The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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OK 2010 Archives


Oklahoma Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives


Historic Oklahoma elections the top story of 2010 (Enid News & Eagle, 12/31/10)
Politics turns bright red in 2010 (Edmond Sun, 12/29/10)
Jari Askins, two judges advance in OK Supreme Court selection process (The Oklahoman, 12/29/10)
Henry to get high court nominees (The Oklahoman, 12/28/10)
Editorial: Momentum building to alter late-session chaos (The Oklahoman, 12/28/10)
Okla. leaders looking for missing $16M in stimulus funds (KOCO, 12/28/10)
State Representative urges lawmakers to refuse “Obamacare’s $20M” (Newson6, 12/28/10)
Henry still deciding future plans (Edmond Sun, 12/27/10)
Opinion: Henry kept state in good condition throughout term (Enid News, 12/27/10)
Fallin to consider budget cuts, agency changes (The Oklahoman, 12/27/10)
Henry had early successes during his administration (The Oklahoman, 12/26/10)
Oklahoma’s outgoing governor remains popular (The Oklahoman, 12/26/10)
Henry: Gambling expansion paid off (The Norman Transcript, 12/26/10)
GOP leaders support Oklahoma income tax cut (The Oklahoman, 12/22/10)
Editorial: Trigger for tax cut about to be squeezed (The Oklahoman, 12/22/10)
Oklahoma’s budget hole less severe than expected (Tulsa World, 12/22/10)
Panel: Okla. revenue growth should trigger tax cut (Bloomberg, 12/21/10)
Okla. higher ed officials prepare for cuts (Tulsa World, 12/21/10)
Income tax cut projected for many Oklahomans in 2012 (The Oklahoman, 12/21/10)
Opinion: Incoming administration’s message was certainly not for everyone (Tulsa World, 12/19/10)
OK leaders react to health care ruling (Tulsa World, 12/14/10)
GOP growth agenda hits the right notes for Oklahoma (The Oklahoman, 12/13/10)
GOP may prove most challenging for Fallin (The Oklahoman, 12/12/10)
Governor, lawmakers face another tough budget year (The Oklahoman, 12/12/10)
Timing isn’t great for OK tax trigger (The Oklahoman, 12/10/10)
Okla. legislators vow to work with businesses (The Oklahoman, 12/9/10)
Fallin promotes ‘targeted’ cuts in OK spending (Bloomberg, 12/8/10)
Keep an eye on transportation as federal budget gets cut (The Oklahoman, 12/8/10)
Opinion: OK balancing act – the economic outlook is bleak, but leaders have options (Enid News & Eagle, 12/8/10)
Report says Okla. will have $400M less in coming fiscal year (The Oklahoman, 12/7/10)
Opinion: Fallin’s artful dodge on earmarks (Tulsa World, 12/5/10)
Social conservatives stirred up over OK speaker-elect’s comments (The Oklahoman, 12/4/10)
Fallin expresses concern about Obama’s policy on natural gas (The Oklahoman, 12/3/10)
Fallin hears from Obama, Cabinet officials (The Oklahoman, 12/3/10)
Fallin returns to DC, meets with GOP leaders (The Oklahoman, 12/2/10)
Henry urges caution with possible tax cut (The Oklahoman, 12/2/10)

Fallin to meet with President (The Oklahoman, 12/1/10)


Fallin to keep transportation chief (The Oklahoman, 11/30/10)
Fallin to launch food drive with inauguration (The Oklahoman, 11/30/10)
Fallin takes no side in ongoing earmark debate (Tulsa World, 11/28/10)
Fallin prepares to be Oklahoma’s next governor (The Oklahoman, 11/28/10)
OK House speaker-elect hopes to keep GOP members focused (The Oklahoman, 11/26/10)
OK Chamber of Commerce urges delay in Supreme Court nomination (The Oklahoman, 11/24/10)
Fallin set to tackle Oklahoma’s budget woes (The Oklahoman, 11/23/10)
RGA women: No more ‘labels’ (Politico, 11/17/10)
Opinion: Oklahoma takes a wrong turn (LA Times, 11/10/10)


Henrys make ads on behalf of Askins (The Oklahoman, 10/22/10)
Fallin one of OK lawmakers who opposed stimulus bill but sought funds for local projects (The Oklahoman, 10/19/10)
Guber Q&A – Oklahoma’s troubled child welfare system (The Oklahoman, 10/17/10)
GOP gains ground with Oklahoma voters (The Oklahoman, 10/16/10)
Women’s touch noted in governor’s race (The Oklahoman, 10/16/10)
Oklahoma’s ‘outside caucus’ in politics influential – and bipartisan (The Oklahoman, 10/13/10)
Inhofe and Coburn endorse Fallin (KFSM, 10/7/10)
On their platforms – Askins, Fallin’s stances have similarities, differences (Tulsa World, 10/7/10)
Askins stresses budget, schools (Sand Springs Leader, 10/4/10)
Askins answers questions about handling the budget (The Oklahoman, 10/3/10)
Fallin answers questions about handling the budget (The Oklahoman, 10/3/10)
State treasurer: SQ 744 is wrong answer to education funding (The Oklahoman, 10/3/10)
Askins stresses her Oklahoma roots (The Oklahoman, 10/2/10)
Ad watch: Fallin shows off her grassroots supporters (The Oklahoman, 10/2/10)


RGA launches 2nd ad against Askins (The Oklahoman, 9/30/10)
Pastor’s support of Fallin challenged (The Oklahoman, 9/30/10)
Guber candidates discuss local issues at municipal forum (Tulsa World, 9/30/10)
Group wants IRS investigation into pastor using pulpit for politics (The Oklahoman, 9/30/10)
Askins says she’s ‘focused on Oklahoma’ and ready to lead (Tulsa Today, 9/28/10)
Jari Askins hoping for a perfect game (The Oklahoman, 9/26/10)
Fallin campaigns on experience, issues and charm (The Oklahoman, 9/26/10)
OK guber race closer than polls indicate (The Oklahoman, 9/25/10)
Askins tops $1 million in loans to her guber campaign (The Oklahoman, 9/24/10)
Former OK Senate leader asked to leave Fallin speech (The Oklahoman, 9/24/10)

RGA ad criticizes Askins (The Oklahoman, 9/22/10)
Fallin wants to OK moving (NewsOn6, 9/21/10)
OK Governor candidates favor discretionary fund (Tulsa World, 9/15/10)
Hopefuls for governor, state superintendent sound alike on education (Tulsa World, 9/14/10)
OK’s next governor found early leadership skills as a Girl Scout (The Oklahoman, 9/14/10)
Candidates weigh in on early childhood education in Oklahoma (Newson6, 9/13/10)
Guber candidates talk about OK energy industry (The Oklahoman, 9/13/10)
Fallin hears vets’ issues (Tulsa World, 9/10/10)
Ad tries to link Askins with Obama (The Oklahoman, 9/9/10)
Rep. Cole: this is ‘a very Republican year’ – GOP set to control OK executive and legislative branches for first time (The Oklahoman, 9/9/10)
RGA releases ad targeting Askins and links her to Obama (Tulsa Today, 9/8/10)
Fallin embarks on whistle stop train tour (Tulsa Today, 9/8/10)


Fallin, Askins make campaign stops in Tulsa (The Oklahoman, 8/29/10)
Editorial: Fallin needs support of the poor she denigrates (Tulsa World, 8/27/10)
Barbour predicts budget cuts at GOP statehouses (Tulsa World, 8/25/10)
Askins, Fallin agree to gubernatorial debates (KTUL, 8/24/10)
Askins plans to make room for Henry on campaign trail (KFSM, 8/19/10)
Fallin favors keeping income tax trigger; would like to phase out tax entirely (The Oklahoman, 8/19/10)
Fallin leads Askins more than 2-to-1 in campaign funds available (Tulsa World, 8/17/10)
Fallin takes fundraising lead (The Oklahoman, 8/17/10)
Askins fuels campaign effort with her own money (The Oklahoman, 8/17/10)
Beyond gender, to agenda – women are changing the political landscape – slowly (Tulsa World, 8/15/10)
Brogdon endorses Fallin (Tulsa Beacon, 8/12/10)
Fallin reverses course, decides to return to DC for state aid vote (The Oklahoman, 8/10/10)
Fallin finds ways to balance family, politics (The Oklahoman, 8/8/10)
Fallin discovers ways to balance family, politics (The Oklahoman, 8/8/10)
Both nominees stress qualifications, ability (Tulsa World, 8/8/10)
Will Askins-Fallin mean ending of water cleanup efforts (Tulsa World, 8/8/10)

JULY 2010
Switzer endorses Askins (Oklahoma Watchdog, 7/23/10)
NRA endorses Edmondson (McCarville Report, 7/17/10)
Brewer backs Fallin’s guber bid (Edmond Sun, 7/6/10)
Where’s Mary? Fallin absent from major debates (The Oklahoman, 7/2/10)
Askins outlines her plans (Sequoyah County Times, 7/2/10)

JUNE 2010
Pawlenty coming to OK for Fallin (Minnesota Public Radio, 6/18/10)
Edmondson unveils jobs plan (Tulsa World, 6/11/10)
Let the races begin (Tulsa World, 6/8/10)
MAY 2010
APRIL 2010
State budget cuts are “unhealthy” (The Oklahoman, 4/22/10)
The Tea Party’s dangerous proposal (Oklahoma Gazette, 4/21/10)
Fallin walks in workers’ shoes (Edmond Sun, 4/9/10)
MARCH 2010
Brogdon’s plane loses engine, lands safely (McAlester News-Capital, 3/19/10)
An interview with Mary Fallin (Tulsa Today, 2/26/10)

Oklahoma Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives