The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NH 2012 Archives


New Hampshire Gubernatorial Headlines 2012 Archives


NH House speaker mixes up chamber seating (AP, 12/31/12)
NH political player of 2012: Bill O’Brien (WMUR, 12/31/12)
Gun control, Medicaid, marijuana all subjects of many 2013 NH bill proposals (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 12/31/12)
Terie Norelli, NH House speaker, expects budget, ‘common sense’ to dominate (Huffington Post, 12/31/12)
Inauguration ceremony to be held this week for Gov-elect Maggie Hassan (WMUR, 12/31/12)
2012: New Hampshire’s year in review (Union Leader, 12/30/12)
One word for Hassan’s top challenges: Budget (Nashua Telegraph, 12/30/12)
Maggie Hassan visits Salem manufacturing company (Eagle-Tribune, 12/29/12)
VIDEO: Extended interview: Dem Chair Buckley looks back at year for Democrats, looks ahead to 2013 (WMUR, 12/29/12)
In New Hampshire, John Lynch quietly ends his eight years as governor (AP, 12/29/12)
During Claremont stop, incoming governor told education funding still the key (Valley News,12/29/12)
Dem rep aims to repeal voter ID law (Nashua Telegraph, 12/29/12)
COMMENTARY: Expect a gun fight at the not-so-OK Cabal (Union Leader, 12/29/12)
EDITORIAL: The office of NH governor is stronger than it may seem (Keene Sentinel, 12/28/12)
Gov-elect Hassan continues tour across NH (AP, 12/26/12)
EDITORIAL: Right-to-Know revision raises red flags (Union Leader, 12/25/12)
EDITORIAL: Fraud happens – At the polling place, that is (Union Leader, 12/25/12)
EDITORIAL: Gun-free State House: As safe as schools? (Union Leader, 12/25/12)
Year in review: Democrats rout GOP on Election Day (Seacoast Online, 12/24/12)
Newtown shooting may have little impact on gun legislation in NH (Nashua Telegraph, 12/23/12)
Concord proves to be pivotal source of strength for Norelli (Nashua Telegraph, 12/23/12)
EDITORIAL: Gov. John Lynch’s legacy second to none (Nashua Telegraph, 12/23/12)
Lynch plans quiet exit as New Hampshire governor (Nashua Telegraph, 12/22/12)
NH lawmakers prepare to tackle weighty issues next session (Union Leader, 12/22/12)
Some lighter ideas offered by NH legislators, too (Union Leader, 12/22/12)
Bill Binnie sets his sights on NH media empire (Union Leader, 12/22/12)
Officials aim to change NH gun laws (Nashua Telegraph, 12/21/12)
VIDEO: Lynch calls for gun law review at editorial board meeting (Nashua Telegraph, 12/21/12)
Lynch faced many challenges, including E-ZPass, Bill O’Brien, and being bipartisan (Nashua Telegraph, 12/20/12)
NH’s senators, incoming reps, governor call for review of gun laws (Nashua Telegraph, 12/20/12)
Ayotte-Lynch race? No dice (Nashua Telegraph, 12/20/12)
Hopkinton neighbors say Lynch blends in around town, but his Gould Hill estate sticks out (Nashua Telegraph, 12/19/12)
Granite status: Republicans set ’soul-searching’ conference for the way forward (Union Leader,12/19/12)
Legislator wants halt to more wind farms (Union Leader, 12/19/12)
NH’s $54 million question: Will lawmakers pass a casino bill this year? (StateImpact/NH, 12/18/12)
Gov-elect Hassan announces additional staff hires (WMUR, 12/18/12)
Candidates for the state’s highest office can say ‘I want to be like Lynch’ (Nashua Telegraph,12/18/12)
EDITORIAL: Legalize marijuana for medical use in NH (Nashua Telegraph, 12/17/12)
Lynch’s Legacy: Governor earned respect by transcending partisanship (Nashua Telegraph,12/17/12)
Lynch’s’  Legacy: When Mother Nature struck the state, governor was there to soothe (Nashua Telegraph, 12/17/12)
Lynch’s Legacy: Appealing personality made Lynch popular as governor (Nashua Telegraph,12/16/12)
Lynch’s Legacy: Governor values ‘results, not style’ (Nashua Telegraph, 12/16/12)
Lawmakers to propose school-aid constitutional amendment in 2013 (Union Leader, 12/15/12)
Gov-elect Hassan takes Innovate-NH tour to Laconia (AP, 12/14/12)
Top aides to Lynch, Gregg form lobbying group (WMUR, 12/13/12)
Mayor Gatsas denied NHGOP spot by his own Manchester GOP (WMUR, 12/13/12)
Can Horn or Hemingway touch Dems for fund-raising? (Union Leader, 12/12/12)
Gov.-elect Hassan names Walsh as her chief of staff (Union Leader, 12/12/12)
NH voters optimistic about economic future, but still holding back holiday spending (Nashua Telegraph, 12/11/12)
Guinta staffer to lead NH conservative group (WMUR, 12/11/12)
If state representative has his way, counties could tax (Union Leader, 12/11/12)
VIDEO: John Lynch soon leaving post as popular governor (WMUR, 12/10/12)
EDITORIAL: Three bipartisan challenges for the new Legislature (Concord Monitor, 12/10/12)
NEC poll: NH residents favor raising taxes on rich (WMUR, 12/10/12)
Gov-elect Hassan promotes initiative to get more people on the job (Union Leader, 12/10/12)
COMMENTARY: Hey, GOP, here’s how to win the governor’s office (Concord Monitor, 12/10/12)
Gov. Lynch reflects on eight years in corner office (Union Leader, 12/8/12)
State House Dome: Bipartisanship yet to take hold (Union Leader, 12/8/12)
Casino referendum could go before Salem voters for input (Union Leader, 12/7/12)
NH’s all-female delegation talk gender, politics (AP, 12/7/12)
EDITORIAL: Hassan cuts? A surprising request (Union Leader, 12/7/12)
Analysis: State House leaders focused on making sausage, not headlines (WMUR, 12/6/12)
VIDEO: Parties call for cooperation as lawmakers sworn in (WMUR, 12/5/12)
Bragdon re-elected Senate President (NH Journal, 12/5/12)
Politico lumped Hemingway’s 4RG in with PAC ’scams’ (NH Journal, 12/5/12)
NH House, Senate members deciding leadership today (Union Leader, 12/5/12)
Despite losses, NH GOP rains registered voters in 2012 (WMUR, 12/4/12)
VIDEO: Former Republican governors gather after election (WMUR, 12/4/12)
Hemingway makes bid for GOP chairmanship official (NH Journal, 12/3/12)
Gov-elect Hassan seeks input on budget from three outreach teams (Union Leader, 12/3/12)
EDITORIAL: New priorities: What will Concord’s be? (Union Leader, 12/2/12)
COMMENTARY: NH republicans need to stop listening to the conservatives (Union Leader,12/2/12)
House speaker’s race is another thing money just can’t buy (Union Leader, 12/1/12)
Former NH lawmaker apologizes publicly for scandal over resume padding (Eagle-Tribune, 12/1/12)


Sources: Kimball to stage comeback attempt as GOP party chairman (NH Journal, 11/30/12)
Hassan to hold 2 inaugural balls (AP, 11/30/12)
Granite Status: Horn stays focused on GOP unity after Kimball criticism (Union Leader, 11/30/12)
State budget experts agree to help solve spending plan (Nashua Telegraph, 11/30/12)
Hemingway to challenge Horn for GOP chairmanship (NH Journal, 11/30/12)
Felon lawmaker Laughton calls it quits on TV Thursdday, parallels Tom Alciere (Nashua Telegraph,11/30/12)
Ayotte and the Amigos (National Review, 11/29/12)
Hassan names 4 co-chairs of inaugural committee (Union Leader, 11/29/12)
Horn poised to become next NHGOP chair (WMUR, 11/28/12)
Granite Status: Ayotte wants Horn; good news for Shaheen (Union Leader, 11/28/12)
Nashua’s Jennifer Horn has prominent support to lead NH Republican committee (Nashua Telegraph, 11/28/12)
Top Republican in NH won’t seek another term (Nashua Telegraph, 11/28/12)
NH HHS chief seeks $1 billion add to budget (Nashua Telegraph, 11/28/12)
NH’s first openly transgender lawmaker won’t take office (Union Leader, 11/27/12)
GOP chairman MacDonald to step aside, Jennifer Horn seeks post (Union Leader, 11/27/12)
Hassan budget view sobering (Nashua Telegraph, 11/27/12)
Gov-elect Hassan: I’ll give state agencies ‘conservative’ budget targets (Concord Monitor, 11/27/12)
John Lynch for US commerce secretary? (WMUR, 11/27/12)
About 1% of NH voters didn’t show ID on election day; letters to be sent out (Nashua Telegraph,11/27/12)
VIDEO: Hassan tells NH agencies to lower their spending wishes (WMUR, 11/26/12)
New Hampshire lawmakers ponder spending plans, kicking off budget process (Nashua Telegraph,11/26/12)
NH could partner with feds on health exchange (AP, 11/26/12)
Support for tax increase boosts Shaheen (Nashua Telegraph, 11/25/12)
OPINION: Will Hassan gamble? Has Lynch no influence now? (Union Leader, 11/25/12)
NH state senators vs. top of their tickets (NH Journal, 11/25/12)
Lawmakers likely to make another run at constitutional school funding amendment (Concord Monitor, 11/24/12)
OPINION: Republicans will win only when they embrace their platform (Union Leader, 11/22/12)
Updated: The long list of potential 2014 GOP candidates (NH Journal, 11/21/12)
VIDEO: Several Republicans could vie for Sen. Shaheen’s seat in 2014 (WMUR, 11/21/12)
99K same-day voters registered in NH (AP, 11/20/12)
EDITORIAL: The North Country – Don’t forget about us, newly-elected (News and Sentinel,11/20/12)
Obama won NH by changing electorate, not increasing turnout (WMUR, 11/19/12)
Analysis: 5 takeaways from Norelli, Chandler leading parties in NH House (WMUR, 11/19/12)
The case against giving Wayne MacDonald a second chance at head of NH GOP (NH Journal,11/19/12)
Hassan close enough on unemployment rate, but not on the reason (Nashua Telegraph, 11/18/12)
EDITORIAL: Expanding costs: NH’s Medicaid problem (Union Leader, 11/18/12)
NH House Democrats nominate Norelli as speaker (WMUR, 11/17/12)
Hassan win offers hope to gambling proponents (Union Leader, 11/17/12)
State GOP picks Chandler as new House minority leader (Concord Monitor, 11/16/12)
All eyes focused on Salem but Central NH wants say on what happens on the gambling front as well(Laconia Daily Sun, 11/16/12)
Norelli, Campbell have share of supporters heading into Dem caucus to elect new Speaker (Nashua Telegraph, 11/16/12)
COMMENTARY: Dennehy, Giunta, Gould: The NH GOP doesn’t need to become more liberal to win(Union Leader, 11/15/12)
Medicaid, money and NH: What the numbers mean (Union Leader, 11/15/12)
Norelli vs. Campbell an important question for NH Democrats (Seacoast Online, 11/15/12)
Death penalty opponents hopeful new crop of lawmakers will support abolishing law (Nashua Telegraph, 11/14/12)
Granite status: NH presidential vote barely sets record, while total vote falls 615 short of  ’08 (Union Leader, 11/14/12)
Granite Status: GOP ‘dominoes’ will wait for Sununu (Union Leader, 11/14/12)
GOP picks up House seat in recount as O’Brien, Mann, others hold on to wins (Concord Monitor,11/14/12)
About half of incoming NH House, Senate members are new or returning (WMUR Scoop, 11/14/12)
O’Brien keeps his seat in recount (AP, 11/14/12)
Recount keeps GOP majority in Senate (Union Leader, 11/13/12)
EDITORIAL: Speaker O’Brien to blame for GOP collapse (Nashua Telegraph, 11/13/12)
A look at those who would be NH GOP chair (NH Journal, 11/13/12)
Could NH Senate have its own ‘Gang of Six’? (WMUR Scoop, 11/13/12)
OPINION: We let Democrats define the terms of out defeat (NH Journal, 11/13/12)
Recounts slated to start in state races (Nashua Telegraph, 11/13/12)
New group to advocate NH secession, independence (Concord Monitor, 11/12/12)
Lawmakers say O’Brien’s political stances were key during election (Nashua Telegraph, 11/11/12)
Issues, not gender, helped women make history for New Hampshire (Nashua Telegraph, 11/11/12)
GOP pension-reform effort scrambled by Democratic House takeover (Concord Monitor, 11/11/12)
NH Republican Party leaders try to figure out what went wrong in election (Concord Monitor,11/10/12)
Vermont’s first female governor to talk on the women’s movement in Concord (Concord Monitor,11/10/12)
Hassan says dinner table lessons still ring true (Union Leader, 11/10/12)
City Hall: Gatsas says he’s ‘going to continue to work for the city’ (Union Leader, 11/10/12)
Mayor wants policy governing campaign visit costs (Union Leader, 11/10/12)
NH Senate Democrats pick Larsen as leader (AP, 11/9/12)
Charter school funding OK– at least for now (Union Leader, 11/9/12)
EDITORIAL: Voter ID – New law was a success (Union Leader, 11/9/12)
EDITORIAL: The income tax: NH does not want it (Union Leader, 11/9/12)
Gov-elect Maggie Hassan: Priority is problem-solving (Union Leader, 11/8/12)
NHGOP chair weighing his options (WMUR, 11/8/12)
Blame Republicans’ defeat on the Tea Party (Concord Monitor, 11/8/12)
EDITORIAL: Moderation promised: Will NH Democrats deliver? (Union Leader, 11/8/12)
Political experts say Legislature makeup is what NH looks like (Nashua Telegraph, 11/8/12)
Voters usher in women leadership in seats representing New Hampshire, Nashua (Nashua Telegraph, 11/8/12)
William O’Brien out as Speaker, as Democrats regain control of House (Nashua Telegraph, 11/8/12)
Analysis: The 4 reasons why NH Republicans lost big on Tuesday (WMUR, 11/8/12)
Hassan already attacking ‘Speaker O’Brien’ and ‘Tea Party Republicans’ on official government website (NH Journal, 11/8/12)
EDITORIAL: An agenda for Hassan, Democrats (Concord Monitor, 11/8/12)
VIDEO: Women win NH; VT falls behind (WCAX, 11/7/12)
Democrats in corner office 8 of last 9 elections (Union Leader, 11/7/12)
Shea-Porter declares victory in 1st CD, completes historic night (Union Leader, 11/7/12)
GOP pension-reform effort scrambled by Democratic House takeover (Concord Monitor, 11/7/12)
Democrats take control of NH House and make big gains in the Senate (Concord Monitor, 11/7/12)
New Hampshire becomes first state with woman governor, all-female congressional delegation(Political Intelligence, 11/7/12)
COMMENTARY: A quick Lamotagne campaign post-mortem (Union Leader, 11/6/12)
NH voters give Democrats a second chance in many races (Concord Monitor, 11/6/12)
Outside political groups to NH voters: We are watching you (Concord Monitor, 11/6/12)
O’Brien re-elected; NH House will have fewer Republicans (Concord Monitor, 11/6/12)
Required reading on the NH gubernatorial campaign (Concord Monitor, 11/6/12)
Last-minute guide to today’s election (Concord Monitor, 11/6/12)
New Hampshire, once a Republican stronghold, has moved slowly to the middle (Concord Monitor,11/6/12)
Is being a swing state good for NH’s GDP? (StateImpact/NH, 11/5/12)
Video: Lamontagne, Hassan meet voters on eve of election (WMUR, 11/5/12)
Obama breaks out in final New England College poll before Election Day (WMUR Political Scoop, 11/5/12)
Video: Lamontagne refutes Hassan’s attacks (NH Journal, 11/4/12)
Dead heat: Governor’s race close heading into Tuesday (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 11/4/12)
WMUR Granite State Poll: Presidential race in a dead heat (WMUR, 11/4/12)
Obama, Clinton rally is likely most attended political rally in NH history (WMUR, 11/4/12)
Editorial: Choices are clear — Lamontagne, Romney (Union Leader, 11/3/12)
State House Dome: Following the money (Union Leader, 11/3/12)
Editorial: Ovide the terrible? Actually, he is quite capable (Union Leader, 11/3/12)
PolitiFactNH: Dems’ attack on Lemontagne’s plans for kindergarten over the top (Nashua Telegraph,11/3/12)
PolitiFactNH: Claims about Hassan’s support of tax increases Half True (Nashua Telegraph, 11/3/12)
Buckle up for Maggie Hassan’s latest flip-flop on individual liberty (NH Journal, 11/2/12)
NEC poll: Obama, Guinta, Kuster lead in NH (Seacoast Online, 11/2/12)
Lakes Region group fights wind farm (Union Leader, 11/2/12)
Why you’re not hearing about Ballot Question 1: The New Hampshire income tax amendment(StateImpact/NH, 11/2/12)
Analysis: Grading the NH governor debate (WMUR Political Scoop, 11/2/12)
Commentary: Lamontagne – The paradox of the good person in politics (NH Journal, 11/2/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne hold final forum of the campaign season (Nashua Telegraph, 11/2/12)
Ovide, Maggie mix it up in final debate (Union Leader, 11/1/12)
Commentary: Liberty will advance with Ovide as governor (NH Journal, 11/1/12)
Video: James Pindell provides report card for gubernatorial debate (WMUR Political Scoop, 11/1/12)
Are unions strong-arming state employees to vote for Maggie Hassan? (NH Journal, 11/1/12)
Editorial: Hassan’s budgeting: Totally irresponsible (Union Leader, 11/1/12)


A week before election, Hassan pulls ahead of Lamontagne in fund-raising (Nashua Telegraph,10/31/12)
The insider chatter: Will Ovide be a drag on the GOP ticket? (WMUR Political Scoop, 10/31/12)
Governor race fundraising is strong (WMUR Political Scoop, 10/31/12)
GOP candidates to support anti-income tax question (AP, 10/31/12)
CST exemption repeal highlighted in ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ #59 (NH Journal, 10/30/12)
Commentary: Ovide has the plan and the experience to create jobs in NH (NH Journal, 10/30/12)
Pet care facilities enter the fray with ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ #58 (NH Journal, 10/29/12)
Endorsement: Lamontagne will improve New Hampshire’s economy (Eagle-Tribune, 10/29/12)
Gender gap may favor Hassan in race for NH governor (Nashua Telegraph, 10/28/12)
Governor’s race will make a winner out of someone recently rejected by voters (Nashua Telegraph,10/28/12)
Court urged to rethink voter registration law (Union Leader, 10/27/12)
Editorial: Desperate Democrats: Scares, smears at Halloween (Union Leader, 10/27/12)
Questions arise over $25,000 union contribution to Hassan (NH Journal, 10/26/12)
Commentary: The Big Government coalition vs. Lamontagne (Union Leader, 10/25/12)
Commentary: Three reasons I’m supporting Ovide (NH Journal, 10/25/12)
Endorsement: The case for Ovide (Conway Daily Sun, 10/25/12)
NJ’s Christie stumps in support of Lamontagne (AP, 10/24/12)
Hassan challenges GOP rival on equal pay comment (Nashua Telegraph, 10/24/12)
‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ reaches #40 (NH Journal, 10/23/12)
Former ‘Republicans for Lynch’ back Lamonagne (NH Journal, 10/23/12)
‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ #39 targets pistol fees (NH Journal, 10/22/12)
Commentary: Why we’re voting for Lamontagne after having supported Lynch (Union Leader,10/22/12)
Proposed constitutional amendment tweaks balance of power between courts, Legislature (Nashua Telegraph, 10/22/12)
State’s medicinal marijuana prospects boosted by support from gubernatorial candidates (Nashua Telegraph, 10/21/12)
Editorial: Choose a governor who is proud of NH (Union Leader, 10/21/12)
Campaigns fuel ad blitz (Union Leader, 10/21/12)
State House Dome: Who raised what for their campaigns (Union Leader, 10/21/12)
Editorial: An easy question to answer (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/20/12)
House race taps political legacies (Concord Monitor, 10/19/12)
Hassan calls Lamontagne’s support for stimulus dollars a ‘colossal flip-flop’ (Nashua Telegraph,10/19/12)
McCain, Ayotte support Lamontagne in Nashua (Union Leader, 10/18/12)
Views on ballot Question 1 tossed about at Nashua session (Nashua Telegraph, 10/18/12)
Group highlights additional $1.5 trillion in tax increases supported by Carol Shea-Porter (NH Journal, 10/16/12)
FL. Sen. Rubio pitches in for Lamontagne in Seabrook (Union Leader, 10/15/12)
Audio: Hassan, Lamontagne talk law enforcement at forum (NHPR, 10/15/12)
Gubernatorial candidates differ on retirement, budget fixes (Nashua Telegraph, 10/15/12)
Audio: Lamontagne stumps with Rubio and former governors (NHPR, 10/15/12)
Romney campaign tops 1 million voter contacts in New Hampshire (NH Journal, 10/15/12)
Commentary: On birth control, Republicans won’t let women choose (Union Leader, 10/15/12)
‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ reaches two-thirds mark (NH Journal, 10/15/12)
This year, NH candidates for office are on their own (NH Journal, 10/14/12)
The loss of New Hampshire identity (Blue Hampshire, 10/14/12)
PolitiFact NH: Lamontagne’s claim about increases spending under Hassan depends on the numbers(Nashua Telegraph, 10/14/12)
Video: Extended interview: Kevin Smith discusses new PAC, life after campaign (WMUR, 10/13/12)
Outside spending on New Hampshire governor’s race continues to rise (NHPR, 10/13/12)
Democrats go after Lamontagne’s ‘extreme’ statements on abortion laws (Nashua Telegraph,10/12/12)
Lamontagne leads Hassan in two new polls (NH Journal, 10/12/12)
NHPR edits out Hassan’s ‘I was proud to be a sponsor of that tax’ gaffe (NH Journal, 10/12/12)
Analysis: What does election 2012 mean for Lynch’s legacy? (WMUR, 10/12/12)
Childhood experiences and parenthood led Maggie Hassan to politics (NHPR, 10/11/12)
Voters to decide on two amendments (Union Leader, 10/11/12)
Video: Poll shows big shift in 1st CD, tight race in 2nd (WMUR, 10/11/12)
Lamontagne campaign unveils ‘Maggie’s Myths’ (NH Journal, 10/11/12)
Commentary: Ovide’s neighbors all say good things (Union Leader, 10/10/12)
Granite Status: NH GOP’s interesting strategy in a three-way senate race (Union Leader, 10/10/12)
Supreme Court ruling nixes voter registration law implementation for Nov. 6 election (Nashua Telegraph, 10/10/12)
In race to replace him, Gov. Lynch endorses Democrat Maggie Hassan (Nashua Telegraph, 10/10/12)
Free voter-only ID cards now available, but requires two-step process (Nashua Telegraph, 10/9/12)
Saying Hassan ‘understands,’ Gov. Lynch endorses Dem nominee to replace him (WMUR, 10/9/12)
Analysis: WMUR Granite State poll shows NH following national trends (WMUR, 10/9/12)
NH Gov. Lynch endorses Hassan for governor (AP, 10/9/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne cite past work, ‘outsider’ status respectively in NH gubernatorial debate(Nashua Telegraph, 10/9/12)
Proposed constitutional amendment tweaks balance of power between courts, Legislature (Nashua Telegraph, 10/9/12)
Nautical theme continues with today’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ (NH Journal, 10/9/12)
RNC contacts 125,000 New Hampshire voters on ‘Super Saturday’ (NH Journal, 10/8/12)

Questions for the candidates: Governor’s race (WMUR, 10/8/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne talk taxes, education fuding in gubernatorial debate (Union Leader, 10/8/12)
Speaker Boehner stumps for GOP in Derry visit (Union Leader, 10/8/12)
Endorsement: Why is Ovide the right choice? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/7/12)
Poll: Shea-Porter leads Guinta (AP, 10/6/12)
Who’s a NH voter? Nominees for governor differ (Union Leader, 10/6/12)
State House Dome: Must reading for savvy voters ahead of Nov. 6 (Union Leader, 10/6/12)
Lamontagne’s fact checks rebuff Hassan’s debate claims (NH Journal, 10/5/12)
Common ground found on Northern Pass (Concord Monitor, 10/5/12)
Judge partially reverses ruling for voter registration law after Gardner objects (Concord Monitor,10/5/12)
TGIF: Hassan’s ‘Tax of the Day’ series ends the week with another automotive tax (NH Journal,10/5/12)
Five tax increases today’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ (NH Journal, 10/4/12)
Lamontagne, Hassan debate health care, education at New England College (Union Leader, 10/4/12)
Gubernatorial candidates more cutting in attacks in fourth debate (Nashua Telegraph, 10/3/12)
State’s ’stunning pensions’ called lavish by taxpayer group (Union Leader, 10/2/12)
Poll shows tight race for governor (WMUR, 10/2/12)
Video: Candidates for governor sharpen attacks in debate (WMUR, 10/2/12)
Five new taxes in today’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ (NH Journal, 10/2/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne find common ground in medicinal marijuana, restoring cuts (Nashua Telegraph, 10/2/12)
NH House Speaker O’Brien makes his legislative priorities known (Union Leader, 10/1/12)
Hassan hikes away from toll hike stance (NH Journal, 10/1/12)
RGA launches mini-site and TV ad against Hassan (NH Journal, 10/1/12)
Candidates for governor spar over health care (WMUR, 10/1/12)
Oil import fees the subject of ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ for October 1st (NH Journal, 10/1/12)
Video: Candidates for governor spar over health care (WMUR, 10/1/12)
Wis. Gov. Scott Walker: NH Republicans are ‘pumped up’ about 2012 (NH Journal, 10/1/12)


Sec of State Gardner wary of court ruling on voter ID law (Union Leader, 9/30/12)
Hassan edges ahead in race for NH governor (Nashua Telegraph, 9/30/12)
Paul Ryan campaigns at rally in Derby (WMUR, 9/29/12)
State House Dome — GOP: Vote early (if you’re eligible) (Union Leader, 9/29/12)
New Hampshire Advantage slipping away? Policy study raises red flags (Nashua Telegraph,9/28/12)
Defense trumps taxes in New Hampshire (Politico, 9/28/12)
Granite Status: New poll by pro-Democratic group shows Shea-Porter, Guinta in statistical tie; Kuster leading Bass (Union Leader, 9/28/12)
PPP Poll: Hassan leading Montagne by 7 points in governor’s race (WMUR, 9/28/12)
State GOP backs off absentee voting advice (WMUR, 9/28/12)
Friday the 13th for Maggie Hassan’s ‘Tax of the Day’ (NH Journal, 9/28/12)
AG asks NH Supreme Court for ‘expedited’ review of voter registration case (Union Leader, 9/28/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne square off at Rivier University (Nashua Telegraph, 9/28/12)
Shea-Porter says New Hampshire needs to be saved from ‘tea party’ Republicans (Nashua Telegraph,9/28/12)
Gubernatorial candidates debate education and taxes (WMUR, 9/27/12)
Maggie’s Tax of the Day #12: Healthcare facilities (NH Journal, 9/27/12)
Opinion: Making NH’s governor more powerful would be a bad ‘reform’ (Union Leader, 9/27/12)
Democratic activist blasts Lamontagne for position on Planned Parenthood funding (Nashua Telegraph, 9/27/12)
Panelists: New Hampshire’s job engine losing steam (Union Leader, 9/26/12)
NH House speaker: State will appeal ruling on voter registration law (Foster’s Daily Democrat,9/26/12)
Hassan gets hit with 10 and 11 in today’s ‘Maggie’s Tax of the Day’ (NH Journal, 9/26/12)
Gov. Christie stumps for Lamontagne at Atrium Medical in Hudson (Nashua Telegraph, 9/26/12)
Editorial: Voting and residency: Err, what did that new law do? (Union Leader, 9/26/12)
Day 9 of Lamontagne’s ‘Tax of the Day’ barrage hits Hassan on state park fees (NH Journal, 9/25/12)
Licensed voter forms rejected (Nashua Telegraph, 9/25/12)
1 in 9 NH voters expected to vote early (WMUR, 9/25/12)
Manchester police union taps Hassan (Concord Monitor, 9/25/12)
Charter school supporters plan to fight back against moratorium (Nashua Telegraph, 9/25/12)
Govs. Walker and Christie to visit NH this week (WMUR, 9/24/12)
Outside groups set to pour money into state (Concord Monitor, 9/24/12)
GOP ground game flexes outreach muscle in New Hampshire (NH Journal, 9/24/12)
Chris Christie event closed to press (Patch, 9/24/12)
Manchester cops back Hassan; Christie backs Lamontagne (NHPR, 9/24/12)
Hassan continues to take “Tax of the Day” pounding with days 7 and 8 (NH Journal, 9/24/12)
Here’s a look at who’s banking on being elected in New Hampshire (Nashua Telegraph, 9/23/12)
New year, familiar agenda (Concord Monitor, 9/23/12)
‘Tea Party’ Ovide vs. ‘Big-Spending’ Maggie? (Patch, 9/23/12)
Charter school planners left wondering (Union Leader, 9/23/12)
Source:  Hassan narrowly leads Lamontagne in internal polls (NH Journal, 9/23/12)
Here’s a look at who’s banking on being elected in New Hampshire (Nashua Telegraph, 9/23/12)
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Editorial: The real deal: Lamontagne is all about the job (Union Leader, 9/23/12)
Kurk, Bradley criticize Hassan for cuts comments re: State response to hepatitis outbreak (Union Leader, 9/22/12)
Not enough money for new charter schools (Union Leader, 9/22/12)
Judge expects to rule today on voter residency law (Union Leader, 9/21/12)
Democrats say Lamontagne ducks social issues (Union Leader, 9/21/12)
Hassan reports $16,000 on hand (AP, 9/21/12)
Conservatives to Hassan: So, tell us more about those taxes you plan to raise (NH Journal, 9/21/12)
Granite Status: NJ Gov Christie headed to NH to campaign, help raise money for Lamontagne(Union Leader, 9/21/12)
Democrat Hassan low on cash going into NH general elections (AP, 9/21/12)
NJ Gov Christie to visit NH to raise money for Ovide (WMUR, 9/21/12)
Citing lack of funding, state education officials put hold on new charter schools (Nashua Telegraph,9/21/12)
Editorial: NH stands alone in aversion to commuter rail (Nashua Telegraph, 9/21/12)
Democratic leaders go on attack against Lamontagne’s Cornerstone pledge (Nashua Telegraph,9/21/12)
Lamontagne, Hassan both spend roughly $1M in primary victories (Nashua Telegraph, 9/21/12)
Editorial: Hassan’s hepatitis claim – A shameless exploitation (Union Leader, 9/21/12)
Granite Status: Maggie’s camp not worried about trailing Ovide in campaign cash (Union Leader,9/20/12)
SEA endorses Democrat Hassan in gubernatorial race (Concord Monitor, 9/20/12)
Ovide launches ‘Maggies Taxes of the Day’ (NH Journal, 9/20/12)
Hassan interested in ‘discussing’ lots and lots of tax increases (NH Journal, 9/20/12)
Analysis: NH Gov candidates at 1st debate beg for attention (WMUR, 9/20/12)
Hassan defends record in Legislature in first debate with Lamontagne (Nashua Telegraph, 9/20/12)
Lamontagne begins general election with more campaign cash than Hassan (WMUR, 9/20/12)
Lamontagne, Hassan debate (AP, 9/20/12)
Lamontagne, Hassan in statistical dead heat, according to poll released Tuesday (Nashua Telegraph,9/19/12)
Video: Gubernatorial candidates clash over spending, health care (WMUR, 9/19/12)
Lamontagne: ‘There is not 47% in NH’ (Patch, 9/19/12)
PA governor to raise money for Lamontagne (WMUR, 9/19/12)
NH court hears challenge to voter registration law (AP, 9/19/12)
NH Tea Party leader still isn’t with Romney (WMUR, 9/19/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne tangle over ‘Hep C’ outbreak, taxes, role of government (Union Leader,9/19/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne spar over NH economy (AP, 9/19/12)
Audio: Lamontagne and Hassan tangle at first debate (NHPR, 9/19/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne discuss NH economy in Manchester forum Wed (AP, 9/19/12)
Analysis: 2nd Congressional District race a ‘bipartisan title fight’ (WMUR, 9/18/12)
Job posting raises new questions about Liquor Commission (WMUR, 9/18/12)
Abortion, gay marriage targets of conservative group agenda; Ovide signs Cornerstone pledge(Concord Monitor, 9/18/12)
Ovide to Hassan: So, tell us, which taxes are you planning on raising? (NH Journal, 9/17/12)
Commentary: Outside groups are beating the NH GOP at picking candidates (NH Journal,9/17/12)
Primary colors: NH GOP purges ‘moderates’ (Blue Hampshire, 9/17/12)
Opinion: Judd Gregg  - Bill Clinton’s call for bipartisan cooperation worth heeding (The Hill,9/17/12)
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NH voter registration law challenged in court (Nashua Telegraph, 9/13/12)
Governor’s race bare-knuckled (Concord Monitor, 9/13/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne paint each other as extremists day after primary victories (Nashua Telegraph,9/13/12)
Analysis: Race for governor likely to be more about past than future (Nashua Telegraph, 9/13/12)
Voter ID law will require state to contact tens of thousands of people after Nov. 6 vote (Nashua Telegraph, 9/13/12)
How Ovide and Maggie won their primaries (Union Leader, 9/13/12)
Editorial: What do the tea leaves foretell? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/13/12)
Over bacon and eggs, GOP, Dems unite, look ahead to November election (Nashua Telegraph,9/13/12)
Voter registration wording prompts suit against the state (Union Leader, 9/13/12)
Parties hold unity breakfasts to prepare for election (WMUR, 9/13/12)
National groups kick off air war in Granite State governor’s race (Concord Monitor, 9/13/12)
DGA, RGA up quickly in NH Governor’s race (National Journal, 9/13/12)
Cilley to co-chair Hassan campaign for governor (Patch, 9/13/12)
Video: NH Republicans unite, slam Hassan (Patch, 9/13/12)
Ovide uses charm and likability to contrast with Hassan’s shrillness (NH Journal, 9/13/12)
Video: RGA pounds Ha$$an’$ tax record out of the gate (NH Journal, 9/13/12)
Lamontagne rallies supporters, faithful at GOP’s Unity Breakfast (Union Leader, 9/13/12)
2nd highest turnout ever for Democratic primary fueled Hassan win (WMUR, 9/12/12)
Video: NH Dems launch web video attacking Ovide on education (NH Journal, 9/12/12)
Editorial: With the primaries over, focus shifts to November’s election (Keene Sentinel, 9/12/12)
In some places, 10-15% of voters don’t have, or won’t show, an ID (Nashua Telegraph, 9/12/12)
Lamontagne gets second GOP nod for governor (Concord Monitor, 9/12/12)
Video: Candidates for governor launch general campaign (WMUR, 9/12/12)
Video: NH gubernatorial candidates Maggie Hassan, Ovide Lamontagne outline plans (WMUR, 9/12/12)
Hassan, Lamontagne to face off in fall governor’s race (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/12/12)
Hassan accepts Democratic nomination (NHPR, 9/12/12)
Hassan beats Cilley easily in Democratic primary (Eagle-Tribune, 9/12/12)
Hassan defeats Cilley for Democratic gubernatorial nod, will face Lamontagne (Nashua Telegraph,9/12/12)
Lamontagne trumps Smith in GOP primary, will take on Hassan for governor (Nashua Telegraph,9/12/12)
Bill O’Brien coasts to GOP renomination in two-town district (Nashua Telegraph, 9/12/12)
Nashua Chamber of Commerce hosting candidate series for governor, other seats (Nashua Telegraph,9/12/12)
Video: Hassan, Lamontagne outline plans after primary wins (WMUR, 9/12/12)
Things to watch for in the Governor’s race (WMUR, 9/12/12)
Dem Hassan, GOP’s Lamontagne win NH gov primaries (AP, 9/11/12)
The New Hampshire’s governor’s race: A case study of undecided voters (Washington Post, 9/11/12)
Video: Raw video: Ovide Lamontagne accepts win in Republican primary (YouTube, 9/11/12)
Lamontagne vs. Hassan: How much are social issues in play? (Examiner, 9/11/12)
Giuliani robocalls for Kevin Smith (National Journal, 9/11/12)
Video: Cilley: ‘I’m proud of our effort’ (Patch, 9/11/12)
Ovide Lamontagne wins NH Republican gubernatorial primary (NH Journal, 9/11/12)
It’ll be Lamontagne vs. Hassan for NH governor (Union Leader, 9/11/12)
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal visiting New Hampshire (WMUR, 9/11/12)
In New Hampshire, a primary full of unfamiliarity (Stateline, 9/11/12)
Analysis: The insider’s primary (WMUR, 9/11/12)
Lamontagne, Smith make final pushes heading into Primary Day (NH Journal, 9/11/12)
Paul’s picks: The biggest races to watch in the NH primary (WGIR-AM, 9/10/12)
Gubernatorial candidates agree: Biggest challenge is jobs (StateImpact/NH, 9/10/12)
State House Dome: A smorgasbord for NH voters (Union Leader, 9/9/12)
Speaker says private prison may not fit NH (Union Leader, 9/9/12)
This state election has been on the back burner (Nashua Telegraph, 9/9/12)
AG says law does not limit how much individuals can donate to PACs (Union Leader, 9/9/12)
New York GOP donor gives $100,000 to NH pro-gay marriage PAC (Union Leader, 9/8/12)
Most gubernatorial candidates say they would have vetoed Cates law (Nashua Telegraph, 9/8/12)
Differences clear in GOP gubernatorial debate (Nashua Telegraph, 9/7/12)
Endorsement: Cilley top Democrat for governor (Seacoast Online, 9/7/12)
Video: Obama, Romney campaign in New Hampshire (WMUR, 9/7/12)
Video: Republican governor debate focuses on economic issues (WMUR, 9/7/12)
Video: Ovide rolls out new ‘Jobs’ spot in quest for Corner Office (NH Journal, 9/7/12)
Video: Report Card: Republican governor’s debate (WMUR, 9/7/12)
Analysis: Lamontagne and Smith drop gloves as GOP candidates for governor debate (Nashua Telegraph, 9/7/12)
Is NH better today than it was in 2008? (Concord Monitor, 9/7/12)
What Republicans need to accomplish in governor’s debate (WMUR, 9/6/12)
Moderate Republicans targeted by GOP group (Concord Monitor, 9/6/12)
NH GOP gov candidates debate age versus experience (AP, 9/6/12)
Primary crash course: How Democratic Gov. candidates say they would rev-up the economy(StateImpact/NH, 9/6/12)
Audio: Budgeting without the pledge (NHPR, 9/6/12)
Hassan spent most in NH primary bid for gov (AP, 9/6/12)
Dual presidential campaign events cap months of attention in NH (AP, 9/6/12)
3 Democrats for NH governor in televised debate (CBS MoneyWatch, 9/6/12)
Endorsement: Lamontagne and Cilley (Conway Daily Sun, 9/6/12)
Democrats drill down; Governor’s primary race down to wire (Concord Monitor, 9/6/12)
Freedom to Marry, LGBT groups endorse Cilley for NH governor (Seacoast Online, 9/6/12)
In last 2 weeks, Hassan loses money advantage, Ovide sustains (WMUR, 9/6/12)
Video: Democratic candidates for governor debate on taxes, economy (WMUR, 9/6/12)
Justice Dept OKs NH’s voter ID law (Keene Sentinel, 9/6/12)
Hassan, Cilley tout support from gay rights groups (NHPR, 9/6/12)
Audio: Education and revenue key to Dem Gov. candidates’ job plans (NHPR, 9/6/12)
Next week’s primaries a dry run for new Voter ID law (NHPR, 9/6/12)
Democratic gubernatorial candidates attack Republicans, not each other, in TV debate (Nashua Telegraph, 9/6/12)
Analysis: Democratic gubernatorial front-runners play it safe in only TV debate (Nashua Telegraph,9/6/12)
Taxes create a sharp divide in Democratic gubernatorial candidates’ debate (Union Leader, 9/5/12)
Report Card: Democratic governor’s debate (WMUR, 9/5/12)
Democrats draw contrasts in WMUR debate (Patch, 9/5/12)
What Democrats need to accomplish in governor’s debate (WMUR, 9/5/12)
Democrats outraise GOP in gubernatorial contests (Union Leader, 9/5/12)
Audio: The race for governor: A primary primer (NHPR, 9/5/12)
Audio: Tax reform focus of GOP gov candidates’ job plans (NHPR, 9/5/12)
Audio: Democrats face off in primary debate (NHPR, 9/5/12)
Videos: Democratic candidates for governor at Granite State Debate (WMUR, 9/5/12)
Candidate Profile: Kevin Smith – Fresh face among the crowd (Union Leader, 9/5/12)
Candidate Profile: Jackie Cilley – State laws impact every one of us (Union Leader, 9/5/12)
Romney coming to NH on same day as Obama’s Portsmouth visit (Seacoast Online, 9/5/12)
Lamontagne talks education with Herald editors (Seacoast Online, 9/5/12)
Commentary: The true radicals are trying to stop Speaker O’Brien (NH Journal, 9/5/12)
Hassan & Cilley’s No Contrast non-debate (NH Journal, 9/5/12)
Four candidates vie for Dist. 4 Executive Council seat (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/5/12)
Editorial: Obama’s real grade: On the economy, he fails (Union Leader, 9/5/12)
John Reagan endorsed by pro-gay marriage group in his state Senate bid (NH Journal, 9/5/12)
Candidate Profile: Maggie Hassan – Vision and experience to lead (Union Leader, 9/4/12)
NH gov candidate TV debates Wednesday, Thursday (AP, 9/4/12)
AP’s Normal Love botches tax story (NH Journal, 9/4/12)
In NH, GOP governor hopefuls pledge business tax cuts (AP, 9/4/12)
Man with the plan battles man with the cash in NH governor GOP primary (Nashua Telegraph,9/2/12)
In NH governor race, Cilley outfunded but remains threat (Nashua Telegraph, 9/2/12)
Foster’s Daily Democrat endorses Jackie Cilley! (Blue Hampshire, 9/2/12)
Kuster blows everyone away in campaign fundraising efforts (Nashua Telegraph, 9/2/12)
Commentary: The state’s incredible disappearing deficit (Concord Monitor, 9/2/12)
Endorsement: Jackie Cilley has what the Democrats need in a candidate for governor (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/2/12)
New Hampshire one of three tossup governors races (Politico, 9/1/12)


Commentary: Liberal Jackie Cilley: progressive zombie (Union Leader, 8/31/12)
Hassan gaining momentum, NH Dems say (Patch, 8/31/12)
Video: Hodes backs Hassan (Patch, 8/30/12)
Voting officials prepare for new ID law going into effect (Monadnock Ledger-Transcript, 8/30/12)
Endorsement: In strong Democratic field, Maggie Hassan stands out with a persuasive and inclusive voice (Keene Sentinel, 8/30/12)
Audio: Hassan picks up endorsement from Hodes (NHPR, 8/29/12)
Cilley has state lesson plan (Keene Sentinel, 8/29/12)
Audio: GOP gov candidates strive to highlight differences in Hooksett forum (NHPR, 8/29/12)
Audio: Hassan picks up endorsement from Hodes (NHPR, 8/29/12)
Claremont lawyer Volinsky endorses Cilley for governor (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/29/12)
Bill Shaheen appears at Hassan campaign stops in Dover (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/29/12)
Video: Hassan tours Salem’s Core Medical (Patch, 8/28/12)
Editorial: Not credible tax policy isn’t ’semantics’ (Union Leader, 8/27/12)
Video: Democratic candidates battle two weeks before primary (Patch, 8/27/12)
Democrats focusing on work-force training (Seacoast Online, 8/27/12)
Cashing in on campaign contributions (Nashua Telegraph, 8/26/12)
Cilley: Thriving economy, good jobs key to New Hampshire’s future (Nashua Telegraph, 8/26/12)
Opinion: Putting all options on the table is responsible plan for NH (Seacoast Online, 8/26/12)
Hassan would support reinstating higher ed cuts in exchange for tuition freeze (Nashua Telegraph,8/24/12)
Cilley’s plan: Invest in schools, infrastructure, communication (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/24/12)
Cilley defends her voting record (NHPR, 8/23/12)
Lamontagne holds big cash on hand lead; Dems nearing bankruptcy (NH Journal, 8/23/12)
Opinion: Jackie Cilley is the best choice (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/23/12)
Cilley puts schedule on hold for family emergency (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/23/12)
Lamontagne leads money race (Concord Monitor, 8/23/12)
Lamontagne, Hassan hold strong fund-raising leads over primary rivals (Nashua Telegraph,8/23/12)
NH gov candidates report (AP, 8/22/12)
Video: Cilley – ‘We’ve got property taxpayers suffering’ (Patch, 8/22/12)
Jackie Cilley announces ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ (NH Insider, 8/22/12)
Audio: The Exchange: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley (NHPR, 8/22/12)
Audio: The Exchange: Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith (NHPR, 8/22/12)
Cilley meets with firefighters, hears of need to increase staff (Union Leader, 8/22/12)
Don’t yawn: Executive Council primary state’s most interesting (NH Journal, 8/22/12)
Audio: Candidate filings only part of election money picture in NH (NHPR, 8/22/12)
Dem. governor candidates debate ‘The Pledge’ (Patch, 8/21/12)
Cilley stumps with firefighters (and free food) (NHPR, 8/21/12)
Jackie Cilley and local firefighters’ six-city tour includes Dover stop (Seacoast Online, 8/21/12)
Opinion: ‘Do you trust politicians?’ (New York Times, 8/20/12)
Does anyone know who’s running for governor? (Patch, 8/19/12)
Commentary: Outside interest in governor’s race (Concord Monitor, 8/19/12)
State education officials change course, plan to apply for NCLB waiver (Nashua Telegraph, 8/18/12)
Video: Cilley creates buzz with zombie ad (WMUR, 8/18/12)
Video: Smith denies being a ‘zombie’ (Patch, 8/18/12)
Two Democrats running for governor speak at Stoddard forum (Union Leader, 8/18/12)
Jackie Cilley takes on ‘Pledge Zombies’ (Concord Monitor, 8/17/12)
NH increasingly seen as battleground state (WMUR, 8/17/12)
Editorial: Voters not tuned in yet to governor’s race (Nashua Telegraph, 8/17/12)
Video: Smith denies being a ‘zombie’ (Patch, 8/17/12)
Jackie Cilley, NH Gov candidate, releases tax pledge zombie ad (Huffington Post, 8/17/12)
Video: ‘Tough’ Cilley differentiates herself from Hassan (Patch, 8/16/12)
NH leaders praise Romney-Ryan ticket (NH Journal, 8/16/12)
Commentary: It’s time for us to focus on NH’s gubernatorial primaries (Union Leader, 8/15/12)
Alliance says PolitiFact stretched ‘truth’ on property tax ranking (Union Leader, 8/15/12)
Commentary: New Hampshire is not run like a modern state (Union Leader, 8/15/12)
Poll: NH gubernatorial race is still wide open (Nashua Telegraph, 8/15/12)
Tight general election gubernatorial race, Dem primary a tossup, Ovide leads GOP race (Public Policy Polling, 8/15/12)
Video: Poll shows lack of recognition of governor candidates (WMUR, 8/14/12)
New Hampshire voters unengaged in race governor (National Journal, 8/14/12)
Hassan pushes jobs, college funding, expanded gambling (Seacoast Online, 8/14/12)
Cilley: Restore college funding (Seacoast Online, 8/14/12)
Cilley: ‘We are losing our ability to attract business’ (Conway Daily Sun, 8/14/12)
What New Hampshire is saying about Paul Ryan (NH Journal, 8/14/12)
Former Concord Mayor Martin Gross endorses Jackie Cilley (New Hampshire Labor News, 8/13/12)
Tarr informing voters about guv candidacy while deflecting charges from past (Nashua Telegraph,8/12/12)
Endorsement: Ovide Lamontagne, right man for NH (Union Leader, 8/11/12)
Cilley cites differences with rival in gubernatorial race (Seacoast Online, 8/11/12)
New Hampshire facing onslaught of campaign ads, as Obama, Romney spend $1M a week (Nashua Telegraph, 8/10/12)
Hassan pushes jobs, expanded gambling (Seacoast Online, 8/10/12)
Video: Kennedy enjoys campaign, B&B, hiking (WMUR, 8/10/12)
Lynch touts New Hampshire’s lack of sales tax in visit to Merrimack outlets (Nashua Telegraph,8/10/12)
Republicans debate issues (Keene Sentinel, 8/9/12)
Video: Hassan scores NEA-NH endorsement (Patch, 8/9/12)
Hassan: Education will drive NH economy (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/9/12)
Colleges key for Hassan’s jobs plan (Concord Monitor, 8/9/12)
Steelworks Union endorses Maggie Hassan for Gov of NH (Wall Street Journal, 8/9/12)
Lynch nominates municipal lawyer as consumer advocate (Concord Monitor, 8/9/12)
NEA endorses Democrat Hassan for NH governor (Union Leader, 8/9/12)
Attorney General finds accusations of illegal liquor lobbying unfounded (Nashua Telegraph, 8/9/12)
Lamontagne would seek to eliminate waiting list for disability services (Nashua Telegraph, 8/9/12)
Audio: NEA-NH endorses Hassan (NHPR, 8/8/12)
Conservatives pounce on Hassan issue ads (NH Journal, 8/8/12)
Teachers’ union backs Hassan (Concord Monitor, 8/8/12)
Video: Role as parent led to Hassan’s political career (WMUR, 8/8/12)
O’Brien would back the creation of an inspector general for the state (Nashua Telegraph, 8/8/12)
Largest public sector union in NH endorses Hassan for Governor (WMUR Scoop, 8/8/12)
Speaker calls for more oversight over ethics (Union Leader, 8/8/12)
Hassan to launch TV ads Tuesday (WMUR Scoop, 8/6/12)
Hassan: ‘We have to win’ (Patch, 8/6/12)
Video: Cilley says it’s time for change (WMUR, 8/6/12)
Hassan first Democrat with TV ads (Concord Monitor, 8/6/12)
Politics, dessert at Hassan social (Seacoast Online, 8/6/12)
Political treat: Gubernatorial hopeful Hassan sweetens the pitch with ice cream in Portsmouth(Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/6/12)
Video: Hassan releases first television ads (National Journal, 8/6/12)
Exeter’s Hassan launches ice cream social campaign tour (Patch, 8/5/12)
O’Brien, family cleared in election law complaint (Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/12)
Circumstances led Lamontagne from law to politics (Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/12)
No ID required for absentee ballots even under new voting law (Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/12)
Despite event’s chill name, ice cream social a forum for Hassan to address serious issues (Nashua Telegraph, 8/5/12)
Smith wants to lower tax burden on businesses, sees higher ed, infrastructure as key (Nashua Telegraph, 8/3/12)
Lamontagne hears tales from the small business front lines (NH Journal, 8/2/12)
Lamontagne announces Women for Ovide Coalition, more than 600 strong (Live Free or Die Alliance, 8/2/12)
Hirshberg says Cilley as ‘courage’ (WMUR Scoop, 8/2/12)
Lamontagne ready to move NH forward (Patch, 8/2/12)
Video: Candidate Smith has strong ties to Londonderry (WMUR, 8/2/12)
Lamotagne brings jobs message to Hampton (Seacoast Online, 8/1/12)
State Rep. endorses Jackie Cilley (Seacoast Online, 8/1/12)
Stonyfield Farm’s Hirshberg backs Cilley for NH governor (Seacoast Online, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

NH business survey shows decline in confidence (Union Leader, 7/31/12)
Video: Candidate Lamontagne has deep ties to NH (YouTube, 7/31/12)
Lamontagne to address Portsmouth Republicans (Patch, 7/31/12)
Video: Lamontagne has deep ties to NH (WMUR, 7/31/12)
Editorial: Beating Republicans: A telling blunder by Hassan (Union Leader, 7/30/12)
Editorial: Will Ovide be the next governor’s first name? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/30/12)
Cilley, Hassan present tough choice for Democrats (Seacoast Online, 7/29/12)
GOP’s Kevin Smith wants to be the voice for New Hampshire (Nashua Telegraph, 7/29/12)
Colorado shooting doesn’t sway NH candidates’ views on guns (Eagle-Tribune, 7/29/12)
Lamontagne: GOP has ‘historic opportunity’ in NH (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/28/12)
Audio: Smith sketches long-term plans (Concord Monitor, 7/28/12)
Cilley: ‘Every tool is on the table’ (Concord Monitor, 7/27/12)
Clinton: Hassan has ‘grit’ to be governor (Seacoast Online, 7/27/12)
Editorial: A debt is paid… (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/27/12)
Union Leader whacks Bill Clinton (Politico, 7/26/12)
Clinton back in NH to support Hassan (Nashua Telegraph, 7/26/12)
Audio: Interview with Maggie Hassan (NHPR, 7/26/12)
Bill Clinton: ‘She will bring you progress’ (Concord Monitor, 7/26/12)
Editorial: Romney’s taxes – Why do they matter? (Union Leader, 7/26/12)
Clinton visits NH, stumps for Hassan (Union Leader, 7/25/12)
Video: One-on-one interview with Jackie Cilley (WMUR,7/25/12)
Video: 4RG PAC releases web video targeting Maggie Hassan (NH Journal, 7/25/12)
Video: One-on-one interview with candidate for governor Maggie Hassan (WMUR, 7/25/12)
The battle for Romney’s backyard (National Review, 7/24/12)
Editorial: Womanizers for Maggie: Hassan embraces Bill Clinton (Union Leader, 7/24/12)
Bill Clinton set to endorse Hassan for NH governor (Seacoast Online, 7/24/12)
‘Comeback Kid’ coming back to back Hassan (Nashua Telegraph, 7/24/12)
Cilley says signing anti-tax pledge would limit options for state government (Nashua Telegraph,7/24/12)
New study shows NH impact of Obama tax plan (NH Journal, 7/23/12)
Change in governor could mean change in gambling support in NH (Nashua Telegraph, 7/23/12)
Hassan speaks at The Rock Tuesday (Patch, 7/23/12)
Lamontagne to stump in Conway Tuesday (Conway Daily Sun, 7/22/12)
Gov. candidate Kevin Smith fields questions, talks with people at neighbors’ meet and greet event(Nashua Telegraph, 7/22/12)
Gubernatorial candidate Jackie Cilley proud of her working-class roots (Nashua Telegraph, 7/22/12)
Bill Clinton to endorse Maggie Hassan in NH gubernatorial race (Huffington Post, 7/22/12)
Bill Clinton to campaign in Nashua for Hassan (Patch, 7/22/12)
Gov candidate Kevin Smith fields questions, talks with people at neighbors’ meet and greet (Nashua Telegraph, 7/22/12)
Video: Ovide gets a little help from his friends (Patch, 7/21/12)
Next Clinton-Obama proxy war: New Hampshire (Politico, 7/21/12)
Lamontagne, Smith jockey for conservative edge (Nashua Patch,7/20/12)
Obama, Romney primed for tough fight in New Hampshire (CBS News, 7/20/12)
Lamontagne wants to be the ‘pro-business governor’ (Conway Daily Sun, 7/20/12)
Democratic gubernatorial candidates to debate in Conway Tuesday night (Conway Daily Sun,7/20/12)
Hassan has strongest ground game (Patch, 7/20/12)
Editorial: Lobbyists – For good or evil? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/19/12)
Concord’s St. Hilaire backs Ovide (Concord Patch, 7/19/12)
Dems take the stage: Differences on tax policy come to fore at forum (Conway Daily Sun, 7/19/12)
Women’s group backs Hassan (Concord Monitor, 7/19/12)
Group wants lawmakers to ink pledge in support of traditional families (Union Leader, 7/18/12)
Women’s committee for Hassan unveiled (Union Leader, 7/18/12)
Editorial: Please, do not confuse valor with the cost of government (Foster’s Daily Democrat,7/18/12)
New polling shows Romney on the rise (NH Journal, 7/18/12)
NH Senators: Nix debt deal or lose 6300 NH jobs (Seacoast Online,7/18/12)
GOP candidate Smith backs bidding for NH casino sites (Eagle-Tribune, 7/18/12)
Smith committed to work for Salem casino (Salem Patch, 7/18/12)
Dem hopefuls’ focus is anti-GOP (Nashua Telegraph, 7/17/12)
Giuliani to campaign for Kevin Smith in NH (Patch, 7/17/12)
Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith campaigns in the region (Keene Sentinel, 7/17/12)
Poll shows no clear favorite in governor’s race (Concord Monitor, 7/17/12)
Video: Poll shows race tightening for president (WMUR, 7/17/12)
Poll shows race for president tightening in NH (WMUR, 7/17/12)
Lynch talks politics with RiverWoods seniors (Seacoast Online, 7/17/12)
Democratic candidates for NH governorship see differences (Union Leader, 7/16/12)
Former AG McLaughlin backs Cilley for governor (Concord Monitor, 7/16/12)
Dems aligned on rail, part ways on taxes (Patch, 7/16/12)
Commentary: Don’t expand nanny state into electronic benefit cards (Watchdog, 7/16/12)
Surprising stand by Lamontagne – He’s opposed to prison privatization (Concord Monitor, 7/15/12)
Intrigue behind departure of Employment Security commissioner (Nashua Telegraph, 7/15/12)
Commentary: Income tax ban bad deal for 99 percent (Concord Monitor, 7/14/12)
Video: Cilley talks funding (Patch, 7/13/12)
Video: Republican candidates for governor debate, (part 2) (WMUR, 7/13/12)
Lamontagne, Smith bring up lobbyist pasts in debate (Nashua Telegraph, 7/13/12)
Video: Republican candidates for governor debate (part 1) (WMUR, 7/13/12)
Firefighters union endorses Cilley for Governor (Patch, 7/13/12)
Forsythe backs Ovide, House Asst Majority Leader Stepanek backs Smith (WMUR Scoop, 7/12/12)
Audio: Jackie Cilley – Five days in the North Country (NHPR, 7/12/12)
Commissioner Tara Reardon, nepotism, and ethics in New Hampshire – How could this happen?(StateImpact/NH, 7/12/12)
Ovide scores Jim Forsythe endorsement (NH Journal, 7/12/12)
Firefighters for Jackie Cilley (updated with video) (Blue Hampshire, 7/11/12)
Video: Cilley on gambling, taxes at the Rock (Patch, 7/11/12)
Video: NH governor’s race gets crowded (NECN, 7/11/12)
Cilley not ruling out expanded gaming (Eagle-Tribune, 7/11/12)
Cilley gets firefighters’ endorsement in bid to be NH governor (Union Leader, 7/11/12)
Attorney general asks DOJ to expedite voter ID review (Union Leader, 7/11/12)
Gov. Lynch rules out Senate run (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/11/12)
RGA and DGA making plans for NH Gov race this fall (WMUR Scoop, 7/10/12)
Video: Smith is first gov candidate to start TV ads (WMUR Scoop, 7/9/12)
Lamontagne, Smith keep it civil at gubernatorial debate (Union Leader, 7/11/12)
Key pick-up: Asst House Majority Leader backs Republican Kevin Smith for gov (Union Leader,7/11/12)
Humphrey becomes third former US Senator to back Lamontagne (WMUR Scoop, 7/9/12)
Commentary: Obamacare will be a leading campaign issue in state and national elections (NH Journal, 7/9/12)
RNC Victory program opens five new NH offices during ‘Super Saturday’ (NH Journal, 7/9/12)
Video: Smith hits the airwaves with first TV ad (NH Journal, 7/9/12)
Jackie Cilley thanks the NE Police Benevolent Association for their endorsement (NH Insider, 7/9/12)
NH fears financial lure of Bay State casino plan (AP, 7/8/12)
O’Brien’s hometown voters differ (Concord Monitor, 7/8/12)
For Democrats, O’Brien is the issue (Concord Monitor, 7/8/12)
Where NH gov candidates stand on casinos (CBS MoneyWatch, 7/8/12)
Smith makes media push (Nashua Telegraph, 7/8/12)
Gov. Lynch allows voter ID law to pass without his signature (Nashua Telegraph, 7/7/12)
O’Brien keeps Concord Monitor reporters out of press event (Nashua Telegraph, 7/7/12)
O’Brien calls for tighter restrictions on use of EBT cards (Nashua Telegraph, 7/7/12)
Editorial: Turns out O’Brien can be petty, too (Nashua Telegraph, 7/7/12)
House rules: Speaker O’Brien calls for restricting EBT card use (Keene Sentinel, 7/7/12)
William O’Brien, NH House Speaker, bars Concord Monitor from press conference (Huffington Post, 7/6/12)
Voter ID law takes effect (Union Leader, 7/6/12)
Gov: Voter affidavit bill helps, but is not enough (Union Leader, 7/6/12)
Speaker O’Brien wants more regulation, when it comes to EBT cards (StateImpact/NH, 7/6/12)
Audio: Speaker shuts out Monitor (NHPR, 7/6/12)
Newspaper shut out of O’Brien’s press conference (Patch, 7/6/12)
Hassan shooting ads for gubernatorial campaign today (NH Journal, 7/6/12)
O’Brien removes lone Democrat from health care oversight committee (Nashua Telegraph, 7/5/12)
GOP candidates coming to seacoast debate (Patch, 7/5/12)
Democrats pledge end to ‘tyranny’ of William O’Brien in fall election (Nashua Telegraph, 7/5/12)
State falls $26.6M short of budget goals, but expected to make up difference (Nashua Telegraph,7/5/12)
Democratic leaders take aim at Republican majority (WMUR, 7/3/12)
Pushback against unfettered EBT card use (Union Leader, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Nashua Dems plan candidate forum (Patch, 6/30/12)
Lawmakers call for restrictions on EBT use (WMUR, 6/29/12)
NH Now: Ovide Lamontagne (WKXL, 6/28/12)
NH Gov says health care ruling will help state (AP, 6/28/12)
What Granite Staters are saying about the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision (NH Journal,6/28/12)
NH lawmakers annul voter ID, school vetoes (AP, 6/28/12)
Video: One-on-one interview with Bill Kennedy (WMUR, 6/28/12)
NH gubernatorial candidates discuss health care on eve of anticipated Supreme Court decision(Nashua Telegraph, 6/28/12)
Prospective governor’s talk health care at forum (Concord Monitor, 6/28/12)
Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen endorse Jackie Cilley for governor (NH Insider, 6/27/12)
Governor candidates at loggerheads over school choice (NHPR, 6/26/12)
NH GOP on Obamacare: Repeal and replace (Union Leader, 6/26/12)
Video: Obama hits Romney on jobs in NH campaign speech (WMUR, 6/26/12)
In Durham, President says he and rival Romney ‘fundamentally disagree’ on issues (Union Leader,6/25/12)
Opinion: Education tax credit bill would improve students’ chances of achieving prosperity (NH Journal, 6/25/12)
NH Speaker calls Arizona ruling a road map (Union Leader, 6/25/12)
EDITORIAL: A road less traveled (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/25/12)
Anonymous donor foots president’s bill for Durham campaign stop (NH Journal, 6/25/12)
Race for New Hampshire governor is wide open (Rasmussen Reports, 6/22/12)
Video: Lamontange urges Voter ID veto override (Patch, 6/22/12)
Lynch vetoes medical marijuana, voter ID bills (WMUR, 6/22/12)
New Hampshire gov vetoes GOP voter ID bill (Politic365, 6/22/12)
Governor Lynch sets modern veto record (New Hampshire Watchdog, 6/22/12)
Lynch breaks out veto pen to shoot down medical marijuana, voter ID bills (Nashua Telegraph,6/22/12)
NH governor calls Voter ID bill too ‘restrictive,’ vetoes it (MSNBC, 6/22/12)
Gubernatorial candidates profess love of kids, puppies (NH Journal, 6/21/12)
Governor Lynch wrong again (New Hampshire Watchdog, 6/21/12)
Governor vetoes medical marijuana bill due to various risks (Union Leader, 6/21/12)
Cilley pledges to consider all revenue streams as governor (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/21/12)
Hassan takes the lead over Cilley in the fund-raising battle (Nashua Telegraph, 6/21/12)
Party chairman work to fill ballots for state elections (Nashua Telegraph, 6/21/12)
Candidates for governor meet in forum (WMUR, 6/21/12)
Lynch nixes voter ID; override in the works (Union Leader, 6/21/12)
Audio: Governor stubs medical marijuana law (NHPR, 6/21/12)
NH gov Lynch vetoes last batch of bills (AP, 6/21/12)
Lynch vetoes medical marijuana, voter ID bills (Keene Sentinel, 6/21/12)
New Hampshire speaker touts conservative wins (Politico, 6/21/12)
Audio: Lynch vetoes Voter-ID bill (NHPR, 6/21/12)
Jackie Cilley makes it clear she’ll be a Democrat’s Democrat for governor (Laconia Daily Sun,6/21/12)
Hassan sets fundraising record for first time Democratic Gov. candidate (WMUR, 6/20/12)
Video: One-on-one interview with candidate for governor Ovide Lamontagne (WMUR, 6/20/12)
Ovide turns his 1996 loss into a subtle slam of rival Kevin Smith (WMUR, 6/20/12)
Update: Governor vetoes four bills, including voter ID (Union Leader, 6/20/12)
Editorial: In NH, a big election year by the numbers, too (Nashua Telegraph, 6/20/12)
DGA already has $1.8M to spend on NH gov race (Union Leader, 6/20/12)
Lynch defends his decision on school choice (Union Leader, 6/20/12)
Smith scores endorsement from Rudy Giuliani (NH Journal, 6/20/12)
Gov. Lynch vetoes voter registration bill (WMUR, 6/20/12)
Lynch renews push for commuter rail service in Nashua speech (Nashua Telegraph, 6/20/12)
NH Supreme Court upholds House redistricting plan (Nashua Telegraph, 6/20/12)
Maggie Hassan: As governor I would move New Hampshire forward (Union Leader, 6/19/12)
Lynch vetoes education tax credit bill; House, Senate could override (Nashua Telegraph, 6/19/12)
Gov. Lynch vetoes bill making causing death of fetus a homicide (Nashua Telegraph, 6/19/12)
State employees union supports Cilley in governor’s race (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/19/12)
Cilley picks up endorsement of state’s largest public employee union (Nashua Telegraph, 6/19/12)
Lamontagne’s campaign touts ‘big bucks’ raised (NH Journal, 6/18/12)
SEA endorses Cilley for governor (WMUR, 6/18/12)
Lynch vetoes school choice bill (Union Leader, 6/18/12)
SEA endorses Jackie Cilley (NHPR, 6/18/12)
Cilley gets state employee union endorsement (Union Leader, 6/18/12)
Lynch vetoes partial-birth abortion bill (Nashua Telegraph, 6/16/12)
Dems look for gains as filing closes (Concord Monitor, 6/16/12)
Flurry of activity, lots of surprises on last day of filing for state office (Nashua Telegraph, 6/16/12)
Romney in Stratham: Don’t settle for disappointment & decline (NH Journal, 6/15/12)
Granite Status: Ovide raises big buck (Union Leader, 6/15/12)
In NH, Romney offers foil to Obama speech, lays out plans for ‘Day One’ (NH Journal, 6/15/12)
Governor’s race taking shape, as several candidates file for office Thursday (Nashua Telegraph,6/15/12)
Lamontagne proposes tax credits as part of economic agenda (Union Leader, 6/15/12)
Granite status: Ovide raises big bucks; Dems ‘greet’ Romney with their own bus tour (Union Leader,6/15/12)
Video: Candidates file to run for governor (WMUR, 6/14/12)
Bill supported by JD Salinger’s family is vetoed in New Hampshire (Christian Science Monitor,6/14/12)
Audio: Candidates declare they’ll govern differently than Lynch (NHPR, 6/14/12)
Video: Governor’s race heats up (Patch, 6/14/12)
Major candidates for NH governor make it official (Union Leader, 6/14/12)
NH governor vetoes bill inspired by JD Salinger (Washington Times, 6/13/12)
Video: Many state senators not seeking re-election (WMUR, 6/13/12)
North Country endorsements: Ovide’s ‘old friend’ Zeliff backs Kevin Smith, Chandler backs Ovide(Union Leader, 6/12/12)
Binnie endorsing Lamontagne for NH governor (Union Leader, 6/12/12)
Former Congressman Zeliff endorses Smith for Governor (WMUR, 6/12/12)
AARP joins WBIN-TV debate sponsors (NH Journal, 6/11/12)
Poll finds support for CACR 13 income tax ban (Patch, 6/11/12)
GOP candidates for governor talk economic policy (Union Leader, 6/10/12)
Legislature’s power figures took it on the chin with education funding vote (Nashua Telegraph,6/10/12)
Republican paradise lost? (Concord Monitor, 6/10/12)
Video: Ovide on the stump at local Flag Day picnic (Granite Grok, 6/10/12)
As filing period opens, NH races heating up (Patch, 6/10/12)
Squabbles aside, GOP leaves mark (Concord Monitor, 6/10/12)
Candidates eye school funding (Union Leader, 6/9/12)
Video: Smith calls Lamontagne naive about expanded gaming (Patch, 6/9/12)
Business Roundtable Gubernatorial series continues this Wed with Ovide Lamontagne (New Hampshire House Business Coalition, 6/9/12)
Commentary: Speaker O’Brien should declare victory & ride into sunset (NH Journal, 6/9/12)
Commentary: Two wrongs don’t make education funding suits right (NH Insider, 6/8/12)
Video: Lawmakers spread blame for amendment failure (WMUR, 6/8/12)
Video: Smith wants to be Deval Patrick’s ‘worst nightmare’ (Patch, 6/8/12)
Video: One-on-one interview with candidate for governor Kevin Smith (WMUR, 6/7/12)
Smith would be second youngest NH governor in history (WMUR, 6/7/12)
Redistricting takes center stage (Concord Monitor, 6/6/12)
46 House Republicans vote with Dems to sink ed funding amendment (NH Journal, 6/6/12)
Former NHGOP chairman Wayne Semprini endorses Kevin Smith for Governor (NH Journal,6/6/12)
Cilley for governor — Jackie Cilley announces campaign team (NH Insider, 6/6/12)
Democrats plunk down big bucks in Gov race (NH Journal, 6/5/12)
Court to hear challenges to NH redistricting plan (Seacoast Online, 6/5/12)
Smith challenges Lamontagne to a series of 10 debates (Union Leader, 6/5/12)
Lamontagne: I will sue federal government (Patch, 6/4/12)
Poll: Lamontagne leads but Smith has room to grow (NH Journal, 6/4/12)
Business Roundtable Series continues with Republican gubernatorial candidates (NH Journal,6/4/12)
Commentary: The Legislature is giving the People a rare chance to restrain it (NH Journal,6/4/12)
Democrats rally at NH state convention, consider party positions (Union Leader, 6/2/12)
Video: Democratic candidates for governor debate (part 2) (WMUR, 6/2/12)
Video: Democratic candidates for governor debate (part 1) (WMUR, 6/2/12)

MAY 2012

Historic agreement reached on NH education funding (Patch, 5/31/12)
Video: Democrats spar on taxes (Patch, 5/31/12)
Smith goes on the air, gets aggressive against Lamontagne (NH Journal, 5/31/12)
NH leadership announces school funding compromise (WMUR, 5/31/12)
Republicans reach deals on income tax ban, welfare fraud, redistricting proposals (Nashua Telegraph, 5/31/12)
Democratic candidates for governor debate Thursday on (WMUR, 5/31/12)
Compromise in sight for voter ID bill (Concord Monitor, 5/30/12)
New Hampshire’s pushback on polling intensifies (Campaigns & Elections, 5/30/12)
Washington Gov. Gregoire to fund-raise for Maggie Hassan (Union Leader, 5/30/12)
Bettencourt withdraws from Ovide Lamontagne’s campaign steering committee (Union Leader,5/30/12)
O’Brien calls Bettencourt situation ’shocking;’ claims to have had no knowledge (Nashua Telegraph,5/30/12)
Leader’s departure ripples through NH House (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/29/12)
Nashua’s Pete Silva is new House Majority Leader (Union Leader, 5/29/12)
Commentary: Come Mr. DJ, won’t you turn the music down? (NH Journal, 5/29/12)
O’Brien asks GOP reps to close ranks (Concord Monitor, 5/29/12)
Foundation severs ties with Bettencourt (Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 5/29/12)
Bettencourt steps down amid threat (Concord Monitor, 5/29/12)
NEC set to host Democratic gubernatorial debate Thursday (Union Leader, 5/28/12)
GOP lawmaker: Republicans have pro-business agenda (Seacoast Online, 5/28/12)
Bettencourt resigns amid law school scandal (WMUR, 5/27/12)
Video: Bettencourt accused of falsifying college records (WMUR, 5/27/12)
Bettencourt resigns again, this time with apology for misrepresenting his work (Union Leader,5/27/12)
Bettencourt to resign House post (Concord Monitor, 5/26/12)
House rep says Bettencourt resigning over fabricated internship reports (Union Leader, 5/26/12)
Commentary: Jackie Cilley, my partner in the foxhole of life (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/26/12)
Medicinal marijuana backers hope governor doesn’t Lynch bill (Patch, 5/25/12)
Maggie Hassan is next gubernatorial candidate on ‘Tell it Like it Is’ series (Patch, 5/24/12)
Gov. Lynch has ‘real concerns’ about education tax credit proposal (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/12)
New PAC aimed at electing Republican NH governor (NH Journal, 5/23/12)
NH Republicans outraged over editorial cartoon (WMUR, 5/23/12)
Polls show tight races in New Hampshire (The Wire, 5/23/12)
Candidate takes aim over health care competition (Union Leader, 5/22/12)
One week in the life of the Jackie Cilley campaign (Blue Hampshire, 5/21/12)
No clear frontrunner in NH governor’s race (Patch, 5/20/12)
Ovide Lamontagne appears on ‘Tell it Like it Is’ (Patch, 5/10/12)
Editorial: Finally, hope for NH – Get this amendment to voters (Union Leader, 5/6/12)
Senate may scuttle 2 O’Brien-backed bills (Union Leader, 5/6/12)
House Speaker O’Brien tells locals Republicans kept their promises, will continue to (Nashua Telegraph, 5/6/12)
Bill to study how to create ‘balanced, neutral’ judiciary alive in Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 5/5/12)
Welfare limits wanted by NH House, tough sell in Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 5/4/12)
Tort reform measure dead, at least for this session (Nashua Telegraph, 5/4/12)
O’Brien’s welfare reform proposal faces skepticism in Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 5/4/12)
Gun bill muzzled in Senate (Union Leader, 5/3/12)
Former Sen. Judd Gregg endorses Ovide for governor (NH Journal, 5/3/12)
Opinion: Bass’s inefficient energy efficiency politics (NH Journal, 5/3/12)
Editorial: EMILY’s List is suspect (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/3/12)
Lynch talks education, leaving office with Rotary (Patch, 5/3/12)
Senate committee opposes rejecting Planned Parenthood grant (Union Leader, 5/3/12)
Ovide tries to lock down establishment with Gregg endorsement (WMUR Political Scoop, 5/2/12)
April state revenues down due to lower business receipts (Union Leader, 5/2/12)
House redistricting plan faces more legal challenges (Union Leader, 5/2/12)
New Hampshire politics heating up (The Wire, 5/2/12)
O’Brien motion argues city of Manchester has no say in redistricting (Union Leader, 5/2/12)
Editor: Romney and Ledbetter, Cilley and Hassan (Concord Monitor, 5/2/12)
State trooper pulls man from burning car after road rage incident (Nashua Telegraph, 5/1/12)
EMILY’s List picks Hassan in governor’s race: Opponent Cilley blasts endorsement (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Cilley: EMILY’s List endorsement of Hassan could divide NH women (Patch, 4/30/12)
Lynch witnesses road rage, crash (Concord Monitor, 4/30/12)
Video: Trooper, Gov. John Lynch save driver from burning car (WHDH, 4/30/12)
Pro-choice EMILY’s List endorses Hassan (Patch, 4/30/12)
Hassan fires up female electorate (Patch, 4/29/12)
New Hampshire governor’s race is ‘wide open’ (Eagle-Tribune, 4/29/12)
Opinion: Fourteen years of Claremont is more than enough (Union Leader, 4/27/12)
Senate rejects several bills aimed at restricting abortions (Nashua Telegraph, 4/26/12)
Business-friendly law updates that mad it through the fray (The Lobby-NH, 4/26/12)
NH House passes amended version of medical marijuana bill (WMUR, 4/26/12)
State Senator Gallus to retire (WMUR, 4/26/12)
GOP congressional incumbents losing ground to challengers (The Lobby-NH, 4/26/12)
NH House holds Senate bills as a ‘price’ (Concord Monitor, 4/26/12)
House and Senate showdown over killed, tabled bills (The Lobby-NH, 4/25/12)
Poll shows mixed opinion of NH Legislature (WMUR, 4/25/12)
Senate blocks House-passed abortion bills (WMUR, 4/25/12)
Senate kills House-backed contraceptive bill (WMUR, 4/25/12)
Smith, Cilley, Hassan like UNH poll (WMUR, 4/25/12)
Strafford County GOP to host gubernatorial hopeful Smith (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 4/25/12)
Commentary: Don’t be deceived – health care compact idea far from home grown (The Lobby-NH, 4/25/12)
Taxpayer: Pooled risk bill abets ‘robbery of cities and towns’ (The Lobby-NH, 4/25/12)
O’Brien not giving up on education funding compromise (The Lobby-NH, 4/25/12)
Legislators scramble to find health exchange compromise (The Lobby-NH, 4/24/12)
Video: Senate will tackle abortion legislation Wednesday (The Lobby-NH, 4/24/12)
Ayotte flattered by vice president rumors, but focused on Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 4/24/12)
UPDATE: Governor candidates spar on Medicare (Patch, 4/24/12)
Video: Poll shows gubernatorial candidates largely unknown (WMUR, 4/24/12)
Analysis: Obama lifts Democrats in Governor’s race (WMUR, 4/24/12)
Commentary: O’Brien’s Rainy Day Fund dream slipping away (The Lobby-NH, 4/24/12)
Lamontagne, Smith respond to Hassan healthcare comments (NH Journal, 4/24/12)
Hassan: Health compact bill wrong for NH (AP, 4/24/12)
Commentary: Rep. Garrity may try, but RGGI repeal not likely (The Lobby-NH, 4/23/12)
To gain ground, Democrats target House speaker (Seacoast Online, 4/23/12)
Video: Ayotte fete turns into Romney pep rally (Patch, 4/23/12)
Granite State shaken by unprecedented violence (Boston Globe, 4/23/12)
NH Senate considers returning $333K to feds (AP, 4/22/12)
Is the speaker’s race all locked up? Not so fast… (Concord Monitor, 4/22/12)
NH Senate takes up driver education, TSA search bills (Seacoast Online, 4/22/12)
‘Jack is Back!’ tea party rally draws 125 in Dover (NH Journal, 4/21/12)
Have you seen ‘Texts from Ovide’? (The Lobby NH, 4/19/12)
Video: Concord seniors get time with Cilley (Patch, 4/18/12)
Bestani backs Lamontagne for governor (WMUR Political Scoop, 4/18/12)
NH House Majority leader scolds Lynch (Concord Monitor, 4/17/12)
Commentary: Vermont’s single-payer healthcare is good medicine for NH economy (NH Journal,4/17/12)
Kevin Smith: Private sector measures, not government mandates, will lower health care costs (NH Journal, 4/17/12)
Fireworks at annual Republican meeting in Meredith (NH Journal, 4/16/12)
New coalition trying to help refugee communities (Union Leader, 4/16/12)
Video: NOM-NH runs ad slamming GOP legislators for gay marriage vote (NH Journal, 4/14/12)
Video: Democratic candidates speak at scholarship event (Patch, 4/14/12)
AG’s request to join oil suit tabled (Union Leader, 4/13/12)
AG to Speaker: Statements in oil case ‘untrue’ (Union Leader, 4/13/12)
Video: Kevin Smith & Ovide Lamontagne (YouTube, 4/13/12)
Iron Workers Local 7 endorse Maggie Hassan (NH Insider, 4/13/12)
In visit with Rotary in Greenland, Gov. John Lynch emphasizes education (Foster’s Daily Democrat,4/13/12)
How politicians have responded to the Greenland tragedy (Union Leader, 4/13/12)
AG asks to join oil suit, gets heated GOP answer (Union Leader, 4/12/12)
Senate committee weighs abortion bills (Union Leader, 4/12/12)
Republican gubernatorial hopeful Smith ‘not driven by ideology’ (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 4/12/12)
Senate-backed commission to study ending public pensions (Union Leader, 4/12/12)
Another union nod for Hassan (Patch, 4/12/12)
NH Senate holds hearings on abortion bills (WMUR, 4/12/12)
Video: Former Gov. Benson endorses Kevin Smith (WMUR, 4/11/12)
NH Senate tables Right-to-Work bill (WMUR, 4/11/12)
NH refugee settlement has a voice, face at hearing (Union Leader, 4/11/12)
NH House passes Congressional redistricting plan (Union Leader, 4/11/12)
Poll: Bergeron has slight lead in GOP leadership race (NH Journal, 4/11/12)
Editorial: A Lynch legacy: Run, income taxers, run! (Union Leader, 4/10/12)
Smith pushes economic issues during Hampton campaign stop (Seacoast Online, 4/10/12)
GOP gubernatorial candidate Smith: Reduce rules on energy, health care (Union Leader, 4/10/12)
AG Delaney claims GOP House overstep (Concord Monitor, 4/10/12)
NH AG wants greivance committee to pull back (NH Journal, 4/10/12)
Pollsters cry foul over ‘98 New Hampshire law (Boston Globe, 4/8/12)
NH may privatized its prisons (Portland Press Herald, 4/8/12)
Abortion opponents push to cut Planned Parenthood funding (WMUR, 4/5/12)
Opinion: Delaney v. Bass – Overzealous prosecution (NH Journal, 4/5/12)
Hassan visits MobileRoots (Nashua Telegraph, 4/4/12)
NH Senate to consider requiring tuition test for illegal aliens (Union Leader, 4/2/12)
Kevin Smith beefs up campaign team (NH Journal, 4/2/12)

MARCH 2012

Kenda rules out run for governor (Nashua Telegraph, 3/31/12)
Editorial: RGGI, Round 2: Repeal it again (Union Leader, 3/30/12)
Kenda won’t seek governor’s office (Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 3/30/12)
Kenda passes on gubernatorial run (NH Journal, 3/29/12)
NH House votes to create new public pension system (Seacoast Online, 3/29/12)
NH Senate overrides veto; House redistricting now law (Union Leader, 3/29/12)
Mahoney endorses Ovide for governor (NH Journal, 3/29/12)
NH Senate OKs medical marijuana (Lowell Sun, 3/29/12)
Marijuana backers seek veto override (Union Leader, 3/28/12)
Politicians move closer to redistricting map (Roll Call, 3/28/12)
NH House votes to repeal greenhouse gas law (Seacoast Online, 3/28/12)
NH House stumbles over 24-hour wait for abortion (Seacoast Online, 3/28/12)
Video: NH House kills casino bill (WMUR, 3/28/12)
Ovie taps political veteran Paul Collins for campaign manager (NH Journal, 3/27/12)
Gambling proposal touted as big boost to creating new jobs (Union Leader, 3/27/12)
State Democratic Party beefs up staff as it looks to battle ‘Romney-Ovide-O’Brien agenda’ in November (Union Leader, 3/27/12)
Editorial: It’s about casinos – Not business taxes (Union Leader, 3/26/12)
Another week, another hot topic: Expanded gambling (Union Leader, 3/25/12)
Same-sex couples encouraged by vote (Nashua Telegraph, 3/25/12)
Gay marriage battle could rage on at the polls in November (Nashua Telegraph, 3/25/12)
Success of NH business legislation remains murky (AP, 3/25/12)
NH lawmakers voting on school tax credit bills (AP, 3/25/12)
Lynch vetoes House redistricting (Union Leader, 3/24/12)
Maggie Hassan releases 90-member Rockingham County steering committee (Union Leader,3/23/12)
List: Exeter officials backing Hassan (Patch, 3/23/12)
Gay marriage fight isn’t over, legislators say (Union Leader, 3/23/12)
Opinion: Same-sex marriage vote a proper one (Nashua Telegraph, 3/23/12)
Opinion: NH House stands up for marriage equality (Seacoast Online, 3/23/12)
NH’s Republican gubernatorial candidates show little enthusiasm for repealing marriage equality(Think Progress, 3/23/12)
Workers’ rights top concern for Cilley (Seacoast Online, 3/23/12)
Will gay marriage fight go on? (Concord Monitor, 3/23/12)
Lamontagne stumps at Hampton event (Seacoast Online, 3/23/12)
Video: Ovide: NH’s leaders need to focus on issues larger than gay marriage (Patch, 3/23/12)
New Hampshire gay marriage foes look to gubernatorial election (On Top, 3/23/12)
Coalition calls on governor, council to delay Medicaid plan (Concord Monitor, 3/23/12)
Gay marriage upheld (Concord Monitor, 3/22/12)
A proud moment for New Hampshire (Huffington Post, 3/22/12)
Commentary: Common sense in New Hampshire (New York Times, 3/22/12)
Challenge to gay marriage fails in New Hampshire (New York Times, 3/22/12)
New Hampshire same-sex marriage law upheld (Politico, 3/22/12)
Gay marriage will be issue in NH’s fall elections (AP, 3/22/12)
Lynch calls for higher education funding in last speech to Port City (Foster’s Daily Democrat,3/22/12)
Gay marriage advocates declare victory in NH (Boston Globe, 3/22/12)
Conservative activist Jennifer Horn backs Kevin Smith for governor (Politico, 3/22/12)
Tom Thompson endorses Ovide for governor (NH Journal, 3/22/12)
Jennifer Horn endorses Kevin Smith for governor (NH Journal, 3/22/12)
Smith rolls out first piece of economic plan (NH Journal, 3/21/12)
Video: Effort to repeal gay marriage fails (WMUR, 3/21/12)
Cilley: Ovide will be ‘easy to beat’ in November (Patch, 3/21/12)
NH legislator drops gun at state building (NH Journal, 3/21/12)
Same-sex marriage stays in New Hampshire (Union Leader, 3/21/12)
Editorials: A leader’s incivility – a telling tolerance (Union Leader, 3/20/12)
Jackie Cilley hears from NH health care providers (NH Insider, 3/20/12)
Video: Lawmakers warn of danger of welfare fraud (WMUR, 3/20/12)
Video: Ovide Lamontagne on WMUR’s Closeup (YouTube, 3/19/12)
Buckley: I called O’Brien a buffoon, not a baboon (Union Leader, 3/19/12)
Governor’s race off to a slow start (WMUR, 3/19/12)
Buckley on O’Brien: He’s a ‘baboon’ (NH Journal, 3/17/12)
O’Brien asks for Democratic support for school funding amendment (Concord Monitor, 3/17/12)
Democrats rally for campaign fight (Union Leader, 3/17/12)
Commentary: Fighting absurdity with absurdity (New York Times, 3/16/12)
Right-to-work backers gain support again (Concord Monitor, 3/15/12)
Opinion: Say no to a return to discrimination (Concord Monitor, 3/15/12)
Amendment would ban marriage for lefties (WMUR, 3/15/12)
Dems caught staffing group posing as GOP-friendly gay marriage organization (NH Journal,3/15/12)
Same-sex marriage agenda puts GOP gubernatorial candidates on guard (Union Leader, 3/15/12)
Gay marriage referendum could be coming to NH voters this fall (Nashua Telegraph, 3/14/12)
NH’s David Bates alters course on gay marriage repeal (On Top, 3/14/12)
Gay marriage foe in NH wants voters to weigh in (Portland Press Herald, 3/14/12)
Town meeting season on (Concord Monitor, 3/14/12)
House again passes right-to-work bill (WMUR, 3/14/12)
Local Dems denounce passage of ‘Women’s Right to Know’ bill in House (Seacoast Online, 3/14/12)
Ovide rolls out Bass endorsement (NH Journal, 3/13/12)
Lawmaker calls for return to civil unions (WMUR, 3/13/12)
Supporters of gay marriage law repeal: Let voters decide (Union Leader, 3/13/12)
Carroll County GOP focuses on governorship at dinner (Union Leader, 3/12/12)
Gov. Lynch to deliver State of State address March 21 (Seacoast Online, 3/12/12)
Pollsters uneasy with NH law (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 3/12/12)
Right-to-work on state House calendar (WMUR, 3/11/12)
Lamontagne: Now is time for education funding amendment (Seacoast Online, 3/11/12)
NH House votes to ban health exchanges under Obama health law (NH Journal, 3/9/12)
Gov. Lynch loses key aide (Patch, 3/9/12)
House votes 162-161 to decriminalize marijuana (NH Journal, 3/9/12)
Editorial: Mandate debate – Yes, it’s about liberty (Union Leader, 3/8/12)
Gatsas passes on gubernatorial run (NH Journal, 3/7/12)
Gatsas says he won’t run for governor (WMUR, 3/7/12)
Governor hopefuls take sides on birth control (Patch, 3/6/12)
Democrats decry birth control attack (Patch, 3/6/12)
Governor blocks eminent domain for Northern Pass Project (WMUR, 3/6/12)
State revenue for February $1.4M below expectations (Union Leader, 3/5/12)
Legislative gumbo (Patch, 3/5/12)
NH House faces host of issues after taking last week off (Union Leader, 3/5/12)
Abortion bill imperils NH’s $1.4B Medicaid program (AP, 3/4/12)
NH Legislature taking up issues of voting reform (Nashua Telegraph, 3/4/12)
Voter ID bill expected to pass NH Senate (CBS Boston, 3/3/12)
NH House to vote on collective bargaining bills (AP, 3/3/12)
Jackie Cilley: When bullies attack (Patch, 3/2/12)
Obama seeks to shore up support in New Hampshire (NH Journal, 3/1/12)
Editorial: Mandate rejected – Voters say it’s unconstitutional (Union Leader, 3/1/12)
Bradley: Reform school funding (Seacoast Online, 3/1/12)
What Obama can learn from New Hampshire’s budget reform (NH Journal, 3/1/12)


Bradley throws support behind Ovide in governor’s race (NH Journal, 2/28/12)
NH January jobless rate steady at 5.2% (Union Leader, 2/28/12)
Jackie Cilley: Time to protect contraception rights (Patch, 2/28/12)
Gambling may be a question for next NH governor (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/27/12)
Seacoast leading state’s jobs recovery (Seacoast Online, 2/27/12)
Gubernatorial candidates weigh in on gaming (Patch, 2/27/12)
Video: Hassan says Legislature backed by ‘Tea Party extremists’ (Patch, 2/27/12)
Poll: ObamaCare big albatross for Hassan, Cilley, Shea-Porter, Dems (NH Journal, 2/27/12)
Gambling may be a question for next NH governor (Boston Globe, 2/26/12)
Dem gov candidates tack hard left in bid for nomination (NH Journal, 2/25/12)
NH House Speaker singles out Cilley (Patch, 2/24/12)
Kevin Smith visits brewery (Seacoast Online, 2/24/12)
NH GOP leaders propose birth control exemption (The Citizen of Laconia, 2/24/12)
GOP guv candidate Smith tours Red Hook, decries regs that stifle business (Foster’s Daily Democrat,2/24/12)
Video: Cilley talks with Concord Democrats (Patch, 2/23/12)
Gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan opens Exeter field office (Seacoast Online, 2/23/12)
Jackie Cilley – It’s time to take the streets again (NH Insider, 2/23/12)
Lamontagne supporter once accused him of ‘tearing apart loving families’ (NH Journal, 2/23/12)
Video: Hassan – ‘The stakes are enormous’ (Patch, 2/22/12)
Lamontagne, Smith gearing up with grassroots committee, supporters (Union Leader, 2/22/12)
Hassan devotes resources to Merrimack County (Patch, 2/21/12)
Editorial: Anti-evolution bills should be defeated (Concord Monitor, 2/20/12)
Running for Governor, Gatsas would have much to explain (NH Journal, 2/20/12)
Transportation plan $1.33 billion short (Concord Monitor, 2/20/12)
Editorial: Limiting taxes – It’s constitutional (Union Leader, 2/19/12)
Editorial: Right path for NH House – Pass the funding amendment (Union Leader, 2/19/12)
NH contraception plan blasted (Concord Monitor, 2/17/12)
Education aid plan is endorsed (Nashua Telegraph, 2/17/12)
Seacoast officials voice support for Senate’s school funding amendment (Seacoast Online, 2/16/12)
Kevin Smith hires Sununu brothers, Burnett as Gov. campaign advisers (Union Leader, 2/16/12)
Committee opposes health care exchange (Union Leader, 2/16/12)
NH Senate axes House plan to cap taxes (Concord Monitor, 2/16/12)
Editorial: Bye-bye, choo-choo: Train funding derails (Union Leader, 2/16/12)
UNH business professor begins campaign for governor (The New Hampshire, 2/16/12)
Mr. Smith comes to Concord (Patch, 2/16/12)
DOT chief to seek toll increase (Patch, 2/16/12)
NH proposal limits lawmakers’ spending ability (CBS Moneywatch, 2/16/12)
NH business groups tout Senate education plan (Union Leader, 2/16/12)
Union Leader hails death of commuter rail boondoggle (New Hampshire Watchdog, 2/16/12)
NHDP – Does Ovide Lamontagne support repealing birth control coverage? (NH Insider, 2/15/12)
New Hampshire voters ‘unengaged’ so far in governor’s race (, 2/15/12)
State: Transportation funds inadequate for current need (Union Leader, 2/15/12)
NH Senate OKs education funding amendment (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/15/12)
GOP lawmaker: Constitutional amendment on education brings back ‘rationality’ (Union Leader,2/16/12)
Testimony heard on evolution education bill (Union Leader, 2/15/12)
Hassan campaign to hold Exeter kickoff event (Patch, 2/15/12)
Gatsas, Lynch see bright future for NH (Union Leader, 2/15/12)
NH House bill requires votes on state employee contracts (Union Leader, 2/15/12)
NH Senate approves school aid amendment (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/15/12)
Education funding amendment passes NH Senate (Union Leader, 2/15/12)
Statehouse bully bill hits brick wall (Seacoast Online, 2/14/12)
Audio: Education Amendment may falter in House (NH Public Radio, 2/14/12)
Budget writers tackle casino bill (Nashua Telegraph, 2/14/12)
Key House committee considers expanded gambling bill (New Hampshire Public Radio, 2/14/12)
Stephen, 2010 GOP governor nominee, will not run again (Nashua Telegraph, 2/14/12)
Gambling bill hearing draws advocates (Union Leader, 2/14/12)
Stephen says he won’t run for governor (Union Leader, 2/13/12)
NH House Republicans, Bishop blast Obama administration birth control rule (NH Journal,2/13/12)
Lamontagne weighs in on Stephen decision not to seek Corner Office (NH Journal, 2/13/12)
Opinion: No reason to repeal same-sex marriage (Nashua Telegraph, 2/12/12)
Right-to-work legislation debated (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/12)
Gubernatorial hopefuls back right-to-work (Concord Monitor, 2/10/12)
Senate cautious on gun legislation (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/12)
The ‘pledge’ is actually a promise to raise our property taxes (Laconia Daily Sun, 2/10/12)
Hundreds gather to fight right-to-work bill (Union Leader, 2/10/12)
Bill would protect teachers who want to teach alternatives to evolution (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/12)
Lawmakers define voters’ residency (Concord Monitor, 2/9/12)
New Hampshire bill to curtail union returns (Boston Globe, 2/9/12)
Vote on gambling delayed again (Nashua Telegraph, 2/9/12)
Commentary: A very unfair education reform plan (Keene Sentinel, 2/9/12)
NH House committee kills immigration bill (Concord Monitor, 2/8/12)
Cilley enters governor’s race with an anti-pledge pledge (Nashua Telegraph, 2/8/12)
Cilley vows no pledges as governor (Concord Monitor, 2/8/12)
Opinion: Casinos will help New Hampshire keep its advantage (NH Journal, 2/8/12)
Opinion: The three C’s of casino legalization: Cannibalization, crime and corruption (NH Journal,2/8/12)
Video: Cilley – ‘I won’t play pledge politics’ (Patch, 2/7/12)
Cilley declares for governor (New Hampshire Public Radio, 2/7/12)
Cilley announces governor run, rules out tax pledge (Concord Monitor, 2/7/12)
Opinion: Slippery Cilley not honest about income tax (NH Journal, 2/7/12)
Former state Sen. Cilley enters race for governor (Union Leader, 2/7/12)
Video: Poll: Lynch gets high marks; Candidates largely unknown (WMUR, 2/6/12)
Cilley to announce gubernatorial bid (Concord Monitor, 2/4/12)
GOP: Jobs are No. 1 priority (Concord Monitor, 2/3/12)
Bill heard on legalization of marijuana possession (Union Leader, 2/3/12)
Jackie Cilley to announce run for governor (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/3/12)
Petitions urge probe of O’Keefe in balloting case (Union Leader, 2/3/12)
House votes to save $26 million in rainy day fund (Concord Monitor, 2/2/12)
NH Senate floats school funding amendment (Concord Monitor, 2/2/12)
NH House tackles expanded gambling — again (Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, 2/2/12)
1,000 Free-Stater moves to NH (Seacoast Online, 2/2/12)
Educational funding amendment moves to New Hampshire senate (Union Leader, 2/1/12)
Video: Salem businessman considers run for governor (WMUR, 2/1/12)


NH industry group supports health insurance exchange (Union Leader, 1/31/12)
Gov. Lynch laments ‘harshness in the air’ in final State-of-the-State (Union Leader, 1/31/12)
Bill seeks to end sobriety checkpoints (Concord Monitor, 1/31/12)
NH governor race called one to watch (NH Journal, 1/31/12)
Binnie considering run for Governor (NH Journal, 1/31/12)
Private prison interest strong for New Hampshire (Union Leader, 1/30/12)
Gay marriage repeal bill no sure bet (Concord Monitor, 1/29/12)
Series of bills targets NH public workers’ unions (The Citizen of Laconia, 1/29/12)
Lynch out to cement legacy in final year of leadership (Nashua Telegraph, 1/29/12)
Lynch vetoes bill that would allow interest rates to top 400% a year (Union Leader, 1/27/12)
Kevin Smith hires DeRosa to staff gubernatorial campaign (NH Journal, 1/27/12)
Gov. Lynch vetoes bill allowing short-term loans (NH Journal, 1/27/12)
NH Dems claim lawmaker violated law with Tucker endorsement (Seacoast Online, 1/27/12)
Video: Senate blocks eminent domain for controversial Northern Pass (WMUR, 1/25/12)
NH bill would allow service providers to deny gay couples (Seacoast Online, 1/25/12)
NH Senate considers voter ID law (WMUR, 1/24/12)
Organic yogurt mogul has a warning for Washington (Seacoast Online, 1/24/12)
Bills would require voter ID (Union Leader, 1/24/12)
Bills may boost private schools (Nashua Telegraph, 1/24/12)
Pair of bills links gifts to school choice tax credits (Union Leader, 1/24/12)
O’Brien, Bettencourt back Tucker run for Republican National Committee seat (Union Leader,1/23/12)
Opinion: NH must restore its school aid (Seacoast Online, 1/22/12)
Chancellor’s Office in NH House’s budget-cutting sights (Union Leader, 1/22/12)
Primary post-mortem: Winners not named Romney (NH Journal, 1/22/12)
Voter fraud concerns to prompt checklist guidelines (Union Leader, 1/22/12)
Editorial: Income tax ban could cost dearly in future (Seacoast Online, 1/20/12)
Lynch a ‘manufacturing guy’ during his GE Aviation tour (Union Leader, 1/20/12)
House strikes 3 words from income tax proposition (Union Leader, 1/20/12)
Ovide event postponed due to AFC Championship (Patch, 1/20/12)
National ‘pro-traditional marriage’ group to spend $250K on NH races in 2012 (Union Leader,1/20/12)
Video: Politico interviews Ovide Lamontagne (NewHampshireTV, 1/20/12)
Unions occupy State House (Concord Monitor, 1/20/12)
NH unemployment drops, continuing recovery trend (Seacoast Online, 1/20/12)
House OKs redistricting plan that nearly doubles districts (Union Leader, 1/19/12)
Editorial: Attack on unions should be repelled (Concord Monitor, 1/19/12)
Union members pack state House for bill hearings (WMUR, 1/19/12)
New round of right-to-work bills draws a crowd (Union Leader, 1/19/12)
Audio: House takes up bills to curb unions (NHPR, 1/19/12)
NH House votes to bar funding to groups performing elective abortions (Union Leader, 1/18/12)

Veteran Dem operative Matt Burgess to mange Maggie Hassan’s campaign for governor (Union Leader, 1/18/12)
NH House votes 257-101 for amendment banning income tax (Union Leader, 1/18/12)
Lynch, Bettencourt on NH unemployment drop (Patch, 1/18/12)
Hassan builds staff for governor campaign (WMUR, 1/18/12)
December unemployment drop just more ‘good news’ for NH economy (State Impact/NPR, 1/18/12)
NH Senate to sort out domain bills (Concord Monitor, 1/18/12)
Income tax ban constitutional amendment floated (Concord Monitor, 1/17/12)
NH GOP turns up Voter ID heat (Patch, 1/17/12)
GOP engineers voter fraud (The Wire, 1/17/12)
NH Republicans, Democrats at odds over need for photo ID law (Union Leader, 1/17/12)
Editorial: Voter fraud – keeping it easy (Union Leader, 1/16/12)
NH GOP shows signs of righting its financial ship (NH Journal, 1/16/12)
Senate’s 1st vote on eminent domain affects Northern Pass issue (Union Leader, 1/15/12)
With primary over, state races heat up (Seacoast Online, 1/15/12)
The primary’s other winners and losers (Concord Monitor, 1/15/12)
Legislators weigh creation of inspector general, financial agency to ward off another FRM scandal(Nashua Telegraph, 1/13/12)
Hirshberg steps down at Stonyfield, doesn’t have plans to run for gov (Union Leader, 1/12/12)
Despite exit from Stonyfield, CEO won’t run as Democrat for gov (WMUR, 1/12/12)
Video: A quiet moment with Ovide Lamontagne (Hot Air, 1/10/12)
NH primary: Nastiness natural in final days, John Sununu says (Politico, 1/9/12)
Neither rain nor sleet nor the primary stops the NH House (Concord Monitor, 1/8/12)
New law gives parents authority to veto ‘objectionable’ classroom material (Nashua Telegraph,1/6/12)
House revives right-to-work in new form (Concord Monitor, 1/6/12)
Despite veto threat, gun bills passed (Concord Monitor, 1/6/12)
Changes in sweeping gun law: Bills open areas where and how guns can be carried (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 1/6/12)
House passes bill to track airport security abuse (Union Leader, 1/6/12)
NH House passes bill cracking down on TSA (NH Journal, 1/6/12)
Optional concealed gun permit OK’d (Union Leader, 1/6/12)
SoS Gardner predicts 325,000 will vote in NH primary (Union Leader, 1/6/12)
Bill gives workers option of no fees (Union Leader, 1/6/12)
House takes all rights over guns in public (Concord Monitor, 1/5/12)
Votes save title loans, parent say over curriculum (Concord Monitor, 1/5/12)
NH House fails to override Gov. Lynch’s rail authority bill veto (Nashua Telegraph, 1/5/12)
NH House votes again to make NH gun licenses optional (Boston Globe, 1/5/12)
GOP lawmakers pass bill making public school curriculum optional (Think Progress, 1/5/12)
State revenue tops Dec. projection, but lags expectations for the year (Union Leader, 1/5/12)
New Hampshire marriage equality repeal vote draws near (Huffington Post, 1/4/12)
Opinion: Gun bills: Three shots, two hits (Union Leader, 1/4/12)
Let ‘er rip: NH Legislature kicks off new session (NHPR, 1/4/12)
Commentary: Let’s not start the year by taking rights away from people (Concord Monitor,1/4/12)
Show of force in Concord to block guns on public property (Union Leader, 1/4/12)
NH lawmakers pass law allowing parental objections to curriculum (Huffington Post, 1/4/12)
Kimball for Ovide in New Hampshire (National Journal, 1/4/12)
Former NHGOP Chair Jack Kimball endorses Lamontagne for governor (Union Leader, 1/4/12)
Bill to expand capital punishment proposed to NH House (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 1/3/12)
Parental notification law takes effect (Concord Monitor, 1/3/12)
Editorial: Sustain the veto on rail authority (Nashua Telegraph, 1/3/12)
Lynch, law enforcement speak out against gun bills (The Wire, 1/3/12)
Lynch urges restraint on firearm bills (Concord Monitor, 1/2/12)
12 issues to watch in 2012 (Concord Monitor, 1/1/12)
Lawmakers expect heat in January (Union Leader, 1/1/12)
Political change, tragedy, triumph in 2011 (Union Leader, 1/1/12)

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