The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NY 2012 Archives


New York Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


Discussing disaster relief costs, and changing tone when it’s closer to home (New York Times,12/31/12)
Again, supermarket mogul weighs running for mayor (New York Times, 12/30/12)
Pioneers among House of Representative’s new diverse New Yorkers (NY Daily News, 12/30/12)
EDITORIAL: Andrew’s football follies (NY Post, 12/30/12)
OPINION: The big 13 in ‘13 (NY Daily News, 12/30/12)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, other Albany Dems join more than 80,000 by signing Daily Newsgun control petition in wake of Newtown (NY Daily News, 12/30/12)
What to expect in New York in 2013 (New York Times, 12/28/12)
Along coast, hurricane left housing market in turmoil (New York Times, 12/27/12)
NY newspaper posts gun permit map, starts nasty online battle (Washington Post, 12/26/12)
Outcry over newspaper’s map of handgun permit holders (New York Times, 12/26/12)
NY political campaigns receive thousands from gun lobby (NY Daily News, 12/23/12)
NY State urges Aetna to reveal political spending (Hartford Courant, 12/20/12)
Cuomo vetoes Catskills OTB  in NYC (NY Post, 12/18/12)
Cuomo doesn’t want specific cities named in casino legislation (YNN, 12/18/12)
Cuomo: Gun violence requires federal action (Capital New York, 12/17/12)
Last state Senate race sees a victor, maybe (The Journal News, 12/17/12)
NY Dems name first woman to lead a state legislative chamber (NY Daily News, 12/17/12)
Moving on from Sampson, State Senate Democrats elect Andrea Stewart-Cousins (Capital New York, 12/17/12)
Andrea Stewart-Cousins elected Democratic leader (Capitol Confidential, 12/17/12)
Cuomo: Toughen state, federal assault weapon bans (New York Post, 12/17/12)
Senate Democrats vote to oust their leader (New York Times, 12/17/12)
Senate Democrats pick new leader (Buffalo News, 12/17/12)
State education officials brace for test-score drop due to tougher standards (NY Post, 12/17/12)
Cuomo on Newtown shootings: ‘Enough is enough’ (Capitol Confidential, 12/16/12)
‘We can do better’ on gun laws, Cuomo says (Politics on the Hudson, 12/16/12)
Cuomo delivers $40 million in federal Sandy aid (Poughkeepsie Journal, 12/16/12)
New bipartisan coalition running the state Senate faces major issue next week stemming from the Sandy Hook massacre (NY Daily News, 12/16/12)
Gov. Cuomo looks to Home Depot founder for help in federal aid for Hurricane Sandy relief (NY Daily News, 12/14/12)
New York proposes tough rules on campaign disclosure (LA Times, 12/12/12)
Governor Cuomo won’t say whether he’d back Hillary for president (Politicker, 12/10/12)
Andrew Cuomo ducks on Hillary Clinton in 2016 (Politico, 12/10/12)
EDITORIAL: Cuomo’s evaluation deadline (NY Post, 12/10/12)
Amid criticism from minorities, new state Senate governing coalition may give chairmanships to Dems outside power scheme (NY Daily News, 12/9/12)
OPINION: The state Senate Democrats deserve – The breakaway faction owes voters better (NY Daily News, 12/9/12)
OPINION: Albany’s strange bedfellows – NY Senate’s power-sharing plan is cause for concern(Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 12/9/12)
Conservative Party leader calls on Senate Republicans to reject bipartisan coalition or face widespread primaries in two years (NY Daily News, 12/8/12)
OPINION: Minority report – Racial rhetoric has no place in state Senate fight (NY Daily News,12/8/12)
Rev. Al Sharpton, Democratic leaders blast Senate bipartisan leadership accord (NY Daily News,12/8/12)
Race zinger at gov & Senate (NY Post, 12/7/12)
NY could get fiscal stiffed out of $43B (NY Post, 12/7/12)
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes promises more Cuomo commentary (Politico, 12/6/12)
OPINION: The Dean and Jeff show (NY Daily News, 12/6/12)
Racial divide – ‘All white’ Senate chiefs (NY Post, 12/6/12)
Ithaca mayor: Legalize marijuana in New York (Politics on the Hudson, 12/6/12)
Assemblywoman asks: What ever happened to NY’s hydrofracking panel? (Politics on the Hudson, 12/6/12)
Carlucci hopes Senate coalition can be a national model (Politics on the Hudson, 12/6/12)
‘This isn’t going to work’: A party for Senate Democrats, with Cuomo as the Grinch (Capital New York, 12/6/12)
Malcolm Smith and the state Senate’s race issue (Capital New York, 12/6/12)
GOP Senate deal: Diversity takes back seat to power in Albany (New York Times, 12/6/12)
EDITORIAL: White House offer on Hurricane aid not even close (NY Daily News, 12/6/12)
Obama’s storm-aid bid to be about $50 billion (New York Times, 12/5/12)
Renegade Democrats keep NY state Senate in GOP hands, Cuomo complicit (Daily Kos, 12/5/12)
Cuomo: ‘your inspiration…goes well beyond this region’ (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 12/5/12)
VIDEO; In Binghamton, Cuomo tells leaders, ‘What you are trying to do is revolutionary’(Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 12/5/12)
Will new reality work? Senate coalition draws speculation about viability (Albany Times-Union,12/4/12)
Cuomo says ‘only time will tell’ if Senate coalition will succeed (New York Times, 12/5/12)
Poll: Voters like Cuomo, but don’t want him running for president (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin,12/5/12)
In heart of Marcellus Shale region, Cuomo repeats similar refrain (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin,12/5/12)
Cuomo lays out conditions for senate support (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 12/5/12)
One of Democrats’ top 2016 presidential candidates is infuriating liberals (Business Insider, 12/5/12)
Cuomo: Rockefeller drug reform doesn’t ‘justify’ Democratic leadership (Capital New York, 12/5/12)
Cuomo, as a candidate, on the prospect of a Democratic Senate (Capital New York, 12/5/12)
Smith splits to work with GOP in Albany (Times Ledger, 12/5/12)
Cuomo takes stand against mayoral endorsement (Metropolis, 12/5/12)
Cuomo: Mainline Democrats ’squandered the opportunity’ (Times Union, 12/5/12)
Republicans and breakaway Democrats announce joint custody of the state Senate (Capital New York, 12/4/12)
IDC and Senate GOP announce coalition government (YNN, 12/4/12)
EDITORIAL: Mr. Cuomo’s next big task – campaign finance (New York Times, 12/1/12)


Governor Cuomo goes to Washington (Politico, 11/30/12)
Ex-PA Gov. Rendell to Gov. Cuomo: Fracking would be good for New York state (NY Post, 11/30/12)
In a change of plan, Cuomo follows other New York leaders to Washington (Capital New York, 11/30/12)
How does a Democratic presidential run in 2016 look for Andrew Cuomo? (Guardian, 11/29/12)
Protesters urge Sen. Valesky to help put Democrats in charge of NY Senate (Syracuse Post-Standard,11/29/12)
Peter King, running point on New York storm aid, says Boehner ‘wants to make it work’ (Capital New York, 11/29/12)
OPINION: The gov’s wish list – wrong way to handle Sandy aid (NY Post, 11/29/12)
Cuomo announces emergency rules requiring insurance companies to respond within 6 days of a Sandy-related claim (NY Daily News, 11/29/12)
Bloomberg and Cuomo detail aid for owners of storm-damaged property (New York Times, 11/29/12)
“It’s bizarre”: A liberal crusader gives up on Andrew Cuomo (Capital New York, 11/28/12)
Pols hold Albany hostage in push for bipartisan coalition to lead chamber (NY Daily News,11/28/12)
Group may sue over money owed to poor New York school districts (New York Times, 11/28/12)
Independent Democrats propose 3-party leadership for New York Senate (AP, 11/28/12)
Independent Democrats want equal say in New York Senate (Ithaca Journal, 11/28/12)
Bloomberg lobbies Capitol Hill for storm aid, but Cuomo stays home (New York Times, 11/28/12)
Top breakaway Democrat favors GOP coalition in state senate (New York Times, 11/27/12)
OPINION: No quick tax fix (NY Post, 11/27/12)
OPINION: What Abraham taught Andrew – Cuomo, like Lincoln, cut unsavory deals in the service of the greater good (NY Daily News, 11/27/12)
Put politics aside and help New York rebuild after Superstorm Sandy, Gov. Cuomo urges Congress(NY Daily News, 11/27/12)
When will Andrew Cuomo’s abandonment of the Senate Democrats get awkward? (Capital New York, 11/27/12)
The issues-based Democratic argument for Cuomo intervention, made gingerly (Capital New York, 11/26/12)
Tab for storm repairs grows (Wall Street Journal, 11/26/12)
In push for $42 billion in federal aid, New York pols say Hurricane Sandy worse than Hurricane Katrina (NY Daily News, 11/26/12)
For federal aid, Andrew Cuomo would travel to Washington (Capital New York, 11/26/12)
Cuomo, in aid appeal, cites broad reach of storm (New York Times, 11/26/12)
Gov rejects taxes to fix Sandy deficit (NY Post, 11/26/12)
Even with some issues, Gov. Cuomo gets positive reviews for handling of Superstorm Sandy (Daily Politics, 11/26/12)
Gov. Cuomo’s focus on Hurricane Sandy boosts his national profile (NY Daily News, 11/26/12)
COMMENTARY: Andrew’s fracking follies (NY Post, 11/26/12)
OPINION: New York must not get rolled up in sham medical marijuana debate (NY Daily News,11/26/12)
Medical marijuana proponents in New York renew push for legalization (NY Daily News, 11/25/12)
EDITORIAL: Albany, not another 2009 (New York Times, 11/23/12)
Chevron blasts DiNapoli; Comptroller dismisses oil firm’s complaint he accepted ‘illicit benefits’ from lawsuit backers (Albany Times Union, 11/21/12)
COMMENTARY: Andrew’s latest dither (NY Post, 11/21/12)
Klein lays out ‘a progressive Democratic agenda’ and roadmap for Republicans (Capital New York, 11/21/12)
New NY ethics rule will make some donors’ names public (New York Times, 11/20/12)
Cuomo: Albany has worked well for the past two years, hasn’t it? (Capital New York, 11/20/12)
Schneiderman sues Credit Suisse, hints at more targets to come (Capital New York, 11/20/12)
Cuomo: Fracking decision likely delayed into 2013 (Albany Times Union, 11/20/12)
Sandy destroyed jobs, too: Gov. Cuomo (NY Post, 11/20/12)
Cuomo says criticism of his undermining of the Senate Democrats is ‘hyperpartisan’ (Capital New York, 11/20/12)
Cuomo complains again about power companies, says they’re state-regulated ‘in theory’ (Capital New York, 11/20/12)
OPINION: Albany Democrats, in disarray (NY Daily News, 11/20/12)
Andrew Cuomo, fake Democrat (Salon, 11/19/12)
Industry groups angered by NY fracking experts, delay (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,11/19/12)
What it means when liberals attack Andrew Cuomo (Capital New York, 11/19/12)
During aerial tour or Sandy-ravaged NYC aboard Marine 1, Obama, Cuomo, Bloomberg talked federal relief strategy (NY Daily News, 11/19/12)
Groups’ push for $1.25 minimum wage increase falling on deaf ears in Albany (NY Daily News,11/19/12)
Gov Talk: A Q&A with David Paterson (City&State New York, 11/19/12)
Sandy sinks pol pay hike (NY Post, 11/19/12)
State Senate special session in limbo (NY Daily News, 11/18/12)
OPINION: Climate for fracking (NY Daily News, 11/18/12)
EDITORIAL: The Sandy grab-bag (NY Post, 11/18/12)
OPINION: Call it ‘LIPAsuction’ (NY Post, 11/18/12)
EDITORIAL: The power mess on Long Island (New York Times, 11/18/12)
Bloomberg puts soothing aside as he rushes to bring back City (New York Times, 11/16/12)
Christie’s prospects clouded by Sandy as Cuomo solidifies status (Bloomberg, 11/16/12)
A Felder ally on why joining the Republicans isn’t ‘throwing a knife’ in the Democrats (Capital New York, 11/15/12)
Schneiderman subpoenas utilities over the storm (New York Times, 11/14/12)
Democrats explore ways to expel Simcha Felder (Capital New York, 11/14/12)
Gov: We’ll probe LIPA and others (NY Post, 11/13/12)
OPINION: Cuomo gets his wires crossed (NY Daily News, 11/13/12)
In the State Senate, historic Democratic victories come with an asterisk (Capital New York, 11/12/12)
Likely mayoral hopeful leaves Democratic Party (New York Times, 11/12/12)
Cuomo to seek $30B in aid for storm relief (New York Times, 11/12/12)
Federal aid for New York faces hurdle in Congress (New York Times, 11/12/12)
Gov. Cuomo asks utility companies to give rebates to Sandy-ravaged customers (NY Daily News,11/12/12)
Touring wreckage on Long Island amid uncertainty in Albany (New York Times, 11/12/12)
Some rose to greatness in the disaster. Could that happen in the ‘13 campaign? (New York Times,11/12/12)
Andrew Cuomo on what it means to be LIPA’s ‘overseer’ (Capital New York, 11/12/12)
COMMENTARY: Sharpton revs up NY GOP (NY Post, 11/12/12)
Democrats, Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos meet to talk about coalition-building in Albany(NY Daily News, 11/11/12)
Gov. Cuomo the clear winner no matter who gains control of the NY Senate (AP, 11/11/12)
Buzz begins over possible Cuomo presidential run in 2016 (, 11/11/12)
EDITORIAL: No more caving on payroll tax by Cuomo (New York Times, 11/11/12)
State opens spigot on political advertising (Albany Times-Union, 11/10/12)
EDITORIAL: Cuomo’s LIPA fail (NY Post, 11/10/12)
These independent Democrats aren’t quite the amigos, but the clown is warming up (Capital New York, 11/9/12)
Why has it taken Andrew Cuomo so long to do something about LIPA? (Capital New York, 11/9/12)
Who controls the state senate? Be prepared to wait (Capital New York, 11/8/12)
Bloomberg’s support leads to mixed election results (New York Times, 11/8/12)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’ll stay out of fight between Democrats and Republicans for control of state Senate (NY Daily News, 11/8/12)
How will a Democratic takeover affect Andrew Cuomo’s Albany arrangement? (Capital New York, 11/8/12)
What Cuomo can do to Con Ed and LIPA for ‘lack of performance’ (Capital New York, 11/7/12)
NY’s GOP leaders hold out hope the party can keep control of state Senate (NY Daily News, 11/7/12)
NY Senate makeup is unclear, but talk turns to which party will lead (New York Times, 11/7/12)
Union official says Democratic turncoats would be ‘unconscionable’ (Capital New York, 11/7/12)
Cuomo fires emergency office chief for misusing workers in hurricane (New York Times, 11/7/12)
Silver’s big night (updated) (Capital Tonight, 11/7/12)
Schumer’s Democratic class of ‘06 hangs on, in a Senate rout (Capital New York, 11/7/12)
Bloomberg’s pro-moderate PAC runs at the Tea Party, gets mixed results (Capital New York, 11/7/12)
GOP in surprise fight to hold New York Senate (New York Times, 11/7/12)
Democrats poised for big gains in state Senate (NY Daily News, 11/7/12)
New York’s GOP leaders hold out hope the party can keep control of state Senate (NY Daily News,11/7/12)
State Senate ‘D’light (NY Post,11/7/12)
‘Total chaos’: Scenes from polling sites throughout New York City (Capital New York, 11/6/12)
Cuomo promises thorough probe of utilities poor performance (NY Daily News, 11/6/12)
Chaos at city’s poll amid new voting machines and last-minute rules (New York Times, 11/6/12)
Cuomo steps up pressure on utilities, promises they will be held accountable for poor performance(NY Daily News, 11/5/12)
Now, Andrew Cuomo is a governor who talks about transit (Capital New York, 11/5/12)
Cuomo allows for affidavit voting anywhere (Capital New York, 11/5/12)
Hardship strains emotions in New York (New York Times, 11/2/12)


Siena: Gibson’s lead over Schreibman down to 5 points; Was 16 (Siena Research, 10/30/12)
Three leaders, all comfortable, put three different faces on storm response (New York Times,10/29/12)
Bloomberg PAC goes on the air against ‘extreme’ Republican Ann Marie Buerkle (Capital New York, 10/29/12)
Cuomo closes New York bridges, calls up more troops (Capital New York, 10/29/12)
Cyber-Cuomo launches NY 2.0 (New York Post, 10/29/12)
DC stalemate could cost Big Apple $800M (NY Daily News, 10/29/12)
Andrew’s next test – Spiraling local pension costs (NY Post, 10/29/12)
New district, new gay-nups stance for Sen. Addabbo (New York Daily News, 10/29/12)
Andy in serious stump mode (NY Post, 10/26/12)
Editorial: Cuomo’s welfare stipends (NY Post, 10/26/12)
‘Cuomo honeymoon approaching two years,’ according to Siena Poll (Siena Research, 10/26/12)
Aqueduct betting on table games (NY Post, 10/26/12)
Betting that voters still care about Christine Quinn’s term-limits deal in 2013 (Capital New York, 10/25/12)
Governor-discomfiting reporter Jacob Gershman prepares to leave the Albany beat (Capital New York, 10/25/12)
Gov. Cuomo in Syracuse area Friday to campaign for Dan Maffei (Syracuse Post-Standard,10/25/12)
Cuomo to stump for Bishop (Patch, 10/25/12)
Endorsements: For New York State Senate (New York Times, 10/23/12)
Portraits of Cuomo, from king to barbarian (Capital New York, 10/23/12)
Colbert focuses on Cuomo, but the joke’s on Bloomberg (Capital New York, 10/23/12)
Cuomo endorses Owens (Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 10/23/12)
Groups push to highlight campaign finance reform (New York Times, 10/21/12)
Saland pleased to have Cuomo’s support; Democratic candidate undeterred (Politics on the Hudson, 10/18/12)
Romney and Obama skewer each other at the Al Smith dinner, with a nod to candidate Cuomo(Capital New York, 10/18/12)
Westchester Exec Astorino slams tax cap during preview of 2013 county budget (Politics on the Hudson, 10/18/12)
Cuomo appoints Cornell president to lead horse racing board (New York Times, 10/18/12)
What Bloomberg is empowering Howard Wolfson to do now, and maybe later (Capital New York, 10/18/12)
Cuomo hitting the campaign trail (Wall Street Journal, 10/18/12)
Legislature pay hike, other deals brewing, Gov. Cuomo says (Staten Island Advance, 10/16/12)
Report: Donors give to majority party (Albany Times Union, 10/16/12)
Three big-city mayors repudiate New York Post story (Politics on the Hudson, 10/15/12)
Syracuse mayor to Albany: We’re not beggars (Syracuse Post-Standard, 10/15/12)
State launches probe into lawmaker reimbursements (NY Post, 10/15/12)
Broke cities beg gov dime and dime again (NY Post, 10/15/12)
New York’s rising jobless rate poses test for Cuomo (New York Times, 10/15/12)
NY Republican candidates embrace Cuomo’s appeal (New York Times, 10/14/12)
Top Cuomo aide to tax-cap opponents: ‘Forget it. Stay home.’ (Politics on the Hudson, 10/11/12)
New York state tightens rules for racehorses (New York Times, 10/11/12)
Plan to move Democratic primary from Sept to June could shake up mayoral race (NY Daily News,10/13/12)
Video: NY Gov. Cuomo tours North Country to assess economic development (FoxNews44, 10/10/12)
Cuomo goes national, hiring NBC exec Allison Gollust to replace a local-press veteran (Capital New York, 10/9/12)
Schumer calls for a different kind of tax overhaul (Capital New York, 10/9/12)
New York candidates under lightly regulated attack by unknown outsiders (Capital New York, 10/9/12)
Cuomo’s unusual endorsement of Joe Addabbo (Capital New York, 10/9/12)
Bloomberg broadens his war on the Tea Party, but quietly (Capital New York, 10/8/12)
Competitive races put New York state in thick of the fight for Congress (New York Times, 10/3/12)
Schneiderman makes hay in Washington, where Cuomo isn’t (Capital New York, 10/3/12)
Our next stop, governor: Another development site helped by your policies (New York Times,10/2/12)
Cuomo denies taking a ’step back’ on fracking (Capital New York, 10/2/12)
Editorial: Mr. Schneiderman presents his case (New York Times, 10/2/12)
Cuomo lets the clock run on the fracking debate (Capital New York ,10/1/12)
A Senate Democrat recalls when Bloomberg visited, ‘hat in hand’ (Capital New York, 10/1/12)
JPMorgan unit is sued over mortgage securities pools (New York Times, 10/1/12)


Shift by Cuomo on gas drilling prompts both anger and praise (New York Times, 9/30/12)
Editorial: Overhaul special education for preschool (New York Times, 9/28/12)
Gas drilling jitters unsettle Catskills sales (New York Times, 9/27/12)
Among other things gambling interests want from Albany: A lower tax rate (Capital New York, 9/27/12)
How New York immigration judges are upending a federal crackdown (Capital New York, 9/27/12)
Bloomberg criticizes the Bronx DA and the ‘embarrassment’ of the Senate Democrats (Capital New York, 9/27/12)
Bloomberg piles riches on the Senate Republicans (Capital New York, 9/26/12)
Cuomo offers ‘full endorsement’ to Republican Roy McDonald if he remains in Senate race (NY Daily News, 9/26/12)
Cuomo exhales after Tappan Zee approval, but that was the easy part (Capital New York, 9/25/12)
Upward bound: Cuomo takes the press on a tension-easing field trip (Capital New York, 9/24/12)
Cuomo says private companies could run state racetracks (New York Times, 9/24/12)
Opinion: Latest anti-drilling claims are so much laughing gas (NY Daily News, 9/23/12)
A Clinton in Cuomo’s midst (Politico, 9/22/12)
For ambitious governor, a Clinton stands in the way (New York Times, 9/21/12)
Inside job for New York’s hydrofracking health study (Albany Times Union, 9/21/12)
Affidavit votes may give Grant a boost in Dem senate challenge (Buffalo News, 9/21/12)
Coming soon to a theater near you: hydrofracking (Capitol Confidential, 9/21/12)
Report: Silver family voting comes under more scrutiny (Capital New York, 9/21/12)
New York delays fracking decision to review effect on health (Bloomberg, 9/21/12)
Health impact study on fracking raises questions (NY Now, 9/21/12)
Audio: Cuomo brings reporters into Adirondack land debate (North Country Public Radio, 9/21/12)
Cuomo to visit regional job councils (Tonawanda News, 9/21/12)
Republican candidates turn attention to teachers (Texas Tribune, 9/20/12)
Gov. Cuomo shows sympathy for Republicans who voted for same-sex marriage only to face GOP ire(NY Daily News, 9/20/12)
Cuomo’s schedule reveals meetings with Obama, DeNiro (Politics on the Hudson, 9/20/12)
Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo attend Barclays Center ribbon-cutting tomorrow? (Atlantic Yards Report, 9/20/12)
Cuomo in natural habitat (reporters must sign waivers) (Capitol Confidential, 9/20/12)
Cuomo’s latest tour to visit regional economic development councils (Politics on the Hudson, 9/20/12)
Gov. Cuomo credits GOP senators in close primary counts after same-sex marriage vote (The Journal News, 9/20/12)
Cuomo heading to Adirondacks (Daily Gazette, 9/20/12)
We’ve read Cuomo’s schedules so you don’t have to (Capitol Confidential, 9/20/12)
With two counties to go, Marchione leads by 110 (Capitol Confidential, 9/20/12)
Saland extends lead over Di Carlo in GOP ballot count (Poughkeepsie Journal, 9/20/12)
Editorial: More questions about taxes (Albany Times Union, 9/20/12)
Marchione widens lead; McDonald pledges to fight on (Post Star, 9/20/12)
McDonald trailing Marchione in count (Albany Times Union, 9/20/12)
Reform Democrats claim widespread voter fraud in Hasidic Williamsburg (Capital New York, 9/20/12)
‘Shove it’: A portrait of a gay-marriage Republican in limbo (Capital New York, 9/20/12)
Discounts for the Tappan Zee Bridge? (Capitol Confidential, 9/20/12)
State tax coffers short $147M (AP, 9/20/12)
A delay in New York’s fracking decision? (New York Times, 9/20/12)
New York State plans health review as it weighs gas drilling (New York Times, 9/20/12)
Governor and mayor are upset that 2 backers of gay marriage may fall (New York Times, 9/19/12)
NY gov creates panel of experts for Tappan Zee (AP, 9/19/12)
Famous artist, architect will weigh in on Tappan Zee overhaul (Metropolis, 9/19/12)
Enviros seek e-mail string between Governor, Park Agency (Capitol Confidential, 9/19/12)
Cuomo warns agencies to assume zero budget growth (Albany Times Union, 9/19/12)
Cuomo aide says settlement was filed in public (Capitol Confidential, 9/19/12)
First Democrat calls on Silver to step down as Speaker (Capital New York, 9/19/12)
Cuomo seeks artist’s touch in replacing Tappan Zee bridge (New York Times, 9/19/12)
Gambling industry money is streaming into Albany (New York Times, 9/18/12)
Online petition calls for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign (NY Daily News, 9/18/12)
Cuomo: Will use federal funds to boost employment (Capitol Confidential, 9/18/12)
Andrew Cuomo announces business incentives for long-term unemployed (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 9/18/12)
Slow-coming fracking decision very Cuomo-esque (Politico, 9/17/12)
Cuomo plans to campaign for Democrats in New York House races (NY Daily News, 9/17/12)
Democrats send out an SOS to get Gov. Cuomo in the House! (NY Daily News, 9/17/12)
With Cuomo helping in congressional races, Senate Democrats make their case (Capital New York, 9/17/12)
Editorial: New York’s Medicaid reforms (New York Times, 9/17/12)
Editorial: The first test for Albany’s ethicists (New York Times, 9/16/12)
Commentary: The Grand Old Straight White Men’s Party (New York Times, 9/16/12)
Show of strength for Brooklyn Democratic machine (New York Times, 9/16/12)
Cuomo, possible 2016 hopeful, keeps a low profile (AP, 9/15/12)
Gay marriage opponent: We told you so (Politics on the Hudson, 9/14/12)
Anti-gay marriage reverend says Cuomo would have been ‘the kiss of death’ (Capital New York, 9/14/12)
Votes aren’t all tallied, but conclusions are drawn (New York Times, 9/14/12)
Primary results close for 2 GOP legislators who voted for same-sex marriage (New York Times,9/13/12)
Why Kirsten Gillibrand isn’t ‘vulnerable’ anymore (Capital New York, 9/13/12)
Andrew Cuomo takes a light approach to the primaries (Capital New York, 9/13/12)
Anti-gay mailer is a shocker (Politics on the Hudson, 9/11/12)
Anti-gay marriage attack piece in New York race (Politico, 9/10/12)
Dispute between Cuomo and Bloomberg over costs delays opening of 9/11 Museum (New York Times,9/8/12)
Judge widens scope of prosecutor’s investigation in Lopez case (New York Times, 9/7/12)
New York ethics inquiry won’t look at Speaker’s actions (New York Times, 9/6/12)
Officials urge NY Gov. Cuomo to OK gas drilling (AP, 9/6/12)
In a small setting, Cuomo delivers a big Democratic address (Capital New York, 9/6/12)
Republicans use Lopez case as a weapon (New York Times, 9/5/12)
Fracking opponent targets Cuomo in Charlotte ad (Albany Watch, 9/5/12)
Cuomo’s convention plan does involve risking much for Obama (Capital New York, 9/5/12)
If this Brooklyn kingmaker is asking, saying no is risky option (New York Times, 9/4/12)
Legislators debate expulsion in sexual harassment case; Lopez vows to remain (New York Times,9/4/12)
Speaker says he asked Assemblyman to resign (New York Times, 9/3/12)
Cuomo supports Obama by example, Jeffries explains (Capitol Confidential, 9/3/12)
Inquiry on tax strategy adds to scrutiny of finance firms, including Bain Capital (New York Times,9/1/12)


Special prosecutor to investigate lawmaker in harassment case (New York Times, 8/31/12)
Editorial: A fight over spending in New York State (New York Times, 8/31/12)
Opinion: The inevitable slow path to New York shale gas (Dot Earth, 8/31/12)
State considering studying health impacts of fracking (New York Times, 8/31/12)
Editorial: The sexual bully in Albany (New York Times, 8/30/12)
Assembly Democrats support Speaker over settlement (New York Times, 8/30/12)
Assembly leader admits fault as critics assail secret payoff (New York Times, 8/28/12)
2 courts cite a vague rule in rejecting state laws (New York Times, 8/27/12)
Cuomo calls for resignation of Brooklyn Assemblyman (New York Times, 8/26/12)
Call to stiffen laws worries town built by guns (New York Times, 8/23/12)

At ‘New Ideas, New NY’: Policy, protest and a joke about Cuomo and Iowa (Capital New York, 8/22/12)
Editorial: Welcome, New York voters (New York Times, 8/17/12)
New York Democrats skipping convention for, well, you name it (New York Times, 8/16/12)
Democrats push gun control in Albany, without much hope for consensus (Capital New York, 8/15/12)
Cuomo has peace with the teachers, not with the tabloids (Capital New York, 8/13/12)
Opinion: New York gets left back on education reform (New York Daily News, 8/13/12)
GOP challenger to gay-marriage supporting GOP senator outraises, outspends incumbent (Capitol Chatter, 8/13/12)
Commentary: More of the same from Cuomo (Albany Times Union, 8/12/12)
Editorial: ‘I’ for incomplete (New York Post, 8/12/12)
Standard Chartered case casts a chill over banks (New York Times, 8/10/12)
Spitzer recommends a bottom-line approach to gun regulation (Capitol New York, 8/10/12)
Groups’ campaign spending scrutinized in New York (New York Times, 8/9/12)
How some upstate environmentalists came to embrace fracking (Capital New York, 8/9/12)
Eric Schneiderman wants to know more about Karl Rove’s business (Capital New York, 8/9/12)
New York’s attack on Standard Chartered blindsides Treasury, Fed (Washington Post, 8/9/12)
In laundering case, a lax banking law obscured money flow (New York Times, 8/8/12)
Video: Cuomo explains muted role at national convention (Politicker, 8/7/12)
The Cuomo exception: Why Andrew isn’t playing along with his party in 2012 (Capital New York, 8/6/12)
Eric Schneiderman’s mission to expose America’s most influential donors (Capital New York, 8/3/12)

JULY 2012

Cuomo vetoes bill on placement of special education students (New York Times, 7/31/12)
Pro-Cuomo lobby allowed to hide donor names (AP, 7/31/12)
What Andrew Cuomo was worried about, maybe (Capital New York 7/31/12)
Cuomo said to dissuade lawyer use by witnesses (New York Times, 7/31/12)
Paterson aides said to have sought race-based changes to security detail in ‘08 (New York Times,7/31/12)
Editorial: Governor Cuomo at the controls (New York Times, 7/28/12)
Behind big political gifts, a mysterious donor (New York Times, 7/27/12)
Con Ed and union reach contract agreement after Cuomo intervenes (New York Times, 7/26/12)
How much do conservatives like Andrew Cuomo? Ask Greg Bell (Capital New York, 7/26/12)
Cuomo signals new engagement in Con Ed dispute (Politicker, 7/26/12)
New York initiative aims to shield illegal immigrants from fraud (New York Times, 7/25/12)
There’s Clinton and Cuomo, and then there’s Bloomberg and the NRA (Capital New York, 7/25/12)
What I learned in the archives, before the governor found out (Capital New York, 7/25/12)
New Yorkers wary of Cuomo running for president, poll finds (New York Times, 7/25/12)
Cuomo’s archive as Attorney General, self-edited (New York Times, 7/23/12)
Cuomo control of information includes screening, redaction of records at State Archives (Albany Times-Union, 7/23/12)
New York marks one year of gay marriage (Washington Post, 7/23/12)
Shootings renew gun debate in state (Albany Times-Union, 7/20/12)
Document drop: Team Cuomo unloads on the NY Times (Capitol Confidential, 7/20/12)
Why it matters what Michael Bloomberg thinks about guns (Capital New York, 7/20/12)
Blame game in pension payout (Albany Times-Union, 7/19/12)
Video: The Andrew Cuomo wayback machine (Capitol Tonight, 7/19/12)
Cuomo signs a boatload of bills (Capitol Confidential, 7/19/12)
Cuomo declares emergency after upstate storm (AP, 7/19/12)
More NY jobs but higher unemployment in June (Metropolis, 7/19/12)
Gov. Cuomo’s ex-wife says DUI was actually caused by seizure (New York Magazine, 7/18/12)
Video: Cuomo comments on his lack of email use (YNN, 7/18/12)
Silver calls the notion of a Democratic State Senate ‘enticing’ (Capital New York, 7/18/12)
Gov. Cuomo says it’s no big secret – reason for unrecorded texting system is fear of hacking (NY Daily News, 7/18/12)
Andrew Cuomo’s war chest is still growing (Newsday, 7/17/12)
Audio: Is New York really ‘open for business’? (Innovation Trail, 7/17/12)
Andrew Cuomo insists his BBM-ing isn’t shady (New York Magazine, 7/17/12)
Silver, ‘Master Negotiator,’ to get national award (Politics on the Hudson, 7/17/12)
Andrew Cuomo, without a trace (Capital New York, 7/17/12)
Poll: Cuomo popular, Legislature OK, Congress bad (Capitol Confidential, 7/17/12)
Siena: NYers like ‘Obamacare’, Cuomo, Congress not so much (Capital Tonight, 7/17/12)
NY AG Schneiderman raises $1.1M for campaign (Albany Times-Union, 7/17/12)
Kerry Kennedy cites possible seizure, not drugs, in car crash (New York Times, 7/17/12)
Upstate group demands audit before toll hike (Albany Times-Union, 7/17/12)
Analysis: Battling to let the sunshine in (NBC New York, 7/17/12)
Cuomo under fire for secrecy, won’t release letter to newspaper (BuzzFeed Politics, 7/17/12)
Real estate mogul leads list of Cuomo’s top donors (Capital Tonight, 7/16/12)
State Senate GOP piles into a primary fight for non-incumbent Eric Ulrich (Capital New York, 7/16/12)
GOP cash a big factor in NY Senate races (Albany Times-Union, 7/16/12)
Despite Cuomo’s vow of sunlight, a bid to keep aides’ e-mail in the dark (New York Times, 7/16/12)
Cuomo: PIN – never email – me (Daily Politics, 7/16/12)
Report: At least 102 donors gave Cuomo more than $40,000 (Albany Watch, 7/16/12)
Video: A look into Gov. Cuomo’s campaign fundraising (NY1, 7/16/12)
Nearly 100-year-old billionaire gave $250K to Gov. Cuomo, topped list of donors (Daily Politics, 7/16/12)
Cuomo doesn’t use state email, avoids disclosure (AP, 7/16/12)
Larger donations swell Cuomo campaign account (New York Times, 7/16/12)
Cuomo never emails it in (NY Daily News, 7/15/12)
More on old geology, environmental risk and the gas rush (New York Times, 7/11/12)
Spitzer on Cuomo’s 2016 non-chatter chatter (Capitol Confidential, 7/11/12)
Cuomo’s ‘Do as I say…” (Capital Tonight, 7/11/12)
Eliot Spitzer discusses the Cuomo 2016 ‘Chess Game’ (Politicker, 7/10/12)
Amtrak’s high-speed, scaled-back vision of New York’s transportation future (Capital New York, 7/10/12)
Cuomo again snubs Senate Democrats (Capitol Confidential, 7/10/12)
Cuomo will make public campaign finance reform push (Capitol Confidential, 7/10/12)
Mario Cuomo still thinks his son should be president (New York Magazine, 7/9/12)
Cuomo for president? Who said that? Well, dad (New York Times, 7/8/12)
CITY ROOM: Groups’ praise for Cuomo? It was written by his aides (New York Times, 7/7/12)
Appellate Division tosses marriage equality lawsuit (Capitol Confidential, 7/6/12)
NY appeals court throws out challenge to same-sex marriage law (The Raw Story, 7/6/12)
Court rejects argument against gay marriage bill (New York Times, 7/6/12)
Groups’ praise for Cuomo? It was written by his aides (New York Times, 7/6/12)
Cuomo cheers ruling on NY marriage equality (NY Daily News, 7/6/12)
Behold — Andrew Cuomo the bobblehead! (Capitol Confidential, 7/6/12)
Paladino: ‘It’s all about incumbency’ for RINOS (Capitol Confidential, 7/6/12)
State cash follows scores (Albany Times Union, 7/5/12)
Albany to address co-op and condo tax break (New York Times, 7/5/12)
New film hammers Democrat Andrew Cuomo’s plan to frack New York (PR Watch, 7/5/12)
Senate Dems scold DEC on frack reg sharing (Capitol Confidential, 7/5/12)
Governor’s desk cleared, for now (Albany Times Union, 7/5/12)
How much influence does the fracking industry have in New York? A lot (Policy Shop, 7/2/12)
Cuomo sets policy for keeping records (Capitol Confidential, 7/2/12)
NYPIRG: By the numbers, this session was slow (Capitol Confidential, 7/2/12)
More views on the gas rush and hydraulic fracturing (New York Times, 7/2/12)
Cuomo’s dangerous deference to fracking firms exposed (NY altNews, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Strictly business: When it comes to fracking rules, all should have equal say (Elmira Star Gazette, 6/30/12)
Commentary: Cuomo fracking plan would create 2 New Yorks (Utica Observer-Dispatch, 6/30/12)
Cuomo administration makes small first move to improve transit on Tappan Zee (Streets Blog, 6/29/12)
In Albany and at polls, Conservative Party’s sway rises (New York Times, 6/28/12)
DEC gives edge to gas drill lobby (Albany Times Union, 6/27/12)
AG Schneiderman looks int a shield for donors in elections (New York Times, 6/26/12)
Faulting a plan to replace the scorned Tappan Zee (New York Times, 6/26/12)
Governor says he believes property tax abatement will be preserved (New York Times, 6/25/12)
For New York’s early congressional primaries, a desperate push for turnout (New York Times, 6/25/12)
With Cuomo, a new group will push for publicly financed elections (New York Times, 6/24/12)
A governor trying to elude the sophomore slump (New York Times, 6/24/12)
For candidates in primary, a frenzied day of campaigning as voting nears (New York Times, 6/24/12)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo endorses Charlie Rangel just days before primary (New York Magazine, 6/23/12)
Cuomo & Christie complete opposites on marijuana decriminalization…kinda (Village Voice, 6/23/12)
Cuomo: Hydrofracking review ‘will be done shortly’ (Democrat and Chronicle, 6/22/12)
In karaoke, lawmakers find a catalysts for collegiality (New York Times, 6/22/12)
Video: Cuomo: The past 18 months have been awesome (Daily Politics, 6/22/12)
Cuomo: ‘Another great legislative session’ (Politics on the Hudson, 6/22/12)
Cuomo: New York is now open for business, my friends (Auburn Pub, 6/22/12)
Cuomo thinks legislators had a ‘magnificent’ session, but shouldn’t stick around when fracking report is released (Capital New York, 6/22/12)
Bloomberg: Knowing the rating of your child’s current teacher is ‘of no real use’ (Capital New York, 6/22/12)
Video: Governor Cuomo takes a look back at this year’s session (YNN, 6/22/12)
State Senate Republicans, funded by Bloomberg, side with Cuomo (Capital New York, 6/22/12)
Governor’s wins add up in final hours (Albany Times Union, 6/22/12)
Video: Albany legislative session ends, but potential special session looms (NY1, 6/22/12)
GOP bump in the road to stop-and-frisk reform (Huffington Post, 6/22/12)
Bloomberg pushes back on Albany’s teacher deal (Metropolis, 6/22/12)
State Legislature passes Gov. Cuomo’s compromise plan to restrict public release of teacher evaluations (New York Daily News,6/22/12)
Cuomo to call lawmakers back to consider NYC property-tax rebate (Bloomberg, 6/22/12)
Bloomberg blasts Cuomo’s teacher evaluation bill; says city will call every parent with ratings (Daily Politics, 6/22/12)
New York to release teacher evaluations, without the names or the shame (Christian Science Monitor, 6/22/12)
Cuomo takes his own path on education (Wall Street Journal, 6/22/12)
Editorial: The legislative session’s failures (New York Times, 6/22/12)
Gov. Cuomo: Re-elect Charlie Rangel. He delivers (Daily Politics, 6/22/12)
Who had the better week – Cuomo or Christie? (WNYC, 6/22/12)
Congress: Andrew Cuomo for Jeffries, Velazquez (Daily Politics, 6/22/12)
Albany to limit the disclosure of teacher evaluations (New York Times, 6/21/12)
Gov. Cuomo to expedite NYC pension bill (Daily Politics, 6/21/12)
Video: Skelos: Session will go out ‘with a bang, not a bong’ (The Journal News, 6/21/12)
Teacher-evaluation deal clears final hurdle (Metropolis, 6/21/12)
Cuomo says his teacher evaluation bill ‘reflects much of Bloomberg’s perspective’ (Capital New York, 6/21/12)
Praise all around for teacher evaluation disclosure bill (Auburn Pub, 6/21/12)
Senate GOP to take up teacher evaluation bill later today (Capitol Confidential, 6/21/12)
Legislative session ends; Cuomo takes victory lap (Politicker, 6/21/12)
Albany acts to shield teacher data (Wall Street Journal, 6/21/12)
In Albany session’s final hours, Gov. Cuomo says he won’t speed up timeline on NYC-sought bills (NY Daily News, 6/21/12)
GOPers harsh Cuomo’s buzz on weed bill (New York Daily News, 6/21/12)
Opinion: Andrew Cuomo’s pretty good plan for teacher report cards (NY Daily News, 6/20/12)
Video: Cuomo criticizes Senate Republicans (YNN, 6/20/12)
So, now Andrew Cuomo is too Democratic? (Capital New York, 6/20/12)
Cuomo: NY doesn’t cater to ‘extreme, ultraconservative’ views (Politics on the Hudson, 6/20/12)
Fred Dicker and Andrew Cuomo disagree on whether or not the NY Post is extremely conservative (Politicker, 6/20/12)
Comity rises at Capitol (Albany Times-Union, 6/20/12)
Editorial: Cuomo’s ‘compromise’ (NY Post, 6/20/12)
Cuomo: ‘Extreme’ GOPers will have to answer to voters for killing ‘public view’ marijuana bill (Village Voice, 6/20/12)
Editorial: Public has right to teacher evaluations; Cuomo bill is bad compromise (The Journal News, 6/20/12)
Cuomo decries the ‘extreme’ conservatism of the state GOP and its echo in the Post (Capital New York, 6/20/12)
Legislative divide kills NY bid to decriminalize pot (Slate, 6/20/12)
State seeks Medicaid cash in waiver (Albany Times Union, 6/20/12)
Cuomo jabs Senate GOP, says there’s no place for ‘extreme conservative theory’ (Daily Politics, 6/20/12)
Gov. Cuomo says Republicans sink to ‘new low’ over fight to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana (NY Daily News, 6/20/12)
Divide in Albany kills proposal on marijuana (New York Times, 6/19/12)
Cuomo: No more compromise on teacher evaluations (Metropolis, 6/19/12)
Cuomo tries to save teacher rankings deal (Wall Street Journal, 6/19/12)
Cuomo’s late teacher push appears stalled (Metropolis, 6/19/12)
Assembly Dems, unions back Gov. Cuomo’s plan to restrict public release of teacher evaluations (NY Daily News, 6/19/12)
Marijuana plan appears doomed in Albany (New York Times, 6/18/12)
Report claims CSNY just wanted money for members (Capitol Confidential, 6/18/12)
New report critical of Committee to Save New York (Politics on the Hudson, 6/18/12)
Teacher evaluation talks crumbling: Source (NY Daily News, 6/18/12)
Report: Corporate elites back Cuomo ‘slush fund’ (North Country Gazette, 6/18/12)

In western New York, a Republican primary about Michael Bloomberg (Capital New York, 6/18/12)
Cuomo gets deal with unions to save $452M on Tappan Zee (Bloomberg, 6/18/12)
Deal in Albany on policing abuse of disabled (New York Times, 6/17/12)
Bloomberg says Cuomo’s teacher evaluation compromise is ‘an outrage’ (Capital New York, 6/15/12)
The inexplicable power of the Albany Republicans, explained (Capital New York, 6/14/12)
Cuomo proposal would restrict gas drilling to a struggling area (New York Times, 6/13/12)
Editorial: Drilling in New York (New York Times, 6/13/12)
Republicans, outnumbered, keep power in Albany (New York Times, 6/13/12)
Cuomo defends ties to ally backed by gambling group (New York Times, 6/10/12)
In NY, black leaders and gay advocates march in step (New York Times, 6/9/12)
Editorial: Some sunlight would be nice (New York Times, 6/8/12)
Donations to key Cuomo ally show a rift among unions (New York Times, 6/7/12)
GOP senators oppose Cuomo’s marijuana plan (New York Times, 6/6/12)
Andrew Cuomo’s committee outraises Obama’a super PAC (Capital New York, 6/6/12)
Gambling interests gave Cuomo ally millions (Miami Herald, 6/5/12)
Bloomberg defends Cuomo directing gambling-industry money to a pro-Cuomo group (Capital New York, 6/5/12)
Bloomberg offers defense of Cuomo on ties to lobbying group (New York Times, 6/5/12)
Editorial: The Governor and the Committee (New York Times, 6/5/12)
Bloomberg backs plan to limit arrests for marijuana (New York Times, 6/4/12)
Gambling group gave $2M to a Cuomo ally (New York Times, 6/4/12)
Editorial: No crime, real punishment (New York Times, 6/4/12)
Cuomo seeks cut in frisk arrests (New York Times, 6/3/12)
Champion of gay rights to leave New York State Senate (New York Times, 6/3/12)
Cuomo’s $4 billion plan for project in Queens falls apart (New York Times, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Silver presses governor on proposal for disabled (New York Times, 5/31/12)
What will it take for Andrew Cuomo to support a legislator pay hike? (Capital New York, 5/28/12)
New York has some prisons to sell you (New York Times, 5/27/12)
Editorial: Albany, ever self-absorbed (New York Times, 5/26/12)
Commentary: Albany’s unkindest cut of all (New York Times, 5/25/12)
How close will Andrew Cuomo get to the Obama campaign? (Capital New York, 5/24/12)
Cuomo says his record will help elect Democrats across New York (New York Times, 5/24/12)
Cuomo’s very balanced approach to state Democratic leadership (Capital New York, 5/22/12)
Silver questions Cuomo tack for protecting disabled people (New York Times, 5/21/12)
Among New York’s Soviet immigrants, affinity for GOP (New York Times, 5/8/12)
As Cuomo waits for Obama, New York GOP chairs scramble for 2013 (Capital New York, 5/8/12)
Cuomo’s book deal fuels presidential speculation (The Hill, 5/7/12)
Editorial: Monitoring care for the disabled (New York Times, 5/7/12)
Cuomo seeking new agency to police care of disabled (New York Times, 5/6/12)
Another Cuomo book, this time by him (New York Times, 5/6/12)
The powers of New York (New York Times, 5/5/12)
Is a Thruway toll hike down the road? (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 5/4/12)
NY governor mulls new effort to replace Tappan Zee (AP, 5/4/12)
NY Senate Dem women pen ‘Dear Dean’ letter (Capitol Confidential, 5/4/12)
Empire Zone board rejects all of the companies being reconsidered for tax breaks (Syracuse Post-Standard, 5/4/12)
Leg Ethics panel hits Espada with $80K fine (Capitol Confidential, 5/4/12)
Empire Zone companies strike out in appeals for tax credits (The Business Review, 5/4/12)
Mission of task force: Build big things (Albany Times Union, 5/4/12)
Cuomo undaunted by federal rejection of Tappan Zee Bridge aid (The Journal News, 5/3/12)
PEF duels state over cost of consultants (Albany Times Union, 5/3/12)
NY governor targets Super PACS in campaign reform (AP, 5/3/12)
Appeals court upholds state Senate GOP’s plan to add another seat (NY Daily News, 5/3/12)
Video: Cuomo invokes Al Smith as he seeks improved communication between state agencies (NY1, 5/2/12)
State’s highest court upholds state Senate upsize (Capitol Confidential, 5/3/12)
Video: Cuomo Q&A on building big, minimum wage, Bob Moses and more (Capitol Confidential, 5/3/12)
State Dem Chair Jay Jacobs pushes Obama on same sex marriage (Politicker, 5/3/12)
Hillary Clinton would crush Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a presidential race (NY Daily News, 5/3/12)
With Al Smith in mind, it’s the NY Works Task Force (Capitol Confidential, 5/3/12)
Editorial: Legislation and landfills (Albany Times Union, 5/3/12)
Video: Cuomo not ‘exceptionally optimistic’ on minimum wage (Capitol Tonight, 5/3/12)
Another round for Bruno (Albany Times Union, 5/3/12)
CEOs rate New York 49th for business (Auburn Pub, 5/3/12)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says state is trying to remove Empire Zone credits from abusers, not restore them (Syracuse Post-Standard,5/2/12)
Gov. Cuomo leans toward a minimum wage hike this year (NY Daily News, 5/2/12)
Gov. Cuomo assails the power of special-interest money in Albany and then goes to a $5,000-a-plate person fund-raiser (NY Daily News, 5/2/12)
Cuomo: Minimum wage hike this year ‘in order’ (NY Daily News, 5/2/12)
Cuomo: We’re trying to take away Empire Zone credits (Capitol Confidential, 5/2/12)
Fracking forces, pro and con, stalk the Capitol (Capitol Confidential, 5/2/12)
Why would Michael Bloomberg endorse Mitt Romney? (Capital New York, 5/2/12)
Cuomo douses hopes of companies seeking Empire Zone benefits (Business Review, 5/2/12)
Commentary: Dr. Cuomo’s shaky scalpel (NY Daily News, 5/1/12)
Senator to Cuomo: Don’t return Empire Zone business benefits (Business Review, 5/1/12)
MRT helped end first fiscal year $114M under cap (Capitol Confidential, 5/1/12)
NY Senate passes ed pork to Republican districts (Capitol Confidential, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Economists clash on jobs fracking to bring to New York State (Reuters, 4/30/12)
‘Neutral’ Dem Cuomo could back GOPer Kelly for NYC Mayor (NY Post, 4/30/12)
Video: Cuomo for president, 2016? (Capitol Confidential, 4/30/12)
Richard Parson to be Cuomo’s ed czar (NY Daily News, 4/30/12)
Cuomo introduces education reform commission (Capitol Confidential, 4/30/12)
Cuomo creates Education Commission charged with creating an ‘action plan’ (The Empire, 4/30/12)
Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend Sandra Lee has plenty cooking (NY Daily News, 4/29/12)
Cuomo says he makes history, then repeats it (New York Times, 4/27/12)
Video: This week on ‘New York Now’: Too early for 2016 talk? (Capitol Confidential, 4/27/12)
Cuomo says talk of White House bid is premature (New York Times, 4/25/12)
Editorial: Albany can kick the money habit (New York Times, 4/14/12)
Judge rejects Dem bid to block 63rd seat (Albany Times-Union, 4/14/12)
Governor opens door for biography (Albany Times-Union, 4/13/12)
Commentary: Good Andrew, bad Andrew (NY Post, 4/13/12)
Gov. Cuomo says OK to President Obama’s health care plan (NY Daily News, 4/13/12)
Audio: Gov. Andrew Cuomo issues executive order for health care exchanges (North Country Public Radio, 4/13/12)
Creating 63rd State Senate seat no unconstitutional, judge says; Dems denied (New York Daily News, 4/13/12)
Cuomo acts to advance health law in New York (New York Times, 4/12/12)
Gov. Cuomo trims more than $642,000 in legislative pork from state budget (NY Daily News, 4/12/12)
GOP senator says Cuomo’s health exchange is ‘simply not prudent’ (Politicker, 4/12/12)
Cuomo issues health exchange executive order (Capitol Confidential, 4/12/12)
Video: Anger over budget vetoes (YNN, 4/12/12)
Cuomo creates business health exchange, expects it to lower insurance rates (The Business Review, 4/12/12)
Reaction to Cuomo’s health exchange plan mixed (Politics on the Hudson, 4/12/12)
Without a deal with legislature, Cuomo creates a health exchange for New York (Capital New York, 4/12/12)
Cuomo uses clout to sidestep GOP on ‘Obamacare’ (Albany Times-Union, 4/12/12)
Cuomo supports Joseph Morelle for leadership position (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 4/12/12)
Ball breaks out oversized check for pork; Cuomo vetoes (Politics on the Hudson, 4/11/12)
Cuomo says he’ll veto 129 ‘new’ legislative member items (The Empire, 4/11/12)
Wealthy group seeks to reform election giving in New York (New York Times, 4/11/12)
Editorial: Pen is mightier than the pork (Albany Times-Union, 4/11/12)
Cuomo vetoed legislative pork in this year’s budget (Syracuse Post-Standard, 4/11/12)
Video: State Senate Dems enraged after Cuomo cuts their member item funds (NY1, 4/11/12)
Commentary: On teacher evaluations, whose side is Andrew on? (NY Post, 4/11/12)
Cuomo breaks out veto pen for pork (Binghamton Press, 4/11/12)
Video: Cuomo vetoes 122 budget items (YNN, 4/11/12)
Cuomo is inclined toward some sort of compromise on teacher evaluations, but gives no quarter on member items (Capital New York, 4/11/12)
Andrew Cuomo breaks out the veto pen (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 4/11/12)
NY’s redistricting process continues in legal purgatory (The Empire, 4/10/12)
Push for medical marijuana in NY heats up (Reuters, 4/10/12)
Michael Bloomberg’s gun-control guy dreams of building a rival to the NRA, some day (Capital New York, 4/10/12)
New Yorkers like Andrew Cuomo, dislike lack of transparency (The Village Voice, 4/10/12)
Cuomo kills buzz over medical pot (Wall Street Journal, 4/9/12)
Andrew Cuomo not down with medical marijuana bill just yet (New York, 4/9/12)
Audio: NY Senate Republicans get a boost (North Country Public Radio, 4/9/12)
Andrew Cuomo turns to Albany to stock his cabinet (NY Daily News, 4/9/12)
Editorial: Pro-Cuomo lobbying group’s spending a little troubling (Auburn Citizen, 4/9/12)
NY business lobby backing Cuomo is biggest spender (AP, 4/9/12)
Cuomo not ready to move on medical marijuana (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 4/9/12)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ‘Best and Brightest’ comes from Legislature? (New York Daily News, 4/9/12)
Medical-pot debate rises in Albany (Wall Street Journal, 4/8/12)
Editorial: Process matters, Mr. Cuomo (Albany Times-Union, 4/8/12)
New Yorkers suspicious of Andrew Cuomo’s shady back-room deal-making, poll shows (The Village Voice, 4/4/12)
Capitol pay rise next on agenda? (Albany Times Union, 4/4/12)
State public workers rushed to join pensions before cutbacks (New York Times, 4/2/12)

MARCH 2012

New York State’s budget sails through Albany (New York Times, 3/30/12)
Editorial: Gov. Cuomo budgets his way (New York Times, 3/30/12)
How a Blue State elects a Red Senate (New York Times, 3/30/12)
Andrew Cuomo 2016? No way, says Sandra Lee (Huffington Post, 3/25/12)
New map challenges NY congress members (Wall Street Journal, 3/25/12)
Cuomo: The boss (Crain’s New York Business, 3/25/12)
Commentary: What is it Cuomo is hiding? (Albany Times Union, 3/24/12)
In time for Somos, Cuomo taps Rivera for Labor (Capitol Confidential, 3/24/12)
Gov. Cuomo’s live-in girlfriend says the hard-charging pol is ‘patient and mellow’ at home (NY Daily News, 3/23/12)
Don’t ask Sandra Lee too many questions about her boyfriend (New York Magazine, 3/23/12)
GOP lawmaker blasts possible return of ‘cash for cronies’ (Capitol Confidential, 3/23/12)
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