The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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Ohio Gubernatorial Headlines 2013

JUNE 2013

Kasich signs budget, keeps abortion restrictions, leaves door open for Medicaid expansion (The Plain Dealer, 6/30/13)
Kasich signs $62B, two-year budget (Toledo Blade, 6/30/13)
State income tax a real divide for parties (Columbus Dispatch, 6/30/13)
Ohio governor signs budget including tax cut, anti-abortion provision (Reuters, 6/30/13)
Ohio Republicans say they’re united (Columbus Dispatch, 6/30/13)
Kasich signs GOP budget, increases state spending by billions (Plunderbund, 6/30/13)
Gov. John Kasich signs Ohio budget into law (The Plain Dealer, 6/30/13)
Analysis: Ohio’s budget offers early roadmap for campaign between Gov. John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 6/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich lost on budget, as did all Ohioans (The Plain Dealer, 6/29/13)
Pro-choice spectators ’shoved’ out of Senate gallery during budget hearings (Plunderbund, 6/28/13)
Ed FitzGerald assails Ohio budget as harmful to middle-class families, the poor and women (The Plain Dealer, 6/28/13)
State lawmakers move to further limit Internet sweepstakes cafes with referendum-proof legislation(The Plain Dealer, 6/28/13)
Gov. John Kasich and GOP leaders celebrate new Ohio budget (The Plain Dealer, 6/28/13)
Kasich touts tax cuts in state budget — even if they weren’t exactly the ones he wanted (Business First, 6/28/13)
How the ‘birth control-ultrasound budget’ works (Plunderbund, 6/28/13)
Anti-abortion shenanigans in the Buckeye State (Washington Post, 6/28/13)
Wage/job growth in Cuyahoga County higher than national average; Ohio not so much(Plunderbund, 6/28/13)
Ohio budget approved by legislature, moves to governor for signature (The Plain Dealer, 6/27/13)
Ohio Right to Life president optimistic that Gov. John Kasich will keep anti-abortion items in state budget (The Plain Dealer, 6/27/13)
Sec of State Jon Husted renews pitch for online voter registration system (The Plain Dealer, 6/27/13)
Ohio sorts out impact of same-sex marriage decisions (The Plain Dealer, 6/26/13)
Democratic state lawmakers answer GOP’s proposed abortion restrictions with ‘pro-life gun bill’ (The Plain Dealer, 6/26/13)
Ohio could get chance to approve same-sex marriage (The Plain Dealer, 6/26/13)
Ohio budget requires ultrasound before birth control (Plunderbund, 6/26/13)
Ohio War on Women expands, Texas shuts down SB 5 (Plunderbund, 6/26/13)
Quinnipiac Poll polls fewer Democrats, finds it makes Kasich more popular/Obama less(Plunderbund, 6/26/13)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich hits new high in Quinnipiac poll; Ed FitzGerald remains largely unknown(The Plain Dealer, 6/25/13)
Key GOP legislators OK budget to hike sales tax, cut income tax (The Plain Dealer, 6/25/13)
Tax Foundation: Ohio tax reforms are just getting even worse (Plunderbund, 6/24/13)
Richard Cordray’s career fate may now be in the Supreme Court’s hands (The Plain Dealer, 6/24/13)
RobsOhio caught cooking both its job numbers and accounting books (Plunderbund, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: The Medicaid vote that isn’t happening (The Plain Dealer, 6/22/13)
Wave of legislation would expand gun rights in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 6/22/13)
Ed FitzGerald gubernatorial campaign collects endorsements from party chairs in 63 counties (The Plain Dealer, 6/21/13)
Accounting change boosts JobsOhio totals (Dayton Daily News, 6/21/13)
Kasich campaign cashes-in on fake brain-drain claims (Plunderbund, 6/21/13)
GOP proposal: Income taxes drop, future property taxes jump (Cincinnati Enquirer, 6/21/13)
Ohio GOP to raise taxes on the poor, elderly (Plunderbund, 6/21/13)
Ohio Republican lawmakers unveil income tax cut, sales tax hike days before budget is due (The Plain Dealer, 6/20/13)
RobsOhio president: We actually can’t do economic development yet (Plunderbund, 6/20/13)
Ohio doctors slam abortion bill they say would require spread of misinformation (The Plain Dealer,6/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Dispatch too biased in Kasich’s favor to be trusted (Plunderbund, 6/19/13)
Nonpartisan Legislative Service Commission outlines the Kasich jobless recovery (Plunderbund, 6/19/13)
Personhood Ohio raises funds with assault rifle sale (Plunderbund, 6/18/13)
Kasich hopes surplus dollars will end up in taxpayer pockets (The Plain Dealer, 6/18/13)
Gov. John Kasich still optimistic legislators will OK small business and personal income tax cuts (The Plain Dealer, 6/18/13)
Ohio leaders focus on ’selling our state’ to keep, lure the young and educated (Dayton Daily News,6/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Reckoning the relative costs of Ohio Medicaid expansion (The Plain Dealer,6/15/13)
Experts say final work on Ohio’s budget will happen mostly behind closed doors (The Plain Dealer,6/15/13)
Pew Center: Ohio barely created any jobs in past twelve months (Plunderbund, 6/14/13)
Anti-abortion bill wants to warn women about non-existent cancer risk. Why stop there?(Plunderbund, 6/14/13)
GOP legislators prepare bill to add hurdles to abortion in Ohio (Columbus Dispatch, 6/14/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Kasich takes a victory lap at 130 mph on repaved test track (Columbus Dispatch,6/14/13)
Ohio House Republicans propose more abortion restrictions (The Plain Dealer, 6/12/13)
Opportunity Ohio’s laughable arguments against expanding Medicaid (Plunderbund, 6/11/13)
Regulatory barriers shut clinic doors as GOP praises regulatory freedom (Plunderbund, 6/11/13)
When insurance is cheaper in California than in Ohio, you can blame Kasich and Taylor(Plunderbund, 6/11/13)
[Flashback]: Kasich first budget pushed to make it harder for veterans to get jobs (Plunderbund, 6/11/13)
Kasich acts to open more doors to veterans (Columbus Dispatch, 6/11/13)
The strange case of JobsOhio and public auditing of private firms (Governing, 6/10/13)
Shorter Mary Taylor: ‘The exchange that I run will be crummy because of the laws that I helped write’ (Plunderbund, 6/10/13)
Center for Choice closes after UT dropped pact – ‘Pro-Life’ Kasich review law (Toledo Blade, 6/10/13)

Obamacare to make rates soar, state says in analysis attacked as deeply flawed (The Plain Dealer,6/8/13)
Ohio Republicans add JobsOhio-lite Amendment to state budget (Plunderbund, 6/7/13)
Insurance prices still unclear (Columbus Dispatch, 6/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Audit JobsOhio (Toledo Blade, 6/7/13)
Husted wants to prosecute urban voters who followed his directions, didn’t break the law(Plunderbund, 6/6/13)
Democrats dispute Husted’s claim of no voter suppression (Columbus Dispatch, 6/5/13)
Ohio Senate eases campaign giving in budget-bill changes (Columbus Dispatch, 6/5/13)
Weird stuff from front row of Kasich cheering section (Plunderbund, 6/5/13)
State Senate tries to ban abortion in Ohio (Plunderbund, 6/5/13)
Kasichnomics isn’t working for Ohioans (Plunderbund, 6/5/13)
Why the introduction of ‘Right to Work (for less)’ legislation was a good thing (Plunderbund, 6/5/13)
Conservative Tax Foundation: Holy derp, Kasich/Faber tax plan won’t create jobs, guys(Plunderbund, 6/5/13)
Gov.  John Kasich signs Internet cafe law, but opponents vow referendum effort (The Plain Dealer,6/4/13)
Right-to-Work (for less) bills moving through House today (Plunderbund, 6/4/13)
Elections board says 90 people in Franklin County voted twice in November (Columbus Dispatch,6/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats in Legislature urged to rise up, say ‘NO’ (Plunderbund, 6/3/13)
Analysis: Assessing the politics of JobsOhio (The Plain Dealer, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: JobsOhio dangles $100M worth of temptation (Columbus Dispatch, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget crunch time invites legislative sleight of hand (The Plain Dealer, 6/2/13)
Ohio Senate resurrects Kasich’s small-business tax cut, debate over its impact persists (The Plain Dealer, 6/1/13)
Gov. John Kasich pays tribute to Chardon at commencement ceremony (The Plain Dealer, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Great moments of derp in Ohio Republican thinking (Plunderbund, 5/31/13)
Dem Rep. Marcia Fudge calls Gov. John Kasich ‘the only responsible’ Republican in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 5/31/13)
Senate follows House in quickly passing bill to block public audit of JobsOhio (Columbus Dispatch,5/31/13)
RobsOhio coverup bill passes Senate, heads to Kasich for signature (Plunderbund, 5/30/13)
Top Dem: Husted decision could ’scare the hell’ out of voters (Cincinnati Enquirer, 5/30/13)
School aid would be boosted under Ohio Senate proposal (The Plain Dealer, 5/30/13)
Cincy Enquirer blames Dems for unbalanced budget; no story on GOP cuts to LGF (Plunderbund, 5/29/13)
Nothing to see here, noting to worry about, move along, citizen (Plunderbund, 5/29/13)
Ohio House Republicans try to jam a RobsOhio amendment through for Kasich (Plunderbund, 5/29/13)
Senate GOP adds the ‘Gordon Gekko’ tax cut to the budget (Plunderbund, 5/29/13)
House proposal would limit state auditor’s authority to see JobsOhio’s books (The Plain Dealer,5/29/13)
US Supreme Court won’t save unconstitutional GOP plan to defund Planned Parenthood(Plunderbund, 5/29/13)
Ohio Senate pulls back curtain on its version of state budget (The Plain Dealer, 5/28/13)
Ohio Senate to unveil new version of state budget (The Plain Dealer, 5/28/13)
John Kasich doesn’t want to expand Medicaid (Plunderbund, 5/26/13)
A closer look at Ed FitzGerald’s FBI career (The Plain Dealer, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Ohio Medicaid reform bill should quell worries about federal abandonment ( The Plain Dealer, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov Kasich needs to fill vacant Cleveland Municipal Court seat without regards to politics (The Plain Dealer, 5/24/13)
A House bill would expand Medicaid to Ohio’s working poor (The Plain Dealer, 5/22/13)
L’etat, c’est quoi? The 4 journalistic tropes that whitewash Kasich’s cuts (Plunderbund, 5/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Some interesting new ideas for choosing Ohio judges (The Plain Dealer, 5/18/13)
Senate preparing budget tax changes (Dispatch Politics, 5/16/13)
Despite GOP claims that right to work bill is going nowhere, Democrats continue fundraising pleas(The Plain Dealer, 5/16/13)
NM Gov. Susana Martinez to give keynote address at Ohio GOP dinner (The Plain Dealer, 5/16/13)
Ohio Democratic lawmakers propose temporarily taking guns from people served with temporary protection orders (The Plain Dealer, 5/15/13)
Speaker Batchelder: Members have seen the light on Internet cafes (Dispatch Politics, 5/15/13)
Ohio Tea Party activists upset by IRS scrutiny (The Plain Dealer, 5/15/13)
Exclusive: Voter fraud, or just errors? (Cincinnati Inquirer, 5/15/13)
Republican prosecutor wants to charge voters who did NOT vote more than once (Plunderbund, 5/15/13)
DeWine changes his mind on arming teachers (Plunderbund, 5/15/13)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich touts role for older Ohioans as productive component of society (The Plain Dealer, 5/14/13)
Ohioans ask DeWine to ‘please stop’ using AG’s office to promote religious beliefs (Plunderbund, 5/13/13)
Ohio Senate President Keith Faber signals hope for Medicaid ‘reform’ but not Kasich-style expansion(The Plain Dealer, 5/13/13)
Development agencies, chambers ask Ohio Legislature to clarify laws on auditor’s powers over private companies (The Plain Dealer, 5/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Political pros and cons of Medicaid expansion in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 5/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Obamacare: In or out? (Toledo Blade, 5/11/13)
Another JobsOhio failure: More layoffs at American Greetings (Plunderbund, 5/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Ohio can and should beef up funding for early-childhood education (The Plain Dealer, 5/11/13)
Governor patient on Medicaid issue; Kasich says he hasn’t given up (Toledo Blade, 5/10/13)
Trying to make laws in a red Ohio leaves Democrat feeling blue (Toledo Blade, 5/10/13)
JobsOhio: We’re not getting the jobs done (Plunderbund, 5/9/13)
Kasich would back Medicaid ballot issue (Dispatch Politics, 5/9/13)
Kasich hasn’t given up on Medicaid expansion (Canton Rep, 5/8/13)
Ohio gov hasn’t lost hope on Medicaid expansion (Herald-Dispatch, 5/8/13)
Kasich touts Exterran as Valley’s latest success story (Youngstown Vindicator, 5/8/13)
Medicaid expansion top of mind for Cleveland Clinic and other local hospitals, advocates (The Plain Dealer, 5/8/13)
Gov. Kasich urges heightened awareness of mental illness issues to show need to expand Medicaid(The Plain Dealer, 5/8/13)
Chief Executive Magazine says Ohio’s getting worse for business under Kasich (Plunderbund, 5/7/13)
GOP moves make it harder to stop new union-busting bills (Plunderbund, 5/7/13)
Kasich balks at anti-fracking charter amendment (Youngstown Vindicator, 5/7/13)
Ex-justice touches JobsOhio in new role (AP, 5/7/13)
Dispatch endorses Kasich’s awesomeness, disses right-to-work (Plunderbund, 5/6/13)
Ohio Tea Partiers are furious at the GOP, threaten an ‘insurrection’ or a third party (Mother Jones,5/6/13)
Medicaid on the ballot? (Dispatch Politics, 5/6/13)
Tea party has had it with Ohio GOP (Columbus Dispatch, 5/6/13)
Kasich blasts Ohio chamber for tax-plan opposition (AP, 5/5/13)
COMMENTARY: An irrational desire for union-busting drives some Ohio Republicans (The Plain Dealer, 5/4/13)
Husted suddenly loses interest in election uniformity (Plunderbund, 5/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Whose right to work? (Toledo Blade, 5/4/13)
Kasich rips Ohio Chamber for its portrayal of tax plan (Columbus Dispatch, 5/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Drop the teacup, lawmakers, and expand Medicaid (Toledo Blade, 5/4/13)
Ohio employers could receive big workers’ comp rebates (Columbus Dispatch, 5/3/13)
$1B in one-time workers’ compensation rebates to be mailed this summer (Toledo Blade, 5/3/13)
Gov. John Kasich proposes workers’ comp rebate (WCPO, 5/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Right-to-work a solution to a non-problem (Columbus Dispatch, 5/3/13)
Gov. John Kasich proposes $1B rebate for 210,000 employers from excess Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation funds (The Plain Dealer, 5/2/13)
Dem lawmakers to introduce bills to fix Husted’s ‘motor voter’ problem (Plunderbund, 5/2/13)
Gov. John Kasich proposes $1B rebate for 210,000 employers from excess Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation funds (The Plain Dealer, 5/2/13)
Speaker Batchelder admits GOP trying to disenfranchise college students (Plunderbund, 5/2/13)
Senate kills ‘right to work’ plan for Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 5/1/13)
GOP legislators plan right-to-work bills (Columbus Dispatch, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

With Matt Borges, another NFL day in the Ohio GOP office (Plunderbund, 4/30/13)
POLITIFACT: RGA portrayal of Ed FitzGerald as ‘pay-to-play’ politicians rates as PANTS ON FIRE(The Plain Dealer, 4/30/13)
Rep. Roegner introducing Right to Work legislation Wednesday (Akron Beacon Journal, 4/30/13)
Republican ‘Workplace Freedom’ legislation re-ignites SB5 debate (The Plain Dealer, 4/30/13)
With Diebold, another Kasich jobs claim goes bust (Plunderbund, 4/30/13)
JobsOhio staff given hefty raises (Dayton Daily News, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Senate Republicans suddenly ditch Internet cafes (The Plain Dealer, 4/27/13)
Nina Turner rides MSNBC coattails, drives fiery message while traveling Ohio campaign trail (The Plain Dealer, 4/27/13)
With latest version of budget, state spending could increase over $10B under Kasich (Plunderbund, 4/27/13)
Kasich pick beats rival in bid for Ohio Republican Party chair (Akron Beacon Journal, 4/27/13)
Ohio Republicans have a new leader with the same old problems (Plunderbund, 4/26/13)
Medicaid referendum? Could Dems be so lucky? (Plunderbund, 4/26/13)
FitzGerald: Kasich must tackle issues (Toledo Blade, 4/26/13)
Aspiring Ohio GOP chair using own funds to pay taxes (AP, 4/25/13)
Democrat challenging Kasich says Ohio seeing no ‘economic miracle’ (Columbus Dispatch, 4/25/13)
Medicaid expansion could go on ballot (Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/25/13)
VIDEO: Ed FitzGerald in Cincinnati (Plundebund, 4/25/13)
Ed FitzGerald kicks off his long-planned bid for governor by banking on his Cuyahoga County base(The Plain Dealer, 4/24/13)
Analysis: Ed FitzGerald’s political past offers insight into his possible future (The Plain Dealer,4/24/13)
Text of Ed FitzGerald’s announcement (Plunderbund, 4/24/13)
FitzGerald comes out swinging (Plunderbund, 4/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Ed FitzGerald faces an uphill climb in Ohio governor’s race (The Plain Dealer,4/24/13)
Ohio Internet cafe ban moving forward, but Senate won’t consider Medicaid expansion in budget(The Plain Dealer, 4/24/13)
Ed FitzGerald set to announce bid for Ohio governor (The Plain Dealer, 4/24/13)
Sylvania schools oppose Kasich’s voucher proposal (Toledo Blade, 4/23/13)
Ohio’s Medicaid expansion alternative could use private insurance (The Plain Dealer, 4/22/13)
Ohio officials concerned by GOP leader’s tax liens (AP, 4/22/13)
As Ed FitzGerald eyes bid for governor, early Cuyahoga County exec race hinges on 3 (The Plain Dealer, 4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Ohio Medicaid expansion isn’t dead quite yet (The Plain Dealer, 4/21/13)
Kasich’s budget gets another shot (Toledo Blade, 4/20/13)
Sen. Rob Portman’s gay-marriage support cost him GOP support, but could help politically anyway(The Plain Dealer, 4/19/13)
Poll: Kasich’s approval rating remains steady (Columbus Dispatch, 4/19/13)
Ed FitzGerald’s official announcement for governor coming next week (The Plain Dealer, 4/18/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s poll numbers hold steady (The Plain Dealer, 4/18/13)
Kasich topping potential Democratic challengers (Akron Beacon Journal, 4/18/13)
Ohio lawmakers debating state budget, vote expected tonight (Toledo Blade, 4/18/13)
Quinnipiac: Kasich leads likely Democratic challenger in the 2014 race for governor (Toledo Blade,4/18/13)
Columbus balks at school-takeover legislation (Columbus Dispatch, 4/18/13)
Potential state takeover of Columbus schools prompts robocalls (Plunderbund, 4/18/13)
GOP budget aims to disenfranchise Ohio’s college students (Plunderbund, 4/17/13)
Ohio House Democrats outraged over GOP-backed provision that would affect college voters (The Plain Dealer, 4/17/13)
State Rep. Bob Hagan blasts Sen. Portman for gun control vote, pledges to challenge him in 2016(The Plain Dealer, 4/17/13)
Ohio House budget would restrict sex ed, bolster nursing home funds (The Plain Dealer, 4/16/13)
Kasich’s income-tax plan would save taxpayers more than House proposal (The Plain Dealer,4/15/13)
Plunderbund sues Kasich administration over public records (Plunderbund, 4/15/13)
More Medicaid, lower taxes: The position Kasich ISN’T taking could be his 2014 slam dunk(Plunderbund, 4/15/13)
Ohio’s papers pick up Kasich/budget/failed leadership story (Plunderbund, 4/14/13)
Analysis: Kasich isn’t playing hardball on budget (Columbus Dispatch, 4/14/13)
Is Kasich still GOP’s leader? (Dayton Daily News, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich touts leadership prowess; House GOP is unimpressed (The Plain Dealer,4/13/13)
Hospitals push Medicaid expansion; GOP pushes back (Dispatch Politics, 4/12/13)
GOP official owes $592K in back taxes (Dayton Daily News, 4/12/13)
Was John Kasich ever really serious about expanding Medicaid in Ohio? (Plunderbund, 4/11/13)
Democrats back governor’s failed Medicaid plan (Toledo Blade, 4/11/13)
Ohio GOP hacks away at Kasich budget (Toledo Blade, 4/10/13)
House Democrats introduce stand-alone bill to expand Medicaid for Ohio’s working poor (The Plain Dealer, 4/10/13)
10 things the Ohio GOP was doing instead of learning about Medicaid (Plunderbund, 4/9/13)
House Republicans strip Medicaid expansion out of state budget proposal (The Plain Dealer, 4/9/13)
House Republicans gut Kasich’s budget (Plunderbund, 4/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich, GOP schemes victimize northern, eastern Ohio (Plunderbund, 4/9/13)
Do GOP legislators have a passing familiarity with Ohio’s health care system? (Plunderbund, 4/9/13)
Republicans want bond issues more transparent on ballot (The Plain Dealer, 4/9/13)
Ohio House Republicans scrap much of Gov. John Kasich’s budget proposal (The Plain Dealer, 4/9/13)
Advocates of Ohio Medicaid expansion decry reports of plan being nixed (The Plain Dealer, 4/8/13)
House to give up $13B in federal funds for Medicaid expansion (Columbus Dispatch, 4/8/13)
Kasich lies about transportation funding, disses Pennsylvania (Plunderbund, 4/8/13)
Sales tax vs. income tax: Kasich’s plan has ‘Texas envy’ (The Plain Dealer, 4/7/13)
‘Fiscal conservatives’ want Ohio to spend $500M to save the federal govt $400M (Plunderbund, 4/7/13)
Ohio lawmakers to introduce revamped version of Kasich’s budget proposal (The Plain Dealer,4/7/13)
Medicaid expansion foundering (Columbus Dispatch, 4/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich’s approach may seem non-conservative, but is consistent with economic goals (The Plain Dealer, 4/6/13)
Democrat upset her ‘photo op’ used in Kasich ad (Columbus Dispatch, 4/5/13)
Legislature to scrap Kasich’s school funding plan (Plunderbund, 4/4/13)
Mike DeWine’s growing list of legal mistakes (Plunderbund, 4/4/13)
Kasich, team remain optimistic his budget plan will pass (Columbus Dispatch, 4/4/13)
John Kasich: No, I don’t really care for this gay marriage racket (Cleveland Scene, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: Kasich touts Medicaid expansion, tax reform in Lake County (News-Herald, 4/3/13)
Gov. John Kasich decries ‘mean politics’ as he pitches his embattled budget at the City Club of Ohio(The Plain Dealer, 4/3/13)
Don’t give up on Kasich’s tax plan yet (Marietta Times, 4/3/13)
Gov. John Kasich, his state budget plan in limbo, speaking at the City Club of Cleveland (The Plain Dealer, 4/3/13)
DeWine continues using AG’s office to push personal religious agenda (Plunderbund, 4/2/13)
Critics say DeWine’s contraception letter dangerous for women (The Plain Dealer, 4/2/13)
Kasich signs $7.6B budget (Columbus Dispatch, 4/2/13)
Kasich signs $1.5B repair, 70 mph bill (Toledo Blade, 4/2/13)
Kasich proposal includes income-tax cut (Toledo Blade, 4/2/13)
Governor signs transportation budget (Youngstown Vindicator, 4/2/13)
On the road to repair; Gov. Kasich signs transportation bill, enacts plan (The Morning Journal,4/2/13)
Ohio Turnpike to sell $1B bonds this summer (Reuters, 4/2/13)
Portage County Tea Party leader launches bid to be next Ohio GOP chair (The Plain Dealer, 4/2/13)
Ohio nonprofit’s video targets Gov. John Kasich’s drilling (AP, 4/2/13)
EDITORIAL: It’s GOP vs. GOP on state budget (Canton Repository, 4/1/13)
Medicaid expansion impact in Ohio debated (Mansfield News Journal, 4/1/13)
Kasich signs transportation bill, says Opportunity Corridor among projects that could launch (The Plain Dealer, 4/1/13)
Democratic turnout decides Ohio gubernatorial elections (Plunderbund, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

COMMENTARY: There’s no logical argument against Kasich’s proposed fracking tax (The Plain Dealer, 3/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Flack from both sides suggests Kasich’s being fair (Columbus Dispatch, 3/31/13)
Kasich gets flak from both sides on taxes, Medicaid (Dayton Daily News, 3/30/13)
EDITORIAL: A fairer tax system (Toledo Blade, 3/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Budgeting is dicey in the age of the True Believers (The Plain Dealer, 3/30/13)
Kasich cuts cause chaos in Cincinnati (Plunderbund, 3/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Moving toward uniformity on taxes (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/29/13)
Ohio tax plan makes local businesses wary (Springfield News-Sun, 3/29/13)
Ohio, 12 other states call for contraceptive exemption to Obamacare (The Plain Dealer, 3/29/13)
Kasich defends plans to GOP crowd (Columbus Dispatch, 3/28/13)
Gov. John Kasich argues health care access for poor is a problem for all of society (The Plain Dealer,3/28/13)
Kasich cuts may result in hundreds of police and fire layoffs in Cincinnati (Plunderbund, 3/28/13)
Ed FitzGerald and Nina Turner crack first draft of Ohio Democrats’ statewide slate for 2014 (The Plain Dealer, 3/27/13)
Fiscal conservative? Then expand Medicaid to 218% of poverty (Plunderbund, 3/26/13)
Kasich signs SB 47, starts clock for opponents to shut down bill (The Plain Dealer, 3/25/13)
Social conservatives: An endangered species in Ohio (Plunderbund, 3/25/13)
Kasich budget stalls as key GOP allies balk (Toledo Blade, 3/25/13)
Dispatch poll: Get on the marriage equality bus, or get run over (Plunderbund, 3/24/13)
Kasich agenda creating GOP rift (Mansfield News Journal, 3/23/13)
The House is set to blow a huge hole in Ohio’s budget (Plunderbund, 3/23/13)
Oil, gas tax hike off table for now (Marietta Times, 3/23/13)
Kasich’s sales tax plan in jeopardy (Dayton Daily News, 3/22/13)
Ohio conservative group rejects GOP, cites Portman shift on gay marriage (AP, 3/22/13)
Kasich’s transportation budget gains final approval, with caveats (Columbus Dispatch, 3/22/13)
Ohio conservatives feel unwanted in GOP (Columbus Dispatch, 3/22/13)
Ohio tax commissioner tells lawmakers to lay off Kasich plan (, 3/22/13)
VIDEO: John Kasich says he’s for civil unions, then takes it back (Huffington Post, 3/22/13)
Those who forget their own policy positions (The Maddow Blog, 3/22/13)
Former Rep. Betty Sutton will not run for governor (The Plain Dealer, 3/22/13)
Betty Sutton bows out of 2014 Ohio governor bid (AP, 3/22/13)
Budget fight likely means Ohioans won’t get proposed income tax cut (The Plain Dealer, 3/22/13)
In Ohio, John Kasich backs civil unions, briefly (Politico, 3/22/13)
Ohio governor flip-flops on civil unions support in 10 hours (Think Progress, 3/21/13)
Conservative activists split with establishment Republicans on direction of Ohio GOP (The Plain Dealer, 3/21/13)
Conservatives blast Ohio GOP leadership (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/21/13)
Ohio governor accidentally supports equal rights for gay people, quickly corrects (New York Magazine, 3/21/13)
What you’re telling the governor about gay marriage, civil unions (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Taxing services (Toledo Blade, 3/21/13)
Opponent: Medicaid growth risky, little reward (The News-Messenger, 3/21/13)
Kasich recants his support of civil unions (The Plain Dealer, 3/21/13)
EDITORIAL: School aid do-over (Toledo Blade, 3/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Lawmakers should OK Medicaid expansion (Marietta Times, 3/21/13)
Conservatives smack Ohio GOP leaders for recent choices (Dispatch Politics, 3/21/13)
Ohio’s Republican governor endorses civil unions, then takes it back (BuzzFeed, 3/21/13)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich opposes civil unions, after all (Washington Post, 3/21/13)
Kasich recants his support of civil unions (The Plain Dealer, 3/21/13)
VIDEO: Gov. John Kasich talks budget, taxes, Medicaid expansion (NewsNet5, 3/20/13)
Ohio House, Senate pass bill making it more difficult for voters to repeal, introduce laws (The Plain Dealer, 3/20/13)
Pension fund manager bonuses questioned (News-Messenger, 3/20/13)
Local leaders sound off in capital on state budget (Athens News, 3/20/13)
Lawmakers feeling push, pull on Medicaid expansion (nbc4i, 3/20/13)
John Kasich’s double talk – the state budget deals a blow to Cleveland schools (Cleveland Scene,3/20/13)
Ohio Chamber of Commerce calls Kasich tax plan ‘unhealthy shift’ (Plunderbund, 3/20/13)
JobsOhio turns over private financials after order (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/19/13)
Ohio Chamber of Commerce testifies against Kasich’s tax plan (The Plain Dealer, 3/19/13)
JobsOhio complies with Ohio Auditor’s records subpoena but still disputes auditor’s legal authority(The Plain Dealer, 3/19/13)
JobsOhio turns over financial records to auditor (Plunderbund, 3/19/13)
Ohio’s big-name Republicans all backing Borges for state party chairman (Columbus Dispatch,3/19/13)
Portman’s stance on gay marriage gives momentum to group seeking to scuttle Ohio’s ban (The Plain Dealer, 3/18/13)
John Kasich, Josh Mandel and others rally around Matt Borges to succeed Bob Bennett at Ohio GOP(The Plain Dealer, 3/18/13)
Ohio governor’s trash talk puts Indiana in the spotlight (AP, 3/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Who’s in and winning at the Ohio Statehouse? Who’s out and pouting? (The Plain Dealer, 3/17/13)
Bill to limit referendum process could pass this week (Plunderbund, 3/17/13)
Kasich tax plan for Ohio faces legislative hurdles (Dayton Daily News, 3/16/13)
Sen. Portman’s support of gay marriage signals political evolution (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/16/13)
Sunshine Week Review: Kasich, Mandel worst on open records (Plunderbund, 3/15/13)
Rep. Tim Ryan decides to skip gubernatorial bid (The Plain Dealer, 3/15/13)
Ryan not running for governor (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/15/13)
Ohio Democrats preview Ed FitzGerald and other 2014 prospects at annual party dinner in Columbus (The Plain Dealer, 3/15/13)
For Kasich, the tax celibates are restless (Plunderbund, 3/14/13)
Democrats push for answers on JobsOhio funding (AP, 3/14/13)
Indiana governor fires back at Kasich (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/14/13)
JobsOhio stands to receive over $6 billion in state liquor money (Plunderbund, 3/14/13)
Kasich team denies connection to JobsOhio controversy as development chief steps down (Columbus Business First, 3/14/13)
Kasich talks trash about Indiana while they quietly steal 279 jobs (Plunderbund, 3/14/13)
Kasich’s Development Director departs amid JobsOhio financing scandal (Plunderbund, 3/14/13)
Yost expects to get JobsOhio records (Dayton Daily News, 3/13/13)
FitzGerald explores challenging Kasich (Akron Beacon Journal, 3/13/13)
Ohio commerce director to lead development agency (AP, 3/13/13)
Nearly half of Ohio school districts will lose money under Gov. John Kasich’s school funding proposal(The Plain Dealer, 3/13/13)
Kasich ‘uninvited’ to CPAC for Medicaid expansion? (Plunderbund, 3/12/13)
Kasich, Ohio development agency ask for review of grants to JobsOhio (The Plain Dealer, 3/12/13)
FitzGerald forms exploratory committee for governor’s race (Dayton Daily News, 3/11/13)
Kasich appearance draws tea party protesters in Cincy (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/11/13)
Kasich: ‘Reach out to people in the shadows’ (Cincinnati Enquirer, 3/11/13)
VIDEO: Gov. John Kasich gets first likely challenger: Ed FitzGerald (Washington Post, 3/11/13)
Senate Republicans forcing showdown with Kasich over Turnpike (Plunderbund, 3/11/13)
Development spokesman refuses to answer questions on JobsOhio funds (Plunderbund, 3/11/13)
Medicaid expansion, fracking tax and sales tax dd wrinkles to busy Statehouse lobbying season (The Plain Dealer, 3/10/13)
Five prominent Republicans insisted JobsOhio could be publicly audited (Plunderbund, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Turnpike is once again the nexus of money and politics (The Plain Dealer,3/10/13)
2000 ruling backs up JobsOhio subpoena (Columbus Dispatch, 3/9/13)
Former Taft tax commissioner calls Kasich sales tax expansion ‘wrong direction’ (Plunderbund, 3/9/13)
Auditor’s authority to check JobsOhio books sparks dispute with Gov. John Kasich (The Plain Dealer,3/8/13)
Kasich targeted by critics on left and right, but unlikely to face challenge for power (The Plain Dealer,3/8/13)
Neither Kasich, Yost backing down over JobsOhio audit (Columbus Dispatch, 3/8/13)
Ohio GOP legislative leaders oppose Yost’s grab for JobsOhio records (Dayton Daily News, 3/8/13)
Kasich, Yost in showdown over JobsOhio (Columbus Dispatch, 3/7/13)
Ohio Republican Party refuses to support Kasich budget (Plunderbund, 3/7/13)
Gov. John Kasich calls dispute with Auditor Dave Yost over JobsOhio a misunderstanding (The Plain Dealer, 3/7/13)
Ohio business groups turn out big against Kasich’s anti-business tax hike (Plunderbund, 3/7/13)
Will HB 91 accidentally create single payer health care in Ohio? (Plunderbund, 3/7/13)
State Reps. Thompson & Young introduce bill to kill Ohio’s healthcare exchange (Plunderbund, 3/6/13)
Tea party activist first to contact GOP prosecutor (Plunderbund, 3/5/13)
JobsOhio used millions in extra public funds (Columbus Dispatch, 3/5/13)
Gov. John Kasich not talking anymore about collective bargaining overhaul (The Plain Dealer,3/5/13)
How many ways do Republicans hate democracy? (Ohio Daily, 3/5/13)
Senate Bill 47: An attempt to limit voter rights (Plunderbund, 3/5/13)
Medicaid expansion is all about the Benjamins (Plunderbund, 3/4/13)
State’s ‘guarantee’ on school funding may vanish (Columbus Dispatch, 3/4/13)
Kasich budget targets police, fire, education and corrections (Plunderbund, 3/4/13)
Ohio House Republicans invite right-wing groups to panel on Medicaid expansion (Plunderbund, 3/3/13)
JobsOhio employees well-paid in 1st year (Columbus Dispatch, 3/2/13)
GOP prosecutor plays politics, disregards duties (Plunderbund, 3/1/13)
JobsOhio spends nearly $3 million on salaries, travel costs top $150K (Plunderbund, 3/1/13)
New Quinnipiac poll finds voters aren’t sold on Kasich’s sales tax expansion (The Plain Dealer,3/1/13)
JobsOhio yearly report does nothing to quell transparency concerns (Plunderbund, 3/1/13)
Voters give Kasich budget ideas mixed reviews (Dayton Daily News, 3/1/13)
Potential Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Ryan tries to suck Gov. Kasich into sequester debate (The Plain Dealer, 3/1/13)
Quinnipiac Poll: Everybody panic! Not really (Plunderbund, 3/1/13)


Ohio Gov. Kasich hits all-time ratings high, leads Dem challengers in early look at 2014 race(Quinnipiac, 2/28/13)
Ohio bill aims to nullify any new gun rules (Columbus Dispatch, 2/28/13)
DRC loses 749 corrections officers under Kasich’s first ‘Jobs Budget’ (Plunderbund, 2/28/13)
Prosecutor contacted by GOP about Franklin schools probe (Dayton Daily News, 2/27/13)
School-funding tweaks possible, Kasich adviser says (Columbus Dispatch, 2/27/13)
Kasich cuts local government funding again: Previous cuts helped cause Cincinnati budget deficit(City Beat, 2/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor’s faculty workload policy fails to address real higher ed problems(Plunderbund, 2/26/13)
Sen. Kris Jordan introduces bill that would jail federal agents (Plunderbund, 2/25/13)

Local governments keep losing (Policy Matters Ohio, 2/25/13)
Sequester would hurt local governments already reeling from Kasich’s cuts (Plunderbund, 2/25/13)
Gun rallies attract hundreds — some armed (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/23/13)
No charges for schools chief who ripped Kasich (Columbus Dispatch, 2/22/13)
Gov. Kasich invokes ‘the Good Book’ while urging Medicaid expansion, but Christian conservatives also concerned about costs (The Plain Dealer, 2/21/13)
Kasich cribbed his tax hike from an unpopular ALEC-endorsed initiative (Plunderbund, 2/21/13)
Longtime Republican lobbyist turning on Kasich? (Plunderbund, 2/21/13)
Kasich: Ohio now ‘fantastic’ so let’s add billions in new Turnpike debt (Plunderbund, 2/21/13)
Right-leaning media joins criticism of GOP prosecutor’s politically-motivated investigation(Plunderbund, 2/21/13)
John Kasich vs. Ed FitzGerald: Comparing State of the State and State of the County speeches (The Plain Dealer, 2/21/13)
Business groups yet to endorse Kasich’s ‘pro-business’ tax plan (Plunderbund, 2/20/13)
Will there be life for Kasich’s big ideas after Lima? (Plunderbund, 2/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Stop investigating Franklin’s school chief (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/20/13)
Democrats say state lawmakers should choose top watchdog, not the governor (Dayton Daily News,2/20/13)
Gov. John Kasich focuses on Medicaid, job creation, tax reforms in State of the State address (The Plain Dealer, 2/19/13)
On the road again, Gov. John Kasich elevates the State of the State as political theater: Analysis (The Plain Dealer, 2/19/13)
In Kasichville, three is not a crowd (Plunderbund, 2/19/13)
COMMENTARY: A Kasich budget Dems could love? (The Plain Dealer, 2/17/13)
Republican prosecutors ignore possible crimes by Kasich PUCO appointee, pursue Kasich critics(Plunderbund, 2/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich is thinking bid and long-term (The Plain Dealer, 2/16/13)
Nonprofit received $800K in tax benefits; State Senator backed legislation that helped group he founded (Dayton Daily News, 2/16/13)
COMMENTARY: John Kasich’s sales tax expansion ‘a nightmare’ for Ohio (Plunderbund, 2/16/13)
John Kasich’s PUCO appointee lied on her job application(s) (Plunderbund, 2/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich is thinking big and long-term (The Plain Dealer, 2/16/13)
Gov. John Kasich appoints M. Beth Trombold to PUCO seat, raising questions of partisanship (The Plan Dealer, 2/15/13)
SW Ohio school superintendent’s anti-Kasich letter under investigation (Dayton Daily News,2/15/13)
Medicaid expansion in Ohio would avoid a $404M budget gap (Dayton Daily News, 2/14/13)
Superintendent: ‘Kids in poor school districts don’t count’ to John Kasich (Plunderbund, 2/14/13)
State budget cuts and layoffs loom for higher education (Plunderbund, 2/14/13)
Medicaid deal best for Ohio now, Kasich says (Columbus Dispatch, 2/14/13)
Hearings to expand Medicaid in Ohio begin Thursday (Dayton Daily News, 2/13/13)
Treasurer Josh Mandel urges lawmakers to reject Kasich’s recommendation to expand Medicaid (The Plain Dealer, 2/12/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s budget plan unveiled in full as House Bill 59 (The Plain Dealer, 2/12/13)
Mandel opposes Kasich’s Medicaid expansion plan (Dayton Daily News, 2/12/13)
Kasich backtracks on funeral services tax, keeps exemptions for oil and gas (Plunderbund, 2/12/13)
Ohio redistricting overhaul gains support (Stateline, 2/11/13)
The new cost of dying in Ohio: Kasich’s 20 proposed ‘death taxes’ (Plunderbund, 2/11/13)
COMMENTARY: The ‘balanced approach’ appears in Kasich budget (The Plain Dealer, 2/10/13)
Ohio law enforcement hit hard by Kasich budget cuts (Plunderbund, 2/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Is the Tea Party over for Gov. John Kasich? (The Plain Dealer, 2/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich’s daring budget won’t be an easy sell (The Plain Dealer, 2/9/13)
Kasich Administration to eliminate 500 state prison jobs (Plunderbund, 2/9/13)
COMMENTARY: State approach to education is smoke and mirrors (The Plain Dealer, 2/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Exploring the themes of Kasich’s budget (The Plain Dealer, 2/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Voters need to know who’s trying to sway them (The Plain Dealer, 2/9/13)
What would be taxed under Gov. Kasich’s budget proposal (The Plain Dealer, 2/8/13)
9 graphical things to know about Gov. Kasich’s Ohio budget proposal (The Plain Dealer, 2/8/13)
Ohio Right to Life comes out in ‘100%’ support of Gov. John Kasich’s proposed Medicaid expansion(The Plain Dealer, 2/8/13)
Just as we predicted, Kasich lied about school funding plan (Plunderbund, 2/8/13)
Won’t the Kasich tax hike drive small businesses across the river? (Plunderbund, 2/8/13)
Kasich’s funding plans draw complaints from school leaders (Columbus Dispatch, 2/8/13)
Ohio GOP creates website to defend Gov. John Kasich’s state budget proposals (The Plain Dealer,2/7/13)
Kasich hasn’t seen numbers for own school funding plan (Columbus Dispatch, 2/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Kasich’s school funding plan needs a lot of work (The Plain Dealer, 2/7/13)
Ohio sales tax changes: What Gov.John Kasich’s proposal means to you (The Plain Dealer, 2/7/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s sales tax proposal would have everyday-life impact (The Plain Dealer, 2/7/13)
Kasich plan widens sales tax (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2/7/13)
John Kasich visits the belly of the beast (Plunderbund, 2/7/13)
Ohio Republican Party refuses to support Kasich budget (Plunderbund, 2/7/13)
Ohio budget solution: A new care in every pot? (Plunderbund, 2/7/13)
There’s a tax for that: John Kasich’s 5% tax on fun (Plunderbund, 2/6/13)
Kasich: Protecting the Ohio Medicaid model (Red State, 2/6/13)
Q: If we can afford a huge income tax cut, why do we still need $1.5B in new turnpike debt?(Plunderbund, 2/6/13)
Kasich’s ODOT and Turnpike Directors won’t commit Turnpike money to Northern Ohio(Plunderbund, 2/6/13)
Cost of Kasich’s security increasing by $5.4 million (Plunderbund, 2/6/13)
Ohio Republicans not saying much about state budget proposal (The Plain Dealer, 2/5/13)
Expect more public safety layoffs as Kasich again guts Local Government Fund (Plunderbund, 2/5/13)
Kasich’s tax ‘reforms’ are a massive tax cut for the rich (Plunderbund, 2/4/13)
John Kasich’s Obamacare flip burns conservatives (Politico, 2/4/13)
Kasich: Re-elect me and I promise to slash school funding (Plunderbund, 2/4/13)
Kasich budget increases General Revenue FUnding by another $7.5 billion (Plunderbund, 2/4/13)
Kasich transportation chief backs down on promise to Northern Ohio (Plunderbund, 2/4/13)
Proposed budget would shift tax burden by expanding base (Columbus Dispatch, 2/4/13)
Kasich hints he’ll expand Medicaid (Columbus Dispatch, 2/3/13)
Kasich’s privatized prison fails first big test (Plunderbund, 2/2/13)
Ohio schools: Casino taxes don’t make up for cuts (Dayton Daily News, 2/2/13)
Incentives plan raises questions (Columbus Dispatch, 2/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich gets the most out of school funding plan’s rollout (The Plain Dealer, 2/2/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s school funding plan might hold little new money for many Northeast Ohio districts (The Plain Dealer, 2/2/13)
Decreased funding, increased crime: How Kasich failed Conneault with his private prison experiment (Plunderbund, 2/2/13)
Kasich’s school-funding plan greeted with relief (Columbus Dispatch, 2/1/13)
JobsOhio foes playing with fire? (Columbus Dispatch, 2/1/13)
Kasich’s income tax cuts, federal spending cuts are ‘perfect storm’ for Ohio (Dispatch Politics, 2/1/13)
Kasich loads up on campaign cash (Columbus Dispatch, 2/1/13)
Even Jon Husted says Ohio’s economic recovery began before John Kasich became governor (Plunderbund, 2/1/13)
AUDIO: Why Monday’s budget proposal is important to Ohio schools (StateImpact/Ohio, 2/1/13)
Kasich’s 2011 education budget deceptions should leave us leery in 2013 (Plunderbund, 2/1/13)
Public schools would incur some cost of voucher expansion (Dayton Daily News, 2/1/13)
Kasich’s socialist school funding plan redistributes the wealth (Plunderbund, 2/1/13)


Kasich says critics will answer to God (Columbus Dispatch, 1/31/13)
Bond buyers leery of lawsuit over JobsOhio (Columbus Dispatch, 1/31/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s school plan would dramatically overhaul Ohio’s funding formula (The Plain Dealer, 1/31/13)
Kasich threatens ProgressOhio with the wrath of God (Plunderbund, 1/31/13)
Kasich spokesman tries to change subject on Kasich-driven tax hikes (Plunderbund, 1/31/13)
Ohio House Chairman says anti-women legislation will be back (Plunderbund, 1/30/13)
Top 13 questions Kasich should answer at his education townhall (Plunderbund, 1/30/13)
Democrat FitzGerald assembling team for governor’s race (Columbus Dispatch, 1/30/13)
PUCO hopeful’s political ties draw scrutiny from Democrats as Gov. John Kasich reviews finalists(The Plain Dealer, 1/30/13)
Impact of Kasich’s first budget: $487 million in new school-related  taxes (Plunderbund, 1/30/13)
Kasich excludes key stakeholders from school funding discussions (Plunderbund, 1/30/13)
JobsOhio bond deal adds extra $100 million for Kasich (Plunderbund, 1/29/13)
Case Western Law Review: JobsOhio is unconstitutional (Plunderbund, 1/29/13)
Ohio GOP backs off electoral vote-rigging plan. For now (Plunderbund, 1/29/13)
Ohio governor: Ed FitzGerald signals bid vs. John Kasich (Politico, 1/29/13)
Local school officials brace for the worst as they wonder what Gov. John Kasich’s budget will have for them (The Plain Dealer, 1/28/13)
Kasich returns after the Dispatch’s soaring travelogues (Plunderbund, 1/28/13)
For-profit charter school operators fund Kasich, Faber and Batchelder (Plunderbund, 1/28/13)
John Kasich [the candidate] wants school funding questions ASAP [not yours] on Facebook & Twitter(Plunderbund, 1/28/13)
Expect pro-charter school funding plan from Kasich this week (Plunderbund, 1/27/13)
Bond experts, investors question timing, prudence of JobsOhio bond deal (Plunderbund, 1/27/13)
Ed FitzGerald: Decision on governor’s race in 60-90 days (Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget maneuvering could strengthen Democrats’ hand (The Plain Dealer,1/26/13)
Toll Road News: Kasich’s Turnpike Plan a ‘poisonous political pander’ (Plunderbund, 1/25/13)
COMMENTARY: The math behind Electoral College rigging (Plunderbund, 1/25/13)
After years of delays on workforce development, Kasich heads to Davos to tout his ’success’(Plunderbund, 1/23/13)
Kasich’s state of state address; A home on the range (Plunderbund, 1/23/13)
Kasich calls Terhar Hitler post ‘a mistake’ (Columbus Dispatch, 1/23/13)
Ohio Supreme Court  agrees to hear JobsOhio case (Columbus Dispatch, 1/23/13)
Ohio Dems call on ‘Kasich’s hand-picked state school board president’ Debe Terhar to resign(Plunderbund, 1/22/13)
Ohio’s Debe Terhar Hitler shame a result of questionable appointments by John Kasich(Plunderbund, 1/22/13)
The Dispatch turned into the Drudge Report so slowly, we barely even noticed (Pluderbund, 1/21/13)
Kasich announces plans for State of the State in county hit hard by his budget cuts (Plunderbund, 1/21/13)
Like Kasich, Schitchler must not read the papers either (Plunderbund, 1/20/13)
Downtown rally targets more gun-control efforts (Columbus Dispatch, 1/20/13)
Teachers could be next to retire en masse (Columbus Dispatch, 1/20/13)
Prison reform, Kasich-style: More drugs, more crime and more costs to local government(Plunderbund, 1/19/13)
Kasich wants to hold State of the State in Lima (Dayton Daily News, 1/18/13)
Ohio lawmakers react to Obama gun speech (Plunderbund, 1/17/13)
Critics call Kasich Davos trip an Alpine boondoggle (Bloomberg, 1/17/13)
Early reports on Ohio’s pending school funding model reveal more Kasich Administration ignorance(Plunderbund, 1/15/13)
Teachers’ pay might be linked to quality, Kasich says (Columbus Dispatch, 1/15/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s new state budget on the horizon: ’sweeping’ tax reform planned (The Plain Dealer,1/14/13)
Kasich’s anti-solar agenda puts 900 Ohio jobs at risk (Plunderbund, 1/14/13)
Kasich’s multimillion dollar corporate shakedowns continue (Plunderbund, 1/14/13)
Kasich’s turn for school reform (Columbus Dispatch, 1/13/13)
AEP gave $2 million to help JobsOhio (Columbus Dispatch, 1/13/13)
Will Ohio Gov. John Kasich expand Medicaid? ‘Too important to leave hanging’ (The Plain Dealer,1/13/13)
Kasich’s PUCO Chief Snitchler is a climate change denier (Plunderbund, 1/12/13)
PUCO chief blasts ‘green’ energy on Twitter (Columbus Dispatch, 1/12/13)
Will Kasich illegally appoint a fourth Republican to the PUC? (Plunderbund, 1/11/13)
Ohio cutting back on pay-to-stay incentives for businesses (Dayton Daily News, 1/11/13)
ACLU wants state help for privatized Ohio prison (Dayton Daily News, 1/11/13)
FitzGerald showing tell-tale signs that he may run for Ohio governor (Dayton Daily News, 1/10/13)
Kasich PUCO appointees ignore staff advice, nix solar project, jobs (Plunderbund, 1/10/13)
PD’s Larkin: Kasich’s nauseous position on gun control (Plunderbund, 1/9/13)
FitzGerald looks like he is on the campaign trail (Dayton Daily News, 1/9/13)
JobsOhio bond deal provides more one-time money to balance Kasich’s budget (Plunderbund, 1/9/13)
Toledo Blade seriously drops the ball on development/donation piece (Plunderbund, 1/8/13)
Strickland won’t challenge Kasich in 2014 (AP, 1/8/13)
Strickland says he won’t run for governor in 2014 (Dayton Daily News, 1/8/13)
No rematch in 2014 governor race (Dayton Daily News, 1/8/13)
State to pay out $38M in casino profits to schools (Dayton Daily News, 1/8/13)
Ted Strickland not running for governor in Ohio (National Journal, 1/8/13)
Can John Kasich survive in Ohio? (The Fix, 1/8/13)
Ed FitzGerald says Ted Strickland’s decision to sit out 2014 ‘accelerates’ his own gubernatorial exploration (The Plain Dealer, 1/8/13)
Strickland announces he will not run against Kasich (Toledo Blade, 1/8/13)
Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to pass on rematch with John Kasich (The Plain Dealer, 1/8/13)
Turnpike proposal sidesteps debt cap (Toledo Blade,1/7/13)
Kasich admits (kind of) he got duped on big development deals (Plunderbund, 1/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislators, lobbyists have a lot on their plates (The Plain Dealer, 1/6/13)
Could Kasich’s ‘flimflam finance’ bankrupt the Ohio Turnpike? (Plunderbund, 1/6/13)
COMMENTARY: The NRA loves complacent, compliant Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 1/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Ohio’s high-risk legislative to-do list (The Plain Dealer,1/5/13)
Personhood Ohio plans robocall blitz with help from national group (Plunderbund, 1/2/13)
Kasich to schmooze in Swiss Alps (Cincinnati Enquirer, 1/2/13)
JobsOhio works amid funding question (Columbus Dispatch, 1/2/13)
Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans Switzerland trip (AP, 1/2/13)
Kasich’s Swiss trip may mean business (Columbus Dispatch, 1/2/13)
School Board President Debe Terhar tries to rewrite history (Plunderbund, 1/2/13)
Kasich using secret, private donations to fund overseas trip (Plunderbund, 1/2/13)
Kasich the bully, 2013: Return of the Gooch! (Plunderbund, 1/1/13)

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