The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Oregon in the News


Oregon Gubernatorial Headlines


State, business leaders to gauge Oregon’s progress (Statesman Journal, 12/8/13)
Kitzhaber apparently plans to announce re-election bid Monday (The Oregonian, 12/8/13)
John Kitzhaber says extending Oregon insurance plans to 2014 is legal (The Oregonian, 12/6/13)
Intel plans expansion after Kitzhaber grants Nike-like tax deal (AP, 12/6/13)
Only Nike, Intel actively sought 30-year Oregon tax deal (The Oregonian, 12/6/13)
Medicaid summit showcases CCO’s reforms (Statesman Journal, 12/6/13)
Oregon supporters of GMO labeling clear big hurdle for 2014 initiative as they try to woo funders (The Oregonian, 12/6/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber says federal money remains available for the Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian, 12/6/13)
AUDIO: Oregon insurance officials defend health plan extensions (JPR, 12/6/13)
Intel beats the clock, cements Nike tax deal (Portland Business Journal, 12/6/13)
Legality of health care ruling in question (Statesman Journal, 12/6/13)
Intel wins Nike-style tax deal, just ahead of the deadline (The Oregonian, 12/6/13)
VIDEO: Legislature’s lawyers believe insurance extension violates law (KATU, 12/6/13)
Kitzhaber, Intel strike investment agreement (Hillsboro Tribune, 12/6/13)
Latest PERS cuts get first challenge (Statesman Journal, 12/6/13)
CCO leaders share success stories of Oregon’s health care reform (Statesman Journal, 12/5/13)
Kitzhaber among Governing magazine’s public officials of 2013 (Statesman Journal, 12/4/13)
CCO leaders, Kitzhaber to convene at health care summit (Statesman Journal, 12/4/13)
Cover Oregon has success with sign-ups (Statesman Journal, 12/2/13)
Cover Oregon leaders steps down on medical leave (Statesman Journal, 12/2/13)


EDITORIAL: Running for cover (Register-Guard, 11/29/13)
Nike gets directly involved in same-sex marriage debate by starting PAC (Statesman Journal, 11/29/13)
Oregon’s health-care marketplace is all on paper (Washington Post, 11/29/13)
Oregon may be in over it’s high-tech head in Obamacare rollout (LA Times, 11/28/13)
Oregon sales tax proposal comes into focus (Washington Post, 11/27/13)
Oregon Lottery: Lawmakers, counting on the cash, resist reforms (The Oregonian, 11/27/13)
AUDIO: Wyden proposes timber compromise (JPR, 11/27/13)
In ballot title fight, Oregon Supreme Court rules against sponsor of anti-union dues initiative (The Oregonian, 11/27/13)
Education Dept stands by Oregon ‘high risk’ label (AP, 11/27/13)
Kitzhaber, still undeclared, spent $35K on poll (Willamette Week, 11/26/13)
Oregon’s Obamacare sign-up is an ‘epic failure’ (Politico, 11/26/13)
VIDEO: Gov. says Cover Oregon security breaches fixed (KGW, 11/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Ducking for cover in the Cover Oregon debacle (The Oregonian, 11/26/13)
Ron Wyden unveils O&C management bill, saying it will create jobs while protecting forest ecology (The Oregonian, 11/26/13)
Kitzhaber: Cover OR will meet deadlines (KOIN, 11/26/13)
Don’t like the idea of an Oregon sales tax? Tax reformers have other ideas (The Oregonian, 11/26/13)
Oregon earned sick leave bill not coming in 2014 as legislative agenda takes shape (The Oregonian, 11/26/13)
PERS unfunded liability drops to $11 billion (The Oregonian, 11/25/13)
Oregon sales tax plan claims to boost jobs and stabilize state budget (The Oregonian, 11/25/13)
Nine Oregon insurance companies extending canceled health plans (Statesman Journal, 11/25/13)
Ramifications of a Cover Oregon failure (Oregon Catalyst, 11/24/13)
Cover Oregon gets leadership help (Statesman Journal, 11/23/13)
Kitzhaber brings in the big guns to fix troubled Cover Oregon (Portland Business Journal, 11/22/13)
AUDIO: Leadership changes at Cover Oregon (Northwest Public Radio, 11/22/13)
Cover Oregon mistake causes personal information to land in wrong hands (Statesman Journal, 11/22/13)
Kitzhaber announces new leaders to help guide Cover Oregon (Statesman Journal, 11/22/13)
Oregon Legislature dives into marijuana debate (AP, 11/22/13)
VIDEO: Kitzhaber: Ex-hospital exec to oversee Cover Oregon exchange (AP, 11/22/13)
Kitzhaber turns to former hospital executive for help with Cover Oregon (AP, 11/22/13)
Kitzhaber to announce Cover Oregon changes (AP, 11/21/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber, others support Deborah Kafoury in Multnomah County Chair race (The Oregonian, 11/21/13)
Kitzhaber rep: No hearings on CRC this year (The Columbian, 11/20/13)
John Kitzhaber expected to announce re-election bid in spite of staff turnover (The Oregonian, 11/20/13)
Action on CRC unlikely this year (OPB, 11/20/13)
OPINION: Richardson viable non-Kitzhaber choice for gov (Wallowa County Chieftain, 11/20/13)
Nike gives $280,000 to support same-sex marriage in Oregon (Statesman Journal, 11/20/13)
Top staff leave John Kitzhaber’s office, no announcement on fourth term (The Oregonian, 11/19/13)
Oregon action on CRC unlikely this year (The Columbian, 11/19/13)
Nike announces support for Oregon gay marriage initiative (The Oregonian, 11/19/13)
Oregonians seeking health coverage need to act soon, agents say (The Oregonian, 11/8/13)
Marijuana legalization gains with public, but pot use almost always a negative with politicians (The Oregonian, 11/8/13)
AUDIO: OPB political chat: Voters show tax skepticism (The Oregonian, 11/8/13)
Eastern Oregonian: Campaign donations flowed before special session (OPB, 11/7/13)
Gay rights bill wins in Senate after Jeff Merkley reaches key deals with Republicans (The Oregonian, 11/7/13)
Oregon voters generally say ‘no’ to school taxes (OPB, 11/5/13)
Marijuana initiative gets another big out-of-state donor: A social do-gooder sex marketeer (The Oregonian, 11/4/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber announces additional efforts to boost health care coverage by Jan. 1 (The Lund Report, 11/4/13)
VIDEO: ‘Your Voice, Your Vote:’ Kitzhaber, future of city of Damascus (KATU, 11/4/13)
Northwest governors face legislative roadblocks on climate agreement (JPR, 11/4/13)
Kitzhaber decision to run again: ‘Within probably two to three weeks’ (KATU, 11/3/13)
Cover Oregon: Kitzhaber says forget about problem-wracked online exchange, get applications in now (The Oregonian, 11/1/13)


Top Oregon GOP donor Andrew Miller has ties to candidates for governor, Senate and Congress (The Oregonian, 10/30/13)
VIDEO: Kitzhaber admits problems but says Cover Oregon will work out (KATU, 10/30/13)
Curry County voters face another big tax vote — defeat may spur Gov. John Kitzhaber to intervene (The Oregonian, 10/29/13)
From marriage to marijuana, Oregon facing flood of hot-button ballot measures next year (The Oregonian, 10/26/13)
With national backing, marijuana advocates file legalization measure (The Oregonian, 10/25/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber, nearing decision on running again, picks up $10,000 from Nike (The Oregonian, 10/23/13)
Dennis Richardson gets $20,000 donation from Stimson Lumber for governor’s race (The Oregonian, 10/21/13)
Columbia River Crossing: If they build it, who will drive over it? (The Oregonian, 10/19/13)
OPINION: Tax reform a necessary next step for Oregon (The Oregonian, 10/18/13)
John Kitzhaber names ex-labor commissioner Jack Roberts to run Oregon Lottery (The Oregonian, 10/18/13)
75 Washington legislators to Oregon’s governor: We support the Columbia River Crossing (Political Beat, 10/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Dissecting John Kitzhaber’s commitment to the Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian, 10/18/13)
Oregon will recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages (Washington Post, 10/18/13)
Oregon to recognize out-of-state gay marriages (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 10/17/13)
Oregon Senate President: Columbia River Crossing doesn’t need special session (The Oregonian, 10/16/13)
Veteran Oregon Republican operatives seek to build business support for gay marriage initiative (The Oregonian, 10/16/13)
CRC: Washington governor content to let Oregon take the lead (AP, 10/16/13)
Longtime aide to John Kitzhaber is top choice to become Oregon’s new liquor chief (The Oregonian, 10/15/13)
John Kitzhaber’s sweep of state agency head continues (The Oregonian, 10/15/13)
Special session success in Oregon brings national attention to John Kitzhaber (The Oregonian, 10/14/13)
John Kitzhaber set to replace Oregon Lottery director (The Oregonian, 10/14/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber eyes divisive ballot measures (Statesman Journal, 10/13/13)
OPINION: Richardson is a welcome candidate for governor (The Argus Observer, 10/13/13)
In Oregon, ‘Dr. No’ gets to yes (Washington Post, 10/11/13)
Oregon public employee unions file ballot measures to combat ‘right to work’ initiative (The Oregonian, 10/11/13)
Richardson runs on platform of independence (The Argus Observer, 10/10/13)
Gubernatorial candidate stumps in Klamath Falls (Herald and News, 10/10/13)
County GOP to meet, hear Richardson (East Oregonian, 10/9/13)
Oregon’s business tax climate looks good in latest national ranking (The Oregonian, 10/9/13)
VIDEO: Oregon lawmakers continue to weigh in on 2013 special session (The Oregonian, 10/9/13)
John Kitzhaber signs 5 special session bills on PERS, taxes, GM) (2013 special session) (The Oregonian, 10/8/13)
Oregon likely to try again on sales tax (Washington Post, 10/8/13)
How is Gov. John Kitzhaber doing on his oil drilling and ballot measure promises? PolitiFact Oregon (The Oregonian, 10/8/13)
Betsy Johnson, Oregon Senate’s swing vote, goes on fundraising tear (The Oregonian, 10/7/13)
Next on Oregon agenda: Columbia River bridge (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 10/4/13)
High stakes legal fight looms over pension cuts (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 10/3/13)
John Kitzhaber: PERS is ‘off the table’ after Oregon grand bargain (2013 special session) (The Oregonian, 10/2/13)
Session over; Oregon ‘grand bargain’ bills at a glance (2013 special session) (The Oregonian, 10/2/13)
Oregon Senate passes tax bill, ‘grand bargain’ path is clear (2013 special session) (The Oregonian, 10/2/13)
Peter DeFazio criticizes ‘radical’ environmental groups fighting his Oregon logging bill (The Oregonian, 10/2/13)
Lawmakers celebrate end of special session on PERS, taxes, GMO (2013 special session) (The Oregonian, 10/2/13)


Bruce Hanna decides not to run for re-election — or, for now, another seat (The Oregonian, 9/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Veto threat shows need for a middle road on O&C lands (The Oregonian, 9/19/13)
Anti-abortion measure could be on 2014 Oregon ballot (The Oregonian, 9/19/13)
Revived CRC not a part of Oregon ‘grand bargain’ on PERS, taxes (The Oregonian, 9/19/13)
Senate approves timber payments for Oregon counties (The Oregonian, 9/19/13)
Kitzhaber will call special session on Sept. 30 (Statesman Journal, 9/19/13)
Obama threatens to veto House forestry measure that would help O&C counties (Statesman Journal, 9//19/13)
EDITORIAL: Special session is the time to make tough choices (Statesman Journal, 9/19/13)
Fight continues over ballot title for Oregon public employees initiative (The Oregonian, 9/18/13)
New momentum behind PERS, tax deal, but the plan has many critics (The Oregonian, 9/18/13)
Lawmaker floats proposal for free community college tuition (Statesman Journal, 9/18/13)
Governor’s budget plan similar to past try (Statesman Journal, 9/18/13)
Marijuana group kicks off petition drive for Oregon legalization initiatives (Statesman Journal, 9/18/13)
Small business tax cut in play again as PERS, tax talks heat up in Oregon (The Oregonian, 9/17/13)
Legislature to look at limits on local improvement district fees (Statesman Journal, 9/17/13)
Special session plan includes similar PERs, tax increases, new tax cuts (Statesman Journal, 9/17/13)
Cover Oregon says health insurance transition won’t be smooth at first (Statesman Journal, 9/17/13)
Special session plan presented to legislators (Statesman Journal, 9/17/13)
Kitzhaber reopens special session talks with Mahonia Hall summit (Statesman Journal, 9/16/13)
Court: Right-to-work ballot measure title needs rewrite (Statesman Journal, 9/14/13)
Lawmakers may put pot measure on the ballot (AP, 9/13/13)
Thirteen people file to run for state office on first day they could do so (Statesman Journal, 9/12/13)
Will Oregon’s 2014 gubernatorial race be a snoozer? (smart politics, 9/12/13)
Oregon House leaders consider writing pot law (Statesman Journal, 9/12/13)
Supreme Court orders rewrite of ballot title creating ‘right-to-work’ public sector (Oregon Capitol Watch, 9/12/13)
Oregon GOP chair seeks urine samples (Willamette Week, 9/12/13)
Liquor, wine and beer — all three to be sold in more Oregon stores (The Oregonian, 9/12/13)
Oregon Supreme Court orders rewrite of ballot title for initiative on public employee union dues (The Oregonian, 9/12/13)
Portland Business Alliance endorses same-sex marriage, but tax politics intrude (The Oregonian,9/11/13)
OPINION: CRC ‘zombie bill’ lurches forward (East Oregonian, 9/10/13)
Oregon governor hopeful opposes new I-5 bridge (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 9/10/13)
Dennis Richardson says he no longer backs Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian, 9/9/13)
Business, school groups push for special session (Oregon Capitol Watch, 9/9/13)
Is Treasurer Wheeler coming around on Oregon-only CRC? (Portland Business Journal, 9/9/13)
EDITORIAL: September or never; Kitzhaber wants special session by month’s end (Register-Guard, 9/8/13)
Kitzhaber names new OLCC chair (Oregon Capitol Watch, 9/6/13)
House Republican leader ‘encouraged’ after three hours of talks with Kitzhaber (Oregon Capitol Watch, 9/6/13)
Environmental groups urge Kitzhaber to reject CRC (The Columbian, 9/6/13)
Confidential Treasury memo shows CRC still faces major hurdles (Willamette Week, 9/6/13)
Letter from environmentalists urges Oregon to quit CRC push (The Columbian, 9/6/13)
John Kitzhaber names Rob Partridge as chairman of Oregon Liquor Control Commission (The Oregonian, 9/6/13)
Oregon governor eyeing session on pension, taxes (Washington Post, 9/5/13)
Governor announces date for possible special session (Statesman Journal, 9/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Kitzhaber rebuilds union support (Daily Astorian, 9/5/13)
Kitzhaber leans toward calling special session on PERS, tax questions (AP, 9/5/13)
AUDIO: Kitzhaber sets the date for a ‘potential’ special session (OPB, 9/4/13)
Ore. business heavyweights set their summit date (Portland Business Journal, 9/4/13)
John Kitzhaber: Cuts to PERS, new taxes needed for coming school year (The Oregonian, 9/4/13)
John Kitzhaber stumps for Sept. 30 special session on PERS, taxes (The Oregonian, 9/4/13)
Oregon ‘grand bargain’ special session target date: Sept 30 (The Oregonian, 9/4/13)
Kitzhaber calls for possible special session on Sept. 30 (Willamette Week, 9/4/13)
AUDIO: Labor Day means picnics and politicians in Portland (OPB, 9/3/13)
Oregon leaders preparing for possible pot legalization (OPB, 9/3/13)
EDITORIAL: John Kitzhaber vs. employee choice (The Oregonian, 9/3/13)
John Kitzhaber tells organized labor he’ll fight Oregon measure aimed at public employee unions(The Oregonian, 9/2/13)


COMMENTARY: More days for Oregon students, more pay for Oregon teachers: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 8/31/13)
COMMENTARY: In marijuana decision, citizen initiative prevails: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian,8/31/13)
EDITORIAL: No bargain? Not so grand (Register-Guard, 8/30/13)
Politicians start to line up for 2014 (OPB, 8/30/13)
Marijuana legalization, same-sex marriage advocates say federal decisions strengthen 2014 Oregon ballot initiative efforts (The Oregonian, 8/30/13)
Update: CRC deals include $86M in mitigation payments (The Columbian, 8/30/13)
Oregon gubernatorial candidate Dennis Richardson (R) stumps to emerging leaders of Oregon (The Governed/NW Politics, 8/29/13)
Oregon Health Plan contractors shower contributions on Legislature (The Oregonian, 8/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Don’t let bridge distract Oregon from bargain-hunting (The Oregonian, 8/29/13)
Columbia River Crossing: Kitzhaber preps Oregon-only plan; Senate president says he won’t support it (The Oregonian, 8/29/13)
Grand Bargain basement: Kitzhaber says he wants reform but he’s running out of time — and votes(Willamette Week, 8/28/13)
Kitzhaber: New answers on CRC by Sept. 15 (The Columbian, 8/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Grand bargain basement; Gov. Kitzhaber says he wants pension reform; but he’s running out of time (Willamette Week, 8/28/13)
Kitzhaber requests CRC review ahead of possible special session (Portland Tribune, 8/28/13)
State economic forecast lukewarm (Statesman Journal, 8/28/13)
Economists project slight decrease in state revenue (AP, 8/28/13)
Columbia River Crossing: Kitzhaber voices strong support and promises to have plan ready by mid-Sept. (The Oregonian, 8/28/13)
Rural Oregon left behind in state’s economic turnaround (The Oregonian, 8/28/13)
Oregon revenue forecast: $16.7B budget holds steady (The Oregonian, 8/28/13)
Kitzhaber: Special session decision still pending (OPB, 8/27/13)
John Kitzhaber listed by magazine as second most influential figure in American health care (The Oregonian, 8/27/13)
No PERS special session announcement yet by Gov. John Kitzhaber, but ’stay tuned’ (The Oregonian,8/27/13)
Health care’s most influential: Kitzhaber outranks Obama (Portland Business Journal, 8/26/13)
Kitzhaber hasn’t reached decision on special session (Statesman Journal, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Power of minority voters in Oregon could grow (The Oregonian, 8/26/13)
Special session still is uncertain (Statesman Journal, 8/26/13)
Timber payment cut ‘another blow to beleaguered counties’ (The Daily Astorian, 8/23/13)
Oregon NARAL wastes to time attacking Rep. Dennis Richardson on abortion (The Oregonian,8/21/13)
Richardson raises $42,000 for race (Statesman Journal, 8/21/13)
Summer and governor’s timeline both running out (The Oregonian, 8/21/13)
Oregon PERS ‘grand bargain’ debate  now centered on business tax cuts (The Oregonian, 8/21/13)
Who are the ORGOP running for Guv? Check this out (BlueOregon, 8/20/13)
Same-sex marriage backers rely on volunteers (OPB, 8/19/13)
OPINION: Kitzhaber chooses the kids over the mascots (The Oregonian, 8/19/13)
New Oregon GOP chair Art Robinson doesn’t rule out congressional run (The Oregonian, 8/19/13)
Dennis Richardson says Oregon GOP needs insider for governor (The Oregonian, 8/19/13)
Kitzhaber announces his nominees for higher education boards (Statesman Journal, 8/19/13)
Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler questions Columbia River Crossing revival (The Oregonian, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: Can this man break the Democrats’ hold on governor’s office? (KATU, 8/18/13)
AUDIO: Political chat: What’s the most radioactive story? (OPB, 8/16/13)
Kitzhaber eyes special session decision in 10 days (AP, 8/16/13)
Portland gun law upheld by Oregon Supreme Court (Seattle P-I, 8/16/13)
Kitzhaber vetoes school-mascot bill (Oregon Capitol Watch, 8/16/13)
Kitzhaber signs more legislation, issues two-line item vetoes (Oregon Capitol Watch, 8/14/13)
In Oregon, talks emerge to salvage once-left-for-dead Columbia River Crossing (The Oregonian,8/6/13)

JULY 2013

Gov. Kitzhaber tells students happiness is key to society’s success (The Oregonian, 7/26/13)
Kitzhaber starts push for tax-and-PERS deal (AP, 7/26/13)
Governor signs criminal sentencing bill (Statesman Journal, 7/26/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber hears from Hillsboro educators and community leaders about school funding (The Oregonian, 7/26/13)
AUDIO: Kitzhaber takes push for public pension, tax increase package on the road (NWPR, 7/26/13)
Hitting the road: Governor’s team set for small biz events (Portland Business Journal, 7/25/13)
Kitzhaber signs public safety package into law (NWPR, 7/25/13)
Legislator to run for governor (The Register-Guard, 7/25/13)
Gay marriage campaign will put Oregon on national stage (The Oregonian, 7/25/13)
Kitzhaber reacts to Richardson’s gov. campaign (KOIN, 7/24/13)
State Rep. Richardson to announce gubernatorial run (KOIN, 7/24/13)
Oregon chief education officer will have performance, travel, expenses monitored regularly from now on (The Oregonian, 7/24/13)
Oregon minority, immigrant rights groups shape legislative agenda for 2014 and beyond (The Oregonian, 7/23/13)
Kitzhaber signs ‘last resort’ wolf-killing bill (KPVI, 7/19/13)
Oregon’s budget sees biggest increase since the recession (The Oregonian, 7/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislative session was no success for Democrats, governor (The Oregonian,7/18/13)
Kitzhaber’s slow fundraising gets $25,000 boost from electrical workers union (The Oregonian,7/18/13)
OPINION: Governor treads thinning line on death penalty (Statesman Journal, 7/17/13)
EDITORIAL: Rudy Crew’s yearlong vacation in Oregon yields lessons for OEIB (The Oregonian,7/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Oregon still waiting for tax reform: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 7/17/13)
Where Rudy Crew flew (Willamette Week, 7/17/13)
Ex-education czar Rudy Crew racked up tons of travel, expenses, vacation, records show (The Oregonian, 7/16/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber’s ex-schools chief violated state travel rules (Willamette Week, 7/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Kitzhaber should lead death penalty debate (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 7/15/13)
COMMENTARY: A good session for personal freedom: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 7/15/13)
Top Kitzhaber adviser on defunct Columbia River bridge project under ethics investigation (AP, 7/15/13)
PERS failure tarnishes otherwise solid session for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (The Oregonian,7/13/13)
Oregon gun control backers look to next session (Statesman Journal, 7/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Lack of courage kills critical PERS reforms in Oregon Legislature (Statesman Journal,7/13/13)
Kitzhaber’s top Columbia River Crossing adviser under ethics investigation (Willamette Week,7/12/13)
Oregon ethics panel launches investigation into John Kitzhaber CRC adviser (The Oregonian,7/12/13)
Jenson says session bright despite pension reform failure (OPB, 7/12/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber set to sign marijuana regulation bill (Statesman Journal, 7/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Give Legislature a grade of ‘incomplete’ (Albany Democrat-Herald, 7/11/13)
Sources say: Plans rerouted after CRC fails (Portland Tribune, 7/11/13)
Oregon state employees could see pay hike if state, union reach deal (OPB, 7/11/13)
State employees might get boost in pay (Statesman Journal, 7/11/13)
VIDEO: Speaker Kotek: Economy and education boosted by Oregon legislative session (Statesman Journal, 7/10/13)
Oregon gay marriage initiative picks up $250,000 from national group (The Oregonian, 7/9/13)
PERS effort outlives session: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 7/9/13)
Ore. Legislature OKs bill to help timber counties (AP, 7/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Balancing Oregon’s budget no easy feat (Statesman Journal, 7/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Failure to lead dooms PERS reform (The Daily Astorian, 7/9/13)
PERS reform may come back in special session (OPB, 7/9/13)
Kitzhaber will keep stumping for PERS reforms, taxes (AP, 7/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Kitzhaber on the 2013 Legislature: It’s been productive, but we have unfinished business (The Oregonian, 7/9/13)
Sen. Betsy Johnson raises ire of fellow Democrats for casting swing votes against several of their bills(The Oregonian, 7/9/13)
Oregon Legislature wrap-up: key players (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
Oregon Legislature warp-up: The issues (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
Oregon lawmakers reverse themselves as they work toward closing (Statesman Journal, 7/8/13)
Again? PERS reform in Oregon may come back in special legislative session (Statesman Journal,7/8/13)
AUDIO: Klamath Basin Task Force will be coordinated by governor’s office (OPB, 7/8/13)
Oregon tuition law could face court challenge (OPB, 7/8/13)
In Oregon, younger males driving exodus from major political parties (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
John Kitzhaber: Special session for PERS, if the votes are there (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
On last day, Oregon lawmakers give raises to statewide elected officials (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
Lawmakers spend $1B on projects as Oregon Legislature shuts down (The Oregonian, 7/8/13)
Oregon Senate rejects automatic voter registration (AP, 7/7/13)
Oregon Legislature approves legislation on tax credits, mining; rejects voter registration, housing bills (The Oregonian, 7/7/13)
Medical marijuana bill passes Oregon house, now goes to governor (The Oregonian, 7/6/13)
Oregon Senate rejects ‘clean fuels’ bill, a top priority for environmental lobby (The Oregonian,7/6/13)
Columbia River Crossing spends $175M, most on consultants, with nothing to show (The Oregonian,7/4/13)
Unfinished business on PERS: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 7/4/13)
Oregon’s cash-poor timber counties hopeful over reform package (OPB, 7/4/13)
Oregon moves a step closer to ‘free’ college tuition (CNN Political Ticker, 7/4/13)
The CRC is dead; now you can read its obit (Willamette Week, 7/3/13)
Cranky lawmakers approve slew of bills as attempt to resuscitate tax deal falters (The Oregonian,7/3/13)
Will Oregonians vote on a state Equal Rights Amendment in 2014? (The Oregonian, 7/3/13)
Bill aiding distressed Oregon counties unanimously passes state Senate (The Oregonian, 7/3/13)
Mining, clean fuels, medical marijuana: Oregon Legislature today (The Oregonian, 7/3/13)
What killed the Columbia River Crossing? A razor-thin Senate election last November (The Oregonian, 7/2/13)
‘Grand bargain’ fails in Oregon Senate, and lawmakers head for the exit (The Oregonian, 7/2/13)
Grand bargain in the Oregon Legislature: Tax vote fails (The Oregonian, 7/2/13)
Is the Columbia River Crossing dead? (Portland Business Journal, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

Columbia River Crossing implosion invites lessons, closure and new plans (The Oregonian, 6/30/13)
Kitzhaber: Columbia River Crossing project dead (AP, 6/30/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber endorses ‘grand bargain’ on pension cuts, new revenues (Statesman Journal,6/27/13)
‘Grand bargain’ closer to reality (Statesman Journal, 6/27/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber calls for same-sex marriage in Oregon (Northwest Watchdog, 6/26/13)
John Kitzhaber: Grand bargain could be reached without business tax cut (The Oregonian, 6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Nearly a third of Oregon union workers want out (Oregon Live, 6/24/13)
Controversial Oregon voter registration bill gets big push from Democratic leaders (The Oregonian,6/21/13)
Challenge to gay marriage ballot title dismissed by Oregon Supreme Court (The Oregonian,6/21/13)
AUDIO: Political chat – Summer sheds daylight onto Oregon politics (OPB, 6/21/13)
Oregonian Media Group to launch with digital, print products (OregonLive, 6/20/13)
Business tax break could benefit big Oregon political donors and its sponsor (The Oregonian,6/20/13)
Oregon Supreme Court denies death row inmate Gary Haugen’s bid for execution (The Oregonian,6/20/13)
US House bill would make funding for the Columbia River Crossing even tougher (Willamette Week,6/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Focus next on jobs, income: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 6/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Continuing the convoluted tale of budgets in Oregon, Washington (Statesman Journal, 6/15/13)
Dozens of lobbyists tie up bill to let consumers sue insurance companies (The Oregonian, 6/14/13)
Watching bills die while waiting for a budget deal: Oregon Legislature today (The Oregonian,6/14/13)
In liberal Multnomah County, Republicans raise money by raffling off assault rifle (The Oregonian,6/14/13)
Oregon House approves bill allowing state agencies to provide services to financially distressed timber counties (The Oregonian, 6/14/13)
Unstable PERS leads to retirement rush (Statesman Journal, 6/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Kitzhaber’s least lousy option (The World, 6/12/13)
Republicans introduce PERS bill amid negotiations (Statesman Journal, 6/12/13)
Oregon liquor board to Legislature: Raise your own taxes (The Oregonian, 6/12/13)
Oregon version of ERA is revived (Oregon Capitol Watch, 6/12/13)
Oregon voters could get say on adding Equal Rights Amendment to state constitution (The Oregonian, 6/11/13)
Liquor surcharge would increase cost of drinking in Oregon, boost state budget (The Oregonian,6/11/13)
OPINION: Session’s success hinges on PERS, taxes (Statesman Journal, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Time for teamwork on state budget: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 6/10/13)
EDITORIAL: $7 billion goal is attainable (The Register-Guard, 6/8/13)
Legislators, deal with PERS for once and for all (Statesman Journal, 6/8/13)
School districts ‘cautiously optimistic’ over $7 billion deal (Statesman Journal, 6/7/13)
Shift Oregon budget debate to revenue, not PERS, says Gov. John Kitzhaber (The Oregonian, 6/7/13)
School budget could be stalled in Oregon Senate by Eugene Democrat (The Oregonian, 6/5/13)
$7 billion for Oregon schools was on the table when talks broke off (The Oregonian, 6/5/13)
National Popular Vote founder donates $25,000 to Kitzhaber’s campaign fund (The Oregonian,6/5/13)
Oregon budget impasse remains unbroken (Statesman Journal, 6/4/13)
Timber county aid bills eyed (The Register-Guard, 6/4/13)
Kitzhaber addresses timber counties (AP, 6/4/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber signs foreclosure mediation expansion (The Oregonian, 6/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature leaves the heaviest lifting for the final weeks (Corvallis Gazette-Times,6/4/13)
Second day of budget talks between Gov. Kitzhaber, lawmakers ends without agreement (AP, 6/4/13)
Kitzhaber promotes county rescue plan, warns he might have to turn to National Guard if it fails(The Oregonian, 6/3/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber, Oregon legislative leaders keep mum on PERS summit (The Oregonian,6/3/13)

MAY 2013

Oregon budget talks gain momentum with econ report (AP,  5/12/13)
Lawmakers consider expanding state leave laws that business leaders say are already too generous, complex (The Oregonian, 5/12/13)
Financially troubled Oregon counties face critical turning point locally, in Legislature and in DC(The Oregonian, 5/11/13)
Oregon legislative leaders retreat to negotiate deal on PERS and taxes (The Oregonian, 5/11/13)
Oregon Legislature jobs agenda: Brownfields, taxes and industrial development (The Oregonian,5/11/13)
Oregon schools’ financial woes aren’t all because of PERS (The Oregonian, 5/11/13)
COMMENTARY: It’s time for Oregon leaders to take action on gun safety (The Oregonian, 5/11/13)
Oregon lawmakers wade into vaccination debate (AP, 5/10/13)
AUDIO: Why the Oregon gun bills ran into trouble (The Oregonian, 5/10/13)
Republicans draw Oregon hospital tax into debate over PERS (The Oregonian, 5/10/13)
Oregon lawmakers hope to limit tax lawsuit impact (AP, 5/9/13)
Opponents seek ballot initiative vote on immigrant driver’s card law (AP, 5/9/13)
Legislature considering funds for ‘Strategic Initiatives’ on education (The Daily Astorian, 5/9/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber urges feds to reject Medford tribal casino proposal (AP, 5/7/13)
Odds are against a casino in Medford (OPB, 5/7/13)
Oregon gun bills in serious trouble as Senate President keeps them from full Senate (The Oregonian,5/6/13)
Oregon Legislature in a lull as key senator recovers from car crash (The Oregonian, 5/6/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber signs public-employee pension cuts (AP, 5/6/13)
Oregon Senate bill focuses new rules on companies that collect on bad checks (The Oregonian,5/5/13)
Oregon abortion opponents began early signature drive to qualify measure for 2014 ballot (The Oregonian, 5/3/13)
Portland fluoride vote: Contentious issue sparks a civil war among progressives (The Oregonian,5/3/13)
AUDIO: Kitzhaber, Merkley, guns, gay marriage and PERS polls in Oregon (The Oregonian, 5/3/13)
AUDIO: Unions urge Kitzhaber to sue banks involved in LIBOR fraud (OPB, 5/3/13)
Oregon’s 2014 ballot looks as if it could be stuffed with issues (The Oregonian, 5/2/13)
Here’s what the Oregon Medicaid study really said (Washington Post, 5/2/13)
A war over Medicaid (The Plum Line, 5/2/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber signs driver card bill at May Day rally (The Oregonian, 5/1/13)
Poll: Oregon voters back PERS restructuring; support dropping for expansion of gun background checks (The Oregonian, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Driver cards for undocumented residents set to become law after House approval (The Oregonian,4/30/13)
AUDIO: Poll: Oregonians want PERS change, but aren’t ‘paying attention’ to issue (OPB, 4/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Kitzhaber’s long view (Register-Guard, 4/19/13)
Expanded background check on gun sales, three other firearm measures head to full Oregon Senate(The Oregonian, 4/18/13)
Bhutan, ‘happiness’ quotient, spell trip for Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber (The Oregonian, 4/18/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber heads abroad, will miss PERS vote (The Oregonian, 4/18/13)
Nike announces it will expand; credits December special session with allowing new project(Statesman Journal, 4/18/13)
Eastern Oregon rancher becomes first GOP candidate for Oregon governor (The Oregonian, 4/17/13)
Kitzhaber surprises at sales tax hearing (Oregon Catalyst, 4/16/13)
Oregon legislators start work on gun bills, drop ‘live fire’ training for concealed gun permits (The Oregonian, 4/16/13)
Oregon lawmakers consider sales tax (KGW, 4/16/13)
Oregon lawmakers weigh sales tax vs. cuts to existing taxes (The Register-Guard, 4/16/13)
Governor: First ask voters what’s wrong with tax system before asking them to approve sales tax(Statesman Journal, 4/16/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber: Take other steps before proceeding with new sales tax (Statesman Journal, 4/15/13)
On Tax Day, Oregon lawmakers consider a sales tax (NWPR, 4/15/13)
Both sides unhappy with proposed ballot title for initiative on public employee unions (The Oregonian, 4/15/13)
AUDIO: Oregon lawmakers hear sales tax proposal (OPB, 4/15/13)
Legislative panel discusses Ore. sales tax measure (AP, 4/15/13)
PERS battle puts Oregon Speaker Tina Kotak at Ground Zero (The Oregonian, 4/13/13)
Experiment in Oregon gives Medicaid very local roots (New York Times, 4/12/13)
Bill Sizemore files for bankruptcy in attempt to head off union lawsuits (The Oregonian, 4/12/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber questions federal government’s authority to seek return of timber money (The Oregonian, 4/12/13)
PERS cuts passed by Oregon Senate on party-line vote (The Oregonian, 4/11/13)
Voter registration could be automatic (Washington Post, 4/8/13)
EDITORIAL: In Oregon, the right to vote should be automatic (The Oregonian, 4/6/13)
PERS bill is a false fix, critics say (The Oregonian, 4/6/13)
Gay marriage opponents lose first round of fight over ballot title for Oregon initiative (The Oregonian, 4/6/13)
Oregon gun bills remain on track after marathon hearing in Legislature (The Oregonian, 4/5/13)
At Oregon Senate gun hearing, no common ground seen on additional firearm restrictions (The Oregonian, 4/5/13)
AUDIO: Oregonians testify for and against new gun bills (NWPR, 4/5/13)
Party-line vote sends PERS bill to Oregon Senate and House floors (The Oregonian, 4/5/13)
VIDEO: Oregon gun control bills under consideration in state legislature (Huffington Post, 4/5/13)
PERS pension-savings bill goes to Senate vote (Statesman Journal, 4/5/13)
AUDIO: Oregon weighs own gun measures after mall shooting, Newtown (NPR, 4/4/13)
Democratic pension cuts on fast track (AP, 4/4/13)
Marijuana legalization: Is Oregon next? (PolicyMic, 4/3/13)
Undocumented residents could obtain 4-year driver’s licenses under Oregon Senate bill (The Oregonian, 4/2/13)
Oregon takes 2 big steps in immigration reform (AP, 4/2/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber signs tuition bill allowing in-state tuition for immigrant students (Statesman Journal, 4/2/13)
AUDIO: ‘Tuition equity’ signed, driver licenses for undocumented workers introduced (Northwest Public Radio, 4/2/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber signs tuition equity bill (The Oregonian, 4/2/13)
DOJ unhappy with Oregon’s services for disabled workers (Portland Business Journal, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Plan to register more voters draws fire (Statesman Journal, 3/30/13)
April 5 hearing set for Oregon gun control bills (AP, 3/29/13)
Analysts blast PERS proposal (Statesman Journal, 3/29/13)
Oregon gun debate will heat up next week in Legislature (The Oregonian, 3/29/13)
Oregon lawmakers rise in protest against cuts in federal funds to rural counties (The Oregonian,3/28/13)
Kitzhaber’s plan prompts college cost concerns (Statesman Journal, 3/28/13)
Oregon Democrats’ PERS reform bill advances (The Oregonian, 3/28/13)
Oregon’s ambitious health insurance marketplace races to meet federal reform deadlines (The Oregonian, 3/28/13)
Guns in Oregon Capitol would still be OK if ‘completely concealed,’ key lawmaker says (The Oregonian, 3/28/13)
Democrats’ PERS bill takes heat from all sides at hearing (Statesman Journal, 3/27/13)
Kitzhaber, Inslee push for emissions accounting for coal export proposals (Northwest Public Radio, 3/26/13)
Kitzhaber, Inslee take on coal lobby (Sustainable Business Oregon, 3/26/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber asks Winters to lead regional economic development team (Albany Tribune, 3/26/13)
2 governors wade into coal-export controversy (Seattle Times, 3/25/13)
Initiative to weaken Oregon public employee unions gets off ground with help from Loren Parks (The Oregonian, 3/25/13)
Democrats unveil details of plan to cut PERS benefits (Statesman Journal, 3/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Prisons aren’t the problem (Baker City Herald, 3/25/13)
Coal-train concerned crowd in at at Salem council meeting (Statesman Journal, 3/25/13)
Tuition equity bill has backers, doubters (OPB, 3/24/13)
Immigrant in-state tuition bill heads to Kitzhaber (Statesman Journal, 3/22/13)
Senate approval clears way for tuition equity to become law after decade-long effort (The Oregonian,3/21/13)
Nike fails to derail prevailing wage vote at Oregon Legislature (The Oregonian, 3/21/13)
Former Oregon House GOP leader rues end of bipartisan co-operation (The Oregonian, 3/21/13)
Can better organization produce more graduates? (Stateline, 3/20/13)
Kitzhaber connects with preschool programs (OPB, 3/20/13)
Republican lawmakers express concerns about Kate Brown’s universal voter registration legislation(The Oregonian, 3/20/13)
Oregon secretary of state wants to use driver licenses to automatically register voters (The Oregonian, 3/19/13)
Medical malpractice law aims for balance (Statesman Journal, 3/19/13)
Kitzhaber: Cut teacher retirement funds (KOIN, 3/18/13)
Governor signs alternative to medical malpractice lawsuits (Statesman Journal, 3/18/13)
Kitzhaber signs medical lawsuit mediation bill (The Oregonian, 3/18/13)
Ambush video catches Gov. Kitzhaber … buying groceries (The Oregonian, 3/18/13)
Governor John Kitzhaber talks education funding and initiatives at town hall (The Oregonian,3/18/13)
Abortion funding ban is lunch topic (Statesman Journal, 3/16/13)
Partisan lines deepen over PERS, taxes at Oregon Legislature (The Oregonian, 3/16/13)
Kitzhaber: State Supreme Court loss won’t make him OK execution (KATU, 3/15/13)
John Kitzhaber supports ban on smoking in cars with kids (The Oregonian, 3/15/13)
A test case for Oregon? Louisiana’s Jindal wants to eliminate income taxes, boost sales tax (The Oregonian, 3/14/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber’s reprieve of Gary Haugen’s execution goes before Oregon Supreme Court (The Oregonian, 3/13/13)
Kitzhaber wants ‘unlikely bedfellows’ to work with him on tax reform (The Oregonian, 3/13/13)
Oregon corporations could get automatic tax rebate (AP, 3/13/13)
Oregon’s largest counties grow while rural areas empty (The Oregonian, 3/13/13)
Kitzhaber offers praise — and criticism — for legislative budget plan (The Oregonian, 3/13/13)
Kitzhaber signs I-5 bridge bill (Statesman Journal, 3/12/13)
CRC funding bill gets Gov. John Kitzhaber’s signature (The Oregonian, 3/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Politics by intimidation (New York Times, 3/11/13)
Three ways Oregon’s lawmakers could raise $275M in taxes (The Oregonian, 3/11/13)
Oregon legislators reap big post-election donations – much of it ‘makeup money’ (The Oregonian,3/10/13)
Republicans search for ways to revive GOP brand in Oregon (The Oregonian, 3/10/13)
Walden, Rodgers tell Oregon GOP that party has to rebuild quickly to check Obama in 2014 (The Oregonian, 3/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Intimidation tactics may silence Salem on new Oregon gun laws (The Oregonian,3/9/13)
At Dorchester Conference, Oregon Republicans ponder how to restore their party (The Oregonian,3/8/13)
Kitzhaber gets on a bike in Belgium to tour Nike distribution center (The Oregonian, 3/5/13)
Budget offers more for Oregon schools, less for retirees, higher taxes (The Oregonian, 3/4/13)
Oregon’s timber-payment blues (High Country News, 3/4/13)
Oregon legislators asked to give up their power to redraw their own political boundaries (The Oregonian, 3/4/13)
Despite minority status, Oregon GOP legislators gain clout on tax, pension, crime issues (The Oregonian, 3/4/13)


Kitzhaber, fellow Democratic governors say public anger wanes in months after mass shootings (The Oregonian, 2/28/13)
Oregon lawmakers prepare for worst-case scenarios in near-broke timber counties (The Oregonian,2/27/13)
Oregon affected less by budget sequester than most states (The Oregonian, 2/26/13)
Kitzhaber on TV: My plan could reduce medical costs and deficit (KATU, 2/25/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber: ‘No one thinks fee for service is working’ (Washington Post, 2/25/13)
Oregon gun control bill attracts national publicity; sponsor says it appears dead on arrival (The Oregonian, 2/25/13)
Kitzhaber promotes Medicaid plan on MSNBC, takes another shot at DC’s political culture (The Oregonian, 2/25/13)
Oregon governor to tout state’s Medicaid reform to other leaders (Becker’s Hospital Review, 2/22/13)
Health care reform gets aid (Statesman Journal, 2/22/13)
How will Oregon pay for Medicaid expansion in 3 years? (Oregon Catalyst, 2/22/13)
AUDIO: Oregon seen as health care model for other states (Northwest Public Radio, 2/22/13)
Kitzhaber to pitch plan to lower Medicaid costs to govs. (KATU, 2/21/13)
Gun control supporters in Legislature narrow their agenda after running into heated opposition (The Oregonian, 2/20/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber, Mayor McGinn: No to coal exports (Seattle P-I, 2/19/13)
VIDEO: State revenue forecast brightens (Statesman Journal, 2/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Big PERS benefits, small state economy: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 2/16/13)
Kitzhaber signs Eastern Oregon water deal (AP, 2/15/13)
Federal tax hike on wealthy gives bump to Oregon’s budget (The Oregonian, 2/15/13)
Kitzhaber, farmers, environmentalists sign deal to add more water for Umatilla Basin irrigation(The Oregonian, 2/15/13)
Oregon gay marriage campaign kicks off (AP, 2/15/13)
Kitzhaber to sign Oregon gay marriage petition (AP, 2/14/13)
Governor to testify to alternative for medical disputes (Statesman Journal, 2/14/13)
Committee hears report on prison growth, reform ideas (Statesman Journal, 2/14/13)
Plan to limit malpractice suits advances (Statesman Journal, 2/14/13)
Bill in Oregon Legislature would invalidate federal gun restrictions, prevent enforcement (The Oregonian, 2/14/13)
Emotional legislative hearing on tuition equity leaves supporters crying, opponents fuming (The Oregonian, 2/13/13)
Kitzhaber guest of Michelle Obama for SOTU address (Statesman Journal, 2/12/13)
Health care reforms earn Gov. John Kitzhaber a seat with Michelle Obama (The Oregonian,2/12/13)
Will Kitzhaber help persuade Americans that Obamacare will save money? (The Oregonian,2/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Gay marriage a golden opportunity for Oregon GOP: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian,2/11/13)
Gov. Kitzhaber, business leaders throw support behind tuition equity bill (The Oregonian, 2/11/13)
Governor Kitzhaber backs I-5 bridge plan (Statesman Journal, 2/11/13)
Kitzhaber to back bill on immigrant tuition (Statesman Journal, 2/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Ten years later, Kitzhaber eyes a second round of PERS reforms (Statesman Journal, 2/11/13)
Seizing Medicaid expansion as a means to reform (Stateline, 2/11/13)
Backers of gay marriage will take their cause to Oregon ballot in 2014 (The Oregonian, 2/11/13)
Lawmakers prepare for budget forecast (Statesman Journal, 2/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Oregon dawdles while other states take action on taxes: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian,2/9/13)
Audit: More needs to be done to meet legislative education plan (Statesman Journal, 2/7/13)
Dept of Justice offers legal analysis of PERS reform (Statesman Journal, 2/7/13)
Kitzhaber panel fails to reach consensus on O&C lands logging (Statesman Journal, 2/7/13)
Oregon PERS: Legislative Council says Gov. Kitzhaber’s money-saving proposals won’t pass legal review (The Oregonian, 2/7/13)
Kitzhaber offers logging plan for timber counties (AP, 2/7/13)
Dept  of Justice offers possible legal arguments to reform PERS (The Oregonian, 2/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature should be disciplined on tax breaks: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 2/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Oregonians gun-shy on gun limits: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 2/4/13)
State budget, schools, PERS, prisons dominate Oregon Legislature’s agenda (The Oregonian, 2/3/13)
Democrats target income tax breaks to balance budget (The Oregonian, 2/2/13)
EDITORIAL: With or without Nike, enterprise zone expansions make sense (The Oregonian, 2/2/13)


Jumping off and on Gov. Kitzhaber’s education merry-go-round (Statesman Journal, 1/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Doing the PERS-savings math: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 1/27/13)
Oregon seen as next battleground for marijuana legalization (The Oregonian, 1/27/13)
EDITORIAL: No PERS blackout – Reject bill to keep pension amounts secret (Register-Guard,1/27/13)
Despite their clout, Oregon’s public-sector unions face tough fights in 2013 Legislature (The Oregonian, 1/26/13)
OPINION: Want a return? Make the investment (Mail Tribune, 1/25/13)
Farm lobby sees 2013 Legislature as mixed bag (Capital Press, 1/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Sheriffs buy into politics of gullibility (The Daily Astorian, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Barack Obama and John Kitzhaber present different visions (The Oregonian,1/24/13)
Governor’s budget supports Eastern Oregon priorities (Northwest Opinions, 1/23/13)
VIDEO: Governor, director defend DHS after judge assails it (KATU, 1/23/13)
No, Oregon did not get a block grant (Washington Post, 1/23/13)
OPINION: Oregon not served by gov’slow salary (East Oregonian, 1/22/13)
Cylvia Hayes, governor’s companion, starts blogging for Huffington Post (Oregon Politics Watch, 1/22/13)
EDITORIAL: If he’s smart, governor won’t speak for pay (Albany Democrat-Herald, 1/21/13)
Does Oregon spend $10,000 per student, $30,000 per inmate? (The Oregonian, 1/19/13)
COMMENTARY: County mountie lunacy on federal gun regulations (The Oregonian, 1/19/13)
John Kitzhaber’s big bet to save American health care (Blue Oregon, 1/18/13)
Rising cost of PERS has cities worried about next biennium (Statesman Journal, 1/18/13)
Can Oregon save American health care? (Washington Post, 1/18/13)
EDITORIAL: A moonlighting governor (Register Guard, 1/18/13)
Oregon governor wants to double Hollywood subsidies to $12 million (NW Watchdog, 1/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature apt to skip gun fray (Albany Democrat-Herald, 1/17/13)
Oregon ethics board will consider Kitzhaber speaking fees (The Oregonian, 1/17/13)
Ethics panel gave conditional approval of Kitzhaber request (Statesman Journal, 1/17/13)
Oregon ethics board: Gov. John Kitzhaber can be paid speaker fees (The Oregonian, 1/17/13)
Oregon sheriffs protest Obama’s proposed gun laws (NW Watchdog, 1/16/13)
Kitzhaber: Pension, prison cuts tough but needed (KMTR, 1/15/13)
Salem radio host says he won’t leave Oregon GOP post after harsh comments about Kotek (The Oregonian, 1/15/13)
Tina Kotek becomes first lesbian sworn in as Oregon House Speaker (GayStarNews, 1/15/13)
PERS reform will be debated, but what will happen? (KATU, 1/15/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber’s revolutionary thinking in the funding of Oregon’s higher education (The Daily Emerald, 1/14/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber praises Oregon Legislature, outlines difficult agenda (The Oregonian, 1/14/13)
‘If you are unwilling to act… we will be choosing prisons over schools’ (KVAL, 1/14/13)
Kitzhaber reinforces finance, PERS concerns in State address (Portland Business Journal, 1/14/13)
Text of Gov. John Kitzhaber’s State of the State address (The Oregonian, 1/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Raise Oregon governor’s pay (The Daily Astorian, 1/14/13)
Kitzhaber: For Oregon, it’s all about ‘dollars in the classroom’ (The Oregonian, 1/14/13)
Comparing the State of the State address with past speeches (Oregon Politics Watch, 1/14/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber to give State of the State address Monday as Legislature organizes ahead of session (The Oregonian, 1/14/13)
Governor, lawmakers set priorities for legislative session (Watchdog, 1/14/13)
EDITORIAL: AFSCME tells governor to keep hands off PERS: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian,1/13/13)
Gov. John Kitzhaber upbeat as he prepares for a difficult legislative session (The Oregonian, 1/12/13)
Opponents set for ugly legislative gunfight in the Oregon capitol (Watchdog, 1/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Address Oregon’s tax structure: Agenda 2013 (The Oregonian, 1/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Oregon lawmakers must address PERS reform (The Oregonian, 1/6/13)
Statewide officials begin new terms (AP, 1/5/13)
GOP senators looking to solve their ‘primary problem’ can study Oregon (The Oregonian, 1/4/13)
School boss questions how to fund ed reform (East Oregonian, 1/4/13)
PERS: Take that winding road toward reform (Hood River News, 1/4/13)
Gill-netters challenge Oregon’s plans to bump them off Columbia River’s main stem (The Oregonian,1/4/13)
Smoking ban takes effect for Oregon state employees (AP, 1/3/13)
Kitzhaber: It pays for states to raise bar on minimum wage (Politico, 1/3/13)
Portland plan sets welcome mat for Nike (Portland Tribune, 1/3/13)
State encourages employees to ‘educate’ smokers about their habit (Statesman Journal, 1/3/13)
Tuition equity bill likely to pass Oregon Legislature this year, supporters say (The Oregonian,1/3/13)
State officials propose mileage tax for fuel-efficient vehicles in Oregon (AP, 1/2/13)

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