The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Ohio Governor News


Ohio Gubernatorial Headlines


Kearney’s total tax debt: $825,000 (Columbus Dispatch, 12/5/13)
House Republicans propose new severance tax increase (The Plain Dealer, 12/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Board Roundtable: Eric Kearney and the governor’s race (The Plain Dealer, 12/4/13)
Dem. lt. governor candidate says he won’t leave race due to money issues (Dayton Daily News, 12/4/13)
Kearney says he’s staying in race, despite tax debts of up to $826,000 (Cincinnati Enquirer, 12/4/13)
Eric Kearney to discuss financial problems (The Plain Dealer, 12/4/13)
FitzGerald running mate Eric Kearney on hook for more than $825,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties (The Plain Dealer, 12/4/13)
AUDIO: Democratic candidate for Lt. Gov. Eric Kearney addresses unpaid taxes in lengthy call (Ideastream, 12/4/13)
Worst rollout of the year? Ohio candidate owes $1 million in back taxes (Washington Post, 12/4/13)
Nina Turner and Eric Kearney step down from Senate leadership post to focus on statewide campaigns (The Plain Dealer, 12/4/13)
COMMENTARY: FitzGerald’s choice of running mate backfires (Columbus Dispatch, 12/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Ohio’s legislative gun devotees expand their ground (The Plain Dealer, 12/1/13)
JobsOhio numbers down on every single metric in Q3 2013 (Plunderbund, 12/1/13)


Kasich’s disdain for food stamps absent in his feel-good photo ops (Plunderbund, 11/30/13)
Poll shows FitzGerald slowly gaining on Kasich in governor’s race (The Daily Record, 11/29/13)
FitzGerald, Kearney kick off run as partners in Ohio gubernatorial race (Cincinnati Herald, 11/30/13)
Ed FitzGerald stands by lieutenant governor pick Eric Kearney (The Plain Dealer, 11/29/13)
Early voting on the chopping block (Plunderbund, 11/29/13)
US Rep. Marcia Fudge endorses Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald for governor (The Plain Dealer, 11/29/13)
Constitution Party, Greens seek to join lawsuit challenging new rules for minor parties (The Plain Dealer, 11/27/13)
Governor Kasich, the original Lima Being? (Plunderbund, 11/27/13)
More money problems for Eric Kearney, Ed FitzGerald’s candidate for lieutenant governor (The Plain Dealer, 11/27/13)
Kasich leading in poll, but gap gets smaller (Mansfield News Journal, 11/27/13)
FitzGerald gains on Kasich in new poll (Record-Courier, 11/27/13)
More unpaid tax bills linked to Eric Kearney, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor (The Plain Dealer, 11/26/13)
Kasich’s Medicaid policy popular – except in GOP (Toledo Blade, 11/26/13)
John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion gambit is a double-edged sword (The Fix, 11/26/13)
FitzGerald campaigns in Pomeroy, Gallipolis (The Daily Sentinel, 11/26/13)
Poll: Kasich holds lead over unknown FitzGerald (Columbus Dispatch, 11/26/13)
Gov. John Kasich leads Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald in new Quinnipiac poll (The Plain Dealer, 11/26/13)
Ohio should create jobs with money saved from feds paying Medicaid expansion, Policy Matters says (The Plain Dealer, 11/26/13)
Kasich, House and Senate leaders to tout need for balanced budget amendment to US Constitution (The Plain Dealer, 11/25/13)
Ohio says board acted within law in Medicaid case (AP, 11/25/13)
Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak plans second bid for governor (The Plain Dealer, 11/25/13)
State defends Controlling Board decision to allow use of federal money for Medicaid expansion (The Plain Dealer, 11/25/13)
VIDEO: Kasich, FitzGerald play economic blame game (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/25/13)
FitzGerald speaks to local Democrats at fundraiser (Chillicothe Gazette, 11/24/13)
Green Party candidate announces for Ohio governor’s race (Plunderbund, 11/24/13)
For Gov. John Kasich, it’s too early for campaign talk (Columbus Dispatch, 11/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Kearney will boost Democratic ticket, but will it be enough? (Columbus Dispatch, 11/24/13)
Ohio Dem team fixes on 2014 gov race issues: middle class, children, education (, 11/23/13)
Kearney: Ohio tax cut was aimed at wealthy (Columbus Dispatch, 11/23/13)
COMMENTARY: The whispering campaign by Team Kasich against Greater Cleveland has to stop (The Plain Dealer, 11/23/13)
Democratic candidates for governor, lieutenant come to Boardman (Youngstown Vindicator, 11/23/13)
Audits find over $1M in undocumented JobsOhio payments (Plunderbund, 11/22/13)
Kasich returns from RGA to 7.5% unemployment (, 11/22/13)
Poll shows Kasich far more popular than Obama (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/22/13)
FitzGerald, Kearney and Brown speak at Yankee Kitchen (Youngstown Vindicator, 11/22/13)
Gov. John Kasich gets good marks for job performance from half of voters in new poll (The Plain Dealer, 11/22/13)
Eric Kearney, Ed FitzGerald’s candidate for lieutenant governor, owes thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes (The Plain Dealer, 11/22/13)
Ohio unemployment rate now exceeds national average (Plunderbund, 11/22/13)
FitzGerald introduces running mate Kearney to Toledo (Toledo Blade, 11/21/13)
Democrats complain audit of JobsOhio wasn’t more thorough, say Auditor Dave Yost dropped the ball (The Plain Dealer, 11/21/13)
For Kasich, is HillaryCare really KasichCare? (TIME, 11/21/13)
Auditor: JobsOhio has no procedure for identifying conflicts of interest (Plunderbund, 11/21/13)
Ohio House passes gun bill with ’stand your ground’ provision after lengthy debate (The Plain Dealer,11/20/13)
Ed FitzGerald picks State Sen. Eric Kearney of Cincinnati as running mate for Ohio governor’s race(The Plain Dealer, 11/20/13)
Who is Ed FitzGerald’s running mate? Choice made on lieutenant governor, sources say (The Plain Dealer, 11/20/13)
The story behind Ed FitzGerald’s struggle to win endorsements from black political leaders: Analysis(The Plain Dealer, 11/20/13)
‘Stand your ground’ vote on tap (Toledo Blade, 11/19/13)
Kasich doing ‘absolutely nothing’ about Ormet layoffs (Plunderbund, 11/19/13)
State to open Medicaid enrollment early (Dayton Business Journal, 11/18/13)
State school board business is private business, too (Akron Beacon Journal, 11/17/13)
Brown backs FitzGerald for governor (Toledo Blade, 11/16/13)
Four GOP anti-voter bills set for hearings this week (Plunderbund, 11/16/13)
Democrats outnumber Republicans as mayors in Cuyahoga County, 39-14 (The Plain Dealer,11/16/13)
President lauds Kasich’s actions during Ohio visit (Toledo Blade, 11/15/13)
Ormet worker: John Kashic ‘lied to us, laughed at us’ (Plunderbund, 11/15/13)
House Democrats cite high cost to state in preemptive strike on photo ID laws (The Plain Dealer,11/15/13)
US Sen. Brown endorses Ed FitzGerald for governor (WNWO, 11/15/13)
US Sen. Sherrod Brown comes to Toledo to endorse FitzGerald for governor (Toledo Blade, 11/15/13)
Medicaid expansion opponents expand on their legal arguments against Controlling Board vote (The Plain Dealer, 11/15/13)
Ohio Libertarians likely to make 2014 ballot despite new election rules, scholars and party leader say (The Plain Dealer, 11/15/13)
Kasich appointee removed from job as ODOT Deputy Director (Plunderbund, 11/15/13)
Jon Husted makes pitch for overhaul of Ohio’s redistricting process with emphasis on compact, competitive districts (The Plain Dealer, 11/14/13)
President Obama talks health care, economy at Cleveland steel mill (Toledo Blade, 11/14/13)
Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald to take the ‘food stamp challenge’ (The Plain Dealer,11/14/13)
Latest PPP poll: Kasich tied with FitzGerald, Pillich up by four (Plunderbund, 11/14/13)
JobsOhio update: Ohio Supreme Court (Plunderbund, 11/14/13)
Cuyahoga Councilman Dave Greenspan questions FitzGerald administration’s delay in announcing count credit downgrade (The Plain Dealer, 11/14/13)
Ohio Dems tout poll as showing race for governor is even, GOP questions validity of pollster (The Plain Dealer, 11/12/13)
ODP/PPP Poll: John Kasich, Ed FitzGerald tied in 2014 Ohio gov race (, 11/10/13)
Kasich lawyer wrote on Suarez’s behalf (Columbus Dispatch, 11/9/13)
Governor ‘hopeful’ Ed FitzGerald visits Steubenville (WTRF, 11/9/13)
Ohioans struggle with Obamacare mandate (Record-Courier, 11/9/13)
Legislative fix not in sight for Ohio’s redistricting controversy (Lancaster Eagle Gazette, 11/9/13)
Governor pledges to work with Toledo mayor-elect Collins(Toledo Blade, 11/8/13)
Libertarians file legal challenge against Ohio’s new rules for minor political parties; Greens may follow suit (The Plain Dealer, 11/8/13)
Kasich attorney attempted to assist in Suarez case (WKSU, 11/8/13)
Suarez pleads not guilty to campaign contributions indictment (Akron Beacon Journal, 11/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Indicted political donor Benjamin Suarez shows why elected officials need to improve how they handle constituent services (The Plain Dealer, 11/8/13)
Rough headlines for Ed FitzGerald and John Kasich (The Plain Dealer, 11/8/13)
Economy a messy issue in governor’s race (Columbus Dispatch, 11/8/13)
Curtains up on 2014, higher hurdles for third parties, JobsOhio’s day in court and city halls in transition (, 11/7/13)
Ohio Medicaid battle lingering with lawsuit, new bills (Chillicothe Gazette, 11/7/13)
Timing an issue for Republicans pushing minor party bill (Twinsburg Bulletin, 11/7/13)
Gov. John Kasich’s office sought California attorney general’s review of Suarez investigation (The Plain Dealer, 11/7/13)
Standard & Poor’s downgrades Cuyahoga County’s credit rating (The Plain Dealer, 11/7/13)
JobsOhio challenge ends up before Supreme Court as judges hear arguments over who can sue (The Plain Dealer, 11/6/13)
GOP lawmakers in Ohio under fire for supporting Medicaid expansion (LA Times, 11/6/13)
Kasich reverses board’s oversight (The Advertiser-Tribune, 11/6/13)
OPINION: GOP should toss measure on third-party ballot access (Chillicothe Gazette, 11/6/13)
Rep. Jim Renacci urged Ohio Gov. John Kasich to intervene in California dispute for indicted campaign donor (The Plain Dealer, 11/6/13)
Ohio legislature passes new ballot-access rules for minor political parties; Libertarians promise lawsuit (, 11/6/13)
Ohio’s third parties face higher hurdles (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/6/13)
lawmakers looking at tougher ballot-access thresholds for minor political parties (The Plain Dealer,11/5/13)
Medicaid reform, municipal income tax overhaul top this week’s legislative agenda (The Plain Dealer,11/4/13)
Ohio teachers’ union backs FitzGerald for governor (AP, 11/4/13)
Medicaid lawsuit all about making money for Cincinnati Right to Life (Plunderbund, 11/4/13)
A look at John Kasich, Ed FitzGerald and the race for governor one year out (, 11/4/13)
A bad week for the images of Kasich & Co. (Plunderbund, 11/3/13)
A look back: Electing governors (Columbus Dispatch, 11/3/13)
Want to be governor? Here’s how (Columbus Dispatch, 11/3/13)
Clash between Ohio Constitution, federal tax law could prompt lower tax bill for gay couples (The Plain Dealer, 11/3/13)
EDITORIAL: In Ohio, Gov. Kasich bucks the tea party on Medicaid (Star-Ledger, 11/3/13)
COMMENTARY: The flaws behind the issues that confront voters on Ohio ballots (The Plain Dealer,11/3/13)
Democrats may have found their message (Canton Rep, 11/2/13)
Schools across Ohio still seeking tax hikes in election; about 200 districts are on ballot (AP, 11/2/13)
Gordon Gee wanted to seek donation from Kvamme after Ohio State deal was done, records show (The Plain Dealer, 11/2/13)
Kasich dodges ballot bill (Toledo Blade, 11/1/13)
Prominent Dem, in SW Ohio visit, says he admires Kasich’s Medicaid stance (Cincinnati Enquirer,11/1/13)
Dem lawmakers call on Kasich to drop requirement changes in SNAP program (Call & Post, 11/1/13)
Kasich for president? Ohio governor getting national exposure (ABC6 on your side, 11/1/13)
GOP-linked group running ads in Cincinnati school board race (Plunderbund, 11/1/13)
National buzz for the so-called John Kasich re-election Protection Act, a fast track for Medicaid expansion and more (The Plain Dealer, 11/1/13)
Ohio State’s $50 million investment in Mark Kvamme came despite concerns from top officials (The Plain Dealer, 11/1/13)


Ohio State was the only state university asked to invest in former JobsOhio chief’s fund (The Plain Dealer, 10/31/13)
ORP continues to fundraise off fake FitzGerald scandal (Plunderbund, 10/31/13)
Kasich: Medicaid expansion ‘done…We’re moving on’ (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/31/13)
Supreme Court puts suit challenging Medicaid expansion in Ohio on the fast track (The Plain Dealer,10/31/13)
Republicans target minor parties after election losses (Washington Post, 10/31/13)
Gov. John Kasich selects Cuyahoga County Council President C.Ellen Connally as Ohio Historical Society trustee (The Plain Dealer, 10/31/13)
Batchelder confirms GOP backing on Medicaid, probe of FitzGerald donation nears end and Kasich ally scores promotion (The Plain Dealer, 10/31/13)
Teacher with close ties to Gov. John Kasich promoted to top Ohio Dept of Education post (ideastream, 10/30/13)
Legislative mix-up delays vote on controversial minor parties bill (The Plain Dealer, 10/30/13)
VIDEO: Speaker Batchelder on Medicaid, minor political party bill (Capital Blog, 10/30/13)
EDITORIAL: A win for Kasich on Medicaid – Governor refuses to back down in face of GOP opposition(News-Leader, 10/30/13)
Democrats, Husted spar over early voting (Columbus Dispatch, 10/30/13)
Batchelder: GOP caucus supported Medicaid expansion (Columbus Dispatch, 10/30/13)
Teacher with close ties to Gov. John Kasich promoted to top Ohio Dept of Education post(StateImpact/Ohio, 10/30/13)
Review of donations to Ed FitzGerald almost done, inspector general says (The Plain Dealer,10/30/13)
DeWine joins other AGs in pushing US Supreme Court to accept abortion case (The Plain Dealer,10/30/13)
ORP pulls Fitz complaint (Dispatch Politics, 10/29/13)
Kasich ‘confident’ in process to expand Medicaid (Columbus Dispatch, 10/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Education matters (Toledo Blade, 10/29/13)
Kasich touts growth at natural-gas facilities (Columbus Dispatch, 10/29/13)
Gov. John Kasich on the cover of the New York Times and back on the road (The Plain Dealer,10/29/13)
Ohio governor defies GOP with defense of social safety net (New York Times, 10/28/13)
Gov. John Kasich does ‘Meet the Press,’ Frank Jackson outraises Ken Lanci and Columbus loves Michael Coleman (The Plain Dealer, 10/28/13)
Tea Party activists continue shady school board shenanigans (Plunderbund, 10/28/13)
Three not a crowd when OSU moves $50 million to a venture capitalist (Plunderbund, 10/28/13)
Kasich touts Medicaid expansion, funding for cancer screenings (The Daily Record, 10/28/13)
VIDEO: Kasich calls for Youngstown school plan (WKBN, 10/28/13)
Texas court ruling won’t have an immediate impact on Ohio’s abortion laws, both sides say (The Plain Dealer, 10/28/13)
Policy matters: Top 5% would get 42% of tax cut proposal (Dispatch Politics, 10/28/13) and Gov. Kasich vs. Gov. Walker (WisOpinion, 10/28/13)
Ohio GOP leaders talk business, politics (Chillicothe Gazette, 10/28/13)
SB 193: John Kasich’s re-election protection bill (Plunderbund, 10/27/13)
Kasich and Beshear debate Obamacare on Meet the Press (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/27/13)
Ohio Gov. Kasich criticized over layoffs at Ohio aluminum plant (AP, 10/27/13)
Gov. Kasich, JobsOhio take hits as high court hears JobsOhio case Nov. 6 (, 10/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Ohio Dems can’t catch a break (Youngstown Vindicator, 10/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Kasich makes right call in securing Medicaid expansion (Crain’s Cleveland Business,10/27/13)
Fitz for Mayor (Dispatch Politics, 10/26/13)
Tea Party activists gather signatures for so-called right to work amendment (Plunderbund, 10/26/13)
Ohio Senate GOP leaders seek income tax cut using savings from Medicaid expansion (The Plain Dealer, 10/25/13)
Ex-JobsOhio chief Mark Kvamme also pitched Drive Capital deal to Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund(The Plain Dealer, 10/25/13)
Budget changes don’t guarantee Planned Parenthood will be defunded, though impact is still unclear(The Plain Dealer, 10/24/13)
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System declined to invest in Mark Kvamme’s Drive Capital (The Plain Dealer, 10/24/13)
Some Michigan abortion clinics report seeing more Ohio patients, others see no change (The Plain Dealer, 10/24/13)
Oops! Lawsuit against Medicaid expansion may have been filed incorrectly (Plunderbund, 10/24/13)
Michigan Economic Development Corp: Hey, at least we’re not JobsOhio (Plunderbund, 10/23/13)
Medicaid expansion challenged (Toledo Blade, 10/23/13)
Ohio expands Medicaid for two years (Plunderbund, 10/22/13)
Vote expands Medicaid; opponents vow to sue (Columbus Dispatch, 10/22/13)
Conservative lawsuit against Medicaid expansion is going nowhere. Fast. (Plunderbund, 10/22/13)
COMMENTARY: The cry of the true Republican (New York Times, 10/22/13)
With latest shuffle, Kasich cabinet still lacks diversity (Plunderbund, 10/22/13)
Kasich searches for scapegoat for 1000 lost Ormet jobs (Plunderbund, 10/21/13)
Debate on Medicaid expansion before Controlling Board more explanatory than confrontational (The Plain Dealer, 10/21/13)
Medicaid expansion OK marks a long-awaited victory for supporters, grounds for a fight among critics (The Plain Dealer, 10/21/13)
Controlling Board gives OK to use of federal money to pay for Medicaid expansion in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 10/21/13)
Controlling Board poised to grant Kasich’s request to expand Medicaid to cover working poor (The Plain Dealer, 10/21/13)
Medicaid expansion likely to pass state board after member swap-out (The Plain Dealer, 10/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Machiavellian political moves aside, it’s a fair bet the Ohio Controlling Board will expand Medicaid (The Plain Dealer, 10/20/13)
Kasich hopeful board OKs Medicaid growth (Toledo Blade, 10/19/13)
Some top Ed FitzGerald aides already planning their next move (The Plain Dealer, 10/18/13)
Politics surrounding Medicaid expansion as key Controlling Board vote looms make assigning credit a tricky proposition (The Plain Dealer, 10/18/13)
Ohio Job and Family Services Director Michael Colbert quits post, Medicaid official tapped as replacement (The Plain Dealer, 10/18/13)
Gov. John Kasich says he’s optimistic Medicaid will be expanded in Ohio on Monday (The Plain Dealer, 10/18/13)
Kasich defends effort to cover poor Ohioans under Medicaid (Columbus Dispatch, 10/18/13)
Government reopening vote exposes fissures among Ohio Republicans (The Plain Dealer, 10/18/13)
Kasich defends effort to cover poor Ohioans under Medicaid (Columbus Dispatch, 10/18/13)
FitzGerald blasts Kasich over Medicaid, talks taxes (Record-Courier, 10/17/13)
Ed FitzGerald hits the smaller-town circuit and Cleveland’s Dan Sullivan runs for US Senate (The Plain Dealer, 10/17/13)
Will Kasich use executive action to expand Medicaid? (Plunderbund, 10/16/13)
Legislators on state’s Controlling Board besieged with calls in advance of their vote on expanding Medicaid (The Plain Dealer, 10/16/13)
Ohio Senate president predicts Medicaid expansion win for Gov. John Kasich (The Plain Dealer,10/16/13)
VIDEO: FitzGerald on Medicaid, taxes, more (Capital Blog, 10/16/13)
Ohio House Republicans may sue over Kasich’s Medicaid expansion (Columbus Dispatch, 10/16/13)
Leaders: Ohio Controlling Board can decide Medicaid expansion (Toledo Blade, 10/15/13)
Kasich’s Medicaid expansion expected to pass Controlling Board (Columbus Dispatch, 10/15/13)
State Senate GOP leader expects Medicaid expansion (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/15/13)
Petitions seek ‘right-to-work’ vote in 2014 (Columbus Dispatch, 10/15/13)
Medicaid expansion still up in air on Controlling Board (Columbus Dispatch, 10/15/13)
Right-to-work push ramps up, Kasich’s Medicaid expansion effort enters the home stretch (The Plain Dealer,10/15/13)
As John Kasich takes center stage for GOP governors, Democrats give him the zombie treatment(The Plain Dealer, 10/15/13)
Another Kasich-as-Obama moment and a Jennifer Brunner dig at David Pepper (The Plain Dealer,10/14/13)
Ohio governor to bypass Legislature on Medicaid expansion (Stateline, 10/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Kasich makes deft move (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Controlling Idea (Akron Beacon Journal, 10/14/13)
EDITORIAL: A sensible move to the Controlling Board for Medicaid expansion in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 10/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Expand Ohio Medicaid (Toledo Blade, 10/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Kasich turns to the Controlling Board to get Medicaid expansion through in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 10/13/13)
Kasich attempts end run to get Medicaid expansion (Cincinnati Enquirer, 10/12/13)
Medicaid expansion maneuver has opponents predicting a backlash, supporters cautiously pleased(The Plain Dealer, 10/11/13)
Ohio gains federal approval to expand its Medicaid program to cover state’s working poor (The Plain Dealer, 10/11/13)
Kasich administration will seek state Controlling Board’s OK to use federal funding to expand Medicaid in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 10/11/13)
Uncertainty remains about how Controlling Board will vote on Medicaid expansion (The Plain Dealer,10/11/13)
Illegal campaign contribution scandal will sink Mandel’s re-election campaign (Plunderbund, 10/11/13)
Ed FitzGerald administration elaborates on federal shutdown, conservatives attack FitzGerald over hotel taxes, savings accounts (The Plain Dealer, 10/10/13)
No ballot measure on budget (Dispatch Politics, 10/9/13)
Will Ohio governor John Kasich’s plan on Medicaid expansion bypass Legislature? (Courier-Journal,10/9/13)
With new abortion restrictions, Ohio walks a narrow legal line (New York Times, 10/9/13)
Maryland governor stumping for Ed FitzGerald (Columbus Dispatch, 10/9/13)
Presidential prospect Martin O’Malley plants a flag in Ohio by joining forces with Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 10/9/13)
Martin O’Malley stumps, raises cash for Dems in Florida and Ohio (Baltimore Sun, 10/9/13)
Kasich’s JobsOhio causes ‘confusion’ and delay in SW Ohio and beyond (Plunderbund, 10/8/13)
Ed FitzGerald: Hotel tax change not a tax increase (The Plain Dealer, 10/8/13)
Ed FitzGerald: Federal government shutdown hurting Cuyahoga County residents (The Plain Dealer,10/8/13)
Ohio AFL-CIO backs Ed FitzGerald for governor (The Plain Dealer, 10/7/13)
Funding for Ed FitzGerald’s $100 college savings account plan advances past county council committee (The Plain Dealer, 10/7/13)
Local governments: Source of Cincinnati Partnership’s troubles related to JobsOhio roll out (Journal-News, 10/6/13)
Ed FitzGerald’s $2M college savings account program includes $522,000 in overhead (The Plain Dealer, 10/6/13)
COMMENTARY: What governors can do about jobs, Kasich could be doing better (The Plain Dealer,10/5/13)
GOP’s ‘volunteer hospitals’ are more expensive than Medicaid (Plunderbund, 10/3/13)
John Kasich flies the flag for Republican governors, Ed FitzGerald looks to Springfield and Ken Lanci goes to West Park: Ohio politics roundup (, 10/3/13)
Ed FitzGerald’s $100M Western Reserve economic development fund: an analysis (The Plain Dealer,10/3/13)
More signs that Gov. John Kasich is raising his profile (The Plain Dealer, 10/3/13)
State rep wants to force poor Ohioans to get healthcare from interns and students (Plunderbund, 10/2/13)
Ed FitzGerald mum on state tax credits backing Omnova Solutions’ move to Beachwood (The Plain Dealer, 10/2/13)
Women rally against GOP-passed laws on abortion, reproductive health, vow revenge at the ballot box (The Plain Dealer, 10/2/13)
Democratic lawmakers, community leaders denounce ’stand your ground’ legislation (The Plain Dealer, 10/2/13)
Changes at Ohio Democratic Party: Kyle McDermott out, Liz Brown in temporarily as executive director (The Plain Dealer, 10/2/13)
The Arshinkoff-Kasich team: Boasting behind closed doors (Plunderbund, 10/2/13)
Ohio: ‘Ground zero’ for nation’s Obamacare debate (Politico, 10/1/13)
Ed FitzGerald speaks out against government shutdown, Gov. John Kasich’s team studies impacts in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 10/1/13)
Obamacare rollout called a success by administration despite glitches (The Plain Dealer, 10/1/13)
Son of indicted donor’s lawyer works for Mandel (Columbus Dispatch, 10/1/13)
Questions remain about how funding changes will affect Planned Parenthood, crisis pregnancy centers (The Plain Dealer, 10/1/13)
Kasich event in Fairlawn closed to media; governor declines interview request (Akron Beacon Journal, 10/1/13)


Ohio House Democrats bring legislation to repeal budget provisions on abortion, Planned Parenthood defunding (The Plain Dealer, 9/30/13)
Cuyahoga County Council cool on Ed FitzGerald’s proposal to tax free hotel rooms (The Plain Dealer,9/30/13)
OMNOVA Solutions in Beachwood, Hendrickson in Canton to get tax credits for expansion projects, job creation (The Plain Dealer, 9/30/13)
John Boehner’s Inner Circle (National Journal, 9/30/13)
Government shutdown: John Boehner’s pivotal moment (Politico, 9/29/13)
Rep. Phillips mentioned as possible lieutenant governor candidate (Athens News, 9/29/13)
JobsOhio fails to save jobs in Mahoning Valley (Youngstown Vindicator, 9/29/13)
Kasich calls for federal budget agreement (Dispatch Politics, 9/28/13)
Ed FitzGerald could run with Columbus councilman Klein (Columbus Dispatch, 9/26/13)
Republicans blame Ed FitzGerald for region’s job losses (The Plain Dealer, 9/26/13)
Ohio AG fights subpoenas for himself, Boehner (AP, 9/25/13)
Ohio Libertarians say legislation would likely doom Charlie Earl’s campaign for governor (The Plain Dealer, 9/25/13)
Federal grand jury indictment charges North Canton businessman with funneling illegal campaign cash to candidates (The Plain Dealer, 9/25/13)
Obamacare rates lower than expected; Ohio’s rates above average (Plunderbund, 9/25/13)
Ed FitzGerald backs plan to expand homestead exemption, sidesteps questions about income tax (The Plain Dealer, 9/24/13)
Ohio speaker has words for Obama at GOP social (Medina Gazette, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: The backroom politics of Medicaid expansion in Ohio (The Plain Dealer, 9/22/13)
Ohio insurance market to open; turmoil abounds (Toledo Blade, 9/22/13)
Kasich’s record on jobs summed up in a single photo (Plunderbund, 9/20/13)
Ohio second in nation with number of jobs lost in August, Labor Dept says (The Plain Dealer,9/20/13)
Conservative groups cry foul over Ohio’s new restrictions on referendum petitions (The Plain Dealer,9/20/13)
Common Cause Ohio study of contributions, lobbying by fracking industry suggests more reporting requirements needed (The Plain Dealer, 9/20/13)
Ohio job numbers: What Gov. John Kasich challenger Ed FitzGerald are saying about them (The Plain Dealer, 9/20/13)
Three local Democrats support a JobsOhio reform plan (Youngstown Vindicator, 9/19/13)
Local leaders support JobsOhio reform (WKBN, 9/19/13)
Ohio Controlling Board action might offer an alternative route for Medicaid expansion in Ohio if General Assembly won’t budge (The Plain Dealer, 9/19/13)
Legislation would set new rules for Ohio’s minor political parties (The Plain Dealer, 9/19/13)
Does Gov. John Kasich want another government shutdown? Ed FitzGerald prods rival for answer(The Plain Dealer, 9/19/13)
Sec of State Jon Husted to testify before federal panel on how Ohio handles presidential elections (The Plain Dealer, 9/19/13)
Ohio House Democrats hear from opponents of state budget provisions on women’s health care (The Plain Dealer, 9/18/13)
Ohio Right to Life is betting that Obamacare will reduce abortion (Plunderbund, 9/17/13)
FitzGerald looks at economic development, educational reforms in bid for governor (Middletown Journal, 9/16/13)
At the Statehouse, a sharp right turn (Columbus Dispatch, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich finds a winning issue for ‘14 (Youngstown Vindicator, 9/15/13)
FitzGerald: Kasich silent on Ormet potential shutdown (Herald-Star, 9/13/13)
FitzGerald brings message (Times Leader, 9/13/13)
FitzGerald speaks at Democratic Party’s fall forum (Circleville Forum, 9/13/13)
Charlie Earl, Ohio’s Libertarian candidate for governor, saddles up for his last rodeo (The Plain Dealer, 9/13/13)
Could a conservative third-party candidate cause problems for Gov. John Kasich in 2014? Analysis(The Plain Dealer, 9/13/13)
Former ODP chairman running for Ohio House (Dispatch Politics, 9/12/13)
VIDEO: Belmont County Democrats hear from hopefuls (WTRF, 9/12/13)
Kasich development director lies about prudish Pure Romance snub (Plunderbund, 9/12/13)
Ohio: Pure Romance tax credits ‘not wise’ (Cincinnati Enquirer, 9/12/13)
JobsOhio tells woman-focused company to go to Kentucky (Plunderbund, 9/12/13)
Kasich economic plan: Clap louder (Plunderbund, 9/12/13)
Md. Gov. Martin O’Malley heading to Cleveland next month to raise money for Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 9/12/13)
Donations to  House Speaker John Boehner questioned by Federal Election Commission (The Plain Dealer, 9/11/13)
So now Kasich’s schools chief wants to ban books? (Plunderbund, 9/11/13)
Ohio Republican Party fumbles in its first election complaint against Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer,9/10/13)

Rep. Marcia Fudge isn’t ready to endorse fellow Democrat Ed FitzGerald in race for Ohio governor(The Plain Dealer, 9/10/13)
Jeb Bush to raise money for Ohio Republican Party (The Plain Dealer, 9/10/13)
Dem gubernatorial candidate wants more transparency from JobsOhio (Youngstown Vindicator,9/10/13)
Former Gov. Ted Strickland to relocate to New York for federal post (The Plain Dealer, 9/10/13)
Ohioans should be very concerned over Kasich’s Medical Board appointments (Plunderbund, 9/9/13)
Ohio Republican Party readies election complaint over contribution Ed FitzGerald returned (The Plain Dealer, 9/9/13)
Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald says he will seek JobsOhio changes if he’s elected governor (The Plain Dealer, 9/9/13)
Same-sex marriage advocates launch education campaign, Why Marriage Matters Ohio, to build  support among Ohioans for equality (The Plain Dealer, 9/9/13)
Kasich attempts to win back Tea Party support by screwing poor hungry people (Plunderbund, 9/7/13)
Charter schools propped up by state funding — how much is your school district losing?(Plunderbund, 9/7/13)
Petition for Medicaid expansion could pack clout, prompt legislators to act (The Plain Dealer, 9/7/13)
Did you know? Charter schools pull students and funding from 99% of Ohio public school districts(Plunderbund, 9/7/13)
Report: Kasich’s exchange leaves money on the table (Plunderbund, 9/5/13)
Matt Dolan asks IG to investigate contribution to Ed FitzGerald campaign (The Plain Dealer, 9/5/13)
Ohio tied for third in nation for very low food security (Perry Tribune, 9/4/13)
GOP legislators told to wait on ‘Right-to-work’ until after Kasich elected (Plunderbund, 9/4/13)
Ohioans are split on gay marriage and not ready to overturn the state’s ban on it, poll shows (The Plain Dealer, 9/4/13)
Ohio Democratic Party brings aboard blogger Brian Hester to monitor down-ballot races for 2014(The Plain Dealer, 9/4/13)
Group takes first steps toward putting Medicaid expansion in Ohio on the ballot for a vote (The Plain Dealer, 9/4/13)
Ohio gov race: Ed FitzGerald to return campaign donation that violated his own ethics policy (The Plain Dealer, 9/3/13)
Back to school specials from Ohio’s statehouse (Plunderbund, 9/3/13)
Kasich appoints a fascinating Republican to State Board of Education (Plunderbund, 9/2/13)
JobsOhio Board Chairman: We don’t need no stinking’ transparency! (Plunderbund, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: State budget is gold mine for some, shaft for others (Toledo Blade, 9/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Lt Gov Taylor: Economic growth is best way for state to aid Ohio communities(Toledo Blade, 9/1/13)
JobsOhio fights to fix portrayal (Columbus Dispatch, 9/1/13)


That PPP poll is worse for Kasich than you think (Plunderbund, 8/30/13)
Obamacare means major premium hikes, say businesses that doubt the surveys (The Plain Dealer,8/30/13)
Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor presses for court reforms (The Plain Dealer, 8/30/13)
Ed FitzGerald development deal has shades of John Kasich and JobsOhio deals he has criticized (The Plain Dealer, 8/30/13)
Kasich’s old norm of slashing social programs (Plunderbund, 8/29/13)
Kasich’s government-run jobs website (Plunderbund, 8/28/13)
Cuyahoga County Exec Ed FitzGerald and Prosecutor Timothy McGinty end turf war over law director (The Plain Dealer, 8/28/13)
DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stumps for Ed FitzGerald and Nina Turner in Cleveland (The Plain Dealer, 8/27/13)
Kasich: The Bible says help the poor, you know, unless they are lazy (Plunderbund, 8/26/13)
Ohio Republicans claim unfilled jobs due to abortion, drug addiction (Plunderbund, 8/26/13)
Is Sen. Gentile on possibles list for running mate in governor race? (The Athens NEWS, 8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Politics and hypocrisy, as usual, at the Ohio Statehouse (The Plain Dealer,8/25/13)
New state report card proves Ohio’s charter school experiment has failed (Plunderbund, 8/24/13)
VIDEO: Will Cleveland bid for a political convention? (WKYC, 8/23/13)
Ohio GOP grassroots lead to billionaire (Plunderbund, 8/23/13)
Gov. John Kasich and Ohio Ethics Commission linked by political contributions, records show (The Plain Dealer, 8/23/13)
How effective is JobsOhio? Experts say private nature of Gov. John Kasich’s brainchild makes evaluation tough (The Plain Dealer, 8/23/13)
‘Enough is enough,’ Columbus mayor says on abysmal education report card (Columbus Dispatch,8/23/13)
DeWine admits Kasich cuts hurt law enforcement (Plunderbund, 8/23/13)
High court sets date for arguments on JobsOhio case (Dayton Daily News, 8/22/13)
Supreme Court will hear JobsOhio lawsuit Nov. 6 (Dispatch Politics, 8/22/13)
Indicted state rep talks taxes, not resignation (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/21/13)
Kasich’s Turnpike Director investigated for nepotism (Plunderbund, 8/21/13)
PPP: FitzGerald ahead of Kasich as Kasich’s approval rating crashes (Plunderbund, 8/20/13)
Bill: No outside pay for Ohio governor (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/20/13)
Ohio GOP moves at the speed of bigots (Plunderbund, 8/20/13)
Ohio Republicans need a lesson on the Constitution (Plunderbund, 8/19/13)
RobsOhio to change name to NoJobsOhio (Plunderbund, 8/19/13)
Gov. Kasich’s economic spin is just getting pathetic (Plunderbund, 8/19/13)
AUDIO: JobsOhio: Boon or bust for Kasich? (WVXU, 8/18/13)
EXCLUSIVE: Kasich will not waver on controversial stances (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/18/13)
Capitol Insider: Agency listed wrong values for tax credits (Columbus Dispatch, 8/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Term limits make legislative supremacy an almost-impossible dream (The Plain Dealer, 8/17/13)
Ohio’s jobless rate stagnant at 7.2% (Columbus Dispatch, 8/17/13)
What Gov Kasich privately fears about Ohio’s economy (Plunderbund, 8/17/13)
Ohio Gov John Kasich is looking beyond 2014, setting the table for another White House run (The Plain Dealer, 8/16/13)
As Kasich dreams of running for president, Ohio’ economic recovery gas ended (Plunderbund, 8/16/13)
WSJ prompts gold rush for Kasich (Plunderbund, 8/16/13)
Updated: Great moments in Ohio House GOP thinking (Plunderbund, 8/16/13)
Republican Matt Lynch to introduce another anti-immigrant bill (Plunderbund, 8/16/13)
1,800 Ohio jobs lost (Dayton Daily News, 8/16/13)
Ohio gains 5,300 jobs in July; unemployment rate stays at 7.2% (The Plain Dealer, 8/16/13)
Firm that paid governor won Ohio tax credits (AP, 8/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Kasich administration’s not-our-problem approach to healthcare reform isn’t helping Ohioans (The Plain Dealer, 8/15/13)

Who does Ed FitzGerald want as his lieutenant governor? Here are 4 early possibilities (The Plain Dealer, 8/13/13)
Analysis: In political role reversal, Ed FitzGerald playing the Romney to Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obama (The Plain Dealer, 8/9/13)
Democrats want ethics probe of JobsOhio directors (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/9/13)
Ohio governor’s race: Political analysts upgrade John Kasich’s re-election chances against Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 8/8/13)
Springboro creationism agenda may get help from right-wing lawyers (Plunderbund, 8/8/13)
Kasich delivers message of hope for Loveland (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/8/13)
Kasich Administration wants to be judged differently on the economy than it judged Strickland in 2010 (Plunderbund, 8/8/13)
How Ohio’s new tax law will impact levies in November (The Plain Dealer, 8/7/13)
Legislators propose ending February and August special elections to cut local costs (The Plain Dealer,8/7/13)
Columbus Dispatch editorial board gets basic facts on JobsOhio embarrassingly wrong(Plunderbund, 8/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Baseless flap over JobsOhio (Columbus Dispatch, 8/7/13)
Infographic: Kasich’s anti-woman budget (Plunderbund, 8/7/13)
Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Rob Portman at bottom of GOP presidential pile in New Hampshire (The Plain Dealer, 8/7/13)
Democrats seek JobsOhio records (Dispatch Politics, 8/7/13)
Ohio House Republicans urged to hold oversight hearings on JobsOhio (The Plain Dealer, 8/6/13)
Ohio Republican wants to cut early voting time in half (Plunderbund, 8/5/13)
Ohio Democrats courting Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley for an Ed FitzGerald campaign assist (The Plain Dealer, 8/5/13)
Ohio GOP fundraising off false Kasich/Taylor Obamacare claims (Plunderbund, 8/5/13)
Ohio won’t promote Obama health plan, so advocates, politicians say they will (The Plain Dealer,8/5/13)
Watchdog: Ohio economy – Comeback or train wreck? (Cincinnati Enquirer, 8/4/13)
COMMENTARY: A Kasich-FitzGerald race for Ohio governor could hinge on population shifts (The Plain Dealer, 8/3/13)
GOP incumbents build early cash edge; Coffers for Kasich top $4.4 million (Toledo Blade, 8/2/13)
First look: Obamacare in Ohio (Plunderbund, 8/2/13)
Report: Board, beneficiaries of JobsOhio linked (AP, 8/2/13)
Kasich/Taylor hide Ohio’s insurance rates (Plunderbund, 8/1/13)
Kasich holds $4.4M campaign war chest (Dayton Daily News, 8/1/13)
FitzGerald pledges to release tax returns (Dayton Daily News, 8/1/13)
Kasich builds early fundraising lead over FitzGerald (Columbus Dispatch, 8/1/13)
Ed FitzGerald calls on Ohio Ethics Commission to investigate JobsOhio for possible conflicts (The Plain Dealer, 8/1/13)
Ohio insurance dept claims Obamacare premium rates to rise 41% (The Plain Dealer, 8/1/13)
Lt. Gov Taylor blames ACA for 41% rise in Ohio healthcare premiums (, 8/1/13)
Democrats raising early money at historic rates (Plunderbund, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Team Kasich tries to distract from JobsOhio scandal with out-of-context job numbers (Plunderbund, 7/31/13)
JobsOhio board has ties to firms that got help (Dayton Daily News, 7/31/13)
Same-sex marriage supporters reports greater contributions (Dayton Daily News, 7/31/13)
Senator proposes bill to prod Medicaid hearings; Dem’s measure gets no GOP support (Toledo Blade,7/31/13)
Gov. John Kasich has big fundraising lead over Dem challenger Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer,7/31/13)
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel fundraising tops $1M through June in 2013 (The Plain Dealer, 7/31/13)
JobsOhio board has ties to firms that got help (Dayton Daily News, 7/31/13)
Ohio gov race: What to watch for today as John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald disclose fundraising (The Plain Dealer, 7/31/13)
Latest Ohio Medicaid expansion proposal introduced (The Plain Dealer, 7/30/13)
Strickland endorses FitzGerald for ‘14 race (Toledo Blade, 7/30/13)
Strickland quick to endorse FitzGerald’s run for governor (Columbus Dispatch, 7/30/13)
Nick Buis to manage FitzGerald for Governor campaign (Dispatch Politics, 7/30/13)
Kasich and JobsOhio provide financial incentives to company laying off 58 Ohioans (Plunderbund, 7/30/13)
OH Gov Race: Ed FitzGerald adds another Obama veteran in campaign manager Nick Buis (The Plain Dealer, 7/30/13)
Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel takes aim at the ‘liberal attack machine’ while ramping up for re-election (The Plain Dealer, 7/30/13)
Ted Strickland acknowledges Cuyahoga meltdown in 2010, says Ed FitzGerald can win back those votes (The Plain Dealer, 7/29/13)
Ohio gov race: Former Gov. Ted Strickland passes torch to fellow Democrat Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 7/29/13)
Meet Ohio gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/29/13)
Warren County hit by GOP war on cities (Plunderbund, 7/29/13)
Columbus Mayor Coleman and Kasich are allies, for now (Columbus Dispatch, 7/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich is widening his road to re-election (The Plain Dealer, 7/27/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald visits WNWO (WNWO, 7/27/13)
Ohio gov: No clemency despite prosecutor’s plea (AP, 7/24/13)
Judge’s order in same-sex marriage case could put validity of Ohio’s laws in question (The Plain Dealer, 7/23/13)
Gov. John Kasich embraces turnpike politics — and Cleveland Democrats — in race against Ed FitzGerald (The Plain Dealer, 7/23/13)
Same-sex marriage has come to Ohio (Plunderbund, 7/22/13)
Kasich: Cleveland serial killings the result of ‘poverty’ (Plunderbund, 7/22/13)
Gov. John Kasich on East Cleveland killings: ‘This is what happens when you have property’ (The Plain Dealer, 7/22/13)
Exclusive: Kasich says Ohio Medicaid expansion inevitable (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/21/13)
OPINION: Biennium budget falls short (Youngstown Vindicator, 7/20/13)
Kasich not keeping promised on shrinking government, jobs (Plunderbund, 7/19/13)
Two weeks after slashing taxes for the rich, Ohio governor wants more (Think Progress, 7/19/13)
FitzGerald downplays fundraising expectations for governor’s race (10tvNews, 7/19/13)
John Kasich, Ed FitzGerald and the politics of Ohio’s jobs numbers (The Plain Dealer, 7/19/13)
Ohio GOP has introduced Stand Your Ground (Plunderbund, 7/18/13)
Democratic gubernatorial candidate talks women’s issues, Medicaid in Dayton (WYSO, 7/18/13)
Ohio lawmakers who oppose fracking tax have gotten lots of money from frackers (grist, 7/18/13)
AUDIO: Kasich talks about Ohio’s business momentum (WKSU, 7/18/13)
Ohio ranked second in nation for most jobs lost in June: State’s unemployment up to 7.2% (The Plain Dealer, 7/18/13)
Ohio #2 last month in job losses (Plunderbund, 7/18/13)
OPINION: Kasich digs in on Medicaid expansion in Ohio (Twinsburg Bulletin, 7/18/13)
Gov. Kasich to discuss state budget at southwest Ohio stop (AP, 7/18/13)
Kasich sets goal of top tax bracket under 5% (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/18/13)
So suddenly Kasich loves school levies? (Plunderbund, 7/17/13)
Gov. Kasich rallies in Columbus for expansion of Medicaid (Hudson Hub Times, 7/17/13)
Gov. candidate unveils plan to repeal anti-abortion measures (Cincinnati City Beat, 7/17/13)
Look out lawmakers; FitzGerald promises a fight with GOP legislature if elected (Dispatch Politics, 7/17/13)
John Kasich claims Obamacare isn’t Obamacare (Washington Examiner, 7/16/13)
Gov. Kasich wants to see more local school reform legislation (StateImpact/Ohio, 7/16/13)
Senate approval of Cordray for CFPB good news for FitzGerald vs. Kasich in Ohio (, 7/16/13)
Kasich: City schools need levy to pass (Columbus Dispatch, 7/16/13)
OPINION: Kasich boosts state’s financial standing (Palladium-Item, 7/16/13)
With Richard Cordray’s future now set, Ed FitzGerald controls his own destiny in Ohio governor’s race: Analysis (The Plain Dealer, 7/16/13)
Kasich’s self-awarded game ball is looking a little deflated (Plunderbund, 7/15/13)
VIDEO: Ohio Tea Party movement falls out of love with John Kasich (, 7/15/13)
OPINION: On Medicaid, GOP lawmakers out for themselves in Ohio (Med City News, 7/15/13)
Update: You! You’re gone! (Dispatch Politics, 7/15/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Kasich signs Columbus education plan (WOSU, 7/15/13)
Gubernatorial candidate visits New Lex (Perry County Tribune, 7/15/13)
Kasich signs Columbus schools plan (AP, 7/15/13)
Capital News: Medicaid, oil and gas tax notably absent from budget (Stow Sentry, 7/14/13)
Capitol Insider: Blasts in governor’s race already nasty (Columbus Dispatch, 7/14/13)
Advocates for Medicaid expansion in Ohio remain determined, despite clock winding down (The Plain Dealer, 7/13/13)
We need more women involved, Kasich says (Columbus Dispatch, 7/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Anti-abortion provisions in budget signed by Gov. John Kasich trample on women’s health and rights (The Plain Dealer, 7/13/13)
Medicaid, tax debates rage on (Youngstown Vindicator, 7/13/13)
Dispatch handles outreach for Kasich (Plunderbund, 7/13/13)
FitzGerald exploring referendum to overturn abortion changes (Columbus Dispatch, 7/12/13)
Challenger FitzGerald sets up fight on abortion (Toledo Blade, 7/12/13)
VIDEO: FitzGerald prosecutes Kasich, GOP lawmakers on budget bill’s anti-abortion laws(, 7/12/13)
Kasich challenger says Ohioans can protest abortion provision (Zanesville Times Recorder, 7/12/13)
Ed FitzGerald urges coalition effort to fight newly enacted abortion restrictions (The Plain Dealer,7/11/13)
Kasich boosts rainy day fund to all-time high (The Plain Dealer, 7/11/13)
Democratic governor candidate: Public can overturn abortion rule (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/11/13)
Ohio rainy-day savings account hits $1.5B (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Retirees hit hard in Kasich’s budget (Plunderbund, 7/11/13)
Ohio Republicans protect boats, but not uteruses, from intrusive searches (Plunderbund, 7/11/13)
So soon? Ads aimed at 2014 election hit airwaves (Columbus Dispatch, 7/10/13)
Planned Parenthood braces for state de-funding (Athens News, 7/10/13)
Kasich urges legislators to extend Medicaid this summer (Columbus Dispatch, 7/10/13)
Kasich grows state budget by twice the legal limit (Plunderbund, 7/9/13)
Why won’t the Dispatch fact-check Kasich’s budget (Plunderbund, 7/9/13)
GOP spox: PP defunding was about abortion (Plunderbund, 7/8/13)
‘Freedom to Marry’ amendment picks up support from noted Republican (The Plain Dealer, 7/8/13)
Watchdog: Will new tax cuts help small businesses? (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislating by a Gang of Six (The Plain Dealer, 7/6/13)
Watchdog: Property-tax levies mute Ohioans’ gains on income and sales tax (Cincinnati Enquirer,7/5/13)
Even Kasich’s tax plan is anti-woman (Plunderbund, 7/5/13)
Gov. John Kasich joins in ceremony as Nestle breaks ground for global technology center in Solon(Sun News, 7/4/13)
Kasich picks up first endorsement for presidential bid (Plunderbund, 7/3/13)
The war on women: Are John Kasich and the Republican Party engaging in political gyno porn?(AlterNet, 7/3/13)
Men-only photo from Kasich’s budget signing riles all sides (Columbus Dispatch, 7/3/13)
Democrats, abortion rights supporters attack Kasich over budget restrictions (Toledo Blade, 7/3/13)
Ohio tea party to use IRS to fight Medicaid (AP, 7/3/13)
Kasich’s budget signature hardly a walk-off homer (Plunderbund, 7/2/13)
Gov. John Kasich helps GOP sneak new anti-abortion laws into state budget (Crooks & Liars, 7/2/13)
Kasich’s line-item veto sent message to Mandel, some suspect (Columbus Dispatch, 7/2/13)
Gov. Ultrasound makes it harder to get prenatal care (Plunderbund, 7/2/13)
Ohio’s 24 hour wait when you miscarry (Plunderbund, 7/1/13)
Legislature OKs wrong natural-gas language in budget bill (Columbus Dispatch, 7/1/13)
Watchdog: Will Kasich’s ‘Jobs Budget’ add any jobs? (Cincinnati Enquirer, 7/1/13)
What makes Ohio’s new abortion law unique (The Fix, 7/1/13)
John Kasich’s atrocious budget (Esquire, 7/1/13)
Surrounded by men, Ohio gov signs stringent abortion restrictions into law (Think Progress, 7/1/13)
A wannabe president’s smoke-and-mirrors playbook (Huff Post Politics, 7/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Kasich: A budget that celebrates the freedom to succeed (Dayton Business Journal,7/1/13)
New budget further highlights Kasich’s lack of respect for women (Plunderbund, 7/1/13)
FitzGerald visits county (Morning News Journal, 7/1/13)
Ohio Gov. Kasich signs budget with abortion restrictions (Washington Post, 7/1/13)
Ohio mandates abortion ultrasounds, guts Planned Parenthood in one fell swoop (MSNBC, 7/1/13)
VIDEO: Ohio democratic candidate for governor pleas to veto proposed budget (WKBN, 7/1/13)
Ohio joins the War on Women, redefines pregnancy (Mother Jones, 7/1/13)
Ohio simultaneously makes it harder to prevent a pregnancy and harder to terminate one (Slate,7/1/13)
Nina Turner announces bid for Ohio secretary of state (The Plain Dealer, 7/1/13)
Kasich signs budget, but veto keeps alive Medicaid expansion (Columbus Dispatch, 7/1/13)

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