The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Virginia Governor News


Virginia Gubernatorial Headlines


E.W. Jackson launching PAC (Politico, 12/8/13)
Cuccinelli makes surprise speech, rules out another run (Politico, 12/7/13)
Virginia Republicans gather to chart course for coming elections (Washington Post, 12/7/13)
Ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie weighs Mark Warner challenge in Virginia (Politico, 12/7/13)
Virginia AG race recount slated for week of Dec. 16 as campaigns spar in court over rules (Washington Post, 12/4/13)
McDonnell, sidelined in governor’s race, to appear at fundraiser for state Sen. McWaters (Washington Post, 12/2/13)
Virginia Taxation Dept breaks with US treatment of same-sex married couples (Washington Post, 12/1/13)
OPINION: Support for gun control helped a candidate win in Virginia(Washington Post, 12/1/13)


Process of integrity; Recount should put commonwealth’s interest over party loyalty (Daily Press, 11/30/13)
If not Cuccinelli, then who? GOP field against Mark Warner in 2014 is still a work in progress (Washington Post, 11/30/13)
COMMENTARY: In Va. politics, the glass ceiling has few cracks (Washington Post, 11/29/13)
Va. gov ending term with scandal-tainted year (AP, 11/28/13)
McAuliffe wants Medicaid expansion; would help 400,000 of state’s poorest (The New Journal & Guide, 11/27/13)
Obenshain will request recount in tight race for Virginia attorney general (Washington Post, 11/26/13)
Party chairman who told anti-Semitic joke at Cuccinelli rally is now running for office (Think Progress, 11/26/13)
Cuccinelli challenges Obamacare employer mandate on Va. businesses (Augusta Free Press, 11/26/13)
Candidates line up for possible Virginia special election (Watchdog, 11/26/13)
McAuliffe wading into budget process (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/26/13)
McDonnell expects recount, not challenge through legislature in attorney general’s race (Washington Post, 11/26/13)
Former Gov. Doug Wilder offers words of praise, caution for Terry McAuliffe (WJLA, 11/25/13)
What are gov-elect Terry McAuliffe’s plans for Virginia’s mental health system?(Washington Post, 11/25/13)
Herring wins Virginia attorney general race, elections board announces (Washington Post, 11/25/13)
McAuliffe taps Layne, pledges to ease local traffic woes (The Virginian-Pilot, 11/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Making pre-K the Chamber’s business (Roanoke Times, 11/24/13)
Bankers to host financial forecast event (, 11/24/13)
McAuliffe accepts economic plan, urges business leaders to push for Obamacare expansion (Potomac Local, 11/24/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe: Layne will be next transportation secretary (Daily Press, 11/23/13)
Bob McDonnell hints at future in higher ed (Politico, 11/22/13)
McAuliffe names Aubrey Layne transportation chief (Washington Post, 11/22/13)
Aubrey Layne, Achievable Dream leader, to be McAuliffe’s transportation secretary (The Daily Press, 11/22/13)
Wilder: Disappointed that Cuccinelli cold-shouldered McAuliffe (The Shad Plank, 11/22/13)
Virginia Republicans organizing to blunt tea party power (Bloomberg, 11/21/13)
Former Vir. Gov. Doug Wilder ‘disappointed’ by Cuccinelli’s snub of McAuliffe (WJLA, 11/21/13)
Va. Chamber of Commerce presents ‘blueprint’ for economy to McAuliffe (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/21/13)
McDonnell says shutdown, fundraising hurt Cuccinelli more than governor’s gift scandal (Washington Post, 11/21/13)
State inspector general investigates why Deeds’s son was released before attack (Washington Post, 11/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Creigh Deeds tragedy shows need for continued discussion of mental health (Washington Post, 11/20/13)
Terry McAuliffe meets with union leaders (Politico, 11/19/13)
Virginia Gov-elect McAuliffe makes key appointments (Washington Post, 11/18/13)
Ken Cuccinelli reflects on losing Virginia governor’s race, talks about what’s next (Washington Post,11/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Triple trouble for Va. Republicans (Times-Dispatch, 11/17/13)
Democrats pick candidate for Northam seat; Lynwood Lewis to run in special election (Washington Post, 11/16/13)
Gov-elect Terry McAuliffe courted Va. labor and business. Can he keep both sides happy? (Washington Post, 11/16/13)
Virginia election: The regular State Board of Elections review is now underway (The Daily Press, 11/15/13)
Meet the computer geek who took on Ken Cuccinelli — and won (Mother Jones, 11/15/13)
New invoices bring taxpayer-paid legal bills for McDonnell gifts scandal to $575,000 (The Daily Press, 11/15/13)
Virginia election: Three Democrats battle for nomination in race to replace Northam in Senate (The Daily Press, 11/14/13)
Wealthy Gov-elect Terry McAuliffe begins putting assets into a blind trust (Washington Post, 11/14/13)
Herring, Obenshain dig in for a fight in tight Va. attorney general race as the lawyers move in (Washington Post, 11/13/13)
Cuccinelli says Obamacare argument ran out of time (Times-Dispatch, 11/13/13)
How Terry McAuliffe’s campaign changed the Virginia electorate (Washington Post, 11/13/13)
Democrat Mark Herring gets a leg up in Va. attorney general’s race in late ballot count (Washington Post, 11/12/13)
Top McAuliffe, Cuccinelli aides agree shutdown was key (USA Today, 11/12/13)
Ken Cuccinelli and the fading of the religious right (Washington Post, 11/12/13)
Why Republicans lost in Virginia — in three great maps (The Fix, 11/12/13)
Terry McAuliffe maintained Democrats’ digital edge (Politico, 11/12/13)
Virginia’s election lesson for the GOP: Tone down the crazy (The Guardian, 11/12/13)
Cuccinelli: I just needed ‘a few more days of the truth of Obamacare’ (The Daily Caller, 11/12/13)
Inside a green billionaire’s Virginia crusade (Politico, 11/11/13)
Ken Cuccinelli probably won in Virginia because maps (Slate, 11/11/13)
Group explore 2024 Olympic bid for Boston (Boston Globe, 11/10/13)
Virginia attorney general race narrows further (Washington Post, 11/10/13)
The Terry & Ken Show: Surprisingly dramatic, the election means bad news for both parties (The Daily Progress, 11/10/13)
Newly-counted Fairfax votes narrow gap in attorney general’s race (Washington Post, 11/9/13)
Absentee, provisional ballots could tip AG’s race (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/9/13)
Conservatives rip Virginia GOP effort, but kept their wallets stowed (TIME, 11/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Elected are the dealmakers (The Economist, 11/9/13)
Star Scientific’s Williams stepping down as CEO (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/8/13)
Ken Cuccinelli bright spot: Young voters (Politico, 11/8/13)
Virginia Attorney General: ‘Anyone’s race’ (Politico, 11/8/13)
TIME boss weighs in on Chris Christie cover (Politico, 11/8/13)
Report: Ken Cuccinelli eyed Bob McDonnell removal (Politico, 11/7/13)
Still, Cuccinelli almost pulled it off (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/7/13)
McDonnell briefs McAuliffe on Va. governor’s job at Executive Mansion lunch (Washington Post, 11/7/13)
Possible discrepancy in Fairfax absentee votes could affect count in AG race (Washington Post, 11/7/13)
Virginia triggers GOP circular firing squad (Politico, 11/7/13)
Robert Sarvis didn’t cost Ken Cuccinelli the Virginia governor’s race (The Fix, 11/7/13)
AG candidates preparing for recount (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/7/13)
McAuliffe announces transition team, executive orders (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/7/13)
McAuliffe sets early agenda, reaches across aisle (The Virginian-Pilot, 11/7/13)
When polls go bad (Politico, 11/6/13)
Virginia GOP assesses loss to rival it saw as weak (New York Times, 11/6/13)
Cuccinelli advisor blames Bobby Jindal, RGA for defeat: ‘They just blew it’ (The Daily Caller, 11/6/13)
In Virginia governor’s race, strategies of both parties fall short (LA Times, 11/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Terry McAuliffe has mastered the style of a Va. governor, but he has to deliver the substance (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
Lessons on immigration in two governors’ races (New York Times, 11/6/13)
How Terry McAuliffe mapped his Virginia win (Politico, 11/6/13)
Close result in Va. governor’s race hardens GOP divisions (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
Finger-pointing, not unity, follows Cuccinelli loss (msnbc, 11/6/13)
Close result in Va. governor’s race hardens GOP divisions (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
Virginia Democrats hold out hope for more state House seats as votes are examined (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
Finger-pointing after Cuccinelli’s loss in race (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
VIDEO: Michael Bloomberg: Terry McAuliffe win is NRA loss (Politico, 11/6/13)
GOP: Virginia results boost 2014 Obamacare attacks (Politico, 11/6/13)
Rush Limbaugh: GOP ‘betrayed’ Ken Cuccinelli (Politico, 11/6/13)
How the tea party lost on Tuesday night (The Fix, 11/6/13)
Obenshain edges ahead in tight battle for AG (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/6/13)
Peter Shumlin hails Terry McAuliffe win as slap to GOP (Politico, 11/6/13)
Write-in totals for Bolling may not be known (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/6/13)
McAuliffe names bipartisan transition team (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Virginia opts for splintered government (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/6/13)
McAuliffe’s win will have major effect on Virginia (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/6/13)
Ken Cuccinelli’s near miss sparks recriminations (Politico, 11/6/13)
Why Terry McAuliffe barely won (Politico, 11/6/13)
McAuliffe wins Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 11/6/13)
Virginia’s ‘national naysayer’ streak ends while New Jersey’s continues (smart politics, 11/6/13)
Off-year races really don’t matter, except when it’s McAuliffe and Clinton (National Journal, 11/5/13)
Now comes the hard part for Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
Election Day 2013: What to watch in Virginia (Politico, 11/5/13)
How to watch the exit polls in the Virginia governor’s race (The Fix, 11/5/13)
How Virginia has moved toward Democrats, in 7 maps (The Fix, 11/5/13)
Election results: AG race close; Northam tops E.W. Jackson (Politico, 11/5/13)
Ralph Northam wins race for Virginia lieutenant governor (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Virginia, New Jersey results highlight Republican Party’s divisions, problems (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
Democratic coalitions returns to Va., defeats GOP’s Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
Latino voters say health care, controversial remark spur them to turn out for McAuliffe (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
Herring, Obenshain in dead heat in Virginia attorney general’s race; recount expected (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
The five counties that matter in the Virginia’s governors race (The Fix, 11/5/13)
The Republicans’ surrogate problem (The Fix, 11/5/13)
GOP poised to keep advantage in Va. House (Washington Post, 11/5/13)
PPP: Terry McAuliffe up by 7 points (Politico, 11/4/13)
The single most telling chart of the Virginia governor’s race (The Fix, 11/4/13)
Ken Cuccinelli fights off the stench of doom (Politico, 11/3/13)
In Arlington with McAuliffe, Obama urges Virginia voters to think about the future (Washington Post, 11/3/13)
Both sides invoke Obama in climax of Virginia governor’s race (New York Times, 11/3/13)
President Obama ties Ken Cuccinelli to GOP obstructionists (Politico, 11/3/13)
Democratic groups gang up on Ken Cuccinelli (Politico, 11/3/13)
On Virginia trail, Scott Walker hits Terry McAuliffe on unions (Politico, 11/2/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe launch final, frenetic push (Washington Post, 11/2/13)
I.O.U.’s give the Democrat an edge in Virginia (New York Times, 11/2/13)
McAuliffe cites history, warns against complacency (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/2/13)
Cuccinelli urges backers not to be outworked (Richmond Times-Dispatch 11/2/13)
Will college students turn out on Election Day? (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/2/13)
McAuliffe up 7 points in CNU poll (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/2/13)
Candidates fanning out across Virginia (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/2/13)
ENDORSEMENT: For Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe (Virginia Gazette, 11/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Mr. Cuccinelli uses misdirection in his quest to be Virginia’s governor(Washington Post, 11/2/13)
Republican Ken Cuccinelli, running hard, has been hobbled in race for Virginia governor(Washington Post, 11/2/13)
At oyster festival, underdog Cuccinelli searches for pearls of good news (Washington Post,11/2/13)
Virginia blame game begins (Politico, 11/2/13)
Funding disparity helps McAuliffe dominate ad war (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/1/13)
Roanoke Times latest to endorse no one for governor (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/1/13)
Race for Va. attorney general offers stark choice (AP, 11/1/13)
Ken Cuccinelli: Obama visit to Va. ‘welcome’ chance to focus on Obamacare (Politico,11/1/13)
McAuliffe enters final weekend of Va. governor race with ad pledging to find ‘common ground’ (Washington Post, 11/1/13)
In Virginia governor’s race, gun control surfaces late as a key issue (Washington Post,11/1/13)
POLITIFACT: Cuccinelli says McAuliffe wants to raise average family taxes by $1,700 rated FALSE (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/1/13)
COMMENTARY: How Virginia politics got so dirty — and why it’s hard to clean up(Washington Post, 11/1/13)
Virginia Democratic Party ad highlights ‘Ken and Rick’ (Politico, 11/1/13)


For the next governor of Virginia, a ride through the skies is fast but not luxurious(Washington Post, 10/31/13)
Roanoke Times: A year to regret and regroup (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/31/13)
Ads in Virginia governor’s race cast McAuliffe as dealmaker, Cuccinelli as frugal choice(Washington Post, 10/31/13)
Republicans in Northern Virginia raise money for attorney general candidate as best hope(Washington Post, 10/31/13)
Cuccinelli’s schedule packed, McAuliffe’s light in closing days of Virginia governor’s race(Washington Post, 10/31/13)
McAuliffe trounces Cuccinelli in late donations in Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 10/31/13)
Ken Cuccinelli’s problems are a symptom of the GOP’s woes (National Journal, 10/30/13)
Va. Democrats focusing on drawing African Americans and young voters to the polls(Washington Post, 10/30/13)
Sarvis eyes record book in Virginia gubernatorial race (smart politics, 10/30/13)
Opposition to tea party reaches new high in Virginia, according to new poll (Washington Post, 10/29/13)
RNC focuses outreach, runs TV ad in Korean (Virginia Politics, 10/29/13)
POLITIFACT: Did Cuccinelli almost ruin the state’s recruitment of Northrop Grumman?(Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/29/13)
McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race(Washington Post, 10/28/13)
Obama, Biden to hit the trail for McAuliffe Va. governor bid, first lady cuts radio ad(Washington Post, 10/28/13)
Virginia Latinos, courted by Democrats, plunge into state political activism (Washington Post, 10/28/13)
Va. gubernatorial candidates bring in big names for late campaigning (Washington Post,10/28/13)
Campaign dismays Bolling (Martinsville Bulletin, 10/28/13)
In NoVa, veteran GOP delegate Rust fights for his seat as Democrats sense opportunity(Washington Post, 10/28/13)
McAuliffe continues torrid fundraising pace in closing weeks of Va. governor’s race(Washington Post, 10/28/13)
Bill Clinton and Terry McAuliffe, together again in four-day swing across Virginia(Washington Post, 10/27/13)
Cuccinelli’s status as Virginia attorney general has complicated his run for governor(Washington Post, 10/27/13)
Cuccinelli lashes McAuliffe over investment in annuity tied to a dying person (Washington Post, 10/27/13)
A close, contentious race in Virginia’s 87th House District (Washington Post, 10/27/13)
Probe of gifts leaves McDonnell sidelined in Va. governor’s race (Washington Post,10/26/13)
Libertarian Sarvis injects freshness into Virginia governor’s race forum (Washington Post,10/26/13)
Planned Parenthood president heads out in Virginia on behalf of Terry McAuliffe(Washington Post, 10/26/13)
Attorney general candidate Mark Obenshain carries bulk of GOP’s hopes in Virginia races(Washington Post, 10/26/13)
In annuity deal tied to McAuliffe, 2 investors knew they bet on specific, dying people(Washington Post, 10/26/13)
Terry McAuliffe would struggle to satisfy all of his donors’ desires as Virginia governor(Washington Post, 10/26/13)
Legal bills grow for taxpayers in McDonnell investigation (Washington Post, 10/25/13)
POLITIFACT: A quick look at the final Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/24/13)
Outside group launches six-figure ad buy to boost Sarvis campaign for Va. governor(Washington Post, 10/24/13)
Would-be Virginia governors spar, continuing bitter tone (New York Times, 10/24/13)
Virginia gubernatorial candidates take different approaches to education (Washington Post, 10/24/13)
Cuccinelli focuses on base as he tries to shore up right flank in Va. governor’s race(Washington Post, 10/23/13)
Cuccinelli teams with Paul Ryan to rip new health-care law (Washington Post, 10/23/13)
Virginia’s mental health system needs money; candidates differ on how to provide it(Washington Post, 10/23/13)
In Virginia coal country, voters’ suspicions reveal a GOP vulnerability (Washington Post,10/22/13)
Va. Democrats to pull racy posters from campuses (Washington Post, 10/22/13)
Northam presents upbeat bio, while Herring socks it to Cuccinelli in two new ads(Washington Post, 10/22/13)
Cuccinelli plan focuses primarily on secondary roads (Washington Post, 10/22/13)
Cuccinelli unsure he would have voted for compromise that ended shutdown (Washington Post, 10/21/13)
Ken Cuccinelli: Let county and local officials make transportation decisions (Washington Post, 10/21/13)
Bill Clinton to make three-day campaign swing to boost McAuliffe in Va. governor race(Washington Post, 10/21/13)
Cuccinelli and McAuliffe on transportation issues (Washington Post, 10/21/13)
Richmond Times-Dispatch refuses to endorse for Virginia governor (Politico, 10/20/13)
Ken Cuccinelli, Terry McAuliffe label each other ‘extreme’ on abortion (AP, 10/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Va. politicians clearly prefer the opaque (Richmond Times-Dispatch,10/20/13)
Hillary Clinton campaigns with McAuliffe, Huckabee with Cuccinelli (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Our choice for governor in 2013: None of the above (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/20/13)
Bill Clinton to campaign for Virginia gubernatorial candidate McAuliffe (Reuters, 10/20/13)
Virginia governor’s race attracting engaged college voters (The News Virginian, 10/20/13)
Star CEO says he told McDonnell of loan to first lady (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/20/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Cuccinelli vows to fight for coal (Bluefield Daily Telegraph,10/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Cash and crud from out yonder (Roanoke Times, 10/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Bill Bolling for governor (The Daily Progress, 10/20/13)
Mike Huckabee promotes Ken Cuccinelli in Lynchburg (Roanoke Times, 10/20/13)
Where Cuccinelli, McAuliffe stand on issues in the race for Virginia governor (Washington Post, 10/20/13)
How would McAuliffe, Cuccinelli govern Virginia, and what would early days look like?(Washington Post, 10/20/13)
Tim Kaine does Spanish ads for Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/20/13)
Bill Clinton to stump for old friend Terry McAuliffe (msnbc, 10/20/13)
Bill Clinton to campaign with Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/20/13)
Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail, hinting at national agenda (The Guardian,10/20/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli: Obamacare debut a ‘national embarrassment’ (CBS News, 10/19/13)
Huckabee tries to fire up base for Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 10/19/13)
In bellwether district, Va. governor’s race stews in aftermath of federal shutdown(Washington Post, 10/19/13)
Cuccinelli aims blast at Affordable Care Act in GOP’s weekly address (Washington Post,10/19/13)
Hillary Clinton stumps for Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/19/13)
Trailing, Ken Cuccinelli seeks to fire up base (Politico, 10/19/13)
Judge denies Dems request for injunction in Va. voter lawsuit (AP, 10/19/13)
Ken Cuccinelli: Obamacare an ‘embarrassment’ (Politico, 10/19/13)
Terry McAuliffe’s bid to be taken seriously (Politico, 10/19/13)
AP’s Lewis suspended after McAuliffe flub (Politico, 10/18/13)
VIDEO: Sarvis’ wife expresses concern about debate (Virginia Politics, 10/18/13)
What are the odds of a Democratic sweep? (Blue Ridge Caucus, 10/18/13)
Storm, scandal send Christie and McDonnell in different directions (Stateline, 10/18/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad hits McAuliffe over price tag for Democrat’s campaign promises(Washington Post, 10/18/13)
Jackson’s stump stories of childhood deprivation challenged by contemporaries(Washington Post, 10/17/13)
Poll: Amid shutdown, Republican falls further behind in race for Va. governor (NBC News First Read, 10/17/13)
Transportation advocates endorse Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/17/13)
Virginia Democrats attack Cuccinelli for comparing abortion to slavery, Civil War (CNN Political Ticker, 10/17/13)
Terry McAuliffe up 8 points in poll (Politico, 10/17/13)
Virginia purges 40,000 from voter rolls (AP, 10/17/13)
Virginia GOP says Democratic group violated campaign finance rules in AG race(Washington Post, 10/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Cuccinelli pays the price for the GOP’s ‘truce strategy’ on abortion(Washington Post, 10/17/13)
Cuccinelli again takes credit for new transportation law (Loudoun Times, 10/17/13)
Ken Cuccinellis speaks to economic development group in Newport News (The Daily Press,10/17/13)
Another McAuliffe ad dubs Cuccinelli ‘too extreme’ on divorce, climate change, the pill(Washington Post, 10/17/13)
Another poll puts McAuliffe in lead (Roanoke Times, 10/16/13)
COMMENTARY: As Virginia governor, Terry McAuliffe would have to woo GOP, learn the ropes (Washington Post, 10/16/13)
McAuliffe tax summary shows he made $9,5M in 2012; campaign won’t release full return (Washington Post, 10/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Women are the boot on Cuccinelli’s neck (Richmond Times-Dispatch,10/16/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe ad hits Cuccinelli for saying abortion will bring God’s ‘judgment’ on nation (Washington Post, 10/16/13)
McAuliffe maintains fundraising edge in Virginia governor’s race (Washington Times,10/16/13)
Terry McAuliffe leads Ken Cuccinelli by 7 points as Va. voters blame GOP for shutdown(Washington Examiner, 10/15/13)
Ted Cruz Republicans killing Ken Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 10/15/13)
Ken Cuccinelli: It is ‘amazing’ that God hasn’t punished America for abortion (Salon,10/15/13)
Bolling tells regional leaders to put aside ideological differences, work together (Bristol Herald Courier, 10/15/13)
Government shutdown hurting Republicans in Virginia governor’s race (Christian Science Monitor, 10/15/13)
Report: Ken Cuccinellie underling acted ‘inappropriately’ (Politico, 10/15/13)
Review: Assistant AG in Cuccinelli’s office improperly aided energy firms in gas case(Washington Post, 10/15/13)
CNU poll shows McAuliffe up 7 points over Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 10/15/13)
McAuliffe sets record-setting cash pace in Virginia’s governor’s race, maintains ad lead(Washington Post, 10/15/13)
Bill Clinton, Charlie Crist raise cash for Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/14/13)
McAuliffe did not disclose death-benefit investment (Washington Post, 10/14/13)
Cuccinelli has drawn deep lines between what he believes is right and wrong (Washington Post, 10/14/13)
Fearing a lost governor’s race, Virginia Republicans confront party divide (Washington Post, 10/13/13)
POLITIFACT: McAuliffe, Cuccinelli recycling dubious claims (Richmond Times-Dispatch,10/13/13)
Sunshine & friends: Mr. Bolling has some ideas (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, 10/13/13)
Gubernatorial candidates on the issues (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Let’s just skip the debates (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Of all Republicans, it’s Cuccinelli who’s losing the base (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/13/13)
Campaign giving in Virginia hints at changing political climate (The Daily Press,10/13/13)
In Bedford, Cuccinelli aims for victory (Lynchburg News & Advance, 10/12/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli rallies in the Shenandoah Valley (NBC29, 10/12/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidates visit Hampton Roads (WAVY, 10/12/13)
ENDORSEMENT: For governor: McAuliffe (Daily Press, 10/12/13)
McAuliffe posts 8-point lead in survey (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/12/13)
As Virginia governor’s race turns ugly, outside funds flow in (reuters, 10/12/13)
Controversial Liberian shipping registry a top donor to McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign(Washington Post, 10/12/13)
ENDORSEMENT: Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor (Washington Post, 10/12/13)
AUDIO: Shutdown takes a toll on GOP in Virginia governor’s race (NPR, 10/11/13)
Ron Paul endorses Cuccinelli in Virginia race (CNN Political Ticker, 10/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Hues of green and rose -neither candidate has a coherent vision for state finances (Roanoke Times, 10/11/13)
AG’s race gone to the dogs (Virginia Politics, 10/11/13)
Elections board to fight suit by Democrats (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/11/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe try to make the grade at UR (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/11/13)
Cuccinelli fundraiser co-host Tony Makris faced criticism for elephant hunt (Washington Post, 10/11/13)
Star Scientific chief thought McDonnell was helping firm get state funding (Washington Post, 10/11/13)
McAuliffe looks to attach $8 billion price tag to Cuccinelli tax plans in Va. governor’s race(Washington Post, 10/11/13)
In attorney general’s race, a self-described successor to Cuccinelli faces his opposite(Washington Post, 10/11/13)
Cuccinelli ad slams McAulifffe on investment tied to terminally ill (Washington Post,10/11/13)
McAuliffe, campaign give $74k to charity (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/11/13)
Stark contrast for voters in Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 10/11/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli ad: Terry McAuliffe ‘despicable’ (Politico, 10/11/13)
E.W. Jackson: ‘Growing hostility against Christianity’ (Politico, 10/11/13)
Ron Paul endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Virginia governor (Politico, 10/11/13)
Virginia governor election: Less money, more problems for Cuccinelli (Politico, 10/10/13)
Cuccinelli fails to reach Virginia voters as he attacks McAuliffe, rolls out tax hits(Washington Times, 10/10/13)
Libertarian excluded from Virginia gubernatorial debate (Politico, 10/10/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe use campaign surrogates in different ways (Washington Post,10/10/13)
Doug WIlder endorses Terry McAuliffe for governor (Washington Post, 10/10/13)
New poll has McAuliffe maintaining Va. lead, makes it unlikely Sarvis will be in last debate (Washington Post, 10/10/13)
Last debate in Va. governor’s race won’t include Libertarian Robert Sarvis (Washington Post, 10/10/13)
Cuccinelli and McAuliffe trade blows at forum (Washington Post, 10/10/13)
What the Virginia governor’s race tells us about the 2014 midterms (The Guardian,10/10/13)
Terry McAuliffe tells a good story — though facts may be scrambled (Washington Post,10/10/13)
McAuliffe among investors in Rhode Island insurance scam that preyed on dying people(Washington Post, 10/10/13)
Poll: Terry McAuliffe increases his lead over Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia governor election(Politico, 10/10/13)
McAuliffe remains up in latest Virginia gubernatorial polls (CNN Political Ticker, 10/10/13)
Virginia’s good economy can’t help Republicans (Bloomberg, 10/9/13)
Cuccinelli’s party (Washington Post, 10/9/13)
Gabrielle Giffords group to joins in Virginia races (Politico, 10/9/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP rebels spotlight Virginia’s dependence on DC (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/9/13)
Cuccinelli still down, but not out — yet (Washington Post, 10/9/13)
Council of Governments backs down on gun control resolution, supports education, training (Washington Post, 10/9/13)
McAuliffe ads stress small-business support (Washington Post, 10/9/13)
Cuccinelli says price tag for McAuliffe’s campaign promises totals $14 billion (Washington Post, 10/9/13)
AP retracts story on Terry McAuliffe lie claim (Politico, 10/9/13)
Bob McDonnell the survivor (Politico, 10/9/13)
Will Sarvis be in the last debate of the Va. governor’s race? It’ll hinge on math, lobbying(Washington Post, 10/8/13)
Ken Cuccinelli loses bid to re-ban sodomy (Slate, 10/8/13)
Ken Cuccinelli dismisses dropping numbers in latest polls (WJLA-TV, 10/8/13)
VIDEO: Herring takes on Obenshain’s and Cuccinelli’s social agenda in new television ad(Virginia Politics, 10/8/13)
Poll: Cuccinelli looking doomed in Virginia (Slate, 10/8/13)
Ads hit Cuccinelli on immigration, schools (Washington Post, 10/7/13)
Politico Poll: Govt shutdown backlash boosts Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 10/7/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad seizes on McAuliffe’s support for EPA rules restricting coal plants(Washington Post, 10/7/13)
In Virginia governor race, McAuliffe calls on Cuccinelli to denounce shutdown, Cruz(Washington Post, 10/6/13)
Cuccinelli, Cruz address conservatives in Richmond (Washington Post, 10/6/13)
Cuccinelli opposes Bi-County Parkway (Washington Post, 10/5/13)
Cuccinelli shuns Cruz limelight (Politico, 10/5/13)
Two new polls show McAuliffe with an edge in close Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 10/4/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe ads: Partly sunny with partisan punch (Washington Post, 10/4/13)
Ads: Shutdown is preview of Richmond under governors McAuliffe, Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 10/3/13)
Virginia Medicaid panel member calls ‘Obamacare’ expansion unlikely in near term(Washington Post, 10/3/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley to campaign for Cuccinelli (The State, 10/3/13)
Va. Dems sue governor, AG, claim voter-roll purge (AP, 10/2/13)
Rob Sarvis, a libertarian alternative to McAuliffe and Cuccinelli, gains traction in Va. governor’s race (Washington Post, 10/2/13)
Shutdown causes distress among area federal workers (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/2/13)
Rivals for two Virginia offices engage in spirited debates (Washington Post, 10/2/13)
COMMENTARY: The trivialization of Eric Cantor (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/2/13)
Governor: ‘As prepared as we can be’ (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/1/13)
Prop 8 legal team joins case against Va. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/1/13)
Bolling presents ideas for state government makeover (The Virginian-Pilot, 10/1/13)
McAuliffe says for first time that he supports EPA rules on coal-fired plants (Washington Post, 10/1/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli unveils new ad featuring female member of Richmond’s school board(Washington Post, 10/1/13)
McDonnell blasts all sides in looming shutdown (Washington Post, 10/1/13)
Virginia business’s plight in shutdown is fuel for political race (Washington Post, 10/1/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe ads continue focus on female voters (Pilot on Politics, 10/1/13)


Bolling lobbies for two-term governor, redistricting changes (Pilot on Politics, 9/30/13)
Emails show AG staffer continued advising energy companies (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/30/13)
VIDEO: State leaders plead for accord as shutdown nears (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/30/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe stake out clashing views on Obamacare as shutdown looms(Washington Post, 9/30/13)
Local business leader endorses McAuliffe for governor (, 9/29/13)
Virginia Democrats call on Cuccinelli to oppose a government shutdown (Fairfax News, 9/29/13)
AUDIO: Government shutdown sparks debate from Va. gubernatorial candidates (WTOP, 9/29/13)
Government shutdown could affect Virginia race (Politico, 9/29/13)
3 reasons Virginian women need to question gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli(Cosmo, 9/29/13)
Virginia braces for possible shutdown (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/29/13)
U.Va. Board of Visitors lead the way in state political giving (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Other governors have had on-the-job training (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Write-ins remain an option, but rarely make a dent (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/28/13)
National stakes in Virginia’s gubernatorial race (Washington Post, 9/28/13)
AG’s office, senator compromise on scope of records request (AP, 9/28/13)
McDonnell supports bid for drones test site (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/28/13)
Cuccinelli highlights Obamacare fight (Washington Post, 9/28/13)
In McDonnell probe, action unlikely before Virginia’s November election, sources say(Washington Post, 9/28/13)
Libertarian threatens to spoil GOP hopes in Virginia (CNN Politics, 9/27/13)
NRA wading into Va. governor’s race with $500K ad campaign against McAuliffe(Washington Post, 9/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Black is whit, up is down in Virginia governor race (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/27/13)
NRA to launch ads against McAuliffe (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/27/13)
McAuliffe donor wades into Virginia gas royalty dispute (AP, 9/27/13)
OPINION: Why Republicans should say no to Cuccinelli and Jackson (Washington Post,9/27/13)
VIDEO: Herring releases his first television ad (Virginia Politics, 9/27/13)
Latest Cuccinelli ad showcases AG’s record on human trafficking, child pornography(Washington Post, 9/27/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli launches first campaign ad to focus on Obama health-reform law(Washington Post, 9/26/13)
Fairfax Chamber endorses McAuliffe for governor, also backs Northam, Herring(Washington Post, 9/26/13)
Group forms to raise concerns about Cuccinelli’s ethics in office (Roanoke Times, 9/26/13)
The five biggest takeaways from the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate (The Fix, 9/26/13)
Fairfax chamber backs Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Virginia governor (Daily Press,9/26/13)
Cuccinelli ad draws contrast with McAuliffe on Obamacare (Pilot on Politics, 9/26/13)
Bolling: SOuthern Virginia on the way back from past tough times (Martinsville Bulletin,9/26/13)
2006 dispute led to temporary restraining order against Jackson (Politico, 9/26/13)
EDITORIAL: Cuccinelli moves to the center, rewrites past (Washington Post, 9/26/13)
Virginia’s no-win ballot (Slate, 9/26/13)
How would Terry McAuliffe govern Virginia? (WJLA-TV, 9/26/13)
How Cuccinelli should have talked from the start (Washington Post, 9/26/13)
McAuliffe benefactor Steyer wades into politically charged Va. battle over gas royalties(AP, 9/26/13)
In an uphill Va. governor’s race, Cuccinelli threads careful path on shutdown battle(Washington Post, 9/26/13)
Virginia governor hopefuls punt on Redskins name (USA Today, 9/26/13)
After debate, Fairfax Chamber backs Democrats (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/26/13)
Fairfax Chamber backs McAuliffe, Democratic ticket (Virginia Politics, 9/26/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe attack other’s qualifications (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/26/13)
McDonnell’s Education secretary takes U.Va. post (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/25/13)
The questions Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe don’t want to answer (Politico, 9/25/13)
The Fighter; Ken Cuccinelli has built his brand on defending against big taxes, big government and liberal social policies (Richmond magazine, 9/25/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli take their bitter battle to the airwaves (Washington Post, 9/25/13)
Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli go small in debate (Politico, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: Libertarian crashes the party on Virginia’s debate night (National Journal,9/25/13)
Terry McAuliffe, Ken Cuccinelli trade blows at Virginia debate (Politico, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: Libertarian Sarvis to air campaign ad during McAuliffe-Cuccinelli debate Wed. night (Washington Post, 9/25/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe campaign demands that PAC shut down negative ad (Washington Post,9/25/13)
VIDEO: Everything you needed to know about the Virginia governor’s race, in 140 seconds (The Fix, 9/25/13)
Five things to watch in the Cuccinelli-McAuliffe debate (The Fix, 9/25/13)
Va. reclaims Forbes ‘Best State for Business’ title (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/25/13)
What the Virginia governor’s race says about the state of American politics (US News,9/25/13)
VIDEO: In Va. debate, Cuccinelli tries to close the gender gap (MSNBC, 9/25/13)
Virginia gubernatorial debate starts ugly, works its way down (CNN Political Ticker, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: In debate with McAuliffe, Cuccinelli unable to shake the past(Washington Post, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Tonight’s debate-channel-changer or race-changer? (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/25/13)
Tonight’s debate key test for Cuccinelli, McAuliffe (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/25/13)
Gov. Robert McDonnell’s approval rating drops to new low, poll finds (Washington Post,9/24/13)
New Post poll  has McAuliffe up 47-39 over Cuccinelli (Daily Press, 9/24/13)
Annotating the overly optimistic Ken Cuccinelli polling memo (The Fix, 9/24/13)
The Virginia governor’s race, illustrated (Washington Post, 9/24/13)
Despite scandal, McDonnell remains popular in Virginia (MSNBC, 9/24/13)
Polls: Single digit race in crucial gubernatorial battle (CNN Political Ticker, 9/24/13)
A lot on the line in Virginia as governor race heats up (msnbc, 9/24/13)
Polls: Terry McAuliffe has the edge in Virginia (Politico, 9/24/13)
Cuccinelli struggling against McAuliffe (Washington Post, 9/24/13)
McAuliffe leads in Virginia gov race, polls show (Wall Street Journal, 9/24/13)
Democrat McAuliffe has slight edge in Virginia governor’s race: poll (Reuters, 9/24/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe to take part in conversations at UR (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/24/13)
Ralph Northam eventually draws contrast with E.W. Jackson in Virginia Lt. Gov. debate(Washington Post, 9/24/13)
Romney to headline Cuccinelli fundraiser (Washington Post, 9/24/13)
McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 9/23/13)
POLITIFACT: Cuccinelli ad gives McAuliffe unfair blame for company’s failure (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/23/13)
Battle for the ‘burbs will likely decide key Virginia contest (First Read, 9/23/13)
E.W. Jackson says non-Christians are engaged in ’some sort of false religion’ (Washington Post, 9/23/13)
E.W. Jackson faces key test in debate with Democratic opponent for lieutenant governor(Washington Post, 9/23/13)
UR president will question gubernatorial candidates Oct. 10 (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/23/13)
Liberal think tank says Cuccinelli tax plan gives nearly half its benefit to top 5 percent(Washington Post, 9/22/13)
Bitter race for governor appears far from over (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/22/13)
In Virginia’s gubernatorial race, Cuccinelli is at a crossroads: Can his luck continue?(Washington Post, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Good news for Cuccinelli is less bad news — for now (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/22/13)
Groups flush with out-of-state cash flock to Virginia governor’s race as testing ground(Washington Post, 9/22/13)
In Richmond, Cuccinelli and McAuliffe offer dueling views on environment (Washington Post, 9/21/13)
GreenTech fits pattern of investment that has made big profits for Terry McAuliffe(Washington Post, 9/21/13)
Medicaid expansion at stake at ballot box in November (Daily Press, 9/21/13)
Mark Warner touts Terry McAuliffe in new ad (Washington Post, 9/21/13)
Cuccinelli team: Aide’s emails were not OK’d (Roanoke Times, 9/21/13)
VIDEO: How did the race for Virginia governor become a ‘vacuum’? (msnbc, 9/21/13)
McAuliffe avoids position on EPA rules, Cuccinelli dodges on House spending vote(Washington Post, 9/20/13)
E.W. Jackson calls for eliminating corporate income tax, suggests Cuccinelli agrees(Washington Post, 9/20/13)
How Bolling narrowly avoided a lashing by own party (Washington Post, 9/20/13)
Out-of-state money dominating Va. gov race (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/20/13)
Lobbyist leaves governor’s office for law firm (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/20/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli tied in Va. governor’s race, poll finds (Wall Street Journal, 9/19/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad: ‘Virginia deserves a serious governor’ (Weekly Standard, 9/19/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad hits McAuliffe for not being ’serious’ (The Hill, 9/19/13)
EDITORIAL: McAuliffe is a common-sense candidate (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/19/13)
McAuliffe campaign hits ’self-inflicted wound’ bump (WJLA-TV, 9/19/13)
Libertarian spoiler in Virginia? (Wall Street Journal, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Can either of these guys win it? (Washington Post, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Bumps on the road to a Democratic sweep (Washington Post, 9/19/13)
McAulliffe’s fundraising prowess gives him lead in TV ads, particularly in pricey N.Va.(Washington Post, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Taking the fight tot he Democrats (Wall Street Journal, 9/19/13)
Virginia’s median household income takes hit, census data indicate (Washington Post,9/19/13)
Medicaid panel invites comments on expansion in Virginia (Roanoke Times, 9/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid’s no cure-all for McAuliffe’s budget plan (Washington Post, 9/19/13)
VPAP: More than $2 of every $3 in Va. governor campaign contributions came from outside state (AP, 9/19/13)
Cuccinelli touts record, slams McAuliffe in half-hour infomercial (Pilot on Politics, 9/19/13)
McAuliffe walks tightrope on energy issues in the Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 9/19/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe launches another ad against Cuccinelli on mining royalties case(Washington Post, 9/19/13)
Cuccinelli camp’s new ad spotlights NoVA business group’s hard-fought endorsement(Washington Post, 9/19/13)
Va Tech, Roanoke TV station to host October debate (AP, 9/19/13)
Cuccinelli disavows GOP official’s joke about Jews (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/19/13)
Roanoke College poll finds Virginia races not generating front-runners (Roanoke Times,9/19/13)
Governor contest tightens, poll says (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/19/13)
New poll shows support for Sarvis in Virginia governor’s race (Virginia Politics, 9/18/13)
Democrat in Va. gov’s race says he knew nothing of allies pressing tech group on endorsement (AP, 9/18/13)
The lowest turnout ever in Virginia? (Washington Post, 9/18/13)
‘Last Supper’ flap dredges up Ken Cuccinelli’s demons (The Daily Beast, 9/18/13)
Hillary Clinton to do second event for Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 9/18/13)
Grassroots movement may be Jackson’s ace in the hole (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/18/13)
Terry talks Medicaid and budget; Ken expands on plans for ‘at will’ state employees(Virginia Politics, 9/18/13)
McAuliffe on defensive as Cuccinelli gets a boost (Washington Post, 9/18/13)
GOP candidate Cuccinelli condemns anti-Semitic joke told by supporter at rally(Washington Post, 9/18/13)
VIDEO: Ending Spending super PAC puts $200,000 into ads attacking McAuliffe’s ties to Va. (Washington Post, 9/18/13)
Poll shows third-party candidate in Virginia could be key in tight governor’s race(Washington Post, 9/18/13)
Former chef pleads no contest to stealing food from Va. governor’s mansion (Washington Post, 9/18/13)
McAuliffe, Northam gain cash edge over GOP rivals (Roanoke Times, 9/18/13)
Showing unity, GOP ticket makes rare joint appearance (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/17/13)
Republican mayor of Virginia Beach endorses McAuliffe, spelling the end for Cuccinelli(InTheCapital, 9/17/13)
Latest McAuliffe ad in campaign for Va. governor hits Cuccinelli on abortion (Washington Post, 9/17/13)
Va. Lt. Gov. Bolling’s part in endorsement controversy angers fellow Republicans(Washington Post, 9/17/13)
Cuccinelli rallies with radio talk show host in Northern Virginia (Washington Post,9/17/13)
What’s going on in the Virginia governor’s race: Anti-Semitic joke edition (The Atlantic Wire, 9/17/13)
Ethnic joke, remarks stir governor’s race (Pilot on Politics, 9/17/13)
The ghosts of Macaca haunt Virginia (JTA, 9/17/13)
Ken Cuccinelli supporter makes Jewish joke at rally (Huff Post Politics, 9/17/13)
Citizens United spends $300K to boost anti-McAuliffe film ‘Fast Terry’ in Northern Virginia (Washington Post, 9/17/13)
Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the governor’s race in Virginia (Politico, 9/16/13)
McAuliffe tops Cuccinelli in fundraising race for Virginia governor (Washington Post,9/16/13)
American Dream at stake, Rubio says at Cuccinelli fundraiser in Richmond (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/16/13)
Rubio: Electing Cuccinelli will be ‘a statement to the country’ (Washington Post, 9/16/13)
Northern Virginia business group makes Cuccinelli endorsement official (Washington Post,9/16/13)
Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson tell crowd they’re running together at top of Virginia ticket (Washington Post, 9/15/13)
Judge frustrated in coalbed methane case linked to governor’s race (Roanoke Times,9/14/13)
COMMENTARY: One candidate has been focused on the issues (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/15/13)
Today’s top opinion: Unanimity (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/15/13)
Abortion draws sharp divide in governor, lt. governor’s races (The Daily Press, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats plotting to kill same-sex marriage ban? (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/15/13)
Herring goes on attack in AG race (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/15/13)
LG candidate Jackson likens election to American Revolution (Pilot on Politics, 9/15/13)
Cuccinelli denies ‘at will’ comments (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Unlike McAuliffe, Cuccinelli gives back tainted funds (Pilot on Politics, 9/15/13)
Rival ads knock gubernatorial candidates Cuccinelli and McAuliffe on ethics (Washington Post, 9/15/13)
Cuccinelli pays a political price for remaining AG (AP, 9/15/13)
McAuliffe camp erupts over business PAC’s choice of Cuccinelli for Virginia governor(Washington Post, 9/15/13)
Northern Virginia Technology Council endorses Cuccinelli but delays announcement(Washington Post, 9/14/13)
Cuccinelli says he has solution for gas royalty disputes (, 9/14/13)
VIDEO: Staff reorganization in Cuccinelli campaign as polls show McAuliffe leading (First Read – DMV, 9/14/13)
VIDEO: Pro-Cuccinelli ad – ‘Don’t let them ‘Detroit’ Virginia’ (RealClearPoltiics, 9/14/13)
COMMENTARY: They’ve left it up to you (The Daily Press, 9/14/13)
If elected, McAuliffe faces showdown with Republicans in Virginia House over Obamacare(Washington Post, 9/14/13)
Terry McAuliffe’s double vision on Cuccinelli’s tax plan (Washington Post, 9/13/13)
Trailing McAuliffe, Cuccinelli changes staff, focus (The Virginian-Pilot, 9/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Vote for a CoalBlue Democrat Terry McAuliffe (, 9/13/13)
Can you see the Virginia governor’s race through all the mud? (Patch, 9/13/13)
Plenty of local bias in Virginia governor’s race (Human Events, 9/13/13)
Republicans worried about Cuccinelli’s prospects (Washington Post, 9/13/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad dubs McAuliffe self-serving tycoon (Pilot on Politics, 9/13/13)
McDonnell’s private spokesman departs (Virginia Politics, 9/13/13)
GOP’s new ‘war on coal’ ad targets McAuliffe (Washington Post, 9/12/13)
Poll: McAuliffe by 5 over Cuccinelli (TPM, 9/12/13)
Poll: McAuliffe has an 18-point lead among women (BuzzFeed Politics, 9/12/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli hits McAuliffe for ‘war on the working poor’ in new campaign ad (The Hill, 9/12/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli spar over Virginia property taxes (Washington Business Journal,9/12/13)
Coal returns as a Virginia campaign issue (Washington Times, 9/12/13)
VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Bolling: Candidates need to talk about the issues (, 9/12/13)
New Super PAC ads try to tie McAuliffe to liberal politicians, celebrities (Washington Post,9/12/13)
VIDEO: In new ad, Cuccinelli calls out McAuliffe on coal (Pilot on Politics, 9/12/13)
McAuliffe says he won’t give back Thompson donation (Washington Post, 9/12/13)
With second law firm, state’s bill for private lawyers in chef’s case hits $244,000(Washington Post, 9/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Cuccinelli damage control too little, too late (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/11/13)
McAuliffe camp claims Cuccinelli plan would raise property taxes, GOP cites ‘faulty logic’(Washington Post, 9/11/13)
Ken Cuccinelli exploring 30-minute ads (Politico, 9/11/13)
Cuccinelli donates value of gifts from company, CEO to Richmond charity (AP, 9/10/13)
Cuccinelli: Donating Star cash is ‘the right thing to do’ (NBC 12, 9/10/13)
Cuccinelli donates Star cash, says Williams never got special treatment (NBC 12, 9/10/13)
Cuccinelli to donate value of Star gifts to charity (NBC 12, 9/10/13)
Veteran Democratic strategist says he is pulling for Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race(Washington Post, 9/9/13)
GOP candidate Obenshain moderates message in AG race (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/9/13)
Ratings change: Virginia Governor – Leans Democrat (Rothenblog, 9/9/13)
ENDORSEMENT: McAuliffe for Virginia governor (The Virginian-Pilot, 9/8/13)
GOP governors group gives Cuccinelli an additional $1 million (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/8/13)
COMMENTARY: For Cuccinelli, it’s dogma over doctrine (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/8/13)
GOP strategist Boyd Marcus move to McAuliffe campaign seen as sign of party rift(Washington Post, 9/8/13)
McAuliffe makes final community college stop (Washington Post, 9/7/13)
Democrats demand Ken Cuccinelli take down ‘deceptive’ campaign ad (TPM, 9/6/13)
Election 2013: Virginia governor: McAuliffe 45%, Cuccinelli 38% (Rasmussen Reports, 9/6/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli ad criticizing McAuliffe for Global Crossing profits stirs controversy(Washington Post, 9/6/13)
As Cuccinelli and McAuliffe stump at VCU, Doug Wilder shows who’s boss (Washington Post, 9/6/13)
Cuccinelli impersonator hired by liberal super PAC causes stir at Virginia Beach aquarium(Washington Post, 9/6/13)
VIDEO: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe get audience — Wilder’s class (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/6/13)
McDonnell’s legal team bills taxpayers $90,000 for June (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/6/13)
VIDEO: Taxpayers now footing the bill for McDonnell’s legal battle (WTVR, 9/5/13)
VIDEO: McDonnell describes Star Scandal as ‘a bump in the road’ (WTVR, 9/5/13)
Va. billed another $90,000 for governor’s lawyers in executive chef case (AP, 9/5/13)
Jackson and Northam campaigns crank up the heat (Virginia Politics, 9/5/13)
League of Conservation Voters donates $1.6M to Virginia PAC (Richmond Times-Dispatch,9/5/13)
Va.  cabinet member quits for post with realtors (The Virginian-Pilot, 9/5/13)
McDonnell says Virginia National Guard will provide benefits to gay couples (Washington Post, 9/5/13)
Ken Cuccinelli opposes Syria intervention; hits McAuliffe for not taking a position(Washington Post, 9/5/13)
Cuccinelli unveils Virginia higher-ed policy plan in former Gov. Doug Wilder’s class(Washington Post, 9/5/13)
EDITORIAL: McDonnell’s time is up (InsideNoVa, 9/5/13)
RGA, DGA spend big on Virginia governor’s race (Politico, 9/5/13)
Cuccinelli to unveil Virginia higher ed policy plan at former governor Doug Wilder’s class(Washington Post, 9/5/13)
Woman in anti-McAuliffe ad says she was misled about filming (Pilot on Politics, 9/5/13)
Green donor drops $500K on anti-Cuccinelli ad (Pilot on Politics 9/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Omen or not? What off-off-year elections tell us about the future(Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 9/5/13)
New Cuccinelli, McAuliffe ads tackle ‘justice’ and divorce (Pilot on Politics, 9/5/13)
McDonnell urged to deny military couples same-sex benefits (Pilot on Politics, 9/4/13)
New McAuliffe ad in Va. governor race hits Cuccinelli for opposition to no-fault divorce(Washington Post, 9/4/13)
E.W. Jackson campaign says it’s in close touch with Virginia GOP (Washington Post,9/4/13)
Private lawyers bill state $90,000 more to represent McDonnell, office in chef case(Washington Post, 9/4/13)
Wealthy environmentalist Tom Steyer pours another $500K into anti-Cuccinelli campaign (Washington Post, 9/4/13)
Cuccinelli won’t defend school take-over law championed by McDonnell (Washington Post,9/3/13)
Third-party candidate for governor vies for visibility (The Virginian-Pilot, 9/3/13)
Jackson keeps GOP establishment at arm’s length in Va. lieutenant governor campaign(Washington Post, 9/3/13)
Ad in Va. governor’s race highlights Cuccinelli’s fight to clear wrongly convicted man(Washington Post, 9/3/13)
Va. candidates walk Labor Day parade in search of votes (Washington Post, 9/2/13)


Gov. McDonnell described as aware of gifts from Virginia businessman (Washington Post,8/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Robert McDonnell sacrifices wife Maureen McDonnell in gifts scandal(Washington Post, 8/31/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli to air ‘Go Hokies’ ad during Saturday’s Va Tech-Alabama game(Washington Post, 8/30/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli slug it out on public radio (Washington Post, 8/30/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli, trade charges at energy forum (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/30/13)
General Assembly watchdog agency gets new director (AP, 8/30/13)
Virginia gubernatorial candidates drop gloves in latest skirmish (Politico, 8/29/13)
Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe battle over ethics, social views at Arlington energy forum (Washington Post, 8/29/13)
Virginia governor candidates spar at energy forum AP, 8/29/13)
Democrats don’t want candidate Cuccinelli to represent elections board (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/29/13)
Lobbyist reports say $15.9M spent in Virginia (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/29/13)
2 Republican ex-senators back McAuliffe (AP, 8/28/13)
Democratic statewide candidates win backing from Realtors (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/28/13)
At Norfolk school McDonnell pledges to defend takeover law (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/28/13)
Ken Cuccinelli’s family law stance won him support of fathers’ rights movement(Washington Post, 8/28/13)
Study highlights check-splitting in Va. gift reporting (Washington Post, 8/28/13)
Ken Cuccinelli vows not to support restrictions on birth control (Washington Post,8/27/13)
Web site backing McDonnell seeks funds for his legal costs (Washington Post, 8/27/13)
Rubio to stump for Cuccinelli in Virginia (Washington Post, 8/26/13)
Realtors endorse McAuliffe over Cuccinelli (Washington Post, 8/26/13)
McAuliffe’s business partners under scrutiny amid federal inquiry into GreenTech(Washington Post, 8/24/13)
Poll reports McDonnell’s honesty an issue for many (Pilot on Politics, 8/23/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe launch dueling ads (Washington Post, 8/22/13)
Poll: McDonnell ratings near all-time low (Washington Post, 8/22/13)
Poll: McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in governor’s race (The Virginian-Pilot, 8/22/13)
Dem poll shows Terry McAuliffe lead in Virginia race (Politico, 8/22/13)
Demographic shifts may help Virginia Democrats (New York Times, 8/22/13)
McAuliffe gets $1.2M donation from ‘Super PAC’ (New York Times, 8/21/13)
Virginia poll: Terry McAuliffe leads Ken Cuccinelli (Politico, 8/21/13)
Why Terry McAuliffe is winning the Virginia governor’s race (The Fix, 8/21/13)
Virginia ended fiscal year with $585M surplus (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/20/13)
McAuliffe gets veteran GOP strategist endorsement (AP, 8/20/13)
Va. Medicaid policy panel learns it’s not alone (AP, 8/20/13)
Va. among states seeking middle ground on Medicaid expansion (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/20/13)
Prosecuting Bob McDonnell no slam dunk (Politico, 8/19/13)
Virginia gubernatorial candidates attack each other’s ethics again (Washington Post,8/19/13)
McDonnell touts budget surplus as lawyers huddle (Washington Post, 8/19/13)
EDITORIAL: The fuzzy math of Ken Cuccinelli’s economic plan (Washington Post,8/19/13)
Governor hopefuls ride campaign drive-through lane (The Virginian-Pilot, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: New television ad targets Cuccinelli for refusal to return gifts (Virginia Politics, 8/19/13)
Jackson backs Cuccinelli’s education plan (Virginia Politics, 8/19/13)
Policy briefly takes center stage in governor’s race (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/19/13)
Attorneys for McDonnells to meet with prosecutors as key phase opens in gifts probe(Washington Post, 8/18/13)
VIDEO: Ken Cuccinelli plays up Virginia ties in Williamsburg (The Daily Press, 8/18/13)
Northam’s bid for LG targets moderates (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Enthusiasm gap scrambles Va. campaign (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/18/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe: Credits should support rehab of old schools (The Daily Press, 8/17/13)
First lady invested in Star (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/17/13)
Feds, state probing first lady’s purchase of Star stock (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/17/13)
Cuccinelli backs fixing aging schools through tax credits (Virginia Politics, 8/16/13)
McAuliffe touts environmental protection in Norfolk (The Virginian-Pilot, 8/16/13)
Va. first lady bought stock in Star Scientific (Washington Post, 8/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Insider influence in the Commonwealth (New York Times, 8/15/13)
A bumpy stretch for McAuliffe (TIME, 8/15/13)
Outside money floods Va. governor’s race (The Virginian-Pilot, 8/15/13)
Fast-food campaigning, Virginia style (Pilot on Politics, 8/15/13)
VA gubernatorial candidate announces plan to state-fund religious schools (Ms. Magazine, 8/15/13)
Libertarian candidate for governor visits Valley (WHSV, 8/15/13)
Gov. McDonnell finishes tour of Virginia focusing on accomplishments, not gift scandal(Washington Post, 8/15/13)
Who’s afraid of a little sodomy? (Huff Post Politics, 8/14/13)
VIDEO: GOP uses Va. gubernatorial race to attack Hillary Clinton (MSNBC, 8/14/13)
OPINION: Are Virginians bored of politics? (The Daily Caller, 8/14/13)
Cuccinelli announces education proposals (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/14/13)
Ken Cuccinelli: Amend Virginia constitution to allow taxpayer funding for religious schools (Think Progress, 8/14/13)
Virginia’s gubernatorial sleaze-off (The Atlantic, 8/14/13)
Two more negative ads on crowded airwaves in Va. governor’s race (Washington Post,8/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Person by person, McDonnell tries to repair his reputation (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/14/13
DAYBREAK DAILY: Bill Bolling mulls write-in candidacy in Virginia (WJLA-TV, 8/14/13)
Fundraising, attack ads stir up Va. governor’s race (Washington Times, 8/14/13)
VIDEO: During McDonnell’s policy tour, topic of gifts persists (The Daily Press, 8/14/13)
Anyone planning to write in Bill Bolling for governor? (Blue Ridge Caucus, 8/14/13)
Bolling won’t rule out write-in campaign (The Shad Plank, 8/14/13)
Bolling doesn’t embrace write-in possibility, but doesn’t rule it out (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/14/13)
GOP uses Virginia governor’s race as test ground for Hillary Clinton attacks (The Hill,8/14/13)
COMMENTARY: The third-party Catch-22 (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/14/13)
Attacks on car firm, natural gas scandals persist in Cuccinelli, McAuliffe race (Pilot on Politics, 8/14/13)
Cuccinelli PAC gets $500,000 from donor in New York (AP, 8/13/13)
Governor candidates momentarily tone down attacks (Pilot on Politics, 8/13/13)
Planned Parenthood mailer hits ‘extremely dangerous’ Cuccinelli (CNN Political Ticker, 8/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Terry McAuliffe’s former car company is signaling problems in his Virginia governor’s race (Washington Post, 8/13/13)
Va. gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli unveils K-12 education plan (Washington Post,8/13/13)
VA elections 2013: GOP attacks McAuliffe’s business background (Patch, 8/13/13)
Cuccinelli school plan gives parents ability to close down failing schools (News Leader,8/13/13)
Candidates to roll out policy initiatives today (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/13/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe announces biotech & innovation policy (NBC29, 8/13/13)
What role will the Libertarian candidate play in this year’s governor’s race (Blue Ridge Caucus, 8/13/13)
Dueling ads: McAuliffe highlights cross-aisle support, Cuccinelli hits Democrat on probes(Washington Post, 8/13/13)
Va. gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli to unveil K-12 education plan (Washington Post,8/13/13)
VIDEO: Latest Cuccinelli ad pushes populist message (Washington Post, 8/12/13)
VIDEO: Political attacks could drown out policy proposals (NBC29, 8/12/13)
Why the Virginia governor’s race matters to non-Virginians (National Review, 8/12/13)
Governor’s race seems to be navigated by negativity (The Virginian-Pilot, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Cuccinelli is the GOP’s Wilder (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/11/13)
Cuccinelli turns up heat on McAuliffe’s GreenTech role (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/11/13)
Candidates using funny math on Medicaid (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/11/13)
Conflicts emerge as hurdles for Cuccinelli’s run (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/11/13)
As Virginia’s campaign 2013 becomes race to the bottom, positive policy messaging gets lost (AP, 8/11/13)
McDonnell spokesman says feds cut deal with donor (Pilot on Politics, 8/10/13)
Libertarian trying to shake up Va. governor’s race gets tough on top candidates (Fox News, 8/10/13)
Star Scientific says it expects no prosecution in federal investigation (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/10/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli swap venom at governor forum (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/10/13)
GOP lawmaker Ramadan backs special ethics session (Washington Post, 8/10/13)
McAuliffe’s GreenTech car company launched with high hopes, but reality dogs campaign(Washington Post, 8/10/13)
Jackson’s latest disclosure error an oversight, campaign says (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/10/13)
McAuliffe’s car troubles persist (PolitiFact Virginia, 8/10/13)
In leaked audio, Cuccinelli affirms support for EW Jackson (TPM, 8/9/13)
Hillary Clinton to host Terry McAuliffe fundraiser (Politico, 8/9/13)
Ken Cuccinelli slams Terry McAuliffe at forum (Politico, 8/9/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli attend joint forum for Northern Virginia business community(Washington Post, 8/9/13)
Hopeful’s connections jolt bitter Virginia race (New York Times, 8/9/13)
Va. doctor who lent governor’s firm $50,000 was offered medical board appointment(Washington Post, 8/8/13)
Out-of-state funds pouring into Virginia race for governor (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/8/13)
Health care debate plays out in Richmond (Virginia Politics, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: McAuliffe’s sales pitch starts to sour (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/7/13)
Bolling proposes ethics reforms (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/7/13)
McDonnell announces state tour (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/7/13)
Donor funds anti-Cuccinelli ad as McAuliffe gets union cash (Pilot on Politics, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: McAuliffe biggest obstacle seems to be himself (Richmond Times-Dispatch,8/7/13)
McAuliffe, Cuccinelli race drips with venom (Washington Post, 8/6/13)
At Henrico forum, McAuliffe and Cuccinelli differ on Medicaid expansion (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/6/13)
Virginia House GOP leaders oppose special session on ethics reform (Washington Post,8/6/13)
VIDEO: McAuliffe Web ad seeks to tie Cuccinelli gifts from Star to past donations controversy (Washington Post, 8/6/13)
Virginia gubernatorial candidates McAuliffe, Cuccinelli talk jobs, economy in Norfolk(Washington Post, 8/6/13)
Gov. Robert McDonnell to tour state amid scandal (Washington Post, 8/6/13)
Lt. Gov. Bolling calls for gift and ethics reform (Washington Post, 8/6/13)
EDITORIAL: A campaign under a cloud (Roanoke Times, 8/6/13)
Virginia’s gubernatorial race has turned into a sad, sleazy circus (The Daily Beast, 8/6/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidates spar at healthcare forum (WTVR, 8/6/13)
Virginia’s governor’s race: Negative and getting more so (NPR, 8/6/13)
New controversy in already sizzling Virginia guv campaign (CNN Political Ticker, 8/5/13)
McAuliffe hit by trio of ads; environmentalist billionaire to fund anti-Cuccinelli spots(Washington Post, 8/5/13)
Cuccinelli, McAuliffe address mental health (Washington Post, 8/5/13)
Cuccinelli urges special session on ethics (Washington Post, 8/5/13)
Cuccinelli pressed on Star Scientific; McAuliffe on Greentech (NBC12, 8/5/13)
VIDEO: Scandals in gubernatorial race overshadows platform issues (WTVR, 8/5/13)
McAuliffe to receive campaign boost along with SEC investigation (WJLA, 8/5/13)
McAuliffe denies seeking special visa favors for former company (WJLA, 8/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Cuccinelli, McAuliffe and the split in the GOP (The News & Advance, 8/4/13)
McAuliffe responds to investigation report (WTVR, 8/4/13)
With new ad, Republican governors campaign group calls Democrat McAuliffe ‘untrustworthy’ (AP, 8/4/13)
Billionaire environmentalist goes big in Virginia governor race (Politico, 8/4/13)
Hillary Clinton watchers keeping their eyes on Terry McAuliffe’s campaign for Va. governor (Washington Post, 8/4/13)
Bobby Jindal turns up heat on Terry McAuliffe (Politico, 8/4/13)
Jindal defends McDonnell, slams McAuliffe (Washington Post, 8/4/13)
Is it CONSOL vs. Virginia’s two gubernatorial candidates? (, 8/3/13)
Terry McAuliffe: ‘No knowledge’ of SEC probe (Politico, 8/3/13)
Donor Jonnie Williams, Star Scientific are cooperating in probe of Gov. Robert McDonnell(Washington Post, 8/3/13)
McDonnell’s mansion director leaves post (Washington Post, 8/2/13)
Clouds spread to Democratic side of Virginia governor’s race (New York Times, 8/2/13)
Company with ties to Terry McAuliffe is under SEC investigation (Washington Post,8/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Get serious about ethics in Va. (Washington Post, 8/1/13)
McAuliffe accepts payday lenders’ support (Washington Post, 8/1/13)

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