The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


SC 2011 Archives


South Carolina Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

Haley deputy taking USC lobbying job (The State, 9/2/11)
Haley’s ID-ride plan riles advocates for disabled (The State, 9/2/11)
Free rides to DMV offered for photo IDs (The State, 9/1/11)
SC investment officer receives 37% raise (The State, 9/1/11)
No thanks: Haley to reject fed health exchange funds (The State, 9/1/11)
Nikki Haley carpool update — you’re paying (FITSNews, 8/31/11)
Haley shakes up state’s unemployment agency (The State, 8/30/11)
SC agencies get creative in effort to cut costs, save money (The State, 8/29/11)
Commentary: Actions speak louder than words (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/27/11)
SC Democrats’ rally seeks to raise excitement for 2012 election (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/27/11)
Democrats present arguments against voter ID law (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/27/11)
Opposition grows to new Voter ID law (The State, 8/27/11)
Gov. Nikki Haley appears at Bachmann rally in SC (Washington Post, 8/26/11)
DOT caught up on bills (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/26/11)
Rising call for DOT reform (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/26/11)
Gov. Haley encourages women to get involved in politics (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/26/11)
Nikki Haley: More socially conservative than you think (Slate, 8/26/11)
SC jobs study’s findings ‘astounding’ (The State, 8/26/11)
SC Democrats file objection to Voter ID law (The State, 8/26/11)
Republican chairman fires back at Democrats (The State, 8/25/11)
DOT caught up on late payments (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/25/11)
Now Nikki Haley wants ‘Reform’ (FITSNews, 8/25/11)
Haley calls for restructuring of DOT (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/25/11)
Nikki Haley joins Michele Bachmann town hall (Politico, 8/25/11)
Gov. Haley’s Q to Bachmann as ‘undecided voter’ (CNN, 8/25/11)
Bachmann makes pitch to Lowcountry crowd — and the governor (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/25/11)
SCDOT: Still trying to pay bills despite bailout (FITSNews, 8/25/11)
SC Democratic chairman blasts Gov. Haley’s hiring (Charlotte Observer, 8/24/11)
SC Dem Chairman: Open to tax swap (FITSNews, 8/24/11)
Democratic leader assails GOP as high-paying state jobs go to former campaign staffers (The State, 8/24/11)
Signs show SC’s economic recovery slowing (The State, 8/24/11)
Haley says DOT needs restructuring (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 8/24/11)
Haley criticized for staff choices (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/24/11)
Loftis: SCDOT past due bills much worse than agency said (FITSNews, 8/24/11)
SC Treasurer: DOT hasn’t been up front about money owed (WLTX, 8/24/11)
Local senators blame governor for jobless rate (The T and D, 8/23/11)
Haley, GOP slammed on staff hires (FITSNews, 8/23/11)
Nikki Haley: All in the family (FITSNews, 8/23/11)
SC Democratic chairman Gov. Haley’s hiring (WBTV, 8/23/11)
Haley to release legislative report cards in September (The State, 8/23/11)
Democrats criticize Nikki Haley’s hires; Haley focuses on work (WLTX, 8/23/11)
Senators: Nikki Haley hasn’t led on job creation (WLTX, 8/22/11)
SC fails on goals for health insurance (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/21/11)
Haley touts ‘red’ SC in national spotlight (The State, 8/13/11)
Haley, Loftis spar over DOT’s unpaid bills (The State, 8/10/11)
Court rules with Haley in anti-union speech case (The State, 8/9/11)
Haley, others consider new head for budget board (The State, 8/3/11)
DPS chief: New immigration unit awaits federal OK (The State, 8/3/11)
SC AG asks court to press NRC for decision on nuclear waste site (Charleston Business Journal, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
Is SC GOP set to go rogue? (The State, 7/31/11)
SC & WA sue to restart work on Yucca Nuclear Waste site (Wall Street Journal, 7/29/11)
Haley’s legislative report cards incomplete (The State, 7/29/11)
John Boehner’s South Carolina problem (Washington Post, 7/29/11)
SC Dems hit gov for saying she’s white on ‘01 form (Seattle Times, 7/28/11)
State could furlough 7,300 if debt ceiling deal not reached (The State, 7/28/11)
More Boeing work for SC? (The State, 7/28/11)
Legislators pick Horry to anchor new district (The State, 7/27/11)
Ard says he won’t quit (The State, 7/27/11)
Nikki praises dermatologist on Facebook (Washington Post, 7/26/11)
Haley shrugs off new flag criticism (The State, 7/26/11)
SC GOP official stands firm after anti-cop article (The State, 7/26/11)
SC Treasurer’s friend gets up to $3M in state work (The State, 7/26/11)
Lawmakers return to redraw congressional districts (The State, 7/26/11)
Does South Carolina need a Lt. Gov? (The State, 7/24/11)
Math not Haley’s strong suit (Independent Mail, 7/24/11)
Governors’ job numbers rarely add up (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 7/23/11)
SC unemployment jumps to 10.5% in June (The State, 7/22/11)
Nikki Haley supports recall bill (FITSNews, 7/22/11)
Dems, Haley: Give voters recall power (The State, 7/22/11)
Grand jury to probe allegations Ard used campaign funds illegally (The State, 7/21/11)
SC budget director resigns post to go to Texas (The State, 7/21/11)
Editorial: Maybe she can’t count, but Haley is landing jobs (SCNow, 7/21/11)
Audit rips SC Dept of Labor Licensing and Regulation (FITSNews, 7/21/11)
Options to replace Ard discussed (The State, 7/20/11)
Nikki’s ‘Say Vincent’ rule (FITSNews, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Haley or Ard: Who will be the first to do the perp walk? (Charleston City Paper, 7/20/11)
A night at the mansion part of Bachmann’s tour (The State, 7/20/11)
Nikki Haley vs. the Media…again (FITSNews, 7/20/11)
Haley claims college students bilk state out of unemployment dollars (Charleston City Paper, 7/20/11)
Haley administration defends jobs record (The State, 7/20/11)
Moody’s eyes credit downgrade for South Carolina (The State, 7/20/11)
Opinion: To NAACP: Be proactive, not reactive (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/20/11)
SC governor blasts media following AP jobs report (Forbes, 7/19/11)
SC sleepover not a Bachmann endorsement, says Nikki Haley (ABC News, 7/19/11)
Nikki Haley blasts media for challenging jobs report, says other govs are ‘jealous’ (Huffington Post, 7/19/11)
SC donors cool thus far to GOP presidential candidates (The State, 7/19/11)
Will Ken Ard be the state’s last Lt. Governor? (Columbia Free Times, 7/19/11)
Nikki Haley’s selective accommodations policy (FITSNews, 7/19/11)
Nikki Haley’s gubernatorial carpool? (FITSNews, 7/19/11)
Nikki Haley’s inflated employment numbers (FITSNews, 7/18/11)
NAACP vows to fight SC voter ID law (Hilton Head Island Packet, 7/18/11)
House leader predicts quick redistricting session (The State, 7/17/11)
Governor using inflated job list in employment boast (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/17/11)
Governor says state backs expansion of BMW plant (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 7/16/11)
Video: At BMW plant, Haley calls state’s future bright, NLRG irrelevant (Patch, 7/15/11)
Will Nikki Haley personally drive SC’s 178K disenfranchised voters to the DMV? (Think Progress, 7/15/11)
SC Dems find more dirt on Lt. Gov. Ard (Charleston City Paper, 7/15/11)
Nikki Haley wants to drive you to the DMV (Charleston City Paper, 7/14/11)
Rick Perry, Nikki Haley push cut, cap and balance pledge (Politico, 7/14/11)
Opinion: Haley, Perry – ‘Break the spend-and-borrow cycle’ (Washington Post, 7/14/11)
Commentary: Dems still barking up wrong tree (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/13/11)
Progressives push to stop implementation of Voter ID law (Columbia Free Times, 7/13/11)
Haley says budget will get back to basics (The State, 7/12/11)
Trip to NY, Out-of-state contributions boost Haley’s re-election funds (WSPA, 7/12/11)
Gov. Haley uses ETV services after nixing funds (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/12/11)
Haley under fire for NY trip: Fundraising event held at same time of veto vote (Charleston Post & Courier,7/12/11)
Reports hint at high cost in Amazon battle (The State, 7/12/11)
Amid veto fight, Haley raised funds (The State, 7/12/11)
Radioactive waste leaks at nuclear plant (The State, 7/12/11)
Columbia to host GOP Labor Day debate (The State, 7/11/11)
SC health care overhaul panel set to meet (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/11/11)
Video: Nikki Haley on jobs, voter ID, and politics (WLTX, 7/10/11)
Haley’s office: No record of employees using personal accounts for state business (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 7/10/11)
SC inspector general starts several investigations (The State, 7/10/11)
Haley: Don’t divert money from ports (The State, 7/9/11)
South Carolina voters torn between values, economy (Washington Post, 7/8/11)
Haley signs multistate budget pledge (The State, 7/7/11)
Haley out of state during veto votes in Legislature (The State, 7/6/11)
Commentary: Political cash fuels urge to splurge (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/6/11)
Shifting terrain in a GOP proving ground (LA Times, 7/5/11)
Nikki Haley’s rise raises tensions back home (Politico, 7/4/11)
Commentary: SC lawmakers encounter the real Nikki Haley (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/3/11)
Opinion: Haley, legislators show the need for (The Times and Democrat, 7/3/11)
Haley’s veto style differs from Sanford’s (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/3/11)
Senate, court thwart Haley (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/3/11)
‘Common sense’ led to veto overrides lawmakers say (Times and Democrat, 7/3/11)
SC’s young governor has a high profile and higher hopes (New York Times, 7/2/11)
Lawmakers bash Haley for missing veto debates (FITSNews, 7/2/11)
Nikki Haley’s “conversion” questioned ((FITSNews, 7/1/11)
Bad veto mojo (FITSNews, 7/1/11)
Lawmakers chide, denigrate Haley (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 7/1/11)
Haley’s USC Trustee supports tuition hike (FITSNews, 7/1/11)
Wide chasm separates Haley, legislators (The State, 7/1/11)
Haley to shun funds for federal health insurance exchange (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 7/1/11)
Leaving, SLED chief has parting comments on governor (The State, 7/1/11)
Lloyd: Haley’s husband tried to influence SLED hiring (The State, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
SC Republicans struggle to draw new GOP seat (Washington Post, 6/30/11)
A Tea Party defeat in SC (FireDogLake, 6/30/11)
Lawmakers override many of Haley’s vetoes (The State, 6/30/11)
Wil Folks responds to news of Gov. Haley’s memoir (Charleston City Paper, 6/30/11)
Nikki Haley: Asian-Americans alter-ego? (Asian Correspondent, 6/30/11)
SC legislature overrules Haley to keep primary on track (Roll Call, 6/30/11)
SC lawmakers override vetoes governor protests (Forbes, 6/30/11)
Gov. Haley’s arts vetoes overridden (Charleston City Paper, 6/30/11)
Coming soon: Nikki Haley’s memoir (Politico, 6/30/11)
Legislators override Haley vetoes (Anderson Daily Mail, 6/30/11)
Boeing labor dispute is making new factory a political football (New York Times, 6/30/11)
SC group launches “Family  2012″ initiative (FITSNews, 6/30/11)
Will South Carolina lose it’s primary? (Politico, 6/30/11)
Saving the Conservation Bank (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/30/11)
Wilbur Smith: Haley “did nothing” for us (FITNews, 6/29/11)
Haley’s farmer’s market ties, work ethic questioned (Columbia Free Times, 6/29/11)
Education, SCETV funds restored to budget (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 6/29/11)
Haley appointee to USC board votes to raise tuition (Hilton Head Island Packet, 6/30/11)
All eyes on South Carolina after vetoes overridden (WRDW, 6/29/11)
SC Arts Commission skirts elimination (LA Times, 6/29/11)
Legislature restores Conservation Bank money (The State, 6/29/11)
Gov’s budget vetoes include health care ‘politics’ (Midlands Connect, 6/29/11)
SC immigration law will burden businesses (Columbia Free Times, 6/29/11)
Immigration patchwork (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/29/11)
Commentary: SC GOP should pay for it’s own party (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/29/11)
Haley strike $213 million from state budget with veto (Charleston Regional Business Journal, 6/29/11)
SC House makes short work of capital reserve spending veto (Charleston Regional Business Journal, 6/29/11)
Angry SC legislators rebuke Haley (FITSNews, 6/29/11)
SC House overturns Haley’s veto of $107 million in spending (The State, 6/29/11)
SC votes to override key Haley vetoes (The State, 6/29/11)
Haley’s vetoes hit schools the hardest (The State, 6/29/11)
Haley signs immigration bill into law (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/28/11)
State fights against immigration may be in vain (Christian Science Monitor, 6/28/11)
Haley vetoes state spending by $213 million (The State, 6/28/11)
SC farmers say immigration law may be bad for business (WBTV, 6/28/11)
Opinion: Primary concern – Pivotal primary should keep it’s funding (Augusta Chronicle,6/28/11)
SC still will not seek federal education funds despite vetoes (WSPA, 6/28/11)
Haley vetoes school money (Anderson Daily Mail, 6/27/11)
Haley OKs SC immigration cops (Politico, 6/27/11)
Immigration law: Another state cracks down on illegal workers (Christian Science Monitor, 6/27/11)
SC GOP chair issues statement on 2012 GOP primary (FITSNews, 6/27/11)
The South Carolina…caucus? (Politico, 6/27/11)
SC GOP squashes talk of 2012 caucuses (Wall Street Journal, 6/27/11)
SC governor to nix taxpayer funding for presidential primary (Roll Call, 6/27/11)
Haley, Ed Sec Zais say they won’t seek federal education money (The State, 6/28/11)
Conservative groups target GOP lawmakers who voted against tax credits for home-schoolers (The State,6/26/11)
Palmetto Health braces for lower government payments (The State, 6/26/11)
Veto a threat to SC primary (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 6/26/11)
Haley poised to act on state budget (The State, 6/25/11)
House Speaker: Haley won’t veto entire SC budget (FITSNews, 6/25/11)
SC primary has money troubles (Politico, 6/25/11)
Congressional redistricting debate splinters Senate (The State, 6/24/11)
SC Senate opens US House district line debate (The State, 6/24/11)
SC artists brace for Haley’s veto pen (Charleston City Paper, 6/24/11)
Artists call for legislators to override anticipated veto (Columbia Free Times, 6/24/11)
Groups to challenge immigration bill (The State, 6/23/11)
Critics ask Haley to explain abstention on 2007 vote (The State, 6/23/11)
Nikki Haley’s ‘Wilburgate’ expands (FITSNews, 6/23/11)
SC legislators send governor a $6B spending plan (Forbes, 6/23/11)
Nikki Haley’s new ‘wartime consigliere’ (FITSNews, 6/23/11)
TIP asks Nikki Haley to disclose conflict of interest (FITSNews, 6/22/11)
Nikki Haley’s Arizona-style immigration crackdown (Mother Jones, 6/22/11)
Illegal immigration bill pushed through to Haley (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/22/11)
Civil rights group to challenge immigration bill (The State, 6/22/11)
Nikki Haley’s pay-to-play politics (Columbia Free Times, 6/22/11)
SC’s biggest budget ever advances (FITSNews, 6/22/11)
Senate Dems to eye plans for Dept of Admin (Enquirer Herald, 6/22/11)
Police  immigrant status checks to become law (The State, 6/22/11)
Haley’s restructuring bill — DOA? (Columbia Free Times, 6/22/11)
Haley priority hangs up in Senate (The State, 6/22/11)
Nikki Haley flip-flops on presidential primary funding (FITSNews, 6/22/11)
Group probes Nikki Haley’s Farmer’s Market conflict (FITSNews, 6/22/11)
Nikki Haley to GOP: SC Primary is BYOB (Human Events, 6/22/11)
Budget belt-tightening puts SC primary at risk (Huffington Post, 6/21/11)
Senate redistricting plan would put Horry in new district (The State, 6/21/11)
SC Republicans vow to hold primary despite cuts (Reuters, 6/21/11)
Senate refuses bailout for rural school district (The State, 6/21/11)
SC joins other states in immigration crackdown (Reuters, 6/21/11)
SC lawmakers pass illegal-immigration bill (Wall Street Journal, 6/21/11)
SC Dept of Admin: DOA (FITSNews, 6/21/11)
Legislators must decide whether to override Haley’s school vetoes (The State, 6/21/11)
Schools seek ability to borrow for daily expenses (Enquirer Herald, 6/20/11)
Legislators give Haley a ‘B-’ (Charlotte Observer, 6/20/11)
The taming of the shrew (Columbia City Paper, 6/19/11)
Legislation keeps SC Gov. Haley busy (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 6/19/11)
Nikki Haley fails newspaper’s “reader report card” (FITSNews, 6/19/11)
Editorial: Flight risk for Boeing (Washington Post, 6/19/11)
Restructuring, budget, redistricting on agenda (The State, 6/19/11)
Congressional redistricting plot thickens (The State, 6/19/11)
Legislators give Haley “B-” grade for first session: Readers are more critical (The State, 6/19/11)
Senate plan offers Beaufort as center of 7th congressional district (The State, 6/18/11)
Labor Board defends Boeing actions (Wall Street Journal, 6/18/11)

Haley: NLRB lawsuit could chill business expansion (The State, 6/17/11)
Rising SC tax receipts point to quick recovery (The State, 6/17/11)
SC unemployment rate climbs to 10% (FITSNews, 6/17/11)
Haley: NLRB lawsuit could chill business expansion (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/17/11)
Video: Boeing labor dispute attracts arrows from Republicans (ABC News, 6/17/11)

Haley signs lawsuit, property tax and jobless reforms into law (The State, 6/17/11)

Senate puts off vote on Administration Dept (The State, 6/16/11)

Haley: $105M should go for tax cuts, not schools (The State, 6/16/11)

Haley threatens veto of added school money (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 6/16/11)

Why Nikki’s Heritage win matters (FITSNews, 6/16/11)

SC Senate overrides gov’s veto of I-95 council (Charlotte Observer, 6/15/11)

Haley nominates new state top cop (The State, 6/15/11)

Amazon goal: More than 2,000 workers (The State, 6/15/11)

Haley vetoes borrowing by three school districts (The State, 6/15/11)

SC House approves redistricting plans, Dems plan to sue (The State, 6/15/11)

Gov. Nikki Haley begs Congress for less Medicaid funds (Think Progress, 6/15/11)

A new ‘inspector’ (FITSNews, 6/15/11)

Give Nikki Haley these two wins (FITSNews, 6/15/11)

Senate yet to take up key Haley bill (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/15/11)

Legislators return, but Haley’s agenda remains stalled (The State, 6/15/11)

Haley decries ‘dysfunctional’ federal government in national TV appearance (The State, 6/14/11)

Amazon center to open by year’s end (The State, 6/14/11)

Budget negotiators weigh more money for schools or businesses (The State, 6/14/11)

Sources: Haley’s Co-op payoff is tied to specific bill (FITSNews, 6/14/11)

Electric Co-ops bankrolling Nikki Haley (FITSNews, 6/14/11)

Editorial: Legislature should pass restructuring bill (The State, 6/13/11)

Judge considers union suit against Haley (The State, 6/13/11)

South Carolina’s “Special Session” (FITSNews, 6/13/11)

Showdown looms over Haley-backed restructuring bill (The State, 6/13/11)

Judge hears arguments for and against Haley’s anti-union comments (Hilton Head Island Packet, 6/13/11)

Power play, power struggle (Anderson Independent Mail, 6/12/11)

Opinion: Haley abandons her responsibility to lead on Amazon tax issue (GoUpstate, 6/12/11)

Haley governor vetoes bill creating I-95 council (Forbes, 6/10/11)

Haley gets mixed marks in poll (The State, 6/10/11)

Senators approve redistricting map (The State, 6/9/11)

Poll: Haley approval rating at 42% (The State, 6/9/11)

ACLU: SC could create more minority districts (The State, 6/8/11)

Senate leader: Senators should vote on adding Haley agenda item to special session (The State, 6/8/11)

Panel approves redrawn district lines (The State, 6/7/11)

High court rules against Haley (The State, 6/6/11)

Haley responds to lawsuit over order to lawmakers (The State, 6/6/11)

Haley tells court she has right to call special session (The State, 6/6/11)

SC Senate leader sues governor over session order (The State, 6/6/11)

State outlines plans for $125M in new Medicaid cuts (The State, 6/6/11)

How Haley’s action rocked political landscape (The State, 6/5/11)

Haley orders legislature back to work (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/5/11)

Editorial: Take a vote, not a hike (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/5/11)

Opinion: Regardless of special session theatrics, SC still needs overhaul (GoUpstate, 6/5/11)

Opinion: Because I said so, that’s why (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 6/5/11)

Nikki Haley’s pay-to-play politics (The Nation, 6/4/11)

Editorial: Haley’s unwise unwelcome list (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/4/11)

Court battle brews over legislative return (The State, 6/4/11)

The political genius of Nikki Haley’s “Emergency Session” (FITSNews, 6/4/11)

Weak governorship vs strong legislature: SC power move by Haley headed to court (The Digitel, 6/4/11)

Haley, McConnell showdown looms (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/4/11)

Haley spokesman: Nothing improper about party (The State, 6/3/11)

Opinion: Nikki Haley’s “BAMN” strategy (FITSNews, 6/3/11)

Senate leader sues Nikki Haley over “emergency” session (FITSNews, 6/3/11)

Haley tweaks Legislature’s nose, insists on her govt restructuring agenda (Charleston Regional Business Journal, 6/3/11)

SC “emergency” session fallout (FITSNews, 6/3/11)

Haley tells SC legislators to get back to work (Stateline, 6/3/11)

Commentary: Just what we need, more legislating (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/3/11)

Haley’s bash was not for everyone (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/3/11)

Snubbed lawmakers surprised, upset (The State, 6/3/11)

Nikki Haley calls special session to finish her agenda (The State, 6/2/11)

Amazon obtains final approval (The State, 6/2/11)

Haley to call lawmakers into emergency session (FITSNews, 6/2/11)

Immigration debate delayed: Senators asked to align law with Arizona’s (Charleston Post & Courier, 6/2/11)

SC unemployment tax reduction bill awaits governor’s approval (Charleston Regional Business Journal,6/2/11)

Haley bans Democrats from Mansion Party (FITSNews, 6/2/11)

SC lawmakers ask for audit of vacated new agency (WBTV, 6/2/11)

Nikki Haley’s “Failed Leadership Countdown” begins (FITSNews, 6/2/11)

SC scrambles to comply with new immigration law (The State, 6/2/11)

SC Senate approves spending $110M in reserve cash (Bloomberg Businesweek, 6/2/11)

SC legislators approve unemployment benefit cuts (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/2/11)

Lawsuit payout limit bill clears SC Legislature (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/2/11)

House approves exemption for Amazon (The State, 6/1/11)

Senate caps lawsuit awards (The State, 6/1/11)

SC GOP paradise yields to tiff over Gov. Haley on senate floor (The Digitel, 6/1/11)

SC Inspector General resigns (FITSNews, 6/1/11)

Inspector General’s resignation was kept secret for weeks (WIS-TV, 6/1/11)

Inspector General resigned a month ago, many lawmakers unaware (WLTX, 6/1/11)

SC’s first inspector general resigns (The State, 6/1/11)
Video: Haley vs. Napolitano on E-Verify and illegal immigration (Fox News, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

SC Tort reform: Deal struck? (FITSNews, 5/31/11)

Nikki Haley vs. Jake Knotts…again (FITSNews, 5/31/11)

Group challenges Haley on tort reform (FITSNews, 5/31/11)

SCDP: Nikki Haley wants to pull plug on Medicare (FITSNews, 5/31/11)

SC GOP wants judge to rethink open primary ruling (The State, 5/31/11)

SC GOP backing Haley on tort reform (The State, 5/31/11)

Haley on SC Senate floor sparks tempest (The State, 5/31/11)

Showdown over school financing looms between Haley and legislature (The State, 5/30/11)

Haley: Feds ‘get in the way’ of governing (The State, 5/28/11)

State senate, Gov. Haley want you to pay more taxes (Charleston City Paper, 5/28/11)

Haley: Feds hampering immigration enforcement (The State, 5/27/11)

Nikki Haley’s budget box (FITSNews, 5/27/11)

Haley will let Amazon break become law (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/27/11)

Legislature overrides Haley veto on health plan bill (The State, 5/27/11)

SC Senate approves Amazon compromise (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/27/11)

Senate OKs compromise to bring online retailer to Midlands (The State, 5/27/11)

Busy special session; budget, other issues remain unresolved (The State, 5/26/11)

SC Senate bogs down on Amazon (The State, 5/26/11)

SC House OKs controversial immigration bill (The State, 5/25/11)

Illegal immigration bill gets key vote (Charleston Post & Courier, 5/25/11)

SC: Where one size (still) fits all (FITSNews, 5/25/11)

Compelling case for Amazon (Charleston Post & Courier, 5/25/11)

Who paid Nikki Haley? (FITSNews, 5/25/11)

SC won’t compete for ‘Race to the Top’ education money (The State, 5/25/11)

SC House passes ‘Immigration Reform’ (FITSNews, 5/25/11)

Amazon plan clears huge hurdle (The State, 5/25/11)

Haley vetoes drug clinic bill (The State, 5/25/11)

Senate puts Amazon bill on fast track (The State, 5/24/11)

Haley to senators: Move on, pass key agenda items (WMBF, 5/24/11)

SC Tea Party leaders rebuke Nikki Haley (FITSNews, 5/24/11)

Haley vetoes insurance, addiction bills (The State, 5/24/11)

Consensus is building for SC map (Roll Call, 5/24/11)

Quick OK sought for Amazon deal (The State, 5/24/11)

Amazon deal clears key hurdle in SC Senate (The State, 5/23/11)

Much of Haley agenda stalled in Senate (The State, 5/22/11)

Nikki Haley starts her own Tea Party (FITSNews, 5/22/11)

Haley eyes tea party coalition (Charleston Post and Courier, 5/21/11)

Amazon chess match on in Senate (The State, 5/20/11)

Tough week for Tea Party ends with fizzling rally (The State, 5/20/11)

Horry to anchor new congressional district (The State, 5/19/11)

SC Tea Party blasts Haley over Amazon (FITSNews, 5/19/11)

House OKs Amazon deal (The State, 5/19/11)

Haley signs Voter ID bill into law (The State, 5/18/11)

SC ’s Commerce chief endorses Amazon tax break (The State, 5/18/11)

Three more Amazon facilities for SC? (The State, 5/18/11)

Nikki Haley hammers Gingrich over Medicare remarks (CNN, 5/17/11)

Amazon allies strive to rally support (The State, 5/17/11)

Tax break OK’d for QVC – but not Amazon (The State, 5/17/11)

Opinion: Feds killing SC jobs (GoUpstate, 5/15/11)

Nikki Haley: Don’t think about me for 2012 veep (LA Times, 5/15/11)

Video: Nikki Haley warns presidential candidates – ‘No Dirty Tricks’ (Huffington Post, 5/15/11)

SC governor neutral on GOP candidates (UPI, 5/15/11)

Haley’s got a line for many 2012 candidates (CNN, 5/15/11)

Haley: Talk of Daniels’ wife ‘ridiculous’ (Politico, 5/15/11)

SC mulls privatizing school buses (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/15/11)

Gingrich wants funding for labor board pulled (Charleston Post & Courier, 5/14/11)

Gov Haley not a vice president candidate (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/14/11)

Nikki Haley announces state financial summit (FITSNews, 5/13/11)

Gov. Haley doesn’t rule out serving as VP nominee (The Hill, 5/13/11)

Greenville SC Tea Party letter to Nikki Haley (FITSNews, 5/13/11)

Nikki Haley: ‘I am the flavor of the month’ (FITSNews, 5/13/11)

Haley rejects claim of ulterior motive in Boeing factory defense (Fox News, 5/13/11)

Boeing and the Union Berlin Wall (Wall Street Journal, 5/13/11)

Amazon allies again target legislators (The State, 5/13/11)

Revenue surprise: $210 million!! (The State, 5/13/11)

Democrats object to GOP efforts involving Boeing (Greenville News, 5/12/11)

Vincent Sheheen is running again (FITSNews, 5/11/11)

Sarah Palin chimes in on NLRB fight (Politico, 5/11/11)

Boeing lashes out at US labor board over complaint (Reuters, 5/11/11)

Boeing CEO: Company is pro-growth, not anti-union (Wall Street Journal, 5/11/11)

South Carolina dials up pressure over Boeing plant (Stateline, 5/11/11)

How the professional left views Boeing (FITSNews, 5/11/11)

New Republic: Labor intensive move against Boeing? (NPR, 5/11/11)

Union advocates accuse GOP of interfering with independent labor agency (TPM, 5/11/11)

Sizeable teacher cuts now unlikely (The State, 5/11/11)

Voter ID bill heads to Haley for signature (The State, 5/11/11)

Republicans accuse Obama in Boeing case (The State, 5/11/11)

Obama’s ‘union busters’ (Charleston Post & Courier, 5/11/11)

SC AG says Obama’s silence is consent to NLRB actions (FITSNews, 5/10/11)

Jon Huntsman and Nikki Haley: New voices in a new political environment (The Hill, 5/10/11)

Nikki Haley: Splitting hairs on “Romneycare” (FITSNews, 5/10/11)

Nikki Haley wants ‘Battle for Boeing’ to be 2012 issue (Washington Post, 5/10/11)

Nikki Haley, South Carolina and the NLRB (Slate, 5/10/11)

Boeing’s SC move – Illegal union bashing or just good business? (Christian Science Monitor, 5/10/11)

Business, GOP leaders turn to Obama in Boeing dispute (Wall Street Journal, 5/10/11)

Haley, senators to discuss NLRB’s Boeing complaint (Forbes, 5/10/11)

Nikki Haley for Vice President? (FITSNews, 5/9/11)

Mitt Romney’s South Carolina problem (Politico, 5/8/11)

Haleys give less than 1% to charity (The State, 5/7/11)

Nikki Haley releases 2010 tax returns (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/7/11)

Cut session — and silliness (Charleston Post & Courier, 5/6/11)

Huntsman in SC: ‘Things are moving pretty quickly’ (CNN, 5/6/11)

Haley tabs former general to head work force agency (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/6/11)

GOP hopefuls joust in SC debate (The State, 5/6/11)

Loftis responds to WIS report on salaries (FITSNews, 5/6/11)

Haley, Loftis slammed in WIS report (FITSNews, 5/6/11)

Haley family’s income dropped in 2010 (The State, 5/6/11)

Hospital turns over new Nikki Haley info (FITSNews, 5/6/11)

Haley impressed after meeting with 2012 hopeful Jon Huntsman (Huffington Post, 5/6/11)

Pre-debate Tea Party gathering in Greenville: Chock full o’nuts! (Crooks and Liars, 5/6/11)

Gov. Haley talks policy issues at pre-debate tea party rally (, 5/5/11)

Some GOP hopefuls battle tonight in SC (The State, 5/5/11)

Let the Wal-Mart debate begin (FITSNews, 5/5/11)

Haley and Wal-Mart pull one over on small biz coalition that stopped Amazon (Charleston City Paper, 5/5/11)

Haley unveils Wal-Mart’s $400M planned investment in SC (Charleston Regional Business Journal, 5/5/11)

Interview with SC governor Haley (MacLeans, 5/5/11)

Little-known Republicans get spotlight at SC debate (Reuters, 5/5/11)

Is Brown bolting SC? (FITSNews, 5/5/11)

Video: SC Dems on offense against Haley (Politico, 5/5/11)

Huntsman to meet with Gov. Haley (Politico, 5/5/11)

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Video: Governor, treasure grew staff, salaries since January (WIS-TV, 5/5/11)

Nikki Haley: “It starts tonight.” (The Daily Caller, 5/5/11)

Nikki Haley’s ‘Fetch my drink’ saga continues (FITSNews, 5/5/11)

Wal-Mart returning Haley’s favor? (The State, 5/5/11)

$100 million bailout for businesses advances (The State, 5/5/11)

Nikki Haley: Newt Gingrich will have to prove he’s ’still relevant’ in SC (AJC, 5/4/11)

SC governor tells senators to pass tort reform soon (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/11)

Myrtle Beach takes aim at SC Gov. Nikki Haley over tourism comments (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/4/11)

Haley urges Senate to pass bill limiting lawsuit awards (The State, 5/4/11)

Amazon plans fall apart (Columbia Free Times, 5/4/11)

Wal-Mart to bring thousands of jobs to SC (FITSNews, 5/4/11)

The difference that rightly sunk the Amazon deal (Columbia Free Times, 5/4/11)

Swiftly formed coalition doomed Amazon’s SC tax break (Knoxville News Sentinel, 5/4/11)

Opinion: Nikki Haley is a grad-A narcissist (Charleston City Paper, 5/4/11)

Panel rejects state pension proposal (The State, 5/3/11)

No Amazon, no cry (FITSNews, 5/3/11)

Haley comments cause tourism concern in Myrtle Beach (WMBF, 5/3/11)

Nikki Haley refuted on tax claims (FITSNews, 5/3/11)

Video: Haley may have made erroneous statement over sales tax (WPDE, 5/3/11)

Chamber leader refutes Haley’s claims on tourism (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 5/3/11)

Nikki Haley’s “Trikki” budget cuts (FITSNews, 5/2/11)

Nikki Haley is infallible (FITSNews, 5/2/11)

APRIL 2011

Gov. Haley: Obama’s silence on Boeing is unacceptable (Wall Street Journal, 4/29/11)

State bills caught by the clock (The State, 4/29/11)

Amazon vote a radical shift for SC (The State, 4/29/11)

Governor taps husband to help pick new SLED chief (The State, 4/28/11)

Nikki Haley weighs in on Amazon (finally) (FITSNews, 4/28/11)

Amazon packing after House vote (The State, 4/28/11)

SC House overwhelmingly rejects Amazon tax deal (FITSNews, 4/27/11)

Democrats plan legal fight over redistricting (The State, 4/26/11)

Older GOP voters say deficit an issue, but don’t cut SS, Medicare (The State, 4/26/11)

Women driving opposition to immigration bill (The State, 4/25/11)

Head of Georgia ports talks unity in SC (The State, 4/22/11)

At 100 day mark, Haley renews push to streamline state government (The State, 4/21/11)

Senate committee defeats private school tax credit plan (The State, 4/21/11)

Moore firestorm blindsided Haley administration (The State, 4/21/11)

After a ‘crush of calls,’ Haley administration stumbles; ‘Do we want to do anything?’ (The State, 4/20/11)

Labor agency tries to block Boeing’s SC plant (The State, 4/20/11)

Redistricting: Black flight to suburbs could remake political map (The State, 4/18/11)

Haley asks Tea Party supporters to back voter ID at the polls (The State, 4/18/11)

New candidate joins race to lead SC Democrats (The State, 4/14/11)

Two state agencies ask for more staff to manage state finances (The State, 4/14/11)

Lindsay Graham mourns the loss of fed money for Port of Charleston (LA Times, 4/13/11)

GOP establishment feeling the heat in SC (Politico, 4/13/11)

Haley on Amazon tax breaks: Up to legislators (The State, 4/6/11)

Dick Harpootlian: Return of the king? (Washington Post, 4/4/11)

State agency hires wife of Haley staffer (The State, 4/2/11)

State officials: Amazon could create 3,000 jobs (The State, 4/2/11)

Haley opposes Amazon tax break (The State, 4/1/11)

Nikki Haley’s Amazon Kabuki goes mainstream (FITSNews, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

Amazon’s 1200-job project in jeopardy over tax incentives (The State, 3/31/11)

Haley’s recorded voting measure OK’d (WCNC, 3/31/11)

Nikki Haley: ‘No handouts, that’s America!’ (FITSNews, 3/31/11)

SC voters could get recall power over officials (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 3/30/11)

April Tea Party Rally – A 2014 primary preview? (FITSNews, 3/30/11)

2012 GOP contenders at work behind the scenes in SC (Columbia Free Times, 3/30/11)

‘No strings’ on $5 million Moore gift (The State, 3/30/11)

SC bill would loosen gun rules even more (The State, 3/30/11)

Commentary: Census shows promise and peril for GOP (The State, 3/29/11)

Haley to speak at Tea Party rally (The State, 3/29/11)

Haley: No password, then reveals password (Midlands Connect, 3/29/11)

Playing ‘password’ with Nikki Haley (FITSNews, 3/28/11)

Treasurer Loftis, Gov. Haley butt heads (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 3/28/11)

State Treasurer skeptical of state government transparency under Haley (The State, 3/28/11)

Haley addresses questions about her previous jobs (WSPA, 3/28/11)

Opinion: Has Nikki Haley doomed her promising career? (Washington Post, 3/25/11)

Emails shed light on Haley’s role at Lexington hospital (The State, 3/25/11)

SC unemployment continues to abate (The State, 3/25/11)

Horry favored to land 7th congressional district (The State, 3/24/11)

USC supporters rally for ousted board member Darla Moore (The State, 3/24/11)

SC residents flock to urban areas, coast (The State, 3/24/11)

Medicaid bailout OK’d; Haley criticized (The State, 3/23/11)

Moore’s ouster prompts rally at State House (The State, 3/23/11)

Census: Columbia still largest SC city (The State, 3/23/11)

Seat on USC board sought for Moore (The State, 3/23/11)

Haley hacks through Higher Ed Boaard, wipes out ETV Commission (Columbia Free Times, 3/22/11)

State Treasurer says Haley, staff making backroom decisions (The State, 3/22/11)

Haley’s appointments include 26 campaign donors (The State, 3/22/11)

Hospital: No one here filled out application for Haley (The State, 3/16/11)

Haley replaces USC trustee with campaign donor (The State, 3/16/11)

SC House passes budget plan (The State, 3/16/11)

What did Haley earn in 2007? (The State, 3/16/11)

Lawmakers reject Haley’s idea that state employees pay more for their insurance (The State, 3/15/11)

Plan to grade governor dropped (The State, 3/15/11)

Lawsuit challenges sales tax exemptions (The State, 3/15/11)

Medical Center official: Nikki Haley likely listed inflated salary (Charleston Post & Courier, 3/15/11)

Gov. Haley appears in episode of ‘Army Wives’ (Augusta Chronicle, 3/13/11)

SC GOP primary filled with uncertainty (The State, 3/11/11)

Nikki Haley’s Amazon kabuki (FITSNews, 3/11/11)

Haley: Benefit cuts would affect future not current retirees (The State, 3/9/11)

Haley’s memoir will mix the personal, the political (The State, 3/9/11)

Haley announces campaign memoir (The State, 3/8/11)

Huckabee: If I run, I must win SC (The State, 3/8/11)

SC redistricting process starts (The State, 3/2/11)

Haley, Obama butt heads on health care (The State, 3/1/11)

Haley cabinet to earn same pay as forebears (The State, 3/1/11)


Haley offers hints at 2012 endorsement (Washington Post, 2/28/11)

Haley to shun Democrats while in DC (The State, 2/25/11)

Bill would change how SC pays for schools (The State, 2/25/11)

Budget plan cuts education, health care (The State, 2/24/11)

Haley, colleges OK funding guidelines (The State, 2/24/11)

Lawmakers eye $200 million in health cuts (The State, 2/23/11)

RGA spent $900K on Haley’s election (The State, 2/22/11)

As Haley suffers her first setback, is honeymoon over? (The State, 2/20/11)

SC Senators say they were misled by Sanford over health costs (The State, 2/17/11)

Charleston port flap splits SC delegation (The State, 2/16/11)

Districts, charter schools face off (The State, 2/15/11)

Graham, Haley push for health reform opt-out for states (The State, 2/15/11)

Lt. Gov likely to survive ethics issues (The State, 2/14/11)

Chief Justices asks lawmakers to exempt courts from funding cuts (The State, 2/9/11)

SC Medicaid granted reprieve (Charleston Post & Courier, 2/9/11)

Haley says DSS’ $29 million deficit wiped out (The State, 2/8/11)

Dems’ fall losses lead to finger-pointing (The State, 2/7/11)

Endangered species: White SC Democrats (The State, 2/6/11)

Will Folks releases what he says are new details of affair with Haley (WCBD-TV, 2/6/11)

Will Folks dares Gov. Haley to sue over book excerpts (MidlandsConnect, 2/6/11)

Opinion: Haley’s budget meeting violates Freedom of Information Act (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 2/6/11)

Folks publishes an excerpt from his ‘kiss-and-tell’ (FITSNews, 2/4/11)

Haley aide: Treasurer not relevant in budget talks (NECN, 2/4/11)

Budgeting behind closed doors (FITSNews, 2/4/11)

Lt. Gov urged to cooperate in campaign finance probe (FITSNews, 2/3/11)

SC Treasurer wants info on Haley’s budget meeting (NECN, 2/3/11)

Haley aide dodges question about Will Folks’ texts (Charleston City Paper, 2/2/11)

Unmasking transparency – SC Policy Council linked to Koch brothers (Columbia Free Times, 2/2/11)

Haley names former Sanford aide to board (The State, 2/1/11)


Transparency, Haley-style (FITSNews, 1/31/11)

Ideas for savings include merging districts, privatizing school buses (The State, 1/31/11)

Editorial: Spending cap locks state into inadequate status quo (The State, 1/30/11)

SC governor has courted legislators but shared little with public (The State, 1/30/11)

Redistricting battle begins (FITSNews, 1/30/11)

Opinion: Too much ’spin’ is already coming from our new governor (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 1/30/11)

Haley charms legislators – promises to public mostly undelivered (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 1/30/11)

Georgia smacks back over ports (FITSNews, 1/28/11)

SC lawmakers won’t get special gun rights (The State, 1/28/11)

Video: Haley criticized for lack of diversity on Cabinet (WSPA, 1/28/11)

Latest Haley pick brings diversity reactions (Bloomberg, 1/28/11)

Haley completes cabinet; diversity questioned (The State, 1/27/11)

SC House OKs voter ID bill (The State, 1/27/11)

Sanford, Argentine lover hit Uruguay resort (The State, 1/27/11)

Bill aimed at protecting SC from foreign law introduced in legislature (Human Events, 1/26/11)

On Nikki Haley’s bonuses… (FITSNews, 1/26/11)

Nikki’s friendly skies (FITSNews, 1/26/11)

It looks like Haley already knows all the right moves (Charleston City Paper, 1/26/11)

Haley promises more flight disclosure than Sanford (WBTV, 1/26/11)

Video: Haley, first family talk about campaign, issues facing SC (SC Now, 1/26/11)

Haley’s budget ax takes big swing at the arts (Columbia Free Times, 1/25/11)

Haley’s campaign paid staffers bonuses (The State, 1/25/11)

State workers lobby legislators to save their jobs (The State, 1/25/11)

High Court: Sanford’s veto on financial board funding unconstitutional (The State, 1/24/11)

Campaign finance ruling allowed GOP to move funds to help Haley campaign (The State, 1/24/11)

Haley’s campaign paid staff big bonuses (Bloomberg, 1/24/11)

Think tank’s influence grows with Haley in office (The Herald, 1/23/11)

Editorial: Leadership, cooperation key to getting SC on track (The Island Packet, 1/23/11)

SC can’t afford to forego federal funds (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/23/11)

Governor’s first speech an optimistic one (Anderson Independent Mail, 1/23/11)

Editorial: Haley offers lawmakers a solid agenda (The State, 1/23/11)

Big bucks flow to Haley (The State, 1/22/11)

Haley nominates insurance exec to regulate insurers (The State, 1/21/11)

Haley tax laxness continues? (FITSNews, 1/21/11)

Union sues over Haley’s remarks about Boeing plant (Bloomberg, 1/20/11)

Arts Commission will not go quietly, will call on grass-roots support in bid to survive (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/21/11)

ETV, arts on collision course with Haley (The State, 1/21/11)

Haley proposes cuts, will work with legislators on rest (The State, 1/20/11)

Union sues Haley (FITSNews, 1/20/11)

Union sues Haley for fiery comments (Charleston City Paper, 1/20/11)

Haley State of the State offers one last campaign speech (Charleston City Paper, 1/20/11)

Haley: Government ‘Never intended to be all things to all people’ (Politics Daily, 1/20/11)

Was Haley’s vagueness the right way to go? (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/20/11)

Haley proposes spending cuts in state address (Spartanburg Herald-Journal, 1/20/11)

Democrats offer own agenda (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/20/11)

Haley outlines cuts of just more than $110 million (The State, 1/19/11)

Local media hope relationship with Haley improves (Columbia Free Times, 1/19/11)

In Upstate, some are concerned about Haley’s direction (Anderson Independent Mail, 1/19/11)

Gov: State of State about challenges, opportunity (The State, 1/19/11)

Haley: ‘When I survey this troubled landscape, I am not discouraged’ (LA Times, 1/19/11)

Legislators want to hear specifics from Haley (The State, 1/19/11)

Senate requires on-the-record votes (The State, 1/18/11)

Anti-Civil War rally draws 1200 to Capitol (The State, 1/18/11)

Haley says she’ll work with colleges to measure their performance (The State, 1/18/11)

Opinion: Haley’s history gaps suggest problems ahead (The State, 1/17/11)

Political briefs: House passes Haley’s roll-call voting bill (The State, 1/14/11)

Haley sets premium staff pay (The State, 1/13/11)

The Governor’s Gala (The State, 1/12/11)

Haley takes the reins of SC government today (The State, 1/12/11)

Haley asked to be ‘real and true’ in prayer service (The State, 1/12/11)

Sanford leaves green politics to Haley (The State, 1/12/11)

Good Ol’ Girl (The Atlantic, Jan-Feb, 2011)

Legislature to get down to business (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/9/11)

SC’s ‘first gentleman’ proud of family (Anderson Independent Mail, 1/9/11)

Inaugural address offers a chance to lay out vision for SC (The State, 1/9/11)

Goodbye and good riddance (The Herald, 1/8/11)

GenXer Haley to be nation’s youngest governor (The State, 1/8/11)

Democrats track Haley promises (FITSNews, 1/8/11)

Haley scores victory before taking office (The State, 1/8/11)

Haley inauguration: A day of firsts for SC (The State, 1/7/11)

Sanford bows out, still urging tax cuts (The State, 1/7/11)

Shakeup at SC Budget Board (FITSNews, 1/7/11)

Heed Sanford’s parting shot (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/6/11)

Tea party activists ‘will be watching’ SC’s Haley (The Herald, 1/6/11)

Sanford pitches lower taxes at final press conference (The State, 1/6/11)

Nuclear dumping in SC a concern (The State, 1/6/11)

Tea Party: Group high on Haley (The State, 1/6/11)

Haley sparring with SC Policy Council leader (FITSNews, 1/6/11)

State employee pay cuts in last Sanford budget (The State, 1/5/11)

Haley flip-flops on budget (FITSNews, 1/5/11)

SC scrambles to deal with budget shortfall (The Post Chronicle, 1/5/11)

Health agenda shapes up: Haley appoints Keck to help in fight against reform (Charleston Post & Courier,1/5/11)

Haley sets new budget strategy (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/5/11)

Haley on track to raise $600K for inaugural (The State, 1/5/11)

Sanford releases proposed spending plan (The State, 1/4/11)

Sanford rolls out final budget (FITSNews, 1/4/11)

Money, lack of GOP star slows start of SC 2012 primary contest (The State, 1/3/11)

Sanford retrospective – a look back (Charleston Post & Courier, 1/2/11)

Sanford plans goodbye tour (The State, 1/2/11)