The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


SC 2010 Archives


South Carolina Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives


Haley denies Oprah – No Susan Smith interview (The Herald, 12/31/10)

NAACP rally to target health care and education cuts (The State, 12/30/10)

The year in SC politics (The State, 12/29/10)

Spinning the Haley-Loftis fight (FITSNews, 12/29/10)

Sources: Sanford “regrets” backing Haley (FITSNews, 12/29/10)

Sanford on future political office: ‘Never say never’ (FITSNews, 12/28/10)

Haley targets Loftis (FITSNews, 12/27/10)

11 Palmetto State political stories for 2011 (FITSNews, 12/27/10)

Medicaid crisis to confront Haley (The State, 12/26/10)

Haley wants changes to aid taxpayers (Greenville News, 12/26/10)

Legislature willing to wait on Haley to tackle Medicaid (The Island Packet, 12/25/10)

Hard budget calls can’t wait (Charleston Post & Courier, 12/24/10)

Haley keeps salaries a mystery (The State, 12/24/10)

SC delegation fails to get more cash for teachers (The State, 12/24/10)

Haley vs. Graham as next GOP skirmish? (FITSNews, 12/23/10)

Knotts issues ‘duel’ challenge (FITSNews, 12/22/10)

Tea Party influence wanes as Haley appoints GOP insiders (Columbia Free Times, 12/22/10)

At Charleston’s Secession Ball, divided opinions on the spirit of SC (Washington Post, 12/22/10)

Census: SC one of fastest growing states; weather & low taxes fuel population growth (The State,12/22/10)

McMaster says SC-NC water dispute is over (The State, 12/21/10)

Secession Ball draws celebrators, protesters (The State, 12/21/10)

“Coastal Kickback” scam update (FITSNews, 12/20/10)

Haley backs correctional reforms (FITSNews, 12/20/10)

New district lines would impact Scott’s district (The State, 12/19/10)

Sheheen pre-files reform package (The State, 12/19/10)

SC’s likely new congressional seat mixed blessing for some (Miami Herald, 12/18/10)

Bills would trim spending, government (The State, 12/17/10)

Haley: consolidate Cabinet agencies (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 12/17/10)

Celebrate or commemorate: Debate rages over Civil War anniversary (The State, 12/16/10)

Haley should release salary info for senior staff (FITSNews, 12/16/10)

GOP Blogs praise Haley’s staff picks (FITSNews, 12/16/10)

Lawmakers to let Haley take lead on Medicaid deficit crisis (Greenville News, 12/15/10)

Haley assembles a team to stop unions (Charleston City Paper, 12/15/10)

Haley targets unions with Labor pick (Columbia Free Times, 12/15/10)

Ruling on deficits put off till February (The State, 12/14/10)

No deficit OK for Medicaid, welfare, prisons in SC (Bloomberg, 12/14/10)

Sanford talks about a possible comeback (Carolina Live, 12/14/10)

Haley meets with SC DC delegation to discuss budget (The State, 12/13/10)

Pence back in SC for fundraiser with Haley (Politico, 12/13/10)

Mark Sanford: Legacy (The State, 12/12/10)

Sanford: A foundation has been built (The State, 12/12/10)

Sanford talks about Nikki Haley (The State, 12/12/10)

Opinion: Sanford’s report card (The State, 12/12/10)

Opinion: Haley, the health care governor? (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 12/12/10)

NAACP to protest secession ball (The State, 12/11/10)

Nikki Haley 2010’s fastest rising internet star (ABC News, 12/10/10)

Haley’s labor agency pick says she’ll fight to prevent unions (Greenville News, 12/9/10)

Five questions for Nikki Haley (FITSNews, 12/9/10)

Opinion: Haley’s first pick could hurt job recruitment (Charleston City Paper, 12/9/10)

Union opponent tapped for labor chief (The State, 12/8/10)

Sanford’s view: personal scandal was good for SC (LA Times, 12/7/10)

Sanford says his affair helped him govern (Politico, 12/7/10)

Who will Nikki endorse in 2012? (FITSNews, 12/6/10)

Haley picks BMW’s Hitt for jobs post (The State, 12/6/10)

SC wage freezes vary by agency (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 12/5/10)

Haley holds firm on nuclear waste (Charleston Post & Courier, 12/5/10)

Haley confronts Obama on health care (The State, 12/3/10)

Haley: Obama might let SC opt out of health care (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 12/3/10)

Trikki Nikki’s ‘Quick Wins’ (FITSNews, 12/3/10)

Nikki Haley will make presidential endorsement in 2012 (Politico, 12/3/10)

Obama faces Haley, other newly elected governors (The State, 12/2/10)

Haley debuts in DC (The State, 12/2/10)

Haley looks forward to budget battle (The Weekly Standard, 12/1/10)

Haley bound for DC – meetings with Boehner and Obama (The State, 12/1/10)

Haley seeks fewer federal mandates (WLTX, 12/1/10)


Top SC budget writer will help Haley’s fiscal crisis panel (The State, 11/24/10)

Haley sets plans for inauguration (The State, 11/23/10)

Haley right to cheer for port, but why not stay until the end? (Charleston Post & Courier, 11/20/10)

In SC, Sanford’s shadow looms over Haley (NPR, 11/19/10) +++

Haley, McMaster subpoenaed in tax case (FITSNews, 11/17/10)

Nikki picks a fight with Georgia over ports (FITSNews, 11/17/10)

Haley gives first interview since guber victory (WIS-TV, 11/17/10)

Q&A with Governor-elect Nikki Haley (Charleston Post & Courier, 11/17/10)

RGA women: No more ‘labels’ (Politico, 11/17/10)

Haley names budget task force (The State, 11/16/10)

Sic: Haley’s ’schmandate’ (FITSNews, 11/16/10)  +++

Haley assembles fiscal team, group will assess state’s spending (Charleston Post & Courier, 11/16/10)

Voting analysis shows SC’s Democratic Party is shrinking (The Herald, 11/15/10) +++

Haley taps panel for $1B budget fix (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/15/10)

Sanford reflects on term, legacy (The State, 11/11/10)

Not much of a ‘New Era’ for SC (Columbia Free Times, 11/10/10)

Haley reaches out to GOP establishment (Columbia Free Times, 11/10/10)

What if Will Folks proves it? (Columbia Free Times, 11/10/10)

Despite Haley’s historic election, the future is the past. Really (Charleston City Paper, 11/10/10)

Haley tell-all and Truth in Politics still churning (Charleston City Paper, 11/9/10)

After a personal scandal, Sanford experiences a small political upswing (New York Times, 11/9/10)

Straight ticket carried Haley (FITSNews, 11/9/10) +++

Haley mum on Cabinet, names transition chief (Charleston Post & Courier, 11/9/10)

India’s Punjab celebrates Nikki Haley’s election (The State, 11/8/10)

Haley taps Wilkins to help shape administration (Anderson Independent Mail, 11/8/10)

Haley reaches out to GOP senators (The State, 11/5/10)


Endorsement: Sheheen best choice for governor (Greenville News, 10/31/10)

Opinion: Haley might become a star, but Sheheen’s a safer choice (SC Now, 10/31/10)

Endorsement: Nikki Haley for governor (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/31/10)

More MSM endorsements (, 10/31/10)

SC voters face moment of choice Tuesday (Spartanburg Herald Journal, 10/31/10)

Does governor’s race show division in Republican Party? (SC Now, 10/30/10) +++

Governor’s race in hands of undecided voters (SC Now, 10/30/10)

Conservative group airs ad slamming Haley (, 10/30/10) +++

Mapping strategies: Candidates must target key counties (The State, 10/30/10)

Two candidates, two strategies – Haley with set schedule, Sheheen improvising (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/30/10)

Sheheen, Haley split on issues (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/30/10)

GOP factions battling among themselves (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/30/10)

Nothing sticks to front-running Haley (The State, 10/29/10)

Nikki Haley no longer a sure winner (New York Times, 10/29/10)

Survey says state legislators prefer Sheheen by 4-to-1 margin (The State, 10/28/10)

Haley, Sheheen joust on jobs, college costs in final debate (The State, 10/27/10)

Haley sails through debate (Politics Daily, 10/26/10)

Endorsement: Vision, integrity, record make Sheheen the best choice (The State, 10/24/10)

Sweeping (un)change? (Statehouse Report, 10/22/10)

Sheheen keeps firing in new ad (, 10/22/10)

New poll shows Haley ahead but race tightening (The State, 10/22/10)

Candidate Q&A: Jobs (The State, 10/21/10)

Poll: Haley lead has eroded (The State, 10/21/10)

First debate: A game changer or non-event? (The State, 10/21/10)

Candidate Q&A: Budget cuts (The State, 10/20/10)

Haley ahead in money, 30% from out-of-state (The State, 10/20/10)

Candidates trade jabs in Round 1 (The State, 10/20/10)

Haley, Sheheen debate taxes, education, jobs (The State, 10/19/10)

Dem poll shows guber race getting closer (, 10/19/10)

Some GOP voters still not sold on Haley (The State, 10/19/10)

Internal email rocks SC GOP (, 10/19/10)

White male voters vital to Sheheen (The State, 10/17/10)

SC Democrats: Party abandoned us (Politico, 10/17/10)

Haley, Sheheen running even among women (The State, 10/16/10)

Judge voids key portion of state campaign finance law (The State, 10/16/10)

Has Haley peaked? (Indigo Journal, 10/15/10)

As his term winds down, voters give Sanford passing grade (The State, 10/15/10)

GOP pressing Sheheen on federal health care (The State, 10/15/10)

African-American turnout key to election outcomes (The State, 10/15/10)

Business leaders will advise Haley (The State, 10/14/10)

Haley won’t sign affidavit (, 10/14/10)

New Poll: Haley leads, but Sheheen’s support more solid (The State, 10/13/10)

RGA hits Sheheen in new SC ad (Politico, 10/13/10)

RGA to spend money on Haley’s behalf (The State, 10/13/10)

RGA blasts Sheheen (, 10/13/10)

Haley, Sheheen both lay claim to Campbell’s jobs legacy (The State, 10/12/10)

Sheheen firm profits from state government (The State, 10/11/10)

Sheheen rips Haley in new ad (The State, 10/8/10)

Sheheen, Haley race gets closer (The State, 10/7/10)

Guber race tightening? (, 10/6/10)

Sheheen: Haley asked for suspension of family audit (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/5/10)

GOP support grows for Sheheen (The State, 10/2/10)

Dem Poll: Sheheen close (, 10/2/10)

SC Republicans better listen before it’s too late (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/2/10)

Sheheen gains GOP supporters (Charleston Post & Courier, 10/2/10)

GOP group presses Haley on finances (The State, 10/1/10)

Three debates…but why? (, 10/1/10)

Nikki Haley fights new conservative group (Politico, 10/1/10)


Haley, Sheheen third debate set for Oct 19 (The State, 9/30/10)

Haley’s financial dealings get new scrutiny (Columbia Free Times, 9/29/10)

Clyburn says if he were Haley he would be indicted (The State, 9/28/10)

Haley payday loan connections deepen (, 9/28/10)

Sheheen’s camp accuses Haley of hiding (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/28/10)

Redistricting sure to protect GOP, black officials (The State, 9/27/10)

Guber Q&A: Immigration (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/27/10)

How Haley achieved financial health (The State, 9/27/10)

Blogger peddling tell-all book about Sanford, Haley (Charleston City Paper, 9/26/10)

Sanford doesn’t rule out return to politics (Wall Street Journal, 9/25/10)

Poll: Haley cruising (, 9/24/10)

SC Republicans devouring one another (Charleston City Paper, 9/24/10)

Fact-checking the candidates (The State, 9/24/10)

Haley voted to cut fund, but she sought money too (The Herald, 9/24/10)

Haley holds commanding lead over Sheheen (The State, 9/24/10)

Haley pushes tax reforms for small business (The State, 9/24/10)

Haley strikes back at Sheheen (The State, 9/23/10)

Haley plays underdog role to keep her edge (Washington Times, 9/23/10)

Opinion: Haley puts conservative GOP principles at risk (The State, 9/22/10)

Sheheen launches Haley attack ads (The State, 9/22/10)

Guber Q&A: Health care (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/20/10)

Haley picks a fight with Harry Reid over Yucca Mountain (FoxNews, 9/19/10)

Haley, Sheheen settle on two debates in late October (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 9/18/10)

Haley releases debate schedule, which surprises Sheheen (WYFF, 9/17/10)

Tax Group: Haley hasn’t violated pledge (, 9/17/10)

Detailed executive budget is needed as spending cut blueprint (, 9/17/10)

Governor, Legislature pick a budget fight (again) (The State, 9/17/10)

Sheheen blasts Haley over taxes (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/16/10)

Haley supports nuclear waste transfer (Augusta Chronicle, 9/16/10)

Legislative records: Sheheen more active, successful than Haley (Columbia Free Times, 9/15/10)

Haley offers tax explanation (, 9/15/10)

Commentary: Sheheen may be SC’s reform candidate (The State, 9/14/10)

Guber Q&A: Education (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/13/10)

Haley: Small town to big time (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/12/10)

Candidates split on ending corporate income tax (The State, 9/12/10)

Cato Institute slaps Haley on school choice (, 9/11/10)

Nikki Haley is a certified slack-ass accountant (Charleston City Paper, 9/10/10)

Haley’s business filed taxes late, too (, 9/9/10)

Sheheen raises funds as he rips Haley, Sanford (, 9/9/10)

Opinion: As GOP diversifies, South Carolina rises (Washington Post, 9/9/10)

Sanford criticizes Haley for not planning to produce detailed budget (The State, 9/9/10)

Sanford scolds Haley on budget (, 9/8/10)

Sanford E-mail: Rebukes Haley on budget (, 9/8/10)

Sheheen calls for harbor deepening (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/8/10)

Haley kicks off TV campaign (, 9/7/10)

No Nikki Tea Protest (yet) (, 9/7/10)

Q&A with Haley and Sheheen on jobs and the economy (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/7/10)

Big-time politicos turn out for small-town Chapin’s Labor Day Parade (The State, 9/7/10)

Records show Sheheen’s workers comp income (The State, 9/7/10)

Haley, Sheheen both oppose abortion (The State, 9/6/10)

Deck stacked against next governor (The State, 9/5/10)

Tough road for Tax Realignment plan (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/4/10)

Panel wants 5 cents gas tax hike (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 9/3/10)

Haley won’t submit state budgets (, 9/3/10)

Haley criticizes Sanford, port situation (The State, 9/3/10)

Opinion: Term limits is not a good idea (, 9/3/10)

DeMint challenges Haley on school choice (, 9/2/10)

Haley pledges to be more proactive (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/2/10)

Blogger challenges the other for proof of his encounter with guber candidate (, 9/1/10)

For poll-axed Sheheen, the climb is high (Charleston Post & Courier, 9/1/10)

GOP urges local Dems not to hold Sept 11 rally (The Herald, 9/1/10)

Is time running out on Sheheen? (The Blogland of Earl Capps, 9/1/10)


Sheheen proposes five debates (The State, 8/31/10)

Haley gains backing of gun rights group (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/31/10)

Haley avoids backlash against Sanford, surges in latest poll (The Daily Caller, 8/30/10)

Voting blocs key in governor’s race (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 8/30/10)

Guber candidates strong on policy matters (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 8/29/10)

Haley expands lead in new Rasmussen poll (The State, 8/27/10)

Haley wants term limits for state legislators (The State, 8/27/10)

Haley releases govt reform plan (The State, 8/26/10)

Haley, Sheheen promote jobs (The State, 8/26/10)

Sheheen takes on the issues (The State, 8/26/10)

Sheheen fires back about GOP criticism (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/25/10)

Mayors endorse Sheheen for governor (The State, 8/25/10)

Democrats optimistic about 2010 elections (The State, 8/23/10)

Haley email dump – transparency or cover-up? (, 8/23/10)

Missing emails revive Haley scandal (, 8/21/10)

Haley releases thousands of emails (The State, 8/21/10)

Nikki Haley’s sister is a ‘new age visionary’ (Charleston City Paper, 8/20/10)

Sheheen’s education funding problem (, 8/20/10)

Very little personal in emails (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/20/10)

Haley: focus on school funding, not school choice (The State, 8/20/10)

Sheheen vows to veto vouchers (The Herald, 8/19/10)

Sheheen says he will stop teacher pay cuts (The State, 8/18/10)

Nikki Haley – suddenly ‘centrist’ (, 8/18/10)

Sheheen: SC must move beyond voucher debate (The Herald, 8/18/10)

Sheheen on education – same old song (, 8/18/10)

Sanford signs abortion 24-hour waiting period bill (WMBF, 8/18/10)

Haley introduced as ‘Reagan in a skirt’ at fundraiser (The Daily Caller, 8/17/10)

Haley: it’s time to make SC friendlier for business (The Herald, 8/17/10)

Sheheen’s hometown support solid (The State, 8/15/10)

Haley has own plan … sort of (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/13/10)

Sheheen’s payday problem (, 8/13/10)

Sheheen, Haley at odds over several aspects of boosting employment figures (Charleston Post & Courier, 8/12/10)

Haley: bring back the grocery tax (, 8/12/10)

Haley’s jobs plan about tax cuts, education (The State, 8/12/10)

Haley’s jobs plan – eliminate corporate taxes, cut $260 M in revenue (Think Progress, 8/12/10)

Sheheen hammers Haley over transparency hypocrisy ( 8/11/10)

Comparing Sheheen and Haley’s job creation plans (WACH, 8/11/10)

Do as I say, not as I do – Haley’s transparency only applies to others (Anderson Independent Mail,8/10/10)

Haley addresses late tax filings (WLTX, 8/9/10)

Transparently yours…. (, 8/9/10)

Sheheen takes fight to Haley on transparency (Myrtle Beach Sun News, 8/8/10)

Sheheen: Is Haley being open? (The State, 8/8/10)

Opinion: Time to elect a new governor – finally (Sumter Item, 8/8/10)

Haley a habitually late filer of tax returns (The State, 8/4/10)

New poll shows Haley holding 14-point lead (The State, 8/3/10)

Rasmussen: Haley holds 14-pt lead over Sheheen (WLTX, 8/2/10)

Midlands chambers forming coalition to attract business (The State, 8/2/10)

JULY 2010

Dems pressing Haley to release tax records (FITSNews, 7/30/10)

Third Haley affair alleged (FITSNews, 7/30/10)

Haley camp weighs in on possible SC immigration law (WSPA, 7/29/10)

Sheheen challenges Haley on Charleston Harbor earmark (Charleston City Paper, 7/29/10)

Rival camps rip each other’s fundraisers (The State, 7/29/10) Haley shifts positions (, 7/26/10)

How Haley, Sheheen could win in the fall (The State, 7/25/10)

Sheheen’s tax release results in Haley camp wanting more info (The State,7/25/10)

Haley softens some of her positions (Charleston Post & Courier, 7/24/10)

More on Coastal Campaign finance scandal (, 7/24/10)

Commentary: Nikki Haley, transparency and consistency (The State, 7/23/10)

Sheheen hires veteran operative for race against Haley (CNN, 7/23/10)

Haley, Sheheen split on pledge to appoint women (The State, 7/21/10)

Sheheen’s tax release a double-edged sword (, 7/21/10)

Sheheen releases ten years of tax returns, challenges Haley to do same (The State, 7/21/10)

SC’s unemployment rate drops for 5th straight month (The State, 7/21/10)