The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


TN In the News 3


Tennessee Gubernatorial Headlines:

Feds decline waiver to keep CoverTN in place (The Tennessean, 11/27/13)
Group buys advertising to promote petition drive (, 11/25/13)
Reformers, politicians quick to tie TN test gains to new policies (The Tennessean, 11/24/13)
Corker says UAW is ‘a destructive force,’ Chattanooga plant’s prospects for SUV are ‘very good’ (Times Free Press, 11/23/13)
Saltsman angling for state House GOP campaign consulting gig (Times Free Press, 11/23/13)
Tenn. allows insurers to extend coverage plans that don’t meet new health law standards (The Tennessean, 11/20/13)
Local PAC wants domestic partnership law repealed (, 11/20/13)
Chattanooga to extend benefits to employees’ domestic partners (, 11/20/13)
Proposed TennCare cuts fall short as health care law increases enrollees (The Tennessean, 11/19/13)
Haslam considers TennCare budget cuts (The Tennessean, 11/18/13)
Charter schools prompt concerns about money in Tenn. (Times Free Press, 11/17/13)
Tenn. governor hesitates on Medicaid expansion, frustrating many (New York Times, 11/16/13)
US union vote won’t affect VW plans (AP, 11/15/13)
Same-sex fight goes on in Chattanooga: Group starts petition as final vote looms (Times Free Press, 11/15/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam defends deal with Chicago company (Times Free Press, 11/14/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam sees tough challenges for next year’s state budget (Times Free Press, 11/13/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam’s budget hearings get underway this week (AP, 11/12/13)
Tennessee begins to confront key budget questions (The Tennessean, 11/12/13)
Former Gov. Bredesen: Exchanges a flop but fixable (Times Free Press, 11/11/13)
Good Tenn. school grade a boost for Haslam’s plan (Times Free Press, 11/11/13)
Election fatigue? Look out for 2014 (, 11/11/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam still eyes Medicaid expansion in Tenn. (Times Free Press, 11/7/13)
Hamilton County legislative delegation pushes school vouchers (Times Free Press, 11/6/13)
Tennessee Democratic Party insider thinks Roy Herron’s safe as chairman for now (In Session, 11/1/13)
Southern secessionist group lists two TN lawmakers as weekend speakers (The Tennessean, 10/31/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam says state struggling for info on insurance enrollment from feds (The Tennessean, 10/30/13)
Campaigns begin in next year’s Tenn. abortion referendum (AP, 10/30/13)
COMMENTARY: TN’s elected officials overlook disabled (The Tennessean, 10/27/13)
Tennessee medical groups urge expansion of Medicaid (The Tennessean, 10/27/13)
Haslam named to health care panel (In Session, 10/23/13)
Same-sex marriage lawsuit aims to change TN law (The Tennessean, 10/22/13)
TN Supreme Court upholds voter ID law, says it’s not an undue burden (The Tennessean, 10/18/13)
Critics blast Alexander for budget vote; Carr says he ‘sold out Tennessee’ (Times Free Press, 10/18/13)
Gov. Haslam orders new advisory commission set up to screen judges (The Tennessean, 10/18/13)
Tennessee may hold onto top bond rating (The Tennessean, 10/18/13)
Is Sarah Palin targeting Lamar Alexander? (The Tennessean, 10/17/13)
Higher education key to agriculture rise, Haslam says (The Tennessean, 10/17/13)
161,000 low-income, adult Tennesseans could fall in ‘health gap’ (Times Free Press, 10/17/13)
Tenn. lawmakers on deal to end government shutdown (, 10/17/13)
Haslam believes shutdownn will end in next week (The Tennessean, 10/14/13)
Haslam to make major jobs announcement Monday in Clarksville (The Tennessean, 10/13/13)
Tennessee losing jobs because of the partial federal govt shutdown (Times Free Press, 10/12/13)
OPINION: Tenn. must take action against poverty (The Tennessean, 10/12/13)
VIDEO: Tenn. business leaders grow restless over shutdown (The Tennessean, 10/12/13)
Group gathers downtown to promote the Affordable Care Act (, 10/11/13)
Knoxville lawyer Terry Adams tests the water for Senate run (In Session, 10/10/13)
Tennessee Registry of Election Finance throws out Haslam complaint (Times Free Press, 10/10/13)
VIDEO: Election finance register tosses out Forrester’s complaint against Gov. Haslam (The Tennessean, 10/10/13)
Tenn. AG gives Haslam go-ahead to fill judge vacancies (Times Free Press, 10/10/13)
Sara Kyle has lots of free time to run (Metro Pulse, 10/9/13)
VIDEO: Complaint against Haslam over adviser Ingram thrown out (The Tennessean, 10/9/13)
Report: Tennessee ranks well in tax climate (, 10/9/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam vows to boost teacher pay — someday (Times Free Press, 10/4/13)
Local protesters to Tea Party: Enough already (, 10/4/13)
Tenn. National Guard first state casualties of govt shutdown (Times Free Press, 10/2/13)
Tenn. feels shutdown ripples (The Tennessean, 10/2/13)
Meeting between German labor leader, Gov. Haslam postponed (, 10/2/13)
Chattanooga gets first look at private health insurance plan prices (Times Free Press, 10/1/13)
What the government shutdown looks like in Tenn. (Nashville Business Journal, 10/1/13)
Affordable Care Act marketplaces open for consumers to purchase health insurance (, 10/1/13)
How Tennessee workers are affected by the federal govt shutdown (The Tennessean, 10/1/13)
Head of VW world works council to meet Tenn. workers (Reuters, 10/1/13)
Tennessee lawmakers point blame as government shuts down (, 10/1/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam announces Chattanooga workforce development grants (, 9/30/13)
To some, the Tennessee Legislature may never have enough Republicans (WPLN, 9/30/13)
Haslam’s still no fan of Obamacare, but he’s rooting for Tennessee’s exchange to work (WPLN, 9/30/13)
Ready, set — hold on: Affordable Care Act starts Tuesday, but there are hurdles at the starting line (Times Free Press, 9/29/13)
Gov. Haslam: Medicaid talks don’t hinge on health care exchange (AP, 9/29/13)
State responds to suit over health law rules (The Tennessean, 9/28/13)
United Auto Workers leaders deny charges related to local VW unionization (, 9/27/13)
Report: Affordable Care Act means more choices for consumers (, 9/25/13)
Tenn. premiums in health overhaul among cheapest (AP, 9/25/13)
Deadline lapses; Devaney still in charge of Tenn. GOP (In Session, 9/25/13)
Is $119 for Obamacare insurance a good deal in Tenn? (WPLN, 9/25/13)
Hearings debunked Common Core myths, but Lt. Gov. still sees ‘complicated’ debate (WPLN, 9/25/13)
COMMENTARY: More on Common Core (, 9/24/13)
Tennessee Democratic Party has holes to fill after departures (The Tennessean, 9/24/13)
In rush to get Obamacare underway, Tennessee backs off fingerprinting recruiters (WPLN, 9/24/13)
Political notebook: State GOP chair rejects call for resignation (Knoxville Sentinel News, 9/24/13)
Lawmakers taking wait-and-see approach to Common Core (TN Report, 9/23/13)
Anti-Lamar Alexander group goes after GOP chairman (, 9/23/13)
Common Core hearing offers overview that keeps emotions down (The Tennessean, 9/20/13)
VIDEO: Common Core foes take their best shots (The Tennessean, 9/20/13)
Officials laud Haslam’s commitment to tourism (The Tennessean, 9/20/13)
Volkswagen-UAW discussions likely to go on for months; some question UAW tactics (, 9/19/13)
Political fight brews over Common Core in Tennessee (The Tennessean, 9/19/13)
Will Tenn. fight military benefits for gay couples? Doesn’t sound like it (WPLN, 9/19/13)
TN Common Core hearing starts with a yawn: Reading the standards (WPLN, 9/19/13)
Common Core hearings commence (TN Report, 9/19/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam makes board and commission appointments (, 9/18/13)
TN Gov: Before VW recognizes union, there should be a secret ballot (WPLN, 9/18/13)
Fight brews over Common Core (The Tennessean, 9/18/13)
Haslam reiterates backing for Huffman, sees education ‘tipping point’ coming (TN Report, 9/18/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam ‘disappointed’ by criticism of education chief Kevin Huffman (Times Free Press, 9/18/13)
‘Real battle’ brewing over Common Core: Governor (TN Report, 9/18/13)
TN Governor prepares for ‘battle’ with right and left over Common Core (WPLN, 9/17/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam visits DC today, but not to discuss Medicaid expansion (, 9/17/13)
Tennessee’s education spending earns an F (WPLN, 9/16/13)
Political notebook: Caucus chair wants documents on state-VW talks (Knoxville News Sentinel, 9/15/13)
Some VW employees demand secret vote on unionization issue (, 9/13/13)
Ron Ramsey: No apologies for controversial 9/11 tweet (Times Free Press, 9/13/13)
Tenn. Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman unfazed by ouster petition (Times Free Press, 9/13/13)
Tennessee imposes new rules ahead of health law (Times Free Press, 9/13/13)
Sara Kyle, ‘a Tennessee woman,’ edges closer to running for governor (Political Beat (9/12/13)
New directions: In Nashville, state Democrats get revved up (Memphis Flyer, 9/12/13)
Sara Kyle continues testing political waters of a 2014 gubernatorial bid (TN Report, 9/12/13)
TN’s Charter School Act constitutional: AG Cooper (TN Report, 9/12/13)
Chamber president says UAW union will hurt local economy (, 9/12/13)
How far did Haslam go against UAW? lawmaker asks (Times Free Press, 9/12/13)
Ethics Commission stalemate results in no fine against lobbyist Tom Ingram (Knoxville News Sentinel, 9/12/13)
VIDEO: School leaders call for action against Huffman (The Tennessean, 9/11/13)
Democrat’s ethics complaint against Haslam dismissed (Knoxville News Sentinel, 9/11/13)
Governor to attend opening of Haslam music center at UT (The Tennessean, 9/9/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Haslam invested in K12 education company at one time (The Tennessean, 9/9/13)
Kyle revving up fr possible gubernatorial bid (TN Report, 9/9/13)
Democrat Sara Kyle mulls bid for governor in ’14 (Times Free Press, 9/9/13)
Tenn. Democrats ready to rumble but unclear on target: Republicans or Democrats (Times Free Press, 9/8/13)
No primary surprises for Alexander and GOP incumbents (AP, 8/31/13)
Tennessee improperly pays out $1.47M in health benefits (Times Free Press, 8/29/13)
TN pastors try guilting Haslam into expanding Medicaid (WPLN,  8/29/13)
Tennessee’s chief legal officer lays it on the line (Memphis Flyer, 8/29/13)
EDITORIAL: General-ly speaking (Memphis Flyer, 8/29/13)
Sen. Lamar Alexander campaign seeks to assert clout with Republicans with release of new poll (, 8/28/13)
Study: Tennessee highest in combined state and local sales tax rate (Stateline, 8/28/13)
Tenn. AG: Cities can ban firing weapons (Times Free Press, 8/27/13)
General Assembly to Tenn. DC delegation: Let’s chat about states’ rights (WPLN, 8/26/13)
Affordable Care Act marketplaces opening soon; consumers need education, leaders say (, 8/26/13)
Sen. Lamar Alexander points to opposition of Obamacare in new radio ad (, 8/24/13)
Haslam talks up his Medicaid ‘third way’ in DC, but don’t expect an answer (Nashville Business Journal, 8/23/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam travels to DC today to discuss possibility of TennCare expansion (, 8/23/13)
Sen. Lamar Alexander boasts Mike Huckabee endorsement (, 8/22/13)
Haslam heads to Washington with health of hospitals on his mind (WPLN, 8/22/13)
PAC launches ad targeting Sen. Alexander; aide rebuts critics (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/22/13)
Haslam plans DC trip to move needle on Medicaid compromise (Nashville Post, 8/22/13)
Haslam to make Jack Daniel’s jobs announcement (AP, 8/22/13)
Next stop for the Tea Party Express: Tennessee’s US Senate primary? (WPLN, 8/21/13)
Political notebook: Union group ends donations to state Democratic Party (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/21/13)
Tennessee Marriage Equality Day set for Aug. 31 (, 8/21/13)
Super PAC goes after Sen. Lamar Alexander in radio ad (, 8/21/13)
Rep. Joe Carr announces switch to US Senate primary, will challenge Sen. Lamar Alexander (, 8/20/13)
Sara Kyle supporters say they have a PAC (In Session, 8/20/13)
Challenger to Lamar Alexander simultaneously shuns, accepts ‘Tea Party’ label (WPLN, 8/20/13)
Tennessee Democratic Party loses big backer — AFL-CIO (WPLN, 8/20/13)
Sara Kyle fans set up PAC (Nashville Post, 8/20/13)
Corker criticized for working with Democrats (WBIR, 8/19/13)
Tea Party set to audition challengers for US Sen. Lamar Alexander (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/19/13)
Talk continues of potential primary challenger to Sen. Lamar Alexander (, 8/19/13)
Democrats missing from panels to rule on ethics complaints against Haslam (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/17/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam touts tourism in Chattanooga speech (, 8/16/13)
Topple Sen. Lamar Alexander? TN tea party going for it (The Tennessean, 8/16/13)
Tim Burchett mulls US Senate challenge to Alexander (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/16/13)
Tenn. unemployment stuck above 8 percent (Nashville Business Journal, 8/15/13)
Forrester files official complaints against Haslam (PostPolitics, 8/15/13)
Ex-Democratic chair files ethics complaints against Haslam (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/15/13)
Tea Party groups say Sen. Lamar Alexander should retire (, 8/15/13)
Former top Democrat Chip Forrester files complaints against Haslam (The Tennessean, 8/15/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Bill Haslam posts video promoting new health and wellness initiative (, 8/15/13)
VIDEO: Sen. Alexander challengers could emerge next week (WKRN-TV, 8/14/13)
VIDEO: Haslam: No interest in changes to Guns in Lots (TN Report, 8/14/13)
A woman would win, finally! (Metro Pulse, 8/14/13)
Haslam willing to entertain guns-in-lots edit (Nashville Post, 8/13/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam appoints new commissioner of Finance and Administration (, 8/13/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam discusses VW unionization, expansion (, 8/13/13)
Conservative PAC criticizes Lamar Alexander (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/13/13)
Conservative super PAC targets Sen. Lamar Alexander (, 8/13/13)
VIDEO: Haslam, Dean discuss ‘nashvilleAchieves’ with reporters (TN Report, 8/13/13)
Haslam sees Medicaid expansion as component of Healthier Tennessee (WPLN, 8/12/13)
Tenn. Democratic Party chairman gives Chattanooga area Dems a pep talk (Times Free Press, 8/12/13)
A year out, TN Democrats’ search for governor, Senate candidates turning cold (The Tennessean, 8/12/13)
Messages suggest campaign manager involved in Alexander exhibit plans (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/11/13)
VIDEO: Being the news unsettles Tom Ingram (The Tennessean, 8/11/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam announces initiative for healthier living (The Tennessean, 8/10/13)
Five is enough: Gov. Haslam says don’t expect any more departures from his Cabinet (WPLN, 8/9/13)
Haslam: No decision yet on Medicaid deal (Nashville City Paper, 8/9/13)
TN gay couples try to get marriage licenses but get denied (The Tennessean, 8/8/13)
Mark Clayton, disavowed Senate primary winner, sues Tennessee Democrats (The Tennessean, 8/8/13)
Obamacare, Tenncare left out of Haslam’s Chattanooga health care presentation (Times Free Press, 8/8/13)
Gov. Haslam launches program to make Tennesseans healthier (Times Free Press, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Jackson right launch site for ‘Healthier Tennessee’ (Jackson Sun, 8/7/13)
Gov. Haslam announces health initiative (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/7/13)
VIDEO: Haslam launches  Healthier Tennessee (Jackson Sun, 8/7/13)
Former state official Sara Kyle considering Democratic runn for TN governor (The Tennessean, 8/7/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam launches wellness program, remains undecided on Tenn. Medicaid expansion (, 8/7/13)
Current pre-K funding staying where it is, Haslam says (TN Report, 8/7/13)
VIDEO: Governor on ‘Healthier Tennessee’ (WDEF, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: The misfortunes of the Tenn. Democratic party (The City Paper, 8/7/13)
Tennessee Democrats, your gubernatorial candidate may be named Kyle! (Memphis Flyer, 8/7/13)
Sara Kyle mulling run for governor (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/6/13)
Report: At least one Democrat considering run for governor (Nashville Scene, 8/6/13)
Corker takes veiled jab at tea party senators (WPLN, 8/6/13)
New Haslam initiative aims to get Tennesseans in shape (TN Report, 8/6/13)
Amid a ‘Red Sea’ of Republicans, Democrats run Tennessee’s largest cities (Times Free Press, 8/5/13)
State audit: Pay to lobbyist ‘appears to be in violation’ of law (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/5/13)
Tennessee ethics panel stalemates over Tom Ingram lobbying resolution (Times Free Press, 8/2/13)
State ethics panel postpones action on Ingram case (Knoxville News Sentinel, 8/1/13)
No. 2 state Senate Dem Lowe Finney says he won’t run again (Times Free Press, 8/1/13)
JULY 2013
Gov. Bill Haslam recommends economic development grants for Hamilton County (, 7/31/13)
Not everyone turns TN legislature into a career: No third term for Finney (WPLN, 7/31/13)
Tenn. GOP will skip visit by President Obama in Chattanooga (The Tennessean, 7/30/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s time for Nashville to secede from Tenn. (City Paper, 7/29/13)
Haslam, GOP trying to clarify, reduce government rules (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/29/13)
VIDEO: Tenn. GOP launches ad buy in anticipation of Barack Obama visit to Chattanooga (, 7/29/13)
President’s visit to Chattanooga becomes predictably partisan (WPLN, 7/29/13)
VIDEO: Sens. Rand Paul, Lamar Alexander see only positives in charter schools (The Tennessean, 7/29/13)
Political notebook: Harwell, Ramsey financially ruling the PAC roost (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/28/13)
Trucking firms want Pilot suits to roll on (The Tennessean, 7/26/13)
Political notebook: Democrats could leave Haslam, Alexander unopposed (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Tom Ingram plays in big leagues, but ignores lobbying rule (The Tennessean, 7/24/13)
State Sen. Summerville pushing tuition freeze, claims ‘total authority’ over public colleges (TN Report, 7/24/13)
TN Republicans aim to dominate local races next (The Tennessean, 7/23/13)
No opposition to TN’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in 2007 (TN Report, 7/23/13)
Pilot Flying J seeks to quash deposition request (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/22/13)
Democrat Craig Fitzhugh rules out fun for governor (The Tennessean, 7/22/13)
Local Tea Parties denounce Alexander’s voting record, call for primary challenge (TN Report, 7/21/13)
Tea Party wants to challenge Sen. Alexander (Times Free Press, 7/22/13)
Protesters: US Sen. Lamar Alexander’s voting record isn’t conservative enough (The Tennessean, 7/21/13)
Former Gov. Winfield Dunn backs John Jay Hooker’s suit against state over judicial appointments (The Tennessean, 7/20/13)
Forum about VW unionization goes off peacefully, debate continues (, 7/19/13)
Union debate is a community issue, some say (, 7/18/13)
Facing lawsuits and criminal probe, Haslams move briskly to end truck stop rebate scandal (AP, 7/18/13)
State unemployment rate rises (Nashville Post, 7/18/13)
TN guns-in-trunks law vs. employers’ rights needs to be clarified, Lt. Gov. Ramsey says (The Tennessean, 7/17/13)
Haslam’s administration to reassess plan to raze Cordell Hull Building (The Tennessean, ,7/17/13)
Haslam makes CREW’s list of worst governors (In Session, 7/17/13)
Political notebook: ‘Worst governors’ list says Haslam ‘worth watching’ (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/17/13)
VIDEO: Haslam gets a big kick out of Georgia’s water fix (The Tennessean, 7/17/13)
Tea Party groups plan to protest at Lamar Alexander event (Times Free Press, 7/17/13)
Top Tennessee Republicans hint end is nigh for compromise on Medicaid expansion (WPLN, 7/16/13)
VIDEO: Haslam praises TN Republican super-majorities (TN Report, 7/16/13)
Amid questions over state contract, plan to demolish historic Nashville building will get 2nd look (WPLN, 7/16/13)
Statewide accelerator program offers startups more exposure, funding (, 7/16/13)
Three contributors to Haslam campaign work for state (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/15/13)
Anti-, pro-unionization efforts ramp up at Volkswagen (, 7/15/13)
9 Pilot employees gone amid scam investigation; rebate program ended (The Tennessean, 7/15/13)
How much will rebate scandal cost Pilot Flying J? (The Tennessean, 7/14/13)
Political notebook: Ramsey, Campfield reject entreaties to oppose Sen. Alexander (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/14/13)
Gov. Haslam says consultant pay was a personal matter, not a campaign expense (WPLN, 7/12/13)
Pilot Flying J gets 17th federal lawsuit (The Tennessean, 7/12/13)
Haslam defends pick of Tim Gobble to fill vacancy on parole board (, 7/11/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam announces launch of new online state university (, 7/10/13)
Gov. Haslam defends ties to lobbyist Ingram (The Tennessean, 7/10/13)
Haslam discouraged by latest Medicaid rules (The Tennessean, 7/10/13)
Haslam appoints Time Gobble to state Board of Parole (, 7/10/13)
Bill Haslam, Mark Cate say no favoritism to Tom Ingram clients (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/10/13)
Vote of confidence for Huffman from Haslam (TN Report, 7/9/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam to move quickly on appellate judge nominations (Times Free Press, 7/9/13)
Emails reveal key lobbyist’s access to Haslam administration (NewsChannel 5, 7/8/13)
Haslam defends education commissioner under fire (AP, 7/8/13)
Tenn. governor unmoved by calls to fire his education commissioner (WPLN, 7/8/13)
Gov. Haslam struggles to meet Pilot recusal pledge (The Tennessean, 7/7/13)
Most local companies don’t offer domestic partner benefits (, 7/5/13)
TN legislative panel to review company’s deal with state (AP, 7/3/13)
Bill Haslam names new chairman of Board of Parole (Times Free Press, 7/2/13)
Tenn. delays cuts in jobless benefits (The Tennessean, 7/2/13)
Carrie Underwood has Bil Haslam’s ear (Nashville Scene, 7/1/13)
Carrie Underwood gets political on Twitter (AP, 7/1/13)
Nominating Commission sends panels to Haslam (Nashville Post, 7/1/13)
Governor says state will privatize more work (AP, 7/1/13)
Haslam family looms large in giving to state, national political causes, candidates (Knoxville News Sentinel, 7/1/13)
JUNE 2013
Disorder in the court: With no panel to nominate, filling judge vacancies open to question (Times Free Press, 6/30/13)
TN investment promised jobs don’t add up (The Tennessean, 6/30/13)
Haslams selling Tennessee Smokies baseball team (AP, 6/28/13)
Governor Haslam weighs in (WCYB, 6/28/13)
Gov. Haslam says he doesn’t expect TN legislature to change stance on same-sex marriage (WBIR, 6/28/13)
Bill Haslam shrugs off Pilot Flying J links to coal company (The Tennessean, 6/28/13)
Haslam ranks 4th for job growth among US governors (Nashville Business Journal, 6/28/13)
Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker stir tea party anger on immigration, other issues (The Tennessean, 6/27/13)
Tennessee lawmakers respond to pair of Supreme Court rulings affirming gay marriage (, 6/27/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam signs legislation to enhance sentencing for gang-related offenses (, 6/27/13)
Coal mining company seeking state deal has ties to Haslam (Nashville Business Journal, 6/26/13)
Company seeking mining deal with state has ties to Haslam (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/26/13)
TN residents divided on DOMA, Prop 8 rulings (, 6/26/13)
Haslam says privatization isn’t always the answer (WPLN, 6/26/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam pleased with new operating officer (Times Free Press, 6/26/13)
Bill Haslam wary of VW union impact on other industries (Times Free Press, 6/26/13)
Haslam to put adviser Tom Ingram on campaign payroll (AP, 6/25/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam creates, fills new chief operating officer position in administration (, 6/25/13)
Haslam will keep taking Tennessee services private (Times Free Press, 6/24/13)
Educational reforms raise bar for Tennessee teachers (Times Free Press, 6/23/13)
Tennessee teacher pay proposal riles union (Times Free Press, 6/21/13)
Official: Water complaints could be ‘act of terrorism’ (The Tennessean, 6/21/13)
Tennessee ranks high in incentive ‘megadeals’ (The Tennessean, 6/21/13)
Is there hope for Tennessee’s Medicaid expansion? Alberto Gonzalez says yes (Nashville Business Journal, 6/20/13)
Tenn. delegation reveals one-third of selected Medicare suppliers unlicensed in state (, 6/20/13)
Common Core guidelines considered more rigorous than current standards (Times Free Press, 6/19/13)
TN’s federally run health exchange may not be ready for launch (Nashville Business Journal, 6/19/13)
Judge grants week extension to delay of state layoffs (Times Free Press, 6/18/13)
Three more Pilot Flying J employees plead guilty (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/18/13)
Nashville judge hears arguments in civil service suit (The Tennessean, 6/18/13)
Blackburn tapped to lead debate on late-term abortions (WPLN, 6/18/13)
TN governor calls conflict of interest claims a ‘huge stretch’ (WPLN, 6/17/13)
TN GOP super-majority struggles to find footing (AP, 6/17/13)
Ramsey, Harwell call for review of state building contract (The Tennessean, 6/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Governor should consider study in decision on pre-K funds (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/14/13)
Harwell, Ramsey say legislators will review state outsourcing contracts (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/13/13)
Tenn. Chamber, Farm Bureau: We need immigrants who can stay (WPLN, 6/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Governor should disclose payments to political adviser (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/13/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam appoints new labor commissioner (, 6/12/13)
Chicago firm that got state contracts had ties to TN Gov. Bill Haslam (Times Free Press, 6/12/13)
Laid-off workers challenge parts of TN civil service law (The Tennessean, 6/12/13)
Judge rules in favor of Occupy Nashville members (AP, 6/12/13)
Davidson County judge blocks Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan to lay off state workers (Times Free Press, 6/11/13)
Judge derails state worker layoffs (AP, 6/11/13)
Tennessee tax collections up, way up (WPLN, 6/11/13)
VIDEO: Governor invested in company getting $330M contract (NewsChannel5, 6/10/13)
Politics complicates TennCare discussion (The Tennessean, 6/10/13)
Senate panel to explore new Common Core standards (AP, 6/10/13)
VIDEO: The Daily Show investigates ‘health belt’ state Tennessee (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/9/13)
PAC rates TN legislators on animal-welfare votes (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/9/13)
Tenn. lawmakers encounter Turkish protesters (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/9/13)
Incentives part of VW talks, Chattanooga, Hamilton County mayors say (Times Free Press, 6/8/13)
Bill Haslam, the Teflon governor? (Humphrey on the Hill, 6/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Haslam right be cautious about revenue from bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/7/13)
Flying high halfway through term, Haslam stays above fray, political land mines (Nashville City Paper, 6/7/13)
‘Daily Show’ features Tennessee health program (, 6/6/13)
Haslam to review federal pre-K funding plan (The Tennessean, 6/6/13)
Petition for expansion of TennCare is presented to governor’s office (The Tennessean, 6/6/13)
Mary Headrick delivers petition asking Gov. Bill Haslam to expand TennCare (, 6/6/13)
Gov. Haslam to review feds’ $64.3M offer to expand pre-K in Tenn. (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature and governor must expand Medicaid (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/5/13)
VIDEO: Muslim group’s TN forum with feds disrupted by heckling (The Tennessean, 6/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Departing finance chief fit Haslam mold (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/3/13)
Internet tax might cut other taxes (The Tennessean, 6/3/13)
Passage of Marketplace Act may lead to lower state taxes in Tenn. (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/3/13)
Plea agreement in Pilot case indicates prosecutors have star witness (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/2/13)
Hospitals brace for future with no Medicaid expansion (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/2/13)
Decision on Medicaid expansion holds coverage for many Tennesseans in balance (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Haslam is hurting the poor and disabled (Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/1/13)
MAY 2013
Chattanooga Tea Party becomes plaintiff in IRS lawsuit (, 5/30/13)
More charges may come in case involving Haslams (AP, 5/30/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam: Tennessee firearm laws fine for now (Times Free Press, 5/29/13)
Haslam names interim commissioner of Finance and Administration (, 5/29/13)

Haslam talks up latest Hall tax cut (TN Report, 5/29/13)
Tenn. gun control advocates ask Senators to reconsider background checks (WPLN, 5/29/13)
Tea party groups ask senators to block immigration bill (The Tennessean, 5/29/13)
Conservation groups say Tennessee’s fracking rules don’t go far enough (Times Free Press, 5/28/13)
Gov. Haslam signs bill shrinking tax on investments for seniors (WPLN, 5/28/13)
Haslam on Medicaid deal: Real progress this summer or bust (WPLN, 5/24/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam expects TennCare decision by summer (The Tennessean, 5/24/13)
TennCare expansion backed by most voters (Times Free Press, 5/22/13)
Poll reveals Tennesseans support leaders, despite disagreeing with major policy decisions (, 5/22/13)
Gov. Haslam named to governors task force on health care (The Tennessean, 5/22/13)
Haslam announces new DCS, DIDD commissioners (, 5/22/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam appears in seat belt ad campaign (, 5/21/13)
Vanderilt poll finds growing support for same-sex marriage (The Tennessean, 5/21/13)
Lamar Alexander plans ‘overwhelming force’ in re-election bid (The Tennessean, 5/20/13)
Fundraising ceaseless for TN officials in DC (The Tennessean, 5/19/13)
Haslam to highlight bills during ceremonial signings in East Tennessee (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/19/13)
Political noteboook: Gov. Haslam signs whiskey bill (Times Free Press, 5/18/13)
Gov. Haslam signs bill allowing armed personnel in schools (AP, 5/17/13)
Sen. Stacey Campfield sees liberal bias on Tenn. campuses (Times Free Press, 5/17/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam signs bills geared at school security, tax reduction (, 5/16/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam inclined to sign whiskey distillery bill (Times Free Press, 5/15/13)
Governor Haslam’s ‘Ag-Gag’ veto could have national impact (Food Safety News, 5/14/13)
Sponsors vow to revive ‘ag gag’ bill (Nashville Business Journal, 5/14/13)
Democratic leader Roy Herron is tired of Tenn. politics being the ‘go-to’ joke on TV (Times Free Press, 5/14/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam will veto ‘ag gag’ bill (, 5/13/13)
Gov. Haslam on Tom Ingram: ‘He doesn’t lobby me, period.’ (WPLN, 5/13/13)
Donation reporting divides Tennessee GOP (Times Free Press, 5/13/13)
Haslam asks Tenn. Legislature to reconsider ‘Ag Gag’ (WPLN, 5/13/13)
Haslam explains ‘Ag Gag’ veto, contends agriculture community ‘besieged’ by urban mentality (Nashville City Paper, 5/13/13)
Harwell, Ramsey say they’re getting along well (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/12/13)
Tennessee distillery bill raises ethics queries about governor (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/12/13)
IRS targeted right-leaning groups, including Chattanooga Tea Party (, 5/10/13)
Attorney general says ‘ag gag’ bill ‘constitutionally suspect’ (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/9/13)
Haslam, Ramsey seek US House support for Internet tax bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/9/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam to decide on ‘ag gag’ bill by Monday (, 5/8/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam discusses favorite books (, 5/8/13)
Number of PACs, donations hit record levels in 2012 (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/7/13)
Publication ranks Tenn. 4th-best business state (, 5/7/13)
To veto or not to veto animal cruelty bill: Gov will wait for TN AG’s opinion (WPLN, 5/7/13)
Workers’ comp reform receives Haslam signature (TN Report, 5/7/13)
TN Republican leaders end joint fundraising efforts (The Tennessean, 5/7/13)
Tenn. ranked best state for retirement (, 5/6/13)
Gun group targets TN lawmakers who don’t ‘understand the Constitution’ (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/5/13)
Senate Republicans cut fundraising ties with House members (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/5/13)
Top Tenn. GOP fundraiser changing roles (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/5/13)
Tennessee lawmakers build up war chests (The Tennessean, 5/5/13)
Gov. Haslam’s latest financial disclosure reveals even less (The Commercial Appeal, 5/4/13)
‘Ag gag’ bill reaches Haslam’s desk (In Session, 5/3/13)
Clergy for Justice asks Haslam to ‘answer God’s call’ and veto ‘ag gag’ (The Tennessean, 5/2/13)
Gov. Haslam’s former boss to oversee Pilot probe (AP, 5/1/13)
Haslam unmoved by celebrities opposed to animal cruelty bill (Nashville Business Journal, 5/1/13)
LaunchTN releases report on state’s business development (, 5/1/13)
APRIL 2013
Haslam stil undecided on ‘ag gag’ bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/30/13)
Workers’ comp overhaul signed, takes effect summer 2014 (TN Report, 4/30/13)
Pilot’s biggest investor not named Haslam stands by the company (WPLN, 4/29/13)
Pilot Flying J legal drama unfurls (The Tennessean, 4/28/13)
Shadowy figures — one  a mole — were key to federal raid on Pilot Flying J (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/27/13)
Pilot president also under scrutiny (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/27/13)
TN GOP says infighting typical of super-majority (AP, 4/26/13)
Guv inks tighter voter ID provisions (TN Report, 4/25/13)
National groups urge Haslam to veto ‘ag-gag’ bill (Nashville Business Journal, 4/25/13)
Pilot Flying J mess could hurt Bill Haslam’s political ambitions (The Tennessean, 4/25/13)
Pilot Flying J denis claims of witness tampering (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/25/13)
Haslam swamped by response to animal cruelty bill (WPLN, 4/24/13)
The case against Pilot: Behind the accusations of fraud at Pilot Flying J (Metro Pulse, 4/24/13)
Haslams try to halt fallout from FBI raid on Pilot (AP, 4/24/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam signs beer tax reform bill (, 4/24/13)
Embattled Pilot Flying J sales exec gave to Haslam campaign (The Tennessean, 4/23/13)
Tenn. lawmakers back Marketplace Fairness Act (, 4/23/13)
TN Democrats try to seize upon GOP squabbles (The Tennessean, 4/23/13)
Pilot credit rating under review (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/23/13)
Jimmy Haslam phone calls to trucking companies for Pilot Flying J could present legal problem after federal raid, experts say (The Plain Dealer, 4/23/13)
Tennessee Legislature done for the year (, 4/22/13)

Failed education bills to be revived in next legislative session (The Tennessean, 4/22/13)
Veto pressure building over animal cruelty bill (WPLN, 4/22/13)
Box by box, Pilot Flying J records shed more light on rebate-fraud probe (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/22/13)
In wake of federal raid, ‘embarrassed’ Jimmy Haslam wants to mend truckstop company’s reputation (WPLN, 4/22/13)
Groups urge Haslam to veto ‘ag gag’ bill (The Tennessean, 4/22/13)
On Nate Silver’s scale of GOP governors, Gov. Bill Haslam is middle-of-the-road (, 4/22/13)
Republicans watch supermajority revolt on last day (Times Free Press, 4/21/13)
Pilot Flying J fraud allegations put Haslam family’s reputation on the line (The Tennessean, 4/21/13)
Eyes on Haslam as he weighs veto of animal cruelty bill (WPLN, 4/21/13)
Tenn. legislature worked fast, made news for what didn’t pass as well as what did (The Commercial Appeal, 4/21/13)
Tenn. Legislature adjourns amid flurry of disputes (The Tennessean, 4/20/13)
Heated debate caps ’13 session of the Tenn. Legislature (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/20/13)
GOP ‘super-majority’ rolls, but friction derails pet projects (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/20/13)
Details revealed in Pilot affidavit suggest Billy Haslam knew of fraud (, 4/19/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam writes WSJ op-ed responding to critical take on voucher bill (, 4/19/13)
What the state Legislature passed, failed during 2013 session (Nashville City Paper, 4/19/13)
Senate OKs bill allowing some to have guns in schools (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/18/13)
Haslam: Tennessee is moving ahead on effective school reform (Wall Street Journal, 4/18/13)
Chronology of Pilot Flying J investigation (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/18/13)
FBI: Pilot engaged in fraud, Haslam knew of scheme (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/18/13)
‘Liar’s poker’: Explaining the rebate scheme in Pilot officials’ own words (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/18/13)
Governor declares ‘absolute faith’ in CEO brother (AP, 4/18/13)
General Assembly approves budget (, 4/18/13)
TN Senate passes ‘neutered’ teacher arming bill (WPLN, 4/18/13)
Legislature: Corporate-friendly campaign disclosure bill in House (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/17/13)
House, Senate give OK to $32.7B state budget (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/17/13)
Budget stamped by legislature (WPLN, 4/17/13)
Updated: Gov. Bill Haslam addresses FBI, IRS raid on family-owned truck stop business (, 4/16/13)
Haslam continues talks on Medicaid expansion (Memphis Daily News, 4/16/13)
VIDEO: Jimmy Haslam addresses Pilot Flying J investigation (WBIR, 4/16/13)
FBI, IRS lock down Knoxville headquarters of Gov. Bill Haslam family business (, 4/16/13)
Memphis — and other TN cities —  could run own school systems if Haslam signs bill (The Tennessean, 4/16/13)
TN lawmakers push education bills in final days of session (The Tennessean, 4/14/13)
Education bills take focus near session end (Daily News Journal, 4/14/13)
Analysis: Haslam finds his footing on slippery slope (The Tennessean, 4/13/13)
Workers’ comp bill heading to Gov. Bill Haslam’s desk (, 4/12/13)
Legislature approves TN workers’ comp overhaul (TN Report, 4/12/13)
Haslam non-committal on possible TVA sale (Knoxville News-Sentinel, 4/11/13)
Tenn. House gives OK to Haslam’s worker comp overhaul (Times Free Press, 4/11/13)
Tennessee lawmakers dismiss Barack Obama’s budget (, 4/11/13)
In latest war between the states, Georgia says Tennessee is all wet (Wall Street Journal, 4/10/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam discussed Medicaid expansion on unscheduled trip to Washington, DC, White House (, 4/10/13)
Haslam takes unscheduled trip to DC, likely to talk Medicaid expansion (Nashville City Paper, 4/9/13)
Tenn. utility regulation bill headed to Gov. Bill Haslam (Times Free Press, 4/9/13)
Tenn. Dem chair slams welfare-schools bill (Times Free Press, 4/9/13)
Income tax ban amendment clears House (, 4/9/13)
House panel casts partisan vote OKing welfare penalty for parents of failing students (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/9/13)
Haslam’s objection doesn’t stop welfare for grades bill (WPLN, 4/9/13)
Haslam receptive to for-profit charter operators in Tenn. (TN Report, 4/9/13)
Tenn. utility regulation bill headed to Gov. Bill Haslam (Times Free Press, 4/9/13)
Some complain about session’s fast pace (Times Free Press, 4/8/13)
House gives final OK for proposed anti-income tax constitutional amendment (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/8/13)
Clergy to Legislature: WWJD on Medicaid expansion? (WPLN, 4/8/13)
Haslam will sign ban on local wage-and-benefits mandates (TN Report, 4/8/13)
AUDIO: A visit to Tennessee’s education bill graveyard (WPLN, 4/8/13)
School security bill hits House-Senate snag (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/7/13)
Tennessee GOP ‘super-majority’ eases up on silly bills (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/7/13)
‘Third way’ of ‘Haslamcare’ (The Commercial Appeal, 4/7/13)
Voter photo ID bill passes, sans use of student cards (TN Report, 4/5/13)
Fingers pointed over loss of Gov. Bill Haslam’s school voucher bill (Times Free Press, 4/5/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam tours M&M’s factory (, 4/5/13)
School voucher legislation fizzles (The Tennessean, 4/5/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam ‘encouraged’ by Medicaid talks (, 4/5/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam’s voucher bill pulled (, 4/4/13)
Senate joins House in not allowing student IDs for voting (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/4/13)
Legislative notebook: Campfield delays welfare-school performance bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/4/13)
Haslam abandons school voucher plan (Nashville Business Journal, 4/4/13)
Bill advances to tie welfare to grades (The Tennessean, 4/3/13)
Tennessee legislature exploring issue of states rights (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/3/13)
Against push for expansion, Haslam pulls voucher bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/3/13)
Haslam’s proposed voucher program abandoned (Nashville City Paper, 4/3/13)
Gov. Haslam’s ‘Tennessee Plan’ for expanding health insurance faces a lot of obstacles (Metro Pulse, 4/3/13)
Haslam: Feds more receptive to Medicaid expansion alternative (Nashville Business Journal, 4/3/13)
Arne Duncan touts Tenn.,  calls for better teacher pay, expanded pre-school (Knoxville News-Sentinel, 4/3/13)
Right-to-work group worried VW employees’ interests lost in unionization talks (, 4/3/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam presents budget amendment for fiscal year (, 4/3/13)
Gov. Haslam says TennCare deal with feds not impossible (The Tennessean, 4/3/13)
Haslam: ‘Shame on us’ if no real Medicaid reform (Nashville Post, 4/2/13)
With end near, state legislature starts to kill off contested bills (WPLN, 4/2/13)
Some in GOP wary of Tennessee primary plan (Times Free Press, 4/2/13)
Tennessee’s colossally bad plan to change its primary system (National Journal, 4/2/13)
Haslam, Corker say little on gay marriage, and don’t budge (WPLN, 4/2/13)
Tennessee laughing at Georgia border dispute (WPLN, 4/2/13)
Haslam has ‘major problem’ with changing US Senate nominations (Nashville City Paper, 4/2/13)
With his ‘maybe’ on Medicaid, Haslam insists he’s not on ‘fool’s errand’ (Nashville Scene, 4/2/13)
Haslam changing tune on expanding Medicaid (WPLN, 4/2/13)
Legislators question $72.4M ‘health and wellness initiative’ in Haslam’s budget (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/2/13)
Crucible of change in Memphis as state takes on failing schools (New York Times, 4/2/13)
Stephen Colbert skewers Gov. Bill Haslam’s Medicaid decision (, 4/2/13)
Battle plans draw for Tennessee water war (, 4/1/13)
Changes to Senate nominations in Tenn. put on hold (AP, 4/1/13)
Haslam’s bill or no bill on school vouchers (WPLN, 4/1/13)
Dispute of details may have Gov. Haslam’s voucher bill in peril (Knoxville News Sentinel, 4/1/13)
Legislature takes a breath on picking Senate party nominees (WPLN, 4/1/13)
Bill Haslam will not budge on opposing the expansion of school vouchers (Times Free Press, 4/1/13)
AUDIO: Understanding Medicaid indecision (WPLN, 4/1/13)
MARCH 2013
What’s next for Medicaid? Haslam hopes feds come around on ‘Tennessee Plan’ (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/31/13)
Bill tying student performance to welfare benefits advancing in Legislature (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/31/13)
Haslam thrives on avoiding confrontation (The Tennessean, 3/31/13)
Bill ending US Senate primaries in Tenn. has a shot (Times Free Press, 3/30/13)
Feds signal openness to Medicaid alternatives (The Tennessean, 3/30/13)
No more local control over wages, benefits in construction projects (Humphrey on the Hill, 3/30/13)
Harwell, Ramsey not fretting over potential hospital closures (Humphrey on the Hill, 3/29/13)
Rep. Dunn questions legislative pace set by Speaker Ramsey (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/29/13)
Trouble ahead for some Tenn. hospitals (Times Free Press, 3/29/13)
Sens. Corker, Alexander urge Sebelius to consider Tenn. plan for Medicaid (, 3/29/13)
Business groups optimistic about TennCare deal (The Tennessean, 3/29/13)
Tennessee ranked at one of the ‘freest’ states (, 3/28/13)
TN hospitals, insurers hope Gov. Bill Haslam’s Medicaid plan pays off (The Tennessean, 3/28/13)
Haslam rejects Obama’s Medicaid expansion offer for Tenn. (Bloomberg, 3/28/13)
Lawmakers respond to Gov. Bill Haslam’s Medicaid decision (, 3/28/13)
Haslam won’t expand insurance for poor (Times Free Press, 3/28/13)
Todd Gardenhire bill on charter schools fails in committee (Times Free Press, 3/28/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam: Medicaid proposal ‘not dead,’ but no expansion for now (, 3/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Bill Haslam made wrong decision on Medicaid expansion (, 3/28/13)
For-profit charter push flops in state Senate (WPLN, 3/27/13)
Tenn. holds off on Medicaid expansion (Wall Street Journal, 3/27/13)
Gov. Haslam begs off Medicaid expansion for Tenn. (AP, 3/27/13)
Governor of Tennessee joins peers refusing Medicaid plan (New York Times, 3/27/13)
Nashville hospital industry reacts to Haslam’s Medicaid decision (Nashville Business Journal, 3/27/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam says no to TennCare expansion (, 3/27/13)
Haslam rejects TennCare expansion under Affordable Care Act (Nashville City Paper, 3/27/13)
Haslam rejects federal dollars this year, offers ‘third option’ on Medicaid (TN Report, 3/27/13)
Haslam gives qualified ‘no’ on TennCare expansion (The Tennessean, 3/27/13)
Haslam refuses Yes or No on Medicaid expansion (WPLN, 3/27/13)
Georgia lawmakers eyeing Tennessee River once more (, 3/27/13)
TN Chamber supports Medicaid expansion, in advance of Haslam decision (Nashville Business Journal, 3/26/13)
TN leg tells thirsty Georgia to ‘deal with our lawyers’ (WPLN, 3/26/13)
Haslam pulls 3-year extension offer for York Institute funding (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/26/13)
Decision on TennCare expansion this week, Gov. Bill Haslam says (, 3/26/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam to decide this week on Medicaid expansion (Times Free Press, 3/25/13)
Haslam to lawmakers wanting bigger voucher plan: Get your own bill (Nashville City Paper, 3/25/13)
Expansion week for Haslam (WPLN, 3/25/13)
Votes on school vouchers, TennCare draw near (The Tennessean, 3/25/13)
Echoes of TennCare feed Medicaid misgivings (The Tennessean, 3/25/13)
Tennessee race for Medicaid: Dial fast and try, try again (New York Times, 3/24/13)
Beer tax reform bill moves forward in state Legislature (, 3/22/13)
‘Votes not there’ for full expansion of TennCare (Times Free Press, 3/22/13)
Tennessee Senate targets mental health on gun control (Times Free Press, 3/22/13)
Ramsey: More ambitious voucher plan than Haslam’s likely to pass Senate (TNReport, 3/22/13)
Ramsey doubts Medicaid expansion would pass state Senate (WPLN, 3/21/13)
At dinner, Ramsey makes Governor’s stomach growl (Nashville Scene, 3/21/13)
Bill banning mountaintop mining killed for sixth straight year (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/21/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam: Chattanooga VW workers happy without union (Times Free Press, 3/21/13)
Haslam, Senate spar over school vouchers bill (The Tennessean, 3/21/13)
Changes to voting rules mulled in Legislature (WPLN, 3/21/13)
Lawmaker claims to have found ‘Achilles’ heel of Obamacare (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/20/13)
Tenn. faces difficult choice on Medicaid expansion (The Tennessean, 3/20/13)
Kelsey urges expansion as competing voucher bill sidelined (WPLN, 3/20/13)
Democrat scolds lawmakers: ‘World is watching’ them sell out Tenn. to coal industry (Nashville Scene, 3/20/13)
Workers’ comp reform moves in House (The Tennessean, 3/19/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam against bill to block TennCare expansion (Times Free Press, 3/19/13)
Haslam to lawmakers: Stand down on forcing Medicaid decision (Nashville City Paper, 3/18/13)
Christian Right drums up support for anti-gay counseling bill (Nashville Scene, 3/18/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam against bill that aims to block Tenn. from expanding TennCare (Times Free Press, 3/18/13)
Dems decry GOP efforts to assert state authority over local governments (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/18/13)
Corker sees a chance for deal (Politico, 3/17/13)
Obama overtures fall short with Tenn. GOP (Times Free Press, 3/17/13)
Sen. Bob Corker: ‘Grand bargain’ fiscal deal ‘possible’ (Washington Times, 3/17/13)
‘John B.’ ruling ends court-ordered monitoring of TennCare children’s services (The Tennessean, 3/15/13)
TN governor signs guns-in-trunks bill (The Tennessean, 3/15/13)
TN Senate approves college ID as form of voter ID (The Tennessean, 3/15/13)
Senate amendment would open floodgates on school vouchers in Tenn. (Commercial Appeal, 3/13/13)
Senator offers voucher plan to rival governor’s (The Tennessean, 3/13/13)
Haslam ponders cost impact to some employers without Medicaid expansion (Times Free Press,3/13/13)
Expanded voucher bill raises income caps, removes tuition limits (WPLN, 3/13/13)
Tenn. Dept of Children’s Services versus the media (Governing, 3/12/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam’s workers’ comp overhaul OK’d by Tenn House committee (Times Free Press, 3/12/13)
Workers’ compensation reform passes House, Senate committees (The Tennessean, 3/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Two faces of Haslam’s governing style have emerged (The Tennessean, 3/12/13)
Bills from local lawmakers among those opposed by Gov. Bill Haslam (, 3/11/13)
A look at the bills opposed by Gov. Haslam (Nashville Business Journal, 3/11/13)
For Tenn. lawmakers, recent campaign fundraising mirrored national average (, 3/11/13)
Haslam voices opposition to 22 proposed bills (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/11/13)
Tea Party faithful make Medicaid stand (WPLN, 3/10/13)
TennCare expansion urged at town hall meeting (The Tennessean, 3/10/13)
Voter turnout lowest in recent years (, 3/9/13)
TennCare expansion could give TN $1.4 billion (The Tennessean, 3/9/13)
Tennesseans hate moderates but love Bill Haslam (The Tennessean, 3/8/13)
Haslam’s school voucher bill delayed (AP, 3/8/13)
Republican leaders more ‘open’ to Medicaid expansion (WPLN, 3/7/13)
VIDEO: Workers’ comp debate persists in TN (The Tennessean, 3/7/13)
Haslam to make Medicaid decision this month (Nashville Business Journal, 3/6/13)
Haslam ‘concerned’ over bill targeting Vandy police (WPLN, 3/6/13)
Haslam’s school voucher bill delayed (AP, 3/6/13)
Tenn. physicians lobby at the Legislature (Nashville Business Journal, 3/6/13)
First vote on workers comp overhaul reveals party-line divide (WPLN, 3/6/13)
Bill to create statewide charter panel in Tenn. advances (Times Free Press, 3/6/13)
Legislative notebook: Out-of-state groups’ ads push for voucher legislation (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/5/13)
Haslam: The chances of him running for president are ‘zero’ (Nashville City Paper, 3/5/13)
Haslam pledges to give Legislature time to consider Medicaid expansion (WPLN, 3/5/13)
MTSU poll: 62% in Tenn. against gay marriage (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/4/13)
Exchange rejected; Medicaid decision looms (Knoxville News Sentinel, 3/4/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam seen as presidential timber by some analysts (The Tennessean, 3/4/13)
President Bill Haslam? (The Tennessean, 3/3/13)
National group may launch ads for TN school voucher plan (AP, 3/2/13)
Bill Haslam says he’s eyeing concerns about Brown (Times Free Press, 3/2/13)
State House members approve guns in trunks bill (, 3/1/13)
Is Haslam ready for national stage? (Jackson Sun, 3/1/13)
OPINION: No Medicaid expansion would spell disaster (Jackson Sun, 3/1/13)
Haslam ‘likely’ to sign ‘guns in parking lots’ bill (Times Free Press, 3/1/13)
Gov. Haslam’s workers’ comp reform plan causes concern (The Tennessean, 2/28/13)
Guns-in-Trunks head to Haslam (WPLN, 2/28/13)
House sends guns-in-lots bill to Haslam, who will likely sign (Nashville City Paper, 2/28/13)
Sponsor of school voucher bill eyes expansion (WPLN, 2/27/13)
Momentum building to buck Haslam’s voucher bill for ‘very expansive’ one (Nashville City Paper, 2/27/13)
Tennesseans split on school voucher plan (The Tennessean, 2/27/13)
Democrats make 11th hour push to amend guns-in-trunks (WPLN, 2/27/13)
Nullification bill rejected in Senate after testy hearing (WPLN, 2/27/13)
Sponsor of school vouchers bill eyes expansion (WPLN, 2/27/13)
Majority supports TennCare growth, THA survey shows (Times Free Press, 2/27/13)
Governor’s voucher program moves ahead with bipartisan support (WPLN, 2/26/13)
Haslam warns of fallout as sequester looms (WPLN, 2/26/13)
Barack Obama offers praise for Gov. Bill Haslam (, 2/26/13)
Signs point to Haslam supporting federal Medicaid expansion (The Tennessean, 2/24/13)
Tennessee programs brace for steep cuts (The Tennessean, 2/24/13)
Plan to make crime help fund Tennessee government doesn’t (Times Free Press, 2/24/13)
Politico continues coverage of Gov. Bill Haslam (, 2/23/13)
VIDEO: Bill Haslam: GOP needs message fix (Politico, 2/22/13)
Haslam weighs factors in upcoming Medicaid decision (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/22/13)
Bill Haslam unmoved by Florida’s Medicaid expansion (Times Free Press, 2/22/13)
While other governors decide on Medicaid expansions, Gov. Bill Haslam waits (, 2/22/13)
Dignified discourse: Haslam, Bredesen, Sundquist say civility must return (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/21/13)
TN guns-in-trunks bill heads to House floor (The Tennessean, 2/21/13)
Florida Medicaid expansion could provide ‘cover’ to Tenn. (WPLN, 2/21/13)
Bill Haslam, the GOP star you’ve never heard of (Politico, 2/20/13)
Guns-in-trunks bill rolls ahead despite serious questions (The Tennessean, 2/19/13)
JoAnne Favors challenges GOP on Tennessee health care (Times Free Press, 2/19/13)
VIDEO: Tennessee Insider on guns in parking lots, state of the union (, 2/18/13)
Local opponents of state charter authorizer speak out on Capitol Hill (Nashville City Paper, 2/18/13)
The Tennessean asks: Who keeps electing Stacy Campfield, and why? (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/18/13)
Haslam’s voucher bill getting mixed reviews (AP, 2/18/13)
Ramsey doesn’t like sealing gun permits; NRA does (AP, 2/18/13)
Understanding TN Senate Stacy Campfield: Who keeps electing him, and why? (The Tennessean, 2/18/13)
States’ rights bills flooding Tennessee capitol (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/17/13)
Tennessee rejects health insurance exchange partnership (The Tennessean, 2/16/13)
Haslam nixes health exchange partnership (AP, 2/16/13)
Bill gives renewed push for online sales tax (Times Free Press, 2/15/13)
Haslam rejects federal partnership in running insurance exchange (Nashville City Paper, 2/15/13)
Ron Ramsey: Guns bill shouldn’t leave workers vulnerable (Times Free Press, 2/15/13)
TN Senate approves plan to leave income tax up to voters (The Tennessean, 2/15/13)
Report: Sequestration would have big impact in Oak Ridge (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/15/13)
Anti-income tax amendment clears Senate (TN Report, 2/14/13)
Guns in trunks bill clears House subcommittee (, 2/14/13)
House panel advances guns in lots bill after 6 minutes (AP, 2/13/13)
Guns in trunks bill clears TN Senate (, 2/12/13)
TN Senate passes guns in parking lots bill (Times Free Press, 2/12/13)
State initiative to boost Tenn. exports (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/12/13)
Ramsey says gun bill ‘going to pass’ (Times News, 2/11/13)
Haslam aims for Medicaid recommendation before legislative session ends (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/11/13)
Reporter’s notebook: Harwell sides with Ramsey on guns-parking lots bill (Times Free Press, 2/9/13)
TN hospitals group sees crisis on horizon with federal reimbursement cuts (The Tennessean, 2/8/13)
Harwell predicts passage of ‘Guns in Trunks’ (WPLN, 2/8/13)
Study projects $13.3B negative impact for state from Medicare cuts (Memphis Business Journal, 2/8/13)
TN school voucher issues ripple far (The Tennessean, 2/8/13)
Haslam denies state lost in DCS records suit (TN Report, 2/8/13)
Haslam wants Legislature OK if Tennessee expands Medicaid (Times Free Press, 2/8/13)
Developments in TennCare expansion debate (, 2/8/13)
Ramsey: State Senate delays bill to ban Medicaid growth (AP, 2/8/13)
Haslam noncommittal on DesJarlais re-election (Times Free Press, 2/8/13)
Gov. Haslam says fee for DCS records will stand (The Tennessean, 2/8/13)
Haslam not sure whether he’ll veto gun bill (Times Free Press, 2/7/13)
TennCare expansion makes economic sense to Nashville chamber of commerce (The Tennessean, 2/7/13)
Hospitals say blocking TennCare expansion would cost 90,000 jobs (WPLN, 2/7/13)
Haslam promises Medicaid expansion decision by end of legislative session (Nashville City Paper, 2/7/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam defends Kate O’Day’s DCS record (The Tennessean, 2/7/13)
New guns-in-lots measure passes first Senate committee go-round (TN Report, 2/6/13)
State income tax ban sent to TN Senate (The Tennessean, 2/6/13)
Sens. Todd Gardenhire, Bo Watson comment on Medicaid expansion (, 2/5/13)
Haslam may not get choice on expansion of Medicaid (AP, 2/4/13)
Hopes, suspicions swirl in Legislature over Haslam’s TennCare plans (TN Report, 2/4/13)
Ramsey: Action on Medicaid expansion not likely in 2013 session (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/4/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam’s voucher plan draws fire from both sides (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/3/13)
Haslam war chest at $2 million (Knoxville News Sentinel, 2/2/13)
TennCare bill gets Senate support (Times Free Press, 2/2/13)
Tennessee scores high on Race to the Top review (, 2/1/13)
VIDEO: Haslam distances himself from Campfield ‘gay’ bill (Times Free Press, 2/1/13)
Voucher program won’t pull funds from priority schools, Gov. Haslam says (, 2/1/13)
Chamber leaders want Legislature t consider business impact of bills (, 1/31/13)
Report slams Tenn’s tax system as ‘unfair’ (Nashville Business Journal, 1/31/13)
Bill would put US Senate party nominations in hands of legislators (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/31/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam moves to cap online school enrollment (Times Free Press, 1/30/13)
Stacey Campfield files retooled homosexuality in classroom bill (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/30/13)
Tenn. Republicans’ effort to reshuffle courts raises eyebrows (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/30/13)
Arming teachers doesn’t seem helpful: Haslam (WPLN, 1/29/13)
Guns in Trunks returns on fast track (WPLN, 1/29/13)
Sen. Lamar Alexander’s votes align with Barack Obama’s positions, study says (, 1/29/13)
Democrats respond to Haslam’s State of the State (, 1/29/13)
Gov. Haslam outlines $32.7B spending plan (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/28/13)
Reaction to Gov. Haslam’s school voucher proposal (AP, 1/28/13)
Gov. Bill Halsam outlines budget in State of the State address (, 1/28/13)
Haslam to push for ‘limited approach’ school voucher system (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/28/13)
Tenn. Comptroller delivers stinging critique of state’s film incentives (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/28/13)
Haslam takes on Tenn. workers’ comp reform (Nashville Business Journal, 1/28/13)
Haslam proposes $32B budget calling for school vouchers, job cuts, tax cuts (Nashville City Paper, 1/28/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam set to deliver State of the State address (, 1/28/13)
AUDIO: Capitol Hill conversation – A glimpse at the State of the State (WPLN, 1/28/13)
Budget expected to again be focus of Haslam’s ‘State of the State’ address (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/28/13)
Tenn. Democratic Party elects former state Sen. Roy Herron as chairman (, 1/28/13)
Political notebook: PAC superiority by TN GOP (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/27/13)
Bill in works to ‘tweak’ teacher evaluations in Tenn. (The Commercial Appeal, 1/26/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam to participate in school safety summit (, 1/26/13)
Lawmaker’s bills target affirmative action in govt (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/25/13)
Republican bill would prohibit Tenn. from expanding Medicaid (Times Free Press, 1/25/13)
Campfield bill would link student attendance, performance to govt benefits for parents (TN Report, 1/24/13)
Education commissioner wants lawmakers to tweak teacher evaluations (WPLN, 1/22/13)
State lawmakers respond to White House gun control (WPLN, 1/22/13)
Haslam holds no public evens before budget speech (The Tennessean, 1/22/13)
AUDIO: Capitol Hill conversation — lobbyists adapt to new rules (WPLN, 1/22/13)
Jane Hampton Bowen drops out of race for TN Dem chairman (, 1/21/13)
Analysis: Voucher momentum is growing on Capitol Hill (Nashville City Paper, 1/20/13)
TNDP Chair race down to Garrison vs. Herron (Humphrey on the Hill, 1/19/13)
Political notebook: Bowen drops bid to lead Democrats (Times Free Press, 1/19/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam remains undecided on Medicaid expansion (, 1/18/13)
Reactions to gun proposal vary across Tennessee (, 1/18/13)
Votes against Sandy aid draw donor criticism (Times Free Press, 1/18/13)
Haslam’s stand on arresting fed agents: I’m not sure (Humphrey on the Hill, 1/17/13)
Haslam drops in for white-glove check at Corning Elementary (The Commercial Appeal, 1/17/13)
VIDEO: Haslam comments on Obama’s gun proposals (WHBQ, 1/17/13)
Tennesseans react with support, defiance to Obama gun plan (The Tennessean, 1/17/13)
Tenn. lawmakers back 2nd Amendment in wake of Obama gun proposals (, 1/17/13)
Fix the Debt Campaign leaders discuss impact of sequestration cuts on Tenn. (, 1/17/13)
Medicaid decision not critical to 2014 budget, Haslam says (WPLN, 1/17/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Haslam inspects Achievement Schools (WREG, 1/17/13)
Rep. Carr bill aims to prevent feds from enforcing US gun laws in TN (Nashville City Paper, 1/16/13)
Haslam uncertain on school security upgrades (AP, 1/16/13)
School vouchers underway by fall, Haslam hopes (WPLN, 1/16/13)
Bill would block gun laws, allow arrest of federal agents (WPLN, 1/16/13)
Questions await school voucher proposal (, 1/16/13)
Tenn. lawmakers vote against Sandy relief bill (, 1/16/13)
Haslam states higher ed goal, names adviser (AP, 1/15/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam pushing school vouchers (Times Free Press, 1/15/13)
Gov. Bill Haslam plans to pursue school vouchers (, 1/15/13)
Groups call for ouster of US Rep. Scott DesJarlais (Times Free Press, 1/15/13)
With reforms on table, Rhee’s StudentFirst gives generously to legislative campaigns (Nashville City Paper, 1/15/13)
Jeb Bush inadvertently criticizes Haslam priority (AP, 1/15/13)
Ramsey hatches Senate plan to cut down on bills (WPLN, 1/15/13)
Gov. Haslam to push for limited school voucher system (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/14/13)
Haslam promises voucher bill (The Tennessean, 1/14/13)
Hamilton County’s legislative delegation has big agenda (Times Free Press, 1/14/13)
Education group hosts talk with Haslam, Jeb Bush (AP, 1/14/13)
Legislative notebook: Lawmakers look to block federal move on guns (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/13/13)
TN House Democrats request probe at Children’s Services (Times Free Press, 1/11/13)
Tenn. House passes cap on lawmaker bills (Times Free Press, 1/11/13)
Tenn. lawmakers agree to bill limit (, 1/11/13)
State takes in nearly $1B in revenue collections for December (TN Report, 1/10/13)
Request to add early voting sites denied (Times Free Press, 1/10/13)
Revised bill-limit headed to House floor (TN Report, 1/9/13)
Gavel drop draws lobbyists to Capitol (WPLN, 1/9/13)
General Assembly elects leaders (, 1/9/13)
TN lawmakers start session, get right to work (The Tennessean, 1/9/13)
House bill limit criticized by some Republicans (Humphrey on the Hill, 1/8/13)
108th General Assembly set to convene (, 1/8/13)
Dem Senate leader seeks more sunshine on state Senate meetings (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/8/13)
StudentsFirst fives a ‘C-’ to Tennessee education (, 1/8/13)
AUDIO: Capitol Hill conversation – A young bunch (WPLN, 1/7/13)
Report: Parents need options to improve education (AP, 1/7/13)
Last-minute money grab for state lawmakers (WPLN, 1/7/13)
State Rep. Eric Watson to introduce bill permitting guns in schools (, 1/7/13)
Tenn. GOP supermajority looks to year ahead (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/6/13)
Move to arm teachers picks up steam in TN (The Tennessean, 1/6/13)
Harwell’s bid to limit bills filled with exemptions (TN Report, 1/5/13)
Ex-GOP official expands lawsuit against Tenn. GOP (Times Free Press, 1/4/13)
Tenn. GOP explores deal on guns bill (Times Free Press, 1/4/13)
State Treasury Dept offers incentives for college savings (, 1/3/13)
Tenn. congressional delegates eye next clash (Knoxville News Sentinel, 1/2/13)
Lights, camera, spend: Tennesseans boost Hollywood with film incentives (TN Report, 1/2/13)
Year in Review: Zaniest news of 2012 (, 1/1/13)
Year in review: Republicans use new numbers to flex political, policy muscles (Nashville City Paper, 12/31/12)
Business leaders look back at 2012, forward to new year (, 12/31/12)
Year in Review: Gov. Bill Haslam (, 12/30/12)
Year in Review: Education (, 12/30/12)
Tenn. lawmakers wary as fiscal cliff approaches (, 12/28/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam releases interactive timeline of second year (, 12/22/12)
Tenn. lawmakers reserved after NRA demands firearms in schools (, 12/22/12)
Embattled DesLarlais picks up another potential 2014 opponent (Nashville City Paper, 12/20/12)
Political notebook: TN House restructuring eyed (Times Free Press, 12/20/12)
Questions raised about armed Tennessee teachers plan (Times Free Press, 12/20/12)
TN Democrats filing complaint against US Rep. Scott DeJarlais (Times Free Press, 12/20/12)
Tenn’s unemployment rate falls below national average (Nashville Business Journal, 12/20/12)
House Speaker Beth Harwell recommends changing House rules (, 12/20/12)
Harwell opposed to arming teachers, unsure of mass shooting’s effect on TN gun bills (Nashville City Paper, 12/19/12)
After studying higher education, Haslam still hasn’t decided how to refine system (Nashville City Paper, 12/18/12)
Outnumbered Tenn. Democrats to play defense (WPLN, 12/18/12)
Haslam plans no major changes for higher education (AP, 12/18/12)
Tenn, Georgia lawmakers mum on gun control after Sandy Hook massacre (Times Free Press, 12/18/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam plans to seek a second term (, 12/18/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam: Shooting may affect guns in parking lots (Times Free Press, 12/18/12)
Haslam: Tenn. will be part of national gun debate (AP, 12/17/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam announces re-election campaign(WBIR, 12/17/12)
Michigan move to become right-to-work could eventually impact Tenn. (, 12/17/12)
Haslam: Mental health services key in preventing future mass slayings (Knoxville News Sentinel, 12/17/12)
Tennessee’s House Democrats control just 28 seats, look to form united front (The Tennessean, 12/16/12)
Big names gave to DesJarlais after revelations (Times Free Press, 12/16/12)
Craig Fitzhugh weighs challenge to Gov. Bill Haslam (Times Free Press, 12/15/12)
Tennessee lawmakers, voters at odds, poll shows (Times Free Press, 12/14/12)
Local officials voice priorities to state delegation (, 12/13/12)
Tennesseans split over Medicaid growth (Times Free Press, 12/13/12)
Vanderbilt poll shows Tennesseans would have preferred state-run health care exchange (, 12/13/12)
VIDEO: Gov. Bill Haslam discusses exchange decision on Fox News (, 12/12/12)
VU poll: Social issues matter more to legislature than public (Nashville City Paper, 12/12/12)
Haslam defends state health insurance exchange decision (Daily News Journal, 12/12/12)
Tenn. Democrats keep top leaders in place (WPLN, 12/12/12)
House Minority Leader Craig Fitzhugh ponders run in 2014 governor race (Nashville City Paper, 12/12/12)
Vanderbilt poll: Tennesseans happy with Gov. Bill Haslam (The Tennessean, 12/12/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam has GOP support on health insurance exchange (Times Free Press, 12/12/12)
Haslam: Medicaid expansion decision to come next year (Knoxville News Sentinel, 12/12/12)
Tenn. GOP skeptical of TennCare expansion (Times Free Press, 12/12/12)
Haslam’s decision on health insurance exchange raises questions, concerns (The Commercial Appeal, 12/11/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam now faces decision on Medicaid expansion (, 12/11/12)
Haslam says decision on health care exchange not politically motivated (, 12/11/12)
Haslam raises salary of TennCare director to $256K (Humphrey on the Hill, 12/10/12)
Haslam stiff arms state exchange (WPLN, 12/10/12)
Haslam says Tennessee will not set up health care exchange (The Tennessean, 12/10/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam opts against state-run health care exchange (, 12/10/12)
More money, more demands for dollars in state budget (Nashville City Paper, 12/9/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam to focus on reducing domestic violence rate (The Tennessean, 12/7/12)
GOP House leader McCormick wants US to run health exchange (Times Free Press, 12/7/12)
Haslam ready for compromise on guns in parking lots (Memphis Flyer, 12/6/12)
Magazine names Tennessee Legislature ‘worst’ in nation (, 12/6/12)
Tea party pressures Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (Times Free Press, 12/6/12)
TN Democrats look for new leader amid differences (The Tennessean, 12/5/12)
TN Gov. Bill Halsam won’t rule out state health care exchange (Times Free Press, 12/5/12)
Jane Hampton Bowen announced bid for TN Democratic Party chair (, 12/5/12)
State counting on fiscal cliff deal (WPLN, 12/5/12)
Tea Party rally puts Haslam in hot seat (WPLN, 12/5/12)
Haslam: TennCare experience guides exchange call (Jackson Sun, 12/4/12)
Former Gov. Phil Bredesen not interested in challenging Lamar Alexander (, 12/4/12)
Guns in parking lots debate centers on college campuses (WPLN, 12/4/12)
Jane Hampton Bowen enters race for Democratic Party chair (In Session, 12/4/12)
Why Lamar Alexander won’t be 2014′s Richard Lugar (Washington Post, 12/4/12)
Governor: Voucher program ‘should work all across the state’ (Nashville City Paper, 12/4/12)
Chris Devaney to serve another term as Tennessee GOP chairman (, 12/4/12)
Sen. Lamar Alexander confirms 2014 bid (, 12/3/12)
Gov. Bill Haslam expects voucher bill legislation (The Commercial Appeal, 12/3/12)
Haslam listening to all sides on health exchange (WPLN, 12/3/12)
Bredesen says he’s not planning to run for Senate in 2014 (In Session, 12/3/12)
With deadline looming, Haslam weighs state’s role in Obamacare (Nashville City Paper, 12/2/12)
Scott DesJarlais says God has forgiven him (Times Free Press, 12/1/12)
Political notebook: Haslam offers political pep talk (Times Free Press, 12/1/12)
School-voucher task force gives final report to Haslam (Times Free Press, 12/1/12)

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