The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NJ 2012 Archives


New Jersey Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archive


Halfway houses prove lucrative to those at top (New York Times, 12/29/12)
Along coast, hurricane left housing market in turmoil (New York Times, 12/27/12)
Newark Mayor Cory Booker aims for higher office (LA Times, 12/24/12)
Cory Booker running for Senate, not governor, says source (Politico, 12/20/12)
Cory Booker: I’ll exploer US Senate run (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/20/12)
Cory Booker won’t challenge Christie, eyes US Senate instead (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/20/12)
Gov. Christie balks at free beach access in towns accepting Sandy aid (, 12/19/12)
Gov. Christie: Americans need to have a ‘national discussion’ about gun control (, 12/19/12)
Christie says he’s ‘ready’ if White House run comes, wants dialogue on mental health (, 12/19/12)
‘Enough is enough’: NJ politicians call for gun safety measures after Connecticut shooting (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/18/12)
Chris Christie aims to raise $2M by Dec. 31 (Politico, 12/18/12)
COMMENTARY: Christie looks ready for prime time, but is it ready for him? (Bergen Record,12/16/12)
Report on state’s finances sees big trouble ahead (Bergen Record, 12/14/12)
Corey Booker and Twitter (Politico, 12/14/12)
Codey: Booker gets more press than Lohan (Politico, 12/13/12)
VIDEO: Cory Booker points to policy differences with Christie on ‘The Daily Show’ (Washington Post,12/13/12)
Promise vs. reality in Newark on mayor’s watch (New York Times, 12/13/12)
COMMENTARY: Christie fighting voter indifference, Democrats in NJ Supreme Court makeover(Bergen Record, 12/13/12)
NJ Dems fret over Christie polling (Politico, 12/12/12)
Codey releases humorous, boxing-themed web video about 2013 gubernatorial contest (Bergen Record, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Barbara Walters asks Chris Christie if he’s too fat to be president (BuzzFeed, 12/12/12)
VIDEO: Chris Christie, one of Barbara Walters’ 10 most fascinating people of 2012 (ABC News, 12/12/12)
Democrat Barbara Buono running for governor in NJ (Bergen Record, 12/11/12)
Bill Maher praises Chris Christie in blog post (Politico, 12/10/12)
Cory Booker attacks: Chris Christie ‘vulnerable’ (Politico, 12/10/12)
Booker to decide within 2 weeks on run against Christie (Politico, 12/9/12)
Will Booker challenge Christie for NJ governor? (AP, 12/9/12)
Newark Mayor Cory Booker could enliven New Jersey governor’s race (LA Times, 12/9/12)
Cory Booker to decide within two weeks whether to challenge Chris Christie (The Fix, 12/9/12)
VIDEO: Cory Booker considering runs for NJ governor, Senate (CBS News, 12/9/12)
Chris Christie gets face time with Obama (NY Daily News, 12/7/12)
Gov. Christie lobbies for Sandy aid after vetoing ‘Obamacare’ bill (LA Times, 12/6/12)
Alabama’s Mike Hubbard and New Jersey’s Chris Christie form a budding GOP alliance (, 12/6/12)
On talk show, no hug for Christie (New York Times, 12/6/12)
EDITORIAL: White House offer on Hurricane aid not even close (NY Daily News, 12/6/12)
Obama’s storm-aid bid to be about $50 billion (New York Times, 12/5/12)
Renegade Democrats keep NY state Senate in GOP hands, Cuomo complicit (Daily Kos, 12/5/12)
NJ’s post-Sandy bipartisanship slipping away (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/5/12)


Christie strongly favored for reelection, voters still lukewarm on 2016 (Public Policy Polling, 11/30/12)
Booker could win Senate seat (Public Policy Polling, 11/29/12)
For Cory Booker, the Senate is the ticket (Washington Post, 11/29/12)
VIDEO: Christie tops any Dem in NJ governor’s race (Quinnipiac, 11/28/12)
Gov.Christie has strong support of NJ voters, new poll shows (, 11/27/12)
Can a certain (very popular) fat guy from Jersey win the White House (The New Yorker, 11/27/12)
Chris Christie: The most popular Republican in the country (Washington Post, 11/27/12)
Gov. Christie’s focus: Rebuilding, re-election (AP, 11/27/12)
Chris Christie will make 2013 bid for reelection (The Fix, 11/26/12)
Gov.Christie files papers to seek re-election next year (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/26/12)
Newark Mayor Cory Booker vows to live like a food stamp recipient for a week to raise awareness about poverty (NY Daily News, 11/21/12)
NJ Gov. Chris Christie was surprised by GOP backlash for praising Obama after Hurricane Sandy crisis (NY Daily News, 11/20/12)
Christie’s reaction to the Republican reaction (Capital New York, 11/20/12)
Booker vs. Christie would be the best campaign of 2013 (or maybe any year) (The New Republic,11/19/12)
Pete King says Christie’s Obama moment was sincere, but ‘could hurt him in 2016′ (Capital New York, 11/19/12)
After Obama, Christie wants a GOP hug (New York Times, 11/19/12)
Gov. Christie makes cameo appearance on ‘SNL’ (AP, 11/18/12)
Christie says Sebelius hasn’t answered his administration’s questions about exchanges (PolitickerNJ, 11/16/12)
Christie’s prospects clouded by Sandy as Cuomo solidifies status (Bloomberg, 11/16/12)
VIDEO: Chris Christie unwraps Mitt Romney’s ‘gift’ claim (Politico, 11/16/12)
Christie to work with Biden on Army Corps of Engineers ops for Jersey Shore (PolitickerNJ, 11/16/12)
Cory Booker: Hurricane Sandy pushed back decision to run for governor (Newark Star-Ledger,11/15/12)
Gov. Christie’s Obama problem (The Hill, 11/14/12)
Christie reverses stand on tax increases after storm (New York Times, 11/13/12)
The world according to Cory: Democrats await a decision from the Mayor of Newark (PolitickerNJ, 11/12/12)
New Jersey lifts gas rationing, but Bloomberg wants NYC to ‘ride with it’ for a while (Capital New York, 11/12/12)
Executive at company tied to New Jersey’s halfway houses is leaving (New York Times, 11/8/12)
Republicans push back: Don’t blame Chris Christie (Washington Post, 11/8/12)
After a hurricane and an election, Cory Booker could really use a nap (New York Magazine,11/8/12)
Christie: Not my fault that Mitt lost (NY Daily News, 11/7/12)
The Christie Scorecard (PolitickerNJ, 11/7/12)
Christie says reports he snubbed Romney rally are false, blaming ‘know-nothing, digruntled’ staffers(PolitickerNJ, 11/6/12)
Chris Christie denied Mitt Romney request to appear at campaign event days ahead of 2012 election(Huffington Post, 11/5/12)
Exclusive: Christie was Mitt Romney’s first choice for VP (Politico, 11/3/12)
Did Chris Christie kill his 2016 presidential chances? (The Week, 11/1/12)


Chris Christie aide denies rift with Mitt Romney (Politico, 10/31/12)
One result of hurricane: Bipartisanship flows (New York Times, 10/31/12)
One storm hasn’t blown over; Atlantic City mayor left out of Christie, Obama storm tour (New York Times, 10/31/12)
An unlikely political pair, united by a disaster (New York Times, 10/31/12)
New Jersey reels from storm’s thrashing (New York Times, 10/31/12)
Obama, Christie find common cause in tour of Sandy’s damage (LA Times, 10/31/12)
Obama and Christie: A Sandy love story (Politico, 10/31/12)
Cory Booker OK with Chris Christie’s Obama love (Politico, 10/31/12)
Why Sandy poses a major test for Chris Christie (and how he’s passing it so far) (The Fix, 10/30/12)
Christie criticizes Atlantic City mayor’s response (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/29/12)
Three leaders, all comfortable, put three different faces on storm response (New York Times,10/29/12)
Mayor Cory Booker persuades investors, donors to bet on still-struggling Newark (Washington Post,10/27/12)
Christie on debate: Told ya so! (Christie Chronicles, 10/4/12)
Christie won’t blame the media, except when he will (Christie Chronicles, 10/1/12)
Christie: Romney will win debate (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/1/12)


Christie: Debate will turn presidential race ‘upside down’ (Politico, 9/30/12)
To fight crime, a poor city will trade in its police (New York Times, 9/28/12)
Christie’s style doesn’t bother most Jerseyans (Asbury Park Press, 9/26/12)
Christie heads to New Hampshire to stump for GOP gubernatorial candidate (, 9/24/12)
Christie in Missouri: Voting for Nixon is akin to voting for Obama (Springfield News-Leader,9/24/12)
Christie backs ‘bigot’ and ‘right-wing zealot,’ Dems charge (Christie Chronicles, 9/21/12)
NJ jobless rate at 9.9%, but 5,300 jobs added (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/21/12)
Washington GOP gubernatorial candidate using Christie to recruit volunteers (,  9/20/12)
Christie attending free public rally in Missouri (Springfield News-Leader, 9/20/12)
NJ’s $31.7B budget again considered overly optimistic (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/19/12)
NJ Gov. Christie talks Romney, taxes at meeting (AP, 9/19/12)
Budget numbers may go down, but Christie’s numbers stay up (Christie Chronicles, 9/19/12)
Outlook ‘negative,’ but Christie positive (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/19/12)
Christie popularity remains steady, according to FDU poll (, 9/18/12)
Christie has strong support in NJ, poll finds (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/18/12)
Christie’s high-stakes choice: Will he run again? (AP, 9/16/12)
Christie is banking heavily on his budget (, 9/16/12)
Looks like we found the Christie Comeback (Blue Jersey, 9/16/12)
Christie charms NJ firefighters but continues working to mend relationship with union (, 9/15/12)
Gov. Christie tells Wall Street that NJ’s surplus may be lower (, 9/15/12)
From jeers to cheers: Gov. Christie suddenly applauded by NJ firemen’s group (, 9/14/12)
NJ lawmakers put hold on state car sell-off bill (AP, 9/14/12)
At a town hall, Christie pushes for ethics deal (AP, 9/13/12)
Delaware River panel still mum on gas drilling (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/13/12)
Gov. Christie hits road for other GOP candidates (AP, 9/13/12)
Right sees red over Jersey green (, 9/13/12)
Commentary: Christie’s ‘Comeback’ slogan has come and gone (, 9/12/12)
Chris Christie vs. the world (or, at least, Democratic governors) (The Fix, 9/12/12)
Audio: NJ jobless waiting months for unemployment benefits appeals (NJ 101.5, 9/12/12)
Christie’s new telenovela: ‘Christie’s Middle-Class Reform Agenda’ (Blue Jersey, 9/12/12)
$253M tax revenue shortfall raises doubts about Gov. Christie’s income tax cuts (, 9/11/12)
Chris Christie to join Steve King at Iowa fundraiser (Politico, 9/11/12)
Gov. Christie dismisses nonpartisan group’s tax revenue report (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/11/12)
Appeals court lets redrawn districts stand (AP, 9/11/12)
New numbers put Christie on defense (Christie Chronicles, 9/10/12)
NJ delegates: Booker eyeing gubernatorial run (Politico, 9/10/12)
Chris Christie, job creator (, 9/10/12)
Gov. Christie to state budget officer: ‘This guy can’t get it right’ (, 9/10/12)
Hedge fund’s risky ties to Revel casino shine light on NJ’s investing habits (, 9/9/12)
Why Cory Booker must run for governor (Blue Jersey, 9/7/12)
Did Cory Booker hint at potential New Jersey Governor bid? (ABC News, 9/6/12)
Chris Christie turns 50 (AP, 9/6/12)
ICYMI: Will Dems’ star Booker challenge his friend Christie? (Christie Chronicles, 9/5/12)
Chris Christie on Pelosi lamenting lack of compromise: ‘She’s part of the problem’ (Mediaite, 9/5/12)
Which Springsteen lyric sums up the Chris Christie era? (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/5/12)
Chris Christie talks Clint Eastwood, sings ‘Thunder Road’ on Jimmy Fallon show (, 9/5/12)
Video: Christie sings Springsteen’s ‘Thunder Road’ (Politico, 9/5/12)
Poll: Christie, New Jersey voters have different ideas about governor’s political future (Reuters, 9/5/12)
Cory Booker calls for economic reform in spirited DNC speech (, 9/4/12)
Cory Booker back in favor with rousing DNC speech (ABC News, 9/4/12)
Rep. Pallone lights up NJ delegation breakfast at Gov. Christie’s expense (Newark Star-Ledger,9/4/12)
Cory Booker praises Obama’s record, says GOP has taken ‘dramatic swing to the right’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/4/12)
Big buzz over NJ governor’s race at DNC 2012 (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/3/12)
Booker speech has Christie backdrop (Politico, 9/2/12)
From Christie to Booker: At Democratic National Convention, Newark mayor steps into spotlight(Newark Star-Ledger, 9/2/12)
Gov. Christie likely to remain Republican power player despite speech’s mixed reviews (, 9/1/12)


It’s not all about him, he said often (New York Times, 8/31/12)
Chris Christie ‘disappointed’ by GOP noise (Politico, 8/30/12)
Chris Christie tells the party faithful to focus on ‘big things’ (Naked Politics, 8/30/12)
Commentary: On Chris Christie’s ‘Flop’ (New York Times, 8/29/12)
Video: Chris Christie speech blasted as ‘off-key’ by Chris Wallace (Huffington Post, 8/29/12)
Gov. Christie tells the Republican convention that Mitt Romney will tell hard truths (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/29/12)
Christie goes for bipartisan respect, rather than conservative love (Christie Chronicles, 8/29/12)
Chris Christie’s flop at the GOP convention (Politico, 8/29/12)
The problem with Chris Christie’s leadership test (Capital New York, 8/29/12)
Christie brings down the house in Tampa (Watchdog, 8/28/12)
Is this why Romney was scared of picking Chris Christie? (Capital New York, 8/27/12)
Keynoter Christie is a skilled speaker and tea party pleaser (New York Times, 8/27/12)
60 double-dippers collect $10M a year; a third hired under Christie Administration (Watchdog, 8/27/12)
Cory Booker to speak to Iowa delegates at DNC in Charlotte (Des Moines Register, 8/27/12)
Chris Christie calls Jerry Brown an ‘old retread’ and ‘bad choice’ (SacBee, 8/27/12)
Christie chose NJ over Mitt’s VP role due to fears they’d lose (New York Post, 8/27/12)
Opinion: New Jersey’s Comeback skid (New York Times, 8/26/12)
Editorial: Christie stands in way of Amtrak expansion (New York Times, 8/26/12)
‘Leadership’ likely to be a regular Christie theme (PolitickerNJ, 8/24/12)
In convention speech, a test for Chris Christie? (CBS News, 8/24/12)
Gov gets some love on the way to Tampa (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/23/12)
Booker tells chairs he’s weighing 2013 gubernatorial run (PolitickerNJ, 8/23/12)
Christie keynote gives GOP a jolt as Dems try to fight though a flat early mood (PolitickerNJ, 8/22/12)
Romney to Christie: You’re not veep, but how about keynote? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/20/12)
Editorial: Treasurer should release revenue numbers (PolitickerNJ, 8/20/12)
Christie: Comeback still going strong (PolitickerNJ, 8/20/12)
NJ loses more jobs than any other state in July; unemployment rate is 4th highest in US (, 8/17/12)
Christie administration fell $542M short of revenue projections, memo shows (, 8/16/12)
NJ Democrats protest laws requiring photo ID at polls (, 8/16/12)
Dems hammer Christie with new unemployment numbers (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/16/12)
NJ unemployment rate rises to 9,8% in July, state loses 12K jobs (, 8/16/12)
FAQ: Why is Christie fit to be keynote speaker but not running mate? (Capital New York, 8/15/12)’s updated list of potential 2013 Dem guv challengers (PolitickerNJ, 8/15/12)
New Jersey fines halfway houses $45,000 over escapes (New York Times, 8/14/12)
What’s Chris Christie’s next political move? (The Fix, 8/14/12)
Gov. Christie officially named to give keynote address at GOP convention (, 8/14/12)
Chris Christie to deliver keynote address at Republican convention (The Fix, 8/14/12)
After miscue, refined role for Booker (Wall Street Journal, 8/13/12)
NJ GOP sources bothered by Ryan selection (PolitickerNJ, 8/13/12)
For Christie, the guessing game is over (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/13/12)
Analysis: Romney’s VP choice limits Christie’s options (NJPR, 8/13/12)
Why Christie not picked as Mitt’s VP (New York Post, 8/12/12)
Commentary: Christie may win for losing GOP veepstakes (, 8/12/12)
Christie in demand to raise cash for the GOP (Asbury Park Press, 8/12/12)
Gov. Chris Christie’s political future could take several different paths (, 8/11/12)
Four possible reasons Christie didn’t make the cut for VP (, 8/11/12)
Romney supporters say Christie has potential but wasn’t ready for VP (, 8/11/12)
Christie: Romney and Ryan will get results (, 8/11/12)
For Christie, path cleared for keynote speech (, 8/11/12)
Chris Christie’s failed state capitalism (Bloomberg, 8/10/12)
Christie campaign swing gets going with Washington state rally, fundraisers (AP, 8/10/12)
Chris Christie rallies Washington state Republicans (Seattle Times, 8/9/12)
Christie does tenure (Wall Street Journal, 8/9/12)
Commentary: Gov. Christie should do more for NJ’s middle-class (, 8/8/12)
Christie seeks to weaken oversight of halfway houses (New York Times, 8/8/12)
Christie jabs at NYPD again over spying on Muslims (Wall Street Journal, 8/8/12)
Elizabeth Mayor Bollwage ready to run if Booker doesn’t challenge Christie (PolitickerNJ, 8/7/12)
4 major pro sports leagues, NCAA sue to stop NJ from allowing betting (, 8/7/12)
Chris Christie’s summer of self-promotion (The Atlantic, 8/7/12)
Gov. Christie hails signing of tenure reform bill as ‘a great day for good teachers’ (, 8/7/12)
State begins taking applications to waive environmental rules, angering activists (, 8/6/12)

JULY 2012

POLITIFACT: Chris Christie says almost 90K New Jerseyans are back to work since he took office rated FALSE (Newark Star-Ledger,7/30/12)
POLITIFACT: Chris Christie slammed by CT Gov. Dannel Malloy for refusing to fund billions in pensions rated MOSTLY TRUE (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/29/12)
Chris Christie open to 2016 White House run (ABC News, 7/25/12)
Court exempts judges from New Jersey’s curbs on benefits (New York Times, 7/24/12)
Gov. Christie puts positive spin on NJ’s jobs numbers (, 7/23/12)
Woeful Trenton sees Mayor add insult to injury (New York Times, 7/20/12)
Christie stays mum on GOP convention rumors (Metropolis, 7/19/12)
New Jersey expands drug treatment for criminals (Metropolis, 7/19/12)
Chris Christie convention talk premature, GOP says (Washington Post, 7/18/12)
Chris Christie repeats: Mitt Romney likely won’t pick him as VP candidate (, 7/16/12)
Gov. Christie backs out of plans to take over as vice chairman of NGA (, 7/15/12)
Democratic governors use new Super PAC to unleash attack ads against Chris Christie (, 7/14/12)
Christie by the numbers: Governor trumpets achievements, pokes fun at self in release (, 7/11/12)
Memo: NJ revenue for last fiscal year is $200M short of Christie’s revised projections (, 7/10/12)
NJ judges were allegedly pressured to back Paula Dow’s nomination to bench (Newark Star-Ledger,7/9/12)
Christie: Obama aloof, egotistical (Washington Examiner, 7/9/12)
Christie to talk jobs and taxes at Brookings (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/8/12)
Tough talk on the boardwalk: Chris Christie’s heated exchange at Jersey Shore caught on video(, 7/6/12)
Christie calls reporter ‘idiot’ at press conference (NBC New York, 7/2/12)
NJ lawmakers say they will not consider Christie tax-cut plan (CBS New York, 7/2/12)

JUNE 2012

Gov. Christie calls special legislative session to state case for middle-class tax cut (CBS New York, 6/30/12)
As his optimistic budget falters, Christie comes out swinging (New York Times, 6/27/12)
Gov. Christie to have AG take over 2 Democratic county prosecutor offices, sources say (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/26/12)
Can Christie deliver PA? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/25/12)
Sweeping NJ teacher’s tenure bill passes Legislature, heads to Gov. Christie’s desk (, 6/25/12)
NJ Assembly sends $31.7B budget to Gov. Christie (, 6/25/12)
Editorial: Halfway houses in New Jersey (New York Times, 6/24/12)
Cuomo & Christie complete opposites on marijuana decriminalization…kinda (Village Voice,6/23/12)
Who had the better week – Cuomo or Christie? (WNYC, 6/22/12)
Commentary: Prisons, privatization, patronage (New York Times, 6/21/12)
NJ Democrats likely to pass Christie budget plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/20/12)
Christie pushes budget, tax cuts (North, 6/20/12)
Video: Chris Christie some NJ Democratic leaders to vampires (New Jersey 101.5, 6/20/12)
As clock ticks, Gov. Chris Christie and Democrat lawmakers continue squabbling over budget(, 6/20/12)
Table set for budget battle (PolitickerNJ, 6/20/12)
Christie plans more ‘town hall’ events as budget deadline nears (The Political Scene, 6/20/12)
Gov. Christie to skip Utah GOP retreat, will stay home as NJ budget deadline approaches (, 6/20/12)
Gov. Chris Christie compares Democrats to vampires at town hall (, 6/19/12)
Christie’s VP hopes take a (media) hit (Crain’s New York, 6/19/12)
The two sides of Chris Christie (Governing, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Christie’s reformer image takes a hit with halfway house ties (North, 6/19/12)
Activist has spirited exchange with Christie (New Jersey Herald, 6/19/12)
As NJ budget deadline nears, deal expected (WHYY Newsworks, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Stand up for NJ’s 99 percent (Asbury Park Press, 6/19/12)
Christie backing $750M NJ college bond referendum (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/19/12)
Christie blasts Democrats for stalling on tax cut (Metropolis, 6/19/12)
Star of the Garden State (Wall Street Journal, 6/18/12)
Christie generates convention keynote buzz (Politico, 6/18/12)
Chris Christie’s Willie Horton problem (Salon, 6/18/12)
Audio: Is a New Jersey government shutdown possible? (New Jersey 101.5, 6/18/12)
Christie: I may have ‘missed my moment’ to be president (Business Insider, 6/18/12)
Christie’s ‘town hall meeting’ is just more political spin (Shore News Today, 6/18/12)
What would Chris Christie bring to the GOP ticket? (CNN, 6/18/12)
Senate Dems agree to raise transportation borrowing limit to help Gov. Christie close revenue gap(, 6/18/12)
Chris Christie: Call me, Mitt (The Daily Beast, 6/18/12)
Government transparency in NJ a murky affair (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/18/12)
Christie orders stepped-up inspections by state of halfway houses (New York Times, 6/18/12)
UNLOCKED: A volatile mix fuels a murder (New York Times, 6/18/12)
The fleeting Chris Christie moment (Washington Monthly, 6/17/12)
Chris Christie weighs in on vice presidential prospects (Huffington Post, 6/17/12)
Commentary: Four reasons we can’t cut taxes (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/17/12)
On budget, Christie alters course (Wall Street Journal, 6/17/12)
Chris Christie thinks dangerous, porous halfway houses should be ‘celebrated’ (Gothamist, 6/17/12)
Escapes from NJ halfway houses put spotlight on Christie (North, 6/17/12)
Top spot for Gov. Christie could be GOP convention keynote speech; allows room for future in WH(, 6/17/12)
UNLOCKED: As escapees stream out, a penal business thrives (New York Times, 6/16/12)
At Galloway town hall, Gov. Chris Christie says he won’t sign a budget unless there is tax cut(, 6/13/12)
Christie pushes 10% tax cut (, 6/13/12)
Christie continues town hall tour as budget deadline nears (The Political State, 6/13/12)
Christie says he won’t negotiate NJ budget with Legislature until taxes are cut (, 6/13/12)
Opinion: The Record: Full court press (, 6/13/12)
Audio: Governor Christie explains how to lower property taxes in NJ – permanently (New Jersey 101.5, 6/13/12)
Analysis: Tax relief could sink NJ into a $1B hole as revenue loss grows year after year(, 6/13/12)
Reports: NJ lagging in growth, leading in spending (CBS MoneyWatch, 6/13/12)
Gov. Chris Christie tells Haddonfield audience he wants budget deal by deadline (, 6/12/12)
Christie seeks a plan in case of shutdown (, 6/12/12)
After court ruling, Christie’s budget, higher-ed agenda needs Dems’ cooperation (The Political State, 6/12/12)
Court says Christie can’t dismantle housing agency for now (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/12/12)
Opinion: Assembly odd man out on tax proposal (, 6/12/12)
New poll shows Christie gaining support in NJ (WHYY Newsworks, 6/12/12)
Christie named BIO Governor of the year (Boston Business Journal, 6/12/12)
Chris Christie’s dubious bet on sports gambling (, 6/12/12)
Gov. Christie hosts 83rd town hall meeting, continues push for tax relief (Gloucester County Times,6/12/12)
Proposed NJ spending hike is tops in nation (, 6/12/12)
NJ poll: Christie hits all-time high (Politico, 6/12/12)
Gov. Christie asks Cabinet to prepare for potential government shutdown if budget talks stall(, 6/12/12)
Poll: Gov. Chris Christie gets his highest favorability ratings yet (, 6/12/12)
What price is NJ’s judiciary system paying for Gov. Christie’s battle with Senate Dems? (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/11/12)
Chris Christie loses appeal of housing agency dispute (Bloomberg, 6/11/12)
NJ Supreme Court: Christie can’t abolish Council of Affordable Housing (Newark Star-Ledger,6/11/12)
Opinion: There is no budget surplus for tax relief (, 6/11/12)
The days of Christie as ‘Superman’ are long gone (WHYY Newsworks, 6/11/12)
Editorial: Bill to force governors to notify Legislature when leaving state is unnecessary (Times of Trenton, 6/11/12)
Editorial: Gov. Christie turns his back on the working poor again (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/10/12)
Chris Christie’s ‘crazy’ month: Budget battles put heat on NJ governor (, 6/10/12)
Commentary: Unity still elusive for NJ Democrats (, 6/10/12)
Christie on Obama: ‘We’re right and they’re wrong’ (National Journal, 6/8/12)
Commentary: Mayor Friendly. The overrated Cory Booker (The New Republic, 6/8/12)
Christie switches gears on tax cuts (, 6/8/12)
Gov. Christie’s ‘difficult dance’ between bipartisanship, conservatism is a focus as speech arrives(, 6/8/12)
Christie boasts virtues of small government, compromise in CPAC keynote speech (, 6/8/12)
As GOP leaders slam Obama, Gov. Christie focuses on policy in CPAC speech (, 6/8/12)
Gov. Christie cheers firing of public employees: ‘That’s the right direction’ (Think Progress, 6/8/12)
Keeping tabs on Christie’s out-of-state frequent flyer mileage (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 6/8/12)
Chris Christie: Obama Remarks an ‘outrage’ (Politico, 6/8/12)
Christie in the land of Oz (PolitickerNJ, 6/6/12)
Amazon to build New Jersey warehouses and collect state tax (New York Times, 6/1/12)

MAY 2012

Christie: No Democrats on high court until four Republicans seated (PolitickerNJ, 5/31/12)
Opinion: Christie is the right choice for Romney’s VP (Washington Post, 5/28/12)
Opinion: Chris Christie, big fiscal phony (New York Times, 5/27/12)
Cory Booker’s brand takes a hit (Politico, 5/25/12)
Opinion: Cory Booker’s truth — and its consequences (Washington Post, 5/25/12)
Chris Christie tames the New Jersey political beast (Washington Post, 5/11/12)
Gov. Christie’s approval rate highest ever among NJ residents (, 5/8/12)
NJ Superior Court judges beware: Gov. Christie may be after you (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/12)
Chris Christie goes national (National Review, 5/7/12)
Democrats backing Christie buoy governor as NJ trails (Bloomberg, 5/3/12)
Gov. Christie: NJEA leaders are ‘bullies’ that use a ‘$130M slush fund’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/3/12)
On campaign trail, Christie goes out of his way to distance himself from Walker’s approach (The Cap Times, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Romney might convince me, Christie says (CNN, 4/30/12)
New Jersey joins list of states considering privatizing their lotteries (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/29/12)
NJ politicians preserve own retirement packages while limiting new workers’ (, 4/29/12)
Christie to campaign for controversial Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (, 4/28/12)
NJ introduces waiver that critics say could erode consumer protection (Newark Star-Ledger,4/27/12)
Gov. Christie accuses Assembly Dems of lying as tax cut debate rages on (, 4/26/12)
Group accuses Christie administration of ignoring requests for emergency school repairs (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/26/12)
Editorial: Gov. Chris Christie, address lawmaker’s challenge on property tax relief plan (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/25/12)
Editorial: Tough guy Gov. Chris Christie goes soft on ‘death race’ troopers (Newark Star-Ledger,4/25/12)
Christie would listen if Romney asks him to be running mate (ABC News, 4/17/12)
Christie has early 2016 GOP presidential lead (Public Policy Polling, 4/17/12)
Chris Christie in 2016 (, 4/15/12)
Cory Booker’s next move, and why it might take a while (Washington Post, 4/13/12)
Commentary: Gov. Christie’s condescending speech out of touch with Americans’ reality (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/12)
NJ Transit spends $408M on locomotives built specially for scuttled tunnel (North, 4/12/12)
Commentary: Christie cannibalizes the future (New York Times, 4/12/12)
Christie briefs Jewish center on Israel trip (MyCentralJersey, 4/12/12)
Editorial: Gov. Chris Christie must deliver facts on higher education upgrade (Newark Star-Ledger,4/12/12)
Tackling New Jersey’s tax problem: Q&A with Gov. Chris Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/12)
Forget VP: Romney asks Christie to be ‘czar of the world’ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/11/12)
Merger of NJ universities moves closer, despite lack of any details (Patch, 4/11/12)
A former NJ governor predicts, regretfully, that Christie will get away with lying about the ARC tunnel (Capital New York, 4/11/12)
Chris Christie’s gas tax foolishness (Salon, 4/11/12)
Commentary: Rail tunnel project is dead, along with all the potential jobs (Newark Star-Ledger,4/11/12)
Christie returns to national stage (North, 4/11/12)
Tunnel to Nowhere: New rail tunnel at least a decade away (NJ Spotlight, 4/11/12)
Poll: New Jerseyans favor Democrats’ property tax cut over Christie’s income tax cut (New Jersey Newsroom, 4/11/12)
Chris Christie railroaded us on ARC costs (NJBiz, 4/11/12)
Is New Jersey in play for Republicans in 2012? (The Blaze, 4/11/12)
Christie flies high at home (Politico, 4/11/12)
Poll: Chris Christie record-high approval (Politico, 4/11/12)
Talks reported to tweak plan to merge NJ universities (AP, 4/11/12)
Christie’s approval rating rises to record in poll (Bloomberg, 4/11/12)
Editorial: Gateway Tunnel to NY best alternative for NJ commuters (Newark Star-Ledger,4/11/12)
Gov. Chris Christie on NJ higher ed: A Q&A (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/11/12)
Chris Christie versus corporate welfare (Human Events, 4/10/12)
Commentary: Emotions fuel Christie’s job approval numbers (Asbury Park Press, 4/10/12)
Christie readies for Romney’s VP call (Washington Examiner, 4/10/12)
Surprise! Chris Christie fudged the numbers when he killed the ARC tunnel (New York Observer,4/10/12)
Federal report on Hudson River rail tunnel sparks political back and forth (North, 4/10/12)
Christie stands by his decision to cancel train tunnel (New York Times, 4/10/12)
US report: Christie overstated tunnel costs (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/10/12)
Editorial: NJ Democrats must step up on education reform (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/10/12)
Report faults Christie’s tunnel numbers (Wall Street Journal, 4/10/12)
Chris Christie to Republicans: Here’s how to compromise with Democrats (Forbes, 4/10/12)
Chris Christie: Nation of couch potatoes (Politico, 4/10/12)
Gov. Christie: Nation turning into ‘people sitting on a couch waiting for their next government check’ (, 4/10/12)
Gov. Chris Christie talks school reform: A Q&A (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/10/12)
Congressional investigators question why Gov. Christie canceled Hudson River rail tunnel (, 4/10/12)
The tunnel to political prominence (Reuters, 4/10/12)
Report disputes Christie’s basis for halting tunnel (New York Times, 4/10/12)
Gov. Christie: Nation turning into couch potatoes (NBC New York, 4/10/12)
Christie’s crossroads: Goodbye, Gov. Game-change? (New York Post, 4/9/12)
Poll: Christie’s ‘tough Jersey Guy’ routine turns off voters (New Jersey Newsroom, 4/9/12)
As Christie routed Israel, an elite slice of NJ tagged along (, 4/8/12)
Commentary: NJ could use ALEC’s ideals (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/12)
Commentary: Gov. Christie remarkable for finding common ground (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/12)
Mitt Romney & Chris Christie: Pro-Business, Yes, but Pro-Market? (Reason, 4/5/12)
Christie leaning on tax subsidies in hunt for jobs (New York Times, 4/4/12)
Dem lawmaker defends Christie after headline picks on his weight (, 4/4/12)

MARCH 2012

Corbett and Christie hit snooze on fixing the Walt Whitman Bridge (The Philly Post, 3/27/12)
In New Jersey, drinking is on the political agenda (Wall Street Journal, 3/23/12)
Democrats reject Christie choice for New Jersey’s top court (New York Times, 3/22/12)
NJ Senate committee rejects Gov. Christie’s Supreme Court nominee Phillip Kwon (, 3/22/12)
NJ teacher calls on Christie, NJEA to ‘find a way to work together,’ also says Christie scares her(, 3/19/12)
Confident guv, confident Jersey (, 3/13/12)
Poll: NJ gov polling highest since March 2009 (, 3/13/12)
No regrets for calling student ‘idiot,’ Christie says (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/13/12)
Former New Jersey governor goes undercover as homeless man (Reuters, 3/7/12)
Chris Christie ducks reporters at Scott Brown fundraiser (Boston Herald, 3/6/12)
Christie reconsidering 2005 orders that allowed NYPD to operate in NJ (, 3/5/12)
8 Who could run against Christie – Democrats to watch (, 3/4/12)
Christie budget relies on hopeful revenue forecast (North, 3/4/12)
Christie blasts NYPD spying (, 3/2/12)
Christie expects to win passage of limited school-voucher program in 2012 (Bloomberg, 3/2/12)
Christie hopes to have mandatory drug treatment for non-violent offenders in next year (, 3/1/12)
Poll: NJ voters want gay-marriage referendum (Wall Street Journal, 3/1/12)
NJ Voters’ gay-marriage support reaches high after Christie veto (Bloomberg, 3/1/12)
Audio: The budget battle ahead in New Jersey (Newsworks, 3/1/12)
In TV interview, Christie talks about health care, medical marijuana, other topics (, 3/1/12)


Christie as VP would help Romney in NJ, but not enough to win state against Obama (AP, 2/29/12)
Chris Christie little help vs. Obama in NJ, poll finds (Politico, 2/29/12)
NJ Democrats propose property tax credit program to counter Christie’s income tax credit (, 2/29/12)
Christie slams NYPD over Muslim spying program in NJ (, 2/29/12)
Billionaire Buffett snaps back at Christie after governor tells him to ’shut up’ (, 2/28/12)
Christie still in the GOP Veepstakes, but don’t bet on him (Gothamist, 2/27/12)
Warren Buffett versus Chris Christie and the ‘just shut up’ caucus (Washington Post, 2/27/12)
Commentary: Christie’s corporate waivers jeopardize New Jersey (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/26/12)
Video: Christie and Maryland governor swipe at each other (North, 2/26/12)
What Gov. Chris Christie’s budget means for New Jersey (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/26/12)
NJ governor says contested GOP convention is possible in up-and-down presidential campaign(Washington Post, 2/26/12)
NJ Senate president: We’re going to override Christie’s gay marriage veto (Huffington Post,2/25/12)
Wall Street experts dissect Gov. Christie’s budget proposal (, 2/25/12)
Opinion: Gov. Christie’s budget misses opportunity to address property tax relief (Times of Trenton,2/24/12)
Christie budget relies on ‘optimistic’ projections (Bloomberg, 2/24/12)
Christie’s proposed budget offers tax cut ‘gift’ with twists (NewJerseyNewsroom, 2/24/12)
Christie wants mandatory drug court for nonviolent offenders in NJ (WHYY, 2/23/12)
Chris Christie clashes with Jonathan Capehart (Politico, 2/23/12)
Video: Christie: DC could learn from New Jersey (MyFoxPhilly, 2/23/12)
Gov. Christie betting on Atlantic City rebound, and more tax revenue for NJ (, 2/23/12)
Christie to NJ: Everyone sacrificed, everyone benefits (Commentary, 2/23/12)
Commentary: The Conscience of Chris Christie (Huffington Post, 2/23/12)
Chris Christie is wrong on Obama and gay marriage (Washington Post, 2/23/12)
Chris Christie’s speech in Trenton was targeted at Tampa (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/22/12)
Not all Republicans on board with Gov’s budget (PolitickerNJ, 2/22/12)
Opinion: Chris Christie blew it (WNYC, 2/22/12)
Commentary: Christie’s gay marriage veto is history repeating itself (NewJerseyNewsroom, 2/22/12)
Christie’s high-profile absence from Mitt Romney campaign keeps speculation alive (Huffington Post,2/22/12)
Christie opens the spending spigot (Wall Street Journal, 2/22/12)
Gay nuptials suit takes a new turn (Wall Street Journal, 2/22/12)
Christie betting on NJ rebound to fund tax cuts, pensions (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/21/12)
The Daily Show skewers Gov. Christie’s gay marriage veto (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/22/12)
Chris Christie is wrong on Buffett (Forbes, 2/22/12)
Santorum’s ‘Satan’ comments relevant, Chris Christie says (Washington Post, 2/22/12)
Video: Gov. Christie to Warren Buffett: ‘Write a check and shut up’ (NPR, 2/22/12)
Christie proposes $32.1 billion NJ budget with slight increases in spending (Philadelphia Inquirer,2/22/12)
Opinion: Gov. Christie’s veto of NJ marriage equality bill is a civil rights tragedy (Times of Trenton,2/21/12)
Gov. Christie’s budget proposal expects revenue boom, adds $200M in school funding (, 2/21/12)
Projecting big economic recovery, Christie offers budget with little pain (, 2/21/12)
Heralding end of ‘dark times,’ Christie offers budget that is bigger and cuts taxes (New York Times,2/21/12)
Democrats: Christie not doing enough to ease tax burden (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/21/12)
Poll: NJ voters favor Gov. Christie’s proposed income tax cut, prefer property tax cut (, 2/21/12)
Editorial: Gov. Christie’s budget address – Consistent, dubious claims (Newark Star-Ledger,2/21/12)
Gov. Chris Christie budget speech full text (, 2/21/12)
Video: Chris Christie explains same-sex marriage veto (CNN, 2/21/12)
Gov. Christie vetoes NJ gay marriage bill (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/17/12)
Christie vetoes New Jersey gay marriage bill (New York Daily News, 2/17/12)
NJ Assembly approves gay marriage, Christie vows veto (Wall Street Journal, 2/16/12)
NJ fracking opponents take second shot at ban Christie vetoed (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2/9/12)
Christie will support NJ Supreme Court nominees regardless of state bar ruling (, 2/9/12)
Christie calls for NJEA official’s resignation after controversial response to school voucher question(, 2/8/12)
Editorial: NJ should focus relief on property tax, not income tax (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/5/12)


Editorial: Gov. Christie’s income tax cut will aid NJ’s wealthiest (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/31/12)
NJ Gov Christie calls gay lawmaker ‘numb nuts’ (, 1/30/12)
Christie’s ‘historic’ appointments to NJ Supreme Court bring diversity to all-white panel (Newark Star-Ledger,1/24/12)
Christie wants voters to decide on gay marriage (New York Times, 1/24/12)
Gov. Christie nominates two for state Supreme Court, including gay African-American mayor(Newark Star-Ledger, 1/23/12)
Chris Christie says he would consider being Mitt Romney’s vice president (Washington Post,1/22/12)
Gov. Christie calls Newt Gingrich an ‘embarrassment to his party’ (, 1/22/12)
Poll: Majority of NJ voters support gay marriage (, 1/19/12)
NJ ‘tough-guy’ governor doesn’t like people talking about him (NEPArtisan, 1/19/12)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters say Christie nod is likely (Quinnipiac Poll, 1/18/12)
Gov. Christie proposes 10% NJ income tax reduction (, 1/17/12)
Text of Christie’s State of State speech (, 1/17/12)
In New Jersey, nonprofit at center of education conflict (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/17/12)
Awaiting state on wind farm (, 1/16/12)
Critiquing Romney  & praising Obama, Christie dishes to Oprah (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/16/12)
Rewards, punishments meted out in NJ Legislature (, 1/13/12)
Gov. Christie mum on gay marriage bill (, 1/12/12)
What did Christie really means in his NH reply to a female protester? (, 1/12/12)
Was Christie’s takedown really sexist? (, 1/11/12)
After death of veteran lawmaker, an emotional day in Trenton (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/11/12)
Dems to Christie: Approve gay marriage (, 1/10/12)
Editorial: Gov. Chris Christie must stop talking down to women (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/10/12)
Christie tries to give NJ lift to Romney in NH (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/9/12)
Poll: Gov. Christie’s support among NJ voters remains high (, 1/9/12)
Sweeney: NJ gay marriage fight will be with Christie, not Legislature (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/9/12)
Chris Christie’s gender gap (Washington Post, 1/9/12)
Gov. Christie admits his ’spontaneity’ sometimes gets him in trouble (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/8/12)

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