The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


OK 2011 Archives


Oklahoma Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Legislative task force calls for reducing Oklahoma’s top personal income tax rate (The Oklahoman, 12/31/11)
Tax reform task force findings (The Oklahoman, 12/31/11)
Oklahoma panel OKs DHS settlement with changes (Tulsa World, 12/30/11)
DHS settlement in doubt (Tulsa World, 12/29/11)
Discussions to continue on proposed legal settlement over children’s care (The Oklahoman, 12/29/11)
Oklahoma officials discuss DHS settlement (Tulsa World, 12/28/11)
Governor’s business climate survey reports early demographics (Edmond Sun, 12/28/11)
Top OK stories of 2011: Pension reform, economic boom, proposed income tax phase-out (CapitolBeatOK, 12/28/11)
Economy, weather, anti-discrimination ordinance lead list of 2011′s top Okla. City stories (CapitolBeatOK, 12/26/11)
Gov. Fallin to push for reducing state personal income tax in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 12/26/11)
Opinion: Business survey will provide valuable information (Tulsa World, 12/23/11)
Video: Fallin asking for fix to crumbling Capitol (KOCO, 12/22/11)
Panel recommends greater scrutiny of Oklahoma tax credits (Tulsa World, 12/22/11)
OK House Speaker Steele outlines process to allow Okla. taxpayers to keep ‘more money that rightfully belongs to them’(CapitolBeatOK, 12/22/11)
National analyst rates OK City best in nation for economic security (CapitolBeatOK, 12/22/11)
The Task Force is done, but the tax credit battle has just begun (State Impact/NPR, 12/22/11)
Oklahoma looks ahead to wind power failure with new energy plan (North American Wind Power, 12/22/11)
Oklahoma legislator calls for extending moratorium on tax credits (The Oklahoman, 12/22/11)
Chamber leaders oppose some proposed tax credit reforms (CapitolBeatOK, 12/21/11)
Legislation on tax credit reform will be ‘uphill battle’ (Missouri News Horizon, 12/21/11)
Task Force on tax credits and incentives approves final report (CapitolBeatOK, 12/21/11)
How Oklahoma’s new budget hole formed and what might fill it (State Impact/NPR, 12/20/11)
Fallin finds Race to Top decision ‘disappointing’ — Superintendent Barresi presses for more spending, board edges forward on evaluation model (CapitolBeatOK, 12/16/11)
Flat budget won’t budge despite oil tax ‘bonanza’ (State Impact/NPR, 12/14/11)
November general revenue collections outpace last year’s by 22.6% – oil revenue surges (CapitolBeatOK, 12/14/11)
Conflict over teacher evaluation system emerges in Barresi-Ballard exchange (CapitolBeatOK, 12/14/11)
Proposed Oklahoma performance audit amendment my be on November 2o12 ballot (Ballot News, 12/14/11)
State revenue collections jump in November (Tulsa World, 12/14/11)
Oil boom helps boost Okla. revenue collections (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/13/11)
Panel recommends tax breaks, credits for Oklahoma (Tulsa World, 12/13/11)
Education Superintendent anticipates low costs for implementing ‘Common Core’ (CapitolBeatOK, 12/13/11)
OK Supreme Court decides not to restrict personal information from court records (The Oklahoman, 12/13/11)
Opinion: Oklahoma government needs a performance audit (Edmond Sun, 12/13/11)
Oklahoma Academy urges caution with income tax cut (The Oklahoman, 12/12/11)
Oklahoma lawmakers say payroll tax debate is exercise in politics (The Oklahoman, 12/11/11)
Oklahoma road, bridge bond issue wins approval (The Oklahoman, 12/9/11)
Fallin says tax reform is among legislative goals (Tulsa World, 12/8/11)
Video: Help on way for OK earthquake victims (KOCO, 12/8/11)
Oklahoma policymakers tout ‘business-friendly’ issues (The Oklahoman, 12/8/11)
Oklahoma lawmaker drafting bill to eliminate income tax (KOCO, 12/8/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin’s income tax goal: ‘Around 3 percent’ (State Impact/NPR, 12/8/11)
Occupy OKC: Federal judge will decide whether to grant protest group’s injunction (The Oklahoman, 12/8/11)
Study touts Oklahoma’s economic strength (The Oklahoman, 12/7/11)
State officials: Individual insurance for children to return soon (Tulsa World, 12/7/11)
Gov. Fallin is planning to attack the income tax (State Impact/NPR, 12/6/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin is developing personal income tax reduction plan (The Oklahoman, 12/6/11)
Thousands of Oklahoma children may get insurance coverage (KOCO, 12/6/11)
Natural gas money ‘transforming’ Oklahoma (State Impact/NPR, 12/5/11)
Oklahoma judge to rule on lawmaker conspiracy charge (The Oklahoman, 12/5/11)
Gov. Fallin shares optimistic view with Rotary (Enid News, 12/5/11)
Point-counterpoint: Ending personal income tax (The Oklahoman, 12/4/11)
Momentum building to eliminate Oklahoma’s personal income tax (The Oklahoman, 12/4/11)
Supporters regroup after Fallin fails to name Indian liaison (Tulsa World, 12/3/11)
As gas riches remake Plains, lawmaker shares in bounty (New York Times, 12/3/11)
OK Governor again seeks federal assistance for earthquake victims (The Oklahoman, 12/3/11)
Tax reform task force ends its hearings (Tulsa World, 12/2/11)
Oklahoma’s economy continues to show improvement (The Oklahoman, 12/2/11)
Fallin ignores deadline to name Native American liaison (Tulsa World, 12/2/11)
Gov. Fallin and OK ag secretary to feds: Withdraw and abandon farm kid proposals (The Oklahoman, 12/2/11)
No federal earthquake assistance for Oklahoma (State Impact/NPR, 12/1/11)
Opinion: Fallin’s plan would improve bridges, roads (Tulsa World, 12/1/11)
Denial of federal quake aid frustrates Oklahoma governor (Reuters, 12/1/11)
Okla. governor to launch online business survey (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/1/11)


A guide to the great state income tax debate (State Impact/NPR, 11/23/11)
For the Legislature at mid-cycle, the times, they are a-changin’ (CapitolBeatOK, 11/16/11)
Oklahoma legislators urged to comply with national health care law (The Oklahoman, 11/16/11)
Oklahoma Baptists vow to protect the unborn, sanctity of marriage (The Oklahoman, 11/16/11)
Increased oil production spurs Oklahoma’s economic growth (The Oklahoman, 11/16/11)
State health care committee remains undecided on exchange (Tulsa World, 11/16/11)
General revenue grows in all categories (CapitolBeatOK, 11/15/11)
Oklahoma should sell some buildings to fund Capitol repairs, lawmaker says (The Oklahoman, 11/14/11)
Fallin, other governors share economic development strategies (Tulsa World, 11/14/11)
Rice and Reynolds contribute alternative views on tax credit task force deliberations (CapitolBeatOK, 11/14/11)
Oklahoma Correctional Industries poised for growth after setbacks (The Oklahoman, 11/13/11)
Bipartisan legislation may boost momentum to collect sales tax on online purchases in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 11/13/11)
Opinion: A defining moment for education in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 11/11/11)
New Okla. laws credited with improving state pensions’ fiscal shape (The Oklahoman, 11/11/11)
Oklahoma consolidation efforts progressing, lawmakers told (The Oklahoman, 11/11/11)
Oklahoma lawmakers mull more openness in Legislature (Tulsa World, 11/10/11)
Eliminating state income tax difficult, economists say (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Treasurer takes critical view of some reform ideas before tax credit task force (CapitolBeatOK, 11/10/11)
State auditor and Inspector outline views on reform of tax credits and economic incentives (CapitolBeatOK, 11/10/11)
Prosecutors oppose restriction on court information (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Gov. Fallin pledges to support Keystone pipeline, safe fracking (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin aiming to increase CNG options (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin declares state of emergency after Okla. earthquakes (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Fallin declares state of emergency (Shawnee News-Star, 11/10/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin pledges to support Keystone pipeline, safe fracking (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
More controls on tax credits sought (The Oklahoman, 11/10/11)
Oklahoma lawmaker touts billions in pension savings (Tulsa World, 11/10/11)
Dank provides aggressive framework for reform of OK tax credits and economic incentives (CapitolBeatOK, 11/9/11)
Edmond Democrat announces challenge to Rep. James Lankford (The Oklahoman, 11/9/11)
Cash-strapped FEMA suggests Oklahoma handle its own disasters (Newson6, 11/9/11)
Sean Burrage to replace Andrew Rice as Senate Democratic leader (CapitolBeatOK, 11/8/11)
Fallin treads lightly around school voucher issue (Tulsa World, 11/8/11)
Fallin: Pro-business climate, education key to state success (Broken Arrow Ledger, 11/8/11)
Factions lining up for battle on affirmative action proposal (Tulsa World, 11/6/11)
Editorial: Voters should decide if Oklahoman parole rules need to change (The Oklahoman, 11/6/11)
School voucher critics cite lack of accountability (Tulsa World, 11/6/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin to unveil state energy plan at conference (The Oklahoman, 11/5/11)
New House majority floor leader named in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 11/5/11)
Commentary: For the sake of Oklahoma’s judicial system, secrecy rule must be rebuffed (CapitolBeatOK, 11/5/11)
Oklahoma’s economy shows steady growth (The Oklahoman, 11/4/11)
Judge rules sufficient evidence for bribery trial for state lawmakers (The Oklahoman, 11/4/11)
Advocates call for more public school reform choice and options (CapitolBeatOK, 11/4/11)
OK Treasurer: With revenue gap fading and a bright economic picture, Oklahoma is in an enviable place (CapitolBeatOK, 11/3/11)
Economically, Oklahoma rises above worldwide chaos (CapitolBeatOK, 11/3/11)
OK lawmaker testifies in corruption case the he believed Sen. was unqualified for created job (The Oklahoman, 11/3/11)
Gov. supports creation of innovation index (Norman Transcript, 11/2/11)
Witness testifies he was told to keep quiet about rumor senator would get state job (The Oklahoman, 11/2/11)
More Ersland petitions given to governor (The Oklahoman, 11/2/11)
Video: Ersland supporters gain hope with new law (KFOR, 11/1/11)


Jerome Ersland Act could change ability to use deadly force (KOCO, 10/31/11)
KIPP school helping meet Gov. Mary Fallin’s education challenge (The Oklahoman, 10/30/11)
Half of paroles get Fallin’s OK (Tulsa World, 10/30/11)
Legislative panel questions coal tax credits (The Oklahoman, 10/27/11)
As task force deliberations continue, dialogue on wind and coal incentives occasionally testy (CapitolBeatOK, 10/27/11)
Fallin calls for Capitol repairs (Edmond Sun, 10/26/11)
Fallin won’t commute drug offender’s life-without-parole sentence (Tulsa World, 10/26/11)
Oklahoma lawmakers resume study of state tax breaks (The Oklahoman, 10/26/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin denies request for commutation (The Oklahoman, 10/25/11)
Oklahoma bond proposals face resistance in OK House (The Oklahoman, 10/25/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin pledges support to oil industry (The Oklahoman, 10/24/11)
Lawmakers will get 50-year water plan next session (The Oklahoman, 10/23/11)
Texas loses appeal in Oklahoma water case (The Oklahoman, 10/22/11)
Professor: Oklahoma should incarcerate fewer people (Norman Transcript, 10/22/11)
Governor: State ‘headed in the right direction’ (Norman Transcript, 10/21/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin is selected chairman of Southern States Energy Board (The Oklahoman, 10/20/11)
Abortion drug law is blocked by Oklahoma judge (The Oklahoman, 10/20/11)
Dept of Human Services commissioner apologizes for agency’s failures (The Oklahoman, 10/20/11)
State lawmaker: State employee health plan will send $75M to New Jersey (Insurance Journal, 10/20/11)
Prescription plan upsets local lawmakers (Enid News, 10/20/11)
GOP lawmaker calls on Gov. Fallin to stop Healthchoice mail-order prescription plan (The State Column, 10/19/11)
Oklahoma judge blocks abortion law from taking effect (The Oklahoman, 10/19/11)
Dem Senate Leader Andrew Rice will resign from Senate on January 15 (CapitolBeatOK, 10/18/11)
Governor, legislators looking to reduce state income tax (KRMG, 10/17/11)
State lawmakers eye further cuts to income tax (Norman Transcript, 10/17/11)
Analysis: ‘Occupy’ movement comes to OKC, Tulsa (CapitolBeatOK, 10/17/11)
OK Republicans elect their House Speaker-designate (CapitolBeatOK, 10/17/11)
As Fallin and Steele critically scrutinize DHS policies and procedures, two legislators announce their own probe (CapitolBeatOK, 10/17/11)
Frank discussion needed on tax reform in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 10/16/11)
Rural-urban divide seen on Oklahoma tax credit question (The Oklahoman, 10/16/11)
DHS misrepresents number of children abused and neglected in state custody (The Oklahoman, 10/16/11)
Fallin visits Tulsa-area food bank (Tulsa World, 10/15/11)
Oklahoma labor commissioner seeks retraction from union official (The Oklahoman, 10/15/11)
Oklahoma Appeals Court rejects ex-senator’s claim of immunity (The Oklahoman, 10/14/11)
No urgent need to redraw appellate and district court districts, chief justice tells legislative panel (The Oklahoman, 10/14/11)
Oklahoma health agency budget request may top $1 billion (The Oklahoman, 10/14/11)
Oklahoma board disputes Texas water district’s claims (The Oklahoman, 10/13/11)
State’s high court should look into questionable tax credits, legislator says (The Oklahoman, 10/13/11)
Oklahoma appeals court won’t dismiss bribery charge (The Oklahoman, 10/13/11)
Rep. Dank outlines layered scrutiny of tax credits and incentives (CapitolBeatOK, 10/13/11)
GOP lawmaker: Two OK tax incentive programs have per-job costs ‘worse than Solyndra’ (CapitolBeatOK, 10/12/11)
Judge dismisses challenge to Oklahoma Senate redistricting plan (The Oklahoman, 10/12/11)
Oklahoma’s parole caseload backlog is gone (Tulsa World, 10/12/11)
Artist asks Gov. Fallin to put nude painting in mansion (KFOR, 10/12/11)
Occupy Wall Street movement reaches Oklahoma City (The Oklahoman, 10/11/11)
Health care waiver sought by Oklahoma officials (The Oklahoman, 10/11/11)
Heritage Foundation analyst warns of risks in taking federal education grant dollars (CapitolBeatOK, 10/11/11)
Edmond voters approve sales tax increase (The Oklahoman, 10/11/11)
Motion picture industry supporters seek to preserve Oklahoma incentive program (The Oklahoman, 10/11/11)
Republican wins special Senate race (The Oklahoman, 10/11/11)
OK state tax collections continue upswing (The Oklahoman, 10/10/11)
Opinion: Roads, bridges vital but not only interest (Norman Transcript, 10/8/11)
Opinion: New commission chairman faces daunting challenges (Tulsa World, 10/7/11)
DHS’ Yarbrough: Committee will decide whether other committee meetings are open to the public (Missouri News Horizon, 10/6/11)
Opinion: Fallin’s bridge plan is a bold one (Enid News, 10/6/11)
Oklahoma DHS panel chairman sees challenges ahead (Tulsa World, 10/6/11)
Online retails sales costing Oklahoma millions each year (The Oklahoman, 10/5/11)
Bridges to tomorrow (Muskogee Phoenix, 10/5/11)
Oklahoma’s economy continues to show steady growth (The Oklahoman, 10/5/11)
Fallin names appointments to Judicial Nominating Commission (CapitolBeatOK, 10/5/11)
Could Oklahoma soon lead nation in bridge quality? (Land Line Mag, 10/5/11)
Governor unveils plan to revamp state bridge system (Edmond Sun, 10/4/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin to announce plan to cut bad bridges (The Oklahoman, 10/3/11)
Fallin unveils plan to revamp state bridge system (CapitolBeatOK, 10/3/11)
Fallin: New transportation plan vital for economic success, job growth (Edmond Sun, 10/3/11)
Video: Gov. Fallin pledges to fix bridges by 2019 (KFOR, 10/3/11)
Fallin announces plan to virtually eliminate ‘bad bridges’ (Tulsa World, 10/3/11)
State Democrats organize to oppose Labor Commissioner Mark Costello (Tulsa Today, 10/2/11)
Mary Fallin advocates for state children’s needs (Tulsa Today, 10/2/11)
Special G&A: Googling from the inside out (Norman Transcript, 10/2/11)
Oklahomans ambivalent about early childhood programs, teachers critical of 3-year-old programs and Obama grant (Tulsa Today, 10/2/11)
Business, civic groups, early childhood education advocates back Fallin admin’s decision to seek federal grant (Tulsa Today,10/2/11)
Editorial: Formation of two new committees a good move for DHS board (The Oklahoman, 10/2/11)


No need for tougher anti-illegal immigration laws, OK House leader says (The Oklahoman, 9/30/11)
Fallin: Oil and gas key to growth (Examiner-Enterprise, 9/30/11)
Oklahoma teachers’ retirement fund reduces unfunded liability (The Oklahoman, 9/30/11)
Gov. Fallin talks business, education at Bartlesville forum (KJRH, 9/29/11)
Video: Gov. Mary Fallin on tax reform and creating jobs (NFIB Small Business, 9/29/11)
Changes shore up $3B Oklahoma pension liability (The Oklahoman, 9/29/11)
Lawmakers discuss higher education funding (The Oklahoman, 9/29/11)
Fallin commits to fully funding teachers’ health benefits (Tulsa World, 9/29/11)
Lawmakers pledge to fund health benefits for school workers (The Oklahoman, 9/28/11)
Business, civic groups, early childhood advocates back Fallin Admin’s decision to seek federal grant (CapitolBeatOK, 9/27/11)
Fallin announced OK storm shelter rebate offer (Forbes, 9/27/11)
Insurance companies receive hundreds of millions of dollars in OK tax credits since 2004 (The Oklahoman, 9/25/11)
Oklahoma will work to increase number of residents with a degree (The Oklahoman, 9/23/11)
Plan calls for 67% more college grads in Oklahoma (Tulsa World, 9/23/11)
Opinion: State leaders right seek early childhood education funding (Tulsa World, 9/22/11)
OK Gov. Mary Fallin shows Washington how it’s done (Forbes, 9/22/11)
Fallen, Barresi seek $60M early childhood learning grant from Obama administration (Tulsa Today, 9/22/11)
Lawmakers discuss water rights (The Oklahoman, 9/22/11)
OK Democrats organize to oppose Labor Commissioner Mark Costello (CapitolBeatOK, 9/22/11)
Oklahoma to apply for Race to the Top early learning funds (The Oklahoman, 9/21/11)
Prosecutors ready to go forward with Oklahoma political corruption case (The Oklahoman, 9/20/11)
Oklahomans back lower taxes, smaller government, SoonerPoll finds (CapitolBeatOK, 9/19/11)
AG’s opinion clears governor’s husband to represent OU, CompSource (The Oklahoman, 9/17/11)
Gov. Fallin’s husband can work for state of OK, attorney general says (Tulsa World, 9/17/11)
House Investigative Committee: Terrill reprimand is enough (CapitolBeatOK, 9/16/11)
Democratic former OK County commissioner selected for Election Board (The Oklahoman, 9/15/11)
Fallin’s new wave of 18 officials: Some old, some new, some blue (CapitolBeatOK, 9/15/11)
Labor commissioner takes aim at public employee unions (Tulsa World, 9/13/11)
OK Senate seeks to dismiss lawsuit challenging its redistricting plan (The Oklahoman, 9/9/11)
Fallin says Caddo “will play an important role” in water discussions — she is “committed to working with them” (CapitolBeatOK, 9/9/11)
Tax Force members pan investment/new jobs tax credit, say it is a poor model (CapitolBeatOK, 9/9/11)
Editorial: Governor, speaker right to demand more from DHS oversight board (The Oklahoman, 9/9/11)
Jobs/investment tax credit program in Oklahoma draws concern of task force (The Oklahoman, 9/8/11)
Task Force touts Quality Jobs Performance as an example to other incentive programs (CapitolBeatOK, 9/8/11)
Initiative petition seeking new legislative, congressional districts filed in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 9/8/11)
Chairman: Oklahoma tax credits should face scrutiny (The Oklahoman, 9/7/11)
Rep. Dank will push to end transferable tax credits (CapitolBeatOK, 9/7/11)
Lawsuit filed challenging state senate redistricting plan (The Oklahoman, 9/7/11)
“A tale of two economies” – Oklahoma’s economic advance continues amidst US lethargy (CapitolBeatOK, 9/6/11)
Treasurer: Oklahoma economy hot in August (CapitolBeatOK, 9/6/11)
Oklahoma’s tourism director says parks must remain public (The Oklahoman, 9/6/11)
Gov. Fallin ‘extremely disturbed’ by Serenity Deal case (KOCO, 9/6/11)
Oklahoma water plan draft’s definition of surplus draws criticism (The Oklahoman, 9/6/11)
Fallin sees capacity for research drones (Tulsa World, 9/6/11)
Dry and technical issues permeate hearing on comprehensive water plan (CapitolBeatOK, 9/1/11)


In case of emergency, break the bank: State owes $31 million as emergency fund is running on empty (State Impact/NPR, 8/31/11)
Fallin waiting to endorse a presidential candidate (Tulsa World, 8/29/11)
Transferring tax breaks raises concerns for state’s residents (The Oklahoman, 8/28/11)
Under new OK law, state finance office takes over 4 agencies (The Oklahoman, 8/26/11)
Fallin talks education, work force in Stillwater (The Norman Transcript, 8/26/11)
Efficiency and effectiveness of Oklahoma higher education under study (CapitolBeatOK, 8/26/11)
Oklahoma state agencies have high turnover after some new elected officials take over (The Oklahoman, 8/25/11)
Fallin not interested in federal help to develop insurance exchange (The Oklahoman, 8/25/11)
Lawmakers question effectiveness of several tax credit programs (The Oklahoman, 8/25/11)
Fallin aims for increase in college graduates (Tulsa World, 8/25/11)
Tax reform task force begins to take shape (Tulsa World, 8/24/11)
Investment procedures and process scrutinized at Capitol hearing of Dank Committee (CapitolBeatOK, 8/24/11)
OK Education Association keeps generous benefits and pay raises while members face more suffering (CapitolBeatOK, 8/23/11)
Fallin announces appointments to Task Force on Comprehensive Tax Reform (CapitolBeatOK, 8/23/11)
OK Treasurer says energy industry still leads revenue growth (CapitolBeatOK, 8/3/11)

JULY 2011

Okla. AG announces pension probe; GOP lawmakers press for additional reforms (CapitolBeatOK, 7/29/11)
Gov. Fallin to undergo arthroscopic hip surgery (CapitolBeatOK, 7/25/11)
Fallin expresses deep concern over ‘huge impact’ of possible federal default (CapitolBeatOK, 7/25/11)
Fallin hopeful of future investments in OK economy (CapitolBeatOK, 7/25/11)
OK Watch: Immigration law enforcement questioned (The Oklahoman, 7/24/11)
Editorial: Oklahoma governor in no hurry to appoint women (The Oklahoman, 7/22/11)
Fallin pitches Oklahoma to Chicago-based businesses (Forbes, 7/22/11)
Heat wave likely to continue through summer, OK officials say (The Oklahoman, 7/22/11)
Oklahoma officials, charities work to meet new regulations (The Oklahoman, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Drought makes us think twice about selling water (Norman Transcript, 7/20/11)
First impact of US default would be on state’s health care authority, federal employees (CapitolBeatOK, 7/20/11)
Ethics Commission orders 5 investigations into possible violations (The Oklahoman, 7/20/11)
Oklahoma Dems name interim executive director (The Oklahoman, 7/19/11)
Fallin determined to protect rainy-day fund (Tulsa World, 7/19/11)
Low water pressure closes state government buildings in OK City (The Oklahoman, 7/18/11)
GOP governors: Prayer will solve our problems (Salon, 7/18/11)
Oklahoma attorneys say road to immigration can be long, with many roadblocks (The Oklahoman, 7/17/11)
Serving ‘the first master’ — Tax incentives under legislative microscope (CapitolBeatOK, 7/16/11)
Tax breaks targeted by Oklahoma legislators (The Oklahoman, 7/16/11)
Oklahoma governor’s daughter goes GaGa (Huffington Post, 7/15/11)
Fallin has warm words for Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry (Politico, 7/15/11)
Legislation for highway and bridge funds challenged in court (The Oklahoman, 7/15/11)
Oklahoma’s primary care physician shortage provokes contrasting analysis (CapitolBeatOK, 7/15/11)
Governor asks Oklahomans to pray for rain (Fox23, 7/15/11)
Fallin heads to Salt Lake City for gov meeting (The Oklahoman, 7/14/11)
Appointments announced to OK Science & Tech Council (Tulsa Today, 7/14/11)
Fallin asks for prayers for rain (The Oklahoman, 7/14/11)
Census 2010: South and Central Americans help boost Hispanic population in OK (The Oklahoman, 7/14/11)
Okla. faces challenges in supplying enough primary care doctors to meet health care reform (The Oklahoman, 7/13/11)
Legislative leaders approve important interim studies, including education policy questions (CapitolBeatOK, 7/13/11)
Fallin’s daughter not given OK for photo shoot at governor’s mansion (Tulsa World, 7/13/11)
On a rainy day, analysts debate best use of Rainy Day Fund deposit (CapitolBeatOK, 7/12/11)
“Conservative” Okie legislators plow the furrows for federal farm subsidy (OpEdNews, 7/12/11)
State “rainy day fund” to get $219 million deposit as revenue rises (Tulsa World, 7/12/11)
$219 million going into Oklahoma’s reserve fund (Forbes, 7/11/11)
Oklahoma’s fiscal year ends with strong revenue collections (The Oklahoman, 7/11/11)
OK pharmacist convicted of killing teen who attempted robbery; judge rejects request to suspend life sentence (The Oklahoman, 7/11/11)
Economic growth yields ‘Rainy Day Fund’ deposit of $219 million (CapitolBeatOK, 7/11/11)
Legislators collect millions in federal farm subsidies (Tulsa World, 7/10/11)
Oklahoma AG says ‘no’ to ouster of Tulsa mayor (The Oklahoman, 7/9/11)
Upset about governor’s security costs? Take it up with Legislature (The Oklahoman, 7/9/11)
Education budget cuts stun lawmakers (Tulsa World, 7/9/11)
OEA and other state NEA affiliates facing harsher realities, national leadership says (CapitolBeatOK, 7/9/11)
Democratic lawmaker advances legal challenge to state Senate district lines (CapitolBeatOK, 7/9/11)
Sen. Rice leads new wave of legislative Democrats assailing Barresi’s priorities, practices (CapitolBeatOK, 7/8/11)
Oklahoma education superintendent addresses administrators (The Oklahoman, 7/7/11)
ODOT’s Centennial Celebration cost OK taxpayers more than $100K (NewsOn6, 7/7/11)
Dem state senator to file suit over redistricting plan (Tulsa World, 7/7/11)
Jerome Ersland petitions delivered to governor (The Oklahoman, 7/7/11)
OK Treasurer touts positive signs in state government revenues for June (CapitolBeatOK, 7/6/11)
Treasurer describes ‘up and up’ state economy, but worries about US default (CapitolBeatOK, 7/5/11)
Fallin trip to Ireland cost state taxpayers $13,260 for her security (Tulsa World, 7/2/11)
Despite advisory, Fallin spending holiday weekend at Grand Lake (Tulsa World, 7/2/11)
Heroes Act offers free tuition to children who lost parent in military (Tulsa World, 7/1/11)

JUNE 2011

Gov. Fallin helps sell Oklahoma at international BIO convention (The Oklahoman, 6/30/11)
Barresi spokesman defends state schools activities fund allocations (CapitolBeatOK, 6/30/11)
Study: Oklahoma farm subsidies total $5.4B from 1995 to 2010 (CapitolBeatOK, 6/30/11)
Deadlock on debt dangerous, Fallin says (Tulsa World, 6/30/11)
Gov. Fallin calls US debt situation dangerous (The Oklahoman, 6/30/11)
Eyes of the beholders: Is Oklahoma a rich state, or a poor state? (CapitolBeatOK, 6/28/11)
Education funding priorities criticized, alleged ‘conflict of interest’ assailed (CapitolBeatOK, 6/28/11)
Study ranks Oklahoma among the worst in unfunded liabilities (CapitolBeatOK, 6/27/11)
Barresi, Board of Education approves portions of common education budget (CapitolBeatOK, 6/24/11)
Oklahoma’s largest teachers’ union losing members (CapitolBeatOK, 6/21/11)
Most of Fallin’s executive choices are conservative Republicans, could break OK’s ‘good ol’ boy cycle’ (CapitolBeatOK, 6/17/11)
Legislature will soon form joint committee to review state Water Plan (CapitolBeatOK, 6/14/11)
Joint water policy committee formed, further pension reforms envisioned (CapitolBeatOK, 6/14/11)
Oklahoma officials question Medicaid director’s pay raise (The Oklahoman, 6/11/11)
New study challenges link between taxpayer spending on Higher Ed and economic growth (CapitolBeatOK, 6/10/11)
Lawsuit challenges Oklahoma’s budget package (The Oklahoman, 6/9/11)
OK Pension Commission praises legislators for work to improve the underfunded pension system (The Oklahoman, 6/9/11)
Changes sought on redistricting procedure (Tulsa World, 6/8/11)
Editorial: As a hot-button issue, water may trump all (The Oklahoman, 6/8/11)
Boren’s departure from Congress sets stage for a competitive election (CapitolBeatOK, 6/8/11)
Analysis: OK ranked 12th in freedom among the 50 states (CapitolBeatOK, 6/8/11)
Oklahoma’s 50-year water plan draws criticism from lawmakers (The Oklahoman, 6/6/11)
Lawmakers turn focus to next year (Tulsa World, 6/4/11)
State Treasurer declares revenue “crisis over” (CapitolBeatOK, 6/3/11)
Oklahoma govt revenue 12-month receipts top $10 billion (CapitolBeatOK, 6/2/11)
Treasurer says Oklahoma revenues hit milestone (The Oklahoman, 6/2/11)
Opinion: Strong families, healthy children must be policymakers’ priorities (The Oklahoman, 6/1/11)
Sooner Tea Party headquarters burglarized (The Oklahoman, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

AG Pruitt slams federal EPA, files lawsuit (CapitolBeatOK, 5/31/11)
Fallin gets ‘quick action closing’ mechanism, but no new funding (CapitolBeatOK, 5/31/11)
More plusses than minuses for 2011 Legislature (The Oklahoman, 5/29/11)
Normally raucous last day of legislative session ends quietly (Tulsa World, 5/28/11)
Fallin vetoes 5 bills, signs 38 more into law (Tulsa World, 5/27/11)
Gov. Fallin acts on remaining bills from this year’s session (The Oklahoman, 5/27/11)
AG rules two Barresi aides at Education Dept didn’t have authority (CapitolBeatOK, 5/27/11)
Like her predecessors, Fallin impacts policy through appointment power (CapitolBeatOK, 5/27/11)
Okla. governor vetoes 5 bills on final day to sign (KOAM, 5/26/11)
Fallin signs bill that allows guns on CareerTech campuses (Tulsa World, 5/26/11)
Bill benefiting classroom teachers signed into law (CapitolBeatOK, 5/25/11)
Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan: The end of the beginning (CapitolBeatOK, 5/25/11)
Fallin signs workers’ compensation bill (The Oklahoman, 5/25/11)
Bill with cost-cutting measures signed by Fallin (The Oklahoman, 5/25/11)
Fallin signs slew of bills into law (Tulsa World, 5/25/11)
Bill with cost-cutting measures is signed by Gov. Fallin (The Oklahoman, 5/24/11)
Fallin signs legislative priorities into law (Edmond Sun, 5/24/11)
Oklahoma budget deal strips money from roads (Land Line Mag, 5/24/11)
Fallin signs bills touted as pro-business for Oklahoma (KOAM, 5/24/11)
Video: Gov. Fallin got most of her agenda through just-completed legislative session (News9, 5/23/11)
Fallin to sign several ‘agenda’ bill as session ends (CapitolBeatOK, 5/23/11)
Some Oklahoma college, university funds flush with cash (The Oklahoman, 5/22/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin enjoys legislative successes (The Oklahoman, 5/22/11)
Workers comp law cuts medical fees (Tulsa World, 5/22/11)
Fallin signs redistricting bills (The Oklahoman, 5/21/11)
Oklahoma legislators wrap up session (The Oklahoman, 5/20/11)
OK House Speaker hails ‘breadth of accomplishments’ in 2011 session (CapitolBeatOK, 5/20/11)
Legislature recesses early (Edmond Sun, 5/20/11)
Quick Action Closing Fund bill heads to Gov. Fallin (The State Column, 5/19/11)
Okla. GOP leaders pleased with accomplishments (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/19/11)
Oklahoma legislators to study federal health care law (The Oklahoman, 5/19/11)
Okla. Legislature approves workers comp overhaul (Forbes, 5/19/11)
Gov. Fallin signs tax petition transparency bill (The State Column, 5/19/11)
OK House buries effort to weaken government transparency provisions (CapitolBeatOK, 5/19/11)
Gov. Fallin, touting health care compact as method to meet citizens’ needs, signs SB 722 (CapitolBeatOK, 5/19/11)
Commentary: If public pension checks bounce, blame union leaders and politicians, not taxpayers (CapitolBeatOK, 5/17/11)
Andrea Baker – the face of OK corrections reform? (CapitolBeatOK, 5/16/11)
Powerful lobbyist confronts Democratic senator over her support for Republican bill (CapitolBeatOK, 5/16/11)
Despite Barresi’s support for core curriculum, some conservatives are wary (CapitolBeatOK, 5/16/11)
Legislature ponders Planned Parenthood defunding, abortion rights advocates tout “Choice Now and Always” (CapitolBeatOK, 5/13/11)
Pro-teacher proposal for pre-K and Kindergarten readiness pending in Senate conference (CapitolBeatOK, 5/13/11)
Senate redistricting plan unveiled (CapitolBeatOK, 5/11/11)
Fallin signs major corrections reform bill into law (CapitolBetOK, 5/11/11)
Health care compact heads to Governor Fallin (CapitolBeatOK, 5/11/11)
Legislative leaders and Gov. Fallin announce budget outline (CapitolBeatOK, 5/10/11)
Is pension reform the crowning achievement of the 2011 Legislature? (CapitolBeatOK, 5/10/11)
Fallin signs pension reforms, to save $6.8 million (CapitolBeatOK, 5/10/11)
State board enhances Education Superintendent Barresi’s powers (CapitolBeatOK, 5/9/11)
House reapportionment headed to a peaceful end (CapitolBeatOK, 5/9/11)
Editor’s Notebook: Pension reform nears, economic hopes, budget prospects (CapitolBeatOK, 5/6/11)
On a legislative ‘siding’ — a fight over government transparency? (CapitolBeatOK, 5/6/11)
Fallin signs school reform bills pushed by Superintendent Barresi (CapitolBeatOK, 5/4/11)
Two more education reform bill head to Fallin’s desk (CapitolBeatOK, 5/2/11)

APRIL 2011

Oklahoma House passes ‘birther bill’ for presidential candidates (LA Times, 4/28/11)
NAACP calls for state rep’s resignation after offensive comments about minorities (KOCO, 4/28/11)
Fallin signs bill making ‘Swing Low’ the state’s official gospel song (Tulsa World, 4/27/11)
Gov. Fallin extends deadly force law to OK businesses (Tulsa World, 4/26/11)
Ending her first 100 days, Gov. Fallin signs two pro-life bills (CapitolBeatOK, 4/23/11)
Editorial: Weakened prison reform bill better than nothing at all (The Oklahoman, 4/22/11)
Editorial: Much-needed prison reform bill clears Senate hurdle (Tulsa World, 4/22/11)
Pickens, Robert F. Kennedy discuss economic, energy, politics at conference in Tulsa (The Oklahoman, 4/22/11)
Fallin signs bill restricting abortions (Tulsa World, 4/21/11)
Oklahoma 4th state to ban abortions after 20 weeks (Reuters, 4/21/11)
Oklahoma’s legislative leaders aim to end session early (The Oklahoman, 4/20/11)
Oklahoma is fourth state to ban abortions (Reuters, 4/20/11)
Okla. AG to craft alternative deal in foreclosure settlement (Washington Post, 4/20/11)
Bill could make penalties stiffer for lawbreaking sports agents in Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 4/19/11)
Oklahoma set to repeal collective bargaining law (Reuters, 4/19/11)
Oklahoma GOP rejects health funding (Blue Oklahoma, 4/19/11)
Deal reached on new Oklahoma congressional lines (Stamford Advocate, 4/14/11)
Governor signs lawsuit bills she says will create jobs (The Oklahoman, 4/6/11)
Fallin signs measure to cap pain and suffering damages (Tulsa World, 4/6/11)
Fallin, lawmakers discuss health insurance grant (Tulsa World, 4/6/11)
Fallin touts restored aerospace tax credit (Tulsa World, 4/5/11)
Opinion: Republican mantra reeks of dictatorship (Muskogee Phoenix, 4/5/11)
Fallin signs aerospace tax cut measure (The Oklahoman, 4/5/11)
Bill limiting lawsuits advances to governor (The Oklahoman, 4/5/11)
Governor hopes to keep insurance exchange idea alive this session (The Oklahoman, 4/3/11)
Fallin meets with Republican lawmakers (The Oklahoman, 4/3/11)
Conservative group first proposed health insurance exchanges (The Oklahoman, 4/3/11)
Opinion: ‘Obamacare’ opposition imperils health insurance measure (Tulsa World, 4/2/11)
Prison reform bill advances in the state Senate (Tulsa World, 4/1/11)
Oklahoma Republicans divided over what to do with healthcare reform (The Hill, 4/1/11)
Senate leader rejects health-care exchange bill (Tulsa World, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

Senate panel advances bill to ease prison crowding (The Oklahoman, 3/31/11)
Oklahoma plan would make it easier to fire teachers (Reuters, 3/31/11)
Okla. Senate leader rejects insurance exchange plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/31/11)
Senate panel approves bill allowing lawmakers to carry weapons anywhere (Tulsa World, 3/31/11)
Fallin calls for EPA to ease oil, gas regulation (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/30/11)
Oklahoma House GOP follows Fallin’s lead on lawsuit bills (The Oklahoman, 3/30/11)
Fallin calls for EPA to ease oil, gas regulation (Forbes, 3/30/11)
Gov. Mary Fallin says energy key to state’s success (The Oklahoma Daily, 3/30/11)
Fallin defends support for insurance exchange (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/29/11)
At the Capitol: House members pass lawsuit reform bills (Broken Arrow Ledger, 3/29/11)
Fallin meets with Republican lawmakers (The Oklahoman, 3/29/11)
Senate panel confirms Fallin’s nominations (Tulsa World, 3/28/11)
Tulsa GOP moves further right at convention Saturday (Tulsa World, 3/27/11)
Oklahoma agencies may face steeper budget cuts (The Oklahoman, 3/25/11)
Legislative leaders say budget cuts may reach 7 percent (Tulsa World, 3/25/11)
Oklahoma budget chairman denies conflict of interest (KJRH, 3/25/11)
Speaker defends appointment of Oklahoma House budget chairman despite conflict-of-interest charges (The Oklahoman, 3/25/11)
Legislative leaders predict deeper budget cuts (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/24/11)
Editorial: Criticism of state tax cut overblown, uninformed (The Oklahoman, 3/1/11)


Video: Gov. Fallin addresses health care (The Oklahoman, 2/28/11)
Oklahoma to accept federal health insurance grant (The Oklahoman, 2/26/11)
Bill to remove Oklahoma governor from most paroles gains traction (The Oklahoman, 2/24/11)
At state level, Democrats become the Party of No (The Oklahoman, 2/24/11)
Audio: Lawmakers get final budget estimates (KOSU, 2/23/11)
Editorial: Tort reform effort brings return of same arguments (The Oklahoman, 2/23/11)
Parole process may face changes under legislation (The Oklahoman, 2/23/11)
Oklahoma’s income tax rate to decrease to 5.25% in 2012 (The Oklahoman, 2/22/11)
Fallin: Income taxes lessen by quarter percent (Edmond Sun, 2/22/11)
Changes in parole, judicial-appointment procedures could go to voters (Tulsa World, 2/22/11)
Gov. Fallin: ‘When hard times hit, the public expects leaner, more efficient government’ (LA Times, 2/15/11)
Changes in Okla. workers’ compensation system, lawsuit filings sought (The Oklahoman, 2/9/11)
Editorial: Fallin offers solid ideas to drive Oklahoma forward (The Oklahoman, 2/8/11)
Fallin calls for cutting government expenses, consolidating agencies (The Oklahoman, 2/8/11)
Senator Rice, Democrats warily supportive of Fallin’s initial approach (Tulsa Today, 2/8/11)
Fallin unveils 2012 executive budget (GovMonitor, 2/8/11)
Editorial: State of the State – A good outline from Fallin (Tulsa World, 2/8/11)
Okla. lawmakers push to overhaul workers’ comp (The Oklahoman, 2/8/11)
Fallin asks for reforms to improve Oklahoma’s business climate (The Oklahoman, 2/8/11)
Video: Gov. Mary Fallin’s speaking style analyzed (The Oklahoman, 2/8/11)
Fallin sets state’s course (Edmond Sun, 2/7/11)
Fallin vows to trim government to balance budget (Tulsa World, 2/7/11)
Fallin calls for income tax cut, elimination of unproductive tax credits (KFOR, 2/7/11)
Fallin to deliver first State of the State message (The Oklahoman, 2/7/11)
New cast set to deal with Oklahoma issues (The Oklahoman, 2/6/11)
Social conservatives could split Okla. House majority, Democratic leader says (The Oklahoman, 2/6/11)
Fallin unsure about guns on campus (The Oklahoman, 2/5/11)
Fallin seeking state budget cuts (Tulsa World, 2/5/11)
Fallin to call for at least 3% cuts to state agencies (The Oklahoman, 2/5/11)
Fallin to propose cuts for all Okla. agencies (Bloomberg, 2/4/11)
Gov. says priority areas will be cut by 3%, others by 5% (Tulsa World, 2/4/11)
Fallin, Askins each rasied $4 million in governor’s race (The Oklahoman, 2/2/11)
Fallin raised nearly $900K for inaugural/transition (The Oklahoman, 2/1/11)


Businesses show interest in state, governor says (The Oklahoman, 1/26/11)
OK House panel mulled to investigate legislator charged with bribery (The Oklahoman, 1/26/11)
GOP lawmaker wants open carry, firearms on campus (The Oklahoman, 1/26/11)
Fallin touts closing fund to lure business to Oklahoma (KSWO, 1/26/11)
Fallin announces plans to file health care lawsuit (Texas GOP Vote, 1/21/11)
AP NewsBreak: Budget may hurt kidney patients (The Examiner, 1/19/11)
Fallin will decide whether JC Watts’ brother’s prison sentenced commuted (Tulsa World, 1/19/11)
Size of Oklahoma’s budget hole debated (The Oklahoman, 1/16/11)
Oklahoma governor faces budget challenge (The Oklahoman, 1/16/11)
Fallin’s husband quits law firm to avoid possible conflict (The Oklahoman, 1/15/11)
New Oklahoma gov says daughter to give up lobbying job (KXII, 1/13/11)
Is OK business being driven away by OK politics? (KFOR, 1/13/11)
Mary Fallin suffers Constitution oath fail at swearing-in ceremony (Huffington Post, 1/13/11)
Fallin responds to questions about inaugural speech (Tulsa World, 1/12/11)
Opinion: Perpetual political class not good for Oklahoma (Edmond Sun, 1/12/11)
Gov. Fallin may have legislative honeymoon (Tulsa Today, 1/11/11)
Fallin takes aim at status quo in inaugural address (The Oklahoman, 1/11/11)
Fallin hopes to provide inspiration (Tulsa World, 1/10/11)
Mary Fallin becomes Oklahoma’s first female governor (Washington Post, 1/10/11)
How Gov. Henry spent Oklahoma’s stimulus dollars (Newson6, 1/10/11)
Gov. Fallin pledges to focus on creating jobs (The Oklahoman, 1/10/11)
New state appointment violates Oklahoma constitution? (KFOR, 1/10/11)
Eight Republicans sworn in to lead state (Edmond Sun, 1/10/11)
Fallin prepares for historic role (The Oklahoman, 1/9/11)
Fallin takes office as Legislature falls under GOP control for first time (Enid News & Eagle, 1/9/11)
Fallin hopes to provide inspiration (Tulsa World, 1/9/11)
Poll: Many Tulsans consider Fallin a mystery (Tulsa World, 1/9/11)
State Rep unveils legislative strategy targeting birthright citizenship (The Oklahoman, 1/6/11)
Gov-elect Fallin talks about being Oklahoma’s first female governor (Shawnee News-Star, 1/4/11)
Coffee’s appointment as Oklahoma’s Sec of State raises legal questions (Newson6, 1/4/11)

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