The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


South Carolina in the News


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South Carolina Gubernatorial Headlines:

Texas Gov. Perry parries 2016 talk on SC visit (The State, 12/3/13)
Graham’s GOP opponents stump in West Columbia (The State, 12/3/13)
GOP state Rep. Bill Taylor wants a ‘convention of state’ to propose constitutional changes (The Buzz, 12/3/13)
SC Medicaid program growing despite rejection of Obamacare (The State, 12/3/13)
Columbia voters reject strong mayor (The State, 12/3/13)
Guv Schedule: Nikki Haley to hold 2 more ethics reform news conferences (The Buzz, 12/2/13)
Meeting on SC government restructuring disappears from schedule (The Buzz, 12/2/13)
Haley weighs in on Columbia strong mayor election (AP, 12/2/13)


Gov. Nikki Haley supporting Columbia’s strong mayor referendum (The State, 11/30/13)
Local leaders, including governor, weigh in last minute on Columbia’s strong-mayor referendum (The State, 11/30/13)
Report: Charter schools struggle with space, seek state remedy (The State, 11/28/13)
SC Democrats promise to vet candidates in 2014 (AP, 11/28/13)
‘Haleycare’ creates massive SC Medicaid surge (FITS News, 11/27/13)
SC lawmaker accused of misbranding stem cells (AP, 11/27/13)
Panel finds ‘probable cause’ Chumley violated SC ethics laws (The State, 11/27/13)
Boy Scouts fundraiser, Electric Co-ops among Rick Perry’s stops in SC next week (The Buzz, 11/27/13)
Election 2014: Independent collecting signatures to run against Tim Scott (The Buzz, 11/27/13)
SC legislator says federal charge because of worker’s actions (The State, 11/26/13)
SC lawmakers ponder electoral shift (FITS News, 11/26/13)
Report: SC cities and counties spend more than they collect in taxes (The State, 11/26/13)
State Rep. Harold Mitchell denies personal gain from questionable campaign expenses (The Buzz, 11/26/13)
House Ethics to hold hearing on Rep. Harold Mitchell (The State, 11/25/13)
Tea Party leader Allen Olson says he didn’t leave the Tea Party, the Tea Party left him (The Buzz, 11/25/13)
Lee Bright hosting ‘retirement party’ for Lindsey Graham (The Buzz, 11/25/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley’s foundation raised $411,000 last year (The State, 11/24/13)
Republicans want to finish takeover of SC, capture counties, cities, school boards (The State, 11/23/13)
Crony capitalists back Nikki Haley Lite Gov choice (FITSNews, 11/22/13)
Former SC senator, state treasurer trade barbs over pension system (The State, 11/21/13)
First on CNN: Graham gets support from Nikki Haley (CNN Political Ticker, 11/21/13)
SC pension system pays record fees, gets high return (The State, 11/21/13)
Gov. Haley praises Graham; Scott won’t say whether he will endorse fellow senator (The State, 11/21/13)
VIDEO: Nikki Haley: I’d prefer a governor for next president (The Daily Caller, 11/21/13)
COMMENTARY: How not to improve SC ethics law (The State, 11/20/13)
SC Lt. Gov McConnell to decide soon whether he will seek re-election or college post (The State, 11/19/13)
Economists: SC will have $440 million more to spend next year (The State, 11/19/13)
GOP primary opponents tout their differences with Sen. Graham (The State, 11/19/13)
Oops! Haley ‘attack dog’ praises her rival (FITSNews, 11/19/13)
ELECTION 2014: Nikki Haley’s campaign says Vincent Sheheen should withdraw from cases before magistrates he recommended (The Buzz, 11/19/13)
Haley: Education plan going to lawmakers next year (AP, 11/18/13)
Opponents want Common Core rescinded (The State, 11/18/13)
Guv Schedule: Nikki Haley headed West for RGA conference (The Buzz, 11/18/13)
Haley, Sheheen battle over ethics as governor brings call for reform to Charleston (The Post and Courier, 11/18/13)
ELECTION 2014: Attorney who supports Nikki Haley joins debate over lawmakers appearing before magistrates (The Buzz, 11/18/13)
Nikki Haley’s ethics bill panned (FITSNews, 11/18/13)
ELECTION 2014: Katrina Shealy to sponsor legislation targeting Vincent Sheheen (The Buzz, 11/18/13)
Election 2014: Vincent Sheheen tells volunteers ‘this election is not about me’ (The Buzz, 11/16/13)
Governor, attorney general: SC not required to honor gay marriages (AP, 11/15/13)
Democrat Sheheen has eight cases before magistrates that he recommended (The State, 11/15/13)
SC officials don’t want legal gay marriage recognized (The Buzz, 11/15/13)
Report: SC lawmakers should vote on all proposed regulations (The State, 11/15/13)
SC Gov. Haley reaches out to Boeing on 777X deal (The State, 11/15/13)
Nikki Haley says defending gay marriage ban is her constitutional duty (The Buzz, 11/15/13)
Judge bows out of SC gay marriage suit (The State, 11/14/13)
Anti-Common Core protest Monday asks parents to keep children out of school (The State, 11/14/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley’s wardrobe gets once-over from runway crowd (The Buzz, 11/14/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley to get final regulatory review report Friday (The State, 11/14/13)
SC Gov. Haley, Democratic challenger vie to claim mantle of ethics reform (The State, 11/13/13)
SC politics: Graham’s GOP Senate challengers to speak in Rock Hill (The State, 11/13/13)
SC Dems plan voter registration drive (The Buzz, 11/13/13)
Vincent Sheheen proposes ethics reforms (FITSNews, 11/13/13)
Election 2014: Nikki Haley, Vincent Sheheen fight over ethics reform (The Buzz, 11/13/13)
Gov Nikki Haley vows to ‘expose’ SC ethics reform killers (The State, 11/13/13)
The SCLP wants electoral justice (FITSNews, 11/12/13)
Influential legislator targets college tuition increases (The State, 11/12/13)
SC crony capitalism: A big pile of… (FITSNews, 11/11/13)
Bloated SC government wants $2 billion more (FITSNews, 11/11/13)
SC politics: Rand Paul visits early-voting SC again (The State, 11/11/13)
SC governor’s race off to a fast pace, a year before the election (The State, 11/9/13)
Waiting for Chris Christie in SC and other notes from the US Senate race (The State, 11/9/13)
SC politics: Texas Gov. Rick Perry to headline GOP’s winter fundraiser (The State, 11/9/13)
DGA says SC governor’s race ‘a top priority’ (The State, 11/8/13)
Texas Gov. Rick Perry to headline SC GOP winter banquet (The State, 11/8/13)
Blogger settles lawsuit with Sikh society tied to Nikki Haley’s family (The State, 11/8/13)
SC politicians are for sale? No way! (FITSNews, 11/8/13)
Graham pushes measure to limit abortions (The State, 11/7/13)
SC gambling poll in the field (FITSNews, 11/7/13)
SC proposal to nullify Obamacare stirs passions (The State, 11/6/13)
Gov. Haley warns SC lawmakers not to punt ethics reform bill (The State, 11/6/13)
SC proposal to nullify Obamacare stirs passions (The State, 11/6/13)
Lagging decisions focus of race for SC Supreme Court chief justice (The State, 11/5/13)
Boeing disses SC for 777X (FITSNews, 11/5/13)
Two years later, Occupy Columbia v. Nikki Haley drags on in federal court (Charleston City Paper, 11/5/13)
Democrat mulls challenge to Rep. Mulvaney (FITSNews, 11/5/13)
Nikki Haley campaign ignores state law (SC hotline, 11/5/13)
Haley: ‘No saints in Washington’ (USA Today, 11/4/13)
Gov. Haley gives high marks to Beaufort County economy (The Island Packet, 11/4/13)
USA Today’s ‘Nikki Haley Commercial’ (FITSNews, 11/4/13)
VIDEO: For SC Gov. Nikki Haley, ‘it’s been a long year’ (USA Today, 11/4/13)
Election of SC Supreme Court chief justice has State House buzzing (The Buzz, 11/3/13)
Majority oppose, but more in SC tolerant of same-sex marriage (The State, 11/3/13)
State House for sale: The story thus far (The State, 11/2/13)
State House for Sale: Big businesses pay off in jobs, political contributions (The State, 11/2/13)
SC schools chief Zais ends push to deregulate class sizes (The State, 11/1/13)


Slim majority of South Carolinians favor higher taxes to repair state’s roads (The State, 10/31/13)
SC will have $200 million more to spend next year (The State, 10/30/13)
SC Gov. Haley, Sen. Graham approval ratings below 50% (The State, 10/30/13)
Winthrop Poll: SC Gov. Haley up slightly, US Sen. Graham falls again (The State, 10/30/13)
#SCGov poll: Haley unpopular but leading; Rubio strongest against Hillary (Conservative Intel, 10/29/13)
Sheheen rips Haley’s hacking ‘cover-up’ (The State, 10/29/13)
SC politics: GOP poll says Haely leads Sheheen; Cruz, Paul coming to SC — again (The State, 10/29/13)
SC GOP director takes new job with state treasurer (The State, 10/28/13)
Eco laws broken repeatedly by businesses, govt agencies in SC (The State, 10/26/13)
Tempest brews over how SC should spend $500M on roads (The State, 10/23/13)
Sen. Graham says shutdown hurt GOP (The State, 10/23/13)
Democratic poll: Sheheen narrowly trails Haley in 2014 governor’s race (The State, 10/22/13)
Haley touts I-73 project as way to generate jobs (The State, 10/22/13)
Haley, Sheheen headline party fundraisers (The State, 10/16/13)
Sen. Graham has almost $7M to spend on re-election bid, Sen. Scott has $2.8 million (The State, 10/15/13)
SC politics: Republican says he will challenge Clyburn (The State, 10/15/13)
SC Gov. Haley looking to reduce state-owned property (The State, 10/14/13)
Charleston developer pledges to work with governor on economic development (The State, 10/14/13)
VIDEO: SC pension chief quits; Loftis storms out (The State, 10/11/13)
Ally of SC Gov. Haley to run for lieutenant governor (The State, 10/11/13)
US Senate hopeful had $31,000 stake in SC blogger’s site (The State, 10/10/13)
‘Cosby’ star touring SC colleges for Democrats (The State, 10/10/13)
In 3 months, Haley and Sheheen raise $1.5M for governor’s races (The State, 10/10/13)
Gov. Haley raises $950K to Sheheen’s $565K in 3Q (AP, 10/10/13)
Bonuses for SC pension fund managers raise eyebrows (The State, 10/9/13)
SC politics: Lieutenant governor moves $250,000 to his campaign account (The State, 10/9/13)
Upstate gets powerful ally for more transportation funding (The State, 10/8/13)
Enrollment for new SC hacking monitoring starts Oct. 24 (The State, 10/8/13)
SC senators not sold on independent ethics panel (The State, 10/8/13)
SC Gov. Haley agrees to pay state for campaign expenses (The State, 10/8/13)
One week later, ACA enrollment in SC sputtering (The State, 10/7/13)
Where does the money go? Reimbursements (The State, 10/6/13)
Where does the money go? Consultants (The State, 10/6/13)
The cost of election? The top 10 legislative spenders (The State, 10/6/13)
State House for sale: SC ethics law a muddled mess (The State, 10/6/13)
SC’s DHEC will use agency savings, may furlough employees to continue WIC (The State, 10/4/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley to campaign for Virginia gov. candidate (The State, 10/3/13)
Questions remain after SC audit of state probation agency (The State, 10/2/13)
SC gov drops extradition for Cherokee girl’s dad (AP, 10/2/13)
SC politics: Group wants attorney general to advise on Haley’s repayments (The State, 10/1/13)
Insurance website overwhelmed by first-day shoppers (The State, 10/1/13)


Haley draws fire over Citadel appointment; Democrats want GOP candidate to apologize (The State, 9/30/13)
Haley: DC leadership woes to blame for shutdown threat (The State, 9/30/13)
Medicaid rolls could swell in SC, even as state rejects expansion in healthcare reform (The State, 9/29/13)
How federal shutdown would hurt SC and its residents (The State, 9/28/13)
Haley tours fire damage in Georgetown: ‘This is horrible to look at’ (The State, 9/27/13)
Haley’s foundation collects 20,000 children’s books (+ video) (The State, 9/26/13)
SC governor’s travel costs drop (The State, 9/26/13)
SC consumer watchdog to start ID theft unit (The State, 9/26/13)
School-choice experts give advice to SC lawmakers (The State, 9/26/13)
New questions raised about South Carolina federal court nominee (The State, 9/25/13)
SC governor to visit downtown Georgetown after fire destroys eight buildings on historic Front Street (The State, 9/25/13)
A first glimpse of SC rates for health insurance marketplace (The State, 9/25/13)
GOP, Dems trade barbs over abortion, school funding in SC governor’s race (The State, 9/25/13)
Poll: Nikki Haley’s GOP voter backing stronger than Lindsey Graham in 2014 (The State, 9/24/13)
State makes deal for 2nd year of credit protection (The State, 9/23/13)
Former Zais employee to seek Democratic nomination for state schools chief (The State, 9/23/13)
Sen. Graham in toughest re-election of career (The State, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: TransformSC breaking the mold in education and in politics (The State, 9/20/13)
Declining income, rising poverty plague SC economy (The State, 9/19/13)
Sheheen accuses SC GOP of ‘desperate accusations’ in dismissed ethics charges (The State, 9/19/13)
SC attorney general takes insurance concerns to Congress (The State, 9/18/13)
USC offers 3-year tuition freeze in exchange for more state money (The State, 9/18/13)
GA, SC govs meet on water, port (AP, 9/18/13)
GA/SC water summit advances (The State, 9/17/13)
SC hacking victims told not to buy credit monitoring, yet (The State, 9/17/13)
SC Education Dept spokesman leaving for private sector (The State, 9/16/13)
SC hacking victims asked to pay for monitoring that is free next year (The State, 9/16/13)
The Buzz: A morning in a political race 14 months away (The State, 9/14/13)
SC governor candidates courting small businesses (The State, 9/11/13)
Attack websites for 2014 SC governor’s race go live (The State, 9/10/13)
Anthony, candidate for schools’ chief, would fight vouchers (The State, 9/10/13)
Pitts named Gov. Nikki Haley’s new chief of staff (The State, 9/9/13)
The Buzz: #Boom or #Bust for SC pols? (The State, 9/8/13)
New SC prisons chief: Prosecutor, defense lawyer, crime victim, too (The State, 9/5/13)
Haley, in robe, locks herself out of the SC Governor’s Mansion (The State, 9/4/13)
SC Gov. Haley: Democrat Sheheen should not point fingers over hacking (The State, 9/4/13)
Tea Party groups launch anti-Obamacare tour in Columbia (The State, 9/3/13)
2 announced candidates for governor back SC gay-marriage ban (The State, 9/3/13)
Leadership positions pay off in Legislature (The State, 9/1/13)
SC closes with higher-than-expected surplus (The State, 9/1/13)
Gay couple files federal lawsuit attacking SC’s Defense of Marriage law (The State, 9/1/13)
Health-care changes chill businesses’ expansion plans (The State, 9/1/13)
More than one tax benefit for SC’s school-choice credit (The State, 9/1/13)
BUZZ: Is Haley hitting the right notes? (The State, 9/1/13)


Success of SC governor’s welfare program debated (The State, 8/31/13)
SC gov rejects govt shutdown to stop Obamacare (The State, 8/30/13)
Ethics Commission asks Haley campaign to reimburse SC for security (The State, 8/28/13)
Democrats launch new website critical of Gov. Nikki Haley (The State, 8/28/13)
Haley crowd size disputed (The State, 8/27/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley unhurt in previously undisclosed June wreck (The State, 8/27/13)
Can statehouse successes lead to White House? (The State, 8/27/13)
Haley vows to keep fighting: ‘I have a great story to tell’ (The State, 8/27/13)
Sheheen commentary: Now is the time for leadership (The State, 8/27/13)
Haley announces re-election bid: ‘Wait until you see what we do next’ (The State, 8/26/13)
GOP, Dems release videos ahead of Gov. Nikki Haley’s reelection bid (The State, 8/26/13)
DGA web video attacks Gov. Nikki Haley for data breach, state response to TB outbreak (The State, 8/26/13)
Haley’s re-election bid formally launches Monday (The State, 8/25/13)
Challengers to Graham are lining up on the right (The State, 8/25/13)
SC tries again for $10M data-security contract (The State, 8/23/13)
SC utility interests stop solar meeting (The State, 8/23/13)
SC governor’s camp predicts easy re-election for Haley (The State, 8/23/13)
Graham challenger Bright making Tea Party rounds (The State, 8/23/13)
SC courts limits self-defense law (The State, 8/21/13)
12 SC mayors endorse Sen. Vincent Sheheen for governor (The State, 8/21/13)
DeMint’s former PAC targets Graham (The State, 8/20/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley orders cabinet to tighten data security (The State, 8/20/13)
Graham, not Scott, attracting Senate opponents (The State, 8/19/13)
The Buzz: Haley’s backers on the move (The State, 8/17/13)
SC governor asks feds for rain disaster relief (The State, 8/16/13)
SC House Dem enters race for state education chief (The State, 8/15/13)
Jenny Sanford interested in college presidency (AP, 8/15/13)
Haley’s attorneys tried to get ethics charges dropped (The State, 8/15/13)
Upstate senator launches web site in advance of US Senate run (The State, 8/6/13)
Lobbyists wined, dined lawmakers 95 times (The State, 8/5/13)
Panel OKs health-care experiment for some SC workers (The State, 8/5/13)
Tips for Nikki Haley? (FITSNews, 8/5/13)
Nikki Haley spokesman heads to campaign (FITSNews, 8/5/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley’s spokesman, Rob Godfrey, takes new role (AP, 8/5/13)
“Sheheen-Obamacare” (FITSNews, 8/5/13)
12 SC private schools OK’d for ‘choice’ program (The State, 8/5/13)
SC GOP wants to ban CNN, NBC from hosting SC presidential debates (The State, 8/5/13)
SC claims Obamacare will cost you big-time (The State, 8/2/13)
SC governor gets fund-raising help from GOP Gov.s Jindal, Perry and Scott (The State, 8/1/13)
First Citadel female grad, Sen. Bright will take on Graham (The State, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

COMMENTARY: It’s a great day in South Carolina. Or is it? (The State, 7/31/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley meets with business leaders to discuss education reform (The State, 7/31/13)
SC GOP fund-raising email calls IRS ‘Obama’s Gestapo’ (The State, 7/30/13)
NAACP chief seeks special prosecutor in his Five Points arrest (The State, 7/30/13)
Haley’s foundation joins with AT&T, state agency for rural book drive (The State, 7/29/13)
State House for Sale: SC’s unregistered lobbyists profit in ‘gray area’ (The State, 7/27/13)
SC groups, companies that lobby also are major campaign donors (The State, 7/27/13)
Who is making money lobbying the SC Legislature? (The State, 7/27/13)
Who’s hiring lobbyists to deal with SC Legislature? (The State, 7/27/13)
The Buzz: Haley gets more ammo from gun maker visit (The State, 7/27/13)
Dem. Lt. governor candidate urges robust get-out-the-vote effort (The State, 7/27/13)
Columbia prosecutors delay case against SC NAACP president (The State, 7/26/13)
Some SC immigration rules still nixed (AP, 7/23/13)
How Vincent Sheheen hopes to change the result in 2014 governor’s race (The State, 7/23/13)
Review clears SC investment agency (AP, 7/19/13)
SC hospitals, nursing homes sue state agency over Haley veto (The State, 7/18/13)
South Carolina sues EPA over Clean Air Act (The State, 7/18/13)
SC’s state reserves increasing as a percentage of overall spending (The State, 7/16/13)
State ethics agency fines SC governor (The State, 7/16/13)
Graham says he expects a GOP primary test (The State, 7/15/13)
The Buzz: SC shocker! The dead are NOT voting! (The State, 7/13/13)
Race for SC education chief warming up (The State, 7/13/13)
Ex-DHEC worker says kids put at risk by agency inaction (The State, 7/12/13)
SC panel starts review of state regulations (The State, 7/12/13)
Haley hears teachers’ outlook on K-12 education (The State, 7/11/13)
Sheheen criticizes ‘vacuum of leadership’ (The State, 7/11/13)
Candidates for SC governor raised $1.2M in past three months (The State, 7/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Sheheen: We can make SC a clean-energy leader (The State, 7/10/13)
Democrat Vincent Sheheen names campaign manager for 2014 SC governor’s race (The State, 7/9/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley says she was abused as a child (The State, 7/8/13)
Where South Carolina’s $350M ‘mad money’ went (The State, 7/6/13)
GOP strife in Charleston (FITSNews, 7/5/13)
SLED: No rampant dead voters in South Carolina (The State, 7/5/13)
Criminal case backlog in SC focus of reform effort (The State, 7/2/13)
DHEC asks justices to settle health care regulation question (The State, 7/1/13)
A video poker revival in South Carolina? (The State, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

DHEC plan would loosen some shackles on SC businesses (The State, 6/30/13)
Don’t buy the hype, Nikki Haley is running for re-election (The State, 6/29/13)
Governor says gay marriage ruling won’t affect SC business recruiting (The State, 6/29/13)
Sources: Tim Scott will run if Nikki Haley doesn’t (FITSNews, 6/28/13)
DHEC to suspend health-care facilities approval program (The State, 6/28/13)
Paul talks defense policy at SCGOP fundraiser (The State, 6/28/13)
Rand Paul stumps for SC GOP; Meets with activists, donors today (The State, 6/28/13)
SC transportation bill ripe for political influence some officials worry (The State, 6/27/13)
SC lawmakers override 46 of Gov. Haley’s 81 vetoes (The State, 6/27/13)
House Republicans assail Haley’s ‘weak’ vetoes (FITSNews, 6/27/13)
$417K restored to SC Arts Commission with override of gov. veto (The State, 6/27/13)
SC governor’s veto pen has hit education hardest (The State, 6/27/13)
In SC, joy, dismay greet rulings on same-sex marriage (The State, 6/26/13)
Veto could shut down any SC health-care expansion, providers say (The State, 6/26/13)
SC budget: Hospital regulation program loses $1.7M (The State, 6/26/13)
SC health care providers say ‘certificate of need’ veto leaves them in limbo (The State, 6/26/13)
Live: Results of Senate votes on Haley vetoes (The State, 6/26/13)
Lawmakers override Haley’s Arts Commission veto (Greenville News, 6/26/13)
SC senators rip Haley, ‘Republicans’ (FITSNews, 6/26/13)
Vetoes spare expansion funds for kindergarten (The State, 6/25/13)
SC pols react to Supreme Court voting-rights decision (The State, 6/25/13)
SC voting laws no longer require federal approval (The State, 6/25/13)
About that highway borrowing bill… (FITSNews, 6/25/13)
Vetoes: Nikki Haley once again fails taxpayers (FITSNews, 6/25/13)
Haley vetoes nearly $100M from SC’s $5.7B budget (AP, 6/25/13)
SC Gov. Haley signs $1 billion roads bill (The State, 6/24/13)
VIDEO: Nikki Haley still undecided on reelection bid in 2014 (Huff Post Politics, 6/24/13)
Nikki Haley can ‘absolutely see’ not running (FITSNews, 6/24/13)
Democrats assail Nikki Haley’s economic record (FITSNews, 6/24/13)
SC’s Nikki Haley suggests she might not seek re-election (Political Insider, 6/24/13)
Haley: Work far from finished (Pee Dee Politics, 6/23/13)
State House for Sale: SC’s ‘very murky’ system (The State, 6/22/13)
SC lawmakers report getting $19.5K in free tickets (The State, 6/22/13)
Overview: What SC’s public officials earn (The State, 6/22/13)
Top 10 recipients of gifts and travel (The State, 6/22/13)
What the SC candidates for governor earn from the public (The State, 6/22/13)
What SC constitutional officers earn from the public (The State, 6/22/13)
The Buzz: Spoils of the gridiron and ghost of secession past (The State, 6/22/13)
Private-school advocates poised for SC ‘choice’ experiment (The State, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: SC would benefit from immigration reform (The State, 6/20/13)
A $22 billion SC budget: What’s in it for you? (The State, 6/19/13)
SC House and Senate adopt more than $22B spending plan (The State, 6/19/13)
SC review finds ‘questionable’ stats, other ills in SC First Steps (The State, 6/18/13)
No pay raises for state employees in SC budget deal (The State, 6/17/13)
After public hearings, DHEC sticks with its suggestion on food stamp restrictions (The State, 6/17/13)
Fight against Common Core flares in South Carolina (The State, 6/16/13)
SC inches closer to other states with military-friendly legislation (The State, 6/16/13)
The Buzz: SC GOP flees debt, an “Obama judge” (The State, 6/15/13)
SC delegation at odds over immigration reform (The State, 6/14/13)
SC legislators reach deals on road repair, 4K spending (The State, 6/14/13)
SC business leaders continue push for support of Gang of Eight immigration bill (The State, 6/13/13)
School-choice debate looms in budget talks (The State, 6/13/13)
State transportation chief has reservations about Senate road funding plan (The State, 6/12/13)
SC Supreme Court dismisses Rainey ethics complaint against Gov. Haley (The State, 6/12/13)
Probation has ‘not complied with state law’ (The State, 6/11/13)
State GOP’s new chairman optimistic about party-building, paying back debt (The State, 6/11/13)
Haleys donated $130,000 to charity (The State, 6/10/13)
State House for sale: How SC ethics reform died (The State, 6/8/13)
SC GOP chairman resigns for DC job, replacement chosen (The State, 6/8/13)
Clemson enterprise bill supporters vow another try (The State, 6/7/13)
SC gun propsals founder in legislative session’s final days (The State, 6/6/13)
Senator asks Gov. Nikki Haleyif ransom paid for hacked data (The State, 6/5/13)
Senator: Haley is reason SC needs new ethics law (The State, 6/5/13)
SC Senators: Ethics dead for the year (The State, 6/5/13)
SC House OKs private-school tax credits (The State, 6/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Can being too business-friendly make you sick? (The State, 6/5/13)
RAND study finds SC will pay high price for Medicaid decision (The State, 6/4/13)
Bulk of 4-K funds to public or private schools in SC? (The State, 6/4/13)
Democrat Sellers to run for lieutenant governor (The State, 6/4/13)
Legislative panel approves election law compromise (The State, 6/4/13)
Obamacare nullification bill on SC Senate agenda (The State, 6/3/13)

MAY 2013

SC Senator resigns amid ethics probe, case goes to SLED (The State, 5/31/13)
SC Senate deal revives ethics reform (The State, 5/30/13)
Second thoughts fueling efforts to change SC decisions on road work (The State, 5/30/13)
Ethics charges against SC Senator include adult-store purchases (The State, 5/30/13)
Hayes, Sheheen: Ethics reform all about integrity, not party (The State, 5/30/13)
SC Senate vote likely kills ethics reform for this year (The State, 5/29/13)
COMMENTARY: South Carolina needs a new political party (The State, 5/29/13)
SC House panel hits delete on computer commission (The State, 5/28/13)
SC bill allowing gins in bars, restaurants heads to House floor for debate (The State, 5/28/13)
Democratic governor candidate releases his tax returns (The State, 5/28/13)
Governor’s race; Is it 2014 already? (The State, 5/27/13)
SC treasurer, commission feud benefits lawyers (The State, 5/27/13)
COMMENTARY: South Carolina gets more than it pays for from counties (The State, 5/26/13)
Volunteer exits Haley campaign after accusations of racism (The State, 5/26/13)
Old political foes clash over controversial campaign volunteer (The State, 5/25/13)
The buzz: Time for a TelePrompTer for Nikki? (The State, 5/25/13)
A pay raise? It’s complicated, some SC agencies say (The State, 5/25/13)
The rise of the SC Senate’s far right (The State, 5/25/13)
Haley rebuffs Dem demands that she dismiss controversial staffer (The State, 5/24/13)
SC Senate passes $500M road-repair bill (The State, 5/23/13)
SC Senate votes to sell controversial state-owned planes (The State, 5/16/13)
SC Senate to take up controversial school-choice proposal (The State, 5/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Universities taking students, taxpayers for a ride (The State, 5/12/13)
Nikki Haley’s rocky governorship (Politico, 5/12/13)
Ex-SC Dem chair’s barbs about Gov. Haley still drawing attention (The State, 5/10/13)
Reeling SC Dems look to rebuild (The State, 5/10/13)
South Carolina ethics debate, race for governor mix (The State, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Tax credits + private schools = bad public policy (The State, 5/9/13)
Haley’s potential opponent in 2014 criticizes her fundraising during ethics reform discussions (AP, 5/9/13)
Mark Sanford: The new comeback kid (The State, 5/8/13)
SC hacking solution could cost $15 million next year (The State, 5/8/13)
SC top court upholds sales-tax exemptions (The State, 5/8/13)
Pocketbook issues key for Sanford; loss demoralizes Dems (The State, 5/7/13)
1st District could hold key to 2014 for SC Democrats (The State, 5/6/13)
National view: SC 1st District race (The State, 5/6/13)
SC Democrats elect first African-American chairman (The State, 5/4/13)
In South Carolina, an ex-governor’s quest continues (LA Times, 5/4/13)
GOP rifts exposed in South Carolina (Washington Post, 5/4/13)
SC’s libertarian Republicans take aim at chairman, Graham (The State, 5/4/13)
2016 presidential race gets off to its SC start (The State, 5/3/13)
Senate budget: Ban junk food at Haley’s house (The State, 5/3/13)
Dryer fire forces SC Gov.Haley to evacuate mansion (The State, 5/3/13)
Plan would boost SC state workers’ pay (The State, 5/3/13)
Excerpts of Vincent Sheheen’s speech at Friday’s Jefferson Jackson dinner (The State, 5/3/13)
‘South Carolina is coming back,’ Biden tells state Democrats (The State, 5/3/13)
SC Senate roads bill faces long odds (The State, 5/3/13)
$1.1M raised by Sen. Tim Scott in 3 months (The State, 5/2/13)
New poll has Sanford, Colbert Busch tied (The State, 5/2/13)
SC Gov. Haley attends Koch brothers conference (The State, 5/2/13)
SC Senate studying gas tax increase (The State, 5/1/13)
GOP establishment solidifies behind Sanford (The State, 5/1/13)
Democrats, Haley supporters go after each other in new ads (The State, 5/1/13)
SC Senators eyeing 4-year-old kindergarten expansion (The State, 5/1/13)
Tuesday a day of highs and lows on 1st District campaign trail (The State, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

SC House passes ethics bill ending lawmaker-only oversight of legislators (The State, 4/30/13)
SC House proposal would ban workplace discrimination based on ’sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ (The State, 4/30/13)
Mark Sanford, Elizabeth Colbert Busch trade jabs in only debate (The State, 4/29/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley to guest at Mark Sanford fundraiser (The State, 4/29/13)
In South Carolina congressional race, drama outpaces discussion of issues (New York Times,4/27/13)
Sanford has cash edge heading into election (AP, 4/26/13)
SC House passes Obamacare ‘resistance’ bill (The State, 4/25/13)
SC ethics reform bill changes draw fire (The State, 4/25/13)
Pro-Haley group to start airing ads next week (The State, 4/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid expansion a bad use of tax dollars (The State, 4/25/13)
Sanford: Cell phone inundated with calls (The State, 4/25/13)
SC Senate panel shelves bill regulating abortion (The State, 4/24/13)
SC state employee insurance hike ruled unconstitutional (The State, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Ethics bill shows we can’t trust legislators (The State, 4/24/13)
SC Senate passes bill to allow guns in bars and restaurants (The State, 4/23/13)
SC Seante to take up road-repair debate (The State, 4/23/13)
Colbert Busch agrees to only one congressional debate (The State, 4/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Ethics bill ’surprise’ shouldn’t have surprised anyone (The State, 4/23/13)
Trespassing accusations sting Mark Sanford, poll finds (The State, 4/22/13)
Most South Carolinians favor expanding Medicaid, poll finds (The State, 4/21/13)
Will women abandon Sanford? (The State, 4/21/13)
Reform proposal weakens SC ethics laws (The State, 4/19/13)
How bad are things for Mark Sanford? Don’t ask South Carolina Republicans (The Fix, 4/18/13)
Poll says SC favors ‘path to citizenship’ for undocumented immigrants (The State, 4/17/13)
National GOP drops Sanford after trespassing charge (The State, 4/17/13)
Will Mark Sanford’s trespassing charge sink his political comeback (The Week, 4/17/13)
Why the GOP abandoned Mark Sanford (The Week, 4/17/13)
Jenny Sanford accuses Mark Sanford of trespassing at Sullivan’s Island home (Post & Courier,4/17/13)
House approves $120M in incentives for Boeing (The State, 4/17/13)
Winthrop poll: SC Gov. Haley rising, Sen. Graham falling (The State, 4/17/13)
SC officials agree to Savannah harbor expansion deal (The State, 4/17/13)
NRCC drops Sanford after trespassing charge (The State, 4/17/13)
Winthrop poll finds ratings diving for most SC politicians, but not Gov. Nikki Haley (Post & Courier,4/17/13)
Jenny Sanford on trespass complaint: Ex-husband’s race ‘not my concern’ (The State, 4/16/13)
Study: SC has among longest average wait times to vote in November (Charleston Post & Courier,4/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid expansion will help most vulnerable (The State, 4/12/13)
SC conservative group backs Graham on immigration (The State, 4/12/13)
Haley gets business boost in Greenville (Greenville News, 4/12/13)
Haley calls for an ‘infrastructure pool’ to pay for road fixes (Greenville News, 4/11/13)
SC pension fund sues SC treasurer as power struggle explodes (The State, 4/11/13)
South Carolina Democrats enjoy rare rays of sunshine (Washington Post, 4/11/13)
SC task force aims to streamline, not strip, business rules, chairman says (The State, 4/11/13)
Can school choice survive the SC Senate? (The State, 4/11/13)
Nikki Haley hits $2 million mark (FITSNews, 4/11/13)
Sheheen confirms 2014 gubernatorial bid (Charleston Post & Courier, 4/11/13)
Nikki Haley got drunk, fell down (FITSNews, 4/11/13)
Sheheen challenging Haley again (The State, 4/10/13)
SC 2014: The gloves are already off (FITSNews, 4/10/13)
Nikki Haley’s 2010 challenger, Vincent Sheheen, running again (Politico, 4/10/13)
SCGOP cybersquatting ‘Vince Sheheen’ (FITSNews, 4/10/13)
Haley v. Sheheen: It’s a rematch! (FITSNews, 4/10/13)
SCGOP says Sheheen supports Obama’s failed policies (FITSNews, 4/10/13)
Vincent Sheheen to run against Nikki Haley again (Washington Post, 4/10/13)
Sheheen announces another run for governor (The State, 4/10/13)
SC House to fast-track Boeing incentives after Senate OK (The State, 4/10/13)
Bipartisan bill would limit legislators’ use of SC state-owned planes (The State, 4/10/13)
Senate leader offers plan to repair South Carolina roads (The State, 4/10/13)
Haley has more than $2M cash available (AP, 4/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Florida offers flawed formula for SC schools (The State,4/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Guns in bars, and other silly ideas (The State, 4/10/13)
Sheheen proposes fund to help SC hacking victims (Greenville News, 4/10/13)
Nikki Haley exploring PRT privatization? (FITSNews, 4/9/13)
Climate report released by DNR (The State, 4/9/13)
Boeing expansion could turn SC into ‘aerospace hub’ (The State, 4/9/13)
Bright readies for possible Senate run against Graham (The State, 4/8/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s not about Haley (The State, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Restore SC school funding (The State, 4/4/13)
Haley: Public records law should apply to legislators (Anderson Independent Mail, 4/4/13)
GOP frets Mark Sanford could blow it (Politico, 4/3/13)
SC sheriffs in trouble – ‘dropping like flies’ (The State, 4/3/13)
How Mark Sanford did it (The State, 4/3/13)
Sanford defeats Bostic to claim 1st District GOP runoff (Post & Courier, 4/3/13)
Almost 1.5 million enroll for South Carolina credit monitoring (The State, 4/1/13)
Dems to Nikki Haley: Apologize! (FITSNews, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Sanford looks to clear second hurdle to comeback (AP, 3/31/13)
The Buzz: When it comes to SC board positions, everything’s relative (The State, 3/31/13)
Top official leaving SC’s DHEC (The State, 3/29/13)
Sanford is ‘compromised,’ runoff rival argues in debate (The State, 3/29/13)
SC Treasurer, state retirement commission battle over $50M (The State, 3/28/13)
Healthcare advocates debate SC’s role in Medicaid expansion (The State, 3/28/13)
Report: Updating SC voting machines will cost millions (The State, 3/27/13)
SC to be test market for immigration reform message (The State, 3/26/13)
Poll: Colbert-Busch in dead heat with Sanford in SC congressional race (The State, 3/26/13)
SC state worker numbers continue to dwindle (The State, 3/26/13)
Mark Sanford’s most important week (The Fix, 3/25/13)
SC cites more than 300 businesses for violating immigrant worker law (The State, 3/24/13)
Haley’s SC foundation mixes service, connections (The State, 3/24/13)
DeMint: Medicaid expansion wrong for SC (The State, 3/24/13)
State Rep. Chumley will not pay back state plane costs (The State, 3/21/13)
SC high court hears Gov. Haley accuser (The State, 3/20/13)
Misuse of SC state plane alleged (The State, 3/20/13)
Can Bostic topple Sanford in Dist 1 runoff? (The State, 3/20/13)
SC senators stall proof of citizenship requirement to vote (The State, 3/20/13)
Mark Sanford makes GOP runoff vote (Washington Post, 3/20/13)
Gov. Haley ethics case heard in SC Supreme Court (The State, 3/20/13)
Mark Sanford faces family-values contrast in run-off (Politico, 3/20/13)
SC Senate bill to allow carrying of handguns without permits advances (The State, 3/20/13)
Why Tuesday was a very good night for Mark Sanford (The Fix, 3/20/13)
Mark Sanford’s 1st-place finish doesn’t guarantee a runoff win, history shows (The Fix, 3/20/13)
SC Senate kills tax hike for high-income South Carolinians (The State, 3/19/13)
SC high court mulling appeal of Haley ethics case (The State, 3/19/13)
Palmetto State showdown: Sanford vs. ? (Roll Call, 3/17/13)
Voters to weigh in on Sanford’s political comeback (The State, 3/17/13)
Budget woes could shut down SC Family Courts, officials warn (The State, 3/17/13)
SC Senate cranking out the bills (The State, 3/17/13)
Polls: Former SC gov. Mark Sanford leading congressional race (The State, 3/15/13)
Report: Govt incentives favor nuclear over renewable energy in SC (The State, 3/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Abolish Infrastructure Bank, fix our roads (The State, 3/15/13)
SC GOP lawmaker criticized for Medicaid vote, responds (The State, 3/14/13)
SC Gov. Haley to introduce Romney at CPAC (The State, 3/14/13)
Political briefs: Senate rejects governor-appointed schools chief (The State, 3/14/13)
SC Senate OKs early voting (The State, 3/14/13)
Prisons, roads big winners in SC House budget (The State, 3/13/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley returning to work Thursday with trade group speech (The State, 3/13/13)
SC House approves $22.7 billion budget (The State, 3/13/13)
US House battle brewing among SC Republicans (The State, 3/13/13)
SC House rejects Medicaid expansion (The State, 3/12/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley cancels schedule again with her mother in the hospital (The State, 3/12/13)
Millions at stake for SC counties, cities in House budget debate (The State, 3/10/13)
SC Democrats push 3-year test of Medicaid expansion (The State, 3/9/13)
Sheheen’s book suggest ways to improve SC; 2014 governor’s race on his mind? (The State, 3/9/13)
Sanford leads dash for cash in SC house race (The State, 3/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Conservatives poor stewards of education funds (The State, 3/8/13)
Sheheen: Take money for Medicaid expansion (AP, 3/8/13)
Sheheen endorses temporary expansion of Medicaid (The State, 3/7/13)
SC Senate: Let governor appoint state schools chief (The State, 3/7/13)
Plan to have governor appoint SC schools chief advances (The State, 3/7/13)
SC Gov. Haley touts state to 4,000 Wal-Mart suppliers (The State, 3/7/13)
Sanford building a campaign out of leftover plywood (The State, 3/7/13)
Democrats furious as House panel advances early voting measure (The Post and Courier, 3/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Needed: Political courage to fix our roads (The State, 3/6/13)
Feds approve SC teacher evaluation plan (The State, 3/5/13)
SC early voting bills hit roadblocks (The State, 3/5/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley unveils re-election finance committee (The State, 3/5/13)
SC political briefs: Haley names re-election finance committee (AP, 3/5/13)
SC Senate hearing on bill to allow carrying handguns packs Rock Hill auditorium (The State,3/4/13)
Rural SC counties seek jobs solution (The State, 3/4/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley setting fun for 2nd term (The State, 3/3/13)
SC political briefs: Judge dismisses SC hacking suit (AP, 3/1/13)


SLED begins investigation of SC speaker (The State, 2/28/13)
SC Investment Commission vote censures state treasurer (The State, 2/28/13)
SC Senate proposes higher incentives to lure film companies (The State, 2/27/13)
SC officials react to high court voting rights arguments (The State, 2/27/13)
Police in SC schools: Who should pay? (The State, 2/27/13)
SC education gets $175 million boost in House budget plan (The State, 2/27/13)
SC House bill leaves paying for school officers to local governments (The State, 2/27/13)
Ex-wildlife chief warns of climate change in SC (The State, 2/26/13)
SC legislative exemption fuels debate over public records reform (The State, 2/26/13)
Plan would make state workers pay more to see a doctor (The State, 2/25/13)
Can Sanford’s forgiveness tour work? (The State, 2/24/13)
Buzz: The survey says… little to Haley (The State, 2/24/13)
Dems warn SC will be hurt by budget cuts (The State, 2/24/13)
Poor or disabled children could be among first hurt by budget cuts (The State, 2/24/13)
SC poll: Two-thirds favor armed police in schools, not teachers with guns (The State, 2/24/13)
Without Medicaid expansion, hefty fines loom for small SC firms (The State, 2/23/13)
SC Republican leaders say activists angling to ditch GOP primary, oust Graham (The State,2/23/13)
SC governor should try eating healthy for $35 a week, legislator says (The State, 2/22/13)
Haley pushes to limit food stamp purchases to healthy items (The State, 2/22/13)
SC hospitals divided over GOP’s alternative to Obamacare (The State, 2/21/13)
SC group says House speaker should step aside (The State, 2/21/13)
SC Senate passes government restructuring bill (The State, 2/21/13)
EDITORIAL: SC’s prisons benefiting from sentencing reform (The State, 2/21/13)
SC watchdog group asks Harrell to step aside as speaker (The State, 2/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Not expanding Medicaid will cost SC small businesses (The State, 2/21/13)
SC Senate passes government restructuring bill (The State, 2/21/13)
Poll: Optimism rising about SC economy (The State, 2/20/13)
SC Republicans offer alternative to Obamacare (The State, 2/20/13)
Gov. Haley’s SC poll numbers improve, while Graham gets support (The State, 2/20/13)
February 2013 Winthrop Poll results (FITSNews, 2/20/13)
Nikki Haley’s approval rating climbs (FITSNews, 2/20/13)
Resign, Mr. Speaker (FITSNews, 2/20/13)
SC GOP kills attempt to expand Medicaid (The State, 2/19/13)
SC attorney general returns contributions from embattled House speaker (The State, 2/19/13)
Legislature begins 2013 budget debate: 5 things to watch (The State, 2/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Sunlight — the other part of ethics (The State, 2/19/13)
SC AG proposes bill to keep guns from the mentally ill (The State, 2/19/13)
SC’s new nullifiers intent on blocking federal laws (The State, 2/17/13)
Preventative care could lure state workers into Obamacare (The State, 2/15/13)
SLED asked to investigate SC House speaker (The State, 2/15/13)
Haley: Put funds into roads, bridges (The State, 2/15/13)
SC political briefs: Divorce lawsuit refers to governor (The State, 2/15/13)
SC Senate bill: Let governor, not voters, choose state schools chief (The State, 2/14/13)
Senate panel votes to allow guns in SC restaurants, bars (The State, 2/14/13)
SLED to investigate Bobby Harrell (FITSNews, 2/14/13)
Senate panel endorses right to own assault weapons in SC (The State, 2/14/13)
SC Senate proposal to allow guns in restaurants and bars advances (The State, 2/13/13)
SC could be national model, security expert says (The State, 2/13/13)
Haley: Cut SC rules that hurt businesses (The State, 2/13/13)
Gov. Nikki Haley issues SC regulatory reform order (The State, 2/12/13)
SC agency says it has increased tax-return security since hacking (The State, 2/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Human, economic costs high without Medicaid expansion in SC (The State,2/10/13)
Rural hospital payments rising, along with rhetoric at SC State House (The State, 2/8/13)
SC Senate ethics dean proposes reforms (The State, 2/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid: The clash of public health, economic reality (The State, 2/6/13)
SC political briefs: State Medicaid agency doesn’t ask for expansion funds (The State, 2/6/13)
SC ethics reform bills would cut PACs, move complaints (The State, 2/6/13)
Dems rip Haley for waging war on poor (The State, 2/6/13)
Tax hike advances in SC Senate (The State, 2/6/13)
Dems say Gov. Haley has declared war on rural SC (The State, 2/5/13)
Healthcare: SC people who would left out of healthcare act (The State, 2/5/13)
State senator won’t run primary campaign against Lindsey Graham (The State, 2/1/13)
SC-1: Mark Sanford’s expectations game (FITSNews, 2/1/13)
Tom Davis won’t challenge Lindsey Graham (or Nikki Haley) (FITSNews, 2/1/13)
Can Sanford’s negatives get any worse? (Politico, 2/1/13)
GOP: Use car tax funds for road repair (The State, 2/1/13)


SC citizens, agencies differ on public records access plan (The State, 1/31/13)
Darla versus Nikki 2: Get ready to rumble (FITSNews, 1/31/13)
Sen. Grooms getting support form controversial PAC (The State, 1/31/13)
Haley hosting legislators for education talk (AP, 1/30/13)
Restructuring bill sent to SC state senate finance committee (The State, 1/30/13)
Hospitals could pay to expand Medicaid in SC (The State, 1/30/13)
SC Supreme Court to hear Nikki Haley ethics case (The State, 1/30/13)
Gov’s commission suggests ‘clean, honest’ ethics plan (The State, 1/29/13)
Nikki Haley contemplating costly K-4 flip-flop (FITSNews, 1/29/13)
COMMENTARY: How hacking bolsters case for empowering SC governors (The State, 1/29/13)
16 Republicans, 3 Dems file in SC’s 1st District (AP, 1/28/13)
Governor’s commission recommends SC ethics reforms (The State, 1/28/13)
SC’s political odd couple pushes restructuring (The State, 1/28/13)
SC governor, lawmakers to discuss education funding this week (The State, 1/27/13)
SC mulling more mental health counselors in schools (The State, 1/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Gun restrictions in SC? Don’t hold your breath (The State, 1/25/13)
South Carolina’s highest earners face state tax hike (The State, 1/25/13)
School choice bill introduced in SC Senate again (The State, 1/25/13)
COMMENTARY: An agenda for South Carolina (The State, 1/25/13)
SC House Republicans move to abolish ethics committees (The State, 1/25/13)
SC political briefs: Haley’s reorganization plan faces hurdle (The State, 1/25/13)
Fight over healthcare costs divides governor, legislature, state workers in SC (The State, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Stop special treatment for legislators (The State, 1/24/13)
SC House votes to move elections to secretary of state (The State, 1/24/13)
Nikki Haley is following our advice (FITSNews, 1/23/13)
Sources: State senator wants to delay restructuring bill (The State, 1/23/13)
SC Senate sends ballot fix to House (The State, 1/23/13)
SC governor wants to merge Arts Commissioner with State Museum, cut jobs (The State, 1/23/13)
SC House Speaker accused of using influence to help his company (The State, 1/23/13)
Health-care costs soar for SC government workers (The State, 1/23/13)
SC Supreme Court mulling state health premium suit (AP, 1/23/13)
SC race pits Mark Sanford vs. Ted Turner’s son vs. Stephen Colbert’s sister (The Fix, 1/23/13)
The Buzz: Reforming SC ethics laws, psst, in secret (The State, 1/20/13)
Senate’s SC ballot fix could be approved Tuesday (The State, 1/18/13)
SC to cut payments to urban hospitals, send more to rural facilities (The State, 1/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Lillian McBride and the politics of race (AP, 1/18/13)
Early voting bills face major hurdle in SC (The State, 1/18/13)
SC reacts to president’s gun proposals (The State, 1/17/13)
Excerpts: Gov. Haley’s State of the State speech (The State, 1/17/13)
SC’s cost for cyber-security fixes could be known about May 1 (The State, 1/17/13)
State of the State: Haley – Look to SC not DC for answers (The State, 1/17/13)
SC roads chief: State needs $29.3B to make roads ‘good’ (The State, 1/16/13)
SC’s poorest left out if Medicaid expansion is turned down (The State, 1/16/13)
Nikki Haley not surprised Mark Sanford is running (The State, 1/16/13)
Health care, education, jobs to be focus of Gov. Nikki Haley’s State of the State address (The State,1/16/13)
SC inspector general ’scares’ lawmakers (The State, 1/15/13)
New York millionaire, school choice advocate gave $153,000 to SC candidates for Legislature (The State, 1/15/13)
How sentencing reform is saving SC taxpayers money (The State, 1/13/13)
SC Tea Party convention held during uncertain times for movement (The State, 1/13/13)
Security upgrade at hacked SC agency incomplete (The State, 1/11/13)
COMMENTARY: How SC can save money, create jobs and conserve resources (The State, 1/11/13)
SC’s top educator, cop differ on guns in schools (The State, 1/11/13)
SC GOP director leaving to work for Sen. Scott; new leadership named (The State, 1/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Can tax-cut facts cure SC tax-cut fever (The State, 1/10/13)
SC First Gentleman Michael Haley deploys to Afghanistan (The State, 1/10/13)
SC State corruption probe to hit court Thursday (The State, 1/10/13)
Nikki Haley’s husband departs for Afghan mission (Washington Post, 1/10/13)
Rutherford elected leader of House Democrats (The State, 1/8/13)
SC will recoup ‘tens of thousands’ of $3.5 million bill for voter ID lawsuit (The State, 1/8/13)
As SC lawmakers return, Richland freshmen proceed with caution (The State, 1/8/13)
Sheheen urges SC Legislature to apologize for hacking (The State, 1/8/13)
COMMENTARY: If a Martian reviewed this year’s pre-filed bills… (The State, 1/8/13)
SC Senate to discuss school safety with law enforcement, education officials (The State, 1/7/13)
SC House minority leader steps down (The State, 1/7/13)
Court cases could overshadow return of SC Legislature (The State, 1/6/13)
The Buzz: What’s another SC constitutional convention among friends? (The State, 1/6/13)
SC’s Voter ID lawsuit cost $3.5 million (The State, 1/5/13)
McBride to leave post as Richland county elections chief (The State, 1/4/13)
Hacked SC agency failed to heed security warnings, ex-worker says (The State, 1/4/13)
Ending political ‘death penalty’ in SC (The State, 1/4/13)
Sanford likely front-runner in SC special election (Roll Call, 1/3/13)
Ethics, security top agenda for SC House Republicans, Democrats (The State, 1/3/13)
SC Gov. Nikki Haley’s husband deploys for Afghanistan mission next week (The State, 1/2/13)
Special election for Scott’s seat set (AP, 1/2/13)
COMMENTARY: How to fix our crumbling roads (The State, 1/2/13)
2013: A year of decisions (The State, 1/1/13)
Ethics: Haley touts stronger laws after years of debacles (The State, 1/1/13)
Government: Considering what we ask for (The State, 1/1/13)

South Carolina Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives