 9/23/11)
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Walker’s ‘we’re broke’ doesn’t apply to political appointees (The Cap Times, 9/23/11)
Governor’s spokesman granted immunity (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/23/11)
Editorial: Report on WI jobs website revealing, but not alarming (Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/23/11)

Proof that Barca is running for governor? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/22/11)
No recertification for top unions (Wisconsin Radio Network, 9/22/11)
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Walker removes embattled aide from fraud commission (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/22/11)
Commentary: How to improve functioning of state’s high court (The Cap Times, 9/22/11)
Largest state unions won’t seek recertification by Thursday deadline (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/21/11)
6,000 jobs touted by Walker are outside Wisconsin (Channel3000, 9/21/11)
Wearing out their welcome: Protesters still at Capitol, irking lawmakers (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/21/11)
Commentary: School cuts will hurt ag industry down the road (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Abrahamson right: Make court transparent (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Spendng in summer recall elections reaches nearly $44M (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Selling out public schools: Millions of dollars are changing face of education (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Racine voucher expansion a ‘gut punch’ (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Commentary: Legislture should reverse Walker’s cronyism (The Cap Times, 9/21/11)
Recall cost to government: $2.1M; amount spent: a record $44M (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/20/11)
Walker to speak at NBC-hosted Education Nation panel (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/20/11)
New poll reflects divide on bargaining limits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/20/11)
Despite changes, charter school expansion bill faces a headwind (The Cap Times, 9/20/11)
Tommy Thompson vs. spoiled brats of the GOP (The Cap Times, 9/20/11)
Commentary: Bob Fest finds progressives fiesty, determined (The Cap Times, 9/19/11)
Editorial: Legislature must work harder on jobs issues (Sheboygan Press, 9/19/11)
Commentary: After FBI raid, why is Walker stonewalling? (The Cap Times, 9/18/11)
Fighting Bob Fest attendees say it’s up to the people to recall Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 9/18/11)
Baldwin rallies progressives at Fighting Bob Fest (WisPolitics, 9/18/11)
Thompson bid for Senate will tell us a lot about the GOP (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/17/11)
Editorial: Protests getting out of hand (Racine Journal Times, 9/17/11)
Commentary: Bob Fest embodies the spirit of Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 9/17/11)
High jobless rate stirs lawmakers’ discussion (Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 9/17/11)
UW-Madison admission policy debate likely not over (The Cap Times, 9/17/11)
Archer profited when job shifted from civil service to appointment (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/17/11)
Another GOP lawmaker criticizes Madison law enforcement over ongoing political protests (The Cap Times, 9/16/11)
Walker says he knows little about raid of former aide’s home (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/16/11)
Former Walker aide shaken, embarrassed following FBI raid, denies any wrongdoing (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/16/11)
Walker silent about investigation involving Cynthia Archer (Appleton Post-Crescent, 9/16/11)
Scott Walker raises a ruckus in Kentucky, too (The Cap Times, 9/16/11)
Baldwin can compete in farm country (The Cap Times, 9/16/11)
WI jobless rate ticks higher in August (The Cap Times, 9/16/11)
Majority of Supreme Court signals opposition to opening deliberations (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/15/11)
Former Walker aide Archer says she has done nothing wrong (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/15/11)
Road builders brew up public support (The Cap Times, 9/15/11)
FBI seizes items at home of former WI Gov. Scott Walker (Appleton Post-Crescent, 9/15/11)
Law enforcement agents raid home of former Walker aide (WisPolitics, 9/15/11)
Editorial: UW-Madison policy right to promote diversity (Appleton Post-Crescent, 9/15/11)
Officers, FBI agents search home of former Walker aide (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/15/11)
Editorial: Free IDs should be open information (Appleton Post-Crescent, 9/15/11)
Editorial: Find way to let students vote (LaCrosse Tribune,9/14/11)
WI Senate hopefuls Neumann and Baldwin personify the chasm between the parties (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/14/11)
Legislators may look at UW admissions and affirmative action (Badger Herald, 9/14/11)
Commentary: Gov. Walker, give us back our train (The Isthmus, 9/14/11)
Analysis by conservative group finds black and Hispanic students more likely to be admitted to UW-Madison (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/13/11)
Conservative think tank reports ‘severe’ racial discrimination at UW-Madison (The Cap Times, 9/13/11)
Two more lawmakers step in to help fired state worker (The Cap Times, 9/13/11)
See Tammy win? A roadmap to victory (The Cap Times, 9/13/11)
Editorial: Ordering state workers to clam up over voter IDs is wrong (The Cap Times, 9/12/11)
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Battle for the base: Next year’s US Senate primaries in Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/11/11)
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Tonette Walker throws fundraiser to rehab governor’s mansion (The Cap Times, 9/10/11)
League of Women Voters: Lawsuit defends voting rights, upholds state constitution (The Cap Times, 9/9/11)
Wisconsin has fewer public workers than most states but pays better (The Cap Times, 9/9/11)
DOT chief defends policy on voter photo ID (The Cap Times, 9/9/11)
Editorial: Effort to remedy WI Supreme Court’s image beneficial (Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/9/11)
State says employee’s email about voter ID law wasn’t only thing that got him fired (The Cap Times, 9/9/11)
‘Don’t tell’ policy on free voter IDs no surprise at food pantry (The Cap Times, 9/9/11)
Dems and advocates blast DOT’s ‘Don’t tell if they don’t ask’ policy for free voting ID cards (The Cap Times, 9/8/11)
Broadcasters give Scott Walker a new platform (The Cap Times, 9/8/11)
State worker fired after email about free IDs (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/8/11)
Your right to know: Contacts with lawmakers should be public (The Cap Times, 9/7/11)
Baldwin is in, now can she win? (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/7/11)
Opinion: Walker should compromise on labor rights (The Cap Times, 9/7/11)
Top DOT official tells staff not to mention free voter ID cards to the public — unless they ask (The Cap Times, 9/7/11)
Wisconsin’s cuts to school aid steepest of 24 states studied (The Cap Times, 9/6/11)
Commentary: Union members the good guys in this crisis (The Cap Times, 9/6/11)
Chief justice offers proposals to restore faith in WI high court (The Cap Times, 9/6/11)
Scott Walker’s court jester (The Cap Times, 9/6/11)
Republican moderates cower from ‘alternative-reality right’ (The Cap Times, 9/5/11)
Wisconsin unions still committed to the mission (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/5/11)
A Labor Day proposal: Raise the state minimum wage (The Cap Times, 9/5/11)
Commentary: Walker officials try to conceal benefits of health care reform (The Cap Times, 9/4/11)
Prosser tempered ruling on collective bargaining (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/3/11)
Shilling, King send right signals as they join Senate (The Cap Times, 9/2/11)
Opinion: Redistricting – Part 1 (The Gazette, 9/2/11)
Milwaukee recall TV ads topped $4 millions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/2/11)
League of Women Voters challenges Voter ID (Forward Lookout, 9/2/11)
Democratic dominoes: Several announcements expected next week for upcoming elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/2/11)
Editorial: Rep. Taylor right to highlight revelations about Prosser’s politicization of high court (The Cap Times, 9/1/11)
Editorial: Allow school districts time to adapt to budget cuts (Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/1/11)
Editorial: Labor Day parade no place for politics (LaCrosse Tribune, 9/1/11)
Trying to reform schools, with fewer resources (The Cap Times, 9/1/11)
GOP leader: Bipartisanship doesn’t mean giving in to the demands of one side (The Cap Times, 9/1/11)


Editorial: Take steps to redeem our high court (The Cap Times, 8/31/11)
Editorial: Redistricting system needs some work (Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/31/11)
State pension chief raps GOP Legislature, steps down (The Cap Times, 8/31/11)
Wisconsin teachers head for the exits (National Review Online, 8/31/11)
Progressive group compares Walker to Hitler (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/30/11)
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Paul Ryan staff calls cops to keep constituents away (The Cap Times, 8/29/11)
Bradley-Prosser incident reveals void in workplace safety rules for elected officials (The Cap Times, 8/29/11)
Scott Walker left Milwaukee County with ‘Titanic meets Hindenburg’ budget (The Cap Times, 8/29/11)
GOP politicians banned from Labor Day parade in Wausau (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/28/11)
Commentary: Fines for dissent? Wisconsins’ voters say ‘no!’ (The Cap Times, 8/28/11)
Would governor recall be a package deal? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/27/11)
Chief justice right to call for open court conferences (The Cap Times, 8/27/11)
Economist says state officials spun the results of his health care reform study (The Cap Times, 8/27/11)
Neumann-Thompson race already getting ugly (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/27/11)
Dem lawmaker: ‘My, Gov. Walker, what big teeth you have’ (The Cap Times, 8/27/11)
Commentary: Fire code bill highlights GOP hypocrisy on local control (The Cap Times, 8/26/11)
Sheriff’s report shows dysfunction in, pressure on Supreme Court (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/26/11)
Supreme Court members say Prosser a hot-head who has ‘temper tantrums’ (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/26/11)
Justice Prosser ‘gratified’ at prosecutor’s decision not to press charges (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/26/11)
Justices divided over court altercation (The Cap Times, 8/26/11)
Public employees begin seeing smaller paychecks (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/26/11)
Fired head of WI Veterans Affairs, John Scocos, rehired by Gov. Scott Walker (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/26/11)
Editorial: Voucher growth misses intended target (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/26/11)
Editorial: Supreme Court justices need to restore court’s dignity (Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/26/11)
GOP leader: ‘Our reforms are working’ (BizTimes, 8/25/11)
No charges for Justice Prosser in high court ruckus (The Cap Times, 8/25/11)
Right-wing anti-rail politics could againg cost Wisconsin transit money, services (The Political Environment, 8/25/11)
State looks to save millions by cutting child care subsidies (The Cap Times, 8/25/11)
Special prosecutor: No charges for Prosser, Bradley in fracas (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/25/11)
Opinion: Ryan’s pay-to-speak politics offensive (The Cap Times, 8/24/11)
Uncharted waters: Public school superintendents may be facing ‘perfect storm’ (The Cap Times, 8/24/11)
Critics say proof of citizenship bill would slow aid to needy (The Cap Times, 8/23/11)
Walker names former Democratic senator to top railroads post (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/23/11)
Opinion: Here’s an idea: Ignore Walker, focus on independents (The Cap Times, 8/24/11)
WI Dem House leader: How to bring Wisconsin together again (The Cap Times, 8/23/11)
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Opinion: Addressing the democracy deficit in our state and nation (The Cap Times, 8/23/11)
Campaign finance case puts Prosser in the hot seat — again (The Cap Times, 8/22/11)
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Feingold says he will not be a candidate in 2012 (The Cap Times, 8/19/11)
Madison teachers union files lawsuit challenging constitutionality of collective bargaining law (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/19/11)
Walker takes a new path — the political middle (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/18/11)
Is Gov. Walker next for recalls? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/17/11)
Summing up the Wisconsin recalls (by the numbers) (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/17/11)

What Wisconsin meant (Washington Post, 8/17/11)
Smaller Senate majority empowers moderates, but controversial legislation could still happen (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/16/11)
Labor weighs in on Democrats’ recall victories (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/16/11)
Support for recalling Walker slipping, poll says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/16/11)
DOJ, board officials won’t say if they will press to get Prosser off case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/15/11)
Wisconsin is a 50/50 state once more (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/13/11)
What’s news: Expect a Walker recall election to happen, and expect it to be really close (The Cap Times, 8/11/11)
Commentary: In Wisconsin, conservatives win, liberals gain (The Cap Times, 8/11/11)
Editorial: Redistricting plan nothing to be proud of (The Cap Times, 8/11/11)
Expect a Walker recall election to happen, and expect it to be really close (The Cap Times, 8/11/11)
WI Democrats fail to take back state Senate (Washington Post, 8/10/11)
Opinion: Beating 2 Republican senators on GOP turf adds up to success (The Cap Times, 8/10/11)
WI Dems say recall wins show governor vulnerable (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/10/11)
Commentary: Leaving Wisconsin voters in the dark (The Cap Times, 8/10/11)
WI recalls: Victory, not necessarily vindication, for Republicans (Washington Post, 8/10/11)
Labor came up short in Wisconsin. What does that mean? (Washington Post, 8/10/11)
GOP holds on to Senate, but Walker recall hopes still strong, opponents say (The Cap Times, 8/10/11)
Unions’ recall drive falls short; GOP holds state Senate (LA Times, 8/10/11)
Was Tuesday’s big recall turnout too big for Democrats? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/10/11)
Editorial: This is what democracy looks like (The Cap Times, 8/9/11)
Opinion: ALEC conferees uptight in the Big Easy (The Cap Times, 8/9/11)
WI GOP holds off Democrats in recall elections (Washington Post, 8/9/11)
Gov. Walker signs redistricting maps, Democrats blast news (WTAQ, 8/9/11)
Wisconsin seeks relief from No Child Left Behind law (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/9/11)
Tuesday’s recall turnout robust by any standard; tops 2010 governor’s race in one district (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/9/11)
Walker signs legislation to redraw district boundaries (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/9/11)
Balance of power at stake in WI recall elections (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/9/11)
Recall FAQ: Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s elections (The Cap Times, 8/9/11)
Opinion: Check and balance Walker before he chases more jobs away (The Cap Times, 8/8/11)
Are the Wisconsin recalls about women? (Washington Post, 8/8/11)
The Democrats’ big challenge in Tuesday’s recalls: winning on GOP turf (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/8/11)
Historic recall elections put spotlight on Wisconsin (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/8/11)
GOP’s aggressive agenda hangs in balance in recall elections (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/8/11)
Democrats ready to wage state Senate recall war in Wisconsin (Washington Post, 8/7/11)
Commentary: Alberta Darling delivers for out-of-state billionaires (The Cap Times, 8/7/11)
Recalls open eyes, wallets (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/7/11)
WI recall election spending shatters records (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/7/11)
Recall elections won’t affect union bargaining (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/7/11)
Conservative outlets write all the news that fits their tilt (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/7/11)
Wisconsin recall elections hinge on Governor Scott Walker (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/6/11)
Having Democratic opponent is new to Olsen (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/6/11)
Spending breaks records in five Senate races (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/5/11)
Barrett campaigns in recalls, Walker less visible (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/5/11)
Olsen praises fake democratic candidate at fund-raiser (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/5/11)
Why Democrats are very nervous about Wisconsin (Washington Post, 8/5/11)
State election officials toss complaints in three recall races (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
Wisconsin recall elections explained (Washington Post, 8/4/11)
Wisconsin Right to Life denies wrongdoing (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
State puts breaks on plan to close DMV sites (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
Walker again thrust into recall debate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
Wellpoint joins Koch to help fight Senate recalls (The Cap Times, 8/4/11)
GOP state senator says Walker ‘decoyed’ him into missing chance to offer amendment to collective bargaining bill in Feb (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
Four new DMV centers to open, none will close (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/4/11)
Commentary: Sen. Hopper’s ad false and misleading (The Cap Times, 8/4/11)
WI recall candidate Fred Clark decries ‘radical’ Republican agenda (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/4/11)
New poll! Dems ahead in 3 WI recall races (Daily Kos, 8/3/11)
Commentary: Campaign cash comes out as commercials (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Will Darling win recall race? ‘I’m not sure,’ she says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/11)
Commentary: ‘Recall’ the Wisconsin River 30 years ago? (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Democratic bill would require background checks at WI voucher schools (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Out-of-state groups send in cash to deliver recall message (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Your right to know: Redistricting should be more transparent (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Endorsement: Elect Clark over Walker rubber-stamp Olsen (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Dem leader: GOP sinks to new low with unemployment benefits waiting period (The Cap Times, 8/3/11)
Darling, Pasch stay firm in final slated joint appearance (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/11)
Kapanke, Shilling spar on budget, direction of WI government (LaCrosse Tribune, 8/3/11)
Report: State budget pushes Milwaukee County deeper into fiscal hole (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/3/11)
Recall candidates debate key issues (Dunn County News, 8/2/11)
GOP files complaint against Democrat Pasch (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/2/11)
Wisconsin candidates raise $5.2 million (The Journal Times, 8/2/11)
Darling says turnout will decide race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/2/11)
Opinion: Gov. Walker, David Koch and the charges of voter suppression (The Cap Times, 8/2/11)
Unions raise $9.7M to help Democrats in recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/2/11)
Campaign finance reports show WI Senate recall candidates shelled out cash in July (Appleton Post Crescent, 8/2/11)
Opinion: Walker should veto redistricting, work with Risser on better plan (The Cap Times, 8/2/11)
Dane County DA requests special prosecutor for Supreme Court fracas (Wisconsin State Journal, 8/2/11)
Court lets Wisconsin Right to Life rake in issue ad cash for recalls (The Cap Times, 8/2/11)
Opinion: Profit motive underlies outbreak of immigration bills (The Cap Times, 8/2/11)
Dem challenger injects national issues into recall race against GOPer Cowles (Appleton Post Crescent, 8/2/11)
WI voters receiving misleading information about Senate recall election dates (Appleton Post Crescent, 8/2/11)
Opinion: ‘Real Patriots pay their taxes’ (The Cap Times, 8/1/11)
WI Senate OKs unemployment extension — again (The Journal Times, 8/1/11)
Proposal would mean more communication from state about free voter IDs (Superior Telegram, 8/1/11)
Election officials probe voter ‘block parties’ (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/1/11)
Recalls aside, give GOP puppet masters an A+ (The Cap Times, 8/1/11)
Picking a prosecutor in Supreme Court fracas a tough call (The Cap Times, 8/1/11)
GOP WI state sen Cowles defends collective bargaining, budget votes (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/1/11)
AFP Wisconsin ballots have late return date (Politico, 8/1/11)
Koch group mails suspicious absentee ballot letters in Wisconsin (TPM, 8/1/11)
Darling tops $1.1M in fundraising, nears $1M in spending (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/1/11)

JULY 2011

Commentary: Pricey recalls one more illustration of need for disclosure law (The Cap Times, 7/31/11)
Unemployment spikes under Walker, GOP (The Cap Times, 7/31/11)
Commentary: Losing Race to the Top called a win for Wisconsin schools (The Cap Times, 7/30/11)
Public unions make push for membership dues as automatic payments end (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/30/11)
Commentary: Leading lawmaker puts positive spin on campaign cash (The Cap Times, 7/30/11)
Walker OKs up to $500K in legal fees on collective bargaining bill (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/29/11)
The real reason the GOP shuns trains (The Cap Times, 7/29/11)
Firm lauded by Walker profits off needy, critics charge (The Cap Times, 7/28/11)
Editorial: State seeing signs of jobs (Racine Journal Times, 7/28/11)
Commentary: State taxpayers underwrite political campaigns of hypocritical ‘budget hawks’ (The Cap Times, 7/28/11)
Gov. Walker, Rep. Ryan and Sen. Johnson – Theater vs. Reality (WisOpinion, 7/27/11)
Commentary: Why Wisconsin should value GE Healthcare (, 7/27/11)
Do recalls threaten GOP? Clearly (The Cap Times, 7/27/11)
Walker rapped over alleged ‘sweatshop’ visit (The Cap Times, 7/26/11)
In Bizarro Wisconsin, trains must be stopped — with their jobs potential, too (The Political Environment, 7/26/11)
It’s a long wait or a long haul to get a driver’s license (The Cap Times, 7/26/11)
Prison policy a bonanza for GOP demagogues (The Cap Times, 7/25/11)
Commentary: What is wrong with these recalls? (The Cap Times, 7/24/11)
Opinion: GOP draws legislative ghost seats (The Cap Times, 7/24/11)
GOP job counters need a math lesson (The Cap Times, 7/23/11)
Footnote: Why were fake candidates allowed to run in recall primaries? (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/23/11)
League of Women Voters: Walker should reject rushed redistricting bills (The Cap Times, 7/23/11)
State denies politics is behind plans to close DMV centers (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/22/11)
Out-of-state money flows in for recall elections (The Cap Times, 7/22/11)
Walker: Tourism helps Wisconsin add 9,500 jobs in June (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/22/11)
Teachers won’t participate in statewide task force on school accountability reform (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/22/11)
Opinion: Shadowy group thinks for Walker, Fitzgerald (The Cap Times, 7/21/11)
State adds more jobs in June, but unemployment up (The Cap Times, 7/21/11)
Second round of insurance cost hikes unveiled for state workers (The Cap Times, 7/21/11)
Editorial: Fleeing job not worth Hansen’s ouster (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/20/11)
Editorial: Redistricting plan costly, politically motivated (Sheboygan Press, 7/20/11)
Walker’s train fiasco proves it was all politics (The Cap Times, 7/20/11)
Dane County lawmakers: To restore trust, reform redistricting process (The Cap Times, 7/20/11)
Editorial: There’s a better way to redistrict (LaCrosse Tribune, 7/20/11)
Dave Hansen, Democrats score win in first WI recall election (Appleton Post-Crescent, 7/20/11)
A look at turnout in the WI recalls: How high will it go? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/20/11)
Democratic senator Hansen retains seat in recall attempt (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/19/11)
Opinion: Walker tries to lie his way out of political mess he’s made (The Cap Times, 7/19/11)
Critics: GOP redistricting maps split off, dilute minority communities (The Cap Times, 7/19/11)
GOP redistricting plan would create political ‘islands’ in Madison and Dane County (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/19/11)
Budget panel OKs spending for Milwaukee-to-Chicago rail line (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/19/11)
WI Recall: Sen. Dave Hansen looking dominant for tomorrow’s election (DailyKos, 7/18/11)
Wisconsin voters go to polls Tuesday in first recall election (Reuters, 7/18/11)
Democrat faces recall general election on Tuesday (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/18/11)
Opinion: GOP maps warp state democracy (The Cap Times, 7/17/11)
Editorial: Legislature should delay vote on new boundaries (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/17/11)
Former Regent: Proposal to break up UW System was politically unfeasible (The Cap Times, 7/16/11)
Wisconsin’s Walker concedes mistakes, defends policies (Reuters, 7/16/11)
Editorial: Sen. Hopper’s sleazy attacks won’t erase his tax avoidance (The Cap Times, 7/16/11)
That’s debatable: Redistricting Wisconsin (WisPolitics, 7/15/11)
Senate panel passes GOP redistricting plan (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/15/11)
Editorial: Wisconsin recall primaries show voters take process seriously (Green Bay Press Gazette,7/14/11)
Walker spends night on Denver airport floor (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/14/11)
GOP’s redistricting plan wreaks havoc for some cities, but not Madison (The Cap Times, 7/14/11)
Wisconsin anti-abortion group denies charges it tried to suppress recall vote (The Cap Times,7/14/11)
Opinion: How ‘fake Democrats’ strategy blew up on GOP (The Cap Times, 7/14/11)
‘Manipulation of power’ alleged as redistricting hearing puts heat on GOP (Wisconsin State Journal,7/14/11)
Opinion: Redistricting? No, Fitwalkermandering (The Cap Times, 7/13/11)
GOP leader blasts proposal to expand handgun background checks (The Cap Times, 7/13/11)
Editorial: Senate redistricting is a poor marriage (Racine Journal Times, 7/13/11)
Real Democratic recall candidates cruise to victory over fakes (The Cap Times, 7/13/11)
Poll: 59% disapprove of Gov. Walker’s performance (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/13/11)
Voters get first taste of ID law and new rule requiring signature (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/13/11)
Gov. Walker, lawmakers fare poorly in poll (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/13/11)
Voter poll shows discontent; blame for recall cost aired (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/13/11)
Surprisingly high turnout in Democratic Senate primaries (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/13/11)
The loss of competition in the GOP’s WI redistricting plan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/13/11)
Wisconsin recall fight: What happens next (Washington Post, 7/13/11)
Attorney fees for redistricting efforts mount; governor urged to reject maps (Wisconsin State Journal,7/12/11)
Democrats win Wisconsin primaries (Washington Post, 7/12/11)
Recall elections in WI test support for Republican program (Stateline, 7/12/11)

Right to Life denies calls were aimed at voter suppression (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/12/11)
Six fake Democrats fall, setting stage for GOP recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/12/11)
Democratic incumbents report more campaign funding (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/12/11)
State Supreme Court justices rule not to force recusals (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/12/11)
Primaries will gauge voter interest in recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/11/11)
How the GOP redistricting plan protects 3 Republican state senators (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,7/11/11)
Editorial: State must make it easier for voters to get IDs (The Cap Times, 7/11/11)
Some union members pleased with Walker’s changes (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/11/11)
Barrett denounces GOP redistricting plan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/11/11)
Obey skirts question whether he may run for governor (Chippewa Herald, 7/10/11)
State gears up for recall season opener (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/10/11)
Democrats exclude partisan caucuses from open meetings proposal (The Cap Times, 7/10/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin, 65,000 square miles surrounded by sanity (The Cap Times, 7/10/11)
Political foes Walker, Evers unite on education accountability (Appleton Post-Crescent, 7/9/11)
Democrats cry foul over Republican redistricting maps (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/9/11)
Walker, education leaders seek new school evaluation system (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/9/11)
Opinion: Walker administration hazardous to health (The Cap Times, 7/9/11)
Concealed carry is now law in Wisconsin (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/9/11)
Voters to get their say in recall primaries Tuesday (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/9/11)
Commentary: Legislature should be subject to open meetings law (The Cap Times, 7/8/11)
Republicans release official redistricting plans: the proposed WI congressional map (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/8/11)
GOP redistricting maps make dramatic changes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/8/11)
David VanderLeest, GOP candidate facing Sen. Hansen in recall election, dismisses legal problems (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/8/11)
GOP plan aims to protect Duffy seat (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/8/11)
Report critiques state response to collective-bargaining protests (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/8/11)
Opinion: Take politics out of district boundaries (Wausau Daily Herald, 7/8/11)
Walker is Wisconsin’s tweeter-in-chief (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/8/11)
Madison area jobless rate lowest in nation over past decade (The Cap Times, 7/8/11)
Editorial: Fox is guarding the hen house at state insurance commission (The Cap Times, 7/7/11)
Amendment would hold state Legislature to open meetings law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Legislators need to revisit cuts on transportation funding (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,7/7/11)
Opinion: Is money to blame for WI Supreme Court dysfunction? (The Cap Times, 7/7/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin needs stronger, not weaker, campaign ad laws (The Cap Times, 7/7/11)
Abortion foes ask Van Hollen to crack down on UW Hospital (The Cap Times, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Voters brace for summer recall season (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/7/11)
GOP looks to end liberal lock on chief justice job (The Cap Times, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Appointing justices not answer to court’s woes (Sheboygan Press, 7/7/11)
School Superintendent Evers emerges as fierce advocate of schools in face of massive cuts (The Cap Times, 7/6/11)
Commentary: We’ve become laughingstock of the nation (The Cap Times, 7/6/11)
State budget cuts transit funding, but it could have been worse (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/6/11)
Two Democrats raise more than their GOP challengers in recall elections (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/6/11)
Opinion: Americans refuse to surrender their rights (The Cap Times, 7/6/11)
Editorial: Redistricting should be nonpartisan (Appleton Post-Crescent, 7/6/11)
Recall incumbents were allowed to received unlimited donations while writing budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/6/11)
Walker donor gets personal bill-signing (The Cap Times, 7/6/11)
Donors to Walker’s campaign exceeded limit, group says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/6/11)
WisBusiness: Business leaders laud Walker budget (WisBusiness, 7/5/11)
Two GOP senators raise more funds than six Democratic challengers combined (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/5/11)
Editorial: Tight budgets hurt public safety, too (LaCrosse Tribune, 7/5/11)
Editorial: Legislators ought not be lobbyists (The Journal Times, 7/5/11)
Commentary: Using current court problems to end judicial elections would be absurd (The Cap Times, 7/5/11)
Women’s groups, lawmakers call for Prosser to take a leave from Supreme Court (The Cap Times,7/5/11)
Opinion: Spinning the Prosser problem (The Cap Times, 7/4/11)
Commentary: What began in 1776 isn’t finished yet (The Cap Times, 7/3/11)
State budget gives abortion foes motivation to push agenda (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/3/11)
Walker: Schools won’t change much (UPI, 7/3/11)
Opinion: Attacks on clean energy cost Wisconsin jobs (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/3/11)
“Shoot first and ask questions later” – NRA pushing “Castle Doctrine” in Wisconsin and elsewhere(The Cap Times, 7/3/11)
Need a photo ID to vote? Be prepared to wait (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/2/11)
Insider outlines strategy for winning MATC’s tax referendum effort (The Cap Times, 7/2/11)
State senators propose constitutional amendment to end supreme court elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 7/1/11)
Editorial: Transportation drives state’s economy (LaCrosse Tribune, 7/1/11)
Editorial: Gov. Walker shows a puzzling disconnect (Appleton Post Crescent, 7/1/11)
Extraordinary becoming the norm in Fitzwalkerstan (Uppity Wisconsin, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
State health officials won’t support funding for preventative care programs (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/30/11)
Opinion: What to do about high court’s Prosser problem (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/30/11)
Outstate outrage: Grass-roots energy fuels recall efforts beyond Madison (The Cap Times, 6/29/11)
Mahoney turns Supreme Court investigation over to deputy (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/29/11)
Court watchers say high court has hit new low (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/28/11)
Commentary: When it comes to workplace violence, justice shouldn’t trump the law (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/28/11)
Two probes opened into Bradley claim (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/27/11)
GOP recall challenger off ballot (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/27/11)
Walker says he should have prepared public earlier for his sweeping changes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/27/11)
Opinion: Walker’s pay-to-play state budget (The Cap Times, 6/26/11)
Editorial: The gall of recalls (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/26/11)
Sources: Argument between Prosser, Bradley becomes physical (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/25/11)
Can ‘fake’ Democrats really pull an upset? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/25/11)
Redrawing the maps and paging Boba Fett (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/25/11)
Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow justice by the neck (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/25/11)
GAB: Challenges filed for 4 of 6 WI Senate recall candidates (Appleton Post-Crescent, 6/25/11)
Legal problems prompts new location for WI budget signing (Appleton Post-Crescent, 6/25/11)
Opinion: Another ‘OOPS!’ by our grenade-throwing governor (The Cap Times, 6/25/11)
To help business, Walker must veto language harming craft brewers (The Cap Times, 6/25/11)
Budget serves up tax break for wealthiest Wisconsinites (The Cap Times, 6/24/11)
Challenges filed against GOP recall candidates’ nomination papers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/24/11)
Walker to veto budget provision on pay for disciplined cops (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/24/11)
Walker moves budget signing from tax felon’s company (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/24/11)
GOP leaders have redrawn maps – but few have seen them (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/23/11)
Editorial: No reason to make recall process harder (Sheboygan Press, 6/23/11)
Editorial: Capitol security changes show power of protests (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/23/11)
Dem lawmaker: State’s debt approaching danger level (The Cap Times, 6/23/11)
In work on recalls, elections chief Kevin Kennedy battles charges of partisanship (The Cap Times,6/23/11)
State panel votes to free up $89M in jobless benefits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/23/11)
UW Hospital: Abortion language inserted into state budget could jeopardize OB/GYN accreditation(Wisconsin State Journal, 6/22/11)
Editorial: A veto wish list (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/22/11)
Editorial: Gov. Walker should veto policy from budget (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/22/11)
4 Dem lawmakers: How Walker budget will hurt our families (The Cap Times, 6/22/11)
Editorial: Fake candidates sink WI politics to a new low (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/22/11)
Energy program cuts called short-sighted (The Cap Times, 6/22/11)
Concealed carry legislation a hollow victory for its supporters (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/22/11)
Walker fields at least 15 GOP requests for budget vetoes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/22/11)
Judge tells parties to plan for recalls as scheduled (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/21/11)
Concealed carry bill heads to Walker for signature (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/21/11)
Study draws link between gun carriers and risky behavior (The Cap Times, 6/21/11)
Editorial: Budget has some hits and misses (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/21/11)
GOP primaries to be held in recalls of Senate Democrats (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/21/11)
Editorial: Preserve open hearings on Medicaid (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/21/11)
Attorneys support consolidating recall challenges (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/20/11)
Opinion: Walker promoting himself, not Wisconsin, on ‘Squawk Box’ (The Cap Times, 6/20/11)
Commentary: Scott Walker finds making bumper stickers is easier than creating jobs (Washington Post, 6/20/11)
UW economists: Governors have little control over job numbers (The Cap Times, 6/19/11)
Editorial: Late budget changes deceive public (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/19/11)
Wisconsin Dems Demoralized, Demobilized (The Progressive, 6/17/11)
Wisconsin to defund Planned Parenthood (The Hill, 6/17/11)
Senate sends budget to Walker for signature, but effects already being felt (Wisconsin State Journal,6/17/11)
GAB finalizes list of candidates for GOP recalls (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/17/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin Values Budget a better way to go (The Cap Times, 6/17/11)
Shame at state’s highest tribunal (Beloit Daily News, 6/17/11)
The Budget repair bill decision: How did the WI Supreme Court do on the actual substance of the law? (Ed Hughes School Blog, 6/17/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin’s most anti-woman budget (The Cap Times, 6/17/11)
Analysis: Recall of Sen. Olsen to cost nearly $250K, would cost half without primary (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/16/11)
Walker says he won’t use veto pen to expand voucher plan statewide (The Cap Times, 6/16/11)
Commentary: No checks, no balances – kangaroo court upsets rule of law in Fitzwalkerstan (The Cap Times, 6/16/11)
Professor says UW Chancellor’s departure is a sad result of ‘attack politics’ (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Walker must think he’s just that smart (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Sowing the seeds: Can Wisconsin uprising grow nationwide movement? (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Protesters say the fight’s not over despite Supreme Court ruling on union bill (The Cap Times,6/15/11)
Opinion: GOP should be shamed for primary plot (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Senate votes to legalize concealed carry (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15/11)
Opinion: State employees blamed for state’s own demand (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Dems; Throw out recall petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15/11)
Editorial: Walker’s ‘appalling’ penchant to be crass (The Cap Times, 6/15/11)
Protesters react to court decision on collective bargaining; vow to fight through recalls (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15/11)
Divided Supreme Court clears way for collective bargaining law to take effect (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/15/11)
Milwaukee radio hosts in sync with GOP agenda (The Cap Times, 6/14/11)
WI Democratic Party stops cooperating with MJS’s Politifact, citing bias (Milwaukee Magazine,6/14/11)
The GOP turns on the GAB (Milwaukee Magazine, 6/14/11)
Pull back the curtain to expose the ‘wizard’ behind Walker (The Cap Times, 6/14/11)
Lineups for Senate recall primaries set on Democratic side (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/11)
Darling recall primary to be a real ‘three for all’ (Patch, 6/14/11)
WI GOP recall scheme could cost taxpayers half a million dollars (Washington Post, 6/14/11)
Editorial: Sham elections, sham moderates (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/11)
Recall campaigns ask court to throw out ‘meritless’ challenges (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/14/11)
Supreme Court reinstates collective bargaining law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/14/11)
With budget talks set to start, Capitol police gird for more protests (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/14/11)
WI GOP drafts redistricting map, still won’t say if they will push it through before recalls (Daily Kos, 6/14/11)
Freshman GOPer Duffy may benefit from redistricting (WSAU, 6/14/11)
Editorial: GOP legislators should stand with Wisconsin, not Walker (The Cap Times, 6/14/11)
GOP plans to add bargaining limits to budget if court doesn’t act by Tuesday (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/14/11)
Expense of fake Democrats in primaries will top $400,000 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/11)
Property rights limited in budget bill (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/11)
WI Senate, Assembly expected to pass budget by end of the week (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/13/11)
New residency rules means deadline Tuesday for recall elections (WQOW, 6/13/11)
Editorial: More fakery (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/11)
GOP redistricting plan has GOP Rep. Sean Duffy in mind (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/11)
Editorial: Walker should defend laws despite his personal views (Appleton Post-Crescent, 6/13/11)
Walker’s scorched-earth start nearly complete (The Cap Times, 6/13/11)
Opinion: If it’s ‘despicable’ for GOP to run fake candidates, it’s despicable for Dems to do it, too (The Cap Times, 6/12/11)
Commentary: A better way to redistrict (The Cap Times, 6/12/11)
State Democrats announce plan to keep recalls on Aug. 9 (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/12/11)
Assessing the impact of Walkerville (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/12/11)
Opinion: Roots of Walker’s ideology go way back (The Cap Times, 6/12/11)
Editorial: On budget, steps in right direction, but quite a few missteps, too (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/11/11)
Editorial: Stakes high in recall elections (Herald Times Review, 6/11/11)
Thompson delays Senate race announcement until recall elections over (Wisconsin State Journal,6/11/11)
Opinion: Open meetings challenges not an issue if legislators follow law (The Cap Times, 6/11/11)
GOP set to roll back child labor laws (The Cap Times, 6/11/11)
Democrats may join GOP in fielding ‘fake’ candidates in recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/10/11)
As protesters pound on walls, Walker tells housing conferees, ‘That’s opportunity knocking’(Wisconsin State Journal, 6/10/11)
Opinion: Who is the liar: Scott Fitzgerald or Luther Olsen? (The Cap Times, 6/10/11)
Green Bay superintendent blasts 11th hour deal on vouchers (The Cap Times, 6/10/11)
Former governor gloomy over Capitol pandering (The Cap Times, 6/10/11)
Walker privatization plan scaled way back (The Cap Times, 6/9/11)
Elections board OKs recalls against 3 Dem senators (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/9/11)
Opinion: The faith community and the state budget (The Cap Times, 6/9/11)
Opinion: More fraud from the Republican Party of Walker (The Cap Times, 6/9/11)
Report shows ‘high-skilled’ immigrants dominate in Madison (The Cap Times, 6/9/11)
Opinion: Bogus budget deserves backlash (The Cap Times, 6/8/11)
Renter protections would be ‘wiped out’ by fast-tracked Republican measure, advocates warn (The Cap Times, 6/8/11)
Opinion: Walker says ‘yes’ to roads we don’t need (The Cap Times, 6/8/11)
WI Dems to reveal plan to recall Gov. Walker (National Journal, 6/7/11)
Feingold marches with workers and stirs talk of a comeback (The Cap Times, 6/7/11)
Opinion: Virent’s biogas feat shows folly of Walker’s approach (The Cap Times, 6/6/11)
July 12: The next Ryan referendum? (Politico, 6/6/11)
WI GOP backs spoiler candidates in recall elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/6/11)
Candidates would force primaries in recall elections (Portage Daily Register, 6/6/11)
Justices split politically as court takes up collective bargaining law (Wisconsin State Journal,6/6/11)
Republicans reportedly urge “protest” candidates in two recall elections (WUWM, 6/6/11)
State GOP wants protest candidates in recalls (Channel3000, 6/6/11)
WI Club for Growth files complaint against Sumi (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
WI budget includes big policy issues (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
Rallies target Republican lawmakers (WBAY, 6/6/11)
Feingold leads Capitol protest; tent city erected (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
WI budget focus of broiling rally around Capitol Square and Walkerville (The Isthmus, 6/6/11)
WI Supreme Court weighs its role in collective bargaining case (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
Top Republican justifies running fake Democrats in recall races (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
Putting in context the “fake” candidates in Wisconsin recalls (Ballot Access News, 6/6/11)
Audio: Wisconsin Dems target GOP recall (NPR, 6/6/11)
GOP planning to field spoilers for all recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
Video: Republicans try to recruit spoiler candidates (WISN, 6/6/11)
First volley in TV ad war in Darling recall launched by Pasch (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/6/11)
Dems turn to Walker recall (Beloit Daily News, 6/6/11)
Judge extends review for anti-Dem recalls — but keeps GOP recalls on track (Talking Points Memo, 6/6/11)
WI protests ramp up with approach of budget showdown, recall elections (The Nation, 6/6/11)
State school official blasts voucher program expansion to Green Bay (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/6/11)
Editorial: Flip-flop on voucher plan concerning (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/5/11)
Opinion: Research shows voucher programs don’t work (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/5/11)
WI GOP leaders encouraging colleagues to place fake Democrats on recall ballots (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/5/11)
WI activists create Walkerville to taunt governor, tout change (CNN, 6/5/11)
Committee completes work on Gov. Walker budget (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/5/11)
Loved by Republicans, loathed by Democrats, Walker remains in a political class by himself(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/5/11)
Editorial: Property tax limits take away our power (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/5/11)
Democrats planning for 2012 Walker recall (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/5/11)
Voucher schools to expand amid questions about their performance (The Cap Times, 6/5/11)
Editorial: A rational concealed carry bill, please (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/4/11)
WI Joint Finance Committee revives vouchers for Green Bay schools (Green Bay Press Gazette,6/4/11)
Dem activists favor Feingold for governor or senator (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/4/11)
Budget deal keeps Madison campus in UW System (Appleton Post-Crescent, 6/4/11)
Editorial: Ron Kind,trade agreements and workders rights (The Cap Times, 6/4/11)
Democrats rally for recall effort (Wisconsin Radio Network, 6/4/11)
Higher education game changer? (The Cap Times, 6/4/11)
Legislature leans toward constitutional carry (The Cap Times, 6/4/11)
Budget confrontation rocked the state – and beyond (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/4/11)
Democrats at convention target Walker, Ryan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/4/11)
Speculation persists over Walker plan’s origins (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/4/11)
Judge allows Republican WI recalls (UPI, 6/3/11)
Review of Democrats’ recalls extended a week (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/3/11)
Walker says concealed carry bill should require training, permits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/3/11)
WI Dems aim high; GOP recalls on list (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/3/11)
Echoes of Madison in Democratic convention (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/3/11)
Video: Unrest returns to Capitol (WISN, 6/3/11)
Another state budget, another big hit to UW funding (The Cap Times, 6/3/11)
City grants permit for “Walkerville” — with some restrictions (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/3/11)
Some freedoms from state oversight to be granted to all UW campuses (The Cap Times, 6/3/11)
Wisconsin Dems to announce they will try to recall Scott Walker (Washington Post, 6/3/11)
Would Obey respond to voters’ call to challenge Walker? (The Cap Times, 6/3/11)
Protesters disrupt budget committee meeting, several carried out (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/3/11)
Joint Finance Committee hopes to wrap up budget plans (Channel3000, 6/3/11)
Editorial: Wrong to cede more power to governor (Sheboygan Press, 6/3/11)
GOP-backed changes likely for rapidly growing Wisconsin Works program (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/2/11)
Walker tries to cut men out of WI family planning program (Huffington Post, 6/2/11)
Russ Feingold wades into battle to recall WI Republicans (Washington Post, 6/2/11)
Barrett: Walker acts like a king instead of a governor (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/2/11)
Walker hopes budget won’t be sole reason for voters to recall senators (WISN, 6/2/11)
‘Walkerville’ camp at Capitol Square in the works to protest budget (Wisconsin State Journal,6/2/11)
Editorial: Tax change would hurt working poor (LaCrosse Tribune, 6/2/11)
Recall-targeted GOP senators challenge validity of petitions (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/1/11)
Budget won’t need two-thirds vote, GOP says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/1/11)
State board requests more time to review recall petitions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/1/11)
Kapanke hopes public employees “are sleeping” during recall vote (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,6/1/11)
Walker’s priorities largely remain in budget (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/1/11)
WI state budget writers follow Gov. Scott Walker’s strategy (Green Bay Press Gazette, 6/1/11)
Walker budget could go to Legislature this week (WUWM, 6/1/11)
Republicans upset with Wisconsin recall process (Washington Post, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Backers of efforts to recall Senate Dems call on top election official to resign (The Cap Times, 5/31/11)
Panel OKs recall elections against 3 more Republicans (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/31/11)
Kloppenburg concedes to Prosser (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/31/11)
GOP panel votes for corporate tax break (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/31/11)
Opinion: AG Van Hollen chooses partisanship over duty (The Cap Times, 5/31/11)
Group launches effort to draft Ryan for WH bid (National Journal, 5/31/11)
Walker should take bull’s-eye of the backs of teachers (The Cap Times, 5/31/11)
Opinion: Judge Sumi’s ruling restores checks, balance (The Cap Times, 5/29/11)
Opinion: GOP horribly wrong to end public financing of elections (The Cap Times, 5/29/11)
Republicans mostly go along with Gov. Scott Walker’s school cuts (Appleton Post-Crescent, 5/28/11)
At issue: ‘Runaway’ lawmaker fines (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/28/11)
Mediator likely will resolve fight over access to Capitol (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/28/11)
Walker revamping certified capital plan amid bipartisan scorn (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,5/28/11)
Opinion: Why voter ID bill may be unconstitutional (The Cap Times, 5/28/11)
Judge strikes down Walker’s collective bargaining law (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/27/11)
Republicans deny $35M in aid for tech colleges (The Cap Times, 5/27/11)
GOP gave transportation plan to counties, but not Democrats (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/27/11)
Challenges will hold up recall schedule (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/27/11)
Review of recall petitions going slowly; July 12 election in doubt (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,5/27/11)
State asks Supreme Court to lift Judge Sumi’s ban (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/27/11)
Chancellor says any freedom from state oversight would be win for UW (The Cap Times, 5/27/11)
Opinion: Rep. Vos and his ilk deserve to be chastised (The Cap Times, 5/27/11)
Editorial: Republicans right to listen to seniors (LaCrosse Tribune, 5/27/11)
Editorial: Judge Sumi renews rule of law in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 5/27/11)
Committee votes to impose waiting period for unemployment benefits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,5/26/11)
Editorial: Time for GOP to start over on budget fix (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/11)
Open meetings law violation halts collective bargaining law (The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
Opinion: Use added revenue to save tax credit for families (The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
Walker’s plan to split off UW-Madison is dead (The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
Opinion: Are schools aren’t failing (The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
Election officials wary as Walker signs voter ID bill into law (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/26/11)
Editorial: Walker’s minions steal from clean campaign fund to pay for voter disenfranchisement(The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
GOP lawmaker files bill to allow lawsuits against the state to be filed outside of Madison (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/11)
Walker says he will review Sumi ruling (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/11)
Another big boost for WI Dems and the recall effort (Washington Post, 5/26/11)
Dane County judge strikes down collective bargaining law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/26/11)
‘Unprecedented’ attempt to restrict abortion gets public hearing (The Cap Times, 5/25/11)
Walker’s numbers continue to get worse (Public Policy Polling, 5/25/11)
NRA lobbyist calls gun bill up for committee vote ‘ideal’ (The Cap Times, 5/25/11)
GOP lawmaker proposes Arizona-style immigration bill (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/24/11)
Republicans phasing out Wisconsin Covenant (The Cap Times, 5/24/11)
State workers too discouraged to stay (The Cap Times, 5/24/11)
Dem lawmakers: Walker’s wasteland budget threatens families (The Cap Times, 5/24/11)
Gun bill with tweaks headed for quick committee vote (The Cap Times, 5/23/11)
Editorial: Senate president can’t gavel down truth: Voter ID bill is voter suppression bill (The Cap Times, 5/23/11)
Opinion: In rush to restrict voting, Senate disregards decency (The Cap Times, 5/22/11)
Opinion: Walker’s crimes against the hungry (The Cap Times, 5/21/11)
ACLU lends help to lawsuit defending domestic partnership law (The Cap Times, 5/21/11)
Audio: GOP focuses on WI battleground status in 2012 (Wisconsin Radio Network, 5/21/11)
Recall effort could affect redistricting (Oshkosh Northwestern, 5/21/11)
Unions form independent group to target Senate recall campaigns (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,5/21/11)
Walker, others urge GOP to take recalls seriously (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/21/11)
Ideology an issue for WI GOP in Senate race (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/21/11)
Recount ends, gives Prosser the win in Supreme Court race (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/21/11)
Recall efforts against Hopper, Kapanke, Olsen ruled sufficient (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/20/11)
GOP legislative aide under investigation for voter fraud (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/20/11)
New residency rules will be in place for recall elections (The Cap Times, 5/20/11)
Editorial: GOP assault on family planning is outrageous (The Cap Times, 5/20/11)
Editorial: Reject cronyism – keep powers with elected secretary of state (The Cap Times, 5/19/11)
State job pace slows in April (The Cap Times, 5/19/11)
Legislature passes voter ID bill; Walker to sign it Wednesday (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/19/11)
Faith organization: Walker budget ‘not moral’ (The Cap Times, 5/19/11)
Opinion: Effort to thwart voter suppression necessary and appropriate (The Cap Times, 5/19/11)
Walker wants changes to unemployment benefits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/18/11)
Editorial: Concealed carry is wrong priority (LaCrosse Tribune, 5/18/11)
Walker budget cuts will lead to cervical cancer deaths, hygiene lab doctor predicts (The Cap Times,5/18/11)
Opinion: Thank Democrats, unions for revenue boost (The Cap Times, 5/18/11)
Spokesman: Tom Barrett won’t run for open senate seat (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/17/11)
Why the fuss over Koch influence? (The Cap Times, 5/17/11)
Legislature passes constitutional amendment to protect transportation fund (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/17/11)
Assembly votes to give Walker veto over administrative rules (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/17/11)
Kloppenburg: Why recounts are a vital part of election process (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/16/11)
DNR is next target in Walker’s anti-conservation, anti-consumer crusade (The Cap Times, 5/16/11)
Barrett steps up, but for another shot at Walker? (The Cap Times, 5/16/11)
Dem Senator Lassa safe as recall effort fails (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/16/11)
Walker moves to withdraw state’s defense of domestic partnership law (The Cap Times, 5/16/11)
School choice advocates spend freely on politics (The Cap Times, 5/16/11)
Opinion: Money and morality – budgets reveal our true values (The Cap Times, 5/15/11)
Compromise plan in works for UW-Madison split (The Cap Times, 5/15/11)
Walker defends DNR plan (Wausau Daily Herald, 5/14/11)
Thousands gather at Capitol to ‘keep the pressure on’ Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/14/11)
Opinion: A look at potential Kohl successors (The Cap Times, 5/14/11)
Bad behavior on display in Capitol Police reports (The Cap Times, 5/14/11)
Repairs to Capitol after protests will cost about $270K (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/14/11)
Could Scott Walker’s overreach cost GOP a Senate seat they might have won? (Washington Post,5/13/11)
Walker proposing reorganization of WI Dept of Natural Resources (Green Bay Press Gazette, 5/13/11)
Vodka for voters? No problem, say Assembly Republicans (The Cap Times, 5/13/11)
More than 80 threats made against Walker, lawmakers and others, records show (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/13/11)
Opinion: Don’t blame the feds for putting rail dollars elsewhere (The Cap Times, 5/13/11)
Faculty at UW-Green Bay votes to unionize (The Cap Times, 5/13/11)

Opinion: Recall madness – Wisconsin is embarking on a dangerous path (Isthmus Daily, 5/12/11)
Bill would extend bargaining restrictions to police, firefighters (The Cap Times, 5/12/11)
Republicans voice concern over voucher expansion (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/12/11)
Walker, GOP not changing tune with news of budget boost (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/12/11)
The people’s House in 2011: More polarized than ever (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/12/11)
Dems fear GOP will race to redistrict before recall elections (The Cap Times, 5/12/11)
Opinion: Walker needs national economy to soar (The Cap Times, 5/11/11)
Walker wants private sector to run assistance programs (The Cap Times, 5/11/11)
Opinion: Election bill is pure voter suppression, at our expense (The Cap Times, 5/11/11)
Opinion: Walker doesn’t like what democracy looks like (The Cap Times, 5/11/11)
Opinion: Train cash – same old, same old (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/11/11)
Editorial: Concealed carry bill should be made safer (The Cap Times, 5/10/11)
Audio: Tempers flare over voucher expansion (Wisconsin Radio Network, 5/10/11)
As Gov. Walker takes fight to privatize education to DC (The Cap Times, 5/10/11)
Walker: Budget could expand school choice to other cities (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/10/11)
The gateway to a high-speed future is bypassing Wisconsin (BizTimes, 5/10/11)
Walker touts education reform as economic draw (Wisconsin Radio Network, 5/10/11)
Law enforcement leaders urge changes to proposed concealed carry bills (Wisconsin State Journal,5/10/11)
Amended voter ID bill would take effect before recall elections (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/10/11)
GOP Sen. Cowles gets recall challenger (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/10/11)
Editorial: Stop putting non-fiscal items in budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/10/11)
Opinion: Voter ID bill is harmful and unnecessary (Wausau Daily Herald, 5/10/11)
Opinion: Concealed-carry bill not going away (Freeport Journal-Standard, 5/10/11)
Feds turn Walker down on passenger rail funding request (The Cap Times, 5/9/11)
Feds reject Wisconsin bid to upgrade Milwaukee-Chicago rail line (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/9/11)
Walker’s school choice bills face some hurdles (The Cap Times, 5/9/11)
Opinion: In fight for worker rights, we can all do something (The Cap Times, 5/8/11)
Bills would legalize concealed carry in Wisconsin (Green Bay Press Gazette, 5/8/11)
Gun bills trigger applause, dismay (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 5/8/11)
As voter ID bill heads toward passage, the only certainty is a high price tag (Wisconsin State Journal,5/8/11)
Walker’s ally reminds us that Wisconsin isn’t broke (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/11)
Republicans rush agenda before recalls (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/7/11)
‘Buy Local’ state grants are on GOP’s chopping block (The Cap Times, 5/7/11)
Opinion: Growing income inequality rooted in political corruption (The Cap Times, 5/7/11)
Union move against M&I Bank token at best (The Cap Times, 5/6/11)
Straight-ticket voting in Wisconsin, and the effort to abolish it (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,
Opinion: Motive obvious behind heinous voter ID bill (The Cap Times, 5/6/11)
Democratic Party challenges recall petisions against 3 senators (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/6/11)
Walker rescinds layoff notices for assistant DAs (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/6/11)
Walker’s proposal to honor state employees ridiculed (Pierce County Herald, 5/6/11)
State employee ‘depreciation’ day declared (The Cap Times, 5/5/11)
Wisconsin recalls hit deadline: Where things stand (Washington Post, 5/5/11)
Walker worker award plan draws hoots (Milwaukee Journal sentinel, 5/5/11)
Commentary: Walker employee recognition program gets well-deserved eye rolls (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/5/11)
Editorial: The voter ID fiasco (The Cap Times, 5/5/11)
Sen. Hopper calls for UW-Oshkosh prof to resign over recall support (The Cap Times, 5/4/11)
Walker declares ‘State Employee Recognition Day’ (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/11)
Lawmakers circulate concealed carry measure (The Cap Times, 5/4/11)
Paul Ryan gets an earful as tour bombs (The Cap Times, 5/4/11)
Under school proposal, taxpayers could pay for experimental charter schools (The Cap Times,5/4/11)

In Wisconsin, a recall of historic proportions (Third Coast Digest, 5/3/11)
Democrat wins open-seat Assembly race in traditional GOP locale (Fox6Now, 5/3/11)
Recall effort against GOP’s Glenn Grothman falls short (Wisconsin State Journal, 5/2/11)
New report drives home the benefits of high-speed rail (The Cap Times, 5/2/11)
Walker’s two-step — first demonize, then honor (The Cap Times, 5/2/11)
Commentary: Countering ‘elective despotism’ (The Cap Times, 5/1/11)
Walker’s proposed tax change: More money for corporations, less for state (Wisconsin State Journal,5/1/11)
Budget Battle: Two very different views on moving Wisconsin forward (Wausau Daily Herald,5/1/11)
Patrick pledges MA will not follow WI’s lead on collective bargaining (WisPolitics, 5/1/11)
Flawed Wisconsin revenue projections are factor in deficit (Green Bay Press Gazette, 5/1/11)
Opinion: Changes, scrutiny needed in budget process (Wausau Daily Herald, 5/1/11)
Local leaders say Walker’s budget savings don’t add up (Appleton Post-Crescent, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Series of stories examines how Wisconsin got into its budget situation (Green Bay Press Gazette,4/30/11)
Republicans begin rubber-stamping Walker budget from day one (Milwaukee Courier, 4/30/11)
MA Gov. Patrick at raucous Democratic dinner in Milwaukee (Boston Globe, 4/30/11)
Walker, Ryan and ’shock and awe’ politics (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/30/11)
Wisconsin’s political split hardens into great divide (NPR, 4/30/11)
Dem Senator: A better way to balance state budget (The Cap Times, 4/30/11)
WI GOP gloats over Massachusetts collective bargaining bill (National Journal, 4/29/11)
Missing Verona ballots cause glitch in Supreme Court race recount (The Cap Times, 4/29/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin Dems should tell Deval Patrick to rethink labor stand (The Cap Times, 4/29/11)
Dem leaders: How Walker budget raises taxes on working families (The Cap Times, 4/29/11)
GOP eyes budget bill for anti-collective bargaining law (The Cap Times, 4/28/11)
Walker: Why we need a property tax freeze (The Cap Times, 4/28/11)
Opinion: Don’t dismantle UW system as part of rancorous budget debate (The Cap Times, 4/28/11)
Election officials ask for more time in reviewing recall signatures (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/28/11)
Total Recall in Wisconsin (NBC First Read, 4/28/11)
Fourth recall group targeting Democratic senator calls it quits (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/28/11)
More on historic nature of recalls (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/28/11)
Recall signatures filed against Cowles (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/28/11)
Democrats to file recall of sixth GOP senator (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/28/11)
Merged signatures plan dropped, so recall effort against Sen. Miller ends (Wisconsin State Journal,4/28/11)
Bill would give the governor greater power over Veterans Affairs Dept. (The Cap Times, 4/27/11)
Senate, Assembly have to work out photo ID differences (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/27/11)
Wisconsin state senators raise big sums to fight recalls (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/26/11)
Spurred on by ‘Fitzwalkerstan,’ candidates jump into race for open Assembly seat (The Cap Times,4/26/11)
Voters tell Ryan to keep hands off Medicare, but tax the rich (The Cap Times, 4/26/11)
Recall effort targeting Risser, Taylor falls short at deadline (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/25/11)
Editorial: Sacrifices ahead in search for budget solution (Appleton Post-Crescent, 4/25/11)
Opinion: Walker’s ‘Lost in Space’ approach to Medicaid reform (The Cap Times, 4/25/11)
Editorial: State incentives don’t always equal jobs (LaCrosse Tribune, 4/25/11)
Dem lawmaker: Walker’s budget numbers for schools flawed (The Cap Times, 4/25/11)
UW-Madison’s sad and confusing family feud (The Cap Times, 4/25/11)
POLITIFACT: Sen. Kapanke says protesters damaged his car windshield – PANTS ON FIRE (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/25/11)
Teachers retiring at high rate, many because of collective bargaining changes (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/24/11)
Commentary: A political fix Wisconsin needs (The Cap Times, 4/24/11)
Commentary: Numbers show Walker recall a real prospect (The Cap Times, 4/24/11)
Opinion: A redistricting fix that Wisconsin needs (The Cap Times, 4/24/11)
Commentary: Recount reasonable, but there are better ways to spend the money (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/24/11)
Editorial: Political battles should be waged at the polls (Racine Journal Times, 4/23/11)
Senate recall campaigns move to next phase: Lawyers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/23/11)
State poll: Walker’s law really about hurting unions (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/22/11)
Recall frenzy hits state agency as more petitions are filed (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/22/11)
Dem lawmaker to challenge GOP Sen. Olsen in recall (Ripon Press, 4/22/11)
What’s News: Beyond the Walker recall numbers in the St. Norbert poll (The Cap Times, 4/22/11)
Labor’s last stand? Living in a state divided (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/22/11)
Labor’s last stand? Missouri a prototype for Walker’s policies (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/21/11)
Wisconsin Democrats laugh off “Republican Recall Racket” (Salon, 4/21/11)
Prosser denies — again — meeting with governor (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/21/11)
Supporters of GOP senator crash recall challenger’s event (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/21/11)
Recall petitions filed against 4 lawmakers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/21/11)
How Democrats and Republicans use the media (very differently) (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/21/11)
Editorial: Public officials have difficult balancing act with labor (Oshkosh Northwestern, 4/21/11)
Opinion: Recounts aren’t just what democracy looks like, they are what democracy demands (The Cap Times, 4/21/11)
Dem lawmakers: Stop Walker’s giveaways to polluters and special interests (The Cap Times,4/21/11)
Opinion: Walker ‘progressive’ to bust unions? No way (The Cap Times, 4/20/11)
What happened to compassionate conservatism? (The Cap Times, 4/20/11)
Editorial: Recount unnecessary (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/20/11)
Vouchers for the rich anger true believer (The Cap Times, 4/20/11)
Opinion: GOP budget creating fear for those most in need (The Cap Times, 4/20/11)
Dems to file huge amount of signatures to recall a fifth WI GOPer (Washington Post, 4/20/11)
Kloppenburg seeks recount in Supreme Court race (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/20/11)
Labor’s last stand? The middle class squeeze (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/20/11)
Republicans set to file first recall petitions against Democratic Senators (WLUK, 4/20/11)
Labor’s last stand? Education reform will come at a cost (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/19/11)
Recall petitions filed against Harsdorf, Olsen (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/19/11)
Make it four: Recall Petition on Sheila Harsdorf to be filed (Firedoglake, 4/19/11)
Wisconsin recall drive continues to make history (Washington Post, 4/19/11)
Opinion: Winter soldiers outshine sunshine patriots at Palin rally (The Cap Times, 4/19/11)
Editorial: Walker right to change recycling views (Appleton Post-Crescent, 4/19/11)
Petition to recall WI GOP Sen. Harsdorf to be filed Tuesday (Pioneer Press, 4/18/11)
Unions may shift focus of tasks to politics (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/18/11)
Labor’s last stand? Creating new governance structure a tall order (Wisconsin State Journal,4/18/11)
Can Dems take back Wisconsin state senate? (Washington Post, 4/18/11)
Commentary: Walker plots to OK financial martial law (The Cap Times, 4/18/11)
Opinion: Walker shift on recycling is a signal that protest matter (The Cap Times, 4/18/11)
Editorial: What happened to local control? (Beloit Daily News, 4/18/11)
Editorial: Walker’s criminal justice philosophy bankrupts Wisconsin (Oshkosh Northwestern,4/18/11)
Palin draws a crowd at the Capitol, and not all are friendly (The Cap Times, 4/17/11)
Palin, protesters ratchet up rhetoric at Capitol rally (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/17/11)
Opinion: Walker admits it’s all about union-busting (The Cap Times, 4/17/11)
Special Report: Labor’s Last Stand? (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/17/11)
Editorial: Walker should follow Palin’s lead (The Cap Times, 4/16/11)
Report confirms Walker budget would tax aid for poor, decrease overall tax revenue (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/16/11)
Opinion: Messy counting soils Wisconsin election (The Cap Times, 4/16/11)
Immigration law proposal protested (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/16/11)
Word on the street: assessments of Walker’s first 100 days (The Cap Times, 4/16/11)
State investigating voting irregularities in Waukesha going back 5 years (Wisconsin State Journal,4/15/11)
Opinion: Fitzgerald fundraising letter makes his motive clear (The Cap Times, 4/15/11)
Prosser declares Supreme Court win as final vote count gives him lead (Wisconsin State Journal,4/15/11)
Open meetings rules at center of challenge to Walker’s union-busting law (The Cap Times, 4/15/11)
Koch Industries gains from pollution law delays (The Cap Times, 4/14/11)
Walker testifies before House Oversight Committee about state and local debt (Washington Post,4/14/11)
Emotions flare up over Wisconsin budget at public hearing (Appleton Post-Crescent, 4/14/11)
Walker team passes the buck on Deschane hiring (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/14/11)
State won’t appeal restraining order on collective bargaining rights (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/14/11)
Oshkosh Mayor confirms she will challenge GOPer in potential recall election (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/13/11)
The debate over the meaning of the April 5 election for Scott Walker and for 2012 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/10/11)
New count gives Prosser the lead after Waukesha County inputting error (Wisconsin State Journal,4/8/11)
Opinion: Boundaries of Walker’s ‘different world’ extend well beyond Madison (The Cap Times,4/8/11)
Elections chief sends staffers to Waukesha to verify results (The Cap Times, 4/8/11)
Opinion: Soaring public employee retirements damage state talent pool (The Cap Times, 4/8/11)
The Waukesha Surprise: a closer look at whether the ‘missing’ Brookfield vote adds up (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/8/11)
High-profile lawyers retained for possible Supreme Court recount (The Cap Times, 4/8/11)
Opinion: Union-busting payback comes four years early in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 4/8/11)
Opinion: Scandal in Fitzwalkerstan: Federal probe, full recount required in high court case (The Cap Times, 4/8/11)
Narrow Supreme Court victory doesn’t deliver stinging rebuke Dems wanted (The Cap Times,4/7/11)
UW professor sees ‘intimidation’ in GOP records request (The Cap Times, 4/7/11)
Supreme Court vote doesn’t shake Walker’s resolve (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/7/11)
Strong voter turnout helps recall efforts in state (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/7/11)
Opinion: Kloppenburg wins more than an election (The Cap Times, 4/7/11)
Corrected Brookfield tally puts Prosser ahead after 7500-vote gain (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/7/11)
Prosser lost 18 counties that had gone to Walker (The Cap Times, 4/7/11)
Group submits recall Hopper petitions (Wisconsin Radio Network, 4/7/11)
Walker says Supreme Court race not a referendum on his agenda (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/6/11)
High court race shows state’s political divide, experts say (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Prosser campaign launches fund-raising effort (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
With 100% of vote counted, Kloppenburg clings to narrow lead; recount expected (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Dem leader: Tuesday elections repudiate Walker policies (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Tuesday’s Supreme Court turnout in Wisconsin was off the charts (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/6/11)
Opinion: Don’t let Walker dismantle SeniorCare (The Cap Times, 4/6/11)
Hopper recall committee could file signatures Thursday (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Opinion: Good for business not always good for people (The Cap Times, 4/6/11)
Liberals weren’t the only motivated voters in Supreme Court race (The Cap Times, 4/6/11)
Election turnout higher than in recent memory (Wisconsin State Journal, 4/6/11)
Opinion: Increase ways to thwart lawless governors (The Cap Times, 4/6/11)
Supreme Court candidates can raise unlimited sums for recount effort (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/6/11)
Prosser campaign director: ‘There’s no playbook for this’ (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Walker: Wisconsin divided between Madison and the rest of the state (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,4/6/11)
The Prosser-Kloppenburg election could be appealed to WI Supreme Court (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Wisconsin judicial race too close to call (Politico, 4/6/11)
Abele defeats Stone in Milwaukee County Exec race (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/6/11)
Video: Democrat Wirch reacts to recall claims (Wisconsin Radio Network, 4/5/11)
Walker demotes son of campaign contributor (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/5/11)
Walker’s first electoral test (Washington Post, 4/5/11)
Democratic Senator Wirch could face recall (The Hill, 4/4/11)
Big money in recall campaigns is on Democrats’ side (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/4/11)
Wisconsin recall drive already making history (Washington Post, 4/4/11)
Big money, union fight shape Wisconsin court race (Politico, 4/4/11)
Contentious races on ballot (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/4/11)
Editorial: Vote ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ to clean up politics, renew democracy (The Cap Times, 4/2/11)
Hunger strike against Walker budget slowly gaining notice (The Cap Times, 4/2/11)
Democrats to file petitions in first recall effort against GOP senator (LaCrosse Tribune, 4/1/11)
WI Dems: Expect at least six recall elections (FireDogLake, 4/1/11)
UW releasing prof’s emails (The Cap Times, 4/1/11)
Tuesday’s election and the geographic divide in Milwaukee County politics (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/1/11)
Temporary restraining order stays in place and could for much longer (The Cap Times, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Walker Administration suspends implementation of anti-union law, after THIRD order against it(Talking Points Memo, 3/31/11)
Judge: Anti-union law NOT validly published, not in effect (Talking Points Memo, 3/31/11)
In mud-slinging campaign, Prosser forces are outgunned (The Cap Times, 3/31/11)
Opinion: Vote ‘yes’ on April 5 referendums to being to reclaim democracy (The Cap Times, 3/31/11)
Opinion: Local candidates are running against Scott Walker (The Cap Times, 3/31/11)
Drama at Capitol overshadows Madison mayor race, and it might also be deciding factor (The Cap Times, 3/30/11)
Getting real about taxes (Fighting Bob, 3/30/11)
Opinion: A judge’s clear order (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/30/11)
Opinion: How corporate spin sets public agenda (The Cap Times, 3/30/11)
WI GOP faces another hurdle in union battle as judge issues new order (Washington Post, 3/30/11)
Opinion: McCarthy’s party revisits his tactics (The Cap Times, 3/30/11)
Protest sing brings crowds to Capitol in grand tradition (The Cap Times, 3/29/11)

Walker seeks $150M for Milwaukee-to-Chicago train upgrade (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/29/11)
Opinion: GOP should debate Cronon on merits of his arguments (The Cap Times, 3/29/11)
Frayed ties could hurt UW-Madison and UW system (The Cap Times, 3/29/11)
Editorial: Fitzgerald shows why openness matters (LaCrosse Tribune, 3/29/11)
Opinion: AG chooses party over principle, the constitution and the rule of law (The Cap Times,3/29/11)
Judge again blocks GOP collective-bargaining law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/29/11)
Another ‘perfect storm’: A state Supreme Court race in the grip of external forces (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/29/11)
Will latest GOP maneuver hurt Prosser? (The Cap Times, 3/28/11)
Editorial: GOP’s fight against UW prof simply political payback (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/28/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin Farmers Union raising more hell than corn (The Cap Times, 3/28/11)
On WI professor, what is GOP thinking? (The Cap Times, 3/28/11)
Editorial: We don’t need Voter Exclusionary Act (LaCrosse Tribune, 3/27/11)
State GOP health bills mirror model ALEC legislation (The Cap Times, 3/27/11)
Opinion: Vote ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ on April 5 democracy tests (The Cap Times, 3/27/11)
Only four recall elections of WI legislators in state history; two successful (Wisconsin State Journal,3/26/11)
WI GOP attacks UW professor, but can’t spell his name (The Cap Times, 3/26/11)
Editorial: Be skeptical of plan to separate university (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/26/11)
GOP won’t withdraw records request (The Cap Times, 3/25/11)
Sizing up the ‘public employee vote’ in the coming Wisconsin elections (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/25/11)
UW history prof targeted for records request by Republican Party (The Cap Times, 3/25/11)
Editorial: Illinois’ different approach to public unions (Beloit Daily News, 3/25/11)
Collective bargaining law published despite restraining order (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/25/11)
New dispute in Wisconsin: Is workers’ law in effect? (New York Times, 3/25/11)
Next budget-repair bill may get pushed back (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/25/11)
Editorial: Saying state is ‘broke’ carries strong message (Appleton Post-Crescent, 3/24/11)
Editorial: Get on board on rail, Governor (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/24/11)
Appointing judges a supreme idea (Racine Journal Times, 3/24/11)
Is Walker accomplishing anything related to creating jobs? (GarveyBlog, 3/24/11)
Assembly Minority Leader Barca emerges as passionate steward during Capitol unrest (The Cap Times, 3/24/11)
Walker fires law firm defending state’s domestic partnership law (The Cap Times, 3/24/11)
Indiana prosecutor resigns after suggesting fake attack on Walker to discredit protesters (The Cap Times, 3/24/11)
Wisconsin Dems: We’ll win back the Senate (Washington Post, 3/24/11)
Editorial: Boycott Wisconsin (LA Times, 3/23/11)
Scott Walker email analysis raises questions about Governor’s claims (Huffington Post, 3/22/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin’s Radical Break (New York Times, 3/21/11)
Analysis shows emails to Walker favored budget repair bill (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/21/11)
Calculating cost of state budget cuts (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/20/11)
Dane County judge halts collective bargaining law (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/18/11)
The five GOP legislators who sides with unions – and the districts they represent (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/17/11)
Governor met with prominent pollster after prank Koch call (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/15/11)
Senate Republicans to drop contempt finding against Democrats (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/15/11)
Nearly half of signatures needed for recall of GOP senators collected, Dems say (Washington Post,3/14/11)
The ‘Wisconsin 14′ get a heroes’ welcome (The Cap Times, 3/13/11)
Next step for protesters: Recall Republicans (The Cap Times, 3/13/11)
Democrats return to Wisconsin Capitol (LA Times, 3/12/11)
Walker officially cuts collective bargaining (Washington Post, 3/12/11)
Democratic senators return to Madison to tell crowd fight isn’t over (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/12/11)
State recall movement stands alone in US history (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/12/11)
Opinion: Walker’s budget shows how he’s failed (The Cap Times, 3/12/11)
Why farmers are driving their tractors to protest at the Capitol (The Cap Times, 3/12/11)
Editorial: The farmers roll to the rescue (The Cap Times, 3/12/11)
Dane County sues state to block budget bill (The Cap Times, 3/11/11)
Walker wins the battle, unions promise to win the war (Washington Post, 3/11/11)
Walker signs budget bill limiting bargaining rights, rescinds layoff notices (Wisconsin State Journal,3/11/11)
AFL-CIO president ‘thanks’ Scott Walker (Politico, 3/10/11)
In mayoral race, who’s the best antidote to Scott Walker? (The Cap Times, 3/10/11)
Assembly passes union measure after bitter debate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/11)
Thousands storm the Capitol as GOP takes action (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/10/11)
Budget repair bill passes Senate, Thursday vote set in Assembly (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/10/11)
Demonstrators crowd Capitol in wild scene after Senate vote (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/11)
With Democrats absent, Republicans advance collective bargaining changes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/11)
Walker: ‘Why I’m fighting in Wisconsin’ (Wall Street Journal, 3/10/11)
Legal challenge likely over short notice (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/10/11)

As budget battle rages, a tough round of redistricting looms for WI GOP (Washington Post, 3/9/11)
Why Walker won’t back down (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/9/11)
Editorial: Walker’s burning down the house (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/9/11)
What happened in Wisconsin tonight (Washington Post, 3/9/11)
Walker floats union compromise, but no deal yet (Washington Post, 3/9/11)
Walker’s elimination of family planning funds could jeopardize federal dollars, close clinics (The Cap Times, 3/8/11)
Scott Walker: Could he be the most polarizing governor in America? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,3/8/11)
Walker blames Senate minority leader for ongoing budget stalemate (Wisconsin State Journal,3/8/11)
WI voters oppose weakening collective bargaining in general but support specific changes(Rasmussen Reports, 3/8/11)
Editorial: Recall organizers have right to use public space (Green Bay Press Gazette, 3/8/11)
Opinion: Why Scott Walker is no Ronald Reagan (The Cap Times, 3/8/11)
Opinion: Who ‘contributes’ to public worker pensions? (The Cap Times, 3/8/11)
Walker accuses Senate Democrats of blocking negotiations (Washington Post, 3/7/11)
Local officials say Walker plan to privatize assistance programs will hurt poor families (The Cap Times, 3/7/11)
GOP bills to allow ‘a la carte’ health insurance policies ignore state mandates (The Cap Times,3/7/11)
Opinion: Scott Fitzgerald is violating his oath of office (The Cap Times, 3/7/11)
Walker shifts blame away from GOP, on to Miller and Dems (The Cap Times, 3/7/11)
Postal workers protest at Capitol, while pro-Walker bus tour stops at Alliant (The Cap Times, 3/7/11)
Opinion: Don’t put UW under right-wing thumb (The Cap Times, 3/7/11)
Walker attacks Dems, succeeds in making them more resolved to hold out (Washington Post, 3/7/11)
Highly polarized Wisconsinites split over Walker plan (Wisconsin Policy Research Inst., 3/6/11)
Recall drives could make history (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/6/11)
Opinion polls show sharp divisions on Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/5/11)
Which state senators are vulnerable to recall? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/3/11)
Commentary: GOP gets does of ‘Wisconsin nice’ (Politico, 3/1/11)
Opinion: The spirit of democracy is abroad in the land (The Cap Times, 3/1/11)
Walker budget has few surprises (The Cap Times, 3/1/11)
Opinion: This is NOT what democracy looks like (The Cap Times, 3/1/11)
GOP Sen. Schultz mum on intentions for budget repair bill vote (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/1/11)
Constitutionally questionable: DOA bars protesters from Capitol (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/1/11)
A breakdown of GOP bills: What else are Republicans up to? (The Cap Times, 3/1/11)
Editorial: Move forward to large debate (Wisconsin State Journal, 3/1/11)
Poll: Scott Walker losing PR battle (Washington Post, 3/1/11)
Wisconsin closely divided, but against Walker (Public Policy Polling, 3/1/11)
Bill circulating in Legislature to end prank calls (The Badger Herald, 2/28/11)
Opinion: respect for constitution trumps Walker’s assault on free speech (The Cap Times, 2/28/11)
Commentary: Walker’s the one who has outsiders with him (The Cap Times, 2/28/11)
Walker pushes back against Obama criticism (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Pew Poll: More side with WI unions than Governor Walker (Pew Research, 2/28/11)
Gov. Walker is overreaching on some solutions (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Wisconsin voters would shift to Democrat in new election, poll reveals (Reuters, 2/28/11)
In Wisconsin, flinging blame and citing deadlines (New York Times, 2/28/11)
GOP governors to launch ads backing Gov. Walker (LA Times, 2/28/11)
Walker’s office warns Tuesday is deadline for refinancing debt (WUWM, 2/28/11)
Dem poll: Republicans turning on Scott Walker (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Poll finds major shift in popular opinion on Walker (Public Policy Polling, 2/28/11)
Police stop short of evicting demonstrators from Wisconsin capitol (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Commentary: Wisconsin’s history with unions (Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Ohio, Wisconsin shine spotlight on new union battle: government workers vs. taxpayers(Washington Post, 2/28/11)
Editorial: Rise above ugly stalemate (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/27/11)
Protesters stage huge rally against Walker’s budget plan (Washington Post, 2/26/11)
Opinion: Hey, governor, where are ‘jobs, jobs, jobs?’ (The Cap Times, 2/26/11)
Disability rights activists stage protest inside state GOP headquarters (The Cap times, 2/26/11)
Walker: Democracy requires participation (The Cap Times, 2/26/11)
Opinion: We agree with the police – keep the Capitol open (The Cap Times, 2/26/11)
At state Capitol, acrimony rises as Republicans, Democrats remain divided (Wisconsin State Journal,2/26/11)
Opinion: Generalissimo Walker (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/26/11)
Scott Walker’s unprincipled rigidity (The Cap Times, 2/26/11)
Will budget bill affect elected officials at the same time as other state workers? (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/26/11)
Protests unite public, private union workers (LA Times, 2/25/11)
Tempers explode as Assembly passes budget repair bill (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/25/11)
Walker warns Medicaid payments to nursing homes could be delayed if bill not passed (The Cap Times, 2/25/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin is just the tip of the anti-labor iceberg (The Cap Times, 2/25/11)
Madison police chief, mayor ask Walker to explain ‘troubling’ statements (Wisconsin State Journal,2/25/11)
The real political math in Wisconsin (Huffington Post, 2/25/11)
Senate Republicans end debate on budget bill, await absent Democrats (Wisconsin State Journal,2/25/11)
Commentary: Our chatty governor gets buffaloed (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/25/11)
Opinion: Walker fumbled, but Dems far from winning game (The Cap Times, 2/25/11)
Editorial: by overreaching, WI governor hinders reforms in all states (Boston Globe, 2/25/11)
Walker eyes raid on employee insurance fund (The Cap Times, 2/25/11)
Madison mayor rebukes Walker for talk of disrupting demonstrations (The Cap Times, 2/25/11)
WI lawmakers takes step toward resolution of budget standoff (Washington Post, 2/25/11)
New poll shows state split on Walker’s bill (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Religious leaders step up to defend workers (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Opinion: Protesting with class in Madison (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Will Walker moves hurt or help business? (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Journalists denounce ethics in prank phone call (Wisconsin state Journal, 2/24/11)
Opinion: Reject GOP double-speak on voter ID (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Opinion: Walker says budget repair bill written to serve ‘vested interest’ of Koch brothers (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
Union battle in the Midwest a pull for political power (LA Times, 2/24/11)
Ex-AG sees violations by Walker in stunt call (The Cap Times, 2/24/11)
WI Assembly heads toward vote on collective bargaining measure; Senate Dems continue AWOL tactics (LA Times, 2/24/11)
Romney, Pawlenty show support for Wisconsin governor (LA Times, 2/24/11)
Editorial: Wrong in Wisconsin (LA Times, 2/24/11)
67% disapprove of legislators fleeing WI to avoid vote (Rasmussen, 2/24/11)
The battle in Wisconsin: A Tone-setter for 2012? (Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 2/24/11)
Wisconsin newspapers lead with “Koch” prank (Slate, 2/24/11)
State troopers sent to 14 absent senators’ homes (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/24/11)
For Walker, cause and celebrity don’t necessarily mean cause celebre (Washington Post, 2/24/11)
Wisconsin assembly agrees to union bill vote; troopers’ search for Dems comes up dry (Washington Post, 2/24/11)
Editorial: Scapegoats in Wisconsin (Boston Globe, 2/23/11)
GOP proposes rollback of mandatory disinfection for drinking water (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Editorial: State’s crisis political, not financial (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Commentary: Share me the ’shared blame’ analysis on Walker’s gambit (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Opinion: Walker’s a puppet for GOP’s big lie (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Commentary: Democracy does not end on election day (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Editorial: Battleground Wisconsin (LA Times, 2/23/11)
The mood in Wisconsin (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
Walker’s plan ‘would send UWSP back to the 19th century’ (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Opinion: A call for a Wisconsin Wave of resistance (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
The blogger behind the Scott Walker prank call (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
Senate takes up bills, Assembly mired in debate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/23/11)
Walker urging others to take stand against unions (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
Wisconsin is only part of the GOP war against unions (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
Audio: Walker ‘punking’ features in Assembly debate (Wisconsin Radio Network, 2/23/11)
Walker’s plan to end collective bargaining has deep roots in GOP (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Koch brothers quietly open lobbying office in downtown Madison (The Cap Times, 2/23/11)
Media homes in on Koch brothers and Walker’s proposal to sell state energy plants (The Cap Times,2/23/11)
Walker pranked by caller posing as billionaire donor David Koch (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/23/11)
Conservative Utah group begins recall effort for Wisconsin Democratic senators (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/23/11)
How long can Scott Walker hold out? (Washington Post, 2/23/11)
Scott Walker denies wrongdoing on prank call (Politico, 2/23/11)
Koch says it won’t gain from Wisconsin bill (Politico, 2/23/11)
Commentary: Starving Wisconsin’s unions (Washington Post, 2/22/11)
Walker warns state workers layoff notices could come next week if bill isn’t passed (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/22/11)
Are Wisconsin’s state and local workers overpaid, Part 2 (Washington Post, 2/22/11)
Are public workers and private workers really very different? (Washington Post, 2/22/11)
Statehouse stalemate: Dems need 3 GOP senators to reach compromise (Wisconsin State Journal,2/22/11)
Video: Americans for Prosperity ad: WI public employees are ‘abandoning our children’ (Talking Points Memo, 2/22/11)
On Wisconsin, again (Washington Post, 2/22/11)
48% back Walker in labor dispute, 38% side with unions (Rasmussen, 2/21/11)
Daniels sticks up for Walker (Politico, 2/21/11)
Wisconsin presidential results by state senate district (Swing State Project, 2/21/11)
Koch brothers’ money plays role in Wisconsin labor fight (New York Times, 2/21/11)
Walker has created an ‘ideological war,’ Barrett says (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/21/11)
Dollars roll in for senators on the lam (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/21/11)
Wisconsin GOP to conduct senate business without Democrats (New York Times, 2/21/11)
Budget battle, Day 7: GOP raises the stakes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/21/11)
Opinion: Wisconsin still a laboratory for democracy (The Cap Times, 2/20/11)
Walker seizes chance to take on unions (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/20/11)
Commentary: Why such little outcry over bill’s impact on Medicaid? (The Cap Times, 2/20/11)
Opinion: Get back to work? Whenever you’re ready, Governor (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
Both sides targeting senators for recalls over budget impasse (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/19/11)
Commentary: Walker’s attack on unions is un-American (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
Chaos in the streets of Madison? Hardly (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
Protesters continue to flood Wisconsin capitol amid budget impasse (Washington Post, 2/19/11)
Who’s winning the war of public opinion over budget battle? (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
Public employee layoffs may be coming to the local level (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
Commentary: Walker’s National Guard comments a thinly veiled threat at workers (The Cap Times, 2/19/11)
WI officials look to state police to help end impasse over controversial budget measure (LA Times,2/18/11)
Tea Party activists form exploratory committees to recall state senators (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Politics of Wisconsin’s labor fight spread to Washington (New York Times, 2/18/11)
Politifact: RNC Chair Preibus statement on everyone tightening their belts ruled FALSE (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/18/11)
Opinion: Walker’s union-smashing tactics both cruel and dumb (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Opinion: 1st Amendment remedies: How working Wisconsinites took their constitution back (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Obama joins Wisconsin’s budget battle, opposing Republican anti-union bill (Washington Post,2/18/11)
Key Republican will fight Walker’s UW plan (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Maddow: Wisconsin is an existential fight for the Democratic Party (Blog for Arizona, 2/18/11)
Analysis: Despite budget woes, state less in crisis now than two years ago (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Senators’ run to Illinois gets cheers from supporters, blast from Walker (The Cap Times, 2/18/11)
Are the Wisconsin protests good for Republicans or Democrats? (Washington Post, 2/17/11)
Walker’s ‘crisis’: Much ado about nothing true (Fighting Bob, 2/17/11)
Commentary: Never prouder of my state, its workers and unions (The Cap Times, 2/17/11)
UW  Chancellor tells UW system leaders not to oppose split (The Cap Times, 2/17/11)
Senate Democrats flee state to avoid vote on budget bill (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/17/11)
Protesters cheer Senate Dems’ walkout on budget bill (The Cap Times, 2/17/11)
Opinion: Engage public workers in dialogue and creative solutions (The Cap Times, 2/17/11)
Obama: Wisconsin budget fight seems like ‘an assault on unions’ (Washington Post, 2/17/11)
Labor activists strategize for ‘class war’ ignited by Walker budget bill (The Cap Times, 2/16/11)
UW-Madison could split from UW system (The Cap Times, 2/16/11)
Workers toppled a dictator in Egypt, but might be silenced in Wisconsin (Washington Post, 2/16/11)
Wisconsin’s pharaoh tries to silence unions (Washington Post, 2/16/11)
Walker is acting not as governor, but as dictator (The Cap Times, 2/12/11)
Walker takes broad swipe at public employee unions (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/12/11)
What’s the upshot of Walker’s attack on public employee unions? (The Cap Times, 2/11/11)
Walker budget plan called a ‘nuclear option’ (The Cap Times, 2/11/11)
Walker: Introduces budget repair bill; declares emergency action needed (, 2/11/11)
Will Republicans back Walker’s attack on public employee unions? (The Cap Times, 2/11/11)
Walker says National Guard could respond to unrest, as state employee learn of his budget proposal(WUWM, 2/11/11)
Gov. Walker: ‘Wisconsin is open for business’ (LA Times, 2/10/11)
WI Senate passes two-thirds majority on tax bills (Pierce County Herald, 2/9/11)
Opinion: Perverting the progressive Wisconsin idea (The Capt Times, 2/9/11)
State teachers union does about-face, backs reform proposals (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/8/11)
Opinion: State GOP’s route toward more abortions (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/8/11)
GOP seeks to repeal auto insurance bill intended to protect consumers (The Cap Times, 2/8/11)
Opinion: Divided high court needs to move on to its work (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/7/11)
State’s 2-year budget deficit grows to $3.6 billion (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/7/11)
Opinion: Walker throws down the gauntlet in State of the State (The Cap Times, 2/7/11)
Tea Party expresses approval for Walker’s State of the State speech (The Daily Cardinal, 2/7/11)
Commentary: Voter ID bill all about suppressing Democratic vote (The Cap Times, 2/7/11)
Editorial: Walker’s first month – some hits, some misses (Sheboygan Press, 2/6/11)
A young Wisconsin trio could shape the direction of the GOP (Washington Post, 2/6/11)
Editorial: Big cuts in blue states, too (Wisconsin State Journal, 2/6/11)
Walker’s personnel pick fuels debate (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/6/11)
Opinion: The state of the state is… vague (Wausau Daily Herald, 2/6/11)
Walker not committing to create venture capital fund (Milwaukee Business Journal, 2/4/11)
Audio: Governor signs tax break for job creators (Wisconsin Radio Network, 2/4/11)
Walker pushes for reforms that give municipalities more control (Appleton Post Crescent, 2/4/11)
Business groups praise Walker’s call for budget cuts (Milwaukee Business Journal, 2/4/11)
Audio: Governor hits the road with State of the State message (Wisconsin Radio Network, 2/4/11)
Legislature won’t take up Walker’s wind-siting bill (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/4/11)
Walker requires state workers to come in despite closing govt (The Cap Times, 2/3/11)
Will Wisconsin’s emerging technologies survive under Walker? (The Cap Times, 2/3/11)
Editorial: Don’t make it harder to vote in Wisconsin (The Cap Times, 2/3/11)
Partial privatization of Commerce Department approved (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/2/11)
Editorial: Walker should adhere to principles of justice and moderation (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,2/2/11)
Opinion: Walker hit right details in speech (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/2/11)
WI AG clarifies claim that health law is ‘dead’ (Washington Post, 2/2/11)
Commentary: State of the state under Walker not good (The Cap Times, 2/2/11)
Editorial: Walker on right track with jobs creation (Green Bay Press Gazette, 2/2/11)
Commentary: Seems Walker won’t look beyond his nose (The Cap Times, 2/2/11)
$36 million spent during Wisconsin governor’s race (Green Bay Press Gazette, 2/1/11)
Walker’s state of the State speech warns of tough cuts, but light on details (Wisconsin State Journal,2/1/11)
WI Attorney General: ‘Health care law is dead’ (Washington Post, 2/1/11)
Walker promises to make tough choices, reform government (WisPolitics, 2/1/11)
Audio: Democrats say Walker short on details (Wisconsin Radio Network, 2/1/11)
Walker outraised Barrett in stretch run (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/1/11)
Opinion: Walker’s wetlands bill sets bad precedent (The Cap Times, 2/1/11)
Walker targeting state worker benefits (Forbes, 2/1/11)
WI first lady draws on own pain to champion faith-based treatment center (The Cap Times, 2/1/11)
Opinion: What happened to Walker’s agenda? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/31/11)
Walker signs tax cut bill into law (Sheboygan Press, 1/31/11)
Wisconsin could face $340 million budget shortfall (Bloomberg, 1/31/11)
Wisconsin unions gird for cuts from Gov. Walker (Bloomberg, 1/31/11)
Opinion: Voter ID bill just not fair to little folks (The Cap Times, 1/31/11)
State workers fret over Walker’s budget plan (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/31/11)
Walker can tout progress, but big challenges ahead (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/29/11)
Health care could take hit in budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/29/11)
Opinion: Meet the boss – Governor Toughlove (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/29/11)
Editorial: Talk is cheap; don’t suppress state’s votes (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/29/11)
Commentary: Innovation theme key for Obama, Walker (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/29/11)
League of Women Voters: Put voter ID to accountability test (The Cap Times, 1/29/11)
Opinion: Scott Walker, our anti-business governor (The Cap Times, 1/29/11)
A unanimous show of respect for two Walker nominees (The Cap Times, 1/29/11)
Supermajority could doom state’s economy, group says (Ashland Current, 1/28/11)
Walker promises flexibility to deal with cuts (Bloomberg, 1/28/11)
Walker creates new office aimed against federal health care reform (The Cap Times, 1/28/11)
Legislature OKs $67 million tax cut for businesses (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/27/11)
Audio: Walker signs lawsuit reform bill (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/27/11)
Illinois wind industry aims to catch Wisconsin’s wind (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/27/11)
Democrats question GOP jobs promise (The Daily Reporter, 1/26/11)
Opinion: Giving business a blank check (The Cap Times, 1/26/11)
Debate continues over level of governor’s involvement in new laws, rules (Superior Telegram,1/26/11)
Wisconsin no longer open for wind-power business? (Milwaukee Magazine, 1/26/11)
Commentary: Walker’s tighter wind farm regulations will kill more jobs (Milwaukee Business Times, 1/26/11)
Opinion: Paul Ryan is not who you think (The Cap Times, 1/26/11)
State must repay $1.5 billion for borrowed unemployment funds (The Cap Times, 1/26/11)
Walker optimistic on job growth in Wisconsin (LaCrosse Tribune, 1/26/11)
WI Democrats blast regulatory reform measure (Bloomberg, 1/25/11)
Democrats accuse Walker or power grab with new administrative rules (Pierce County Herald,1/25/11)
Commentary: GOP legislators play hardball, not beanbag (The Cap Times, 1/24/11)
WI pushing corporate tax breaks to poach IL businesses (Illinois Statehouse News, 1/21/11)
Walker taking brown bag to Cabinet (The Cap Times, 1/21/11)
Analysis: Fast-tracked lawsuit ‘reform’ tips the scales of justice against consumers (The Cap Times,1/20/11)
Opinion: Fast-tracking of voter ID raises red flag (The Cap Times, 1/20/11)
Tort reform supporter bends truth about own legal history (The Cap Times, 1/20/11)
Opinion: Don’t replace Commerce with boondoggle (The Cap Times, 1/19/11)
Commentary: Walker’s job strategy is a little kooky (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/18/11)
Opinion: Honor King by defending public workers (The Cap Times, 1/17/11)
Campus connection: Republicans side with UW in battle vs. unions (The Cap Times, 1/14/11)
Opinion: Walker’s wind power bill is a jobs killer (The Cap Times, 1/14/11)
Opinion: Only certain spending causes a Tea Party outcry (The Cap Times, 1/12/11)
Assembly speaker changes course on open records requests (The Cap Times, 1/12/11)
Opinion: Deadly spin on health care repeal (The Cap Times, 1/12/11)
Opinion: Joining health care lawsuit a waste of tax funds (The Cap Times, 1/12/11)
Opinion: Dem leader is right about voter ID scam (The Cap Times, 1/11/11)
Opinion: State’s campaign disclosure laws are a wreck (The Cap Times, 1/11/11)
Former Assembly Dems balk at GOP leader’s request for constituent records (The Cap Times,1/11/11)
GOP states echo WI health director’s support for ditching Medicaid (The Cap Times, 1/8/11)
State should ration health care, doctor association proposes (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/8/11)
Walker’s new Commerce Dept wouldn’t include state employees (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/7/11)
GOP legislators try to bring back voter photo ID replacement (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/7/11)
Walker’s health director advised states to drop Medicaid, fight feds’ reform (The Cap Times, 1/7/11)
State workers face privatization in Walker’s proposed Economic Development Corp (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/6/11)
Walker proposes small business tax relief (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/6/11)
Video: Walker releases special session bills (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/4/11)
Walker’s lawsuit reform proposal gets a mixed response (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/4/11)
Walker moves to make it harder to sue companies (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/4/11)
Wisconsin to challenge health care overhaul (National Journal, 1/4/11)
Audio: Dem lawmaker accuses GOP of agenda ‘bait and switch’ (Wisconsin Radio Network, 1/4/11)
The unemployed didn’t make it into Walker’s inaugural speech (The Cap Times, 1/4/11)
Walker takes oath as Wisconsin’s 45th governor (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/3/11)
As Walker vows job creation, GOP lawmakers float bills focused on social issues (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/3/11)
Walker authorizes AG to join health care reform challenge (Wisconsin State Journal, 1/3/11)
Scott Walker’s not-so-quiet power grabs (The Cap Times, 1/3/11)
Republican lawmaker kicks off session with socially conservative bills (Wisconsin State Journal,1/3/11)

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