The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NM 2010 Archives


New Mexico Governor’s Race in the News:

Richardson refuses to pardon Billy the Kid (LA Times, 12/31/10)
Commentary: 2010 was a year of change in NM and DC (, 12/30/10)
Does Gary Johnson – NM’s last GOP gov – have any advice for Martinez? (New Mexico Watchdog, 12/30/10)
Martinez dismisses idea for releasing non-violent drug offenders to save money (NM Watchdog, 12/28/10)
Democrat picked to be higher education sec (, 12/23/10)
Martinez picks Florida reformer to be education secretary (, 12/21/10)
New Ed Secretary: “The Florida Model” comes to NM (New Mexico Watchdog, 12/21/10)
Richardson puts $3.1M in stimulus funds to budget (Bloomberg, 12/16/10)
NM highway upkeep calls for cooperation (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/13/10)
Martinez demands resignations from Richardson’s appointees (KOB, 12/13/10)
Analysis: Transportation shortfall revs up NM budget woes (Silver City Sun-News, 12/11/10)
Martinez admits shift away from campaign pledge (, 12/10/10)
NM agencies asked for ways to cut 10% (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/7/10)
Commentary: Where is Martinez’s ‘new level of transparency?’ (, 12/6/10)
Commentary: Martinez can create a legacy among sportsmen (, 12/6/10)
Transition could add to state ‘s jobless rolls (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/3/10)
Martinez spent nearly $7M on gov race (Las Cruces Sun-News, 12/3/10)
Martinez to hold inauguration outdoors (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/2/10)
Pundits say Martinez already ripe for national scene (Santa Fe New Mexican, 12/1/10)
NM GOP Chair reflects on 2010 elections (, 12/1/10)
Was Martinez sandbagged or self-blinded about deficit? (, 11/25/10)
Opinion: Keep your eye on Susana Martinez (San Jose Mercury News, 11/24/10)
House coalition still a possibility (, 11/21/10)
RGA puts Martinez on leadership team (, 11/19/10)
49 state workers switched to ‘safe’ jobs since 2008 (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/19/10)
Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio and the new Latino leadership (Politics Daily, 11/19/10)
Martinez’s team mum on applicants for state cop jobs (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/19/10)
Martinez tapped for RGA leadership post (FBIHOP, 11/19/10)
Martinez seeks state workers’ resignations (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/19/10)
NM unemployment fund faces insolvency next August (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/18/10)
RGA women: No more ‘labels’ (Politico, 11/17/10)
Martinez shifts language on education, Medicaid cuts (, 11/16/10)
Gov-elect Martinez picks donors for committees (Farmington Daily Times, 11/15/10)
Martinez, Richardson spar over new budget outlook (KOB, 11/11/10)
Martinez wants to avoid layoffs next year (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/11/10)
Martinez says she’s proud to be part of changing the GOP (, 11/11/10)
Gov-elect appointees mostly Republican (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/10/10)
Martinez may shed state jet at a loss (Santa Fe New Mexican, 11/10/10) +++
Martinez names oil producers to environmental search committee (KOB, 11/9/10)
Martinez outspending Denish in NM gov race (Carlsbad Current-Argus, 10/29/10)
Martinez, Denish put focus on jobs (Farmington Daily Times, 10/28/10)
About that ‘predatory loan’ invitation the Denish produced at last debate (New Mexico Watchdog, 10/22/10)
Martinez also bought supplies from Hicks’ niece (, 10/22/10)
Diane Denish fighting uphill against Martinez for top job (Washington Post, 10/21/10)
New poll gives Martinez 12 point lead on Denish (KOB, 10/15/10)
Clinton comes to NM, gives presidential plug for Denish (Santa Fe New Mexican, 10/14/10)
NM youth speak to the gubernatorial candidates (NMFBIHOP, 10/13/10)
Denish’s husband did more than observe 2003 meeting (, 10/1/10)
Denish voted to give no-bid contract to company owned by MFA employee’s wife (, 10/1/10)
Martinez’s marriage to cop has led to conflict allegations (, 9/27/10)
New Dem poll shows Martinez, Denish tied (, 9/27/10)
Martinez leads by 10 in new poll (, 9/22/10)
Guber candidates talk corruption (KRQE, 9/22/10)
Denish’s internal poll shows Martinez leading by 5 (, 9/22/10)
Martinez leads by 10 points in internal poll (, 9/22/10)
Denish: We must hold big corporations accountable (, 9/21/10)
Denish now says ban payday loans (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/21/10)
Political groups spend big to help Denish (, 9/17/10)
Nortenos seize on Martinez’ Texas ties – and question her commitment to protecting NM water (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/17/10)
Forms disclose Denish’s husband lobbied at state level (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/15/10)
Finance reports reveal which races are hot (, 9/15/10)
Martinez: Only bold change will end rampant abuse in state govt (, 9/15/10)
Docs say Denish’s husband lobbied state agency (, 9/14/10)
GOP gives big in NM (Alamagordo Daily News, 9/15/10)
Denish, Martinez talk about PRC, SOS reform (, 9/13/10)
TV ad war between Martinez, Denish grows hotter (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/10/10)
Unsubstantiated attack on Martinez gains traction (, 9/10/10)
Gov candidates talk about university regents (, 9/8/10)
Weh starts political action committee (, 9/7/10)
Guber rivals sharply divided on social issues (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/5/10)
Guber hopefuls talk about pension chief’s resignation (, 9/3/10)
Gov candidates cover little new ground at Domenici policy conference (, 9/2/10)
Denish donates contributions from former pension chairman (Santa Fe New Mexican, 9/2/10)
The truth about Martinez’ role in passing ‘Baby Brianna’ bill (, 9/1/10)
Both candidates achieved their goals during debate (, 8/20/10)
Corruption at issue in NM gov race (Politico, 8/19/10)
Denish won’t comment on plea bargain in sex abuse case (, 8/19/10)
Shifting through the rhetoric of the first guber debate (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/19/10)
Do Martinez or Denish have the political will of Chris Christie? (, 8/18/10)
Guv candidates talk about land office reform (, 8/13/10)
Denish votes against budget cuts that include education (, 8/13/10)
Only bold change will turn around education system in crisis (, 8/13/10)
Finance Board OKs 3% cuts for most state programs (KOB, 8/12/10)
Gov candidates talk about Spaceport America (, 8/6/10)
Martinez is wrong: a domestic partnership law is necessary (, 8/4/10)
Martinez to get more help from Pawlenty (, 8/3/10)
Denish supports domestic partnership law; Martinez doesn’t (, 8/3/10)
Guber candidates views on education (KOAT, 8/2/10)
Analyzing Martinez’s claim about ‘out-of-control’ budget growth (, 8/2/10)
JULY 2010
Guv candidates talk about public financing of elections (, 7/23/10)
Guv campaign turns to what matters most – your economic security (NM Politics with Joe Monahan, 7/23/10)
Denish scrubs web site of press releases (, 7/23/10)
Montana guv to raise money for NM Dems (, 7/21/10)
Guber candidates respond to the budget mis-estimates (New Mexico Watchdog, 7/21/10)
Guber candidates clarify statements on immigrants (, 7/15/10)
Guber hopefuls’ views on immigration policy (, 7/15/10)
Martinez’s plans and positions need more substance (, 7/14/10)
Audio: Haussamen talks about the guber race (, 7/14/10)
Both candidates dodge question on drivers’ licenses (, 7/13/10)
Both candidates would cut exempt jobs (, 7/8/10)
Martinez takes position on double dipping (, 7/6/10)
AZ law causes split for border governors (New York Times, 7/6/10)
Martinez raises more cash; Denish has far more in CoH (, 7/2/10)
Turning the discussion to substantive issues (, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010
Martinez wants to end medical marijuana program (, 6/30/10)
Martinez v. Denish – what taxpayers pay for personal security (NM Watchdog, 6/30/10)
Unhappy with how campaign has begun, former Gov. Johnson withholds endorsement (Capitol Report New Mexico, 6/29/10)
NM politics big names have left the stage, it’s now a Lilliputian era (NM Politics w/Joe Monahan, 6/29/10)
Susana vs. Denish: The racial divide and an all-Hispanic ticket (, 6/29/10)
Federal official says Martinez has taken on cartel members (, 6/28/10)
Martinez to Denish: ‘Shameful campaign’ (The State Column, 6/28/10)
Victim’s father comes to Martinez’s defense (, 6/24/10)
Denish’s new ad makes an unsubstantiated leap (, 6/23/10)
Martinez: NM’s future is on the line this November (, 6/22/10)
Denish outlines workforce development plan (, 6/22/10)
Opinion: Women candidates no better than the men (Deming Headlight, 6/21/10)
Denish promotes county-state collaboration (Farmington Daily Times, 6/18/10)
Martinez denies blog rumors about heritage (KOB, 6/18/10)
Denish releases docs related to her schedule (, 6/16/10)
Denish rejects Martinez’ truce offer (, 6/11/10)
New Mexico gets early does of mean (CQ Politics, 6/11/10)
Guber hopefuls fight through TV ads (KOB, 6/11/10)
Analyzing camp ads – both candidates spin facts (, 6/10/10)
Analyst: death penalty won’t make or break campaigns (KOB, 6/7/10)
Opinion: Attack on NMSU pollsters unfounded (Las Cruces Sun-News, 6/6/10)
Candidates spar over Martinez’ record (, 6/4/10)
Opinion: Is Denish dancing to Martinez’ tune (Santa Fe New Mexican, 6/3/10)
RGA worked behind the scenes to get Martinez the nomination (, 6/2/10)
Denish starts campaign with big cash advantage (KOB, 6/2/10)
MAY 2010
GOP guber debate won’t change much (, 5/28/10)
Where does primary race stand on last weekend? (Politics with Joe Monahan, 5/28/10)
Texas couple gives Martinez $450K (KOB, 5/28/10)
Weh loans his campaign another $600K (KRWG, 5/27/10)
Martinez leads Weh, Denish in new poll (, 5/27/10)
Opinion: Negative ads take focus away from the issues (Alamagordo Daily News, 5/26/10)
Denish’s new ad touts reform of housing authorities (Democracy for NM, 5/26/10)
Martinez leading in new polls (Roundhouse Roundup, 5/26/10)
KOB poll shows Martinez with 10 point lead over Weh (KOB, 5/26/10)
More mudslinging between Weh & Martinez (KOB, 5/25/10)
Martinez softens rhetoric against Denish (NM, 5/25/10)
Misleading campaigning is not new to Weh (, 5/25/10)
When Weh was GOP chair, he made choices in primaries (, 5/25/10)
Chance to win brings out crowded GOP field (KRQE, 5/24/10)
State GOP Chair calls Weh’s campaign ads dishonest (, 5/24/10)
Santa Fe TEA Party accuses Weh of deceptive spin on endorsement (, 5/24/10)
Weh, Marrtinez take road less traveled (Las Cruces Sun-News, 5/23/10)
Weh’s federal contracts soared under Bush Administration (NMPolitics.neet, 5/21/10)
Denish has fought corruption (, 5/21/10)
Video: At GOP forum, candidates have slightly differing views on immigration (KRQE, 5/20/10)
McCain’s PAC gave $ to Weh’s campaign (, 5/20/10)
Weh, Martinez spar at GOP forum (KOB, 5/20/10)
Negative ads hit the air in GOP fight (KRQE, 5/20/10)
Sorting out the back-and-forth between GOPers (, 5/19/10)
GOP candidates support health care lawsuit (Portales News-Tribune, 5/18/10)
It’s war – Martinez strikes, Weh promises he’ll hit back (, 5/18/10)
Two GOP candidates surge ahead (Durango Herald, 5/17/10)
NM GOP race close, but not for Pete’s sake (CQ Politics, 5/17/10)
Doug Turner defines his campaign (, 5/17/10)
Video: Doug Turner interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Video: Allen Weh interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Video: Pete Domenici, Jr interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Video: Susana Martinez interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Video: Janice Arnold-Jones interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Video: Diane Denish interview (KRQE, 5/17/10)
Funding could be key to winning GOP primary (KOB, 5/17/10)
Democrats take aim at front-runner Martinez (KOB, 5/17/10)
Poll finds Weh, Martinez neck-and-neck (, 5/17/10)
Palin endorses Susana (Las Cruces Sun-News, 5/15/10)
Palin to endorse Martinez (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/15/10)
Domenici Sr campaigns with Jr (Alamagordo Daily News, 5/11/10)
Denish raises almot $300K in a month (, 5/10/10)
NM newspapers profile the candidates (, 5/10/10)
AZ law may push immigration problems east into NM (Las Cruces Sun News, 5/9/10)
GOP has reasons to hope 2010 will be year they win back gov office (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/9/10)
GOP candidates stick to party themes (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/8/10)
Arnold-Jones relies on personal contact (Santa Fe New Mexican, 5/8/10)
Martinez: Getting NM on track to grow jobs (, 5/7/10)
Turner’s new ad focuses on corruption (, 5/7/10)
Weh weighs in against tuition increase (The Daily Lobo, 5/7/10)
In a reversal, Denish may release details about her schedule (, 5/5/10)
APRIL 2010
Former Rep. Wilson: 8 ways to clean up Santa Fe (, 4/28/10)
On campaign trail, Denish talks creating jobs in rural NM (Alamagordo Daily News, 4/27/10)

DA’s office isn’t keeping schedule for Martinez (, 4/27/10)

Guber candidates give views on AZ immigration law (, 4/27/10)

Domenici up on the air with two ads (, 4/26/10)

AZ immigration law polarizing NM politics (KOB, 4/26/10)

Oil interests biggest donor to Martinez campaign (Las Cruces Sun News, 4/26/10)

Video: Turner’s 4th ad touts small business support (, 4/23/10)

Arnold-Jones: Tax cuts, industrial innovation best way to stem job losses (, 4/22/10)

VIDEO: Turner releases new campaign ad (, 4/14/10)

State GOP is reaching out to Hispanics (, 4/13/10)

GOP guber hopefuls discuss issues in Las Cruces (, 4/12/10)

Denish raises $1M for race (Silver City Sun-News, 4/12/10)

Weh loans himself another half million (, 4/12/10)

Turner raises $401K, half of it a personal loan (, 4/12/10)

Denish continues dominating fundraising race (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/12/10)

Turner files legal challenge to state effort to limit emissions (Farmington Daily Times, 4/10/10)

Denish unveils job creation proposal (NewsWest9, 4/9/10)

Weh won’t be participating in upcoming guber debate (NMPolitics, 4/8/10)

Former NJ Guv campaigns for Jones-Arnold (, 4/7/10)

Arnold-Jones says she’s raised $26K since preprimary (, 4/7/10)

VIDEO: Martinez first up with TV ad, “Bold change” (National Journal, 4/6/10)

Martinez: being governor also means addressing public safety (, 4/5/10)

Domenici fundraising drops following preprimary loss (, 4/5/10)

GOP candidates take center stage in Alamogordo (Alamagordo News, 4/3/10)

Roundhouse Roundup: Everyone’s a frontrunner (Santa Fe New Mexican, 4/1/10)

MARCH 2010

Opinion: All 5 GOPers can beat Denish (, 3/31/10)

Gov candidates gear up for TV campaigns (NM Politics with Joe Monahan, 3/30/10)

Denish jumps out to large early lead in polls (Politics Daily, 3/29/10)

Poll shows Turner, Weh as strongest GOPers (, 3/29/10)

Denish: focus on job creation, not new regulations (Las Cruces Sun News, 3/28/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Diane Denish (KRQE, 3/22/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Doug Turner (KRQE, 3/19/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Janice Arnold-Jones (KRQE, 3/19/10)

Two GOP lawmakers endorse Arnold-Jones (, 3/18/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Susana Martinez (KRQE, 3/17/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Alan Weh (KRQE, 3/17/10)

VIDEO: Candidate interview: Pete Domenici, Jr. (KRQE, 3/17/10)

Democrats pick Denish at pre-primary convention (Alamagordo News, 3/16/10)

The Aftermath – analysis of post-convention campaign ahead (New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan, 3/15/10)

Martinez impresses with big GOP caucus win (, 3/13/10)

GOP convention chaos looming? (, 3/11/10)

Turner reaches for governor’s seat (Alamagordo News, 3/6/10)

Martinez names Prosecutor of the Year (Las Cruces Sun-News, 3/4/10)

Richardson rumored to be going Hollywood (, 3/3/10)

Domenici’s campaign total includes $50K from himself (, 3/2/10)

Martinez talks about top issues (Portales News-Tribune, 3/1/10)


Turner says statements on drug use aren’t contradictory (, 2/28/10)

At Tea Party forum, GOPers discuss immigration (, 2/28/10)

Analyzing the new polls and the 2010 landscape (, 2/26/10)

Martinez wins Clovis straw poll (, 2/26/10)

New poll shows Denish with slight lead over Domenici (Politico, 2/24/10)

NM House OKs ethics reform bill (Las Cruces Sun-News, 2/17/10)


Richardson’s future is again talk of Santa Fe (New York Times, 9/11/09)

Denish: October session to tackle budget (Silver City Sun-News, 9/10/09)

Weh formally enters gov campaign (KOHM-FM, 9/9/09)

Weh jumps in; both Dems and GOPers pile on (NM Politics with Joe Monahan, 9/9/09)

Sources say Sanchez won’t run for gov (NM FBI HOP, 9/1/09)


Arnold-Jones launches campaign (, 8/31/09)

NM GOP can still make corruption an issue (Alamagordo Daily News, 8/29/09)

Denish calls for ethics reform as Richardson gets cleared (FBIHOP, 8/27/09)

NM roiled by another graft case (Wall Street Journal, 8/22/09)

Turner’s PR firm “astroturfing” energy meetings in NM (FBIHOP, 8/20/09)

Will latest indictment lead to ethics reform? (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/20/09)

New Mexico politics gets wild again (New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan, 8/20/09)

Turner testing political waters for gov run (Clovis News Journal, 8/19/09)

Improprietis cloud both parties (Santa Fe New Mexican, 8/18/09)

How long can Wilson wait? (Inside the Capitol, 8/14/09)

Judiciary documents reveal Wilson could face legal problems in US Attorneys role (NMP w/ Joe Monahan, 8/13/09)

House Dems turn over documents about Rove/Weh discussions in Attorneys firings (Wall Street Journal, 8/12/09)

GOP gov field now at two, likely to grow (CQ Politics, 8/1/09)

JULY 2009

Candidates get early start in 2010 contests (Santa Fe Reporter, 7/27/09)

Martinez could make noise in guv contest (Silver City Sun-News, 7/26/09)

NM Governors race takes shape (Politico, 7/20/09)

Why is Richardson silent on Denish reform proposal? (Diogene’s Six, 7/19/09)

Zanetti decides against running (KRQE TV, 7/17/09)

GOP airs anti-Denish ads 16 months before election (KOB-TV, 7/13/09)

Pearce to run for Congress, not governor (Politico, 7/6/09)

GOP hopes rest on Democratic troubles (CQ Politics, 7/3/09)

June 2009

Pearce won’t announce 2010 plans until late July (CQ Politics, 6/26/09)

Arnold-Jones becomes first GOPer in the race (Haussamen, 6/19/09)