The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NM 2012 Archives




Courts deal blow to NM ”pay-to-play” plaintiffs (AP, 12/28/12)
EDITORIAL: Expand Medicaid for state’s sake (The New Mexican, 12/27/12)
Ben Lujan, 1035-2012: An era ends with passing of longtime House speaker (The New Mexican,12/19/12)
State: New Mexico ad campaign has 3-to-1 return (AP, 12/19/12)
What’s the matter with New Mexico? (High Country News, 12/19/12)
State House speaker Ben Lujan succumbs to lung cancer (The New Mexican, 12/18/12)
Martinez: State should keep guns from mentally ill (AP, 12/18/12)
Ed Secretary asks committee to back increased education funding (The New Mexican, 12/17/12)
Audit of NMFA finds no embezzlement (AP, 12/14/12)
Virgin Galactic future at Spaceport uncertain (AP, 12/12/12)
Papens may stay in race for state Senate president pro tem job (The New Mexican, 12/11/12)
Senate Democrats nominate Campos for top seat (The New Mexican, 12/9/12)
State GOP elects Billingsley as new party chairman (The New Mexican, 12/8/12)
5 Democrats vie for top spot in state Senate (The New Mexican, 12/7/12)
Voter turnout dropped to 63% in New Mexico (AP, 12/7/12)
State liability fund faces possible shortfall (The New Mexican, 12/4/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: PAC disclosure battle ahead (Roundhouse Roundup, 12/4/12)
Regulator issues report on NMFA fake audit (AP, 12/3/12)
New Mexico expects $283M in new money (AP, 12/3/12)


Wirth says proposed marijuana bill ‘not ready’ (The New Mexican, 11/30/12)
Man accused of threatening governor released from jail (The New Mexican, 11/30/12)
Ex-controller at NMFA gets probation for faking audit (AP, 11/29/12)
Legalizing pot raises questions (The New Mexican, 11/29/12)
NM House Republicans shake up leadership (The New Mexican, 11/27/12)
Advocates of easing laws on marijuana use take case to Legislature (The New Mexican, 11/27/12)
US Justice to launch probe into Albuquerque police (AP, 11/27/12)
NM overhauling state insurance regulation (AP, 11/24/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Senate president pro-tem field in flux (The New Mexican, 11/24/12)
Workshop aims to demystify the legislature (The New Mexican, 11/23/12)
Lawmakers aim to head off high court with new rules to resolve ‘tax lightning’ (The New Mexican,11/21/12)
Lawmakers urged to resolve property tax inequities (AP, 11/21/12)
Job losses continue throughout New Mexico (The New Mexican, 11/20/12)
Legislative shake-up means committee makeovers coming in January (The New Mexican, 11/17/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Martinez’s opponent won’t come from Legislature (The New Mexican,11/17/12)
State’s school grading system still leaves many in the dark (The New Mexican, 11/16/12)
Susana Martinez criticizes Mitt Romney comments, maps way forward (Politico, 11/16/12)
Spaceport ups pressure on lawmakers (AP, 11/16/12)
New Mexico electors: Five devoted Democrats to cast official ballots for Obama (The New Mexican,11/15/12)
Tie in NM House race could end in a coin flip (AP, 11/15/12)
GOP wants ballots impounded in two New Mexico counties (AP, 11/15/12)
Charges dismissed against ex-secretary of state (AP, 11/15/12)
State has nation’s most pronounced income inequality (AP, 11/14/12)
Martinez moves forward on state-run health exchange (AP, 11/14/12)
NM Legislature underwent election-year face-lift (AP, 11/12/12)
Attorney General’s office examining Election Day issues (The New Mexican, 11/12/12)
At least 2 aspire to lead state Senate (The New Mexican, 11/10/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Legislature aims to take reins from governor (The New Mexican, 11/10/12)
Court rules in favor of state water powers (The New Mexican, 11/10/12)
First gentleman lands part-time security gig (AP, 11/9/12)
Voter turnout drops to 62% in New Mexico (AP, 11/8/12)
Lujan ready for third term in Congress (The New Mexican, 11/8/12)
Voters remove Insurance Division from PRC (The New Mexican, 11/8/12)
Democratic wins in New Mexico attributed to Hispanics (AP, 11/7/12)
After pricey battles, Dems still rule New Mexico Legislature (The New Mexican, 11/7/12)
Obama carries New Mexico for a 2nd time (AP, 11/7/12)
New Mexico Senate faces leader shake-up; House unclear (The New Mexican, 11/6/12)
New Mexico voters approve bonds, PRC qualifications (AP, 11/6/12)
Lujan Grisham picked as Heinrich’s replacement (AP, 11/6/12)
Man accused of threatening governor to be released (The New Mexican, 11/5/12)
Commentary: Money and the integrity of the political process (The New Mexican, 11/5/12)
Legislative races steal focus from fights for more prominent seats (The New Mexican, 11/3/12)
Economic Development Secretary looks to private sector for job growth (The New Mexican, 11/3/12)
Early voting takes sharp dive (The New Mexican, 11/2/12)
Supreme Court hopefuls raise $161K in campaign cash (AP, 11/2/12)
Pair charged in ALEC clash take plea deal (The New Mexican, 11/2/12)
Trail Dust: Hardball politics aren’t new to NM (The New Mexican, 11/2/12)
GOP adviser key player in state races (The New Mexican, 11/1/12)


GOP, governor hope for gains in legislative races (AP, 10/31/12)
NM voters to decide constitutional amendments (The New Mexican, 10/29/12)
Voters to decide top NM appellate court races (AP, 10/26/12)
Two women vie for NM 1st District Congressional seat (AP, 10/25/12)
Experienced campaigner struggles for traction (The New Mexican, 10/24/12)
Big names donate to hopefuls in state House race (The New Mexican, 10/24/12)
Stumping for Heinrich, Kerry says Senate control on the line (The New Mexican, 10/24/12)
Group blasts feds over Mexican wolf documents (AP, 10/23/12)
NM voter registration up 5% since 2008 election (AP, 10/22/12)
Agency to spend $20M on road, bridge maintenance (AP, 10/22/12)
Senate hopefuls spar over energy off stage (The New Mexican, 10/21/12)
Outside vitriol heats up state House race (The New Mexican, 10/20/12)
Public works: Five decades of service recognized by governor (The New Mexican, 10/20/12)
Adwatch: TV spot pushes license-law repeal (The New Mexican, 10/20/12)
New Mexico leads nation in September job losses (The New Mexican, 10/19/12)
The A-Z of school grades: State official works to decipher new A-F system (The New Mexican,10/19/12)
Legislator says NMSU president’s payout illegal (AP, 10/18/12)
Senate candidates go head to head on bullying, gays and energy (The New Mexican, 10/17/12)
Survey: Political gap narrows between state’s native-born, immigrant Hispanics (The New Mexican,10/17/12)
Heinrich, Wilson near $6M in Senate fundraising (AP, 10/15/12)
US Senate candidates disagree on health care law (The New Mexican, 10/14/12)
Commentary: Voting myths not limited to Republicans (The New Mexican, 10/13/12)
New Mexico sheriffs may fight immigrant license law (AP, 10/12/12)
Lawmakers told no NMFA tax change planned (AP, 10/12/12)
Gov. Martinez to campaign for Romney in Nevada (The New Mexican, 10/11/12)
New Mexico lawsuit seeks straight party ticket voting (The New Mexican, 10/11/12)
Senate race rivals sharp in first debate (The New Mexican, 10/11/12)
Governor’s letter on federal ID act called ’scare tactic’ (The New Mexican, 10/10/12)
Wilson, Heinrich to square off before television audience (The New Mexican, 10/10/12)
Democratic committee raises $386K for state campaigns (The New Mexican, 10/9/12)
Governor’s aide accused of grabbing Albuquerque schools lobbyist (AP, 10/9/12)
Heinrich, Wilson fighting for Senate seat, but race isn’t thriller some hoped for (The New Mexican,10/6/12)
Amendment would remove public defense from governor’s purview (The New Mexican, 10/6/12)
Gardner talks dirty for Jennings campaign (The New Mexican, 10/6/12)
Poll challenger training by local GOP draws fire (AP, 10/4/12)
Another Senate forecast moves NM to Likely Dem (Roundhouse Roundup, 10/4/12)
Governor steps up when baby left in car (KASA, 10/4/12)
Governor still pushing education reform bill (The New Mexican, 10/4/12)
Governor agrees to halt license verification program (AP, 10/3/12)
Two more bad polls for Wilson and Romney in NM (Roundhouse Roundup, 10/2/12)
NM health secretary (The New Mexican, 10/1/12)
Group raises $283K to promote NM bond issue (AP, 10/1/12)


Roundhouse Roundup: Martinez could give Wilson lift (The New Mexican, 9/29/12)
New Mexico offers look at US elections of the future (New York Times, 9/29/12)
NM finance agency fires CEO over audit scandal (The New Mexican, 9/28/12)
Report: Public workers earn more (The New Mexican, 9/27/12)
Crystal Ball: NM Senate seat now likely Heinrich (Roundhouse Roundup, 9/27/12)
Lottery scholarship fund faces financial trouble (AP, 9/27/12)
State office space expands as workforce declines (The New Mexican, 9/26/12)
Editorial: Consistency key for business growth (The New Mexican, 9/25/12)
Martinez mailer: Working together in harmony (Roundhouse Roundup, 9/24/12)
Senator: Items missing from tax expenditures report (The New Mexican, 9/24/12)
Governor stresses her bipartisan cred (The New Mexican, 9/22/12)
Commentary: State’s cultural heritage on the chopping block (The New Mexican, 9/22/12)
Ex-Finance Authority controller indicted on fraud charges (AP, 9/21/12)
Development lags near Spaceport America (AP, 9/21/12)
Republicans move campaign staff out of New Mexico (CNN, 9/20/12)
Engineering group gives state’s infrastructure C grade in new study (The New Mexican, 9/20/12)
Lack of transmission lines keeps NM from meeting solar potential (The New Mexican, 9/19/12)
Video: Election adwatch: Attack ads slams Heinrich over votes (The New Mexican, 9/19/12)
NM short of money for general election costs (AP, 9/18/12)
State considers allowing concealed weapons in parks (The New Mexican, 9/18/12)
NM proposes concealed handguns in state parks (AP, 9/18/12)
Commentary: Candid tape recorder (Roundhouse Roundup, 9/17/12)
Legislative committee to review new report on tax expenditures (The New Mexican, 9/15/12)
Poll: Many New Mexico voters back Medicaid expansion (AP, 9/14/12)
NM dodges Amazon sales tax — for now (The New Mexican, 9/14/12)
Most in NM give Governor good marks (Albuquerque Journal, 9/12/12)
Poll: Opposition still strong to immigrant license law (Albuquerque Journal, 9/12/12)
New super-PAC aims to help New Mexico Democrats hold legislative seats (AP, 9/11/12)
Governor’s chief of staff mouths off in secret recording (The New Mexican, 9/11/12)
National committees cancel local TV time for candidates (The New Mexican, 9/11/12)
NMFA keeps executives on leave over fake audit (AP, 9/10/12)
Minimum-wage proponents ask judge to approve measure for November ballot (AP, 9/8/12)
Obama leads Romney by five in NM (Albuquerque Journal, 9/9/12)
Martinez refuses to testify in firing case (The New Mexican, 9/7/12)
Martinez’s chief of staff heard offering state jobs to friends (KOB, 9/5/12)
Lawyer: Governor’s aide speaks against use of state email in recording (AP, 9/4/12)
Obama doubles offices in NM (AP, 9/2/12)
NY Daily News: ‘Why Susana Martinez matters’ (Capitol Report New Mexico, 9/1/12)


Groups use technology to sign up voters (The New Mexican, 8/31/12)
Should New Mexico expand Medicaid? UNM economist says yes but UNM doctor says no (Capitol Report New Mexico, 8/31/12)
Video: Why Susana Martinez matters (The Rumble, 8/31/12)
Firing up the GOP: Martinez’s personal story gets prime-time slot at GOP convention (The New Mexican, 8/29/12)
GOP speech puts New Mexico governor in national spotlight (AP, 8/29/12)
Susana takes her star turn at GOP convention (Capitol Report New Mexico, 8/29/12)
Court rules in favor of oil companies in royalties spat (AP, 8/27/12)
Business beat: Magazine takes note of collapse of New Mexico job growth (The New Mexican, 8/27/12)
Gary Johnson’s creative ballot access (Roundhouse Roundup, 8/26/12)
Public Education Commission seeks to tighten appeals on state charter schools (The New Mexican,8/25/12)
Demand for addict care would rise if Medicaid expands (The New Mexico, 8/25/12)
Audit faults New Mexico for failing to assess tax breaks (AP, 8/23/12)
Governor skips Romney appearance (The New Mexican, 8/23/12)
State’s new grading system puzzles lawmakers (The New Mexican, 8/23/12)
State forecasts 4% revenue growth in next budget (AP, 8/22/12)
Court: Settle dispute over ballot petition signatures (The New Mexican, 8/22/12)
Susana opening for Chris Christie in Tampa (Roundhouse Roundup, 8/21/12)
Governor proposes higher insurance premiums for New Mexico workers (AP, 8/21/12)
State GOP calls attorney general ‘puppet prosecutor’ for union PAC (The New Mexican, 8/20/12)
Business beat: Studio profits call incentives into question (The New Mexican, 8/20/12)
A call to revamp the board at the NMFA picks up support (Capitol Report New Mexico, 8/20/12)
Independent groups spend $2.7M in Senate race (The New Mexican, 8/17/12)
Attendance records raise questions of Finance Authority oversight in wake of fake audit (AP, 8/16/12)
Cash-strapped MVD stalling online license renewal system (The New Mexican, 8/16/12)
Governor posts names and salaries of classified employees on state’s home page (The New Mexican,8/15/12)
State Senate Dems launch PACs (AP, 8/14/12)
Will Paul Ryan make a difference in NM races this fall? Susana: ‘At least he had the courage to come up with a budget’ (CapitolReport New Mexico, 8/21/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: So far, fake audit scandal hasn’t hurt governor (The New Mexican, 8/11/12)
Medical Board OKs new rules to combat prescription drug abuse (The New Mexican, 8/10/12)
New Mexico may owe $20M in back pay to state workers (AP, 8/10/12)
Secretary of state’s voter roll cleanup targets ’shocked’ voting rights advocate (The New Mexican,8/9/12)
NMFA CEO placed on leave by board (AP, 8/9/12)
NM Finance Authority COO, ex-controller arrested (AP, 8/8/12)
State Medical Board to tackle painkiller epidemic (The New Mexican, 8/8/12)
Martinez says D and F schools eligible for turnaround program (AP, 8/7/12)
Commission recommends 2 for NM Supreme Court (AP, 8/7/12)
Educators meet on Common Core Standards (The New Mexican, 8/7/12)
Gov. Martinez slated as GOP convention speaker (The New Mexican, 8/6/12)
Agency raided in fraudulent audit probe (The New Mexican, 8/6/12)
Libertarians hope to earn major party status in NM (The New Mexican, 8/6/12)
Governor dealing with mice problems at residence (The New Mexican, 8/3/12)
Video: New attack ad focuses on Wilson votes in House (The New Mexican, 8/1/12)
State sending out notices to update voter rolls (AP, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Social services advocates push to expand Medicaid (The New Mexican, 7/31/12)
Martinez subpoenaed in parole officer’s firing (The New Mexican, 7/31/12)
Senator Udall in midst of it all (The New Mexican, 7/28/12)
Critics: Rise in political ‘pledges’ stonewalls policymaking (The New Mexican, 7/26/12)
Troubled Finance Authority to scale back loans (AP, 7/26/12)
Judge: Remove names of classified employees from state website (The New Mexican, 7/23/12)
Ex-justice seeks to fill high court vacancy (AP, 7/23/12)
Video: Man at center of NMFA audit scandal speaks (NMPolitics, 7/23/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Noncitizens outnumbered by dead on voter rolls (The New Mexican, 7/21/12)
State teachers pension system sues to recover overpayments (The New Mexican, 7/21/12)
Rogers resigns from sunshine group’s board (NMPolitics, 7/21/12)
Former comptroller: No criminal intent, just ‘bad decision’ in fake audit (AP, 7/21/12)
Foundation loses board member over email flap (The New Mexican, 7/21/12)
Online voter guide breaks down proposed state constitutional amendments (The New Mexican,7/20/12)
Commentary: The educator’s case for real reform (NMPolitics, 7/20/12)
Commentary: NMFA needs to answer questions — now (NMPolitics, 7/20/12)
New Mexico job losses lead nation in June (The New Mexican, 7/20/12)
Report faults New Mexico police, sheriffs on profiling (The New Mexican, 7/19/12)
Commentary: Common ground on ending oil and gas subsidies? (NMPolitics, 7/19/12)
Regulator: New Mexico Finance Authority fraud broader than faked audit (AP, 7/18/12)
Analysis: Putting this week’s polls in context (NMPolitics, 7/18/12)
Sunshine group to talk with Rogers about board membership (NMPolitics, 7/18/12)
Legislators want multiple NMFA reviews (NMPolitics, 7/18/12)
Protesters rally against proposed teacher-evaluation system (The New Mexican, 7/18/12)
Commentary: Tea Party’s use of Confederate flag is indefensible (NMPolitics, 7/17/12)
Commentary: Schott Solar is no Solyndra (NMPolitics, 7/17/12)
Can Heather Wilson, a moderate Republican, win over New Mexico’s Latino voters? (Washington Post, 7/16/12)
ALEC struggles to retain members (The New Mexican, 7/16/12)
Lawyer for fired parole officer to subpoena governor (The New Mexican, 7/16/12)
Ruling expected on state funds for private school textbooks (The New Mexican, 7/16/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Long road ahead for King in governor’s race (The New Mexican, 7/14/12)
Martinez’s chief of staff must testify at fired officer’s hearing (The New Mexican, 7/13/12)
Analysis: NM Finance Authority’s fraudulent audit is a big deal (NMPolitics, 7/13/12)
Judge considers removing some names from Sunshine Portal (The New Mexican, 7/12/12)
Teacher evaluation rules: Rhetoric, research and resistance (NMPolitics, 7/12/12)
Poll: Obama holds strong lead in NM; Heinrich ahead of Wilson by 9 points (The New Mexican,7/11/12)
For Gary King, a rough road lies ahead (NMPolitics, 7/11/12)
Sec of State Duran joins GOP effort asking feds to help stop voter fraud (The New Mexican, 7/11/12)
State payroll snafu caused by staff error, not software glitch (The New Mexican, 7/10/12)
Attorney General Gary King to try again for governor job (The New Mexican, 7/10/12)
AG King to run for governor in 2014 (NMPolitics, 7/10/12)
State govt taking back GRT funds from local governments, causing financial turmoil (NMPolitics, 7/9/12)
Former governors didn’t use public e-mail accounts (NMPolitics, 7/9/12)
Johnson may make NM more difficult for Romney (NMPolitics, 7/8/12)
New Mexico works to get back on Hollywood’s A-list (The New Mexican, 7/8/12)
Past governors left no e-mail trails (KRQE, 7/7/12)
AG: GOP request won’t deter state email investigation (The New Mexican, 7/6/12)
Commentary: Personal e-mail issue begs for clarity (NMPolitics, 7/6/12)
State to spend $200K to correct payroll problems (The New Mexican, 7/6/12)
No paycheck problems for Cabinet secretaries (The New Mexican, 7/5/12)
Commentary: ObamaCare upheld: NM must get busy (NMPolitics, 7/5/12)
IPRA wars over emails (Santa Fe Reporter, 7/3/12)
State Rep. Egolf slams governor’s $48K furniture buy (The New Mexican, 7/3/12)
Commentary: Legislators should use public e-mail accounts (NMPolitics, 7/3/12)
Governor shuts down Washington office after rep quits (The New Mexican, 7/3/12)
Testimony implicates Richardson in pay-to-play scheme (NMPolitics, 7/2/12)
No one way to woo Hispanic voters (AP, 7/1/12)
JUNE 2012
Martinez now likes parts of health care law (NMPolitics, 6/29/12)
State’s high court limits governor’s executive privilege (The New Mexican, 6/29/12)
New Mexico insurers, providers, employers push ahead on health care expansion (The New Mexican,6/28/12)
E-mails were ‘illegally obtained,’ guv’s spokesman says (NMPolitics, 6/28/12)
Commentary: Email mess looks a lot like Richardson scandals (NMPolitics, 6/28/12)
Martinez asks FBI to investigate email claims (The New Mexican, 6/28/12)
Ruling nixes penalties for states that don’t expand Medicaid, puts New Mexico in limbo (The New Mexican, 6/28/12)
New Mexicans react to health care ruling (The New Mexican, 6/28/12)
GOP state Senate candidate slams Martinez (NMPolitics, 6/27/12)
Oil, gas production bounces back in New Mexico (The New Mexican, 6/27/12)
Video: Election Adwatch: Groups target Wilson in new political ads (The New Mexican, 6/27/12)
NM open government group fights settlement secrecy (AP, 6/26/12)
Governor shakes up Parole Board amid dispute over option for lifers’ release (The New Mexican,6/26/12)
NM leaders: Feds need to reform immigration system (NMPolitics, 6/26/12)
Open government group unhappy with state board policy (AP, 6/26/12)
NM open government group fights settlement secrecy (AP, 6/26/12)
Group to tailor NM health exchange regardless of SCOTUS ruling (The New Mexican, 6/26/12)
Administration, tribal officials clash over Medicaid changes (The New Mexican, 6/25/12)
NM governor cites ‘responsible’ efforts on immigration (The New Mexican, 6/25/12)
NM students praised for early role in immigration effort (The New Mexican, 6/24/12)
Learning curve: Committee educates Legislature on schools (The New Mexican, 6/24/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Las Vegas emails and ‘leaking’ public records (The New Mexican, 6/23/12)
Feds: 5 New Mexico residents arrested in license-fraud case (The New Mexican, 6/20/12)
School grading system puzzles legislative panel (The New Mexican, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Higher education reform is urgent (NMPolitics, 6/19/12)
Governor orders staff to end use of private email for work matters (The New Mexican, 6/18/12)
Johnson has some appeal on the right and left (NMPolitics, 6/17/12)
Straight party vote off NM ballots in November (The New Mexican, 6/17/12)
Some Santa Feans see immigration policy move as positive step to goal (The New Mexican, 6/15/12)
Using personal email for business typical for legislators (The New Mexican, 6/15/12)
Personal emails used by Gov. Martinez and staff (The New Mexican, 6/14/12)
Agency official takes heat over list of teachers’ emails (The New Mexican, 6/13/12)
State’s teacher eval plan moves forward (The New Mexican, 6/13/12)
NM agency compiled email list for governor’s PAC (The New Mexican, 6/11/12)
Turnout was 25% in last week’s primary (NMPolitics, 6/11/12)
Some primary races are still up in the air (NMPolitics, 6/11/12)
Roundhouse Roundup: Political junkies need their attack ads (The New Mexican, 6/9/12)
Candidates’ records divide interest groups (The New Mexican, 6/8/12)
State government sells 1983 twin-engine airplane (AP, 6/7/12)
This lawmaker beat Martinez-supporting super PAC (NMPolitics, 6/7/12)
Susana’s PACs fared better in Dem races (Roundhouse Roundup, 6/6/12)
Primary shows shift in political landscape (The New Mexican, 6/6/12)
Commentary: It’s on to November’s hard-fought, dirty and exhausting battles (NMPolitics, 6/6/12)
Expect early onslaught in fight for US Senate seat (The New Mexican, 6/6/12)
State to alter federal application to redesign Medicaid (The New Mexican, 6/5/12)
Dem legislative primaries are the races to watch (NMPolitics, 6/5/12)
Election running smoothly; turnout light (NMPolitics, 6/5/12)
Northern NM Dems keep state Senate seats (The New Mexican, 6/5/12)
Primary election: Final push to the polls (The New Mexican, 6/4/12)
Candidates complain about guv-supporting PAC (NMPolitics, 6/4/12)
Coss files complaint alleging governor’s PAC violated election codes (The New Mexican, 6/3/12)
Tuesday primary election may hold surprises (The New Mexican, 6/2/12)
SOS reverses course, will issue matching funds (NMPolitics, 6/1/12)
Judge orders SOS to release matching funds (NMPolitics, 6/1/12)
Martinez-supporting super PAC comes to aid of Dems (NMPolitics, 6/1/12)
Governor tells New Mexico School for the Deaf graduates: ‘From here on, you write your own story’(The New Mexican, 6/1/12)
MAY 2012
Sec of State Duran withholds cash from publicly financed candidates (NMPolitics, 5/31/12)
Heinrich and Wilson up big, Chavez slipping, polls find (NMPolitics, 5/27/12)
Roundhouse roundup: Go east for divisive GOP race (The New Mexican, 5/26/12)
Guv, others unhurt during plane’s hard landing (NMPolitics, 5/24/12)
Gov. Martinez unfazed by hard landing (New Mexican, 5/24/12)
State tops list for fatal injuries (The New Mexican, 5/23/12)
Two hotel employees charged in ALEC tussle (The New Mexican, 5/23/12)
Stakes high in US Senate contest (New Mexican, 5/19/12)
Legislators want Martinez vetoes tested in court (The New Mexican, 5/19/12)
Martinez hits Romney’s ’self-deportation’ idea (The New Mexican, 5/14/12)
Redistricting spurs tough matchup for state Senate District 8 seat (The New Mexican, 5/14/12)
Commentary: State keeping Medicaid plans secret (NMPolitics, 5/14/12)
State suspends two Sunland Park officials (NMPolitics, 5/14/12)
Groups: EPA must halt NM uranium project (The New Mexican, 5/13/12)
State regulators consider revisions to oil, gas rules (The New Mexican, 5/13/12)
Four candidates aim to restore faith in PRC (The New Mexican, 5/12/12)
Ex-Bush administration exec to head insurance exchange (The New Mexican, 5/10/12)
Commentary: ALEC’s ‘accountability’ model puts teachers and children last (NMPolitics, 5/10/12)
New Mexicans say legalized gay marriage unlikely anytime soon (The New Mexican, 5/9/12)
Commentary: Messing with minority voting rights is no small thing (NMPolitics, 5/9/12)
Drill with care: State has over 100K oil and gas wells, and fewer than 100 inspectors (New Mexican,5/5/12)
Video: Gary Johnson wins Libertarian nomination (New Mexican, 5/5/12)
Chaotic meeting doesn’t end with new Sunland Park mayor (NMPolitics, 5/4/12)
For immigrant groups and NM Occupy movement, issues converge (NMPolitics, 5/4/12)
GOP files complaint over anti-Martinez ads (New Mexican, 5/3/12)
Governor takes back $2.6M in stimulus (The New Mexican, 5/3/12)
Johnson likely to get Libertarian nomination (New Mexican, 5/2/12)
APRIL 2012
Gov. Martinez’s grandfather was US citizen (AP, 4/27/12)
Commentary: Let’s make a down payment on clean energy leadership (NMPolitics, 4/26/12)
State seeks approval of Medicaid revamp (New Mexican, 4/26/12)
Commentary: Both sides in education debate have same goal (NMPolitics, 4/26/12)
Commissioner in hot seat over red-light district photos (NMPolitics, 4/26/12)
Poll: Obama holds big lead over Romney in NM – with or without Martinez (New Mexican, 4/25/12)
It don’t mean a thing if NM loses that swing (Roundhouse Roundup, 4/25/12)
DA investigates possible Sunland open meetings violation (NMPolitics, 4/24/12)
State cuts back on flex-time hours (New Mexican, 4/21/12)
Commentary: Putting NM back on the path to sound environmental policy (NMPolitics, 4/20/12)
Commentary: Citizens are the strongest safeguard against corruption (NMPolitics, 4/19/12)
In all-Dem PRC race, party loyalty raised as issue (New Mexican, 4/19/12)
Judge dismisses whistle-blower case (New Mexican, 4/19/12)
Guess who’s NOT listed on new GOP VP poll (Roundhouse Roundup, 4/18/12)
New Mexico’s burgeoning border scandal (NMPolitics, 4/17/12)
Governor demands more choices for judicial vacancy (New Mexican, 4/16/12)
Officials trying to stop ‘longstanding corruption’ in Sunland Park (NMPolitics, 4/16/12)
Proposed insurance rate hike stokes fears (New Mexican, 4/14/12)
Commentary: New Mexico – The entitlement state? (NMPolitics, 4/12/12)
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Tax break details scarce in New Mexico (The New Mexican, 4/11/12)
NM Supreme Court: Paperwork snafu should not disqualify candidates (New Mexican, 4/10/12)
Supreme Court keeps candidates on ballot (NMPolitics, 4/10/12)
Campaigns get boost from out-of-state contributions (New Mexican, 4/9/12)
Commentary: President’s ‘all of the above’ energy strategy is right for NM (NMPolitics, 4/9/12)
Salinas, two others face new fraud charges (NMPolitics, 4/6/12)
Commentary: A vision for a world-class economy in NM (NMPolitics, 4/6/12)
NM Supreme Court takes up petition snafu (NMPolitics, 4/5/12)
NM sells grounded aircraft for $245K (New Mexican, 4/5/12)
State Supreme Court to weigh in on ballot issue (New Mexican, 4/5/12)
New Mexico among painkiller hot spots (New Mexican, 4/5/12)
Gary Johnson: Romney-Martinez would be ‘Palin-esque’ (Politico, 4/4/12)
Commentary: Drug testing the poor is unconstitutional and un-American (NMPolitics, 4/4/12)
Commentary: Public financing deserves a fair hearing (NMPolitics, 4/4/12)
MARCH 2012
At least four lawmakers’ candidacies challenged (NMPolitics, 3/30/12)
Video: Ex-PRC member Jerome Block Jr avoids prison, sentenced to probation (New Mexican,3/28/12)
Commentary: Partisan conflict abounds in NM’s capital outlay process (NMPolitics, 3/27/12)
Tourism chief’s spouse gets permanent state job (New Mexican, 3/27/12)
Duran OKs candidates; Garcia to sue (NMPolitics, 3/26/12)
Martinez mum on reasoning behind business-tax veto (The New Mexican, 3/24/12)
Governor won’t budge on business-tax veto (AP, 3/24/12)
Another lawmaker drops out; more could be kicked off ballot (NMPolitics, 3/23/12)
NM health care official resigns over perceived lag in progress (New Mexican, 3/23/12)
Legal questions raised about candidates filings (New Mexican, 3/23/12)
Martinez eyes options on illegal-immigrant licenses (The New Mexican, 3/23/12)
Glossy package of easy answers is not education reform (NMPolitics, 3/22/12)
Sunland Park mayor-elect, police chief arrested on bribery charges (NMPolitics, 3/20/12)
Redistricting effects evident in state ballots (New Mexican, 3/20/12)
GOP gives moderate women preprimary victories (NMPolitics, 3/19/12)
Commentary: Officials should lead by example on transparency (NMPolitics, 3/16/12)
GOP Senate primary degrades into nasty fight (NMPolitics, 3/15/12)
Failed bills won’t halt teacher grades (New Mexican, 3/15/12)
Doctors push for ‘death with dignity’ (New Mexican, 3/15/12)
AG King returns campaign cash (New Mexican, 3/15/12)
Commentary: Do you want education reform or legislative gridlock? (NMPolitics, 3/15/12)
Los Alamos cuts to cost Northern NM $30M (New Mexican, 3/14/12)
Martinez wins battle over NM labor board selection (Las Cruces Sun-News, 3/14/12)
Martinez wants voters to weigh in on legislative pensions (NMPolitics, 3/14/12)
Two more arrested in Sunland Park extortion case (NMPolitics, 3/13/12)
State mum on bids for $24 million health insurance exchange contract (New Mexican, 3/13/12)
Governor wins fight over labor board selections (New Mexican, 3/13/12)
Ex-investment officer suing NM agency for damages (CBS Moneywatch, 3/12/12)
Chavez joins exodus from NM House (NMPolitics, 3/12/12)
NM capital dollars ripe for misuse (New Mexican, 3/10/12)
Commentary: Roundhouse gridlock must end in 2013 (NMPolitics, 3/9/12)
Retiring senators talk about ethics and transparency (NMPolitics, 3/9/12)
Commentary: NM believes in responsible energy exploration (NMPolitics, 3/8/12)
Commentary: Jennings’ actions prove need for ethics commission (NMPolitics, 3/8/12)
King is ninth House member to not seek re-election (NMPolitics, 3/8/12)
Gov. signs tax break for hiring veterans (New Mexican, 3/7/12)
Rhonda King latest legislator to bow out (New Mexican, 3/7/12)
Governor axes more than 20 capital projects in Santa Fe (New Mexican, 3/7/12)
State moves forward on health insurance exchange (New Mexican, 3/6/12)
Governor vetoes Wirth’s corporate tax bill (New Mexican, 3/6/12)
Commentary: Fund early childhood education now for NM’s future (NMPolitics, 3/6/12)
Gov. Martinez signs unemployment fund tax bill (New Mexican, 3/5/12)
Gov. Martinez wants capital outlay reforms, threatens vetoes (New Mexican, 3/4/12)
Gov. Martinez signs state budget, vetoes $2M (New Mexican, 3/2/12)
Left’s turn to take shots at film-tax incentives (The New Mexican, 3/2/12)
Judge refuses to halt Sunland Park election (New Mexican, 3/2/12)
Other bills awaiting governor’s final say (New Mexican, 3/2/12)
Commentary: Los Alamos cuts an opportunity for New Mexico (NMPolitics, 3/1/12)
Pressure builds on Martinez on tax bill (New Mexican, 3/1/12)
State gets tougher on private prisons (New Mexican, 3/1/12)
NM court clears way for state House elections (New Mexican, 3/1/12)
Analysis: Republicans still win House redistricting battle (NMPolitics, 3/1/12)
Profile calls Nunez ‘unlikely poster child for a rising right’ (NMPolitics, 2/29/12)
Democrats, GOP agree to House redistricting plan (New Mexican, 2/29/12)
Governor: Protesting hairstylist too chatty for her tastes (New Mexican, 2/28/12)
Judge OKs new NM House redistricting map (NMPolitics, 2/27/12)
Commentary: Selling New Mexico (NMPolitics, 2/26/12)
Wirth’s tax bill presents dilemma for governor (New Mexican, 2/25/12)
Groups to keep pressure after NM license fight (New Mexican, 2/25/12)
Changes coming to NM Legislature (New Mexican, 2/24/12)
Gov. Martinez signs business tax cuts (New Mexican, 2/23/12)
Obama, Martinez popular in NM poll (New Mexican, 2/23/12)
Commentary: NM needs to protect commercial space companies (NMPolitics, 2/23/12)
Catching up on new Rasmussen poll of NM (NMPolitics, 2/23/12)
Commentary: Gridlock springs terminal (NMPolitics, 2/23/12)
Gov. Martinez signs health care proposal (New Mexican, 2/22/12)
Audio: Stylist won’t cut Martinez’s hair over gay-marriage stance (New Mexican, 2/22/12)
Rasmussen poll: Obama has big lead in NM, Susana has strong support (Capitol Report New Mexico, 2/22/12)
Commentary: Tax reform – focus on broadness and income (NMPolitics, 2/22/12)
Denish sticks neck out with endorsements (NMPolitics, 2/22/12)
Guv signs tougher corruption penalties into law (NMPolitics, 2/21/12)
Veto of bill could cost state $40 million (New Mexican, 2/21/12)
State unveils plans for Medicaid revamp (New Mexican, 2/21/12)
New Mexico proposes to overhaul Medicaid program (New Mexican, 2/21/12)
Martinez looks to unseat legislative foes (NMPolitics, 2/21/12)
District judge unveils House redistricting maps (NMPolitics, 2/21/12)
Sportsmen decry replacement of game commissioner (New Mexican, 2/21/12)
Once again, lawmakers say no to revamping ‘tax lightning’ law (New Mexican, 2/20/12)
Commentary: Internationalizing NM – What stands in our way? (NMPolitics, 2/20/12)
Video: Gov. Martinez talks about 30-day legislative session (KOB, 2/18/12)
Report rips federal oversight of laboratories (New Mexican, 2/17/12)
EPA issues decision on NM coal plan permit (New Mexican, 2/17/12)
For Martinez, session brings wins and losses (NMPolitics, 2/16/12)
Session wrap-up signals election-year battles ahead (New Mexican, 2/16/12)
Legislative scorecard: What passed, what failed (New Mexican, 2/16/12)
NM Legislature finishes politically heated session (New Mexican, 2/16/12)
End of an ‘Old Guard’ era: As Lujan gavels last session, Santa Fe area loses powerful advocate (New Mexican, 2/16/12)
It’s over: Legislature adjourns sine die (NMPolitics, 2/16/12)
Campaign-disclosure bill loses GOP supporter (NMPolitics, 2/15/12)
Democrats push to keep straight-party balloting (New Mexican, 2/15/12)
PRC bill passes, ‘combined reporting’ squeaks by as session wraps up (New Mexican, 2/15/12)
Commentary: Sadly, compromise is elusive on driver’s license debate (NMPolitics, 2/15/12)
Commentary: Closing tax loophole is more than a ‘fairness’ issue (NMPolitics, 2/15/12)
Commentary: Lujan again shows why change is needed (NMPolitics, 2/15/12)
NM Senate OKs PRC bill; House OKs combined reporting, capital outlay (NMPolitics, 2/15/12)
Commentary: Energy-efficiency tax credit is a vital step (NMPolitics, 2/14/12)
Skandera confirmation, once again, unlikely (New Mexican, 2/14/12)
Governor threatens veto on state budget (New Mexican, 2/14/12)
Governor hopeful for early reading proposal (New Mexican, 2/14/12)
Santa Fe County in line for $14 million in project funding — if Martinez signs off (New Mexican,2/14/12)
PRC reforms clear key committee (NMPolitics, 2/14/12)
Republicans file federal redistricting appeal (NMPolitics, 2/14/12)
Senate OKs budget, social promotion, driver’s license bills (NMPolitics, 2/14/12)
Commentary: Don’t poison the Sunshine Portal (NMPolitics, 2/14/12)
Commentary: Public means public; in 2012, that means online (NMPolitics, 2/13/12)
Campaign disclosure bill passes Senate unchanged (NMPolitics, 2/13/12)
NM House OKs tax exemption for military retirees (New Mexican, 2/13/12)
Legislature OKs extra judgeships in New Mexico (New Mexican, 2/13/12)
Legislature approves anti-corruption proposal (New Mexican, 2/13/12)
Commentary: Feds reject NM education plan; Senate should reject its author (NMPolitics, 2/13/12)
High court rejects House redistricting plan; gov to appeal (NMPolitics, 2/13/12)
Republicans want federal court to draw new House districts (New Mexican, 2/13/12)
Consumers can find help in PRC (New Mexican, 2/12/12)
On fire for the session (New Mexican, 2/12/12)
NM House approves tax credit for hiring veterans (New Mexican, 2/11/12)
Plenty to do before legislative session ends Thursday (New Mexican, 2/11/12)
Dem lawmaker: Prepared to approve a responsible public-works package (NMPolitics, 2/11/12)
Disagreement still threatens campaign disclosure bill (NMPolitics, 2/11/12)
PRC reform bills inch through Senate (New Mexican, 2/11/12)
NM House OKs educational pension solvency bill (New Mexican, 2/11/12)
One PRC reform bill advances (NMPolitics, 2/11/12)
NM only state left behind on NCLB waivers (New Mexican, 2/10/12)
NM Supreme Court rejects NM House redistricting plan (New Mexican, 2/10/12)
Commentary: Let voters decide on PRC reform (NMPolitics, 2/10/12)
Health-care advocates oppose PRC reform measure (NMPolitics, 2/10/12)
Energy lobbyists entertain lawmakers (New Mexican, 2/10/12)
Dem lawmaker: Keep NM’s permanent fund ‘permanent’ (NMPolitics, 2/10/12)
Commentary: It’s time for a new vision for our state (NMPolitics, 2/9/12)
‘Transparency’ guv declines to release schedule (New Mexican, 2/9/12)
NM House OKs change in legislative pension plan (New Mexican, 2/9/12)
Court rules in favor of governor in union dispute (New Mexican, 2/9/12)
Unions spar over public pension reforms (New Mexican, 2/9/12)
Lt. Gov. Sanchez drops bid for US Senate (New Mexican, 2/9/12)
Judge Murphy resigns to avoid discipline (NMPolitics, 2/8/12)
Once again NM House votes to repeal driver’s license law (Roundhouse Roundup, 2/8/12)
House approves $5 billion state budget proposal (New Mexican, 2/8/12)
Senate leader: No rush on PRC reforms (New Mexican, 2/8/12)
House sends immigrant driver’s license bill to Senate (New Mexican, 2/8/12)
PRC reform may hit snag in Senate (NMPolitics, 2/8/12)
Commentary: Let voters decide on funding for early learning services (NMPolitics, 2/8/12)
NM House OKs budget, Nunez driver’s license bill (NMPolitics, 2/8/12)
Howe issues ‘first and last’ comments on Smothermon (NMPolitics, 2/7/12)
Voter ID bills again stall in committee (New Mexican, 2/7/12)
Vote against anti-corruption bill could be a campaign issue (NMPolitics, 2/7/12)
Appeal delays Murphy trial (NMPolitics, 2/6/12)
Bill to battle corruption gets little local backing (New Mexican, 2/6/12)
House panel OKs budget with room for tax cuts (New Mexican, 2/6/12)
Pastor’s comments spark protest, online debate (NMPolitics, 2/6/12)
Commentary: An affront to your wallet and your civil rights (NMPolitics, 2/5/12)
With 11 days left, much to do at Roundhouse (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/4/12)
Commentary: Time to be cautious in budgeting (NMPolitics, 2/4/12)
University lobbyists among session’s big spenders (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/3/12)
Correra bribed adviser, Malott alleges (NMPolitics, 2/3/12)
Senate confirms governor’s budget agency leader (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/3/12)
Reading bill advances despite cost concerns (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/3/12)
House panel OKs bill to halt immigrant licenses (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/3/12)
Commentary: It’s time to embrace education reforms (NMPolitics, 2/2/12)
House OKs proposals to revamp PRC (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/2/12)
Trio of bills push for new teacher evaluation system (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/2/12)
Analysis: Budget kefluffle is business as usual (NMPolitics, 2/1/12)
Commentary: Now is the time for tax-credit scholarships (NMPolitics, 2/1/12)
Wirth tax bill clears hurdle, heads to tough committee (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/1/12)
Corrections secretary nominee wins Senate confirmation (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/1/12)
Immigrant license debate on hold to find compromise (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/1/12)
Controversial corporate tax bill moves forward (NMPolitics, 2/1/12)
Fugitive’s plea for governor’s help backfires (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/31/12)
Democratic senator is pushing tax reform (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/31/12)
Poll: Heinrich and Wilson tied; voters like guv (NMPolitics, 1/31/12)
Commentary: Kids’ photos should hang in Roundhouse hallways (NMPolitics, 1/31/12)
Amid grilling, Martinez retracts fair nominees (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/30/12)
Lawsuit could be hitch for Cabinet nominee (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/30/12)
New water czar talks about NM’s challenges (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/30/12)
Commentary: Urging both sides to compromise on driver’s license issue (NMPolitics, 1/30/12)
ABQ Journal calls AG’s record ‘woefully inadequate’ (NMPolitics, 1/30/12)
Editorial: Two states, so close, yet so far apart (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/28/12)
Like Christie, Martinez appointed gay man to office (NMPolitics, 1/27/12)
Committee rejects Nunez license bill, passes substitute (NMPolitics, 1/26/12)
Lawmakers offer competing plans to reduce tax ‘pyramiding’ (NMPolitics, 1/26/12)
Occupy protesters tussle with lawmakers at ALEC dinner (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/26/12)
NM unemployment rate creeps up to 6.6% (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/26/12)
Analysis: License debate will likely be another train wreck (NMPolitics, 1/26/12)
Commentary: Rhode Island pension reforms are a model for NM (NMPolitics, 1/26/12)
Commentary: Immigration reform is more than just driver’s licenses (NMPolitics, 1/25/12)
New Mexico license data points to fraud (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/25/12)
Lobbyists throw parties for lawmakers (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/25/12)
Immigrant activists rally on licenses (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/24/12)
Governor’s moves frustrate even some in GOP (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/24/12)
Election, ethics reform still on session agenda (NMPolitics, 1/24/12)
Correras ‘run the governor,’ adviser claimed about Richardson (NMPolitics, 1/24/12)
Romney drops Susana Martinez’s name while talking Veep (Fox News, 1/23/12)
Gov Martinez to scale back session agenda (NMPolitics, 1/23/12)
Democrats aim to trump Martinez on jobs, taxes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/23/12)
Forum presents downsides of voter-ID laws (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/23/12)
Attorney: Tapes show Richardson mired in pay-to-play (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/23/12)
AG King returns part of $15K donation (NMPolitics, 1/23/12)
Critics: Politics, business too cozy in group that includes state lawmakers (Santa Fe New Mexican,1/22/12)
Access to legal abortions increasingly limited (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/21/12)
Nonprofits focus on taxes in new mailer (NMPolitics, 1/20/12)
Several months? Try several years, AG King (NMPolitics, 1/20/12)
Martinez says thanks, but no thanks to Republican veepstakes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/20/12)
Reform and accountability proposals stack up (NMPolitics, 1/20/12)
Martinez uses executive messages to load up session agenda (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/19/12)
Commentary: Lujan has been workers’ true champion and hero (NMPolitics, 1/19/12)
Martinez allows consideration of lots of issues during session (NMPolitics, 1/19/12)
Video: Watch Lujan, Martinez speeches here (NMPolitics, 1/18/12)
Lujan’s cancer brings an era to an end (NMPolitics, 1/18/12)
AG clarifies when hospital alerted office to possible embezzlement (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Legislative roundup Jan. 19, 2012 (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Wednesday weekly legislative lunch live blog (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Senate panel hears from school superintendents (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Appeals aim to overturn state House redistricting map (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Some fear state’s revenue projection too high (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/18/12)
Lawmakers vow to rally around speaker (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/17/12)
Occupy protesters disrupt governor’s address; tea partyers rally for key Martinez initiative (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/17/12)
Governor pushes education reform in agenda for session (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/17/12)
Video: NM Dems respond to state of the state address (NMPolitics, 1/17/12)
Text of Gov. Martinez’s state of the state (NMPolitics, 1/17/12)
Speaker Lujan announces he has late-stage lung cancer, won’t seek re-election (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/17/12)
Commentary: Just another ‘job creation’ scheme (NMPolitics, 1/16/12)
A new finish coming for old driver’s license fight? (New Mexican, 1/16/12)
Legislative efforts are under way to overhaul state’s scandal-plagued PRC (Santa Fe New Mexican,1/15/12)
Battle over social promotions looms (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/15/12)
Fight for Hispanic votes is on — but is it too late for GOP? (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/15/12)
Martinez vows more communication, but after bumpy first year, some legislators are skeptical(Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/14/12)
Immigration advocates to fight license-law repeal (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/14/12)
Election-year tension and redrawn districts set stage for political dramas at the Capitol (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/14/12)
Guv OKs consideration of campaign reform (NMPolitics, 1/13/12)
Campers unoccupy Railyard (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/13/12)
State to tackle $10B pension funding gap (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/13/12)
Democrats challenge governor on social promotion (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/13/12)
PAC investigation slams Public Ed chief Skandera (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/13/12)
Governor wants to sell more state planes to save money (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/12/12)
Commentary: Immigration bill presents more problems than solutions (NMPolitics, 1/12/12)
Analysis: In Senate redistricting, both sides win (NMPolitics, 1/12/12)
PRC study calls for ethics, hiring reform (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/11/12)
A-to-F grading system gets praise from some area school districts (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/11/12)
New Mexico known as ‘dull,’ ‘close to Arizona’ (NMPolitics, 1/10/12)
The ‘Land of Enchantment’ needs a lift (Wall Street Journal, 1/10/12)
ACLU asks for summary judgment in suit against SOS (Roundhouse Roundup, 1/10/12)
ACLU suit seeks names of foreigners on voter rolls (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/10/12)
Judge puts parts of contribution-limits law on hold (NMPolitics, 1/9/12)
Commentary: For New Mexico, the possibilities are endless (NMPolitics, 1/6/12)
Martinez wants cash to help nursing homes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/5/12)
Legislators prepare for education battles in upcoming session (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/5/12)
Observers imagine a future with less costly media campaigns and reps without deep NM roots (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/5/12)
Legislative budget proposes $250M increase (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/4/12)
New NM House districts map has longtime Dem mulling retirement (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/4/12)
Lawmakers to consider voter ID requirement (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/3/12)
Analysis: Judge’s ruling means a more competitive NM House (NMPolitics, 1/3/12)
Bills would boost government transparency (Santa Fe New Mexican, 1/2/12)