The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up



texas-stampIncumbent: Rick Perry (R) Not running for Re-Election

Primary Election: March 2, 2010
Run-off (if necessary): April 13, 2010
General Election: November 2, 2010

STATUS: Incumbent Running, Primary Challenge
RATING: Likely GOP Retention

2002 Result: Perry wins 58%-40%.
2006 Result:
Perry wins 39%-30%.

Texas Gubernatorial Race: Headlines

Democratic Nominee:

Bill White                  Web Site twitter YouTube flickr

Republican Nominee:

Rick Perry (i) Web Site twitter facebook

Local Blogs:

Burnt Orange Report
Capitol Inside
Off the Kuff (progressive)

State Resources:
Texas Board of Elections

Public Policy Polling: Abbott leads Davis by 15 (11/5/13)
UT/TT Poll: Abbott’s lead over Davis in single digits (11/4/13)
Texas Lyceum: Greg Abbott 29%, Wendy Davis 21% – 50% of voters undecided (10/2/13)
Public Policy Polling: Davis popular but trails Perry by double digits (7/2/13)
Public Policy Polling: Perry looking highly vulnerable; only 31% think Perry should seek reelection (1/29/13)
Public Policy Polling: Perry’s future looks bleak; only 29% of voters think he should run for re-election (4/26/12)
UT/Texas Tribune: Texans split on another term for Perry (2/22/12)
Cox News Poll: Perry approval rating lowest ever (1/25/12)
UT/Texas Tribune: Perry wouldn’t be front-runner in GOP Texas presidential primary (5/24/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perry holds comfortable lead over White, 53-44% (10/28/10)
Rasmussen: Perry over 50%, leads White 51-42% (10/21/10)
Texas Lyceum: White trails by five, Perry 48%, White 43% (10/6/10)
Public Strategies: Perry opens double-digit lead, 50-36% (10/4/10)
Dallas Morning News: Perry leads White, 46-39% (Dallas Morning News, 9/25/10)
UT/Texas Tribune: Perry lead shrinks to six, 39-33% (Texas Tribune, 9/13/10)
Texas Watch/Hill Research: Perry, White essentially tied, 42-41% (8/29/10)
Rasmussen: Perry maintains lead, 49-41% (8/22/10)
Rasmussen: Perry maintains lead, 49-41 (8/22/10)
Rasmussen: Perry’s lead grows, 50-41 (7/13/10)
PPP: Perry, White tied – 43-43 (6/22/10)
Rasmussen: Perry leads by eight, 48-40 (6/16/10)
UT/Texas Tribune: White trails Perry, 44-35 (5/23/10)
Rasmussen: Perry expands lead, 51-38 (5/13/10)
Rasmussen: White now trailing Perry by only four, 48-44 (4/15/10)
Rasmussen: Perry’s lead over White narrows, 49-43 (3/4/10)
Rasmussen: Perry at 48%; close to avoiding run-off (2/24/10)
Rasmussen: White trails both Perry and Hutchison in general election matchups (2/23/10)
Public Policy Polling: Perry leads KBH by 9; Medina’s support fading (2/23/10)
Dallas Morning News: Perry leads primary, White & Perry close in general (2/14/10)
UT/Texas Tribune: Perry, White way ahead (2/12/10)
UT/Texas Tribune: Perry leads KBH by nine (11/3/09)
Rasmussen: KBH catches up to Perry, leads by two (Rasmussen, 9/16/09)
Rasmussen: Perry up by ten, 46-36 (Rasmussen, 7/16/09)
UT-Austin: Perry leads primary matchup by a dozen (University of Texas, released 7/10/09)
Lyceum poll shows Perry leading Hutchison (Dallas Morning News, 6/24/09)

Former Democratic candidates:

Alma Alguado        Web Site
Felix Alvarado       Web Site twitter facebook
Bill Dear                    Web Site
Clement E. Glenn    Web Site YouTube facebook
Farouk Shami         Web Site twitter YouTube
Ronnie Earle (draft effort)
Kinky Freidman     Web Site facebook
Hank Gilbert            Web Site twitter YouTube facebook flickr
Tom Schieffer          Web Site twitter facebook
Mark Thompson     Web Site twitter

Former Republican candidates:

Kay Bailey Hutchison Web Site twitter YouTube facebook flickr
Debra Medina                  Web Site twitter YouTube facebook flickr

Larry Kilgore Web Site twitter YouTube facebook LinkedIn