The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


New Jersey 2013 Archives


New Jersey Gubernatorial Headlines 2013 Archives


Republican mayor endorses Steve Sweeney (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/31/13)
Sweeney warns Democrats of ‘right-to-work’ law (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/31/13)
Middlesex County group backs Buono (, 8/30/13)
Birdsall ordered to pay $1M penalty (PolitickerNJ, 8/30/13)
Christie runs up vote, faces partisan pivot others missed (Bloomberg, 8/30/13)
Christie’s ‘camouflaged’ campaign events? Governor’s Jersey Shore tour raises eyebrows(Star-Ledger, 8/30/13)
Protesters press Christie about his policies during Shore appearance (Star-Ledger, 8/30/13)
Christie sets limits on what he will say (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/30/13)
The selected limits of Chris Christie’s opinions (The Christie Chronicles, 8/30/13)
Poll: Christie, Booker keep big leads, while Republicans want governor for president (Star-Ledger,8/29/13)
Planned Parenthood Action Fund of NJ plans for a busy campaign season (Star-Ledger,8/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Lonegan takes the low road on homosexuality (Star-Ledger, 8/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Stop yet another NJ pension assault (South Jersey Times, 8/29/13)
VIDEO: Christie: AG Holder wrong for not challenging pot law in Colorado, Washington(Star-Ledger, 8/29/13)
Democrats call Lonegan comments homophobic (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/29/13)
Chris Christie maintains his position: Jets reporter is a ‘dope’ (Star-Ledger, 8/28/13)
Christie rips Small Business Administration and National Flood Insurance Program (Star-Ledger,8/28/13)
Gov. Christie says controversial ‘Stronger Than the Storm’ ads will soon end (Star-Ledger,8/28/13)
Christie signals Port Ambrose Jersey Shore LNG project could be vetoed (Star-Ledger,8/28/13)
OPINION: Gov. Christie’s veto of NJ’s marriage equality bill extends unequal treatment of same-sex couples (Times of Trenton, 8/28/13)
Gov. Christie defends veto of gun bill that would have banned powerful rifle (Star-Ledger,8/27/13)
Christie says casino strip club won’t hurt ‘family-friendly nature’ in Atlantic City (Star-Ledger,8/27/13)
Christie trumpets Hurricane Sandy progress, calls out Assemblyman on dunes issue (Star-Ledger,8/27/13)
VIDEO: Buono urges voters to reject Christie’s ‘backwards agenda’ on women (Star-Ledger,8/27/13)
Chris Christie blasted by NY tabloid for verbal attack on Jets reporter (Star-Ledger,8/27/13)
Christie co-hosting Boomer & Carton show on WFAN (Star-Ledger, 8/26/13)
Coalition calls upon NJ voters to pass minimum wage hike in fall (Star-Ledger, 8/26/13)
Christie dishes sports and politics on WFAN radio show (Star-Ledger, 8/26/13)
Shock jock Chris Christie roars on sports radio (The Christie Chronicles, 8/26/13)
Secret weapon in race for governor (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/26/13)
Oliver’s future as Assembly Speaker in doubt (Star-Ledger, 8/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Benefits of Gov. Chris Christie’s early special election still not clear(Times of Trenton, 8/26/13)
National group offers Christie donors potential freedom from state laws (Star-Ledger,8/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Buono gets some star power from LG hopeful’s cousin (Star-Ledger,8/25/13)
Chris Christie, bestselling author of Harlan Coben inducted into Little League Hall of Excellence(Star-Ledger, 8/25/13)
Report: President Obama has no plans to stump for underdog Buono (Star-Ledger, 8/24/13)
OPINION: Christie let down New Jerseyans with gun vetoes (Star-Ledger, 8/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Can Buono close gap outside her base? (Asbury Park Press, 8/23/13)
NJ gay conversion therapy ban for kids challenged in federal court (Star-Ledger, 8/23/13)
Bergen Republicans deny rift after county exec snub at Christie fundraiser (, 8/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s endorsement of Lonegan navigates tricky terrain with GOP conservatives (, 8/23/13)
Trailing in polls, Barbara Buono unlikely to lure Obama to NJ (, 8/23/13)
Police union to Christie: Trenton isn’t Camden (AP, 8/23/13)
Democrats watch as Chris Christie rolls (Politico, 8/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Chris Christie’s professorial putdown (Boston Globe, 8/23/13)
VIDEO: Buono says Lakewood’s Tent City points to Christie policy problems (Asbury Park Press,8/23/13)
Buono visits homeless, vows to help (AP, 8/23/13)
Buono tours homeless encampment as Christie picks up ‘Cake Boss’ endorsement(, 8/22/13)
Christie hits Hoboken to campaign with ‘Cake Boss’ (Star-Ledger, 8/22/13)
Union bashes Christie’s county police idea for Trenton (, 8/22/13)
Buono to NJ homeless: ‘I won’t forget about you’ (AP, 8/22/13)
Buono at tent city to draw attention to those struggling; Christie camp says she’s ‘grandstanding’(PolitickerNJ, 8/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Chris Christie will coast to the GOP nomination in 2016 (The Trentonian,8/22/13)
Chris Christie endorsed by Cake Boss (Huff Post Politics, 8/22/13)
Poll shows Christie re-election lead slipped (, 8/22/13)
Christie nabs small business association backing (PolitickerNJ, 8/22/13)
Site hijacks Stronger Than the Storm hashtag to protest post-Sandy tourism campaign(, 8/22/13)
Democrats better not count their senators until they’re hatched (Star Ledger, 8/22/13)
OPINION: Civil service in New Jersey will come undone (Times of Trenton, 8/22/13)
Christie: No knowledge of NJ Transit’s hurricane plan before Sandy hit (, 8/21/13)
Booker makes light of his relationship with Christie at political dinner in Philadelphia(, 8/21/13)
Christie chooses new Camden schools head (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
Buono finds cause to celebrate with Christie applying for matching funds (PolitickerNJ, 8/21/13)
Buono criticizes Christie for lacking ’strong leadership’ on gun violence (PolitickerNJ, 8/21/13)
Chris Christie’s surprising drop in the polls (The New Republic, 8/21/13)
Buono reacts to latest poll that shows slight gain for campaign (PolitickerNJ, 8/21/13)
Christie shows why it’s not too early to talk 2016 (RealClearPolitics, 8/21/13)
Christie endorses Lonegan for US Senate (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/21/13)
Christie  campaign puts in for matching funds (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/21/13)
Christie: Trenton should copy Camden’s regional police force (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
Christie’s appearance in ‘Stronger than the Storm’ ads doesn’t bother NJ voters, poll shows(Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
Buono attacks Christie for vetoing gun-control bills (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
NJ’s largest teachers union attacks Christie in public school promo (, 8/21/13)
Poll: Christie’s lead over Buono narrows to 20 points (, 8/21/13)
Buono attacks Christie for gun bill vetoes (, 8/21/13)
Christie’s 2016 de-positioning clinic (Huff Post Politics, 8/21/13)
Chris Christie’s delicate social issues dance (The Daily Beast, 8/21/13)
Buono visits Asbury Park, denounces Christie’s gun-control veto (Asbury Park Press,8/21/13)
Christie’s massive lead in governor’s race shrinks (CNN Political Ticker, 8/21/13)
Poll: Christie’s lead over Buono drops by 10 percentage points (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
COMMENTARY: The desperate cries of gay therapy advocates (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
Not quite crop circles: Christie and Buono faces cut into corn maze (Star-Ledger, 8/21/13)
Chris Christie, Establishment darling (National Review, 8/20/13)
VIDEO: The brilliance of Chris Christie (MSNBC- The Cycle, 8/20/13)
Christie endorses Lonegan, a onetime rival, in Senate race (, 8/20/13)
Christie campaign participating in public financing program (, 8/20/13)
Christie submits $4.13M for matching funds (PolitickerNJ, 8/20/13)
Christie offers little further comment on gun bills; ban on conversion therapy(, 8/20/13)
Christie to accept matching funds in re-election bid (AP, 8/20/13)
Christie: I’m proud to have Lonegan run for Senate (AP, 8/20/13)
US HUD secretary to join Christie to update NJ’s Hurricane Sandy recovery (AP, 8/20/13)
Rand Paul rips Christie’s ‘mistake’ (NY Post, 8/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor Christie perfecting his balancing act (, 8/19/13)
NJ governor signs ban on gay conversion therapy (AP, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: Senator Buono on ‘All In’ with Chris Hayes (YouTube, 8/19/13)
Christie bans gay conversion therapy for minors (, 8/19/13)
Christie nixes fund diversion for Hudson shoreline repairs; blocks construction of piers(, 8/19/13)
Christie collects support from Hispanic business owners and Joe DiVincenzo (Star-Ledger,8/19/13)
The sources of Christie’s campaign cash (New York Times, 8/19/13)
Christie signs bill outlawing a gay ‘cure’ (New York Times, 8/19/13)
Christie to keep safe distance from US Senate race (AP, 8/18/13)
OPINION: Chris Christie’s debate phobia won’t win him GOP support (Washington Post,8/18/13)
Christie’s re-election engine gets in gear for a bigger race (New York Times, 8/17/13)
Christie vetoes key gun bills (, 8/16/13)
Christie cockroach beats one representing Buono in annual race (AP, 8/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov Christie should heed father’s plea for medical marijuana for young patients (Star-Ledger, 8/16/13)
Christie rallies Republican leaders ‘to win’ and calls out NJ teachers’ union (Star-Ledger,8/15/13)
New Jersey lost 11,800 jobs in July (Star-Ledger, 8/15/13)
NJ judge grills both sides in gay-marriage hearing (Star-Ledger, 8/15/13)
Lonegan expects to receive Christie endorsement (PolitickerNJ, 8/14/13)
What election? US Senate primary may draw low voter turnout (Star-Ledger, 8/13/13)
Christie’s judicial shuffle escalates Supreme Court battle (NJ Spotlight, 8/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s partisan stunt on the Court (Star-Ledger, 8/13/13)
Christie stands by ad contract, rejects criticism of cost (Asbury Park Press, 8/13/13)
Christie’s court pick could be a Republican — or not (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/13/13)
Grand Old Party’s looking like two new parties (Star-Ledger, 8/13/13)
Supreme stunner: Christie declines to nominate Justice Hoelens for lifetime tenure (Star-Ledger,8/13/13)
‘Fuzzy’ Cuban-American judge gets Christie’s nomination for NJ Supreme Court (Star-Ledger,8/13/13)
Gov. Christie refuses to respond to Trenton Mayor Tony Mack’s plea for more cops (Times of Trenton,8/12/13)
Dems are ‘animals’ — but what party is Christie’s court pick from? (The Christie Chronicles, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Just what the heck is Chris Christie thinking by caving in on that court appointment? (Star-Ledger, 8/12/13)
Can Chris Christie avoid the Giuliani jinx? (The Daily Beast, 8/12/13)
EDITORIAL: New pension fraud unit is exactly what taxpayers need (Star-Ledger,8/12/13)
Christie won’t renominate high court justice, opting for surprise replacement(, 8/12/13)
Christie defends appearances in ‘Stronger than the Storm’ ads (, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: For once, Gov. Christie steers clear of a brawl (, 8/12/13)
Christie: Lonegan campaign tweet ‘inflammatory’ (, 8/12/13)
No reform in sight for bipartisan abuse of state pension loophole (NJ Spotlight, 8/12/13)
Buono: Christie Administration decision to spend $2M on Sandy ads politically motivated(PolitickerNJ, 8/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Chris Christie’s silencer on gun reform (Star-Ledger, 8/12/13)
Christie, Booker share donors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley (Star-Ledger, 8/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Buono is hoping the left will see the right Christie (, 8/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Chris Christie should sign remaining gun bills (Times of Trenton,8/11/13)
Fundraising suggests Christie is looking toward 2016 (, 8/11/13)
Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan defiant on race ‘tweet’ (, 8/10/13)
Gay rights group: Don’t delay marriage in NJ (AP, 8/10/13)
Christie signs anti-gun-violence measures (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/10/13)
Christie signs extensive package of gun-control bills into law (NJ Spotlight, 8/9/13)
GOP Senate hopeful Steve Lonegan criticized for campaign’s racial tweet(, 8/9/13)
At first anniversary, NJ’s teacher-tenure law faces biggest tests (NJ Spotlight, 8/9/13)
Chris Christie’s big dilemma highlighted by decisions on gun control bills (The Hill,8/9/13)
Buono: Christie using Sandy ads to boost campaign (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/9/13)
Christie signs new gun bills into law in New Jersey (The Maddow Blog, 8/9/13)
Nearly half of New Jersey Latinos back Gov. Chris Christie for second term (Fox News Latino, 8/9/13)
Poll: Christie dominates Barbara Buono in NJ governor’s race (US News & World Report,8/8/13)
Chris Christie leads latest Q-Poll by wide margin (Metropolis, 8/8/13)
Latest poll documents Christie’s commanding lead (PolitickerNJ, 8/8/13)
Christie: Balance needed for security with rights of law-abiding gun owners (PolitickerNJ, 8/8/13)
Currie tells Dem chairs to lay down law to party leaders tempted to back Christie over Buono(PolitickerNJ, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Tourism ads should promote Shore, not Christie (Asbury Park Press,8/8/13)
Christie cautious on guns: OKs 10 bills, leaves most controversial unsigned(, 8/8/13)
Pallone calls for investigation into tourism ads featuring Christie (, 8/8/13)
Christie signs bill providing funds to repair, harden NJ water infrastructure (NJ Spotlight, 8/8/13)
O’Malley says he will be back to New Jersey to campaign for Buono (PolitickerNJ, 8/8/13)
How Chris Christie fools liberals into attacking him for being too conservative (Business Insider,8/8/13)
Poll: Christie has huge lead over Buono in race for NJ governor (, 8/8/13)
Christie trounces Buono in latest poll (Patch, 8/8/13)
VIDEO: Buono: Christie should pay back money for MWW ad campaign (Asbury Park Press, 8/8/13)
Poll: Christie maintains lead over Buono in NJ gov race (Star-Ledger, 8/8/13)
Christie signs 10 gun bills, but leaves controversial measures on his desk (Star-Ledger,8/8/13)
Chris Christie’s Mae West routine (, 8/8/13)
Buono blasts Christie for cost of ‘Stronger then the Storm’ commercial (Patch, 8/8/13)
Newest gun bill scorecard: Track NJ’s gun control legislation (Star-Ledger, 8/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Chris Christie should throw that bar compact in the compactor (Star-Ledger,8/8/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ’s medical marijuana program a scam on the sick (Star-Ledger, 8/7/13)
Christie to speak at RNC summer meeting in Boston next week (Star-Ledger, 8/7/13)
Can Chris Christie change the gun control debate? (The Nation, 8/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Same old tune under Christie (, 8/7/13)
VIDEO: Christie’s taking a beating for his ‘Stronger than the Storm’ commercials(, 8/7/13)
Pascrell lashes out at Christie administration over Passaic River cleanup funds(, 8/7/13)
Are the ‘Stronger than the Storm’ ads political? (The Christie Chronicles, 8/7/13)
Gun control advocates gather in Trenton to press Christie to sign legislation (Star-Ledger,8/7/13)
Buono blasts Christie over Hurricane Sandy TV ads (Star-Ledger, 8/7/13)
Christie creates investigative unit to root out public employee pension and benefits fraud(Star-Ledger, 8/7/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ’s medical marijuana program a scam on the sick (Star-Ledger, 8/7/13)
Buono calls on Christie to repay funds spent on ‘Stronger than the Storm’ ads(, 8/7/13)
Wall Street rules a conundrum for Chris Christie (Politico, 8/7/13)
Christie is candidate GOP voters want least as their 2016 nominee (Rasmussen Reports, 8/7/13)
First Bergen County mayor to endorse Christie is a Democrat (, 8/7/13)
Christie leads possible GOP presidential contenders in New Hampshire, poll says (AP, 8/7/13)
Buono stresses South Jersey roots (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/6/13)
Criticism of Chris Christie Jersey Shore ads may do little damage to governor (Huff Post Politics, 8/6/13)
Barbara Buono files for matching funds in race against Chris Christie (Huff Post Politics, 8/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s shameless $2M self-promotion (Star-Ledger, 8/6/13)
OPINION: Cutting taxes can lead NJ to prosperity (Star-Ledger, 8/6/13)
Buono files for public matching funds, has raised over $45K (Capitol Quickies, 8/6/13)
Buono to submit $445,000 for matching funds (PolitickerNJ, 8/6/13)
Buono applies for matching election funds (, 8/6/13)
Buono to file for matching funds today (Star-Ledger, 8/6/13)
COMMENTARY: More on the Rand Paul flap and how it could hurt Chris Christie among Republican primary voters (Star-Ledger, 8/5/13)
Christie-Paul feud underscores what’s in store for 2016 GOP primary (Star-Ledger, 8/5/13)
Christie reveals lowest moment of his life (The Christie Chronicles, 8/5/13)
Polls: Christie is top GOP hope against Clinton (Washington Post, 8/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie needs fast plan for unused Obamacare funds (Star-Ledger, 8/5/13)
COMMENTARY: A lack of govt experience shouldn’t disqualify Buono’s running mate(Star-Ledger,8/5/13)
Poll: Christie is most popular among all voters, but Republicans like Paul better (Star-Ledger,8/5/13)
What is Chris Christie doing right? (New York Magazine, 8/4/13)
Christie urged to veto bill that would allow development on Hudson River piers (Star-Ledger,8/4/13)
NJ lawmakers debate gun bills’ effect on cities (, 8/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Pot policy reveals a Republican rift (Star-Ledger, 8/4/13)
‘Stronger than the Storm’ ads go to politically active firm, cost $2M more than runner-up, report says (Star-Ledger, 8/4/13)
Chris Christie in 2016? He may have to give up being NJ governor for that (Star-Ledger,8/3/13)
Silva: ‘the governor has to reconsider the company he keeps’ (PolitickerNJ, 8/3/13)
No indication of Silva voting while living in New York (PolitickerNJ, 8/2/13)
NJ handgun law heads to state’s top court (Star-Ledger, 8/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie has chance to show compassion by allowing medical marijuana for suffering kids (Times of Trenton, 8/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Spanking Rand Paul (Star-Ledger, 8/2/13)
NJ state lawyers due to file papers saying civil unions are enough for same-sex couples(Star-Ledger,8/2/13)
Buono blasts Christie for staying silent on Voting Rights Act, Trayvon Martin (Star-Ledger,8/2/13)
New Hampshire gun rights group sends Christie a warning on gun control legislation(Star-Ledger,8/2/13)
State lawyers say NJ judge shouldn’t rush into allowing gay marriage (AP, 8/2/13)
Chris Christie at Sheldon Adelson fundraiser in Las Vegas (Politico, 8/1/13)
Poll: Barbara Buono’s choice of Milly Silva — right move or wrong step? (NJ Spotlight, 8/1/13)
Buono tabs Montclair’s Silva as gubernatorial running mate (, 8/1/13)
Buono sketches education policy in meeting with school advocates (, 8/1/13)
Buono starts online petition calling for Arango’s resignation (PolitickerNJ, 8/1/13)
OPINION: NJ residents have good reason to complain about taxes (Times of Trenton,8/1/13)
From ‘numbnuts’ to Rand Paul: Chris Christie’s top verbal battles (Star-Ledger, 8/1/13)
Buono says she’ll file for public campaign funding next week (Star-Ledger, 8/1/13)
Christie’s office receives 2,200 letters urging change in medical marijuana law for kids(Star-Ledger,8/1/13)
Barbara Buono takes gubernatorial campaign to Pleasantville (Press of Atlantic City,8/1/13)
Views emerge on Buono running mate Milly Silva (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Christie vs. Paul: Feud between popular Republicans heightens over spending (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
Hudson Republican chair Arango slams Buono’s LG pick (PolitickerNJ, 7/31/13)
Buono says Christie should demand Hudson GOP chair resignation (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
Is Christie being transparent with Sandy money? (The Christie Chronicles, 7/31/13)
Will all female gubernatorial ticket shatter the glass ceiling? (PolitickerNJ, 7/31/13)
6 reasons Buono picked Milly Silva as running mate (newjerseynewsroom, 7/31/13)
Cavalcade of Democratic women leaders denounce Arango’s Silva comments (PolitickerNJ, 7/31/13)
Groups denounce Hudson GOP chair for ‘wildly sexist’ comments (, 7/31/13)
Buono defends her pick for lite gov (AP, 7/31/13)
Rand Paul seeks to defuse public battle with Christie (PolitickerNJ, 7/31/13)
Christie accepts Democratic endorsements at Secaucus diner stop (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie battle with Rand Paul catches the eye of the Republican base (, 7/31/13)
Christie dismisses Paul’s invitation to bury hatchet over beers (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s turn to come up with open space funding ideas (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
Buono punches back at Christie’s criticism of her running mate (Star-Ledger, 7/31/13)
‘He’s a joke in the senate’ – Christie says of veteran senator (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Questioning Milly Silva’s qualifications is out of bounds (NJ Today, 7/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Thoroughly baffling Milly is Barbara Buono’s choice (South Jersey Times, 7/30/13)
Buono’s running mate ‘embarrassed’ over voting record, but ‘proud’ of campaign work (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/13)
Christie slaps King over DREAM Act comment, but won’t rule out campaigning for him (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/13)
Rare all-female ticket comes out swinging (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/30/13)
Sweeney takes administration to court over Perez appointment, Dems announce (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/13)
Gov. Christie says he’s ‘disappointed’ in Steve King’s remarks on illegal immigrants (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s long silence on the Voting Rights Act decision (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
NJ Democrats putting big money into battle for Legislature (New Jersey Hills, 7/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Silva: No Joke (, 7/30/13)
Buono’s No. 2 in NJ gov race explains not voting (AP, 7/30/13)
VIDEO: Christie calls NJ senator who sponsored open space bill ‘a joke’ (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s forgotten task force on school lunch reform (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
Korean groups back Christie (PolitickerNJ, 7/30/13)
Team Buono and Silva make first appearance on campaign trail in Willingboro (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
Chris Christie calls Rand Paul another ‘Washington politician’ (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Milly Silva is a grand pick, but not for this job (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
VIDEO: Paul: Christie is the ‘king of bacon’ on govt spending (CNN Political Ticker, 7/30/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie sure sounds like he hates Rand Paul’s guts (New York Magazine, 7/30/13)
Rand Paul: Chris Christie hiding behind 9/11 (Politico, 7/30/13)
Are changes in NJ school-lunch program still on menu? Christie’s task force hasn’t met in a year (NJ Spotlight, 7/30/13)
COMMENTARY: After Silva pick, a GOP landslide is a piece of cake (Star-Ledger, 7/30/13)
Open space measure falls short as NJ Senate Dems blamer Republicans, Assembly Dems (Star-Ledger, 7/29/13)
Rand Paul blasts Christie as national security spat continues (AP, 7/29/13)
With sharp criticism, Christie seeks to upstage opponent (CNN Politics, 7/29/13)
Buono’s LG votes sporadically, according to records (PolitickerNJ, 7/29/13)
Buono introduces labor leader as running mate (Daily Record, 7/29/13)
Barbara Buono’s running mate – page 2 (WHYY Newsworks, 7/29/13)
Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul: A fight with two winners (The Fix, 7/29/13)
Christie’s new foe is a Latina labor leader (The Christie Chronicles, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Great minds think alike: Chris Christie’s attack on libertarians was not smart (Star-Ledger, 7/29/13)
Buono announces Milly Silva as her lieutenant governor pick (Star-Ledger, 7/29/13)
Buono to announce her running mate today (Star-Ledger, 7/29/13)
COMMENTARY: What if Gov. Chris Christie is re-elected? (The Times of Trenton, 7/29/13)
NJ Comptroller Matthew Boxer not afraid to take on the state’s power brokers (Star-Ledger, 7/28/13)
Rand Paul rips Christie, King for ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ stance on Sandy funds (NY Daily News, 7/28/13)
Analysis: Budget politics doesn’t add up in Christie, Buono campaign ads (, 7/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Someone should tell Chris Christie it’s a little late to start channeling Rudy Giuliani (Star Ledger, 7/27/13)
Union boss rumored to be Buono’s running mate (Patch, 7/26/13)
Buono taps Hispanic labor leader as running mate (Star-Ledger, 7/26/13)
Christie cites 9/11 assailing libertarian trend in GOP (New York Times, 7/26/13)
Chris Christie: Rand Paul ‘dangerous’ (Politico, 7/26/13)
NJ Dems: Buono taps female labor leader as No. 2 (AP, 7/25/13)
Christie challenges libertarians in Congress to discuss NSA cuts with 9/11 victims’ families (, 7/25/13)
Ready to wage war over raising New Jersey’s minimum wage (NJ Spotlight, 7/25/13)
Barbara Buono picks union leader Milly Silva as running mate (, 7/25/13)
Buono picks running mate in battle against Christie, sources say (Star-Ledger, 7/25/13)
Christie calls for fairness in immigration reform, slams Obamacare (Star-Ledger, 7/25/13)
Christie goes after libertarians — hard (Washington Post, 7/25/13)
NJ ends fiscal year on high note (Star-Ledger, 7/25/13)
Gay marriage advocates rally in Asbury Park, calling Christie ‘out of step’ (Star-Ledger, 7/24/13)
Barbara Buono hasn’t filed for matching funds in NJ governor’s race (Huff Post Politics, 7/24/13)
NJ gay rights activists, national groups unite to pressure Christie, GOP (Star-Ledger, 7/24/13)
Barbara Buono elusive about her plans for Atlantic City (Star-Ledger, 7/23/13)
Barbara Buono visits Vernon (The Advertiser News, 7/23/13)
COMMENTARY: NJ same-sex marriage fallout unlikely to hurt Christie in a 2016 run (, 7/23/13)
Christie joins Essex County Democrats on walk through Newark’s Ironbound section (Star-Ledger, 7/23/13)
New book quotes not-so-humble Christie on presidential thoughts (New York Times, 7/23/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Buono rallies Democrats in Atlantic County (Press of Atlantic City, 7/23/13)
New Jersey’s economy a mixed bag, Wall Street firm says (Star-Ledger, 7/22/13)
Case grows for Christie to take matching funds (PolitickerNJ, 7/22/13)
Christie may be forced to quit as governor (Salon, 7/22/13)
250 at Democratic Hoboken fundraiser featuring guv candidate Buono raise $10,000 (The Jersey Journal, 7/22/13)
Christie raises $2.2M for general election bid (Star-Ledger, 7/22/13)
Christie hopes trip will boost $2.2M war chest (, 7/22/13)
Chris Christie says his TV gigs are good for NJ (AP, 7/22/13)
New Jersey residents fund Christie’s campaign (Metropolis, 7/22/13)
Will he won’t he? Christie, Buono trade barbs as governor’s race heats up over debates question (Star-Ledger, 7/22/13)
Pension reform blocked by double-dipping lawmakers, report says (Star-Ledger, 7/22/13)
GOP veteran Hazel Gluck wants to pitch same-sex marriage to Christie (, 7/21/13)
Christie’s cameo on ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ may be too much for NJ voters (Star-Ledger, 7/21/13)
COMMENTARY: For Christie, former ally becomes a roadblock (Star-Ledger, 7/21/13)
Christie to raise campaign cash in San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Las Vegas (Star-Ledger, 7/19/13)
NJ lawmakers may ask voters to spend $200M per year on open space (Star-Ledger, 7/18/13)
Buono: Many Democratic endorsements of Christie are ‘transactional’ (, 7/18/13)
Christie vetoes workers compensation bill named for late Hackensack firefighter (, 7/18/13)
Christie campaign announces coalition of Hispanic supporters, opens Paterson office (, 7/18/13)
Did not encourage people to rebuild, Christie says (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/18/13)
Pallone, Holt join Buono to tout her jobs plan and slam Christie (Star-Ledger, 7/18/13)
Buono named ‘environmental hero’ in NJ Legislative report card out today (Star-Ledger, 7/18/13)
Governor calls for firings in wake of cheating scandal in school lunch program (Star-Ledger, 7/18/13)
Christie to endorse Republican nominee for Senate (AP, 7/17/13)
Christie says he’s done trying to intervene in American Dream (Star-Ledger, 7/17/13)
Christie takes summer trips to Colorado and Wisconsin to meet with GOP donors, governors (Star-Ledger, 7/17/13)
Christie, with cameo on new sitcom, says he isn’t launching an acting career (, 7/16/13)
Buono’s plan for economy a sharp contrast (AP, 7/16/13)
Democratic Garfield deputy mayor endorses Christie (, 7/16/13)
Buono slams Christie’s economic record (Star-Ledger, 7/16/13)
Christie says he has no opinion yet on Supreme Court’s Voting Rights decision (Star-Ledger, 7/16/13)
Buono unveils economic development plan (Star-Ledger, 7/15/13)
Christie administration delays bond plan by Middlesex County Improvement Authority (Star-Ledger, 7/15/13)
The Auditor: NJEA turns donations spigot back on (Star-Ledger, 7/14/13)
Buono hopes to use abortion rights against Christie (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Barbara Buono’s vision for the next four years (Star-Ledger, 7/14/13)
Voice of the people: Underrated Buono is New Jersey’s best bet (New Jersey Today, 7/14/13)
Vocal lawmaker’s crusade against NJ’s school-funding formula (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/14/13)
CNBC ranking: New Jersey one of the most expensive states for businesses (Star-Ledger, 7/13/13)
National Democrats spending little on Barbara Buono’s gubernatorial challenge (, 7/13/13)
Buono dials number, Republican answers, amusement ensues (The Christie Chronicles, 7/12/13)
VIDEO: Buono’s new ad lacks substance (, 7/12/13)
Buono releases web ad slamming Christie campaign travel (New Jersey Today, 7/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Fishing for Jersey jobs, and favors (Star-Ledger, 7/12/13)
Buono: NJ’s minimum wage is ‘atrocity,’ voters should raise it this fall (Star-Ledger, 7/12/13)
Why Chris Christie could save the GOP from itself (The Fix, 7/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Court slaps down Christie’s overreach on housing (Star-Ledger, 7/11/13)
OPINION: Republicans should follow the leader (Washington Post, 7/11/13)
Christie beat New Jersey Democrats by splitting party (newjerseynewsroom, 7/11/13)
6 ways Christie can get upset by Buono (newjerseynewsroom, 7/11/13)
Analysis: Democrats’ delay of Christie court overhaul highlights State House feud(, 7/10/13)
Campaign launched to fight wage hike (, 7/10/13)
Christie not yet committed to debates with Buono in NJ governor’s race (Star-Ledger, 7/10/13)
Half of NJ’s blacks & Dems think Christie deserves re-election (The Christie Chronicles, 7/10/13)
Christie blasts justices after NJ Supreme Court says he can’t eliminate housing agency (, 7/10/13)
Christie still big voter favorite over Buono, despite veto of popular same-sex marriage bill(, 7/10/13)
Poll: Support for gay marriage in NJ remains strong (Star-Ledger, 7/10/13)
COMMENTARY: How Chris Christie let down New Jersey youth (Huff Post, 7/10/13)
Christie is popular but has short coattails, poll finds (Star-Ledger, 7/10/13)
NJ Supreme Court blocks Christie’s plan to abolish affordable-housing agency (Star-Ledger,7/10/13)
Gov. Christie’s war chest flush with donations (The Daily Record, 7/9/13)
Buono ad highlights Christie’s out-of-state travels (Star-Ledger, 7/9/13)
NJ Assembly Speaker Oliver says Christie should talk about important issues, not make jokes (, 7/9/13)
NJ Dems rally around housing foreclosure issue (NBC Philadelphia, 7/9/13)
VIDEO: Christie’s opponent hits at his weight (Weekly Standard, 7/9/13)
With Christie in Sun Valley, Buono releases ad criticizing his out-of-state travel (, 7/9/13)
Business group launches ad campaign against raising NJ minimum wage (Star-Ledger, 7/9/13)
Budget blather? Christie’s claims about reducing one-shot remedies overstated (NJ Spotlight, 7/9/13)
Analysis: Top issues among NJ voters largely avoided in governor’s race (, 7/8/13)
Christie receives support of leading black minister (, 7/8/13)
VIDEO: Is Christie the GOP’s best 2016 candidate? (Washington Post, 7/8/13)
DGA so far a bit player in gov’s race (PolitickerNJ, 7/8/13)
Buono camp responds to Bishop Jackson’s endorsement (PolitickerNJ, 7/8/13)
Obama offers Chris Christie shelter from the storm (National Journal, 7/8/13)
Dem chair gets into it with Sen. Stack after he refers to ‘out of touch and clueless’ Buono (PolitickerNJ, 7/8/13)
Election 2013: Gov. Christie already raised $2.2M for fall campaign (Asbury Park Press, 7/8/13)
COMMENTARY: On gay marriage, Christie’s telling tall tales (Star-Ledger, 7/7/13)
Funds are flocking to Christie (Courier-Post, 7/7/13)
NJ’s Senate hopefuls stake ground to the right of Christie (, 7/7/13)
POLITIFACT: Buono claim state spending was lower in FY2009 plan than Christie’s FY2014 budget is TRUE (Star-Ledger, 7/7/13)
NJ legislature set to expand tax incentives for businesses (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/13)
Same-sex marriage may be a nonissue for Christie (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/7/13)
Buono stepping up her fundraising game (Asbury Park Press, 7/4/13)
Booker’s opponents may use his friendship with Christie against him (New York Times, 7/4/13)
F-word fallout: Christie threatened to use profanity during speech last year, book says (Star-Ledger,7/4/13)
Christie threatened expletive on national TV? Not true, says RNC aide (Philadelphia Inquirer,7/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Sweeney’s vision for Rutgers trustees: Hold off (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/4/13)
Gay couples ask NJ court to follow suit (AP, 7/4/13)
NJ suit may be next test in fight over gay marriage (, 7/3/13)
Romney had concerns about Christie campaign finance restrictions, according to new book(, 7/3/13)
Christie questions Senate President Sweeney’s motives on gay marriage (, 7/3/13)
NJ civil unions are unconstitutional, 6 gay couples argue in court (Star-Ledger, 7/3/13)
Upsurge in NJ campaign fund-raising (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/3/13)
Christie f-bomb story is BS, says RNC producer (The Christie Chronicles, 7/3/13)
Spending accelerates in races for governor, Legislature (, 7/2/13)
Gay-marriage issue roils Christie election fight (Wall Street Journal, 7/2/13)
OPINION: Buono needs to hit Christie where he’s weakest – economy, jobs, taxes (NJ Spotlight, 7/2/13)
Chris Christie’s dance to keep up with gay marriage (National Journal, 7/2/13)
NJ Democrats press Republicans to ‘vote their conscience’ on gay marriage (Star-Ledger, 7/2/13)
Christie was pressured by top Republicans to run for president in 2012, new book says (Star-Ledger,7/2/13)
Sweeney to lift blockade of Republican bills (Star-Ledger, 7/2/13)
Democrats push Christie to support gay marriage (New York Times, 7/2/13)
Christie remains ahead of Buono in money race (, 7/2/13)
Christie still reluctant on making medical marijuana program more accessible to kids (Star-Ledger,7/2/13)
NJ Democrats mobilize to override Christie’s gay marriage veto (AP, 7/2/13)
Lonegan tells tea party: Older people want their America back (, 7/2/13)
Outside groups spend big in New Jersey elections (Star-Ledger, 7/2/13)
Chris Christie bromance with Barack Obama: Is it breaking up? (Christian Science Monitor, 7/2/13)
Sweeney says Christie is blocking Republicans from supporting gay marriage veto override (Star-Ledger, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Joe D turned his back on black Essex voters (Star-Ledger, 7/2/13)
For sixth consecutive month, state beats revenue projections (Star-Ledger, 7/1/13)
Chris Christie doesn’t expect to set election record this November (Huff Post Politics, 7/1/13)
COMMENTARY: New Jersey may see stronger gun safety laws (Times of Trention, 7/1/13)
Buono is denied two shots at taking on Christie (Philadelphia Inquirer, 7/1/13)
Hudson County Building Trades Council endorses Gov. Chris Christie (The Jersey Journal, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

Montclair’s Gill selected to help run Buono campaign (, 6/29/13)
Urban schools in dire need of repairs, 43 groups tell Christie (Star-Ledger, 6/28/13)
Christie signs bipartisan budget, but vetoes 8 Democratic bills (Star-Ledger, 6/28/13)
Corrected: New Jersey’s Christie vetoes Medicaid expansion bill (Reuters, 6/28/13)
Christie takes first action on gun legislation (Star-Ledger, 6/28/13)
Christie doesn’t think he’ll beat Tom Kean’s re-election record (Star-Ledger, 6/28/13)
Christie: Obama ‘can’t figure out how to lead’ (Star-Ledger, 6/28/13)
Small-business group asserts minimum wage hike would jeopardize jobs (NJ Spotlight, 6/28/13)
NJ launches post-Sandy rental housing fund (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/28/13)
Christie signs $33 billion budget (, 6/28/13)
Christie takes heat at Vernon town-hall meeting over his stance on gay marriage(, 6/28/13)
Chris Christie slams President Obama (Politico, 6/28/13)
New Jersey: The next battleground for gay marriage (Washington Post, 6/28/13)
NJ Democrat sees DOMA ruling as a window of opportunity against Christie (Washington Post,6/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Gay marriage in NJ will happen by veto override or by ballot question (Times of Trenton, 6/28/13)
NJ gay rights backers divided on next step (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/28/13)
On same-sex marriage, Christie takes a polite tone in response to a critic (The Political State, 6/28/13)
Passaic, Bergen counties want NJ to pay for special election (, 6/28/13)
Bill advances on tuition for immigrants (AP, 6/28/13)
Rutgers trustees to fight Sweeney plan to abolish board (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/27/13)
Legislature takes last look at education bills before summer (NJ Spotlight, 6/27/13)
Buono joins marriage equality activists at the Statehouse after Supreme Court ruling (PolitickerNJ, 6/27/13)
NJ Senate and Assembly postpone vote on bill to eliminate Rutgers Board of Trustees (Star-Ledger,6/27/13)
Gun background check bill, hailed as ‘national model,’ goes to Christie’s desk (, 6/27/13)
Christie picks up more labor union support, puts off labor council (Star-Ledger, 6/27/13)
3 roads to gay marriage in NJ (The Christie Chronicles, 6/27/13)
Buoyed by Supreme Court ruling, advocates move to make NJ next front in gay marriage battle(, 6/27/13)
In NJ, gay rights advocates vow new campaign to legalize same-sex marriage (Star-Ledger,6/27/13)
Christie: I would veto same-sex marriage bill again (NBC Philadelphia, 6/27/13)
Chris Christie attacks Supreme Court for gay marriage decision (Washington Post, 6/27/13)
VIDEO: Buono and daughter team up to blast Christie and DOMA (, 6/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Sen. Stephen Sweeney’s attempted coup at Rutgers (Star-Ledger, 6/27/13)
Christie accepts award from schools group (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/26/13)
EDITORIAL: On Jersey taxes and pensions, finally looking to the future (Star-Ledger, 6/26/13)
Christie says Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA ‘was wrong’ (, 6/26/13)
Buono hits DC to raise cash (, 6/26/13)
Still no gay marriage in NJ, Christie says (The Christie Chronicles, 6/26/13)
For NJ’s gay couples, Supreme Court ruling brings almost no change (Star-Ledger, 6/26/13)
Against all odds, and ignoring advice, Buono fights to lead New Jersey (New York Times, 6/26/13)
EDITORIAL: On Jersey taxes and pensions, finally looking to the future (Newark Star-Ledger,6/26/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s gay marriage veto, and how to get past it (Star-Ledger, 6/26/13)
Supreme Court’s decision on gay marriage may inspire new push in NJ (Star-Ledger, 6/26/13)
Christie slams high court, calls DOMA ruling a ‘bad decision’ (Star-Ledger, 6/26/13)
OPINION: Efforts to control, reduce NJ property taxes remain out of reach (Times of Trenton,6/26/13)
Riven by strife, New Jersey Democrats plan ‘unity breakfast’ (Star-Ledger, 6/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Birdsall cash-for-contracts scheme proves pay-to-play lives on (Star-Ledger, 6/25/13)
NJ lawmakers will delay vote on bill creating a hospital tax (Star-Ledger, 6/25/13)
Sweeney: More compromise budgets likely in years ahead (NJ Spotlight, 6/25/13)
NJ budget: Voucher plan dies (Press of Atlantic City, 6/25/13)
VIDEO: ‘The American Dream is broken in New Jersey’ (Patch, 6/25/13)
Christie shrugs off open letter from Buono’s daughter (PolitickerNJ, 6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats do Buono no favors with budget proposal (Asbury Park Press, 6/25/13)
Christie says NJ budget hinged on dropping vouchers (Bloomberg, 6/25/13)
Christie (ironically) collects ‘Citizen of the Year’ award in Philly (The Christie Chronicles, 6/25/13)
Officials approve $33B state budget, Buono bashes spending plan (Courier-Post, 6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Is Barbara Buono a Corzine clone? She’s certainly marketing herself that way(Star-Ledger, 6/25/13)
Christie’s $33B budget sails through Legislature (Star-Ledger, 6/24/13)
Buono ‘frustrated’ that Bill Clinton didn’t ask Christie about climate change (Star-Ledger, 6/24/13)
Concessions critical as $33B Christie budget approved (, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie bravado cools as reality of $33B budget plan sets in (, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie is NJ’s Teflon governor (The Daily Journal, 6/24/13)
Sabato says Christie looking good in NJ, not so much nationally (Asbury Park Press, 6/24/13)
Buono’s gay daughter blasts Christie for stance on gay marriage (, 6/24/13)
Buono’s daughter says she’s gay, calls out Christie on same-sex marriage (Star-Ledger, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Plan to stabilize, cut property taxes won’t happen anytime soon (Times of Trenton,6/24/13)
Will Christie save civil service or hand it over to cronyism? (The Trentonian, 6/23/13)
State Watch: Guv’s reform in a nutshell (The Trentonian, 6/23/13)
Files reveal Birdsall engineering firm’s illegal campaign donations (, 6/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie ignoring interests of women (, 6/23/13)
Democrats challenge Christie on issues that could hurt him in ‘16 (MyCentralJersey, 6/23/13)
NJ Democrats’ budget much like Christie’s (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/23/13)
Controversial hospital tax legislation gaining momentum (Star-Ledger, 6/23/13)
Secret files reveal how pay-to-play works in NJ (Star-Ledger, 6/23/13)
Christie’s star not as bright across nation (Courier-Post, 6/22/13)
5 reasons conservatives are calling Chris Christie a RINO (newjerseynewsroom, 6/22/13)
Christie thanks those who helped after Sandy at convention in Washington DC (, 6/21/13)
Holocaust ‘hero’ related to top Christie adviser may have been Nazi collaborator, scholars say (Star-Ledger, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Steve Lonegan’s chances don’t look that bad to this guy (Star-Ledger, 6/21/13)
VIDEO: Christie on appearing with Obama: Did you want me to wear my Romney sweatshirt? (CBS News, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Women are under the Democratic bus in Jersey (, 6/21/13)
Democrats move compromise budget despite revenue concerns (NJ Spotlight, 6/21/13)
Dems still seem favored in Legislature races (Courier-Post, 6/21/13)
Gov. Chris Christie’s illusion of bipartisanship (truth-out, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie plays smart politics with Clinton (Courier-Post, 6/21/13)
COMMENTARY: In some ways, Christie is just another pol (Shore News Today, 6/21/13)
Christie spreads bipartisan gospel in DC (Washington Post, 6/21/13)
Christie cheers huge volunteer effort after Sandy (Star-Ledger, 6/21/13)
For Sen. Chiesa, a daily crash course in the ways of Washington (Star-Ledger, 6/21/13)
OPINION: ‘Save us Christieman!’ — Trenton needs a superhero to rescue city in crisis (Times of Trenton, 6/21/13)
NJ Supreme Court allows special US Senate elections (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
NJ Senate Democrats fail to override Christie’s veto of early voting (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
The Christie-Chiesa conundrum (Politico, 6/20/13)
OPINION: Christie went too far with special election plan (MyCentralJersey, 6/20/13)
NJ Senate Democrats announce budget agreement (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
Bergen to Christie on special elections: You pay for them (PolitickerNJ, 6/20/13)
Gov. Christie’s school voucher program not part of budget (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
Megadeals: Is New Jersey out of control? (NJ Spotlight, 6/20/13)
Court backs Chris Christie on special election (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
NJ Assembly sends three gun bills to Christie’s desk (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
‘Christie Creme’ doughnuts a sign of Gov. Christie’s 2016 presidential run? (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
VIDEO: Objection to Christie’s $24M Senate special election spreads across state (HuffPost, 6/20/13)
NJ budget includes no money for special US Senate elections (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Star power fails Christie in football allegiance (South Jersey Times, 6/20/13)
Christie calling in reinforcements for NJ election bonanza (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
OPINION: Gov. Christie’s decision on special senate election reveals ’self-serving, egocentric nature’(Times of Trenton, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Want to save $24 million? Have that election next year (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
Voters split on whether religious schools should get state bond money (Star-Ledger, 6/20/13)
Bergen freeholders: State should pay for special election; would cost county $3.6M (, 6/20/13)
Buono drops in for breakfast at Nutley Diner (Patch, 6/20/13)
Families suing Christie over plan to close state institutions win lawmaker’s support (Star-Ledger,6/19/13)
Christie defends proposed civil service changes in speech to military veterans in Wildwood (Star-Ledger, 6/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s choice shorts Republican voters (Star-Ledger, 6/19/13)
NJ lawmakers, Governor Christie reach deal on budget bill (, 6/19/13)
Promoting Raise the Wage, Buono visits her first job in Nutley (, 6/19/13)
Stockton polls show Christie leads in gubernatorial race (Shore News Today, 6/19/13)
VIDEO: Watch kids boo NJ Gov. Chris Christie for being a Cowboys fan (LA Times, 6/19/13)
Booker, Oliver campaign with Buono to support raising the minimum wage (, 6/19/13)
Top NJ Democrats, unions kick off campaign to raise the minimum wage (Star-Ledger, 6/19/13)
Let’s look at Sandy recovery: NJ residents give a relatively positive rating (Rutgers/Eagleton, 6/19/13)
Sweeney, Greenwald to endorse Booker in US Senate primary (Star-Ledger, 6/18/13)
An October governor’s election in New Jersey? Not going to happen. (The Fix, 6/18/13)
Christie talks 2016 presidential politics and slams Congress, Obama on ‘Morning Joe’ (Star-Ledger,6/18/13)
Christie attends reopening of Sandy-damaged senior center (Star-Ledger, 6/18/13)
Christie says no need to decide on White House until 2015 (Bloomberg, 6/18/13)
NJ Gov. Chris Christie more popular with Democrats than Republicans: poll (NY Daily News,6/18/13)
Christie to put off presidential decision until 2015 (USA Today, 6/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Calling Christie’s bluff on women’s health care (Star-Ledger, 6/18/13)
Christie, Booker remain most well known in new Fairleigh Dickinson poll (Star-Ledger, 6/18/13)
Christie on endorsing Lonegan: ‘I’ve got my own campaign to run’ (Star-Ledger, 6/17/13)
NJ Senate committee approves bill to move gubernatorial election to October (Star-Ledger, 6/17/13)
Barbara Buono’s kryptonite? Everything (WHYY Newsworks, 6/17/13)
Buono calls Christie’s special election move ‘cynical’, ’self-serving’ (PolitickerNJ, 6/17/13)
Poll: Christie’s coattails are short (Star-Ledger, 6/17/13)
Poll: NJ voters overwhelmingly support minimum wage increase, gay marriage (Star-Ledger,6/17/13)
Groups claim to have found ’smoking gun’ to force Christie to move US Senate election to November(Star-Ledger, 6/17/13)
NJ lawmakers advance bill granting in-state tuition for students in country illegally (Star-Ledger,6/17/13)
NJ lawmakers to consider offering those in county illegally in-state college tuition (Star-Ledger,6/17/13)
After stalling amid Democratic infighting, landmark bill cleared by Assembly committee (Star-Ledger, 6/17/13)
COMMENTARY: NJ special senate election presents logistical nightmare for voters, election workers (Times of Trenton, 6/17/13)
New results on minimum wage ballot issue, same-sex marriage, and statewide legislative ballot test(Rutgers/Eagleton, 6/17/13)
November NJ election has bigger implications than partisan control (Star-Ledger, 6/16/13)
VIDEO: Christie has repair work to do with conservatives (CNN, 6/16/13)
Rand Paul steps into Christie country (Star-Ledger, 6/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Chris Christie was right: They’re out of their league on taxes (Star-Ledger,6/16/13)
Stockton Poll: Christie leads Buono by 40 pts. (PolitickerNJ, 6/15/13)
Freeholder board won’t fund NJ Senate election (AP, 6/15/13)
NJ high court to weigh Senate election dispute (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Democratic leaders seem happy to abandon Buono (Press of Atlantic City, 6/15/13)
For Buono, party leadership fight was battle for survival (Patch, 6/15/13)
New polls shows Gov. Christie  with a 40-point lead over Barbara Buono (Star-Ledger, 6/15/13)
Christie maintains a political balancing act (NPR, 6/15/13)
Sweeney endorses Buono (PolitickerNJ, 6/14/13)
Chris Christie + Bill Clinton = Perfect together? (The Fix, 6/14/13)
Christie’s special election plan heads to NJ Supreme Court (Bloomberg, 6/14/13)
Independents survive ballot challenges from Democrats (Star-Ledger, 6/14/13)
Barbara Buono campaign downplays Chris Christie’s Democratic endorsements (WHYY Newsworks, 6/14/13)
Opponents of gov’s special election timeline appealing to state’s Supreme Court (PolitickerNJ, 6/14/13)
Poll: Christie maintains commanding lead (PolitickerNJ, 6/14/13)
NJ Supreme Court considers quick review of special election date set by governor (AP, 6/14/13)
Union County freeholders decline to fund special US Senate election (Star-Ledger, 6/14/13)
NJ Supreme Court to hear Democratic challenge to special US Senate election (Star-Ledger,6/14/13)
Christie leads Buono by 32 points in latest Rutgers-Eagleton poll (Rutgers/Eagleton, 6/14/13)
Bill Clinton and Chris Christie reach across political lines to bond over disaster relief (Washington Post, 6/14/13)
Christie, Bill Clinton warm to latest bipartisan presidential ‘bromance’ (ABC News, 6/14/13)
Bill Clinton, Chris Christie talk Hurricane Sandy recovery at Chicago conference (Star-Ledger,6/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Hey, Chris Christie: Delay that special election for Senate – till November 2014(Star-Ledger, 6/14/13)
Christie seemed to ’spin the news’ during Jimmy Fallon segment, report says (Star-Ledger, 6/14/13)
VIDEO: Christie, Bill Clinton to appear together at Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago (Star-Ledger,6/14/13)
Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver a surprise entry into US Senate race (Star-Ledger, 6/13/13)
Christie passes on conservative event to speak at Clinton forum (CNN, 6/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Land is set to slide on schedule for Chris Christie (Star-Ledger, 6/13/13)
Indicted NJ engineering firm Birdsall Services pleads guilty in pay-to-play conspiracy (Star-Ledger,6/13/13)
Judges reject objection to Christie decision on US Senate special election; say governor acted properly (PolitickerNJ, 6/13/13)
Court sides with Christie, rejects challenge to October special election (Star-Ledger, 6/13/13)
Was Christie’s ‘Slow Jam’ part of a presidential plan? (Wall Street Journal, 6/13/13)
Christie, Buono face off for first time (Metropolis, 6/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Are Democrats who endorse Christie really Democrats? (Star-Ledger, 6/13/13)
Christie proposes measures to aid veterans (, 6/13/13)
Timing of special Senate election is not popular, but Christie retains commanding lead over Buono in new poll (, 6/13/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Christie and Jimmy Fallon ‘Slow Jam the News; on US Senate election (Star-Ledger,6/13/13)
Third poll shows Booker with big lead in Democratic Senate primary field (Star-Ledger, 6/13/13)
Christie signs veterans bill (The Political State, 6/13/13)
Democratic mayor of Long Branch to endorse Christie (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
Christie says he’s not getting involved in Senate primary (, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie wastes needed money on special Senate race (Philadelphia Inquirer,6/12/13)
Chris Christie responds to US Senate lawsuit (HuffPost Politics, 6/12/13)
Union County Dems elect new chair, back Buono for governor (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
Barbara Buono, NJ Dems end battle over chairman, agree to focus on Chris Christie (Huff Post Politics, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Infighting tears at NJ Democrats (, 6/12/13)
Sharing a stage for the first time since primaries, Christie and Buono promote their economic records (, 6/12/13)
Christie not sure what to do with $130M Passaic River settlement (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
Sandy recovery still fueling Christie’s popularity, poll finds (, 6/12/13)
NJ court blocks CWA’s request to put state’s lottery privatization contract on hold (Star-Ledger,6/12/13)
NJ AFL-CIO backs Buono for governor (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
Poll: Christie’s post-Sandy popularity continues (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
Buono, Christie address NJ’s business community (AP, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: Lesniak says outgoing NJ Democratic chairman left party in shambles, then apologizes(Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: In first meeting of general election, Christie and Buono address business group (Star-Ledger,6/12/13)
NJ Democrats reach compromise on state party chairman (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
VIDEO: Christie blasts new report on NJ property taxes, calls authors ‘corrupt’ (Star-Ledger,6/12/13)
VIDEO: Chris says he’ll ‘throw League of Municipalities report in the garbage where it belongs’(, 6/12/13)
Lonegan rallying GOP in bid for US Senate (Star-Ledger, 6/12/13)
DiVincenzo backs Christie’s re-election on a ‘pretty amazing day,’ Governor says (PolitickerNJ, 6/11/13)
Ruling clears way for NJ to turn lottery over to private operator (, 6/11/13)
Analysis: Democrats help to fuel a Christie ‘tidal wave’ (, 6/11/13)
Media yawn at Barbara Buono, the only Dem willing to take on Chris Christie (The Nation, 6/11/13)
OPINION: Tobacco tax won’t fix the budget (Star-Ledger, 6/11/13)
Watchdog groups support effort to stop Christie from holding October election for US Senate (Star-Ledger, 6/11/13)
VIDEO: Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo endorses Christie (Star-Ledger, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie may be underhanded but he ain’t playing beanbag (Star-Ledger,6/11/13)
Christie picking up major Democratic endorsements this week (Star-Ledger, 6/11/13)
The race begins: 6 candidates file to run in US Senate primaries (Star-Ledger, 6/11/13)
Christie argues in court documents to keep the Senate special election date (, 6/11/13)
Christie defends special election to fill Lautenberg’s Senate seat (, 6/10/13)
Christie dismisses argument that October special election will suppress voter turnout (PolitickerNJ, 6/10/13)
Democrat Stack endorses Christie; Essex County executive may be next (, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: NJ ballot questions on same-sex marriage, minimum wage could energize Democratic voters (Star-Ledger, 6/10/13)
One week after Lautenberg’s death, political fight for his seat begins (Star-Ledger, 6/10/13)
Poll: Democrats give Booker early lead in Senate primary; most voters oppose special election scheduling given cost (Rutgers/Eagleton, 6/10/13)
Lautenberg’s death turns NJ political scene upside down (Star-Ledger, 6/9/13)
For Christie, long-term benefits trump GOP gripes (, 6/9/13)
Critics offer list of other ways NJ could use $24M cost of special election (, 6/9/13)
COMMENTARY: For Barbara Buono, going from bad to worse, with her party’s help (Star-Ledger,6/9/13)
Special US Senate race heats up as Holt enters (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
CWA to appeal Christie’s plan to privatize parts of the NJ Lottery (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
Christie turns to NJ AG Jeffrey Chiesa to fill Lautenberg seat (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
Somerset Democratic chairwoman challenges special Senate election (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Jeff Chiesa a good choice for US Senate (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
Appellate affordable housing ruling leaves a hole in Christie’s proposed budget (Star-Ledger, 6/7/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ Senate advances gun-control legislation, but fails to include magazine limits(Times of Trenton, 6/7/13)
Christie the cost-cutter shrugs off $24M election (Bloomberg, 6/6/13)
Dozens of state Democrats throw support to Lesniak for state chairman (PolitickerNJ, 6/6/13)
Christie risks GOP backlash with US Senate election timetable (Star-Ledger, 6/6/13)
NJ Democrats’ intra-party battle for state chairman still not settled (Star-Ledger, 6/6/13)
US Senate race drawing cast of characters (Star-Ledger, 6/6/13)
Giffords group lobbies Chris Christie to pick a pro-background check senator (Capital New York, 6/5/13)
Election move typifies Christie: Fast and with politics in mind (New York Times, 6/5/13)
Booker collecting signatures for US Senate special election (Star-Ledger, 6/5/13)
VIDEO: Christie, Buono win gubernatorial primaries in NJ (WPVI-TV, 6/5/13)
VIDEO: Top 5 Chris Christie moments (Politico, 6/5/13)
End of  NJ primary marks the start of the battle to control the Legislature (Star-Ledger, 6/5/13)
Christie camp flooded by interest from US Senate hopefuls (Star-Ledger, 6/5/13)
Cory Booker keeps quiet on US Senate run in special election (Star-Ledger, 6/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie makes a slick move with special election for Lautenberg seat (Star-Ledger,6/5/13)
Christie sets October special election for Lautenberg seat (Washington Post, 6/4/13)
Sweeney says Christie’s call to expedite US Senate race could backfire (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)

Senate choice could help Christie mend GOP fences (RealClearPolitics, 6/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Lautenberg’s decision to stick it out came at a price for Democrats (Star-Ledger,6/4/13)
NJ Gov. Christie orders special election (Washington Post, 6/4/13)
Winners and losers from Chris Christie’s special election decision (The Fix, 6/4/13)
Republicans fuming over Christie’s Senate decision (National Journal, 6/4/13)
Christie outlines special election for Lautenberg’s US Senate seat (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)
Gov. Chris Christie has field of options to fill Lautenberg’s seat (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)
Lautenberg’s death changes Senate race for Booker (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)
Christie, Buono expected to cruise in today’s primary (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Lautenberg was a fighter for Jersey (Star-Ledger, 6/4/13)
Top Democrat to Christie: Hold senate election in November for Lautenberg’s seat (Star-Ledger,6/3/13)
Death of Senator places Christie in difficult spot (New York Times, 6/3/13)
How Christie can maximize the GOP’s chances in New Jersey (FiveThirtyEight, 6/3/13)
Christie out of touch with women (PolitickerNJ, 6/3/13)
NJ Senate: When a vacancy occurs (Cook Political Report, 6/3/13)
A somber Christie eulogizes his political nemesis (The Christie Chronicles, 6/3/13)
Christie’s proposed school voucher program at latest crossroads (NJ Spotlight, 6/3/13)
Major Democratic donors flock to Christie (Star-Ledger, 6/3/13)
Lautenberg’s death leaves Chris Christie with potentially messy options (Capital New York, 6/3/13)
VIDEO: Christie returns to Bayonne Bridge, this time to applaud project’s approval (Star-Ledger,6/3/13)
With Buono’s campaign lacking thrills, running mate pick could provide boost (Newark Star-Ledger,6/2/13)
Report: Booker says Buono will get Democratic support with or without party leaders (Star-Ledger,6/2/13)
Is Barbara Buono toast? (Asbury Park Press, 6/2/13)
Christie’s little-known primary foe Seth Grossman tries to bring ‘the Steve Lonegan band’ back together (Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/2/13)
VIDEO: Buono has taken on – and defeated – Goliaths before (Asbury Park Press, 6/2/13)
Barbara Buono has trouble raising money from her party (The Daily Record, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Teflon governor immune to blue state edge (Asbury Park Press, 6/2/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie spends $4.5M on TV ads despite enormous lead (HNGN, 6/1/13)
VIDEO: Christie pounds the airwaves against opponent, despite huge lead in gubernatorial campaign (ABC News, 6/1/13)
COMMENTARY: The governors Christie: The GOP that was, and is (, 6/1/13)
Hudson Assemblywoman says Christie is ‘riding the coattails’ of Sandy (Star-Ledger, 6/1/13)
Gov. Christie raising lost of campaign money (NewJerseyNewsRoom, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Gun bill scorecard: Track New Jersey’s gun control legislation (Star-Ledger, 5/31/13)
Christie makes $1.5M ad buy heading into primary election (Star-Ledger, 5/31/13)
Christie still ahead of Buono in fundraising as outside groups flex muscle (Star-Ledger, 5/31/13)
Former NJ governors talk regrets, deliver zingers at Newark summit (Star-Ledger, 5/31/13)
Top NJ Senate Dem says pilot voucher program not part of budget talks (Star-Ledger, 5/31/13)
Christie vs. Buono: Dems struggle to raise cash (AP, 5/31/13)
VIDEO: Former governors say lay off Rutgers as Moody’s downgrades credit rating (Star-Ledger,5/31/13)
Christie administration announces $455M in school construction grants (Star-Ledger, 5/30/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s attack reflex (Star-Ledger, 5/30/13)
Christie challenger Barbara Buono lost amid Obama fanfare (ABC News, 5/29/13)
Christie to climate: Drop dead (Huffington Post, 5/29/13)
Barbara Buono’s Jon Corzine problem (National Journal, 5/29/13)
RGA targets Barbara Buono (Washington Post, 5/29/13)
Chris Christie’s diet: Few veggies, no coffee (Politico, 5/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Barack Obama, Chris Christie show how to find common ground (Newsday, 5/29/13)
Chris Christie won’t intervene in Rutgers controversy (USA Today, 5/29/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie: Climate change a ‘distraction’ (MSNBC All In, 5/29/13)
Obama shuns one-on-one with Christie’s Dem opponent (USA Today, 5/29/13)
Julie Hermann abuse allegations: Barbara Buono responds to Chris Christie’s stance (Star-Ledger,5/29/13)
Barbara Buono receives gubernatorial nod from Sierra Club in Hoboken (The Jersey Journal,5/29/13)
Christie talks to People magazine about weight-loss surgery, raising children (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
Christie’s “Dr. Kevorkian” was dead-on in his budget predictions (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
Sierra Club endorses Buono, bashes Christie on environment (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
Obama joins Christie on first visit since Sandy devastated state (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
Christie’s net approval rating 7th among US governors, report says (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
GOP governors group out with Buono attack ad (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie gives weak response to latest Rutgers fiasco (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/29/13)
Christie and Obama bond again, fueling 2016 talk (Wall Street Journal, 5/28/13)
Obama-Christie bromance, Part 2: A win-win for both (DC Decoder, 5/28/13)
Born to run – when will Christie call it quits with Obama if a 2016 run is on the horizon? (Slate,5/28/13)
VIDEO: Obama and Gov. Christie reunite to tour Sandy rebuilding efforts (ABC News, 5/28/13)
Christie has ‘complete confidence’ in Rutgers’ Barchi, stays away from Hermann hire (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/28/13)
Buono’s campaign wasn’t playing in South Jersey — until now (The Christie Chronicles, 5/27/13)
The other GOP candidate for governor (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/13)
In South Jersey, what Buono campaign? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/27/13)
Christie wants to talk to Rutgers a out Hermann (AP, 5/26/13)
Christie’s wife: He’d make a good president (AP, 5/25/13)
VIDEO: New Jersey Shore is ready for visitors, Gov. Christie says (NPR, 5/24/13)
Obama-Chris Christie reunion bad timing for NJ Dems (ABC News, 5/24/13)
Chris Christie to stroll Jersey Shore with Obama (again!) – What’s he thinking? (DC Decoder, 5/24/13)
With ‘Today’ appearance and ribbon-cutting, Christie opens Jersey Shore (Metropolis, 5/24/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie: I welcome President Obama in NJ (Politico, 5/24/13)
Prepping for Obama visit, Christie ‘hosts’ Today (The Christie Chronicles, 5/24/13)
Cory Booker expects NJ Democrats to unite behind Buono (Huffington Post, 5/24/13)
Buono picks up endorsement of Republican mayor (Huffington Post, 5/24/13)
Buono lands GOP support, Christie controls cash (AP, 5/24/13)
Even with lower revenues, Christie urges property tax cut (, 5/23/13)
Air wars and ground wars in Christie vs. Buono (PolitickerNJ, 5/23/13)
Capital clips: Job numbers helping to bullet-proof Christie (The Jersey Journal, 5/23/13)
Democracy for America backs Barbara Buono for NJ Governor (Huffington Post, 5/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Property taxes at heart of gubernatorial campaign (, 5/23/13)
How to blow a cool million (PolitickerNJ, 5/23/13)
OPINION: Sweeney, Buono and the Democratic version of ‘Mission Impossible’ (, 5/22/13)
Chris Christie challenger, Barbara Buono, out with million dollar TV ad (ABC News, 5/22/13)
Christie, Buono unveil dueling attack ads (, 5/22/13)
Here’s the new Buono ad you won’t see (The Christie Chronicles, 5/22/13)
Facing uphill challenge, Christie challenger will begin TV ad campaign (New York Times, 5/22/13)
Chris Christie reelection bid backed increasingly by Democrats (Huffington Post, 5/22/13)
VIDEO: Buono goes after Christie in new TV ad (Washington Post, 5/22/13)
Christie: Despite shortfall, tax cut can be achieved (PolitickerNJ, 5/22/13)
Christie: Oliver’s protest of some higher-ed projects amounts to politics (PolitickerNJ, 5/22/13)
State refuses release of grant applications filed by Jewish yeshiva and Christian seminary (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/22/13)
Buono campaign unveils first television ad (PolitickerNJ, 5/22/13)
NJ Dem Barbara Buono to launch big ad buy (Politico, 5/21/13)
NJ Senate panel advances four gun bills targeting criminals (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/21/13)
Speaker Oliver says Christie has been less than transparent on college grant list (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/21/13)
Christie picks up major Democratic endorsement on unfriendly turf (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/21/13)
VIDEO: Barbara Buono to launch first TV ad later this month (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/21/13)
Possible ballot question: Should NJ spend $200M a year on open space? (Newark Star-Ledger,5/21/13)
OPINION: Charter school critics keep coming up short (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/21/13)
Buono: O’Donnell’s energy and skill set right for the job (PolitickerNJ, 5/21/13)
Christie administration downgrades revenue estimates; OLS says budget hole is $800M bigger(Newark Star-Ledger, 5/20/13)
Feud between NJ Senate leaders boils over (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/20/13)
Buono broke in NJ as donors see Christie race as futile (Bloomberg, 5/20/13)
VIDEO: Buono sets record straight on how to pronounce her name in new ad (Star-Ledger, 5/20/13)
OPINION: NJ property tax report may provide Sen. Buono with focal point for campaign against Christie (Times of Trenton, 5/20/13)
Barbara Buono’s sneaky new ad (Washington Post, 5/20/13)
Christie no longer Today Show co-host, but will be subject of extended interview (PolitickerNJ, 5/20/13)
First gun bills land on Christie’s desk (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/20/13)
Christie gets into it with Associate Justice Albin (PolitickerNJ, 5/20/13)
NJ Assembly passes bill to streamline business tax incentive programs (Newark Star-Ledger,5/20/13)
VIDEO: Sweeney: O’Donnell is ‘a horrible pick,’ and ‘a beard’ for Joe Cryan (PolitickerNJ, 5/20/13)
Sweeney calls Kean ‘desperate’ (PolitickerNJ, 5/20/13)
Sweeney tees off on Buono campaign over chairman’s choice (PolitickerNJ, 5/20/13)
Buono fights for voice against Christie in NJ election (Bloomberg, 5/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie has broken his promise on open space (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/20/13)
COMMENTARY: NJ legislators should stop talking about statehouse reform and enact good-government statutes (Times of Trenton, 5/20/13)
4 gun bills are set to be passed by NJ Assembly, sent to Christie (AP, 5/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Sen. Barbara Buono’s long-shot campaign gets a little longer (Newark Star-Ledger,5/19/13)
Christie’s revenue figures expected to fall short by $1B, top budget officer says (Newark Star-Ledger,5/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Buono needs property tax plan (, 5/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor and Dems both right on property taxes (The Daily Journal, 5/19/13)
Former governor: Buono should consider dropping out of race (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie appears with family in tax-payer funded Jersey Shore commercials(NewJerseyNewsRoom, 5/19/13)
Buono’s choice in chairman gets lukewarm reception from some Dems (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)

Chris Christie courts Hispanics (Hispanic Business, 5/17/13)
Buono seeks to energize the women’s vote (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie ad hits on touchy subject of property taxes (, 5/17/23)

Barbara Buono’s speech at Democratic State Conference (Blue Jersey, 5/17/13)
Dems warn Christie will tack right if re-elected (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
EDITORIAL: Court should keep Gov. Christie’s hands off housing trust funds (Newark Star-Ledger,5/17/13)
Buono officially chooses O’Donnell (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
Barbara Buono announces Democratic party chairman (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/13)
Outgoing Dem chair: Dems made strides during Christie’s first term (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
Can Governor Christie have his cake and eat it too? (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
Christie criticizes Obama for lack of assertiveness in face of AP/IRS stories (PolitickerNJ, 5/17/13)
Christie picks up support from Burlington mayor, a Democrat (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/13)
In Atlantic City, Buono appeals to women voters and blasts Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Christie defends his role in publicly funded TV ads (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/13)
VIDEO: Christie says residents should ‘get together’ to decide on buyouts in Sandy-ravaged towns(Newark Star-Ledger, 5/17/13)
VIDEO: Dems object as Christie clan stars in publicly funded tourism ads (Newark Star-Ledger,5/16/13)
Christie: Focused on gubernatorial — not White House — race (PolitickerNJ, 5/16/13)
Lt. Gov: NJ’s economic development policies are working to retain, attract businesses (Times of Trenton, 5/16/13)
Special interests alive and well, Christie says in lamenting lack of voucher programs (PolitickerNJ, 5/16/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ’s COAH money grab is the latest raid on property taxpayers (Newark Star-Ledger,5/16/13)
NJ revenues slightly beat Gov. Christie’s expectations last month (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/16/13)
That Christie ad on your TV is about to change (The Christie Chronicles, 5/16/13)
Sweeney to Buono: O’Donnell as party chair would divide the party (PolitickerNJ, 5/16/13)
Local Democrats breaking with party to endorse Christie (National Journal, 5/16/13)
Source: Buono undeterred on state chair question (PolitickerNJ, 5/16/13)
Capital clips: Buono must be prepared for a Christie landslide (The Jersey Journal, 5/16/13)
Christie ‘Today’ Show appearance could generate equal time issues for primary foe (PolitickerNJ, 5/15/13)
Kean blasts Sweeney on ‘allowing his emotions’ to get the way of good policy (PolitickerNJ, 5/15/13)
Sweeney cuts all GOP bills from Senate agenda in Kean retaliation (PolitickerNJ, 5/15/13)
Christie administration says language is ‘boilerplate,’ not threat to pension payments (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/15/13)
Christie administration warns it might not make full pension payment in future years (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/15/13)
Christie opens up about his weight, but not his Lap-Band surgery (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/14/13)
Bergen County exec: Christie was right to veto early voting bill (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/14/13)
NJ property taxes rose 1.6% in 2012, state average shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/14/13)
The royal arrival: Prince Harry set to tour Jersey Shore with Gov. Christie (Newark Star-Ledger,5/14/13)
NJ Assembly Democrats now open to moving Senate’s gun legislation (Newark Star-Ledger,5/13/13)
Bill tightening control over privatization contracts passes Assembly committee (, 5/13/13)
Cory Booker backs Buono’s call for stricter gun control measures (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/13/13)
Christie dismisses report on rising tax burden (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/13/13)
VIDEO: Christie defends negative ads against Democratic challenger Buono (Newark Star-Ledger,5/13/13)
Christie picks up endorsement from Manville’s Democratic mayor (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie fires blanks at study on rising property taxes (Newark Star-Ledger,5/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Church and state, separated for a reason (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/13/13)
Christie’s Lap-Band surgeon named in malpractics, death suits (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s bogus spin on property taxes (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s promise not to talk more about weight loss surgery lasted two days(Newark Star-Ledger, 5/12/13)
Environmental group who endorsed Christie in 2009 now has buyer’s remorse (Newark Star-Ledger,5/11/13)
Christie talks weight, Sandy and politics in interview with Brian Williams (Newark Star-Ledger,5/11/13)
Christie says, “I’m a damn good Republican’ (The Hill, 5/10/13)
Chris Christie goes negative in new ad buy (Politico, 5/10/13)
Chris Christie: ‘I’m a damn good Republican’ (Politico, 5/10/13)
ACLU calls for NJ lawmakers to reject college construction bond list (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/10/13)
Christie vetoes early voting bill, angering Democrats (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
Buono wins support from Latino activists in governor’s race (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s weight is not among the numbers that matter most to NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
OPINION: Gov. Chris Christie has bullied his way to ‘free ride’ from national media (Times of Trenton, 5/9/13)
Christie may become weight-loss surgery role model, like it or not (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
Governor vetoes EMS overhaul bill again (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
Sweeney, gun-control advocates reach compromise as NJ Senate panel approve 6 bills (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/9/13)
Governor Christie enlists Alec Baldwin, Bon Jovi for spoof video (, 5/8/13)
Christie says he talked with archbishop by phone (PolitickerNJ, 5/8/13)
Christie’s White House shot grows as he shrinks (NY Post, 5/8/13)
Chris’ new way of wife: Spouse key to weight loss, says NJ gov (NY Post, 5/8/13)
VIDEO: Jon Stewart has fund with Christie’s secret surgery (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/8/13)
No portly presidents: Why Christie’s Lap-Band decision carries weight in political world (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s weight loss surgery a good call (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/13)
One New Jersey continues to target Christie with new cable TV ad (PolitickerNJ, 5/7/13)
Chris Christie on weight-loss surgery: I did it for my family (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s privacy defense on weight loses surgery goes only so far(, 5/7/13)
Parsippany-based electrical workers union endorses Christie for governor (, 5/7/13)
Chris Christie to guest-host NBC’s ‘Today’ later this month (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/13)
Christie chose a weight-loss procedure with fewer complications (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/13)
Former Gov. Rendell says Christie fights best as heavyweight (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/7/13)
Christie reveals secret stomach surgery to lose weight (NY Post, 5/7/13)
Christie raises $6.2M, holds huge early fundraising edge (Washington Post, 5/6/13)
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish college with Christie ties wins $10.6M in public funds (Newark Star-Ledger,5/6/13)
COMMENTARY: A second look at a life-saving bill (Times of Trenton, 5/6/13)
NJ Democrats too divided to press Christie on guns (AP, 5/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Buono candidacy undeterred by criticism from own party (, 5/5/13)
Buono’s money woes threaten campaign, cause a change of mind (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/5/13)
Housing advocates demand answers in state seizure of funds (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/5/13)
On bus tour, Buono makes personal plea to urban voters (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/4/13)
Christie accepts Essex County police chiefs’ endorsement (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/3/13)
POLITIFACT: Democratic ad targets Chris Christie on hikes for tolls, public transportation and tuition, as well as the millionaire’s tax rated MOSTLY TRUE (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/3/13)
Christie administration asks Comptroller to examine post-Sandy cleanup costs (Newark Star-Ledger,5/3/13)
Barbara Buono challenges Chris Christie’s record (MSNBC, 5/2/13)
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event (Politico, 5/2/13)
NJ Senate committee approves seven new gun bills (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/2/13)
Christie and Hillary Clinton to be featured speakers at June event in Chicago (Newark Star-Ledger,5/2/13)
Christie, inspired by victims’ parents and Bon Jovi, signs ‘Good Samaritan’ drug overdose bill(Newark Star-Ledger, 5/2/13)
Buono to unveil her plan to curb gun violence today (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/2/13)
Gov. Christie gets OK from group to seize $140M towns set aside for housing (AP, 5/2/13)
OPINION: Christie needs to run on his own record, not Corzine’s (NJ Spotlight, 5/2/13)
Elizabeth Mayor likes Buono’s ‘proactive’ stand on gun control (PolitickerNJ, 5/2/13)
Buono calls for Newark Archbishop’s resignation over defense of molester priest (, 5/2/13)
Buono on Sweeney gun bill: Absence of further restriction on mags capacity a deal breaker(PolitickerNJ, 5/2/13)
Vowing to protect children, Buono defends stand against Archbishop Myers (PolitickerNJ, 5/2/13)
Dem running for NJ gov details gun control plank (AP, 5/2/13)
Christie campaign long on gloss, short on facts (New Jersey Newsroom, 5/2/13)
Poll: Christie approval rating at 71 percent (PolitickerNJ, 5/2/13)
Star-Ledger: Christie’s Jersey comeback never happened (Paramus Post, 5/2/13)
Christie uses profanity to argue sand dunes for Jersey Shore, but offers warning first (New Jersey Newsroom, 5/2/13)
CWA releases radio ad attacking Christie’s lottery privatization plan (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/2/13)
Jon Bon Jovi to appear with Christie today at ‘Good Samaritan’ drug overdose bill signing (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s baseless tantrum over Ashbritt (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/1/13)
Christie campaign launching first TV ad (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/1/13)
Christie faces potential legal fight over school vouchers (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/1/13)
7 memorable Governor Chris Christie outbursts (, 5/1/13)
In struggling Camden, Christie says new regional police will restore safety (Newark Star-Ledger,5/1/13)
Chris Christie keeps Mitt Romney ad man, hires new one (Politico, 5/1/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie’s first ad touts bipartisanship (Politico, 5/1/13)
‘Bullsh*t’: An ‘indelicate’ Chris Christie goes after ‘knucklehead’ critics during town hall (Mediate, 5/1/13)
Chris Christie drops $1.2M on first re-election TV ad (ABC News, 5/1/13)
Newtown families press Sweeney on gun measure (Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/1/13)
Christie criticizes Buono’s call for archbishop’s resignation (PolitickerNJ, 5/1/13)
Christie ad focuses on familiar themes (PolitickerNJ, 5/1/13)
Chris Christie begins slow walk to second term (National Review, 5/1/13)
Jabbing at Christie ad, Buono says she was always proud to be from New Jersey (PolitickerNJ, 5/1/13)
Buono camp responds to Christie TV spot (PolitickerNJ, 5/1/13)
Christie ‘Jersey proud’ in new campaign ad (CBS News, 5/1/13)
Gun control bills move forward during heated day in Trenton (Newark Star-Ledger, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

NJ Senate committee approves slate of gun control bills (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
NJ gov aims salty language at dune opponents (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/30/13)
Bipartisan bill would shift power from Christie’s cabinet to judges (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
OPINION: Every major school reform issue — from tenure to charters — is hotly debated, bitterly divisive (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Sweeney: Gun control that works for New Jersey and is a model for the US (Newark Star-Ledger,4/30/13)
Poll: Christie is Republicans’ third choice to run for president (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Buono says magazine limit is important but not vital part of gun-control package (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Christie: It’s time for a new phase of Hurricane Sandy recovery (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Gov. Christie says NJ will build dune system in Sandy’s wake (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Christie campaign spends more than $1M on first ad to air tomorrow (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/30/13)
Buono campaign issues call for donors (PolitickerNJ, 4/29/13)
Stepien to take over as Christie campaign manager (PolitickerNJ, 4/29/13)
Chris Christie: Obama ‘kept every promise’ on Sandy (Washington Post, 4/29/13)
Chris Christie praises Obama (again): Is he digging himself in deeper? (Christian Science Monitor,4/29/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie: President Obama delivered on Hurricane Sandy aid (Politico, 4/29/13)
Christie supporters flood Buono campaign’s Facebook page (PolitickerNJ, 4/29/13)
Welcome Sandy aid, Christie not ready to stick a fork in the Tea Party (PolitickerNJ, 4/29/13)
AshBritt steps up lobbying spending in nation’s capital (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/29/13)
Lawmakers question whether AshBritt contractors took taxpayers for a ride (Newark Star-Ledger,4/29/13)
Families of Sandy Hook shooting victims headed to Trenton to lobby lawmakers (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/29/13)
Christie says he’s still happy with federal response to Sandy (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/29/13)
VIDEO: Christie: No regrets for clashing with TOP over Sandy relief efforts (The Hill, 4/29/13)
Gov. Chris Christie says President Obama ‘kept every promise’ on Superstorm Sandy aid (AP, 4/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s veto weakens oversight of billions in Sandy aid (Newark Star-Ledger,4/29/13)
Buono picks Watson Coleman as campaign chair (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/29/13)
EDITORIAL: The gun reform NJ really needs (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/28/13)
Gov. Chris Christie hangs with Arianna Huffington, Jon Bon Jovi at nerd prom (Twitchy, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Christie’s towering hypocrisy on climate (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/28/13)
Gov.Christie, kindly return our silverware, requests Battleship New Jersey official (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/28/13)
Chris Matthews is an ‘ass,’ Says NJ candidates Barbara Buono: BuzzFeed (Huffington Post, 4/27/13)
Christie: ‘I thought it was impossible for Dems to nominate someone more liberal than Corzine’(PolitickerNJ, 4/27/13)
Gov. Christie opens NJ campaign headquarters in Bridgewater (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/27/13)
A 2016 presidential preview? Mitt Romey invites Chris Christie to speak to major donors (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/27/13)
Buono unhappy with Chris Matthews’ ‘Hardball’ interview, report says (Newark Star-Ledger,4/26/13)
The woman in Chris Christie’s shadow (BuzzFeed, 4/26/13)
Christie vetoes Sandy oversight bill, calling it redundant and wasteful (Newark Star-Ledger,4/25/13)
Influential gun group balks at endorsing Sweeney gun package (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/25/13)
NJ treasurer says Christie’s lottery privatization plan is unlikely to lead to layoffs (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/25/13)
NJ Assembly may not consider Senate gun-control package without change (Newark Star-Ledger,4/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s gun proposals – short of the mark (Press of Atlantic City, 4/25/13)
Campaign finance overhaul by NJ Senate Democrats would also reform pay-to-play (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/25/13)
OPINION: Gov. Chris Christie’s health care choices show he’s not an ‘ultra-right-wing extremist’(Newark Star-Ledger, 4/25/13)
Workers rally at Jersey City hospital; Buono bashes ‘assault against workers’ rights’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
NJ county political party fundraising plummets (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
Game over? Christie’s plan to restrict video games would likely be overturned, experts say (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
Gov. Christie and Sen. Cody reignite feud (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
Buono not gaining much ground on Christie, poll shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
One NJ releases second anti-Christie commercial (PolitickerNJ, 4/24/13)
Christie war on drugs speech becomes video fodder (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/24/13)
Christie maintains commanding lead over Buono, poll shows (PolitickerNJ, 4/24/13)
Jersey’s largest environmental group comes to Bayonne to endorse Buono for governor (The Jersey Journal, 4/24/13)
Group releases second Christie attack ad (, 4/24/13)
Poll: Menendez’s image continues to rebound after scandal (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/24/13)
NJ Environmental Federation endorses Buono (, 4/24/13)
Poll: Buono still not gaining traction in NJ (National Journal, 4/24/13)
Christie’s lead on Buono still double its pre-Sandy level, poll shows (Asbury Park Press, 4/24/13)
Poll: Christie still looks like a lock for re-election (TPM, 4/24/13)
One NJ purchases more cable air time (PolitickerNJ, 4/23/13)
Chris Christie’s gun gamble (ABC News, 4/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s gun plan plays it safe politically (, 4/23/13)
NJ Environmental Federation backs Buono for gov (AP, 4/23/13)
Chris Christie eyes new gun laws (The Maddow Blog, 4/23/13)
‘Jon Corzine’ becomes GOP campaign fodder in New Jersey (CBS New York, 4/23/13)
VIDEO: Christie delivers ode to Bruce Springsteen: ‘We’ve got Bruce, he’s ours’ (The Weekly Standard, 4/23/13)
Christie was for the ‘Corzine Democrats’ approach to tax relief before he was against it(, 4/23/13)
Christie hammers at Dems on tax cuts (PolitickerNJ, 4/23/13)
‘Special interests’ stand in way of school reform, Christie says (PolitickerJ, 4/23/13)
After supporting Christie in 2009, NJ Enviro Federation backs Buono for guv (PolitickerNJ, 4/23/13)
Christie pushes tax-cut plan at Bergenfield town hall (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/23/13)
Republicans launch website targeting ‘Corzine Democrats’ on tax cut (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/23/13)
Once Christie supporters, environmental group backs rival Buono (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/23/13)
Christie pushes tax-cut plan at Bergenfield town hall (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/23/13)
Glen Ridge’s Bergmanson drops out of governor’s race (North,4/22/13)
Christie to attend Bush library dedication in Dallas (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/22/13)
What Chris Christie’s support for gun control says about the GOP (Washington Post, 4/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Can a gun-control governor be comfortable in a gun-freedom party? (National Post, 4/22/13)
Buono is losing (so far) (The Christie Chronicles, 4/22/13)
Buono receives another $100K in public funds for governor race (, 4/22/13)
NJ prisons chief not concerned about halfway houses (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/22/13)
ELEC: Gubernatorial candidates’ spouses family breadwinners (PolitickerNJ, 4/22/13)
Christie to present plan to reform NJ worker’s compensation system (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/22/13)
Democrats may negotiate final NJ budget before voting against it (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/22/13)
NJ residents less optimistic on views of state than just after Sandy (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/22/13)
NJ Senate Democrats to introduce major overhaul of campaign finance laws (Newark Star-Ledger,4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Buono is Corzine without the cash (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/21/13)
Tax talks in NJ may lead to nowhere (The Daily Journal, 4/21/13)
Buono’s uphill climb looking even steeper (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie’s tax cut – Here we go again (Press of Atlantic City, 4/21/13)
Education worker union endorses Buono for governor (Paramus Post, 4/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Did Christie trump Dems with tax-cut plan? (Asbury Park Press, 4/21/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie signs food stamps law at the right time (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/20/13)
OPINION: Gov. Chris Christie’s NJ Supreme Cour nominations lack balance, diversity (Times of Trenton, 4/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie needs to answer questions about state lottery plan (Newark Star-Ledger,4/19/13)
Christie seeks expanded gun checks, video game crackdown (Bloomberg, 4/19/13)
Christie issues plan to strengthen NJ gun laws and address violence (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/19/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ Senate shouldn’t ignore ban on large ammo magazines (Newark Star-Ledger,4/19/13)
Christie says tax cut will be focus of re-election campaign (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/18/13)
Buono endorsed by second teacher’s union (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/18/13)
Christie to address gun-control issues Friday (PolitickerNJ, 4/18/13)
Christie: Dems’ challenge of Lottery plan ‘naked partisanship’ (PolitickerNJ, 4/18/13)
Backing for same-sex marriage, higher minimum wage in NJ (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/18/13)
Christie praises job numbers, unemployment as ‘progress’ (, 4/18/13)
Buono response to the US Senate vote on bills to reduce gun violence (PolitickerNJ, 4/18/13)
Christie continues to be seen as smart, strong leader (Rutgers/Eagleton, 4/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie, Sen. Buono reject campaign transparency by failing to name sources of donation under $300 (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/18/13)
Gov. Christie still has not set aside cash to fund Rutgers reorganization (Newark Star-Ledger,4/18/13)
Christie makes Time’s Top 100 most influential list for second time (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/18/13)
Poll: Voters think Christie is a smart, stubborn and strong leader (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/18/13)
OPINION: NJ should maximize campaign disclosures (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/17/13)
Christie maintains high approval ratings despite differences in social issues, poll says(, 4/17/13)
Christie proposes new tax-credit plan (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/17/13)
Monmouth U Poll: Christie approval rating 63% (PolitickerNJ, 4/17/13)
Christie and Buono promise to make their tax returns public (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/17/13)
GOP continues to hold edge in ‘Big Six’ fundraising (PolitickerNJ, 4/17/13)
Seven party chairs call for support for Buono to pick her own party chairperson (PolitickerNJ, 4/17/13)
Christie’s re-election campaign launches new website and social media push (Newark Star-Ledger,4/17/13)
NJ Republicans keep fundraising advantage over Democrats, analysis shows (Newark Star-Ledger,4/17/13)
Oliver pushes NJ Senate Democrats to enact further limits on ammo magazines (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/17/13)
Christie’s approval ratings dip slightly, but governor is still popular (AP, 4/17/13)
Christie vetoes union labor bill championed by Sweeney (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/16/13)
Christie proposes new tax-credit plan (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/16/13)
NJ voters strongly support minimum-wage hike, poll shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s tax-cut call puts Dems on the spot (, 4/16/13)
Property tax politics: Christie revives tax cut with new twist (NJ Spotlight, 4/16/13)
Advocates, students confront taxpayers about Christie’s corporate tax cut program (Daily Record,4/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Recycled tax cut plan still misses the mark (Asbury Park Press, 4/16/13)
Christie highway debt exceeds plan by 18% on revenue gap (Bloomberg, 4/16/13)
Buono to Christie: Quit playing politics with taxes (Paramus Post, 4/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie’s hollow proposal (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/16/13)
Strong support in NJ for minimum wage increase and same sex marriage; Dems lead in general legislative ballot (Rugters/Eagleton, 4/16/13)
NJ Senate Democrats delay introduction of gun control bills (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/15/13)
Christie announces new property tax plan, reinstates cuts to program for working poor(, 4/15/13)
Gov. Chris Christie’s tax proposal ’smacks of pandering,’ New Brunswick protesters say (, 4/15/13)
NJ revenue hasn’t been high enough for tax cuts, Sweeney says (Bloomberg, 4/15/13)
NJ Assembly Democratic leaders rip Christie tax cut plan (PolitickerNJ, 4/15/13)
Christie’s election year tax cut gambit (PolitickerNJ, 4/15/13)
Sweeney responds to Christie tax cut plan, says ‘nothing has changed’ (PolitickerNJ, 4/15/13)
Report: NJ schools seeing net state aid decrease (AP, 4/15/13)
Booker issues email blast seeking money for Buono campaign (PolitickerNJ, 4/15/13)
Buono: Christie wants tax cuts for the rich while underfunding public education (PolitickerNJ, 4/15/13)
Christie proposes new tax cut plan as he seeks re-election (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/15/13)
COMMENTARY: New Jersey’s only second-best (to New York) when it comes to disgraceful politicians (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/14/13)
NJ Senate Democrats to introduce 12 new gun control measures (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/14/13)
In NJ governor’s race, Christie and Buonoe choose to keep some donors secret (Newark Star-Ledger,4/14/13)
Christie, Democrats blame each other for ethics inaction (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/14/13)
NJ proposes $3.8B for ‘14 transportation upgrades (AP, 4/13/13)
Christie privatizes big chunk of New Jersey Lottery (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/13/13)
Rutgers-Eagleton poll: Buono cuts into Christie’s lead, but wide margin remains (, 4/12/13)
4 things you missed this week in the Christie/Buono gov race (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/12/13)
Head-to-head with Buono, Christie continues a strong lead, but… (Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, 4/12/13)
Poll: Christie leads Buono by 30 points, down from 42 points in February (Newark Star-Ledger,4/12/13)
Christie hopes budget will bring elusive success to school vouchers (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/13)
NJ to give contract to run parts of state lottery to lone bidder (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/13)
Wall Street: NJ economy is growing, but concerns remain (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/13)
NJ Senate Democrats to introduce 12 new gun control measures (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Big money from secret donors should be disclosed (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/12/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono on MSNBC’s Hardball (Asbury Park Press,4/11/13)
Matthews to Buono: ‘You’re very nice, senator’ (PolitickerNJ, 4/11/13)
Cory Booker backs Barbara Buono for gov (Amsterdam News, 4/11/13)
Christie jousts with teacher at town hall event (PolitickerNJ, 4/11/13)
Christie tells teacher ‘unions are the problem’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/11/13)
Buono to meet with NJ Democratic congressmen in Washington (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/11/13)

Beside Buono, Codey criticizes DiVincenzo over ticket remark (PolitickerNJ, 4/10/13)
NJ lawmakers, union leaders protest changes to civil service system (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/10/13)
Christie proposes $1.6M for medical-marijuana program (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/10/13)
Christie violence task force: Regulate gun sales, video games (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/10/13)
VIDEO: Buono criticizes Christie violence task force report on guns (, 4/10/13)
Indicted NJ engineering firm Birdsall Services Group furloughs employees (Newark Star-Ledger,4/10/13)
Poll: Chris Christie approval slides slightly (Politico, 4/10/13)
Poll: Christie remains popular, though support from Democrats is dropping (Newark Star-Ledger,4/10/13)
Zoo fundraiser again pairs pals Christie and DiVincenzo, irks Dems (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/10/13)
Once again, Sweeney weighing tax cut (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/9/13)
Team Christie shuffles communications staff (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/9/13)
Buono criticizes Christie on unequal pay for women (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/9/13)
Anti-Christie TV ads set to be broadcast (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/9/13)
Buono joins GOP war on voting (New Jersey Today, 4/8/13)

Sources: O’Donnell Buono’s preferred choice for state party chairman (PolitickerNJ, 4/8/13)
Christie’s Dem challenger hits him on gay rights (Salon, 4/8/13)
State Industrial Union Council backs Buono for governor (PolitickerNJ, 4/8/13)
Super PAC sues NJ over contribution limits (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
Coalition of union affiliates endorses Buono for governor (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
Gov. Christie endorsed by engineers union (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie stands by Rutgers president, saying it’s time to ‘move on’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
Buono focuses on gay rights early in NJ gubernatorial campaign (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Time to legalize marijuana (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/8/13)
Elizabeth mayor on Buono gubernatorial campaign: ‘I’m voting for her, but I’m not inspired’(Newark Star-Ledger, 4/7/13)
The Auditor: Italian-American Police Society not so keen on Buono (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Dems’ arguments, near and far, need work (Asbury Park Press, 4/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans could win on school funding — but will they try? (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/7/13)
EDITORIAL: NJ needs more than tax incentives to lure business (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/7/13)
Christie’s helicopter log: Political events, town halls and radio shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/7/13)
Elizabeth mayor pans Buono campaign, says he doesn’t plan to get involved (PolitickerNJ, 4/6/13)
NJ immigration activists to push reform (AP, 4/6/13)
NJ Treasurer stands by Christie’s revenue numbers, despite budget official’s outlook (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/4/13)
NJ Democrats seek to raise their spirits at fundraiser (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/4/13)
Top NJ budget official tells committee Christie’s revenue projections are too optimistic (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/4/13)
OPINION: NJ must break ‘monopoly of mediocrity in American education’ (Times of Trenton,4/4/13)
NJ House Speaker urges Dems to rally around Buono at Dems’ Jefferson-Jackson Dinner(PolitickerNJ, 4/4/13)
Report says revenue collections to fall $637M short of Christie’s projections, even as revenues upswing (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Christie ‘completely’ supports Mike Rice firing by Rutgers (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Christie top contender against Clinton if he he can survive GOP primary, poll shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Mike Rice firing may lead to NJ hearings, Assembly speaker says (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Chris Christie’s popularity with women voters thwarts female opponents (National Journal, 4/3/13)
Buono: Further investigation necessary after coach’s dismissal (PolitickerNJ, 4/3/13)
Buono campaign receives $103,626 in matching funds (PolitickerNJ, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: Barbara Buono: Chris Christie’s record makes him beatable (Huffington Post, 4/3/13)
Christie and Buono continue fundraising push before primary election (Newark Star-Ledger,4/3/13)
Housing advocates sue Christie administration to get copies of Sandy contract (Newark Star-Ledger,4/3/13)
Mike Rice scandal leaves unanswered questions at Rutgers, top NJ lawmakers say (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Assembly Republicans knock ‘Corzine Democrats’ in Trenton (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Christie plans on using Passaic River settlement to balance budget (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/3/13)
NJ pols push anti-bullying law (Politico, 4/3/13)
Chris Christie hails firing of Rutgers coach Mike Rice (Politico, 4/3/13)
Former Congressman Murphy: Christie & Sandy is like Rudy & 9/11 (The Christie Chronicles, 4/2/13)
VIDEO: Christie challenger Barbara Buono to focus on social issues (MSNBC, 4/2/13)
What does Trenton Democrats’ move on Christie records mean? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/2/13)
NJ AG to appeal bankruptcy ruling in favor of Birdsall Services Group (Newark Star-Ledger,4/2/13)
Christie ‘deeply disturbed’ by Rice practice video, spokesman says (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/2/13)
Buono on Christie: ‘He is trying to reinvent himself’ (PolitickerNJ, 4/2/13)
Why Christie’s crony capitalism has cratered (Policy Shop, 4/2/13)
Christie, Buono get five other primary foes (Asbury Park Press, 4/2/13)
Secret recording led to criminal case against NJ engineering firm Birdsall Services Group (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/1/13)
Spike in tax breaks awarded to NJ businesses yields few results, group says (Newark Star-Ledger,4/1/13)
After delays, scrutiny of tax refunds nixed by Christie administration (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Despite criticism, Christie has support from minorities (, 4/1/13)
Christie and Buono will face lesser-known candidates in Republican and Democratic primaries(Newark Star-Ledger, 4/1/13)
Was Christie’s Camden school takeover really politically guts? (The Christie Chronicles, 4/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Referendum offers the most promising route to the alter for same-sex couples in NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

COMMENTARY: Sweeney wants to stay as NJ Senate president (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/31/13)
Analysis: Buono framing race for governor around gay rights (, 3/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie, Buono seeking support of powerful black minister (, 3/31/13)
Hurricane Sandy deals big blow to NJ towns’ property tax rolls (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/31/13)
EDITORIAL: Gay marriage in Jersey more likely now (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/31/13)
EDITORIAL: Birdsall corruption scandal will grow (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/30/13)
FEMA warned Christie administration that AshBritt contract could jeopardize federal funding(Newark Star-Ledger, 3/29/13)
COMMENTARY: NJ Supreme Court nominee standoff seems unlikely to budge (Times of Trenton,3/29/13)
Christie and Buono file petitions to run for governor in June primary (Newark Star-Ledger,3/28/13)
OPINION: Gay therapy must be banned in NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/28/13)
Menendez’s standing improves in poll, but scandal still takes a toll (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/27/13)
Rutgers U. faculty union endorses Buono for governor (, 3/27/13)
Gov. Christie’s letter praising Princeton consolidation is inaccurate, council says (Times of Trenton,3/27/13)
Tax credits will help 610K New Jerseyans buy health coverage, study says (Newark Star-Ledger,3/27/13)
NJ fire chiefs’ union backs Christie’s re-election bid (, 3/27/13)
Christie signs bill establishing monitors for Hurricane Sandy recovery projects (Newark Star-Ledger,3/27/13)
State authorities seize assets of indicted NJ engineering firm Birdsall Services Group (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/27/13)
NJ Dems back Cryan amid release of salacious e-mails (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/27/13)
National pipefitters wade into gov race, endorse Christie (PoltickerNJ, 3/26/13)
Voters approve of Christie — but not for a presidential run: Poll (Metropolis, 3/26/13)
Christie to personally call out residents who fight dunes in wake of Sandy (Newark Star-Ledger,3/26/13)
Christie renews call for bail reform as violence task force reaches deadline (Newark Star-Ledger,3/26/13)
Poll: Christie still popular, Buono not well known ans support for gay marriage hits record levels(Newark Star-Ledger, 3/26/13)
State FOP endorses Buono for NJ governor (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/25/13)
Christie to hit ‘reset button’ on Camden schools (Metropolis, 3/25/13)
Not taking over Camden schools would be ‘immoral,’ Christie says (The Christie Chronicles, 3/25/13)
Options open on Camden (Wall Street Journal, 3/25/13)
Christie finds tough road in debt reduction pledge (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/24/13)
State control weighed for Camden’s schools (Wall Street Journal, 3/24/13)
With no primary threats, Christie and Buono make tracks on campaign trail (Newark Star-Ledger,3/24/13)
Gov. Christie gets celebrity treatment at Middlesex GOP convention (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/23/13)
Under fire, Gov. Chris Christie comes out against gay conversion therapy (NY Daily News, 3/22/13)
NJ bill on early voting at polls is approved (AP, 3/22/13)
Gov. Christie says he does not believe in gay conversion therapy (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/22/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Christie rallies Republicans in Bergen, ‘New Jersey’s biggest swing county’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/22/13)
Bill creating integrity monitors for Hurricane Sandy funds heads to Christie (Newark Star-Ledger,3/21/13)
Should Chris Christie sign the ban on gay conversion therapy? (New York Magazine, 3/22/13)
Former NBA star Shaq, Gov. Christie meet to talk game plan on NJ gun violence (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/22/13)
Christie indecision on gay conversion therapy ignites opponents (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/22/13)
Gay conversion therapy becomes NJ Gov race issue (The Christie Chronicles, 3/21/13)
NJ lawmakers considering new pot provision (AP, 3/21/13)
Campaign finance watchdog agency says outside Democratic group must adhere to contribution limits (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/21/13)
NJ Assembly sends early voting bill to Gov. Christie’s desk (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/21/13)
Court says NJ can waive its environmental rules (AP, 3/21/13)
Chris Christie touts record tourism during trip to Atlantic City (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/21/13)
Gov. Christie’s environmental ‘waiver rule’ upheld by NJ appeals court (Newark Star-Ledger,3/21/13)
Christie prepares for NJ tourism (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/21/13)
Buono rallies in Newark with Essex Dems (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/21/13)
Chris Christie touts record tourism during trip to Atlantic City (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/21/13)
Gov. Christie’s environmental ‘waiver rule’ upheld by NJ appeals court (Newark Star-Ledger,3/21/13)
Buono accuses Christie of dignifying ‘gay conversion therapy’ (PolitickerNJ, 3/21/13)
Christie spokesman responds to ‘gay conversion therapy’ debate (PolitickerNJ, 3/21/13)
The 2013 Christie/Kean compendium (PolitickerNJ, 3/21/13)
Christie undecided on ban of controversial ‘gay conversion therapy’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/20/13)
Ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey describes his ‘Fall to Grace’ nearly a decade after scandal (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/20/13)
Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Barbara Buono play to strongholds on campaign trail (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/20/13)
Healthcare union endorses Buono for governor (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/20/13)
Booker boosts Buono (and not his buddy, Christie) (The Christie Chronicles, 3/19/13)
Christie says NJ has asked federal government for $250M to buy homes after Sandy (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/19/13)
Dems symbolically block Christie’s lottery privatization (The Christie Chronicls, 3/19/13)

Transportation advocate: Raise NJ gas tax to fix roads, bridges (, 3/19/13)
COMMENTARY: In the mainstream, Chris has Jeb beat by a mile (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/19/13)
Christie picks up endorsement of Orthodox leaders in Lakewood, after talking to seniors (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/19/13)
Christie & racial issues: A complicated relationship (The Christie Chronicles, 3/18/13)
Despite absence, Politico names Christie one of CPAC’s ‘winners’ (Politico, 3/17/13)
VIDEO: Christie hoards cash as rout key to 2016 White House bid (Bloomberg, 3/17/13)
NJ’s largest teachers union endorses Democrat Barbara Buono for governor (Newark Star-Ledger,3/16/13)
Source: Christie shows up at NJEA screening (PolitickerNJ, 3/15/13)
Rebuild vs. retreat: Christie and Cuomo offer contrasting plans in wake of Sandy (, 3/15/13)
Lindsey Graham wishes Christie were invited to CPAC (Politico, 3/14/13)
GOP ‘rock stars’ Christie and McDonnell won’t be onstage at CPAC (Politico, 3/14/13)
Christie’s office responds to Paterson town hall controversy (PolitickerNJ, 3/14/13)
Who will run with Buono? Source says she is likely to choose an African-American (PolitickerNJ, 3/13/13)
Christie endorsed by a black South Jersey Democratic mayor (The Christie Chronicles, 3/13/13)
Christie administration announces $1.8B post-Sandy loan, grant program (, 3/12/13)
VIDEO: School issues dominate as Christie town-hall meeting in Paterson gets heated(, 3/12/13)
Poll: Two-thirds approve of Christie’s performance, Medicaid expansion (, 3/12/13)
Christie defends wife from hits that her Sandy relief fund is dragging its feet (AP, 3/12/13)
Christie’s luck: Income tax surge bails out budget (NJ Spotlight, 3/12/13)
Poll: Gov. Christie gets high job approval marks (AP, 3/12/13)
Bucking GOP trend, Christie has most non-white support (Christie Chronicles, 3/12/13)
Poll: NJ residents support Christie’s decision to expand Medicaid (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/12/13)
Christie proposed to toughen rules on those seeking NJ unemployment benefits (Newark Star-Ledger,3/12/13)
Christie: Legislative hearing on Sandy debris removal contract a ‘campaign event’(, 3/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Christie’s campaign promise for initiative and referendum goes unfulfilled(The Times of Trenton, 3/11/13)
Buono gets into it with Christie’s Sandy contractor (Christie Chronicles, 3/11/13)
NJ’s post-Sandy contractor spars with Democrats in hearing (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/10/13)
Election cash pouring into NJ governor’s race (, 3/10/13)
Christie’s branding of town hall events costs taxpayers (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/10/13)
FEMA ‘blessed’ Christie’s decision to award no-bid contract, AshBritt head says (Newark Star-Ledger,3/8/13)
Christie defends decision to give no-bid Hurricane Sandy contract to AshBritt (Newark Star-Ledger,3/8/13)
Christie rival reports $560,000 in campaign cash (Metropolis, 3/7/13)
NJ lobbying spending drops amid cooling rhetoric between Christie, NJEA (Newark Star-Ledger,3/7/13)
Revenue on upswing for Gov. Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/7/13)
Lack of emergency contract left NJ scrambling after Sandy (, 3/7/13)
Election Day could become two weeks long under NJ Democrats’ bill (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/7/13)
NJ gov candidate Barbara Buono gets matching campaign funds from the state (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/7/13)
Christie sticking to decision to shutter state institutions for developmentally disabled (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/7/13)
Christie goes into campaign mode (Metropolis, 3/6/13)
VIDEO: Buono gives first national TV interview on MSNBC (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/6/13)
Buono invades Christie’s territory — MSNBC (Christie Chronicles, 3/6/13)
Few jabs at Gov. Christie’s $32.9B budget (AP, 3/6/13)
Christie touts conservative fiscal philosophy in campaign-style speech to business group (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/6/13)
First hearing on Christie’s $32.9 billion budget a smooth ride (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/5/13)
Dems put Sweeney under the gun (Newark Star-Ledger, 3/3/13)
OPINION: Follow this man; Republicans are hammering away at Christie. They should be modeling their leadership after his (NY Daily News, 3/3/13)
Christie backs off bold prediction for NJ economic growth (, 3/3/13)


Chris Christie is no moderate (Salon, 2/28/13)
It’s time for the Democrats to get in line behind candidate Buono (NJ Spotlight, 2/28/13)
Chris Christie is the new Jon Huntsman (The Week, 2/28/13)
Christie’s Medicaid decision draws praise across NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Christie’s Medicaid expansion looks good — for now (Newark Star-Ledger,2/27/13)
Christie budget raids NJ clean energy fund (AP, 2/27/13)
Al Cardenas defends Chris Christie CPAC snub (Politico, 2/27/13)
Christie on CPAC snub: ‘I can’t sweat the  small stuff’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/27/13)
‘God-awful’ vs. ‘hypocrisy’: Christie spars with AC’s Langford (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/27/13)
OPINION: The case against Chris Christie (Politico, 2/27/13)
Christie’s honeymoon with conservatives is over (FiveThirtyEight, 2/27/13)
Is Chris Christie finished in the GOP? (The Week, 2/27/13)
Chris Christie takes Obamacare Medicaid expansion (Politico, 2/26/13)
VIDEO: Buono, NJ Democrats rip into Gov. Christie’s budget (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/26/13)
VIDEO: Christie unveils $32.9B NJ budget that expands Medicaid,covers pension payment(Newark Star-Ledger, 2/26/13)
Chris Christie to take Obamacare Medicaid expansion (Politico, 2/26/13)
Bill Maher: Chris Christie ‘authentic’ (Politico, 2/26/13)
Chris Christie not invited to CPAC (Politico, 2/25/13)
Cory Booker: Coy on broadcasting 2014 Senate run but not on raking in campaign cash (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/24/13)
Wall Street warns Christie to avoid election-year budget moves (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/24/13)
OPINION: Can this week’s budget start to get NJ out of the ditch? (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/24/13)
DGA could help Buono in uphill battle against Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/24/13)
5 big questions ahead of Christie’s budget speech (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/24/13)
Democratic governors take on Christie’s economic record, bout Buono candidacy (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/23/13)
Override is sought on gay marriage veto (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/23/13)
Christie arrives in Washington this evening for meetings with Obama and fellow governors (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/23/13)
NJ Democrats pass 22 gun-control bills, Republicans criticize decision (AP, 2/22/13)
Sweeney says NJ Senate will act on guns by April (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/22/13)
Menendez will do his job in ‘a fair way,’ says Christie (PolitickerNJ, 2/21/13)
Christie scores another endorsement from Democratic mayor, in Sea Bright (Newark Star-Ledger,2/21/13)
Christie lets Atlantic City bet ride as Revel reorganizes (Bloomberg, 2/21/13)
NJ Assembly Republicans urge Democrats to hold off on passing gun bills (Newark Star-Ledger,2/21/13)
NJ Assembly passes slew of gun control measures (Express-Times, 2/21/13)
NJ Gov flies high, buries unknown Dem, Christie close to Clinton, leads Cuomo in ‘16 Prez race(Quinnipiac, 2/20/13)
NJ poll: Hillary Clinton edges out Chris Christie (Politico, 2/20/13)
Christie won’t consider climate change in rebuilding  after Sandy; scientists say he should (The Christie Chronicles, 2/20/13)
Poll: Christie’s approval rating still sky high (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/20/13)
Why do Dems eat their young? (PolitickerNJ, 2/20/13)
Glenn Beck vs. Chris Christie (Politico, 2/20/13)
Call for Christie to consider climate change in Shore rebuilding (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/18/13)
Christie says NJ won’t run its own health insurance exchange (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/15/13)
Lautenberg won’t run for reelection in 2014, will set off political frenzy in Dem circles (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/15/13)
Assembly Democrats introduce bill to subpoena Christie administration on AshBritt contract(Newark Star-Ledger, 2/15/13)
Despite Lautenberg’s exit, no free ride for Cory Booker (Washington Post, 2/14/13)
Zuckerberg, Condi Rice & protesters show up at Christie fundraiser (Christie Chronicles, 2/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Yo, Gov. Christie: Don’t have a cow (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/14/13)
NJ gun-control bills draw fire, but pass committee (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/14/13)
Christie fundraiser at home of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg brings out protesters (Bloomberb, 2/14/13)
Minimum wage question goes to voters in November over Republican objections (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/14/13)
Buono’s campaign says ’spam bots’ caused sudden explosion of Twitter followers (Newark Star-Ledger,2/13/13)
Somers Point attorney announces run for NJ governor (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/12/13)
Christie too liberal for you? Here’s your alternative (Christie Chronicles, 2/12/13)
Poll: Christie’s popularity not expected to help Republicans in Legislature (Newark Star-Ledger,2/12/13)
Gov. candidate Barbara Buono wasn’t wearing seat belt at time of crash (Newark Star-Ledger,2/12/13)
NJ gov candidate, Buono, in minor car crash (Christie Chronicles, 2/12/13)
Buono injured in car accident (PolitickerNJ, 2/12/13)
The 2017 gubernatorial sweepstakes (PolitickerNJ, 2/12/13)
Nevada and New Jersey jockey for online gambling revenue (Stateline, 2/11/13)
OPINION: Laying siege to New Jersey’s public school system (Times of Trenton, 2/11/13)
Christie set for California campaign swing (AP, 2/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Gov. Christie should reveal guest lists for parties he throws at Drumthwacket (Times of Trenton, 2/10/13)
Bergen County Prosecutor’s job used as bargaining chip by Christie, Sweeney (, 2/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Sen. Barbara Buono readies for a tough battle (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/10/13)
Firm hired to clear Sandy debris scrutinized for payouts to NJ contractors (Newark Star-Ledger,2/10/13)
Christie orders legal reviews on all Sandy contracts that use federal money (Philadelphia Inquirer,2/9/13)
Assembly announces gun violence prevention bills (AP, 2/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Bergen prosecutor’s job caught in political haggling (Bergen Record, 2/9/13)
Ex-White House doctor: Chris Christie called me (Politico, 2/8/13)
Christie vetoes I-gaming but says he’ll sign if conditions met (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/8/13)
Christie sneers at questions about Sandy contractor (Philadelphia Inquirer, 2/8/13)
Risky business: Christie claims good health, but weight could prove heavy burden (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/8/13)
Poll: Christie highly popular, but vulnerable on the economy and taxes (Newark Star-Ledger,2/8/13)
Give Chris Christie a break on his weight (The Daily Beast, 2/8/13)
Poll: Chris Christie at 70% favorability (Politico, 2/8/13)
Action in Trenton: ‘Death with Dignity’ bill advances on busy day at Statehouse (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/8/13)
Chris Christie struggles with politics of his weight (Politico, 2/8/13)
Action in Trenton: Christie event has AshBritt ties; Gov. tells doctor to ’shut up’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/7/13)
Gov. Christie approves online gambling with caveats (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie wrong to slam report about AshBritt cleanup contract with NJ towns(Newark Star-Ledger, 2/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Buono vs. Christie might be closer than you think (NJ Spotlight, 2/7/13)
Head of lobbying firm hired by AshBritt will host Christie fundraiser (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/6/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie: ‘Shut up’ to doctor worried about his weight (ABC News, 2/6/13)
Christie thwarted as Democrats likely to hold Legislature (Bloomberg, 2/6/13)
Sen. Sweeney, Democrats press Christie on no-bid contract (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/5/13)
VIDEO: Chris Christie pokes fun at his weight in Letterman interview (The Fix, 2/5/13)
Chris Christie goes on offensive, defends contract with AshBritt (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/5/13)
Christie shares doughnut with David Letterman on late-night talk show (Newark Star-Ledger,2/4/13)
Buono begins campaign for NJ governor with Monmouth Dems’ support (, 2/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Sen. Barbara Buono unseating Gov. Chris Christie? Don’t be surprised (The Times of Trenton, 2/4/13)
Christie, NJ Democrats reach deal to break judicial logjam that includes controversial nominee(Newark Star-Ledger, 2/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Menendez prostitution allegation is flimsy, the rest is plausible (Newark Star-Ledger,2/3/13)
Buono, taking on Christie in governor’s race, is outsider in her own party (Newark Star-Ledger,2/3/13)
NJ Democrats, focused on Chris Christie, watch and wait on Menendez (Washington Post, 2/3/13)
Buono qualifies for public matching fund in NJ governor’s race (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/3/13)
Can Robert Menendez survive? (Politico, 2/3/13)
Cory Booker’s rough primetime debut (Politico, 2/2/13)
Christie took big $hot at Cuomo for more Sandy aid (NY Post, 2/2/13)
Chris Christie overshoots target for American Dream completion (, 2/1/13)
Christie vs. Buono race gains steam with train ride to Washington (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/1/13)
Sen. Robert Menendez under growing scrutiny over ethics questions (LA Times, 2/1/13)
Menendez pressed US to help donor, friend (Washington Post, 2/1/13)
Sen. Robert Menendez under growing scrutiny over ethics questions (LA Times, 2/1/13)
Gov. Christie receives odd embrace from Harrison Democrats (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/1/13)
Christie hires political director for NJ re-election campaign (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/1/13)
EDITORIAL: The poor pay higher tax rates, and Christie has made the problem worse (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/1/13)
Action in Trenton: Geraldo Rivera eyes US Senate, Christie touted by Democrats (Newark Star-Ledger, 2/1/13)


NJ Chamber sponsors 76th annual ’schmooze cruise’ to Washington today (Newark Star-Ledger,1/31/13)
Senator Menendez has long ties to donor under scrutiny (New York Times, 1/31/13)
Geraldo contemplating run for Senate (The Hill, 1/31/13)
Gov’s advisory committee, community groups urge Christie to expand Medicaid in NJ (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/31/13)
Christie on Menendez: It’s ‘inappropriate’ to start giving opinions (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/31/13)
Buono, NJ political insiders arrive in Washington after Chamber of Commerce train trip (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/31/13)
Lautenbergy calls Menendez predicament ‘too bad’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/31/13)
So, about that underage prostitute thing – the blue state Senate seat Dems never thought they’d have to worry about in 2013 (Salon, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Chris Christie, volcanic politics and Election 2016 (Washington Post, 1/30/13)
Now what for NJ Dems? (PolitickerNJ, 1/30/13)
Menendez denies prostitution allegations, says charges are ‘politically motivated’ (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/30/13)
Republicans ask NJ watchdog agency to investigate Buono campaign spending (Newark Star-Ledger,1/30/13)
Action in Trenton: Buono gets more support in battle against Christie (Newark Star-Ledger,1/30/13)
Gopal’s gamble pays off: Monmouth Dems, statewide party rally around Buono against Christie(, 1/30/13)
Cory Booker endorses Buono to challenge Gov. Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/30/13)
FBI raids West Palm Beach office of doctor tied to Sen. Bob Menendez (Miami Herald, 1/30/13)
NJ is a Democratic state. Why can’t Democrats find someone to run against Chris Christie? (The Fix, 1/30/13)
Action in Trenton: Christie vetoes minimum wage bill; Buono gains ground (Newark Star-Ledger,1/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Christie veto on minimum wage another blow to the working poor (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/29/13)
Republican Governors Association targets Buono (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/29/13)
Dems agree on candidate to challenge Christie (AP, 1/29/13)
Exit everyman: How the Jersey Democratic bosses destroyed Dick Codey and unleashed Chris Christie (Capital New York, 1/28/13)
Christie vetoes minimum wage bill, Democrats vow to put measure on ballot (Newark Star-Ledger,1/28/13)
Quietly, some say secretly, Christie close to privatizing lottery (The Christie Chronicles, 1/28/13)
Cory Booker, once firm on firearms, now gun-shy about weapons ban (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/27/13)
Sen. Richard Codey says he won’t run for governor after weighing a campaign (Newark Star-Ledger,1/25/13)
NJ Democrats, anticipating fraud, want monitors for Sandy aid (, 1/25/13)
Mark Zuckerberg will hold fundraiser for Chris Christie (BuzzFeed,1/24/13)
Christie to announce post-Sandy flood elevation rules (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/24/13)
NJ voters favor stricter gun control measures, poll shows (, 1/24/13)
Chris Christie connects; politicians should watch and learn (WHYY Newsworks, 1/23/13)
Christie has commanding lead over Buono in fundraising so far (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/23/13)
NJ voters back Christie’s rap on GOP 5-1, QPoll finds; Voters tell Lautenberg to step aside(Quinnipiac, 1/23/13)
Chris Christie is really, really popular, and other takeaways from the latest New Jersey poll (The Fix, 1/23/13)
Codey, encouraged by DC meetings, is close to decision on run for governor (, 1/23/13)
Christie still highly popular, Booker leads Lautenberg among NJ voters, poll shows (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/23/13)
Gopal’s gamble: Monmouth Dems chairman boldly backs Buono, while Codey courts campaign cash(, 1/22/13)
Christie endorsed by Port Authority police union (, 1/22/13)
Christie criticizes Obama’s inauguration speech as ‘my way of the highway’ (Newark Star-Ledger,1/22/13)
Chris Christie opts to skip public matching funds for NJ primary (ABC News, 1/15/13)
Codey to visit Washington DC to seek money for possible run for NJ governor (, 1/14/13)
House GOP opens path for Sandy bill (Politico, 1/14/13)
Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie’s odd-couple friendship (Politico, 1/13/13)
Chris Christie challenger wanted by Democrats (Huffington Post, 1/11/13)
Rep. Bill Pascrell ‘not pursuing’ run against Chris Christie (Huffington Post, 1/10/13)
Codey urges Christie to ’step up’ on gun control (PolitickerNJ, 1/10/13)
Pascrell on governor: ‘I’m not pursuing that position’ (PolitickerNJ, 1/10/13)
Christie on TIME cover: A reflection of ‘extraordinary’ work everyone in NJ is doing (PolitickerNJ, 1/9/13)
Chris Christie fills the GOP void (The Week, 1/9/13)
Chris Christie foe claims Christie ‘prayed’ for Superstorm Sandy (ABC News, 1/8/13)
Barbara Buono: Chris Christie left economic, gun issues out of State of the State (Huffington Post, 1/8/13)
Codey on Governor’s State of the State address: What you did not hear (PolitickerNJ, 1/8/13)
Can Chris Christie rescue the GOP? (Washington Post, 1/8/13)
NJ Democrats accuse Christie of using Sandy to ignore state’s economic troubles (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/7/13)
Chris Christie: Political calculator? Or just doing his job? (Christian Science Monitor, 1/6/12)
COMMENTARY: Codey is Democrats’ ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi,’ should take on Gov. Christie (Newark Star-Ledger, 1/6/13)
Outside, secret money likely to flow in 2013 (Politico, 1/5/13)
Christie ’straight talk’ starts to grate on GOP right (Politico, 1/4/13)
Christie and Cuomo pleased by House vote, officials urge swift action on remaining aid(PolitickerNJ, 1/4/13)
LD 34 agony: With gubernatorial field unresolved, North Jersey district a question mark(PolitickerNJ, 1/4/13)
New Jersey’s Cory Booker problem (BuzzFeed, 1/4/13)
Chris Christie may be the smartest man in politics (National Journal, 1/3/13)
Christie raises $2 million for NJ re-election campaign (WHYY Newsworks, 1/3/13)
Calling all party chairs: Dems State Party Chair Wiz reaches out to party leaders on guv 2013(PolitickerNJ, 1/3/13)
Frank Pallone joins Cory Booker in eyeing New Jersey Senate seat (Politico, 1/3/13)
VIDEO: Christie slams House Republicans (Political Wire, 1/2/13)
Christie slams Boehner for not allowing vote on Sandy aid relief, says NJ residents treated like ‘pawns’ (PolitickerNJ, 1/2/13)
VIDEO: Enraged Chris Christie blasts Boehner, House GOP over Sandy aid (LA Times, 1/2/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Christie blames Boehner for stall in Sandy relief (Reuters, 1/2/13)
House ignores storm relief, to fury of local Republicans (New York Times, 1/2/13)
Christie doesn’t forget state Dems (PolitickerNJ, 1/2/13)

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