The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


TX 2009 Archives




Secession movement spreads beyond Texas (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 10/2/09)


Dem gov hopefuls need to woo party base (Dallas Morning News, 9/29/09)

What makes Kay run? (American Thinker, 9/28/09)

KBH’s appropriations perch may become primary issue (Austin American Statesman, 9/27/09)

Texas economy showing mixed results (Houston Chronicle, 9/27/09)

Can Democrats win seat at redistricting table? (San Antonio Express, 9/27/09)

Hispanic leaders split in Dem Senate primary (San Antonio Express, 9/26/09)

State GOP chair resigns; joins Perry campaign (NBC Dallas Ft Worth, 9/26/09)

Editorial: Perry’s certainty on death penalty ignores science (Dallas Morning News, 9/25/09)

Two GOP heavyweights turning primary into TX sized battle (The Hill, 9/24/09)

Gilbert accuses Schieffer of stealing education ideas (Austin American Statesman, 9/23/09)

Perry fights back over his recession remarks (Ft Worth Star Telegram, 9/22/09)

Friedman, the anti-toll, pro-pot and pro-gambling candidate runs again (Dallas Observer, 9/21/09)

Gilbert joins Dem race (Dallas Morning News, 9/21/09)

Big Name Showdown in Texas has already started (Washington Post, 9/21/09)

Perry jokes about recession, job losses (NBC Dallas Ft Worth, 9/20/09)

Local leaders criticize Perry’s border plan (UPI, 9/20/09)

Perry faults DC fiscal policies,values; sites Texas as an example (Dallas Morning News, 9/20/09)

KBH gains support within Congress for Gov bid (Dallas Morning News, 9/20/09)

Perry: you can’t Not legislate morality (Washington Independent, 9/19/09)

Digging into the Perry/Hutchison poll (Austin American Statesman, 9/18/09)

Perry’s scathing critique of the Hutchison campaign (Dallas Morning News, 9/18/09)

Gilbert stresses education on gov kick-off tour (PoliTex, 9/18/09)

Rumors of a KBH New Year’s Resignation swirling across Texas (Burnt Orange Report, 9/17/09)

Perry slumps in latest GOP primary poll (Washington Independent, 9/17/09)

Gilbert tosses his hat into Dem ring (Dallas Morning News, 9/16/09)

Medina’s Inside Texas Politics interview (VIDEO) (R3publican, 9/15/09)

Hutchison campaign failing to have big themes (Texas Monthly, 9/15/09)

Medina makes GOP primary a three-way (Amarillo Globe-News, 9/14/09)

Perry sends Rangers to protec the border (Southern Political Report, 9/14/09)

Friction between Perry, Hutchison nothing new (Dallas Morning News, 9/14/09)

Dem goober field likely to grow (Burnt Orange Report, 9/13/09)

Perry politicizing TX Board of Regents (Austin American Statesman, 9/13/09)

K. Hughes backs Hutchison over Perry (Houston Chronicle, 9/13/09)

Some question need for Rangers on the border (El Paso Times, 9/12/09)

Medina campaign roll out takes aim at KBH (Politex, 9/12/09)

Medina bid hurts Perry more than Hutchison (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 9/12/09)

Race to replace Hutchison could cost $30M (Dallas Morning News, 9/12/09)

DNC in Austin – looking at Texas opportunities (Austin American Statesman, 9/12/09)

Earle still considering a run (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/11/09)

Perry’s meddling hurts higher education (San Antonio Express, 9/11/09)

A list of KBH’s least favorite things (Dallas Observer, 9/11/09)

Gilbert: TX needs more ways to keep kids in school (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 9/9/09)

Texas pride should come with helping hand (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/8/09)

KBH using Perry’s abandoned toll road plan as attack opportunity (Dallas Morning News, 9/7/09)

Hutchison urges GOP to open doors wider (Dallas Morning News, 9/6/09)

Timeline is murky for Perry to call election for KBH’s seat (Dallas Morning News, 9/6/09)

Editorial: A Kink in the Dems’ 2010 plans (Waco Tribune, 9/5/09)

Playing politics with hurricane relief funds (Houston Chronicle, 9/5/09)

Dems field of “no name” candidates (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 9/5/09)

Long list of TX politicos wanting KBH’s seat (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/5/09)

Houston businessman eyeing run as Dem (Dallas Morning News, 9/4/09)

Paul’s admiration for Medina is not an endorsement (NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth, 9/2/09)

Texas secessionists: how far can they go? (, 9/1/09)

Kilgore’s secessionist rhetoric attracting more GOP voters (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 9/1/09)


Dems jumping into GOP primary fray (NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth, 8/31/09)

Freidman running again, this time as a Dem (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 8/31/09)

Texas’ War of the Roses (SF Examiner, 8/30/09)

Texas Dems need to field full ticket in 2010 (Austin American Statesman, 8/30/09)

Secessionists rally at State Capitol (News8 Austin, 8/29/09)

KBH calls for more “enlightened” leadership in Austin (Dallas Morning News, 8/29/09)

Hutchison allying with “Big Tent” Republicans (Dallas Morning News, 8/28/09)

Giuliani to raise $ for Perry (Houston Chronicle, 8/27/09)

Texas’ 2010 Democratic Dwarfs (Texas Monthly, 8/27/09)

Perry: Building a wall is “nonsense” (Politico, 8/26/09)

Expert says man executed over a non-existent crime (Austin American Statesman, 8/26/09)

Schieffer picks up endorsements from TX house Dems (Dallas Morning News, 8/26/09)

Speaker worried GOP primary could affect balance in TX House (San Antonio Express-News, 8/26/09)

Could Medina affect GOP primary outcome? (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 8/25/09)

Hank Gilbert thows hat into Dem ring (Burnt Orange Report, 8/25/09)

How long will Hutchison hold onto Senate seat? (Dallas Morning News, 8/23/09)

Battle over term limits roils TX gov race (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 8/23/09)

GOPers digging if for primary brawl (Houston Chronicle, 8/23/09)

KBH’s campaign debut falls flat (Austin American Statesman, 8/22/09)

Perry criticizes Arnold & California (Wall Street Journal, 8/22/09)

Big Week for TX Gov & TX Sen races (Burnt Orange Report, 8/21/09)

Perry accepts GOP invite to debate Hutchison (McClatchy, 8/21/09)

Gubernatorial race includes many “ifs” for Democrats (San Antonio Express-News, 8/20/09)

Earle: “I am not a candidate, yet” (Burnt Orange Report, 8/19/09)

Schieffer: Perry lives in “a parallel universe” (Dallas Morning News, 8/19/09)

Hutchison launches gov bid (San Antonio Express News, 8/18/09)

Dems suspicious of Schieffer’s Bush past (Dallas Morning News, 8/18/09)

Hutchison comes out swinging against Perry (Houston Chronicle, 8/17/09)

Texas becoming a two-party state? (News8Austin, 8/17/09)

Watson’s decision reveals thinking of Dem insiders (Dallas Morning News, 8/17/09)

Much at stake in KBH’s campaign kickoff (Dallas Morning News, 8/17/09)

Will Schieffer offer any real policy proposals? (Burnt Orange Report, 8/17/09)

Jobless in Texas have difficult time getting benefits approved (Houston Chronicle, 8/16/09)

KBH lambastes Perry’s transporation policies (Dallas Morning News, 8/15/09)

Could a little-known Latino shake up Dem race? (Burnt Orange Report, 8/14/09)

Perry-Hutchison trade insults over toll roads (KERA, 8/14/09)

Watson won’t run for governor (Austin American Statesman, 8/12/09)

Schieffer talks Bush, gays in the military (Austin American Statesman, 8/11/09)

Kinky might join Dem gov field (Austin American Statesman, 8/11/09)

“Draft Watson” movement aims to get real Dem in field (KVUE TV, 8/10/09)

Watson, Earle mull runs for Gov (Longview News Journal, 8/10/09)

Schieffer defends service in Bush Administration (Ft Worth Star-Telegram, 8/10/09)

Medina: Perry has doubled Texas’ debt (Cypress Times, 8/10/09)

What if a Democrat won statewide in Texas? (San Angelo Standard Times, 8/9/09)

What’s a real fiscal conservative? (Houston Chronicle, 8/9/09)

Has Perry improved Texans’ healthcare? (Longview News Journal, 8/9/09)

Rick Perry, Conservative (not like Bush) (Dallas Morning News, 8/8/09)

Third GOP candidate could be political weather vane (San Antonio Express, 8/8/09)

Perry, Hutchison Take hard right turns (Ft. Worth Star Telegram, 8/8/09)

Dems eyeing gov office (Dallas Morning News, 8/7/09)

Unemployment insurance and the gov race (Texas Monthly, 8/5/09)

Is Texas a swing state? (NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth, 8/5/09)

Perry, Hutchison oppose cash for clunkers program (Dallas Morning News, 8/5/09)

Unknown Medina jumps into GOP guv race (Conroe Courier News, 8/5/09)

Hutchison’s path to victory now more challenging (San Antonio Express-News, 8/3/09)

Perry: Law & religion should mix (San Antonio Express-News, 8/3/09)

Texas Senate seat within Dems’ reach? (Politico, 8/3/09)

Earle planning a run for guv? (Abilene Reporter News, 8/2/09)

Perry’s Texas is seceding from reality (Washington Times, 8/2/09)

On campaign trail, KBH hits all the talking points (Dallas Morning News, 8/2/09)

JULY 2009

Perry carries states’ rights flag on healthcare (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 7/31/09)

Hutchison’s web site yanks provocative anti-Perry tags (Austin American-Statesman, 7/31/09)

Perry: Texas shows success of limited govt philosophy (Washington Times, 7/29/09)

Hutchison sending mixed signals about departure plans (CQ Politics, 7/29/09)

Hutchison says she’ll resign Senate seat in Oct, Nov (San Antonio Express-News, 7/29/09)

KBH: Perry playing political games with taxpayer money (Austin American-Statesman, 7/28/09)

KBH shakes up campaign staff (Austin American-Statesman, 7/28/09)

KBH slices into Perry’s big money donor base (Austin American-Statesman, 7/27/09)

Perry attacks Obamacare (El Paso Newpaper Tree, 7/25/09)

KBH slams Perry over stimulus spending (Dallas Morning News, 7/25/09)

Perry is sounding like Ron Paul (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/25/09)

Schieffer stresses need for improved educational system (Victoria Advocate, 7/24/09)

Burnt Orange Report meets with Schieffer (Burnt Orange Report, 7/24/09)

TX Democrats attack Perry over healthcare comments (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 7/24/09)

KBH blames illegal immigrants for high rate of uninsured (KERA-Dallas, 7/24/09)

Perry threatens to invoke 10th Amdt to refuse federal healthcare law (Talking Points Memo, 7/24/09)

Possible shakeup in Dem candidate lineup unlikely (Burnt Orange Report, 7/21/09)

Unemployment insurance hovers over Guv race (Austin American-Statesman, 7/20/09)

TX campaigns increasingly turning to new media (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, 7/19/09)

Will Hutchison leave Senate for her Guv run? (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 7/18/09)

Hutchison, Perry spending money at hectic pace (Longview News Journal, 7/18/09)

Perry asks feds for unemployment loan (CBS news, 7/16/09)

Can Texas Dems find a winning candidate? (CQ Politics, 7/15/09)

Is KBH campaign struggling or is press simply bored? (Austin American-Statesman, 7/15/09)

Perry picks up slew of large donor checks (Houston Chronicle, 7/15/09)

Watson reports over $1.4M in campaign coffers (Burnt Orange Report, 7/14/09)

Hutchison has raised $6.7 million in first 6 months of 2009 (Dallas Morning News, 7/13/09)

Campaign finance reports will indicate Hutchison & Scheiffer strength (Houston Chronicle, 7/12/09)

New poll shows Perry momentum (Longview News-Journal, 7/10/09)

Capital themes emerge in Hutchison/Perry fundraising appeals (Dallas Morning News, 7/10/09)

GOPers rapidly filling war chests (Houston Chronicle, 7/8/09)

Two-Day Special Session provides bevy of political issues (Texas Weekly, 7/6/09)

Perry’s remarkable staying ability (Houston Chronicle, 7/6/09)

Tea Party crowds boo Cornyn; heckle Perry (Austin American-Statesman, 7/5/09)

Political excitement is in the air (Corpus Christi Caller Times, 7/5/09)

“Missed Opportunity” to reform TxDOT (Houston Chronicle, 7/5/09)

Long a leader in toll road development, Texas retreats (Dallas News, 7/5/09)

Berman chooses not to run in GOP primary (Tyler Morning Telegraph, 7/4/09)

Earle files to run for statewide office (Burnt Orange Report, 7/3/09)

Hutchison & Perry trade barbs over toll roads issue (Dallas Morning News, 7/2/09)

June 2009

Perry’s 4th of July tea parties: secession talk just getting started (Houston Chronicle, 6/29/09)

Some want Perry to expand special session’s agenda (Dallas Morning News, 6/29/09)

Scheiffer says he has vision to be governor (Houston Chronicle, 6/28/09)

Perry’s vetoes stir anger (, 6/28/09)

Perry’s vetoes have big business bias (Dallas Morning News, 6/27/09)

White, Sharp both staying in Dem Senate race (Houston Chronicle, 6/27/09)

Many undecided voters in early look at Hutchison-Perry contest (El Paso Times, 6/25/09)

Watson urged to run, will decide later this summer (Austin American-Statesman, 6/24/09)

Schieffer: Watson told me he wouldn’t run (Austin American-Statesman, 6/24/09)

Schieffer makes campaign official (Fort Worth Star Telegram, 6/24/09)

GOP contenders move into campaign mode (Dallas Morning News, 6/24/09)

Van de Putte decides against running, touts Wilson (San Antonio Express News, 6/23/09)

GOP primary will be expensive battle for party’s future (El Paso Times, 6/22/09)

Perry: “Palin endorsement is most important in the GOP” (Politics Daily, 6/22/09)

Perry vetoes 35 bills from just ended session (6/21/09)

Democrat with ties to Bush poised to launch bid for governor (Houston Chronicle, 6/21/09)

Politicking has already started for March primary (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, 6/20/09

Hutchison begins primary campaign against Perry (sort of) (Politico, 6/14/09)

KBH tries to prove her loyalty to Reagan (Dallas Morning News, 6/14/09)

Opponent will end race if Perry adopts his positions (Fort Worth Star Telegram, 6/12/09)

Hutchison: No special session needed if I had been gov (Dallas Morning News, 6/10/09)

If Hutchison leaves Senate, musical chairs will ensue (Dallas Morning News, 6/8/09)