The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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Oregon Gubernatorial Headlines – 2011 Archives


Year in review: Gary Haugen describes life on death row (Statesman Journal, 12/30/11) Report recommends fewer mandatory minimum sentences (KUOW, 12/30/11)Commission says Oregon can avoid big run-up in prison costs (The Oregonian, 12/29/11) Oregon defends its redistribution of lethal injection drugs (The Atlantic, 12/29/11)Alternatives to prison recommended (Statesman Journal, 12/29/11) Governor’s aide manages state’s daily operations (Register-Guard, 12/29/11) Year end: Chief operating officer is streamlining state’s operations (Statesman Journal, 12/28/11) Year end: John Kitzhaber (Statesman Journal, 12/27/11) Democrats turn attention to Oregon special election (Statesman Journal, 12/27/11) Oregon’s new death-penalty hypocrisy (The Atlantic, 12/26/11) Oregon tries to sell execution drugs after reprieve (Statesman Journal,12/24/11) Panel to consider exceptions to governor’s hiring freeze (The Argus Observer, 12/23/11) Kitzhaber listens to timber counties (Herald and News, 12/22/11)Commentary: A bipartisan plan for healthy Oregon forests and counties (Register-Guard, 12/21/11) Curry County to go broke by summer (The World, 12/21/11) Rural counties struggle with timber payment loss (Spokesman-Review, 12/20/11) Timber counties make plea to Salem (Register-Guard, 12/20/11) Oregon timber counties face sinking budgets as federal payments end (The Oregonian, 12/19/11) Oregon’s timber counties still seeking help (KUOW, 12/19/11) Portland schools see more children slipping from middle-class to hungry (The Oregonian, 12/19/11) Haugen’s death case is costly (Register-Guard, 12/19/11) Kitzhaber: Death penalty debate isn’t over (Governor’s Journal, 12/18/11) Haugen: Lots of dollars, no sense? (Statesman Journal, 12/17/11) Ore. Supreme Court bounces ballot title back to the AG (Oregon Capitol News, 12/13/11)Speakers lash out at state agencies (The World, 12/10/11) Commentary: Kitzhaber not first governor to question capital punishment (Statesman Journal, 12/10/11) DCCC buys $1M in ad time in Ore. special election for ex-Rep. David Wu’s seat (Washington Post, 12/9/11) Gov. Kitzhaber appoints new agency head, workforce advisor (The Oregonian, 12/9/11) DCCC now planning $1 million TV ad campaign in Oregon (The Oregonian, 12/9/11) TV ad wars start in earnest in Oregon special election race (The Oregonian, 12/8/11) An Oregon-centric view of Rod Blagojevich and Illinois political corruption (The Oregonian, 12/8/11) Governor will hear county budget fears (The World,12/8/11) Kitzhaber meets UO Senate’s choice (Register-Guard, 12/8/11) Editorial: State strangles local courts (Democrat Herald, 12/7/11) Editorial: The wonks are in charge (Democrat Herald, 12/7/11) Editorial: Nobody’s too big to fail (The World, 12/7/11) Governor’s board discusses new Oregon chief education officer post, plans to merge oversight (AP, 12/7/11) Video: Gov. Kitzhaber talks about Lariviere’s termination (KEZI, 12/7/11) National Association of Realtors kicks in $332K for Oregon ballot initiative (The Oregonian, 12/6/11) Republican legislators join Kitzahber in rethinking Oregon death penalty (The Oregonian, 12/6/11) Commentary: Voters clear on death penalty (Blue Mountain Eagle, 12/6/11) POLITIFACT – Is opposition to the death penalty at 25% in Oregon? HALF TRUE (The Oregonian, 12/6/11) Kitzhaber’s moratorium on death penalty leaves inmate Gary Haugen and Ore. lawmakers wondering what’s next (The Oregonian, 12/5/11) Editorial: A super-superintendent (Register-Guard,12/4/11) Governor withholds execution emails (Statesman Journal, 12/4/11) Commentary: Kitzhaber’s invitation to listen as well as talk (The Oregonian, 12/4/11) The rise and fall of Richard Lariviere, U of Oregon president, fired on Monday (The Oregonian, 12/3/11) Kitzhaber looks to further reform education system in Oregon (Oregon Capitol News, 12/2/11) Education shake-up starts in earnest (Register-Guard, 12/2/11) Editorial: Debating capital punishment: We can be tough on crime without the death penalty(The Oregonian, 12/2/11) Survey helps shape state’s waiver of federal school law (Portland Tribune, 12/1/11) Oregon to seek powerful ‘chief education officer’ to revamp preschool, public schools, colleges (The Oregonian, 12/1/11) Oregon head ousted amid campus leadership discord with Kitzhaber (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/1/11)
Poll: Oregon still in Obama’s camp (The Oregonian, 11/30/11) In Oregon, a new debate on halting executions (Washington Times, 11/30/11) Editorial:What’s next for UO? (Register-Guard, 11/30/11) President’s firing stirs up Oregon campus (Wall Street Journal, 11/30/11) The conscience of John Kitzhaber (Huffington Post,11/30/11) Bonamici wins cross-nomination of Independent Party of Oregon (The Oregonian, 11/29/11) Editorial: Capital punishment in Oregon – Kitzhaber should commute all death sentences (The Oregonian, 11/29/11) Editorial: Kitzhaber starves the death chamber (The Daily Astorian, 11/29/11) Firing of UO president reverberates around the state (The Oregonian, 11/29/11) U of Oregon rally pushes for independent board after firing of president Lariviere (The Oregonian, 11/29/11) Commentary: Losing Lariviere, trying to keep the excitement (The Oregonian, 11/29/11) Editorial: Oregon’s death penalty cop-out (Washington Post, 11/28/11) Editorial: A governor’s brave stand against the death penalty (The Globe and Mail, 11/27/11) Editorial: Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber leads with his conscience (LA Times, 11/27/11) Debate on death penalty revives (Statesman Journal, 11/26/11) Gov. Kitzhaber backs Lariviere ouster; U of Oregon community rallies in support of its president (The Oregonian, 11/26/11) Gary Haugen, convicted murderer, criticizes Kitzhaber for halting his execution (Huffington Post, 11/26/11) Opinion: Oregon’s death penalty halt merciful and right (CNN, 11/25/11) Editorial: Oregon and the death penalty (New York Times, 11/24/11) Curry County set to go broke (The World, 11/19/11) Editorial: The squeeze around our neck of the woods (The Oregonian, 11/19/11) How Curry County got into its fiscal crisis (Washington Examiner, 11/19/11) Education challenge begins (The Register-Guard,11/18/11) Ore. Senate approves nominees to education board (Statesman Journal, 11/18/11) Expected cuts will hit state workers hardest (Statesman Journal, 11/18/11) State revenues down again (Oregon Capitol News, 11/17/11) Oregon revenue forecast drops another $107M, state economist says (The Oregonian, 11/17/11) Oregon lawmakers rethink budget after bleak revenue forecast (Statesman Journal, 11/17/11) Oregon revenue forecast down another $107M (Statesman Journal, 11/17/11) Surcharges cause unions to file complaints about unfair labor practices (Statesman Journal, 11/17/11) County’s bankruptcy could topple the state (Curry County Reporter, 11/17/11) Kitzhaber joins call for renewable energy tax credit extension (Portland Business Journal, 11/16/11) State agencies prepare for possibility of more budget cuts (KEZI, 11/16/11)Governor’s education picks await Senate vote (Statesman Journal, 11/16/11) Business and community leaders talk about the importance of Oregon’s education reform(OregonLive, 11/16/11) Secrecy, missteps plagued Oregon Lottery’s ill-fated ‘ORcade’ project (The Oregonian, 11/15/11) Director of corrections resigns post (Statesman Journal, 11/15/11) Occupy Portland goes out swinging: Arrests, threats and promises to regroup (Seattle Weekly, 11/14/11) Ore. talks about penny-pinching but pays big bucks to contractors (The Oregonian, 11/12/11) Kitzhaber’s Cool Schools project gets $15M with union pact (Portland Business Journal, 11/11/11) Oregon Leadership Summit is Dec 12 & 13 (Portland Business Journal, 11/10/11) AFT says it will kick in up to $15M in financing for upgrades to Oregon schools (The Oregonian, 11/10/11) Reversal of Fortune: Ore. House Republicans raising more money than Dems this year (Willamette Week, 11/9/11) Death penalty opponents target Ore’s lethal injection method (The Oregonian,11/9/11) Kitzhaber: Oregon can’t be China’s timber colony (News Times, 11/9/11) Oregon unemployed allowed to keep jobless benefits paid by mistake (The Oregonian,11/8/11) Death penalty opponents ask Kitzhaber to stop Gary Haugen execution (The Oregonian, 11/8/11) Editorial: Governor on the right track (The Daily Astorian,11/8/11) Opinion: Measures 66, 67 send businesses out of state (Statesman Journal, 11/8/11) Oregon universities won’t appeal gun ruling (Corvallis Gazette Times, 11/8/11)Lawmakers get positive grades from union (Statesman Journal, 11/7/11) Governor proposes changes to forest management (Herald and News, 11/7/11) Turnout still low in Oregon special congressional primary (The Oregonian, 11/7/11) Oregon looks to iPads to help disabled voters (Statesman Journal, 11/7/11) (Co)-House speakers and their fate(Statesman Journal, 11/5/11) Senate presidents and their fates (Statesman Journal, 11/5/11) Commentary: WA Initiative 1183: Oregon should root for passage (The Oregonian, 11/5/11) Governor calls for Board of Forestry to better meet the state’s goals (Oregon Capitol News, 11/5/11) Forest management needs collaboration (Statesman Journal, 11/5/11) Kitzhaber tells Board to look for new ways of managing forests (OPB, 11/4/11) Ore. state workers signing up for voluntary health improvement program, but with reservations (The Oregonian, 11/4/11) Gov. Kitzhaber, Oregon education leaders push for more college graduates by 2025 (The Oregonian, 11/4/11) State leaders convene around reaching aggressive education goals (The Oregonian, 11/4/11) Citizens grapple with coordinated care organizations (Corvallis Gazette Times, 11/3/11)Kitzhaber calls for state forest conservation areas (OPB, 11/3/11) Gov. Kitzhaber says forest policies must balance health of habitat and rural communities (The Oregonian,11/3/11) Education goal will test state (Corvallis Gazette Times, 11/2/11)
John Kroger, the puzzle at Justice (Willamette Week, 10/19/11)
Online lottery game site will be postponed (Statesman Journal, 10/18/11)
Chief justice De Muniz will retire (Statesman Journal, 10/14/11)
Editorial: Head off the prison boom (The Oregonian, 10/13/11)
Coast-to-Eugene rail line reopens (Portland Business Journal, 10/13/11)
Meeting will focus on Oregon Health Plan (Register-Guard, 10/11/11)
Death penalty debate is revived (Statesman Journal, 10/9/11)
Governor backs state hospital (Register-Guard, 9/29/11)
Kitzhaber taps aide for regional projects (Statesman Journal, 9/25/11)
Kitzhaber taps aide for regional projects (Statesman Journal, 9/25/11)
Labor contracts cost more than expected (Statesman Journal, 9/24/11)
Co-speaker: Tough choices loom (Democrat Herald, 9/22/11)
House Democrats reshuffle leadership team (Statesman Journal, 9/22/11)
Two more Democrats are leaving Oregon House (Statesman Journal, 9/18/11)
Gov. Kitzhaber signs Korean trade pact (Portland Business Journal, 9/16/11)
Kitzhaber woos jobs in Asia (The Oregonian, 9/15/11)
Gov. Kitzhaber leads trade trip to Asia (Statesman Journal, 9/10/11)
Editorial: D-Day for Oregon schools (Register-Guard, 9/7/11)
UO bosses defend pay raises (Register-Guard, 9/3/11)
Editorial: Spinning over the line (The Oregonian, 8/30/11) Portland schools supt, others fined for violating election law (KATU, 8/30/11) Audio: Gay marriage supporters court Oregon’s Latino community (OPB, 8/30/11) Agencies asked to become leaner in coming years (Oregon Capitol News, 8/29/11) Jury out on Kitzhaber performance (Oregon Insider,8/29/11) Lobbyist Mark Nelson leads start-up of signature-gathering firm (The Oregonian, 8/29/11) Oregon Politics: State money woes — and local money woes (The Oregonian, 8/29/11) Some seniors fear losing their homes if changes to Oregon’s property tax deferral program stick (The Oregonian, 8/26/11) Clean energy future of Oregon depends on conservation, renewables and smart grid, says report (The Oregonian, 8/26/11) OR state economists estimate state revenues have dropped by $200M (The Oregonian, 8/26/11) Kitzhaber taps business leaders for state boards (Portland Business Journal, 8/26/11) Kitzhaber continues to push for electrical vehicle tax (KPLU, 8/25/11) All-day kindergarten soon to be an option in Oregon (My Central Oregon, 8/25/11) SEIU approves new contract with state (Statesman Journal, 8/25/11) State panel to discuss senior tax plan (Statesman Journal, 8/25/11) Opinion: Transformational change: Kitzhaber makes progress in two areas, fails in third (The Oregonian, 8/25/11)Coalition suggests ending funding for Columbia bridge, timber programs to trim federal debt (The Oregonian, 8/24/11) Members of Oregon’s largest public employees union vote to ratify two-year contract (The Oregonian, 8/24/11) POLITIFACT: Trio of DAs claim that only 25% of felons go to prison rated as MOSTLY TRUE (The Oregonian,8/23/11) Kitzhaber names nominees for two new boards (Statesman Journal, 8/23/11) Initiative activist Sizemore released from prison after 18 days (Statesman Journal,8/23/11) The party is on! Kitzhaber finally gets around to throwing inaugural party (The Oregonian, 8/21/11) State workers struggle to grasp paycheck changes (Statesman Journal, 8/7/11) Bill Sizemore pleads guilty to tax evasion charges, goes directly to jail (The Oregonian, 8/4/11) Gov. John Kitzhaber, who set a record for vetoes in his first two terms, sticks to just one this year (The Oregonian, 8/4/11) No more ‘Dr. No,’ as Gov. Kitzhaber vetoes but a single bill (The Oregonian, 8/4/11) Kitzhaber says no more vetoes coming this year (Statesman Journal, 8/4/11) No lawsuit filed about redistricting (Statesman Journal, 8/3/11) Some Oregon state agency workers want union rank and file to reject tentative contract (The Oregonian, 8/1/11) Facebook  chatter reveals state workers’ discontent with tentative deals (Statesman Journal, 8/1/11) Redistricting plan’s fate known today (Statesman Journal, 8/1/11) Kitzhaber, budget officials still sorting out what debt ceiling vote means for state (The Oregonian, 8/1/11) JULY 2011 State says Oregon prepared for federal-dollar cutoff (The Columbian, 7/28/11) Derailing the Bridge (Willamette Week, 7/27/11) Rep. Wu – no resignation date, no special election date(Oregon Capitol News, 7/26/11) Unions’ furloughs comparable (Statesman Journal, 7/26/11) Opinion: Kitzhaber sells out taxpayers to pay off union backers (Oregon Catalyst, 7/26/11) Union deals are full of give and take (Statesman Journal, 7/25/11) Gov asks US Supreme Court to review roads ruling (KTVZ, 7/25/11) Kitzhaber: Oregon will appeal ruling aimed at curbing logging road pollution (The Oregonian, 7/25/11) Opinion: Oregon benefits model politically smart (Statesman Journal, 7/24/11) Kitzhaber gives tribal police  full authority statewide (KCBY, 7/24/11) Union says deal helps members (Statesman Journal, 7/24/11) Pressure mounts for Rep. David Wu to resign (The Oregonian, 7/23/11) Governor signs bill to expand tribal cops’ authority (The World, 7/23/11) Kitzhaber visits South Coast and touts health care changes (Coos Bay World,7/23/11) SEIU reaches tentative agreement with state (Statesman Journal, 7/23/11) Ore’s largest public employee union agrees to tentative contract requiring shared health costs (The Oregonian, 7/23/11) Details released for SEIU tentative contract agreement w/Oregon (Statesman Journal, 7/22/11) Governor’s health adviser to discuss transformation (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 7/22/11) Dissension in the SEIU ranks? (Statesman Journal, 7/22/11) Kitzhaber uses campaign funds for home security system(Willamette Week, 7/21/11) Ore-Wash bridge project overestimated toll money (Seattle Times, 7/21/11) Editorial: We still need a new I-5 bridge (The Oregonian, 7/21/11)Grueling session yields tentative union contract (Statesman Journal, 7/20/11) OR treasurer questions traffic, toll revenue for new I-5 bridge (The Columbian, 7/20/11) Oregon, AFSCME strike a deal (Portland Business Journal, 7/20/11) Treasurer’s report blows major hole in CRC finance plan (Willamette Week, 7/20/11) State of OR, AFSCME reach tentative agreement (Statesman Journal, 7/19/11) Audio: OR state workers closer to paying portion of health insurance (OPB, 7/19/11) Union files labor complaint over state worker e-mail ban (Statesman Journal, 7/19/11) Proposed accounting changes could add up to $13.5B to Oregon’s balance sheets (Oregon Capitol News, 7/18/11) Progress at Ore. state union contract talks this morning (Statesman Journal, 7/18/11) Workers frustrated without contracts (Statesman Journal, 7/18/11) Sides upbeat on Oregon labor negotiations (Statesman Journal, 7/17/11) Lawmakers await lawsuit deadline for redistricting (Statesman Journal, 7/17/11) Kitzhaber: ‘I can learn from my mistakes’ (KPIC, 7/15/11) Governor gets better reviews for third term (Ashland Daily Tidings, 7/14/11) Kitzhaber: ‘I can learn from my mistakes’ (KVAL, 7/14/11) Kitzhaber keeps critics at bay(Bend Bulletin, 7/14/11) Health costs tie up Oregon labor bargaining (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/13/11) Editorial: Give thanks for a dull session (Clackamas Review,7/13/11) Commentary: Kitzhaber and education: rhetoric, reform and sullen reality (The Oregonian, 7/13/11) On No Child Left Behind, Oregon doesn’t wait for Congress (The Daily Astorian, 7/12/11) Opinion: Kitzhaber a better leader for state now (Statesman Journal, 7/12/11) Why OR and WA Republicans find it harder to run for Senate than governor (The Oregonian, 7/11/11) Video: Growing role of Oregon’s CEO (Statesman Journal, 7/11/11) Kulongoski to take on sentencing laws (Statesman Journal, 7/11/11)Kitzhaber asks Kulongoski to help with state sentencing review (The Oregonian, 7/11/11) Video: Despite challenges, governor’s in the catbird seat (Statesman Journal,7/10/11) Oregon education reform bills aim to create more flexible, individualized public schools (The Oregonian, 7/10/11) Many factors lead to a successful legislative session(Statesman Journal, 7/10/11) Switch Hitter: Big Business borrows Big Labor’s political brain (Willamette Week, 7/6/11) Opinion: Oregon is more business-friendly than previously thought (Statesman-Journal, 7/5/11) Kitzhaber: Oregon medical plan overhaul focuses on prevention (KATU, 7/1/11) JUNE 2011 Legislature approves budget for state courts (Oregon Capitol News, 6/29/11) Oregon gay marriage opponents seek to discourage 2012 ballot measure (The Oregonian, 6/28/11) Revenue department to see an increase in legislative funding (Oregon Capitol News, 6/28/11) New laws to give Gov Kitzhaber far greater control over Oregon schools (The Oregonian, 6/25/11) Entire education package awaits governor’s signature (Oregon Capitol News, 6/22/11) State health care costs increase $6M due to nation health care law (Oregon Capitol News,6/22/11) Legislature unleashes flood of education bills, from open enrollment to all-day kindergarten (The Oregonian, 6/21/11) Ore. Senate moves forward on education package (Oregon Capitol News, 6/21/11) Union baffled by agencies’ call for strike preparation (Statesman Journal, 6/18/11) Oregon Health and Science University to see 43% cut in legislative funding (Oregon Capitol News, 6/17/11) Audio: Ore. lawmakers: Co-governance session historic, not historically productive (OPB, 6/17/11) Protest seeks action on tuition bill (Statesman Journal, 6/17/11) Agency heads told to plan for state workers’ strike (Statesman Journal, 6/17/11) Audio: Lawmaker disagree on success of session (OPB, 6/17/11) Legislature to vote on $25 million more for public schools (Statesman Journal, 6/17/11) Bill would slash Oregon tax credits (Statesman Journal,6/17/11) State workers storm the statehouse to protest budget cuts, ask for fair contract (The Oregonian, 6/16/11) Legislative budget vote gets messy (Statesman Journal,6/15/11) Bill seeks assessment of state agency staffing (Statesman Journal, 6/15/11) Bill to raise threshold for estate tax passes OR Senate (Oregon Capitol News, 6/14/11)Lawmakers vote to end the sale of ‘suicide kits’ (Oregon Capitol News, 6/14/11) A John Kitzhaber 3.0 veto: The Republicans like it! (The Oregonian, 6/14/11) OR Education Association stokes opposition to budget deal on education bills (The Oregonian, 6/14/11) OR Legislature sends redistricting bill to governor (The Oregonian, 6/10/11) Senate votes to approve Oregon redistricting plan (RealClearPolitics, 6/10/11) Editorial: Senate disses rural Oregon (Albany Democrat Herald, 6/10/11) Public education front and center (Blue Oregon, 6/10/11) UO lobbyists push for legislative changes (Register Guard, 6/10/11) Kitzhaber sings Oregon bottle deposit system revamp (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/9/11) Budget work indicates session’s end near (Statesman Journal, 6/9/11) Rift between Gov. Kitzhaber and teacher sunion threatens education bills and money (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) As Oregon legislators seek deal on education, teachers union opposes key to Kitzhaber’s plan (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) Kitzhaber signs vast expansion of Oregon bottle bill (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) Revised plastic bags and bisphenol-A bills running out of time in Salem (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) Can Oregon legislators cut a deal on congressional redistricting? (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) ‘Cool Schools’ initiative aims to improve energy efficiency, academics and jobs (Oregon Capitol News, 6/9/11)Budget bills signal end is nigh for Legislative session (OPB, 6/9/11) Editorial: Don’t bow to defenders of status-quo schools (The Oregonian, 6/9/11) Industrial jobs bill sails through Senate (Portland Business Journal, 6/9/11) Kitzhaber blasts teachers’ union (Willamette Week, 6/8/11) Commentary: Oregon’s Democrats in Salem wave the white flag (The Oregonian, 6/8/11) Big budgets move at Oregon Legislature, signal ‘crunch time’ (The Oregonian, 6/8/11) Opinion: Legislature puts the fizz back into Oregon’s iconic bottle-return law (The Oregonian, 6/8/11) Reports disagree on outcome of DOE contract investigation (Statesman Journal, 6/8/11) State releases records on Oregon energy contract (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/8/11) Ore. Dept of Energy employees absolved in contracting scandal, report says (The Oregonian, 6/7/11) Representative seeks to breathe new life into tuition-equity bill (Oregon Capitol News, 6/7/11) Maneuver holds fate of in-state college tuition bill (Statesman Journal, 6/5/11) Editorial: Higher ed gets a small down payment (The Oregonian, 6/4/11) Committee clears “Cool Schools” measure for vote (Statesman Journal, 6/4/11) Oregon’s 2011-13 budget built around hoped-for savings in health care (The Oregonian, 6/4/11) State budget on track (Register-Guard, 6/4/11) Committee passes budget for environment agency to House & Senate floors, but not without concern (Oregon Capitol News, 6/4/11) House Dems try to revive 3 bills stalled in committees (Statesman Journal, 6/3/11) Can schools cope with fewer funds? (Clackamas Review, 6/2/11) Oregon Inc funding set at $16 million (Portland Business Journal, 6/2/11) Lawmakers pass health insurance exchange bill to the House floor (Oregon Capitol News, 6/1/11) Ore. Dept of Energy employees get jobs back after 10-month investigation (The Oregonian, 6/1/11) House Committee passes bill to create Oregon Health Insurance Exchange (The Oregonian, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Oregon’s new normal: School spending consistently trails the national average (The Oregonian,5/30/11) Opinion: Oregon needs better health care solution (Statesman Journal, 5/28/11) Medical community decries state budget plans (Mail Tribune, 5/28/11) House Democrats suggest alternatives to ‘kicker’ reform (Statesman Journal, 5/27/11) Legislature passes bill to prefer Oregon products (Statesman Journal, 5/27/11) Democrats seek kicker tax rebate changes (Register-Guard, 5/27/11) Oregon Innovation Council fights for funding (Portland Business Journal, 5/27/11) Audio: A discussion of GOP moderates and 30 years of Oregon politics (The Oregonian, 5/27/11) Editorial: Taxing hospitals to pay for low-income Oregonians’ health care (Statesman Journal, 5/27/11)Plan fails to offset cuts, hospitals say (Statesman Journal, 5/27/11) How Oregon’s bottle bill was greatly expanded in a session made for killing bills (The Oregonian, 5/26/11)Kitzhaber stumps for technology (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 5/26/11) Editorial: Oregon’s road to clarity only awaits Senate approval (The Oregonian, 5/25/11) Senators vote to change kicker check to kicker tax credit (Oregon Capitol News, 5/25/11) Oregon kicker bill passes senate, governor says he’ll sign bill (KEZI, 5/25/11) When should Oregon legislators bow to initiative threats? (The Oregonian, 5/24/11) Kitzhaber signs health insurance bills to help kids and simplify paperwork (The Oregonian, 5/23/11) Editorial:The Medicaid experiment (Register-Guard, 5/23/11) Kitzhaber signs two health care bills (Statesman Journal, 5/23/11) Citizens speak out against  splitting communities of interest in redistricting plans (Oregon Capitol News, 5/23/11) House approves creation of Citizen’s Initiative Review (Oregon Capitol News, 5/23/11) More than a thousand rally at Oregon Capitol against proposed budget cuts (The Oregonian, 5/20/11) Innovators’ ideas, achievements recognized by governor (Register-Guard, 5/19/11) Kitzhaber has lunch with ‘change agents’ (Statesman Journal, 5/18/11) Republicans file lawsuit on congressional redistricting (The Oregonian, 5/18/11) Kitzhaber urges Legislature to pass job growth package (Oregon Business, 5/18/11) Governor recruits economic allies (Statesman Journal, 5/18/11) Editorial: Tend to business – Ore’s economy still needs every push it can get from Salem (The Oregonian, 5/17/11) Rep. Kurt Schrader blasts Democratic and Republican redistricting plans (The Oregonian, 5/17/11) New jobs number sparks optimism at Oregon capitol (KGW, 5/17/11) Kitzhaber, business leaders, press Legislature to pass jobs package (The Oregonian, 5/17/11) Governor pushes his jobs initiative amid improving economy (Statesman Journal, 5/17/11) Two polls on Gov. Kitzhaber (Statesman Journal, 5/17/11) Kitzhaber gets 40% approval rating in poll(The Oregonian, 5/17/11) Kitzhaber urges Legislature to move on jobs package (The Oregonian, 5/17/11) Kitzhaber lags in early ratings (Portland Business Journal, 5/17/11)Oregon unemployment dips to 9/6% as economic recovery gains speed (The Oregonian, 5/17/11) Legislative committee approves bill to transform health care in Oregon (The Oregonian, 5/16/11) Frustration grows over job bills at Oregon Legislature (The Oregonian, 5/16/11) Oregon’s fiscal forecast offers breathing room (Statesman Journal,5/13/11) Democrats take their shots at Republican redistricting proposal for Oregon (The Oregonian, 5/13/11) Editorial: Investing in higher education (The Oregonian,5/13/11) Editorial: At last, a sunny forecast (Register-Guard, 5/13/11) State unions cautiously hopeful about budget news (Statesman Journal, 5/13/11) Forecast dulls budget ax (Register-Guard, 5/13/11) Video: Governor’s health plan meets criticism (Statesman Journal, 5/13/11) State unions ready to fight (Register-Guard, 5/12/11)Oregon GOP senators demand tough enforcement of fair housing laws (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Oregon House passes bill trimming back state’s property tax deferral program(The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Oregon budget gets a little breathing room as economy picks up steam (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) GOP senators launch effort to increase Oregon speed limit to 75 mph (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Oregon revenue forecast: Economists give optimistic report 2011-13 (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Broad coalition reacts to revised revenue forecast (Statesman Journal, 5/12/11) Editorial: Better days are coming (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Will budget forecast help seniors? (KDRV, 5/12/11)Oregon lawmakers react to mostly positive revenue forecast (KUOW, 5/12/11) Economist forecast extra money – but  not much – for state budget (Statesman Journal,5/12/11) Redistricting: Blumenauer reaction, voter registration numbers and more (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) How Oregon congressional redistricting plans differ on voter registration (The Oregonian, 5/12/11) Lawmakers release dueling redistricting plans (Register-Guard, 5/12/11) Ore. lawmakers fight over Multnomah County with competing redistricting plans (The Oregonian, 5/11/11) Democrats propose stretching Blumenauer’s district from Hood River to Rainier (The Oregonian, 5/11/11) House committee grapples with big ideas of bill to combine all levels of Oregon education (The Oregonian, 5/10/11) Ore. business associations try to revive kicker, capital gains package in Legislature (The Oregonian, 5/10/11) Audio: Governor, Legislative leaders say they’ve reached budget ‘agreement’ (OPB, 5/10/11) House panel wrestles with health insurance exchange bill (The Oregonian, 5/9/11) Oregon senate leadership sidelines studying sales tax for health care (The Oregonian, 5/9/11) Governor, lawmakers upbeat after Mahonia Hall budget summit (The Oregonian, 5/9/11) Kicker changes, capital gains cut hit roadblock at Oregon Legislature (The Oregonian, 5/9/11) Top lawmakers, staff gather at Kitzhaber’s residence for day-long budget summit (The Oregonian, 5/9/11) Oregon safety net programs should get first bite of any new revenue, Kitzhaber says (The Oregonian, 5/6/11) Kitzhaber summons leaders for budget meeting Monday (OPB, 5/6/11) Governor visits NE Portland to talk about gangs and the economy (OPB, 5/6/11)Kitzhaber fulfills campaign promise with visit to NE Portland’s MLK business strip (The Oregonian, 5/6/11) Gov’s education board would retain local control, adviser says(KATU, 5/6/11) Editorial: Lead or get out of the way (The Oregonian, 5/5/11) Multnomah County GOP continues to raise charges of voter fraud (The Oregonian, 5/5/11)‘Kicker’ could be on ballot after Senate panel approves bill (Statesman Journal, 5/5/11) Voters would decide on ‘kicker’ tax rebates (Statesman Journal, 5/4/11) Kitzhaber calls for budget summit while Senate panel approves kicker shift (The Oregonian, 5/4/11) Kitzhaber’s loyal aide, Steve Marks, is back on state payroll (The Oregonian, 5/4/11)Oregon Senate panel approves kicker shift, capital  gains cuts (The Oregonian, 5/4/11) Oregon’s largest health insurer seeks 22% rate increase (The Oregonian, 5/3/11) State estate tax moves to House floor (Oregon Capitol News, 5/3/11) School Cuts 101: The Oregon Model (KDVR, 5/3/11) Editorial: Welcome to the urban-rural divide (The Daily Astorian, 5/2/11) ‘We’re moving in the right direction,’ governor says (Statesman Journal, 5/1/11) State workers fret about effect of cuts on their take-home pay (Statesman Journal, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Governor signs school budget (Register-Guard, 4/22/11)
MARCH 2011
Tough budget choices now come into focus (Corvallis Gazette Times,3/31/11)
Oregon budget committee chairs recommend deep cuts (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/30/11)
Schools may avoid worst-case scenario (East Oregonian, 3/30/11)
Legislature begins to unveil its budget plans (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 3/29/11)
Bipartisan budget plan will be unveiled (Statesman Journal, 3/29/11)
Key lawmakers reach agreement on Oregon budget (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/28/11)
Commentary: Actions indicate Kitzhaber will govern differently this time(Statesman Journal, 2/20/11) Kitzhaber visits the shipyard to promote ideas for boosting jobs (Oregon Business, 2/17/11) Kitzhaber backs bill to speed permitting of industrial development (The Oregonian, 2/16/11) Opinion: Let’s hope governor keeps enthusiasm, momentum (Statesman Journal, 2/16/11) Gov. Kitzhaber promotes industrial development (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/16/11) A new and improved Kitzhaber (Portland Business Journal, 2/16/11) Opinion: Kitzhaber and early childhood development – the right stuff (Mail Tribune, 2/16/11) Many state agency leaders retain posts, but there’s a key shuffle at DHS (Statesman Journal, 2/16/11) Editorial: Yes, Gov. Kitzhaber – but don’t wait to act on teacher development (Daily Astorian, 2/15/11) Oregon to boost state’s emerging biomass energy industry (GovMonitor, 2/15/11) Few surprises in Kitzhaber’s agency director list (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/15/11) Kitzhaber marks the day with bureaucratic reshuffle (Oregon Capitol News, 2/15/11)POLITIFACT: Did Kitzhaber raid schools for human services? BARELY TRUE (The Oregonian, 2/14/11) Kitzhaber’s plan to shift highway money to schools faces trouble in the Legislature (The Oregonian, 2/14/11) Oregon creates new education investment team (GovMonitor, 2/14/11) Public education in Oregon: Leander rations, higher expectations(Blue Oregon, 2/13/11) Does Oregon education need reform or revolution? (The Oregonian, 2/12/11) Governor creates team to help him remake public schools (Register-Guard, 2/12/11) Kitzhaber plans a powerful Ore. education board, connecting funding to performance (The Oregonian, 2/11/11) Kitzhaber launches sweeping overhaul of Oregon schools, colleges and universities (The Oregonian, 2/11/11) Schools brace for the worst under governor’s public education budget (Forest Grove News-Times, 2/9/11)Governor is cool to schools’ local tax (Register-Guard, 2/8/11) Kitzhaber budget tone pleases Republicans, worries some Democrats (The Oregonian, 2/7/11) Opinion:Kitzhaber off to a promising start (Mail Tribune, 2/6/11) After years of growth, Oregon’s budget is set to fall (Statesman Journal, 2/6/11) Overhaul of state agencies starts to build momentum (Mail Tribune, 2/6/11) After years of growth, Oregon’s budget is set to fall (Statesman Journal, 2/6/11) Kitzhaber proposes tax breaks for creating jobs(KATU, 2/6/11) Tax breaks offered as economic boost (Register-Guard, 2/5/11) Editorial: The governor’s budget p It’s either reform, or bust (The Oregonian, 2/5/11) Ore. House Dems challenge Kitzhaber’s education budget proposal (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/4/11) House Dems call Kitzhaber’s K-12 budget inadequate (The Oregonian,2/4/11) Opinion: Governor takes necessary approach to state budget (Statesman Journal, 2/2/11) No surprises in school budget (Register-Guard, 2/2/11) Oregon legislators no longer have time to spare (Statesman Journal, 2/2/11) Audio: State officials combing through governor’s budget (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/2/11) Governor’s redesign – broad cuts in search for new way of delivering services (Register-Guard, 2/2/11) Audio: Kitzhaber says budget will require ‘shared sacrifices’ (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber budget wins favorable reaction from Republicans…for now (The Oregonian, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber says his budget would put OR on stable financial footing (The Oregonian, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber to visit China to tout Oregon as travel, investment site (Statesman Journal, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber plays cards close to vest on public worker pay (The Oregonian, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber: The first step on Oregon’s path to a better future (The Oregonian, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber releases budget, calls for big changes in Ore. state govt (The Oregonian, 2/1/11) Kitzhaber’s budget shuffles priorities to balance books (Portland Tribune, 2/1/11) Governor’s budget means the beginning of legislative business (Statesman Journal, 2/1/11)
Balancing act begins (The Register-Guard, 1/31/11) Kitzhaber hopes budget can unite Oregon (Portland Business Journal, 1/31/11)Editorial: In Salem, it’s anything but business as usual (The Oregonian, 1/29/11) Cylvia Hayes, Gil Meche, entitlement and the DOE investigation (The Oregonian, 1/29/11)Hayes takes on first lady duties under unusual spotlight (The Oregonian, 1/29/11) Kitzhaber says his budget would reduce capital gains tax (The Oregonian, 1/28/11) Kitzhaber talks about light at end of economic tunnel (East Oregonian, 1/27/11) Governor puts more in budget for state schools (Register-Guard, 1/25/11) Kitzhaber: reduce health plan payments to doctors (Bloomberg, 1/25/11) Schools, health care facing cuts (Statesman Journal, 1/25/11) Docs detail OR’s intervention in subcontract  for Kitzhaber’s companion (The Oregonian, 1/25/11) Kitzhaber offers $5.56 billion for schools in his proposed budget (The Oregonian, 1/24/11) Audio: Kitzhaber warns of deep cuts to social services (Oregon Public Broadcasting, 1/24/11) Oregon GOP welcomes Alley as new chairman (Oregon Capitol News, 1/22/11) Kitzhaber to deliver budget proposal Feb 1(Bloomberg, 1/20/11) Kitzhaber holds off on budget proposals (Register-Guard, 1/20/11) Senate GOP says state agencies put too much regulation, redtape on business (The Oregonian, 1/20/11) Ore. Republicans call for pause on agency rules (Bloomberg, 1/20/11) Editorial: Kitzhaber gets it about rural Oregon (The Daily Astorian,1/18/11)Editorial: Oregon isn’t alone in facing systemic challenges (Register-Guard, 1/18/11) Teachers, state leaders discuss ways to do more with less (MyCentralOregon, 1/17/11)Ore. teacher union hosts 1st-ever education summit with state leaders, teachers, governor (The Oregonian, 1/15/11) Legislator seeks to add Lt. Gov. position (Oregon Capitol News, 1/13/11)
Editorial: Let us wish Kitzhaber luck (Albany Democrat Herald, 1/13/11)
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Kitzhaber’s second era (Register-Guard, 1/11/11)
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Editorial: Talk to us, John (Daily Astorian, 1/4/11)