The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


New York

newyork-stampIncumbent: Andrew Cuomo (D)

Primary Election: September 14, 2010
General Election: November 2, 2010

RATING: Likely Democratic Retention

2002 Result: Pataki wins 49%-34%.
2006 Result:
Spitzer wins 70%-29%.

* Paterson is one of five “Accidental” governors (AK, AZ, KS, NY & UT) who were not elected to current their┬áposition. As Lt. Gov, he assumed office when Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned due to a sex scandal.

New York Gubernatorial Race: Headlines

Andrew Cuomo

Rick Lazio
Steve Levy
Carl Paladino

State Resources:
NY State Board of Elections

Local Blogs:
The Albany Project
Albany Times-Union’s Capital Confidential

Quinnipiac: Cuomo opens election year with a roar, job approval rating at 62-25% (11/26/13)
Siena: Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s job approval rating hits new low – 44-56% (11/18/13)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo’s job approval rating slips to 53-30%, lowest since he took office (6/5/13)
Quinnipiac: NY Republicans shift back to Cuomo; Voters give Gov low marks on corruption (4/17/13)
Quinnipiac: NY Republicans turn on Cuomo for first time ever, job approval now at 55-27% (3/19/13)
NBC/WSJ/Marist: Cuomo approval rating still strong, but digging deeper significant shifts (3/7/13)
Quinnipiac: Gun bill knocks GOP support for Cuomo; Most Republicans say gun bill went too far (1/30/13)
Siena: Cuomo enters 3rd year still riding high with voters, job approval at 71-24% (1/17/13)
Siena: Cuomo honeymoon approaches two years, job approval at 67-24% (10/25/12)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo approval tops 70%, highest in 11 years (5/30/12)
Siena: Cuomo job performance inches up, hits new high with 73-22% approval rating (4/10/12)
Quinnipiac: Voters approve of Cuomo job performance, 68-19%, despite ‘Big Ugly’ backroom deal (4/4/12)
Quinnipiac: NY voters trust Cuomo more than teachers union on education issues (2/16/12)
Siena: Loving Cuomo, but not pay hikes (2/6/12)
Quinnipiac: Storm surge takes Cuomo approval to all-time high, now at 66-17 job approval (9/20/11)
Siena: Cuomo continues sky-high popularity, 71-21% favorability ratings (7/14/11)
Siena: Cuomo still popular; gets ‘fair’ gred on improving NY economy (5/19/11)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo’s job approval numbers soar to 64-16 favorable (4/13/11)
Siena: Cuuomo is budget winner say voters, as his rating go higher (4/11/11)
Siena: Cuomo ratings at all0time high; 72% support his budget (2/14/11)
Quinnipiac: 97% of New Yorkers say state budget in bad shape, but oppose layoffs, cuts in school aid (12/9/10)
Quinnipiac: New Yorkers have little hope for fixing Albany (12/8/10)
Marist: Cuomo opens huge lead over Paladino, 60-37% (10/22/10)
Siena: Paladino’s support collapses, Cuomo leads 63-26% (10/20/10)
Rasmussen: Cuomo opens double-digit lead over Paladino, 51-27% (10/19/10)
New York Times: Cuomo continues dominating race, leads Paladino 59-24% (10/15/10)
Siena: Cuomo has commanding lead over Paladino, 56-32% (10/5/10)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo leads Paladino, but margin surprisingly small, 49-43% (9/22/10)
Siena: Paladino, Lazio in dead heat as primary approaches (9/11/10)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo trounces both Lazio and Paladino by more than 2-to-1 (9/1/10)
Rasmussen: Cuomo continues to crush both Lazio and Paladino (7/20/10)
Siena: Cuomo still enjoys wide lead (7/12/10)
Rasmussen: Cuomo still outpaces GOP rivals (6/24/10)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo still crushes GOP challengers by 2-to-1 margin (6/22/10)
Siena: Cuomo lead slips slightly, still comfortably ahead of both Lazio & Paladino (6/14/10)
Siena: Cuomo crushing GOP; Lazio leads GOP primary (5/24/10)
Marist: Cuomo’s high job approval ratings lead to support from over 60% in gov match-ups (5/11/10)
Siena: Cuomo trounces GOPers, many see him as capable of “fixing” Albany (4/19/10)
Quinnipiac: Cuomo crushes all Republican challengers (4/13/10)
Rasmussen: Cuomo has big leads over any potential GOP candidate (3/31/10)
Marist: Cuomo viewed by two-thirds of voters as “part of the solution” (3/26/10)
Siena: Lazio leads Levy, Cuomo crushes everyone (3/22/10)
Quinnipiac: Paterson’s popularity plunge slows, half want him to finish his term (3/10/10)
Marist: 68% of NYers want Paterson to finish term (3/9/10)
Siena: Paterson job approval at 19%, trails Lazio in Nov matchup (2/22/10) [full crosstabs]
Marist: Paterson’s job approval at 26% (2/3/10) [full crosstabs]
Marist: Only 20% approve of Paterson’s job performance (9/16/09)
Sienna: NYers want to throw everyone out; Cuomo numbers grow (August 24, 2009) [full crosstabs]
Quinnipiac: Cuomo leads Paterson 4-1 (August 16, 2009)
Siena: Paterson’s drop halted, still trails Cuomo, Rudy (July 21, 2009) [full crosstabs]
Rasmussen: Giuliani leads Paterson; Cuomo leads both (July 14, 2009)
Quinnipiac: Paterson still dismal, Cuomo leads (June 2009)
Rasmussen: Cuomo strong against GOP; Paterson (May 18, 2009)
Quinnipiac: Paterson approval plummeting, voters prefer Cuomo-Giuliani matchup (April 2009)