The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NJ 2011 Archives


New Jersey Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Gov. Christie to Iowa voters: Vote for Romney or I’ll be back ‘Jersey Style’ (CBS New York, 12/30/11)
Commentary: NJ voters disenfranchised by redistricting (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/29/11)
Gov. Christie bemoans lack of NJ education reform in 2011 (CBS New York, 12/29/11)
Rep. Rothman to challenge Rep. Pascrell in June Democratic primary (, 12/26/11)
Congressional redistricting leaves Dem Rothman in GOP-leaning district; new map a loss for Democrats(, 12/24/11)
Gov. Christie does not rule out VP run (Reuters, 12/22/11)
Christie hopes for better result for GOP as NJ’s congressional districts are redrawn (AP, 12/19/11)
Is anti-tax movement coming to an end? (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/1/11)


NJ nurses charge religious  discrimination over hospital abortion policy (Washington Post, 11/27/11)
Commentary: Christie can’t blame the map for this performance (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/10/11)
Commentary: NJ elections empower Democrats as Christie’s weaknesses are exposed (Newark Star-Ledger,11/10/11)
After Princeton towns’ consolidation, are more NJ mergers on the way? (, 11/10/11)
NJEA unveils school reform plan at annual Atlantic City convention (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/10/11)
Two towns merge into new one — Princeton, NJ — to save costs (LA Times, 11/9/11)
Editorial: Gov. Chris Christie won, lost nothing in midterm elections (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/9/11)
Politicians from both sides work to spin NJ election results (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/9/11)
Christie says election ‘no big shocker,’ blames political map (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/9/11)
Democrats win key races in NY and NJ (Wall Street Journal, 11/9/11)
Gov. Christie’s efforts to boost GOP’s chances in legislative elections fall short (, 11/9/11)
Two New Jersey communities named Princeton vote in favor of consolidation (Bloomberg, 11/9/11)
Hot contest, big question top the ballot (The Times of Trenton, 11/8/11)
Gov. Chris Christie hits the trail for Romney in NH (Washington Post, 11/8/11)
Editorial: Chris Christie abandoning big fight to protect the environment (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/8/11)
NJ to appeal ruling on PA power plant pollution (Bloomberg, 11/7/11)
NJ jobs trimmed but union paychecks up with Christie in charge (South Jersey, 11/7/11)
As deadline looms, Christie shows no sign of backing EPA pollution rule (WHYY, 11/7/11)
Former Govs ask: Why won’t Chris Christie get mad at JCP&L (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/7/11)
Christie opts against joining defense of EPA pollution rule (Asbury Park Press, 11/7/11)
New Jersey continues fight against PA coal plant (Fox Business, 11/7/11)
Editorial: The ‘Christie Rule’ on air pollution makes no sense (Express-Times, 11/6/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie must support EPA-ordered coal plant cleanup, not partisan politics (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/4/11)
Dems urge Christie to support EPA rule to fight air pollution (NJ Today, 11/4/11)
Sen. Menendez urges Christie to support EPA’s effort to stop pollution that travels to NJ (, 11/4/11)
Gov. Christie campaigns in Mississippi for GOP gov candidate (, 11/4/11)
Referendum to ask NJ residents if they want to allow gambling on pro sports (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/4/11)
Christie’s voting yes on NJ sports betting referendum (My Central Jersey, 11/3/11)
Christie rolls out plan to privatize state parks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/3/11)
Gov. Christie rallies base for next week’s election (CBS New York, 11/3/11)
Christie pushing park privatization (Wall Street Journal, 11/3/11)
Gov. Christie makes calls on behalf of 35 GOP candidates (, 11/3/11)
Gov. Christie seems unlikely to support EPA effort stemming toxic pollution from other states into NJ (, 11/3/11)
Slim election run-up schedule for Christie (PolitickerNJ, 11/2/11)
Sports betting debate lacking (, 11/2/11)
Christie declares ‘no seat’ will go to Democrats (Examiner, 11/2/11)
NJ environmentalists hail EPA curb on PA power plant (WHYY, 11/1/11)
Fast times in Trenton and Richmond (National Review Online, 10/26/11)
Commentary: Visiting Israel: A New Jersey tradition (MyCentralJersey, 10/26/11)
Gov. Christie: Elitist judges must be stopped (, 10/26/11)
Judge nixes Christie request to have NJ judges contribute more toward pensions and benefits (Newark Star-Ledger, 10/26/11)
Christie administration loses another round in effort to make NJ judges pay more for benefits(NewJerseyNewsroom, 10/26/11)
Commentary: Good to see Christie’s finally out there campaigning (Newark Star-Ledger, 10/26/11)
Christie rallies Republicans over judicial pensions (Asbury Park Press, 10/26/11)
Christie’s cuts – Higher property taxes, fewer cops in NJ (Asbury Park Press, 10/25/11)
NJ to appeal judges’ benefits ruling (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 10/25/11)
Christie steps up attack on judges (North, 10/25/11)
Christie’s motive in oil-drilling stance is called into question (Utica Observer-Dispatch, 10/25/11)
Christie teachers union foe reaches campaign spending high (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/25/11)
Gov. Christie’s budget cuts put 4,000 NJ police officers out of a job (Think Progress, 10/25/11)
Editorial: When will property taxes be tackled? (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 10/25/11)
PolitiFact NJ: Christie’s ‘Pants on Fire’ draws mixed reactions from readers (Newark Star-Ledger, 10/25/11)
Gov. Christie calls for constitutional amendment to bypass court’s ruling on judges’ pension contributions(, 10/25/11)
Gov. Christie to travel to Israel next year (, 10/24/11)
Christie’s campaign promises to cities go largely unfulfilled (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/24/11)
Chris Christie attempts political damage control as local elections loom (, 10/24/11)
Editorial: Chris Christie’s subpoena on Sen. Menendez during an election was a mistake (Newark Star-Ledger,10/24/11)
Christie’s overhaul may not save NJ pension system (, 10/23/11)
5-year inquiry on Menendez is terminated (New York Times, 10/23/11)
Feds tell Sen. Menendez 2006 probe now closed, subpoena had come in heat of election (Newark Star-Ledger,10/23/11)
Christie’s comment on Union teacher’s anti-gay Facebook rant cost right-wing support (Newark Star-Ledger,10/23/11)
Commentary: Gov. Christie shows troubling willingness to undercut court’s integrity (Newark Star-Ledger,10/23/11)
NJ wants to keep taking increased pension contributions from judges during ‘unconstitutional’ ruling’s appeal(Newark Star-Ledger, 10/22/11)
Group urges Gov. Christie to appoint minority to NJ Supreme Court (, 10/21/11)
Christie Administration wants to shelve smart growth map (NJ Spotlight, 10/20/11)
Editorial: Justice doesn’t mean ‘Just us’ (Gloucester County Times, 10/20/11)
Christie touts new plan for building, job creation (Daily Record, 10/20/11)
NJ GOP gets late burst of cash (Asbury Park Press, 10/20/11)
Democratic leaders reluctant to push Christie judicial pension proposal (Bergen Record, 10/20/11)
Christie used smear to put heat on judges (North, 10/20/11)
Christie raised ‘unprecedented’ cash while weighing 2012 race (Bloomberg, 10/20/11)
Christie’s trip yielded generous donations (Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/20/11)
Christie presidential buzz nets over $500K from out of state for NJ GOP (Huffington Post, 10/19/11)
Gov. Christie to release blueprint for NJ economic growth development (, 10/19/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie must apologize for attack on judge (Newark Star-Ledger, 10/19/11)
Gov. Christie cancels Plainsboro speech on plan for NJ economic growth (, 10/19/11)
As Christie’s national profile rises, out-of-state donations help fill NJ GOP coffers (, 10/19/11)
Christie’s constitutional amendment on judges’ pay gets no support from Senate and Assembly leaders (, 10/19/11)
Christie’s judge benefit reform plan meets strong opposition (North, 10/19/11)
NJ Assembly won’t meddle in judge’s pension suit (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 10/19/11)
Christie introduces ‘State Strategic Plan’ to generate economic growth (, 10/19/11)
Christie assails benefits ruling, wants judges to pay more (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 10/19/11)
Judges block new affordable housing rules in NJ (WHYY, 10/19/11)
Christie announces new state plan that focuses on business and job creation (NewJerseyNewsroom, 10/19/11)
Christie faces drawn-out battle over health benefits for judges (North, 10/19/11)
Christie: Judge Feinberg’s decision on judges’ benefits ‘is self-interested and outrageous’ (, 10/19/11)
NJ GOP raised $1.5 million in three months (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/19/11)
Christie unveils jobs plan to lower NJ unemployment (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/19/11)
NJ appellate panel blocks implementation of Gov. Christie’s new affordable housing guidelines (, 10/19/11)
Commentary: It’s the judges who need preschool: First they couldn’t count, now they can’t read (Newark Star-Ledger, 10/18/11)
Christie: Amend constitution on judges’ salaries (North, 10/18/11)
Editorial: Judges aren’t a special class (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 10/18/11)
Gov. Christie calls for constitutional amendment to cap judicial pay, benefits (, 10/18/11)
A Chris Christie groundswell? Maybe not (Washington Post, 10/4/11)
Will Chris Christie throw a temper tantrum? (Washington Post, 10/3/11)
Iowa Gov. Branstad: Christie is most inspiring Republican since Reagan (Des Moines Register, 10/3/11)
Chris Christie’s biggest hurdle in weighing 2012 run: His own doubts (Washington Post, 10/3/11)
Chris Christie’s presidential chances sized up by friends and foes (Washington Post, 10/3/11)
Christie decision down to the wire (Wall Street Journal, 10/3/11)
Chris Christie’s best reason to run (The Daily Beast, 10/2/11)
Candidate Christie could upend GOP race (Boston Globe, 10/2/11)
Corbett: Christie unlikely to enter presidential race (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/2/11)
For Chris Christie, a big opening but challenges await (Washington Post, 9/30/11)
Christie’s Moment (New York Magazine, 9/30/11)
Jersey voters split on Christie presidential run (Morning Call, 9/30/11)
Analysts predict GOP ‘free for all’ in NJ if Christie runs for president (WHYY, 9/30/11)
Chris Christie 2012 presidential run: What stands in his way (Politico, 9/30/11)
Chris Christie seriously considering run for president in 2012 (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/29/11)
Lt. Gov. signs bill moving date of NJ presidential primary (, 9/26/11)
Is Christie the anti-Perry or the anti-Romney? (New York Times, 9/26/11)
Wealthy, influential, leaning Republican and pushing Christie bid for president (New York Times, 9/26/11)
NJ Gov Christie begins road trip at Missouri fundraiser (, 9/26/11)
Iowa’s draft-Christie crew says they’ve heard nothing from the NJ governor (Des Moines Register, 9/26/11)
Why Chris Christie should — and shouldn’t — run for president (Washington Post, 9/25/11)
Reports: Gov. Christie rethinking White House bid (, 9/24/11)
Chris Christie back in spotlight as Perry sags (Politico, 9/24/11)
‘2nd thoughts’ for Christie on running (New York Post, 9/24/11)
Chris Christie reconsidering 2012 run, will decide in days (NewsMax, 9/23/11)
Port Authority to re-evaluate 10-year, $25B capital plan that caused toll hikes (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/23/11)
Christie, Cuomo order audit of Port Authority (North, 9/22/11)
Govs. Christie, Daniels say (again) the won’t run for president (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/22/11)
Christie’s next showcase (Wall Street Journal, 9/22/11)
New Jersey resident sues the Port Authority over toll hikes (CNN, 9/22/11)
Govs. Christie, Cuomo has secret dinner together one week before Port Authority announced toll hikes(, 9/22/11)
Andrew Cuomo puts his schedule online, and Chris Christie is not amused (Capital New York, 9/22/11)
Democrats and Christie Administration clash over clean energy subsidy (NJ Spotlight, 9/20/11)
Gigot: Christie ‘thinking about running now, very carefully’ (FoxNews, 9/18/11)
Chris Christie and the perils of presidential prime time (Bloomberg, 9/17/11)
Environmentalists deliver to NJ governor in protest (Overnight, 9/15/11)
Christie details meeting with David Koch (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/14/11)
NJ GOP gov says he offered Dem leader help; she denies it (Forbes, 9/8/11)
Oliver: ‘Christie lied.’ Christie: ‘I don’t respond to leaders who call me names’ (The Daily Record, 9/8/11)
Commentary: Gov. Christie is fast becoming a darling of the GOP’s far-right fringe (North, 9/8/11)
Bailing out the ungrateful (City Watch LA, 9/8/11)
NJ lawmaker disputes Christie’s account on controversial bill (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/8/11)
Christie tells of secret deal (Wall Street Journal, 9/8/11)
How to trim NJ’s House seats studied (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/7/11)
New Christie post may tamp down White House speculation (New York Times, 9/7/11)
Christie & The Kochs (Prime Buzz, 9/7/11)
Christie says he offered Sheila Oliver help; she denies it (The Daily Record, 9/7/11)
RGA elevates Govs. Christie, Walker (The Hill, 9/7/11)
Chris Christie new RGA vice chair (Politico, 9/7/11)
Oliver denies asking Christie for GOP deal to keep her leadership post (, 9/7/11)
Christie to be keynote speaker at major Missouri fundraiser (, 9/7/11)
Leaked tape reveals Christie claiming he helped Oliver remain in power for help in passing public benefits overhaul (, 9/7/11)
NJ legislative election season nears home stretch as candidates step up campaign efforts (, 9/7/11)
Editorial: NJ’s public sector job losses: Painful but necessary (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/6/11)
Christie: Americans unhappy with GOP field (The Hill, 9/6/11)
Computer problems mount for NJ governor (The Daily Journal, 9/5/11)
Bush aide: Christie ‘actively…considering getting in this race’ (Huffington Post, 9/4/11)
Christie to Republicans: Don’t stiff NJ on Hurricane Irene relief (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/1/11)
Opinion: Hurricane tea party, an ill wind (NJ Spotlight, 9/1/11)
New public workers now required to live in NJ (NJ Today, 9/1/11)
Gov. Christie tours flood damage, cancels plans to go to GOP event in Mississippi (Newark Star-Ledger,8/31/11)
Chris Christie: Send aid now; cut later (Politico, 8/31/11)
Christie pushes Congress to speed FEMA funding (Wall Street Journal, 8/31/11)
Christie urges Obama to declare major disaster for NJ after Irene (Bloomberg, 8/30/11)
Opinion: Foreclosure rescue bill would hurt those it aims to help (Newark Star-Ledger, 8/30/11)
Chris Christie’s 2012 tease (The Daily Beast, 8/30/11)
Flooding plagues New Jersey (Wall Street Journal, 8/30/11)
NJ has the lowest number of public workers in 8 years, analysis shows (, 8/30/11)
Gov Christie puts a one year moratorium on fracking in NJ (Business Insider, 8/30/11)
NJ approves of Christie’s education proposals — to a point (Newsroom New Jersey, 8/29/11)
Commentary: Christie’s constitutional campaign promise forgotten (Times of Trenton, 8/29/11)
Chris Christie: ‘No regrets’ on evacuations (The Hill, 8/28/11)
Heartland Institute reacts to NJ governor’s fracking moratorium (Paramus Post, 8/27/11)
Gov. Chris Christie’s ‘charm offensive’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 8/24/11)
Christie will speak at GOP event in Mississippi (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 8/19/11)
Gov. Chris Christie continues to dispel rumors that he’s considering a run for president (, 8/17/11)
Speculation of a Chris Christie run for president continues after Rick Perry enters race (, 8/17/11)
Gov. Christie’s poll numbers rise while Obama’s approval drops in NJ (, 8/17/11)
Christie’s courtship of business pays off in contributions (, 8/14/11)
JULY 2011
Christie hospitalized after breathing difficulties (New York Times, 7/28/11)
Experts disagree on voter perceptions of Christie’s health (WHYY, 7/28/11)
NJ anti-Christie activists pressured to reveal donors (Ballot News, 7/28/11)
Chris Christie hospitalized after trouble breathing (Politico, 7/28/11)
Christie is the latest of several NJ governors to wind up in the hospital (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/28/11)
Christie calls for compromise on debt ceiling talks, criticizes Obama for not putting plan in writing (, 7/27/11)
Expansion of Port Newark Container Terminal will spur job growth, Gov. Christie says (, 7/27/11)
Editorial: Chris Christie makes right move supporting Muslim judge (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/27/11)
Christie expands tax credit for transit hubs (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/27/11)
Christie slams Obama: Step up to the plate (Fox News, 7/27/11)
Christie thumps ‘crazy’ slams on Muslim appointee Sohail Mohammed (Politico, 7/27/11)
Christie: ‘Stop blaming parents’ for public schools’ failure (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/27/11)
Christie: ‘Crazies’ targeted his Muslim nominee (Politico, 7/27/11)
Opinion: Christie’s ‘rule of anger’ hurts NJ’s vulnerable, middle class (, 7/27/11)
Opinion: Christie’s sloppy math on rebates is intentional (, 7/26/11)
ACLU likely to drop records lawsuit against NJ gov (Forbes, 7/26/11)
Christie signs bipartisan legislation to boost job creation through expanded tax incentives (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/26/11)
Christie’s office claims privilege, backtracks (Asbury Park Press, 7/26/11)
In Iowa, Christie’s talk turns to presidency (, 7/26/11)
In face of lawsuit, Gov. Christie makes copy of calendar public, revealing dinner with Ailes (, 7/26/11)
In Iowa, Christie talks about education reform (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/26/11)
Suit seeks Christie’s contacts (Wall Street Journal, 7/26/11)
I’m not a presidential candidate, Chris Christie says — in Iowa (LA Times, 7/25/11)
Christie releases record after Gawker suit (Politico, 7/25/11)
Christie won’t change his mind about running for president (, 7/25/11)
How Christie and Sweeney’s bromance got the bounce (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/25/11)
Gawker files suit, and news of a dinner is shared (New York Times, 7/25/11)
Poll: Christie more closely associated with NJ than Sinatra or Springsteen (Commentary, 7/25/11)
More NJ jobs expected for import-export industry (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/25/11)
Major GOP donors are anxious, even if Gov. Christie isn’t (, 7/25/11)
Gov. Christie’s energy plan up for public review (Forbes, 7/25/11)
Chris Christie wins hearts in Iowa (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/25/11)
NJ Gov. Christie more like 2016, not 2012, hopeful (Reuters, 7/25/11)
Chris Christie sued over communication with Roger Ailes (Huffington Post, 7/25/11)
Chris Christie, Gawker heading to court (Politico, 7/25/11)
Christie’s education talk in Iowa overshadowed by questions over a 2012 bid (North, 7/25/11)
Gawker sues Christie over records of contact with Fox’s Roger Ailes (Bloomberg, 7/25/11)
Christie returns the favor to Steve King (Politico, 7/25/11)
Christie casts shadow over Iowa, 2012 (AP, 7/25/11)
Iowa lawmakers: Christie talks like a presidential candidate (Des Moines Regiser, 7/25/11)
Christie says he doesn’t have that ’special feeling’ about any GOP candidate (Des Moines Register, 7/25/11)
Now or never for Chris Christie? (Wall Street Journal, 7/24/11)
Editorial: Chris Christie’s record on senior citizens: Less aid, not more (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/24/11)
Gawker will go to court in Fox investigation (New York Times, 7/24/11)
POLITIFACT: The (half) truth behind NJ’s property tax credits and Christie’s radio ad (Newark Star-Ledger,7/24/11)
Editorial: NJ Dems must revive stalled bills to disclose political donors (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/24/11)
Opinion: Test score secrecy taints Christie team’s credibility (, 7/22/11)
Opinion: Exit the Grinch and enter Santa Christie (North, 7/22/11)
Group forms to counter Christie backers (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 7/22/11)
Editorial: Get dispensaries up and running (Gloucester County Times, 7/21/11)
Records show NJ Republicans tried to restore millions in funding for disadvantaged (, 7/21/11)
Christie and Democrats each insist they care for NJ seniors the most (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/21/11)
Dems continue to hit at Christie’s social policy (Asbury Park Press, 7/21/11)
Why moderate GOP donors are drawn to Chris Christie (The Nation, 7/21/11)
Christie touts budget benefits for seniors while NJ Democrats hear testimony from disadvantaged (, 7/21/11)
Poll shows Gov. Christie’s approval rating dive after public worker benefits overhaul, budget cuts (, 7/21/11)
NJ leaders spar over spending needs, surplus amounts (, 7/21/11)
NJ lawmakers review cuts to senior programs (WHYY, 7/21/11)
Commentary: Democrats’ new PAC reeks of hypocrisy (North, 7/21/11)
Sweeney, still angry, will work with Christie (Asbury Park Press, 7/21/11)
Top Obama bundler courts Christie for President (Commentary, 7/20/11)
Christie on the decline (Public Policy Polling, 7/20/11)
What Chris Christie told the tycoons (Politico, 7/20/11)
This Chris Christie for president thing is weird (The New Republic, 7/20/11)
Poll: Gov. Christie’s star dimming in NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/20/11)
Poll: Christie’s popularity with NJ voters has declined significantly (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Christie shows strong leadership on medical marijuana (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/20/11)
Christie’s disapproval rating jumps to 53%, poll says (, 7/20/11)
Opinion: Christie’s schemes for public education reform are toxic (Times of Trenton, 7/20/11)
NJ gets medical marijuana (Wall Street Journal, 7/20/11)
More than a quarter of funds raised by NJ GOP come from out-of-state (, 7/20/11)
Christie budget cuts damaging, witnesses say at Assembly hearing (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/20/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie’s reversal on aid to struggling cities is welcomed, despite silly political theater (Times of Trenton, 7/20/11)
Chris Christie’s fundraising prowess puts Dems on defensive (Commentary, 7/19/11)
Christie to restore aid to Camden, other distressed cities (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/19/11)
NJ GOP way ahead on fund-raising (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/19/11)
Marijuana for patients may proceed, Christie says (New York Times, 7/19/11)
Christie ’special guest’ at Steve King Iowa fundraiser (Politico, 7/19/11)
Christie approves medical marijuana law for NJ (Reuters, 7/19/11)
Gov. Christie gives green light for NJ medical marijuana program (, 7/19/11)
Christie rebuffs GOP donors, says his answer to a White House bid is still ‘no’ (Washington Post, 7/19/11)
Christie says Home Depot chief didn’t sway him (Politico, 7/19/11)
Chris Christie wooed (Politico, 7/19/11)
Christie, Sweeney in standoff over funds (Wall Street Journal, 7/19/11)
Christie, Sweeney bromance still rocky relationship (Asbury Park Press, 7/19/11)
NJ Republicans continue to improve fundraising (, 7/19/11)
State ‘comeback’ gets a closer look (, 7/19/11)
Christie meets with Republican ‘heavy hitters’ (Fox News, 7/19/11)
Gov add strings to giving cities aid (Asbury Park Press, 7/19/11)
NJ Dems unveil nonprofit group to promote agenda, collect anonymous donations (, 7/19/11)
Christie calls relationship with Sweeney ‘passionate,’ says they remain friends (, 7/19/11)
It’s election year –  just look at the new budget (North, 7/19/11)
Gov. Christie demands oversight of $139M in aid restored to struggling cities (, 7/19/11)
Gov. wants oversight in return for city aid (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/19/11)
Gov. Christie sends Legislature bill to restore $139M in aid to distressed cities (, 7/18/11)
Commentary: Trenton’s theater of the absurd (Patch, 7/18/11)
NJ lawmakers set hearings over funding cuts (WHYY, 7/18/11)
Christie ready to mend fences with Dem leader Sweeney (CBS New York, 7/18/11)
Gov. Christie breaks silence at NGA conference (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/18/11)
Opinion: Democrats gain advantage in campaign (Times of Trenton, 7/18/11)
Advocacy group takes on NJ governor’s policies (Reuters, 7/18/11)
Christie ready to restore aid to NJ cities (Forbes, 7/18/11)
Christie moves to restore urban aid (Wall Street Journal, 7/18/11)
Christie recounts tale of NJ pension overhaul during closed-door meeting at NGA (, 7/18/11)
NJ GOP raises nearly $1M in second quarter of year (, 7/18/11)
Group unhappy with Gov. Christie launches ‘One NJ’ (, 7/18/11)
Companies warn Christie against power subsidies (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/17/11)
Opinion: Christie’s pension and health care reform a gift to liberals (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/17/11)
Christie’s cuts in aid imperil Moody’s ratings for six cities (Bloomberg, 7/13/11)
Democrats fail to repeal Christie cutbacks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/13/11)
NJ GOP ad campaign touts Christie’s budget (WHYY, 7/13/11)
NJ Republicans refuse to restore $139M in aid to struggling cities (, 7/13/11)
NJ schools to divide extra $600M in school aid (Press of Atlantic City, 7/13/11)
Christie’s increase in school aid is detailed (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/13/11)
NJ Assembly to hold hearings looking at cuts made to programs aimed at children (, 7/13/11)
NJ public school districts to receive at least 2% funding increase (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/13/11)
NJ Democrats again fail to override Christie budget vetoes (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/12/11)
Opinion: Time for Dems to set priorities (Asbury Park Press, 7/12/11)
Christie education proposals blocked (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/12/11)
NJ Senate Dems fail to reverse Christie budget vetoes (Bloomberg, 7/12/11)
The Democrats’ “all in” strategy (, 7/12/11)
Veto-override-a-thon: A moment engineered for ‘glossy mailings’ (, 7/12/11)
Budget override battle foreshadows legislative election campaigns (NJ Spotlight, 7/12/11)
Newark-led petition asks Obama to deny Medicaid waiver application (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/12/11)
NJ GOP launches statewide radio ad campaign promoting Christie’s budget (News Room New Jersey, 7/12/11)
1 in 6 New Jerseyans affected by Gov. Christie’s vetoes (NewroomNewJersey, 7/12/11)
Opinion: Will Gov. Christie rescue the US economy? (NJ Spotlight, 7/12/11)
NJ Senate fails to reverse Christie’s budget vetoes (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/12/11)
Iowa poll: Chris Christie would start third (Politico, 7/12/11)
NJ Democrats fail to override 15 of Christie’s budget cuts (, 7/11/11)
Commentary: Advocates of privatized education want to end public schools (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/11/11)
Opinion: Christie gives his own lesson on the power of the governor (Times of Trenton, 7/11/11)
In New Jersey, ally one day, ‘punk’ the next (New York Times, 7/11/11)
NJ Senate Republicans say they won’t help override Christie’s vetoes (, 7/11/11)
Democratic override attempts fails (Asbury Park Press, 7/11/11)
State’s budget standoff returns (, 7/11/11)
After Christie-Sweeney dustup, education reform’s fate lies with the bosses (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/10/11)
Anxiety in NJ over college-aid funding (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/10/11)
Trenton heat for teacher/legislator (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/10/11)
Opinion: Budget talks might be easier if they’re done on full stomach (, 7/10/11)
Lawmaker: NJ unions needn’t sweat right-to-work bill (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/9/11)
NJ senate to vote on budget veto overrides (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/8/11)
Christie won’t rule out restoring funds for cities (, 7/8/11)
Opinion: Sweeney calmer, Christie still old-man Potter (, 7/8/11)
NJ Senate to vote on 38 bills to override $1B in Christie budget cuts (New Jersey Newsroom, 7/8/11)
Senate to seek reversal of most of Christie’s budget veto (Asbury Park Press, 7/8/11)
NJ Senate Dems to try to override Christie’s line-item vetoes (, 7/8/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie’s budget cuts to legal aid will hurt the poor (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/8/11)
Sweeney calls for ‘a vote of conscience’ by legislators against Gov. Christie’s budget (, 7/8/11)
NJ budget battle heats up (Wall Street Journal, 7/8/11)
A genuine Sweeney tirade is trouble for Gov. Christie (NewsroomNewJersey, 7/8/11)
Commentary: Christie’s ‘rule of anger’ hurts NJ’s vulnerable, middle class (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/7/11)
Stung by Christie, Sweeney fumes (Asbury Park Press, 7/7/11)
Christie’s veto will hit hard NJ’s distressed cities (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/11)
Opinion: Budget spat must not spoil bipartisanship (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 7/7/11)
Commentary: Vindictive Christie an easy target for Sweeney’s acid tongue (NewroomNewJersey, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Teachers lost more than just money (, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Sweeney’s angry rant against Christie distracts from real issues facing NJ (Times of Trenton, 7/7/11)
Sweeney rant fails to sway old allies (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 7/7/11)
Opinion: Sweeney vulnerable after budget drama (, 7/7/11)
Sweeney, Christie, that head-punch and star-crossed bipartisanship (Washington Post, 7/7/11)
Christie vetoes are designed to cut down on ‘red tape’ (, 7/7/11)
Assembly Democrats plan hearings to examine Christie budget cuts (, 7/7/11)
Christie’s vetoes cut lawmakers’ authority (, 7/7/11)
State’s biggest issues get their due (, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Politics served cold (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/11)
Sweeney slams Christie budget as inhumane, vows changes (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie and Sweeney should both apologize after rant (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/7/11)
Christie, LaHood urged to reach truce on $271M for scrapped commuter tunnel (, 7/7/11)
Democrats plan to override Christie’s vetoes early next week (, 7/7/11)
Editorial: Gov. Christie, NJ Dems should make deal on aid to cities (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/7/11)
Commentary: Democrats protest too much about the budget (Newark Star-Ledger, 7/7/11)
Sweeney sounds off (this time, without the bad words) (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/6/11)
Christie heads on two-week vacation to undisclosed location (, 7/6/11)
Opinion: Gov. Christie’s budget cuts harm NJ’s most vulnerable while he protects millionaires (Times of Trenton, 7/6/11)
Senate boss irate over Christie’s late budget cuts (Forbes, 7/6/11)
Political bipartisan spirit short-lived in New Jersey (Reuters, 7/5/11)
Sweeney: No apologies, only override votes (Asbury Park Press, 7/5/11)
Apologize? To him? Unrepentant after some salty words for Christie (New York Times, 7/5/11)
No apologies for Christie (Politico, 7/5/11)
NJ Senate leader Sweeney won’t apologize for his tirade against Christie (, 7/5/11)
Blowback begins after Sweeney calls Christie ‘a punk’ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/5/11)
Dem leader about Christie: ‘I want to punch him in the head’ (Politico, 7/3/11)
Sweeney has strong words for Christie (Newark Star Ledger, 7/3/11)
His aggressiveness unabated, Christie keeps his momentum (New York Times, 7/1/11)
JUNE 2011
Parents push for laws allowing communities to vote on charter schools (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/23/11)
Christie crows about changes to pension system (New York Times, 6/23/11)
Video: Christie mocks protesters (Political Wire, 6/23/11)
Video: Christie: “It’s none of your business” (Political Wire, 6/17/11)
NJ State Police chief defends Christie’s helicopter use (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/15/11)
Christie to lunch with Rudy Giuliani (, 6/15/11)
Commentary: Christie’s concept of ’shared sacrifice’ has become a distant dream (NewJerseyNewsroom, 6/15/11)
Congressional redistricting panel appointed (Asbury Park Press, 6/15/11)
NJ Democrats try to lock in emissions deal (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/14/11)
Christie’s energy plan draws fire from clean power advocates (Reuters, 6/14/11)
Opinion: Christie should use scalpel, not ax on Medicaid (, 6/14/11)
NJ lawmaker wants to clip governors’ wings (WHYY, 6/14/11)
Dems try to stop NJ anti-pollution pact pullout (Forbes, 6/14/11)
Your clean energy funds at work (NJ Spotlight, 6/14/11)
NJ State Police superintendent faces chopper questions (, 6/14/11)
Christie won’t apologize for helicopter, will pay (Bloomberg, 6/14/11)
Christie tells Piers Morgan: 100% not running for president (The Trentonian, 6/14/11)
Christie: ‘No apologies’ for taking state helicopter to son’s baseball game (The Trentonian, 6/14/11)
SC Chris Christie supporters organizing (FITSNews, 6/14/11)
Bully and the Bully Pulpit (Huffington Post, 6/14/11)
Retired educator critical of Christie education reform plan in new book (MyCentralJersey, 6/14/11)
Is Gov. Christie’s charter school proposal losing steam? (NewJerseyNewsroom, 6/13/11)
No consensus in NJ on fallout from anti-pollution pact (Asbury Park Press, 6/13/11)
Commentary: NJ support for charter schools waning (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/13/11)
Assembly panel examines NJ’s decision to leave cap and trade program (, 6/13/11)
Christie’s education spending may be surprising (, 6/12/11)
Gov Christie says: Earn $6K a year? No Medicaid for you! (Forbes, 6/12/11)
Christie walks, talks line (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/12/11)
Gov. Christie has upper hand; environmental groups divided (MyCentralJersey, 6/11/11)
Christie’s energy policy gets a good review (Newark Star Ledger, 6/11/11)
Christie trailing Romney; hurts Pawlenty by entering primary poll says (Bloomberg, 6/11/11)
Gov. Chris Christie: Screwing state workers, meeting with Koch partner. No wonder GOP loves him! (Crooks & Liars, 6/10/11)
House Speaker proposes giving NJ public workers right to negotiate health benefits (NewJerseyNewsroom, 6/10/11)
NJ Assembly speaker pushes health benefit proposal that allows unions to negotiate cost later (, 6/10/11)
Opinion: Christie’s energy plan is a big step backward (, 6/9/11)
Christie proposes public-private schools plan (Reuters, 6/9/11)
Labor warns NJ Dems over benefits changes (Politico, 6/9/11)
Sweeney to introduce bill to change pension, benefits system for NJ public workers (, 6/9/11)
NJ Assembly holds up pension, health benefits overhaul brokered by Christie, Sweeney (, 6/9/11)
Editorial: The Assembly punts on reform (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/9/11)
Pension deals elusive in both NJ and NY (Wall Street Journal, 6/9/11)
Christie’s plan would pair some southern NJ schools with private companies (Press of Atlantic City, 6/9/11)
Christie promotes energy goals (, 6/8/11)
Christie rolls out energy plan, rolls back renewable energy goals (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/8/11)
NJ Assembly Dems don’t sign on to Christie & Sweeney’s public worker pension plan (, 6/8/11)
NJ’s largest union criticizes deal to increase employee health, pension costs (, 6/8/11)
Christie, Sweeney strike deal to change NJ workers’ pensions (, 6/8/11)
Christie: State is on the upswing (Patch, 6/8/11)
Christie slashes NJ renewable targets despite criticizing Corzine for not doing enough (Think Progress, 6/8/11)
Christie criticizes NJ Supreme Court (, 6/7/11)
Insurgent candidates challenging party orthodoxy in NJ primary election (The Trentonian, 6/4/11)
Editorial: Christie paid the bill, but misses the hypocrisy (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/3/11)
Gov. Chris Christie – Have helicopter, will fly (LA Times, 6/2/11)
Gov. Christie’s choppy ride (Washington Post, 6/2/11)
Gov. Christie criticized for rides in state helicopter (Washington Post, 6/2/11)
NJ guv reimburses state chopper to son’s baseball game (The Trentonian, 6/2/11)
Christie to travel to Iowa to participate in education summit (, 6/1/11)
MAY 2011
Gov. Christie arrives at son’s high school baseball game in State Police helicopter (Newark Star-Ledger,5/31/11)
Thanks but no thanks. Christie tells Iowa GOP donors he’s not running (Washington Post, 5/31/11)
Iowans head east this week to court Christie (2012 Iowa Caucuses, 5/28/11)
O’Malley knocks Christie on greenhouse gas decision (Washington Post, 5/26/11)
Christie pulls New Jersey out of regional greenhouse effort (Washington Post, 5/26/11)
Jersey shore fans inundate Christie with mail (Delaware Online, 5/25/11)
Obama team digging up dirt on Chris Christie (New York Post, 5/23/11)
How Chris Christie will be drafted to run for president (LA Times, 5/20/11)
Commentary: What part of ‘no’ can’t they seem to understand? (Sentinel, 5/19/11)
Christie claims credit for tax windfall, but others disagree (, 5/19/11)
Christie takes credit for windfall (, 5/19/11)
Credits just a ruse of lawmakers to buy votes (, 5/19/11)
Editorial: Hang tight on windfall (Asbury Park Press, 5/18/11)
Chris Christie approval sags back home in NJ (Politico, 5/18/11)
Christie’s popularity takes a hit in new polls (Wall Street Journal, 5/18/11)
Nearly half of NJ voters disapprove of Gov. Christie’s job performance in new poll (, 5/18/11)
Christie’s negative numbers tick up, poll says (, 5/18/11)
Editorial: Fix Chris Christie’s tax burden (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/18/11)
As Republicans push Christie to seek presidency, a growing number disapprove of gov in NJ (Newsroom New Jersey, 5/18/11)
Voters divided on Christie’s performance (MyCentralJersey, 5/18/11)
Gov. Christie, ‘the disruptor,’ booed at another college commencement (Newsroom New Jersey, 5/18/11)
Christie says higher state revenue projections show his economic policies are working (, 5/18/11)
Editorial: NJ residents should tell lawmakers how to spend the extra $913M from income tax revenue (Times of Trenton, 5/18/11)
Christie faces potential $2.3B bill for schools, tunnel (Bloomberg, 5/18/11)
Christie eyes uses for new tax revenue (Wall Street Journal, 5/18/11)
NJ mayors want $275M of Christie’s newfound $511M to lower property taxes (Newsroom New Jersey, 5/18/11)
Greeted by boos, Gov. Christie tells Seton Hall grads to stand out (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/11)
Editorial: Christie could learn a lesson from Connecticut (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/11)
Even NJ’s coffers rise: Daily Austerity Watch (24/7 Wall, 5/17/11)
Opinion: NJEA offers revised history on one tax (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 5/17/11)
Commentary: Christie careful not to create more controversy, won’t discuss ‘creationism’ (, 5/17/11)
Christie keeps saying no to a presidential race, but Republicans keep calling (New York Times, 5/17/11)
NJ property tax relief likely to get boost (North, 5/17/11)
Boost in NJ tax revenue comes from top earners, budget officer says (, 5/17/11)
NJ rakes in more money (Wall Street Journal, 5/17/11)
Gov. Christie files financial disclosure forms (, 5/16/11)
Opinion: New Jersey teachers need better leadership (MyCentralNewJersey, 5/16/11)
Christie picks generous GOP donor for sports authority (, 5/15/11)
Editorial: Christie goes mum on creationism (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/15/11)
Christie still silent on many hot-button issues (Gloucester County Times, 5/15/11)
Commentary: Plenty of useful tools remain in gov’s kit (Asbury Park Press, 5/15/11)
Christie, Democrats use metaphors to make points in school funding battle (Press of Atlantic City, 5/15/11)
Christie, Dems continue stalemate on medical marijuana (WNYC, 5/15/11)
Editorial: Christie must take hard line to end sick time payouts to NJ workers (Times of Trenton, 5/15/11)
Both parties seek changes to costly NJ sick time system, differ on solutions (Gloucester County Times, 5/15/11)
Commuters feel pinch as Christie tightens (New York Times, 5/15/11)
How to get a state budget: Can NJ learn from Connecticut? (, 5/15/11)
Lower property taxes in NJ? Here’s a plan (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/15/11)
NJ Democratic convention more subdued (Salem Sunbeam, 5/14/11)
Democratic convention focuses on Gov. Christie misdoings, future of the party (, 5/14/11)
Union files labor claim against NJ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/14/11)
Christie reaches deal on private ownership of horse tracks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/14/11)
Union blasts Christie on health-care negotiations (Wall Street Journal, 5/13/11)
Christiephiliacs: Why GOP power brokers dream of NJ’s governor (New York Magazine, 5/13/11)
Christie says horse racing will continue at Meadowlands, Monmouth Park (Bloomberg, 5/13/11)
Poll of NJ voters shows Obama beating Christie in presidential contest (, 5/13/11)
NJ employee unions file charges against Christie for his failure to negotiate (, 5/13/11)
At AC convention, Dems call Christie a ’schoolyard bully’ (Press of Atlantic City, 5/13/11)
Lautenberg criticizes Christie’s funding cuts of social programs (, 5/13/11)
Christie should not run for president, majority of NJ residents say in poll (, 5/13/11)
Christie names first secretary of higher ed (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/13/11)
Gov. Christie won’t say if he believes in evolution or creationism (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/12/11)
Analysis: Gov. Christie’s political theater masks strategy (Cherry Hill Post Courier, 5/12/11)
Christie pleads case for school reforms at forum (, 5/12/11)
NJ gov says he won’t budget on sick leave payouts (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/12/11)
Christie’s views on creationism: ‘None of your business’ (Wall Street Journal, 5/12/11)
Christie burns bridge with NJ Senators (Wall Street Journal, 5/12/11)
Christie touts NJ’s economic success, criticizes President Obama (, 5/12/11)
Christie says Obama too focused on ‘political strategy’ and needs to lead (Bloomberg, 5/12/11)
Christie cashes in on out-of-state events and favors from 2010 (, 5/12/11)
Christie takes education reform ides to DC town hall discussion (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/11/11)
Christie: Democrats not helping on local taxes (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/11/11)
Christie takes aim at a favorite target: teachers unions (Washington Post, 5/11/11)
Chris Christie: White Knight or White Elephant? (The Nation, 5/11/11)
Christie vows to reject gas tax increase (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/11/11)
O’Malley on Christie: ‘Mean-spirited, unproductive stand-up routine’ (ABCNews, 5/11/11)
Chris Christie: GOP White Knight or White Elephant? (The Nation, 5/11/11)
Editorial: Even for Gov. Christie, this one’s a stretch (New York Times, 5/10/11)
Towns owe $825 million for sick pay, Christie says (Bloomberg, 5/10/11)
Chris Christie says he may support Daniels for GOP nod (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/9/11)
Iowa GOP donors court Chris Christie (Washington Post, 5/9/11)
Newark schools to remain in state hands, Christie says (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/5/11)
Editorial: Chris Christie blinked during court contretemps (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/4/11)
Sen. Weinberg demands Christie restore funding for family planning centers (, 5/4/11)
Christie refuses to talk about flouting NJ Supreme Court if it orders more school funding (, 5/4/11)
Christie likely to get his way on Supreme Court pick (Asbury Park Press, 5/3/11)
Christie budget opposed by female lawmakers (New Jersey Newsroom, 5/3/11)
Sweeney looks like winner in court fight (, 5/3/11)
Editorial: A constitutional test for NJ Democrats (The Trentonian, 5/3/11)
Christie says NJ won’t repay US $271M in tunnel funds (Bloomberg, 5/3/11)
Sweeney, Christie end impasse over NJ Supreme Court nomination (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/3/11)
Christie vows to fight feds in court over $271M bill for scrapped tunnel (, 5/3/11)
Christie and Democrats agree to truce over court seat (New York Times, 5/2/11)
Christie backs down in NJ Supreme Court fight (Wall Street Journal, 5/2/11)
Gov. Chris Christie attacks unions (Harvard Crimson, 5/2/11)
Commentary: In face-off with NJ Supreme Court, Christie is defiant one (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/1/11)
NJ set to return presidential primary to June (Asbury Park Press, 5/1/11)
APRIL 2011
Gov. Christie calls NJEA a ‘political thuggery operation’ in speech at Harvard (, 4/30/11)
Christie questions his tough talk (Wall Street Journal, 4/30/11)
Federal government demands NJ repay $271M for tunnel (, 4/30/11)
Harvard gives Christie’s education plans a warm welcome (New York Times, 4/29/11)
NJ could lose Tunnel money in federal funding (Asbury Park Press, 4/29/11)
NJ voters gave schools a needed show of support (News Tribune, 4/29/11)
NJ alerts 200K Medicaid recipients of requirement to enroll in HMO (, 4/29/11)
NJ lawmakers near vote to eliminate early-release prison program (, 4/28/11)
Study: Despite myths, NJ’s ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ didn’t force mass migration of the rich (ThinkProgress, 4/22/11)
Chris Christie, conservative hero? (Washington Post, 4/21/11)
Tea Partiers sue over NJ redistricting map (WNYC, 4/21/11)
Editorial: Christie’s hypocrisy – take a bat to it (Press of Atlantic City, 4/21/11)
Mapping the Future: Uncertainty reigns in NJ redistricting (Washington Post, 4/19/11)
Christie urges media to ‘take the bat’ to Sen. Weinberg over pension issue (, 4/15/11)
Christie considers rescheduling primary to exert influence on nominating process (, 4/13/11)
Christie responds to Springsteen letter (Asbury Park Press, 4/7/11)
Maryland’s O’Malley comes to NJ and needles Christie (Baltimore Sun, 4/7/11)
MD Gov slams Christie at Democratic fund-raiser (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/7/11)
Pawlenty is latest entry in “Christie” primary (Politico, 4/5/11)
Christie loses redistricting fight (Politico, 4/4/11)
Christie criticizes alternative proposal by NJ public employee union on health care benefits (, 4/4/11)
Chosen NJ legislative map favors Democrats (The Trentonian, 4/2/11)
Democrats near victory in NJ redistricting (Wall Street Journal, 4/2/11)
NJ redistricting commission expected to choose map for next decade (, 4/2/11)
Breaking: Rosenthal chooses Democratic map (PolitickerNJ, 4/2/11)
Democrats prevail in fight to redraw NJ’s legislative districts (, 4/2/11)
Democrats label Christie’s town hall meeting, veto of sick leave bill ‘divisive’ (Press of Atlantic City, 4/1/11)
MARCH 2011
Does Christie budget cut spending? That depends… (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/31/11)
Opinion: Christie must listen to all NJ residents (The Daily Journal, 3/31/11)
Opinion: The ‘new normal’ takes a toll on our towns (, 3/31/11)
NJ Democratic redistricting proposal would pit 2 Dem incumbents in a primary (, 3/30/11)
Christie pushes for pension, benefits reform (Asbury Park Press, 3/30/11)
Christie seeks to halt early release of NJ inmates with conditional veto (, 3/30/11)
Christie touts reform agenda at town hall meeting (Shore News Today, 3/30/11)
Gov. Christie to bring accountability to NJ shadow government (GovMonitor, 3/30/11)
Gov.Christie seeks more power over independent regional agencies (, 3/30/11)
NJ Treasurer: Christie would veto millionaire’s tax (, 3/30/11)
Opinion: Abbott rulings not in line with state constitution (The Daily Record, 3/29/11)
Commentary: NJ constitution supports Christie’s spending on education (NewsroomNewJersey, 3/29/11)
Can Chris Christie bounce back after school funding smackdown? (The Week, 3/29/11)
Christie defends Muslim lawyer he nominated to Superior Court during town hall (, 3/29/11)
Christie heads $10 million fundraiser (Politico, 3/29/11)
Opinion: Legislation, not adjudication, for school funding formula (Times of Trenton, 3/29/11)
NJ may withdraw from emissions-reduction effort (Asbury Park Press, 3/29/11)
At town hall meeting, residents say they want more focus on local issues (Press of Atlantic City, 3/29/11)
Opinion: Governor should still go to town (Gloucester County Times, 3/29/11)
NJ budget battle begins in earnest at Statehouse (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/29/11)
Christie is reversing NJ’s poor fiscal practices, treasurer says (, 3/29/11)
NJ treasurer provides few details on Christie’s Medicaid overhaul plan (, 3/29/11)
NJ budget official predicts growth in state revenue (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/29/11)
NJ offers differing messages on budget (, 3/28/11)
Redistricting: The Inside Game (NJ Spotlight, 3/28/11)
Gov. Christie makes ‘unusual’ appearance at commission meeting to draw new legislative district map (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/28/11)
Commentary: How Christie set himself up for a fall (Newark star-Ledger, 3/28/11)
NJ millionaire’s tax back in play after court ruling on education funding (NewsroomNewJersey, 3/28/11)
Former NJ Supreme Court Justice joins legal effort defending education cuts (, 3/28/11)
Opinion: Gov. Christie, it’s time to negotiate (Newark star-Ledger, 3/28/11)
Mitt Romney donates $25K to NJ Republican Party (, 3/28/11)
NJ state revenue to grow by more than $1B next year, non-partisan agency says (, 3/28/11)
Postponed NJ senate budget committee hearing sparks argument (, 3/28/11)
NJ tax revenue likely to be m$4 billion below 2008 level (Daily Record, 3/28/11)
Editorial: New Jersey students, shortchanged (New York Times, 3/27/11)
Opinion: On school funding, NJ’s fiscal crisis cannot be ignored (Press of Atlantic City, 3/27/11)
Opinion: NJ bench press (New York Post, 3/27/11)
Opinion: It shouldn’t be all about the money (Asbury Park Press, 3/27/11)
NJ Senate committee chair opts for redistricting politics over public hearing with treasurer (NewsroomNew Jersey, 3/26/11)
Commentary: NJ’s school-funding battle could use a dose of reality (NewsroomNewJersey, 3/26/11)
Christie’s top health official steps down (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/25/11)
Opinion: On school funding, no good deed goes unpunished (Newark Star Ledger, 3/24/11)
Students pitch tax credits for private schools (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/24/11)
Opinion: Ruling on school aid cuts could test Christie (Asbury Park Press, 3/24/11)
Top officials skeptical of Camden County regionalization plan (Cherry Hill Post Courier, 3/24/11)
Christie confident NJ Supreme Court will side with him on education funding (, 3/24/11)
Commentary: Christie taking risky stance on school funding (, 3/24/11)
Gov. Christie: GOP kingmaker (State Column, 3/24/11)
Christie pledges reinvestment in higher education, talks tenure reform at town hall (, 3/24/11)
School choice advocates rally at NJ budget hearing (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/23/11)
Christie and Dem Senate leader see end to local police departments (NewsroomNewJersey, 3/24/11)
Christie not running? Doesn’t matter – Republicans love him (Politico, 3/23/11)
Christie: It’s time to consolidate police (Bloomberg Businessweek, 3/23/11)
Parents rally for NJ education bill (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/23/11)
Christie confident about convincing NJ Supreme Court the state can’t afford full aid for schools (, 3/23/11)
Harsh words for political bosses from ex-governor (Daily Journal, 3/14/11)
Poll: Romney most likely to beat Obama, Christie most liked (Daily Caller, 3/14/11)
Mapping out NJ’s minority representation (NJ Spotlight, 3/11/11)
Gov. Christie’s talk is blunt, but not always straight (New York Times, 3/9/11)
Christie calls IL Gov Quinn ‘a disaster’ (Columbus Dispatch, 3/4/11)
Christie: ‘I already know I could win’ (National Review, 3/1/11)
Christie defends Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity effort (The Hill, 2/27/11)
Experts say Christie is making all the right moves for a place on national stage (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/27/11)
How Chris Christie did his homework (New York Times, 2/24/11)
Christie has lots of advice for 2012 contenders, even if he won’t be one (New York Times, 2/24/11)
As other states wake to harsh budget realities, NJ’s Christie lays down his ‘New Normal’ (LA Times, 2/23/11)
Christie declares ‘new normal’ in budget proposal (New York Times, 2/22/11)
Christie: ‘The New Jersey Model’ (National Review, 2/22/11)
For Christie, ailing economy at home may test his allure (New York Times, 2/21/11)
Christie loses weight, with diet and exercise (New York Times, 2/20/11)
Commentary: Chris Christie isn’t pretty, and he tells ugly truths (Washington Post, 2/16/11)
Experts: Chris Christie’s moment is now (Politico, 2/16/11)
The Christie CPAC speech: We must fix America (Politico, 2/16/11)
Christie: Obama lost chance to ‘cement’ reelection in budget proposal (LA Times, 2/16/11)
Chris Christie lays out a national vision (Washington Post, 2/16/11)
Costs soaring, NJ bond rating is lowered (New York Times, 2/9/11)
Opinion: Vouchers hearing is latest political gimmick masquerading as school reform (Newark Star-Ledger,2/7/11)
NJ population shifting from heavily Democratic north (The Hill, 2/4/11)
Christie won’t rule out a 2016 White House run (Roll Call, 2/4/11)
Christie conditionally vetoes ‘tepid,’ ‘meaningless’ civil service reform bill (, 2/3/11)
Christie’s Atlantic City plan creates tourism district, invests public money in casino (Philadelphia Inquirer,2/2/11)
Commentary: Christie is leading a national seminar on the politics of tough love (, 2/2/11)
Christie says ’sue me’ as pensioners challenge cuts (Bloomberg, 2/2/11)
Are police, fire unions next on Christie’s hit list? (The Daily Record, 2/1/11)
NJ Democrats missing Corzine’s largess (PolitickerNJ, 2/1/11)
NJ redistricting commission argues over whether it is at an impasse (, 1/29/11)
Christie says stirrings of recovery no reason to delay debt fix (Bloomberg, 1/28/11)
Christie: any tax cuts will come in the context of a balanced budget (The Jersey Journal, 1/27/11)
NJ Dem leader fears fallout from tunnel bill fight (, 1/27/11)
Editorial: Abortion rights, in peril in NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/26/11)
Gov. Christie is now part of national debate on abortion (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 1/26/11)
Christie rejects US demand to repay $271M tunnel money (Bloomberg, 1/26/11)
Christie renews call for veto power after move to fire Passaic Valley Commissioners (, 1/26/11)
NJ to seek to retain tunnel funds (Wall Street Journal, 1/26/11)
IL Gov fires back at Christie: We don’t need advice from some guy from Jersey (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 1/26/11)
Christie has Romney over for dinner (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/25/11)
Christie seizes control of Passaic Valley Authority (Wall Street Journal, 1/25/11)
Christie speaks at an antiabortion rally (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/25/11)
Christie outlines need to reform NJ pension system (GovMonitor, 1/24/11)
Christie turned down offer to give SOTU response (The Daily Caller, 1/24/11)
Christie calls for action to cut public employee pensions and benefits (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 1/24/11)
Christie says he will restore NJ property tax rebates (, 1/24/11)
Christie to launch campaign encouraging Illinois businesses to relocate to NJ (, 1/24/11)
Gov Christie to change NJ school funding formula in upcoming budget (, 1/24/11)
Christie, Democrats to battle over millionaires’ tax in budget (, 1/24/11)
Christie declines to counter State of the Union (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/23/11)
Port Authority’s billion-dollar projects could lead to conflict or cooperation between Christie, Cuomo (, 1/23/11)
Christie denies any presidential interest (again) (Washington Post, 1/17/11)
Dem leader: Under Christie, we have two New Jerseys (The Daily Record, 1/14/11)
Chris Christie’s Jersey Attitude (The Moral Liberal, 1/13/11)
Christie: ‘NJ’s comeback has begun’ (LA Times, 1/12/11)
Christie will seek teacher merit pay, push for budget cuts, pension reform (, 1/12/11)
Christie turns on the charm in State of the State speech (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/12/11)
In new political strategies, Christie scales back hostile tone (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/12/11)
Christie to Giuliani: Butt out (The Daily Caller, 1/12/11)
Christie doubles down as Dems push back (WNYC, 1/12/11)
Poll finds small increase in Chris Christie approval (The Hill, 1/12/11)
Christie-Giuliani spat intensifies, NJ gov says easy ‘being in the peanut gallery’ (New York Post, 1/12/11)
Poll finds Obama would beat Christie in NJ (, 1/11/11)
Obama would dominate Christie, others in NJ (Public Policy Polling, 1/11/11)
Christie calls for more cuts and big changes to schools (New York Times, 1/11/11)
Editorial: Christie’s tax hike (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/11/11)
Christie seeks end of teacher tenure (Wall Street Journal, 1/11/11)
In first State of the State, Christie reiterates year one talking points (, 1/11/11)
Christie may cut Medicaid as $10.5 B budget deficit looms (Bloomberg, 1/10/11)
Christie proposes using money from scrapped ARC tunnel to repair NJ roads (The Jersey Journal, 1/7/11)
Editorial: A New Jersey reckoning (New York Times, 1/7/11)
Editorial: Students are collateral damage in Christie’s war (, 1/7/11)
NJ Supreme Court to decide on politics behind school funding (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/6/11)
NJ Supreme Court weighs state’s obligations to school funding during recession (, 1/6/11)
Chris Christie:  The conservative crush (The Economist, 1/6/11)
NJ road plan relies on borrowing (Wall Street Journal, 1/6/11)
Panel calls on NJ to help colleges (Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/5/11)
Christie’s snow day: Bloggers on NJ’s lingering leadership questions (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/5/11)
Christie’s dismissal of county education chiefs draws criticism from NJ Senate majority leader (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/4/11)
Christie’s contrite, not confrontational (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/4/11)
Christie, former Gov. Kean to detail task force report on NJ higher education (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 1/3/11)
Public Workers face outrage as budget crises grow (New York Times, 1/1/11)

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