The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Utah in the News


Utah Gubernatorial Headlines


Jockeying underway to replace Swallow (Utah Policy, 11/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Herbert, make a call on Medicaid (Standard-Examiner, 11/27/13)
Democrats making move to challenge Swallow replacement (The Daily Herald, 11/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Gary Herbert: Join in to help others with #GivingThursday (Deseret News, 11/27/13)
Dems want to wipe Swallow’s election off the books (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/26/13)
Democrats want voters — not GOP — to pick AG John Swallow’s replacement (Deseret News, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Names emerge as possible Swallow successors (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/26/13)
Consumer confidence reaches record levels in Utah (Deseret News, 11/26/13)
Democrats call for special election on Swallow replacement (Standard-Examiner, 11/26/13)
Do I mistrust this poll? Let me count the ways… (Utah Data Points, 11/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Robert Bennett: Caucus delegates do not always honor commitments to public (Deseret News, 11/25/13)
No new taxes, more funds for schools expected in gov’s budget (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/25/13)
Swallow-like allegations arise in Centerville (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/25/13)
Why is Swallow waiting to leave? Money may be the reason (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/25/13)
The real reason Swallow is resigning in December – retirement money (Utah Policy, 11/25/13)
LDS Church absent from Medicaid expansion effort (Utah Policy, 11/25/13)
How far will lawmakers go in the aftermath of the John Swallow fiasco? (Utah Policy, 11/25/13)
Governor, others gather for ‘joyful’ reading of favorite Bible verses (Deseret News, 11/25/13)
Utah will have more to spend in new budget year (Deseret News, 11/25/13)
House committee, elections office mulling next move after AG John Swallow resignation (Deseret News, 11/25/13)
OPINION: Utah’s efforts to justify refusal to expand Medicaid fall flat (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/24/13)
Dissent in the desert (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/23/13)
Breaking: Swallow to resign by Friday (Utah Policy, 11/21/13)
Swallow investigation has already spent half of $3M budget (Utah Policy, 11/21/13)
GOP lawmaker looks to reform Utah’s election system (Daily Herald, 11/20/13)
Legislative GOP douses budget enthusiasm (Utah Policy, 11/20/13)
Utah Economic Development Task Force urges immediate action on air quality (Deseret News, 11/20/13)
Hospital association supports Medicaid expansion for low-income Utahns (Deseret News, 11/20/13)
Sources: Judge may invalidate Swallow’s election (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/20/13)
Utahns rally to push Medicaid coverage for more people (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/20/13)
Gasoline tax hike loses some steam (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/20/13)
House expected to begin Swallow hearings next month (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/20/13)
Utah town forgets to hold election — again (Salt Lake Tribune, 11/19/13)
Opposition launches against Utah election initiative (Daily Herald, 11/8/13)
Attorney General John Swallow angrily denies deleting emails, computer files (Deseret News, 11/7/13)


COMMENTARY: Dream ticket for 2016? Maybe Clinton-Huntsman (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/21/13)
Former Lt. Gov. Bell to lead Utah Hospital Association (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/18/13)
Utah teachers like accountability, worry about new evaluations (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/17/13)
Legislators pledge funds for parks, health benefits (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/16/13)
Government shutdown prompts governor to call special session (Utah Public Radio, 10/15/13)
Poll: Mike Lee’s favorability sinks (Politico, 10/10/13)
Sinking Utah poll numbers show political toll of govt shutdown (LA Times, 10/10/13)
Legislator brewing up a revamped beer tax proposal (Salt Lake Tribune, 10/3/13)


House members cool to Swallow probe — even as it’s warming up (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Cut off the head and the body will die (Utah Policy, 9/20/13)
Political ‘fixer’ Tim Lawson wants to be Lt. Governor (City Weekly, 9/19/13)
Census snapshot: Utahns again a ‘peculiar people’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/13)
OPINION: Gov. Herbert should support expanding Medicaid (Deseret News, 9/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Greg Bell will be missed in state government (Deseret News, 9/19/13)
OPINION: Count our votes (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/13)
Could Utah’s $242 million state surplus fund new university buildings? (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/13)
FBI confirms ongoing role in John Swallow investigation (Deseret News, 9/19/13)
Count My Vote kicks off initiative effort (The Daily Herald, 9/19/13)
Health exchange glitch may delay coverage for some Utahns (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Bell’s resignation (Standard-Examiner, 9/18/13)
Utah Lt. Gov. Bell to step down, return to private sector (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/16/13)
Matheson, Leavitt latest names to support election change (The Daily Herald, 9/14/13)


COMMENTARY: Utah needs to pay for education (Utah Policy, 8/30/13)
LDS Dems push message that it’s Okay to be Mormon and a Democrat (Utah Policy, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Held hostage by the caucuses (Utah Policy, 8/29/13)
OPINION: The Feds need to let up, and give to Utah what is Utah’s (Forbes, 8/29/13)
Will Obamacare succeed in Utah? Glendale, South Salt Lake are proving grounds (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/29/13)
Nearly a third of poor Utahns are uninsured, new report shows (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/29/13)
Governor appoints 3 new judges to 8th District (Deseret News, 8/29/13)
Gov. Herbert visits school to announce $1.2M grant for mentoring program (Deseret News, 8/29/13)
Ballot effort to reform Utah elections is a ‘Go’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/29/13)
Poll: Utahns support legalization of medical marijuana (Daily Herald, 8/29/13)
Utah lawmakers likely to debate use of search warrants (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/13)
Scientists leave GOP due to attitudes toward science, say Utah educators (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/28/13)
Howard Dean: Cheer up, Utah Democrats, Romney’s not on the ballot (The Park City Record, 8/27/13)
Lawmakers consider changes to state School Board elections (Deseret News, 8/27/13)
Gov. Herbert asks SITLA to reconsider Book Cliffs lease (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/13)
OPINION: Big polluters; State needs federal oversight (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/13)
Auditor calls fro more in-house oversight of state departments (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/27/13)
Taxpayers Association wary of tax hike talk (Utah Policy, 8/27/13)
Grades for Utah schools expected to stir controversy (Deseret News, 8/27/13)
Utah analyzing costs, benefits of taking land from the feds (Deseret News, 8/12/13)

JULY 2013

COMMENTARY: Sen. Aaron Osmond has drunk the Kool-Aid (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/22/13)
Is the John Swallow investigation worth the cost? (Utah Policy, 7/22/13)
Utah teacher union leader decries move to end compulsory ed (Standard-Examiner, 7/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Does it make sense for the House to investigate Swallow? (Deseret News, 7/21/13)
Should Utah primary election date be moved? (Deseret News, 7/21/13)
Is Swallow planning on bringing a civil rights claim against the state? (Publius Online, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Locals bear the brunt of state, federal frugality (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/13)
OPINION: Education – Not optional (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/20/13)
Should Swallow investigative committee chairman stay or go? (Deseret News, 7/19/13)
Utah gov names first outdoor recreation office director (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Keep education compulsory (Standard-Examiner, 7/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Election calendar changes ahead (Utah Policy, 7/19/13)
Utah education officials blast idea of scrapping compulsory school (AP, 7/18/13)
Legislative task force reviews new Affordable Care Act provisions (Deseret News, 7/18/13)
AG John Swallow investigative committee faces daunting job (Deseret News, 7/18/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert undergoes skin cancer surgery (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/18/13)
Lawmakers push AG probe forward (Utah Policy, 7/18/13)
OPINION: Follow the money – Scandal shows reason for limits (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/18/13)
Lawmaker who’ll lead Swallow panel has ties to Johnson (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/18/13)
Lawmakers seek limits on political campaign contributions (Standard-Examiner, 7/18/13)
Utah House sets course for Swallow investigation (Deseret News, 7/17/13)
State lawmakers repeal law limiting federal police powers (Deseret News, 7/17/13)
Legislative audit of AG’s office is coming (Utah Policy, 7/8/13)
House Republicans consider ‘real world political implications’ of Swallow investigation (Utah Policy, 7/8/13)
Lawmakers OK audit of John Swallow’s office (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/8/13)
Judge declines to issue protective order against Swallow, Shurtleff (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Democrats continue to caucus (Standard-Examiner, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Supporting Common Core is a conservative win for our state (Deseret News, 7/7/13)
Sen. Howard Stephenson ‘embarrassed’ by House probe of Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/13)
OPINION: LDS legislators bend to tough master (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/13)
OPINION: Expand Medicaid; Utah would be foolish not to (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/13)
OPINION: Yes, it’s crazy; House makes right call on Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/6/13)
GOP leaders predict Swallow fallout in future elections (Standard-Examiner, 7/5/13)
State GOP names Jeff Peterson exec director (Deseret News, 7/5/13)
OPINION: Swallow investigation should reflect the people, not the attorneys (Utah Political Capitol, 7/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah tea party loyalists find defectors in the ranks (Sal Lake Tribune, 7/4/13)
House moves forward with investigation of AG John Swallow (Daily Herald, 7/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Fuel tax hike – it’s time for Legislature to act (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/4/13)
Lawmakers consider relationship with federal government (Utah Policy, 7/3/13)
House forms probe panel; Swallow worries it may ‘get crazy’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/3/13)
Gay marriage: What’s next for Utah? (Deseret News, 7/3/13)
Five takeaways from the Leg’s calling for AG investigation (City Weekly, 7/3/13)
Governor Herbert ranked third among governors for job creation (Deseret News, 7/3/13)
Delay in Affordable Care Act’s large employer health insurance mandate cheered, jeered by Utahns (Deseret News, 7/3/13)
Utah launches new federalism commission (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/13)
House Republicans want to ‘own’ Swallow investigation (Utah Policy, 7/2/13)
Forces joining to push for transportation tax hike in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/13)
Study: Utah roads among best, but overspending among worst (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/13)
Utah House set to create panel to investigate AG John Swallow (Deseret News, 7/2/13)
Governors’ energy put toward energy during Deer Valley gathering (Park Record, 7/2/13)
Herbert puts forward Swallow’s former opponent for judgeship (Utah Political Capitol, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah AG John Swallow a conservative martyr? (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/13)
Will witnesses clam up before House panel investigating AG Swallow? (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/2/13)
Fight over Utah’s nominating system getting more attention (Utah Policy, 7/1/13)
Will Utah ever reverse its ban on same-sex marriage? (Utah Policy, 7/1/13)
House wading into uncharted waters with Swallow investigation (Utah Policy, 7/1/13)
High profile Republican urges Legislature to postpone Swallow investigation (Utah Political Capitol, 7/1/13)
Herbert pushes nuke energy to western governors (AP, 7/1/13)
AG John Swallow’s attorney says lawmakers must stick to allegations related to conduct in office (Deseret News, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

COMMENTARY: Both parties defend the caucus; is hope for reform lost? (Deseret News, 6/30/13)
EDITORIAL: House setting themselves up for failure with Swallow committee (Utah Political Capitol, 6/30/13)
VIDEO: Speaker Lockhart talks about impeachment process (Utah Policy, 6/30/13)
House unveils details of committee to investigate Swallow (Daily Herald, 6/29/13)
Visiting Utah, Interior secretary urges balanced federal land use (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/28/13)
Jenson’s attorneys seek protective order against Swallow, Shurtleff (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/28/13)
Latinos in Utah find hope as immigration reform bill passes Senate (Deseret News, 6/28/13)
Swallow probe launching July 3 will look into pre-AG years (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/28/13)
Judge rules against Utah law limiting federal law enforcement authority (Deseret News, 6/28/13)
Utah House drafts resolution to investigate AG John Swallow (Deseret News, 6/28/13)
Utah one of 9 states to earn ‘triple-triple’ bond rating (Deseret News, 6/28/13)
Judge blocks Utah law limiting federal authority on public lands (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/28/13)
COMMENTARY: If you can’t beat ‘em, confuse ‘em (Utah Policy, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Is John Swallow the victim of a media witch hunt? (Deseret News, 6/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Public pension time bomb (Deseret News, 6/23/13)
Utah AG makes surprise appearance at GOP meeting (AP, 6/23/13)
Utah may see a $200M revenue surplus (Deseret News, 6/23/13)
Utah Democrats vote to keep status quo (Utah Policy, 6/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Swallow pleads for patience from state GOP leaders (Utah Policy, 6/23/13)
Swallow says he’s innocent, asks GOP for patience (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/13)
VIDEO: Others named as key witnesses or possible targets in Swallow-Shurtleff probe (KUTV, 6/22/13)
Utah Democrats vote to preserve caucus/convention process to select candidates (Deseret News, 6/22/13)
AG Swallow asks GOP leaders for patience as he’s investigated (Deseret News, 6/22/13)
Utah Democrats vote to keep party caucus system (Standard-Examiner, 6/22/13)
COMMENTARY: You may see Becky Lockhart in your neighborhood (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/13)
OPINION: How to get out the vote (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/13)
Utah Democrats vote to keep caucus-convention system (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/13)
Republicans move to defend caucus-convention system (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/22/13)
State now has 14 bids for special counsel in AG Swallow probe (Deseret News, 6/21/13)
Immunity agreement names six in Swallow probe (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/13)
House probe of Utah AG John Swallow could hit roadblocks (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah has answer to bumbling GOP messenger problem (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/13)
Will Utah Democrats toss caucus system? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/21/13)
Price tag unknown for House investigation of Swallow (Daily Herald, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Swallow lives to fight another day (Utah Policy, 6/21/13)
Legislators to residents: Nothing we can do about Common Core (Daily Herald, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: McAdams calls for Democrats to adopt direct primaries (Utah Policy, 6/21/13)
Why Utah’s Democrats will reject direct primary elections (Schott Happens!, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Three ways to restore trust in Utah AG’s office (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah House GOP decides to ‘split the baby’ on impeachment (Utah Policy, 6/20/13)
Utah lands in federal exchange carry more value, appraisal says (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/13)
House Republicans reconvening to investigate Swallow (Daily Herald, 6/20/13)
Utah lawmakers vote to launch investigation of attorney general (Standard-Examiner, 6/20/13)
John Swallow: The legal trail to impeachment (Standard-Examiner, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: John Swallow and the public trust (Daily Herald, 6/20/13)
Feds extend Utah’s low-income health insurance network (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/13)
Utah air quality regulators ‘past desperate’ to find new ways to shave pollution (Deseret News, 6/20/13)
Gov. Herbert, Thurl Bailey encourage Utahns to attend World Refugee Day festival (Deseret News, 6/20/13)
OPINION: On the record: Swallow probe off to a good start (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert ‘more than happy’ to call special session to get AG Swallow investigation underway (Deseret News, 6/20/13)
Speaker to convene Utah House on July 3 for Swallow probe (Standard-Examiner, 6/20/13)
Amazing infographic to help you understand the John Swallow scandal (Utah Policy, 6/20/13)
Dems vs. GOP: Who should be on panel investigating Swallow? (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/20/13)
House GOP OKs Swallow investigation on way to possible impeachment (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
Nevada ruling in Johnson case could bring Swallow deposition (Deseret News, 6/19/13)
Poll: Most Utahns want impeachment process to begin (Standard-Examiner, 6/19/13)
AG John Swallow tells House leaders ‘my side of the story’ (Deseret News, 6/19/13)
Prisons officials deny Swallow accuser faced retaliation (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
COMMENTARY: House GOP takes good first step down Swallow path (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
More good economic news for Utah (Utah Policy, 6/19/13)
Utah’s federal land, roads fights a ‘wild goose chase?’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
New Utah school grades will proceed with slight tweaks (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
Lawmakers discuss possible tweaks to controversial school grading law (Deseret News, 6/19/13)
Lawmakers shy away from idea of recall elections (Utah Policy, 6/19/13)
Utah lawmakers frown on allowing recall elections (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
Protesters say Swallow must go, public trust is shot (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/19/13)
More good economic news for Utah (Utah Policy, 6/19/13)
House GOP stops short of starting impeachment proceedings against Swallow, votes for investigation (Deseret News, 6/19/13)
Poll suggest Utahns are moving to the middle politically (Utah Policy, 6/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Selfish reasons to oppose Nevada water deal (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/18/13)
Hi-ho, Silver: Western governors are away to Park City (Park Record, 6/18/13)
Impeachment investigation ‘highly likely,’ House majority leader says (Deseret News, 6/18/13)
Lockhart: There’s no timeline for a decision on Swallow impeachment (Utah Policy, 6/18/13)
Herbert not budging on Snake Valley deal (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/18/13)
Governor Herbert says he won’t change his mind on Snake Valley water sharing agreement (Deseret News, 6/18/13)
Swallow’s fate in House GOP’s hands today (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/18/13)
Five reasons you should attend Saturday’s Democratic convention (Utah Policy, 6/17/13)
Utah AG John Swallow: I did nothing wrong and won’t resign (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/12/13)
Utah ranked last for government benefits and economic security (Utah Policy, 6/12/13)
OPINION: Coverage for all (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/12/13)
Governor Herbert’s clean air partnership takes on new form, sets initiative (Deseret News, 6/11/13)
San Francisco sues Utah’s Crossroads of the West Gun Shows (Deseret News, 6/11/13)
Lockhart does impeachment calculus (Utah Policy, 6/11/13)
Dem poll has Matheson up big over Love (Political Cornflakes, 6/11/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert: I would fire John Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
Governor: If Attorney General John Swallow worked for me, he’d be gone (Deseret News, 6/11/13)
Former AG Shurtleff starts new consulting business (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
Guv hands keys to nonprofit to drive air-quality improvements (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
New nominees for Utah liquor-control board (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
Utah education board wants a special session to resolve school grading (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
California lawsuit takes aim at Utah gun show firm (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/11/13)
Democrats call for an investigation on Swallow (Daily Herald, 6/11/13)
Utahns keeping close tabs on Nevada’s water fight (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/10/13)
The moral imperative of the Utah Legislature (Standard-Examiner, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature’s goal in Swallow scandal: Find the truth (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/10/13)
House, Senate Dems want Legislature to investigate AG John Swallow (Deseret News, 6/10/13)
Utah business leaders push for immigration reform (Deseret News, 6/10/13)
Utah Senate Dems seek hearing on Swallow allegations (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/10/13)
Utah becoming too reliant on accolades, economist warns (Deseret News, 6/10/13)
EDITORIAL: Politicians should use Utah Compact framework in immigration reform debate (Deseret News, 6/9/13)
Trailblazing Utah DREAMers hope to finish immigration fight (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/9/13)
Amid Swallow flap, Utah lawmakers brush up on impeachment (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/9/13)
Lt Gov Bell: The miracle of Utah’s economy (Utah Policy, 6/9/13)
Unraveling Shurtleff and Swallow’s complicated relationship with a felon (Deseret News, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: More questions on Utah Legislature forgery (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah Dems on House impeachment of Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Lack of women in politics has real consequences (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/13)
OPINION: Utah’s corrupted beehive (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Out of the shadows (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Brickbats for the GOP (Utah Policy, 6/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Don’t rely on Utah’s ‘best run state’ accolades (Deseret News, 6/7/13)
Romney’s Utah summit urges post-partisan cooperation (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/7/13)
State extends deadline to hire special counsel to investigate AG John Swallow (Deseret News, 6/7/13)
Democrats call for formal probe of AG John Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
Republican group pushes initiative on caucuses (Standard-Examiner, 6/6/13)
Governor nominates Salt Lake County prosecutor to fill judicial vacancy (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
Q&A about the special counsel probe of AG John Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
Utah shows some of strongest GDP growth in US (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
New GOP poll gives Matheson slight lead over Love (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
Alliance for a Better Utah latest to call for AG John Swallow to resign (Deseret News, 6/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats go AWOL on the Swallow situation (Utah Policy, 6/6/13)
Swallow probe: Choosing a special counsel could be tricky (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/6/13)
Utah Transportation Coalition names co-chairs (Utah Policy, 6/5/13)
Poll shows Utahns pleased with Herbert as governor (Utah Policy, 6/3/13)
Robert Bennett: Utah could learn from California (Deseret News, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: More drama in the Swallow saga: How will it all end? (Deseret News, 6/2/13)
Movement to change Utah elections will move forward (Daily Herald, 6/2/13)
As  his industry faced scrutiny, Utah lawmaker donated to Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/13)
Former AG Mark Shurtleff no longer working at international law firm (Deseret News, 6/1/13)
Shurtleff tried to stifle news coverage (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/13)
OPINION: Appoint Utah’s AG (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/13)
June 19 GOP caucus to weigh actions against Swallow (Standard-Examiner, 6/1/13)
Another chapter in Shurtleff’s book peddling: The deal that fell through (Salt Lake Tribune, 6/1/13)
Shurtleff resigns from Washington, DC law firm (Utah Policy, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

COMMENTARY: ALEC coverage a disservice to Utah (Deseret News, 5/31/13)
Brad Dee: House Republicans will discuss Swallow impeachment (AP, 5/31/13)
EDITORIAL: Education requires more taxes (Standard-Examiner, 5/31/13)
Utah’s top gun lobbyist faces misdemeanor charges following alleged dispute (Deseret News, 5/31/13)
GOP lawmaker: Impeachment only way to absolve or remove Swallow (Deseret News, 5/31/13)
GOP freshman uses ‘I’-word for Swallow – Impeachment (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: FBI, DA probing alleged forgery at Utah Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/30/13)
Lawmaker: GOP rejection of Common Core a ‘rallying point’ (Daily Herald, 5/29/13)
Utah ranks No. 1 in economic outlook for sixth year in a row (Deseret News, 5/23/13)
Secret recording: Mark Shurtleff offers $2M to silence critic (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/23/13)
NSA, Herbert confident new data center can avoid new energy tax (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/23/13)
Analysis: Medicaid expansion would save Utah millions, cover 123K uninsured (Salt Lake Tribune,5/23/13)
OPINION: Rich or poor? In Utah, it depends whom you ask (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/23/13)
New study ranks Utah no. 1 for economic outlook (Utah Policy, 5/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Citizens Initiative could drastically alter Utah’s political landscape (Utah Policy, 5/23/13)
Report: Medicaid expansion will cost taxpayers (Deseret News, 5/23/13)
Utah still last in per student spending (Standard-Examiner, 5/23/13)
John Swallow corporate donors fail to disclose contributions (Fox 13, 5/22/13)
To exit last place in per-pupil funding, Utah would need to pend $365M more per year (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/22/13)
Education coalition attacks Utah’s efforts to get federal lands (Deseret News, 5/22/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert tells Washington committee: Let us manage our land (Deseret News, 5/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Is this the death blow to Swallow’s career? (Utah Policy, 5/10/13)
Guv tells feds Utah ready to run health exchange for small businesses (Deseret News, 5/10/13)
OPINION: A federal case – Shift in Swallow probe case makes sense (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/9/13)
Pressure grows on AG Swallow as allegations fly (Deseret News, 5/9/13)
Deal with feds reached: Utah slated for two online health exchanges (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/9/13)
State school board calls for support of Common Core (Deseret News, 5/9/13)
Lawmakers discuss making legislative audits more transparent (Utah Policy, 5/9/13)
Utah Dem calls for special prosecutor in AG Swallow case (Deseret News, 5/9/13)
House speaker on Swallow: Impeachment is on the table (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/9/13)
Shurtleff,  Swallow lived it up on my dime, says convicted fraudster (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/8/13)
Utah voters becoming more diverse — just slightly (Salt Lake Tribune, 5/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Playing the ‘What if?’ game on gay marriage (Utah Policy, 5/1/13)
Democrats propose direct primary over caucus system (Daily Herald, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah has no excuse for short-changing education (Deseret News, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Judge rules for Utah Democrats in GRAMA dispute (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/30/13)
The great Utah land grab (Standard-Examiner, 4/30/13)
Utah prosecutor dismisses suddenly high-profile ‘ag gag’ case (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/30/13)
Report: More Utahns confident home prices will increase (Deseret News, 4/30/13)
Utah Valley Chamber supports immigration reform (ABC4, 4/30/13)
Under sequester’s gloom, Utahns’ confidence wanes (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/30/13)
Lawmakers blast Layton police chief for praising gun-bill veto (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/29/13)
Is Utah America’s best state for business? (Utah Policy, 4/29/13)
Governor Herbert: Utah an island of tranquility in a sea of turmoil (Utah Policy, 4/29/13)
Utah excels in economy and business: Chamber of Commerce report (Reuters, 4/29/13)
Utah Dems will vote whether to ditch the caucus system (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/29/13)
Sequestration could shrink federal land payments to Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/29/13)
Who should be the next chairman of the Utah GOP? (Utah Policy, 4/29/13)
Report: Utah’s health data breach a costly mistake (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/29/13)
Utah’s less fortunate most likely to feel sting of sequester (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Here are out predictions for state convention elections (Deseret News, 4/28/13)
Vacancy in Ogden to make 31st judge Gov. Herbert will appoint (Standard-Examiner, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Candidate asks Utah County GOP to forgive his mistake (Salt Lake Tribune,4/28/13)
Controversial gun control bills to return during 2014 Utah Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats prove their worth in Salt Lake County (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/27/13)
OPINION: Let’s keep Utah’s caucus system (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/27/13)
Furious parents organizing against Common Core (Daily Herald, 4/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah Common Core testing fraught with flaws (Deseret News, 4/26/13)
First-term lawmaker already at work on next session (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/25/13)
LDS Church satisfied with Scouting membership compromise (Deseret News, 4/25/13)
Liljenquist: Immigrants we should not be turning away (Deseret News, 4/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah Compact is respectful reform (Deseret News, 4/25/13)
Utah legislators who broke contribution ban won’t be punished (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/25/13)
Herbert meets Israeli, Palestinian leaders on trade trip (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/24/13)
House panel wants to give Utah some land (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Take this job — and state — and love it (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/24/13)
Utah governor pitches plan to protect sage grouse (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/24/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Herbert makes historic trip to Israel to discuss trade with Utah (KSL, 4/24/13)
Democrats to announce their own caucus convention changes (Daily Herald, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah House Speaker Becky Lockhard making moves for governor? (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/23/13)
New Salt Lake County GOP chairman questions changes to caucus system (Deseret News, 4/23/13)
Utah GOP chair race could make history (Utah Policy, 4/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Nominating process (Deseret News, 4/23/13)
OPINION: Vetoing HB76 was for the public good (Deseret News, 4/23/13)
Utah work group seeks options, alternatives to Medicaid expansion (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/23/13)
Shurtleff: Americans will back Congress on immigration reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/22/13)
Will we see Huntsman 2.0 in 2016? (Utah Policy, 4/22/13)
Health care costs lowest in Utah (Deseret News, 4/22/13)
Will changes come to Utah’s nominating process? (Utah Policy, 4/22/13)
Feds releases environmental assessment of big Utah land swap (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/22/13)
How they voted on the HB76 override (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/22/13)
Part of Johnson’s Nevada case halted, Utah charges proceed (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/22/13)
Herbert supports change to caucus convention system (Daily Herald, 4/18/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert to lead Utah trade mission to Israel (Deseret News, 4/17/13)
Utah governor describes daughter’s ordeal after Boston Marathon blasts (Deseret News, 4/17/13)
OPINION: Herbert moves to the middle (Standard-Examiner, 4/17/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert calls for feds to ‘charge or exonerate’ Attorney General John Swallow (Deseret News, 4/17/13)
Utah gov praises ‘goodness of people’ in bombing aftermath (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/17/13)
Outgoing GOP chairman eyes high-profile political future (Deseret News, 4/17/13)
Utah governor says Swallow probe should end soon (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/17/13)
It’s legislative report card season (Utah Policy, 4/17/13)
Utah’s Matheson, Love raising big cash for 2014 (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/16/13)
Conservative citizens group scores Oda high, Herbert low (Standard-Examiner, 4/16/13)
Legislature will not override Utah governor’s gun-bill veto (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/15/13)
OPINION: Veto stands (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/15/13)
Utah Republicans defiant in face of possible petition drive (Utah Policy Center, 4/15/13)
Utah GOP making progress in quest for open caucus meetings (Deseret News, 4/14/13)
‘Count My Vote’ issues statement of principles (Utah Policy, 4/14/13)
Herbert’s gun veto likely to stand (AP, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah retirement reform throws some retirees into debt (Salt Lake Tribune,4/14/13)
OPINION: Real ballot reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Fighting over odd nominating system (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/13)
Utah GOP rejects changes, making ballot drive likely (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Change can be difficult, especially in primary elections (Utah Policy, 4/12/13)
Questions about the session? Legislators discuss issues at forum (Herald Extra, 4/12/13)
Utah AG says election complaint should be dismissed (AP, 4/12/13)
AG John Swallow seeks dismissal of election violations complaint (Deseret News, 4/12/13)
Override session polls sent out to legislators (Park Record, 4/12/13)
John Swallow’s attorneys say complaint seeking ouster is frivolous (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/12/13)
Utah Legislature unlikely to override guv’s gun veto (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/12/13)
OPINION: The market is right – Business backs immigration reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/12/13)
Economist: Good times for Utah, but dangers lurk (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Raising taxes is the wrong approach (Standard-Examiner, 4/11/13)
Governor seeks to build Utah’s tech profile (Deseret News, 4/11/13)
States’ tax collections hit record high (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/11/13)
VIDEO: Budget breakdown: How education money is spent in Utah schools (KSL, 4/11/13)
Herbert: California trip a friendship tour, not a raiding party (Utah Policy, 4/11/13)
GOP chair battling against time to make changes to GOP nominating system (Utah Policy Center, 4/11/13)
Podcast: Gov. Gary Herbert: Vetoes and vouchers (Utah Policy, 4/11/13)
COMMENTARY: How Herbert approached water deal (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/10/13)
Chamber of Commerce CEOs eager for immigration solutions (Standard-Examiner, 4/10/13)
Panel: Is Utah’s judicial system fair to minorities? (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/10/13)
Lawmakers set April 19 deadline to call override session on gun veto (Deseret News, 4/10/13)
Reformers say changes to Utah caucus system could avert ballot push (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/10/13)
Business leaders blast Hatch and Lee over immigration reform (Utah Policy Center, 4/10/13)
Lt. Gov. Bell’s audit spurred by former Mormon ward member (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/10/13)
Utah, Virginia mount joint raid on California jobs (AP, 4/9/13)
Attorney General Swallow files response to alleged election violations (Deseret News, 4/9/13)
Will Legislature override gov’s sole veto? Unlikely, sources say (Herald Extra, 4/9/13)
Utah’s Swallow, other attorneys general back immigration reform (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/9/13)
Salt Lake Chamber leader blasts Utah senators on immigration (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/9/13)
Chamber presidents, attorneys general urge immigration reform (Deseret News, 4/9/13)
Conference aims to highlight best practices in Utah economy (Deseret News, 4/9/13)
Tensions rise amid demise of Utah-Nevada water pact (Stateline, 4/8/13)
Education funding – Thanks for the start, but a long way remains (Utah Policy Center, 4/8/13)
Legislature to examine how it conducts its internal business (Utah Policy Center, 4/5/13)
Should Utah schools publish data on teachers? AG to weigh in (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/5/13)
Utah’s rejection of water deal leaves Nevada with few good options (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/4/13)
Utah needs Medicaid expansion as outlined by the ACA (Standard-Examiner, 4/4/13)
Two Utah districts among nation’s most Republican (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/4/13)
Utah police urging lawmakers to not override Herbert’s concealed carry veto (KUTV, 4/3/13)
Herbert still mulling on bills as deadline looms (Daily Herald, 4/3/13)
Utah House Democrats nearly get shafted on interim study (Utah Policy, 4/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah’s parties should change nomination process (Deseret News, 4/3/13)
Utah among states vying for gun makers across country (Standard-Examiner, 4/3/13)
OPINION: Question of money – taking politics out of school trust (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/2/13)
Gov. approves repeal of Utah blacklisting laws (AP, 4/2/13)
Utah governor signs bill for state marriage panel (AP, 4/2/13)
Utah’s congressional delegation not enthusiastic about immigration reform efforts (Deseret News,4/2/13)
Herbert signs bill delaying guest-worker law (Salt Lake Tribune, 4/2/13)

MARCH 2013

Plans to create alternate path to ballot moving forward (Daily Herald, 3/28/13)
Could Utah GOP reform plight fuel initiative effort? (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/27/13)
Republicans reject Utah Compact for immigration platform (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/24/13)
GOP ponders changing nominating process (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/24/13)
COMMENTARY: What have Utah’s lawmakers wrought in 2013? (Deseret News, 3/24/13)
OPINION: Roads and transit: Fuel tax must be raised (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/24/13)
Utah Compact gets little love from Utah County GOP committee (Deseret News, 3/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah’s real ‘land grab’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/23/13)
OPINION: Legislators boost Utah economy (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/23/13)
Caucus and convention questions prompt talk of change by Republicans (Deseret News, 3/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Governor takes the high road on concealed carry bill (Park Record, 3/23/13)
OPINION: Herbert’s constitutional carry gun veto should be upheld (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/23/13)
Herbert vetoes controversial gun carry bill (Deseret News, 3/22/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Herbert vetoes constitutional carry bill (KSL, 3/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Herbert warned lawmakers on gun legislation (Utah Policy, 3/22/13)
Gov. Herbert signs several 2013 bills into law (ABC4, 3/22/13)
Report details southern Utah parks’ impact on economy (Deseret News, 3/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Theaters, prisons and denial (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/22/13)
Governor’s veto of bill to ditch gun permits sets up override battle (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/22/13)
OPINION: A quiet Legislature (Standard-Examiner, 3/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah County GOP to debate change to immigration platform (Salt Lake Tribune,3/21/13)
Judge rules largely in favor of Utah on rural roads dispute (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/21/13)
Utah’s 1st health insurance co-op is cleared for take-off (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/21/13)
Hundreds lobby Utah governor on gun bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/21/13)
Virginia, Utah governors court O.C. businesses (Orange County Register, 3/21/13)
Governor discusses water battle in Snake Valley (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/21/13)
ACLU asking Herbert to veto polling transparency bill (Daily Herald, 3/21/13)
School board won’t request veto of school grading bill, but members wary of legislation (Deseret News, 3/20/13)
Lawmakers deciding what to study during interim (Utah Policy, 3/20/13)
Utah GOP discussing pros, cons of caucus, convention systems (Standard-Examiner, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Memo to Chris Stewart: believe it — climate threat is real (Salt Lake Tribune,3/20/13)
Education leaders will not ask for veto of school grading bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/13)
Utah one of best states for taxes (Utah Policy, 3/20/13)
Rep. Moss: Tell Herbert to veto HB76 (constitutional carry) (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/20/13)
Controversy swells as Utah Gov. Herbert takes up gun bill (AP, 3/20/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert announces water summit to help manage state’s precious resource (Deseret News, 3/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Gary Herbert, veto HB76, concealed carry law (Deseret News, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans keep starving Utah public education (Deseret News, 3/20/13)
Report: Utah needs additional $11B for transportation by 2040 (Deseret News, 3/19/13)
Referendum bill defeated in Utah House (Park Record, 3/19/13)
Utah Supreme Court dismisses legislative ‘log rolling’ case (Deseret News, 3/19/13)
OPINION: The root of evil; Seeing that money poisons politics (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/19/13)
Utah Supreme Court: Last-minute, composite education bill was constitutional (Salt Lake Tribune,3/19/13)
Is gas tax hike in Utah’s future? Study says it should be (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/19/13)
Gov. Herbert: Market-based healthcare reform: Good for Main Street & good for Wall Street (Utah Policy, 3/18/13)
COMMENTARY: What ‘big gears’ would propel Utah forward? (Utah Policy, 3/18/13)
Key things that did not happen in the 2013 legislative session (Standard-Examiner, 3/18/13)
EDITORIAL: In our opinion: The 2013 session’s legacy (Deseret News, 3/17/13)
Education gets a boost, but preschool advances remain elusive (Deseret News, 3/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Utah Legislature has outgrown old system of reviewing bills (Park Record, 3/16/13)
Utah school superintendent: Utah education most effective, efficient in US (Standard-Examiner,3/16/13)
Family health successes overshadowed by Medicaid debate (Deseret News, 3/16/13)
Economic growth remains a focus on education (Deseret News, 3/16/13)
Opposition to Utah gun bill may be growing (KUTV, 3/16/13)
COMMENTARY: When it comes to politics, keep the light shining (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/16/13)
OPINION: A silver lining of sanity in Utah Senate (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/16/13)
OPINION: The Legislature – ups and downs of 2013 session (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/16/13)
OPINION: Public must benefit if taxes lure businesses (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/16/13)
Utah lawmakers wrap up subdued session (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
State lawmakers pass record number of bills (Standard-Examiner, 3/15/13)
Herbert says it’s likely he’ll use veto pen (Standard-Examiner, 3/15/13)
COMMENTARY: End-of-session budget highlights (Standard-Examiner, 3/15/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s not what you know, but who you know (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Ethics group says Swallow should take leave (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Bishop Wester joins voices calling for veto of controversial gun bill (Deseret News, 3/15/13)
Quiet legislative session wraps up at Utah Capitol (Daily Herald, 3/15/13)
Another legislative session in the books (Utah Policy, 3/15/13)
Medicaid and insurance mandates rule Utah Legislature’s health policy front (Salt Lake Tribune,3/15/13)
Budget: Focus was on education, social safety net (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Public lands legislation puts federal control in cross-hairs (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Ethics reforms pass as 2 top officials investigated (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Utah schools get funding boost while controversial bills die (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/15/13)
Legislature meets education funding priorities, looks to future (Deseret News, 3/15/13)
Clerks kill Election Day voter registration (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/14/13)
Controversial school grading bill passes Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/14/13)
Utah children win gains in health care, but Medicaid expansion still undecided (Deseret News,3/14/13)
House, Senate lock horns over liquor laws, but ‘Zion curtain’ stays (Deseret News, 3/14/13)
Governor: Lawmakers took ‘a little bit of my advice’ on gun bills (Deseret News, 3/14/13)
Democrats, governor celebrate Utah’s diversity (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/14/13)
Church control over state liquor policy drives House/Senate compromise (Utah Policy, 3/14/13)
Utah lawmakers approve nearly $500M in new spending (Utah Policy, 3/14/13)
Legislature rushes to fix conflict with Utah attorney general’s power (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/14/13)
Utah Leg: ‘We are the decider’ (High Country News, 3/12/13)
Statewide anti-discrimination legislation appears dead for 2013 (Utah Policy, 3/11/13)
Will Utah accept Medicaid expansion? (Utah Policy, 3/11/13)
Handling conflicts of interest a challenge in Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/10/13)
House passes controversial gun bill (Utah Policy, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: The last four days of legislative session a final frenzy (Deseret News, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Why do legislators want to deny people health care? (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah is coddling big polluters (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/9/13)
OPINION: Medicaid options – Don’t tie the governor’s hands (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/9/13)
OPINION: Power grab – Bill would politicize public education (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/9/13)
OPINION: Voucher backers manhandle education (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/9/13)
Matheson: End straight party voting (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/9/13)
Legislative leaders agree on spending list (Deseret News, 3/8/13)
Bill calls for Utah to be exempt from expanding Medicaid (Deseret News, 3/8/13)
An historic moment for equality in Utah (Utah Policy, 3/8/13)
Bill asserting Utah’s right to bar enforcement of federal gun laws passes House (Deseret News,3/8/13)
Utah House approves controversial states’ rights gun bill (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/8/13)
Utah lawmakers look to avert ‘false promise’ of Medicaid (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/8/13)
Utah lawmakers push for alternatives to Medicaid expansion (Deseret News, 3/8/13)
Legislators go into final weekend with budget mostly done (Salt Lake Tribune, 3/8/13)
Gun rights enthusiasts march on Utah’s Capitol Hill (Deseret News, 3/2/13)
A plan to create a vision for Utah education (Deseret News, 3/2/13)


House passes bill on openly carrying firearms (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Silence on Swallow matter is not indifference (Deseret News, 2/28/13)
Reforming the legislative process a tough slog (Utah Policy Center, 2/28/13)
OPINION: The Utah village (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/28/13)
Herbert defends Lt. Gov. Bell, DCFS head (Standard-Examiner, 2/27/13)
Legislators blink in stand-off over fed enviro funding (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/13)
Senate panel OKs delay of guest worker program (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/13)
Anti-federal move marches through Utah House (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/13)
Utah veterans hope gov’s plan won’t set back those who served (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/27/13)
Committee endorses bill to delay Utah’s guest worker bill until 2015 (Deseret News, 2/27/13)
Data battles muddle solutions for cleaner Utah air (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/26/13)
Seen as nature lovers’ paradise, Utah struggles with air quality (New York Times, 2/23/13)
GOP leaders skirt formal discussion about John Swallow scandal (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/16/13)
AG John Swallow doesn’t attend, but GOP leaders don’t ignore elephant in the room (Deseret News,2/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Swallow must go (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/15/13)
GOP lawmaker shields John Swallow from legislative grilling (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/15/13)
Democrats try to question Swallow, call for ethics reform (Deseret News, 2/15/13)
Judge grills state on purpose of Utah’s immigration law (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/15/13)
Democrats try to put Utah AG in hot seat (AP, 2/15/13)
Governor sets out guiding principles for gun legislation (Daily Herald, 2/15/13)
Gun bills ready to start moving (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/14/13)
Utah immigration law to get airing in federal court Friday (Deseret News, 2/14/13)
Governor tells lawmakers not to let emotions control gun debate (Deseret News, 2/14/13)
Mayors join chorus seeking cleaner air imperatives from Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/14/13)
Utah legislators may delay start of guest-worker program (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/14/13)
OPINION: Utah needs to expand Medicaid (Deseret News, 2/14/13)
Governor may have freer hand to choose new UDOT chief (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/13/13)
Task force may study funding Utah transportation (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/13/13)
Report: Utah’s economy will benefit from expanding Medicaid (Utah Policy Center, 2/13/13)
Legislators reveal slate of bills to reduce federal dependency (Daily Herald, 2/12/13)
Utah accountants urge state to prepare for economic crisis (Deseret News, 2/12/13)
Officials wish they knew Swallow allegations before election (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/12/13)
Concerns over Swallow’s dealings should have been shared with voters, state leaders say (Deseret News, 2/12/13)
Bills seek to prepare Utah for ‘financial earthquake’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/12/13)
Swallow suggested cash in exchange for protection, sources say (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/12/13)
Democrats’ bills aim to fight Utah’s air pollution (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/11/13)
Mark Shurtleff asked feds to investigate his successor, John Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/11/13)
Jeremy Johnson battles feds on many online fronts (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/10/13)
Education is lawmakers’ No. 1 priority, but how? (Daily Herald, 2/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah lawmakers want fiscal transparency for schools, but not themselves (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/10/13)
Governor’s tweets start war of words with clean air action group (KUTV, 2/9/13)
Donations, actions raise more questions about Swallow’s judgment (Deseret News, 2/9/13)
Utah not alone in bid to trump US gun laws (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/13)
Lawmakers side with unaffiliated voters for party primaries in Utah (Standard-Examiner, 2/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Sure as shootin’ — more gun goofiness at Utah’s Capitol (Salt Lake Tribune,2/8/13)
New website defends Swallow, but few others doing the same (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/8/13)
Mormon church in talks on statewide law to protect gays from bias (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/13)
Gun rights vs. other constitutional rights on Utah’s Capitol Hill (Utah Policy Center, 2/7/13)
Bill would continue letting voters align with a party on Election Day (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/13)
Poll says most in Utah want to protect public lands (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/7/13)
Bill says federal gun laws do not apply in Utah (Utah Policy Center, 2/6/13)
Utah House targets ‘push poll’ campaign tactic (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
New questions arise from John Swallow-Johnson meeting (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
OPINION: Medicaid, the Legislature and genetics (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Campaign finance reforms — the time is now (Deseret News, 2/6/13)
Bill seeks to keep gun enforcement under state purview (Deseret News, 2/6/13)
Utah firearms protection bills to be considered together (Standard-Examiner, 2/6/13)
Gov. Herbert wants of ‘red lines’ Utah won’t cross to comply with federal health care law (Deseret News, 2/6/13)
Governor says public must help as Utahns rally against pollution (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
Bill would put Utah gun laws above federal rules (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
Utah guv wants to add state employees to Avenue H exchange (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/6/13)
Gov. Herbert now wants feds to run individual health insurance exchange in Utah (Deseret News,2/5/13)
Campaign to fight air pollution targets Gov. Herbert (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/5/13)
More campaign finance changes pondered by Legislature (Utah Policy Center, 2/5/13)
Utah AG promises to fulfill duties despite accusations (Daily Herald, 2/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Smog is giving governor’s rosy economic forecast a black eye (Park Record, 2/5/13)
Utah retreats from all-in-one health exchange, pitches business-only model (Salt Lake Tribune,2/5/13)
Man who threatened Utah Gov. Gary Herbert headed to prison (Deseret News, 2/4/13)
It’s all about the money for state schools at Utah Legislature (Standard-Examiner, 2/4/13)
New ideas for funding education need consideration (Standard-Examiner, 2/4/13)
Utah’s Medicaid overhaul disruptive for some (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/4/13)
Guv to testify before Congress about Utah education (Salt Lake Tribune, 2/4/13)
Governor to testify before Congress on building an educated workforce (Utah Policy Center, 2/4/13)
Utah governor takes his education message to Congress (Deseret News, 2/4/13)
Utah government planning for fiscal earthquake (Utah Policy Center, 2/4/13)
Utah House votes for limit on anonymous campaign contributions (Deseret News, 2/1/13)


Utah lawmakers start work on schools budget (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/13)
OPINION: Campaign spending caps now (Standard-Examiner, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah is leading the immigration debate (Deseret News, 1/31/13)
House committee rejects bill to eliminate straight-party option (Daily Herald, 1/31/13)
Utah Legislature sure to focus on municipal taxing issues (Standard-Examiner, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah GOP officials continues to embarrass the party (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/31/13)
What Herbert could have, but didn’t say (Utah Policy Center, 1/31/13)
GOP lawmakers considering how to pay for FLDS legal settlement (Utah Policy Center, 1/31/13)
Education is a key priority for Utah Legislature (KSL, 1/31/13)
Lawyers for businessman accusing AG seek removal (AP, 1/31/13)
Conflicting views on Swallow at state capitol (KUTV, 1/31/13)
Did John Swallow talk himself into trouble? (Salt Lake Trouble, 1/31/13)
Gun legislation causing some jitters on Utah’s Capitol Hill (Utah Policy Center, 1/30/13)
OPINION: Ethics laws – So far, the bills are pretty weak (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/30/13)
State immigration commission could be repealed (Deseret News, 1/30/13)
Education, economy, public safety highlight Democrats’ legislative priorities (Deseret News,1/30/13)
Utah legislators eye bottom line as higher education asks for more money (Salt Lake Tribune,1/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Lockhart’s error on vetoes (Utah Policy Center, 1/30/13)
Panel kills push to end uniform party vote (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/30/13)
So far, little interest in environment (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/30/13)
VIDEO: Non-discrimination bill to return to the Utah legislature (Fox13Now, 1/30/13)
Many Utah voters say Utah AG John Swallow should resign, poll shows (Deseret News, 1/30/13)
VIDEO: John Swallow may have broken law by using Johnson’s houseboat (Salt Lake Tribune,1/30/13)
Education key to Utah’s economic prosperity, Gov. Gary Herbert says (Deseret News, 1/30/13)
State pf State: Utah governor ‘Never been more optimistic’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/30/13)
Most Utahns say John Swallow acted inappropriately, poll shows (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/30/13)
Utah lawmakers working on changes to their compensation (Utah Policy Center, 1/30/13)
Leader of Utah Democrats says state’s education is a ‘catastrophe’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Lawmakers fast-tracking bill to set higher daily salary (Deseret News, 1/29/13)
Johnson says feds’ bid to muzzle him ‘an act of desperation’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
House committee advances elections reform bill (Utah Policy Center, 1/29/13)
OPINION: Long-term funding of Utah’s schools (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert, transportation officials seek ways to clear air (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Utah Policy Poll: Most Utah voters favor alternative path to the ballot (Utah Policy Center, 1/29/13)
Utah GOP lawmakers praise sheriffs’ stand on gun rights (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Federal cuts could mean another lean Utah budget year (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Republicans move to change voter registration rules … for Republicans (Utah Policy Center, 1/29/13)
Utah activists to push lawmakers to back ‘clean air pledge’ (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Utah House votes down campaign measure (Standard-Examiner, 1/29/13)
Shurtleff to lobby Mormon authorities on immigration for White House (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/29/13)
Democrats issue call for leadership in addressing Utah’s education crisis (Deseret News, 1/29/13)
First day of Utah’s 2013 legislative session one of ceremony, economic concern (Standard-Examiner,1/29/13)
Speaker Lockhart: Gridlock in Congress creates uncertain future in Utah (Daily Herald, 1/29/13)
New legislative session starts with harsh words for feds from House speaker (Deseret News, 1/28/13)
Utah Senate opens with calls for prudence, swipes at Congress (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/28/13)
Utah House Speaker: Governor should veto more bills (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/28/13)
AUDIO: Attorney General John Swallow meets with Johnson (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/28/13)
Some ethics bills advance, while calls arise for more (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/28/13)
Chief justice: Courts at the limit, need help (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/28/13)
A budgetary mine field awaits Utah’s lawmakers (Utah Policy Center, 1/28/13)
Utah House Speaker Lockhart: Do we really need more pages of code? (Standard-Examiner, 1/28/13)
Ethics changes before the 2013 Legislature (Utah Policy Center, 1/28/13)
2013 Legislature opens with warning shots aimed at the federal government (Utah Policy Center, 1/28/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert: Education as a No. 1 priority must unite everyone in Utah (Deseret News,1/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Taxing matters before the 2013 Legislature (Utah Policy Center, 1/25/13)
Utah Policy Poll: Utah voters say education and economic development are top priorities (Utah Policy Center, 1/25/13)
Herbert backs ethics reforms in wake of John Swallow scandal (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Utah Ethics – Call them the Swallow Reforms (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
Poll: Utahns say “no” to higher taxes and tighter gun laws (Utah Policy Center, 1/24/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert wants new ethics panel, but says AG John Swallow doesn’t need state investigation (Deseret News, 1/24/13)
Herbert says Utah will follow federal gun laws (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
Measures would shake up who controls Utah’s public education (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
Outlook: More in Utah could go back to work in 2013 (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Swallow’s behavior raises concerns about ethics (Deseret News, 1/24/13)
OPINION: Sheriffs vs. feds – Grandstanding is useless exercise (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
Utah’s Avenue H better than federal exchange plan, health leaders say (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/24/13)
Gov. talks ethics reform, AG Swallow allegations (AP, 1/24/13)
Utah voters support increasing taxes for education, poll says (Deseret News, 1/23/13)
EDITORIAL: State rights bill to nowhere (Daily Herald, 1/23/13)
Initiative encourages ‘real’ Utah women to run for office, seek service on boards (Deseret News,1/23/13)
Lawmaker pushing states’ rights with gun bill (Daily Herald, 1/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah sheriffs misfire in their attack on Obama’s gun measures (Salt Lake Tribune,1/23/13)
Herbert’s ‘recreation vision’ plan met with praise, caution (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/13)
Governor and Outdoor Industry Association unveil Utah’s Outdoor Recreation Vision (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/13)
Leavitt speaks on healthcare reform, changing caucus and system (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/13)
Gov. Gary Herbert unveils ‘Outdoor Recreation Vision’ (Deseret News, 1/23/13)
Utah GOP says John Swallow made a mistake, seeks ethics changes (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/13)
More than half of Utahns favor teachers packing heat at school (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/23/13)
AG John Swallow made mistakes in dealings with businessman, Utah GOP says (Deseret News,1/23/13)
Utah economy now 2nd strongest in US (Utah Policy Center, 1/23/13)
Utah bill would do away with need for concealed-gun permit (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/22/13)
Climate change bill readied for 2013 Legislature (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/22/13)
Governor’s Energy Development Summit has become a critical energy forum (Utah Policy Center, 1/22/13)
Outdoor Retailer trade show elects to stay in SLC through 2016 (Deseret News, 1/22/13)
Democrats want an investigation of Utah AG John Swallow (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/12/13)
Right-wing group protests Utah support of Sundance (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/12/13)
OPINION: Utah’s health exchange edge (Standard-Examiner, 1/12/13)
Indicted businessman: Utah AG tied to alleged scheme (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Why Utah needs another path for candidates to get on the ballot (Utah Policy Center, 1/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Looking for leaders – Get serious about school funding (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/11/13)
Governor’s energy summit highlights stark divide (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/10/13)
Ex-gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke called to be Mormon mission president (Deseret News,1/10/13)
Trio of Utah congressmen slam environmental law at energy summit (Deseret News, 1/10/13)
Prosperity 2020 plan to improve education includes more spending, new revenue (Deseret News,1/9/13)
Energy development summit begins, showcases Utah geology (Deseret News, 1/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Utah Compact deserves a thumbs up from lawmakers (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
Charter schools have lowest, highest grad rates in Utah (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
Lawmaker again pushing Utah Compact resolution (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
OPINION: Conflict and secrecy – Bills could boost trust in legislators (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
Utah GOP may end up being ‘dominated by radicals,’ Hatch warns (Deseret News, 1/9/13)
Lawmaker again pushing Utah Compact resolution (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
Legislative preview: Weiler pushing for reforms in 2013 (Utah Policy Center, 1/9/13)
Utah lawmaker: Let’s use booze profit for schools (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/9/13)
Former Utah AG Shurtleff says proposed Spring City gun resolution legal (Deseret News, 1/8/13)
Report blisters Utah’s public education (Utah Policy Center, 1/8/13)
Group looking to alter caucus convention system (Daily Herald, 1/8/13)
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr says decision on White House run at least a year away (Deseret News, 1/7/13)
Herbert equals Leavitt, Rampton (Utah  Policy Center, 1/7/13)
Gov. Herbert’s summit to explore Utah’s energy future (Salt lake Tribune, 1/7/13)
Utah lawmaker wants to dump must-vote rule (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/7/13)
Group pushing new way to choose political candidates in Utah (Deseret News, 1/7/13)
Obama set to alter Utah’s judicial landscape (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/7/13)
OPINION: Primary democracy (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/7/13)
Ballot measure on temporary hold (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/7/13)
A gun in every household? Utah town drafting a resolution (Deseret News, 1/7/13)
Herbert, other state officeholders sworn in at Capitol ceremony (Deseret News, 1/7/13)
GOP lawmaker pushing for more campaign transparency (Utah Policy Center, 1/3/13)
OPINION: Utah deserves to own federal land (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/2/13)
OPINION: Recall law is badly needed in Utah (Standard-Examiner, 1/2/13)
Governor appoints new judge to Utah’s 5th District Court (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/2/13)
Why did most of Utah delegation vote ‘No’ on fiscal cliff compromise? (Deseret News, 1/2/13)
Shurtleff wants Republicans to continue moving forward on immigration (Utah Policy Center, 1/2/13)
Utah lawmaker hopes to fund public preschool with private dollars (Salt Lake Tribune, 1/1/13)
Frustrated Gov. Herbert asks, ‘Where’s the president?’ (Deseret News, 1/1/13)

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