The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


New Jersey

newjersey-stampIncumbent: Chris Christie (R) Running for Re-election

Primary Electon: June 2, 2009
General Election: November 2009

STATUS: Incumbent Running

2001 Result: McGreevey wins 56%-42%.
2005 Result:
Corzine wins 53%-43%.

The Garden State is home to the GOP’s longest statewide losing streak. All 50 other states have elected a Democrat to statewide office since 1997, the last time a Republican won a statewide post in New Jersey.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Race: Headlines

DEM NOMINEE:  Jon Corzine (i)
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Local Media/Blogs:
Blue Jersey (progressive)
The Save Jersey Blog (conservative)

State Resources:
NJ Division of Elections

Quinnipiac: Christie up 2-1 in NJ Gov race that never was; Republican takes almost one-third of Democrats (11/4/13)
Monmouth: Christie holds 20-point lead (11/4/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Christie may be gaining ‘coattails’ as Buono’s base abandons her (11/4/13)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Christie maintains double-digit lead in days before election, 59-40% (11/1/13)
Quinnipiac: Run, Christie, run, NJ vogters tell gov; With huge reelection lead, White House beckons (10/29/13)
Rasmussen: Christie maintains large lead over Buono, 55-34% (10/9/13)
Quinnipiac: Dem stalled as Christie cruises at 2-1 in NJ; Gov tops Buono 2-1 on every measure (9/25/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Christie’s coattails short in Trenton races; most voters favor minimum wage hike (9/23/13)
Monmouth: Gov Christie first term report card (9/17/13)
Rasmussen: Christie maintains huge lead over Buono, 58-32% (9/13/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Christie maintains high ratings, but voters still disapprove of his performance on top problems (9/13/13)
Monmouth: Christie lead sizable, but smaller – holds 56-36% lead over Buono (8/21/13)
Quinnipiac: Christie crushes Dem in NJ gov race; Voters don’t know if running mates can run state (8/8/13)
Quinnipiac: Christie has long lead, but short coattails; Holds 2-1 approval, election lead of 61-29% over Buono (7/10/13)
Rasmussen: In New Jersey, 44% would vote for Christie for president (6/18/13)
Rasmussen: Christie has big lead in governor’s race, 58-28% (6/14/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Christie leads Buono by 32 points; Buono not making gains with Democratic voters (6/14/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Gov. Christie’s ratings remain high, but signs of partisan division persist (6/12/13)
Quinnipiac: Booker lead in first look at Senate special election, Christie buries Buono 2-1 (6/10/13)
NBC News/Marist: Christie cruising to re-election, leads Buono 62-28% (5/8/13)
Quinnipiac: Dem gains no ground in NJ governor’s race, Buono trails Christie, 58-26% (4/24/13)
Monmouth: Are Gov. Christie’s views out of step with Jersey? Gov boasts 63-26% approval rating (4/17/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Christie continues to hold large lead over Buono, though some tightening evident; most expect him to win (4/12/13)
Harper Polling: Christie trouncing Buono, 58-28% (3/26/13)
Quinnipiac: Christie flies high, buries unknown Dem, approval rating at 74-22% (2/20/13)
Monmouth: Gov. Christie still riding high – job approval 70-16% (2/12/13)
Rutgers/Eagleton: Gov. Christie rating remain sky high (73% job approval), but approval on handling economy and taxes lower (2/8/13)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters back Christie’s rap on GOP 5-1, holds huge leads over all potential challengers, 63-22% over Barbara Buono (1/23/13)
Fairleigh Dickinson: State gives thumbs up to governor – challengers face an uphill battle in 2013 (1/7/13)
Monmouth: Gov. Christie job approval at all-time high, 67-21% (12/4/12)
Quinnipiac: Sandy response sends NJ Gov Christie job approval sky-high, 72-21% (11/27/12)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Governor Christie’s job approval numbers surge after Hurricane Sandy to 77% (11/26/12)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters approve of job Christie is doing by 54-29% (7/16/12)
Monmouth: Gov. Christie ratings shift, still positive, 51-35% job approval rating (4/17/12)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters approve of Gov. Christie’s job performance, 59-36% (4/11/12)
Rutgers-Eagleton: Little change in support for Christie favorable at 46-42% (4/5/12)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Christie approvals riding high: State headed in ‘right direction’ (3/13/12)
Quinnipiac: At midterm, Christie gets a 53-39% job approval rating, 55% view his selection as VP ‘likely’ (1/18/12)
Monmouth: Chris Christie job approval up following presidential talk, 54-38% (10/12/11)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters agree with Christie’s decision not to run, give him a 58-38% job approval rating (10/12/11)
Public Policy Polling: Christie in trouble for re-election (7/20/11)
Quinnipiac: Big gender gap drops Christie to new low (6/21/11)
Fairleigh Dickinson: 55% of NJ voters think state on wrong track, view Christie 40-45% unfavorable opinion (5/24/11)
Monmouth: New Jersey divided on governor (5/18/11)
Quinnipiac: NJ voters want more money for schools, but oppose tax hikes and court-ordered spending (4/21/11)
Quinnipiac: Huge gender gap pushes Christie’s job approval below 50% (4/20/11)
Rutgers: NJ voters opposed to a Christie presidential bid (4/14/11)
Quinnipiac: Christie job approval improves, 52-40% (2/9/11)
Monmouth: Christie’s positive ratings continue, 47-40% (2/9/11)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Christie job approval rating remains strong after first year (1/11/11)
Quinnipiac: Voters split on Christie job approval, 46-44% (12/21/10)
Rutgers: Christie ends first year in office as a polarizing figure in NJ (12/20/10)
Rasmussen: Christie job approval at 51%-46% (6/16/10)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Corzine catches up (pdf)  (10/6/09)
DKos/Research 2000: Christie lead narrowing (10/2/09)
Monmouth: Christie leads, key to victory will be GOTV (9/13/09)
PPP: Christie leads 44-35, Daggett at 13 (9/15/09)
Democracy Corps: Christie has narrow lead, 41-38 (9/10/09)
Rasmussen: Christie’s lead continues to narrow, 46-38 (9/10/09)
Quinnipiac: Christie lead grows to 47-37 (9/1/09)
Fairleigh Dickinson: Christie up by five, 47-42 (pdf) (9/1/09)
Democracy Corps: Christie lead shrinks to two, 43-41 (8/27/09)
Rasmussen: Christie still leads, but race is tightening, 47-36 (8/27/09)
Democracy Corps: Corzine cuts gap to five, 40-35-10 (8/13/09)
Quinnipiac: Corzine inches up; NJ embarrassed by corruption (8/11/09)
DKos/Research 2000: Corzine still in trouble (8/6/09)
Rasmussen: Christie continues leading 52-37 (8/4/09)
Monmouth: 80% of NJ voters don’t know Lt. picks (8/5/09)
Monmouth: Christie now ahead by 14, 50-36 (8/4/09)
PPP: Christie leading, 50-36 (pdf) (7/28/09)
Strategic Vision: Christie  now up by fifteen, 53-38 (7/21/09)
Monmouth: Christie leads 43-37 (7/16/09)
Quinnipiac: Christie up by dozen (7/14/09)
Rasmussen: Corzine closes gap, down 46-39 (7/8/09)
Fairleigh Dickinson: voters worried; Christie leads by six (6/30/09)
PPP: Christie up by ten, 51-41 (pdf) (6/30/09)
Strategic Vision: Christie leads 51-39 (6/24/09)

Quinnipiac polling on New Jersey race.

Monmouth Univeristy Polling Institute

Primary Election Background:
Jon Corzine

Republican candidates:
Chris Christie
Steve Lonegan
Rick Merkt