The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NM 2011 Archives

newmexico-stampNew Mexico Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives

DECEMBER 2011’s most-read stories of 2011 (NMPolitics, 12/30/11)
Gov. Martinez pushes for tougher DWI laws (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/30/11)
NM year in review: Scandals, fires and partisan battles (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/30/11)
Few shifts in redistricting plan adopted by judge (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/29/11)
Former ABQ mayor’s wife named in lawsuit alleging $3.2M embezzlement at hospital (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/28/11)
Former Gov. Gary Johnson makes party switch, announces new presidential bid at Roundhouse(Santa Fe New Mexican,12/28/11)
Johnson the Libertarian could snag some of state’s electoral votes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/27/11)
NM’s top political stories of 2011 (NMPolitics, 12/27/11)
Time to unoccupy? Leaders ready to pack up Railyard camp, citing drunks and conflicts (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/27/11)
Meaning of Block’s e-mails to PRC chief of staff is ‘murky’ (NMPolitics, 12/21/11)
Johnson the Libertarian could impact prez race (NMPolitics, 12/21/11)
Survey results spark debate about PPP (NMPolitics, 12/21/11)
PRC violated state and federal law, audit finds (NMPolitics, 12/21/11)
Commentary: Balancing economic development and conservation (NMPolitics, 12/20/11)
Martinez popularity ’sky high,’ poll says (NMPolitics, 12/20/11)
Richardson won’t comment on grand jury probe (NMPolitics, 12/19/11)
Commentary: An a-historical war against public education (NMPolitics, 12/19/11)
NM retiree board re-evaluates benefits (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/16/11)
Poll shows Johnson could imapct NM electoral votes with party switch (Santa Fe New Mexican,12/16/11)
Gingrich has a big lead in NM (NMPolitics, 12/15/11)
AG will seek maximum penalty for Block (NMPolitics, 12/15/11)
Representative apologizes to governor for ‘Mexican’ remark (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/15/11)
Tribal leaders want input on educational reform (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/15/11)
Block arrested again, booted from drug court program (NMPolitics, 12/14/11)
AG to seek maximum penalty for Block, Jr. (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/14/11)
Court: Partial veto unconstitutional (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/14/11)
Two apparently testify in Richardson probe (NMPolitics, 12/14/11)
Commentary: We should all pay our fair share (NMPolitics, 12/13/11)
Former Richardson official, fundraiser testify at grand jury probe (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/13/11)
Block jailed, booted from Drug Court (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/13/11)
Is the AG ‘ineffective’ in dealing with cop discipline cases? (NMPolitics, 12/9/11)
Grand jury investigating Richardson meets Tuesday (NMPolitics, 12/8/11)
‘No trial date in sight’ for Vigil-Giron (NMPolitics, 12/8/11)
Governor seeks $17M to sharpen kids’ reading skills (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/7/11)
Richardson inquiry quietly brewing (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/7/11)
Youth support state’s emissions rule (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/7/11)
Commentary: Martinez’s change isn’t bold enough yet (NMPolitics, 12/7/11)
District shuffle centers on southern Hispanics (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/6/11)
Commentary: Voter photo ID sounds like a fantastic idea, but it’s not (NMPolitics, 12/6/11)
State estimates $254M surplus (NMPolitics, 12/5/11)
Trial starts in congressional redistricting (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/5/11)
Spaceport will be self-sufficient, director says (NMPolitics, 12/5/11)
Panel reconsiders greenhouse gas rule (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/5/11)
Commentary: Judges in NM do face strong accountability measures (NMPolitics, 12/5/11)
Pastor’s political activity scrutinized (NMPolitics, 12/5/11)
$6B nuclear lab raises fears of quakes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/4/11)
Benefits, concerns surround ‘fracking’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/3/11)
Commentary: Proponents haven’t shown how voter ID would prevent fraud (NMPolitics, 12/2/11)
Tent removal causes rift in Occupy Santa Fe (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/2/11)
NY Times: Women ‘felt pressured’ into relationship with Richardson (NMPolitics, 12/2/11)
Feds probe claim of a payoff to hide Richardson affair (NMPolitics, 12/1/11)
Legislators want say on Medicaid revamp (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/1/11)
Ex-governor is said to be focal point of inquiry (New York Times, 12/1/11)

Commentary: Public online access would bring courts into the 21st century (NMPolitics, 11/30/11)
Martinez trims state’s wireless bill (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/30/11)
Nursing homes, strapped for cash, seek Legislature’s help (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/30/11)
Commentary: It’s time for a review of how judges are held accountable (NMPolitics, 11/29/11)
Newspaper criticizes ABQ racino lease process (NMPolitics, 11/29/11)
Do e-mails reveal how Block obtained drugs? (NMPolitics, 11/29/11)
Johnson gives up on GOP nomination, may run as libertarian (NMPolitics, 11/29/11)
Talking about Duran’s probe of the voter rolls and more (NMPolitics, 11/29/11)
Commentary: Duran issues snarky report we can’t trust (NMPolitics, 11/28/11)
Health care at forefront of job growth (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/28/11)
Company to increase pumping of deep wells (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/28/11)
Sen. Wirth makes another push for corporate income tax (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/28/11)
Solar projects in the works (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/25/11)
‘Abandoned’ by GOP, Johnson could seek Libertarian nod (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/24/11)
Altered leases to save taxpayers $820,000 (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/24/11)
Commentary: Restoring the public’s trust (NMPolitics, 11/23/11)
Environment Dept assesses $7M in penalties (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/22/11)
Speaker Lujan mum about re-election plans (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/21/11)
Santa Fe man one of thousands of legal citizens incarcerated by ICE (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/20/11)
Legislators struggling to revamp evaluations for teachers (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/19/11)
Report: 19 NM voters may be foreign nationals (NMPolitics, 11/18/11)
State stalls on higher education center (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/17/11)
PRC hiring practices under fire (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/17/11)
Report: 19 non-citizens my have voted in NM (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/17/11)
Schism patched, Railyard occupiers in for long haul (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/17/11)
Feds looking at Richardson again (NMPolitics, 11/16/11)
Block Jr still in jail after hearing (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/15/11)
Martinez in Chihuahua to honor great-grandfather (NMPolitics, 11/14/11)
Martinez in Mexico to honor revolutionary kin (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/14/11)
Ex-PRC Commissioner Jerome Block, Jr back in jail (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/14/11)
State fines private prison operator $1.1 million over staffing shortage (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/14/11)
Push to pay legislators may be gaining momentum (NMPolitics, 11/14/11)
Opinion: Political silliness is getting absurd (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/13/11)
Television ad airing in NM, OH and NC targets jobs bill (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/10/11)
State’s medical pot czar resigns (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/10/11)
Group urges Martinez to top into state’s renewable energy (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/9/11)
At least two illegally registered to vote, Sec State says (NMPolitics, 11/8/11)
Official pits costs of state’s emissions rules against benefits (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/8/11)
Commentary: Degrading gay people isn’t acceptable, Judge Murphy (NMPolitics, 11/7/11)
Cases prompt closer scrutiny of voter rolls (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/7/11)
Governor eyes tax reforms to foster business (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/7/11)
Energy adviser picked for PRC (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/7/11)
Shoring up our vulnerable system (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/6/11)
Ready or not, attack ads coming (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/6/11)
Agency merger idea lags in Legislature (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/3/11)
Commentary: Medicare benefits have been cut enough (NMPolitics, 11/3/11)
Late finance reports net fines (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/3/11)
Tourism Department hopes to ‘rebrand’ New Mexico (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/3/11)
Former ERB chairman files new pay-to-play lawsuit (NMPolitics, 11/2/11)
State to boost insurance rate reviews, consumer protections (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/2/11)
Murphy on defense over comments about gay people (NMPolitics, 11/1/11)
Another suit filed over pay-to-play allegations (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/1/11)
Report: State should raise cash for schools (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/1/11)
GOP seeks big-government power grab along borders (NMPolitics, 11/1/11)
Educators: Put care, cash into grading system (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/31/11)
The GOP gets smart; New Mexico better get ready (NMPolitics, 10/30/11)
Commentary: The GOP gets smart; New Mexico better get ready (NMPolitics, 10/30/11)
Study: NM ballot questions hardest to decipher (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/29/11)
Former state employees sue four AG investigators (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/28/11)
Gary King adamant on legality of campaign contribution (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/28/11)
Report highlights Murphy’s comments about gay people (NMPolitics, 10/28/11)
State at odds with tribes over slot revenue (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/27/11)
State serves notice to deadbeat parents (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/27/11)
Daniels ‘disappointed’ in Chandler, won’t stay off Murphy case (NMPolitics, 10/27/11)
Group urges protection of end-of-life decisions (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/27/11)
Movie mogul knocks state’s film perks (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/26/11)
Block Jr pleads to three felonies (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/26/11)
Former legislators: Spending depleting state fund (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/25/11)
Commentary: Education Sec Skandera steps to undermine public education (NMPolitics, 10/25/11)
Commentary: The politics of free trade: New Mexico edition (NMPolitics, 10/24/11)
Commentary: Knowing the difference between red and blue (NMPolitics, 10/24/11)
Capital projects eyed as stimulus (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/24/11)
Governor down to 5 finalists to replace Block Jr (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/24/11)
Jobless-bill veto back to justices (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/24/11)
State labor department mulls prosecution to help reduce unemployment benefit fraud (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/23/11)
Branson, space tourists anxious for maiden flight (Las Cruces Sun-News, 10/23/11)
Corporate influence in politics emerges as a major concern among Occupy Santa Fe protesters (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/22/11)
State labor dept mulls prosecution to help reduce unemployment benefit fraud (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/22/11)
AG King, lawmakers still bickering over subpoenaed Block Jr records (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/21/11)
‘Unenforceable’ campaign law a worry headed into 2012 (NMPolitics, 10/21/11)
Officials scope out another site for state supercomplex (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/21/11)
Governor’s education agenda comes under fire in political ads (New Mexico Independent, 10/20/11)
NM education secretary-designate seeks help with school reforms (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/20/11)
Commentary: Immigration legislation does not take children into account (NMPolitics, 10/19/11)
State mulls one office for immigrant licenses (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/19/11)
‘Shadow group’s’ ads hit the airwaves (Roundhouse Roundup, 10/19/11)
Patients: Gov is killing pot program (KRQE, 10/19/11)
NM Senator: Veto of bill to shore up jobless fund may hurt business (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/18/11)
MVD chief resigns post (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/18/11)
Radio spots blast Martinez administration (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/18/11)
Commentary: More than meets the eye in redistricting (NMPolitics, 10/18/11)
NM revenue outlook weakens for next budget year (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/18/11)
Virgin Galactic moves into New Mexico spaceport (LA Times, 10/17/11)
Judge reinstates charges against Murphy (NMPolitics, 10/17/11)
GOP showcases rising Hispanics, effort often misses target (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/16/11)
Keep those campaign contributions coming in (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/16/11)
Profile: Susana Martinez – the first Latina conservative governor (Fox News Latino, 10/16/11)
GOP tries to capitalize on rising Latino stars (Fox News Latino, 10/16/11)
Governor sacks her MVD director (KRQE, 10/15/11)
With no leader or clear stance, Occupy Santa Fe focuses on solidarity, exchange of ideas (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/14/11)
Source: Jerome Block Jr jailed after failing drug test (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/14/11)
Commentary: An excerpt from ‘Rethinking the PRC’ (NMPolitics, 10/14/11)
DA wants Chief Justice Daniels to stay away from Murphy case (NMPolitics, 10/13/11)
AG King defends accepting $15K contribution (NMPolitics, 10/13/11)
Commentary: NM is on cusp of economic transformation (NMPolitics, 10/12/11)
Despite law, cash flows during session (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/12/11)
NM Supreme Court consolidates all six redistricting lawsuits (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/12/11)
AG denies law caps post-election cash (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/12/11)
Commentary: AG thumbs his nose at contribution limits (NMPolitics, 10/12/11)
Gov. Martinez signs bill authorizing $86M in capital outlays (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/11/11)
Legality of $15,000 donation to AG King in doubt (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/11/11)
Beyond Block, state scandals still unresolved (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/10/11)
State’s ‘sunshine’ website sees progress (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/9/11)
Commentary: Cutting down on the crooks and clowns at PRC (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/9/11)
Santa Fe residents find solidarity in ‘Wall Street’ demonstrations (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/8/11)
Worries, confusion linger in state film industry (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/8/11)
Gov vetoes Senate, House and PRC redistricting bills (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/7/11)
GOP challenges state campaign contribution limits (NMPolitics, 10/7/11)
Commentary: 2012 is not a time for NM progressives to retreat (NMPolitics, 10/7/11)
Process to replace Jerome Block proceeds (New Mexico Independent, 10/7/11)
NM GOP: State limit on political party campaign donations illegal (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/7/11)
Block Jr actions put PRC under spotlight (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 10/7/11)
Block officially resigns PRC seat (Las Cruces Sun-News, 10/6/11)
Commentary: New Mexicans should demand PRC reform (NMPolitics, 10/6/11)
Law tightens contract preference for NM businesses (Forbes, 10/6/11)
Commentary: So where is Richardson these days? (Alamogordo Daily News, 10/6/11)
New law seeks to ensure NM firms have an advantage in receiving state contracts (New Mexico Independent, 10/6/11)
Gov. Martinez: “It’s likely” I’ll veto legislative redistricting bills (Watchdog, 10/6/11)
Special session setback (Alamogordo Daily News, 10/5/11)
New law boosts New Mexico businesses (KRQE, 10/5/11)
Editorial: Qualified, streamlined PRC is long overdue (ABQ Journal, 10/5/11)
87 vying for Block Jr’s vacant PRC seat (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/5/11)
Commentary: Changes are needed on PRC (Alamogordo Daily News, 10/5/11)
PRC Members split over proposed agency overhaul (ABQ Journal, 10/4/11)
Think tank’s ideas to reform PRC rile two commissioners (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/4/11)
NM water chief resigns (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/4/11)
Video: Teen talks bullying with Gov. Susana Martinez (KOAT, 10/4/11)
Editorial: NM Gov Susana Martinez only US governor to show up (El Paso Times, 10/3/11)
Opinion: Block departure – good riddance to bad rubbish (Las Cruces Sun-News, 10/2/11)
Opinion: Layoffs stir union fears of targeting (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/2/11)
Proposed changes for troubled PRC (KRQE, 10/2/11)
Mixed marks for Gov. Martinez on transparency (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/2/11)
Finally time to reshape PRC? (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/2/11)
Commentary: Block’s plea bargain isn’t much of a deterrent (NMPolitics, 9/30/11)
US-Mexico border governors sign crime-fighting pact (Reuters, 9/30/11)
US-Mexico governors conference languishes (NPR, 9/29/11)
Block to resign, admits felonies but could avoid prison (NMPolitics, 9/29/11)
Commentary: Republican double-talk on Hispanic voters (NMPolitics, 9/28/11)
Commentary: Past the rhetoric (NMPolitics, 9/27/11)
Commentary: More to consider before we pay our legislators (NMPolitics, 9/27/11)
Session ends with a looming court battle (NMPolitics, 9/25/11)
Legislature adjourns without completing redistricting (KRWG, 9/24/11)
Senate adjourns; wraps up special session work (ABQ Journal, 9/24/11)
A Summary of NM Legislature’s special session (Washington Post, 9/24/11)
Lawmakers leave, and redistricting may be up to court (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/24/11)
Senate OKs business-tax bill (Las Cruces Sun-News, 9/24/11)
Governor opposes redistricting plans (El Defensor Chieftain, 9/24/11)
Driver’s license bill is dead, sponsor says (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/24/11)
NM jobless rate dips as fewer seek jobs (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/23/11)
Opinion: Trials of a granddaughter (The Oklahoman, 9/23/11)
Republicans gather in NM to lure Latino voters (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/23/11)
NM to seek waiver on No Child Left Behind law (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/23/11)
Session winding down, could end early (KRQE, 9/23/11)
Immigration bill likely to not pass during NM special session (KOB, 9/23/11)
Legislative redistricting bills head to governor (Houston Chronicle, 9/23/11)
Court fight, veto threat loom after redistricting vote (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/22/11)
NM Senate OKs fix for state contracting system (Bloomberg Businessweeek, 9/22/11)
Let’s get on with the redistricting court battle (NMPolitics, 9/22/11)
Veto showdown, court fight looms on redistricting (Houston Chronicle, 9/22/11)
Who’s afraid of Susana Martinez? (Daily Grito, 9/22/11)
Commentary: AG plays fast and loose with Southern NM water (NMPolitics, 9/21/11)
Commentary: Rebuilding the American Dream (NMPolitics, 9/21/11)
Commentary: One state, filled with opportunity for all (NMPolitics, 9/21/11)
National group pressures on license law (KRQE, 9/21/11)
House in gridlock over redistricting (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/20/11)
Commentary: Agency’s excuse for withholding records is bogus (NMPolitics, 9/20/11)
Commentary: Our job is redistricting (NMPolitics, 9/20/11)
Immigrant rights group upset with records denial (Las Cruces Sun-News, 9/19/11)
NM Lawmakers debate driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants (Governing, 9/19/11)
Democrats’ work on redistricting taking shape (NMPolitics, 9/19/11)
NM Democrats, governor clash over licenses for illegals (Washington Times, 9/18/11)
Commentary: The not-so-special session of 2011 (NMPolitics, 9/16/11)
A few things are starting to move in special session (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/16/11)
Martinez’s priorities on hold as special session moves on (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/16/11)
Commentary: We need to pay our legislators (NMPolitics, 9/16/11)
Tensions between Gov Martinez and GOP Senators? (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/15/11)
Commentary: NM Hispanics hold strong conservation values (NMPolitics, 9/15/11)
Bobby Jindal joining Martinez at right-leaning Hispanic conference in ABQ (NMPolitics, 9/15/11)
Political theater frames redistricting debate (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/15/11)
Against all odds, governor may have gained edge in driver’s license battle (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/15/11)
Governor meets with lawmakers; discusses agenda, issues (KRQE, 9/15/11)
One way or another, unemployment fund will cost taxpayers (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/14/11)
Proposed bill aims to strike balance in unemployment fund (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/14/11)
State Senate has an independent streak (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/14/11)
Commentary: Skandera’s brand of ‘education reform’ doesn’t work (NMPolitics, 9/14/11)
Commentary: As Obama falters, are Hispanics an opportunity for GOP? (NMPolitics, 9/14/11)
Commentary: Legislature off to contentious start (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/13/11)
Susana Martinez: Can a Latina governor be anti-illegal immigration? (Christian Science Monitor, 9/13/11)
Judge limits investigation of immigrant driver’s-license holders (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/13/11)
Driver’s license battle heads to court (KRQE, 9/13/11)
Governor Martinez: Illegal immigration OK for me, not for you (The Atlantic, 9/13/11)
State House GOP: ‘Let’s get to work’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/12/11)
Video: Lawmaker says Martinez’ immigrant grandparents play role in license issue (KOB, 9/12/11)
Parties split in Legislature (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/12/11)
Commentary: Time to end social promotion in NM schools (NMPolitics, 9/12/11)
Merger proposal worries NM tourism industry (ABQ Journal, 9/12/11)
Commentary: Health-care reform is a win-win for New Mexico (NMPolitics, 9/12/11)
NM gov confirms that grandparents were undocumented (Fox News, 9/9/11)
Anti-immigrant NM gov reveals her grandparents were undocumented immigrants (Think Progress, 9/9/11)
Commentary: Legislature is ready to focus on major task of redistricting (NMPolitics, 9/8/11)
NM gov says grandparents came to US illegally (Tucson Citizen, 9/8/11)
Panel on Block Jr launches probe (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/8/11)
Lujan denies deliberately delaying bill hearings (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/8/11)
Commentary: Achieve redistricting deal, save $5M (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/8/11)
Opinion: NM’s leaders must focus on task at hand, not job security (Alamogordo Daily News, 9/8/11)
Governor defends packed agenda, pushes for repealing immigration law (KFOX, 9/8/11)
Martinez’s grandparents (Politico, 9/8/11)
Gov. defends agenda: ‘We’ll get it done’ (Albuquerque Journal, 9/8/11)
Protesters rally at Capitol (The Daily Times, 9/7/11)
NM’s Martinez raps Perry on immigration (Politico, 9/7/11)
Opinion: Block should resign from PRC seat (Silver City Sun-News, 9/7/11)
Commentary: Martinez isn’t ready to be vice president (NMPolitics, 9/7/11)
Martinez keeps staff picks all in the family (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/7/11)
Block Jr. impeachment could be costly (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 9/7/11)
Subcommittee to consider Block impeachment (NMPolitics, 9/7/11)
Skepticism greets Martinez’s jobless fund fix (Las Cruces Sun-News, 9/7/11)
Governor seeks to consolidate NM agencies (NewsWest9, 9/7/11)
Martinez pushes agency merges to save state funds (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/7/11)
Martinez’s special session met by protests (FoxNews, 9/6/11)
Lawmakers tapped to consider Block charges (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/6/11)
Commentary: In redistricting, attention must be paid to Voting Rights Act (NMPolitics, 9/6/11)
Challenges ahead for Spaceport America (NMPolitics, 9/6/11)
Redistricting legislative session starts today (NMPolitics, 9/6/11)
Martinez’s fix for jobless fund: Savings (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/6/11)
NM slated to consider changes to immigrant driver’s licenses (CNN, 9/6/11)
Immigrant licenses issue draws demonstrators from both sides (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/6/11)
Bickering begins: Partisan agendas set to clash as special session starts (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/6/11)
Martinez’s license caper leads to court (El Defensor Chieftain, 9/6/11)
New Mexico to debate immigrant licenses (Stateline, 9/6/11)
Opinion: Special session issues focus on commerce (PNT online, 9/6/11)
Latinos revolt against NM Gov Susana Martinez for attacking immigrant rights (Tucson Citizen, 9/6/11)
Video: Day one of special session draws immigrant rights protesters (KFOX, 9/6/11)
Boundary revamp could end up in court — again (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/5/11)
Highway maintenance needs called critical (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/5/11)
Governor poised to tangle – again – on driver’s license issue (Las Cruces Sun-News, 9/5/11)
Redistricting, with a side of controversy (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/5/11)
Special Session Agenda (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/5/11)
NM special session already contentious (The Daily Times,9/4/11)
Secretary of corrections steps down without explanation (Las Cruces Sun-News, 9/3/11)
Corrections Secretary to step down (KRQE, 9/2/11)
An ambitious Martinez’s frustration is showing (NMPolitics, 9/1/11)
Governor loses Dem supporter on school proposal (KOB, 8/30/11)
Legislators wary of session overload (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/30/11)
Commentary: Public education and the tentacles of profit (NMPolitics, 8/30/11)
Governor seeks road money during special session (KOB, 8/29/11)
No proof of widespread judicial bribery, at least yet (NMPolitics, 8/29/11)
NM governor rushes to undo the agenda of her predecessor (New York Times, 8/29/11)
Martinez gets perfect score on renewal of her concealed-carry permit (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/29/11)
Red flags on immigrant licenses worry officials (KOB, 8/27/11)
Immigrant groups defend licenses for illegal immigrants (KOB, 8/26/11)
Lawmakers seek help from Martinez in Sunland Park turmoil (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/25/11)
Martinez touts sale of state jet to Alaska couple for $2.5M (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/25/11)
Top NM budget officials changing jobs (Albuquerque Journal, 8/25/11)
Martinez to hold summit with NM tribal leaders (Native American Times, 8/25/11)
MALDEF suit seeks end to driver’s license scrutiny (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/25/11)
Court asked to stop immigrant license checks in NM (Forbes, 8/25/11)
NM lawmakers sue to stop governor’s plan for verifying immigrant driver’s licenses (Washington Post, 8/25/11)
NM grand jury indicts 3 in driver’s license ring (Wall Street Journal, 8/25/11)
Should illegal immigrants be given driver’s licenses? (US News, 8/24/11)
Lujan clears way for Block impeachment process to start (NMPolitics, 8/24/11)
License access in New Mexico is heated issue (New York Times, 8/24/11)
Is New Mexico illegal immigrant a hero or a criminal? (LA Times, 8/24/11)
Group to file suit against Martinez over residency verification action (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 8/23/11)
Democrats complain governor won’t govern … or compromise on driver’s licenses (Alamogordo Daily News, 8/22/11)
Man who saved NM girl at center of immigration debate (WHTC, 8/22/11)
Commentary: Investing in rural New Mexico’s future (NMPolitics, 8/22/11)
Judge allows bribery case against Murphy to move forward (NMPolitics, 8/22/11)
Judge Murphy bribery trial to stay in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-Times, 8/19/11)
COMMENTARY: Cargo’s bust and a $2,000 turkey (Alamogordo Daily News, 8/18/11)
COMMENTARY: RailRunner – it’s time to stop digging (NMPolitics, 8/18/11)
New Mexico bishops back driver’s licenses for undocumented (National Catholic Reporter, 8/18/11)
COMMENTARY: Driver’s licenses – a matter of mercy, fairness, and safety (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/18/11)
Judge denies request to drop charges against Murphy (NMPolitics, 8/18/11)
Catholic bishops support driver’s license law extension (KOAT, 8/17/11)
Prosecutor wants change of venue in Murphy case (NMPolitics, 8/17/11)
COMMENTARY: The PRC needs more public scrutiny, not less (NMPolitics, 8/17/11)
Special session likely to be called (Farmington Daily Times, 8/16/11)
Hundreds march to protest driver’s license checks (KVIA, 8/16/11)
Rail Runner – Go big or go lean? (KRQE, 8/16/11)
NMDCA demands $300K back from Cultural Center (KOAT, 8/15/11)
Audit: NHCC misused funds for fresco (KASA, 8/15/11)
NHCC partially vindicated by independent audit (New Mexico Business Journal, 8/15/11)
OPINION: States have right to know who’s here (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/14/11)
Candidates vie for NM water management job (San Antonio Express-News, 8/14/11)
Kids start school day with governor (KASA, 8/13/11)
Social promotion could be on special session agenda (KRQE, 8/13/11)
Gov. Martinez orders review of state’s business tax incentives (New Mexico Business Journal, 8/12/11)
High wage tax credit legislation on special session agenda (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 8/12/11)
Governor’s grandparents were illegal immigrants (KOAT, 8/11/11)
Commentary: Free trade agreements mean jobs for NM (NMPolitics, 8/9/11)
House GOP wants to consider Block impeachment (NMPolitics, 8/9/11)
Commentary: We can do better than Jerome Block, Jr (NMPolitics, 8/8/11)
Pressure mounts on Block Jr to resign (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/5/11)
Democratic Party and Gov. Martinez call on Block to resign (Green Chile Chatter, 8/5/11)
PRC member Jerome Block Jr’s state vehicle searched (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/4/11)
Former notary busted in illegal license ring (KRQE, 8/4/11)
1,100 respond to NM driver’s license verification letters (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/4/11)
State supreme court strikes down energy efficiency surcharge (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/4/11)
Politico on Susana’s ‘Softer Touch’ (Roundhouse Roundup, 8/3/11)
Foreign nationals worry ID proof for driver’s license could mean deportation (KFOX, 8/3/11)
Debt deal eases NM fears — for now (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/3/11)
Some govs succeed with softer touch (Politico, 8/3/11)
Video: Martinez drawing up ambitious agenda for special session (KOB, 8/2/11)
Foreign nationals may verify residency in Las Cruces (Las Cruces Sun-News, 8/2/11)
Martinez packs special-session agenda (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/1/11)
Commentary: New Mexico most corrupt state? (Alamogordo Daily News, 8/1/11)
Are out-of-state drivers flooding New Mexico? (Wall Street Journal, 8/1/11)
JULY 2011
NM license crackdown could face trouble (Silver City Sun-News, 7/31/11)
Voter fraud claims ruffle feathers in New Mexico (LA Times, 7/31/11)
Faces of immigration: Martinez, granddaughter of immigrants, rules with her head, not her heart (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/31/11)
Murphy’s lawyer says new charge is politically motivated (NMPolitics, 7/29/11)
Court rulings indicate NM’s battle over carbon emissions regs far from over (Solve Climate News, 7/28/11)
Judge Murphy arrested on new bribery charge (NMPolitics, 7/28/11)
Commentary: Republicans don’t want to diminish anyone’s right to vote (NMPolitics, 7/28/11)
Defendants indicted in Vigil-Giron fraud case (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/28/11)
Martinez leaves many exempt jobs unoccupied (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/27/11)
Video: Governor talks driver’s license law, school grading system (Clovis News Journal, 7/27/11)
Commentary: Public’s ‘right to know’ isn’t red or blue — it’s evergreen (NMPolitics, 7/27/11)
Critics blast state, federal tax breaks to ‘Big Oil’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/26/11)
NM expects to avoid problems from US debt crisis (Forbes, 7/26/11)
Critics blast state, federal tax breaks to ‘Big Oil’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/26/11)
Commentary: Bipartisanship – rhetoric vs. reality (NMPolitics, 7/25/11)
State supreme court puts challenge to veto on business tax on hold (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/25/11)
State  treasurer braces for ‘worst’ in debt ceiling fallout (KOB, 7/25/11)
NM sees records drilling revenues (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/25/11)
Opinion: Governor’s campaign staff playing big role in administration (Alamogordo Daily News, 7/25/11)
Commentary: Rethinking education reform in NM (NMPolitics, 7/25/11)
Gov. Martinez to work towards higher punishment for child abusers (KOB, 7/23/11)
Filmmakers kept state incentives after legal threat (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/23/11)
NM unemployment fund outlook improves (Forbes, 7/22/11)
Roundhouse Roundup: Family affairs (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/20/11)
ACLU sues SOS (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/20/11)
Video catches bear looking for bite to eat at NM governor’s residence (Washington Post, 7/19/11)
Martinez cracks down on driver’s licenses (Alamogordo Daily News, 7/19/11)
NM deputy tourism official quits, citing politics (Forbes, 7/19/11)
NM uses Billy the Kid’s legacy to draw tourists (Reuters, 7/19/11)
State tourism official resigns, blaming ‘slanderous attacks’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/18/11)
Los Alamos National Laboratory runoff concerns lawmaker (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/18/11)
Legislature faces numerous battles in special fall session (Alamogordo Daily News, 7/17/11)
Film industry relieved by governor’s recent moves (KOAT, 7/16/11)
Supreme Court puts challenge to veto on hold (KOB, 7/15/11)
NM elections official: Review is not about fraud (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/15/11)
New Mexico is the swingingest state (Inside the Capitol, 7/14/11)
Catch ‘The Kid’ and win $10,000 (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/14/11)
City to play host for big-money GOP donors at RGA ‘retreat’ (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/13/11)
Dems push for tax hikes on cigars, smokeless tobacco against Martinez’s opposition (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 7/13/11)
NM Cabinet Secretary’s store on tribal lands under scrutiny (KOAT, 7/12/11)
New Mexico’s state jet: Still hangared up (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/11/11)
Martinez pursues business-friendly agenda aimed at economic growth (Albuquerque Journal, 7/10/11)
Poll: Most NM votes support legal status for same-sex couples (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/8/11)
Gov. Martinez seeks FEMA help with flood threats (New Mexico Business Journal, 7/7/11)
Commentary: Voter fraud probe is an attempt it intimidate voters (NMPolitics, 7/7/11)
Murphy seeks dismissal of charges (NMPolitics, 7/6/11)
Analysis: Martinez’s popularity stands out among GOP governors (NMPolitics, 7/6/11)
Commentary: Drawing districts: Why constituents should care (NMPolitics, 7/6/11)
Commentary: Tobacco bill veto puts NM in financial danger (NMPolitics, 7/5/11)
NM opposes legal gay marriage, Martinez strong (Public Policy Polling, 7/5/11)
Martinez remains popular in latest poll (Public Policy Polling, 7/5/11)
Susana poll numbers looking good (Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/5/11)
NM police set to enforce fireworks ban (, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Fireworks dealer list getting shorter (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 6/30/11)
Chief Justice: Judiciary will handle Murphy case responsibly (NMPolitics, 6/28/11)
AG King defends his record (NMPolitics, 6/27/11)
Time may not be on attorney general’s side (Alamagordo Daily News, 6/26/11)
Tourism secretary to unify state branding (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/25/11)
Opinion: Firing two cooks won’t cut the mustard, or the state deficit (Alamogordo Daily News, 6/25/11)
AG Gary King looking toward political future (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/25/11)
New Mexico AG defends record (Alamagordo Daily News, 6/25/11)
NM Gov. Susana Martinez seeks to restrict driver’s licenses for immigrants (FoxNews Latino, 6/24/11)
Susana: If  you run, you resign (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/23/11)
Denish: Serious issues desperately need our attention (NMPolitics, 6/23/11)
AG King to talk Friday about corruption cases (NMPolitics, 6/23/11)
Legislators vs. Martinez: Court strikes down veto (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/22/11)
Governor to tighten oversight on immigrant driver’s licenses (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/22/11)
NM GOP governor loses in court again (Reuters, 6/22/11)
Martinez tightens license rules (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/22/11)
Those in Martinez administration face resignation if seeking higher office (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/22/11)
Opinion: State commission chooses ideology over common sense (Las Cruces Sun, 6/22/11)
NM film industry insider to head state film office (Forbes, 6/22/11)
Pueblo leaders optimistic on southern NM casino (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/22/11)
NM Supreme Court: Martinez overstepped authority with line-item veto (Huffington Post, 6/22/11)
Commentary: In voter fraud case, officials err on the side of secrecy (NMPolitics, 6/22/11)
Criticism is off the mark, AG spokesman says (NMPolitics, 6/21/11)
Martinez hosts online town hall meeting (KRQE, 6/21/11)
Gov Martinez holds first ever Facebook town hall (KOB, 6/21/11)
NM legislators claim Gov. Susana Martinez (El Paso Times, 6/20/11)
Paper: AG playing politics, should consider resigning (NMPolitics, 6/20/11)
Fight over redrawing districts not cheap (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/20/11)
NM lawmakers start the task of redistricting (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/20/11)
Legislators take Martinez to court over veto (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/18/11)
Editorial: Odoriferous doings at the AG’s office (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/18/11)
Politicking is part of the process for becoming a judge (NMPolitics, 6/15/11)
Martinez taps liquor-sale ruling for line-item veto defense (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/15/11)
Opinion: State spending cuts badly needed (CNJ Online, 6/15/11)
NM Gov. Martinez knows how to beat Dems (OC Register, 6/15/11)
Opinion: Governor’s line-item vetoes fiscally responsible (PNT Online, 6/14/11)
Union: members targeted in layoffs (KASA, 6/14/11)
Richardson-era judges gave more (NMPolitics, 6/14/11)
NM again a critical state in 2012 (NMPolitics, 6/13/11)
Funds loss might trim Rail Runner service (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/13/11)
Wildfire closes interstate on Colorado-New Mexico border (Reuters, 6/13/11)
Democrats losing favor with some Latinos (LA Times, 6/11/11)
State commission repeals energy-efficient building codes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/10/11)
NM state agencies laying off 44 workers (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/10/11)
Gov. Martinez ends NM’s cooperation with feds on endangered Mexican wolves (Center for Biological Diversity, 6/10/11)
Panel votes to repeal green building codes (KOB, 6/10/11)
NM still likes Gary Johnson (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/9/11)
Audit: Corrections Dept ovepraid $3.7M (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/8/11)
Martinez deploys National Guard because of fire (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/8/11)
Commentary: Guv’s reform plan leaves out school security issues (NMPolitics, 6/8/11)
Resolution passed in support of ending drivers licences for foreign nationals (PNT Online, 6/8/11)
Audit finds more problems at Corrections Dept (NMPolitics, 6/8/11)
DSCC targets NM in Medicare ads (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/7/11)
Driver’s license fight to be renewed (Wall Street Journal, 6/6/11)
Commentary: Tough decisions needed to spur NM economy (NMPolitics, 6/6/11)
Cloud cast by pay-to-play probes doesn’t reach far for Richardson (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/5/11)
Commentary: Gov. Martinez, Rep. Ryan: Let values be your guide (NMPolitics, 6/2/11)
Commentary: Let’s re-evaluate our budget priorities (NMPolitics, 6/2/11)
Energy efficient building codes targeted (KRQE, 6/2/11)
Home builders split on green building repeal (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/2/11)
MAY 2011
Commentary: Judges should have reported Murphy’s claims (NMPolitics, 5/31/11)
NM Lt. Gov. Sanchez’s Senate bid draws criticism (El Paso Times, 5/30/11)
Video: Taos teachers protest Martinez (KOAT, 5/28/11)
Sanchez latest job holder seeking higher office (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 5/28/11)
Gov. Martinez meets with Taos protesters (Taos News, 5/27/11)
Case against governor on line item vetoes to be heard in June (KASA, 5/27/11)
When running mates quit running together (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/26/11)
Line-item vetoes send governor back to high court (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/25/11)
Heather Wilson’s ‘surprise guest’ (National Journal, 5/25/11)
Dem lawmakers sue gobernor over line-item vetoes (Beaumont Enterprise, 5/25/11)
Commentary: Attack on Denish comes back to bite Martinez (NMPolitics, 5/25/11)
Commentary: Why Gary Johnson hasn’t a chance (NMPolitics, 5/25/11)
Governor raising money to defeat opposing lawmakers (Albuquerque Express, 5/24/11)
Video: Governor opens up about life out of the spotlight (KOB, 5/24/11)
Chief justice says he didn’t buy his job (NMPolitics, 5/24/11)
Martinez wants distance in NM Sen primary (National Journal, 5/24/11)
Commentary: Important ethics law updated (NMPolitics, 5/22/11)
Commentary: Richardson didn’t exploit judicial selection process (NMPolitics, 5/22/11)
NM Judge charged in bribery case, but former gov draws a mention (New York Times, 5/21/11)
Judge Martin won’t hear ciminal cases for now (NMPolitics, 5/18/11)
Murphy case brings new scrutiny to judicial appointment process (Las Cruces Sun-News, 5/18/11)
Richardson denies judicial bribery allegations (NMPolitics, 5/18/11)
State says it won’t pay defendants’ legal bills in pay-to-play case (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/18/11)
Susana Martinez – the GOP’s Mexican Connection (Human Events, 5/18/11)
Susana Martinez vs. State Constitution (El Defensor Chieftain, 5/17/11)
Bill Richardson denies pay-to-play allegations (Wall Street Journal, 5/17/11)
Commentary: Greenhouse gas rules are a necessary step (NMPolitics, 5/17/11)
Video: Complaint says judge bragged about paying for seat (KOAT, 5/16/11)
Martinez calls Murphy indictment ‘deeply troubling’ (NMPolitics, 5/16/11)
Potential threat from Murphy may have led to increased security (NMPolitics, 5/16/11)
Report details allegations against Murphy (NMPolitics, 5/14/11)
Governor announces moratorium on higher education construction (El Defensor Chieftain, 5/14/11)
NM judge charged with bribery, other felonies (NMPolitics, 5/13/11)
Choice of Martinez for WNMU graduation address rankles some (Las Cruces Sun-News, 5/13/11)
Martinez sets college expansion moratorium (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/13/11)
Martinez continues anti-green push (High Country News, 5/12/11)
State plane fiasco: Oops not again? (KASA, 5/12/11)
Martinez continues anti-green push (High Country News, 5/12/11)
Members of state board say Martinez coaxed them into pro-mine decision on Mount Taylor (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/12/11)
Editorial:Is guv wading into legal woes with vetoes? (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/11/11)
GOP lawmaker criticizes Martinez’s line-item vetoes (Albuquerque Journal, 5/10/11)
Commentary: The cost of conspiracy (NMPolitics, 5/10/11)
Commentary: Endangered species listing endangers NM’s economy (NMPolitics, 5/9/11)
Suit: Martinez climate plan imperils NM (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/9/11)
Governor has code of conduct for state employees (KOAT, 5/8/11)
Democrats object to NM governor’s Medicaid plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/5/11)
Gov’s chief of staff misses disclosure deadline (KOAT, 5/4/11)
Navajo Dem lawmakers heap praise on Martinez (NMPolitics, 5/4/11)
Martinez speech gets mixed reviews from small business community (Alamogordo Daily News, 5/3/11)
NM hires broker to sell state jet bought for $5.5M (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/3/11)
Video: Investigators worry of local gangs tied to Mexico cartels (KOB, 5/3/11)
Martinez: NM needs business-friendly tax code (New Mexico Business Weekly, 5/2/11)
APRIL 2011
Gonzales re-elected as state Dem chairman (Alamogordo Daily News, 4/30/11)
There’s new trouble with the state’s campaign reporting system (NMPolitics, 4/27/11)
Commentary: New Mexico’s biggest problem (NMPolitics, 4/27/11)
State’s financial situation apparently stabilizes (NMPolitics, 4/26/11)
Sec of State’s use of executive privilege differs from guv’s (NMPolitics, 4/25/11)
Logging in the Lincoln: Rardin, governor to meet about environmental issues (Alamogordo Daily News, 4/24/11)
Analysis: Census to prompt substantial redistricting (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/23/11)
Commentary: The GOP becomes a viable option for Hispanics (NMPolitics, 4/22/11)
Former Gov. Johnson formally enters presidential race (NMPolitics, 4/21/11)
Commentary: Bills that could’ve softened the blow for the most vulnerable weren’t heard (NMPolitics, 4/21/11)
Hispanic businesses recognize Gov. Martinez (New Mexico Business Weekly, 4/21/11)
Commentary: Secretary of State fails open government test (NMPolitics, 4/20/11)
Residents grade governor after first legislative session (KFOXTV, 4/19/11)
Martinez forms PAC to support candidates (KRWG, 4/19/11)
Martinez launches PAC to elect like-minded legislators (New Mexico Independent, 4/19/11)
Dozens take to the streets to protest Martinez’s decisions (KRQE, 4/16/11)
NM state troopers will no longer need college credits (Silver City Sun-News, 4/15/11)
Governor rejects $12M tax hike on businesses (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/8/11)
Martinez signs bills that might upset supporters (NMPolitics, 4/7/11)
Commentary: Education is key to our priority – job creation (NMPolitics, 4/6/11)
MARCH 2011
Judge may be indicted on bribery charges (NMPolitics, 3/31/11)
AG says guv’s radio ads might have violated law (NMPolitics, 3/31/11)
Martinez looks at line-item veto of tax (Forbes, 3/30/11)
Governor to sign four education bills today (Alamagordo Daily News, 3/30/11)
Governor signs expanded Katie’s Law (Alamagordo Daily News, 3/28/11)
Court to hear union lawsuit against governor (NECN, 3/25/11)
NM biz groups want unemployment fix bill signed (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/25/11)
Martinez mum on reasoning behind business-tax veto (Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/24/11)
Martinez: License fight is not over (Las Cruces Sun-News, 3/23/11)
Video: Gov. Martinez speaks out about recent legislative session (KOB, 3/23/11)
Gov: Loss in driver’s license fight only the first round (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 3/22/11)
Commentary: Lackluster legislative session a change of pace (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 3/22/11)
Why Susana Martinez probably won’t win (The American Prospect, 3/22/11)
First session a mixed bag for New Mexico’s Martinez (Stateline, 3/21/11)
Video: Martinez vows to push initiatives (KRQE, 3/21/11)
Lawmakers debate pros, cons of governor’s first session (Cibola Beacon, 3/21/11)
Martinez touts gains, undaunted by setbacks (Santa Fe New Mexican, 3/19/11)
NM Legislature approaches finish line of session (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/18/11)
Martinez will sign expansion of Katie’s Law (NMPolitics, 3/18/11)
Unions attack NM governor for firing labor board (Reuters, 3/17/11)
Martinez puts pressure on lawmakers (KRQE, 2/24/11)
Martinez supports tougher corruption penalties (Newswest9, 2/24/11)
House committee rebukes Martinez (Alamagordo Daily News, 2/24/11)
Compromise looms in budget battle (KOAT, 2/24/11)
NM House eyeing film subsidy reduction compromise (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/23/11)
Bill would remove governor from investment council (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 2/23/11)
Martinez puts full weight behind driver’s license bill (NMPolitics, 2/23/11)
New Mexico’s bet on space tourism hits a snag (New York Times, 2/23/11)
Martinez tries again to cut film credit (KRQE, 2/22/11)
Film tax credit fight holds up NM budget (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2/22/11)
Martinez joins the webcasting revolution (NMPolitics, 2/21/11)
Dem senators stave off attempt to repeal driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants (Las Cruces Sun-News, 2/21/11)
Video: Martinez to address education reform (KRQE, 2/18/11)
Audio: NM Governor tough on crime, easy on business (NPR, 2/8/11)
More on the Richardson records flap: GOP lawmakers introduce bill that would break the seal (NM Watchdog, 2/4/11)
Martinez immigration order draws debate (KRQE, 2/4/11)
Democrats call Gov’s executive order on immigration status ‘outrageous’ (NM Watchdog, 2/3/11)
Commentary: Martinez is up to the task of fixing CYFD (, 2/3/11)
Martinez immigration directive riles Dems (Las Cruces Sun-News, 2/3/11)
Martinez fills judicial vacancies with prosecutors (, 2/2/11)
Richardson’s records sealed for 8 years (KOB, 2/1/11)
NM Dem Party chair remains up in the air (, 1/31/11)
Martinez discusses goals, progress in Legislature (Las Cruces Sun-News, 1/29/11)
Gov. seeks return of death penalty (Silver City Sun-News, 1/29/11)
New Mexico tourism industry frets over uncertain future, budget (New Mexico Business Weekly, 1/28/11)
Martinez rescinds exec order on NM regents (KOB, 1/28/11)
Commission would propose changes to NM Constitution (, 1/27/11)
NM gov disappointed with legislative spending (Bloomberg, 1/27/11)
Supreme Court: Governor not above the law (KRQE, 1/26/11)
Court: Governor can’t delay anti-pollution measures (New Mexican, 1/26/11)
Martinez:  We ‘are not under-taxed; the government has simply over-spent’ (LA Times, 1/24/11)
Interview: Gov. Susana Martinez (Washington Post, 1/24/11)
Martinez begins push to restore death penalty (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 1/24/11)
Martinez taps donor to lead regulation department (NewsWest9, 1/22/11)
NM one of several states rethinking film industry tax credits (New Mexican, 1/20/11)
Analysis: Politics derailed Cervantes’ coalition (, 1/19/11)
Lujan survives speaker race as coalition collapses due to Tea Party pressure (New Mexico Watchdog, 1/18/11)
GOP division hurts Cervantes’ chances (, 1/18/11)
Lujan keeps job as speaker (, 1/18/11)
Legislature opens today with speaker vote (, 1/18/11)
Martinez’s first legislative session promises to be a hard-work ‘honeymoon’ (New Mexican, 1/17/11)
AG says NM can recognize out of state same-sex marriages (NMFBIHOP, 1/4/11)
Martinez signs executive orders (KRQE, 1/2/11)
A rising star in Santa Fe (LA Times, 1/1/11)

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