The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


TX 2010 Archives


Texas owns 16.7 million shares in companies that got tech fund dollars (Dallas Morning News, 12/31/10)
EPA’s permits threat has industry scrambling (Houston Chronicle, 12/31/10)
Defying national trend, Texas clings to biennial legislature (Texas Tribune, 12/31/10)
A look back at the Lone Star State’s 2010 political stories (Texas Tribune, 12/31/10)
Under law, lobbyist conflicts stay private (Texas Tribune, 12/31/10)
Editorial: Needless conflict – once gain TX regulators’ obstruction forces EPA intervention (Houston Chronicle, 12/30/10)
Texas tries again to foil EPA (Houston Chronicle, 12/30/10)
Out-Arizona-ing Arizona (San Antonio Current, 12/29/10)
Voter fraud is rampant in South Texas, seldom prosecuted (Texas Watchdog, 12/29/10)
Legislative fight looms on class-size limit in elementary schools (Dallas Morning News, 12/29/10)
A progressive hopes to bring DREAM Act into Austin (San Antonio Current, 12/29/10)
For Texas, a larger footprint in Congress (Texas Tribune, 12/27/10)
State might build to save money on leasing (Texas Tribune, 12/27/10)
Editorial: Rick Perry is 2010 Texan of the Year (Dallas Morning News, 12/26/10)
EPA seizes permit power from TX on greenhouse gas emissions (Dallas Morning News, 12/24/10)
Electoral power is about voting, not population (Texas Tribune, 12/24/10)
Was Chisum opposed to partisan speaker races before he was for them? (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 12/23/10)
Comptroller urges more transparency in incentive funds (Houston Chronicle, 12/23/10)
Feds want gun sellers to report rifle sales to help stem border violence (Texas Tribune, 12/22/10)
Former Governor Mark White, others seek to revive death penalty hearing (Houston Chronicle, 12/22/10)
EPA challenges Texas over rules on emissions (New York Times, 12/22/10)
Will Texas population surge mean another Dallas Democrat in Congress? (Dallas Morning News, 12/22/10)
The Big Story: Texas up 4 seats as census shows shift to South, West (Dallas Morning News, 12/22/10)
Fight looms as Texas gets House seats (Time, 12/22/10)
Tea Party leader endorses Straus for speaker (Burka Blog, 12/22/10)
Report adds fuel to debate about TX incentive programs (Austin American-Statesman, 12/22/10)
As TX gets increasingly red, Dallas goes blue (Texas Tribune, 12/22/10)
Census: TX gets 4 new congressional seats (Texas Tribune, 12/22/10)
Chisum was GOP caucus to pick a speaker (Texas Tribune, 12/21/10)
Texas wins big in 2010 Census (San Antonio Express-News, 12/21/10)
Conservative think tank says TX Medicaid is in state of crisis (Texas Tribune, 12/21/10)
Lawsuit challenges Texas’ new curriculum as discriminatory (San Antonio Express-News, 12/21/10)
The edge of a Red Sea – Will San Antonio be the TX Democrats’ Alamo? (Texas Observer, 12/20/10)
Razor-thin election result challenged to TX House (Austin American-Statesman, 12/20/10)
Pena party switch a prelude to 2012 congressional run? (Dallas Morning News, 12/20/10)
TX expected to be bigger winner when Census rolls out numbers (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 12/20/10)
Rick Perry’s nuclear money machine (Dallas Morning News, 12/20/10)
Inside Intelligence: Switching parties (Texas Tribune, 12/20/10)
A tale of two switchers – now they have to win as Republicans (Texas Tribune, 12/20/10)
Opinion: Don’t make TX America’s nuclear dumping ground (Austin American-Statesman, 12/19/10)
For TX Democrats, the state Senate is their ‘Alamo’ (Austin American Statesman, 12/19/10)
For Rick Perry, EPA is a useful villain (Texas Tribune, 12/17/10)
Supermajority doesn’t change budget priority, Perry says (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 12/17/10)
Why doesn’t Palin just endorse Rick Perry? (The Hill, 12/16/10)
Tempest over the Tea Party Caucus (Houston Chronicle, 12/16/10)
Party-switchers beware: it ain’t easy (Washington Post, 12/16/10)
Perry scaling back inaugural festivities (Dallas Morning News, 12/16/10)
Straus says opposition in Speaker contest less than it appears(Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 12/16/10)
TX House GOP launches Tea Party Caucus (Texas Tribune, 12/16/10)
Perry pushes next step in tort reform – loser pays (Wall Street Journal, 12/15/10)
Party switching – the reviews keep coming in (Houston Chronicle, 12/15/10)
Commentary: Why you should invest in TX Democrats (Texas Tribune, 12/15/10)
Pena explains decision to join GOP (Texas Tribune, 12/14/10)
Public hearing to determine whether Railroad Commission should be abolished (WFAA, 12/14/10)
Drawing new political maps (Texas Tribune, 12/14/10)
Sunset hearing could cast shadow over TCEQ (Houston Chronicle, 12/14/10)
2 TX House members jump to GOP (Houston Chronicle, 12/14/10)
Regardless, Pena will face tough reelection battle (Houston Chronicle, 12/14/10)
Ritter, Pena leave TX House Dems behind (Texas Tribune, 12/14/10)
What a GOP House supermajority means (Texas Tribune, 12/14/10)
GOP nearing supermajority in TX House (Dallas Morning News, 12/14/10)
Group examines fundraising by Railroad Commission (Texas Tribune, 12/14/10)
Death sentences plunge in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 12/13/10)
How the TX Railroad Commission costs Texans millions on their natural gas bills (Texas Observer, 12/13/10)
Democrat slams party-jumping House member (Dallas Morning News, 12/13/10)
Another losing season for TX Dems (Texas Tribune, 12/13/10)
Democrats plot their next move (San Antonio Express-News, 12/13/10)
TX House Dem rumored to be switching party label (Texas Tribune, 12/10/10)
Perry travels a well-worn anti-Washington presidential path (San Angelo Standard-Times, 12/10/10)
UT wants to cease providing medical care to prison inmates (Austin American-Statesman, 12/9/10)
Comptroller proposes increasing school class sizes as cost-saving measure (Dallas Morning News, 12/9/10)
What do TX Democrats do now – and who will lead them? (Texas Tribune, 12/9/10)
Film commission denies incentives for Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ (Austin360, 12/8/10)
State lawmaker wants to criminalize federal health care reform (CBS19, 12/8/10)
State agencies told to cut more (Dallas Morning News, 12/8/10)
Budget ax chopping even deeper (San Antonio Express-News, 12/8/10)
Appeals court halts death penalty hearing (Houston Chronicle, 12/7/10)
Feds slated to reduce Texas Medicaid match (Texas Tribune, 12/7/10)
$500 million belt-tightening ordered (Houston Chronicle, 12/7/10)
Dem. Representative wants to call fees taxes (Texas Tribune, 12/7/10)
Insiders think Railroad Commission should be eliminated as part of TX reform (Texas Tribune, 12/6/10)
Dem: If it quacks like a tax, it’s a tax (Dallas Morning News, 12/6/10)
Death penalty hearing begins in Houston courtroom (Houston Chronicle, 12/6/10)
Perry taking his rebellion national (Houston Chronicle, 12/5/10)
Petition aims to protect illegal Mexican immigrants (Houston Chronicle, 12/5/10)
Report reveals cost of TX withdrawing from Medicaid (Austin American-Statesman, 12/3/10)
Report warns Medicaid loss would cost Texas (Houston Chronicle, 12/3/10)
Report: TX must change, not abandon, Medicaid (Texas Tribune, 12/3/10)
In Speaker race, Paxton plans statewide tea party campaign (Texas Monthly, 12/3/10)
Redistricting: GOP has lock, but Dems have the key (Austin Chronicle, 12/3/10)
Texas in no-win situation with Medicaid (Texas Tribune, 12/3/10)
Lawmakers look to cut TX education budget (Texas Tribune, 12/3/10)
Texas will see dramatic gain in US House seats (Washington Post, 12/3/10)
TX GOP misses supermajority as Dem holds on to House seat (Austin American-Statesman, 12/3/10)
Audio: New scrutiny for two economic development funds (KERA, 12/2/10)
GOP Hispanic group names Perry Numero Uno (Dallas Morning News, 12/2/10)
Texas proposal spurs race to dispose of nuclear waste (New York Times, 12/2/10)
Why Perry can’t immediately pardon Tom DeLay (Houston Chronicle, 12/2/10)
Judge to rule on death penalty Constitutionality (Texas Tribune, 12/2/10)
Business leader: State needs incentive funding in higher ed (Texas Tribune, 12/1/10)
TX lawmakers could eliminate incentive funds (Texas Tribune, 12/1/10)
Democratic lawmaker outlines budget reform proposals (Texas Independent, 12/1/10)
Lege Council boss ready for session, redistricting (Texas Tribune, 11/30/10)
Perry’s office asks tech fund panelist to step down (Dallas Morning News, 11/29/10)
GOP Appropriations Chair readying steep budget cuts (Texas Tribune, 11/29/10)
Editorial: AZ coffers offer harsh lesson for TX on immigration (Austin American-Statesman, 11/29/10)
TX Insiders believe Perry will run in 2012, but don’t think he should (Texas Tribune, 11/29/10)
Perry supports military action in Mexico (, 11/28/10)
Poll: GOP support for Perry declines (Amarillo Glove-News, 11/26/10)
GOP leader: Cut and eliminate agencies, furlough workers (Texas Tribune, 11/22/10)
TX insiders on how the budget will be balanced (Texas Tribune, 11/22/10) +++
Video: Perry tells Fox News – No White House run in 2012 (Texas Tribune, 11/21/10)
How do Democrats remain relevant? (San Antonio Express, 11/21/10)
TX adds almost 48K jobs, but jobless rate stays at 8.1% (Dallas Morning News, 11/20/10)
Bush, Perry tension renewed as Perry’s star rises (Texas Tribune, 11/19/10)  +++
Perry backs sending US troops into Mexico to quell drug violence (Dallas Morning News, 11/19/10)
Mapping the future: TX GOP will draw map but picking up seats will be difficult (Washington Post, 11/18/10)
Top governors turn against Steele (Politico, 11/18/10)
Sunset report recommends replacing Railroad Commission (Texas Tribune, 11/18/10)
Analysis: Perry’s ‘states’ rights’ battle cry evokes history that could damage his message (Dallas Morning News, 11/18/10)
In CA, Perry provides advise as to how to fix CA economy (10News, 11/17/10)
Video: GOP could wage redistricting war within party (News8Austin, 11/17/10)
White says he won’t run for US Senate in 2012 (Houston Chronicle, 11/15/10)
Perry picked to lead RGA (Politico, 11/12/10)
If Texas dropped out of Medicaid, ctd. (Washington Post, 11/12/10)
CA vs. TX – the Jekyll and Hyde of health-care reform (Washington Post, 11/11/10)
Video: Rick Perry on The Daily Show (Texas Tribune, 11/9/10)
TX legislators file bills to crackdown on immigration (Texas Tribune, 11/9/10)
What if Texas quits Medicaid? (Washington Post, 11/8/10)
What a near-super-majority means for the TX GOP (Texas Tribune, 11/8/10)
Hispanics gave a boost to GOP in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 11/8/10)
Perry, White contest was over before it started (Texas Tribune, 11/8/10)
Perry talks dropping Medicaid on CNN (Texas Tribune, 11/8/10)
In climate politics, Texas aims to be the anti-California (LA Times, 11/7/10)
Lawmakers considering dropping out of Medicaid program (Texas Tribune, 11/6/10)
Is ignoring the press an emerging political strategy? (Texas Watchdog, 11/3/10)
Endorsement: Bill White for Gov (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 10/23/10)
Turnout in first days of early voting doubled since ’06 (Texas Tribune, 10/22/10)
Poll shows Perry with 11 -point lead among Fox News viewers (Houston Chronicle, 10/22/10)
Both parties complain of voter intimidation in early balloting (Houston Chronicle, 10/22/10)
Video: Republicans say early voter surge in suburbs benefits them (Texas Tribune, 10/22/10)
Big gifts to GOP push donor Bob Perry to a new level (New York Times, 10/21/10)
Early vote analysis from Harris County – big turnout in GOP areas (Texas Monthly, 10/21/10)
Eyewitnesses report intimidation by TX poll watchers (Talking Points Memo, 10/21/10)
Casual voters might like big ideas from White (Austin American-Statesman, 10/20/10)
Prosecutors decided against charges in TRS case (Texas Tribune, 10/20/10)
White accuses Perry appointees of playing politics with teachers’ pension fund (Texas Independent, 10/19/10)
Perry donor’s gift to RGA could fuel late sprint by governor (Dallas Morning News, 10/19/10)
Perry’s biggest donor writes a $3.5M check to RGA (Dallas Morning News, 10/19/10)
Whistleblower: Teacher Retirement staff pressured to pick politically-connected firms (Dallas Morning News, 10/19/10)
TX Dems file lawsuit against King Street Patriots over non-profit status and voter intimidation (Texas Independent, 10/18/10)
In fire’s aftermath, early voting in Harris County could prove vital (Houston Chronicle, 10/18/10)
Farouk Shami endorses Perry (Texas Tribune, 10/18/10)
An Hour With Rick Perry (Texas Tribune, 10/18/10)
White courts Democratic base in governor’s race (Washington Post, 10/18/10)
An Hour With Bill White (Texas Tribune, 10/18/10)
Washington at the center of TX governor race (Texas Tribune, 10/17/10)
Tweets, sweets, other little expenses say lots about governor’s race (Dallas Morning News, 10/17/10)
Perry faces real challenge in Bill White (Amarillo Globe-News, 10/17/10)
White, Perry battling to the end (Tyler News Telegraph, 10/17/10)
Endorsement: White is right choice for Texas (San Antonio Express-News, 10/17/10)
Texas House is up for grabs (Austin American-Statesman, 10/16/10)
Endorsement: We recommend White for governor (Dallas Morning News, 10/16/10)
Audio: Where they stand – the TX governor’s race (Texas Tribune, 10/16/10)
Video: The TT Interview – Perry on abstinence, sanctuary cities (Texas Tribune, 10/15/10)
Candidate issues survey has few takes in Texas races (Dallas Morning News, 10/15/10)
Video: The TT Interview – White on Obama, SBOE (Texas Tribune, 10/15/10)
Perry, White stick with familiar talking points in stump speeches (Austin American-Statesman, 10/15/10)
Perry’s security detail costs taxpayers $1 million (San Antonio Express-News, 10/14/10)
Rice U prof: White should start thinking about a 2012 Senate run (Houston Chronicle, 10/14/10)
New questions raises about $4.5 milion state grant to Austin company (Austin American-Statesman, 10/14/10)
Perry approved $4.5M for donor’s start-up firm without regional board’s OK (Dallas Morning News, 10/13/10)
Are Texans tired of Gov. Rick Perry? (NPR, 10/13/10)
Medina spokeswoman: Perry dodging Libertarian Glass in debates (Texas Independent, 10/12/10)
Endorsement: Time for a change (Houston Chronicle, 10/12/10)
Kinky Friedman to endorse Libertarian Kathie Glass (Texas Tribune, 10/12/10)
Glass tries to confront Perry on debating (Houston Chronicle, 10/11/10)
Texas Lyceum Poll puts Perry up by 5 (Texas Tribune, 10/6/10)
Governor candidates debate – without Perry (Dallas Morning News, 10/4/10)
Perry puts $1.75 M in taxpayer dollars into mystery donor’s company (Dallas Morning News, 10/3/10)
Perry’s Tech fund aided firms with campaign links (Dallas Morning News, 10/3/10)
It could be a horse race for TX governor (LA Times, 10/3/10)
Commentary: Perry speaks out of both sides of mouth when it comes to federal funds (Austin American-Statesman, 10/2/10)
Endorsement: Bill White, time for a change (Austin American-Statesman, 10/2/10)
Perry attacks White over police pensions during his term as mayor (Austin American-Statesman, 10/1/10)
Perry thought of prez run ‘for 15 seconds’ (Houston Chronicle, 10/1/10)
Rick Perry has amassed a financial army of appointees (Dallas Morning News, 10/1/10)
Where Perry and White stand on energy issues (Texas Tribune, 10/1/10)
DGA targets Perry – why? (Texas Monthly, 9/28/10)
Perry looks to enhance national profile (Dallas Morning News, 9/28/10)
All minor party hopefuls invited to guber debate (Austin American-Statesman, 9/27/10)
Democrats go after Perry in Texas (Washington Post, 9/27/10)
Poll shows Perry leads White as early voting nears (Austin American-Statesman, 9/27/10)
Small business owners still weighing guber choices (Texas Independent, 9/27/10)
Poll finds Perry has the numbers, but White still has a shot (Dallas Morning News, 9/26/10)
Andrea White – ‘passionate supporter,’ reluctant campaigner (Dallas Morning News, 9/26/10)
Republicans put their own leaders in the cross hairs (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/25/10)
Majority of Texans back AZ-like immigration law (Houston Chronicle, 9/25/10)
Libertarian Glass messing with Texas race (Politico, 9/24/10)
Perry, White clash in separate interviews (Dallas Morning News, 9/24/10)
TX files suit to free up $830 million in school funds caught in political stalemate (Dallas Morning News, 9/24/10)
Texans overwhelmingly support Perry in fight with feds over education dollars (Houston Chronicle, 9/24/10)
White on mission to build buzz in Rio Grande Valley (Austin American-Statesman, 9/24/10)
Perry holds 6-point lead over White in Rasmussen Poll (Texas Tribune, 9/24/10)
Anita Perry, a no-nonsense nurse helps husband win votes (Dallas Morning News, 9/24/10)
Texas leads resistance to EPA climate action (Texas Tribune, 9/23/10)
Editorial writers group slams Perry in open letter (Texas Tribune, 9/23/10)
Texas Farm Bureau PAC opts out of governor’s race (Texas Tribune, 9/22/10)
School board reignites culture wars (Dallas Morning News, 9/21/10)
Don’t mess with Texas Democrats (Mother Jones, 9/21/10)
Republican Party to publish campus newspaper (Texas Tribune, 9/21/10)
Rick Perry trashes traditional campaign tools – looks to social networking (Texas Tribune, 9/21/10)
Perry asks for more stimulus funds on the down-low (Texas Observer, 9/20/10)
Could Perry fatigue give Dems an opening in Texas? (RealClearPolitics, 9/20/10)
Perry, White speak to Arab American voters in Houston (Austin American-Statesman, 9/20/10)
Trial lawyers heavily support Bill White for governor (Dallas Morning News, 9/20/10)
Many Dallas-Ft.Worth residents brace for tax increases (Dallas Morning News, 9/19/10)
Concern for country is theme at Tea Party rally in Ft Worth (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/18/10)
Endorsement: Time for a change, White endorsed by hometown paper (Houston Chronicle, 9/18/10)
Perry poisons education funding (Austin Chronicle, 9/17/10)
GOP officeholders chip in to help state party reduce debt significantly (Texas Tribune, 9/17/10)
White says releasing tax returns for debate would set ‘bad precedent’ (Dallas Morning News, 9/17/10)
Arson not ruled out in voting device fire (Houston Chronicle, 9/17/10)
Perry disputes budget shortfall estimates; White accuses him of failing to plan (Houston Chronicle, 9/16/10)
Recession creates an opening for Democrat in Texas (New York Times, 9/16/10)
Could Hutchison be the next GOP Senator primaried? (Texas Independent, 9/16/10)
Six points separate Perry and White  - or is it more? (Texas Tribune, 9/16/10)
Perry criticizes White in new round of negative TV ads (Dallas Morning News, 9/16/10)
Debate looking unlikely for Perry and White (Texas Tribune, 9/16/10)
Perry says the state needs more tort reform (Texas Tribune, 9/16/10)
Perry gets endorsement from NRA (Houston Chronicle, 9/16/10)
GOP strategists say TX House safe from Dem takeover; implications for redistricting (Dallas Morning News, 9/16/10)
Perry says the sate needs more tort reform (Texas Tribune, 9/16/10)
Poll shows support to cut budget, no new spending (Texas Tribune, 9/15/10)
White hoping Democrats can take back Dallas this year (Houston Chronicle, 9/15/10)
Perry unleashes first negative ads against White (Austin American-Statesman, 9/15/10)
Harris County GOP directs pollworkers to training from tea party group (Texas Independent, 9/15/10)
Perry won’t budge, still won’t debate till White releases more tax returns (Dallas Morning News, 9/15/10)
The debate stalemate – Perry unlikely to pay price (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/10)
White takes hand-on approach to campaigning (Austin American Statesman, 9/14/10)
New TT poll: An anti-immigrant, anti-government mood (Texas Tribune, 9/14/10)
Projected state budget shortfall reaches $21 billion (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/10)
Estimated budget shortfall increases (San Antonio Express-News, 9/14/10)
Changing demographics change politics in Boomtowns (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/10)
Guber candidates can’t ignore ‘Tractor Country’ (Houston Chronicle, 9/14/10)
Perry’s first TV ad touts TX business climate (Houston Chronicle, 9/13/10)
Perry leads by six in volatile guber race (Texas Tribune, 9/13/10)
Small businesses in Perry TV ad don’t support Perry (Dallas Morning News, 9/13/10)
Is the TX governor’s race as close as it looks? (Texas Tribune, 9/13/10)
Blurring the boundaries – as ‘Immigration Nation’ grows statewide, so does political influence (Houston Chronicle, 9/13/10)
‘Evangelical epicenters’ may help sway gov vote (Houston Chronicle, 9/13/10)
Austin grocer unhappy her store is in Parry ad (Austin American-Statesman, 9/13/10)
Analysis: Fight over education funding is pure Texas (Austin American-Statesman, 9/12/10)
Watch Rick Perry spin his $18 billion budget deficit (Burnt Orange Report, 9/11/10)
Perry, White say health care a priority (Houston Chronicle, 9/11/10)
Perry tries to tie White to Metro deal (Houston Chronicle, 9/10/10)
Houston scrambles after blaze that destroyed voting machines (New York Times, 9/10/10)
White takes on border security in latest TV ad (Dallas Morning News, 9/9/10)
Both major parties relying on cash from Texas this fall (Texas Independent, 9/7/10)
Consumer poll shows Perry, White essentially tied (Houston Chronicle, 9/7/10)
As campaign sprint begins, GOP enjoys head start (Texas Tribune, 9/7/10)
Audio: How does the TX economy stack up – really? (Texas Tribune, 9/7/10)
TX House leaders disagree with Perry about $18 billion state shortfall (Dallas Morning News, 9/7/10)
White calls for cutting tourism spending (Austin American-Statesman, 9/6/10)
Deals that made Bill White wealthy reflect demanding, focused style (Dallas Morning News, 9/5/10)
Analysis: Expect both Perry, White to avoid ‘insider’ role as governor’s race ramps up (Dallas Morning News, 9/5/10)
Gov. Perry sets deadline for release of tax returns or no debate (Houston Chronicle, 9/2/10)
Bill White outlines border security plan (Dallas Morning News, 9/2/10)
Bill White unveils his border security plan (Texas Tribune, 9/2/10)
Tough fundraising for GOP in Lone Star State (Texas Independent, 9/2/10)
Blind trusts become campaign issue (Austin American Statesman, 9/2/10)
Perry still sore about presidential snub (Houston Chronicle, 9/1/10)
Opinion: Metroplex politicians afflicted by ‘ethics bug’ (Dallas Morning News, 8/31/10)
Bill White calls for term limits (Houston Chronicle, 8/31/10)
Perry on League of Conservation Voters’ “Dirty Dozen” list (Dallas Morning News, 8/31/10)
Immigration, border violence unlikely topics during Obama visit (El Paso Times, 8/31/10)
White House: Perry declined border security meeting (Austin American-Statesman, 8/30/10)
Latest Bill White ad: Perry’s lobbyists (Texas Tribune, 8/30/10)
Aide: Perry denied border meeting with president (Houston Chronicle, 8/30/10)
On the campaign trail with Gov. Rick Perry (Texas Tribune, 8/30/10)
Warehouse blaze still a mystery – Democrats worried about election (Houston Chronicle, 8/29/10)
Coincidence or conspiracy: the Harris County voting machine fire (Texas Monthly, 8/29/10)
Officials scramble after fire destroys vote machines (Houston Chronicle, 8/28/10)
GOP says graphics firm’s error led to use of Confederate constitution in handout (Dallas Morning News, 8/28/10)
TX Education Commissioner leaves Washington without $830 million for education (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 8/28/10)
White, but not Perry, accepts invite to debate (Austin American-Statesman, 8/27/10)
Houston Chronicle declines to run anti-Perry “Coward” ads (Texas Tribune, 8/24/10)
Documents reveal large deficit in Texas state budget (Texas Tribune, 8/18/10)
Gas tax dust-up points to stylistic differences between Perry, White (Austin American-Statesman, 8/18/10)
State revenue predictions sobering (Houston Chronicle, 8/17/10)
Anti-Perry ads may have more impact down ballot (News8Austin, 8/16/10)
Libertarian campaigning hard for governor (Houston Chronicle, 8/16/10)
Fracking questions: White’s ties to well company highlighted (Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/10)
White takes his campaign to Perry’s home county (Austin American-Statesman, 8/15/10)
Bill White discloses past earnings (Dallas Morning News, 8/14/10)
Perry ups the rhetoric on White’s tax returns, White fights back (Houston Chronicle, 8/12/10)
White, Perry spar over transparency (Texas Tribune, 8/12/10)
Rick Perry won’t meet with editorial boards (Houston Chronicle, 8/12/10)
Like Perry, White takes contributions from appointees (Texas Tribune, 8/12/10)
White challenges Perry through ethics reform (Houston Chronicle, 8/11/10)
White plugs education, talks jobs in Dallas (Dallas Morning News, 8/11/10)
Perry accuses White invoking race in speech (Texas Tribune, 8/11/10)
Texas officials blast anti-Perry provision in new school law (Houston Chronicle, 8/11/10)
White outlines how he’d be more ethical than Perry (Dallas Morning News, 8/11/10)
Perry accuses White of invoking race in speech (Texas Tribune, 8/11/10)
Bill White’s ‘Obama problem’ (Texas Tribune, 8/9/10)
White, Perry both don’t oppose Ground Zero mosque (Dallas Morning News, 8/6/10)
Perry calls on White to resign – again (Texas Tribune, 8/4/10)
Austin-area TX House contests pivotal to 2011 redistricting (American Independent, 8/3/10)
Where did all KBH’s donors go? (Texas Tribune, 8/3/10)
JULY 2010
White targets Perry over grant request, land deal (Dallas Morning News, 7/31/10)
Several former Hutchison supporters backing White (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 7/29/10)
Texas ranks low in college educated population (Houston Chronicle, 7/23/10)
Cisneros on immigration and the Latino vote (Texas Tribune, 7/23/10)
TX Dems push to increase Hispanic turnout (Texas Tribune, 7/22/10)
White tries to distance himself from Obama (Dallas Morning News, 7/22/10)
Perry releases new ad calling White a liar (Texas Tribune, 7/22/10)
White has ‘no plans’ to attend Texas events with Obama (Dallas Morning News, 7/21/10)
Perry op-ed: Storm clouds gathering along US-Mexico border (The Hill, 7/21/10)
Houston couple dig deep to oust GOP (Houston Chronicle, 7/20/10)
Perry the cowboy saunters into the Aspen Institute (Dallas Morning News, 7/19/10)
Obama planning TX fundraising trip – White won’t be at his side (Austin American-Statesman, 7/19/10)
Perry’s tightrope walk on immigration (San Antonio News-Express, 7/19/10)
White profited from troubled oil company (Houston Chronicle, 7/18/10)
Perry’s camp pays Dem to settle suit over $1M donation (Dallas Morning News, 7/17/10)
Perry’s campaign pays $426K to former rival Bell over 2006 campaign funding lawsuit (Austin American-Statesman, 7/16/10)
White has $3M advantage over Perry (Dallas Morning News, 7/16/10)
DA looking into Green Party ballot dispute (Austin American-Statesman, 7/15/10)
White holding his own in campaign fundraising (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 7/15/10)
DC Dems return fire from Perry (Houston Chronicle, 7/15/10)
Perry raises $7.1M by June 30 (Texas Tribune, 7/15/10)
White reports having $9 million in bank for campaign (Texas Tribune, 7/15/10)
Perry says he’ll skip border gov meeting if it’s moved from Arizona (Dallas Morning News, 7/13/10)
GOP operative implicated in Green Party saga has history of ‘butt-biting’ (Mother Jones, 7/13/10)
PAC buys more ad time hammer Perry (Austin American-Statesman, 7/12/10)
Democrats decry change to redistricting hearing process (Waco Tribune-Herald, 7/12/10)
BP ties ooze into Texas elections (Austin American-Statesman, 7/11/10)
Perry allies implicated in Green Party case have escaped to their own private island (Dallas Morning News, 7/9/10)
Perry on defense in front of farm group (San Antonio Express News, 7/9/10)
Perry denies any knowledge about effort to help Green Party (Austin American-Statesman, 7/8/10)
TX GOP drinks the Tea Party brew (Texas Tribune, 7/6/10)
AZ law causes split for border governors, Brewer cancels summit (New York Times, 7/6/10)
Another GOPer associated with Green Party effort in email (Texas Tribune, 7/6/10)
White rips into Perry for no-show in governor debate (Houston Chronicle, 7/5/10)
Perry: conversation with Napolitano ‘tense’ (Austin American-Statesman, 7/3/10)
Can Texas Dems ride a ticket led by White? (Texas Tribune, 7/2/10)
Do libertarians help Dems and hurt GOP? (Texas Tribune, 7/2/10)
League of Conservation Voters admonishes Green Party (Texas Tribune, 7/1/10)
EPA shoots down Texas clean air regulations – becomes issue in guber contest (Texas Tribune, 7/1/10)
Lt. Gov Dewhirst appoints Senate Redistricting Panel (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Perry, White continue attacks on each other (Texas Tribune, 6/30/10)
Audio: Will White’s stance on oil drilling hurt him? (Texas Tribune, 6/29/10)
Enthusiasm, Yes. But can the Dems win? (Texas Tribune, 6/28/10)
White campaign gains speed (Amarillo Globe-News, 6/28/10)
Green Party appeals injunction against slate of candidates (Houston Chronicle, 6/28/10)
Democrats keep controversial “Texas Two-Step” (Texas Tribune, 6/27/10)
Dems focus blame on Austin, not DC (Dallas Morning News, 6/26/10)
White fires up Dems with heavy focus on Perry (Austin American-Statesman, 6/26/10)
White rallies Dems, saying gov is “in it for Rick Perry” (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 6/25/10)
White’s blueprint for Dem victory comes from the middle (Dallas Morning News, 6/25/10)
Some down-ballot Dems hope to ride White’s coattails (Dallas Morning News, 6/25/10)
New Perry ad labels opponent “Bill Whitewash” (Texas Tribune, 6/25/10)
Circle of Perry associates grows in Green Party scandal (Dallas Morning News, 6/25/10)
Anti-Perry ad takes aim at gov’s lavish lifestyle (Texas Tribune, 6/24/10)
White pitches college-for-all education plan (El Paso Times, 6/24/10)
Perry declares Sunday a day of prayer for the Gulf Coast (Houston Chronicle, 6/24/10)
White reaching out to GOP as he prepares to address TX Dems (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 6/24/10)
Dem delegates to debate the “Texas Two-Step” (Houston Chronicle, 6/24/10)
Green Party candidates blocked from ballot, judge rules (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 6/24/10)
Audio: Bill White campaign finally hits back (Texas Tribune, 6/24/10)
Democrats gather on a hopeful note (San Antonio Express-News, 6/23/10)
Leo Berman to challenge Straus for House Speaker (Tyler Morning Telegraph, 6/22/10)
Redistricting debate gets started in S.A. (San Antonio Express-News, 6/22/10)
Opinion: White’s task at Dem state convo (Dallas Morning News, 6/21/10)
In challenge to Perry, White, hits issues of leadership, lifestyle (Austin American-Statesman, 6/21/10)
Perry touts successful trade trip to China (Dallas Morning News, 6/21/10)
Audio: An interview with Perry’s chief consultant (Texas Tribune, 6/21/10)
State GOP struggling to pay off its debt (Houston Chronicle, 6/21/10)
Demographic trends bode grim future for state (Houston Chronicle, 6/20/10)
State GOP chief tackles party’s big debt (Houston Chronicle, 6/20/10)
Dems prepare for convo, hope White will lead them to victory (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 6/19/10)
Audio: Bill White’s wife keeps the faith (Texas Tribune, 6/18/10)
Some GOP stalwarts plan to vote for Bill White (Houston Chronicle, 6/18/10)
White camp calls Perry ‘part-time’ governor (Houston Chronicle, 6/17/10)
Video: White criticizes Perry for working 7 hours a week (Texas Tribune, 6/17/10)
Munisteri emerges as new state GOP chair after acrimonious contest (Texas Tribune, 6/16/10)
Audio: Can TX GOP keep it together with Tea Partyers? (Texas Tribune, 6/15/10)
Dems high-jack Perry press conference (Austin American-Statesman, 6/15/10)
TX Dem chair faces a challenge (Texas Tribune, 6/14/10)
Carville protege joins White’s media team (Texas Tribune, 6/14/10)
A guber contest without a debate is distinct possibility (San Antonio Express-News, 6/13/10)
KBH and Perry unite to bash White (Austin American-Statesman, 6/13/10)
Perry heads to China for world’s fair (Austin American-Statesman, 6/14/10)
Immigration most pressing platform issue at state GOP convo (Dallas Morning News, 6/13/10)
Libertarians select their guber nominee (Texas Tribune, 6/13/10)
Perry campaign denies it’s behind Green Party signature drive (Texas Tribune, 6/12/10)
GOP faithful not enthusiastic for a President Perry (Austin American-Statesman, 6/12/10)
Medina an outlier at state convo in Dallas (Dallas Morning News, 6/12/10)
Former GOP leader tries to rally party against Speaker Straus (Austin American-Statesman, 6/12/10)
Kay and Rick make-up, but chill hands in the air (Dallas Morning News, 6/11/10)
TX GOP gathers for state convo (Texas Tribune, 6/11/10)
Green Party will withhold nominating candidates until court rules on petitions (Dallas Morning News, 6/10/10)
Perry demands White quit race over “profiteering” while mayor (Texas Tribune, 6/9/10)
White releases tax returns for years he was mayor (Dallas Morning News, 6/8/10)
Green Party close to getting on ballot thanks to GOP gift (Dallas Morning News, 6/6/10)
Perry says Texas is model for clean air policy (Dallas Morning News, 6/2/10)
TX business tax revenue far short in May (Austin American-Statesman, 6/2/10)
Sierra Club may sue EPA over TX clean air standards (Dallas Morning News, 6/1/10)

MAY 2010

EPA provides talking points for both sides (Houston Chronicle, 5/30/10)

Perry camp accuses White of opposing military balloting (Dallas Morning News, 5/28/10)

Polling Center: Bill White’s “everywhere else” challenge (Texas Tribune, 5/27/10)

Big budget deficit puts Perry in tough spot (Wall Street Journal, 5/26/10)

Perry: EPA restrictions on oil refinery hurt TX economy (Dallas Morning News, 5/26/10)

White calls for local control of transportation (San Antonio Express-News, 5/26/10)

White calls for audit of Enterprise Fund (, 5/26/10)

Amid party anxiety, White remains confident of chances (New8 Austin, 5/25/10)

Perry writing a book, denouncing the expansion of the federal govt (Dallas Morning News, 5/25/10)

TX Dems launch Evict Rick campaign (Dallas Morning News, 5/25/10)

Perry leads White by nine in Trib poll (Dallas Morning News, 5/24/10)

Poll shows anti-incumbent fever less important than anti-Obama in Texas (Texas Tribune, 5/24/10)

What Bill White needs to do to get back in the game (San Antonio Express-News, 5/23/10)

Perry leads White 44-35 in UT poll (Texas Tribune, 5/23/10)

White vows to undo curriculum changes (Houston Chronicle, 5/23/10)

TX SBOE has marathon session where tempers flare along partisan lines (Texas Tribune, 5/21/10)

White accuses Perry of using Enterprise Fund for kickbacks (San Antonio Express, 5/21/10)

Video: Could Rick’s luxury turn into a political liability? (Texas Tribune, 5/21/10)

Editorial: White has yet to convey an alternate vision (Dallas Morning News, 5/21/10)

More Enterprise Fund companies fall short on jobs (AP, 5/20/10)

White echoes KBH in criticism of Perry (Dallas Morning News, 5/20/10)

Is White mimicking KBH in his campaign against Perry? (Dallas Morning News, 5/20/10)

White camp blasts Perry over Fund use (Houston Chronicle, 5/20/10)

Poll vs. Poll – beware of those that release partial results (Texas Tribune, 5/18/10)

Opinion: Assessing the different guber campaign strategies (Dallas Morning News, 5/17/10)

Perry spent over $600K on rent & utilities for temporary residence (Houston Chronicle, 5/17/10)

Texas GOP’s mounting debt causing internal power struggle (Texas Tribune, 5/14/10)

Perry and tainted campaign donations (Dallas Morning News, 5/14/10)

Houston Mayor and White play down tensions (Houston Chronicle, 5/13/10)

Perry walks tightrope between Hispanic voters, conservative base (Austin American-Statesman, 5/13/10)

Romney to campaign, fundraise for Perry (Austin American Statesman, 5/13/10)

Perry reaffirms opposition to gambling expansion (Dallas Morning News, 5/12/10)

TX budget may have $11 billion hole (Texas Tribune, 5/11/10)

On some of Perry’s attack lines, there isn’t much difference with White (Dallas Morning News, 5/11/10)

Perry releases updated border security plan (Texas Tribune, 5/11/10)

All’s not well with TX GOP (Amarillo Globe-News, 5/10/10)

Democratic fund building a base in Texas (Texas Tribune, 5/10/10)

Opinion: Hey, Bill White, it’s time to get off the stick! (Texas Tribune, 5/10/10)

Party Crashers – the fight to become the TX GOP Chair (Texas Tribune, 5/7/10)

White, Perry spar over Rio Grande Valley endorsements (Texas Tribune, 5/7/10)

TX candidates spar over oil spill (New York Times, 5/6/10)

Both White, Perry tout S. Texas support (Dallas Morning News, 5/5/10)

Bill White’s Defining Moment (Texas Tribune, 5/6/10)

Compare & contrast White & Perry’s reaction to oil spill (Austin American Statesman, 5/6/10)

Perry, White get political over rig disaster (Dallas Business Journal, 5/5/10)

White & Perry continue to back offshore drilling (Dallas Morning News, 5/4/10)

Perry warns against “knee-jerk” reaction to oil spill (Dallas Morning News, 5/4/10)

The different responses to the oil spill from Perry, White (Austin American Statesman, 5/4/10)

As Perry’s star rises, so do image worries (Houston Chronicle, 5/3/10)

Perry, White agree AZ immigration law is not for Texas (NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth, 5/3/10)

Perry calls BP oil disaster an “Act of God” (Dallas Morning News, 5/3/10)

Perry hopes Feds will step up immigration enforcement (Dallas Morning News, 5/3/10)

Could Continental’s merger be a plus for White? (CultureMap Houston, 5/3/10)

Perry shows up at WH Correspondents’ Dinner (Dallas Morning News, 5/2/10)

Perry decides TX won’t run high-risk insurance pool (Dallas Morning News, 5/1/10)

Texas Democrat is striving to make his name known (New York Times, 5/1/10)

APRIL 2010

White gets endorsement from a GOP mayor (Dallas Morning News, 4/30/10)

White’s path to victory requires getting GOP voters (Dallas Morning News, 4/30/10)

In Texas, hard to find high-ranking GOP officials who agree with AZ immigration law (Texas Tribune, 4/29/10)

Perry refuses to debate until White releases tax returns (Dallas Morning News, 4/27/10)

Perry & White likely to tread lightly on immigration (Houston Chronicle, 4/27/10)

In many Texas towns, Bill White is still unknown (Houston Chronicle, 4/26/10)

Who you calling a trial lawyer? (Texas Tribune, 4/23/10)

A cloudy governor’s race (Texas Tribune, 4/23/10)

Editorial: School funding dilemma will confront next governor (Dallas Morning News, 4/22/10)

Under new health care law, number of uninsured Texans will drop by millions (Houston Chronicle, 4/22/10)

White, legislators and others lining up against SBOE (Burnt Orange Report, 4/22/10)

Perry gets into his Texas Tea Party Two-Step (CultureMap Houston, 4/22/10)

Perry on America’s Worst Governors List (Texas Tribune, 4/21/10)

Ailing economy worries Texans, could hurt Perry (Houston Chronicle, 4/21/10)

On campaign trail, White criticizes Perry over lack of support for UT-San Antonio (San Antonio Express News, 4/20/10)

Perry has four point lead over White (Dallas Morning News, 4/19/10)

Rick Perry – The Texas tribune Interview (Texas Tribune, 4/19/10)

GOP’s Perry’s lead shrinks to four over White (Politics Daily, 4/19/10)

“Great White” yet to show his teeth on campaign trail (News8Austin, 4/19/10)

White derides SBOE decisions (Dallas Morning News, 4/17/10)

What Perry’s hard right turn says about Texas in the Age of Obama (Newsweek, 4/16/10)

The Texas Curriculum Massacre (Newsweek, 4/16/10)

Perry quells rumors he’ll call special session over challenging health care reform (Dallas Morning News, 4/16/10)

Perry entertains talk of 2012 bid (Houston Chronicle, 4/16/10)

Perry warns Tea Party to watch their backs (Dallas Morning News, 4/15/10)

Texas Dems stir the GOP pot (Texas Tribune, 4/14/10)

White campaign buying ads accusing Perry of politicizing state universities (Texas Tribune, 4/14/10)

White: teachers need secure retirement (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 4/14/10)

Dems reaching out to anti-Perry GOPers (Texas Tribune, 4/14/10)

Perry ducked state law on disclosing some stimulus money (Austin American Statesman, 4/13/10)

A weekend full of Perry for President chatter (Dallas Morning News, 4/12/10)

Perry, White feud over higher ed funding shortfall (Dallas Morning News, 4/9/10)

Perry’s war against book learnin’ (Dallas Morning News, 4/8/10)

Perry using NASCAR as a campaign tool (Texas Tribune, 4/7/10)

Bill White’s Democratic challenge (Dallas Morning News, 4/6/10)

Perry predicts Hutchison will campaign for him (Houston Chronicle, 4/4/10)

Is this the year Texas Latinos provide Dem victories? (Houston Chronicle, 4/3/10)

Perry makes nice with KBH (Dallas Morning News, 4/1/10)

Opinion: Mark Davis – GOPers hoping for an energized KBH (Dallas Morning News, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Hutchison’s reversal scrambles other politicians plans (Dallas Morning News, 3/31/10)

Advice for Bill White (Texas Tribune, 3/29/10)

White gets positive media – but not much of it (Dallas Morning News, 3/29/10)

Candidates see state of education differently (Houston Chronicle, 3/28/10)

White takes on SBOE curriculum standards (Austin News 8, 3/27/10)

White steers middle course in bid to unseat Perry (Dallas Morning News, 3/26/10)

If Perry is thinking of 2012, he’s got a lot of work to do (Dallas Morning News, 3/25/10)

White attacks Perry’s border crime claims (Texas Tribune, 3/25/10)

White urges Perry to restart social studies curriculum review process (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 3/25/10)

How will White react to Perry’s attacks? (Dallas Morning News, 3/25/10)

VIDEO: White explains how he can beat Perry (CBS News, 3/25/10)

Perry takes measured approach on health care (Houston Chronicle, 3/25/10)

State Board of Education becomes issue in guber race (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 3/23/10)

GOP accuses White of not reporting $83K in income (Houston Chronicle, 3/23/10)

Lawmakers look at state fund used to “reinforce” Perry’s image (KVUE, 3/23/10)

Perry threatening legal action to block health reform (Houston Chronicle, 3/22/10)

Perry grandstanding on border violence (Burnt Orange Report, 3/19/10)

White, Perry camps spar over border policy (Dallas Morning News, 3/19/10)

White releases income tax information (Dallas Morning News, 3/19/10)

White joins fray over border, working to score political points (Texas Tribune, 3/18/10)

Recession did a number on Texas in 2009 (Austin American Statesman, 3/18/10)

Perry sends choppers to defend the border (Texas Tribune, 3/18/10)

Can a Democrat win the Texas governor’s race? (TIME, 3/17/10)

White hangs Board of Ed around Perry’s neck (Dallas Morning News, 3/17/10)

White’s seat on oil company board poses problems (Houston Chronicle, 3/17/10)

Perry takes on national issues in local campaign (San Antonio Express-News, 3/17/10)

White linked to company facing pollution probe (Houston Chronicle, 3/16/10)

Forget the Alamo (Arkansas News, 3/14/10)

Despite buzz, Perry says he has no interest in running for president (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 3/13/10)

State education board keeps itself in the news (Houston Chronicle, 3/13/10)

Perry says state looking into border incursion (Houston Chronicle, 3/12/10)

Glimmers of hope in a state of ignorance (Austin Statesman, 3/12/10)

Perry wastes no time going negative on White (Austinist, 3/12/10)

Perry’s ad claiming border crime drop earns “Pants on Fire” rating (Austin American-Statesman, 3/10/10)

Legislature prepares to slash budget (, 3/7/10)

What if Hutchison had made cronyism an issue earlier? (Dallas Morning News, 3/7/10)

What impact does being a minority have on election day? (Ft. Worth Star Telegram, 3/6/10)

Anti-abortion advocates ready to keep fighting for Perry (Ft. Worth Star Telegram, 3/6/10)

GOP incumbents held their own against Tea Party candidates (San Angelo Standard-Times, 3/6/10)

Conservative Texans want more than just photo ops (San Antonio Express-News, 3/6/10)

Why Democrats can win Texas (Huffington Post, 3/5/10)

There’s just no stopping the Rick Perry train (Dallas Voice, 3/4/10)

VIDEO: You See What Happened Was...(Texas Tribune, 3/4/10)

Perry succeeded in “nationalizing” race (Texas Broadside, 3/4/10)

Perry wants Hutchison to stay in Senate through end of term (Dallas Morning News, 3/4/10)

Is Rick Perry’s next race for president in 2012? (, 3/4/10)

General election starts in earnest (Texas Tribune, 3/4/10)

Palin & Perry partnership beat Hutchison for the women’s vote (, 3/4/10)

Tea Party movement visible in Texas primary voting as Perry wins (Washington Examiner, 3/4/10)

Lackluster showing puts damper on Tea Party movement (Houston Chronicle, 3/4/10)

Perry’s dominant win across Lone Star State (Electoral, 3/4/10)

Texas voters deserve straight talk this fall (San Antonio Express, 3/3/10)

The many victories of Rick Perry (Dallas Morning News, 3/3/10)

Chavez-Thompson gears up for November run (San Antonio Express, 3/3/10)

Perry won in Texas, but what does that really prove? (Newsweek, 3/3/10)

Hutchison’s post-primary plans still unknown (Dallas Morning News, 3/3/10)

Primary over, let the barbs begin (Dallas Morning News, 3/3/10)

Rick Perry’s big win in Texas (Washington Examiner, 3/3/10)

KBH number 3 on ten worst campaigns in Texas history (Houston Chronicle, 3/3/10)

Perry wins, Democrats pounce (Washington Post, 3/3/10)

White moves forward quickly (KEN5 News, 3/3/10)

Perry’s secession rhetoric no joke for top US trade official (Miami Herald, 3/3/10)

Tea Party movement fizzles (Politico, 3/3/10)

Weak Tea? (Texas Tribune, 3/3/10)

Ten reasons why Hutchison should resign (Houston Chronicle, 3/3/10)

GOPers outnumber Dems in primary turnout (Corpus Christi Caller Times, 3/2/10)

Perry: conservatism “never stronger” (Dallas Morning News, 3/2/10)

Hutchison concedes GOP primary to Perry (Dallas Morning News, 3/2/10)

So much for the anti-incumbent sentiment (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 3/2/10)

Dems hoping primary winners can end Texas drought (Dallas Morning News, 3/2/10)

Perry wins without a run-off (Austin American-Statesman, 3/2/10)

Tea Party movement affects debate, not outcomes (Dallas Morning News, 3/2/10)

Game on: It’s Perry vs. White (Texas Tribune, 3/2/10)

An Anti-incumbent waltz across Texas? (CQ Politics, 3/2/10)

How does Perry beat White without moderates and the Medina conservatives? (Burnt Orange Report, 3/2/10)

Medina questions need for Texas Child Protection Services (Dallas Morning News, 3/1/10)

Federal funding a double-edged sword for governors (The Atlantic, 3/1/10)

Texas Tea Party – How big is it? (Dallas Morning News, 3/1/10)

Tea Party to transform Texas politics? (Dallas Morning News, 3/1/10)


Hutchison says she’ll stay in Senate to fight health care overhaul (Dallas Morning News, 2/27/10)

Hutchison’s primary challenge has been a struggle (Washington Post, 2/27/10)

Perry advisor: White is longest of long shots (Texas Tribune, 2/27/10)

Perry’s “Money Cannon” fueled by lobbyists, big donors (Dallas Morning News, 2/26/10)

Perry: I take Kay seriously, just like I did Kinky (Politics Daily, 2/26/10)

Perry, Hutchison raised more than $45 million for primary battle (Austin American Statemsan, 2/25/10)

On campaign trail, White blasts Perry’s record (Dallas Morning News, 2/25/10)

Analysis: GOP primary election a defining moment for Tea Party movement (KENS5 TV, 2/25/10)

Hutchison, Perry spar at Houston event (Dallas Morning News, 2/25/10)

Did Hutchison campaign miss opportunity in pinning scandals on Perry? (Texas Tribune, 2/25/10)

Minuteman founder endorses Perry (Dallas Morning News, 2/25/10)

Segment of GOP Primary voters a “wild card” (San Antonio Express, 2/24/10)

Republican governors walk fine line on stimulus (, 2/24/10)

Hutchison rips Perry on taxes and spending (Dallas Morning News, 2/24/10)

Endorsements shore up Perry’s right flank (CQ Politics, 2/24/10)

Poll finds more than half Texas Hispanics identify as “conservative” (Dallas Morning News, 2/24/10)

Hutchison admits Perry’s tactics have hurt her campaign (Washington Post, 2/24/10)

Perry spending up as he pushes to avoid a runoff (Houston Chronicle, 2/24/10)

DGA donates $500K to White’s campaign (Austin American Statesman, 2/24/10)

Primary campaign’s final week turns into grudge match (KOHM Radio, 2/24/10)

Cornyn hopes Hutchison stays in Senate if she loses primary (The Hill, 2/24/10)

Medina’s support drops after 9/11 comments, polls show (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/23/10)

Medina “fading” after 9/11 comments (Politico, 2/23/10)

Perry still leading; Medina fading (Public Policy Polling, 2/23/10)

What happened to Kay Bailey Hutchison? (Washington Post, 2/23/10)

Texas politicians defend Toyota (San Antonio Express, 2/23/10)

Rick Perry’s Texas relying more and more on federal support (Dallas Morning News, 2/23/10)

Independent voters a “wild card” in GOP primary (San Antonio Express, 2/22/10)

Gov candidates silent on ideas to bridge looming budget gap (San Antonio Express, 2/22/10)

Politifact: Shami’s claim that White has major stake in oil interests “barely true” (Austin American Statesman, 2/22/10)

GOP early voting numbers surge in Travis County (Austin American Statesman, 2/22/10)

Texas budget mess started with 2006 property tax cut (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/22/10)

To some, IRS plane attacker is a hero (Washington Post, 2/22/10)

Texas death-match: 2 GOP heavyweights fight to the finish (Weekly Standard, 2/22/10)

Republicans fuel high early voter turnout (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 2/21/10)

White calls GOP opponents “forces of darkness” (Dallas Morning News, 2/21/10)

Polls show KBH stronger general election candidate, but Perry likely to win primary (Midland Reporter-Telegram, 2/20/10)

Perry, Hutchison take fight to campaign trail as end nears (Austin American-Statesman, 2/20/10)

Medina cheered by North Texas Tea Partiers (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/20/10)

GOP gubernatorial primary not playing out as planned (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/20/10)

Star-Telegram endorsements: White, Hutchison (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/20/10)

Medina: Pilot’s suicide mission reflects despair of many (Dallas Morning News, 2/20/10)

Former front-runner, Senator now the challenger as vote nears (New York Times, 2/20/10)

Local support grows for nullification of federal laws (Austin American-Statesman, 2/20/10)

50 things to know about Debra Medina (Dallas Morning News, 2/20/10)

50 things to know about Farouk Shami (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

5o things to know about Rick Perry (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

50 things to know about Kay Bailey Hutchison (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

50 things to know about Bill White (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

Editorial: Perry EPA lawsuit is good politics, bad policy (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

Put a Farouk in it -Shami’s disintegrating campaign (Austinist, 2/19/10)

Early voters turning out in N. Texas (KERA – Dallas, 2/19/10)

At Dallas fundraiser, KBH insists she will give up Senate seat before runoff (Dallas Morning News, 2/19/10)

What to watch for in Texas (CQ, 2/18/10)

Did Rick Perry’s Clear Channel smear Debra Medina? (Burnt Orange Report, 2/18/10)

Tea Party leaders reach crossroads – do they endorse in GOP primary? (Ft. Worth Star Telegram, 2/18/10)

Perry sues EPA over greenhouse regulations (Huffington Post, 2/19/10)

White taps legal, business ties in bid for governor (Austin American-Statesman, 2/18/10)

Hutchison #19 on earmark list (Texas Watchdog, 2/18/10)

“Meet the Flintstones” (Texas tribune, 2/17/10)

Candidates hit campaign trail as early voting begins (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 2/15/10)

Poll results: Texas political match-ups (Dallas Morning News, 2/13/10)

Perry has comfortable lead, could avoid April runoff (Dallas Morning News, 2/14/10)

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