The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


VT 2011 Archives

vermont-stampVermont Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Another belt-tightening year ends without broad-based tax increases (VT Digger, 12/30/11)
Public Assets Institute: State making up for lost federal funds could be the new normal (VT Digger, 12/30/11)
Vermont sticks with village-focused growth policy (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/29/11)
Single-payer health reform is the salient issue of 2011 (VT Digger, 12/29/11)
Audio: A last look back at 2011 (VPR, 12/29/11)
Signs of recovery (Governors Journal, 12/28/11)
Shumlin: State will add $6.1M to LIHEAP (VT Digger, 12/28/11)
Vermont proposal aims to prevent undecided governor’s race (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/28/11)
Shumlin, Legislature promise state money for LIHEAP (VPR, 12/28/11)
Commentary: Unicorn power for Vermont (Bennington Banner, 12/27/11)
Irene heroes: Shumlin was lifted by the tenacity of Vermonters (Burlington Free Press, 12/27/11)
VT proposal aims to prevent undecided gov’s race (RealClearPolitics, 12/27/11)
Democrats hold power base and push Shumlin’s agenda forward in 2011 (VT Digger, 12/27/11)
Stannard Super PAC to support progressive candidates (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/21/11)
Vermont to seek 90% renewable energy by 2050 (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/16/11)
Vermont Yankee employees ask court not to dismiss lawsuit (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/16/11)
Nuclear advisory panel discusses Vermont Yankee safety issues (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/15/11)
Shumlin wants $25M more to cover Irene damages (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/13/11)
State, local policies emerge on illegal immigrants (Boston Globe, 12/11/11)
Safety advocates raise concerns over Vt Yankee problems (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/9/11)
VT governor vows statewide broadband in 2 years (CBS Money Watch, 12/9/11)
Shumlin administration and Vermont State Employees Association reach contract agreement (Burlington Free Press, 12/9/11)
How secretive was Randy Brock about his decision? Here’s how (Burlington Free Press, 12/8/11)
VT Gov. Peter Shumlin picks new legal counsel (Burlington Free Press, 12/8/11)
Brock announces run for Vermont governor (Burlington Free Press, 12/7/11)
Brock goes after Shumlin on health care, safety (Burlington Free Press, 12/7/11)
Brock will challenge Shumlin (Bennington Banner, 12/7/11)
Audio: Brock says he’ll seek Republican nomination for governor (VPR, 12/7/11)
Vermont GOP backs Brock for 2012 gubernatorial bid (VT Digger, 12/7/11)
Team Kale (Seven Days, 12/7/11)
Video: VT GOP members support Randy Brock for governor (YouTube, 12/7/11)
Shumlin urges level-funding of school budgets (The Commons, 12/7/11)
School funding in Vermont is always controversial (Burlington Free Press, 12/5/11)
Eat more kale? Eat mor chikin? Vermont governor chooses kale (LA Times, 12/5/11)
Shumlin urges Irene victims to call BISHCA hotline about insurance questions (VT Digger, 12/4/11)
Gov. Shumlin sets goals for ’12 (Bennington Banner, 12/4/11)
Audio: Shumlin joins effort to reclassify marijuana (VPR, 12/2/11)
Gov. Shumlin defends health care funding (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/2/11)
Governor recommends steady property tax rate (VPR, 12/2/11)
Gov. Shumlin supports doctors prescribing pot (Boston Globe, 12/1/11)
Video: Shumlin recommends ‘zero percent’ increase in statewide property tax rates (VT Digger, 12/1/11)
VEM director reassigned in wake of Irene (WCAX, 12/1/11)
Gov: VT statewide school tax to remain flat (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/1/11)


VT gets $18M for health plan (Brattleboro Reformer, 11/30/11)
State hosts health care financing meeting (Brattleboro Reformer, 11/30/11)
Editorial: A health care work in progress (Bennington Banner, 11/30/11)
New federal, state rules for health care insurance rattle businesses (VT Digger, 11/30/11)
State hosts health care financing meeting (Brattleboro Reformer, 11/30/11)
Beth Robinson, Vermont’s first openly gay Supreme Court Justice, sworn in (Huffington Post, 11/29/11)
Searching for a single-payer funding solution (WCAX, 11/29/11)
Vermont receives $18M for health benefit exchange (VT Digger, 11/29/11)
Same-sex marriage advocate joins Vermont Supreme Court (Burlington Free Press, 11/28/11)
Vermont hearings to focus on health care funding (Burlington Free Press, 11/28/11)
River rerouting becomes hot-button issue in wake of Tropical Storm Irene (Burlington Free Press, 11/27/11)
VT rivers may need re-routing after Irene (WPTZ, 11/27/11)
Shumlin bullish on state’s future (Brattleboro Reformer, 11/26/11)
Key Burlington Democrats see Tim Ashe’s candidacy as threat to the party (Burlington Free Press, 11/20/11)
Rethinking the Circ: Task force recommends smaller steps to ease traffic congestion (Burlington Free Press, 11/18/11)
Opinion: Core issues in health care reform (Burlington Free Press, 11/18/11)
Gov. Shumlin receives the 2011 green Governor of the Year award (Digital Journal, 11/18/11)
Vermont’s Irene aid on the way (Burlington Free Press, 11/17/11)
Vermont changes rules for seasonally unemployed (Burlington Free Press, 11/17/11)
Vermont requires some unemployed to seek work sooner (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/17/11)
VT unemployment rate down to 5.6% from 5.8% (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/17/11)
Vermont state revenues continue above target (Burlington Free Press, 11/16/11)
Commentary: Plato, UVM and the Shumlin solution (VT Digger, 11/16/11)
Vermont takes lessons from Irene (Burlington Free Press, 11/16/11)
Opinion: State energy plan would send state backwards (VT Digger, 11/15/11)
Lobbying boot camp at Vermont Statehouse (Burlington Free Press, 11/15/11)
Gov. Shumlin goes to Miami to promote investment in Vermont (Burlington Free Press, 11/15/11)
Shumlin’s GMP connection under his skin (Burlington Free Press, 11/15/11)
Vermont Gov: Change the way you talk about green (, 11/15/11)
Gov. Shumlin, bipartisan governors call on Congress for heating assistance (VT Digger, 11/11/11)
Pat Leahy: Restoring roads is a key to Vermont’s recovery (Burlington Free Press, 11/11/11)
Audio: Green Mountain Care Board works to decrease cost of health care (VPR, 11/9/11)
Con Hogan: An ideas man with a broad portfolio (VT Digger, 11/9/11)
Shumlin wants UVM to focus on math, science (Burlington Free Press, 11/8/11)
One year to go before Vermont elections, and…? (Burlington Free Press, 11/7/11)
Under new rules Vt State Police can no longer ask undocumented residents about immigration status (VT Digger, 11/5/11)
Audio: State revises its ‘bias-free’ policing policy (VPR, 11/4/11)
Video: Shumlin effectively puts ‘look the other way’ in writing (WPTZ, 11/4/11)
Vermont amends policy for suspected illegal immigrants (Burlington Free Press, 11/4/11)
New VT-NY bridge over Lake Champlain to open (Wall Street Journal, 11/3/11)
Shumlin rails against White House’s drastic cut to Low Income Heating Assistance Program (VT Digger, 11/3/11)
Editorial: Know Irene’s impact before altering state budget (Burlington Free Press, 11/3/11)
Shumlin concerned about cuts to low income heating assistance (VPR, 11/3/11)
Audio: Teachers’ strike renews interest in labor dispute laws (VPR, 11/1/11)
Gov. Shumlin’s father injured in car crash (Burlington Free Press, 11/1/11)


Anatomy of a strike: Bennington impasse over ‘steps’ and health care concessions may have statewide implications (VT Digger, 10/31/11)
State officials say Irene transportation repairs will cost less than half what they anticipated (VT Digger, 10/31/11)
VT officials provide dramatically lower cost estimates for post-Irene road, bridge repairs (Washington Post, 10/31/11)
Strike is over; school is back as both sides agree to tentative contract (Bennington Banner, 10/31/11)
Common Cause backs off Shumlin campaign probe (Times Argus, 10/28/11)
Vermont GOP says governor should speak up on teacher strike (Burlington Free Press, 10/28/11)
Opinion: Mental health patient welfare top priority (Burlington Free Press, 10/28/11)
Opinion: Manage government to need, not just money (VT Digger, 10/27/11)
Lessons from the Single-Payer State (In These Times, 10/27/11)
Sheffield Wind Project opens a new clean energy chapter in Vermont (VT Digger, 10/26/11)
Shumlin: Vermont State Hospital will not reopen (Commons News, 10/26/11)
Audio: Officials celebrate new Sheffield wind farm (VPR, 10/26/11)
Vermont teachers strike enters sixth day (Burlington Free Press, 10/26/11)
Common Cause seeks investigation of Shumlin’s campaign contributions (Burlington Free Press, 10/26/11)
Opinion: Next Legislature will face major challenges to spare Vermonters from health coverage gap (VT Digger, 10/26/11)
Audio: Tourism revenues up, despite Irene (VPR, 10/25/11)
Gov. Shumlin and the push for single-payer health care (Governing, 10/25/11)
Video: Anti-billboard law poses challenges for FEMA in Vermont (NECN, 10/25/11)
Shumlin appoints counsel to supreme court (Legal Newsline, 10/24/11)
What is Vermont Legislature’s role in Irene recovery? (Burlington Free Press, 10/24/11)
Federal aid for Irene tops $34M in Vermont (VT Digger, 10/24/11)
Vermont GOP gets new executive director (Burlington Free Press, 10/24/11)
Single-payer advocate sounds alarm about impact of federal health insurance mandate on low-income Vermonters (VT Digger, 10/24/11)
Lt. Gov raises ire with comment that Republicans are doing more storm cleanup (Burlington Free Press, 10/21/11)
Still no decision day for Vermont Yankee closure (Reuters, 10/21/11)
GOP’s McDonald mulls run for Vermont governor (Burlington Free Press, 10/18/11)
Keeping track of Gov. Peter Shumlin’s travels (Seven Days, 10/14/11)
Audio: Gov. Peter Shumlin interview (VPR, 10/14/11)
Long wait for state employees to return to Waterbury office complex (VT Digger, 10/14/11)
Officials look for alternatives to state hospital (VPR, 10/14/11)
State takes time on Waterbury office decision (Burlington Free Press, 10/13/11)
Post-Irene state office decision months away (Burlington Free Press, 10/13/11)
Irene damage nears $1 Billion (WCAX, 10/13/11)
Opinion: Shumlin  administration correct and fair in Irene pay dispute (VT Digger, 10/13/11)
Audio: Shumlin – Without help from Congress, VT faces “financial disaster” (VPR, 10/13/11)
Opinion: We are up to the challenge (Times Argus, 10/13/11)
Audio: As Irene costs soar, lawmakers ask ‘Now what?’ (VPR, 10/12/11)
Audio: Irene forces delay in High Court appointment (VPR, 10/12/11)
How will VT pay for road repairs after Irene? (WCAX, 10/12/11)
Irene costs mounting, but will feds pay? (VT Digger, 10/12/11)
State ‘redirects’ highway money to pay for emergency repairs (VT Digger, 10/12/11)
Audio: Lawmakers push for a decision on state hospital’s future (VPR, 10/11/11)
VT lawmakers to chart state hospital future (WPTZ, 10/11/11)
Gov. Shumlin declares Oct 22 Vermont’s post-Irene Clean Up Day (Burlington Free Press, 10/11/11)
Fair or foul? Vermont GOP chides Shumlin for Columbus Day break (VT Digger, 10/10/11)
Shumlin: VT workers seeking more pay a disservice (Forbes, 10/6/11)
VT town pleads for complex, jobs after Irene (Forbes, 10/6/11)
VSEA files storm-related pay grievance (Burlington Free Press, 10/5/11)
Shumlin’s ambivalence about refurbishing state complex rattles Waterbury officials (VT Digger, 10/5/11)
Waterbury lobbies to keep state jobs (Burlington Free Press, 10/5/11)
VT state employees seek double-time pay for work after Irene (Rutland Herald, 10/5/11)
Vermont steps into new health care future (Burlington Free Press, 10/4/11)
Audio: Green Mountain Care Board focuses on cost containment (VPR, 10/4/11)
Green Mountain Care Board begins health care reform effort in earnest (VT Digger, 10/4/11)
Audio: State workers’ union wants double pay for some members (VPR, 10/4/11)
VSEA workers file complaint against state over double-time (VT Digger, 10/3/11)
Physician-assisted death forums planned in Vermont (Burlington Free Press, 10/3/11)


Vermont GOP chairwoman urges discussion about government spending in the wake of Irene (Burlington Free Press, 9/28/11)
Salmon drops back from Senate, gubernatorial races; VT GOP in wait-and-see mode for 2012 (VT Digger, 9/26/11)
Audio: Irene alters Vermont’s political landscape (VPR, 9/23/11)
Tom Salmon decides to run again for VT state auditor (Burlington Free Press, 9/23/11)
VT delegation says FEMA funds are not enough (VPR, 9/23/11)
Audio: After Irene, building it right (VPR, 9/21/11)
Money pours in to help VT Irene victims (WCAX, 9/21/11)
Fixing up for the fall show (Wall Street Journal, 9/21/11)
VT lawmaker pushes for spending freeze, special session (WCAX, 9/21/11)
Shumlin extends state credit to towns afflicted by Irene; doesn’t rule out gas tax hike (VT Digger, 9/21/11)
Irene damage edges toward $1B mark (VT Digger, 9/20/11)
State offers recovery funding options (Times Argus, 9/20/11)
Contract provisions on double pay create misunderstanding between Shumlin and VSEA (Burlington Free Press, 9/19/11)
VT GOP criticizes Gov. Peter Shumlin over migrant worker statement (Burlington Free Press, 9/19/11)
Heart of Vermont still in recovery mode after Tropical Storm Irene (Burlington Free Press, 9/18/11)
Number of displaced Vermont families may be double (Burlington Free Press, 9/17/11)
Video: Route 4 reopens, but is it too late for VT businesses? (WCAX, 9/16/11)
Uncertainty surrounding health care reform is cramping business investment (Burlington Free Press, 9/15/11)
Two workers released after immigration bust (Burlington Free Press, 9/15/11)
Audio: In major milestone, Route 4 reopens in Killington (VPR, 9/15/11)
Shumlin blessed by Vermont constituents with patience, backhoes (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/15/11)
Let’s not be married to single-payer (Burlington Free Press, 9/15/11)
Audio: Health care board chief plans changes to payment system (VPR, 9/15/11)
Seven reasons single-payer health care will be great for Vermont business (Burlington Free Press, 9/15/11)
Health reform – detriment or opportunity? (Burlington Free Press, 9/15/11)
VT Governor wants police directive on migrant workers (WPTZ, 9/15/11)
Vermont Yankee nuclear plant trial wraps up (Huffington Post, 9/14/11)
Time to act boldly on health care reform (Burlington Free Press, 9/14/11)
Video: Migrant supporters decry Vermont traffic stop (WPTZ, 9/14/11)
New recovery czar tours county towns (Brattleboro Reformer, 9/13/11)
Green Mountain Care board members appointed (VT Digger, 9/13/11)
VT lawmakers to get briefing on paying for flood (Forbes, 9/13/11)
Video: How will VT pay for all the damage from Irene? (WCAX, 9/13/11)
New board set to leade ground-breaking health care reform (VT Digger, 9/13/11)
Shumlin names five to key board for Vermont health reform (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/11)
Shumlin: UVM needs strong, innovative leader (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/11)
Comment & Debate: Shumlin taking the responsible approach (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/11)
Shumlin orders probe of traffic stop involving migrant workers (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/11)
Nuke plant VP says firm agreed to VT oversight (Forbes, 9/13/11)
GOP lawmaker unhappy with Shumlin’s pick to head Irene recovery (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/11)
Peter Shumlin offers bright story amidst Irene’s dark clouds (Burlington Free Press, 9/12/11)
Audio: Irene could define Shumlin’s first term (VPR, 9/12/11)
Facing flash floods, some VT towns prepare to evacuate (VPR, 9/5/11)
Irene: Political blessing or curse for Shumlin? Only time will tell (VT Digger, 9/5/11)
Vermont newspapers try to recover from flooding (Burlington Free Press, 9/5/11)
Vermont turns out for its dairies as they take stock and dig out (New York Times, 9/4/11)
In Vermont, ATVs often reviled, but popular this week (Forbes, 9/2/11)
It’s official: Irene was a disaster (Brattleboro Reformer, 9/2/11)
Feds declare ‘major’ disaster areas (Times Argus, 9/2/11)
Vermont’s Waterbury state offices could be out for months (Burlington Free Press, 9/1/11)
Shumlin asks Obama to declare Vermont major disaster area (Burlington Free Press, 9/1/11)
Obama declares Vermont a major disaster area (VT Digger, 9/1/11)
VT utility making progress with power restoration (Forbes, 9/1/11)
For the governor of Vermont, a crash course in disaster management (New York Times, 9/1/11)


FEMA Administrator, Shumlin tour state by air (VPR, 8/31/11)
Vermont officials assess the risks in towns lacking water and power (New York Times, 8/31/11)
In Vermont, rough roads reconnected to all but one community (NPR, 8/31/11)
“The Vermont Way” applied in Irene recovery (CBS Evening News, 8/30/11)
State, town officials pledge to rebuild (Brattleboro Reformer, 8/30/11)
Government officials tour damage around the state (Burlington Free Press, 8/30/11)
‘Catastrophic’ Vermont floods kill three, Governor blames climate change (Environment News Service, 8/30/11)
Waterbury state office complex washed out (WCAX, 8/30/11)
Gov. Shumlin: ‘It breaks your heart’ (Bennington Banner, 8/29/11)
Audio: Shumlin: ‘We’re going to be digging out for a long time’ (VPR, 8/29/11)
Commentary: Vermont GOP gubernatorial lineup takes shape (VT Digger, 8/28/11)
Entergy, state seek to keep lawsuit documents confidential (VT Digger, 8/25/11)
Vermont poised to seek waiver from education law (Burlington Free Press, 8/25/11)
VT GOP: Shumlin’s economic policies hurting Vermonters (VT Digger, 8/25/11)
Gap or no gap? Shumlin administration, Joint Fiscal Office see 2013 budget through different lenses (VT Digger, 8/25/11)
VT commerce secretary responds to GOP criticism (Burlington Free Press, 8/25/11)
VT state employees union to see what members think about single-payer health care (Burlington Free Press, 8/25/11)
Vermont GOP keeps up flow of criticism of Gov. Peter Shumlin (Burlington Free Press, 8/25/11)
Opinion: Shumlin needs timeout on Vermont Yankee (Burlington Free Press, 8/24/11)
Editorial: In Vermont, don’t depend on wind (Bennington Banner, 8/24/11)
Protesters target Shumlin during Lowell Mountain rally (VT Digger, 8/24/11)
Protesters call for more solar, fewer wind projects (VPR, 8/24/11)
Shumlin pushes to expand school choice (VPR, 8/23/11)
Should legislators be on the University of Vermont board? (Burlington Free Press, 8/23/11)
Gov. Shumlin goes north for energy (Burlington Free Press, 8/22/11)
Remaking the Burlington Free Press: Where photos are king, hard news is almost an after-thought (VT Digger, 8/22/11)
National audience acknowledges Vermont’s governor (Burlington Free Press, 8/22/11)
Some see trade deals as threatening states’ powers (Burlington Free Press, 8/21/11)
Former Gov. Douglas continues wind criticism (Burlington Free Press, 8/21/11)
Shumlin’s desire to extend rail to Burlington (Burlington Free Press, 8/21/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers as college trustees face conflict of interest (Burlington Free Press, 8/21/11)
VT migrant workers decry immigration crackdown (WPTZ, 8/19/11)
Shumlin administration to oppose soda tax (Burlington Free Press, 8/16/11)
Progressives embrace Shumlin at leadership meeting (VT Digger, 8/15/11)
State trade commission miffed at Shumlin snub (Burlington Free Press, 8/15/11)
Vermont’s economy weakened but stable; new challenges loom (VT Digger, 8/15/11)
Vermont governors, past and present, unite in deploring Washington’s disharmony (VT Digger, 8/15/11)
Margolis: “Robo” poll gives Welch, Leahy wide edge, while Shumlin gets narrow win (VT Digger, 8/14/11)
Governor seeks to shed light on law enforcement (Burlington Free Press, 8/11/11)
From Shumlin to Fogel, a suggestion on ex-UVM president’s payout (Burlington Free Press, 8/11/11)
Republicans say Douglas should get job credit (Burlington Free Press, 8/7/11)
Off the Fifth Floor: Shumlin, salesman in chief (VT Digger, 8/3/11)

JULY 2011

Much ado about MVP and single payer health care reform (VT Digger, 7/31/11)
Lawmakers hail new energy store (Brattleboro Reformer, 7/29/11)
Video: Off the Fifth Floor: Inside baseball, Shumlin-style (VT Digger, 7/28/11)
‘Friends of Dubie’ seek funds to help fight campaign financing case (VT Digger, 7/27/11)
Prescription drug abuse in VT ‘a problem of epidemic proportions’ (Burlington Free Press, 7/24/11)
Vermont finances show signs of life (Burlington Free Press, 7/22/11)
Shumlin announces judicial appointments (Burlington Free Press, 7/22/11)
Video: GMP, VTel and CVPS to collaborate on broadband expansion (VT Digger, 7/21/11)
VT firms team up to spread smart grid, broadband Internet (Burlington Free Press, 7/21/11)
Vermont utilities enter smart grid/broadband deal (Forbes, 7/21/11)
Audio: State revenues climb, but Shumlin remains cautious (VPR, 7/21/11)
Head of Vermont state employees to resign (Burlington Free Press, 7/21/11)
Two recent reports show the state economy is faring better than most (Brattleboro Reformer, 7/21/11)
Economists: VT can expect slow growth (WCAX, 7/21/11)
Vermont state revenue forecast to be released (Forbes, 7/21/11)
FairPoint extens VT broadband, but is it far enough? (WCAX, 7/21/11)
Shumlin appoints 2 to VT Superior Court (Burlington Free Press, 7/20/11)
UVM president resigns for ‘deeply personal reasons’ (VPR, 7/20/11)
Vermont Yankee ruling not so good for state after all? (Burlington Free Press, 7/19/11)
Larson to leave Legislature for job in government (Burlington Free Press, 7/19/11)
Shumlin picks Dem legislator for job leading health care agency (Burlington Free Press, 7/19/11)
Shumlin’s sound bites come back to bite (Burlington Free Press, 7/18/11)
Early contributors to Shumlin’s re-election campaign (Burlington Free Press, 7/18/11)
Shumlin: Vermont should improve tourism marketing to minorities (Burlington Free Press, 7/17/11)
Video: Shumlin discusses Vermont’s recent efforts on health care (C-SPAN, 7/16/11)
Shumlin campaign flush with cash (Vermont Today, 7/16/11)
Vermont revenues ahead of target for month, year (Burlington Free Press, 7/16/11)
Shumlin pulls in campaign donations (Burlington Free Press, 7/16/11)
Shumlin: Give states opportunity to buy local food for schools (Burlington Free Press, 7/15/11)
Shumlin raises $187,380 for 2012 campaign (VT Digger, 7/15/11)
Audio: Shumlin plan would use federal aid to buy local food (VPR, 7/14/11)
Dubie ‘seriously considering’ a rematch against Shumlin (VT Digger, 7/14/11)
VT AG won’t press charges against nuclear plant officials (Stateline, 7/12/11)
Acting Vermont governor takes the wheel (Burlington Free Press, 7/12/11)
Shumlin: Canadian utilities won’t get free pass south (Times Argus, 7/12/11)
Shumlin: Region can work with Canada on renewable energy (Brattleboro Reformer, 7/12/11)
Shumlin entertains idea of power corridor in Vermont (VT Digger, 7/12/11)
Opinion: War against the First Amendment (Bennington Banner, 7/11/11)
Vermont AG says nuclear plant officials won’t be charged for lying under oath (Washington Post, 7/6/11)

JUNE 2011

VT Yankee, VT attorneys hash it out in court (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/24/11)
VT Yankee employees: VT jobs threat violates their civil rights (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/24/11)
Entergy: Losing money not an option (Rutland Herald, 6/24/11)
Vermonters get ready for Entergy v. Shumlin (Valley Advocate, 6/23/11)
Bidding war over VT power company (NECN, 6/23/11)
Shumlin sounds pretty favorable toward GMP-CVPS deal (Burlington Free Press, 6/23/11)
Nuclear plant owner asks judge to limit VT reach (Boston Globe, 6/23/11)
NRC defends its record, Vermont Yankee (Times Argus, 6/23/11)
Residents criticize NRC on Yankee (Rutland Herald, 6/23/11)
NRC says VT Yankee is sound, but many remain skeptical (VT Digger, 6/23/11)
Audio: Entergy: Nuclear regulation is federal govt domain (VPR, 6/23/11)
VT Yankee hearing could have state, national implications (WPTZ, 6/23/11)
VT Yankee operators file suite against Vermont (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/23/11)
Video: Vermont ready for business, cabinet members say (VT Digger, 6/22/11)
Audio: Court hearing considers central issue of Yankee lawsuit (VPR, 6/22/11)
Shumlin off to NYC to raise campaign money (Burlington Free Press, 6/21/11)
Seeking advice, VT launches new energy website (VPR, 6/20/11)
After two months of flooding, VT residents dry out, pick up pieces as Lake Champlain recedes (Boston Globe, 6/20/11)
Opinion: Unflattering angles, and choices (Bennington Banner, 6/16/11)
The Climate Cabinet is ready: Are you? (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/16/11)
Audio: Shumlin outlines details of federal disaster relief (VPR, 6/16/11)
Democratic politicians rally for health care (Addison County Independent, 6/16/11)
Editorial: Viable community hospitals are also a right, not a privilege (Addison County Independent, 6/16/11)
Audio: Emergency board approves funds for flood recovery (VPR, 6/14/11)
Board pitches single-member House districts (Burlington Free Press, 6/10/11)
Shumlin shares the state with rival Vermont politicians (Burlington Free Press, 6/9/11)
State officials urge homeless advocates to find efficiencies (VT Digger, 6/9/11)
Shumlin announces $3M in emergency loans for businesses damaged in flood (VT Digger, 6/9/11)
Shumlin proposes $1 million ‘lifeline’ fund for flooded businesses (Times Argus, 6/8/11)
Vermont focuses on homeless problem (Burlington Free Press, 6/8/11)
Vermont GOP’s ordination of a gubernatorial candidate a ways off (VT Digger, 6/8/11)
Audio: For flood-damaged businesses, Shumlin announces aid (VPR, 6/8/11)
Vermont House redistricting puzzle takes shape (Burlington Free Press, 6/6/11)
Sanders proposes cheaper, speedier solar power permits (Burlington Free Press, 6/5/11)
Pot bill is signed into law (Times Argus, 6/3/11)
New Vermont law gives medical marijuana users a legal choice (Burlington Free Press, 6/3/11)
Shumlin: Judicial experience not necessary for next justice (Burlington Free Press, 6/3/11)
Shumlin defends stance on energy issues (VPR, 6/3/11)
Flood damage estimates for public infrastructure top $15 million (VT Digger, 6/3/11)
Pot dispensaries now legal in VT (WPTZ, 6/2/11)
Vermont’s first clean energy bill now a law (IBTimes, 6/2/11)
Vermont Legislature won’t hold veto override session (Burlington Free Press, 6/2/11)
Audio: Shumlin looking for Supreme Court nominee who is “tough on crime” (VPR, 6/2/11)
Vermont panel picked to nominate health board (Burlington Free Press, 6/2/11)
New wildlife law spared beloved Pete the Moose (Reuters, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Shumlin signs “Pete the Moose” act (VT Digger, 5/31/11)
Has Vermont solved the solar permitting problem? (GreenTech Media, 5/31/11)
Opinion: Green Mountain Care is mission impossible (VT Digger, 5/31/11)
Analysis: Frustrated small business owners among single-payer’s biggest fans (Center for Public Integrity, 5/31/11)
Vermont passes single-payer health care, world doesn’t end (Mother Jones, 5/30/11)
Why single payer in Vermont isn’t a game-changer (TIME, 5/27/11)
Shumlin signs nation’s first single-payer health care bill into law (VT Digger, 5/27/11)
Opinion: Fertile ground for a single-payer bill (Burlington Free Press, 5/27/11)
Commentary: Vermont, the land of healthy firsts (The Cap Times, 5/26/11)
Vermont moving toward single-payer health care (Reuters, 5/26/11)
Vermont streamlines small-scale solar power (Huffington Post, 5/26/11)
Vermont’s Shumlin uses Obama health care law to build bridge to state-run care (Bloomberg, 5/26/11)
Shumlin issues surprise veto (Burlington Free Press, 5/26/11)
Critics of single payer say governor’s ‘victory rally’ should be a wake-up call (VT Digger, 5/26/11)
Audio: Shumlin signs health care bill into law (VPR, 5/26/11)
VT Energy Act offers a new national model for solar system permitting (Solar Industry Mag, 5/26/11)
Single-payer health care: Vermont takes lead (Christian Science Monitor, 5/26/11)
Shumlin signs universal health care bill (Brattleboro Reformer, 5/26/11)
New law boosts clean energy efforts in Vermont (Forbes, 5/26/11)
New ‘solar customer benefit’ will spur solar, jobs across Vermont (VT Digger, 5/25/11)
Shumlin signs renewable energy bill (VT Digger, 5/25/11)
Doctor’s group: VT health law spurs fresh interest in single-payer reform (VT Digger, 5/25/11)
VSEA agrees to voluntary furloughs (Bennington Banner, 5/25/11)
The Single-Payer solution (Governing, 5/24/11)
Engage: Vermont’s electric grid is in the vanguard (Burlington Free Press, 5/22/11)
Vermont gives the ‘public option’ a clinical trial (Wall Street Journal, 5/21/11)
A doctor’s push for single-payer health care for all finds traction in Vermont (New York Times, 5/21/11)
Shumlin ditches original Circ Highway plan, calls for redesign (VT Digger, 5/21/11)
Shumlin halts highway project (VPR, 5/20/11)
VT mapping best areas for wind power projects (Forbes, 5/18/11)
VT Dems: GOP Chair ‘implicated’ Phil Scott in ‘political stunt’ (VT Digger, 5/18/11)
Q&A with Gov. Shumlin (Manchester Journal, 5/18/11)
A legislative session that Vermonters can be proud of (Commons, 5/18/11)
A balance of politics, principles, and civility (Commons, 5/18/11)
State surplus equipment, vehicle auction reinstated (VT Digger, 5/18/11)
Shumlin forms Vermont Climate Cabinet (VT Digger, 5/18/11)
Scott, House GOP agree with Democratic governor — Vermonters are taxed out (VT Digger, 5/17/11)
Editorial: Next governor must be a champion of open government (Burlington Free Press, 5/16/11)
GOP: Legislative session didn’t make progress on jobs, cost of living (Bennington Banner, 5/16/11)
GOP reviews 2011 legislative session (Brattleboro Reformer, 5/17/11)
Opinion: Facing our challenges, head-on (Bennington Banner, 5/15/11)
The 2011 legislative recap (Brattleboro Reformer, 5/14/11)
Social responsibility good for business, gathering told (Burlington Free Press, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Much work remains on open government (Burlington Free Press, 5/13/11)
Opinion: The 2011 session: Good, bad and ugly (Burlington Free Press, 5/13/11)
Health care reform in Vermont – the American Exception (The Economist, 5/12/11)
Lawmakers look back (Manchester Journal, 5/12/11)
Gov. Shumlin signs Respectful Language bill into law (VT Digger, 5/11/11)
‘Language Bill’ aims to scrub offensive language terms from VT. statutes (WPTZ, 5/11/11)
Four months into Fifth Floor job, Shumlin relishes role as state CEO (VT Digger, 5/10/11)
Now that the governor got his wish, the real work begins (VT Digger, 5/7/11)
Final gavel falls on 2011 session; Shumlin praises lawmakers for advancing his agenda (VT Digger, 5/7/11)
Flurry of work caps final day of legislative session at Vermont statehouse (Burlington Free Press, 5/7/11)
VT Gov hails achievements as session closes (Forbes, 5/6/11)
Getting tough things done: Gov. Shumlin’s successful 2011 legislative session (VT Digger, 5/6/11)
Health care reform bill on way to governor (Burlington Free Press, 5/6/11)
VT, state troopers reach tentative deal (Burlington Free Press, 5/6/11)
Audio: Health care bill heads to Governor Shumlin (VPR, 5/6/11)
Legislative session closes, governor calls it ‘most successful’ (Burlington Free Press, 5/6/11)
VT House clears the way for marijuana dispensaries (VT Digger, 5/6/11)
Vermont lawmakers have deals on money proposals (Burlington Free Press, 5/5/11)
Health care bill clears final hurdle; question now is how to pay for it (VPR, 5/5/11)
Montpelier budget talks hit snag over late change to bill (Burlington Free Press, 5/5/11)
Audio: Health care debate hits glitch with immigration (Addison County Independent, 5/5/11)
Legislators navigate road to recess (Burlington Free Press, 5/4/11)
Inside the Golden Bubble: An anti-climactic end? (VT Digger, 5/4/11)
The big three jockey under the boards (VT Digger, 5/4/11)
New measure would remove pre-K cap (Brattleboro Reformer, 5/4/11)
House-Senate health care compromise set for final passage (VT Digger, 5/4/11)
Jobs bill menu is thin fare (VT Digger, 5/4/11)
Opinion: Expect insurers to pull out all the stops to prevent VT single payer healthcare (OEN, 5/4/11)
Open government laws near passage (VT Digger, 5/4/11)
VT lawmakers reach agreement on health care (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/11)
VT lawmakers resolve immigrant health care issue (Forbes, 5/3/11)

APRIL 2011

Campaign finance law at center of inter-party food fight (VT Digger, 4/28/11)
Democrats: Ex-governor’s fundraising violated law (Brattleboro Reformer, 4/28/11)
Two parties face off over gubernatorial solicitations (Burlington Free Press, 4/27/11)
VT’s Senate passes bill for single-payer health care (National Journal, 4/27/11)
VT Senate gives final nod to universal health care bill in 21-9 vote (VT Digger, 4/27/11)
Vermont Senate advances health care bill (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/26/11)
GOP: Shumlin campaign violated contribution law (Brattleboro Reformer, 4/26/11)
Opinion: Vermont way of life is at issue (VT Digger, 4/26/11)
Long road ahead for single-payer health care system (VT Digger, 4/25/11)
Vermont GOP: Shumlin fundraising letters violate law (Burlington Free Press, 4/25/11)
Senate gives initial approval to universal health care (Burlington Free Press, 4/25/11)
VT Senate works overtime on health care reform (WCAX, 4/25/11)
Opinion: Why we can’t let big business threaten universal health care (VT Digger, 4/25/11)
Vermont exercising option to balance the budget (New York Times, 4/23/11)
After debate, VT Senate OKs tax, budget bills (Burlington Free Press, 4/23/11)
After late night histrionics, Senate OKs 53 cent cigarette hike (VT Digger, 4/23/11)
Shumlin, Senate spar over cigarette tax (Burlington Free Press, 4/22/11)
Audio: Coalition disappointed in Shumlin’s opposition to cigarette tax (VPR, 4/22/11)
Senate kerfuffle leads to impasse on tax bill (VT Digger, 4/22/11)
Democrats disagree as they try to raise Vermont’s revenues (WCAX, 4/22/11)
Audio: Poll shows support for tax if funds directed to health care programs (WAMC, 4/21/11)
VT considers raising tobacco tax while NH awaits vote on lowering (NH Journal, 4/19/11)
Nuclear plant sues VT to stay open (Boston Globe, 4/19/11)
Shumlin will sign national popular vote bill (Burlington Free Press, 4/18/11)
VT Gov tells RI officials to avoid ‘half step’ on gay marriage (Burlington Free Press, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

VT, RI governors vow to unite on high-speed rail (Boston Globe, 3/31/11)
Vermont’s gov, lite gov clash on health care (abc40, 3/26/11)
The little state that could…and should (Brattleboro Reformer, 3/26/11)
Hundreds of health advocates rally for single payer system (WPTZ, 3/26/11)
Vermont charges ahead on health care ‘public option’ (, 3/25/11)
Audio: House passes universal health care bill (VPR, 3/24/11)
Vermont moves closer to universal health care (Burlington Free Press, 3/24/11)
Opinion: How does tax plan fit health care reform? (Burlington Free Press, 3/24/11)
House approves $24M tax hike on cigarettes, health care (VPR, 3/24/11)
Bill that would tax health care insurers, hospitals passes in House (VT Digger, 3/23/11)
Audio: Child Care workers way union would improve quality (VPR, 3/23/11)
VT Statehouse votes on historic health care bill (WPTZ, 3/23/11)
Kiddie Care unions (WPTZ, 3/23/11)
Audio: House endorses tax legislation (VPR, 3/22/11)
200 doctors from 39 states say they would move to VT if single payer is adopted (VT Digger, 3/22/11)
Business leaders object to health care plan (VT Digger, 3/22/11)
VT House ready to raise a slew of taxes (WCAX, 3/22/11)
Shumlin joins fight against emissions (Brattleboro Reformer, 3/19/11)
Vermont committee set to approve single payer (WTEN, 3/18/11)
Opinion: Health care reform a chance to fix broken system (Burlington Free Press, 3/17/11)
Locals add voice to single-payer health care debate (Addison County Independent, 3/17/11)
Doctors: Provider taxes, cuts will undermine quality health care (VT Digger, 3/17/11)
VT Doctors, hospitals decry governor’s budget cuts (WPTZ, 3/16/11)
Health care providers rally at Statehouse (VPR, 3/16/11)
Vermont child care workers seek bargaining rights (Burlington Free Press, 3/15/11)
Opinion: Gov. Shumlin could have told us where he was (Burlington Free Press, 3/10/11)


Shumlin joins labor protests in DC – says ‘maple sugar’ better than vinegar (The Hill, 2/27/11)
Hospital tax draws lawmakers’ eyes (Addison County Independent, 2/24/11)
Shumlin outlines health care plan (Addison County Independent, 2/24/11)
The broad proposals in Gov. Shumlin’s economic program (Burlington Free Press, 2/24/11)
Budget hearing ‘puts human face’ on proposals for cuts (VT Digger, 2/24/11)
Progressives push Dems to raise taxes on wealthy (VT Digger, 2/24/11)
Group of VT lawmakers wants upper-income tax hike (Bloomberg, 2/24/11)
Audio: Shumlin encourages fellow governors to resist federal cuts (VPR, 2/23/11)
Vermont considers single-payer plan for its own health reform (American Medical News, 2/22/11)
Shumlin: Early education deserves more attention (Bennington Banner, 2/21/11)
Opinion: Why is ‘Death with Dignity’ bill back? (Bennington Banner, 2/21/11)
Bill outlines governor’s health care path (Burlington Free Press, 2/8/11)
Reforming Vermont’s public records access proves difficult (Burlington Free Press, 2/4/11)
Vermont introduces jobs bill to stimulate economy, boost employment (GovMonitor, 2/4/11)
Shumlin’s jobs plan includes tax incentives, look to boost agriculture (Burlington Free Press, 2/4/11 )
VT considers office to enforce records law (Boston Globe, 2/4/11)
Audio: Shumlin calls jobs bill ‘most comprehensive’ in memory (VPR, 2/3/11)
Shumlin unveils his jobs bill (Bennington Banner, 2/3/11)
Video: Shumlin announces plans for VT Yankee oversight panel (VT Digger, 2/2/11)
Shumlin calls for Vermont Yankee oversight committee (Burlington Free Press, 2/1/11)


Vermont Democratic Party shakes things up, executive director leaves (VT Digger, 1/31/11)
Shumlin takes notes on early education (WCAX, 1/31/11)
Vermont tax talk awaits budget review (NECN, 1/31/11)
Shumlin holds firm on tax pledge (WCAX, 1/30/11)
County lawmakers respond to Shumlin’s budget (Brattleboro Reformer, 1/29/11)
Audio: Analyzing Gov. Shumlin’s budget plan (Vermont Public Radio, 1/28/11)
Audio: Shumlin tackles new energy plan, without Yankee in the mix (Vermont Public Radio, 1/27/11)
Editorial: Same old approach on taxes (Bennington Banner, 1/26/11)
What they’re saying: Reactions to Shumlin’s budget address (Burlington Free Press, 1/26/11)
State would take over Catamount Health under Shumlin plan (Burlington Free Press, 1/26/11)
A look at Shumlin’s cabinet (Burlington Free Press, 1/25/11)
Audio: Shumlin budget address focuses on health care reform (Vermont Public Radio, 1/25/11)
Shumlin: We have to cut spending (Bennington Banner, 1/25/11)
Audio: Medical community reacts warily to Shumlin’s budget plan (Vermont Public Radio, 1/25/11)
Audio: tax the rich surcharge plan stirs policy debate (Vermont Public Radio, 1/24/11)
Audio: Shumlin crisscrosses state to explain his agenda (Vermont Public Radio, 1/24/11)
$4.8B Shumlin budget slashes human services spending (Burlington Free Press, 1/25/11)
Highlights of the health reform report delivered to the VT Legislature (Burlington Free Press, 1/20/11)
Editorial: Shumlin makes a start with open government plan (Burlington Free Press, 1/20/11)
Shumlin rejects new tax as way to pay for health care reform (Vermont Public Radio, 1/20/11)
Consultant: VT could do single-payer health care (Bloomberg, 1/19/11)
Expert: Hybrid plan can fix Vermont health care system (Bennington Banner, 1/19/11)
Much anticipated health report recommends single payer system (Vermont Public Radio, 1/19/11)
The honeymoon is already over for Gov. Shumlin (Burlington Free Press, 1/18/11)
Vermont delegation to help clear obstacles to health reform (Burlington Free Press, 1/18/11)
Glimmer of hope in state’s financial future (Burlington Free Press, 1/15/11)
Tax commission releases its recommendations (Brattleboro Reformer, 1/15/11)
VT lawmakers hear nuke plant’s post-mortem (Bloomberg, 1/14/11)
VT panel recommends lowering income tax rates (Bloomberg, 1/14/11)
Audio: Reaction to the blue ribbon tax commission report (Vermont Public Radio, 1/14/11)
Major changes proposed in Vermont tax policy (Burlington Free Press, 1/14/11)
Editorial: Opening for Gov. Shumlin to support open records (Burlington Free Press, 1/13/11)
Optimism, tough decisions mark start of Shumlin era (The Commons, 1/12/11)
Shumlin warns of an ugly budget (Burlington Free Press, 1/10/11)
Shumlin supports some tax commission findings (Vermont Public Radio, 1/10/11)
Video: Shumlin predicts tough budget-cutting ahead (WCAX, 1/10/11)
Audio: Shumlin supports some tax commission findings (Vermont Public Radio, 1/10/11)
Shumlin optimistic on jobs outlook (Burlington Free Press, 1/10/11)
Shumlin touts ag, health care agenda (Addison County Independent, 1/10/11)
Editorial: Now comes the reality test for Gov. Shumlin (Burlington Free Press, 1/9/11)
The Vermont budget: Shumlin’s budget can benefit all Vermonters (Burlington Free Press, 1/7/11)
Shumlin announces deal with VSEA, imposes hiring freeze (VT Digger, 1/7/11)
Shumlin says he’s found $12M in savings (WCAX, 1/7/11)
Audio: Shumlin describes his ‘Big, Ambitious, Achievable’ agenda (Vermont Public Radio, 1/6/11)
Shumlin sets ambitious agenda (Burlington Free Press, 1/6/11)
Vermont legislature elects Democrat Peter Shumlin as governor (Politics Daily, 1/6/11)
Dean: Shumlin’s health care goal doable (WCAX, 1/6/11)
Dubie looks to the future (Burlington Free Press, 1/6/11)
Shumlin formally elected governor; Scott wins Lt. Gov (Vermont Public Radio, 1/6/11)
Shumlin: No new taxes right now (Forbes, 1/6/11)
The Vermont  budget: Depressing, politically risky and possibly hopeless work (Burlington Free Press, 1/6/11)
Lawmakers gather, Douglas says farewell (Bloomberg Businessweek, 1/6/11)
Legislature’s now open for business (Bennington Banner, 1/6/11)
Without veto-sustaining mission House GOP is in search of a purpose (VT Digger, 1/5/11)
The Vermont budget: Time for Shumlin to get tough things done (Burlington Free Press, 1/5/11)
Audio: Shumlin gives leadership roles to Scott, Dubie (Vermont Public Radio, 1/4/11)
Dubie and former campaign manager settle lawsuit (Seven Days Vermont, 1/4/11)
The Douglas Legacy, Part 2: Attempting more with less (VT Digger, 1/3/11)
The Douglas Legacy, Part 1: The politics of personal popularity (VT Digger, 1/3/11)
Editorial: Creating a singular health care system (Boston Globe, 1/2/11)

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