The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NC 2013 Archives


North Carolina Gubernatorial Headlines 2013


New NC unemployment law takes effect as jobs remain scarce (News & Observer, 8/31/13)
During session and beyond, McCrory has rough start (News & Observer, 8/31/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP says McCrory miserly with jobs (News & Observer, 8/31/13)
McCrory exempts more state workers from civil service protections (News & Observer, 8/30/13)
Lt. Gov. Forest backs McCrory on immigration bill veto (Under the Dome, 8/30/13)
Sheriffs back McCrory on E-verify veto (WRAL, 8/30/13)
Decision on reservoir was political, claims environmental group (News & Observer, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. McCrory says journalists are dumb (News & Observer, 8/30/13)
NC legislature appears ready to override vetoes (News & Observer, 8/29/13)
Lawmakers primed for veto override votes (WRAL, 8/29/13)
USA Today, McCrory spar over NC voting law (WRAL, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: NC governor: Protect election integrity (USA Today, 8/28/13)
Rural Center eyes future as scaled-down nonprofit (WRAL, 8/28/13)
Officials OK rule to force fracking on NC landowners (News & Observer, 8/28/13)
Tea Party highlights split among NC Republicans (WRAL, 8/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Voting rights vs. ‘Whac-a-Mole’ discrimination (USA Today, 8/28/13)
This post may be ‘too complex’ for us to write (WRAL, 8/28/13)
Rural Center plan would halt grant-making, survive in diminished form (News & Observer,8/28/13)
Jobs for highly paid McCrory staffers never posted (News & Observer, 8/28/13)
NC protesters rally to keep pressure on lawmakers (News & Observer, 8/28/13)
NC Republican lawmakers at odds over anti-Obamacare strategy (News & Observer, 8/27/13)
NC proposal may force fracking on some residents (News & Observer, 8/27/13)
NC House majority leader spent nearly $7,000 to furnish office (News & Observer, 8/27/13)
Stepping on toes: In surprise Asheville visit, McCrory defends policies (Mountain Xpress, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: The gas tax is running out of gas (News & Observer, 8/26/13)
State Ethics Commission fines two political appointees (Under the Dome, 8/26/13)
NC presidential primary poised for earlier date (AP, 8/25/13)
Where the North Carolina GO got its agenda (Charlotte Observer, 8/25/13)
Small businesses lament end of NC tax deduction (News & Observer, 8/25/13)
US Rep. Price hearing about NC politics, not DC (Under the Dome, 8/25/13)
McCrory signs regulatory overhaul plan, 32 more bills (News & Observer, 8/23/13)
Hagan feels good ‘14, would invite Obama to campaign (Under the Dome, 8/23/13)
Vetoes could cost McCrory precious political capital (WRAL, 8/23/13)
VIDEO: Overrides could give lawmakers more power over McCrory (WRAL, 8/23/13)
Top salaries rise, new high-pay positions created at state DHHS (News & Observer, 8/23/13)
McCrory signs remaining bills on his desk, punts on one (Under the Dome, 8/23/13)
Funding cuts to drug treatment centers mean addicts get turned away (News & Observer, 8/23/13)
McCrory calls lawmakers back for veto session (News & Observer, 8/22/13)
Colin Powell slams NC’s new voting law in speech at Raleigh CEO forum (News & Observer,8/22/13)
Speaking in Raleigh, Colin Powell blasts North Carolina voting law (Under the Dome, 8/22/13)
McCrory’s elections chief urges county officials to operate professionally (Under the Dome, 8/22/13)
McCrory won’t meet with 12-year-old protester (WWNC, 8/22/13)
McCrory praises his vetoes and criticizes liberal opposition in radio interview (Under the Dome,8/21/13)
McCrory signs bill that affects hospital billing, state employee rules (News & Observer, 8/21/13)
Perry named head of Dept of Public Safety, replacing Shanahan (News & Observer, 8/21/13)
Republicans need to win North Carolina. But so far, they’ve stumbled. (The Fix, 8/21/13)
NC state elections chairman calls for respect (AP, 8/21/13)
US Rep. Foxx says she won’t enter race to unseat Hagan (Under the Dome, 8/21/13)
VIDEO: McCrory’s Facebook campaign not winning many converts (WRAL, 8/21/13)
Early primary could cost NC Dems, GOP (WRAL, 8/21/13)
Foxx won’t enter US Senate race (WRAL, 8/20/13)
Local, state orgs rally against state legislation (Mountain Express, 8/20/13)
GOP-backed boards add hurdles for college voters (WRAL, 8/20/13)
Appalachian State College Republicans on loss of campus voting site: ‘Simple change’ won’t prevent students from voting (High Country Press, 8/20/13)
Moral Monday protesters rail against ‘Mecklenburg trio’ (News & Observer, 8/19/13)
NC lawmakers ask for bills after Rural Center report (AP, 8/19/13)
COMMENTARY: The massacre of the NC model (Bloomberg News, 8/19/13)
County elections boards in NC challenging college student voting patterns (News & Observer,8/19/13)
Auditor: Rural Center earned $20M off state funds (WRAL, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: GOP defends moves by NC Legislature (Charlotte Observer, 8/19/13)
GOP lawmaker: NC gov will have trouble keeping vetoes (AP, 8/19/13)
NC jobless rate rises in July to 8.9% (News & Observer, 8/19/13)
Ellie Kinnaird resigns from NC Senate (News & Observer, 8/19/13)
Winston-Salem St. polling place next on GOP hit list (Under the Dome, 8/19/13)
McCrory campaign aides now working at DHHS have same pay, less experience than predecessors(News & Observer, 8/19/13)
Advocacy group wants McCrory to intervene in Watauga County voting (Under the Dome, 8/18/13)
VIDEO: Madison Kimrey, 12, wants to share cake, conversation with governor (Under the Dome, 8/18/13)
Hunt rallies state Democrats, down on their luck (News & Observer, 8/17/13)
COMMENTARY: College students will have to work harder to vote in NC (News & Observer,8/17/13)
McCory defends big salaries to ex-campaign staff (AP, 8/16/13)
Agricultural industry wants immigration veto overridden (News & Observer, 8/16/13)
Gov. McCrory says community colleges are key to state’s economic recovery (News & Observer,8/16/13)
Roy Cooper testing waters for 2016 governor’s race (News & Observer, 8/16/13)
McCrory administration explores casino deal with Catawba tribe (News & Observer, 8/15/13)
Young McCrory staffers get big government salaries (AP, 8/15/13)
Bills on immigration, drug-testing welfare recipients draw McCrory’s first vetoes (News & Observer,8/15/13)
Legislature is gone, but fundraisers are just getting started (Under the Dome, 8/15/13)
National GOP blasts AG Cooper over voting rights comments (Under the Dome, 8/14/13)
Duke prof: Voting law challenges face tough fight (WRAL, 8/14/13)
McCrory continues to drop (Public Policy Polling, 8/14/13)
North Carolinians fear the end of a middle way (New York Times, 8/13/13)
NAACP, lawyers ‘enthusiastic’ about challenge to elections law (WRAL, 8/13/13)
Lawsuits challenge sweeping elections law (WRAL, 8/12/13)
Racial Justice Act case heads to NC Supreme Court (News & Observer, 8/12/13)
Thoughts on the road ahead in North Carolina (Election Law Blog, 8/12/13)
North Carolina’s sweeping voter suppression law is challenged in court (The Nation, 8/12/13)
Election changes coming in 2014, 2016 (WRAL, 8/12/13)
Wake DA offers ‘Moral Monday’ protesters deferred prosecution (News & Observer, 8/12/13)
DA: Do community service to discharge ‘Moral Monday’ arrests (WRAL, 8/12/13)
NC leaders urge congressional delegation to back immigration overhaul (News & Observer,8/12/13)
North Carolina governor signs extensive Voter ID law (Washington Post, 8/12/13)
Lawsuits filed after Gov. Pat McCrory signs voter ID bill (News & Observer, 8/12/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory: Why I signed the Voter ID/election reform bill (News & Observer, 8/12/13)
What the voting law does (News & Observer, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Low taxes, little government, ridicule — NC has seen it before (News & Observer,8/10/13)
NC Senate GOP out-raises Democrats by 12-to-1 (Under the Dome, 8/10/13)
NC four years behind on Clean Water Act rules (News & Observer, 8/10/13)
National film producers made last-ditch effort to extend NC incentives (News & Observer, 8/10/13)
VIDEO: ‘Moral Monday’ heading to Charlotte (Charlotte Observer, 8/9/13)
AG Roy Cooper urges veto on NC voter ID bill (Under the Dome, 8/9/13)
NC may approve up to 32 new charter schools (News & Observer, 8/8/13)
Randy Voller facing more heat from fellow Democrat (Under the Dome, 8/8/13)
Cooper rallies opposition to NC elections bill (WRAL, 8/8/13)
Ex-Gov. Perdue spends $1.2M from campaign fund (News & Observer, 8/7/13)
Charlotte airport fight unlikely to hurt credit rating, Moody’s says (Charlotte Observer, 8/7/13)
Lawyers group asks McCrory to veto a judicial discipline bill (Under the Dome, 8/6/13)
As Western NC legislators use new clout, wariness of General Assembly remains (Carolina Public Press, 8/6/13)
Former Foxx chief taking helm of NC GOP (Under the Dome, 8/5/13)
‘Moral Monday’ protests head to Asheville (AP,8/5/13)
State employees get some protections in bill, but grievance procedures shortened (News & Observer,8/5/13)
McCrory to give $730,000 in grants to 14 rural center programs (News & Observer, 8/4/13)
Asheville Moral Monday protest expected to draw thousands (Asheville Citizen-Times, 8/4/13)
DHHS adamant there’s no abortion clinic crackdown (Under the Dome, 8/4/13)
Lawsuits expected over major NC voting changes (News & Observer, 8/3/13)
Morning memo: Education takes center stage (Under the Dome, 8/2/13)
Asheville abortion clinic closure praised (Asheville Citizen-Times, 8/2/13)
NC Commerce officials say proposed fracking tax would fund corporate incentives (News & Observer,8/1/13)
Records show abortion clinics already inspected, cited (News & Observer, 8/1/13)
Advocates urge McCrory to veto three bills (Under the Dome, 8/1/13)
Supporters rally in Asheville for redistricting reform (Mountain Xpress, 8/1/13)
McCrory calls for fewer tests, extra teacher pay (WRAL, 8/1/13)
NC officials approves 67 subsidized health plans (Under the Dome, 8/1/13)
DENR merges state water programs; cuts may result (News & Observer, 8/1/13)
DHHS: Neither politics nor changes in state regulations drove closure of abortion clinic (Mountain Xpress, 8/1/13)
Asheville abortion clinic’s license suspended by state health agency (Carolina Public Press, 8/1/13)
McCory proposes stipends for master teachers, calls for reduction in testing (News & Observer,8/1/13)

JULY 2013

COMMENTARY: C is for cookie…and condescension, McCrory’s critics say (News & Observer,7/31/13)
Young activist unimpressed by offer of cake at Executive Manor (Under the Dome, 7/31/13)
NC health dept suspends license for Asheville abortion clinic (News & Observer, 7/31/13)
Lee resigns as chair of NC Rural Center board (News & Observer, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: GOP leaders get legal standing to defend NC laws (WRAL, 7/30/13)
McCrory delivers cookies, protesters don’t like the message (News & Observer, 7/30/13)
Bill frees governor’s  hand in filling judicial seats (News & Observer, 7/30/13)
Gerald resigns as head of NC health department (News & Observer, 7/30/13)
McCory signs NC abortion bill as protesters hold vigil outside governor’s mansion (News & Observer,7/30/13)
NC audit finds lack of verification in administering job-creation grants (News & Observer, 7/29/13)
NC Gov. McCrory signs anti-abortion bill into law Monday night (Washington Post, i7/29/13)
McCrory signs abortion, gun rights changes into law (WRAL, 7/29/13)
Wearing ‘red for public ed,’ teachers crowd legislative protest (WRAL, 7/29/13)
Abortion law breaks McCrory promise (WRAL, 7/29/13)
Gov. McCrory signs controversial abortion, gun bills into law (Mountain Express, 7/29/13)
Moral Mondays group forms in Boone (Watauga Democrat, 7/29/13)
Teachers in Asheville rally against NC budget (Citizen-Times, 7/29/13)
Largest Moral Monday crowd yet floods downtown Raleigh (News & Observer, 7/29/13)
Rural Center board confronts bleak future, holds up severance payment (News & Observer,7/29/13)
Six families challenge NC gay marriage ban (WRAL, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Is ‘Moral Monday’ a movement or just a moment? (News & Observer, 7/28/13)
Educators to march on Capitol in 13th ‘Moral Monday’ protest (WRAL, 7/28/13)
Speculation swirls around Shanahan’s departure (Under the Dome, 7/28/13)
NC lawmakers go home, but ‘Moral Monday’ protesters will return (News & Observer, 7/28/13)
From the start, a ‘breathtaking’ GOP agenda in legislature (News & Observer, 7/27/13)
Rural Center board is intertwined in its grants (News & Observer, 7/27/13)
McCrory not familiar with all of bill he’s to sign (AP, 7/27/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘The North Carolina way’ takes a sharp right turn (News & Observer, 7/27/13)
EDITORIAL: North Carolina: First in voter suppression (New York Times, 7/26/13)
Wide-spread voter fraud not an issue in NC, data shows (WNCN-TV, 7/26/13)
Abortion restrictions bill receives final legislative OK (Carolina Public Press,7/26/13)
Tillis pushed several major political contributors for UNC board, documents reveal (News & Observer, 7/26/13)
North Carolina lawmakers approve sweeping voter ID bill (LA Times, 7/26/13)
Environmental regulations bill wraps up General Assembly session (News & Observer, 7/26/13)
VIDEO: Session’s success divided along party lines (WRAL, 7/26/13)
VIDEO: McCrory discusses end of legislative session (WRAL, 7/26/13)
McCrory pleased with reform, considering few vetoes (WRAL, 7/26/13)
Court challenge could be next for NC elections changes (WRAL, 7/26/13)
McCrory touts progress of goals, says he’s keeping campaign promises (News & Observer, 7/26/13)
Effort to speed up fracking derailed, but GOP vows to try again (News & Observer, 7/26/13)
NC abortion bill headed to McCrory (News & Observer, 7/25/13)
Changes to state workers rules, health care law near passage (WRAL, 7/25/13)
Abortion regulations heading to McCrory (WRAL, 7/25/13)
House changes rules in response to incursion into Speaker’s office (WRAL, 7/25/13)
Voting changes head to governor (WRAL, 7/25/13)
Tab rising on NC legislative session (News & Observer, 7/25/13)
Last-minute bill raises concern about repealing NC fracking moratorium (News & Observer,7/25/13)
NC lawmakers may finish with Voter ID, abortion (AP, 7/25/13)
Voter ID bill may tighten ‘bundling’ by lobbyists (News & Observer, 7/25/13)
New gun bill raises safety concerns (Charlotte Observer, 7/24/13)
Whither the abortion bill? (WRAL, 7/24/13)
Senate backs sweeping elections bill (WRAL, 7/24/13)
General Assembly approves $20.6B state budget (WRAL, 7/24/13)
Protesters take over Tillis’ office following voter ID vote in Senate (Under the Dome, 7/24/13)
McCrory, GOP make last-minute push to lift state’s fracking moratorium (Under the Dome, 7/24/13)
Sharia law measure getting sent to the governor (Under the Dome, 7/24/13)
Senate gives preliminary OK to election law clamp-down (News & Observer, 7/24/13)
State budget wins final legislative approval (News & Observer, 7/24/13)
Educators threaten lawsuit over vouchers (Under the Dome, 7/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Advocates for disabled fear effects of voting law changes (News & Observer,7/24/13)
McCrory signs new tax law (News & Observer, 7/23/13)
Moral Monday demonstrators focus on voter rights, education cuts (News & Observer, 7/23/13)
North Carolina on cusp of passing worst voter suppression bill in the nation (Think Progress, 7/23/13)
NC Republicans push extreme voter suppression measures (The Nation, 7/23/13)
Sweeping changes to elections headed to a vote (News & Observer, 7/23/13)
Teachers say NC lawmakers are forsaking education (News & Observer, 7/22/13)
NAACP and other voting rights groups appeal GOP-drawn districts (News & Observer, 7/22/13)
Some of this year’s biggest political stories resolved in the state budget (WRAL, 7/22/13)
With budget deal in hand, end of session in site (WRAL, 7/22/13)
Voter ID bill focus of planned Monday NAACP rally (AP, 7/22/13)
House, Senate reach agreement on two-year state budget (WRAL, 7/21/13)
Historic NC budget up for vote (Charlotte Observer, 7/21/13)
Proposed NC budget would end teacher tenures, pay tuition vouchers (News & Observer, 7/21/13)
Fingerprinting provision in NC welfare bill draws criticism (News & Observer, 7/21/13)
Wall Street Journal praises NC tax plan (Under the Dome, 7/21/13)
NC lawmakers await a contentious final week (AP, 7/21/13)
Wall St. Journal follows NYT with a love letter to NC GOP (Under the Dome, 7/21/13)
Guns, voter ID remain as NC lawmakers near adjourn (News & Observer, 7/21/13)
Dogfight over Charlotte airport exposes regional rifts (News & Observer, 7/21/13)
Farm bill gives legal, environmental protections to agriculture (Under the Dome, 7/21/13)
Legislature to eliminate Rural Center, create new rural agencies (News & Observer, 7/21/13)
NC legislators consider curbing power to protest local developments (Charlotte Observer, 7/20/13)
NC’s new Medicaid payment system a ‘nightmare,’ some providers say (News & Observer, 7/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Sen. Berger drinks from GOP’s grail on economic solutions (News & Observer,7/20/13)
NC weighs abortion ban for some insurance policies (News & Observer, 7/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Why are North Carolina liberals so @#&#! angry? (Wall Street Journal, 7/19/13)
NC won’t lift fracking moratorium (Under the Dome, 7/19/13)
As General Assembly protests grow, so do frustrations (WRAL, 7/19/13)
New NC tax deal preserves local revenues for cities, towns (News & Observer, 7/19/13)
Abortion restrictions being considered in NC have led to closures, lawsuits in other states (News & Observer, 7/19/13)
Senate Republicans unveil stricter NC voter ID bill (News & Observer, 7/18/13)
McCrory administration freezes Rural Center funds (News & Observer, 7/18/13)
McCrory signs 43 bills including abortion risks (WRAL, 7/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Tillis tries, but can’t serve two masters (Charlotte Observer, 7/18/13
NC tax bill closes some loopholes, preserves others (News & Observer, 7/18/13)
After audit, pressure mounts for changes at Rural Center (News & Observer, 7/17/13)
Watchdog group names McCrory ‘one of worst’ (WRAL, 7/17/13)
Rauner wants term limits (The News-Gazette, 7/16/13)
Ouch! National watchdog group features McCrory on list of worst governors (the progressive pulse, 7/17/13)
Three major Tillis campaign donors get seats on UNC Board of Governors (News & Observer,7/17/13)
NC lawmakers approve tax bill (News & Observer, 7/17/13)
McCrory renews push for overhaul of State Personnel Act (News & Observer, 7/16/13)
Conservatives praise NC GOP legislative efforts at ‘Thankful Tuesday’ rally (News & Observer,7/16/13)
NC House and Senate give initial approval to tax bill after partisan debates (News & Observer,7/16/13)
NC Republicans pull back on immigration proposals (News & Observer, 7/16/13)
Moral Monday crowd rallies for women’s rights; more than 100 arrested (News & Observer,7/15/13)
Gov. McCrory, GOP legislative leaders tout tax plan as job creator (News & Observer, 7/15/13)
Raleigh foots bill for ‘Moral Monday’ policing (News & Observer, 7/14/13)
Free-market group ready to promote tax overhaul — if there is one (News & Observer, 7/14/13)
NC legislators to tweak unemployment law to follow federal rules (News & Observer, 7/13/13)
McCrory responds to scathing New York Times editorial (Under the Dome, 7/13/13)
COMMENTARY: The evolution of Mayor Pat (News & Observer, 7/13/13)
Nagging question for NC GOP: Can its leaders get along? (News & Observer, 7/13/13)
Poll shows opposition to fracking, support for environmental regs (Under the Dome, 7/13/13)
McCrory says he will sign House abortion bill (News & Observer, 7/12/13)
Teacher assistants hold breath as state legislators discuss budget cuts (News & Observer, 7/12/13)
McCrory says he mingles with protesters in the streets, not at Moral Mondays (News & Observer,7/12/13)
AG Cooper ‘will not oppose’ expanding lawsuit to include NC marriage ban (News & Observer,7/12/13)
House to vote Thursday on new abortion bill (WRAL, 7/11/13)
NC lawmakers try to push budget, tax talks ahead (AP, 7/11/13)
WNC legislators debate NC abortion bill via social media (Carolina Public Press, 7/11/13)
Gov. McCrory says he has mingled among political protesters (News & Observer, 7/11/13)
Abortion bills in House and Senate more alike than different (News & Observer, 7/11/13)
NC team ticket, paper ballots may be examined (AP, 7/10/13)
NC GOP attaches abortion restrictions to motorcycle safety bill with no public notice (Huff Post Politics, 7/10/13)
EDITORIAL: McCrory faces test on abortion bill (News & Observer, 7/10/13)
VIDEO: Reaction to ‘The decline of NC’ (WLOS, 7/10/13)
Senate OKs drug testing for benefits applicants (WRAL, 7/10/13)
House comes up with new abortion bill aimed at avoiding veto (News & Observer, 7/10/13)
McCrory plans to veto abortion bill unless changes made (WRAL, 7/10/13)
EDITORIAL: The decline of North Carolina (New York Times, 7/9/13)
Prison closures are price of NC sentencing reform (News & Observer, 7/9/13)
NC’s proposed abortion bill slows down a notch (News & Observer, 7/9/13)
ACLU moves to challenge NC gay marriage ban (News & Observer, 7/9/13)
Is Art Pope an official legislative liaison for Gov. McCrory? (Under the Dome, 7/9/13)
With hundreds of arrests, NC preacher ups the stakes in showdown with Republicans (Stateline, 7/9/13)
‘Moral Monday’ protest bolstered by abortion restriction outrage (WRAL, 7/8/13)
NC commerce secretary says business recruitment needs to move faster (News & Observer, 7/8/13)
McCrory says NC tax overhaul is ‘very close’ (News & Observer, 7/8/13)
As regulators hear Duke rate case, advocacy groups cite corporate greed (News & Observer, 7/8/13)
McCrory redefines ‘revenue-neutral’ (Under the Dome, 7/8/13)
Revised NC bill still may deter welfare recipients (News & Observer, 7/8/13)
McCrory voices concern over abortion bill passed by the Senate (News & Observer, 7/8/13)
Wearing pink, opponents of abortion restrictions join ‘Moral Monday’ effort (News & Observer,7/8/13)
McCrory wants more debate on NC abortion bill (AP, 7/8/13)
Arrests mount as NC legislative session nears end (AP, 7/8/13)
Western NC voices build at ‘Moral Monday’ protests; More join opposition to policies, risk arrest at Legislature (Carolina Public Press, 7/8/13)
NC redistricting maps upheld by 3-judge panel (AP, 7/8/13)
Court upholds redrawn NC voting maps (WRAL, 7/8/13)
Protests, budget and tax standoff continue (WRAL, 7/8/13)
Giffords, NC group both claim to represent gun owners’ best interests (News & Observer, 7/7/13)
Local musicians sing songs of protest (News & Observer, 7/7/13)
Tax, budget issues extend NC legislative session (AP, 7/7/13)
McCrory tours storm-damaged mountains (Under the Dome, 7/7/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory wanted to re-brand NC; the legislature is doing it for him (News & Observer, 7/6/13)
Drug testing unemployment applicants could be next (Under the Dome, 7/6/13)
1 million North Carolinians will move to subsidized health insurance (News & Observer, 7/6/13)
State Democratic Party urges Democrats to descend on legislature on Monday in abortion protest(Under the Dome, 7/5/13)
McCrory will not talk about abortion bill (WRAL, 7/5/13)
Ministers involved in ‘Moral Mondays’ call off talks with lawmakers (News & Observer, 7/5/13)
McCrory stays mum on how he would handle NC abortion bill (News & Observer, 7/4/13)
Analysis: NC Republican agenda could draw more outside influence (WRAL, 7/4/13)
Next week’s Moral Mondays protest to focus on the numbers (Under the Dome, 7/4/13)
Fiery debate in NC Senate, then approval of abortion restrictions (News & Observer, 7/3/13)
Abortion vote puts Tillis and McCrory in tough political spot (News & Observer, 7/3/13)
In other news, NC Senate gives final approval to tax bill (News & Observer, 7/3/13)
Gov. McCrory concerned with how Senate rushed abortion bill (Under the Dome, 7/3/13)
Abortion bill protest fuses causes, draws national attention to NC (News & Observer, 7/3/13)
Question on jury trials could soon reach NC voters (AP, 7/3/13)
Senate tacks sweeping abortion legislation onto Sharia law bill (WRAL, 7/2/13)
NC’s new abortion bill follows Texas, Ohio (WRAL, 7/2/13)
More out-of-staters arrested in latest protest (WRAL, 7/2/13)
McCrory favorability dips in North Carolina (Political Wire, 7/2/13)
McCrory down, Obama, Hagan up in new NC poll (Under the Dome, 7/2/13)
North Carolina’s anti-Sharia bill is now also anti-abortion (The Atlantic, 7/2/13)
Senate tinkering with ‘ag gag’ bill on undercover investigations (News & Observer, 7/2/13)
NC Senate approves latest tax plan, still differs with McCrory and House (News & Observer, 7/2/13)
Wake County DA Willoughby questions whether politics are pushing Moral Monday arrests (News & Observer, 7/2/13)
NC Senate gives preliminary approval to bill restricting abortions (News & Observer, 7/2/13)
Senate gives first nod to new tax plan (Under the Dome, 7/2/13)
Senate goes rogue, approves sweeping abortion bill (Under the Dome, 7/2/13)
More arrested at Monday rally; protesters reach court (News & Observer, 7/2/13)
Ninth ‘Moral Monday’ focuses on unemployment cuts (WRAL, 7/1/13)
Legislative logjam clears in Senate (WRAL, 7/1/13)
Tax negotiations at deadlock, Senate moves forward alone (Under the Dome, 7/1/13)
Moral Monday protest centers on unemployment cuts (Under the Dome, 7/1/13)
NC Senate makes ‘final’ tax offer (News & Observer, 7/1/13)
Problems reported with new Medicaid billing system (News & Observer, 7/1/13)
Commerce Sec: NC wants to help unemployed (Under the Dome, 7/1/13)
How North Carolina became the Wisconsin of 2013 (The Atlantic, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

VIDEO: Protests swells as Republican Party remakes North Carolina (Bloomberg, 6/30/13)
Volunteers ensure ‘Moral Monday’ protesters are well-fed (News & Observer, 6/30/13)
Freshman legislators adjust to hectic pace in Raleigh (Wilmington Star News, 6/30/13)
GOPer Rucho’s passion falls short of his NC legislative goals (Charlotte Observer, 6/30/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP’s war on the unemployed (New York Times, 6/30/13)
After delays, overruns, audits, new Medicaid claims system begins (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
For Tillis and his donors, an interest in bills (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
In North Carolina, voting procedure changes loom (LA Times, 6/29/13)
NC Racial Justice repeal leaves questions in its wake (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
McCrory speaks out on classroom abortion bill, pistol permits, taxes (Under the Dome, 6/29/13)
McCrory favors pistol permits, abortion curriculum (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Focus on taxes could hurt what makes North Carolina great for business (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
NC regulators tell lawmakers not to meddle over fracking (News & Observer, 6/29/13)
McCrory getting impatient on tax reform (WRAL, 6/28/13)
NC House delegation: Drill, baby, drill (Under the Dome, 6/28/13)
Today @NCCapitol: Tax troubles and tantrums (WRAL, 6/28/13)
Senate puts tax reform back on the radar (WRAL, 6/28/13)
Legislative roundup: Abortion, preterm-birth link advances (News & Observer, 6/28/13)
NC becomes 1st state to drop federal jobless funds (AP, 6/28/13)
Last-minute attempt to change how judges appointed stalls bill (Under the Dome, 6/28/13)
Abortion ed bill passes House (WRAL, 6/27/13)
Thursday wrap: ‘Meltdown kind of day’ at legislature (WRAL, 6/27/13)
NC Republican legislators’ impasse over competing tax plans affecting other state bills (News & Observer, 6/27/13)
Senate takes ‘blank slate’ approach on tax reform (WRAL, 6/27/13)
High court ruling could affect NC same-sex marriage ban (WRAL, 6/26/13)
Report: NC children’s health, education nearly steady as economic well-being worsens (Carolina Public Press, 6/26/13)
Lawmaker, DAs call on governor to end home release for prisoners (WRAL, 6/26/13)
NC abortion education bill up for final House vote (News & Observer, 6/26/13)
NC governor says tax talks are tough process (AP, 6/26/13)
Educators speak out on abortion curriculum bill (News & Observer, 6/26/13)
Wake County GOP chairwoman criticizes ‘Moral Monday’ demonstrations (News & Observer,6/26/13)
House gives initial nod to abortion education bill (Under the Dome, 6/26/13)
Black lawmakers considering getting arrested at Moral Monday protests (Under the Dome, 6/26/13)
Governor urges Senate to act on first lady’s legislative priority (Under the Dome, 6/26/13)
State treasurer warns lawmakers pension fund needs more flexibility, or else (Under the Dome, 6/26/13)
NC gay marriage advocates happy, though it’s not clear how court ruling will affect state (News & Observer, 6/26/13)
McCrory dismisses concerns about his private briefing for big donors (Under the Dome, 6/26/13)
NC senator: Voter ID bill moving ahead with ruling (AP, 6/25/13)
Lawmakers approve temporary spending plan (WRAL, 6/25/13)
‘Moral Mondays’ forcing changes in Wake arrest procedures (WRAL, 6/25/13)
Supreme Court ruling on Voting Rights Act expected to affect NC (News & Observer, 6/25/13)
In tax bill negotiations, McCrory’s office tries for middle ground (News & Observer, 6/25/13)
NAACP protesters’ case delayed, 100 more arrested (AP, 6/24/13)
Moral Monday crowds swell in week 8; first protesters appear in court (News & Observer, 6/24/13)
NAACP’s Barber says Civitas ‘trying to play a trick’ with online database (News & Observer,6/22/13)
Gun regulation issue sparks passion on both sides in Raleigh (News & Observer, 6/22/13)
COMMENTARY: NC politics has gone from polarized to paranoid (News & Observer, 6/22/13)
Nonprofit linked to McCrory to host retreat for big donors (News & Observer, 6/21/13)
Repeal of Racial Justice Act not expected to restart executions in NC (News & Observer, 6/21/13)
NC lawmakers selected to negotiate deal on fracking differences (Under the Dome, 6/21/13)
NAACP dismisses Civitas website, pushes forward with 8th Moral Monday (Under the Dome, 6/21/13)
Seniors worry about how budget, tax plans could affect them (North Carolina Health News, 6/21/13)
Negotiating teams picked for legislative fracking showdown (Under the Dome, 6/20/13)
NC governor signs law aimed at restarting executions (Reuters, 6/20/13)
Who’s who at Civitas? Let’s name names (Indy Week, 6/20/13)
NC House slows 75 mph speed limit bill (News & Observer, 6/20/13)
Mayors, including Joines, oppose legislation eliminating background checks on handgun purchases(Winston-Salem Journal, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: About your banging blacklist: An open letter to the Civitas Institute (HuffPost, 6/20/13)
NC tax negotiations delaying budget talks (News & Observer, 6/20/13)
NC governor urges schools to boost teacher pay (News & Observer, 6/19/13)
Nonprofits say Senate tax plan will hurt the needy (Charlotte Observer, 6/19/13)
House panel approves shift of NC Commerce duties to nonprofit (News & Observer, 6/19/13)
McCrory begins to outline education reform plans (WRAL, 6/19/13)
Art Pope-funded group launches database targeting Moral Monday arrestees (Facing South, 6/19/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory signs Racial Justice Act repeal (AP, 6/19/13)
Social Security tax bill could be political minefield for NC Republicans (News & Observer, 6/19/13)
NC Rural Center says it plans ‘aggressive’ review (News & Observer, 6/19/13)
McCrory initiatives designed to boost employment move forward (News & Observer, 6/19/13)
McCrory signs repeal of Racial Justice Act (WRAL, 6/19/13)
House and Senate leaders hope to strike deal on a major tax bill (Under the Dome, 6/18/13)
Debate forms around Rural Center’s oversight, future (News & Observer, 6/18/13)
NC Democratic Party leader Voller says it’s time for party to unify (News & Observer, 6/18/13)
84 more arrested on ‘Moral Monday’ as protesters decry ‘outsiders’ label (News & Observer,6/17/13)
NC Superintendent Atkinson’s suggestion for a teacher tax exemption flops (News & Observer,6/17/13)
Perdue to launch education consulting business (Under the Dome, 6/17/13)
NC voters continue to look down on state government (Public Policy Polling, 6/17/13)
Even Republicans unhappy with NC legislature (Public Policy Polling, 6/17/13)
Sales tax holiday on NC Senate’s budget chopping block (News & Observer, 6/16/13)
Trouble for Voller continues to mount (Under the Dome, 6/16/13)
NC GOP rolls back era of Democratic laws (News & Observer, 6/16/13)
Politicians and the powerful touch NC Rural Center cash (News & Observer, 6/16/13)
Gaming industry steps up donations to NC politicians (News & Observer, 6/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Here lies NC tax reform; Born: 2013, Died: 2013 (News & Observer, 6/15/13)
NC rural agency claims jobs that don’t exist, helps build big-box stores (News & Observer, 6/14/13)
New Wake school board election districts appear to favor GOP (News & Observer, 6/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Open files of political appointees (News & Observer, 6/14/13)
As Senate tax bill moves forward, Rucho breaks with Berger (News & Observer, 6/14/13)
UNC’s Ross warns of ’sobering implications’ for education in House budget (Under the Dome, 6/14/13)
Did Art Pope kill judicial public financing? (Under the Dome, 6/13/13)
NC Senate tentatively approves tax reform proposal (WRAL, 6/13/13)
Ominbus gun bill passes NC Senate (WRAL, 6/13/13)
McCory signs 39 bills that become NC law (AP, 6/13/13)
Rucho resigns as co-chair over tax reform standoff with Berger (Under the Dome, 6/13/13)
Protesters, like Gov. McCrory, play baseball on Capitol lawn (News & Observer, 6/13/13)
State budget plans expand rural-urban divide (News & Observer, 6/13/13)
In North Carolina, political protesters welcome arrest (LA Times, 6/12/13)
Private school vouchers at center of House budget debate (News & Observer, 6/12/13)
Durham councilman, 7 others arrest at NC General Assembly protest (News & Observer, 6/12/13)
Racial Justice Act repeal heads to NC Gov. McCrory (AP, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: Did Governor Pat McCrory duck critics by playing catch? (WTVD-TV, 6/12/13)
NC NAACP to announce voter registration campaign (News & Observer, 6/12/13)
McCrory tosses ball, catches controversy (Under the Dome, 6/12/13)
NC bill would do away with handgun permits (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Report details Charlotte’s DNC hits and misses (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Ex-FBI agent will chair Governor’s Crime Commission (Under the Dome, 6/11/13)
NC House to debate budget proposal Wednesday (AP, 6/11/13)
Senate rolls out compromise tax plan (WRAL, 6/11/13)
NC experts support state’s tax reform proposals (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Protests in North Carolina challenge conservative shift in state politics (New York Times, 6/11/13)
New gun bill draft eliminates pistol purchase permit system (WRAL, 6/11/13)
New transportation money formula could doom Triangle trains (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Clergy lead Monday protests at General Assembly (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Senate’s new tax plan avoids expanding tax on services (News & Observer, 6/11/13)
Lobbyists’ effort lands McCrory in a Tesla Model S (Under the Dome, 6/10/13)
House to debate budget Wednesday (WRAL, 6/9/13)
NC House-Senate budgets: Numbers close, priorities aren’t (News & Observer, 6/9/13)
NC looks to tax hybrids to recoup road funding (AP, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: How the GOP could make Hagan’s day (Charlotte Observer, 6/9/13)
McCrory says he won’t back down to protesters (WRAL, 6/8/13)
70,000 long-term unemployed in NC lose federal benefits July 1 (News & Observer, 6/8/13)
State GOP stresses unity in bid to oust Hagan in 2014 (News & Observer, 6/8/13)
Peacock’s Charlotte mayoral race is important to state GOP (Charlotte Observer, 6/7/13)
NC House and Senate miles apart on state spending (News & Observer, 6/7/13)
Protests to expand despite objections from Republican leaders (WRAL, 6/7/13)
NC House gives initial nod to tax overhaul (News & Observer, 6/7/13)
House lawmakers meeting Friday to tackle budget and taxes (WRAL, 6/7/13)
Impact of proposed NC tax bill outlined (News & Observer, 6/6/13)
Fracking changes head for House floor (WRAL, 6/6/13)
Redistricting hearing over NC maps’ legality over (AP, 6/6/13)
Vote on fracking moratorium moves to full NC House (Under the Dome, 6/6/13)
NC House set to vote on tax reforms (WRAL, 6/6/13)
McCrory to DOT: Think big (WRAL, 6/6/13)
Howard defends block of  House tax reform bill (WRAL, 6/6/13)
Moral Monday protesters come to Charlotte (Charlotte Observer, 6/5/13)
McCrory administration distributes talking points about expiring jobless benefits (Under the Dome, 6/5/13)
Gov. McCrory urges end to weekly NAACP protests (AP, 6/5/13)
Gov. McCrory: Public school students take too many tests (News & Observer, 6/5/13)
North Carolina’s Racial Justice Act another step closer to repeal (Winston-Salem Journal, 6/5/13)
NC House vote moves Racial Justice Act closer to repeal (News & Observer, 6/4/13)
Testimony questions redrawn NC voting districts (News & Observer, 6/4/13)
In quick vote, House panel approves major tax bill (News & Observer, 6/4/13)
More than 150 arrested at ‘Mega Moral Monday’ protest (WRAL, 6/3/13)
More than 150 arrested at NC Legislature during Monday protests (News & Observer, 6/3/13)
2014 GOP Senate field sees Hagan’s seat as a top target (News & Observer, 6/2/13)
NAACP, GOP spar over civil-rights history in Sunday events (News & Observer, 6/2/13)
NC legislative dustups align McCrory with House (News & Observer, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Moral Monday protesters may not sway GOP (News & Observer, 6/1/13)
Mum’s the word at DHHS’ Medicaid these days (Under the Dome, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Watchdog group calls for probe of lobbyists tied to McCrory, Shanahan (News & Observer, 5/31/13)
GOP: ‘Moral Monday’ protests just the price of government (WRAL, 5/31/13)
Tillis intends to remain Speaker amid his Senate campaign (Under the Dome, 5/31/13)
Advocates for the blind say Dix compromise plays ‘Monopoly’ with historic school (News & Observer,5/31/13)
Tillis will make US Senate bid official next week (WRAL, 5/30/13)
McCrory prefers more moderate reform plans (WRAL, 5/30/13)
House, Senate tax plans compared (WRAL, 5/30/13)
House, Senate tax reform plans unveiled (WRAL, 5/30/13)
Senate weighs dueling tax reform plans (WRAL, 5/30/13)
Critics take their cuts at House, Senate tax plans (WRAL, 5/30/13)
Thom Tillis expected to announce US Senate run (News & Observer, 5/30/13)
Tillis-Brawley spat rooted in cable fight (News & Observer, 5/30/13)
Far-reaching Senate tax plan closes loopholes, adds sales taxes (News & Observer, 5/30/13)
Tillis says he’ll run for US Senate (WRAL, 5/30/13)
McCrory slated to discuss hurricane preparedness (News & Observer, 5/30/13)
NC House panel alters Wake school board elections (News & Observer, 5/29/13)
NC Commerce secretary lays out jobs plan (News & Observer, 5/29/13)
Racial Justice Act repeal progresses (Under the Dome, 5/29/13)
Young Dems mount effort against GOP tax plan (Under the Dome, 5/29/13)
House lawmakers hash out budget changes in public (News & Observer, 5/29/13)
NC house panel approves compromise plan to renegotiate Dix (News  & Observer, 5/29/13)
House budget writer says final budget vote won’t be delayed (Under the Dome, 5/29/13)
NC House panel may vote on Racial Justice Act (AP, 5/29/13)
Dorothea Dix deal moves to NC House for debate (AP, 5/29/13)
NC bill advances to help parents pay for private schools (News & Observer, 5/29/13)
NC legislators postpone decision on ferry tolls (News & Observer, 5/29/13)
NC gun-rights group runs ads critical of UNC system (News & Observer, 5/28/13)
NC House panel backs grants for private schools (News & Observer, 5/28/13)
Senate cuts mental health spending (News & Observer, 5/27/13)
Dorothea Dix compromise surprised Raleigh park supporters (News & Observer, 5/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats show some life (Under the Dome, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Senate budget is mean and snarling (Under the Dome, 5/26/13)
NC Senate budget would end youth government-exposure programs (AP, 5/25/13)
Tillis supporters form Super PAC (Under the Dome, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Berger is the rare politician, one with courage (Under the Dome, 5/25/13)
In North Carolina, unimpeded GOP drives state hard to the right (Washington Post, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: 5 troubling ideas for NC democracy (News & Observer, 5/25/13)
Robert Dempsey to take helm at NC Democratic Party ( Under the Dome, 5/24/13)
$20.6B budget clears NC Senate (Under the Dome, 5/23/13)
NC lawmaker apologizes about public conflict with Speaker Tillis (News & Observer, 5/23/13)
Questions raised over campaign checks at center of sweepstakes probe (News & Observer, 5/23/13)
Gov. McCrory backs Dorothea Dix compromise, but Senate leader opposed (News & Observer, 5/23/13)
Racial Justice Act supporters rally one more time (News & Observer, 5/22/13)
In General Assembly, push continues to conceal gun data (News & Observer, 5/18/13)
LaRoque theft, money-laundering trial begins Monday (Under the Dome, 5/18/13)
BCBS influence waning with NC lawmakers (News & Observer, 5/17/13)
NC House says yes to interstate tolls – but with limits (News & Observer, 5/17/13)
McCrory signs five bills, including wind energy permitting measure (WRAL, 5/17/13)
About 180 bills advance in NC House, Senate (News & Observer, 5/17/13)
McCrory, Berger & Tillis say they’re on the same Medicaid reform page (Under the Dome, 5/17/13)
McCrory signs five bills (Under the Dome, 5/17/13)
Which NC bills survived crossover? (News & Observer, 5/17/13)
Budget and tax plans begin to move (WRAL, 5/17/13)
House releases tax plan (WRAL, 5/16/13)
State officials pitch Medicaid managed care to doctors (News & Observer, 5/16/13)
House, Senate differ on how to pay for NC tax cuts (News & Observer, 5/16/13)
Bill to close NC Medicaid shortfall passes House (News & Observer, 5/16/13)
NC House debuts competing tax plan (Under the Dome, 5/16/13)
Legislators make progress on speeds, tolls and transportation money (News & Observer, 5/16/13)
NC Senate backs Wake commissioners takeover of school construction (News & Observer, 5/15/13)
House tentatively OKs excluding abortions in NC health insurance exchange (News & Observer,5/15/13)
Civil protections curtailed for state workers under McCrory bill (News & Observer, 5/14/13)
NC smokers may soon get to light up on beaches and in parks again (News & Observer, 5/14/13)
Tax ideas on the table including capping local sales tax (Under the Dome, 5/13/13)
NC “Moral Monday” demonstrations bring 49 arrests (News & Observer, 5/13/13)
Jam-packed action expected in legislature for Crossover Week (Under the Dome, 5/12/13)
NC Senate plan extends sales tax base far and wide (News & Observer, 5/12/13)
Shanahan says law firm doesn’t handle issues at legislature (Under the Dome, 5/11/13)
GOP legislators use power to control local affairs (News & Observer, 5/11/13)
GOP, Koch brothers find there’s nothing finer than Carolina (Politico, 5/11/13)
Chris Fitzsimon on Senate tax plan: Bad policy, bad politics (Under the Dome, 5/11/13)
Public Safety chief Shanahan moonlighting at his law firm (News & Observer, 5/10/13)
DHHS leader offers puzzling take on Medicaid expansion decision (Under the Dome, 5/10/13)
NC sheriffs oppose immigration proposal (Under the Dome, 5/10/13)
McCrory names education adviser (Under the Dome, 5/10/13)
Rep. Ellmers weighs campaign to take on Sen. Hagan (News & Observer, 5/10/13)
OPINION: Berger has a bold tax plan for NC (News & Observer, 5/10/13)
Critics call for end to proposed cuts to state education programs (Carolina Public Press, 5/10/13)
NC protesters risk arrest to highlight concerns about GOP (News & Observer, 5/10/13)
Proposal to limit future state spending moves forward (WRAL, 5/9/13)
Four Dems want Voller out as interim executive director (Under the Dome, 5/9/13)
GOP wants to revamp way judges are elected (News & Observer, 5/9/13)
Rally opposes proposed state education cuts (Charlotte Observer, 5/9/13)
NC NAACP says Monday demonstrations will continue (News & Observer, 5/9/13)
AFP poll finds support for broad tax changes (Under the Dome, 5/9/13)
DOT spending bill passes state House (Under the Dome, 5/9/13)
NC Democratic Party members try to oust Voller as interim executive director (Under the Dome, 5/9/13)
Analysis: Tax plan creates more losers than winners (News & Observer, 5/9/13)
NC sweepstakes parlors banned since 2010, but nearly a dozen remain in Wake (News & Observer,5/9/13)
McCrory doesn’t veto, but doesn’t sign either. Asheville approves legal action over water bill(Carolina Public Press, 5/9/13)
Poll: NC voters favor judicial public financing (Carolina Public Press, 5/9/13)
Legislation would set up special fund for school innovation (News & Observer, 5/8/13)
Bill touts future risks of abortion (News & Observer, 5/8/13)
NC House approves bill requiring teens to get parents’ OK for birth control (Charlotte Observer,5/8/13)
Art Pope blesses zero-bassed budgeting (Under the Dome, 5/8/13)
Grover Norquist to NC to promote tax changes (Under the Dome, 5/8/13)
Art Pope’s committee visit shows path zero-based budgeting will take (Under the Dome, 5/8/13)
Legislative Black Caucus members invited themselves to McCrory’s office (Under the Dome, 5/8/13)
Gov. McCrory wants to make it easier to fire poorly performing state workers (News & Observer,5/7/13)
Senate GOP debuts far-reaching tax overhaul (News & Observer, 5/7/13)
Gun bill clears House, heads to Senate (Under the Dome, 5/7/13)
NC Republicans to hear from national GOP lineup (WRAL, 5/7/13)
McCrory wants more flexibility to hire, fire (WRAL, 5/7/13)
Republican senators to talk on NC tax code changes (WRAL, 5/7/13)

Protests a ‘political bomb threat?’ (WRAL, 5/6/13)
At a disquieted capital, joint culture, recreation authority vote planned (Carolina Public Press, 5/6/13)
NAACP protest at legislature nets 30 arrests; rally planned (WRAL, 5/6/13)
Tillis urges GOP to resist going too far too fast (Under the Dome, 5/6/13)
Energy bill shows voice vote unreliable (WRAL, 5/6/13)
McCrory delivers national response to Obama’s radio address (Carolina Public Press, 5/6/13)
House votes to relax gun laws in NC (WRAL, 5/6/13)
Private conservative group ALEC carries sway in NC legislature (News & Observer, 5/6/13)
Study finds – surprise! – redistricting benefits majority party (Under the Dome, 5/5/13)
McCrory takes turn at GOP weekly radio address (Under the Dome, 5/4/13)
Ties to governor, clients put NC law firm in spotlight (News & Observer, 5/4/13)
Fracking chemical rule sent back for revisions (News & Observer, 5/3/13)
‘Forecasting error’ drives Medicaid cost up (Under the Dome, 5/2/13)
Cuts to NC pre-K get preliminary House approval (News & Observer, 5/2/13)
NC House leaders off to ALEC (WRAL, 5/2/13)
NC Republicans consider eliminating the state’s Turnpike Authority (News & Observer, 5/2/13)
Obama choice of Rep. Mel Watt to regulate mortgage finance sparks controversy (News & Observer,5/1/13)
Dem state senator: ‘NC is not a banana republic’ (News & Observer, 5/1/13)
Lights, camera…and a $69M NC rebate to movie industry (News & Ovserver, 5/1/13)
Senate tentatively OKs easing environmental protections (News & Observer, 5/1/13)
Scramble shaping up for Watt’s seat (News & Observer, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

New elections board starts amid questions about campaign donations (News & Observer, 4/30/13)
Sponsor seeks to revive bid to end renewable energy subsidies (WRAL, 4/30/13)
Tillis accused of letting Senate ambitions influence NC legislation (News & Observer, 4/30/13)
Officials: Obama naming NC’s Watt for housing post (AP, 4/30/13)
McCrory replaces all State Board of Elections members (News & Observer, 4/30/13)
VIDEO: Republican lawmaker criticizes House Speaker Thom Tillis (Under the Dome, 4/30/13)
State elections board slashes campaign fines (Under the Dome, 4/30/13)
State elections board chief fires back at new GOP board member (Under the Dome, 4/30/13)
Poll shows most voters favor non-partisan redistricting effort (Under the Dome, 4/30/13)
Hager’s bill to end state’s renewables standard refuses to die (Under the Dome, 4/30/13)
On NC state sales tax, some get a special deal (News & Observer, 4/29/13)
UNC chief Ross to lawmakers: Keep guns off UNC campuses (WRAL, 4/29/13)
For some who collect tax, a coveted rebate (News & Observer, 4/29/13)
State’s pre-K program wins praise, but lost funding and slots last year (News & Observer, 4/29/13)
NC NAACP president,16 other protesters arrested outside NC Senate (News & Observer, 4/29/13)
Foxx wold make big career leap to Cabinet (News & Observer, 4/28/13)
In NC budget, where did the $1B go? (News & Observer, 4/27/13)
State tax reports are lengthy, but lacking detail (News & Observer, 4/27/13)
NC Democrats seek footing on unfamiliar terrain (News & Observer, 4/27/13)
On NC state sales tax, a special deal for some (News & Observer, 4/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Rural parts of NC lose out in GOP budget (News & Observer, 4/27/13)
McCrory replaces State Board of Elections as inquiry into contributions begins (News & Observer,4/26/13)
McCrory appoints new elections board (WRAL, 4/26/13)
McCrory announces plans for new ‘Innovation Center’ (Carolina Public Press, 4/26/13)
NC House, Senate at odds over state boards — again (News & Observer, 4/25/13)
Environmental rollback heads for Senate vote (WRAL, 4/25/13)
Stripped-down school safety bill clears House (WRAL, 4/25/13)
NC elections board wants sweepstakes cash probed (AP, 4/25/13)
Voter ID one step closer to become state law (News & Observer, 4/24/13)
McCrory tells small business owners that workforce training is top priority (News & Observer,4/24/13)
Three Perdue backers plead guilty to misdemeanors (News & Observer, 4/24/13)
Welfare drug test requirement likely to be challenged (WRAL, 4/23/13)
Drug testing for welfare benefits wins Senate OK (News & Observer, 4/23/13)
NC’s economic outlook improving but risks remain (News & Observer, 4/23/13)
Proposal would make ex-felons wait 5 years to vote (News & Observer, 4/22/13)
NC Senate OKs drug testing requirement for welfare (AP, 4/22/13)
Abortion bills could drive wedge in NC GOP (AP, 4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: The GOP plan to privatize the schools (Under the Dome, 4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats reaping the whirlwind for their own election misdeeds (Under the Dome, 4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Big-government conservatives ruling from Raleigh (News & Observer, 4/20/13)
Nate Silver puts McCrory right of Perry, Jindal, Haley (News & Observer, 4/20/13)
McCrory: Didn’t mean for furniture market trade show funding to be cut (Under the Dome, 4/20/13)
NC House coalition proposes independent redistricting, but Senate leaders likely to balk (News & Observer, 4/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Liberal critics of McCrory programs are avoiding hard thinking (Under the Dome, 4/20/13)
Bills chip away at abortions (News & Observer, 4/19/13)
Nate Silver rates McCrory as one of nation’s most conservative guvs (Under the Dome, 4/19/13)
McCrory outlines new strategy for transportation spending (News & Observer, 4/19/13)
Hagan leads all potential GOP foes with Berry her strongest opponent (Under the Dome, 4/19/13)
New voter ID law could cost as much as $3.6M to implement (News & Observer, 4/18/13)
McCrory to announce transportation proposal (News & Observer, 4/18/13)
After emotional debate, voter ID bill approved by House panel (News & Observer, 4/17/13)
Committee passes NC bill ending class size limits (News & Observer, 4/17/13)
Questions linger over public records vote (Under the Dome, 4/17/13)
Public backs voter photo IDs, but would accept affidavits new polls show (Under the Dome, 4/17/13)
NC bill would eliminate class-size rules (News & Observer, 4/16/13)
Hospitals: Block of Medicaid expansion jeopardizes care in NC (Carolina Public Press, 4/16/13)
Americans for Prosperity ready to spend to promote new tax code (Under the Dome, 4/16/13)
McCrory aide lays out strategy to fight NC jobs war (Wilmington Star News, 4/16/13)
Burr’s vote to allow gun debate draws protest (Under the Dome, 4/15/13)
Bill would provide state money for private school tuition (WRAL, 4/15/13)
Hospitals: Block of Medicaid expansion jeopardizes care in NC (Carolina Public Press, 4/15/13)
GOP House leader plans to introduce voucher program (Under the Dome, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats are getting payback on voting bills (Under the Dome, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: NC Dems need to spend less time worrying about Art Pope and more time party building (Under the Dome, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP goes after the wrong kind of voter fraud (News & Observer, 4/13/13)
McCrory’s first 100 days: ‘Getting his sea legs’ amid change, rancor (News & Observer, 4/13/13)
At halfway point, GOP lawmaking slows (News & Observer, 4/13/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory Medicaid privatization is a great idea (Under the Dome, 4/13/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory privatization kick is a bad idea (Under the Dome, 4/13/13)
NC immigrant advocates like proposed driving permits (News & Observer, 4/12/13)
NC voters split on Obama, McCrory still popular (Under the Dome, 4/12/13)
Dome: Lobbyists’ gifts could show down on lawmakers once again (Under the Dome, 4/12/13)
National Latino officials call for NC legislature not to pass voter ID (Under the Dome, 4/12/13)
McCrory takes belt-tightening message to UNC system board (WRAL, 4/11/13)
Gov. McCrory calls UNC Board of Governors to action (News & Observer, 4/11/13)
VIDEO: McCrory prepares for the next 100 days (WRAL, 4/11/13)
Senate leaders back away from closing UNC system campus (Under the Dome, 4/10/13)
Epic voter ID battle continues (WRAL, 4/10/13)
NC legislators offer driving permits and new restrictions for immigrants here illegally (News & Observer, 4/10/13)
Art Pope questions state’s obligation to provide education (Daily Tar Heel, 4/9/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory meets with black lawmakers, educators (Charlotte Observer, 4/9/13)
Corporate tax breaks rolled out in NC Senate committee (News & Observer, 4/9/13)
House tentatively OKs background checks for benefits applicants (WRAL, 4/9/13)
Another donor to Gov. Bev Perdue indicted (Under the Dome, 4/9/13)
Wake schools concerned about losing teacher assistants under McCrory budget (News & Observer,4/9/13)
McCrory looks for compromise on Dix (WRAL, 4/9/13)
VIDEO: McCrory discusses first 100 days in office (WRAL, 4/9/13)
McCrory ad campaign judged one of best in the country (Under the Dome, 4/9/13)
NC House lawmaker links Islamic prayer to terrorism (Under the Dome, 4/9/13)
McCrory will make economic development announcement (AP, 4/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats: Get over it and get moving (Politics-North Carolina, 4/8/13)
Democrats call on McCrory to challenge voter bills (AP, 4/8/13)
Rep. Dollar less guarded in email on McCrory’s Medicaid plan (Under the Dome, 4/8/13)
Rejected NC charters applicants wait decision on second chance (News & Observer, 4/8/13)
Wake hearing draws more criticism of proposal to rescind Dix lease (News & Observer, 4/8/13)
McCrory plan enlists private sector to aid NC development (News & Observer, 4/8/13)
NC General Assembly on a roll: Crumbling traditions or brave new GOP world (Charlotte Observer,4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Background checks for food stamps? Why, exactly? (News & Observer, 4/7/13)
NC Republicans try to beat past tax reform dangers (AP, 4/7/13)
GOP bill would pull plug on renewable energy while administration touts its successes (Under the Dome, 4/7/13)
Dix bill backers, opponents spar over deed’s words (News & Observer, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP settling down despite spate of off-the-wall bills (News & Observer, 4/6/13)
Tillis: Religion resolution well-intended, but one little problem – - unconstitutional (Under the Dome, 4/5/13)
Senate GOP targets more environmental regulations (Under the Dome, 4/5/13)
NAACP said GOP voter ID bill is still unconstitutional (Under the Dome, 4/5/13)
Gov. McCrory appoints fundraisers to board after candidate McCrory vowed not to (News & Observer, 4/5/13)
Claude Pope picks up key endorsements in party chairmanship race (Under the Dome, 4/5/13)
McCrory touts accomplishments, asks for patience (Winston-Salem Journal, 4/4/13)
COMMENTARY: What part of ‘no law respecting an establishment of religion’ does North Carolina not understand? (Washington Post, 4/4/13)
GOP rolls out less restrictive NC voter ID bill (News & Observer, 4/4/13)
Resolution declaring authority to create official religion won’t move (News & Observer, 4/4/13)
McCrory plan would open state’s Medicaid business to private companies (News & Observer, 4/4/13)
NC Republicans consider immigrant driving permits (News & Observer, 4/4/13)
NC has power to establish official religion, resolution says (News & Observer, 4/3/13)
NC lawmakers told voter ID worked well in Georgia (News & Observer, 4/3/13)
NC Senate OKs repeal of Racial Justice Act (News & Observer, 4/3/13)
Senate bill seeks to curb college vote (WRAL, 4/3/13)
State has power to establish official religion, bill says (News & Observer, 4/3/13)
McCrory offers plan to privatize NC Medicaid risk (AP, 4/3/13)
McCrory: Medicaid need to server whole patient (WRAL, 4/3/13)
NC lawmakers confirm McCrory’s education board picks (WRAL, 4/3/13)
Black lawmakers vow to fight voting changes (WRAL, 4/2/13)
Superintendent: Armed teachers not the answer for NC (WRAL, 4/2/13)
NC hospitals reap profits from discount drugs (News & Observer, 4/2/13)
House bill would require background checks on those seeking federal benefits (News & Observer,4/2/13)
Proposal would allow state religion in North Carolina (WRAL, 4/2/13)
What kind of state is North Carolina? Democrats and GOP make high-stakes bets (Washington Post,4/1/13)
More groups opposes bills to reduce NC early voting (WRAL, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Senate bills would rob cities of a popular business tax (News & Observer, 3/30/13)
In NC, teacher tenure doesn’t mean a guaranteed job (News & Observer, 3/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Drop dead – Is that the GOP’s message to Raleigh? (News & Observer, 3/30/13)
New NC legislature targets ‘arrogant’ cities (News & Observer, 3/30/13)
Proposed new GOP voter laws denounced (Under the Dome, 3/29/13)
GOP bill would make it harder to get divorced (Under the Dome, 3/29/13)
Groups protest efforts to curtail early voting (WRAL, 3/29/13)
Buddy Collins nominated to plum NC education post – despite anti-gay record (Huffington Post, 3/29/13)
Racial Justice Act supporters muster opposition to repeal (News & Observer, 3/29/13)
Groups protest efforts to limit early voting (News & Observer, 3/29/13)
Local governments worry about loss of revenue (News & Observer, 3/29/13)
McCrory eliminates Latino outreach office (Charlotte Observer, 3/29/13)
NC legislators propose more rigorous divorce regulations (News & Observer, 3/29/13)
McCrory’s proposal to end political funding program would hurt Democrats (News & Observer,3/28/13)
NC Chamber, McCrory announce jobs plan (WRAL, 3/28/13)
Scholars decry NC legislature’s new direction (News & Observer, 3/28/13)
NC House lawmakers tout school safety bill as nation’s most comprehensive (News  & Observer,3/28/13)
New bill in NC legislature would take mystery out of hospital prices (News & Observer 3/27/13)
Republicans back bill to create new board to govern NC charter schools (News & Observer, 3/27/13)
US Sen. Kay Hagan declares her support for gay marriage (News & Observer, 3/27/13)
Emails show McCrory allies monitored DHHS director controversy (News & Observer, 3/27/13)
Student protest UNC system budget cuts (WRAL, 3/27/13)
Cities could lose revenue under tax reform (WRAL, 3/27/13)
NC Senate votes to jettison Raleigh’s lease for Dix property (News & Observer, 3/27/13)
NC governor had more donations from Internet cafes (AP, 3/26/13)
Concealed handgun permit bill passes House (WRAL, 3/26/13)
Death penalty bill passes committee (WRAL, 3/26/13)
Employees group works to block changes to state Health Plan, retirement system (News & Observer,3/26/13)
Details emerge on how McCrory’s proposed state budget impacts WNC (Carolina Public Press, 3/26/13)
Supporters of Dix park appeal to Wake lawmakers (News & Observer, 3/25/13)
Young immigrants eager for NC driver’s licenses (News & Observer, 3/25/13)
Democrats urge crowds to oppose GOP-led changes for Wake County (News & Observer, 3/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Dix park plan is on the chopping block (News & Observer, 3/24/13)
Senator opposing Dix lease pushed $1 sale of NC prison (News & Observer, 3/23/13)
Possible tax credit repeal could threaten NC solar (News & Observer, 3/23/13)
Proposed policy reforms reignite debate over energy subsidies (News & Observer, 3/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Proposed Vance-Aycock site closures may hint at payback (News & Observer,3/23/13)
Prospect of closing any of the UNC system’s campuses leads to outcry (News & Observer, 3/22/13)
Some say McCrory budget shortchanges rural areas (WRAL, 3/22/13)
McCrory makes education, tourism boards appointments (Under the Dome, 3/22/13)
New calls for Berger to resign, seek help after McCrory incident (Wilmington Star News, 3/22/13)
Orange County leaders: NC legislature is hurting local governments (News & Observer, 3/22/13)
NCDMV drops pink stripe for immigrant driver’s license (News & Observer, 3/22/13)
GOP majority moving agenda along quickly (WRAL, 3/21/13)

McCrory’s budget gets mixed reaction among lawmakers (Under the Dome, 3/21/13)
Senate committee votes to revoke Dorothea Dix lease (News & Observer, 3/21/13)
GOP lawmakers give McCrory budget warm welcome (News & Observer, 3/21/13)
EDITORIAL: North Carolina overreaches (New York Times, 3/21/13)
Dems: No job plan in McCrory’s budget (WRAL, 3/20/13)
McCrory offers modest budget, small pay raises for state workers (Under the Dome, 3/20/13)
Falling gas tax collections means less money for NC roads and bridges (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
Budget could cost attorney general half his legal staff (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
Democrats rail at Republicans for stacking UNC governing board (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
McCrory budget would add pre-kindergarten spots, but cut some teacher assistant positions (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
Senate to debate Dorothea Dix park lease (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: A budget an accountant would love (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
McCrory declares state of emergency for NC 12 on Outer Banks (News & Observer, 3/20/13)
Morning Memo: 5 big questions for Pat McCrory’s first budget plan (Under the Dome, 3/20/13)
McCrory’s budget: Hires 1,800 more teachers, gives state workers a pay raise (News & Observer,3/20/13)
McCrory to make state budget announcement today (Carolina Public Press, 3/20/13)
Outsider challenges McCrory’s pick for GOP chairman (Under the Dome, 3/20/13)
McCrory announces new effort on school security (News & Observer, 3/19/13)
McCrory’s budget likely to target education, Medicaid (WRAL, 3/19/13)
New NC center to look at school safety issues (AP, 3/19/13)
Lawmakers look to at adding taxes to 130 more services (News & Observer, 3/19/13)
NC Senate proposal seeks to boost literacy and graduation rates, end tenure (News & Observer,3/19/13)
VIDEO: McCrory will release budget tomorrow (Under the Dome, 3/19/13)
Legislators still waiting for McCrory’s list of transportation board members (News & Observer,3/19/13)
New GOP effort to end teacher tenure and issue grades for every North Carolina school (News & Observer, 3/19/13)
After Medicaid expansion denied in NC, advocates still pushing (Carolina Public Press, 3/18/13)
Accused sweepstakes exec more closely tied to McCrory’s old firm (WRAL, 3/18/13)
Report: Burns’ donations topped $325K, linked to lobbying firm (Under the Dome, 3/18/13)
Public opinion of NC General Assembly is slipping (Under the Dome, 3/17/13)
3 NC House members fined for late campaign finance reports (News & Observer, 3/17/13)
Tillis: Fraud ‘not the primary reason’ for voter ID push (WRAL, 3/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature’s mandate to roll back the years (News & Observer, 3/16/13)
Pipeline expansions could leave NC awash in shale gas (News & Observer, 3/16/13)
McCrory popular, but legislature is not (Under the Dome, 3/15/13)
Proposed abortion  rules could close NC clinics (WRAL, 3/15/13)
NC governor: No contact with arrested contributor (AP, 3/15/13)
McCrory campaign accepted disputed contribution under little-known provision (Under the Dome, 3/15/13)
Gun bill would eliminate sheriffs’ mental health background checks (Under the Dome, 3/15/13)
McCrory, lawmakers donate campaign funds from gambling exec caught in Florida probe (News & Observer, 3/14/13)
GOP lawmakers seek to wipe out Dix property lease (News & Observer, 3/14/13)
Internet gambling owner arrested in Florida is key player in NC (News & Observer, 3/14/13)
House bill would kill state’s renewable energy program (News & Observer, 3/13/13)
Goolsby bill repeals already-gutted Racial Justice Act (Under the Dome, 3/13/13)
GOP bill would repeal Racial Justice Act once and for all (Under the Dome, 3/13/13)
New abortion restriction proposed in bill (Under the Dome, 3/13/13)
How to bring more sunshine to the NC legislature (News & Observer, 3/13/13)
Report: NC spends $1.3B on economic development annually (WRAL, 3/12/13)
Voter ID assailed, backed in House hearing (WRAL, 3/12/13)
Tillis ad opening shot for 2014 Senate race? (WRAL, 3/12/13)
NC voter ID proposal brings out opponents and advocates (News & Observer, 3/12/13)
Public to speak out on photo ID vote in NC (WRAL, 3/12/13)
McCrory denies involvement in MetLife incentives (WRAL, 3/11/13)
Perks process used to lure businesses may get tweaks (News & Observer, 3/11/13)
Voter ID hearing scheduled for Tuesday (Under the Dome, 3/11/13)
Gun-rights advocates want permit information confidential (News & Observer, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Art Pope gives Gov. Pat McCrory needed muscle in Raleigh (News & Observer,3/9/13)
McCrory: Limit state spending to cover Medicaid overrun (News & Observer, 3/8/13)
Morning memo: McCrory in spotlight in MetLife deal (Under the Dome, 3/8/13)
NC voters support background checks for gun buyers (Under the Dome, 3/8/13)

McCrory limits state spending to cover Medicaid shortfall (WRAL, 3/8/13)

Gun proposal highlights nullification debate (WRAL, 3/8/13)
State NAACP vows to fight any effort to require voter ID (News & Observer, 3/7/13)
Voter ID foes to fight in courts, in streets (Under the Dome, 3/7/13)
NC fracking panel suggest wastewater could be used for irrigation (News & Observer, 3/7/13)
Gov. McCrory uses big incentives to lure MetLife jobs (Under the Dome, 3/7/13)
McCrory’s former law firm active in MetLife negotiations (News & Observer, 3/7/13)
McCrory signs bills on Medicaid expansion, group home funding, and possums (WRAL, 3/6/13)
Interview: A Southern Medicaid Director’s perspective on health care reform (Stateline, 3/6/13)
Senate sends McCrory bill that eliminates the state’s earned income tax credit (Under the Dome, 3/6/13)
OPINION: McCrory misses chance to lead on Medicaid issue (News & Observer, 3/6/13)
McCrory signs bill blocking Medicaid expansion (News & Observer, 3/6/13)
NC Poll: 88% oppose state money for Panthers stadium (News & Observer, 3/6/13)
Morning Memo: McCrory to sign Medicaid bill, three others (Under the Dome, 3/6/13)
NC House GOP begins to move on voter ID bill (News & Observer, 3/5/13)
House plans go-slow approach for voter ID bill (WRAL, 3/5/13)
NC House GOP makes gun rights stand (WRAL, 3/5/13)
McCrory backs voter ID, pink licenses; asks mayors for help with drug courts (WRAL, 3/5/13)
NC bill would end illegal immigrants’ enrollment (News & Observer, 3/5/13)
Gov. Paty McCrory: Slow down airport bill (News & Observer, 3/5/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory: No state money for Carolina Panthers stadium upgrades (Charlotte Observer,3/5/13)
House-Senate showdown expected over reorganization bill (Carolina Public Press, 3/4/13)
Seventy NC charter schools apply to open in 2014 (News & Observer, 3/4/13)
NC’s coastal counties could get fracking waste if ban lifted (News & Observer, 3/4/13)
NC Democrats urge GOP governor to do away with pink licenses (News & Observer, 3/4/13)
NC House votes to fire more than 100 commission members (News & Observer, 3/4/13)
McCrory to make Charlotte economic announcement (Charlotte Observer, 3/4/13)
McCrory, legislature getting good marks despite barbs (Under the Dome, 3/3/13)
COMMENTARY: When political groups craft dirty-trick memos, we all lose (News & Observer,3/3/13)
Heightened gun debate pulls grass-roots activists in from both sides (News & Observer, 3/2/13)
Most NC gun deaths are from handguns, not ‘assault’ weapons (News & Observer, 3/2/13)
NC conservatives gather to talk strategy (News & Observer, 3/2/13)
Zebulon, 114 other NC towns face loss of state funding (New & Observer, 3/1/13)


NC ranks near bottom in school spending, salaries (Under the Dome, 2/28/13)
Controversial commission bill dramatically rewritten in House committee (Under the Dome, 2/27/13)
NC Democratic chair owes $286,000 in back taxes (News & Observer, 2/27/13)
America Votes says it was behind political strategy memo (News & Observer, 2/27/13)
America Votes takes responsibility for controversial memo (WRAL, 2/27/13)
House legislators rewrite Senate bill overhauling state boards (News & Observer, 2/27/13)
First abortion bill of session filed (Under the Dome, 2/26/13)
Medicaid bill headed to McCrory (News & Observer, 2/26/13)
Hagan: Long-term bipartisan effort needed on spending cuts (News & Observer, 2/26/13)
Judges hear case for keeping NC redistricting map (News & Observer, 2/26/13)
NC judges hear arguments against election districts drawn by GOP (News & Observer, 2/25/13)
Lawmakers to hear from NC educators (Under the Dome, 2/25/13)
COMMENTARY: If you didn’t vote, don’t complain about who got elected (News & Observer,2/25/13)
Are NC jobs waiting for right workers? (News & Record, 2/25/13)
McCrory likes ‘pink licenses’ aimed for immigrants (News & Observer, 2/24/13)
OPINION: Whatever happened to Pragmatic Pat? (Charlotte Observer, 2/24/13)
NC redistricting lines go before judges (News & Observer, 2/24/13)
McCrory tells MSNBC he’s concerned about sequestration, GOP image (Under the Dome, 2/24/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Pat McCrory with Politico’s Jonathan Martin (Politico, 2/23/13)
NC wildlife refuge wants to expand, but local governments oppose it (News & Observer, 2/23/13)
Who gives money to Blueprint North Carolina? (Under the Dome, 2/23/13)
Head of Blueprint North Carolina denies his group sent memo plotting attacks on Republicans (News & Observer, 2/22/13)
Special licenses for immigrants draw protests in North Carolina (LA Times, 2/22/13)
Leaked attack memo could jeopardize liberal group’s finances (Charlotte Observer, 2/22/13)
NBC-17 reporter hired as Gov. McCrory’s communications director (News & Observer, 2/22/13)
Lottery ad writer on Gov. Pat McCrory’s criticism of lottery advertising (News & Observer, 2/21/13)
Senate committee votes to end NC fracking moratorium (News & Observer, 2/21/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory goes outside ‘political bubble’ and finds Clayton (Under the Dome, 2/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Will Gov. Pat McCrory get some angry blowback from state employees he seemed to criticize? (News & Observer,2/20/13)
Numbers at odds in Medicaid expansion debate (News & Observer, 2/20/13)
Estate tax repeal wins approval of House panel (Under the Dome, 2/20/13)
McCrory seeks to break out of the Raleigh bubble (Under the Dome, 2/20/13)
VIDEO: NC Democratic response to 2013 State of the State address (News & Observer, 2/20/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory signs bill that transforms jobless system (Under the Dome, 2/19/13)
North Carolinians support some form of gun control (Under the Dome, 2/19/13)
McCrory to give 1st State of the State speech (News & Observer, 2/18/13)
McCrory to sign first bill as NC governor (AP, 2/18/13)
Bill would remake NC Coastal Resources Commission (News & Observer, 2/17/13)
Democrats, Republicans alike have their own ideas for McCrory’s speech (News & Observer,2/16/13)
School ownership, Wake election proposals moving forward in legislature (News & Observer,2/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Bipartisan blame for NC’s unemployment debt (News & Observer, 2/16/13)
McCrory getting a lot of help with veto advice (Under the Dome, 2/15/13)
NC will grant driving privileges to immigrants in federal program (News & Observer, 2/14/13)
Bill would restart payday lending in NC (Under the Dome, 2/14/13)
Bill leaves thousands with few options for health insurance (News & Observer, 2/14/13)
Morning memo: Which bill will McCrory sign first? (Under the Dome, 2/14/13)
Bill overhauling jobless benefits headed to McCrory (News & Observer, 2/13/13)
Energy bill that would lift fracking moratorium advances (News & Observer, 2/13/13)
McCrory, GOP plan to stop NC Medicaid expansion (News & Observer, 2/12/13)
Energy bill would end fracking moratorium (News & Observer, 2/12/13)
NC lawmakers move to slash unemployment help (Washington Post, 2/12/13)
Tillis plays finders keepers with budget (Under the Dome, 2/12/13)
McCrory says state not ready for Medicaid expansion (News & Observer, 2/12/13)
Unemployment overhaul moves forward in NC legislature (News & Observer, 2/12/13)
Walter Dalton a finalist for community college presidency (Under the Dome, 2/11/13)
UNC faculty to McCrory: Come on over (Under the Dome, 2/11/13)
NC State faculty disagree with McCrory (Under the Dome, 2/11/13)
Medical professionals push for Medicaid expansion (Under the Dome, 2/11/13)
Rural Center report calls for McCrory to create manufacturing council (Under the Dome, 2/11/13)
Senate plan to cut 12 judges, sweep out commissioners faces obstacles in House (News & Observer,2/10/13)
Thousands march in Raleigh against GOP policies in NC legislature (News & Observer, 2/9/13)
NC advocates to rally with urgency in Raleigh (AP, 2/9/13)
NC legislators seek clean slate for embattled Industrial Commission (News & Observer, 2/9/13)
New NC Democrats’ chairman says they’ll lead again (News & Observer, 2/7/13)
NC Senate tentatively OKs appointments bill (News & Observer, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Wherefore art thou, Democrats? (News & Observer, 2/6/13)
Bill would give McCrory, legislature control over some state boards (News & Observer, 2/6/13)
NC GOP sells access to Gov. Pat McCrory (Under the Dome, 2/6/13)
Morning memo: GOP exerts control, Democratic chairman spits flames (Under the Dome, 2/6/13)
Constitutional amendment on property rights headed to House floor (Under the Dome, 2/6/13)
NC House to take different path on Medicaid bill (News & Observer, 2/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Pat McCrory meets a Democratic mess (News & Observer, 2/5/13)
Bill to overhaul unemployment advances to NC Senate (News & Observer, 2/5/13)
Gun supporters expected at NC legislature (AP, 2/5/13)
NC House tentatively backs overhaul to state’s unemployment system (News & Observer, 2/4/13)
NC Senate Republicans vote to block Medicaid expansion, exchanges (News & Observer, 2/4/13)
Snubbing McCrory, Senate approves limits to Medicaid expansion (News & Observer, 2/4/13)
Pat McCrory: North Carolina’s economy is Priority One (News & Observer, 2/2/13)
SEANC steaming over new State Health Plan proposal (News & Observer, 2/2/13)
NC fracking board member zings advisory group (News & Observer, 2/2/13)
NC fracking board to discuss limiting public input (News & Observer, 2/1/13)
McCrory takes his pro-business message to tobacco growers (News & Observer, 2/1/13)
NC Gov. McCrory warns streetcar could risk light rail money (Charlotte Observer, 2/1/13)
McCrory warns: Streetcar could risk Charlotte’s light rail money (News & Observer, 2/1/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory’s comments on liberal arts elicit firestorm of debate (News & Observer, 2/1/13)


Audit: State overspent Medicaid budget by $1.4B (News & Observer, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory’s correct comments bring overdue look at relevance (News & Observer,1/31/13)
NC Senate committee moves to limit state role in federal health care reform (News & Observer,1/31/13)
In high jobless area, McCrory endorses unemployment overhaul (News & Observer, 1/31/13)
Bill would let NC teachers and volunteers carry guns in school (News & Observer, 1/31/13)
Unemployment bill moves to House floor (News & Observer, 1/31/13)
NC lottery bill won’t ban welfare recipient sales (News & Observer, 1/31/13)
GOP lawmakers assert states’ rights on health care and jobless insurance (News & Observer,1/30/13)
Bill resurrects guns-in-restaurants law, would keep permits secret (News & Observer, 1/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor, education is about much more than just jobs (News & Observer,1/30/13)
Proposed state unemployment bill draws praise and flak (News & Observer, 1/30/13)
Legislators suggest ways to detect workers’ comp insurance fraud (News & Observer, 1/30/13)
Gun debate makes NC dangerous political ground for Sen. Kay Hagan (News & Observer, 1/29/13)
Coalitions forming across state to be heard at legislature (News & Observer, 1/29/13)
McCrory’s office: Salaries show governor pinching (News & Observer, 1/29/13)
McCrory’s call to alter higher education gets angry response (News & Observer, 1/29/13)
Democratic National Convention economic impact: $163.6 million (News & Observer, 1/28/13)
Group: McCrory should try to live on $350 a week (News & Observer, 1/28/13)
Arguments set for February on NC redistricting (News & Observer, 1/28/13)
Group claims Duke Energy’s talks with state regulators were improper (News & Observer, 1/28/13)
NC budget chairs change seats, start lobbying careers (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: Expect fact action on unemployment benefits (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: New wave of education policies ahead (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: NC’s green energy policies could be rolled back (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: VoterID bound to pass in legislature; will photo be required? (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: Big questions in NC may limit lawmakers’ effort to eliminate income taxes (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: More debate on constitutional changes (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Six to watch during the 2013 legislative session (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Next North Carolina state budget will be tight, authors say (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Tax overhaul could backfire on Republicans (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Agenda: Mental health issues finally make to-do list (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Fracking board set to propose nation’s toughest rules (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
NC justices side with lawmakers on redistricting map disclosures (News & Observer, 1/26/13)
Outside spending in last year’s races passed $14.5 million (News & Observer, 1/25/13)
NC Supreme Court decides Republicans do not have to make public lawyers’ redistricting email(News & Observer, 1/25/13)
House speaker positions himself cautiously on tax overhaul (News & Observer, 1/25/13)
Pope’s tax reform Kabuki dance continues (BlueNC, 1/25/13)
McCrory’s budget chief has ‘great concerns’ about GOP tax plan (Charlotte Observer, 1/24/13)
Prosecutors want to crack down on corruption, fraud cases (News & Observer, 1/24/13)
Dome: McCrory weighing tax options (News & Observer, 1/24/13)
McCrory said everything is still on table on tax overhaul (News & Observer, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP should look to new governor of NC as it ponders fixes (Washington Examiner,1/24/13)
Federal unemployment benefits would end July 1 under GOP plan (News & Observer, 1/24/13)
Ex-NC Gov. Perdue going to Harvard for semester (News & Observer, 1/24/13)
Anti-voter ID ads to air this weekend in NC (News & Observer, 1/23/13)
Art Pope says ending state income tax creates more concerns (News & Observer, 1/23/13)
Dome: NC lawmakers might ban lottery sales to those on welfare (News & Observer, 1/23/13)
Wake school changes have state GOP support (News & Observer, 1/23/13)
Illegal immigrants push for NC driver’s licenses (News & Observer, 1/22/13)
NC Republicans could offer GOP national blueprint (News & Observer, 1/22/13)
Dome: Foxx, Charlotte mayor, says Dems gearing up to defend Hagan (News & Observer, 1/22/13)
Dome: Third-party spending in state legislative races hit new highs (News & Observer, 1/20/13)
NC unlikely to make significant changes to gun laws (News & Observer, 1/20/13)
More abortion legislation may be headed for General Assembly (News & Observer, 1/19/13)
Sen. Fletcher Hartsell, Raleigh GOP dealmaker, faces questions about estate case (News & Observer,1/19/13)
Dome: Lt. Gov. Forest opposes driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants (News & Observer, 1/19/13)
COMMENTARY: So far, McCrory’s informal style is more mayor than governor (News & Observer,1/19/13)
Morning Memo: McCrory-Cooper face off on immigrant driver’s licenses (News & Observer, 1/18/13)
NC attorney general says immigrants eligible for NC driver’s licenses (News & Observer, 1/18/13)
Power shift has government opponent running NC budget (Bloomberg, 1/17/13)
Dome: Report puts total super PAC spending at $4.1 million in NC (News & Observer, 1/17/13)
Senate leader Berger outlines agenda for upcoming session (News & Observer, 1/17/13)
GOP leaders suggest abolishing NC income tax (News & Observer, 1/16/13)
Dome: McCrory uses fire to highlight sorry state of NC buildings (News & Observer, 1/15/13)
Young immigrants qualify for NC driver’s licenses, civil rights groups say (News & Observer,1/15/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory takes care of his own (News & Observer, 1/13/13)
Same-sex couples continue to push for marriage rights (News & Observer, 1/13/13)
Dome: Inaugural weekend ends with entourage-bearing limos (News & Observer, 1/13/13)
McCrory outlines vision in inaugural address (News & Observer, 1/12/13)
Throwing an inaugural ball for a good cause (News & Observer, 1/12/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory sees turnaround, but is one needed? (News & Observer, 1/12/13)
Scenes from the Governor’s Inaugural Ball (News & Observer, 1/12/13)
McCrory’s former law firm moving up in lobbying ranks (News & Observer, 1/11/13)
Gov. Pat McCrory gives his cabinet generous salary hikes (News & Observer, 1/10/13)
Ann McCrory, a private woman, moves into a public role (News & Observer, 1/10/13)
Wake schools criticize state GOP education measures (News & Observer, 1/10/13)
Board of Education to review school safety (News & Observer, 1/10/13)
NC puts brake on immigrants’ license plan (News & Observer, 1/10/13)
State to vote on proposal for online charter schools (News & Observer, 1/9/13)
GOP leaders soften stance on voter ID (News & Observer, 1/9/13)
Dome: McCrory’s transition costs going to salaries so far (News & Observer, 1/9/13)
Legislative proposal to overhaul and cut state’s jobless benefits moves forward (News & Observer,1/8/13)
Dome: Up to 613,000 NC voters may not have ID card (News & Observer, 1/8/13)
State elections officials outline potential impact from voter ID (News & Observer, 1/8/13)
Forest and McCrory promise close working relationship (News & Observer, 1/7/13)
Lawmakers in for a day this week, but promise to move fast on Jan. 30 return (News & Observer,1/7/13)
McCrory rescinds Perdue executive order (News & Observer, 1/7/13)
McCrory’s cabinet doesn’t meet his bipartisan claims (News & Observer, 1/6/13)
Liberal groups swear-in Art Pope as ’shadow governor’ (News & Observer, 1/6/13)
McCrory’s cabinet tilts to the right despite voter registration (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
Pat McCrory quickly takes reins as NC governor (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
COMMENTARY: 13 challenges confront McCrory (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
Pat McCrory sworn in as North Carolina governor (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
Joyner steps down from Turnpike Authority (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
McCrory’s first task: Building a new team (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
McCrory will be sworn in Saturday (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
State to appeal judge’s ‘Choose Life’ license plate ruling (News & Observer, 1/5/13)
COMMENTARY: McCrory, keep your mayoral spirit; get things done (News & Observer, 1/4/13)
McCrory completes Cabinet, names Tata in another surprising pick (News & Observer, 1/4/13)
Perdue heads to schools on last day as governor (News & Observer, 1/4/13)
McCrory offers bleak assessment of state economy (News & Observer, 1/2/13)
Dome: Gov-elect Pat McCrory is no comedian (News & Observer, 1/2/13)

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