The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


North Carolina

Incumbent: Pat McCrory (R)northcarolina-stamp

Primary Election:

General Election: November 2012

STATUS: Incumbent Running for Election

RATING: Toss-up


2004 Result: Mike Easley defeats Patrick Ballantine, 56%-43%.

2008 Result: Bev Perdue defeats Pat McRory, 50%-47%

North Carolina Gubernatorial Race: Headlines
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Pat McCrory

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High Point University: Obama and McCrory at 39% approval in NC (9/16/13)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory approval rating continues to drop, 39-51% (8/14/13)
Rasmussen: McCrory lead over Dalton narrows, 53-42% (10/20/12)
Rasmussen: McCrory lead still in double-digits, 52-38% (10/16/12)
Rasmussen: McCrory maintains wide lead, 54-38% over Dalton (10/4/12)
Rasmussen: McCrory holds double-digit lead over Dalton, 51-38% (9/17/12)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory holds 6-pt lead over Dalton, 45-39% (9/3/12)
Rasmussen: Gap narrows in NC gov race, McCrory leads 46-41% (8/2/12)
Civitas: McCrory hangs on to 10-pt lead, 47-37% (7/25/12)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory hangs onto seven-point lead, 47-40% (7/11/12)
Rasmussen: McCrory holds double-digit lead, 49-35% (6/27/12)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory leads Dalton by 7, 47-40% (6/13/12)
Survey USA: McCrory coasts in GOP primary, Democratic race less clear, Dalton ahead 32-23% over Etheridge (5/1/12)
Elon Poll: McCrory leads NC guber candidates in favorability marks (4/30/12)
Civitas: McCrory overwhelming GOP primary favorite (72%); Dalton leads Etheridge 32-27% (4/26/12)
Public Policy Polling: Dalton makes big gain in primary for governor, tied with Etheridge at 26-25% (4/23/12)
Rasmussen: McCory leads Dalton 45-36% (4/11/12)
Survey USA: Most candidates for governor unknown one month before primary (3/16/12)
Public Policy Polling: NC legislature popularity tanks (3/16/12)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory leads Dem field by double digits (3/13/12)
Elon Poll: Economic mood brightens in NC, McCrory has strongest ratings among guv field (3/9/12)
Civitas: Etheridge closest Dem to McCrory in Gov race (3/2/12)
Public Policy Polling: Etheridge starts with lead in NC gov. primary (2/8/12)
Public Policy Polling: NC voters split on party of next governor (1/30/12)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue continues to trail McCrory by double digits, 52-41 (1/17/12)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue remains down to McCrory by 10, would romp Faison (12/9/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue slips further behind McCrory, 48-39% (11/4/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue down 5 to McCrory, Bowles would tie, Cooper lag by 3 (10/5/11)
Civitas: Perdue’s job approval continues to slide (9/21/11)
Magellan Strategies: McCrory holds slim lead over Perdue, 44-43% (9/12/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue popularity vaults upward post-Irene (9/8/11)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory maintains 8-point lead over Perdue (8/17/11)
Civitas: GOP poll shows McCrory with wide lead over Perdue, 53-35% (7/14/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue still trails – fueled by soft support in Democratic base (7/14/11)
Public Policy Polling: Bev Perdue creeping closer to McCrory,  now trails 45-39% (6/15/11)
Civitas: Perdue job approval remains under 50 percent (5/19/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue closes in on McCrory (5/19/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue cuts into McCrory’s lead (4/20/11)
Survey USA: Perdue job approval remains in negative territory, 40-52% (4/14/11)
Civitas: Perdue and Obama job numbers down among NC voters (3/28/11)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory tops Perdue by 14, Cooper by only 8 (3/22/11)
Public Policy Polling: McCrory back above Perdue by double digits (2/25/11)
Public Policy Polling: Perdue pulls closer to McCrory (Public Policy Polling, 1/26/11)
Civitas: Perdue primary support for second term under 30% (1/24/11)
Public Policy Polling: Voters unsure of new GOP majority in Raleigh; Perdue’s numbers improve slightly (Public Policy Polling, 12/21/10)