The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


WI 2009 Archives


Wisconsin Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives

Barrett faces tough crowd over schools plan (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/2/09)
Opinion: Walker’s lack of education a concern (The Daily Cardinal, 10/2/09)
Milwaukee candidates face challenges in statewide elections (Milwaukee Public Radio, 9/30/09)
Lawton strong as Kind opts out (CapTimes, 9/30/09)
Partisan divide emerges between Barrett v. Walker MKE budgets (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/29/09)
Lawton’s To-Do List (, 9/29/09)
GOP Pollster says voters still angry, want change in 2010 (, 9/28/09)
VIDEO: Does Kind decision increase pressure on Barrett? (, Upfront with Mike Gousha, 9/27/09)
Walker’s economic development plan could find backers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/27/09)
Kind not running for gov (, 9/25/09)
Barrett says 2010 decision will be made by family (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/25/09)
Walker, Barrett reveal budgets including employee concessions (, 9/25/09)
Putting the gubernatorial squeeze on Barrett (Wisconsin Radio Network, 9/25/09)
Groups join to oppose mayoral takeover of MPS (Milwaukee Business Journal, 9/25/09)
Kind passes on 2010 gov run (CQ Politics, 9/24/09)
Barrett proposes bad news budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/24/09)
Eyes on Barrett as Kind opts out (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/24/09)
Neumann outlines plans as gov (VIDEO) (Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/23/09)
Walker speaks at Milwaukee Tea Party protest (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/19/09)
Lawton stockpiles endorsements while other Dems sit idle (Appleton Post Crescent, 9/18/09)
Walker advocates boost in borrowing for county (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/17/09)
Man accused of attacking Barrett pleads insanity (Appleton Post Crescent, 9/15/09)
Wisc County Association Exec Dir interested in running for Gov (, 9/15/09)
Neumann touts business background to guide decision-making (Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/13/09)
Debate over mayoral control of Mke Public Schools shows Dem divide (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/12/09)
GOP infighting already getting nasty (EyeOnWisconsin, 9/12/09)
Walker seeks concessions from unions to balance Milwaukee budget (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/11/09)
Neumann stresses education (Eau Claire Leader-Times, 9/11/09)
Neumann wants to limit state spending growth to below inflation rate (Wisconsin State Journal, 9/9/09)
Ten candidates have filed for Gov so far (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/8/09)
Barrett says he’d be surprised if both he and Kind ran for gov (, 9/8/09)
Kind talks taxes, healthcare but mum on possible 2010 gov run (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 9/3/09)
Kind says experience outside of Madison could benefit guv run (, 9/2/09)
Milwaukee mayor Barrett won’t rule out guv run (WKOW, 8/27/09)
Speaker Sheridan not likely to join Dem field (Wisconsin Radio Network, 8/26/09)
Kind may run for guv (Hudson Star-Observer, 8/26/09)
Kind faces difficult balancing act on health care reform votes (Winona Daily News, 8/26/09)
Lawton: governor is “logical step” (WisPolitics, 8/24/09)
All players in guv race not yet in starting blocks (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/23/09)
Early poll shows Walker & Barrett tied (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/21/09)
Walker’s double-talk conceals conservative social agenda (Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, 8/21/09)
Will Barrett run for governor? (, 8/20/09)
Thompson doesn’t rule out another run (, 8/20/09)
Expect a crowded governor’s race (WBAY, 8/19/09)
Doyle’s decision creates wide open Democratic race (Appleton Post-Crescent, 8/17/09)
Republicans react to Doyle announcement (, 8/16/09)
Sources report Doyle won’t run for third term (Politico, 8/14/09)
Doyle endorses mayoral takeover of Milwaukee school system (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/13/09)
Will burnishing pro-choice credentials, will Doyle strengthen re-election chance? (Pundit Nation, 8/13/09)
Lawton disagrees with Doyle on Dept of Nat Resources bill (WKBT, 8/13/09)
JULY 2009
Recall Doyle effort “suspended” (, 7/31/09)
Will Doyle run again? (The Sconz, 7/30/09)
Doyle mum on plans, but raising money (Madison Capital Times, 7/30/09)
Todd hopes “outside the box” ideas draws media attention (, 7/28/09)
Walker pulls in $1.1 million for guv run (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/20/09)
Walker outraises Doyle over first six months (, 7/20/09)
Walker: WI deserves more than just tax increases (, 7/18/09)
Gov candidates using social networking for campaigns (Capital Times, 7/14/09)
Walker, Neumann sit down to debate (Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, July 2009)
Walker’s call for pay freeze complicates labor negotiations (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/9/09)
Doyle’s travel reports deficient 145 times over two years (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 7/4/09)
Wisconsin gov battles economy, popularity slump (CQ Politics, 7/4/09)
Neumann enters race (WQOW-TV, 7/2/09)
Doyle seeks changes to school financing (LaCrosse Tribune, 7/2/09)
As GOP slate grows, Dems remain undecided (Green Bay Press Gazette, 7/2/09)
Budget c0mpete, GOP looking to pick up state leg seats in 2010 (Racine Journal Times, 7/2/09)
JUNE 2009
Gingrich to headline Walker fundraiser (WITI/FoxNews6, 6/28/09)
Judge upholds Walker plan to furlough county workers (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/26/09)
Details of budget deal announced (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/26/09)
Despite poll numbers, Doyle retains huge advantages (Wisconsin State Journal, 6/21/09)
Doyle looking vulnerable (CQ Politics, 6/15/09)

Democratic convention not a celebration (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/14/09)
Doyle: GOP has no solutions to state’s economic problems (Appleton Post Crescent, 6/13/09)
Some state Dems don’t think Doyle will run in 2010 (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/13/09)