The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


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Texas Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


Spending-limits bill serves as a great excuse (Texas Tribune, 12/31/12)
Judge lets Texas cut Planned Parenthood funds (Houston Chronicle, 12/31/12)
Texas can defund Planned Parenthood, judge rules (Huffington Post, 12/31/12)
Judge: Texas WHP can proceed without Planned Parenthood (Texas Tribune, 12/31/12)
Texas judge OKs ban on Planned Parenthood funding (AP, 12/31/12)
Medicaid waiver presents structuring challenges (Texas Tribune, 12/30/12)
To beef up school security, lawmakers turn to firearms (Texas Tribune, 12/28/12)
Top Dewhurst campaign adviser accused of embezzlement (Texas Tribune, 12/28/12)
Report: Dewhurst accuses campaign aide of stealing as much as $1 million (Politico, 12/28/12)
Inside out in the Texas House Speaker’s race (Texas Tribune, 12/28/12)
Year in review: Texas politics (Texas Tribune, 12/27/12)
Texas AG hopeful as EPA chief exits (Texas Tribune, 12/27/12)
Texas universities struggling with rising tuition costs for veterans (Dallas Morning News, 12/27/12)
David Dewhurst campaign says aide stole at least $600,000 (Dallas Morning News, 12/27/12)
Year in review: Crime, immigration, the border (Texas Tribune, 12/27/12)
School finance lawsuits provide an out for lawmakers (Texas Tribune, 12/24/12)
AUDIO: Railroad commissioners grilled on fundraising limits (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Judge rules against Texas in women’s care dispute (AP, 12/21/12)
Texas, the state of the gun (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Perry faces awkward policy debates, more scrutiny (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Cancer Institute appoints interim director (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Texas unemployment drops to lowest level since 2008 (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Perry pardons 14 (Texas Tribune, 12/21/12)
Texas gains more in population than any other state (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 12/20/12)
Some schools, parents consider arming teachers, as remote N. Texas school does (AP, 12/20/12)
At hearing, lawmakers question CPRIT officials (Texas Tribune, 12/20/12)
Martinez Fischer warns Straus, Simpson to ‘call off your surrogates’ (Trail Blazers Blog, 12/20/12)
State employee says she was unfairly fired for supporting liberal candidate (Austin American-Statesman, 12/20/12)
Speaker candidate Simpson lashes out at anonymous critics (Austin American-Statesman, 12/20/12)
Lawmakers to discuss future of CPRIT funding (Texas Tribune, 12/20/12)
Waco court case denies injunction in women’s health case (Trail Blazers Blog, 12/20/12)
How the NRA grades the 34 members of the Texas delegation (TM Daily Post, 12/19/12)

Perry, Dewhurst, Straus call for state cancer agency to stop making awards (Dallas Morning News, 12/19/12)
Pistol-packing lawmaker suggests closing ‘gun show loophole’ (Houston Chronicle, 12/19/12)
Rick Perry: Teachers should be able to carry concealed handguns (TM Daily Post, 12/18/12)
VIDEO: Perry: I may run for president again (NBCDFW, 12/18/12)
Groups disagree on why spending cap is needed (New York Times, 12/15/12)
Bill renews debate on merging highest two courts (Texas Tribune, 12/13/12)
The widening scandal surrounding Texas’s cancer-fighting agency (Texas Monthly, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison praises colleagues (Texas Tribune, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Now what? Capitol press vets look ahead (Texas Tribune, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Accomplished Sen. Hutchison proud of Senate term, regretful of failed gubernatorial primary (WFAA, 12/12/12)
Calls for reform of incentive programs grow louder (Texas Tribune, 12/12/12)
Salary idea paid off for cancer agency exec (Houston Chronicle, 12/12/12)
Business leaders favor tweaks to student testing system (Texas Tribune, 12/12/12)
Straus says he’s ready for ‘serious’ session (Texas Tribune, 12/12/12)
Leader of cancer agency resigns; state opens probe (Houston Chronicle, 12/11/12)
Planned Parenthood sues Texas; Perry backs fetal pain bill (Postcards, 12/11/12)
‘Fetal Pain’: The first thing on Rick Perry’s desk? (Texas Monthly, 12/11/12)
COMMENTARY: Tackle the water crisis (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Would GOP balk if Democrats back bid to oust Straus? (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Head of CPRIT resigns amid investigations (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Travis County DA investigating cancer-fighting agency (Austin American-Statesman, 12/11/12)
Attorney General Greg Abbott financial donors include beneficiary of cancer-agency grants (Trail Blazers Blog, 12/11/12)
Tea Party touts ethics, transparency reforms (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Perry lends support to fetal pain bill (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Now what? Public policy in the 83rd session (Texas Tribune, 12/11/12)
Simpson, eh? (Texas Monthly, 12/10/12)
David Simpson announces run for speaker of Texas House (Austin American-Statesman, 12/10/12)
Simpson in, Hughes out in speaker’s race (Trail Blazers Blog, 12/10/12)
Abortion opponents have big plans for 2013 session (Austin American-Statesman, 12/9/12)
Contributions blackout serves many functions (New York Times, 12/8/12)
Perry helps advisers take a big next step (Texas Tribune, 12/8/12)
Straus promises $2B in extra public-school funding (San Antonio Express-News, 12/7/12)
Cancer agency chair wants missing emails found (Houston Chronicle, 12/7/12)
Simpson mulls race for speaker (BurkaBlog, 12/7/12)
AUDIO: UT officials resign in wake of fracking study controversy (Texas Tribune, 12/7/12)
Lawmakers could restore family planning funds (Texas Tribune, 12/7/12)
TEA Commissioner strips El Paso ISD Board of Authority (Texas Tribune, 12/6/12)
Texas conservatives exult at news of Jim DeMint’s move to Heritage Foundation (Houston Chronicle, 12/6/12)
Review of UT fracking study finds failure to disclose conflict of interest (StateImpact/Texas, 12/6/12)
Perry’s delay keeps Houston Senate district vacant (Houston Chronicle, 12/6/12)
Dave Carney would like Republicans to stop trying to reinvent the party (Texas Monthly, 12/6/12)
Tarrant County may point to Texas’ political future (Texas Tribune, 12/6/12)
Coalition publishes study touting flagship universities (Texas Tribune, 12/6/12)
Head of Texas’ troubled $3B cancer agency admits mistakes in award of improper $11M grant (Washington Post, 12/5/12)
More redistricting ahead in Texas, maybe Florida (Roll Call, 12/5/12)
19 billion reasons to talk about Texas business incentives (Texas Monthly, 12/4/12)
Cue more ‘Ted Crus for President’ stories (Texas Monthly, 12/3/12)
Texas Democrats see path to Medicaid expansion (Texas Tribune, 12/3/12)
AUDIO: Texas’ dry November stirs fears of drought’s return (Texas Tribune, 12/3/12)
In judicial picks, Perry reaches past executive branch (Texas Tribune, 12/3/12)
Progress Texas plans to expose you to the Koch brothers (The Austin Chronicle, 12/2/12)
Lines blur as Texas gives industries a bonanza (New York Times, 12/2/12)
Straus, critics both stronger for House speaker’s race (Austin American-Statesman, 12/2/12)
Democrats expect a deal on Medicaid despite Perry (New York Times, 12/1/12)


Texas GOP touts its Hispanic model (Politico, 11/30/12)
TEA delays ‘end of course’ requirement another year (Austin Chronicle, 11/30/12)
In Texas, another skirmish brews at the Alamo (New York Times, 11/30/12)
Transportation funding moves beyond gas tax (Houston Chronicle, 11/30/12)
For freshman legislators, Washington is no Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/30/12)
Tolling Texans: Toll projects spread as state funds lag (Texas Tribune, 11/30/12)
Heresy in Texas! The era of big oil is almost over (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/30/12)
Texas cancer-fighting agency gave Dallas firm $11 million without required review (Dallas Morning News, 11/29/12)
Perry: Let school districts decide on 15 percent rule (Texas Tribune, 11/29/12)
Dewhurst: Take $1B from rainy day fund for water (AP, 11/29/12)
Perry: Give students another STAAR grade deferral (AP, 11/29/12)
AUDIO: Little hope for overhaul as System Benefit Fund nears $1 billion (Texas Tribune, 11/29/12)
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst proposes dipping into rainy day fund to address water and transportation needs (Dallas Morning News, 11/29/12)
To run for president in 2015, Gov. Rick Perry needs to deal with his back pain, says Gover Norquist(Houston Chronicle, 11/28/12)
Texas rural water rate hikes draw scrutiny (Texas Tribune, 11/28/12)
Texas clout is on the rise again in US House (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/28/12)
In Waco, Gov. Perry asks lawmakers to stay true to conservative principles (Waco Tribune,11/28/12)
Texas still waiting for BP spill restoration funds (Texas Tribune, 11/27/12)
Polling says voters hostile to tax hikes in Robin Hood areas (San Antonio Express-News, 11/27/12)
Battle over budget caps looms in Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/27/12)
Texas Democrats gained, if only a little, in 2012 (Texas Tribune, 11/26/12)
Texas to pay more for Medicaid, even if it adds no more adults (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/26/12)
Perry’s $10,000 degree challenge spread to Florida (Texas Tribune, 11/26/12)
Perry taps chief of staff for Texas Supreme Court (San Antonio Express-News, 11/26/12)
Young Perry appointee tries to forge political path in public office (Austin American-Statesman,11/26/12)
Perry picks another staffer for Texas Supreme Court (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/26/12)
Rick Perry taps chief of staff for TX Supreme Court (Texas Tribune, 11/26/12)
AUDIO: Name change among possible Railroad Commission changes (Texas Tribune, 11/26/12)
Legislature goes mobile for 2013 session (Austin American-Statesman, 11/25/12)
EDITORIAL: Straus rightly wants Austin tackling core needs (Dallas Morning News, 11/25/12)
Lawmakers to review Texas Open Records Act (AP, 11/25/12)
Texas gun sales soar again after presidential election (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 11/24/12)
Texas health care facing big changes, tough spending decisions (AP, 11/24/12)
A new Bush rises (Politico, 11/24/12)
Lawmaker’s sights set on making Texas an open-carry state for handguns (Dallas Morning News.11/24/12)
Murky rules for lawmaker-lobbyist ties (Texas Tribune, 11/23/12)
North Texas educators prepare for another round of funding fights (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,11/23/12)
With stickers, a petition and even a middle name, secession fever hits Texas (New York Times,11/23/12)
Despite shifting demographics, Democrats still struggling in Williamson County (Austin American-Statesman, 11/22/12)
Employee union: Low prison pay jeopardizes security (Texas Tribune, 11/21/12)
Interactive: One more look at Super PACs in Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/21/12)
Texas’ first Latina secretary of state quitting (San Antonio Express-News, 11/21/12)
Secretary of State Hope Andrade resigns (Texas Tribune, 11/20/12)
New lawmakers asked to testify against consultant (Texas Tribune, 11/20/12)
Pete Sessions’ Texas congressional district safely Republican for now, but population changing(Dallas Morning News, 11/20/12)
Wentworth eyes return to local politics (San Antonio Express-News, 11/20/12)
Teacher Retirement System looks to cut costs (Texas Tribune, 11/20/12)
George P. Bush for … governor? The rumors fly in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 11/20/12)
Straus is right: It’s time to get serious (Dallas Morning News, 11/20/12)
State-based immigration bills slowly trickling in (Texas Tribune, 11/20/12)
Bill renews debate over rural access to abortion (Texas Tribune, 11/20/12)
If there’s a way, there’s a will to regulate tuition (Texas Tribune, 11/19/12)
What if George P. Bush leapfrogged other Texas Republicans? (Texas Tribune, 11/19/12)
A Blue Texas? Keep dreaming (The New Republic, 11/19/12)
Family planning group will try to bypass Perry, state for federal grant (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/19/12)
Texas Women’s Health Advocates to bypass state in bid for federal funds (Texas Observer, 11/19/12)
Martinez: Bush (George P) needs to be at top of GOP ticket in 2014 (Rio Grande Guardian, 11/18/12)
State’s cancer-fighting agency funded projects of Perry campaign contributor (Dallas Morning News,11/17/12)
Did risky policy lead to deadly shooting? Texas alone among border states in shooting from helicopters (Austin American-Statesman, 11/17/12)
OPINION: The case for Joe Straus (Texas Tribune, 11/16/12)
Joe Straus says he has votes to be re-elected Texas House speaker (Dallas Morning News, 11/16/12)
Texas Medicaid providers push back on fraud investigations (Texas Tirbune, 11/16/12)
In financing Texas schools, defining ‘adequate’ (Texas Tribune, 11/16/12)
Perry loses bid for renewable fuel waiver (FuelFix, 11/16/12)
When will marriage equality arrive in Texas? (Dallas Voice, 11/16/12)
Perry hints at another run (National Journal, 11/15/12)
Texas’ budget capped at $77.9B for 2014-15 year (AP, 11/15/12)
Before health exchange deadline, Perry reaffirms stance (Texas Tribune, 11/15/12)
Gov. Rick Perry officially refuses to set up Affordable Care Act insurance exchange for Texas (AP, 11/15/12)
Texas Senate angling for conservative budget credits (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/15/12)
State leaders adopt spending cap for 2014-15 budget (Texas Tribune, 11/15/12)
Industry leaders: Immigration reform begins in Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/15/12)
Interactive map: How Texas drifted right in 2012 (Texas Tribune, 11/15/12)
Going over the fiscal cliff would cut about $656 million in federal grants to Texas (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/15/12)
The arguments for (and against) Texas secession (Texas Monthly, 11/14/12)
Hughes’ work as trial lawyer could impact speaker bid (Texas Tribune, 11/14/12)
Spokesman: George P. Bush is still shopping (Texas Tribune, 11/14/12)
Perry, allies look to tighten state spending cap (Austin American-Statesman, 11/14/12)
Jeb Bush suggests son George P. Bush eyeing Texas land commissioner run; aide says no decision(AP, 11/14/12)
Julian Castro to pen autobiography (San Antonio Express-News, 11/14/12)
More than 250 bills first out of the legislative chute (Texas Tribune, 11/13/12)
Interactive: Whom do lawmakers support in House Speaker faceoff? (Texas Tribune, 11/13/12)
Perry’s and Dewhurst’s drug testing program hasn’t worked in Florida (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/13/12)
Karen Hughes and Kay Bailey Hutchison would like Republican men to stop saying offensive things about rape (Texas Monthly, 11/13/12)
White House says it will offer a response to Texas secession petition, but not when or what it will say(Trail Blazers Blog, 11/13/12)
Perry, Dewhurst back drug test for welfare applicants (Texas Tribune, 11/13/12)
Perry dismisses secession petition (Austin American-Statesman, 11/13/12)
Some facts and fiction for Texans who want state to secede from US (Dallas Morning News, 11/13/12)
What polls say about the probability of Texas turning purple (Texas Monthly, 11/13/12)
Austin progressive petition White House to secede from Texas (The Daily Caller, 11/13/12)
EDITORIAL: Exit polls skip Texas, missing key demographic data (Washington Examiner,11/12/12)
Five ways to register discontent with Obama’s reelection (Texas Monthly, 11/12/12)
Petitioners renew talk of Texas secession (Texas Tribune, 11/12/12)
Paths of Dewhurst, Straus reflect challenge facing GOP (Texas Tribune, 11/12/12)
Ahead of session, ‘Sanctuary Cities’ debate renews (Texas Tribune, 11/12/12)
Texas lawmakers file bills for 2013 session (AP, 11/12/12)
Petition for Texas secession hits White House response mark (The Hill, 11/12/12)
Texas GOP leaders strive to reach out to Hispanics; some party factions unhappy (Austin American-Statesman, 11/10/12)
Here comes George P. Bush (Texas Monthly, 11/9/12)
Happy Oops-iversary, Rick Perry! (Texas Monthly, 11/9/12)
Against the grain,Texas GOP dominated on Election Day (Texas Tribune, 11/9/12)
Supreme Court to hear arguments in Voting Rights case (Texas Tribune, 11/9/12)
Julian Castro: Latinos could give Dems boost in Texas in coming years (National Journal, 11/8/12)
Texas judge extends Planned Parenthood injunction (AP, 11/8/12)
Where things stand with the Women’s Health Program (Texas Monthly, 11/8/12)
Get to know the newest Texas lawmakers (Texas Tribune, 11/8/12)
With presidency decided, lawmakers face policy hurdles (Texas Tribune, 11/8/12)
AUDIO: Marijuana ballot measures spark discussion in Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/8/12)
Pre-K wheels are turning in election’s wake (San Antonio Express-News, 11/8/12)
Perry: Talk of 2016 presidential bid premature (Postcards, 11/8/12)
Powers: Prop 1 passage a huge step for UT, Texas Health (Texas Tribune, 11/7/12)
Republican incumbent loses spot on education board (AP, 11/7/12)
GOP remains firmly in charge of Texas (Austin American-Statesman, 11/7/12)
Voter turnout down across Texas and Central Texas compared to 2008 (Austin American-Statesman,11/7/12)
The Romney effect: Even in Texas, the tea party should take a moment to reflect (Texas Monthly,11/7/12)
Canseco alleges voter fraud in CD-23 (Texas Tribune, 11/7/12)
Conservatives pres for new speaker as GOP loses ground in state House (Austin American-Statesman,11/7/12)
Optimism, Obama helped lift local bond measures, observers say (Houston Chronicle, 11/7/12)
Election Night: Ten takeaways (Texas Monthly, 11/7/12)
VIDEO: Democrats celebrate some key victories in Red Texas (Texas Tribune, 11/7/12)
GOP loses supermajority in Texas House (Houston Chronicle, 11/7/12)
Voter turnout down across Texas and Central Texas compared to 2008 (Austin American-Statesman,11/7/12)
Gov. Perry: President Obama has ‘a chance to start over’ (Houston Chronicle, 11/7/12)
VIDEO: Cruz reflects on win, lays out path forward (Texas Tribune, 11/7/12)
Analysis: Texas, Obama’s America rarely see eye to eye (Houston Chronicle, 11/7/12)
Grassroots conservative leaders back Hughes (Postcards, 11/7/12)
How Rick Perry – Mr. ‘Oops’—helped kill the Romney campaign (The New Republic, 11/7/12)
Weariness sets in at school finance trial (Postcards, 11/7/12)
Doggett easily wins newly drawn district; Williams wins open seat (AP, 11/6/12)
Democrats retain critical seat in Texas Senate, block GOP efforts to build supermajority (AP, 11/6/12)
Early voting down statewide in Texas (AP, 11/5/12)
Long waits led to disturbance at polling site, official says (Houston Chronicle, 11/5/12)
What should Texans be watching for on Election Day? (Texas Tribune, 11/5/12)
Private emails from Texas Speaker Joe Straus’s office reveal war against conservatives (Red State, 11/4/12)
Presidential race overshadows local contests (Houston Chronicle, 11/4/12)
Rick Perry campaigns for Romney in Nevada (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/4/12)
Lawyers: Texas comptroller committed state funds to MotoGP race (Austin American-Statesman,11/4/12)
Whites lose majority status across West Texas (Amarillo Globe-News, 11/3/12)
Rick Perry stumps for Senate candidate Tom Smith in Pennsylvania (Dallas Morning News,11/3/12)
Editorial: No American-Statesman endorsement in presidential race (Austin American-Statesman,11/3/12)
Poll watchers poised to take their places (San Antonio Express-News, 11/3/12)
Texas political cash engulfs national political scene (Houston Chronicle, 11/3/12)
Meet the one man whose death sentence Rick Perry chose to commute (Texas Monthly, 11/2/12)
Houston senator questioning domestic partner benefits (San Antonio Express-News, 11/2/12)
Outspoken Democrat has knack for political sparring (Texas Tribune, 11/2/12)
State NAACP urges Texans to report voter intimidation (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/2/12)
After early voting incident, Charlie Gonzalez demands Texas enforce current ID rules (Houston Chronicle, 11/2/12)
Heavy early vote keeps Bexar County up late (San Antonio Express-News, 11/2/12)
Congressman Gonzalez urges secretary of state to protect against illegal demands that voters show photo ID (Trail Blazers Blog, 11/2/12)
UT/TT Poll: Weighing scientists vs. politicians (Texas Tribune, 11/2/12)
San Antonio congressman urges Texas Sec of State to protect against illegal demands for photo ID at polls (Dallas Morning News, 11/2/12)
Video: Where the state Women’s Health Program stands (Texas Tribune, 11/2/12)
Early voting numbers down in Travis County compared to 2008 (Austin American-Statesman,11/2/12)
Anti-lawsuit groups, trial lawyers donate big in Texas Legislature races (Dallas Morning News,11/2/12)
Sen. Patrick questions legality of domestic partnership benefits (Houston Chronicle, 11/2/12)
Oversight committee again targets TWIA costs (Texas Tribune, 11/1/12)
Texas’ voter purge made repeated errors (Houston Chronicle, 11/1/12)
Free and fair elections: Can Iowa and Texas legally bar international election monitors? (Slate,11/1/12)
UT/TT Poll: Texans are leery of government (Texas Tribune, 11/1/12)
Planned Parenthood in — for now (San Antonio Express-News, 11/1/12)
Little competition but big differences in US Senate race (Texas Tribune, 11/1/12)
Political clash hangs over Windstorm Insurance hearing (Texas Tribune, 11/1/12)


UT/TT Poll: Economy, immigration top Texas issues (Texas Tribune, 10/31/12)
Senate hopeful Sadler fighting low funds, high odds (Houston Chronicle, 10/31/12)
Jeb Hensarling attracts campaign cash as he aims to chair House banking panel (Dallas Morning News, 10/31/12)
Texas Women’s Health Program won’t launch as planned (Texas Tribune, 10/31/12)
The sleeping giant of Texas’s Latino vote (Texas Tribune, 10/31/12)
Will Texas be a swing state by 2016? (Texas Monthly, 10/31/12)
Editorial: Texas, an election model for autocrats (Washington Post, 10/31/12)
The Texas Observer vs. the Koch Brothers (Texas Monthly, 10/31/12)
Gov. Rick Perry to promote new Women’s Health Program today in Georgetown (AP, 10/31/12)
Audio: State water plan faces critical funding test (Texas Tribune, 10/31/12)
Republican: Straus should explain redistricting tactics (Texas Tribune, 10/30/12)
DREAM Act youths might be worth billions to Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 10/30/12)
Commentary: Paul Sadler’s meager ad buy in Senate race shows decline of Texas Democratic Party(Dallas Morning News, 10/30/12)
Audit: Texas governor, AG, land commissioner boosted staffs as state workers’ overall numbers shrank (Dallas Morning News, 10/30/12)
Rick Perry to visit Happy Valley with Pennsylvania Senate hopeful Tom Smith (Houston Chronicle,10/30/12)
Business leaders not budging on school accountability (Postcards, 10/30/12)
Commentary: Voter ID law is on hold, but some poll workers might ask for photo anyway (Dallas Morning News, 10/29/12)
‘Motor voters’ missing on rolls (Houston Chronicle, 10/28/12)
Senate Public Ed Chair Patrick focuses on school choice (Texas Tribune, 10/28/12)
Voter ID is not the law in Texas. But law, schmaw! Demand it anyway. (Trail Blazers Blog, 10/28/12)
Reorganization yields early rewards for Texas senators (Texas Tribune, 10/26/12)
Bill Clinton stresses bipartisanship; arithmetic over ideology (Beaumont Enterprise, 10/26/12)
Clinton takes the stage in San Antonio (San Antonio Express-News, 10/26/12)
Planned Parenthood sues Texas over ‘affiliate ban rule’ (Texas Tribune, 10/26/12)
CD-23 candidates may not hold debate in English (Texas Tribune, 10/26/12)
Slurs, fists fly over Obama signs in Lubbock (Texas Tribune, 10/26/12)
Perry in San Antonio to support United Negro College Fund (San Antonio Express-News, 10/26/12)
Paul Sadler to campaign at Houston churches on Sunday (Houston Chronicle, 10/26/12)
Poll watchers from abroad try to reassure Texas attorney general (AP, 10/26/12)
Ethics commission rejects GOP complaint against Fort Worth senator (Trail Blazers Blog, 10/26/12)
Greg Abbott says no foreigners in Texas polling places (Trail Blazers Blog, 10/25/12)
Perry votes for Romney (we think) (Houston Chronicle, 10/25/12)
Appeals court refuses to rehear Planned Parenthood case (Texas Tribune, 10/25/12)
Texas regulators double cap for electricity prices (Texas Tribune, 10/25/12)
Faceoff between state and election observers continues (Texas Tribune, 10/25/12)
Bill Clinton rallies for Texas Democrats in tight Congress races (AP, 10/25/12)
Perry makes surprise visit to cancer research meeting (Trail Blazers Blog, 10/25/12)
International election observers warned by Abbott (Texas Tribune, 10/23/12)
Bexar early voting turnout breaks ‘08 record (San Antonio Express-News, 10/23/12)
Texas-size fight waged in huge slice of the state (San Antonio Express-News, 10/21/12)
Texas AG questions voting act’s constitutionality (San Antonio Express-News, 10/20/12)
Texans to decide State Board of Education’s course as all 15 seats are up for election (AP, 10/20/12)
Women’s Health Program could be killed (San Antonio Express-News, 10/19/12)
Pre-K foes may be violating law (San Antonio Express-News, 10/18/12)
Aide says Perry will run again (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10/16/12)
Supreme Court skeptical of University of Texas affirmative action (LA Times, 10/10/12)
Education: The other infrastructure problem (Texas Tribune, 10/8/12)
Audio: For doctors in politics, medicine often trumps party (Texas Tribune, 10/8/12)
Supreme Court to take up UT admission case (Houston Chronicle, 10/7/12)
Dems seen gaining seats, not control, of Texas House (San Antonio Express-News, 10/7/12)
Despite rain, West Texas water woes continue (Texas Tribune, 10/7/12)
Joaquin Castro in Denver to boost Obama (San Antonio Express-News, 10/7/12)
Villaraigosa: Tell Texas Dems their time is coming (Houston Chronicle, 10/6/12)
Crowded ballot leaves some concerned that voters won’t scroll to bottom (Austin American-Statesman,10/6/12)
Hampton vs. Keller race for TX Court of Criminal Appeals revives issue of closing doors on death penalty appeal (Dallas Morning News, 10/6/12)
Romney, Obama visions on Medicaid could have vastly different impacts on Texas (Dallas Morning News, 10/6/12)
University presidents ask for more research funding (Trail Blazers Blog, 10/5/12)
Will Perry’s ‘Pre-Veto’ work this time? (Texas Tribune, 10/5/12)
Shuffling of Senate chairs may be Dewhurst’s nod to critics (Texas Tribune, 10/5/12)
Video: TribLive: Abbott on his plans for 2014 (Texas Tribune, 10/5/12)
Video: TribLive: A conversation with Greg Abbott (Texas Tribune, 10/5/12)
A closer look at Texas’ competitive campaigns (Postcards, 10/5/12)
For some teachers, strain runs deeper than budget cuts (Texas Tribune, 10/5/12)
Ousted from chair, Zaffirini keeps eye on colleges (Texas Tribune, 10/4/12)
Dewhurst committee picks signal education, transportation changes (Postcards, 10/4/12)
Dewhurst shuffles committee assignments (Austin American-Statesman, 10/4/12)
Perry’s security detail bills keep on coming (San Antonio Express-News, 10/4/12)
Lt. Gov Dewhurst shuffles Senate Committee chairs (Texas Tribune, 10/4/12)
In November election, no exit polls for Texas (Texas Tribune, 10/4/12)
Medicare fraud strike force indicts 28 in Texas (Texas Tribune, 10/4/12)
Things got ugly at the Senate debate when Sadler called Cruz a troll (Texas Monthly, 10/3/12)
Agreement ends Texas voter purge before election (AP, 10/3/12)
State, plaintiffs reach deal in ‘dead voter’ lawsuit (Texas Tribune, 10/3/12)
Unemployed Texans will get a nine-week extension of emergency unemployment benefits (Dallas Morning News, 10/3/12)
Study: Poor roads cost Texans $23B a year (San Antonio Express-News, 10/2/12)
Poll: Texans willing to pay higher taxes for teacher pay, water (Houston Chronicle, 10/2/12)
Liveblog: Cruz and Sadler debate in Dallas (Texas Tribune, 10/2/12)
Poll: About 2/3 of Texas Republicans will ‘wait & see’ before supporting Perry for re-election(Houston Chronicle, 10/2/12)
Perry’s freeze on college tuition gets lukewarm response (Houston Chronicle, 10/1/12)
Perry calls for 3-year tuition freeze for freshmen (AP, 10/1/12)
How a new utility rule could mean less energy efficiency for Texas (StateImpact/Texas, 10/1/12)


The Oops Diaries: Turmoil preceded oops moment (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
In state politics, outsiders become insiders in January (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
Abbott weighs in on school’s bible verse controversy (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
Audio: Pipeline case still hanging in Texas courts (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
Death penalty witness condemned by courts (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
Like $10,000 degree, Perry tuition plan may not fit all (Texas Tribune, 9/28/12)
The Oops Diaries: Crisis mode over a mannequin (Texas Tribune, 9/27/12)
Perry downplays sleep apnea that office confirmed (Texas Tribune, 9/27/12)
Video: Rick Perry denies have sleep apnea (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/27/12)
US, Mexico experts hold border water summit (El Paso Times, 9/27/12)
Powers ‘heartened’ by conversation on tuition (Texas Tribune, 9/27/12)
Report examines how budget cuts affected Texas schools (Texas Tribune, 9/27/12)
Whistleblowers help Texas in Medicaid fraud cases (Texas Tribune, 9/27/12)
Texas cities, counties are piling up debt (San Antonio Express-News, 9/27/12)
Austin City Council endorses same-sex marriage (Austin American-Statesman, 9/27/12)
Opinion: Yes, Texas is different (The New Yorker, 9/27/12)
Texas AG offers to help school district in battle over religious banners (Houston Chronicle, 9/27/12)
Perry: No sleep apnea and it’s a ‘no-never-mind now’ anyway (Houston Chronicle, 9/27/12)
Supreme Court to revisit affirmative action in Texas case (LA Times, 9/27/12)
In Spanish, foes for District 23 battle on issues (San Antonio Express-News, 9/26/12)
In Texas conviction, an immigrant rallying cry (New York Times, 9/26/12)
US Supreme Court allows Texas voter registration laws to remain in effect (Austin American-Statesman, 9/26/12)
Report: Family Planning cuts caused 53 clinics to close (Texas Tribune, 9/26/12)
Local, state government debt rising in Texas, report says (Austin American-Statesman, 9/26/12)
Video: TribuneFest: A conversation with Castro and Cruz (Texas Tribune, 9/26/12)
VT begins shipping radioactive waste to Texas (AP, 9/26/12)
Cruz waves off Sadler’s claim he’d gut federal college loans (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/26/12)
Competition breaks out in Ron Paul’s district (Texas Tribune, 9/26/12)
The Oops Diaries: Anita Perry — Spouse, adviser (Texas Tribune, 9/26/12)
Texas diversity tested as Court may curb affirmative action (Bloomberg, 9/25/12)
GOP commissioners chastise Dallas County elections official for aiding high school voter registration drives (Dallas Morning News, 9/25/12)
Texas Open Meetings Act is constitutional, court rules (Postcards, 9/25/12)
Video: TribuneFest: Perry on the existence of Satan (Texas Tribune, 9/25/12)
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How Rick Perry’s campaign imploded: 4 new revelations (The Week, 9/24/12)
FreedomWorks backs Straus challenger for speaker (San Antonio Express-News, 9/24/12)
The League of Dangerous Mapmakers (The Atlantic, October 2012)
Senator pitches new state property tax for schools (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/24/12)
The Oops Diaries: Gay pollster’s role in anti-gay ad (Texas Tribune, 9/24/12)
Texas General Land Office deals preserve farms and ranches (Houston Chronicle, 9/23/12)
Castro vs. Cruz debate is peek at future (San Antonio Express-News, 9/23/12)
The Oops Diaries: Sleep disorder helped derail Perry (Texas Tribune, 9/23/12)
Perry struggled with sleep disorder during campaign (CNN, 9/23/12)
Cruz, Castro find little to agree on (Houston Chronicle, 9/22/12)
Perry expert says back pain doomed his campaign (Houston Chronicle, 9/22/12)
Rick Perry talks Satan and college tuition freeze (Houston Chronicle, 9/21/12)
Abbott moves to lift ‘dead voter’ injunction (Postcards, 9/21/12)
Sadler says Cruz would limit women’s access to birth control (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/21/12)
MD Anderson seeks to cure eight types of cancer (Texas Tribune, 9/21/12)
Liveblog: Rick Perry at the Texas Tribune Festival (Texas Tribune, 9/21/12)
New Mexico regulator to be regional EPA Chief (Texas Tribune, 9/21/12)
Audio: Report casts doubt on fracking’s economic benefits (Texas Tribune, 9/21/12)
Perry says Satan exists and that sky-high tuition rates shouldn’t (San Antonio Express-News,9/21/12)
Texas employers add 38,000 job in August, but not enough to lower the unemployment rate (Dallas Morning News, 9/21/12)
Survey says Texas has three of America’s dirtiest cities (Texas Monthly, 9/20/12)
Census Bureau: Texas still tops uninsured ranks (Texas Tribune, 9/20/12)
Immigrant visa battle pits Lamar Smith, Henry Cuellar vs. rest of Texas Democrats (Houston Chronicle, 9/20/12)
MD Anderson launches $3B fight against common cancers (Houston Chronicle, 9/20/12)
Texas court halts state attempt to purge voters as dead (Bloomberg, 9/20/12)
New report aims to hit fracking right in the pocketbook (StateImpact/Texas, 9/20/12)
In Texas, storms cause more outages than grid failures (Texas Tribune, 9/20/12)
Texas judge halts part of voter purge effort (Houston Chronicle, 9/20/12)
Judge orders Texas to halt purge of suspected dead voters (Austin American-Statesman, 9/20/12)
Texas Court halts state attempt to purge voters as dead (Bloomberg, 9/20/12)
Supreme Court denies request to block electoral maps in Texas (New York Times, 9/19/12)
Perry: Church and state separation is the devil’s work (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/19/12)
Glenn Beck says Rick Perry is ’smarter than I am’ and ‘more and more remarkable every day’(Houston Chronicle, 9/19/12)
US Senate race poll released by Sadler; he trumpets being 17 points down (Houston Chronicle,9/19/12)
Perry, Cornyn, Dewhurst, Hutchison to star at Cruz fundraisers (Houston Chronicle, 9/19/12)
Is Jason Villalba the future of the Texas GOP? (D Magazine, 9/19/12)
Michael Williams was suggested for top TEA job a decade ago to fight ‘pseudo-science’ and liberal textbook bias (Dallas Morning News, 9/18/12)
Audio: In Texas, a voting trend defies demographics (Texas Tribune, 9/18/12)
Medicaid woes subject of House committee hearing (Texas Tribune, 9/17/12)
Opinion: Houston (and Texas), we have a voter rolls problem (Austin American-Statesman,9/17/12)
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Texas renews effort to fight contraception rule (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
Democrats optimistic about two Texas congressional pick-up opportunities (Houston Chronicle,9/14/12)
Guvs from rival parties and states find common ground (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
Group looks to SCOTUS to stop voter registration laws (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
Texas wind boom threatened by expiring tax credit (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
Keeping dead voters away — and live ones (Texas Tribune, 9/14/12)
State blocks county funding in ‘dead’ voters spat (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/12)
Ted Cruz backs up Mitt Romney on foreign policy in speech to ‘values voters’ (Dallas Morning News,9/14/12)
Budget cuts could hit Texas hard (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/12)
Dems hit listing of ‘dead voters’ (San Antonio Express-News, 9/13/12)
No post-convention bounce for Obama in Texas (Texas Monthly, 9/13/12)
Statement by Gov. Perry on QE3 (9/13/12)
Pete Sessions backs deputy for NRCC chair in 2013; ends speculation he may seek 3rd term (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/13/12)
Perry blasts, blames Obama for Benghazi, Cairo attacks (Houston Chronicle, 9/12/12)
State tax collections soar, setting up chance for record budget surplus (Austin American Statesman,9/12/12)
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Julian Castro’s future (Burkablog, 9/8/12)
Budget outlook is better, but not necessarily good (Texas Tribune, 9/7/12)
Texans can drive 85 on new toll road (Texas Monthly, 9/7/12)
State Farm to increase homeowners’ rates by up to 20% (Postcards, 9/7/12)
Straus pressed to end redistricting fight (San Antonio Express-News, 9/7/12)
Scalia shows an interest in LULAC’s stay request (Houston Chronicle, 9/7/12)
Texas to open fastest US highway with 85mph limit (AP, 9/7/12)
Texas Business Report: How taxpayers subsidized construction of Cowboys Stadium (Texas Monthly,9/7/12)
Simpson joins criticism of House redistricting (Texas Tribune, 9/7/12)
Insurance Commissioner answers industry bias charges (Texas Tribune, 9/7/12)
A Democrat challenges Straus on redistricting (Texas Weekly, 9/7/12)
Texas Schools Chief Michael Williams will make $215K (Texas Tribune, 9/7/12)
Texas to seek relief from No Child provisions (San Antonio Express-News, 9/7/12)
Texas Republicans criticize Obama for ’slow’ recovery after jobless rate drops to 8.1% (Texas on the Potomac, 9/7/12)
To young voters at DNC, Longoria recalls Texas upbringing (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
LULAC asks high court to block voting map (San Antonio Express-News, 9/6/12)
Texas to apply for federal waiver from No Child Left Behind (Postcards, 9/6/12)
Ron Kirk calls on Texas delegation to keep the faith (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/6/12)
After Voter ID decision, what happens next? (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
Texans lead GOP attack in Charlotte ahead of Barack Obama’s convention speech (Trail Blazers Blog, 9/6/12)
Democratic Leader: Speaker led mapping discrimination (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
Renewable incentives spark debate at Texas hearing (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
Video: TribLive: The two-thirds rule and Democratic chairs (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
Joaquin Castro charges up Texas delegates at DNC (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
Hinojosa seeks to broaden Democrats’ appeal in Texas (Austin American-Statesman, 9/6/12)
For Texas Democrats, a fund-raising tug-of-war (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
After keynote, Julian Castro’s political future still unwritten (San Antonio Express-News, 9/6/12)
Cecile Richards stumps for Women’s Health Care at DNC (Texas Monthly, 9/6/12)
Longtime labor leader stepping down from Democratic Party (San Antonio Express-News, 9/6/12)
5th Circuit clears way for Texas to enforce parts of new voter registration laws (AP, 9/6/12)
Texas to apply for No Child Left Behind waiver (Texas Tribune, 9/6/12)
New Democratic voice challenges Republican vision (New York Times, 9/5/12)
Abortion stirs Texas women’s health debate (San Antonio Express-News, 9/5/12)
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Planned Parenthood wants injunction restored (AP, 9/4/12)
UT system celebrates, others question ‘Framework’ (Texas Tribune, 9/3/12)
Attorney General rides a losing streak (Texas Tribune, 9/3/12)
At DNC, Texas Dems asking for a national investment (Texas Tribune, 9/3/12)
Audio: Food Banks worry about potential federal cuts (Texas Tribune, 9/3/12)


For some Texas schools, demographic future is now (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
Committee moves signal Dewhurst’s political tack (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
Perry heading to Italy for trade tour (Houston Chronicle, 8/31/12)
Way cleared for November vote in Texas (New York Times, 8/31/12)
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Judges: Redistricting maps will remain unchanged for November election (Houston Chronicle,8/31/12)
Perry going to Italy for F1 race, economic forum (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
Video: Perry discusses his future, next education chief (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
Federal court refuses to preclear Texas voter ID bill (Houston Chronicle, 8/31/12)
Video: Rick Perry makes the rounds in Florida (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
Video: Straus discusses education, drought at convention (Texas Tribune, 8/31/12)
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More jobs created in California than Texas (Texas Monthly, 8/30/12)
Lack of political turnover upsets some (Texas Monthly, 8/30/12)
Sen. Dan Patrick pushes for ’school choice’ bill at RNC (Houston Chronicle, 8/30/12)
Court blocks Texas Voter ID law, citing racial impact (New York Times, 8/30/12)
Perry rouses Texas delegates (Postcards, 8/30/12)
Perry tells Texas GOP delegates he’ll fight for Romney (Texas Tribune, 8/30/12)
Senate State Affairs Committee questions Insurance Commissioner, ponders whether she’s too pro-insurance industry (Texas Tribune, 8/30/12)
Report: Mass deportation could cost Texas billions (Texas Tribune, 8/30/12)
Minority, Dem groups act to challenge interim redistricting maps (San Antonio Express-News,8/30/12)
Texas GOP delegates talk about getting new blood in 2014 (Texas Tribune, 8/30/12)
Texas voter ID law is blocked (Washington Post, 8/30/12)
Video: Rick Perry says ‘absolutely’ he’d consider another presidential run (MSNBC, 8/29/12)
California defies lower-tax Texas in creating more jobs (Bloomberg, 8/29/12)
Cable news networks snub Ted Cruz (Texas Monthly, 8/29/12)
Cruz ’surprised’ by Perry’s presidential wobble, shies away from Perry’s talk of a 2016 re-run (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/29/12)
Solar power can aid strained Texas power grid, officials say (Texas Tribune, 8/29/12)
Video: 2014 race for Lieutenant Governor heats up (Texas Tribune, 8/29/12)
Straus visits Texas delegates, says he was ‘very well received’ (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/29/12)
George P. Bush pushing GOP’s Hispanic outreach (Texas Tribune, 8/29/12)
Santorum, George P. Bush address Texas delegates (Postcards, 8/29/12)
Central and South Texas districts at heart of redistricting ruling (San Antonio Express-News,8/29/12)
Musing on 2016, Texas Gov. Perry strays from GOP corral (LA Times, 8/29/12)
Rick Perry says he’ll likely seek another term as governor in 2014 (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/29/12)
Federal court rejects GOP-drawn Texas voting maps (AP, 8/29/12)
Drug reform movement finds home with Mexican activists (Texas Tribune, 8/29/12)
Cruz tells GOP convention a ‘Great Awakening’ is at hand (Houston Chronicle, 8/29/12)
Inside Intelligence: Term limits, vulnerability, slumps (Texas Weekly, 8/28/12)
Gov.Rick Perry: Don’t judge GOP policies too quickly (Dallas Morning News, 8/28/12)
UN-backed Agenda 21 angers many in Texas (Texas Tribune, 8/28/12)
Video: Staples still eyeing Lt. Gov. seat (Texas Tribune, 8/28/12)
Dewhurst says he intends to run for lieutenant governor in 2014 (Postcards, 8/28/12)
Texas redistricting discriminates against minorities, federal court says (Washington Post, 8/28/12)
Dewhurst declares support for school choice legislation (Texas Tribune, 8/28/12)
Cruz appeals to Hispanics in prime-time speech (Texas Tribune, 8/28/12)
Court: Texas political maps don’t protect minority vote (Texas Tribune, 8/28/12)
Court: GOP’s Texas redistricting plan intentionally discriminated against Hispanics (TPM, 8/28/12)
Official stirs Texas city with talk of rebellion (New York Times, 8/27/12)
At RNC, ‘Quico’ Canseco feels heat on immigration issue (Houston Chronicle, 8/27/12)
Texas, watching the election from the cheap seats (Texas Tribune, 8/27/12)
Dewhurst taps Williams to chair Senate Finance panel (Texas Tribune, 8/27/12)
David Dewhurst, 2014 (Houston Chronicle, 8/27/12)
Gov. Rick Perry making the rounds at Republican convention (Dallas Morning News, 8/27/12)
Texans cool their heels at posh resort away from convention hall (Austin American-Statesman,8/27/12)
Video: At RNC, Cruz calls for conservative leadership (Texas Tribune, 8/27/12)
Greg Abbott’s War (Texas Monthly, Sept 2012)
Made in Texas? Lone Star State conservatives can’t take the credit (or blame) for America’s turn to the right (Texas Monthly, Sept 2012)
Texas delegation cheers Cruz, jeers delegate plan (Texas Tribune, 8/27/12)
Michael Williams to head Texas Education Agency (Texas Tribune, 8/27/12)
Texans join uprising against RNC rules change (Houston Chronicle, 8/27/12)
Texas counties consider going it alone on Medicaid expansion (Washington Post, 8/26/12)
Cruz’s win may not be so easy to replicate (San Antonio Express-News, 8/26/12)
Texas wind energy boom may go bust if tax subsidies (News & Observer, 8/24/12)
Romney visits Texas, talks Barbara Bush and energy (Texas Monthly, 8/24/12)
Texas Dems: Judge who said Obama could trigger a civil war should quit (CNN, 8/24/12)
Checkpoints deter illegal immigrants seeking abortions (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
UN to invade Texas? “Ridiculous,” says world body (Reuters, 8/24/12)
Senate hearing tackles vouchers, school choice (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
Sadler says Cruz should go back to Canada (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
Two chancellors reflect on a year of higher ed reform (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
The search for a less unpopular school tax (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
Juvenile Justice Board hires new agency leader (Texas Tribune, 8/24/12)
Revealed: The corporations and billionaires that fund the Texas Public Policy Foundation (Texas Observer, 8/24/12)
Lubbock County, whose judge said he’d stand up against President Obama in the case of civil unrest, took in thousands in federal funding in ‘11 (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/24/12)
Private school vouchers return to the fore in Texas Capitol (Austin American-Statesman, 8/23/12)
Judge slams landowners in Canadian pipeline ruling (AP, 8/23/12)
Minus Cruz, Texans have minor convention rules (Texas Tribune, 8/23/12)
Officials: Texas prison system needs $6B budget (AP, 8/23/12)
UT System regents approve incentive pay plan (Austin American-Statesman, 8/23/12)
In Texas, don’t even mention abortion (New York Times, 8/22/12)
Land commissioner lashes out at ’slacktivists’ (Houston Chronicle, 8/22/12)
County judge is no stranger to controversy (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 8/22/12)
Dewhurst names new staff (Postcards, 8/22/12)
Texas judge warns of ‘Civil War, maybe’ if Obama wins (TPM, 8/22/12)
Planned Parenthood excluded from Women’s Health Program until trial (Texas Monthly, 8/22/12)
Romney receives cheers, $3M in donations in Midland (MyWestTexas, 8/21/12)
How TransCanada provoked a Texas rebellion (The Tyee, 8/21/12)
Texas wins air pollution appeal (San Antonio Express-News, 8/21/12)
Texas can cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, court rules (AP, 8/21/12)
Perry: State law unaffected by Obama policy on immigration (Houston Chronicle, 8/20/12)
Perry continues to raise campaign funds (AP, 8/19/12)
‘Fix it’: How Jay Kimbrough became Rick Perry’s troubleshooter (Austin American-Statesman,8/19/12)
Fracking watchdog is linked to oil industry (San Antonio Express-News, 8/17/12)
Property tax easy to hate, tough to mess with (Texas Tribune, 8/17/12)
Audio: Even in budget crunch, tax-free weekend lives on (Texas Tribune, 8/17/12)
Despite two years of job growth, Texas unemployment inches up (Texas Tribune, 8/17/12)
Sixty women’s health clinics shuttered after cuts (Texas Monthly, 8/17/12)
Texas added 17,800 jobs in July, but the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.2% (Dallas Morning News, 8/17/12)
UT system to establish medical school in South Texas (Texas Tribune, 8/17/12)
Will Texas takes $31M in ‘free’ highway money from Uncle Sam? (Houston Chronicle, 8/17/12)
Texas risks losing $31M in federal transportation funding (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 8/17/12)
State-run Women’s Health Program faces questions (Texas Tribune, 8/16/12)
State cut more than 6,000 employees over past year (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/16/12)
Cartel-connected pot farms rise up from rugged Texas backwoods (Houston Chronicle, 8/16/12)
Interactive map: The 2012 Texas general election races (Texas Tribune, 8/16/12)
Number of paroled inmates jumps to ten-year high (Texas Monthly, 8/16/12)
New marketplace emerges after textbook buying changes (Texas Tribune, 8/16/12)
Gallego campaign team overhauled again (San Antonio Express-News, 8/16/12)
Texas says rise in paroles gives state bragging rights (Houston Chronicle, 8/15/12)
Private firm planning bullet trains in Texas by 2020 (Texas Tribune, 8/15/12)
Hutchison: ‘Governors don’t make the best presidents’ (Texas Monthly, 8/15/12)
Romney to visit Midland (Midland Reporter-Telegram, 8/15/12)
One year later, cuts to Women’s Health have hurt more than just Planned Parenthood (Texas Observer, 8/15/12)
Judge signals intent to rule against condemned inmate (Texas Tribune, 8/15/12)
In ruling, three-judge appeals court panel hands victory to Texas in dispute with EPA (Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/12)
Judge refuses to lift ban on Texas voter laws (Houston Chronicle, 8/14/12)
The Lege gets a ‘pansexual’ representative (Texas Monthly, 8/14/12)
DOJ: UT affirmative action policy legal (AP, 8/14/12)
Commentary: What kind of conservative is Ted Cruz? (Washington Post, 8/14/12)
Commentary: Why Democrats should support a tax cut (Texas Weekly, 8/14/12)
A&M trying to distance itself from shooting incident (Texas Tribune, 8/14/12)
Video: KBH on ‘The Daily Rundown’ (Texas Tribune, 8/14/12)
Commentary: Why Texas Republicans should support a Democrat (Texas Weekly, 8/14/12)
El Paso County Commissioners court OKs benefits for employees’ partners (El Paso Times, 8/14/12)
Ryan’s plan for Medicaid, Medicare mirrors Texas bills (Texas Tribune, 8/14/12)
In Texas’s capital, construction on many corners (New York Times, 8/14/12)
Audio: What’s Texas losing in its war on the EPA? (StateImpact/Texas, 8/14/12)
Video: ‘Governors don’t make the best presidents’ (The Hill, 8/14/12)
Judge denies state’s stay in voter registration case (Postcards, 8/14/12)
Small tobacco companies could pay additional Texas tax (Texas Tribune, 8/14/12)
Audio: In fight between Texas and EPA, who’s winning? (Texas Tribune, 8/14/12)
UT announces panel that will look into fracking study (Austin American-Statesman, 8/14/12)
State insurance agency worker blocked consumers’ emails (Austin American-Statesman, 8/14/12)
Texas lawmakers mull fees for some tobacco firms (AP, 8/14/12)
Texas obesity rate up to 30.4% of population (Biz Beat Blog, 8/13/12)
The Rick Perry presidential campaign: One year later (Texas Monthly, 8/13/12)
Texplainer: Could Canadian-born Ted Cruz be president? (Texas Tribune, 8/13/12)
Court faults EPA’s rejection of flexible permits program (Texas Tribune, 8/13/12)
After Texas A&M shooting, Perry backs gun rights (Politico, 8/13/12)
Long shots carry on despite stacked deck (Texas Tribune, 8/13/12)
Domestic partner benefits on El Paso County Commissioners Court agenda (El Paso Times, 8/13/12)
Friends of the court support UT admission practices (Texas Tribune, 8/13/12)
In hard times, staffing at schools closely watched (Texas Tribune, 8/13/12)
Analysis shows some state workers made more in OT than regular salary (Houston Chronicle,8/12/12)
Looking to Mexico for alternative to abortion clinics (Texas Tribune, 8/12/12)
Texans react to Romney’s VP selection (Houston Chronicle, 8/11/12)

Commentary: Loading up the ballot with costly measures is risky business (Austin American-Statesman, 8/11/12)
Romney VP pick praised, panned in Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 8/11/12)
Bypassing Texas Capitol security just takes cash, not a gun permit (Houston Chronicle, 8/10/12)
Private space industry eyes Texas’ open spaces (Texas Tribune, 8/10/12)
Mary Gonzalez comes out as pansexual (Dallas Voice, 8/10/12)
With transparency, there’s room to improve (Texas Tribune, 8/10/12)
Texas makes top ten list of polluters (StateImpact/Texas, 8/10/12)
Texas members of Congress dip once, twice, three times at the public trough (Texas Watchdog, 8/10/12)
Perry back to Iowa State Fair, now stumping for Romney (CNN, 8/10/12)
Texas business report: Fracking dealt major blow (Texas Monthly, 8/10/12)
Perry won’t get speaking role at Republican convention (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/9/12)
Flap over study on gay parenting raises questions about private funding for research (Austin American-Statesman, 8/9/12)
Testing firm hits back against claims of flaws (Texas Tribune, 8/9/12)
Ahead of election, GOP assails Democrats on immigration (Texas Tribune, 8/9/12)
Audio: Castro, Cruz put Texas Hispanics in spotlight (Texas Tribune, 8/9/12)
Ted Cruz for President? (Texas Monthly, 8/9/12)
SBOE Member’s new client shows small world of Texas politics (Texas Tribune, 8/8/12)
Ted Cruz to address Republican National Convention (AP, 8/8/12)
Paul Sadler: Gearing up for Senate race (Houston Chronicle, 8/8/12)
Fewer than half of Texas schools meet federal requirements (Texas Tribune, 8/8/12)
Majority of Texas schools fail to meet federal standards (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 8/8/12)
As seas rise, Texas pretends it isn’t happening (Texas Observer, 8/8/12)
Cruz joins Team Romney (Houston Chronicle, 8/7/12)
Insurance commissioner responds to consumers on rejected emails (Postcards, 8/7/12)
Cruz, with Romney team, accuses Obama of ‘executive arrogance’ (Houston Chronicle, 8/7/12)
Ted Cruz, as Romney attack dog, says Obama prefers to keep welfare recipients jobless (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/7/12)
Inside intelligence: Runoff fallout (Texas Weekly, 8/7/12)
George P. Bush’s star continues to rise (Texas Monthly, 8/7/12)
Study links gas drilling to earthquakes in Texas (Texas Tribune, 8/7/12)
Audio: Concerns over air pollution weigh on fracking industry (Texas Tribune, 8/7/12)
Commentary: Could there be a President Ted Cruz? (Austin American-Statesman, 8/7/12)
Texas House Chair says personal tax filings a private matter (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
George P. Bush takes a leading role with the state GOP (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 8/6/12)
UT defends admissions policy in Supreme Court case (San Antonio Express-News, 8/6/12)
Perry caught in Medicaid contradiction (The Hill, 8/6/12)
Republican Party of Texas calls on George P. Bush (Houston Chronicle, 8/6/12)
Video: Ted Cruz talks martians, the absence of Hispanic panhandlers (Texas Monthly, 8/6/12)
San Antonio Republicans export a state Senate seat (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
Audio: State’s economic forecast a mixed bag (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
It’s back to Iowa for Gov. Perry (Houston Chronicle, 8/6/12)
UT-Austin files brief in case on admissions policy (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
Medical groups oppose Women’s Health Program rule (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
State targets injunction on voter registration measures (Texas Tribune, 8/6/12)
Cruz says he’s ‘running scared’ before November’s election (Longview News-Journal, 8/5/12)
Conservative agenda could be double-edged sword (San Antonio Express-News, 8/5/12)
Impact of tea party studied (San Antonio Express-News, 8/5/12)
Appeals judge off DeLay case (Austin American-Statesman, 8/4/12)
Texas leads the nation in suspect Medicare billings for home health care (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,8/3/12)
Texas tax revenue grows, but downturn could be coming, officials warn (Dallas Morning News,8/3/12)
For two state leaders, an uncomfortable homecoming (Texas Tribune, 8/3/12)
Dewhurst reflects on campaign, looks forward (Texas Tribune, 8/3/12)
In Senate race, out-of-state stars outshined Texans (Texas Tribune, 8/3/12)
Dewhurst spend ‘a little less than’ $20 million of personal funds on losing Senate bid (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/3/12)
Summer camp focuses on fight against abortion (Texas Tribune, 8/3/12)
Why did two Texas counties not hold runoff elections? (Texas Monthly, 8/3/12)
Where are the nation’s most economically segregated cities? Texas (Texas Monthly, 8/3/12)
Why this GOP nominee for the Texas Supreme Court matters (Texas Monthly, 8/3/12)
Judge blocks provisions of voter registration laws (Texas Monthly, 8/3/12)
Segregation by income in Houston is among the starkest in US (Houston Chronicle, 8/2/12)
Harris County clerk tries to explain runoff voting mess (Houston Chronicle, 8/2/12)
Many expect Dewhurst, Texas Senate to veer further right (Austin American-Statesman, 8/2/12)
Counties that held no runoffs violated election code (Texas Tribune, 8/2/12)
Straus names senior staff (Texas Tribune, 8/2/12)
5 voter registration provisions focus of injunction (Texas Tribune, 8/2/12)
Texans worry about CHIP amid health care overhaul (Texas Tribune, 8/2/12)
Everything you wanted to know about Julian Castro (Texas Monthly, 8/2/12)
Cruz, Dewhurst dropped more of their own money into Senate race, finance reports show (Dallas Morning News, 8/2/12)
Commentary: After Dewhusrt loss it seems Perry might have problems in 2014 (Austin American-Statesman, 8/1/12)
Fall has full ballot, but most races are decided (Texas Tribune, 8/1/12)
Move over, Marco Rubio: Ted Cruz’s star rises (Politico, 8/1/12)
Questions about the qualifications of Ted Cruz, the GOP’s newest star (LA Times, 8/1/12)
Sen. John Cornyn confident he’ll get Ted Cruz’ backing for whip (Trail Blazers Blog, 8/1/12)
Wondering what you need to know about Texas’ likely new senator, Ted Cruz? Read these two stories(Trail Blazers Blog, 8/1/12)
The Texas Democrat who aims to beat Ted Cruz (Bloomberg Businessweek, 8/1/12)
A Republican voice with tea party mantle and intellectual heft (New York Times, 8/1/12)
Texas and the tea party: the looming battle (The Economist, 8/1/12)
Cruz win is a slap at status quo (San Antonio Express-News, 8/1/12)
Texas using health care reform ruling to fight EPA (Houston Chronicle, 8/1/12)
Dewhurst’s pollster discusses results of internal survey (Texas Tribune, 8/1/12)
Ted Cruz’s come-from-behind victory (Texas Monthly, 8/1/12)
Runoff voters were in mood to oust incumbents (Texas Tribune, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Tea Party favorite wins Texas Senate runoff (New York Times, 7/31/12)
Election Night V – the post-mortem (Burkablog, 7/31/12)
Religious conservatives helped Cruz win (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/31/12)
Tonight’s second biggest loser: Rick Perry (Public Policy Polling, 7/31/12)
Audio: High early-vote turnout leaves question mark for candidates (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
Runoff’s storyline doesn’t begin and end with ideology (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
Cruz defeats Dewhurst, will face Sadler in fall (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
Dewhurst spokesman denies Cruz camp’s suggestion it’s launched ‘dirty trick’ calls to confuse pro-Cruz voters (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/31/12)
TDP highlights differences between Paul Sadler and Grady Yarbrough (Burnt Orange Report, 7/31/12)
Texas Senate duel is off the charts for outside spending (Open Secrets, 7/31/12)
Despite speculation, Castro not eyeing new role (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
New HHSC chief sees opportunities in Medicaid (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
Ted Cruz, conservative hybrid (Washington Post, 7/31/12)
Ted Cruz wins Texas Senate primary in a victory for tea party (Washington Post, 7/31/12)
Ted Cruz’s secret: Mastering social media (Politico, 7/31/12)
5 things to watch for in the Texas runoffs (AP, 7/31/12)
Janek, former senator, tapped to head health, human services agency (Austin American-Statesman,7/31/12)
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro to deliver keynote speech at Democratic convention (Univision, 7/31/12)
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro DNC keynote (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
Runoff’s storyline doesn’t begin and end with ideology (Texas Tribune, 7/31/12)
A runoff is down to the wire in Texas (New York Times, 7/30/12)
What a Ted Cruz victory would mean (The Fix, 7/30/12)
Senate runoff race spending topped $45 million (Texas Tribune, 7/30/12)
Poll: Senate GOP runoff could deal blow to Perry (USA Today, 7/30/12)
For female congressional candidates, a record year (Texas Tribune, 7/30/12)
Design flaw suspected in Texas standardized tests (Texas Tribune, 7/30/12)
Dewhurst camp pollster finds Dewhurst leading by 4 points (National Review, 7/30/12)
Previewing the Texas Senate runoff (National Journal, 7/30/12)
US Senate runoff races are a study in opposites (Texas Tribune, 7/30/12)
Design flaw suspected in Texas standardized tests (Texas Tribune, 7/30/12)
In wake of Texas drought, water and politics mix (Austin American-Statesman, 7/30/12)
Ted Cruz touts legal record, while David Dewhurst criticizes it (Dallas Morning News, 7/29/12)
Gulf turbine plan sparks wildlife debate (San Antonio Express-News, 7/29/12)
Tea party’s Cruz looks poised for Texas triumph (Politico, 7/29/12)
Texas GOP not feeling as much love as usual in 2012 campaign (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/29/12)
Senate race to decide future of many Texas Republicans (AP, 7/29/12)
Health care act is expected to magnify Texas doc shortage (San Antonio Express-News, 7/29/12)
Perry: Public school finance is not broken (San Antonio Express-News, 7/28/12)
Video: Texas Weekly newsreel: Runoff elections are here (Texas Weekly, 7/28/12)
Dewhurst loans his campaign another $8 million (Houston Chronicle, 7/27/12)
Competitive Senate race draws to a close (Texas Tribune, 7/27/12)
Tarrant’s early voting for runoffs is ‘busier’ than expected (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/27/12)
Palin jabs at Perry while rallying for Cruz (Texas Tribune, 7/27/12)
Texas’s House delegation avoids Senate race (National Review, 7/27/12)
Texas A&M’s outsourcing plans have workers concerned (Texas Tribune, 7/27/12)
An election sprint-turned-slog comes to an end (Texas Tribune, 7/27/12)
Is Sid Miller in trouble? The author of Texas’ infamous sonogram law faces voters’ ire over cuts to education and health care (Texas Observer,7/27/12)
UT researcher’s paper on gay parenting should not have been published, audit finds (Austin American-Statesman, 7/27/12)
RedState hammers Dewhurst (Politico, 7/27/12)
Cruz focuses on Obama during conservative rally in Dallas (Dallas Morning News, 7/26/12)
Two Democratic state House members start PAC for Latinos (Postcards, 7/26/12)
State’s financial aid program to fall well short of need (Austin American-Statesman, 7/26/12)
Could corporate sponsors plug the holes in TPWD’s budget? (Texas Monthly, 7/26/12)
Tea Party leaders pouring into Texas to help Cruz in Senate race (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,7/26/12)
Dewhurst wins support of Combs, Patrick (Postcards, 7/26/12)
TACC recommendations target next legislative session (Texas Tribune, 7/26/12)
Early voting turnout higher than expected for Republican runoff (Austin American-Statesman,7/26/12)
Dewhusrt drops restraint over stints in Air Force, CIA (Texas Tribune, 7/26/12)
Millions in rebates doled out to insured Texans (Texas Tribune, 7/26/12)
Ted Cruz’s cavalcade of conservative stars (Politico, 7/25/12)
Are people voting early in the runoff? (Texas Monthly, 7/25/12)
Runoff voter turnout is way above projections in San Antonio (San Antonio Express-News, 7/25/12)
It’s early, but first two days’ turnout in top 10 counties suggests voter interest in GOP runoff pretty strong (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/25/12)
Board vote means $300M less for Texas schools (Texas Tribune, 7/25/12)
Texas has offered HPV vaccine for years (Texas Tribune, 7/25/12)
Commentary: How conservative is David Dewhurst (Texas Tribune, 7/25/12)
Audio: UT professor on defensive over fracking study (Texas Tribune, 7/25/12)
Palin among major names coming to Texas for Cruz (Texas Tribune, 7/25/12)
Texas parks seek official corporate partnerships (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/25/12)
US Supreme Court schedules arguments on UT admissions (Austin American-Statesman, 7/25/12)
Texas agency warns it may curtail water rights (AP, 7/24/12)
In politics, ballot lineup may be first step to success (Dallas Morning News, 7/24/12)
Washington Post reporter allows college officials to alter story on controversial test (Texas Observer,7/24/12)
FreedomWorks pulls native Texans and national support for Cruz (Houston Chronicle, 7/24/12)
Some Texans feel snubbed by hotel assignment for GOP convention (Austin American-Statesman,7/24/12)
Perry makes ‘final pitch’ for Dewhurst (Texas Tribune, 7/24/12)
Unlikely Tea Party candidate challenges state senator (Texas Tribune, 7/24/12)
Hispanic PAC of Dallas back Domingo Garcia, Jason Villalba, Maricela Moore (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/24/12)
Rick Perry, Nikki Haley face hospital pushback on healthcare (The Maddow Blog, 7/24/12)
Audio: Professor who led fracking study faces scrutiny (Texas Tribune, 7/24/12)
UT study on hydraulic fracturing to be reviewed by outside experts (FuelFix, 7/24/12)
Audio: Texas oil and gas boom putting workers at risk (Texas Tribune, 7/24/12)
Legislators hone question of eminent domain (Texas Tribune, 7/23/12)
Last Senate debate, on Cruz’s turf, focuses on experience (Austin American-Statesman, 7/23/12)
Pipelines unhappy with Texas eminent domain ruling (Austin American-Statesman, 7/23/12)
Perry defends Dewhurst as ’solid conservative,’ blasts Cruz-backing super PAC as focused on inside-Beltway politics (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/23/12)
Perry, Dewhurst on weapons in wake of Colorado shooting (Houston Chronicle, 7/23/12)
Get-out-the-vote effort critical for Dewhurst, Cruz (San Antonio Express-News, 7/23/12)
Early voting off to strong start in Bexar County (San Antonio Express-News, 7/23/12)
Documents: Amazon risking little in Texas sales tax deal (Austin American-Statesman, 7/22/12)
Texas high school graduation rates improve, but why? (Texas Tribune, 7/22/12)
Commentary: Texas, Planned Parenthood keep fighting (San Antonio Express-News, 7/22/12)
Early voting and projecting turnout in the Texas GOP runoff (Houston Chronicle, 7/22/12)
Cruz outraising Dewhurst down to wire (San Antonio Express-News, 7/21/12)
Texas employers add jobs for 23rd consecutive month (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/20/12)
In Medicaid fraud investigations, a controversial tool (Texas Tribune, 7/20/12)
Texas struggles to keep up with power demand (Texas Tribune, 7/20/12)
George W. Bush skipping Republican National Convention (Politico, 7/20/12)
Employment stats reflect little change in Texas economy (Texas Tribune, 7/20/12)
Audio: Pain in Midwest could be Texas farmers’ gain (Texas Tribune, 7/20/12)
Audio: Texas slow to review health insurance rate hikes (NPR, 7/20/12)
Latest disclosures show Cruz outraising Dewhurst again (Texas Tribune, 7/20/12)
Rick Perry is special guest at Election Eve fundraiser for David Dewhurst (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/20/12)
All Sharpton to visit Dallas for early vote rally, but says he’s not endorsing Domingo Garcia (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/20/12)
Railroad Commissioner Porter endorses Craddick (Mildand Reporter-Telegram, 7/19/12)
Asian American leaders express concern about voter ID laws (Houston Chronicle, 7/19/12)
Texas wants access to immigrant records (San Antonio Express-News, 7/19/12)
Latino groups slam immigration database effort (San Antonio Express-News, 7/19/12)
Video: Video series – Fertile ground (Texas Tribune, 7/19/12)
Legal battles erupt over tough voter ID laws (New York Times, 7/19/12)
Cruz and Dewhurst agree to third televised debate (Texas Tribune, 7/19/12)
Yarbrough outlines ‘50/50′ plan for minimum wage workers (Houston Chronicle, 7/19/12)
In 2009, Cruz sent Dewhurst $50,000 bill for legal work (Texas Tribune, 7/19/12)
Texas wants access to immigration database to check voter rolls for noncitizens (Houston Chronicle,7/18/12)
TABC looking to speed up alcohol permitting (Texas Tribune, 7/18/12)
Texas executes its 1st inmate using single drug (AP, 7/18/12)
After arson, Governor’s Mansion restoration is complete (Texas Tribune, 7/18/12)
Democrats asks Abbott how much he spent on outside counsel (Postcards, 7/18/12)
Texas banking on $5 billion more in state revenues (Austin American-Statesman, 7/18/12)
Texas wants access to immigration database to check voter rolls for noncitizens (Houston Chronicle,7/18/12)
Texas weighs state-based alternative to GED exam (Texas Tribune, 7/18/12)
Businesses will push Perry to rethink Medicaid expansion (Kaiser Health News, 7/18/12)
Obama breaks on-day Texas fundraising record (Texas Monthly, 7/18/12)
Obama raises money at two Austin events, fields attacks from state leaders (Austin American-Statesman, 7/18/12)
Obama targets GOP in S.A. visit (San Antonio Express-News, 7/18/12)
The bitter fruit of Texas austerity (Texas Observer, 7/17/12)
In Austin, Obama rallies supporters, targets Romney (Texas Tribune, 7/17/12)
Obama raises campaign cash in deep-red Texas (Washington Post, 7/17/12)
In Texas, a presidential duel over the economy (New York Times, 7/17/12)
Rick Perry: Romney should be ‘as transparent as you can be’ about tax returns (Washington Post,7/17/12)
Obama sets sights on big fundraising day in Texas (Texas Tribune, 7/17/12)
Perry: Candidates should be ‘transparent’ about tax returns, transcripts (Houston Chronicle,7/17/12)
Perry calls on Obama to rebuke Holder (Texas Tribune, 7/17/12)
Audio: Electric utilities say price hikes aren’t high enough (Texas Tribune, 7/17/12)
Commentary: Texas should set up its own health insurance exchange (Baker Institute Blog, 7/16/12)
Heated emails point to growing divide in Texas Education Board elections (TPM, 7/16/12)
More Texas seniors receiving food stamps (Houston Chronicle, 7/16/12)
Wealth gives Dewhurst huge money advantage (Texas Tribune, 7/16/12)
With paltry turnout, last word goes to the few (Texas Tribune, 7/16/12)
Dueling Houston donors take feud to presidential campaign (Bloomberg, 7/16/12)
Texas donors come around with big bucks to Mitt Romney campaign (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/16/12)
Dewhurst puts $4.5M more into race (Texas Tribune, 7/16/12)
Opinion: The Justice Dept embarrassed in the Texas voter ID case (Houston Chronicle, 7/15/12)
Texas bigs aid pro-Dewhurst group (Politico, 7/15/12)
District 33 runoff exposes generations-old rift between Dallas, Fort Worth (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,7/15/12)
In suit, minors challenge Texas environmental agency (Austin American-Statesman, 7/15/12)
Despite national political clout, Texas is a loser in voter turnout (Dallas Morning News, 7/14/12)
George W. Bush’s think tank keeping him in policy debates, sometimes in conflict with GOP (Dallas Morning News, 7/14/12)
Obama could make record haul in S.A. (San Antonio Express-News, 7/13/12)
Obama could break his fundraising record in Texas next week (Austin American-Statesman, 7/13/12)
Questions of qualifications, ethics in Texas Supreme Court runoff contest (Texas Tribune, 7/13/12)
Texas Business Report: Protect the air, judge says (Texas Monthly, 7/13/12)
Is fracking causing all these earthquakes? (Texas Monthly, 7/13/12)
What do those US Senate polls mean? (San Antonio Express-News, 7/13/12)
Editorial: Voter IDs on trial (New York Times, 7/13/12)
Midlands latest oil boom strains housing, schools (Texas Tribune, 7/13/12)
Democratic groups revive Rick Perry’s old attacks to demand that Mitt Romney release his tax returns(Trail Blazers Blog, 7/13/12)
Report: Texas jobs near mass transit, commuters aren’t (Texas Tribune, 7/13/12)
To try to predict Perry’s future, look to his past (Texas Tribune, 7/13/12)
Testimony ends, but Voter ID decision could be far off (Texas Tribune, 7/13/12)
New estimate lowers cost of health care reform in Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 7/13/12)
Judges skeptical of voter ID law’s fairness (San Antonio Express-News, 7/13/12)
Polls show conservative ‘insurgents’ closing Senate race gap (San Antonio Express-News, 7/13/12)
Judges pepper Texas lawyer with questions on voter ID law (AP, 7/13/12)
Obama could break his fundraising record in Texas next week (Austin American-Statesman, 7/13/12)
Is Ted Cruz the new frontrunner? (Texas Monthly, 7/13/12)
Audio: After health care ruling, Texas businesses wait and see (Texas Tribune, 7/12/12)
State Medicaid chief weighs in on health reform (Texas Tribune, 7/12/12)
Why earthquakes are shaking North Texas: Scientists investigate links to disposal wells(StateImpact/Texas, 7/12/12)
New Texas estimate for health care reform is $11 billion cheaper (Houston Chronicle, 7/12/12)
Voter ID trial: Sen. Wendy Davis echoes complaints about impact on minorities (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/12/12)
Two polls show Ted Cruz leading David Dewhurst in Senate runoff (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/12/12)
Health commissioner lowers estimate of implementing Obamacare (Austin American-Statesman,7/12/12)
Witness backs voter ID discrimination claims (San Antonio Express-News, 7/12/12)
Rick Perry to hit campaign trail for Mitt Romney in Nevada (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/12/12)
Club for Growth super PAC slams Dewhurst (Texas Tribune, 7/12/12)
Texas State University system has $10,000 degree plan (Texas Tribune, 7/12/12)
Video: The price of unplanned pregnancies in Texas (Texas Tribune, 7/12/12)
The school-finance silver lining (San Antonio Express-News, 7/11/12)
Foes says Voter ID bill was rushed by GOP (San Antonio Express-News, 7/11/12)
San Antonio judge slams Perry’s Medicaid stand (San Antonio Express-News, 7/11/12)
Perry meets with hospital execs (Houston Chronicle, 7/11/12)
Texas judge rules atmosphere, air are public trust (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/11/12)
School finance trial could spill into January (Austin American-Statesman, 7/11/12)
Land Office, Agriculture Department facing federal suit (Texas Tribune, 7/11/12)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry endorses Roger Williams in the 25th Congressional District runoff race(PoliTex, 7/11/12)
“Absurd” to equate voter ID law with poll tax: Sen. John Cornyn on AG Eric Holder’s NAACP comments(Trail Blazers Blog, 7/11/12)
State land commissioner thinking of getting agency into water game (Austin American-Statesman,7/10/12)
Land Commissioner touts desalination plan for Central Texas (Texas Tribune, 7/10/12)
Audio: Amid Medicaid refusal, a sharp drop in participating doctors (Texas Tribune, 7/10/12)
Texas, US government argue over impact of voter ID law (Reuters, 7/10/12)
Holder vows to NAACP to aggressively fight Texas voter-identification law (The Hill, 7/10/12)
Texas will change its lethal injection protocol (Texas Tribune, 7/10/12)
Global warming tied to risk of weather extremes; Texas 2011 heat wave (AP, 7/10/12)
CNBC: Texas is top state for doing business (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/10/12)
Lawmakers: Voter ID bill rushed to passage (Austin American-Statesman, 7/10/12)
Quirk in Texas testing law could cost high schoolers a shot at state universities (Dallas Morning News,7/10/12)
Southern governors secede from Medicaid (Politico, 7/10/12)
Inside Intelligence: In the TX lege open seats… (Texas Tribune, 7/10/12)
Texas is fast approaching its debt limit for transportation projects (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,7/9/12)
Nine border patrol stations to close (CNN, 7/9/12)
Old arguments rehashed as Voter ID trial begins (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Texas will not expand Medicaid or create health insurance exchanges (Texas Monthly, 7/9/12)
Perry’s rejection of Medicaid expansion could burden local taxpayers (Dallas Morning News, 7/9/12)
Texas docs cut back on poor patients (AP, 7/9/12)
Un-salting the earth: Jerry Patterson’s desalination ambitions (StateImpact/Texas, 7/9/12)
Greg Abbott vs. LBJ: Voter ID trial begins (Texas Monthly, 7/9/12)
Texas case puts voter ID laws to test (Washington Post, 7/9/12)
Perry says no to exchanges, Medicaid expansion (Postcards, 7/9/12)
Gov. Perry tells feds Texas won’t expand Medicaid (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/9/12)
Texas voter ID trial opens (Politico, 7/9/12)
Straus: Process to end budget diversions starts now (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Voter ID trial opens with Feds warning 1.4 million Texas voters could be disenfranchised (Trail Blazers Blog, 7/9/12)
Video: Perry rejects key health reform provisions (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Calls for change in wake of wrongful convictions (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Texas won’t adopt common science standards soon (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Texas lawmakers get update on transportation fund (AP, 7/9/12)
Perry: Texas won’t implement key elements of health reform (Texas Tribune, 7/9/12)
Speaker Straus calls for dedicated fees to go to intended purposes (Postcards, 7/9/12)
Texas lawmakers consider changes to prison care (Austin American-Statesman, 7/9/12)
Many voters may be deterred by tough ID laws (AP, 7/9/12)
NAACP pledges to overcome voter ID law (Houston Chronicle, 7/9/12)
Editorial: Texas voter ID faces its biggest trial (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/8/12)
As court fight looms over voter ID, those who have none fear losing voice (Austin American-Statesman, 7/8/12)
As Texas voter ID law heads to hearing, other states trying to get approval for their measures (Austin American-Statesman, 7/8/12)
Fewer Texas doctors willing to accept Medicare, Medicaid patients because of low pay, red tape(Austin American-Statesman, 7/8/12)
Opinion: Abbott: ID laws aren’t significant obstacle to proper votes (Austin American-Statesman,7/8/12)
Demand for mail-in ballots in Texas is growing, as are the risks (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/8/12)
Opinion: Don’t overturn progress toward fairness, equality (Austin American-Statesman, 7/8/12)
Top officials at TxDOT see sharp jump in pay (Austin American-Statesman, 7/7/12)
Commentary: Expanding Medicaid makes all kinds of sense (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/7/12)
Texas Dem Party chair seeks voters (AP, 7/7/12)
Opinion: A&M Chancellor: Educating young Texans gives hope for our future (Austin American-Statesman, 7/7/12)
Texas voter ID fight returning to federal court (Houston Chronicle, 7/7/12)
Texas Gov. Perry’s DPS guards file for more presidential travel expenses (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,7/7/12)
Perry security tab climbs to $2.2 million (San Antonio Express-News, 7/6/12)
Photo ID trial starts Monday (Texas Redistricting, 7/6/12)
Audio: Ranchers struggle to recover from Texas drought (Texas Tribune, 7/5/12)
Texas has lowest percentage of special education students; reasons are a mystery (AP, 7/5/12)
Feds rank Texas worst healthcare provider (Houston Chronicle, 7/5/12)
Federal agency ranks Texas at bottom for health care (AP, 7/5/12)
Cruz, Dewhurst find ammunition in lobbyists’ donations (Texas Tribune, 7/5/12)
An updated guide to Texas school finance lawsuits (Texas Tribune, 7/3/12)
Audio: Shale gas fuels refinery ‘rebirth’ on Gulf Coast (Texas Tribune, 7/3/12)
Inside Intelligence: About those House incumbents (Texas Tribune, 7/3/12)
Turnout key in Senate GOP runoff (Texas Tribune, 7/2/12)
Perry pens border security Op-ed (Texas Monthly, 7/2/12)
OPINION: Rick Perry – Federal government isn’t offering the correct tool kit (Austin American-Statesman, 7/1/12)
The terrifying Texas GOP platform (Forbes, 7/1/12)
OPINION: Dem lawmaker – Take Texas, not Arizona, as model for future immigration efforts (Austin American-Statesman, 7/1/12)
In Texas, caution, optimism greet Mexican election (Texas Tribune, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Politics, ideology clash over expanding Medicaid (Houston Chronicle, 6/30/12)
Abbott, battling what he calls federal overreaching, faces another setback with health care ruling(Austin American-Statesman, 6/29/12)
Voices of the struggling in Texas (New York Times, 6/29/12)
Texas’ defiant fight against feds, from EPA to health care, leads to more Washington oversight(Washington Post, 6/29/12)
Texas business report: State utility regulator raises energy prices (Texas Monthly, 6/29/12)
Commentary: Health reform ruling is bad for Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/29/12)
Commentary: Health reform ruling is good for Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/29/12)
Dewhurst opposes Medicaid expansion (Austin American-Statesman, 6/29/12)
Perry: Not on the ballot, ‘but I will be campaigning like I am’ (Houston Chronicle, 6/29/12)
Texas could add 2 million more to Medicaid (KXAN, 6/29/12)
San Antonio may seek tax to support full-day pre-K (Texas Tribune, 6/29/12)
Reactions to health care judgment mixed among Texans (San Antonio Express-News, 6/29/12)
Rick Perry: My idea of freedom is more important then your health (Houston Chronicle, 6/28/12)
With health reform constitutional, what happens in Texas? (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Former DeLay aide pleads guilty in campaign finance case (Austin American-Statesman, 6/28/12)
Dem lawmaker expects health-care stonewalling from state of Texas (San Antonio Express-News,6/28/12)
Texas reacts to the health care mandate ruling (Texas Monthly, 6/28/12)
After health care ruling, Texas has big decisions to make (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Video: In Washington, Texans react to health ruling (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
With health reform constitutional, what happens in Texas? (Texas Weekly, 6/28/12)
Texas regulators OK wholesale electricity price hike (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Workforce Commissioner: Education Testing System is broken (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Cruz campaign jumps on Dewhurst’s 2007 guest-worker stance (San Antonio Express-News,6/28/12)
Video: Where did lawmakers diver family planning money? (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Managed care cuts anger disability, in-home care groups (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Letter from Dem legislators urges HHSC to block abortion-related proposal (Texas Tribune, 6/28/12)
Audio: As temperatures soar, state weighs risks of rolling blackouts (Texas Tribune, 6/27/12)
Business leaders draw a line on education funding (Texas Tribune, 6/27/12)
Holder vote is nearly party-line split for Texas delegation (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/27/12)
The writing on the wall: The fight to save a South Texas school district (Texas Observer, 6/27/12)
Report: Lack of income tax no help to Texas miracle (Texas Monthly, 6/27/12)
Texas charters schools sue state over funding rules (AP, 6/27/12)
Democrats starved for attention in US Senate race (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/26/12)
Court upholds EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations (StateImpact/Texas, 6/26/12)
Rick Perry blasts Obama over immigration, disagrees with Texas Republican Party’s call for guest worker program (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/26/12)
Court backs EPA over emissions limits intended to reduce global warming (New York Times,6/26/12)
Video: Rick Perry calls Obama Administration ‘Nixonian” (Texas Monthly, 6/25/12)
Texas the next battleground for immigration legislation? (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/25/12)
Lawsuit alleges GOP chairman on the hook for $30 million (Houston Chronicle, 6/25/12)
Texans react to SCOTUS ruling on Arizona law (Texas Tribune, 6/25/12)
TX Gov. Rick Perry said Monday’s immigration ruling is ‘one step forward and two steps back’(PoliTex, 6/25/12)
Supreme Court ruling boosts Rove-like super PACs in Texas that keeps donors secret (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/25/12)
High court’s ruling on immigration not likely to have immediate effect on Texas (Postcards, 6/25/12)
Could California’s new primary system work in Texas? (Austin American-Statesman, 6/25/12)
Law lets Texas decide who can file suit against it (Texas Tribune, 6/25/12)
Why Perry stands to lose the Texas Senate race, no matter who wins (The American Prospect,6/25/12)
Audio: Life by the drop: Drought, water and the future of Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/25/12)
91,000 jobs in Texas at risk if deals not reached on preventing defense spending cuts (San Antonio Express-News, 6/25/12)
2 Texas billionaires give $20M to super PACs (San Antonio Express-News, 6/24/12)
Video: Perry: Obama acting ‘Nixonian” over Fast and Furious (Face the Nation, 6/24/12)
Dewhurst has little to say for himself in debate with Cruz (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/23/12)
Bexar Democrats’ new party chair off to ’strange start’ (San Antonio Express-News, 6/23/12)
Some political players take a pass on primary (Texas Tribune, 6/22/12)
Crews put finishing touches on Governor’s Mansion (Texas Monthly, 6/22/12)
Video: Perry: Cruz backers don’t know ‘How Texas Works’ (Texas Tribune, 6/22/12)
Audio: In a more urban Texas, farmers face uncertain future (Texas Tribune, 6/21/12)
Advocates worry food aid cuts could hurt Texas families (Texas Tribune, 6/21/12)
How Texas plans to pay for the women’s health program (Houston Chronicle, 6/21/12)
Texas AG accuses Google of withholding evidence (AP, 6/21/12)
Governor’s Mansion rises from ashes in grand style (Austin American-Statesman, 6/21/12)
Historic pieces to return to Texas Governor’s Mansion (Texas Tribune, 6/20/12)
Four years after fire, Mansion move-back begins (Postcards, 6/20/12)
Gov’s Mansion near completion (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/20/12)
New study: Tort reform has not reduced health care costs in Texas (Austin American-Statesman,6/20/12)
Immigration emerges as flashpoint in US Senate race (Texas Tribune, 6/20/12)
Unemployment benefits in Texas won’t last as long (San Antonio Express-News, 6/20/12)
Texas House members get earful on STAAR (Austin American-Statesman, 6/20/12)
Officials: State better-prepared for hurricane season (Texas Tribune, 6/19/12)
Better job numbers for Texas means decrease in benefits for unemployed (Austin American-Statesman,6/19/12)
Inside out: Insiders and voters don’t see eye to eye (Texas Tribune, 6/19/12)
At public ed hearing, ‘15% rule’ criticized (Texas Tribune, 6/19/12)
What does the drought mean for the Texas Miracle? (Texas Monthly, 6/19/12)
Obama administration: 357,000 young adults in Texas covered because of health care law (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/19/12)
Texas A&M awarded biodefense contract (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/18/12)
Lawmaker says windstorm fund in precarious financial position (Austin American-Statesman,6/18/12)
Texans brace for Supreme Court’s health care ruling (Texas Tribune, 6/18/12)
Two different parties, two very different moods (Texas Tribune, 6/18/12)
Audio: A&M study casts doubt on self-defense laws (Texas Tribune, 6/18/12)
Texas A&M lands multi-million dollar biosecurity center (Austin American-Statesman, 6/18/12)
A&M system lands major federal biosecurity contract (Texas Tribune, 6/18/12)
Rise of GOP in Texas has lessons for Dems (San Antonio Express-News, 6/17/12)
In Texas, working poor families struggle to get ahead (Austin American-Statesman, 6/17/12)
Texas Democrats could learn from early GOP travails (Houston Chronicle, 6/16/12)
Medicaid overhaul causing pain for some pharmacists (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
Is El Paso County a leader in progressive politics? (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
Commentary: Texas, running on empty (New York Times, 6/15/12)
Cruz, Dewhurst both claim ‘fighter’ mantle (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
Private hospitals angry over funding plan (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
Getting to know the next possible Lt. Governor (Texas Monthly, 6/15/12)
Quiz: How well do you know the Texas Republican platform? (Texas Monthly, 6/15/12)
Perry, Democrats spar over immigration policy shift (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
Texas Ag commissioner pleads for immigration reform (San Antonio Express-News, 6/15/12)
You thought redistricting was about the candidates? (Texas Tribune, 6/15/12)
HHSC Commissioner Tom Suehs retiring in August (Texas Tribune, 6/14/12)
3rd bankruptcy in Perry’s tech fund (Houston Chronicle, 6/14/12)
Atheist group takes on Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/14/12)
Video: The state of abortion in Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/14/12)
Interactive: Early vote vs. election day primary turnout (Texas Tribune, 6/13/12)
Perry confident Romney can win Hispanic vote (Texas Tribune, 6/13/12)
Old-time Texas politician, verbally quick on the draw (New York Times, 6/13/12)
Perry spokesman joins Dewhurst’s Senate campaign team (Texas Tribune, 6/13/12)
Growth potential for Latino voting population detailed (Texas Tribune, 6/13/12)
Audio: North Dakota property tax vote echoes in Texas (Texas Tribune, 6/13/12)
Audio: In state agencies, concern over revolving-door policies (Texas Tribune, 6/12/12)
New report puts Higher Ed Coordinating Board on defense (Texas Tribune, 6/12/12)
State GOP stands by new immigration position (Texas Tribune, 6/12/12)
Texas Democrats have long wait for return to dominance (Austin American-Statesman, 6/11/12)
Texas Republicans cross a border (Texas Monthly, 6/11/12)
Texas GOP touts guest worker plan as a solution (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/11/12)
With a runoff, dynamics change in Senate race (Texas Tribune, 6/11/12)
For TxDOT, a $2 billion ‘perception problem’ (Texas Tribune, 6/11/12)
The politics of Perry endorsements (San Antonio Express-News, 6/11/12)
Texas’ water woes spark interest in desalination (Texas Tribune, 6/10/12)
Texas Republicans take a softer approach to immigration in platform (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/10/12)
Texas race for Senate reveals rift on the right (New York Times, 6/10/12)
Texas prepares for court over voter ID law (San Antonio Express-News, 6/10/12)
Rick Perry may not be conservative enough for Texas (BuzzFeed, 6/10/12)
At TX GOP convo, Paul Ryan blasts Obama, avoids mentioning Romney (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/9/12)
Texas Democrats elect their first Hispanic chairman (Texas Tribune, 6/9/12)
Parting partisan shots wrap state conventions (San Antonio Express-News, 6/9/12)
For Texas GOP, a new position on immigration reform (Texas Tribune, 6/9/12)
Dewhurst booed again as Texas GOP convention wraps up (Texas Tribune, 6/9/12)
In era of drought, Texas cities boost water rates (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Could Texas survive as a sovereign nation? (Texas Monthly, 6/8/12)
Dew gets booed (Texas Monthly, 6/8/12)
Why state conventions, besides the funny hats? (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Texas Republicans say they’re working hard to increase diversity (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/8/12)
Video: Dewhurst’s speech at the state GOP convention (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Some walk out on Straud at GOP convention (Houston Chronicle, 6/8/12)
Early STAAR results are as expected, TEA says (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Is statewide office in Parker’s future? (Houston Chronicle, 6/8/12)
After afternoon with Cruz, Santorum addresses Texas GOP (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
San Antonio Mayor says Ted Cruz will defeat David Dewhurst for GOP Senate nomination (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/8/12)
GOP convention notebook: Hot button touts Lone Star ticket (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/8/12)
Ron Kirk tells Democrats not to be discouraged by the past (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/8/12)
Santorum urges Texas GOP to get behind Romney (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/8/12)
Straus: Internal bickering could hurt Texas Republicans (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Castros, Parker on the future of Texas Democrats (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
At convention, Romney booed, Dewhurst gets some cheers (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Libertarians and Greens select nominees this weekend (Texas Tribune, 6/8/12)
Dissent is mostly drowned out at Texas GOP convention in Fort Worth (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/8/12)
Democrats told to take heart in GOP turn to the right (Austin American-Statesman, 6/8/12)
Audio: In parting message, Hutchison says she’s ‘enthusiastic’ about Romney (Texas Tribune,6/8/12)
With little momentum, Texas Democrats hold convention (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
Straus opponents out in full force at GOP convention (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
House speaker candidate campaigning like it’s 2013 (Houston Chronicle, 6/7/12)
Dewhurst, on booing delegate: ‘There’s always people that may disagree’ (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/7/12)
Video: Rick Perry’s speech at the Texas GOP convention (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
GOP rifts spoil calls for unity at convention (Houston Chronicle, 6/7/12)
Romney’s visit sets SA record for fundraising cash (San Antonio Express-News, 6/7/12)
Lobbyist spent $200,000 in leftover campaign cash on travel, restaurants (Austin American-Statesman, 6/7/12)
Convention notebook: GOP hopefuls on trail in Cowtown (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/7/12)
Texas Democrats’ convention in Houston may lack luster (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/7/12)
Not all the merchandise at GOP convention is political — or even US-made (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/7/12)
EPA proposes approving Texas rules on site permits (Austin American-Statesman, 6/7/12)
Unity proves elusive at Texas Republican convention in Fort Worth (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/7/12)
Outgoing Texas Democratic chairman highlights victories (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
Rick Perry to GOP convention: I’m not riding into sunset (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
Texas Republicans gather in Fort Worth for convention (Texas Tribune, 6/7/12)
A closer look at UT/TT poll  shows partisan split on Planned Parenthood (Texas Tribune, 6/6/12)
Texas GOP prepares to kick off Fort Worth convention (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/6/12)
Texans get out their checkbooks for Mitt Romney (Texas Monthly, 6/6/12)
Two Texans make list of radical right wingers to watch (Texas Monthly, 6/6/12)
State agencies at odds on Capitol complex development (Austin American-Statesman, 6/6/12)
EPA, Aremendariz blasted at House hearing (Texas Tribune, 6/6/12)
The quiet rescue of the Republican Party of Texas (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/6/12)
Texas sales tax receipts keep chugging along (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/6/12)
Romney’s Texas fundraisers bringing in $15 million (AP, 6/5/12)
‘This is a critical time for America,’ Mitt Romney says in Fort Worth (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,6/5/12)
Bryan Hughes lays out rationale for speaker run (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/5/12)
Urban expert touts Texas’ growth potential (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/5/12)
Everything’s bigger about Texas (Slate, 6/5/12)
Romney courts Latino voters in Texas (Washington Post, 6/5/12)
Agencies ordered to propose 10% budget cuts (Texas Tribune, 6/5/12)
Commission rejects proposal to post officials’ fiscal records online (Austin American-Statesman,6/5/12)
Texplainer: Why is the runoff period so long? (Texas Tribune, 6/5/12)
Texas agencies asked to cut more in spite of brighter financial outlook (Austin American-Statesman,6/5/12)
Texas’ business tax exceeding expectations (Austin American-Statesman, 6/5/12)
Sunset Commission: TDCJ can improve in communication (Texas Tribune, 6/5/12)
State parties will all convene this weekend (Texas Tribune, 6/5/12)
Inside intelligence: Health care, anyone? Schools? (Texas Tribune, 6/5/12)
Watch out for voter registration cancellations (Houston Chronicle, 6/4/12)
In Texas, a debate over a debate in Spanish (New York Times, 6/4/12)
State leaders tell agencies to ask for no more money (Trail Blazers Blog, 6/4/12)
Texas aggressively purges voter registration files (AP, 6/4/12)
Hunger study: One in four Texas children at risk (Texas Tribune, 6/4/12)
A House of strangers calls for a shrewd leader (Texas Tribune, 6/4/12)
Perry might be risking tea party credibility (San Antonio Express-News, 6/3/12)
Democrats’ woes peak in low primary turnout (San Angelo Standard-Times, 6/3/12)
Fort Worth’s Davis expected to be a star of Texas Democratic Party convention (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/3/12)
State parties reflected in convention cities (Houston Chronicle, 6/3/12)
Perry’s gibes at Romney used in Obama campaign ad (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 6/2/12)

MAY 2012

Runoff strategy depends on race and money, analysts say (Texas Tribune, 5/31/12)
Video: Should state government play role in family planning? (Texas Tribune, 5/31/12)
Down-ballot races surprise (Texas Monthly, 5/30/12)
Texas primary turnout was low, runoff may be lower (AP, 5/30/12)
Rick Perry says he’ll be ‘first to sign up’ for unity tour with Romney (Houston Chronicle, 5/30/12)
Straus happy with results, confident he’ll stay speaker (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
Looking at Perry’s and Combs’ endorsements (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
Texas Latinos poised for no House gains despite population boom, new districts (Washington Post,5/30/12)
Texas takeaways (Politico, 5/30/12)
Dewhurst, Cruz to battle in one of several runoffs (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
Straus loses lieutenants, and Senate sees a shift (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
Even with upsets, little change in control of SBOE (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
Five things to know about the Senate runoff (Texas Monthly, 5/30/12)
What surprised pundits and pollsters on primary night (Texas Tribune, 5/30/12)
South Austin clinic at center of sex-selective abortion controversy (Austin American-Statesman,5/29/12)
Texas runoff set in GOP race for Senate (New York Times, 5/29/12)
Rep. Bryan Hughes files paper of intent to run for speaker against Straus (Trail Blazers Blog, 5/29/12)
6 things to watch in Texas (Politico, 5/29/12)
Hughes files for Speaker (Texas Tribune, 5/29/12)
In Texas Republican Senate race, tea party challenger forces runoff (Washington Post, 5/29/12)
Texas Weekly’s final pre-primary hot list (Texas Tribune, 5/29/12)
Texas primary: Does Ted Cruz have a shot? (Texas Tribune, 5/29/12)
Will Obama get snubbed (again) in Texas primary? (Texas Tribune, 5/29/12)
Texas leads country in Super PAC giving  - by a wide margin (Houston Chronicle, 5/28/12)
Texas schools short by 15,000 teachers this year, analysis shows (Dallas Morning News, 5/28/12)
Hispanic boom may not shift Texas’ diversity in Congress (Dallas Morning News, 5/28/12)
Here are 6 races to watch in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 5/28/12)
What to watch when primary results come (Texas Tribune, 5/28/12)
Primary election roundup (Texas Tribune, 5/28/12)
Texas-style redistricting vexes voters, puts map boundaries in perpetual motion (Washington Post,5/27/12)
Rick Perry tests his strength in Texas (Politico, 5/25/12)
In West Texas, Tuesday may just be the first round (Texas Tribune, 5/25/12)
Tech and U of Houston qualify for Tier-One prize money (Texas Tribune, 5/25/12)
Eight months of the US Senate race (Texas Tribune, 5/25/12)
Dewhurst goes Tea Partying in South Texas (Houston Chronicle, 5/25/12)
Republicans seek open House seats in Dallas area (Texas Tribune, 5/25/12)
What happens if Dewhurst doesn’t win Senate bid? (Texas Tribune, 5/25/12)
Dewhurst and Cruz likely headed to runoff (Texas Monthly, 5/21/12)
Texas gaining national rep for executing innocents (Texas Observer, 5/21/12)
On the records: Texas 1 of 5 ‘Minority-Majority’ states (Texas Tribune, 5/17/12)
Meet the rich Texan twenty-something bankrolling his own Super PAC (Texas Monthly, 5/17/12)
US Senate race endorsements: Two papers surprise (Texas Monthly, 5/17/12)
From Minnesota to Texas, Perry’s all over the battle for US Senate (Houston Chronicle, 5/14/12)
Gov. Bryant & Gov. Perry: Air Force move cripples emergency response (Washington Times, 5/9/12)
Ron, Rand Paul hold joint tea party rally in Austin (Austin American-Statesman, 5/6/12)
Court lifts stay: Planned Parenthood back in state health program (Postcards, 5/4/12)
Tuition to rise for most students in A&M system (Texas Tribune, 5/4/12)
Straus snags endorsements from anti-abortion groups (Texas Tribune, 5/4/12)
Court: Texas must include Planned Parenthood in WHP (Texas Tribune, 5/4/12)
Two legislators strive to out-conservative each other for a state Senate seat (New York Times, 5/3/12)
UT Regents back some tuition hikes, new med schools (Texas Tribune, 5/3/12)
Effects of state cuts being felt in local school elections (Austin American-Statesman, 5/3/12)
US Senate candidates mostly civil in last major forum (Texas Tribune, 5/3/12)
Former Texas gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina asks for end to property tax (PoliTex, 5/3/12)
Democrats to take stage in US Senate forum (Texas Tribune, 5/3/12)
Paul Ryan to speak at Texas GOP convention (Trail Blazers Blog, 5/3/12)
Straus shakes up communications team (Texas Tribune, 5/2/12)
Texas cuts 7,000 workers over past year (Trail Blazers Blog, 5/2/12)
Gov. Perry says God forgives people for their ‘oops moments,’ even if US voters may not (AP, 5/2/12)
As UT, A&M Regents meet, Governor eyes tuition (Texas Tribune, 5/2/12)
Judges question state’s efforts to stymie DNA tests (Texas Tribune, 5/2/12)
Texas’ abortion enforcer (Salon, 5/2/12)
Texas Association of Business joins school finance suit (Texas Tribune, 5/2/12)
Judge gives state OK to exclude Planned Parenthood (Texas Tribune, 5/1/12)
Audio: In Central Texas, educating voters about new district (Texas Tribune, 5/1/12)
Inside intelligence: House primary predictions (Texas Tribune, 5/1/12)
Top EPA official resigns over ‘crucify’ comment (Houston Chronicle, 5/1/12)
Texas wind farms’ impact on climate causes stir (USA Today, 5/1/12)
Planned Parenthood funding in limbo again, thanks to latest court ruling (Austin American-Statesman,5/1/12)
Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott stepping down (Texas Tribune, 5/1/12)
DNA exonerates two more inmates in Dallas County (Texas Tribune, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Today’s endorsement, tomorrow’s returned favor (Texas Tribune, 4/30/12)
Judge grants Planed Parenthood injunction (Postcards, 4/30/12)
The straight & narrow-minded: El Paso’s three-year feud over gay rights (Texas Observer, 4/30/12)
Texans react to resignation of EPA’s Armendariz (Texas Tribune, 4/30/12)
More Mexicans are finding opportunity at home (Dallas Morning News, 4/29/12)
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s tenure draws mixed reviews (Texas Tribune, 4/29/12)
Democrats mine Texas for 2012 cash (Politico, 4/29/12)
Poll: Texans pick LBJ as best president to come out of Lone Star State (Houston Chronicle, 4/29/12)
Opinion: Perry’s idea would help stabilize, trim the fat (Austin American-Statesman, 4/29/12)
Tea partiers confer in Houston to fight vote fraud (Houston Chronicle, 4/28/12)
Capitol rally aims to reignite women’s rights movement (Austin American-Statesman, 4/28/12)
Editorial: Take a breath, and look again at immigration reform (Houston Chronicle, 4/27/12)
What Texas is thinking (Politico, 4/27/12)
Audio: Ron Paul still pushing to win Texas (Texas Tribune, 4/27/12)
Video: Measuring the effects of Texas Family Planning cuts (Texas Tribune, 4/26/12)
Lawmakers say reforms may not be working at state’s youth lockups (Austin American-Statesman,4/26/12)
Study: Texas tops health insurance rebate list (Texas Tribune, 4/26/12)
Study: Federal stimulus bill saved or created 264,000 Texas jobs (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/26/12)
Poll: Perry’s 2014 run in jeopardy (Houston Chronicle, 4/26/12)
Perry slams EPA official’s ‘crucify’ comment (Texas Tribune, 4/26/12)
Judge reconsiders multibillion-dollar question: Should sales tax be paid on oil equipment? (Austin American-Statesman, 4/26/12)
Texas GOP outrage at EPA official’s ‘crucify’ comment grows: Abbott denounces ‘radical’ agenda; Poe wants official fired (Houston Chronicle, 4/26/12)
EPA official apologizes for ‘crucify’ the oil and gas producers comments (The Daily Caller, 4/25/12)
Texas, others watching hearings on immigration law (Texas Tribune, 4/25/12)
Rick Perry endorses former rival Romney for president (Texas Tribune, 4/25/12)
Redistricting legal battle sparks call again for commission (San Antonio Express-News, 4/22/12)
Rick Perry considers another run at governor, and president (Houston Chronicle, 4/21/12)
Planned Parenthood merger about efficiency, advocacy (Texas Tribune, 4/20/12)
Specter of Ron Paul invasion haunts Texas Republicans (Texas Monthly, 4/20/12)
Texas unemployment rate drops, economy adds jobs (Texas Tribune, 4/20/12)
In Texas, property rights on collision course with oil industry (Texas Tribune, 4/20/12)
Video: Dem lawmaker Wendy Davis on Perry’s Budget Compact (Texas Tribune, 4/20/12)
Most insiders predict Texas Dems to pick up seats in Texas House (Texas Tribune, 4/20/12)
Rick Perry fuels speculation about re-election bid (Texas Tribune, 4/19/12)
Perry pledge puts lawmakers on the spot (Burka Blog, 4/19/12)
Opponents downplay Perry’s endorsement of Dewhurst for US Senate (Houston Chronicle, 4/19/12)
At GOP dinner, Perry replays his golden oldies (Houston Chronicle, 4/19/12)
Life on the Line: Texas landowners fight Keystone XL and eminent domain (StateImpact/Texas, 4/19/12)
Audio: Amid din of pipeline debate, a quieter fight over property rights (Texas Tribune, 4/19/12)
Perry — this time, no wiggle room — endorses Dewhurst for US Senate (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/19/12)
Rick Perry endorses David Dewhurst for Hutchison’s Senate seat (Houston Chronicle, 4/19/12)
State vows to end health program if group wins court case (San Antonio Express-News, 4/19/12)
Outside counsel to represent UT in US Supreme Court case on race (Austin American-Statesman,4/19/12)
Video: Perry interested in another run for president (CBS DFW, 4/18/12)
Perry interested in another run for president (CBS DFW, 4/18/12)
Perry touts budget limits as crucial to state’s future at Plano Chamber (Dallas Morning News, 4/18/12)
Dewhurst on the Perry pledge (Burka Blog, 4/17/12)
Texas Speaker Straus stiff-arms Rick Perry on budget pledge (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/17/12)
Texas judges’ misdeeds often kept secret by oversight commission (Austin American-Statesman,4/17/12)
Pledging allegiance? Maybe not (Houston Chronicle, 4/17/12)
Straus won’t sign Perry pledge (Burka Blog, 4/16/12)
Debate over Texas economic incentive funds likely to lead to more study than action (Austin American-Statesman, 4/16/12)
Perry touts anti-tax ‘Texas Budget Compact’ (Houston Chronicle, 4/16/12)
Texas schools prepare for a new kind of Posse (Texas Tribune, 4/16/12)
Rick Perry to unveil budget compact in Houston (Texas Tribune, 4/16/12)
Audio: Receding Texas drought exposes rural-urban split (Texas Tribune, 4/16/12)
Three years after tea party rallies, Perry presses on (Texas Tribune, 4/15/12)
Mexicans seeking refuge come together to speak out (Texas Tribune, 4/13/12)
Medical Board adopts controversial stem cell rules (Texas Tribune, 4/13/12)
Lawmaker job has lousy pay, but great benefits (Texas Tribune, 4/13/12)
Audio: Texas school districts preparing for anti-bullying law (Texas Tribune, 4/13/12)
Planned Parenthood sues to halt exclusion from program (Texas Tribune, 4/11/12)
At Texas schools, making do on a shoestring (New York Times, 4/8/12)
Rick Perry and Rick Santorum met privately in Austin (Houston Chronicle, 4/7/12)
Audio: Drought deepens worries over aging farmer population (Texas Tribune, 4/6/12)
Texas Libertarians, Greens fight for political crumbs (Texas Tribune, 4/6/12)
Texas school district lives on , but so do its struggles (Texas Tribune, 4/6/12)
On the records: Texas legal spending on redistricting (Texas Tribune, 4/6/12)
More changes may be ahead for TEXAS Grants (Texas Tribune, 4/6/12)
The politics of making Texas winner-take-all: Obama would like it, the GOP establishment would not(Trail Blazers Blog, 4/6/12)
Santorum, Perry privately met in Texas (CNN, 4/5/12)
Santorum backers look to change Texas primary rules (Texas Tribune, 4/5/12)
State’s redistricting legal tab nearing $1M (San Antonio Express-News, 4/5/12)
The Lone Star way: Why Texas’ legal war with the federal government could be the biggest one yet(TIME, 4/5/12)
Texas-sized safety net supports county voting 83% against Obama (Bloomberg, 4/5/12)
Rick Perry declines to discuss whether he and GOP should rally around Mitt Romney (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/5/12)
El Paso Mayor John Cook speech targets corruption, bigotry (El Paso Times, 4/5/12)
Texas school closings rare, but should they be? (Texas Tribune, 4/5/12)
Sullivan says force of habit, not law, spurred his lobbyist registration (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/5/12)
State Rep. wants Mexico to reimburse Texas for illegal immigrants (San Antonio Express-News,4/4/12)
GOP candidates hunt for delegates before voting begins (Texas Tribune, 4/4/12)
Feds, AG duel over who must testify in voter ID case (San Antonio Express-News, 4/4/12)
Campus carry debate likely to return next session (Texas Tribune, 4/4/12)
Conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan talks about ethics complaints (Texas Tribune, 4/3/12)
Report: Texas businesses wary of health care reform (Texas Tribune, 4/3/12)
Texas could use feds’ grants to free up Women’s Health money (Texas Tribune, 4/3/12)
School districts avoid school finance lawsuits, cite finances (Texas Tribune, 4/3/12)
Video: In interview last year, Rick Perry denied using painkillers (Houston Chronicle, 4/3/12)
GOP lawmakers file ethics complaint against Empower Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 4/3/12)
Report: Rick Perry used painkillers to help him get through debates (The Daily Caller, 4/2/12)
Obstacles exist on path to the top of the Texas GOP org chart (Texas Tribune, 4/2/12)
New e-book claims Rick Perry was under influence of painkillers during debates (Houston Chronicle,4/2/12)
Commentary: The Texas GOP delegate surprise (San Antonio Express-News, 4/2/12)
Dewhurst touts state bill that contains elements of ‘Obamacare’ (Austin American-Statesman, 4/2/12)
What if Texas were to actually secede? (Texas Monthly, 4/2/12)
Texas super PAC targets long-time GOP incumbents Joe Barton and Ralph Hall (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/2/12)
Perry spokesman says guv’s painkiller use is ‘false, unsubstantiated and ultimately harmful’ (Trail Blazers Blog, 4/2/12)
At the University of Texas, admissions as a mystery (New York Times, 4/1/12)
Commentary: What did we learn here with Texas editorial cartoon? (San Antonio Express-News,4/1/12)
Idea of Hispanic voter surge fading this year (Houston Chronicle, 4/1/12)
Public, private Texas hospitals spar over Medicaid (Houston Chronicle, 4/1/12)
Libertarian Party wants to influence elections by winning (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 4/1/12)

MARCH 2012

Add another million dollars to the taxpayers’ tab for Rick Perry presidential security (Houston Chronicle, 3/31/12)
Straus’ conservative credentials at heart of contest (San Antonio Express-News, 3/31/12)
Texas’ isolated electric grid could add more outside ties (Texas Tribune, 3/30/12)
Texas GOP trying to lasso a national Republican presidential debate (Trail Blazers Blog, 3/30/12)
Texas GOP pursuing presidential debate (Texas Tribune, 3/30/12)
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Federal judges order May 29 primary elections (Texas Tribune, 3/1/12)
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Redistricting maps by Saturday or elections in June (Texas Tribune, 2/28/12)
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Billionaire’s PAC admits error, seeks refunds from candidates (Texas Tribune, 2/23/12)
State Women’s Health Program probably dead (Trail Blazers Blog, 2/23/12)
Dems, GOP debate school funds (San Antonio Express-News, 2/22/12)
UT/TT Poll: Texans split on another term for Perry (Texas Tribune, 2/22/12)
Texas Dems launch ‘truth team’; GOP calls them copycats (Texas Tribune, 2/22/12)
Perry’s education numbers don’t always add up (San Antonio Express-News, 2/22/12)
Rick Perry pre-debate shot: Santorum’s weak on states rights (Trail Blazers Blog, 2/22/12)
Spending per student drops sharply in Texas public schools (Dallas Morning News, 2/22/12)
TX House budget chair sees little desire for special session to ease school cuts (Trail Blazers Blog, 2/21/12)
Perry leaning toward a run for re-election (Texas Tribune, 2/21/12)
Justices take up race as a factor in college entry (New York Times, 2/21/12)
Don’t look for special session on school funding (Austin American-Statesman, 2/21/12)
US Supreme Court to scrutinize UT affirmative action (Texas Tribune, 2/21/12)
Redistricting confusion plagues campaigns, parties (Houston Chronicle, 2/20/12)
Audio: Texas’ unsettled district lines costing candidates (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Video: How late Texas primary could affect voters, candidates (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Rick Perry will go to Arizona for Gingrich (Trail Blazers, 2/17/12)
Keystone pipeline sparks property rights backlash (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Texans leave the voting to a small minority (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
2nd group backs Austin-to-San Antonio congressional district (Austin American-Statesman, 2/17/12)
Texas drought sparks water well drilling frenzy (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Video: Birth control rally draws supporters, opponents (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Longtime advisers step back into Perry’s inner circle (Austin American-Statesman, 2/17/12)
Texas schools look to advertising to fill budget gaps (Texas Tribune, 2/17/12)
Texas may lose its key role in GOP race (Houston Chronicle, 2/16/12)
Group aims to bring God into politics (Texas Tribune, 2/16/12)
Rick Perry wants to create a super PAC, tap big-dollar donors and influence the presidential race he lost(Trail Blazers Blog, 2/16/12)
Commentary: If Perry is serious about 2016, he first must decide about 2014 (Austin American-Statesman,2/16/12)
Perry may move to create a super PAC (PoliTex, 2/16/12)
Rick Perry’s out, but campaign could live on (Texas Tribune, 2/16/12)
Excerpt: Cal Jillson’s “Lone Star Tarnished” (Texas Tribune, 2/16/12)
Crime Victims Services bracing for big cuts (Texas Tribune, 2/16/12)
Primary voters won’t head to polls till at least May 29 (San Antonio Express News, 2/16/12)
2012 race: A Texas two-step primary? (Politico, 2/16/12)
Redistricting lawyers reach deal on Texas Senate maps (Texas Tribune, 2/15/12)
Court says Texas primary likely to be May 29 (PoliTex, 2/15/12)
Davis: Deal to preserver her state Senate district is ‘a tremendous victory’ (Fort Worth Star-Telegram,2/15/12)
Panel insists redistricting deal get done (San Antonio Express News, 2/15/12)
Border groups allege proposed budget harms trade, immigrants (Texas Tribune, 2/15/12)
Interactive: Texas vs. the Federal Government (Texas Tribune, 2/15/12)
Video: Perry ‘absolutely’ may run for president again (Texas Tribune, 2/14/12)
Redistricting experts struggle to fix maps, elections (Texas Tribune, 2/14/12)
DOJ: Doggett’s district isn’t protected, but it could be (Austin American-Statesman, 2/14/12)
Perry’s support for Gingrich remains low-key (Austin American-Statesman, 2/14/12)
Texas Democrats urge Perry to call special (school funding) session (Houston Chronicle, 2/13/12)
Sports and the Texas redistricting battle (Texas Tribune, 2/13/12)
Audio: In Texas, pipeline companies fight for property rights (Texas Tribune, 2/13/12)
In Texas, reactions to birth control compromise mixed (Texas Tribune, 2/10/12)
Judicial benches in Texas left sitting empty (San Antonio Express-News, 2/10/12)
Video: Texas at center of continuing fight over women’s health (Texas Tribune, 2/10/12)
Judges order redistricting talks to continue over weekend (San Antonio Express-News, 2/10/12)
Redistricting judges to lawyers: Get to work (Texas Tribune, 2/10/12)
Medical Board give early OK to adult stem cell rules (Texas Tribune, 2/10/12)
Slower redistricting lowers clout of Texas voters (Texas Tribune, 2/10/12)
Gov. Rick Perry gives Jones’ donation to El Paso charities (El Paso Times, 2/10/12)
After omitting Newt at CPAC, Perry talks up candidate on Dallas radio (Dallas Morning News, 2/10/12)
Perry regrets getting into presidential race late, having back surgery (Trail Blazers Blog, 2/10/12)
Federal judges press for Texas primaries no later than April (Dallas Morning News, 2/10/12)
Texas Supreme Court dismisses second business tax case (Austin American-Statesman, 2/10/12)
Perry underscores executive during long tenure as state’s CEO (Austin American-Statesman, 2/9/10)
Key players drive Texas Medical Board’s stem cell rules (Texas Tribune, 2/9/12)
Perry, at CPAC, warns against picking a ‘lukewarm’ conservative for president but omits mention of Gingrich(Dallas Morning News, 2/9/12)
Rick Perry at CPAC: Conservatives should not ’settle’ in GOP race (LA Times, 2/9/12)
Perry targets ‘pro-abortion radicals’ in CPAC speech (Texas Tribune, 2/9/12)
Rick Perry jokes about Chrysler’s Super Bowl ad. The punch line: Obama. (New York Times, 2/9/12)
Senate map takes spotlight in Texas redistricting case (Dallas Morning News, 2/8/12)
April 3 primary now all but dead (San Antonio Express-News, 2/8/12)
Texas sales tax still exceeding expectations (Austin American-Statesman, 2/8/12)
Perry says he’s not done; slams Obama (San Antonio Express-News, 2/7/12)
Texas Public Policy Foundation disputes EPA’s regulations (San Antonio Express-News, 2/7/12)
Judge doesn’t back down in sonogram ruling (San Antonio Express-News, 2/7/12)
Abbott announces new redistricting maps; says April 3 election could proceed (Austin American-Statesman,2/6/12)
Judge dismisses sonogram lawsuit (Austin American-Statesman, 2/6/12)
In Texas, a backlash against student testing (Texas Tribune, 2/6/12)
AG, key minority groups reach deal (San Antonio Express-News, 2/6/12)

Rick Perry says he has ‘plenty of fight’ left (Texas Tribune, 2/6/12)
Gov. Perry stumps against Obama in first speech since exiting race (KVUE, 2/6/12)
Report of redistricting agreement disputed (Houston Chronicle, 2/6/12)
In Komen vs. Planned Parenthood drama, links to Texas (Texas Tribune, 2/5/12)
Minority politicos threaten redistricting appeal (San Antonio Express-News, 2/4/12)
Perry campaign spent $16 million in 38 days (Texas Tribune, 2/4/12)
Key state programs see budget holes (San Antonio Express-News, 2/3/12)
Voters asked for cuts — Do they like the results? (Texas Tribune, 2/3/12)
Texas’ haul from BP spill: $100 million, and counting (Texas Tribune, 2/3/12)
Video: Legislators: Komen decision could affect ‘13 session (Texas Tribune, 2/3/12)
Little agreement on how to fix school finance system (Texas Tribune, 2/3/12)
Perry friend Jay Kimbrough, fired from A&M system, gets new job at DPS (Dallas Morning News,2/2/12)
San Antonio panel sets date for key redistricting hearing (San Antonio Express-News, 2/2/12)
New standardized testing draws support and criticism (San Antonio Express-News, 2/2/12)
Leaders warn of more budget problems in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 2/2/12)
DC court says it won’t rule for a month on redistricting (Austin American-Statesman, 2/1/12)
Judges troubled, baffled with Texas redistricting (San Antonio Express-News, 2/1/12)
Texas schools chief’s remarks on testing draw backlash (Texas Tribune, 2/1/12)
Teachers seek special session to stop school cuts (San Antonio Express-News, 2/1/12)
Perry’s campaign donations dipped after his ‘oops’ moment (San Antonio Express-News, 2/1/12)
Teachers group says Texas education cuts mean 32,000 job losses so far (Dallas Morning News,2/1/12)


Settlement talks on maps halted (San Antonio Express-News, 1/31/12)
Pro-Rick Perry PAC raised $5.5 million (Texas Tribune, 1/31/12)
Texas schools chief: Testing has gone too far (Texas Tribune, 1/31/12)
DC judges skeptical of Texas’ ‘partisan gerrymandering’ argument as redistricting case closes(Washington Post, 1/31/12)
Video: Jon Stewart, Lou Dobbs spar over redistricting (Texas Tribune, 1/31/12)
Closing arguments wrap up in DC redistricting case (Dallas Morning News, 1/31/12)
Rick Perry’s fundraising dived in fourth quarter (Texas Tribune, 1/31/12)
Budget battles still ahead for Texas Legislature (Texas Tribune, 1/30/12)
Attorney: Texas redistricting talks have stalled (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 1/30/12)
Texas redistricting talks stall (Austin American-Statesman, 1/30/12)
Democratic hopefuls reflect on the party in Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 1/29/12)
For abortion providers, sonogram law is a complication (Texas Tribune, 1/29/12)
Cornyn, Hutchison maintain their popularity in Texas as Perry’s ratings dip (San Antonio Express-News,1/28/12)
Texas Dems, GOP not ready to count Perry out — yet (San Antonio Express-News, 1/28/12)
Perry’s back on the range (Austin American-Statesman, 1/27/12)
Redistricting talks ‘intense’ (San Antonio Express-News, 1/27/12)
Federal judges warn April 3 primary in jeopardy, urge redistricting compromise (Austin American-Statesman, 1/27/12)
Prospects brighten for settlement to save Texas’ April election (San Antonio Express-News, 1/27/12)
Redistricting judges tell lawyers to negotiate maps (Texas Tribune, 1/27/12)
Rick Perry’s back in Texas, and some wonder if he’s lost political power there (Washington Post,1/27/12)
Candidates cool heels while judges decide redistricting (Texas Tribune, 1/27/12)
Feds reject Texas’ request to delay insurance reform (Texas Tribune, 1/27/12)
Video: Rick Perry loyalists make case for his comeback (Texas Tribune, 1/27/12)
Less resistance to Gov. Perry than to Candidate Perry (Texas Tribune, 1/26/12)
New study: Texas spends 23% more on prisons (Austin American-Statesman, 1/26/12)
Testimony in Texas redisctricting trial wraps up (San Antonio Express-News, 1/26/12)
Perry out of race, but security bills still rising (San Antonio Express-News, 1/26/12)
Consumer group: Texas Supreme Court favors businesses (Texas Tribune, 1/26/12)
Court of appeals hears El Paso mayor recall case (El Paso Times, 1/25/12)
Poll: Perry approval rating lowest ever (Austin American-Statesman, 1/25/12)
States’ rights advocate to challenge Lama Smith (San Antonio Express-News, 1/25/12)
Texas redistricting and Romney (San Antonio Express-News, 1/24/12)
Texas again facing possibility of two primaries (San Antonio Express-News, 1/24/12)
Obama would beat Gingrich in Texas, lose to other GOP contenders (San Antonio Express-News,1/24/12)
Democratic leader wants Perry to reimburse taxpayers (San Antonio Express-News, 1/23/12)
Allbaugh caused campaign tensions, Perry advisers say (Texas Tribune, 1/23/12)
San Antonio court considers splitting party primaries (Austin American-Statesman, 1/23/12)
Perry won’t refund security costs for presidential bid (Texas Tribune, 1/23/12)
The return of the native: Rick Perry as damaged goods in Texas (TIME, 1/23/12)
Audio: Perry looks to regain power in Texas Legislature (Texas Tribune, 1/23/12)
SCOTUS votes for states’ rights in Texas redistricting case (LA Times, 1/22/12)
Back in Texas, Rick Perry has relationships to repair (Texas Tribune, 1/22/12)
Supreme Court rejects judge-drawn maps in Texas redistricting case (New York Times, 1/20/12)
Supreme Court rejects Texas election map that favored Latinos (LA Times, 1/20/12)
Texas economy improving; unemployment rate low (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
Audio: How did Rick Perry fail? (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
Supreme Court throws out court-drawn Texas redistricting maps (Dallas Morning News, 1/20/12)
Updated: State employment continues to shrink (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
Higher-ed czar: Balance academics, job training (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
Courts moving too slow for April primary elections (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
Judge gives little hope for sonogram law opponents (Austin American-Statesman, 1/20/12)
Poll: GOP leads race for Senate, unfavorable rating for all candidates (Houston Chronicle, 1/20/12)
Texas primary may be delayed by high court ruling (Houston Chronicle, 1/20/12)
Three more Texans in Congress endorse Romney (Dallas Morning News, 1/20/12)
Houston Mayor Parker joins national gay marriage drive (Houston Chronicle, 1/20/12)
Debates aren’t too blame for Perry’s failure (New York Times, 1/20/12)
Perry exits, and so does his once-hefty war chest (Texas Tribune, 1/20/12)
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Perry’s back-to-Iraq proposal panned (Austin American-Statesman, 1/10/12)
State incentives went to company linked to Medicare misuse accusations (Austin American-Statesman,1/10/12)
The redistricting arguments, and who made them (Texas Tribune, 1/10/12)
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June primaries for Texas? High court discussions broach possibility (Austin American-Statesman,1/9/12)
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Texas keeps close eye on Mexico’s presidential race (Texas Tribune, 1/8/12)
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Perry names Arpaio his Arizona campaign chairman (Texas Tribune, 1/6/12)
For Perry, quitting is not an option (Texas Tribune, 1/6/12)
Endangered species conflicts loom in Texas (Texas Tribune, 1/6/12)
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