The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


WA 2013 Archives


MAY 2013

Rob McKenna launches new web site and mystery nonprofit (Politics Northwest, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Where have all the conservatives gone? (Crosscut, 5/28/13)
The fix is in: Guv has temporary fix for Sagit bridge (Crosscut, 5/26/13)
Collapse could lead Legislature to pass projects (Spokesman-Review, 5/25/13)
With bridge down, chances for Transportation bill up? (Spokesman-Review, 5/24/13)
Poll: ‘Cut spending’ beats ‘raise taxes’ (Spokesman-Review, 5/23/13)
House committee takes a swipe at drunk driving (Spokesman-Review, 5/23/13)
Medical school plan will work, Inslee says (Spokesman-Review, 5/22/13)
Inslee removes funds for Columbia bridge (Spokesman-Review, 5/21/13)
Inslee vetoes part of transportation package (Spokesman-Review, 5/20/13)
Supporters rally for roads package (Spokesman-Review, 5/20/13)
Governor warned of Minnesota-style freeway bridge collapse on Monday just before I-5 disaster (Washington State Wire, 5/24/13)
Skagit River bridge collapse (Crosscut, 5/23/13)
Trans-poor-tation 3: Fixing I-5 is Washington’s top priority (Crosscut, 5/16/13)
Legislators return to Olympia to build a state budget (AP, 5/12/13)
Benton backer: Audience packed with ‘Portland shills’ (The Columbian, 5/10/13)
McKenna ballot chaser gets slightly less than expected from GOP (The Columbian, 5/10/13)
GOP heavy hitters working to strengthen power in state Senate (The Columbian, 5/10/13)
Tim Eyman’s was paid $112K for last year’s initiatives; makes $250K loan to new campaign (Politics Northwest, 5/9/13)
Inslee signs felony firearms registry bill (The Columbian, 5/9/13)
Inslee: Landing the next-generation 777; a bumpy flight ahead (Seattle P-I, 5/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Benton appointment shows cronyism is thriving in Clark County (The Olympian, 5/8/13)
Gov. Inslee denies request for another CRC review (The Columbian, 5/8/13)
Inslee signs law to turn around struggling schools (The Columbian, 5/8/13)
On Benton, Olympia paper slams ‘blatant cronyism’ in Clark County (The Columbian, 5/8/13)
How Inslee can make a difference on sweatshops (Crosscut, 5/7/13)
VIDEO: Benton critics stew, vent after public comments delayed (The Columbian, 5/7/13)
Washington state will make big pitch to build updated Boeing 777X in Everett (AP, 5/5/13)
Gregoire benefits from long-ago pension rules (The News Tribune, 5/5/13)
EDITORIAL: State Sen. Don Benton for environmental post? Really? (Seattle Times, 5/5/13)
Inslee comes to Vancouver to talk education (The Columbian, 5/4/13)
Balancing the budget: Don’t forget the bigger picture for women, families (Crosscut, 5/3/13)
GOP senator will head department reviewing his political friends’ proposal (Crosscut, 5/3/13)
How unions are spinning Seattle’s revolving door of leadership (Crosscut, 5/3/13)
EDITORIAL: In our view: Benton hire is an insult (The Columbian, 5/3/13)
It’s do or die time for Inslee — Special session offers chance to reset (Washington State Wire, 5/2/13)
Nearly 6 months later, McKenna campaign helpers will get paid (The Columbian, 5/2/13)
County shocker: Benton tapped for top environmental job (The Columbian, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

In the Senate, Dream Act remains the stuff of dreams (Crosscut, 4/30/13)
Metro funding in doubt as special session looms (PubliCola, 4/30/13)
Gay swipe ignites local fury (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, 4/30/13)
Morning Fizz: Matters that are necessary for the Legislature to address (PubliCola, 4/29/13)
Washington gun control advocates launch initiative campaign (AP, 4/29/13)
Washington state lawmakers adjourn; special session in 2 weeks (AP, 4/29/13)
Washington Legislature special session: 5 things to watch (AP, 4/29/13)
Gun initiative: Product of ‘sustained moral outrage’ (Seattle P-I, 4/29/13)
Legislature enters secret talks before special session (Crosscut, 4/29/13)
State treasurer criticizes Senate, House budgets (Crosscut, 4/27/13)
Gun background check initiative: Drive begins Monday (Seattle P-I, 4/26/13)
As legislators debate their budgets, CRC could be bargaining chip (Political Beat, 4/26/13)
Sen. Ed Murray: Senate’s gay discrimination bill ‘truly shameless’ (Crosscut, 4/26/13)
Legislature: Time to play the adult game of chicken (Crosscut, 4/26/13)
Democrats are inviting trouble over education reform (Crossscut, 4/26/13)
Conservatives  introduce bill tailored to help anti-gay marriage businesses (PubliCola, 4/25/13)
House Democrats approve tax package to finance school upgrades (Crosscut, 4/25/13)
Progressives meet Eyman’s push with their own initiative (Crosscut, 4/25/13)
What each side wants as likely special session looms (PubliCola, 4/24/13)
Gregoire sided with Boeing on water quality rules (Everett Herald, 4/24/13)
Tim Eyman wants to fight again for two-thirds tax requirements (Crosscut, 4/23/13)
Over greens’ objections, state Senate overhauls toxics act (Crosscut, 4/23/13)
Eyman: A full court press against court ruling (Seattle P-I, 4/23/13)
House Democrats trim their education improvements (Crosscut, 4/23/13)
Budget talks could get under way in Olympia (Crosscut, 4/22/13)
Final version of failing schools bill may make difference (The News Tribune, 4/21/13)
Businesses attack House plan for tax break eliminations (Crosscut, 4/20/13)
State Senate Republicans victory this week could be costly with women, Hispanic Washingtonians (Crosscut, 4/19/13)
Why is Washington beer paying for the budget pinch? (Crosscut, 4/18/13)
Inside politics: How the Democrats won the election but lost Olympia (Crosscut, 4/18/13)
Democrats banging on Senate door for Reproductive Parity Act (Crosscut, 4/18/13)
House leader Richard DeBolt leaves for health reasons (Crosscut, 4/17/13)
Plans swap and cut money already budgeted in schools (Seattle Times, 4/17/13)
Senate tops Democrats’ play on DREAM, Reproductive Parity bills (Crosscut, 4/17/13)
House transportation bill supports Columbia River bridge with light rail (Crosscut, 4/17/13)
Hospital tax may need some doctoring (Crosscut, 4/16/13)
Ed Murray maneuvers to force reproductive parity, DREAM votes (Crosscut, 4/16/13)
Washington’s budget: How do we get to shared realism from here? (Crosscut, 4/15/13)
State gun control proponents ready initiative drive (AP, 4/15/13)
Democrats to roll dice on Dream Act, abortion bill (The Petri Dish, 4/15/13)
OPINION: The last gun bill standing (Everett Herald, 4/15/13)
How green is the state budget? (Crosscut, 4/15/13)
House Democrats push home their budget proposal (Crosscut, 4/13/13)
In Olympia, a mixed message on aerospace (Everett Herald, 4/12/13)
Washington state budget negotiations next as House passes its plan (AP, 4/12/13)
Survival of the fittest: Both sides prep for state budget battle (Crosscut, 4/12/13)
Senate Dems blister majority leader over Dream Act fate (Yakima Herald-Reporter, 4/11/13)
House Democratic budget emphasizes education (Crosscut, 4/11/13)
House Democrats target tax breaks in proposed state budget (The News Tribune, 4/11/13)
Wash. state House budget plan is similar to one offered by Gov. Jay Inslee (AP, 4/10/13)
Fate of Columbia River Crossing uncertain in divided Washington Legislature (The Oregonian, 4/10/13)
House Democrats keep Dream Act alive in budget (Everett Herald, 4/10/13)
House Dems budget proposal puts $1.9B extra into K-12; also raises $1.3B in new revenues (The Olympian, 4/10/13)
Seattle study: Doctors getting comfortable with Death With Dignity (Seattle Times, 4/10/13)
Sen. Tom gets into blame game over a failed bill (Crosscut, 4/10/13)
House Dems’ budget targets state’s tax breaks, avoids social cuts (AP, 4/10/13)
State House Democrats propose raising $1.3B through taxes (Seattle Times, 4/10/13)
Gov. Jay Inslee to replace half of the Washington Student Achievement Council (Seattle Times, 4/9/13)
Months after election, McKenna campaign fund kept spending (Seattle Times, 4/8/13)
Does ‘centrism’ have a future in Northwest politics? (Crosscut, 4/8/13)
Capitol Week Ahead: Is there a budget in the House? (Crosscut, 4/8/13)
Inslee’s stance on school letter grades gets F for fuzziness (The News Tribune, 4/7/13)
Inslee shift on grading of schools irks state GOP (News Tribune, 4/6/13)
Why state Senate Democrats voted for a budget they don’t like (Seattle Times, 4/6/13)
Senate passes budget amid policy, legal questions (Crosscut, 4/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Inslee’s shifts unsettling (Seattle Times, 4/6/13)
Governor’s budget office questions Senate budget proposal (Politics Northwest, 4/5/13)
Budget OK’d with bipartisan support in Senate (AP, 4/5/13)
Wash. Senate begins debating budget plan (AP, 4/5/13)
Long shot: Gay conversion therapy. Longer shot: Passing a bill about it (Crosscut, 4/5/13)
Unrealistic expectations: Legislature’s budget won’t get done in time (Crosscut, 4/5/13)
Coal train traffic to be studied (Everett Herald, 4/4/13)
GOP irked as Gov.Inslee shifts stance on grading schools (Seattle Times, 4/4/13)
Senate’s no-new-taxes budget raises questions (Crosscut, 4/4/13)
Transportation budgets: Does steady cut it? (Crosscut, 4/4/13)
Wash. House takes punch out of third-grade reading bill (Crosscut, 4/3/13)
Cracked concrete: A fix-it-first warning for Olympia (Crosscut, 4/3/13)
Senate rolling out a roads budget (Everett Herald, 4/2/13)
Pieces of Senate spending plan tricking out (Everett Herald, 4/2/13)
Democrats’ Reproductive Parity Act dies in Legislature (Crosscut, 4/2/13)
Gas tax still key in roads plan (Everett Herald, 4/2/13)
Majority of senators vow to back abortion rights bill (Everett Herald, 4/1/13)
The 5 biggest roadblocks to great WA transportation (Crosscut, 4/1/13)
Capitol week ahead: The budgets are coming, the budgets are coming (Crosscut, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

OPINION: McKenna: How Republicans need to change in Washington state (Seattle Times, 3/30/13)
Inslee pushes Liquor Board to stop spread of ‘pot bars’ (Seattle Times, 3/30/13)
Senator says Washington doesn’t have money for college aid to illegal immigrants (AP, 3/29/13)
Inslee’s budget ideas go into a contentious atmosphere (Crosscut, 3/29/13)
Budgeting gives the state capitol a taste of the surreal (Crosscut, 3/29/13)
Gov. Inslee proposes closing half a billion dollars in tax breaks (PubliCola, 3/28/13)
Gov. Jay Inslee looks to add $1.2B to basic education funding (The Oregonian, 3/28/13)
Rational budgeting: Inslee should return state to recent, Democratic model (Crosscut, 3/27/13)
Should Washington ask for a constitutional amendment on campaign contributions? (Crosscut, 3/27/13)
Gov. Inslee to offer budget scheme Thursday (Everett Herald, 3/27/13)
Schools, cities worry about bill pushing for wider representation (Crosscut, 3/27/13)
Insufficient STEM education is costing Washingtonians 25,000 jobs (Crosscut, 3/26/13)
WA House approves Inslee’s climate change task force (Crosscut, 3/26/13)
Gov. Inslee calls for broad scrutiny of coal ports — but does not oppose them (Bellingham Herald, 3/26/13)
Kitzhaber, Inslee take on coal lobby (Sustainable Business Oregon, 3/26/13)
Inslee to get climate bill, one of his top priorities (The News Tribune, 3/26/13)
Kitzhaber, Inslee push for emissions accounting for coal export proposals (Northwest Public Radio, 3/26/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Inslee’s climate change bill passes, controversy continues (KPLU, 3/26/13)
Central Wash. senator emerges as champion of business (Crosscut, 3/25/13)
Inslee’s climate change bill passes Legislature (Seattle Times, 3/25/13)
Gov. Inslee gets first bill through the Legislature (Politics Northwest, 3/25/13)
2 governors wade into coal-export controversy (Seattle Times, 3/25/13)
Waiting for budget reality enters new act in Olympia (Crosscut, 3/25/13)
State eyes a tax on marijuana brand names (Crosscut, 3/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Seattle boom an inconvenient truth for Republicans (Seattle Times, 3/23/13)
Washington considers being first state to require insurers to cover abortions (AP, 3/23/13)
Inslee promotes Columbia River Crossing project (AP, 3/22/13)
Let the budget battle begin (PubliCola, 3/22/13)
Inslee says new I-5 Columbia River bridge must include light rail (Seattle Times, 3/22/13)
Legislature heading toward a classic budget showdown (Crosscut, 3/22/13)
Lawmaker’s attempt to amend pot initiative goes into uncharted waters (Crosscut, 3/21/13)
Gov. Inslee says passage of transportation package a must (AP, 3/21/13)
State revenue forecast: Take your best shot (Crosscut, 3/21/13)
Coal Wars: How voters are shaping their leaders’ decisions (Crosscut, 3/21/13)
Good news, for once, from state revenue forecast (Politics Northwest, 3/20/13)
Pot entrepreneurs rush to Washington State (The Stranger, 3/20/13)
Confusion in Olympia: Lawmakers try to assess tax breaks (Crosscut, 3/19/13)
State senators pledge $300M more for higher ed (Seattle Times, 3/19/13)
Olympia waits to hear its financial fate (Crosscut, 3/18/13)
Will GOP makeover plan help party in Washington? (Politics Northwest, 3/18/13)
Wash. picks Mass. firm for pot consultant contract (Tri-City Herald, 3/18/13)
Climate change a top concern for Gov. Inslee (Seattle Times, 3/17/13)
Rodney Tom: No correlation between teacher pay and student achievement (Crosscut,3/17/13)
Vancouver Republican basking in state Senate majority (Seattle Times, 3/17/13)
Bill’s defeat a case study on gun issue (Seattle Times, 3/16/13)
OPINION: New charter school commission can learn from other states (Bellingham Herald, 3/15/13)
Legislature is running out of places to hide from school funding decisions (Crosscut, 3/15/13)
Wash. House GOP budget adds $550 million to education (AP, 3/15/13)
Meet state’s ‘go-to guy’ on marijuana (Seattle Times, 3/14/13)
OPINION: A people’s vote on firearms (Everett Herald, 3/14/13)
State budget shortfall grows by $300 million (Politics Northwest, 3/14/13)
Background check gun bill dies by 1,000 cuts (Crosscut, 3/14/13)
Inslee climate change bill passes state Senate (Politics Northwest, 3/13/13)
DREAM Act passes Wash. House (PubliCola, 3/13/13)
Inslee: Close tax breaks to boost money for education (Politics Northwest, 3/13/13)
State House passes ‘Washington Dream Act’ (Politics Northwest, 3/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Lawmakers favor gun lobby over voters on background-check bill (Seattle Times, 3/13/13)
Your money, please: Changes proposed in marijuana initiative (Crosscut, 3/13/13)
Major state gun proposal may go to voters (AP, 3/12/13)
Major Wash. gun bill fails in state House (AP,3/12/13)
Bill to boost gun checks falls short in state House (Seattle Times, 3/12/13)
Inslee enlisting Gabby Giffords to push universal background checks (Politics Northwest, 3/11/13)
State House Democrats at risk of failing on gun check bill (Crosscut, 3/11/13)
Capitol Week ahead: Mid-session and the tension is high for bill sponsors (Crosscut, 3/11/13)
The Hanford triangle, where radiation, engineers and Gov. Jay Inslee meet (Crosscut, 3/8/13)
GOP legislators take up defense of death penalty (Crosscut, 3/8/13)
State House approves several election-related bills (Politics Northwest, 3/7/13)
House Republicans call for changes before considering gas tax (Politics Northwest, 3/7/13)
Washington’s ex-governors get into it for TV (Everett Herald, 3/6/13)
State Senate passes education reform bills (AP, 3/6/13)
Hanford would like to send nuclear waste to reluctant New Mexico (Crosscut, 3/6/13)
OPINION: Supreme Court ruling: Good for kids (Crosscut, 3/6/13)
Former Seattle school board president, 8 others named to state charter school commission (Politics Northwest, 3/6/13)
Days after losing state Supreme Court case, Republicans seek to lay off justices (Seattle Times, 3/6/13)
Immigration seeing strong Republican support in Olympia (Politics Northwest, 3/6/13)
State businesses worry about climate change effort (Crosscut, 3/6/13)
A ‘training wage’ for legislators? (Crosscut, 3/6/13)
Eyman’s initiative plan: Few objections (Crosscut, 3/6/13)
UN: Pot legalization in Colorado, Washington violates drug treaties (AP, 3/5/13)
What will sequestration mean for Washington state? (Crosscut, 3/5/13)
Feds will slash Hanford cleanup workers (Crosscut, 3/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Tim Eyman should, at last, run for public office (Seattle P-I, 3/5/13)
VIDEO: Inslee on cutting gas subsidies and the real costs of coal ports (Crosscut, 3/4/13)
Civic cocktail: A guide to Washington’s education funding debate (Crosscut, 3/4/13)
Capitol week ahead: We’re in the big leagues now, boys (Crosscut, 3/4/13)
New poll shows voter opposition to transportation tax package (Politics Northwest, 3/4/13)
Court rules against two-thirds tax vote (The Olympian, 3/1/13)
Legislature decides taxes; voters decide Legislature (The Olympian, 3/1/13)
Olympia week in photos: Inslee gets down to business (Crosscut, 3/1/13)
Olympia’s tempestuous week: Passive-aggressive politics in play (Crosscut, 3/1/13)


Raising state taxes now easier, but politically harder (Seattle Times, 2/28/13)

Supreme Court strikes down two-thirds rule (PubliCola, 2/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Two-thirds tax law overruled, but sentiment remains (Seattle Times, 2/28/13)
Should Washington pay schools more for better results? (Crosscut, 2/28/13)
The governor is stuck between his stupid anti-tax pledge and today’s wonderful ruling for Democrats (SLOG, 2/28/13)
Exclusive: Inslee looks ahead to goals, metrics and financial challenges (Crosscut, 2/28/13)
After Supreme Court ruling, will Olympia increase taxes? (Seattle Times, 2/28/13)
Republican coalition turns up its nose at Supreme Court ruling (Crosscut, 2/28/13)
Senate GOP fights 2/3rds ruling; Tim Eyman, not so much (Crosscut, 2/28/13)
Senate committee rejects two-thirds vote option for all bills but is does OK bill asking voters to put super-majority for taxes in Constitution (The Politics Blog, 2/28/13)
Wash. high court strikes super-majority for taxes (AP, 2/28/13)
Inslee signs 1st bill, extends time for runaway notification (The Olympian, 2/28/13)
Senate committee approves putting 2/3 requirement into state constitution (Politics Northwest, 2/28/13)
State Sen. Ed Murray picks up endorsement from national human-rights group (Politics Northwest, 2/28/13)
Inslee says Hanford may be leaking 1,000 gallons a year (AP, 2/27/13)
New group organizes to push Legislature for gun control (Seattle Times, 2/26/13)
OPINION: Gov. Jay Inslee wants to break new ground on climate change (Seattle Times, 2/25/13)
Cutoff roundup: What’s dead & what’s alive in Olympia (PubliCola, 2/25/13)
Wash. Senate explores shifting from pensions (AP, 2/25/13)
It really will toll for thee (Crosscut, 2/25/13)
Onward, Olympia — to the bank! (Crosscut, 2/25/13)
OPINION: In defense of rogue state Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon (Seattle Times, 2/24/13)
Inslee worries over new tank leaks at Hanford, fed response (Crosscut, 2/23/13)
Kill bill: Procedural games by Senate Republicans thwart gun control (Crosscut, 2/23/13)
Dems keep shooting themselves in foot (Seattle Times, 2/23/13)
WA House votes to mandate abortion coverage (Seattle P-I, 2/22/13)
Will abortion rights overtake the Senate coalition? (Crosscut, 2/22/13)
State senate panel flexes muscle, blocks 5 gun bills (Seattle Times, 2/22/13)
Olympia: The day of the dead bills. And the living (Crosscut, 2/22/13)
Effort to re-overhaul teacher evaluations dead in Legislature (Seattle Times, 2/22/13)
Assault-weapons ban dead in state Legislature (Seattle Times, 2/22/13)
‘Lying whore:’ Eyman’s anti-Inslee tantrum (Seattle P-I, 2/21/13)
UW’s Young concerned about disconnect between policy, funding (Politics Northwest, 2/21/13)
Wash. lawsuit group wants more education spending (Seattle P-I, 2/21/13)
GOP: Eyman should apologize for ‘beyond the pale’ remark about Inslee (Seattle Times, 2/21/13)
Inslee pushes for look at climate options (Crosscut, 2/21/13)
Gun background checks take a step forward (Crosscut, 2/21/13)
Sick leave: A clash of wills in WA Legislature (Crosscut, 2/21/13)
Gas, car-tab taxes drive House Dems’ transportation plan (Seattle Times, 2/20/13)
Inslee wants to hire advisers on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions (AP, 2/20/13)
OPINION: Bring democracy closer to the people (Crosscut, 2/20/13)
Oil and gas: Tax now, drill later (Crosscut, 2/20/13)
Inslee: State will trigger ‘international revolution’ on energy policy (Politics Northwest, 2/19/13)
Inslee names adviser to Oregon governor as new transportation chief (Seattle Times, 2/19/13)
The wisdom of Gov. Jay Inslee: Inslee-isms (Seattle Times, 2/19/13)
Ferry godfathers: Two lawmakers want more oversight of Washington’s fleet (Crosscut, 2/19/13)
McKenna joins law firm, has no plans to run again soon for office (Seattle Times, 2/19/13)
Oregon woman named to lead WA state transportation office (Everett Herald, 2/19/13)
Capitol outlook: Last call at the Olympia policy bar (Crosscut, 2/18/13)
Business groups take battle over Seattle sick-leave law to Olympia (Seattle Times, 2/17/13)
Is new ferry a pricey sea-going lemon? And why? (Everett Herald, 2/17/13)
Why the whole country should vote like us (by mail) (Crosscut, 2/17/13)
Inslee proclaims no tolerance for Hanford leaks (Crosscut, 2/16/13)

Critics want Inslee to quicken the pace of action (Seattle Times, 2/16/13)
Job creation: Who’s got the secret sauce? (Crosscut, 2/15/13)
Sen. Tom: ‘Send him packing’ — Dem chairman (Seattle P-I, 2/15/13)
Wash. Senate eyes more time for initiative efforts (AP, 2/14/13)
Inslee describes $122M plan for jobs, says a big resource for the state is its brain power (The News Tribune, 2/14/13)
Inslee says letter detailing Wash. legal pot plan (AP, 2/14/13)
State Senate GOP leader predicts gun control, abortion bills will not get floor votes (Politics Northwest, 2/14/13)
Inslee aims for more jobs but how many is uncertain (Crosscut, 2/14/13)
Ire, confusion and hope over expansion of gun background checks (Crosscut, 2/14/13)
Scaled-down background checks don’t satisfy gun-bill critics (Seattle Times, 2/13/13)
Inslee offers proposals for ‘a working Washington’ (Seattle Times, 2/13/13)
Senate Republicans seek to repeal Seattle’s new sick leave law (Politics Northwest, 2/13/13)
State Republicans seek weakening of clean energy rules (Crosscut, 2/13/13)
Lawmakers confident of education agreement (AP, 2/13/13)
Washington mayors urge Olympia to consider 8-cent increase in gas tax (AP, 2/13/13)
Inslee issues jobs package (AP, 2/13/13)
Sen. Ed Murray offers bill that would ask voters to approve capital gains tax (Politics Northwest, 2/13/13)
Senate releases reports on state Sen. Pam Roach (Politics Northwest, 2/13/13)
NRA flunks former ally in Olympia (Seattle Times, 2/12/13)
Senate decides it has no Pam Roach problem (Crosscut, 2/12/13)
‘Are you rich?’ Pam Roach plays hardball on I-1185 (Crosscut, 2/11/13)
State lawmakers show support for gun measure (AP, 2/11/13)
Senate Democrats introduce six bills on guns and mental health (Politics Northwest, 2/11/13)
Capitol outlook: Let the backroom bargaining begin (Crosscut, 2/11/13)
In support of guns? A few unusual suspects (Crosscut, 2/9/13)
As gun laws debated, state Capitol welcomes firearms (Seattle Times, 2/9/13)
Inslee: Another inside cabinet pick (Seattle P-I, 2/8/13)
State GOP eager to restoke anti-tax furnace (AP, 2/8/13)
Inslee appoints new director of state Dept of Ecology (Politics Northwest, 2/8/13)
Cities to Inslee: Draw a bead on gun death research (Seattle P-I, 2/8/13)
The ace up Ed Murray’s sleeve (Crosscut, 2/8/13)
It’s Texas Hold-em night in Olympia (Crosscut, 2/8/13)
No longer Democrats! State Chairman Pelz says Tom and Sheldon aren’t invited to the party (Washington State Wire, 2/8/13)
GOP wants anti-tax rule in Washington constitution (Seattle P-I, 2/7/13)
Quite a lot of ‘Ayes’ on abortion control (Crosscut, 2/7/13)
Inslee says GOP going backward in WA Senate (The Olympian, 2/7/13)
Windpower purchasing rules spark another fight in Olympia — Green groups balk at changes (Washington State Wire, 2/7/13)
Committee weighs abortion parental notification (Seattle P-I, 2/6/13)
Gov. Jay Inslee says workers’ comp legislation is going in the ‘wrong direction’ (TVW, 2/6/13)
Gov. Jay Inslee wades into legislative fray for the first time (Political Buzz, 2/6/13)
Inslee: It’s time to embrace Medicaid expansion (AP, 2/6/13)
Inslee says expanding Medicaid is ‘a no brainer’ (PubliCola, 2/6/13)
Sick leave testimony raises Olympia stakes (Crosscut, 2/6/13)
Should the state pay tuition for undocumented students? (Crosscut, 2/5/13)
Undocumented reform: What DC’s new immigration mojo means for Washington State (Crosscut, 2/4/13)
Capitol outlook: Legislature starts on key questions (Crosscut, 2/4/13)
Monday jolt: Tom’s caucus wins one, bike advocates win one (PubliCola, 2/4/13)
GOP education bills provoke questioning (Crosscut, 2/3/13)
‘Battle royale’ on schools expected in Legislature (Seattle Times, 2/3/13)
In state Senate, Republicans put new muscle behind old pursuits (Seattle Times, 2/2/13)
Governor Jay Inslee wants more tanks at Hanford (Tri-City Herald, 2/1/13)
Energy Sec Chu resigns: Another Gregoire possibility? (Seattle P-I, 2/1/13)
WA House wants to protect students, parents on tuition (Crosscut, 2/1/13)
Friday jolt: Hobbs strikes back against Tom’s coalition, reintroduces Reproductive Parity Act (PubliCola, 2/1/13)
Sharp elbows, fast moves: Legislature rolls forward (Crosscut, 2/1/13)


Hearing on insurance coverage for abortions draws large crowd in Olympia (Politics Northwest, 1/31/13)
With transportation needs pressing, Inslee still hasn’t named WSDOT director (PubliCola, 1/31/13)
Big question lurks behind decision to postpone vote on workers’ comp — What does Labor want? (Washington State Wire, 1/31/13)
Ex-Gov Gregoire, REI CEO Sally Jewell rivals for post of Interior Secretary? (Puget Sound Business Journal, 1/31/13)
Republicans say state Senate is ‘operating just fine’ (Politics Northwest, 1/31/13)
Senate shakeup leaves enviros on the defensive (PubliCola, 1/30/13)
Wash. lawmakers rack up hefty cellphone bills (Everett Herald, 1/30/13)
Despite eco-gains, Washington’s pulling for coal (Crosscut, 1/30/13)
We’re number 1! (But not in a good way) (WA State Budget & Policy Center, 1/30/13)
WA Senate explores ways to speed election returns (AP, 1/29/13)
Senate Dems: Hold line on public college tuition (Seattle P-I, 1/29/13)
State tax dollars go to lawmakers’ dry cleaning, artwork (Seattle Times, 1/29/13)
Understanding Rodney Tom would teach Democrats a lot (Crosscut, 1/29/13)
Family leave provokes fight in state Senate (Crosscut, 1/29/13)
Reinventing the energy lobby (Crosscut, 1/28/13)
At Ocean Shores retreat, Republicans fret about election results, image problem (Washington State Wire, 1/28/13)
New bill in Olympia would give letter grade to schools — but not charters (Politics Northwest, 1/28/13)
Legislators to focus on labor and education during week three of session (Politics Northwest, 1/28/13)
Capitol outlook: Legislature moving into tricky areas (Crosscut, 1/28/13)
High-tech expects tax breaks while education funding suffers (Seattle Times, 1/27/13)
The growth of state spending (Everett Herald, 1/27/13)
State GOP looking to future for success (Seattle Times, 1/27/13)
Rob McKenna in no hurry to run for office again (Seattle Times, 1/26/13)
Senate Democratic Leader Ed Murray proposes capital gains tax (Seattle Times, 1/25/13)
Friday politics: What’s next for Rob McKenna; attitudes about GOP; slow ballot count (Seattle Times, 1/25/13)
McKenna: It was Seattle that elected Inslee (Seattle P-I, 1/25/13)
The Oly ‘Animal House’ frat face-off (Crosscut, 1/25/13)
Meet Don Benton, state Senate bill-monger (Crosscut, 1/25/13)
The Benton bill machine (Crosscut, 1/25/13)
Inslee focuses on Yakima irrigation project (Crosscut, 1/24/13)
Inslee wants state to closely track distribution of pot (Politics Northwest, 1/24/13)
Democrats rage against the Roach restoration (Crosscut, 1/24/13)
Lawmakers to take up Eyman’s latest initiative (Politics Northwest, 1/23/13)
Bill would bar governor from filing-period job offers (Seattle Times, 1/22/13)
Holder-Inslee weed summit: Inslee does all the talking (Crosscut, 1/22/13)
Poll: State supports gun violence response (Seattle P-I, 1/22/13)
Get set for a $300-millionish problem – estate tax ruling from Supreme Court spells trouble for budget (Washington State Wire, 1/22/13)
Pot law changes: Will legislators boldly go where they rarely venture? (Crosscut, 1/22/13)
State Senate scales back plans to investigate Roach leak (Politics Northwest, 1/22/13)
Poor get stuck with extra share of the bill in Washington (Crosscut, 1/22/13)
A new try to expand tuition opportunities (Crosscut, 1/22/13)
Pot: A lot of unanswered questions (Crosscut, 1/22/13)
5 things Inslee must do to be successful as governor (Everett Herald, 1/21/13)
Eyman apologizes to Wenatchee leaders (Wenatchee World, 1/21/13)
Capitol outlook: Pot, education and a $4 billion shortfall (Crosscut, 1/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Seattle-haters at root of Senate grab (Seattle Times, 1/19/13)
McKenna donors rush to ‘make good’ with Inslee (Seattle Times, 1/19/13)
Axing college savings plan: Jury is out (Crosscut, 1/18/13)
State, federal leaders to confer on pot policy (Seattle Times, 1/18/13)
Showdown at the Oly corral: Inslee’s the new sheriff in town (Crosscut, 1/18/13)
Sen. Rodney Tom: The politics of two-faced divisiveness (Seattle P-I, 1/18/13)
Inslee, Ferguson to talk pot with US Attorney General Holder (Seattle Times, 1/18/13)
Dispatch from the gubernatorial Inaugural Ball (Crosscut, 1/17/13)
3,000 attend Inslee’s inaugural ball (Seattle Times, 1/17/13)
Inslee on keeping some taxes: A definite maybe (Crosscut, 1/17/13)
Gov. Inslee says he’s open to extending expiring taxes (Politics Northwest, 1/17/13)
Roach praises herself, scolds press, announces book in rambling news conference (Politics Northwest, 1/17/13)
Post-election fundraising serves 2 purposes for Jay Inslee (The News Tribune, 1/16/13)
Inslee: Washington still poised to change the world (AP, 1/16/13)
Head ‘em off at the pass! Transportation advocates scramble to develop tax package for roads, while lawmakers eye gas taxes for K-12 education (Washington State Wire, 1/16/13)
Initiative-517 campaign takes aim at Wenatchee officials’  ’arrogance’ (Wenatchee World, 1/15/13)
A few stumbling points in Gregoire’s farewell speech (Crosscut, 1/15/13)
State takeover of schools finds support in the Legislature (Seattle Weekly, 1/15/13)
Legislature could fight over health care for more people (Crosscut, 1/15/13)
Sen. Tom says he would support gas tax increase (AP, 1/15/13)
Marijuana rules taking shape in Washington, and you’ll have a say (Seattle P-I, 1/15/13)
Coup leaders take state Senate for test drive (Crosscut, 1/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Chris Gregoire – A good governor in bad times (The News Tribune, 1/14/13)
Session begins with ‘divisive’ prayer (PubliCola, 1/14/13)
6 ways to help immigrants and the entire state (Crosscut, 1/14/13)
Three Democrats take top committee spots in Republican-controlled Senate (PubliCola, 1/14/13)
“Coup” caucus takes over (PubliCola, 1/14/13)
Morning Fizz: Session obsession (PubliCola, 1/14/13)
The way around Inslee: Voters (Crosscut, 1/12/13)
Rodney Tom under fire from Democratic Party activists over Senate coalition (Seattle Times, 1/11/13)
Inslee retains State Patrol and Corrections chief (Politics Northwest, 1/11/13)
Friday politics: Dems may lead some state Senate committees, Murray and assault weapons ban (Politics Northwest, 1/11/13)
Inslee picks five for Cabinet, including two from private sector (Politics Northwest, 1/10/13)
Some Democrats expected to take chairmanships in Senate (The News Tribune, 1/10/13)
Sen. Rodney Tom: Give college savings program the budget ax (Crosscut, 1/10/13)
Under fire, legislator pulls retreat bill (Crosscut, 1/10/13)
David Schumacher will take the lead on the budget for Jay Inslee (The News Tribune, 1/9/13)
Gov-elect Jay Inslee appoints budget director (Politics Northwest, 1/9/13)
The post-gay-marriage Democratic Party – A little lost (PubliCola, 1/8/13)
Gov. Chris Gregoire is on her way to Washington, DC (Politics Northwest, 1/8/13)
Rodney Tom hears from constituents about party ‘defection’ (Crosscut, 1/8/13)
Surprise! Economy #1 voter priority for legislative agenda (The Elway Poll, 1/7/13)
Legislature, Inslee face financial and political dilemmas (Crosscut, 1/7/13)
This Washington has its own military-industrial complex problem (Crosscut, 1/7/13)
Why Washington can’t wait for immigration reform (Crosscut, 1/7/13)
State education battle will test justices’ mettle when dealing with lawmakers (The News Tribune, 1/6/13)
Gregoire emerges as top contender to boss EPA (Seattle P-I, 1/4/13)
Constitutional amendment to be proposed for tax initiative (Seattle Times, 1/4/13)
‘Stand Your Ground’ in Washington? Not under this bill (Crosscut, 1/4/13)
Eyman turns in petitions as opposition forms (Everett Herald, 1/3/13)
Eyman’s I-517 would require vote on all qualified initiatives (Seattle Times, 1/3/13)
State teachers’ union to challenge charter school measure — but what about Dorn? (Washington State Wire, 1/3/13)
Gov-elect Jay Inslee hires longtime political reporter, former Ecology head (Seattle Times, 1/3/13)
Teachers union wants to help challenge charter school law (Politics Northwest, 1/2/13)
Washington delegation splits on ‘cliff’ vote; GOP yes, Smith and McDermott lone Democrats against(Political Buzz, 1/2/13)
Washington’s Republicans have to hope for a change in their party (Crosscut, 1/2/13)
‘Bipartisan; state Senate means rejecting voters’ own values (Crosscut, 1/2/13)

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