The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


PA 2010 Archives


Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives

A push to privatize Penn liquor stores (New York Times, 12/31/10)
Corbett to review Rendell’s last-minute spending (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/30/10)
GOP victories crowned PA political news in 2010 (Lebanon Daily News, 12/30/10)
Contract issue will have to wait, Corbett tells unions (Patriot-News, 12/29/10)
BonusGate probe puts Corbett in awkward position with PA Legislature (Patriot-News, 12/26/10)
Corbett faces uphill battle with health care costs, budget deficit (, 12/26/10)
Can urban mayors work with Corbett? (Morning Call, 12/26/10)
Republicans ready for ‘new sheriff’ (Gettysburg Times, 12/26/10)
Commissioners condemn plan to sell liquor stores (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/23/10)
Corbett’s pick for chief of staff backs out (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/23/10)
Corbett aide already leaving team to join consulting firm (Morning Call, 12/22/10)
Corbett’s transition team includes many campaign contributors (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/20/10)
Because of hard times, Corbett planning low-key inaugural (The Morning Call, 12/19/10)
Hershey Trust probe pits Corbett vs. long-time ally (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/19/10)
PA tax collection up, but deficit still looms (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/17/10)
In poll, PA voters back ending state liquor store system (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/16/10)
Rendell to Dems: Lay off Corbett (WDUQ, 12/15/10)
Pennsylvanians unsure if Corbett can come through (The Morning Call, 12/15/10)
Rendell gives local projects $84 million (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/14/10)
Corbett faces an uphill battle to fix state finances (Citizens Voice, 12/12/10)
Corbett indicates he’ll be a man of few words (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/10/10)
Corbett appoints coal company founder to cabinet (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/9/10)
Gas drilling critics to stage protest at Corbett inauguration (Standard Speaker, 12/8/10)
Corbett names longtime advisers to join guber staff (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/8/10)
Editorial: Corbett’s environmental transition team not off to great start (Patriot-News, 12/8/10)
Editorial: Auditor Wagner wants more scrutiny on spending (Patriot-News, 12/7/10)
Corbett advisers’ links to industry prompts dismay (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/6/10)
Gas lobbyists among Corbett’s advisers (Standard Speaker, 12/5/10)
Opinion: gun law faces Corbett after Rendell veto (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/4/10)
Gubernatorial candidates spent $56 million in 2010 contest (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/3/10)
Corbett names huge cast to transition panels (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/1/10)
Opinion: Here’s hoping new governor gets off to good start (The Valley Independent, 12/1/10)

Opinion: A soft, uncertain start to Corbett transition (Philadelphia Daily News, 12/1/10)

Corbett, Rendell not accepting COLA raise (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/30/10)
Corbett donating raise to charity (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 11/30/10)
Onorato “has no regrets” over guber campaign (KDKA, 11/29/10)
Rendell expresses skepticism as Corbett faces $4B shortfall (Times Herald, 11/28/10)
Where will Corbett find $4B? Education and welfare (Lebanon Daily News, 11/27/10)
Corbett won’t find it easy to emulate NJ’s Christie (Morning Call, 11/22/10)
Editorial: If Corbett won’t do it, taxpayers should push for Marcellus Shale fee (Patriot-News, 11/22/10)
Opinion: Despite decline in clout, Philly will still have power in Harrisburg (Philadelphia Daily News, 11/22/10)
Republicans pushing to revive school choice (Citizens Voice, 11/22/10)
Corbett to receive many toasts in NYC (Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/22/10)
Corbett faces tough sell in privatizing state liquor stores (Morning Call, 11/20/10)
Opinion: GOP’s turn to shine after election sweeps (Delaware County Daily Times, 11/18/10)
Commentary: History’s about to repeat itself in PA’s Marcellus Shale (The Patriot-News, 11/17/10)
Jimmy the Hot Dog King names hot dog after Corbett (Patriot-News, 11/16/10)  +++
Rendell calls Senate leaders back to negotiate a natural gas severance tax (Patriot-News, 11/16/10)  +++
New study: PA’s faceless, job-killing bureaucrats better than other states’ bureaucrats (Morning Call, 11/16/10)
GOP skeptical of expanded gambling (Scranton Times-Tribune, 11/15/10)
Corbett sharpening budget ax (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/14/10)
Corbett skeptical of liquor fee hike (Towanda Daily Review, 11/13/10)
Opinion: Ridge: Let’s make sure Marcellus Shale is developed correctly (Patriot-News, 11/12/10)
As Corbett follows Christie’s lead, expect quick reform, deep budget cuts (Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/11/10)  +++
Corbett announces his transition team leadership (Patriot-News, 11/10/10)
Corbett to pick his successor as AG (WDUQ, 11/9/10) +++
Opinion: PA Dems in desperate need of some new leaders (Philadelphia Daily News, 11/8/10)
Endorsement: For governor, Dan Onorato (Scranton Times-Tribune, 10/24/10)
Endorsement: Onorato has the skills (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/24/10)
Onorato needs to come out ‘guns blazing’ in tonight’s final gov debate (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/18/10)
Guber race has been a snooze because neither candidate has risked anything (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 10/18/10)
No sizzle in Onorato campaign (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/17/10)
Onorato at home in front of labor crowds (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/17/10)
Onorato, Corbett debate gas, taxes (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/16/10)
Corbett backtracks on unemployment remarks (Allentown Morning Call, 10/16/10)
Editorial: Hershey deals leave bad taste; is Corbett up to task of investigation? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/15/10)
PA Senate wraps up with no action on Marcellus Shale tax question (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/15/10)
New Onorato ads hit Corbett on experience, gaffe (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/14/10)
Public education advocacy group endorses Onorato (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/14/10)
Stalemate nears in PA Senate over ‘shale tax’ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/13/10)
Watchdog group accuses Corbett of delaying Hershey Trust investigation (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 10/12/10)
As midterms near, Obama tries to reignite 2008 enthusiasm at Philly rally (Washington Post, 10/11/10)
Auditor Wagner wants moratorium on new charter schools until funding questions answered (Morning Call, 10/6/10)
Not on the ballot, but Rendell’s still in middle of political drama (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/5/10)
Corbett’s Shale dissonance (, 10/5/10)
Opinion: More Corbett double-speak on taxes, unemployment (
With month to go, Corbett up 11 (Morning Call, 10/5/10)
Analysis: TV ads play loose with truth in race for governor (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/5/10)
Dems, Republican see state House control as grand prize (Patriot-News, 10/4/10)
State house races are extra important this year (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/4/10)
Some agencies bucking governor on budget cuts (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/4/10)
Candidates battle ‘voter apathy’ in PA gov race (WPVI, 10/4/10)
Rendell criticizes Corbett ad as inaccurate (Patriot-News, 10/4/10)
Corbett brings the Rendell argument to TV (, 10/4/10)
Onorato begins TV effort to bring Corbett down (pa2010.c0m, 10/3/10)
GOP turnout key in PA gov’s race, experts say (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/3/10)
PA gov’s race: views on transportation (Patriot-News, 10/3/10)
Democrats pounce on Corbett’s jobless-fund comments (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/2/10)
Candidates spar over gas industry contributions (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/2/10)
As gov race heats up, negative ads begin (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/1/10)
Poll shows tightened race for PA governor (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/30/10)
Onorato says Corbett has already violated his no-tax pledge (Patriot-News, 9/30/10)
Onorato closing gap with Corbett, poll indicates (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/29/10)
Corbett says programs could be cut as widespread reductions in state spending (Patriot-News, 9/29/10)
Onorato goes negative in new TV ad (Morning Call, 9/29/10)
F&M poll shows tightening of gubernatorial contest (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 9/28/10)
New poll has Corbett up 7 (, 9/28/10)
Corbett, Onorato share ‘business-friendly’ view (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/28/10)
Best moments came after the debate (, 9/28/10)
Corbett & Onorato avoid specifics in first debate (, 9/28/10)
Corbett runs on record of reform (Wayne Independent, 9/27/10)
Another poll shows GOPers ahead in statewide races (, 9/27/10)
Onorato: election about turnout, not polls (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 9/27/10)
Despite $5B debt, guber candidates promise no tax hikes (Morning Call, 9/27/10)
Lots of money, little fervor in governor’s race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/26/10)
Corbett’s quiet race could be a winner (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/26/10)
Onorato prefers raw numbers to poll numbers (Times-Tribune, 9/25/10)
Rendell says Corbett’s healthcare lawsuit could cost state millions (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/24/10)
Group says Corbett violated Right-to-Know laws (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/23/10)
Onorato backs drilling tax, strong Dept of Environmental Protection (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 9/23/10)
Onorato says Corbett waffling on health-care reform (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/23/10)
Corbett called out for health care hypocrisy; liberal group sues for records (, 9/23/10)
Onorato campaign worker arrested on felony drug charges (WPXI, 9/22/10)
Corbett enters home stretch with big cash advantage (, 9/21/10)
Onorato, Corbett duel over gun law (Philadelphia Daily News, 9/21/10)
Corbett tops Onorato in polls, cash (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/21/10)
Gov race moves away from the Democrats (Washington Post, 9/21/10)
Onorato touts achievements (Bucks County Courier Times, 9/21/10)
Onorato: pronunciation ad works (, 9/21/10)
Poll: Independents fuel 15 point edge for Corbett (, 9/21/10)
Onorato again slams Corbett on Florida gun permit loophole (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/20/10)
Western PA candidates snub home turf (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/19/10)
Could voters in PA’s conservative “T” swing close elections? (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 9/19/10)
Showdown looms in Harrisburg over taxing Marcellus Shale (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/19/10)
Corbett has slight lead in governor’s race (Times Leader, 9/19/10)
Pennsylvania’s shifting political tides (RealClearPolitics, 9/18/10)
Corbett expected to get endorsed by 2 largely black Philly groups (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/18/10)
Onorato questions Corbett’s record on spending (WHYY, 9/17/10)
Onorato: Corbett wants it both ways (WDUQ, 9/17/10)
Corbett: Onorato a replica of Rendell (The Intelligencer, 9/16/10)
No anxiety as Corbett, Toomey already fit Tea Party mold (, 9/16/10)
Onorato keeps PA’s budget front and center in his campaign (Patriot-News, 9/16/10)
Onorato’s new ad: How to pronounce my name (, 9/16/10)
Corbett ad drags Specter, Rendell into governor’s race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/16/10)
Specter challenges Corbett to back up his facts in new ad (Allentown Morning Call, 9/15/10)
Onorato sees Corbett hypocrisy on spending (, 9/15/10)
Guber hopefuls advocate school-vouchers bill at forum (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/15/10)
Corbett’s new ad hits funding for Specter library (, 9/15/10)
Allegheny County council caught off guard by $3 million bill (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/15/10)
Corbett, Onorato press conflicting school agendas (, 9/14/10)
Corbett, Onorato agree on ‘opportunity grants’ for students at failing public schools (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/14/10)
Clinton rallies for Onorato (Politico, 9/13/10)
Corbett unafraid to delegate; opponents claim he politicized AG office (Allentown Morning Call, 9/11/10)
Onorato hits Corbett’s shale-tax opposition (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/10/10)
Rendell exempts Corbett, Toomey from ‘wackos’ comment (, 9/10/10)
Onorato says natural gas tax needed to protect environment (Allentown Morning Call, 9/9/10)
Rendell says agreement unlikely on Marcellus Shale tax (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/9/10)
In PA guber race, candidates run from being seen as an ‘insider’ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/9/10)
Rendell: candidates shouldn’t promises ‘no taxes’ (WHYY, 9/9/10)
Kaine makes the statement; Rendell says “whackos” run GOP (, 9/8/10)
RGA moves $1.5 million from WI to PA (, 9/8/10)
Onorato ad sticks to reform, revitalization story (, 9/8/10)
For guv, it’s anybody’s race, if anybody cares (Philadelphia Daily News, 9/8/10)
Corbett plays anti-corruption card (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/7/10)
Can feisty Onorato overtake Corbett for governor? (CBS3, 9/5/10)
Onorato blasts Corbett on taxes (KDKA, 9/3/10)
What’s the difference between a promise and a pledge? (WDUQ, 9/2/10)
PA guber candidates are on a national stage (Washington Post, 9/2/10)
Candidate Corbett contradicts – himself (Philadelphia Daily News, 9/1/10)
Onorato opposes gas tax, vehicle fee hikes to raise transportation funds (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 9/1/10)
Onorato slams Corbett’s opposition to drilling tax (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/1/10)
Corbett up by 13 in Rasmussen poll (, 9/1/10)
New Corbett ad touts no new tax pledge (, 8/31/10)
Corbett – lost without his talking points (PoliticsPA, 8/30/10)
Opinion: When Dan speaks, it’s the thought that counts (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/29/10)
Corbett up eleven among likely voters (, 8/26/10)
Onorato sees flip-flop in Corbett tax pledge (, 8/25/10)
Oil industry: Rendell’s proposed profit tax illegal (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/24/10)
Onorato assails Corbett for tax increase vote from 22 years ago (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/24/10)
Rendell pushes new tax, fee hikes to fund transportation needs (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/23/10)
Rohrer loyalists begin write-in campaign (Reading Eagle, 8/21/10)
Williams’ voucher donors staying on the sidelines (, 8/20/10)
Trade group hits Onorato on union labor (, 8/19/10)
Two polls show Corbett up by double digits (, 8/18/10)
Rendell: All state depts must cut spending by 2% (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/18/10)
Onorato supports severance tax on gas drilling, lashes out at Corbett (Williamsport Sun-Gazette, 8/18/10)
Many skeptical about Onorato’s support of school choice (, 8/17/10)
Libertarian guber hopeful confident she can overcome GOP ballot challenge (, 8/17/10)
Third party guber hopeful drops his bid (, 8/16/10)
AG’s quest for governor raises succession issues (Lebanon Daily News, 8/14/10)
Bioscience researchers tell Onorato they need more support (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/13/10)
The debate over debates drones on (Allentown Morning Call, 8/13/10)
Anthony Williams backs Onorato – will the money follow? (, 8/12/10)
State GOP looks to build grassroots support (, 8/12/10)
Teachers union not wild about Onorato’s education proposal (Allentown Morning Call, 8/12/10)
Rendell asks for 1.9% across-the-board spending cuts to fill budget gap (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/11/10)
Onorato allies helped Tea Party hopeful gather signatures (, 8/10/10)
Dems, GOP file challenges against third-party candidates (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/10/10)
Rendell to meet with lawmakers to fill $250M budget hole (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/10/10)
Rohrer supporters launching write-in campaign (Politico, 8/9/10)
Rendell challenges Corbett, Onorato to back budget claims (Allentown Morning Call, 8/9/10)
Rendell: many Republicans are ‘nuts’ (Politico, 8/9/10)
Onorato, Corbett building steam for general election (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/9/10)
Third party candidates could be key in guber contest (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/9/10)
State GOP looks to strike Tea Party candidates from ballot (pa2010.c0m, 8/9/10)
Editorial: PA’s real emergency – roads, bridges need first aid (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/9/10)
Rendell urges fee increases, higher gas tax to raise revenue (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 8/7/10)
Onorato dodges question over Port Authority leader (, 8/6/10)
Clinton to host Onorato Philly fundraiser (Philadelphia Daily News, 8/5/10)
Onorato says he’s raised $3M since primary (, 8/2/10)
Impassioned supporters pushing Rohrer as a write-in (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/2/10)
Rendell defends legacy against both Onorato and Corbett (WHYY, 8/2/10)
Tom Corbett vs. the real job facts (Philadelphia Daily News, 8/2/10)
JULY 2010
Onorato wants more PA jobs from gas drillers (WHYY, 7/31/10)
Corbett says PA job losses are Rendell’s fault (Allentown Morning Call, 7/29/10)
Corbett campaign lit found at non-political county fair (, 7/29/10)
Corbett says he’s not resigning (, 7/28/10)
Corbett dips toe in old controversy (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/28/10)
Can Corbett keep his no tax pledge? (, 7/27/10)
For 3rd time, Corbett says the jobs are there (PoliticsPA, 7/27/10)
As Onorato hammers away, GOP frets (, 7/21/10)
Editorial: Recovery Act has put Pennsylvanians back to work (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 7/21/10)
Can Corbett weather his “poli-gaffe” over unemployed workers? (Philadelphia Daily News, 7/21/10)
Editorial: Time for Corbett to step down as AG (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/21/10)
Corbett speaks out on jobs, jobless (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/21/10)
Corbett speaks out on his jobs plan (Philadelphia Daily News, 7/21/10)
Rendell calls on lawmakers to act on road repairs (Philadelphia Daily News, 7/20/10)
Corbett dogged by jobless comments (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/19/10)
Rendell: Corbett’s comments show he’s ‘out-of-touch’ (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 7/19/10)
GOP has good shot at winning back state House this fall (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/19/10)
Dems hope to mobilize 2008′s first time voters (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/18/10)
Onorato raps Corbett’s remarks (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 7/17/10)
Onorato stays on the attack (, 7/15/10)
Company cited by Corbett in unemployment remarks gives different story (Allentown Morning Call, 7/15/10)
Corbett leads Onorato in new poll (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/13/10)
Onorato rebukes Corbett on jobless remarks (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/13/10)
Corbett says some would rather get unemployment checks than work (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/10/10)
Audio: Corbett: ‘the jobs are there,’ but some purposely staying unemployed (Pennsylvania Public Radio, 7/9/10)
Corbett blasts Rendell’s special projects (WHYY, 7/8/10)
Pressure mounts on Corbett to return oil money (Allentown Morning Call, 7/7/10)
Rendell’s plans to spend big criticized (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/7/10)
Onorato says he’s raised $1M in a month (
Onorato disputes responsibility for Pittsburgh tunnel (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/5/10)
Will Corbett, Onorato answer the deficit question? (CBS3, 7/4/10)
A FL gun-permit-loophole helps Onorato make campaign issue against Corbett (Philadelphia Daily News, 7/2/10)
Corbett won’t return campaign funds from oil firm (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/1/10)
Dems look to paint Corbett as a flip-flopper (, 7/1/10)
Rendell still ‘engaged’ in running PA (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 7/1/10)
For first time in 2 1/2 years, state funds improve (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/1/10)
GOP tries to make election a referendum on Rendell (, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Rendell calls Onorato the underdog (Politico, 6/30/10)
Onorato’s message: consolidation saves taxpayer money (, 6/29/10)
Union members urge PA lawmakers to approve taxes on natural gas drilling (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/29/10)
Rendell, legislative leaders reach budget deal (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/29/10)
Senate GOP leader says Corbett won’t be able to keep no tax hike pledge (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/28/10)
Lawmakers may deliver budget deal on time this year (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/27/10)
Onorato talks govt reform at gathering of local officials (Allentown Morning Call, 6/25/10)
Rendell- ‘I’m ready to get out’ (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/25/10)
PA budget talks stall amid spending, tax disputes (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/24/10)
Corbett up ten in newest PPP poll (, 6/23/10)
Group wants Corbett to return cash from company with BP ties (, 6/23/10)
Wealthy trio gave Williams failed guber bid over $5M – breaking all records (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/23/10)
Rendell denies affair rumors (Scranton Times-Tribune, 6/23/10)
Onorato talks up Pittsburgh’s techies (, 6/22/10)
Recent rash of PA scandals reminiscent of the 1970s (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/22/10)
Corbett, Onorato agree on one thing – keeping their day job (KDKA, 6/22/10)
No break for voters – and candidates – in guber election (Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, 6/22/10)
Fight over privatizing PA liquor stores renews in budget crisis (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/22/10)
Two lawsuits allege Corbett has mismanaged PA AG office (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/21/10)
Will bounty of competitive races overrun Philly airtime this fall? (, 6/21/10)
Gun issue raised in PA governor’s race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/19/10)
In first power shift in 8 years, Pittsburgh lawyer elected to head PA Dems (Lebanon Daily News, 6/19/10)
As expected, Corbett starts gov contest with money edge (, 6/17/10)
PA will lay off workers, teachers without federal aid, gov says (, 6/16/10)
Onorato vows to shape up Harrisburg (Johnstown Tribune-Democrat, 6/15/10)
Shale-tax dispute delays PA budget vote (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/15/10)
Editorial: Will this be the year the PA guber cycle is broken? (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/15/10)
State GOP gathers in Hershey for a big group hug (Allentown Morning Call, 6/13/10)
Conservative outsiders now become PA GOP insiders (Lebanon Daily News, 6/12/10)
Corbett pledges no new taxes, across the board spending cuts (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/11/10)
Onorato won’t weigh on on race for PA Dem Party Chair (, 6/11/10)
Guber race now a Pittsburgh contest (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/10/10)
Commentary: Major remodeling leaves Republicans invigorated (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 6/10/10)
“Man-up” Rendell tells lawmakers on taxes and fees to fix budget (Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, 6/9/10)
Corbett defends Twitter subpoenas (, 6/8/10)
Candidates search for last-minute cash as deadline looms (, 6/7/10)
Onorato says ticket with Conklin is “progressive” (, 6/7/10)
Editorial: Reform, not rhetoric, needed (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/6/10)
PA funding research on Rendell policies (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/6/10)
Allegheny County to move forward on same-sex partner benefits (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/4/10)
Elected officials avoid appearing with Obama in Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, 6/2/10)
Onorato labels Corbett a “Harrisburg insider” (Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, 6/2/10)
Conklin: Onorato a “perfect fit” (Centre Daily Times, 6/2/10)
Onorato brands himself the “reform” candidate (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/2/10)
Onorato hits lawmakers over grand jury report (, 6/1/10)
Corbett v. Onorato – a scheduled 15-rounder (pa2010.c0m, 6/1/10)
Questions arise about Corbett’s Twitter subpoena (The Legal Intelligencer, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
Rendell, legislature no closer to budget deal this year (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/30/10)
Guber match-up will be Manager v Reformer (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/27/10)
Onorato welcome Conklin to Dem ticket (, 5/26/10)
Legislators dismiss grand jury report on corruption (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/26/10)
Saidel concede Lt Guv race, no recount (, 5/26/10)
Corbett, Onorato both see reforming PA govt as a priority (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/26/10)
As witness alleges bullying, ACLU turns up heat on Corbett (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/25/10)
Editorial: Corbett all atwitter (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/25/10)
BonusGate grand jury calls for sweeping reforms (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/25/10)
Experts: running mates not crucial to winning (Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, 5/24/10)
Dem Lt. Gov contest may be heading for recount (, 5/24/10)
Both parties scramble to decipher PA-12′s results (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/24/10)
Editorial: Candidacy could cause AG Corbett to push the limits (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/23/10)
Onorato slams Corbett over Twitter subpoena (WHYY, 5/21/10)
Corbett starts with early lead, poll says (, 5/21/10)
Rohrer supporters may not back Corbett (Philadelphia Bulletin, 5/21/10)
Both parties confident about guber contest (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/20/10)
Allegheny County won’t force Onorato to take leave while running (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/20/10)
Corbett assailed over Twitter subpoena (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/20/10)
Editorial: PA primary voters defy the media narrative (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/20/10)
Defeated Rohrer unsure about endorsing Corbett (WHYY, 5/20/10)
Corbett seeks IDs of two twitter accounts (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/20/10)
Onorato cruises, sets up showdown with Corbett (, 5/19/10)
Corbett issues subpoena over critical tweets (, 5/19/10)
Corbett, Onorato score big primary wins (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/19/10)
Voter anger missing in Philly area (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/19/10)
Rohrer tells supporters they gave him hope (Reading Eagle, 5/19/10)
Onorato’s closing argument: “the strongest record” (, 5/17/10)
Q-Poll forecasts Onorato win (, 5/17/10)
Williams’ closing argument: “I’m frustrated, too” (, 5/17/10)
As “big snoozer” comes to an end, candidates barnstorm state (Allentown Morning Call, 5/17/10)
School choice advocates pour another $1.6M into Williams campaign (pa2010.c0m, 5/17/10)
On primary eve Corbett, Onorato are favored (NBC Philadelphia, 5/17/10)
Marcellus Shale more than a source for gas as campaign coffers fill (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/17/10)
Reform advocates call for resign-to-run law (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/16/10)
PA voters play key role in nation’s direction (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/16/10)
Will Dems have a surprise outcome on Tuesday? (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/16/10)
Onorato pulls in $210K in single day (, 5/15/10)
Rendell aims to be skunk at the Tea Party (Politico, 5/15/10)
PA special election may show Dems which way 2010 winds will blow (New York Times, 5/15/10)
Gov hopefuls’ reform proposals face big hurdles (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/15/10)
Latest Williams ad goes after Onorato’s drink tax (, 5/14/10)
Williams’ charter school has had rocky times (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/14/10)
A crowded field vies for #2 post (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/14/10)
Joe the Plumber stumps for Rohrer (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/14/10)
Opinion: Gov race shows education reform’s cross-over appeal (, 5/14/10)
GOP mailer goes after Rohrer (, 5/14/10)
Lehigh Valley Dems back Onorato (, 5/14/10)
Rendell critical of Corbett, Wagner campaign promises (KYW, 5/13/10)
Williams gets another big infusion of cash (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/13/10)
Onorato gaining on Corbett (, 5/13/10)
Corbett says education cuts likely (MyFoxPhilly, 5/13/10)
Lt Gov candidate endorses Rohrer (, 5/13/10)
Wagner plays the positive card (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/12/10)
Corbett top recipient of gas industry dollars (WHYY, 5/12/10)
Rohrer presses on seeking GOP nod (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/12/10)
A late entry in race, Williams has a pool of backers (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/12/10)
Wagner fires back at Rendell (, 5/12/10)
Hoeffel considers himself a Democrat’s Dem (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/12/10)
New Williams ad hits Onorato on guns, abortion (, 5/12/10)
Rendell challenges some of his would-be successors (Lebanon Daily News, 5/12/10)
Williams, Specter both hoping for big black turnout Tuesday (
Del County Dems endorse Williams (Delaware County Daily Times, 5/12/10)
Wagner continues his “tell it like it is” approach (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/11/10)
School choice group gives Williams another half million (, 5/11/10)
Commentary: Two Parties, One Election, No Choices (, 5/11/10)
Audio: Interview with Jack Wagner (WDUQ, 5/11/10)
GOP’s Corbett has come a long way in a short time (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/11/10)
Endorsement: Onorato Dem pick; Corbett for the GOP (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/11/10)
Dems battling to catch Onorato (Allentown Morning Call, 5/11/10)
Williams needs Philly to win top post (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/10/10)
GOP front-runner Corbett still has Bonusgate questions lingering (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/10/10)
Rohrer’s views fit some voters to a Tea (Philadelphia Daily News, 5/10/10)
Wagner outlines his plans (Towanda Daily Review, 5/10/10)
Endorsement: Onorato stands out from talented field (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/9/10)
Endorsement: PTR  picks Corbett, Wagner (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/9/10)
GOP determined to win back PA House (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/9/10)
Corbett sitting on a $3.7 million campaign war chest (, 5/9/10)
Rohrer’s big donor search successful (, 5/9/10)
Big checks continue to fuel Williams campaign (, 5/9/10)
Guber hopefuls offer ideas for tackling PA’s problems (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/9/10)
Hoeffel low on campaign cash (, 5/9/10)
Next governor faces “colossal” challenge with $3B budget hole (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/9/10)
Wagner had $210K in bank with two weeks to go (, 5/9/10)
Voter interest missing for May 18 primaries (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/9/10)
Lame duck Rendell casts long shadow over race to succeed him (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/8/10)
Abortion issue tough for some Dem guber candidates (Centre Daily Times, 5/8/10)
Opinion: Courts of merit – true reform means appointing judges (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/7/10)
Party leaders say Bonusgate not affecting guber contest (York Daily Record, 5/7/10)
Onorato sitting on big cash advantage (, 5/7/10)
Wagner wins elections the old fashioned way (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/7/10)
At Dem debate, Onorato takes the heat (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/7/10)
State GOP blasts Rohrer for missing legislative votes (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/7/10)
Onorato woos Philadelphians (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/6/10)
Hoeffel’s guber run is latest in long quest (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/5/10)
New Onorato ad hits Williams on pay raise (, 5/5/10)
Echoes of Rendell in Onorato’s run (WHYY, 5/5/10)
Williams: “Why I support school choice” (, 5/5/10)
Opinion: Onorato’s taxing reality (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/5/10)
Unveiling education plan, Hoeffel goes after Williams (, 5/5/10)
Corbett’s first ad talks taxes, spending – attacks Rendell (, 5/5/10)
Williams fires first salvo at Onorato (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/4/10)
Hoeffel up on the air (Allentown Morning Call, 5/4/10)
Gubernatorial turnout could affect Murtha special (CQ Politics, 5/4/10)
Rep. Holden endorses Wagner (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 5/4/10)
Onorato surging ahead in daily tracking poll (, 5/4/10)
Millions on TV ads has had impact on guber race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/4/10)
Rohrer: PA’s education testing “too rigid” (WDUQ, 5/3/10)
Onorato hits back after Williams ad (, 5/3/10)
Jeb Bush on hand to announce Corbett’s education plan (York Daily Record, 5/3/10)
PA faces $1.3B shortfall by year’s end (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/3/10)
Wagner, Hoeffel’s lack of cash making Dem primary a two-man contest (, 5/3/10)
Scant interest in 4-way guber race (Allentown Morning Call, 5/2/10)
Commentary: Primary’s mixed messages (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/3/10)
PA hosts most contested congressional races in nation (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/2/10)
Endorsed: Philly Inquirer picks Wagner as top Dem (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/2/10)
Endorsed: Philly Inquirer  picks Corbett in GOP primary (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/2/10)
Wagner’s first ad focuses on military service, economy (, 5/1/10)
GOP Lt Guv hopeful wants AZ-style immigration law (, 5/1/10)
Rohrer looking for deep-pocketed donors (, 5/1/10)
Jeb Bush to appear at Corbett fundraiser (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/1/10)
APRIL 2010
Corbett vows to trim deficit without raising taxes (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/30/10)
Onorato + Williams = Big $$$ for TV stations (, 4/29/10)
Dem challengers dispute Onorato’s job claims in campaign ad (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/29/10)
VIDEO: Williams lays out vision for his campaign (Delco Daily Times, 4/28/10)
Dem candidates emphasize differences (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/28/10)
Wagner starts buying airtime (, 4/28/10)
Rohrer has appeal, but Corbett has recognition, cash (LancasterOnline, 4/28/10)
Rohrer talks taxes, jobs, healthcare on campaign trail (Reading Eagle, 4/28/10)
With limited funds, Wagner starts buying airtime (pa2010.c0m, 4/28/10)
Corbett defends health care challenge (Allentown Morning Call, 4/27/10)
Rohrer plugging away at Corbett (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/27/10)
Dramatic shift in partisan registration may affect PA primaries (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/27/10)
Corbett, Rohrer differ in style , clout (Allentown Morning Call, 4/25/10)
Rohrer, Corbett answer questions at values voter breakfast (York Daily Record, 4/24/10)
Rendell supporters in Onorato’s camp (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/24/10)
Onorato: state needs to get “business-friendly” (Allentown Morning Call, 4/24/10)
Williams keeps focus on property tax relief (Allentown Morning Call, 4/23/10)
Cawley, Corbett running as a team (Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, 4/22/10)
Williams, Hoeffel scuffle over school vouchers (Philadelphia Daily News, 4/23/10)
GOP hopefuls wage web war over Constitution (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/22/10)
Hoeffel accuses Onorato of flip-flopping on abortion (Allentown Morning Call, 4/22/10)
At forum, candidates discuss local financing issues (Allentown Morning Call, 4/21/10)
Rendell calls special session to fill budget gap (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/21/10)
Wagner says he wouldn’t change abortion laws (Allentown Morning Call, 4/21/10)
Hoeffel’s economic plan focuses on revitalizing PA’s downtowns (Allentown Morning Call, 4/21/10)
Most guber candidates want to eliminate property taxes (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/21/10)
Corbett says Rohrer took remarks out of context (, 4/21/10)
Rendell convenes special session due to huge transit funding gap (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/21/10)
Citing appearance of conflict, groups urge Corbett to resign AG post (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/20/10)
Rohrer seizes on Corbett’s comments on the Constitution as  ”living document” (, 4/20/10)
Is ad buy paying off for Onorato? (Allentown Morning Call, 4/20/10)
Onorato has difficulty explaining his abortion position (, 4/20/10)
Onorato closes gap with Corbett (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/20/10)
Guber hopefuls comment on I-80 toll decision (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/18/10)
Rohrer slams “big daddy” government (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/18/10)
Corbett, Rohrer vie at conservative forum (, 4/18/10)
Guber primary has become a road show (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/18/10)
Corbett to hit statewide airwaves this week (Allentown Morning Call, 4/17/10)
Lawyer calls for special prosecutor in corruption case; accuses Corbett of hypocrisy (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/17/10)
Dem guber hopefuls promise a greener PA (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/16/10)
Wagner says he will air ads, but how much can he afford? (, 4/15/10)
Onorato campaigns through the Lehigh Valley (Allentown Morning Call, 4/15/10)
Slim spending key for Rohrer’s campaign (Gettysburg Times, 4/14/10)
GOP Poll shows Onorato pulling away (, 4/14/10)
Accuracy of Williams’ tax ad is questioned (Allentown Morning Call, 4/14/10)
Wagner plays up personal touch, believes grassroots can carry him to nomination (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/14/10)
Williams looks to break out of the box, become more than one issue candidate (, 4/14/10)
Onorato promises property tax cuts (Business Week, 4/13/10)
Big labor doesn’t endorse in guber race (, 4/13/10)
Rorher: “I’ve got the skills to lead” (Allentown Morning Call, 4/13/10)
Wagner looks to showcase union support (, 4/13/10)
Hoeffel calls for moratorium on gas drilling (Huffington Post, 4/12/10)
Brady endorses Williams, vows strong GOTV effort (, 4/12/10)
Williams now on the air in Philly (, 4/12/10)
Doyle endorses Onorato (, 4/12/10)
Why three big Dem donors made huge contribution to Williams (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/11/10)
Dem demands Corbett resign AG post over investigations (, 4/9/10)
In tough economic times, candidates look to themselves for cash (Allentown Morning Call, 4/9/10)
Wagner proposes rebuilding PA infrastructure (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/9/10)
Planned Parenthood & LGBT group back Hoeffel (, 4/8/10)

ID edge puts Corbett ahead of PA Dems (CQ Politics, 4/8/10)
GOP’s Corbett dominating Dems in guber contest (Politics Daily, 4/8/10)
GOP favored in Pennsylvania (Public Policy Polling, 4/7/10)
Santorum: school choice advocate Williams shakes up Dem primary contest (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/7/ 10)
Williams differentiates himself at Dem debate (Allentown Morning Call, 4/7/10)
Voters still don’t know enough about Dem guber candidates (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 4/7/10)
Republicans may be poised to retake PA governorship (Politics Daily, 4/7/10)
Williams’ campaign war chest stuns PA political establishment (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/7/10)
Corbett talks budget, governor’s race, casinos (Gettysburg Times, 4/7/10)
Onorato has rival in race for guber funds (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/7/10)
PA guber race still under the radar (CQ Politics, 4/7/10)
Federal govt on I-80 tolls blows $472M hole in PA budget (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/7/10)
Former Congressman endorses Wagner (, 4/7/10)
Guber candidates file campaign finance reports (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/6/10)
Wagner spends more than he raises – less than $700K on hand (, 4/6/10)
Hoeffel trails in money chase with only $100K in bank (, 4/6/10)
Onorato’s pension fund comments raises eyebrows (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/6/10)
Williams follows Onorato onto TV airwaves (Philadelphia Daily News, 4/5/10)
Bachmann posts ad saying Rohrer inspired her to launch political career (, 4/5/10)
Editorial: In PA politics, big money talks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/2/10)
Leaked campaign memo shows Onorato wants two Philly area challengers (Philadelphia Daily News, 4/2/10)
PA’s closed primary blocks 1 million from voting in primary (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/2/10)
Candidates for governor advocate change (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 4/1/10)
Six candidates for governor agree on need to fight corruption (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/1/10)
GOP candidates woo Tea Party (WHYY, 4/1/10)
Onorato has over $6 million for campaign (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/1/10
At forum, candidates agree on need for reform (Allentown Morning Call, 4/1/10)
MARCH 2010
Guber candidates agree on more than they disagree (Harrisburg Patriot News, 3/31/10)
Opinion: Corbett doing the right thing for PA (, 3/31/10)
Onorato launches first ads of PA guber campaign (National Journal, 3/31/10)
Corbett, Rohrer clash on tax relief (Allentown Morning Call, 3/31/10)
Onorato decries Corbett’s HCR lawsuit as a “political stunt” (Allentown Morning Call, 3/31/10)
Wagner outlines plan for govt reform (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 3/31/10)

Candidates back dredging Delaware to improve Philly port (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/31/10)

Wagner want convention to amend PA Constitution (KYW1060, 3/30/10)

Corbett using opposition to health care as fundraising tool (, 3/30/10)
Williams ramping up campaign (WDUQ, 3/29/10)
Analysis: Can Corbett continue charge toward governor’s mansion? (Harrisburg Patriot News, 3/29/10)
Hoeffel criticizes Corbett over health care suit (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 3/29/10)
Guber candidates share finances, health status (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/28/10)
TV ads could enliven gubernatorial race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/28/10)
Healthcare lawsuit infecting politics (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/28/10)
Bonusgate defense lawyer accuses Corbett of misconduct (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/26/10)
Editorial: Corbett’s folly (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/25/10)
Nutter calls Williams a “great public servant” (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/25/10)
Rendell: Corbett is frontrunner – decries healthcare lawsuit (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/25/10)
Hoeffel backs more spending on transportation (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/25/10)
Williams gets two big endorsements (KYW radio, 3/25/10)

Hoeffel woos his liberal base (Allentown Morning Call, 3/24/10)
Corbett, Onorato lead wide open primaries (, 3/24/10)
Hoeffel: user fees needed on roads to fund infrastructure (WHYY, 3/24/10)
Hoeffel carries the progressive banner in unsure times (, 3/24/10)
Risks, rewards for Corbett in health care lawsuit (Allentown Morning Call, 3/24/10)
Nutter endorses Williams’ nascent campaign (PoliticsPA, 3/24/10)
Bonusgate verdicts a relief for Corbett backers (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/23/10)
Corbett jumps on health care lawsuit, Democrats pile on (, 3/23/10)
Hoeffel isn’t a sure sale even to the LGBT community (, 3/23/10)
Dem candidates court LGBT vote (, 3/23/10)

Corbett joins other AGs in health care challenge (, 3/22/10)
Opinion: Bring independents into primaries (, 3/22/10)
Hoeffel angry over Onorato’s abandoned challenge (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/18/10)
Onorato offers crime plan (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/17/10)
Onorato treads softly on gun control issue (Philadelphia Daily News, 3/17/10)
Hoeffel’s election papers challenged by Onorato (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 3/17/10)

Hoeffel hypes poll showing him ahead in SEPA (, 3/17/10)

Corbett leads, but more than a third undecided (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 3/16/10)

Susquehanna poll: Corbett leads, Wagner stronger than Onorato among conservatives (, 3/15/10)

Bonusgate trial should serve as a wake-up call (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 3/14/10)

PA’s Tea Party finding strength in independence (Lebanon Daily News, 3/13/10)

Williams: “I am not a spoiler” (Allentown Morning Call, 3/12/10)

Editorial: Bonusgate’s coattails, Corbett at risk? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/11/10)

Hoeffel officially on ballot (Pottstown Mercury, 3/11/10)

State’s largest teachers union backing Onorato (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 3/10/10)

All sorts of candidates seeking PA office, both high and low (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/10/10)

Wagner calls for constitutional convention (Pennsylvania Independent, 3/8/10)

Corbett confident in governor run (KDKA, 3/8/10)

Rendell refuses to be lame duck (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/7/10)

Candidates from both parties agree pension system needs reform (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/5/10)

At forum, power to the people (Allentown Morning Call, 3/5/10)

Guber candidates talk issues at Philly forum (WHYY, 3/5/10)

Guber candidates running against the state? (Philadelphia Daily News, 3/5/10)

Poll shows most voters don’t support Rendell’s budget plan (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 3/4/10)

Slow start to gubernatorial primary contests (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/4/10)

VIDEO: Pennsylvania Guber forum (WPVI-TV, 3/4/10)

New Q-Poll shows Corbett strong in primary and general (Allentown Morning Call, 3/3/10)

Onorato leads Dem primary field (KDKA, 3/3/10)

Undecided voters rule in Pennsylvania campaigns (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 3/3/10)

Poll: large number of voters wary of candidates (Lebanon Daily News, 3/3/10)

Revenue comes in short yet again (Harrisburg Patriot News, 3/2/10)

Wagner continues garnering support of local party committees (

Pols from both parties off to slow start (Philadelphia Daily News, 3/1/10)


Onoranto: Plan to put kids first (Allentown Morning Call, 2/25/10)

Doherty exits Democratic race (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 2/18/10)