The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


RI 2010 Archives


Rhode Island Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

Chafee details inauguration festivities, and who’s paying (Providence Journal, 12/30/10)
Chafee sets ground rules for his Cabinet at day-long retreat at URI (Providence Journal, 12/30/10)
Audio: Commentary – ‘It’s time to stop blaming the teachers, the schools and the government’ (RI, 12/30/10)
Two new GOP lawmakers propose run-off elections for RI (Providence Journal, 12/29/10)
Video: Union comes to defense of teachers (Providence Journal, 12/22/10)
RI Ethics Commission clears Constantino for state post (Providence Journal, 12/22/10)
Chafee keeps Carcieri’s deputy chief of staff (Providence Journal, 12/21/10)
Central Falls teachers union says ProJo is ‘scapegoating’ teachers (Providence Journal, 12/20/10)
Central Falls teacher absences still on the rise (Providence Journal, 12/20/10)
Organizers’ visit buoys hopes of RI officials (Providence Journal, 12/20/10)
At economic summit, Chafee hears deficits pose danger to RI (WPRI, 12/17/10)
Chafee meets with GGYC reps on Americas Cup return (Boston Globe, 12/16/10)
Frugality rules: Chafee to forgo inaugural ball (Providence Journal, 12/16/10)
3 RI human-service agencies fail to enact budget cuts (Providence Journal, 12/15/10)
Chafee rejects meeting with immigration watchdogs (The Valley Breeze, 12/15/10)
RI politicians plan meetings on the state of the budget (Providence Journal, 12/14/10)
Carcieri: RI needs runoff elections (WPRI, 12/14/10)
RI Senate, Chafee to host budget meetings this week (Providence Journal, 12/13/10)
Lynch withdrawal may have had impact on election (The Call, 12/12/10)
Patrick Lynch’s 2014 prospects? (Providence Phoenix, 12/10/10)
Lynch has no political aims, but rich campaign fund (Providence Journal, 12/10/10)
Lincoln Chafee supports tax deal and why his support matters (The Note, 12/9/10)
Chafee tax plan hot topic at statehouse (WPRI, 12/8/10)
Robitaille discusses Moderate Party’s threat to the GOP (WPRI, 12/3/10)
Obama pitches his policies to governors-elect (Providence Journal, 12/3/10)
Chafee campaign aide and partners defaulted on $250K economic development loan (Providence Journal, 12/2/10)
RI politicians face a pension system in peril (Brown Daily Herald, 12/2/10)
Robitaille considering Senate run in 2012 (WPRI, 12/2/10)
Chafee joins Obama, governors-elect in DC (Providence Journal, 12/2/10)
ACLU claim on foreign-born in RI proves shaky (Providence Journal, 12/1/10)
Chafee names new directors for environmental management, business regulation (Providence Journal, 12/1/10)
Robitaille got the most bang for his buck (WPRI, 12/1/10)
Money race 2010: Who Won? (GoLocalProv, 12/1/10)
Opinion: Should you keep a stupid promise? (The Valley Breeze, 11/30/10)
Caprio outspent Chafee in losing guber effort (WPRI, 11/30/10)
Lt. Gov-elect to lead RI health care task force (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/29/10)
Chafee, Licht not that opposite (Providence Journal, 11/28/10)
No honeymoon for Lincoln Chafee (Woonsocket Call, 11/28/10)
The Chafee legacy: from father to son (Providence Journal, 11/28/10)
Chafee reiterates marriage stance (Providence Journal, 11/24/10)
Opinion: Center-right coalition can reform RI (Providence Journal, 11/24/10)
Stephanie Chafee steps into new role as First Lady (Boston Globe, 11/22/10)
Will Chafee look to Block for help? (Providence Journal, 11/22/10)
Chafee’s proposed tax could raise even more for state, DOR report shows (Providence Journal, 11/22/10)
Video: Ken Block talks about the future of Moderate Party (WPRI, 11/19/10)
How bad was Frank Caprio’s campaign? This bad (WRNI, 11/18/10)
Opinion: Chafee has a lot of cleaning up to do at the State House (Providence Journal, 11/17/10)
Chafee picks Democrat for top administrative post (Providence Journal, 11/16/10)
Chafee firm about repealing e-Verify (Providence Journal, 11/16/10)
Chafee vows to press sales-tax hike (Providence Journal, 11/16/10) +++
Opinion: New gov’s handy guide to power separation (Providence Journal, 11/16/10)
Charter schools in question with Chafee as gov (WPRI, 11/15/10)
Opinion: Balancing acts – what can be cut from state spending? (Hartford Courant, 11/14/10)
Opinion: State workers helped save $1 billion and counting (Hartford Courant, 11/14/10)
Editorial: Chafee should hire Ken Block (Providence Journal, 11/13/10)
Block’s dream of a political party now real (WJAR, 11/12/10)
RI’s top Republican would welcome Chafee back to GOP (WPRI, 11/12/10)
Block party is just getting started (Brown Daily Herald, 11/11/10)
Many expect the truth from Chafee, but expect little to change (Warwick Beacon, 11/11/10)
RI revenues improve; deficit still looms (Providence Journal, 11/11/10)
Democrats beat back national tide to stay dominant in RI (Brown Daily Herald, 11/10/10)
Union backing was key to Chafee win (Providence Journal, 11/10/10)
Chafee to cut ties with foundation backed by Ukrainian billionaire (Providence Journal, 11/10/10)
Sports taught Caprio about life after a loss (Providence Journal, 11/9/10)
Chafee puts transition into motion (Providence Journal, 11/8/10)
Chafee to give his raise to ‘outstanding’ state employees (Providence Journal, 11/8/10)
Political scene: new statewide officers start with a raise (Providence Journal, 11/8/10)
Chafee wins RI high office with lowest % of votes on record (Providence Journal, 11/8/10) +++

Chafee issues statement on 28 Studios deal, says he will monitor EDC (Providence Business News, 11/4/10)

The rebirth of the New England GOP (Time, 11/3/10)

Chafee claims victory in guber race (Boston Globe, 11/2/10)
Moderate Party guber candidate Block’s mother dies (Boston Globe, 10/29/10)
Block to be in debate despite mother’s death (Providence Journal, 10/29/10)
538 Forecast: Favorites emerge in three-way governor’s contests (New York Times, 10/29/10)
Proxy war in Rhode Island? (Wall Street Journal, 10/29/10) ++++
Caprio slipping in guber contest (Washington Post, 10/28/10) +++
Did Caprio take hit for ‘shove it’ comment? (CBS News, 10/28/10)
Romney to stump for Robitaille (Boston Globe, 10/28/10)
Chafee turns his attention to Robitaille’s tax-cutting promises (Providence Journal, 10/28/10)
Bloomberg to stump for Chafee (Boston Globe, 10/28/10)
Caprio’s poll numbers take a dive (Politico, 10/28/10)
Mixed reviews in last gubernatorial debate, as candidates take their gloves off (WPRI, 10/27/10)
Robitaille campaign: Rasmussen underestimating GOP chances (WPRI, 10/27/10) +++
Opponents go after ‘shove it’ Dem in RI gov debate (Washington Post, 10/26/10)
Neutral Obama stars in Rhode Island ad (New York Times, 10/26/10)
Caprio’s ‘shove it’ designed to upstage the president (WPRI, 10/26/10)
Obama gets a caustic welcome in Rhode Island (New York Times, 10/25/10) +++
GOP’s Steele visits RI, suggests Obama back Robitaille (Providence Journal, 10/25/10)
Democrat in Rhode Island tells Obama off (New York Times, 10/25/10)
Endorsement: Caprio for governor (Providence Journal, 10/24/10)
Latest shots in Caprio-Chafee duel fired over ‘J.R.’ (Providence Journal, 10/16/10)
Ex-Chafee aide Pagliarini says Judge Caprio got him a job (Providence Journal, 10/15/10)
Chafee ad targets ‘Caprio family’s penchant’ for cronyism (Providence Journal, 10/15/10)
Talk of jobs amid the jabs in RI gubernatorial debate (Providence Journal, 10/15/10)
Board of Governors looking into Chafee docs leak (WPRI, 10/14/10)
Gubernatorial candidates sling negative charges at Chamber breakfast (Providence Journal, 10/14/10)
Chafee’s campaign manager resigns over unemployment checks (Huffington Post, 10/14/10)
Caprio launches ChafeeChecker to tweak Chafee with tweets (Providence Journal, 10/13/10)
New poll shows Chafee, Caprio in virtual tie (Providence Journal, 10/13/10)
Governor’s race heats up as Caprio, Chafee trade barbs (Providence Journal, 10/13/10)
Guber candidates deliver their lines on waiting at the DMV (Providence Journal, 10/11/10)
Moderate Party’s Block puts ads on television (Independent Political Report, 10/11/10)
Chafee says taxes owed by Senate campaign committee an honest mistake (Providence Journal, 10/9/10)
Chafee, facing overdue taxes, to mail payments Tuesday (Providence Journal, 10/8/10)
Robitaille points to his pension plan (Providence Journal, 10/8/10)
Obama to visit RI for fundraiser (Providence Journal, 10/9/10)
Guber candidates square off in wide-ranging debate (WPRI, 10/7/10)
RI GOP: Caprio’s debate statements defy his record (Providence Journal, 10/7/10)
Debate a chance for guber hopefuls to project identities (Providence Journal, 10/7/10)

Robitaille touts his own pension-cutting proposal (Providence Journal, 10/7/10)
Robitaille has a little over $200K in his campaign account (WKRG, 10/6/10)
RI’s pension gap may be $2.1B bigger (WPRI, 10/6/10)
Block proposes state pension negotiations (Providence Journal, 10/6/10)
Candidates take aim at plans to fix pensions (Providence Journal, 10/5/10)

Brown Poll: Caprio widens lead (WPRI, 10/5/10)
Political scene: Who are those paid political ‘spies’? (Providence Journal, 10/4/10)
Robitaille wins Tea Party backing (Providence Journal, 10/3/10)
Chafee, Caprio spar over ‘pay-to-play’ accusations (Providence Journal, 10/1/10)
Chafee guilty of ‘cronyism’? (GoLocalProv, 10/1/10)
The scoop on RI politics – How can Robitaille win? (GoLocalProv, 10/1/10)
NOM loses campaign finance case (The Advocate, 10/1/10)
Caprio gets campaign cash from firm with family ties (Boston Globe, 9/30/10)
Chafee hammers away at Caprio, Sr. (WRNI, 9/30/10)
RI guber candidates debate state’s business climate (Providence Journal, 9/30/10)
Chafee: Caprio Sr. should resign from college board (Providence Journal, 9/30/10)
Latest TV poll says RI governor’s race is neck-and-neck (Providence Journal, 9/29/10)
Democratic chief calls Chafee ‘hypocrite’ on cronyism charges (Providence Journal, 9/29/10)
Municipal leaders grill guber candidates (Providence Journal, (9/29/10)
Caprio says he’d cut departments if elected (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/29/10)
Caprio says he supports Gist, school reform (Providence Journal, 9/29/10)
Economy tempers debate on environment (Providence Journal, 9/29/10)
Chafee only guber candidate questioning Race to the Top reforms (Providence Journal, 9/28/10)
Robitaille to hit airwaves next week (WPRI, 9/28/10)
Opponents of same-sex marriage file suit to allow unlimited spending in RI gov race (Providence Journal, 9/28/10)
Gubernatorial “green” debate review: FAIL! (RI Future, 9/28/10)
RI Gov race turns to union issues (Providence Journal, 9/25/10)
Guber hopefuls talk about cutting taxes (Providence Journal, 9/24/10)
Chafee attacks Caprio for hiring, pension decisions (Providence Journal, 9/24/10)
RI GOP hits front-runners’ spending (Providence Journal, 9/23/10)
Caprio, Chafee spar over pensions (Providence Journal, 9/23/10)
Caprio chides Chafee over Race to the Top funding comment (Providence Journal, 9/23/10)
Guber hopefuls trade promises at series of forums (Providence Journal, 9/22/10)
Lincoln Chafee, the ‘union candidate’? (GoLocalProv, 9/21/10)
Chafee has slight lead in poll (WPRI, 9/21/10)
WJAR poll shows Caprio ahead (Providence Business Journal, 9/21/10)
AFL-CIO remains neutral in governor’s race (Providence Journal, 9/20/10)
Chafee scores big union endorsements (Providence Journal, 9/20/10)
Statewide campaigns pour millions into economy (Providence Journal, 9/19/10)
Voters must demand clear plans for jobs growth from candidates (Providence Journal, 9/19/10)
Schilling’s 38 Studios won’t get film-tax credit (Providence Journal, 9/18/10)
RI politics: no women need apply (WRNI, 9/18/10)
Chafee got the Tea Party treatment before it existed (WPRI, 9/17/10)
Guber nominees restock campaign war chests for November chase (Providence Journal, 9/16/10)
NYC Mayor Bloomberg endorses Chafee (Providence Journal, 9/16/10)
Caprio says RNC visit was to meet a friend (Providence Journal, 9/16/10)
Chafee questions RI investments under Caprio (Providence Journal, 9/15/10)
Robitaille wins GOP nomination for governor (Providence Journal, 9/15/10)
RI GOP: Caprio tried to sell his candidacy (Politico, 9/14/10)
Chafee takes aim at Caprio’s flip-flops, literally (Providence Journal, 9/13/10)
Final GOP debate ends with a flourish (Providence Journal, 9/11/10)
Trillo asked Robitaille to drop out for Caprio (GoLocalProv, 9/11/10)
RI Gov race grows more complicated (RealClearPolitics, 9/10/10)
RI GOP candidate alleges ‘deal’ offered by Dem rival Caprio (Providence Journal, 9/10/10)
Caprio’s Democratic cred questioned (WPRI, 9/10/10)
Final TV debate for 2 GOP hopefuls (WLNE, 9/10/10)
When Chafee attacks (WRNI, 9/9/10)
Chafee airs attack ad on Caprio (Providence Journal, 9/9/10)
GOP hopeful says he was offered ‘anything’ to leave race (Providence Journal, 9/9/10)
National GOP says Caprio met to discuss possible party switch (Providence Journal, 9/9/10)
Progressive RI Future endorses Chafee over Caprio (RI, 9/9/10)
RI GOPers criticize Caprio, Chafee over taxes (Providence Journal, 9/8/10)
Moffitt sharpens comparison with Robitaille (WRNI, 9/8/10)
Caprio airs first negative TV ad against Chafee (Providence Journal, 9/6/10)
Chafee unveils web ad touting bipartisan praise (Providence Journal, 9/3/10)
Caprio, Block say Chafee pilfered their ideas on Schilling deal (Providence Journal, 9/2/10)
Chafee’s wife’s wealth not included in latest filing (Providence Journal, 9/2/10)
Chafee proposes new rules, limits on state’s loan-guarantee program (Providence Journal, 9/2/10)
Caprio moves to block deal with Schilling company (Pawtucket Times, 9/1/10)
RI treasurer, candidate seeks to halt Schilling loan deal (Providence Journal, 9/1/10)
RI gov candidates discuss economy, job creation (Boston Herald, 8/31/10)
Caprio puts Schilling deal in jeopardy (WPRI, 8/31/10)
Gubernatorial candidates put forth plans in Newport (Middletown Patch, 8/31/10)
Robitaille tied to unpopular Carcieri – campaign in trouble (The Day, 8/30/10)
Victor Moffitt’s rose-colored aquarium (WPRI, 8/30/10)
GOP candidate faces tough bid in RI gov race (WLNE, 8/29/10)
Political profile: Communication and leadership are Robitaille’s hallmarks (Providence Journal, 8/29/10)
Political profile: Moffitt a ‘regular guy’ with grand ideas (Providence Journal, 8/29/10)
Guber candidates disagree on Block Island wind farm (Providence Business News, 8/28/10)
RI Republicans face historic wipe-out in November (WPRI, 8/26/10)
Guber candidates offer ways to boost RI economy (Providence Journal, 8/25/10)
NEA-RI endorses Chafee for governor (WRNI, 8/25/10)
Chafee denied access to speak at meeting about Schilling loan guarantee (Providence Business News, 8/24/10)
Chafee & Caprio take guber race to the television ads (Providence Journal, 8/23/10)
Video: opposition mounts against loan guarantee for 38 Studios (NECN, 8/23/10)
Caprio leading Chafee in new poll (Providence Journal, 8/21/10)
2 largest state employee unions make endorsements (Providence Journal, 8/19/10)
RI GOP rolls out new branding effort, “Rhode Island Clean Slate” (WRNI, 8/17/10)

Robitaille cliams Caprio is anti-business (GoLocalProv, 8/14/10)
Laborers’ union endorses Caprio (Providence Journal, 8/14/10)
Guber wannabes provide their financials (Providence Journal, 8/12/10)
GOP candidates target retirees’ COLA payments (Providence Journal, 8/12/10)
Candidates question wisdom of deal for Schilling’s video game company (Providence Journal, 8/10/10)
Chafee, Caprio tied in gov race (Politics Daily, 8/9/10)
Poll shows Caprio, Chafee in virtual tie (Providence Journal, 8/7/10)
Loose Lips Linc goes off on Schilling’s bloody sock (, 8/5/10)
Clinton slams GOP, ignores Chafee in Caprio endorsement (Warwick Beacon, 8/3/10)
Caprio holds big edge over Chafee in fundraising (Providence Journal, 8/3/10)
Caprio: RI campaign finance system is fair (WLNE, 8/2/10)
JULY 2010
Moffitt struggles in bid for GOP nod (WRNI, 7/29/10)
It’s on: Chafee and Caprio square off for governor (Providence Phoenix, 7/28/10)
Chafee questions Schilling’s bloody Red Sock (USA Today, 7/27/10)
Gov race heats up in time for fall (Brown Daily Herald, 7/26/10)
Poll: Chafee has slight lead over Caprio (Providence Journal, 7/25/10)
Campaign watch: three things about Chafee (WPRI, 7/24/10)
Analysis of the Governor’s race (RI, 7/23/10)
TV debate features two GOP candidates (Providence Journal, 7/23/10)
DGA targets Chafee again (Providence Journal, 7/22/10)
Chafee faces tough road as he wages independent bid for RI gov (Hartford Courant, 7/22/10)
Moderate candidate for gov raps teachers’ union (Providence Journal, 7/22/10)
Chafee wins teachers union endorsement (Providence Journal, 7/21/10)
Moffitt supports elimination of car taxes (, 7/21/10)
Guber candidates spar at Laurelmead (Providence Journal, 7/21/10)
Ken Block, the Moderate candidate (WPRI, 7/18/10)
Moderate candidate possible spoiler in RI gov race (WLNE, 7/18/10)
What’s next for Patrick Lynch? (Providence Journal, 7/18/10)
Lynch clears way for Caprio (Providence Journal, 7/16/10)
Caprio, Lynch campaign together in guber race (WLNE, 7/16/10)
Chafee: reshaped guber race has pluses, minuses (Boston Globe, 7/16/10)
Lynch drops out, backs Caprio (National Journal, 7/15/10)
Carcieri ‘not surprised’ by Lynch’s decision (WPRI, 7/15/10)
Lynch quits RI guber quest (Boston Globe, 7/15/10)
Chafee hopes he can win by convincing voters to make ‘hard choices’ (New York Times, 7/14/10)
Lynch expected to pull out of governor’s race Thursday (Providence Journal, 7/14/10)
A bitter primary could hurt Dems’ chances in fall (WRNI, 7/10/10)
Anti-abortion group endorses Robitaille (Providence Journal, 7/8/10)
Lynch, Caprio would have signed ‘flawed’ casino law (Providence Journal, 7/7/10)
Lynch, conservation group oppose wind farm deal (Providence Journal, 7/7/10)
Moderate Party of RI asks state to block release of public campaign dollars (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/7/10)
Lynch urges legislature to override Carcieri casino veto (Providence Journal, 7/6/10)
Independents gain favor in governors’ races (WTSP, 7/6/10)
Caprio has lead in fundraising for governor’s race (Providence Journal, 7/2/10)
When Robitaille attacks (WRNI, 7/1/10)
RI GOP endorse Robitaille for governor (WLNE, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
RI GOP meets to endorse candidates (WLNE, 6/30/10)
Caprio wins Dem endorsement over Lynch (Providence Journal, 6/29/10)
Who cares who gets the party endorsement? (WRNI, 6/28/10)
Editorial: Lynch’s idea for a unicameral legislature would hurt balance of power (Providence Journal, 6/27/10)
RI Dems, GOPers to make party picks (WLNE, 6/27/10)
Caprio: ‘No new taxes’ (Johnston Sun Rise, 6/25/10)
RI gov candidates spar on taxes, budget gaps (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/24/10)
RI guber debate centers on illegal immigration (Providence Journal, 6/24/10)
Lynch rolls up his sleeves for union support (Providence Journal, 6/24/10)
Lynch calls Elections Board decision allowing Caprio matching funds ludicrous (Providence Journal, 6/23/10)
RI Moderate Party sues over public campaign dollars (Providence Journal, 6/21/10)
Both state parties prepare to endorse candidates (Providence Journal, 6/21/10)
Moffitt chats at ProJo (transcript) (Providence Journal, 6/15/10)
Lynch proposes unicameral legislature (WNCT, 6/15/10)
State GOP chair says Dems don’t have backbone to make hard choices (Providence Journal, 6/14/10)
Robitaille, Block slam new RI budget (Providence Journal, 6/14/10)
Different paths for governor aspirants (Providence Journal, 6/11/10)
Caprio rolls out jobs plan at campaign launch (Warwick Beacon, 6/10/10)
Lynch, Caprio jobs plans side-by-side comparison (RI, 6/9/10)
Caprio outlines jobs plan (Providence Journal, 6/9/10)
Lynch officially launches campaign (Providence Journal, 6/6/10)
Lynch launches guber bid (WPRI, 6/6/10)
Chafee, Caprio strongest contenders (Politics Daily, 6/1/10)
Lynch camp faults Rasmussen findings (WRNI, 6/1/10)
New poll has Chafee, Caprio neck-and-neck (Providence Journal, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
Moderate Party’s Block to begin airing TV ads (Independent Political Report, 5/27/10)
Will Rhode Island go independent? (, 5/25/10)
Legislators preparing to unveil income tax overhaul (Providence Journal, 5/20/10)
Video: Station fire victim’s father vows to use settlement money to defeat Lynch campaign (ABC 10 News, 5/18/10)
Two of six guber hopefuls release tax forms (Providence Journal, 5/17/10)
Moffitt not backing down in GOP guber bid (Providence Journal, 5/13/10)
Robitaille chats with constituents (transcript) (Providence Journal, 5/12/10)
Guber candidates agree social safety net needs repair (Providence Journal, 5/12/10)
Six guber hopefuls discuss poverty (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/11/10)
Caprio gets two labor endorsements (RI, 5/10/10)
Block targets Woonsocket’s fiscal crisis (Woonsocket Call, 5/10/10)
New web site targets Chafee – DGA comes at him from the right (Providence Journal, 5/10/10)
What were the candidates talking about at the first debate? (Providence Journal, 5/9/10)
Block calls for RI to create budget review board for ailing Woonsocket (Independent Political Report, 5/8/10)
Candidates present plans for fixing RI economy (Providence Journal, 5/6/10)
Chafee chats with constituents (transcript) (Providence Journal, 5/5/10)
In 2nd debate in as many days, candidates talk economy (Providence Journal, 5/5/10)
Guber candidates talk social issues, education, abortion (Providence Journal, 5/5/10)
First guber forum resembles spring training (WRNI, 5/4/10)
Video: Gov hopefuls talk economy at first candidate forum (NBC10, 5/4/10)
RI GOP tries to soften image with creation of gay caucus (Providence Journal, 5/3/10)
APRIL 2010
Pension reform is cornerstone of Caprio campaign (Warwick Beacon, 4/29/10)
A portrait of RI politics (Brown Daily Herald, 4/29/10)
Moffitt backs end to RI pension system (Providence Journal, 4/29/10)
Opinion: Caprio floats worthy pension plan proposal (Valley Breeze, 4/28/10)
Block chats with voters about RI issues (Providence Journal, 4/28/10)
Lynch throws an elbow at Caprio (RI, 4/27/10)
Chafee loses ground in guber race (Politics Daily, 4/27/10)
Moderate Party’s Block hires campaign team (Independent Political Report, 4/26/10)
Caprio: time for public pension reform (Providence Journal, 4/25/10)
Lynch, Caprio spar over contributions (Providence Journal, 4/24/10)
Caprio outlines pension plan reforms (Providence Journal, 4/20/10)
Carcieri endorses Robitaille (WKRG, 4/19/10)
Lynch chides Caprio over donations from Wall St (Providence Journal, 4/15/10)
AG Lynch looks to college students for guber support (The Cowl, 4/15/10)
New England, where independents could win in 2010 (Providence Journal, 4/14/10)
RI Tea Party activists work to find candidates (The Hour, 4/14/10)
Candidate and small businessman Block fears flooding will cause more permanent job losses (Warwick Beacon, 4/13/10)
Robitaille: supplemental budget puts RIer’s future and security at risk (Providence Business News, 4/12/10)
Laffey won’t run; RI not “ready” for him (Providence Journal, 4/12/10)
Dem Chairs endorse Caprio for gov (Providence Journal, 4/7/10)
Lynch ahead of pack raising money (Providence Journal, 4/5/10)
Moffitt joins GOP guber race (Providence Journal, 4/2/10)
MARCH 2010
Polls: Chafee still up – do GOPers have a chance in 3-way contest? (Providence Daily News, 3/30/10)
Is the time ripe for third party bids? (CQ Politics, 3/29/10)
Chafee leads in his independent bid for governor (Politics Daily, 3/29/10)
Chafee’s birthday bash in Newport brings in $20K (Providence Journal, 3/28/10)
Chafee listens and people like it (Warwick Beacon, 3/25/10)
Lynch brothers pick up support of E. Providence Dems (Providence Journal, 3/24/10)
Catholic sex abuse case the personal crucible for Robitaille’s political trajectory (Forbes, 3/22/10)
Lynch wins endorsement of RI’s second largest union (Providence Journal, 3/22/10)
Lynch proposes economic plan (Business Week, 3/15/10)
Only three guber hopefuls invited to union forum (Providence Journal, 3/15/10)
Moffitt to announce gov run on April 1st (Providence Journal, 3/12/10)
Robitaille assesses state of gov race (Brown Daily Herald, 3/11/10)
Chafee ahead in governor’s race (Brown Daily Herald, 3/9/10)
Polls shows voters disenchanted with elected officials (Brown Daily Herald, 3/9/10)
Three RI Gov candidates pledge to allow gay marriage (Providence Journal, 3/3/10)
New poll shows Chafee leading governors race (Providence Journal, 3/3/10)
Chafee favored in independent run (Politics Daily, 3/2/10)
Moderate Party gets the party started with candidate slate (Johnston Sun Rise, 2/26/10)
Chafee calls for amending the filibuster rules (Politico, 2/2/10)
Brown U poll finds Caprio leading Lynch in Dem primary (Providence Journal, 2/24/10)
Chafee leads in latest poll (Politico, 2/24/10)
Editorial: Chafee – good-bye to the partisanship (New York Times, 2/20/10)
Chafee opposed to revisiting casino gambling question in RI (WPRI, 10/2/09)
Caprio again leads pack in money chase (Providence Journal, 9/30/09)
State senators spar over legislature’s response to growing fiscal crisis (Providence Journal, 9/28/09)
After union rejects contract, Carcieri threatens layoffs (Providence Journal, 9/24/09)
Governor’s race will be all about jobs (Providence Phoenix, 9/24/09)
Is Chafee labor’s candidate? (Anchor Rising, 9/18/09)
Parties see Chafee as potential winner (RealClearPolitics, 9/17/09)
Moderates could reshape RI politics in 2010 elections (Warwick Beacon, 8/18/09)
Could Chafee be a check on Democrats? (Providence Phoenix, 8/13/09)
Can progressives shift legislature in 2010 elections? (Providence Phoenix, 8/12/09)
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JULY 2009
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