The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NY 2011 Archives


New York Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

JUNE 2011

Cuomo’s presidential moment forms contrast with Obama (New York Times, 6/25/11)
Cuomo seen as getting political boost from gay marriage bill (Washington Post, 6/25/11)
Gay marriage fight shows NY Gov Andrew Cuomo is no rookie (LA Times, 6/25/11)
Wake up call: Gay marriage still not legal (New York Daily News, 6/24/11)
Obama speech is interrupted by gay marriage supporters (New York Times, 6/23/11)
Pataki edges closer to running for president (The Fiscal Times, 6/23/11)
NY Legislature: So close…and yet not so close (New York Daily News, 6/22/11)
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: The new face of gay marriage rights (NPR, 6/18/11)
Same-sex marriage bill delayed as New York lawmakers mull vote (CNN, 6/17/11)
After talks with GOP, Cuomo expects passage of gay marriage bill (New York Times, 6/17/11)
Next week (maybe) for NY gay marriage vote (New York Daily News, 6/17/11)
Rent crisis averted, Dems do damage control (Albany Times-Union, 6/17/11)
Same-sex marriage and rent control loom as weekend begins (NY1, 6/17/11)
How to not pass rent regs, step-by-step (Albany Times-Union, 6/17/11)
A long weekend in Albany over rent? Nope. (New York Daily News, 6/17/11)
NY Senate restores NYC rent law (Wall Street Journal, 6/17/11)
Republicans urge Cuomo to alter same-sex marriage bill (New York Times, 6/16/11)
New York a vote away from approving gay marriage (LA Times, 6/16/11)
Assembly Dems blast senate for rent regs stall (New York Daily News, 6/16/11)
Legislature lets rent laws expire, for now (Wall Street Journal, 6/16/11)
Bloomberg visits, but no breakthrough on gay marriage vote (New York Times, 6/16/11)
Cuomo annoyed with Senate for letting rent rules lapse (New York Times, 6/16/11)
With same-sex marriage votes in limbo, Bloomberg rushes to Albany to lobby GOP senators (New York Daily News, 6/16/11)
Bloomberg headed to Albany to push gay marriage bill (New York Times, 6/16/11)
Gay marriage: Fourth and goal at the one (New York Times, 6/16/11)
Rent regulations for one million New Yorkers expire as state Dems lose political game of chicken (New York Daily News, 6/15/11)
GOP Senators are stalled in talks on marriage bill (New York Times, 6/15/11)
Cuomo gives lawmakers ultimatum on rent laws (New York Times, 6/15/11)
Editorial: Mr. Cuomo’s courage (New York Observer, 6/15/11)
Opinion: Legislative wish list – laws we’d like to see, beyond Cuomo’s big three (Syracuse Post-Standard, 6/15/11)
Editorial: Nice work if you can get it – lawmakers going to leave work unfinished (New York Times, 6/15/11)
It’s 11:44 – do you know where your rent control is? (Albany Times-Union, 6/15/11)
Wait, watch and worry (Wall Street Journal, 6/15/11)
Equality in the Empire State (The Atlantic, 6/15/11)
‘Do the right thing’ on same-sex marriage bill in New York (Washington Post, 6/15/11)
Gov. Cuomo: Lawmakers can’t leave town until job done (Reuters, 6/15/11)
NY senate Republicans undecided on a gay marriage vote (New York Times, 6/15/11)
The conservative case for gay marriage: GOP is not the party of intolerance (New York Daily News, 6/15/11)
The moment has arrived for gay marriage to be brought to public debate and vote in the state Senate (New York Daily News, 6/15/11)
Gay marriage bill is one vote shy of clearing state senate (New York Times, 6/14/11)
Cuomo unveils bill to legalize gay marriage in NY State (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
A contrast on pensions: New York acts, Philadelphia tweaks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/14/11)
Cuomo’s NY gay marriage bill offers first details (Wall Street Journal, 6/14/11)
Gov. Cuomo unveils NY marriage equality bill (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
Silver: Senate GOP is jeopardizing property tax cap agreement by stalling on rent regs (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
NY Same-sex marriage debate divides clergy (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms warns Skelos: Don’t cross gay marriage line (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
Andrew Cuomo has a good thing going (Huffington Post, 6/14/11)
Kill them with kindness, NY: Here’s how to win the fight for same-sex marriage rights (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
Tide turns in favor of gay marriage and adoptions (Wall Street Journal, 6/14/11)
Cuomo in tough stretch as state Senate tackles gay marriage, rent bill and property tax cap (New York Daily News, 6/14/11)
NY at the altar of gay marriage (Politico, 6/13/11)
Skelos expects to bring gay marriage bill to floor this week (New York Daily News, 6/13/11)
Editorial: They need to stand up for equality (New York Times, 6/13/11)
Cuomo tries to box in GOP Senate on gay marriage (Wall Street Journal, 6/13/11)
In reversal, 3 Democratic senators will back gay marriage (New York Times, 6/13/11)
Late push for gay marriage (Wall Street Journal, 6/13/11)
NY Senate GOP offers short-term rent extender (New York Daily News, 6/13/11)
S&P: NY fiscal picture brightens with budget (Bloomberg, 6/13/11)
Skelos expects to bring gay marriage bill to floor this week (New York Daily News, 6/13/11)
Andrew Cuomo snubs federal Secure Communities effort (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 6/13/11)
Once against gay marriage, 4 senators say they will back it (New York Times, 6/13/11)
Public Employees Federation shares details on pension talks (Albany Times-Union, 6/11/11)
PEF releases Cuomo’s deal, union counteroffer (Albany Times-Union, 6/10/11)
Layoffs by state to have no exceptions (Buffalo News, 6/10/11)
Cuomo seeks tougher laws for texting while driving (New York Times, 6/10/11)
Cuomo’s pension plan gives pols yellow fever (New York Post, 6/10/11)
State layoff preparations begin (Albany Times-Union, 6/10/11)
Cuomo readies 9800 layoffs as labor talks stall (Bloomberg, 6/10/11)
Same-sex marriage advocates pressure Skelos (New York Daily News, 6/10/11)
Editorial: Cuomo has done his part for pension reform, now Legislature must pass plan (New York Daily News, 6/10/11)
Editorial: Gov. Cuomo and public pensions (New York Times, 6/10/11)
Cuomo announces plan to fire almost 10,000 workers and cut pensions (Business Insider, 6/10/11)
PEF rips Cuomo’s layoff notice (Politics on the Hudson, 6/9/11)
Unions blast Cuomo’s pension plan (The Business Review, 6/9/11)
Cuomo’s last minute pension proposal – will he get his way? (WNYC, 6/9/11)
No specific job titles exempt from layoffs (Buffalo News, 6/9/11)
CSEA on layoff notice: Insult to injury (Albany Times-Union, 6/9/11)
Cuomo wants to cut state pensions for new hires (Albany Times-Union, 6/9/11)
Cuomo proposes changes to state pensions (The Business Review, 6/9/11)
Pension deals elusive in both NJ and NY (Wall Street Journal, 6/9/11)
Broadway for same-sex marriage; churches to protest bill (Politics on the Hudson, 6/9/11)
NY Gov pushes for ‘rational’ SUNY tuition hike (Wall Street Journal, 6/9/11)
Video: Final push underway for same-sex marriage vote (NY1, 6/9/11)
Governor seeks sharp tuition increase in five-year plan for SUNY (New York Times, 6/9/11)
Opposing Cuomo’s pension reforms creates strange bedfellows (City Hall News, 6/9/11)
Cuomo orders pink slips to begin July 15 (Albany Times-Union, 6/9/11)
Cuomo urges broad limits to NY public pensions (New York Times, 6/8/11)
New law on ethics may face challenge (Wall Street Journal, 6/8/11)
Ethics bill expands disclosure rule (Albany Times-Union, 6/8/11)
Cuomo’s crackdown: Time to clean up Albany (New York Post, 6/8/11)
Labor unions bash pension proposal, facility closures (Politics on the Hudson, 6/8/11)
Cuomo introduces pension reform bill (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 6/8/11)
Undecided Senate Democrats targets in push for same-sex marriage (Ithaca Journal, 6/8/11)
Editorial: At last, action on ethics (Buffalo News, 6/8/11)
Dem lawmaker says Cuomo should introduce same-sex marriage bill (Politics on the Hudson, 6/8/11)
Audio: Down tot he wire on tax cap (WXXI, 6/7/11)
With ethics bill yet to be released, state’s top leaders herald success (Buffalo News, 6/7/11)
As ethics measure emerges, so do questions about its teeth (New York Times, 6/7/11)
Ethics victory? Not yet. Cuomo has a long road ahead before ethical reform comes true (New York Daily News, 6/7/11)
Video: Deal reached on ethics overhaul (YNN, 6/7/11)
Cuomo rob0-calls for rent regulation (New York Daily News, 6/7/11)
Cuomo lauds Mass. tax cap; others say comparison to NY proposal flawed (Utica Observer-Dispatch, 6/6/11)
Cuomo on ethics bill: “Historic Piece” of legislation (Politics on the Hudson, 6/6/11)
Editorial: Ethics reform proposal goes far to restore public trust (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 6/6/11)
NY ethics bill could squeeze some lawmakers (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 6/6/11)
Though hailed, Albany ethics deal is seen as having weaknesses (New York Times, 6/6/11)
Cuomo’s wealthy campaign donors cash in with plum appointments (New York Daily News, 6/5/11)
Cuomo, lawmakers agree on ‘Clean Up Albany Act’ (Albany Times-Union, 6/3/11)

MAY 2011

Governing, but not taking any questions (New York Times, 5/30/11)
Cuomo’s tax cap (Wall Street Journal, 5/27/11)
Opinion: The tax cap cometh (Albany Times-Union, 5/26/11)
Editorial: 2% property tax cap agreement must be voted into law without delay (New York Daily News, 5/26/11)
Cuomo: Property tax cap is about respect (New York Daily News, 5/26/11)
Teachers union seeks changes to property tax cap plan (Buffalo News, 5/26/11)
Opinion: A tax cap, warts and all (Albany Times-Union, 5/26/11)
After property tax cap deal, debate continues (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 5/25/11)
Cuomo says tax cap a game changer for New York (Albany Times-Union, 5/25/11)
Editorial: Reject the tax cap (New York Times, 5/25/11)
Opinion: Devil is details of property-tax cap deal (Poughkeepsie Journal, 5/25/11)
Video: Lawmakers not happy with proposed property tax cap (YNN, 5/25/11)
Cuomo calls for “collaborative process” on ethics reform (Politics on the Hudson, 5/25/11)
Video: Leaders agree on property tax cap, remain split on rent laws (NY1, 5/25/11)
Silver: I won’t leave ‘without a meaningful ethics reform bill’ (Politics on the Hudson, 5/25/11)
Commentary: Cuomo’s tax cap plan unfair slice for poorer districts (Times Herald-Record, 5/25/11)
Tax cap deal announced by Cuomo criticized by those who say it doesn’t provide relief to homeowners (Albany Times-Union, 5/25/11)
Video: Speaker Silver unveils Assembly’s property tax cap plan (YNN, 5/25/11)
Silver: Skelos stance on rent ‘Not Acceptable’ (New York Daily News, 5/25/11)
Property-tax cap pact takes shape (Wall Street Journal, 5/25/11)
Cuomo in Utica: Tax relief needed for New Yorkers (Utica Observer-Dispatch, 5/25/11)
CIVIL RIGHTS: Getting to ‘yes’ on marriage equality (Rochester City Newspaper, 5/25/11)
Video: MayDay for Marriage rally (YNN, 5/24/11)
Gay marriage opponents rally at Capitol (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, 5/24/11)
Same-sex marriage debate grows louder (WNED, 5/24/11)
Cuomo backs Assembly plan to cap property taxes (New York Times, 5/24/11)
Deal reached in Albany to cap property taxes (New York Times, 5/24/11)
NY Legislature, Cuomo may have deal on tax cap (Wall Street Journal, 5/24/11)
Silver: Rent regs, tax cap, “inextricably” linked (New York Daily News, 5/24/11)
Proposal to loosen tax cap advances (Wall Street Journal, 5/24/11)
Cuomo praises Assembly bill, Senate still parsing (Albany Times-Unions, 5/24/11)
Skelos not praising the bill, the details (Albany Times-Union, 5/24/11)
Assembly GOP, Farm Bureau like tax cap (Albany Times-Union, 5/24/11)
Senate GOP: Three-way property tax agreement is 95% there (Albany Times Union, 5/24/11)
Video: Cuomo releases video pushing for same-sex marriage (NY1, 5/23/11)
No charges for ex-Gov Paterson in Yankee tickets scandal (Washington Post, 5/22/11)
Siena: Cuomo still riding high, New Yorkers sound off on major issues (, 5/20/11)
Poll: NY Legislature’s gop job is property tax cap (Wall Street Journal, 5/20/11)
School tax cap would be a game-changer (Times Herald-Record, 5/20/11)
Conservative Party is obstacle to gay marriage (New York Times, 5/19/11)
Cuomo’s approval ratings at 71%; New Yorkers say he’s keeping his campaign promises (New York Daily News, 5/19/11)
Poll: Cuomo, tax cap, remain popular (Albany Times Union, 5/19/11)
New Yorkers still fretting over state economy (Wall Street Journal, 5/19/11)
NY voters send mixed message on taxes (Rochester Press & Sun-Bulletin, 5/19/11)
Poll: Voters high on Cuomo, down on the state (Politics on the Hudson, 5/19/11)
Video: Cuomo releases message urging stronger rent laws (New York Times, 5/17/11)
Business group spent nearly $5 million backing Cuomo budget (New York Times, 5/16/11)
Cuomo taps his chief of staff as financial regulator (Wall Street Journal, 5/16/11)
Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s reform agenda is getting the runaround from legislative leaders (New York Daily News, 5/16/11)
Dems like Cuomo’s rent control statement (Albany Times Union, 5/17/11)
Cuomo: Rent control expiration would be ‘crisis for our state’ (Politics on the Hudson, 5/17/11)
Bloomberg presses Albany Republicans on gay marriage (New York Times, 5/17/11)
Albany Wars: The Governor strikes back (New York Daily News, 5/16/11)
Speaker Sheldon Silver to Gov. Cuomo: Less talk, more action (New York Daily News, 5/16/11)
Editorial: Governor Cuomo’s list (New York Times, 5/15/11)
Cuomo: NY Legislature doesn’t want ethics reform (Troy Record, 5/12/11)
No firm deadline on layoffs, Cuomo says (Albany Times Union, 5/12/11)
‘Strike back’ against scandalous state Legislature, Cuomo urges New Yorkers (New York Daily News, 5/12/11)
Cuomo: No marriage bill if votes aren’t there (Capitol Tonight, 5/11/11)
Audio: Anti-gay marriage effort touring state (WXXI, 5/11/11)
Video: Cuomo on ethics reform: ‘No more secrets.’ (YNN, 5/11/11)
Poll finds New Yorkers are evenly divided over same-sex marriage (NY1, 5/11/11)
Cuomo: Gay marriage may not get a floor vote in NY Legislature (Syracuse Post-Standard, 5/11/11)
Cuomo barnstorming Upstate to push agenda (Buffalo News, 5/11/11)
Same-sex marriage and the 2016 Democratic nomination (Politico, 5/11/11)
Some lawmakers seek fix to state consolidation law (Press & Sun-Bulletin, 5/6/11)
Conservative activist says tax cap is necessary to force government reforms (, 5/6/11)
Senate bill slows consolidation (Albany Times Union, 5/6/11)
Audio: School boards predict tax cap crisis without mandate relief (WXXI, 5/5/11)
Counties say tax cap won’t work without mandate relief (Politics on the Hudson, 5/5/11)
FAQ: What would it take for Andrew Cuomo to declare war? (Capital New York, 5/5/11)
‘Seat at the table’ for Cuomo draws a fight from lawmaker in ethics reform debate (Albany Times Union, 5/5/11)
Cuomo hitting the road to drum up support for gay marriage, ethics reform (New York Daily News, 5/5/11)
Cuomo’s office says no go on tax-cap sunset (Politics on the Hudson, 5/5/11)
Andrew’s empty promise (New York Post, 5/4/11)
Opinion: Politics prevent SUNY solutions (Times Herald-Record, 5/4/11)
Video: Cuomo reaches out to the public to promote his agenda (NY1, 5/4/11)
Video: Cuomo plans statewide tour to push legislation (YNN, 5/4/11)
Same-sex marriage in NY has wide support (UPI, 5/4/11)
GOP leader glad tax cap push is going on the road (Albany Times Union, 5/4/11)
Cuomo steps up Capitol job (Albany Times Union, 5/4/11)
GOP lawmaker: Moreland Commission would be a ‘mistake’ (Albany Times Union, 5/4/11)
NY Legislature should approve same-sex marriage, Gov. Cuomo says (New York Daily News, 5/4/11)
Cuomo and staff to hit the road (Politics on the Hudson, 5/4/11)
Cuomo will deploy cabinet members in agenda push (Albany Times Union, 5/4/11)
Editorial: A chance to rebuild SUNY (New York Times, 5/4/11)
Push for same-sex marriage, but where’s the bill? (Albany Times Union, 5/4/11)
Diaz says take same sex marriage vote to the people (New York Observer, 5/4/11)
Video: Cuomo is ‘optimistic’ marriage equality will pass (Gothamist, 5/3/11)
Religious leaders voice support for same sex marriage in NY (WNYC, 5/3/11)
Gay-rights group touts clergy support (Politics on the Hudson, 5/3/11)
Cuomo puts NY Capitol renovation on fast-track (Wall Street Journal, 5/3/11)
GOP’s tax-cap sham exposed (New York Post, 5/2/11)
Cuomo pushes lawmakers to pass property-tax cap (Press & Sun-Bulletin, 5/2/11)
Cuomo reveals big plan, funding for SUNY centers (Wall Street Journal, 5/2/11)
Video: Governor unveils SUNY 2020 plan (YNN, 5/2/11)
Cuomo, Schumer offer dueling Democratic visions at DRC (City Hall News, 5/2/11)
Video: Biz Council: Tax Cap = Jobs (Albany Times Union, 5/2/11)
Business Council debuts anti-tax ad (Buffalo Business First, 5/2/11)
Cuomo is shocked at tax cap hesitation (Albany Times Union, 5/2/11)
Cuomo boxes in NY Legislature on tax cap, ethics (Wall Street Journal, 5/2/11)
Gov. Cuomo: How can you not go for tax cap? (New York Daily News, 5/2/11)
Cuomo backs higher tuition at top SUNY campuses (New York Times, 5/2/11)
Cuomo focuses on gay marriage but nothing deters the chase for millions of dollars (New York Daily News, 5/1/11)

APRIL 2011

Cuomo talks jobs, tax cap vote (Albany Times Union, 4/30/11)
‘Cuomo 2014′ gifts announce his intentions (New York Times, 4/30/11)
Cuomo on tax cap: ‘We’re going to work very hard to pass it.’ (Politics on the Hudson, 4/30/11)
Cuomo vows to revive Upstate New York (Politics on the Hudson, 4/30/11)
Video: Cuomo attends Democratic Rural Conference (YNN, 4/29/11)
Just happy to be in the governor’s orbit (New York Times, 4/27/11)
Renewed fight for gay marriage in NY hits suburbs (WSLS, 4/23/11)
NY working to comply with federal health care law (Press & Sun-Bulletin, 4/22/11)
Ex-GOP aide joins effort to pass same-sex marriage bill (Albany Times-Union, 4/21/11)
One voice for same-sex marriage (Albany Times-Union, 4/21/11)
Log Cabin signs on, traditional marriage lobby says it’s politics (Albany Times-Union, 4/21/11)
Same-sex marriage advocates aim at Republicans (New York Observer, 4/21/11)
Cuomo Administration meets with stakeholders on insurance exchanges (The Business Review, 4/21/11)
Gay-rights groups renew effort for same-sex marriage law in NY (Press & Sun-Bulletin, 4/20/11)
Dem Senator goes after Cuomo on gay marriage (Politics on the Hudson, 4/20/11)
Business model for renewing government (Albany Times-Union, 4/20/11)
Gay rights groups form New Yorkers United for Marriage (Politics on the Hudson, 4/20/11)
Spitzer: NYS budget = “Christie Light” (New York Daily News, 4/20/11)
Spitzer criticizes Cuomo’s budget priorities (NY1, 4/20/11)
Cuomo names panel for modernizing NY government (Wall Street Journal, 4/20/11)
State Sen. Diaz “affronted” by Cuomo’s NY gay marriage legalization push (New York Daily News, 4/20/11)
Cuomo helps groups mobilize for gay marriage bill (New York Times, 4/19/11)
Cuomo lists income of $200K (Albany Times-Union, 4/19/11)
SAGE commission includes big donors to Cuomo (Politics on the Hudson, 4/19/11)
Bumping Biden: Obama-Cuomo in 2012? (Gothamist, 4/18/11)
Cuomo releases 2010 tax filings (New York Times, 4/18/11)
Pol predicts Veep Andy (New York Post, 4/18/11)
Marcellus Shale gas issue is money, only money (Albany Times-Union, 4/18/11)
Cuomo’s Popularity Wave (WNET-Thirteen, 4/18/11)
In financial crisis, Geithner urged Cuomo to not prosecute top figures (New York Times, 4/14/11)
Cuomo’s centrism draws praise, but stirs suspicion (New York Times, 4/6/11)
Cuomo stands out among peers for low profile (New York Times, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

Senate GOP leader: State redistricting reform a dead issue (NY1, 3/29/11)
Paladino campaign reneges on debts (Buffalo News, 3/14/11)
Paladino’s eyesores (Buffalo News, 3/7/11)


Rising property taxes overwhelm many living on the edge (New York Times, 2/20/11)
Cuomo announces plan for independent redistricting (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, 2/17/11)
Opinion: Put NY’s financial house in order now (Albany Times Union, 2/12/11)
Analysis: The other side of NY’s budget ‘sham’ (Wall Street Journal, 2/12/11)
Opinion: It’s Cuomo’s way — or the abyss (New York Post, 2/11/11)
Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s promised reforms (New York Times, 2/11/11)
Cuomo’s budget cuts threatened by fellow Democrats pushing taxes (Bloomberg, 2/11/11)
Cuomo’s budget plan gets mostly high marks (Rochester Business Journal, 2/11/11)
Cuomo tries new tactic for state budget: Have Legislature pass one without specifics (Syracuse Post-Standard, 2/11/11)
Andrew Cuomo and the liberal case for Social Security cuts (Washington Post, 2/10/11)
Cuomo Medicaid panel reviewing 2,000 reform ideas (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/10/11)
Cuomo taking up marriage equality (Albany Times Union, 2/10/11)
Court budget stands alone (Albany Times Union, 2/10/11)
Public-worker unions skip Albany ad blitz for new tactics (New York Times, 2/9/11)
State report: Most NY schools could cover aid cuts (Wall Street Journal, 2/9/11)
Opinion: Ethics reforms we can believe in (Albany Times-Union, 2/9/11)
Cuomo says he’ll  push for vote to legalize same-sex marriage (New York Times, 2/9/11)
So how do guv, mayor win pension reform? (Crain’s New York Business, 2/7/11)
Governor takes budget message on the road (Buffalo News, 2/5/11)
Cuomo rallies support for state cuts (Buffalo News, 2/5/11)
State jobs pacts in play (Albany Times-Union, 2/5/11)
Analysis: Cuomo tough-times budget a hit, so far (Wall Street Journal, 2/5/11)
Once-stable government jobs aren’t safe anymore (Ithaca Journal, 2/4/11)
Andrew Cuomo: Medicaid-reforming hero of the Right? (Forbes, 2/4/11)
Cuomo takes aim at fixed  spending increases (New York Times, 2/4/11)
Audio: ‘He’s on the right track,’ says Paladino about Cuomo budget (WGRZ, 2/4/11)
Cuomo: Special interests are the ‘enemy’ (Politics on the Hudson, 2/4/11)
New York’s harsh reality (Rochester Business Journal, 2/4/11)
Editorial: Cuomo exposes the fraud of ‘baseline budgeting’ (Wall Street Journal, 2/3/11)
Editorial: Gov. Cuomo’s budget puts too much burden on the most vulnerable (New York Times, 2/2/11)
Why Andrew Cuomo will run for president (The Daily Beast, 2/2/11)
Cuomo garners unlikely praise (Albany Times Union, 2/1/11)
Cuomo decries Senate vote limiting Lt. Gov Duffy’s role (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 2/1/11)


State prisons and Medicaid to face cuts in Cuomo budget (New York Times, 1/31/11)
Paladino’s budget cuts would have been worse than Cuomo’s (WTEN, 1/31/11)
Bloomberg presses Cuomo to reverse teacher seniority rule (New York Times, 1/30/11)
Analysis: Cuomo expected to threaten layoffs (CBS  New York, 1/29/11)
As Republicans resist closing prisons, Cuomo is said to scale back plan (New York Times, 1/28/11)
GOP pushback to independent redistricting plan begins to take hold (City Hall Daily, 1/23/11)
Cuomo: Budget war with lawmakers won’t KO government (New York Daily News, 1/21/11)
Cuomo considers cutting up to 15K state jobs (New York Times, 1/20/11)
Cuomo warns of pain but doesn’t detail scale of cuts (New York Times, 1/20/11)
Cuomo says he doesn’t expect to shut NY government (Wall Street Journal, 1/20/11)
Can Andrew Cuomo lay off more state workers than his dad? (New York, 1/20/11)
Indigestion at an Albany breakfast (Wall Street Journal, 1/20/11)
Cuomo says he doesn’t expect to shut down NY government (CBS New York, 1/20/11)
Cuomo: There will be ‘pain,’ but I don’t have a number (Albany Times-Union, 1/20/11)
Dems turn on Andy – war over ending ‘rich’ tax (New York Post, 1/20/11)
Campaign reports show bonuses for Cuomo aides (Wall Street Journal, 1/19/11)
Cuomo campaign aides receive 5-figure  bonuses (New York Times, 1/18/11)
It’s Gov. Cuomo vs. special interests in the Battle of the Budget (New York Daily News, 1/15/11)
Cuomo crisscrosses NY, repeating his call for action (New York Times, 1/14/11)
Cuomo halts $20K raises for 28 to NY troopers (Wall Street Journal, 1/14/11)
Cuomo urges upstate crowd to ‘rise up and make their voices heard’ on reform (New York Daily News, 1/14/11)
Cuomo in step with Dems on social issues (North Country Public Radio, 1/14/11)
Cuomo brings arguments for Albany reform Upstate (NY1, 1/14/11)
NY spending cap could have unintended consequences (Elmira Star-Gazette, 1/14/11)
Cuomo fundraises for budget battle (New York Daily News, 1/14/11)
Cuomo seeks financial support for budget battle (Politics on the Hudson, 1/14/11)
Cuomo calls on residents to insist on changes (Buffalo News, 1/13/11)
NY governor assesses tax cap push (Elmira Star Gazette, 1/13/11)
Environmental groups send Cuomo their wish list (Politics on the Hudson, 1/13/11)
Opinion: More state police sleaze (New York Post, 1/13/11)
Opinion: New York needs campaign changes (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/13/11)
Opinion: The recipe for NY’s success (Albany Times-Union, 1/13/11)
Pay hikes amid layoffs (Albany Times-Union, 1/13/11)
Cuomo to launch  tour to ‘bring the government’ to the public (Poughkeepsie Journal, 1/13/11)
Cuomo delays in hiring boss of the state’s economic development agency (New York Daily News, 1/13/11)
No plans to make Save NY donor list public (Politics on the Hudson, 1/12/11)
Cuomo set to make his sales pitch to rank-and-file lawmakers (New York Daily News, 1/12/11)

Opinion: Cuomo’s power play shows who’s in charge (Niagara Gazette, 1/12/11)
Cuomo ‘shocked’ by raises for 28 top NY troopers (Wall Street Journal, 1/12/11)
In Albany, it’s business as usual (Wall Street Journal, 1/5/11)
Cuomo says he wants one agency to regulate banking, insurance (Bloomberg, 1/5/11)
Gov. Cuomo freezes wages, taxes in plan to close NY’s deficit (Bloomberg, 1/5/11)
NY Gov. Cuomo talks ‘change’ but not budget cuts (Christian Science Monitor, 1/5/11)
Supporters, protesters react to Cuomo speech (Wall Street Journal, 1/5/11)
Cuomo sets bold fiscal, ethical agenda in SOS, vows to ‘restore credibility’ to Albany (New York Daily News, 1/5/11)
Cuomo details austerity measures (Wall Street Journal, 1/5/11)
Andrew Cuomo, New York’s Chris Christie? (Capital Tonight, 1/4/11)
Gov. Cuomo’s speech to mix hard choices, optimism (Wall Street Journal, 1/4/11)
Opinion: Cuomo’s greatest challenge – an Albany culture shift (New York Post, 1/4/11)
Opinion: Stay on message governor Cuomo (Albany Times Union, 1/4/11)
Let ‘millionaire’ tax die out, Cuomo says (New York Post, 1/4/11)
Cuomo: The planets are aligned for change (Capital Tonight, 1/4/11)
Cuomo targeting Medicaid spending (Wall Street Journal, 1/4/11)
Governor forming super watchdog (New York Post, 1/4/11)
Pataki praises Cuomo (Capital Tonight, 1/4/11)
Senate Dems tap Kennedy to give SOS response (Capital Tonight, 1/4/11)
Cuomo starts term with some top jobs still empty (New York Times, 1/4/11)
Cuomo will offer hope to NYers in State of the State speech (New York Daily News, 1/4/11)
Andrew Cuomo still leads with his left – though he’s cutting costs, he’s still his father’s son (New York Daily News, 1/4/11)
Cuomo targets Medicaid spending (Wall Street Journal, 1/4/11)
Cuomo’s interior battle (Wall Street Journal, 1/3/11)
Who elected the pity party? Governors on tri-state woes (Wall Street Journal, 1/3/11)
Paladino critiques Cuomo (Capital Tonight, 1/3/11)
NYT and labor leaders take on Cuomo (Crain’s New York Business, 1/3/11)
Cuomo cuts his own pay (Capital Tonight, 1/3/11)
Cuomo, before seeking a wage freeze, says he will cut his salary 5% (New York Times, 1/3/11)
Cuomo plans one-year freeze on state workers’ pay (New York Times, 1/2/11)

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