The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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NJ 2010 Archives

newjersey-stampNew Jersey Gubernatorial Headlines 2010 Archives


Christie in Disney… and he’s back, just in time to help out (Blue Jersey, 12/31/10)
Christie praises administration for blizzard cleanup, chastises local efforts (, 12/31/10)
Liberal group targets NJ Governor over snow vacation (The Hill, 12/30/10)
News Roundup: “Christie’s Katrina” (Blue Jersey, 12/30/10)
NJ towns awaiting federal money struggle with cost of blizzard cleanup (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/29/10)
In first year, Christie causes turbulence across NJ education landscape (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/29/10)
Red Cross rescues NJ drivers stranded in cars for days (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/29/10)
Pundits: Acting Gov. Sweeney gets visibility boost from blizzard (, 12/29/10)
Christie flees Great Blizzard of 2010…heads for Disney World (The Reid Report, 12/28/10)
NJ senator criticizes Christie for being out state during blizzard (, 12/27/10)
Christie, Lautenberg quarrel over 9/11 responders health bill (, 12/22/10)
NJ man goes from inmate to NRA celebrity as Christie commutes gun sentence (, 12/22/10)
Census 2010: Slower population growth causes NJ to lose seat in US House (, 12/21/10)
Some NJ towns may have budget trouble after new arbitration law comes into effect (, 12/21/10)
Christie for president? Home-state voters say no (Christian Science Monitor, 12/21/10)
Christie’s support slips in new poll (Wall Street Journal, 12/21/10)
Christie: Still no official offer from feds to reduce $271M for killed ARC tunnel (, 12/21/10)
Editorial: Reform Jersey Now must go (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/21/10)
Census 2010: Slower population growth cause NJ to lose House seat (, 12/21/10)
Christie chides Legislature for missing deadline to act on ‘tool kit’ reform proposals (, 12/21/10)
Christie’s school-construction borrowing does not compute (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/21/10)
Rewarding efficiency in NJ (Governing, 12/21/10)
Bump on the Chris Christie bandwagon (National Journal, 12/21/10)
Rutgers Poll: Christie ends first year as a polarizing figure (Rutgers, 12/20/10)
Republicans adore Christie – on YouTube and off (Washington Post, 12/20/10)
Chris Christie’s Pepsi problem (Washington Post, 12/20/10)
Christie cuts to local aid make NJ towns lead US Bonds downgrades (Bloomberg, 12/20/10)
Is the sheen wearing off of “Governor YouTube”? (Blue Jersey, 12/19/10)
Christie says he will consider federal offer on killed ARC tunnel (, 12/17/10)
Feds offer discount on NJ’s tunnel debt (Wall Street Journal, 12/15/10)
Christie comes out in support of Obama/GOP tax deal (New York Post, 12/15/10)
NJ GOP lawmaker suggests reducing jobless benefits as incentive to get unemployed to find work (, 12/14/10)
Editorial: Time for Justice Rivera-Soto to resign (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/14/10)
Christie tells town hall gathering 2011 will be year of education reform (, 12/14/10)
NJ Supreme Court constitutional crisis could give Christie more power (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/14/10)
After approving ‘tool kit’ bills, NJ lawmakers turn to civil service, pension reforms (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/13/10)
NJ lawmakers order Christie to rewrite medical marijuana rules (Bloomberg, 12/13/10)
Two major parts of Christie’s toolkit pushed through legislature (Asbury Park Press, 12/13/10)
Christie seeming a bit too crusty? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/13/10)
NJ high court at odds over fill-in (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/11/10)
Appointment fight divides judges (New York Times, 12/10/10)
Dispute throws NJ Supreme Court into turmoil (Wall Street Journal, 12/10/10)
Christie criticizes tenure reform proposals from NJEA (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/8/10)
Embattled NJ teachers union offers a reform plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 12/7/10)
Christie says goal is to erase chronic budget deficits by end of 1st term (Bloomberg News, 12/7/10)
Christie pay cap irks some in GOP (Wall Street Journal, 12/8/10)
Christie administration blames Corzine on charters (Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/7/10)
No deal struck between NJ Dems, Christie on property tax ‘tool kit’ (, 12/6/10)
Four key reform issues tied to NJ property tax cap (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/6/10)
For a new guy in Trenton, Christie is catching on (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/5/10)
Opinion: After first year, Christie gets an average grade (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/5/10)
Christie slams Paterson’s idea for joint fix for Tappan Zee Bridge (New York Daily News, 12/4/10)
Christie’s mocking of legislature contributes to internet celebrity status (Newark Star-Ledger, 12/4/10)
NJ Democrats push jobs bill (Wall Street Journal, 12/2/10)
NJ prepares for legal fight over tunnel money (Wall Street Journal, 12/1/10)
Christie’s message gets wide audience on YouTube (New York Times, 11/30/10)
NJ must pay $271M to feds for killing tunnel to NYC (Washington Post, 11/29/10)
National Republicans may find Christie’s a one-trick RINO (Newark Star-Ledger, 11/28/10)
Atlantic City and horse racing: Christie’s about to make his bet (Politics Daily, 11/25/10)
Christie may aid subway tunnel (New York Times, 11/22/10) +++
Christie is a role model to new govs, but do his cuts add up? (Stateline, 11/22/10)
The GOP’s sudden infatuation with NJ’s Governor “No” (New York, 11/21/10)
JUNE 2010
Christie’s put down of Education chief shows who’s boss (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/3/10)
Dems expected to override Christie’s “millionaire’s tax” veto (Newark Star-Ledger, 6/2/10)
MAY 2010
Christie veto draws thousands of protesters to Trenton (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/24/10)
Criticism of Christie’s budget plan isn’t “just politics” (Newark Star Ledger, 5/19/10)
Education commissioner dismisses good news about NJ education (Newark Star Ledger, 5/10/10)
Editorial: Legislature should fight back to protect independent judiciary (Newark Star Ledger, 5/6/10)
Corzine’s decade-long campaign financing spree comes to an end (Newark Star Ledger, 5/6/10)
Opinion: Public employee unions used as scapegoats in tough economic times (Newark Star Ledger, 5/6/10)
Commentary: Christie’s latest battle could end with a cease-fire (, 5/6/10)
Editorial: Christie compromises independent judiciary (Newark Star Ledger, 5/4/10)
Senate president vows to block Supreme Court pick (New York Times, 5/4/10)
Christie picks long-time GOP donor for Supreme Court (, 5/3/10)
APRIL 2010
Fact-checker: Christie vs. the teachers’ union (, 4/15/10)
Across the Hudson, it’s Team Obama for Corzine (New York Times, 9/25/09)
Christie tries to sharpen appeal (Daily Record, 9/10/09)
Feds won’t investigate Rove-Christie conversations (Newark Star Ledger, 9/10/09)
Christie coming back down to earth (DemConWatch, 9/10/09)
Garden State residents press candidates to address energy issues (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/10/09)
Daggett uses humor in newest ad (Philadelphia Inquirer, 9/9/09)
Christie aims at Corzine’s record (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/9/09)
Christie downplays his driving record (Newark Star Ledger, 9/8/09)
Corzine trails as campaign enters final stretch (Bloomberg, 9/8/09)
NJ Gov race gets down and dirty (Politico, 9/7/09)
Editorial: Corzine v Christie, time for some straight talk (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/6/09)
Contests looks bound for ugliness (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 9/6/09)
Daggett the non-populist non-factor (, 9/6/09)
Did Christie break DOJ rules following motorcycle accident? (Talking Points Memo, 9/4/09)
Corzine, Christie confine campaign talk to the nonsensical (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/4/09)
Why choice and charter schools matter in NJ (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/4/09)
Daggett outlines plan for affordable housing (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/3/09)
Christie not issued ticket after 2002 accident (Newark Star Ledger, 9/3/09)
Pawlenty campaigns for Christie (Newark Star Ledger, 9/3/09)
Corzine, Deeds weakness reflects Obama’s lower ratings (Bloomberg, 9/2/09)
Christie maintains lead despite bad news (Politico, 9/2/09)
Look out, NJ, the ugly is just beginning (CQ Politics, 9/1/09)
Christie challenges Corzine to a 3rd debate (NewJerseyNewsroom, 9/1/09)
Christie has weathered the summer of Corzine’s attacks (, 9/1/09)
Two polls show Christie maintaining lead (Newark Star Ledger, 9/1/09)
Q-Poll verdict: Corzine’s negative ads have backfired (, 9/1/09)
Infighting within the NJ GOP (, 8/31/09)
Election commission delays decision on revising debate calendar (Newark Star Ledger, 8/31/09)
Christie accuses Corzine of politicizing US Attorneys office (Newark Star Ledger, 8/31/09)
NJN wants debate moved in case Corzine wants to participate (PolitickerNJ, 8/29/09)
Corzine campaign makes Christies’s driving record an issue (The Daily Record, 8/29/09)
Gov candidates propose contrasting education solutions (Burlington County Times, 8/28/09)
SEIU endorses Corzine (Newark Star Ledger, 8/28/09)
Dem poll shows Corzine within 2 points (Politico, 8/27/09)
Corzine signs racial profiling reform legislation (Newark Star Ledger,  8/27/09)
Daggett: Corzine wants to debate date to conflict with Yankees playoff game (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 8/27/09)
Christie got speeding ticket as US Attorney (Cherry Hill Courier Post, 8/27/09)
Christie, Daggett urge election board to deny Corzine’s request to reschedule debate (Newark Star Ledger, 8/27/09)
Corzine, Christie both try to claim “outsider” label (Newark Star Ledger, 8/26/09)
GOPers enraged over Brown’s resignation, attack Corzine (, 8/26/09)
Corzine: Gadhafi not welcome in Jersey (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 8/26/09)
Both campaigns attack each other over ethics (Newark Star Ledger, 8/26/09)
Christie tries to regain footing, attacks Corzine’s “trader mentality” (Newark Star Ledger, 8/25/09)
Christie tries to link Corzine to Enron (MSNBC, 8/25/09)
Christie under fire (Politico, 8/25/09)
NJ Dems, Corzine present united campaign team (Newark Star Ledger, 8/24/09)
Dems count on labor for GOTV (PolitickerNJ, 8/24/09)
Daggett builds campaign around environment (, 8/24/09)
NJ Guv race a national “bellwhether” (Washington Times, 8/23/09)
Democrats pounce on Christie misstep (New York Times, 8/23/09)
GOP has high hopes despite recent Christie setbacks (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/23/09)
Christie must reset the change agenda (Asbury Park Press, 8/23/09)
Daggett making an independent statement (Daily Record, 8/21/09)
Dems call for investigation into Christie’s ties to US Attorney’s office (Newark Star-Ledger, 8/21/09)
What Tom Ridge tells us about Chris Christie (Blue Jersey, 8/21/09)
Daggett proposes “luxury tax” on gubernatorial campaign spending (Newark Star-Ledger, 8/20/09)
Democrats assail Christie’s “mandate-free” health proposal (NJPoliticker, 8/20/09)
Christie on defensive on ethics issues (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/20/09)
Corzine v Christie: Brand versus Man (NJPoliticker, 8/20/09)
NJ added jobs in July, first time since 2007 (Press of Atlantic City, 8/19/09)
Unemployment numbers spun by both sides (Newark Star-Ledger, 8/19/09)
GOP poll says Christie leads in four Dem districts (NJPoliticker, 8/19/09)
NJ GOP now playing defense (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/19/09)
Christie: “I’ve got” US Attorneys (FireDogLake, 8/19/09)
Sierra Club endorsement gives Daggett a small boost (Newark Star Ledger, 8/19/09)
Calling it “oversight” Christie admits he failed to report loan (Newark Star Ledger, 8/19/09)
Does Hatch Act apply in the Christie/Rove affair? (Asbury Park Press, 8/18/09)
Daggett says he’s in it to win (PolitickerNJ, 8/18/09)
Christie’s successor as US Attorney faces ethics questions (Swing State Project, 8/18/09)
CREW files suit calling for investigation into Christie/Rove relationship (CREW, 8/17/09)
Christie: “nothing wrong” with Rove conversations (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/17/09)
Sierra Club issues surprise endorsement of Daggett (Politico, 8/17/09)
Corzine has dominated airwaves throughout the summer (PolitickerNJ, 8/17/09)
For Christie, ethics reform has only been a political issue, not a governing philosophy (New York Times, 8/16/09)
Chrsitie/Rove talks have riled up Democrats (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/16/09)
Corzine’s running mate brings folksiness with hard edged politics (New York Times, 8/16/09)
Christie facing attacks over Rove meetings/Hatch Act (Talking Points Memo, 8/14/09)
Bush ranked Christie among the loyal US Attorneys (Gloucester County Times, 8/13/09)
Corzine & Christie need to get out of the gutter (, 8/13/09)
Daggett becoming wildcard in race (, 8/13/09)
Daggett introduces his education proposal, including elminating tenure (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/13/09)
Rove: Talked with Christie about Gov run years ago (Newark Star Ledger, 8/12/09)
Did Christie play politics with probe? (Talking Points Memo, 8/12/09)
The Rove Factor in NJ politics (RealClearPolitics, 8/12/09)
Christie campaign responds to Rove statements (PolitickerNJ, 8/11/09)
NJ Gov race tightening (CQ Politics, 8/11/09)
Daggett bashes both Christie & Corzine over campaign financing (NJ Election 2009, 8/11/09)
GOP targeting Dem groups (The Hill, 8/11/09)
Poll shows Corzine closer, but hurt by NJ corruption (CQ Politics, 8/11/09)
Could Daggett save Jon Corzine? (Campaign Diaries, 8/11/09)
Corzine/Weinberg using women’s health to hurt Christie among women voters (NewJerseyNewsroom, 8/11/09)
Corzine, Deeds turn back the clock (National Journal, 8/11/09)
Corzine shuffling staff (Newark Star Ledger, 8/11/09)
Christie’s office touted deal he didn’t know about (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/10/09)
Would gubernatorial wins signal GOP comeback? (RealClearPolitics, 8/10/09)
Can Daggett break NJ two party rule? (Daily Record, 8/9/09)
Opposing economic views central to NJ campaign (Gannett, 8/8/09)
Daggett bashes special interest donations (NewJerseyNewsroom, 8/5/09)
Christie maintains sturdy lead (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/4/09)
Most Jerseyans don’t know Lt Guv picks (Gannett, 8/4/09)
What do the Lt Gov selections say? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/1/09)
JULY 2009
NJ homeowner tax rebate checks in the mail (WCBS-TV, 7/31/09)
Christie shows of Democratic support (PolitickerNJ, 7/31/09)
Did Christie let Corzine off the hook? (Examiner New Jersey, 7/31/09)
Corzine’s reelection woes amid NJ corruption (Time Magazine, 7/31/09)
Corruption arrests = “Gov. Christie” (Rothenberg Political Report, 7/31/09)
PPP: Can Obama help Corzine? (Public Policy Polling, 7/30/09)
Weinberg: Christie gave defendant “sweetheart” deal (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/09)
Corzine & Deeds using Obama very differently (Politico, 7/30/09)
Christie denies knowledge of plea deal (Star-Ledger, 7/30/09)
Is the “Torricelli Gambit” hurting Corzine’s chances? (National Review Online, 7/29/09)
Whistleblower lawsuit targets Christie’s role (Star-Ledger, 7/29/09)
Where does Corzine campaign go from here? (MonmouthMusings, 7/29/09)
Is someone polling Cory Booker as a replacement? (National Review Online, 7/29/09)
Dems: Christie’s rejection of stimulus funds would leave students behind (PolitickerNJ, 7/29/09)
CQ Politics: Rating change from Toss-up to Lean GOP (CQ Politics, 7/29/09)
Why these conservatives won’t vote for Christie (, 7/28/09)
WSJ: Jersey’s corruption problem is caused by big government (Wall Street Journal, 7/28/09)

Corzine signs controversial stimulus bill (NewJerseyNewsroom, 7/27/09)
Another obstacle in Corzine’s uphill reelection effort (Washington Post, 7/27/09)
Corzine team pushes tighter gun control (Star Ledger, 7/27/09)
Arrests reshape NJ guv race (Wall Street Journal, 7/27/09)
The long, winding route to Weinberg’s selection (Star Ledger, 7/26/09)
Corzine rebuffed on resignations (Star Ledger, 7/25/09)
Corruption arrests hurt Corzine reelection, thrill GOP (New York Daily News, 7/25/09)
Corzine selects Sen. Loretta Weinberg as #2 (Star Ledger, 7/24/09)
Corzine, despite rumblings, vows to stay in race (New York Times, 7/24/09)
Weinberg selection indicates Corzine’s weak position (Politico, 7/24/09)
Could Cory Booker replace Corzine as Dem choice? (, 7/24/09)
Christie releases new TV ad stating, “I put corrupt officials in jail” day after FBI sting nets dozens (Star Ledger, 7/24/09)
Corzine’s Community Affairs chief resigns as his house is raided in corruption probe (Asbury Park Press, 7/23/09)
Daggett: Only an independent can clean up Trenton (, 7/23/09)
Guv candidates react to corruption arrests (, 7/23/09)
Daggett scores points campaigning on the boardwalk (Star Ledger, 7/23/09)
NJ pols go negative (, 7/22/09)
Christie/Guagdano campaign; Corzine mum on #2 pick (, 7/21/09)
Christie’s pick of pro-choice running mate upsets the right (Talking Points Memo, 7/21/09)
Why The Apprentice candidate shouldn’t quit (Huffington Post, 7/21/09)
Steinberg: Guagdano pick a “masterstroke” (, 7/20/09)
Christie picks his running mate (Wall Street Journal, 7/20/09)
Corzine’s endless search reveals Dem splits (, 7/20/09)
Lonegan disappointed in Guagdano’s abortion position (, 7/20/09)
Obama’s popularity doesn’t transfer to Corzine (Wall Street Journal, 7/20/09)
Corzine taunts Christie with web site (, 7/20/09)
With poll lead, Christie keeps proposals vague (Star Ledger, 7/19/09)
Corzine hopes Obama energizes base (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/17/09)
Obama visits NJ to stump for Corzine (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/17/09)
Declining wealth forces Corzine to fundraise (New York Times, 7/16/09)
NJ Sierra Club blasts Corzine’s green record (Star-Ledger, 7/15/09)
Despite polls, guv choice isn’t a “no brainer” (, 7/15/09)
Christie makes play for urban support (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/15/09)
Corzine plays weak hand, weakly (Wall Street Journal, 7/15/09)
Anticipating a win, national GOP boosts Christie (The Star Ledger, 7/14/09)
Corzine’s ratings fall as governor campaign heats up (CQ Politics, 7/14/09)
RGA goes negative with ad against Corzine (MSNBC’s First Read, 7/14/09)
QPoll: How Bush, Lonegan and Daggett influence race (, 7/14/09)
Lonegan blasts GOP leaders (, 7/13/09)
Obama, Biden enter gubernatorial frays (Washington Times, 7/13/09)
Corzine close to picking reality TV star as Lieutenant? (Asbury Park Press, 7/13/09)
Ads go negative early in NJ governor race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/12/09)
Indie Daggett qualifies for matching funds (, 7/11/09)
What does $340K buy Chris Daggett? (, 7/10/09)
Palin not welcome to join Christie on campaign trail (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/9/09)
Corzine: internal polls show a tightening race (, 7/9/09)
GOP poll shows Obama’s popularity may not be enough to lift Corzine (Star Ledger, 7/8/09)
Corzine, Christie spar over green jobs in Garden State (, 7/7/09)
Independent Daggett files for matching funds (, 7/7/09)
Obama visiting New Jersey will help lift Corzine’s numbers (, 7/7/09)
Christie reveals 8-pt energy plan (, 7/6/09)
With popularity dwindling, Corzine has much work to do (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/6/09)
Dem powerbrokers view Christie as Corzine’s best asset (Star Ledger, 7/5/09)
Labor leader: Christie alienating unions (Star Ledger, 7/5/09)
NJ gets Lt. Governor for first time (DemConWatch, 7/3/09)
Obama to join Corzine on campaign trail (CNN, 7/1/09)
JUNE 2009
Christie, unbowed, returns to campaign trail (, 6/30/09)
Corzine signs, praises budget (South Jersey Courier-Post, 6/30/09)
Corzine defends record to Newark crowd (Star Ledger, 6/29/09)
GOP’s DeCroce: Corzine’s recently signed budget assault on middle class (, 6/29/09)
Both candidates avoiding pension issue (Star Ledger, 6/29/09)
More time for candidates to pick Lt Gov running mates (Star Ledger, 6/26/09)
Dems take aim at Christie (Talking Points Memo, 6/26/09)
The politics of property tax relief (, 6/26/09)
NJ legislature passes $29B budget (Star Ledger, 6/25/09)
Christie defends contracts awarded while US Attorney (Star Ledger, 6/25/09)
Tensions boil over between Christie & Cohen during congressional hearing (, 6/25/09)
GOP’s DeCroce: tries to get votes on govt reform onto agenda (, 6/25/09)
Christie congressional testimony good thing; bad timing (Star Ledger, 6/23/09)
Twist in education positions in NJ governor race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/22/09)
Corzine is sinking under weight of budget, tax issues (Shore News Today)
Dem money pouring into NJ (Asbury Park Press, 6/22/09)
Christie challenges Corzine’s ties to big labor (, 6/22/09)
Gay marriage now a priority for Corzine (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/21/09)
Christie plans to make urban education reform cornerstone of campaign (New York Times, 6/19/09)
Skeptics question timing of tax windfall announcement (Star-Ledger, 6/19/09)
New Jersey governor’s race could get ugly (Politico, 6/19/09)
Conservative group hails Christie’s rejection of teacher’s union (, 6/18/09)
Christie scrubs “family values” from his campaign website (Blue Jersey, 6/18/09)
Trenton gets budget reprieve due to tax amnesty windfall (New York Times, 6/18/09)
Corzine & Christie give dueling speeches at Executive Legislative dinner (, 6/16/09)
RGA takes aim at Corzine (New York Times, 6/16/09)
Christie declines to seek NJ Education Association endorsement (, 6/12/09)
Christie clobbers Lonegan in GOP primary (Star Ledger, 6/3/09)
GOP salivating for NJ governorship (Politico, 6/2/09)