The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


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Utah Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


COMMENTARY: Chaffetz has joined the chorus of whiners (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/29/12)
Liquor laws on docket in upcoming legislative session (Park Record, 12/28/12)
Utah Policy peers into 2013 (Utah Policy Center, 12/28/12)
VIDEO: The top 10 Utah political stories of 2012 – #1 (Utah Policy Center, 12/28/12)
VIDEO: The top 10 Utah political stories of 2012 – #2 (Utah Policy Center, 12/27/12)
Gun group offers training for Utah teachers (AP, 12/27/12)
Environmental groups challenge BLM over land-use plan (Deseret News, 12/27/12)
OPINION: The Richfield plan – BLM plans threaten Utah land (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/12)
Millions in federal support for Utah schools teeters on fiscal cliff (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/12)
More than 150 Utah teachers, school workers go to gun class (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/12)
Feds lack Utah mental health data for gun checks (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/12)
BLM resource plan motorizes central Utah, lawsuit says (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/27/12)
VIDEO: The top 10 Utah political stories of 2012 – #3 (Utah Policy Center, 12/26/12)
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. pitched as possible US House speaker (Deseret News, 12/26/12)
COMMENTARY: Utah should upgrade its health care system now (Deseret News, 12/26/12)
The top Utah political stories from 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 12/26/12)
Gun class a big teacher draw? (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/26/12)
Herbert to be sworn in as governor for third time in less than four years (Deseret News, 12/25/12)
Mark Shurleff’s tenure marked by personal and professional challenges (Deseret News, 12/25/12)
Former Utah senator Bob Bennett will return to Capitol as lobbyist (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/25/12)
Utah continues to drift rightward politically (Utah Policy Center, 12/25/12)
Peter Corroon says his legacy is restoring public trust in county government (Deseret News, 12/23/12)
OPINION: Utah should secure the rights and benefits of its public lands (Deseret News, 12/23/12)
EDITORIAL: Utah needs quality exchange (Standard-Examiner, 12/22/12)
OPINION: Listen to experts before arming teachers (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/22/12)
OPINION: Children at risk – Reform education spending (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/22/12)
Utah governor names former lawmaker to cabinet slot (Salt Lake Tribune12/21/12)
Legislative leaders wonder why no charges in DABC scandal (Utah Policy Center, 12/21/12)
VIDEO: The top 10 Utah political stories of 2012 –  #4 (Utah Policy Center, 12/21/12)
Utah back to creating jobs at pre-recession rate (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/21/12)
Utah educators have mixed reactions to guns-in-schools proposals (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/21/12)
Secret ballot puts legality of state school board vote in question (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/20/12)
Lawmaker stirs up debate on gun laws in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/17/12)
COMMENTARY: Utah gets a Triple Play (Utah Policy Center, 12/17/12)
Chaffetz walks back Sunday comments (Utah Policy Center, 12/17/12)
Chaffetz open to gun control for mentally ill (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/16/12)
Utah legislators hoping for progress before fiscal cliff (Daily Herald, 12/16/12)
Can Utah innovation lead the way on health care? (Deseret News, 12/15/12)
Utah governor repeats flexibility request for health exchange (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/14/12)
Utah governor stands up for state-based insurance exchange (Deseret News, 12/14/12)
Guv overhauls veteran services, military outreach (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/14/12)
Utah gov. targets education in 2013-14 budget plan (AP, 12/13/12)
Guv’s budget gives more for Utah education, especially science (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/12/12)
Guv’s budget silent on fate of federal health reform in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/12/12)
Utah gov asks Obama to accept state’s exchange (AP, 12/12/12)
Education gets top priority in Gov. Gary Herbert’s $12.8 billion budget plan (Deseret News, 12/12/12)
Gov. Herbert wants to better fund education in state (Daily Herald, 12/12/12)
Utah governor to President Obama: Let us keep our health exchange (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/11/12)
A pay raise for the Governor? (Utah policy Center, 12/10/12)
Could Lee fill DeMint’s role in the US Senate? (Utah Policy Center, 12/9/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert begins shake-up of top state leaders (Deseret News, 12/7/12)
Herbert announces big changes to Utah Cabinet (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/7/12)
COMMENTARY: Could Republicans challenge Lee from his left? (Utah Policy Center, 12/7/12)
Like election, Matheson barely won money chase over Love (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/7/12)
No charges against ex-Utah liquor bosses named in audit (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/7/12)
Utahns react to Supreme Court taking on gay marriage (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/7/12)
Lee: DeMint’s resignation leaves ‘void’ in Senate (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/6/12)
OPINION: Utah’s pride … Shurtleff promotes humane reforms (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/6/12)
Legislators: Fiscal cliff may trump state surplus (Tooele Transcript Bulletin, 12/6/12)
OPINION: … and Utah’s shame – Lee, Hatch destroy a humane treaty (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/6/12)
Utah’s chief economist: Letting tax cuts expire could leave $2 billion hole in Utah economy (Deseret News, 12/6/12)
Some plum committee assignments go to legislative newcomers (Utah Policy Center, 12/6/12)
Esquire’s Pierce goes after ‘crackpot’ Mike Lee (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/5/12)
COMMENTARY: Top Mormon leaders should drop political party labels (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/5/12)
The problem with Mike Lee (Esquire, 12/5/12)
Top Mormon church posts dominated by registered Republicans (Salt Lake Tribune, 12/5/12)
Utah hunters criticize market approach to licenses and conservation (New York Times, 12/1/12)


Utah’s budget picture getting better and better (Utah Policy Center, 11/29/12)
Does meeting mean Gov. Gary Herbert will sign controversial water deal? (Deseret News, 11/28/12)
Huntsman association with No Labels group could hurt his future with GOP (Deseret News, 11/28/12)
COMMENTARY: Huntsman, No Labels group wisely tout this label: Bipartisan (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/28/12)
Utah Dem chief: Utah Democrats must abandon anti-Mormonism (Utah Policy Center, 11/27/12)
Mitt Romney loss prompts dramatic drop in Utah consumer sentiment (Deseret News, 11/27/12)
Huntsman to join bipartisan group No Labels (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/27/12)
Playing chicken with sales tax on food (Utah Policy Center, 11/27/12)
Gay activist using Utah as a political laboratory (Washington Post, 11/26/12)
Democrats competing for Utah state Senate seat that may not carry much influence (Deseret News, 11/26/12)
Lt. Gov Greg Bell: Tort Reform – It’s about people (Utah Policy Center, 11/26/12)
Federal budget cuts have Utah’s air base advocates on edge (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/26/12)
New judicial evaluations lead to same old results (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/26/12)
OPINION: Voter turnout – Utah should be more voter-friendly (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/26/12)
COMMENTARY: Utah Democrats must adapt to become a viable political party (Deseret News, 11/25/12)
Enrollment growth, budget errors create funding questions for Utah schools (Deseret News, 11/25/12)
Romney’s Utah supporters upset with how he’s being treated by GOP (Deseret News, 11/24/12)
OPINION: Utah’s health exchange tests flexibility of Affordable Care Act (Deseret News, 11/24/12)
Utah charter school enrollment on the rise (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/23/12)
GOP scrutinizing discarded ballots in Matheson-Love race (Deseret News, 11/23/12)
COMMENTARY: Matheson win like an HG Wells novel (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/23/12)
Mitt or not, Utah voter turnout was paltry (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/23/12)
COMMENTARY: Hiding state’s debt doesn’t make it any less real (Deseret News, 11/21/12)
Will the Utah House be more moderate in 2013? (Utah Policy Center, 11/14/12)
OPINION: The need for a balanced public lands policy (Deseret News, 11/14/12)
For Utah lawmakers, lots of demands, not a lot of money (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/13/12)
Legislature to talk alcohol and education funding (The Daily Herald, 11/13/12)
Utah governor weighing options to Snake Valley water standoff (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/13/12)
Utah Latinos building a foundation for future political success (Utah Policy Center, 11/13/12)
Utah House Democrats name Rep. Jen Seelig as minority leader (Deseret News, 11/13/12)
COMMENTARY: Utah voters have little clout (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/13/12)
Utah Republicans near a record majority on the Utah Hill (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/12/12)
OPINION: How Utah can lead – Time to bring out the Utah Compact (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/12/12)
Seelig to lead House Democrats (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/12/12)
Breaking down legislative leadership races (Utah Policy Center, 11/8/12)
LDS Church leads with calls for unity after election (Daily Herald, 11/8/12)
Corroon, Dabakis among those looking to replace McAdams on Utah’s Capitol Hill (Utah Policy Center, 11/8/12)
Did Matheson just get lucky? (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
Jim Matheson dodges GOP machine in win over Mia Love (Deseret News, 11/7/12)
Legislative races: GOP maintains control of Utah House, Senate (Deseret News, 11/7/12)
Thousands of ballots yet to be counted in 4th District (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
VIDEO: Leavitt: Romney loss a ‘disappointment to the country’ (KSL, 11/7/12)
Utah voters turned out in large numbers (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
Utah Legislature’s Hispanic delegation grows by one (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
OPINION: Facing reality – Herbert has a chance to lead (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
Romney didn’t drive higher GOP turnout in Salt Lake County (Utah Policy Center, 11/7/12)
Romney voters cross over to McAdams in huge numbers (Utah Policy Center, 11/7/12)
County election: McAdams ready to work, but first – fishing (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
OPINION: Herbert on his own; Governor now unquestioned leader (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/7/12)
Republicans sweep attorney general, auditor, treasurer races (Deseret News, 11/7/12)
Ben McAdams claims narrow victory over Mark Crockettin S.L. County mayoral race (Deseret News, 11/7/12)
Is Mitt Romney’s loss Utah’s loss? Mike Leavitt, other Utahns were poised to make an impact (Deseret News, 11/6/12)
Herbert elected to 1st full term as governor (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/6/12)
‘Mormon moment’ ends with a loss – but his religion still won (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/6/12)
OPINION: Mitt’s state; Coattails too short for Love (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/6/12)
Gary Herbert cruises to second term as Utah governor (Deseret News, 11/6/12)
Republicans sweep three House races in Utah (Deseret News, 11/6/12)
Republican Swallow beats Smith by a wide margin in AG race (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/6/12)
Utah elections: Most incumbents re-elected in Utah Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/6/12)
Utah’s Dems make their closing argument (Utah Policy Center, 11/6/12)
Obama does have a Utah base (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/5/12)
Most GOP candidates expected to sweep Utah polls (Daily Herald, 11/5/12)
Revised poll: Crockett-McAdams race is a virtual tie (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/5/12)
High turnout expected in Utah as Election Day arrives (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/5/12)
Counties prepare for high turnout on Election Day (Deseret News, 11/5/12)
Polling controversy prompts change in local election numbers (Deseret News, 11/5/12)
Poll: Utahns say nation’s headed wrong way, state on right path (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/5/12)
Fighting over polls in the final days of campaign 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 11/5/12)
Utah on track to give Romney his biggest victory (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/5/12)
Utah men head to Ohio to knock on doors for Romney (Utah Policy Center, 11/5/12)
County legislators eyeing leadership spots (Daily Herald, 11/4/12)
Mormon faith may have helped, not hurt Romney (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/4/12)
Mormons on both sides of the aisle look to Election Day — and beyond (Deseret News, 11/4/12)
High early voting turnout sets the tone for Election Day (Deseret News, 11/4/12)
In two Utah races, polls are farther apart than candidates (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/4/12)
Editorial: In our opinion: ‘NO’ on Constitutional Amendment A, on Utah’s ballots in the general election (Deseret News, 11/3/12)
Hatch, Herbert appear to be locks for re-election (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/3/12)
Commentary: Roads vs. education (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/3/12)
Commentary: Feds don’t owe Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/3/12)
Mia Love has slim edge on Jim Matheson in volatile 4th District (Deseret News, 11/3/12)
Poll shows boost for Ben McAdams in tight race for S.L. County mayor (Deseret News, 11/3/12)
Crockett opens up 10-point lead on McAdams (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/2/12)
‘Romney effect’ could reach Summit County’s down-ticket campaigns (Park Record, 11/2/12)
Herbert talks turkey as he tours charitable groups in Ogden area (Standard-Examiner, 11/2/12)
Deseret News/KSL poll: Gov. Herbert, John Swallow have big leads over Democratic challengers (Deseret News, 11/2/12)
How much will Romney help Utah Republicans in 2012? (Utah Policy Center, 11/2/12)
I-15 rebuild opens early — is timing political? (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/2/12)
Tribune poll: Matheson trails Love 52-40% (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/1/12)
One day of early voting remains; 23% in Utah have voted so far (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/1/12)
Opinion: Herbert’s agenda (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/1/12)


Salt Lake donations to Romney double Obama’s, but Park City is more evenly matched (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/31/12)
Opinion: Latinos and the GOP (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/31/12)
GOP governors spent $42,500 to fly NJ Gov. Christie to Utah (Deseret News, 10/31/12)
Commentary: Utah making strides toward improving education (Utah Policy Center, 10/31/12)
Cracking the two-party monopoly an uphill battle (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/31/12)
Fewer Democrats on Utah’s Capitol Hill could cause problems (Utah Policy Center, 10/31/12)
LDS liberals come out of the closet (Utah Policy Center, 10/31/12)
Will Romney wave push love to the House? (Utah Policy Center, 10/31/12)
Election Guide: Democrats who run with elephants (City Weekly, 10/31/12)
Election Guide: ‘The Last of Their Kind’ – Redistricting and the Romney ‘tsunami’ have turned Utah Dems into an endangered species (City Weekly, 10/31/12)
Election Guide: Demogeddon (City Weekly, 10/31/12)
Love and Matheson try retail politics (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/31/12)
In Utah legislative races most challengers outspent — but not all (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/30/12)
Utahns’ confidence in economy growing, index shows (Deseret News, 10/30/12)
Utahns’ confidence in prospects jumps to record level (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/30/12)
Love, Matheson pass $10 million mark; more TV ads on the way (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/30/12)
Political BS – 100 predictions for November 6 (Utah Policy Center, 10/30/12)
Video: Matheson touts Republican support (Utah Policy Center, 10/30/12)
Mission improbable: Cooke takes on Herbert (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/29/12)
Commentary: It could we worse, we could be Arizona (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/29/12)
Commentary: OK, voters, what’s you verdict on Utah judges? (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/29/12)
Report rates Utah’s teachers unions as ‘weak’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/29/12)
Utahns rank education, jobs as top issues (Utah Policy Center, 10/28/12)
Utah’s economy proof of principled and responsible leadership (Deseret News, 10/28/12)
Salt Lake County mayoral hopefuls Mark Crocket, Ben McAdams battle for undecided voters (Deseret News, 10/28/12)
Low-profile but significant measures on Nov. 6 ballot (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Opinion: Cooke’s recipe (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Cooke struggles to gain traction in race against governor (Deseret News, 10/27/12)
Utah governor’s master plan for recreation praised, scrutinized (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Opinion: Tribune’s Obama endorsement struck a chord (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Commentary: 2-party rule keeps us all in the dark (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Commentary: Amendment A and Utah’s future (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Opinion: Grading judges helps voters (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/27/12)
Early voting a hit with voters in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/26/12)
Utah’s thirst for water comes with $13.7 billion price tag (Deseret News, 10/26/12)
Opinion: Eliminate straight-party voting option (Standard-Examiner, 10/26/12)
Endorsement: Governor’s accomplishments merit another term in office (Park Record, 10/26/12)
Endorsement: Gary Herbert for Utah governor (Standard-Examiner, 10/26/12)
What are Utahn’s top issue priorities? (Utah Data Points, 10/26/12)
Which Legislative Republicans are in danger of losing? (Utah Policy Center, 10/25/12)
Commentary: Guv’s business plan for education (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/25/12)
Opinion: Straight tickets: Utah should get rid of ballot option (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/25/12)
Taking politics across state lines (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/24/12)
A look at the state’s ‘other’ congressional races (Deseret News, 10/24/12)
Editorial: Block the vote – Conservatives try to make voting a privilege (City Weekly, 10/24/12)
Redistricting turns things upside down in Utah (Standard-Examiner, 10/24/12)
Video: 4th District ads put through KSL ‘Truth Test’ (KSL, 10/24/12)
Group blasts state policymakers over climate change (Deseret News, 10/24/12)
Utah Democrats launch campaign against ‘straight party’ voting (Fox13, 10/23/12)
A Republican wave won’t stop Equality Utah (Utah Policy Center, 10/23/12)
Commentary: Timing of Democratic lawmaker’s exile is fishy (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/23/12)
Amid rapid job growth, biggest Utah counties still trail in wages (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/23/12)
Commentary: Senate’s petty payback game with Guv (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/20/12)
Oops — They did it again? Has the Legislature set Matheson up for even more success? (Utah Policy Center, 10/17/12)
Gianni jettisoned as DABC nominee (Utah Policy Center, 10/16/12)
Love outpaces Matheson in fundraising in past 3 months (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert presents plan to increase number of Utahns with degrees (Deseret News, 10/15/12)
Guv’s education plan elicits cheers, questions (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
Super spending for Matheson, Love, more attack ads are on the way (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
State immigration commission seeks funding for study (Deseret News, 10/15/12)
Federal judge sets Feb 2013 hearing to help decide whether Utah’s HB497 can go into effect (Deseret News, 10/15/12)
Commentary: Utah’s land grab prompts Latina to run for Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
Mitt’s Utah coattails (Utah Policy Center, 10/15/12)
Poll: Matheson up 7 on Love (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
Utah’s Latino candidate disparity illustrates parties’ race gap (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/15/12)
Cooke: What I, Peter Cooke, will do if I’m elected as the governor of Utah (Deseret News, 10/14/12)
Commentary: Liquor turf war (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/13/12)
Opinion: Eliminate straight-party voting (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/13/12)
Commentary: Another meaningless Utah abortion bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/12/12)
Is straight-party ticket voting good for democracy? (Deseret News, 10/12/12)
Cooke: Herbert should do more for minority communities (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/12/12)
Low-key race in the 3rd Congressional District (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/8/12)
Jon Huntsman Sr. endorses Rep. Jim Matheson in 4th District (Deseret News, 10/7/12)
About Utah Mia Love’s amnesia raises some concerns (Deseret News, 10/7/12)
The State of Utah to host its first international trade summit (Utah Policy Center, 10/7/12)
Commentary: Moderates beating extremists this year (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/6/12)
Opinion: Herbert friendly to EnergySolutions (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/6/12)
Activists push for higher minimum wage (Deseret News, 10/6/12)
Opinion: Act now to stop Las Vegas’ water grab (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/6/12)
Huntsman Sr. endorses Matheson in Utah’s 4th District (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/5/12)
Matheson is in real trouble in 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 10/3/12)
Gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke says not enough being done to protect HAFB (Deseret News, 10/2/12)
Challenger Cooke charges governor with failing to protect Utah air base (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/2/12)
Cooke wants to go on the offensive to protect HAFB (City Weekly, 10/2/12)
Commentary: Herbert avows Republican principles, but with a moderate tone (Park Record, 10/2/12)
Commentary: Matheson and the Romney Factor (Utah Policy Center, 10/2/12)
The money behind the Mormon message (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/2/12)
Jim Matheson, Mia Love trade familiar barbs, sidestep questions in KSL debate (Deseret News, 10/2/12)
Bluster over budget easy, but balance elusive for Love, Matheson (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/1/12)
Commentary: Roadless decision a thing of beauty for Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/1/12)
Utah Foundation launches 10-day series of policy brief of voters’ top issues (Utah Policy Center, 10/1/12)
Utah removes 70,000 voters from voting rolls (Utah Policy Center, 10/1/12)
Utah Supreme Court declines to discipline controversial judge (Deseret News, 10/1/12)
New survey shows immigration reform not a priority for Utahns (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/1/12)
Latest poll: Mia Love pulls ahead of Jim Matheson in 4th District (Deseret News, 10/1/12)


Matheson, Love trade jabs over their records in third debate (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Behind the scenes, Leavitt quietly prepares for White House transition (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Commentary: Education policy fight will define Utah GOP (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Opinion: Herbert no friend of recreation businesses (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Advocates for Utah’s poor want expanded access to Medicaid (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Endorsement: Herbert for guv (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/29/12)
Mia Love’s immigrant story may be true, but some questions still linger (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/28/12)
No clear winner in first debate between Matheson and Love (Utah Policy Center, 9/27/12)
Governor: Republicans sometimes lose ‘I care’ debate (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/27/12)
Critics slam study on state worker compensation (Salt Lake Tribune,9/27/12)
Public input sought on plan to reduce winter pollution (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/27/12)
Utah’s clean air plan poised to go to the public (Deseret News, 9/27/12)
Commentary: Some question Utah County GOP donations (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/27/12)
Gov. Herbert looking for alternatives to EnergySolutions representative on oversight board (Deseret News, 9/27/12)
Cooke blasts Herbert for lack of transparency and oversight (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/27/12)
Rep. Jim Matheson, Mia Love try to define each other spirited debate (Deseret News, 9/27/12
Gov. aide: Utah on the right path for regulatory reform (Utah Policy Center, 9/27/12)
Republicans who support McAdams say they’ve been threatened with reprisals (Utah Policy Center, 9/27/12)
Democratic Party sues state to get redistricting records (Daily Herald, 9/26/12)
Opinion: What free market? Utah picks winners and losers (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/26/12)
Utah’s debt picture improving (Utah Policy Center, 9/26/12)
Contracting company challenges Utah’s immigration law (Deseret News, 9/26/12)
Utah Democrats take redistricting records fight to court (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/26/12)
Mia Love, Jim Matheson tangle on taxes, jobs, health care in first debate (Deseret News, 9/26/12)
Next term will be Lockhart’s last in the House (Utah Policy Center, 9/25/12)
Health care reform debate is a matter of life and death (Deseret News, 9/25/12)
Groups striving to register to Utah’s minorities, persuade them to vote (Standard-Examiner, 9/25/12)
Lt. Governor’s office kicks off voter education and outreach campaign (Utah Policy Center, 9/25/12)
Utah Gov. issues health challenge to state workers (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/25/12)
Commentary: Utah’s Democrats take the long view (Utah Policy Center, 9/25/12)
Love’s story of immigrant parents called into question (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/24/12)
Stance on ‘message suits’ the biggest difference for AG candidates (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/24/12)
What will the 2013 Legislature look like? (Utah Policy Center, 9/24/12)
Utah governor expects resolution in Cache air standoff (The Herald Journal, 9/23/12)
In SLC, Christie slams Obama for ‘feeble’ leadership (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/22/12)
Gov. Chris Christie helps Gov. Gary Herbert raise $1 million (Deseret News, 9/22/12)
Romney has several Utah power players in key spots (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/22/12)
Obama has his Utah backers, too (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/22/12)
Opinion: Medicaid reform on the wrong path in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/22/12)
‘Unprecedented’ dollars pouring into Matheson, Love attack ads (Deseret News, 9/21/12)
Herbert picks conservative blogger for Records Committee (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/21/12)
Peter Cooke on SkiLink: No process, so no support (Park Record, 9/21/12)
Commentary: Utah GOP is throwing stones from a glass house (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/21/12)
Link between clean air and healthy business environment explored (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/21/12)
Commentary: Matheson vs. Love is politics turned on its head (Utah Policy Center, 9/21/12)
Gov. Herbert declares state of emergency at site of southern Utah flooding (Deseret News, 9/20/12)
Utah Democrats push Latino outreach in campaigns (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/20/12)
Opinion: Turn off pipeline (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/20/12)
Utah class size reduction program ‘basically a sham’ (Utah Policy Center, 9/20/12)
Census snapshot: Utah’s culture makes it stand out (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/12)
Utah lawmakers continue push for ownership as public lands war gains traction (Deseret News, 9/19/12)
Utah GOP deploying to Nevada for Romney (Politico, 9/19/12)
Despite budget surplus, don’t expect legislative spending spree (Utah Policy Center, 9/19/12)
Chris Stewart’s next big challenge – Congress (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/12)
Lawmakers: Is it time to let UTOPIA die? (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/12)
GOP lawmaker criticizes process to select new state superintendent (Deseret News, 9/19/12)
Commentary: Docs back Medicaid (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/12)
Utah lawmakers balking at governor’s alcohol commission nominee (Deseret News, 9/19/12)
Senate gives OK to new Utah liquor boss (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/12)
Romney in Utah: Help the needy — but not by wealth ‘redistribution’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/18/12)
State ends fiscal year with $98M surplus (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/18/12)
Scott Howell, Sen. Orrin Hatch in war of words over age (Deseret News, 9/18/12)
Commentary: is there an anti-Romney bump building in Utah? (Utah Policy Center, 9/18/12)
State board OKs Lake Powell pipeline funding bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/18/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert reports $85M surplus in state budget (Deseret News, 9/18/12)
Equality Utah dinner featuring Jon Huntsman sells out (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/18/12)
Utah Transit Authority gives preliminary OK to borrow more (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/17/12)
Utah Senate leadership races already heating up (Utah Policy Center, 9/17/12)
Utah doctors give qualified nod to Medicaid expansion (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/17/12)
Romney makes last trip to Utah, tapping supporters for more cash (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/17/12)
Poll Shocker: Matheson’s favorability higher than Mitt Romney’s in Salt Lake County (Utah Policy Center, 9/17/12)
Commentary: Big campaign donor immune from ire (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/16/12)
Commentary: We are strong Latter-day Saints, we are Democrats, and we are in harmony with our religion (Deseret News, 9/16/12)
Love vs. Matheson expected to be a ‘blockbuster’ as race heats up (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/15/12)
Utah conservatives talk of different ‘holy war’ vs. Constitution (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/15/12)
Conference delves into states’ rights, federal land trust issues (Deseret News, 9/15/12)
Utah key to Mitt Romney strategy in battleground states (Deseret News, 9/15/12)
Opinion: Health insurance exchanges work (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/15/12)
Cooke assails Herbert’s economic leadership in first debate (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/14/12)
Guv candidates see Utah’s economy differently (Deseret News, 9/14/12)
Herbert and Cooke square off in their first debate (Utah Policy Center, 9/14/12)
Opinion: Buying incumbents; donor limits would reduce influence (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/14/12)
Waiting for the other shoe to drop? (Utah Policy Center, 9/14/12)
US education officials study progress in Salt Lake (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/13/12)
Herbert picks new 3rd District judge (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/13/12)
Utah lawmakers criticized schools boss selection process (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/13/12)
Opinion: Utah needs a balanced public lands policy (Deseret News, 9/13/12)
Guv rethinks naming EnergySolutions exec to waste oversight board (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/12/12)
Radiation oversight audit prompts Gov. Gary Herbert to reconsider board appointment (Deseret News, 9/12/12)
Environmentalists want Herbert to end Utah ‘land grab’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/12/12)
Wilderness advocates deliver public lands petition to Gov. Herbert (Deseret News, 9/12/12)
America’s uninsured rate takes dip; Utah bucks trend (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/12/12)
Opinion: EnergySolutions’ executive shouldn’t be on board (Deseret News, 9/12/12)
Opinion: Health care solutions (Deseret News, 9/12/12)
Poll: Voters would support renewable energy projects (Deseret News, 9/12/12)
Utah’s Judicial Confirmation process: A study in the Balance of Powers (Utah Policy Center, 9/12/12)
Audit calls for second criminal probe into former Utah liquor bosses (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/11/12)
Utah Senate leader rages at lax nuke waster oversight (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/11/12)
Low-income advocates challenge guv to create jobs task force (City Weekly, 9/11/12)
New evaluations size up Utah judges facing retention (Deseret News, 9/11/12)
Commentary: Better scores; Utah can only do so much with less (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/11/12)
Hatch to force vote on Obama’s welfare plan (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/11/12)
Opinion: Don’t trade away public lands to become the next North Dakota (Deseret News, 9/5/12)
Republicans Herbert, Swallow dwarf Democratic opponents in fundraising (Deseret News, 9/4/12)
Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan flying to Provo to raise cash (Deseret News, 9/4/12)
Opinion: Utah uninsured; state health plan is not working (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/4/12)
Sen. Reid says Mormon Democrats should hold heads high (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/4/12)
Per pupil funding down in Utah since 2008, report says (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/4/12)
Utah bucks US trend by boosting its output (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/4/12)
Swallow rakes in the campaign cash, topping $1M for AG race (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/4/12)
Utah Democrats split on party’s gay-marriage stance (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/3/12)
Matheson, Love attack ads hit the airwaves (Deseret News, 9/1/12)
Opinion: Utah’s water future in court (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/1/12)
Editorial: Utah ACT reports compared to other states is a hard lesson learned (Deseret News, 9/1/12)
Commentary: Huntsman vs. Romney continues (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/1/12)


Herbert, Swallow enjoy big cash leads after some huge donations (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/31/12)
More Utahns are uninsured, despite increased efforts for access (Deseret News, 8/31/12)
Commentary: Does Love have staying power? (Utah Policy Center, 8/31/12)
Editorial: Utah charter schools a story of success and promise (Deseret News, 8/31/12)
Judge rules against foes of Utah’s initiative law (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/31/12)
Utah delegation gets special greeting from Mitt Romney on his big night at RNC (Deseret News, 8/30/12)
Some Utahns’ reactions to the Romney speech (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/30/12)
Utah’s top leaders run state from Florida (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/30/12)
Group aims to increase number of college-educated women in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/30/12)
Launch of Utah Women and Education Initiative (Utah Policy Center, 8/30/12)
Leavitt to play central role in implementing Romney’s health reforms (Utah Policy Center, 8/30/12)
Matheson dismisses Mia love buzz (City Weekly, 8/30/12)
Video: Rubio tells Utah Republicans: America needs Mitt (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/30/12)
The awe and the awkward of Mitt Romney’s speech (City Weekly, 8/30/12)
Utah Republicans forget the past while cheering Ryan (Utah Policy Center, 8/30/12)
Voucher study should make us scrub off old assumptions (Deseret News, 8/30/12)
Mia Love enjoys the afterglow of big speech (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/29/12)
Lawsuit challenging Utah liquor laws dismissed (Deseret News, 8/29/12)
Mia Love targeted amid racially charged incidents at GOP convention (Deseret News, 8/29/12)
Video: Shurtleff against conservative immigration position (KUTV, 8/29/12)
Editorial: Federal land use policy preventing Utah energy independence (Deseret News, 8/29/12)
NJ Gov. Christie speaks to Utah delegates, press kept out (Deseret News, 8/29/12)
Love’s speech brings cheers, praise (Utah Policy Center, 8/29/12)
Utah uninsured rate inching up despite state health reforms (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/29/12)
Mia Love speech at Republican National Convention ‘pitch perfect’ on national stage (Deseret News, 8/28/12)
Jim Matheson grabs a bit of the stage from Mia Love (Deseret News, 8/28/12)
Immigration initiative argued in Utah court (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/12)
Herbert explains welfare waivers request (Utah Policy Center, 8/28/12)
Utah cities, counties, guv preparing for new ethics commission law (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/12)
Video: Matheson campaigns in SLC for 4th District seat (Fox13, 8/28/12)
Commentary: Political BS – ‘Democrats in the crosshairs’ (Utah Policy Center, 8/28/12)
Commentary: Mia Love’s moment (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/12)
Opinion: Herbert’s pick has no place on radiation board (Tooele Transcript Bulletin, 8/28/12)
On Love’s big day, Democrats assail her at home (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert won’t endorse Romney claim that Obama is gutting welfare reform (Huffington Post, 8/27/12)
Blog Watch: How Dems could impact Utah politics (Utah Policy Center, 8/27/12)
Romney camp balks at anonymous story on Leavitt (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/12)
Is Leavitt attempting a ‘power grab’? (Utah Policy Center, 8/27/12)
Commentary: Fighting for the right to see state records — again (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/12)
For Utahns, Romney is a good candidate and good friend (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/12)
After standing on biggest stage, Love is eager to perform (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/12)
Romney says his Mormon tithing shouldn’t be public (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/23/12)
Herbert challenges I-15 team to finish work by Thanksgiving (Daily Herald, 8/23/12)
Commentary: Why be a Democrat in Utah? (Daily Herald, 8/23/12)
Cooke campaign goes through a shakeup (Utah Policy Center, 8/23/12)
Guv says I-15 work vindicates controversial bid award (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/12)
Utah ranks as top pro-business state, report says (Deseret News, 8/22/12)
Suddenly high-profile Sen. McCaskill in Utah next week (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/12)
Commentary: Utah Democrats unite! (as Republicans) (Salt Lake Magazine, 8/22/12)
Opinion: No exceptions – GOP’s extreme abortion platform (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/12)
Video: ‘Funny or Die’ mocks Utah’s 72-hour abortion waiting period (Utah Policy Center, 8/22/12)
Salt Lake Chamber speaks out on Essential Health Benefits Package (Utah Policy Center, 8/22/12)
Governor issues a challenge: Finish I-15 by Thanksgiving (Deseret News, 8/22/12)
Opinion: Light a candle – Make public records accessible (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/12)
Opinion: Paying for roads – raising state fuel tax is fair (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/22/12)
GOP stands firm: No abortions, no exceptions (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/21/12)
State land trust distributing $29M to public schools (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/21/12)
Matheson picks up big endorsement (Utah Policy Center, 8/21/12)
Common Core debate reaches lawmakers (Park Record, 8/21/12)
Opinion: Herbert’s flawed vision of Medicaid reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/21/12)
Governor restructures budget office to focus on efficiencies and outcomes (Utah Policy Center, 8/21/12)
Herbert revamps his budget office (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/21/12)
Utah Republicans ‘freaked out’ by Romney’s health care plan? (Utah Policy Center, 8/21/12)
US Chamber promises big support for Matheson’s re-election (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/21/12)
Romney’s health care plan freaks out Utah Republicans (Mother Jones, 8/20/12)
Is Mitt Romney hiding something about his tithing? (Utah Policy Center, 8/20/12)
Committee declines to waive $14K fee for redistricting documents (Deseret News, 8/20/12)
Mormon Democratic caucus to go national (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/20/12)
SL Council wrestling with Utah’s referendum law (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/20/12)
Mormon Democrats to gather at Charlotte convention (New York Times, 8/20/12)
‘LDS Dems’ to gather at Charlotte Convention (Utah Policy Center, 8/20/12)
Legislative leaders demand $9K to release redistricting records to Dems (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/20/12)
Democrats lose redistricting records appeal (Utah Policy Center, 8/20/12)
Utah data reveal unprecedented depths of recession job losses (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/19/12)
NJ Gov. Chris Christie headlining Herbert’s annual fundraiser (Deseret News, 8/14/12)
Is Mia Love in trouble? (Utah Policy Center, 8/13/12)
Commentary: Finding the proper balance between state, federal land interests (Deseret News, 8/12/12)
Huntsman Sr. denies he’s Reid’s ‘source’ (Utah Policy Center, 8/12/12)
Mia Love still riding high but some question if she’s moving ahead (Deseret News, 8/12/12)
Utah GOP leaders love Romney’s pick (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/11/12)
Does Utah have the political will to make tough pollution choices? (Deseret News, 8/11/12)
Opinion: Initiative petitions; Utah law guts right (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/11/12)
Editorial: The pension problem (Deseret News, 8/11/12)
Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney ticket draws praise from Utah politicos who call Ryan a serious choice (Deseret News, 8/11/12)
GOP, Dems trade shots at 4th District candidates (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/10/12)
A Republican rift in Salt Lake County? (Utah Policy Center, 8/9/12)
Some Utah counties have more voters than residents (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/8/12)
Turnover in Utah Capitol could have big impact on education (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/8/12)
Utah Democratic candidates trying to woo GOP voters (Deseret News, 8/8/12)
Utah ranks number one in well-being index (Deseret News, 8/8/12)
Utah, national economies linked (Utah Policy Center, 8/8/12)
Commentary: When it comes to setting standards, teachers know best (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/8/12)
Philpot ventures into political media (Utah Policy Center, 8/8/12)
Cooke challenges Herbert to seven debates (Daily Herald, 8/8/12)
Editorial: Open up apportionment records (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/8/12)
Guv: Better economy could help education funding (Standard-Examiner, 8/8/12)
Welfare debate drags Utah into presidential campaign (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/7/12)
Opinion: Don’t close the door on the public on land use and energy (Deseret News, 8/7/12)
Opinion: Children lose out; Common Core is misunderstood (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/7/12)
Utah Retirement Systems should consider a conservative rate of return (Deseret News, 8/7/12)
Study: Utah best place to live (Utah Policy Center, 8/7/12)
Analysis: Utah Medicaid a bargain, not a budget-buster (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/7/12)
Video: Democrats say turn the documents over to ABC 4 (ABC 4, 8/7/12)
Herbert waiting to see who takes White House before deciding on Medicaid expansion (Deseret News,8/7/12)
Democrat Cooke calls for seven debates (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/7/12)
Peter Cooke challenges Gov. Gary Herbert to 7 debates in Utah governor’s race (Deseret News, 8/7/12)
Legislature leaders discussing Democrats’ GRAMA request (Daily Herald, 8/7/12)
Democrats protest $14K bill for redistricting records (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/6/12)
State regent: It’s time to reform education in Utah (Standard-Examiner, 8/6/12)
Utah Democrats balk at $14K bill for redistricting documents (Deseret News, 8/6/12)
Utah pension system could charge cities millions if investments drop (Deseret News, 8/6/12)
President Obama’s road not taken includes Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/5/12)
Opinion: Strategic land exchanges benefit rural economies, Utah schoolchildren and the environment(Deseret News, 8/5/12)
Commentary: What will Utah’s 2013 legislative session look like? (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/5/12)
Utah weapons permits a hot commodity, but are adequate checks in place? (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/4/12)
Commentary: Drug testing welfare clients wastes tax dollars (Deseret News, 8/4/12)
Editorial: Public sector trade-offs: Reducing public employment is not the best way to manage public finances (Deseret News, 8/4/12)
Critics: Romney didn’t engineer Olympics turnaround by himself (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/4/12)
Utah withdraws from Common Core consortium (Deseret News, 8/3/12)
Editorial: Outdoor retailers take justifiable swing at state Legislature (Park Record, 8/3/12)
GOP sending out big guns to help Love raise money (Daily Herald, 8/3/12)
Editorial: Unethical enablers (Standard-Examiner, 8/3/12)
Opinion: Powell pipeline: What if growth slows? (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/3/12)
Former LDS Church leaders tabbed for Utah higher education boards (Deseret News, 8/3/12)
Politicos opine on whether Mitt Romney’s overseas will hurt campaign (Deseret News, 8/3/12)
Utah gives Obama lowest marks of his presidency (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/2/12)
Outdoor industry wants political clout it says it deserves (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/2/12)
Will Outdoor Retailers show abandon SLC? (Utah Policy Center, 8/2/12)
Herbert: Repeal Obamacare (Utah Policy Center, 8/2/12)
Utah congressmen say Medicaid expansion up to governor (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/2/12)
Future of outdoor trade show in SLC gets down to business (Deseret News, 8/2/12)
Utah Mormon agree: Romney’s candidacy is good for LDS Church (Utah Policy Center, 8/2/12)
‘Summer Outdoor Retail Market’ considers move from Salt Lake City (The Oregonian, 8/2/12)
Speaker John Boehner coming to Utah to fundraise for Mia Love (Utah Policy Center, 8/1/12)
Utah public lands policies could drive Outdoor Retailer show out of Salt Lake City (Deseret News,8/1/12)
Guv candidate Cooke: I can better fight for Hill Air Force Base (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Push for ethics initiative will continue, backers say (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Cooke chased off Hill property twice before news conference on BRAC (Standard-Examiner, 8/1/12)
Utah prosecutors of Medicaid fraud outperform their peers (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Outdoor trade shows gives Utah governor ultimatum (AP, 8/1/12)
Outdoor rec industry lashes out at Utah’s public lands policy (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Utah state school board to discuss cursive, Common Core testing (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Editorial: Using tax incentives to lure jobs to Utah is good policy (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)
Prosperity 2020 makes business promise to provide 20,200 school volunteers (Utah Policy Center, 8/1/12)
Data signal that economy cool down taking hold in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Utah Supreme Court ruling ends ethics initiative bid (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/31/12)
Herbert: The statehouse, not White House, should lead on health reform (Washington Times, 7/31/12)
Utah high court stops ethics reform ballot initiative in its tracks (Deseret News, 7/31/12)
EDCUtah sets new record for jobs created and retained (Utah Policy Center, 7/31/12)
Judge bars release of petition signatures in ethics initiative (Daily Herald, 7/31/12)
Republicans and Democrats agree on tight gubernatorial race (Cache Valley Tribune, 7/31/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert announces new tool to bring 20,200 volunteers to schools (Deseret News, 7/31/12)
Supreme Court ruling in hand, attorneys take next step challenging Utah’s immigration law (Deseret News, 7/31/12)
In Utah Legislature, massive incumbent losses in 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 7/31/12)
Governor, outdoor industry leaders meet at time of big rifts (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/31/12)
Utah’s new welfare clients now face drug screening (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/31/12)
Utah legislator rips DC while raking in federal cash (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/30/12)
Video: Utah Dems differ on national party’s stance on gay marriage (Fox13Now, 7/30/12)
Herbert pummeling Cooke online (Utah Policy Center, 7/30/12)
Loophole lets thousands in lobbyist expenses go unreported (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/30/12)
Drillers in Utah have a friend in a US land agency (New York Times, 7/27/12)
The Western Energy Alliance: Devoting time and resources to political allies (New York Times,7/27/12)
Herbert, Becker respond to Brit leader calling Utah ‘middle of nowhere’ (Deseret News, 7/26/12)
Editorial: Rebuild Utah school system (Daily Herald, 7/25/12)
Huntsmans to be honored by Equality Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/24/12)
Video: Conservative policy group kicks off conference in SLC (Fox 13, 7/24/12)
ALEC members gather to advance economic work in the states (Deseret News, 7/24/12)
Dem candidate for governor says more volunteerism needed (KSL, 7/24/12)
Peter Cooke proposes policies to encourage volunteerism (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/23/12)
Commentary: Utah political ‘reporter’ wears more than one hat (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/23/12)
Hatch disputes AP story (Utah Policy Center,7/24/12)
GOP lawmaker Urquhart: Why Utah shouldn’t expand Medicaid (Utah Policy Center, 7/24/12)
Mitt’s backers try to help swing the swing states — from Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/24/12)
Herbert responds to Human Events article (Utah Policy Center, 7/23/12)
2002 Olympic papers unlikely to shed light on Romney’s leadership (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/23/12)
Mormons on cusp of new powerful era (The Hill, 7/23/12)
Salt Lake County Dem head resigns to manage Peter Cooke’s campaign (Deseret News, 7/23/12)
‘ALEC Welcoming Committee’ sets up protest camp in Salt Lake City (KUTV, 7/23/12)
Public lands war heats up between SUWA, Gov. Herbert (Deseret News, 7/22/12)
Opinion: Aarches Health – A co-op to contain healthcare costs (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/22/12)
Commentary: Why are people critical of ALEC? (Deseret News, 7/22/12)
How Leavitt’s healthcare work fits in with Romney’s campaign (Utah Policy Center, 7/22/12)
Commentary: In a state of transformation (Utah Policy Center, 7/22/12)
Mia Love’s campaign is all in tangles (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/21/12)
Commentary: Our Utah values (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/21/12)
Commentary: Justice court revenue (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/21/12)
Challenge to Herbert’s 2010 election tossed (AP, 7/20/12)
Alleged pattern of behavior led to GOP fundraiser’s arrest on rape charges (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/12)
Utah ready to bid for Olympics — when US gives the go-ahead (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/12)
High court rules against ex-candidates who wanted Gov. Gary Herbert ousted (Deseret News, 7/20/12)
County Republicans have been wary of Peterson (Daily Herald, 7/20/12)
Supreme Court tosses challenge to Herbert’s 2010 election (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/12)
Commentary: Amusing ourselves to death (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/12)
Commentary: Democrats have more in common with most Utahns (Standard-Examiner, 7/19/12)
Utah’s immigration case backlog grows (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/19/12)
Governor says time is now for comprehensive water strategy (Deseret News, 7/19/12)
Commentary: Proponent of gold as legal tender in Utah accused of Ponzi scheme (Salt Lake Tribune,7/19/12)
Utah candidates meet and eat with low-income advocates (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/19/12)
Citizen Revolt: Cold ALEC welcome (City Weekly, 7/19/12)
GOP activist charged with rape claimed close ties with Mitt Romney, Utah politicians (Deseret News,7/19/12)
GOP activist charged with kidnapping, raping 4 women (Deseret News, 7/19/12)
Love picking up fundraising pace against Matheson (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/16/12)
Democratic guv candidate decries Utah’s school funding levels (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/16/12)
Peter Cooke says education funding, classroom sizes are priority (Deseret News, 7/16/12)
GOP heavy hitters help Love match Matheson in quarterly fundraising (Deseret News, 7/16/12)
Outdoor industry leader quits Utah governor’s group (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/16/12)
Attitudes toward LDS faith could impact voter behavior (Utah Policy Center, 7/16/12)
Predicting the fate of big projects in Utah (Utah Policy Center, 7/16/12)
Gov. Herbert named to NGA Executive Committee (Utah Policy Center, 7/16/12)
Video: Cooke promises decrease in classroom size, funding increase (KSL, 7/16/12)
Revised sales tax proposal would change the rules for Utah cities and towns (Deseret News, 7/15/12)
Editorial: Utah needs help; Common Core can benefit schools (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/15/12)
Sizing up higher education: Departing state commish offers his perspective (Herald Journal, 7/15/12)
ALEC bringing its clout, agenda and convention to Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/14/12)
Budget ax falls on Utah’s juvenile justice system (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/14/12)
Metcalfe quits state working group (Park Record, 7/13/12)
Commentary: Utah lawmakers – You can mess with our fireworks but not our guns (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/13/12)
Federal agency declares drought disaster in Utah, 25 other states (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/12/12)
Criticism follows Businessweek cover on Mormon Church finances (Deseret News, 7/12/12)
Magazine cover angers Mormons (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/12/12)
LDS Church shares financial history, philosophy (Deseret News, 7/12/12)
Lawmakers sideline the Constitutional Review Commission (Utah Policy Center, 7/10/12)
Does Herbert really support Second Amendment rights? (Utah Policy Center, 7/10/12)
Utah governor believes that only restricting law-abiding gun owners can prevent forest fires (Human Events, 7/10/12)
Report highlights economic value of Utah’s federal lands (Deseret News, 7/9/12)
Commentary: ‘The new normal’ in local budgeting (Utah Policy Center, 7/9/12)
Majority of Utahns oppose gay marriage, but attitudes shift toward civil unions, BYU poll finds (Deseret News, 7/9/12)
Breaking down Utah’s electoral preferences (Utah Policy Center, 7/9/12)
Utah: Very Republican, but not quite as conservative as it appears (FiveThirtyEight, 7/9/12)
Utah taxpayers could foot the bill for FLDS assets battle (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/8/12)
Opinion: Utah can afford ACA Medicaid expansion (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/7/12)
Huntsman scolds GOP for losing focus, will skip convention (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/12)
Republicans warming to idea of Mormon president (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/12)
Commentary: Despite turnover, Legislature needs term limits (Utah Policy Center, 7/6/12)
Patrick Henry Caucus leading fight against Affordable Care Act (Daily Herald, 7/6/12)
Education First PAC sees ground shift favoring education (Utah Policy Center, 7/4/12)
Ruling blocks Utah ethics initiative from ballot (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/3/12)
Opinion: Utah gets a pass with NCLB waiver (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/3/12)
Utah’s top court throws out challenge to initiative law (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/3/12)
Utah Supreme Court dismisses case challenging Utah ballot initiative process (Deseret News, 7/3/12)
Herbert, legislative leaders agree state can ban target shooting to prevent fires (Deseret News, 7/2/12)
Target shooting in Utah governor’s crosshairs (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/12)
AG Shurtleff: Utah immigration law won’t survive intact (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/12)
Analysis: Massive turnover coming to Utah’s Legislature (Utah Policy Center, 7/2/12)
Governor, Fox News correspondent speak at patriotic fireside (The Daily Herald, 7/2/12)
Utah about to claim a bit more congressional clout (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/1/12)
Commentary: Now that the primary is over, what are the lessons? (Deseret News, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Commentary: Auditor paid price for irking lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/30/12)
Judge sets deadlines in Utah immigration law case (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/29/12)
State GOP chairman says negative advertising ‘damages the system’ (Deseret News, 6/27/12)
Utah continues to take star turn, economically (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/27/12)
What do we learn from Utah’s primary election results? (Utah Policy Center, 6/27/12)
Merrill Cook seeks court relief on new ballot petition law (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/27/12)
Move to Amend asks Utah high court to ease ballot access (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/27/12)
Sen. Orrin Hatch easily wins primary election against former state Sen. Dan Liljenquist (Deseret News,6/27/12)
Utah’s GOP primary turnout higher than expected (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/26/12)
Primary lessons: Tea party ebbs, money flows (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/26/12)
Wait over, prized Utah liquor licenses go quickly (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/26/12)
Guv appoints longtime state worker to oversee Utah DABC (Deseret News, 6/26/12)
Did LDS caucus unintentionally push some women out? (Utah Policy Center, 6/26/12)
Primary spells trouble for lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/26/12)
Hatch cruises to easy win over Liljenquist (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/26/12)
Romney wins nation’s final primary with more than 90% of the vote (Deseret News, 6/26/12)
Insiders: Predict who will win in Utah’s Tuesday primary elections (Utah Policy Center, 6/25/12)
Utah immigration law still on hold despite US Supreme Court ruling in Arizona case (Deseret News,6/25/12)
Editorial: Utah set to be a boom state, but be careful what you ask for (Deseret News, 6/25/12)
Commentary: Campaign gifts – Peter Cooke’s plan for limits (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/25/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert selects candidates for Utah State Board of Education (Deseret News, 6/25/12)
Utah immigration law still on hold despite US Supreme Court ruling in Arizona case (Deseret News,6/25/12)
Supporters, critics debate impact of ruling on immigration law in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/25/12)
Salt Lake County officials predicting up to 30% voter turnout Tuesday (Deseret News, 6/25/12)
Utah most vulnerable to Eurozone debt crisis (Utah Policy Center, 6/24/12)
What to expect and learn from the primary elections (Deseret News, 6/24/12)
Mitt Romney retreat in Deer Valley seen as ‘rock concert’ for Republicans (Deseret News, 6/23/12)
The changing face of Utah — Are we ready to embrace the future? (Deseret News, 6/23/12)
Commentary: ‘Coming to our Census’ series takes needed, critical look at issues posed by Utah’s changing demographics (Deseret News, 6/23/12)
Commentary: Vote when it counts (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/23/12)
Opinion: Foreign corporations are big winners under TPP (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/23/12)
Poll: Sen. Orrin Hatch maintains lead over Dan Liljenquist in GOP primary (Deseret News, 6/23/12)
Rep. Paul Ryan courts fellow GOP members for Mia Love (Deseret News, 6/23/12)
Commentary: Calling my shot for primary election day (Utah Policy Center, 6/22/12)
Insecurity index shows Utah hit hard by recession (Deseret News, 6/22/12)
Commentary: GOP good intentions have unintended consequences (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/12)
Alcohol bill flies through special session (Utah Policy Center, 6/21/12)
Romney’s Utah ‘Republicanpalooza’: Mega-donors descend on Park City for weekend retreat (Deseret News, 6/21/12)
Romney hosts big donors, political stars at Park City (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/12)
Matheson skipping Democratic Convention (Utah Policy Center, 6/21/12)
The Affordable Care Act helps Utah (Deseret News, 6/21/12)
Commentary: The art of smearing political opponents in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/12)
Utah still ranks last in per student spending (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/12)
Republican heavy hitters coming to Park City for Romney (Utah Policy Center, 6/22/12)
Utah Regents choose David Buhler as new higher ed boss (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/12)
Utah health exchange could survive even if health reform law dies (CNN, 6/21/12)
Salt Lake County: Can Winder or Crockett beat McAdams (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/12)
Utah Legislature OKs adding 90 restaurant liquor licenses (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Independent voters may be shut out of GOP primaries (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
55,000 Utahns have already voted in primary (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Utah may take its land battle to Congress, not courts (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Utah companies renew plea for more skilled workers (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Utah GOP primary roundup (City Weekly, 6/20/12)
90 new restaurant liquor licenses created in special session (KSL, 6/20/12)
Pending: More liquor licenses in Utah… (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Utah lawmakers vote to add 90 new restaurant liquor licenses (Deseret News, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Lawmakers do the right thing with liquor changes (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Commentary: Herbert, Stewart more extreme than HEAL (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/12)
Utah’s revenue projections looking good…maybe (Utah Policy Center, 6/20/12)
Will Utah loosen liquor license quota? (Stateline, 6/20/12)
Cooke proposes sweeping ethics reform (KCPW, 6/19/12)
Cooke says Utah needs to raise bar on ethics (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/12)
Herbert calls Legislature into session to discuss liquor (Daily Herald, 6/19/12)
Utah moves ahead with federal health reform mandates (Deseret News, 6/19/12)
Leavitt huddles with conservatives about health care (Utah Policy Center, 6/19/12)
Legislature set to kill arts sales tax ballot question (Utah Policy Center, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Red Meat pundits have trouble setting record straight (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/12)
Special session to increase liquor licenses may just be a start (Deseret News, 6/19/12)
Study: Utah’s voter turnout continues to drop (Utah Policy Center, 6/19/12)
Gov. Herbert calls special legislative session for Wednesday, liquor licenses on agenda (Deseret News,6/18/12)
More early voters in Utah casting ballots by mail (Deseret News, 6/18/12)
Herbert calls special session to OK more liquor licenses, fix ed funding (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/18/12)
UT Gov’s Office of Economic Dev announces new jobs expansion for EMC Corporation (Utah Policy Center, 6/17/12)
Shurtleff supports Obama’s immigration move (Utah Policy Center, 6/17/12)
Utah’s conservative GOP Attorney General supports Obama’s immigration policy (Blog for Arizona, 6/16/12)
Opinion: At the crossroads of education reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/16/12)
Opinion: Utah’s misguided land grab (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/16/12)
Utah’s GOP attorney general: Obama immigration move totally within his power (Washington Post,6/15/12)
A herd of elephants: GOP star Paul Ryan, others headed to Park City (Park City Record, 6/15/12)
Advocates: Emails show Utah oil shale meeting was illegal (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/15/12)
Obama’s deportation move gives hope to the undocumented young (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/15/12)
Murky SuperPACs funding attack ads in Utah AG GOP primary race (KSL, 6/14/12)
Utahns, this is not your typical state auditor’s race (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/14/12)
Utah ranks high on US Chamber economy report; ranks No. 2 for business birth rate (Washington Post,6/14/12)
Commentary: Utah’s unified plan provides roadmap for future (Utah Policy Center, 6/14/12)
Republicans reserve nearly $1M in ad time to boost Love’s campaign (Utah Policy Center, 6/13/12)
Utah agency seeks to drug test all members of welfare households (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/13/12)
Herbert: Feds could learn a thing or two from Utah (Utah Policy Center, 6/13/12)
Leading change: Utah’s top business leaders chart a path forward (Utah Policy Center, 6/13/12)
Utah ranks second among the next economic ‘boom states’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/13/12)
State registering immigration consultants to fight predatory practices (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/12/12)
Immigration consultants must register with state beginning July 1 (Deseret News, 6/12/12)
Utah less insured, less healthy than once thought (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/12/12)
Gov. Herbert elected Western Governor’s Association chair (Utah Policy Center, 6/12/12)
Herbert new Western Governor’s Association chairman (Deseret News, 6/12/12)
Commentary: Wimmer blames the messenger for all the confusion (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/12/12)
Early voting could play huge role in June primary (Utah Policy Center, 6/11/12)
Behind the Lines: Mormonism unveiled (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/12)
Are Mormons primed for persecution in this election season? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/9/12)
Wimmer’s link to Chuck Warren (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/9/12)
Commentary: What Utah needs in a governor (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/9/12)
Romney tells Utah audience president out of touch on economy (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/12)
Nevada GOP chairman says Carl Wimmer responsible for job confusion (Deseret News, 6/8/12)
Ethics petition case moves to Utah Supreme Court (Utah Policy Center, 6/8/12)
Utah’s public assistance is effective (Deseret News, 6/7/12)
Carl Wimmer back in Utah after Nevada GOP debacle (Deseret News, 6/7/12)
Jowers: Leavitt not afraid of far-right (Utah Policy Center, 6/7/12)
Editorial: Public unions facing cuts (Standard-Examiner, 6/7/12)
Why Mitt Romney is likely to pick a governor as his running mate (Utah Policy Center, 6/7/12)
Education, workforce development critical for future of Utah (Standard-Examiner, 6/7/12)
Group says ALEC is shutting down dissent (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/7/12)
UTA built trains on the backs of big-money lobbyists, but can the system be sustained? (Deseret News,6/7/12)
GOP legislative leader wants to address liquor license shortages this summer (Utah Policy Center, 6/7/12)
Liljenquist puts on a show in mock debate (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/7/12)
Herbert endorses Hatch, calls him ‘best choice for Utah’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/12)
Wimmer’s Nevada GOP future remains ‘confusing’ (Deseret News, 6/6/12)
Utah climate: Situation is ‘doggone grim,’ especially in south, for water (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/12)
SLC Council poised to outflank state law on citizen petitions (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/12)
Blog Watch: A weaker Utah tea party in 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 6/6/12)
Wimmer’s Nevada GOP adventure continues (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/12)
What Utah should learn from data breach (Utah Policy Center, 6/6/12)
June primary could bring big voter turnout (Utah Policy Center, 6/6/12)
Video: Peter Cooke says he can do better than Gov. Herbert (KUTV, 6/6/12)
Utah Chamber supports Gov. Herbert’s decision to make state fleet ‘idle free’ (Utah Policy Center, 6/6/12)
Convention delegates bummed out over GOP 2nd District outcome (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/5/12)
Some Republicans wary of Leavitt’s role in Romney campaign (Utah Policy Center, 6/5/12)
Commentary: Ignorance props up Utah’s one-party system (Tooele Transcript Bulletin, 6/5/12)
Commentary: Are we going to compromise our canyons to death? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/5/12)
Lifelong Utahn named to governor’s resource council (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/5/12)
Democrats, debating in Park City, remain dubious about SkiLink (The Park Record, 6/5/12)
Conservatives puzzled that Romney passed over Chaffetz for House liaison job (Utah Policy Center, 6/5/12)
Wimmer’s Nevada GOP job a mirage? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/5/12)
Wimmer takes position with Nevada GOP (Utah Policy Center, 6/4/12)
Wimmer takes job as NV GOP political director (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/4/12)
Utah is Mitt Romney’s key to western contests (Boston Globe, 6/4/12)
Mike Leavitt’s new role heading Romney transition team puts attention on former Utah governor(Deseret News, 6/4/12)
Conservatives attack Leavitt (Utah Policy Center, 6/4/12)
Conservatives attack Romney’s choice to lead transition (New York Times, 6/4/12)
Opinion: Why we fear Mormons (New York Times, 6/3/12)
Mormons march in Gay Pride Parade to build bridges (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/3/12)
Utah Rep. Jim Matheson thrives in the political center (Politico, 6/3/12)
Mike Leavitt, the man planning the Mitt Romney presidency (Politico, 6/3/12)
Commentary: Why privatize education? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/2/12)
Commentary: Careful what you wish for (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/2/12)
Commentary: Utah’s nuttiest idea of all (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/2/12)
Opinion: Engine idling; Gov. Herbert leads out (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/2/12)
Opinion: Utah’s leaky budget bucket (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/2/12)
Utah refinery growth promises jobs, revenue, but at what cost? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/12)
Jon Huntsman Jr is done pulling punches (Deseret News, 6/1/12)
Herald Poll: Polygamy and same-sex marriage (Daily Herald, 6/1/12)
Cache Valley leaders weigh in on Herbert’s no-idling order (The Herald Journal, 6/1/12)
Economic index for Utah declines slightly in May (Deseret News, 6/1/12)
Commentary: Eagle Forum trying hard to be disgusted (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

The impact of outside and anonymous money on Utah’s elections (Utah Policy Center, 5/29/12)
Report touts dollars from outdoors recreation vs. energy (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/29/12)
Behind the lines: The Paranoid Old Party? (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/28/12)
New survey shows support for Common Core among local politicians (Deseret News, 5/28/12)
Utah and the Great Recession (Utah Policy Center, 5/28/12)
‘Hatch effect’ hurting Utah’s most conservative lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/28/12)
Would repossessing federal lands help fund education? (Deseret News, 5/27/12)
Failed GOP guv hopeful says state party should have rejected $100K contribution (Deseret News,5/26/12)
Liljenquist pushing to make name for himself as primary approaches (Deseret News, 5/26/12)
Opinion: Tea Party owns the Republicans (Standard-Examiner, 5/25/12)
Commentary: Utahns need to take a hard look at ALEC and its influence (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/25/12)
Report: Balancing recreation, energy development benefits Utah communities (Deseret News,5/25/12)
Dynamic fiscal notes debated at Utah Taxpayer Association meeting (Utah Policy Center, 5/23/12)
Outside donations helped GOP boost caucus turnout (Utah Policy Center, 5/22/12)
Utah national GOP convention delegation dominated by party insiders (Utah Policy Center, 5/16/12)
OPINION: Data breach – Herbert finally gets it (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/16/12)
OPINION: Pollution and political will (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/16/12)
Utah gov fires tech head over health data security breach, creates ’security czar’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/15/12)
Utah alone in Sagebrush rebellion after AZ gov’s veto of legislation (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/15/12)
COMMENTARY: Alternative fuels missing from Utah energy conference (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/15/12)
Debate over what makes a road rages on in Utah (High Country News, 5/15/12)
Utah’s ten-year energy plan relies on conventional energy sources (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/15/12)
Anti-Citizens United ballot initiative has enough signatures to make SLC voters (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/15/12)
Western legislatures grab for control of public lands (High Country News, 5/14/12)
Commentary: Five things I think I think this week (Utah Policy Center, 5/8/12)
Peter Cooke: Taking responsibility at the top (Utah Policy Center, 5/8/12)
Utah Dems need to come up with more cash to get redistricting documents (Utah Policy Center, 5/7/12)
Interior Sec Ken Salazer dedicates two conservation areas in southern Utah (Salt Lake Tribune,5/7/12)
Utah’s economic outlook is best in the nation – so says ALEC (Utah Policy Center, 5/7/12)
Utah GOP lawmakers taking sides in Senate primary (Utah Policy Center, 5/7/12)
Commentary: Wait 3 days for a Utah abortion? Why not wait to have sex, too? (Salt Lake Tribune,5/7/12)
How do Utah politicos view new Sagebrush Rebellion? (Utah Policy Center, 5/7/12)
Commentary: Mine victims invisible as Romney campaigns with Bob Murray (Salt Lake Tribune,5/7/12)
Do women in politics face an uphill battle in Utah? (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/6/12)
Secret life: A look into the lives of illegal immigrants in Utah (Daily Herald, 5/6/12)
Could Love oust Matheson in Utah’s new 4th District? (Deseret News, 5/6/12)
Opinion: Campaign finance – secret money begets corruption (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/5/12)
Opinion: LDS Church and public ed (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/5/12)
Stephen Sandstrom: From immigration hard-liner to compassionate conservative (Salt Lake Tribune,5/5/12)
Utah to have nation’s first 72-hour abortion waiting period (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/4/12)
State realtors association leads in donations to Utah legislative candidates (Daily Herald, 5/3/12)
Lockhart to take new approach in bid for second term as speaker (Utah Policy Center, 5/3/12)
Utah House roster will be quite different in 2013 (Utah Policy Center, 5/2/12)
Commentary: Plot deepens in GOP Convention bombshell (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/1/12)
Utah: What’s the Secret Sauce? (Utah Policy Center, 5/1/12)
Utah vies for China’s outsourcing (Deseret News, 5/1/12)
2nd District turmoil has some GOP looking at Democrat (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

EPA review mixed for Utah hazy-air plan (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/30/12)
Former Patrick Henry Caucus pals moving on without each other (Deseret News, 4/30/12)
‘Watershed moment’: Council votes to allow video cameras in Utah courts (Deseret News, 4/30/12)
Patrick Henry Caucus founders all lose – but claim higher victory (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/29/12)
Reflection and analysis of Utah’s state conventions (Deseret News, 4/29/12)
Utah Democrats to Mormon voters: Give us a chance (Deseret News, 4/28/12)
At Utah Capitol, hundreds denounce ‘war on women’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/28/12)
Governors: Mountain West needs unified voice on land, energy and water (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/27/12)
Bonding for Utah infrastructure is not like federal deficit spending (Deseret News, 4/27/12)
Uneven convention coverage a result of miscommunication (Standard-Examiner, 4/27/12)
Utah judge weighs arguments on ethics initiative (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/27/12)
Herbert hosts Idaho, Wyoming governors as protesters rally outside (Deseret News, 4/27/12)
Gay-rights advocates meet with LDS officials (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/23/12)
Record turnout gives color to Utah political landscape (Deseret News, 4/22/12)
Sen. Orrin Hatch forced into primary for first time since ‘76, faces Dan Liljenquist in June (Deseret News, 4/21/12)
GOP nominates 2nd, 4th congressional candidates with love and rancor (Deseret News, 4/21/12)
Utah’s Hatch will face a primary for Senate (New York Times, 4/21/12)
Democrats to have primary election in 1st congressional district (Deseret News, 4/21/12)
No primary for Governor Gary Herbert, wins nomination in second round of voting (Deseret News,4/21/12)
Orrin Hatch in strong position heading into Utah GOP convention (Washington Post, 4/20/12)
Bernick calls his shot – State convention edition (Utah Policy Center, 4/20/12)
Decision day nears for Utah party delegates (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/19/12)
Anti-Common Core flier hits delegate mailboxes (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/19/12)
Lt. governor’s office looking into allegations surrounding Huntsman PAC (Deseret News, 4/19/12)
Vince Rampton, son of late governor, to be Cooke’s running mate (Deseret News, 4/19/12)
Utah must confront talent shortage, executives say (Deseret News, 4/19/12)
Utah Policy survey: Herbert in good shape heading into Saturday (Utah Policy Center, 4/19/12)
Video: Delegates preparing to pick candidates (KSL, 4/19/12)
Rampton named as Peter Cooke’s running mate (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/19/12)
Mia Love: A rock star for the GOP (Utah Policy Center, 4/19/12)
Energy, real estate interests fuel Herbert’s campaign (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/18/12)
Is Romney’s LDS faith a ’shield’ against other attacks? (Utah Policy Center, 4/18/12)
The Anti-Mormon moment (City Weekly, 4/18/12)
Editorial: The 0.2 percent – System denies Utahns their voice (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/18/12)
Utah voters give Gov. Herbert good ratings, poll shows (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/18/12)
Poll: 62% of Republican voters back Hatch (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/18/12)
The other political convention Saturday (City Weekly, 4/18/12)
Poll: Hatch, Herbert on verge of avoiding primary in Utah (National Journal, 4/18/12)
Races for governor, senate are too close to call (KSL, 4/17/12)
Gov. Herbert, AG candidates biggest spenders as GOP convention approaches (Deseret News, 4/17/12)
Utah state convention predictions (Utah Policy Center, 4/16/12)
GOP Senate, House candidates push for delegates, money to avoid primary (Deseret News, 4/15/12)
The next six months will be a wild ride for Mormons (Deseret News, 4/15/12)
Census: Share of Utah’s Mormon residents holds steady (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/15/12)
Commentary: Filling immigration gaps (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/14/12)
Utah legislative incumbents fare well, with 2 exceptions, in Salt Lake and Utah county conventions(Deseret News, 4/14/12)
Opinion: Utah’s low air quality standards (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/14/12)
Some GOP veterans don’t fare so well at Utah County GOP convention (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/14/12)
Commentary: The ‘retirement’ of a GOP moderate (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/14/12)
Opinion: Utah overreaching (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/14/12)
Lt. governor defends Herbert’s veto of ‘bad’ sex ed bill (Standard-Examiner, 4/13/12)
Most Utahns, Mormons back going after federal lands (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/12)
Commentary: Utah and its anti-government government (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/12)
ALEC says Utah economy is tops (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/12)
Opinion: Utah Board of Education’s sham elections (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/6/12)
Economy big issue at meet the candidates event (Daily Herald, 4/6/12)
Rule change could impact Salt Lake County Democratic convention (Utah Policy Center, 4/5/12)
At odds on immigration, Shurtleff still backs Wimmer (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/12)
Thousands of new gas wells coming to eastern Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/12)
Official: Utah Medicaid data breach caused by ‘a mistake’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/12)
Commentary: GOP officer’s rules do not apply to him (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/12)
Complaint targets AG candidate’s financial filing (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/12)
Utahns ‘enthusiastic’ about Olympic bid – so far (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/4/12)
Opinion: Time for same-sex LDS marriages (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/4/12)
Worker error exposes Utah Medicaid clients to hackers (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/4/12)
4th District GOP challengers say they can’t let Matheson define them (Deseret News, 4/4/12)
Utah’s unusual political nominating system under way and under scrutiny (Deseret News, 4/3/12)
Utah races to watch other than for the US Senate (Deseret News, 4/1/12)
Shurtleff, a die-hard conservative, but not on immigrants (New York Times, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

Dems, Indian leaders praise EchoHawk’s new Mormon post (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/31/12)
Commentary: A different Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/31/12)
Opinion: Utah’s out-of-touch lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/31/12)
Commentary: LDS missionaries and immigration (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/31/12)
Flood of new caucus-goers dilutes tea party clout in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/31/12)
Changing the Mormon image: Behind the scenes of LDS Church media efforts (Deseret News, 3/30/12)
Utah college tuition still rising, but at a slower pace (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/30/12)
Some interesting intraparty battles in the GOP (Utah Policy Center, 3/30/12)
Utah officials plan how to handle 67% growth by 2040 (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/12)
Is Utah’s sage grouse conservation team biased? (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/12)
Opinion: Hunting snipes -Utah land grab a radical idea (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/12)
Matthew Durrant sworn in as chief justice of Utah Supreme Court (Deseret News, 3/27/12)
With help from third-graders, Herbert signs ed reform into law (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/12)
It is possible to be a good Mormon and a Democrat (Tooele Transcript Bulletin, 3/27/12)
Will new education law make a difference in the classroom? (Deseret News, 3/27/12)
How Utah’s Capitol marches to a Mormon beat (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/12)
Commentary: Welfare drug-screening bill dehumanizes Utahns (Pride in Utah, 3/26/12)
Utah Republicans grappling with flood of new delegates (Utah Policy Center, 3/26/12)
Guv signs off on welfare recipient drug-screening program (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/12)
Utah’s ’stand-your-ground’ law dates to 1994 (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/12)
Judge dismisses challenge to Utah liquor laws but leaves room for revised lawsuit (Deseret News,3/26/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert and Union Pacific CEO headline 6th Annual Economic Summit (Utah Policy Center, 3/26/12)
Federal judge dismisses Utah hospitality industry’s liquor suit (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/12)
Urbanites: Nine of 10 Utahns live on 1% of state’s land (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/26/12)
Utah AG Mark Shurtleff expects another 5-4 decision in health care case (Deseret News, 3/26/12)
Utah asks US to return 20 million acres of land (New York Times, 3/23/12)
Flood of new GOP delegates may be good for Orrin Hatch (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/22/12)
Elections office rejects request to disqualify Herbert (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/22/12)
Editorial: Record turnout can’t save Utah’s caucuses (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/21/12)
GOP lawmaker says sex ed bill still a good idea (Daily Herald, 3/21/12)
LDS Dems credit record caucus numbers to letter from LDS First Presidency (Deseret News, 3/21/12)
Guv signs bill requiring 72-hour wait for abortions (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Herbert signs so-called ‘ag-gag’ bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Utah fifth state to join Health Care Compact (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Utah may start health insurance co-op (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Commentary: At the Legislature, politics is personal (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Opinion: Foreclosure money – it’s not like a winning lottery ticket (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/12)
Social Media’s reaction to Herbert’s veto of HB 363 generally positive (Utah Policy Center, 3/20/12)
Matheson still one of Congress’ most vulnerable (Utah Policy Center, 3/20/12)
Editorial: Herbert, a real conservative (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/19/12)
Commentary: Moving beyond political ideology (Deseret News, 3/19/12)
Was Herbert’s sex-ed bill veto politically timed? (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/19/12)
Romney’s fundraising from Utah drops (Utah Policy Center, 3/19/12)
Report dings Utah government on ethics and transparency (Utah Policy Center, 3/19/12)
Utah’s revolving door keeps spinning out lobbyists (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/18/12)
What will Herbert do with this hot potato of a bill? (Deseret News, 3/18/12)
Editorial: A mixed legislative session (Standard-Examiner, 3/18/12)
Herbert vetoes controversial sex ed bill (Utah Policy Center, 3/17/12)
Opinion: Sex ed and role of government (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/17/12)
Editorial: Conscientious objection on abortion (Deseret News, 3/17/12)
Abortion conflict puts pro-life health professionals in limbo (Deseret News, 3/17/12)
SRO caucuses: Large turnout good for democracy (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/17/12)
Will Herbert’s veto reset the conversation on sex education? (Deseret News, 3/17/12)
Editorial: Turnout during the caucuses is invigorating for political season (Park Record, 3/16/12)
Editorial: Thoughtful veto of sex education bill (Deseret News, 3/16/12)
Controversial sex ed bill was designed to remove Planned Parenthood from schools (Deseret News,3/16/12)
ACLU, Planned Parenthood call abortion bill unconstitutional (KSL, 3/16/12)
Herbert vetoes sex-ed bill, says it constricts parental choice (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/16/12)
Governor Gary Herbert vetoes controversial sex education bill HB363 (Deseret News, 3/16/12)
Utah Democrats see packed houses at many caucus meetings (Utah Policy Center, 3/14/12)
Legislators looking at a variety of topics for next session (Daily Herald, 3/14/12)
Morgan Philpot enters race for Utah’s governor (Fox13Now, 3/14/12)
2012 Utah Legislature Recap – Sleeper session or nightmare on the Hill? (City Weekly, 3/14/12)
Utah Democrats turn out in bigger numbers at caucuses (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/13/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert officially announces re-election bid (Deseret News, 3/13/12)
Local Democrats caucus: A spot of blue in a sea of red (Standard-Examiner, 3/13/12)
Thousands contact Gov. Herbert over abstinence-only education bill (Deseret News, 3/13/12)
Hatch, Bishop back Utah lawmakers’ effort to control federal lands (Deseret News, 3/13/12)
Hatch, Bishop pledge help for state control of federal lands (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/13/12)
Eagle Forum president calls anti-abstinence only petition ‘bogus’ (KSL, 3/13/12)
Commentary: Stacking the political deck, Utah-style (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/13/12)
Blog watch: Majority want Utah schools to teach contraception (Utah Policy Center, 3/13/12)
Utah’s jobless peak was actually 8.3%, not 7.6% during recession, revised figures show (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/13/12)
Thousands contact Gov. Herbert over abstinence-only sex education bill (Deseret News, 3/13/12)
Herbert says Utah economy is best argument for his election (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/13/12)
Voter’s birth dates will continue to be sold by Herbert administration (Examiner, 3/8/12)
Philpot wants to champion state rights (Cache Valley Daily, 3/7/12)
Utah poised to lead another Sagebrush Rebellion over federal land (Deseret News, 3/4/12)
Some sticking points remain in Utah’s $13 billion budget (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/2/12)
Commentary: 2012 legislative session so boring (Utah Policy Center, 3/2/12)
Utah students cramming to crash political caucuses (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
Nasty politics: A strategy that really works (Deseret News, 3/1/12)
House OKs drug-testing for assistance recipients (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
Senate leaders surprised one immigration bill still alive (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
House, Senate leaders hashing out state budget (Deseret News, 3/1/12)
Commentary: Turf-protection alive and well at the Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
Opinion: USTAR funding a sound economic decision (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
Utah Senate, House OK companion liquor bills (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)
1% raise for state workers will go to benefits, not paycheck (Utah Policy Center, 3/1/12)
Democratic leader says UDOT firing shows lack of leadership (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/1/12)


Reps wonder if politics is at play in immigration bills (Daily Herald, 2/29/12)
Last-ditch effort to repeal guest worker law fails (Utah Policy Center, 2/28/12)
Governor’s 2012 Energy Development Summit enjoys overwhelming response (Utah Policy Center, 2/28/12)
Utah liquor reform advances, but other bills appear doomed (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
Immigration reform a non-starter on Utah’s Capitol Hill (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
The demise of the Democratic Party of Utah (Standard-Examiner, 2/27/12)
Beehive blues after new poll of states? Nah (Deseret News, 2/27/12)
Immigration bills likely dead for the 2012 legislative session (Deseret News, 2/27/12)
Homeschool debate: Not for liberals? (Deseret News, 2/27/12)
House passes bill granting cities, counties eminent domain over federal lands (Deseret News, 2/27/12)
Utah teacher employment bill gets early nod, but only after debate (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
Utah could switch to vote-by-mail system (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
Utah plays politics with Medicaid, Medicare (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
Hardly anybody likes Utah (Utah Policy Center, 2/27/12)
Immigration reform appears to be dead in 2012 (Utah Policy Center, 2/27/12)
Bill would let Utah cities, counties claim federal land (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/12)
Herbert’s championship match in Utah (National Journal, 2/26/12)
Pollution linked to drilling in eastern Utah (Utah Policy Center, 2/26/12)
USTAR regional offices statewide impact (Utah Policy Center, 2/26/12)
Utah’s caucus and convention system explained (Utah Policy Center, 2/26/12)
Drink? Two jobs may open in Utah (New York Times, 2/24/12)
Lawmakers take first step to expand abortion waiting period (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/24/12)
Wealthy Utahns write big checks to Mitt Romney super PAC (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/24/12)
Morgan Philpot grateful after walking away from accident (Deseret News, 2/14/12)
Here’s why Utah Democrats should be terrified if Romney is the GOP nominee in November (Utah Policy Center, 2/9/12)
Chamber supports effort for Olympic bid (Utah Policy Center, 2/9/12)
Opinion: State pay increase should include higher ed employees (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/9/12)
Opinion: Nonpersons  or ‘voter suppression lite’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/9/12)
Commentary: The sky is not falling on energy companies (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/9/12)
Opinion: Bills to strengthen marriage (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/9/12)
Committee will explore new ‘22 Olympic bid for Salt Lake City (Deseret News, 2/8/12)
Utah lawmaker wants to ban talk of contraception in schools (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Editorial: Poor attempt at reform (Daily Herald, 2/8/12)
Reports of bonuses raise eyebrows in Utah Senate (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Senator abandons push to define personhood (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Proposed amendment would limit state spending (Utah Policy Center, 2/8/12)
Utah House blocks Sandstrom’s immigration bill (Utah Policy Center, 2/8/12)
Tenure to continue on Utah college campuses for now (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Utah Senate passes bill to lower class size (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Sandstrom gets national party notice (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Sandstrom loses House vote on immigration, but will fight on (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/12)
Olympics leave lasting economic impact (Deseret News, 2/7/12)
Utah may lengthen abortion waiting period (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/12)
Senate leaders to dig into unreported raises, bonuses for state employees (Deseret News, 2/7/12)
Governments thwart till to restrict competition with businesses (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/12)
Immigration bill would sanction those hiring undocumented workers (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/12)
New bill could force congressional hopefuls to move (Davis Clipper, 2/6/12)
Who’s the boss? Utah Legislature, Salt Lake City battling over local issues (Deseret News, 2/2/12)
Utah might have trouble with REAL ID Act (Utah Policy Center, 2/2/12)
Opinion: GRAMA Watch (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/2/12)
Proposal would limit collective bargaining with public employees (Utah Policy Center, 2/1/12)
Base education budget clears both houses (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)
Utah lawmaker: Feds owe us for lands (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)
Utah Legislature: An open and shut case? (Deseret News, 2/1/12)
Opinion: Guns in the open (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)
Opinion: Seeking leadership on clean air (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)
Bill would require state to fund any health care mandate passed (Daily Herald, 2/1/12)
Bill would limit collective bargaining for public employees (Deseret News, 2/1/12)
Bill aims to clamp down on collective bargaining (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)
‘Personhood’ resolution looks to define when life starts (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/1/12)


Utah House GOP says it won’t debate bills in caucus (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/12)
Governor announces clean air initiative (Deseret News, 1/31/12)
Utah governor makes clean air his top priority (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/12)
Commentary: Legislators run away from GOP’s helping hand (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/12)
Utah in for bumpy ride without more road money (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/12)
Bill stakes claim to federal lands in Utah (Utah Policy Center, 1/30/12)
Opinion: Put students first (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/12)
Slow legislative start a result of lawmakers fine-tuning bills (Daily Herald, 1/29/12)
Opinion: A message from your Legislature (Daily Herald, 1/29/12)
The Legislature is at work, and it’s an election year (Deseret News, 1/29/12)
Students urge lawmakers to support higher education (The Herald Journal, 1/28/12)
After years of budget cuts in Utah, some want more (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/27/12)
Opinion: Strange ‘ethics’ for Utah pols (Standard-Examiner, 1/27/12)
Commentary: Utah County GOP bends campaign rules (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/27/12)
Legislature 2012: Bluster, bills and battles for budget scraps (City Weekly, 1/26/12)
Herbert makes his case as foes on the right loom (Stateline, 1/26/12)
Video: Dems respond to governor’s State of State speech (Fox13Now, 1/26/12)
Utah lawmakers to tweak new House, Senate and State School Board districts (Deseret News, 1/25/12)
Proposed bill would allow same-sex, live-in couples to adopt in Utah (Fox13Now, 1/25/12)
Utah Senate approves making voter emails private (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/12)
When LDS leaders speak (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/25/12)
Redistricting done? Nope (Utah Policy Center, 1/25/12)
Bill aims to keep caucus attendees emails secret (Utah Policy Center, 1/24/12)
Utah’s real election day – new bill aims to encourage attendance at caucuses (Park Record, 1/24/12)
Utah higher ed must adapt or die, Harvard business innovator tells legislators (Deseret News, 1/24/12)
Feds reject parts of Utah’s Medicaid reform waiver (Deseret News, 1/24/12)
Overhaul of school testing system discussed, given preliminary approval (Deseret News, 1/24/12)
Lawmakers consider restoring money for technical education (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/12)
Blog Watch: Why is voter turnout in Utah so low? (Utah Policy Center, 1/24/12)
Opinion: The Democratic plan for education reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/12)
Utah lawmakers asked to fix redistricting problems (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/12)
Mormon church skips pre-session meeting with lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/12)
Speaker: Keep messages, pet projects out of Legislature (Daily Herald, 1/24/12)
Durham to step down as chief justice of Utah Supreme Court (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/12)
Committee clears proposal to ‘clean up’ voter rolls (Deseret News, 1/23/12)
‘Here we go again’; Utah Legislature now in session (Deseret News, 1/23/12)
Democrats take shots at GOP on redistricting (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/12)
Mainstream musings: A ’steady as she goes’ session (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/12)
Democrats, GOP spar over voter registration bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/12)
Legislative Democrats shoot for education reform (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/12)
Utah legislators say yes to proposal to shrink class sizes (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/12)
Commentary: Will the Legislature settle for last place in ed spending? (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/12)
Waddoups embarks on final session; Lockhart’s second as speaker (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/12)
Utah Farm Bureau lists ‘issues to watch for in 2012′ (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/12)
Media coalition to rate bills during session (Daily Herald, 1/22/12)
Budget, liquor, land on legislative agenda (Daily Herald, 1/22/12)
Group circulating petitions to get Reform Party on the Utah ballot (Deseret News, 1/22/12)
Money, technology to be top education issues this legislative session (Deseret News, 1/22/12)
Utah Legislature must allocate more money to education (Deseret News, 1/22/12)
State defends Mormon Church influencing Utah liquor laws (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/22/12)
Gym fees? Utah politicians find loophole in ethics law (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Opinion: Don’t make it harder to vote (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Utah Democrats lay out new education bills (Daily Herald, 1/21/12)
Repeal of guest worker bill; other tweaks of immigration laws on 2012 legislative agenda (Deseret News,1/21/12)
Opinion: Public education push (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Utah Legislature’s actions on open government will be graded (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Commentary: Legislator’s prediction on education funding growth has fallen short (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Utah Legislature convenes Monday to tackle the known and unknown (Deseret News, 1/21/12)
Opinion: Education not first priority (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Top issues to watch in the upcoming Utah Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/21/12)
Lawmaker wants to raise per-pupil funding (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/20/12)
Utah gives green light to nuclear power plant (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/20/12)
GOP taps conservative activist to replace Wimmer (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/20/12)
Political notebook: Utah voters want state out of liquor business (Utah Policy Center, 1/20/12)
Push to ban anti-gay bias gets new support at the Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/20/12)
Utah tea party founder Kirkham takes on Herbert (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/18/12)
Legislature to consider domestic partner benefits (Daily Herald, 1/17/12)
Survey: Utah employers optimistic about 2012 economy, but increased hiring still questionable (Utah Policy Center, 1/17/12)
Poll: 85% of Utahns say funding education is important (Utah Policy Center, 1/17/12)
Bill aims to boost neighborhood caucus attendance (Utah Policy Center, 1/16/12)
Opinion: A humane immigration change (Standard-Examiner, 1/16/12)
Gov. Gary Herbert not ready to oppose Green River pipeline  – yet (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/16/12)
Mitt Romney’s spot on GOP ticket could increase Utah voter turnout (Deseret News, 1/15/12)
Utah’s caucus system: Repair or replace? (Daily Herald, 1/15/12)
Opinion: Bad news on Utah’s education performance piling up (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/14/12)
Opinion: Permanent vote by mail (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/14/12)
Eagle Forum convention participants show aligned objectives (Deseret News, 1/14/12)
Salt Lake City in the hunt for 2022 Olympics? (Salt lake Tribune, 1/13/12)
Despite strengths, challenges lie ahead for Utah economy (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/12/12)
Lt. Gov Greg Bell: Repeat criminal behavior (Utah Policy Center, 1/12/12)
Pew survey looks at Mormon political views (Utah Policy Center, 1/12/12)
Utah looks at giving kids a boost before Kindergarten (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/12/12)
Lawmaker looking at altering requirements to be a legislator (Daily Herald, 1/12/12)
Lone Utah Democrat defends national health reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/12/12)
Video: Utah education in 2012: A preview to the upcoming legislative session (KSL, 1/12/12)
Why the Democratic leader gave to the GOP (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
Commentary: Citizens ask lawmakers to get real about liquor (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
Utah governor to launch new clean-air campaign (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
Even Mormon Democrats like Romney, poll shows (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
2 Dems, 2 Republicans explain how Mormon teachings fit their politics (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
Senate Democrats clash over redistricting, County Mayor race (Utah Policy Center, 1/11/12)
Editorial: Budget priorities (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/12)
Corroon’s final State of the County address points to the need for a clean place to live in the future(Deseret News, 1/10/12)
Utahns back off of liquor agency, rip into legislators (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/10/12)
Why governors lose elections (Utah Policy Center, 1/10/12)
Editorial: Primaries versus caucuses (Standard-Examiner, 1/10/12)
Lehi case prompts Utah Supreme Court to set new standard for ballot initiatives (Deseret News,1/10/12)
Imposing federal law on food grown and sold in Utah would be a crime, bill says (Deseret News,1/10/12)
Gov. Herbert to host 2012 Utah Governor’s Energy Development Summit (Utah Policy Center, 1/10/12)
Republicans running to take on Matheson hope for Romney boost (Roll Call, 1/10/12)
Would Romney victory doom Matheson? (Utah Policy Center, 1/10/12)
Utah’s Cold War, as primaries heat up (National Journal, 1/9/12)
Conference of Bishops holding immigration forum in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/12)
Romney, Huntsman split Utah GOP (Utah Policy Center, 1/9/12)
GOP field against Herbert grows in Utah (National Journal, 1/9/12)
Video: Herbert’s campaign meets one more challenger (KSL, 1/8/12)
Utah tea party leader eyes run for governor (Deseret News, 1/8/12)
Editorial: A better nominating process (Deseret News, 1/8/12)
What’s wrong with Utah’s education? (Deseret News, 1/7/12)
Opinion: Support right to breathe clean air (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/7/12)
Tea party leader Kirkham ready to run for governor (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/6/12)
AG Mark Shurtleff – a leader who gets things done (Rolling Stone, 1/5/12)
Liljenquist is in against Hatch (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/4/12)
Utah economy improving, report says (Deseret News, 1/4/12)
Editorial: Utah’s time change (Deseret News, 1/4/12)
Legislature to tackle how to handle municipal ethics complaints (Utah Policy Center, 1/4/12)
Many Utahns buy into unreasoned hatred of President Obama (Standard-Examiner, 1/4/12)
Utah economy 2012: Some bright spots, some not so bright (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/3/12)
Federal judge rejects auditor’s fight over budget (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/3/12)
As 2012 dawns, angst and hope for the Utah economy (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/2/12)
Utah in top third of states for overall economic health (Deseret News, 1/2/12)
Utah guest-worker law a model for California proposal (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/2/12)
Would LDS Church influence Romney if president? (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/2/12)
Opinion: Be careful on gun law (Daily Herald, 1/1/12)
Utah envisions a sustainable future (Governing, 1/1/12)
Boost in budget revenue projected for state legislature (Standard-Examiner, 1/1/12)

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