The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


PA 2009 Archives



Hoeffel will run for governor (, 9/20/09)

Doherty target of write-in campaign in mayoral race (Scranton Times-Tribune, 9/18/09)

Doherty a “sure thing” to run for governor (, 9/17/09)

Why Hoeffel? (, 9/16/09)

PA budget stalemate “worst in history” (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 9/16/09)

Allegheny property reassessment becomes political issue (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 9/15/09)

Corbett launches 2010 gubernatorial campaign (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 9/15/09)

Bonusgate likely to dog Corbett in gov race (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 9/15/09)

Hoeffel wins straw poll of Dem activists (, 9/15/09)

Corbett gets into GOP gov contest (, 9/14/09)

Gerlach challenges Corbett to primary debates (, 9/14/09)

Doherty: “Why I’m pro-choice” (, 9/9/09)

Gerlach – strip gov and leg’s pay while budget impasse continues (, 9/8/09)

Knox claims to be a true progressive (, 9/8/09)


What role will ideology play in Dem guv race? (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/31/09)

Corbett responds to legislative probe critics (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/29/09)

Dems rally around judicial nominees, Onorato wins straw poll (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/29/09)

Wagner critical of plan to sell state office building (Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 8/27/09)

Hoeffel closer to guv run (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 8/24/09)

Rendell, GOP leaders disagree on budget status (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/24/09)

2010 politics behind the budget stalemate (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 8/23/09)

Hoeffel will poll possible guv run (, 8/20/09)

Gerlach accuses Corbett of  “conflict of interest” (Harrisburg Patriot-News, 8/19/09)

Gerlach is first to make “Bonusgate” a campaign issue (, 8/19/09)

Is Onorato too conservative for PA Dem party? (, 8/18/09)

Local paper calls on Corbett to end gov bid (New Bethlehem Leader-Vindicator, 8/17/09)

Court orders Onorato to proceed with reassesments, creating political problem (, 8/14/09)

GOP lawmaker calls Corbett’s investigation political and “a joke” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/13/09)

Gerlach gets Schuster’s endorsement (Allentown Morning Call, 8/13/09)

Wagner proposes closing tax loopholes, budget cuts to solve impasse (Press Release, 8/12/09)

Can Wagner raise enough money for a successful run? (, 8/11/09)

Meehan drops gov bid, focus on congressional race (Philadelphia Daily News, 8/8/09)

Meehan backs Corbett as he drops out of GOP contest (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 8/7/09)

Is Meehan abandoning guv run? (, 8/7/09)

Onorato war chest nears $5 million (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/4/09)

Proposed state income tax hike off the table (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 8/3/09)

JULY 2009

Knox lays out solutions to close budget gap (Reading Eagle, 7/30/09)

Gerlach internal shows trailing Corbett, but with “profile” to win (, 7/30/09)

Knox supports gaming tables to increase state revenue (, 7/30/09)

Rendell to sign barebones budget if deal not done by Monday (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/29/09)

Legislator: punish political leaders if budget isn’t completed on time (Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, 7/28/09)

Fumo corruption opens door for PA GOP (, 7/27/09)

Meehan: time for state to face pension problems (The Patriot News, 7/26/09)

In both parties, guv race still taking shape (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/25/09)

How PA’s tax burden compares to other states (Patriot News, 7/23/09)

Judge rejects claim of Corbett’s “selective” prosecutions (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/22/09)

Knox believes as outsider he has better answers (Allentown Morning Call, 7/22/09)

Santorum thinks Meehan should bow out, seek congressional seat (, 7/21/09)

Rendell’s approval drops to lowest level (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 7/21/09)

PA voters unhappy with Rendell, legislature (The Patriot News, 7/21/09)

Wagner inches closer to formal candidacy (KDKA-TV, 7/20/09)

Rendell: Onorato is likely next PA governor (Allentown Morning Call, 7/20/09)

Doherty considering gov run (, 7/18/09)

Why is Meehan getting pressure to drop out of GOP race? (, 7/17/09)

Knox builds candidacy on electric rates and deregulation (The Patriot News, 7/16/09)

“Restoring fiscal sanity” is Gerlach’s gubernatorial rallying cry (Allentown Morning Call, 7/15/09)

Gerlach makes it official; he’s running for guv (The Patriot News, 7/14/09)

Could opposition to electricity deregulation boost Knox’s campaign? (The Mercury, 7/13/09)

Onorato gets two SE Pa endorsements (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/13/09)

Editorial: Corbett should bring more “Bonusgate” charges soon (The Patriot News, 7/12/09)

GOP’s refusal to support Rendell’s tax hike stalls budget talks (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/11/09)

Wagner says he’s intent on running (The Patriot News, 7/10/09)

Former Dem Representate Joe Hoeffel considering bid (, 7/10/09)

Wagner proposes $1.3 billion in budget savings (Auditor General press release, 7/9/09)

State workers set to protest over budget stalemate (KDKA-TV, 7/9/09)

Onorato far ahead of Wagner in money race (, 7/6/09)

Rendell challenges Republicans to balance budget without tax hikes (Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 7/3/09)

JUNE 2009

Dem state chair questions Wagner’s chances (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/29/09)

Gerlach votes against cap-and-trade; running for gov or congress? (Allentown Morning Call, 6/26/09)

Lehigh Dem Cunningham not running (, 6/25/09)

Dem Knox on campaign trail, “Rendell doesn’t always get it” (Wilkes Barre Times-Leader, 6/25/09)

GOP: Waiting on Gerlach (Politico, 6/17/09)

Gerlach takes aim at Rendell’s tax hike (, 6/16/09)

Rendell continues to shape PA politics, despite lameduck status (Harrisburg Patriot News, 6/16/09)

Pennsylvania’s budget gap is bad, but not the worst (The Patriot-News, 6/15/09)

Pennsylvania House passes open primary bill (6/12/09)

Knox willing to spend $15-$20 million of own funds on primary contest (politicsPA)