The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


VT 2010 Archives


Vermont Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives


Inaugural ball features eight musical acts (VT Digger, 12/31/10)
Out with the old, in the with the…old (Seven Days Vermont, 12/29/10)
Commentary: Education success depends on partnership (VT Digger, 12/23/10)
Shumlin backs off enforcement of school spending cuts (Burlington Free Press, 12/22/10)
Opinion: Shumlin’s dream team and great expectations (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/22/10)
Audio: Schools wrestle with budgets and mergers (Vermont Public Radio, 12/22/10)
Audio: Schools get reprieve on budget cuts (Vermont Public Radio, 12/22/10)
VT budget shortfall balloons to $150 million (VT Digger, 12/21/10)
VT legislators set to reverse ‘Pete the Moose’ law (Burlington Free Press, 12/20/10)
New VT gov’s picks have potential conflicts (Bloomberg, 12/20/10)
Douglas says good-bye (VT Digger, 12/18/10)
Opinion: Decision time approaching on VT Yankee (VT Digger, 12/18/10)
Shumlin tours Vermont Yankee (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/18/10)
VT Yankee tells Shumlin tritium extraction will resume (Burlington Free Press, 12/18/10)
The Shumlin team roster (Seven Days, 12/18/10)
Free speech, energy choices and public health (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/16/10)
VT schools fail to make recommended cuts (WCAX, 12/16/10)
Vermont utilities on the brink (Seven Days Vermont, 12/15/10)
Vermont takes steps toward single-payer system (, 12/14/10)
Audio: Shumlin says proposal could squeeze VT out of TX nuclear waste dump (Vermont Public Radio, 12/14/10)
Shumlin to tour VT Yankee (Bloomberg, 12/14/10)
Team of veterans will direct health policy for Shumlin (Vermont Public Radio, 12/13/10)
Shumlin’s words at environmental appointment have unintended effect (Burlington Free Press, 12/12/10)
Shumlin inauguration to include ‘winter village’ and ski resort ball (Burlington Free Press, 12/9/10)
Civil rights group ousts VT leader over comparing Dubie campaign slogan to Nazi Germany (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/8/10)
Shumlin urges VT Yankee to extract tainted water (Burlington Free Press, 12/8/10)
Shumlin taps another former foe to join his team (Burlington Free Press, 12/6/10)
Tax reform on deck for VT legislature in 2011 (Burlington Free Press, 12/6/10)
Editorial: Show commitment to budget challenge (Burlington Free Press, 12/5/10)
Shumlin meets with Obama during DC visit (Burlington Free Press, 12/3/10)
Shumlin: Federal money could help schools (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/3/10)
Texas proposal spurs race to dispose of nuclear waste (New York Times, 12/2/10)
Shumlin backs level taxes to help meet ‘Challenges’ (Bennington Banner, 12/2/10)
Community energy, climate action conference to be held Saturday (VT Digger, 12/1/10)


Shumlin picks Racine as VT human services secretary (Burlington Free Press, 11/30/10)
Audio: Shumlin picks a mix of traditional and non-traditional approaches (Vermont Public Radio, 11/30/10)
Audio: Shumlin wants to change debate over Circ Highway (Vermont Public Radio, 11/29/10)
Audio: Shumlin says ‘Challenges for Change’ shouldn’t be about cutting spending (Vermont Public Radio, 11/29/10)
Shumlin team eyed for sense of balance (Bennington Banner, 11/29/10)
Shumlin names Dubie his Quebec liaison (Vermont Public Radio, 11/29/10)
Public safety commissioner won’t seek to keep position (Burlington Free Press, 11/26/10)
Finance commissioner will stay on with Shumlin (Bennington Banner, 11/23/10)

Shumlin announces new round of appointments (Vermont Public Radio, 11/22/10)

Audio:AG proposes ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ immigration policy (Vermont Public Radio, 11/19/10)

Gov-elect Shumlin heads west to new governor seminar (Burlington Free Press, 11/19/10)

Editorial: Early choices set telling tone for Shumlin’s administration (Addison County Independent, 11/18/10)

Could single-payer become a reality in Vermont? (Green Mountain Daily, 11/18/10)

Opinion: The changing of the guard – Shumlin’s A Team (VT Digger, 11/17/10)

Shumlin names top aides (Burlington Free Press, 11/16/10)

In guber race, loser outraised the winner (Bennington Banner, 11/15/10) +++

Vermont guber race candidates raised $3M for campaign (Burlington Free Press, 11/15/10)

How a political smear went viral (VT Digger, 11/14/10)

VT’s environmentalists look ahead with optimism (Burlington Free Press, 11/14/10)

Election post-mortem: GOP losing ground in VT, Dean’s assist proved critical in transition (VT Digger, 11/10/10)


New political ads are all about “Choice” (Seven Days, 10/22/10)

Commentary: Implementation of Challenges falls short (VT Digger, 10/22/10)

Dubie’s wife joins political fray (Burlington Free Press, 10/22/10)

Audio: Paper’s survey of VT insiders remains controversial (Vermont Public Radio, 10/22/10)

Dubie launches web site outlining Shumlin’s “ethical lapses” (VT Digger, 10/22/10)

Endorsement: Shumlin gets first VT paper nod (Addison Independent, 10/22/10)

Audio: Profile: Shumlin updating his image (Vermont Public Radio, 10/22/10)

Audio: Gubernatorial race could go to legislature (Vermont Public Radio, 10/21/10)

Vermont “BlueGreen” alliance urges Vermonters to vote for Shumlin (VT Digger, 10/20/10)

Shumlin says Dubie is recycling failed Bush policies (VT Digger, 10/20/10)

Dubie releases new Shumlin “ethically challenged” ad (VT Digger, 10/20/10)

Pinocchio ad takes spotlight in VT gov debate (Washington Post, 10/19/10)

Shumlin: Set expectations, demand accountability (Burlington Free Press, 10/19/10)

Dubie asks AG to investigate Shumlin’s possible violation of campaign finance laws (WCAX, 10/18/10)

Editorial: Candidates must keep open govt pledge (Burlington Free Press, 10/17/10)

‘Convict’ turns up at Shumlin rally, offers ‘support’ (Burlington Free Press, 10/17/10)

Shumlin outpaces Dubie in recent fundraising but Dubie breaks contribution record (Burlington Free Press, 10/16/10)

Shumlin outpaces Dubie 2-to-1 in donations in last 30 days (VT Digger, 10/15/10)

Poll has governor’s race statistical tie (Bennington Banner, 10/15/10)

In e-mail, trooper union president asked about voiding Shumlin ticket (Burlington Free Press, 10/15/10)

Truth squad: Is Shumlin’s health care plan ‘unrealistic’? (VT Digger, 10/15/10)

Sanders to hold seven rallies for Shumlin (VT Digger, 10/15/10)

Right to Life: Shumlin his facts wrong on abortion in VT (VT Digger, 10/15/10)

Trooper who voided Shumlin’s speeding ticket speaks out (Argus Leader, 10/15/10)

Governor’s race features new ads (Burlington Free Press, 10/15/10)

Trooper, union president admits to voiding Shumlin ticket (WCAX, 10/15/10)

VPR poll shows a dead heat between Shumlin, Dubie (Vermont Public Radio, 10/15/10)

Sanders hits the campaign trail with Shumlin (Burlington Free Press, 10/14/10)

Dubie, Shumlin focus on women voters (WCAX, 10/14/10)

Editorial: Stark contrasts on Entergy & Vermont Yankee (Addison County Independent, 10/14/10)

Money from outside groups pours in for governor’s race (Vermont Public Radio, 10/13/10)

Will Douglas’ 6% spending cuts fix state’s budget woes? (Seven Days, 10/13/10)

Shumlin: VT nuke plan should step up cleanup (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/12/10)

Dean: Dubie ads ‘so Washington’ (Burlington Free Press, 10/12/10)

Dubie’s record mixed on taxes, school consolidation (Burlington Free Press, 10/11/10)

In VT, politics gets more warlike, less truthful (Burlington Free Press, 10/11/10)

Shumlin calls on Dubie to identify budget cuts (VT Digger, 10/10/10)

Douglas and Dean weigh in on governor candidates (Burlington Free Press, 10/10/10)

Dubie, Shumlin trade barbs at VT Press Association debate (Addison County Independent, 10/7/10)

On the money: GOP PAC spends $200K on ads in 2 days (VT, 10/6/10)

Dubie, Shumlin make room for 4 other candidates (Burlington Free Press, 10/4/10)

Do abortion, same-sex marriage and end-of-life choices matter in VT governor’s race? (Burlington Free Press, 10/3/10)

Candidates’ differences muted in energy debate (Burlington Free Press, 10/2/10)

Shumlin: Tax high-level radioactive waste (Forbes, 10/1/10)

Dubie hits Shumlin on prisons in new ad (Bennington Banner, 10/1/10)


Campaign ads: Dubie goes personal’ Shumlin focuses on issues (Vermont Public Radio, 9/30/10)

The Fear Factor becomes part of VT politics? (Seven Days, 9/29/10)

Nurses, teachers back Shumlin (VT, 9/29/10)

Shumlin asks Dubie to stop false claims on behalf of Entergy (VT, 9/29/10)

Shumlin receives another endorsement, hit by new GOP attack ad (Burlington Free Press, 9/29/10)

How ‘Corrections’ became a hot issue in fiery campaign for VT gov (Burlington Free Press, 9/29/10)

VT Corrections debate expands to new players (Burlington Free Press, 9/28/10)

Dubie assails Shumlin on special interest money, health care, corrections (VT, 9/28/10)

Dubie’s ‘list’ of offenders doesn’t exist (VT, 9/28/10)

VT Senators wondered: Where’s Dubie? (Burlington Free Press, 9/27/10)

Shumlin lists assets: He’s a $10 million man (Times Argus, 9/25/10)

Union hits Dubie on trooper visits (Burlington Free Press, 9/24/10)

Battle over Dubie ads escalates (Bennington Banner, 9/24/10)

Dems blast Dubie over attack ads (VT, 9/24/10)

In Bennington, Dubie-Shumlin governor debate takes a turn in tone (Burlington Free Press, 9/24/10)

Shumlin, Dubie launch hard-edged ads (Vermont Public Radio, 9/24/10)

IBM denies it told Dubie jobs would leave if Yankee closed (Burlington Free Press, 9/24/10)

On the guber trail: brace for a bumpy ride (VT, 9/22/10)

Amid Corrections debate, troopers back Shumlin (Bennington Banner, 9/22/10)

Guber hopefuls spar over prisons, health care (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/22/10)

“Democrats for Dubie” endorse GOP candidate (VT, 9/22/10)

Audio: guber candidates discuss energy policy (VT, 9/22/10)

Shumlin plan for offenders ripped by Dubie, GOP (Bennington Banner, 9/20/10)

Candidates debate ethics and crime (Burlington Free Press, 9/18/10)

Rough ride: Dubie, Shumlin debates take on aggressive tone (Times Argus, 9/18/10)

Shumlin plan proposes cuts to Corrections (Bennington Banner, 9/17/10)

Shumlin says new ad distorts his record (Burlington Free Press, 9/17/10)

In 2nd debate, Dubie and Shumlin provide a lesson in friendship (Burlington Free Press, 9/16/10)

Social issues raised in governor’s race (Vermont Public Radio, 9/16/10)

Shumlin edges ahead of Dubie in new poll (Times Argus, 9/16/10)

Opinion: Where now Vermont? (Bennington Banner, 9/16/10)

Shumlin asks Dubie to denounce RGA ad and meet for tax debate (Burlington Free Press, 9/16/10)

On the money: Dubie has $400K+, Shumlin $62K (VT, 9/15/10)

VSEA endorses Shumlin (VT, 9/14/10)

Shumlin kicks off guber campaign (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/14/10)

Dubie, Shumlin grow testy in first debate (Burlington Free Press, 9/14/10)

Democrats waste no time jumping on Dubie gaffes (Burlington Free Press, 9/13/10)

Many Progressives support Shumlin, but party won’t endorse him (Vermont Public Radio, 9/13/10)

Candidates clash in testy VT radio debate (WPTZ, 9/13/10)

Shumlin: the Democratic nominee – at last (Burlington Free Press, 9/11/10)

VT Dem Party slaps Dubie, RGA with campaign finance complaint (VT, 9/10/10)

Don’t count your chickens – the Dem recount (Seven Days Vermont, 9/8/10)

Judge, Democratic candidates iron out recount rules (Times Argus, 9/4/10)

Is the recount a blessing or a curse for the the Democratic Party? (Vermont Public Radio, 9/3/10)

Vermont lawmakers get grades (Burlington Free Press, 9/3/10)

Dems plan for recount; choose headquarters (Bennington Banner, 9/2/10)

Dubie releases economic plan; answers only a few questions (VT, 9/1/10)

Progressives cooperate with Democrats in general election (Vermont Public Radio, 9/1/10)


Dubie challenges Shumlin, Racine to 12 debates; attacks Dems as ‘pro-tax’ (VT, 8/31/10)

Democratic rivals follow through on promise to campaign together (Burlington Free Press, 8/31/10)

Dubie unveils economic ‘blueprint’ – agenda includes big tax cuts, cuts in state govt (Times Argus, 8/31/10)

VT Democrats unified in face of recount (Boston Globe, 8/31/10)

Awaiting recount, Democrats to campaign together (WPTZ, 8/30/10)

In the primary, ‘base’ is place or state of mind (Times Argus, 8/29/10)

Abbott: Why I’m not running (Burlington Free Press, 8/29/10)

Shumlin wins; Racine calls for recount (Burlington Free Press, 8/27/10)

VT Progressive Party nominee declines nomination (Burlington Free Press, 8/27/10)

Shumlin: ‘It looks like we won’ (Burlington Free Press, 8/25/10)

Dems deadlocked for governor choice (Brattleboro Reformer, 8/25/10)

VT Dem race coming down to the wire (Burlington Free Press, 8/22/10)

VT’s broadband infrastructure drops to 50th in nation (VT, 8/22/10)

For Democrats, a crowded field and a guessing game – for governor (Times Argus, 8/22/10)

Many voters remain undecided in Dem primary (Times Argus, 8/22/10)

RGA launches ad for Dubie featuring Douglas voiceover (VT, 8/20/10)

Early date may limit voter turnout (Burlington Free Press, 8/20/10)

Dunne, Dubie spar over economy (Brattleboro Reformer, 8/19/10)

VT progressives back Racine in primary (Burlington Free Press, 8/19/10)

Vermont Progressives take different approach to this election (Burlington Free Press, 8/19/10)

Dubie visits with George W. Bush (Vermont Public Radio, 8/19/10)

Shumlin, Markowitz lead in fundraising (Vermont Public Radio, 8/18/10)

Dubie raises over $100K in 30 days, hits $1M mark (VT, 8/16/10)

Dunne pitches growth plan to business leaders (Bennington Banner, 8/13/10)

Democrats try to differentiate in debate (Rutland Herald, 8/13/10)

Audio: Dem guber primary gets personal (Vermont Public Radio, 8/12/10)

Federal ed stimulus funding becomes guber campaign issue (Rutland Herald, 8/12/10)

Markowitz outlines health care plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/12/10)

Bartlett makes a bid for governor (Addison Independent, 8/12/10)

Opinion: Is this VT’s last chance at single-payer? (VT, 8/12/10)

Dubie: Dems will raise taxes, ‘suffocate businesses’ (VT, 8/12/10)

Markowitz launches HealthyVT (, 8/11/10)

Dubie, Democrats spar over bailout money for teachers (WPTZ, 8/11/10)

Leahy staying neutral, despite appearance in Dunne ad (Times Argus, 8/11/10)

Dunne challenges Dubie’s comments on ed funding (VT, 8/11/10)

Leahy irked by Dunne ad (WCAX, 8/11/10)

Racine, Dunne hit the TV (Green Mountain Daily, 8/10/10)

Little-known PAC loaded for Dubie push (Bennington Banner, 8/8/10)

Dunne speaks on economic plan (Brattleboro Reformer, 8/7/10)

Independents, 3rd parties spice up election (Brattleboro Reformer, 8/7/10)

Endorsement: Rutland Herald backs Dunne (Rutland Herald, 8/4/10)

JULY 2010

Opinion: Dubie takes a shot on Yankee (Times Argus, 7/29/10)

Ambition, love of state drive Dunne’s quest for governorship (Rutland Herald, 7/25/10)

Health care and the governor’s race (Burlington Free Press, 7/25/10)

Dubie touts pro-growth agenda on campaign trail (Brattleboro Reformer, 7/24/10)

Markowitz issues plan to aid communities (Burlington Free Press, 7/23/10)

Markowitz vies for frontrunner status (Addison County Independent, 7/22/10)

Dunne: VT needs a change (The Manchester Journal, 7/22/10)

Markowitz localizes JumpstartVT, municipal officials back plans (VT, 7/22/10)

Dunne demands apology from Shumlin over single-payer claim (Burlington Free Press, 7/22/10)

Will a crowded primary leave VT Dems weak in November? (WCAX, 7/22/10)

GOP criticism targets Markowitz (Vermont Public Radio, 7/21/10)

Dubie pushes improved business climate (Vermont Public Radio, 7/21/10)

Shumlin only candidate who has sponsored single-payer health care bill (VT, 7/19/10)

Money matters in VT guber contest (Burlington Free Press, 7/19/10)

Editorial: Make this a campaign of ideas  -  not money (Burlington Free Press, 7/18/10)

Bartlett looking to moderates to deliver primary victory (Times Argus, 7/18/10)

Dems at a financial disadvantage due to contested primary (Rutland Herald, 7/18/10)

Dubie, Markowitz lead in fundraising (Brattleboro Reformer, 7/16/10)

Vermont revenues exceed expectations (Burlington Free Press, 7/16/10)

Markowitz: ‘Why I’m running’ (Burlington Free Press, 7/16/10)

Dubie raises, spends most in guber race (Burlington Free Press, 7/16/10)

Surprises in the money race (WCAX, 7/15/10)

Dubie reports $1M in donations (Times Argus, 7/15/10)

Dunne challenges Dubie on business ranking (VT, 7/15/10)

Dunne takes aim at Dubie (Vermont View, 7/15/10)

Building trade unions back Racine (VT, 7/14/10)

Dunne: Young Vermonters want to come home (VT, 7/14/10)

Bartlett fights an uphill battle (WCAX, 7/13/10)

Challenges for Change plan now $10M short (VT, 7/13/10)

Profile: Markowitz’ motto ~ ‘see it, solve it’ (Burlington Free Press, 7/9/10)

Profile: Dunne, a lifetime of early starts (Burlington Free Press, 7/8/10)

Democratic hopefuls use different strategies in pursuit of votes (Vermont Public Radio, 7/8/10)

Politicians taking to airwaves (Times Argus, 7/7/10)

Vermont Democrats compete for spotlight (Burlington Free Press, 7/7/10)
Guber Q&A: The safety net (Burlington Free Press, 7/6/10)
Democrats crank up primary competition (Burlington Free Press, 7/6/10)
Editorial: Democrats need real debates (Burlington Free Press, 7/4/10)
Teamsters local endorses Shumlin for VT gov (Burlington Free Press, 7/2/10)
JUNE 2010
Role reversal evident in hot governor’s race (Burlington Free Press, 6/30/10)
Racine gets nod from VLCV (Times Argus, 6/29/10)
Dems vying for VT go struggle to stand out (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/28/10)
Dubie holds lead in VT guber poll (Burlington Free Press, 6/24/10)
Bartlett supports restructuring state govt (Vermont Public Radio, 6/23/10)
Racine: Economy, health care top VT issues (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/23/10)
Abbott running sooner, not later (Burlington Free Press, 6/22/10)
State Treasurer endorses Shumlin (VT, 6/22/10)
Opinion: Candidates on the debate trail (Burlington Free Press, 6/20/10)
Shumlin: Legalize pot (Rutland Herald, 6/18/10)
Video: Sterling guber debate (VT, 6/18/10)
Dunne stresses new direction in guber bid (Addison County Independent, 6/17/10)
Guber candidates talk budget, Vermont Yankee (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/17/10)
VT State Employees Assoc. endorses Racine (Barre Montpelier Times Argus, 6/16/10)
At Dem debate, Dubie is everyone’s target (Barre Montpelier Times Argus, 6/14/10)
Dubie launches campaign (WCAX, 6/12/10)
Racine hires Trippi (WCAX, 6/10/10)
Bartlett begins campaign for gov (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/8/10)
VT AFL-CIO endorses Racine (Burlington Free Press, 6/7/10)
Shumlin raps VT Yankee over leaks (Brattleboro Reformer, 6/3/10)
Which Democrat will emerge from the pack? (Burlington Free Press, 6/1/10)