The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NH 2011 Archives


New Hampshire Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Showdown expected over three gun bills (Union Leader, 12/31/11)
Lynch calls on House to reject gun bills (WMUR, 12/30/11)
The year of the veto (The Wire, 12/29/11)
Video: NH gay marriage foe focusing on jobs (Patch, 12/28/11)
Editorial: Gay-marriage law assault perplexing (Nashua Telegraph, 12/28/11)
Editorial: Voter fraud – It’s not imaginary (Union Leader, 12/27/11)
Commentary: The Tea Party’s biggest challenge: Protecting its brand (NH Journal, 12/27/11)
Repeal of gay marriage a top issue for New Hampshire GOP lawmakers (LGBTQ Nation, 12/26/11)
Top 10 moments of NH primary (so far) (NH Journal, 12/26/11)
Commentary: NH conservatives should oppose gay marriage repeal (Nashua Telegraph, 12/25/11)
NH Senate president tough on Northern Pass (Union Leader, 12/24/11)
800 years later, an inspiration (Concord Monitor, 12/24/11)
NH’s gay marriage debate finds way into presidential campaign (Seacoast Online, 12/22/11)
Hassan signs pledge to keep gay marriage (Patch, 12/22/11)
Lamontagne decides to stay out of NH GOP primary after all (Examiner, 12/22/11)
Granite Status: No primary endorsement from Ovide? (Union Leader, 12/22/11)
Ovide gets primaried out of an endorsement (Politico, 12/22/11)
Marchand takes UNH job (National Journal, 12/21/11)
Influential Republican decides not to endorse in presidential primary (Union Leader, 12/21/11)
Opinion: Republican lawmakers bungled NH budget (Seacoast Online, 12/20/11)
NH House speaker O’Brien officially endorsing Gingrich on Wednesday (Union Leader, 12/20/11)
The Smiths decide who goes to Washington (Boston Herald, 12/19/11)
Endorsements, while valuable, do not guarantee victory (Seacoast Online, 12/18/11)
GOP official seeks pledge of civility (Union Leader, 12/18/11)
GOP lawmaker: Facts support Right to Work (Seacoast Online, 12/18/11)
UNH pollster: NH primary is ‘Romney’s race to lose’ (Seacoast Online, 12/16/11)
Gingrich camp denies charge it made illegal ‘robo calls’ (Union Leader, 12/15/11)
GOP House leadership praises Executive Council move to reject Obamacare funds (NH Journal, 12/15/11)
Rove does election day math for American Crossroads (NH Journal, 12/15/11)
Commentary: Let the New Hampshire ‘expectations game’ begin (Union Leader, 12/15/11)
Lamontagne, Smith rally Republicans at party (Patch, 12/15/11)
NH House speaker Bill O’Brien to endorse Newt Gingrich next week (Union Leader, 12/15/11)
Property tax rates increase in New Hampshire (Brattleboro Reformer, 12/14/11)
Romney wins endorsement of Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas (Seacoast Online, 12/12/11)
Opinion: Be skeptical of latest push for NH casinos (Seacoast Online, 12/11/11)
GOP lawmaker: Pledge aside, Hassan would raise taxes (Nashua Telegraph, 12/10/11)
Ponzi scam report faults Lynch, council on Hildreth deal (Nashua Telegraph, 12/8/11)
Opinion: Gambling changes not right for NH character (Seacoast Online, 12/5/11)
AFP-NH gears up for busy election season (NH Journal, 12/5/11)
2nd round likely in right-to-work bout (Union Leader, 12/5/11)
Opinion: Expanded gambling right for NH, right now (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 12/5/11)
Selectmen in NH town ask gov to reconsider casinos (Boston Globe, 12/5/11)
Salem selectmen ask Lynch to back expanded gambling (Eagle-Tribune, 12/5/11)
O’Brien figured it was time to cut to the chase on Right to Work (Nashua Telegraph, 12/4/11)
Republicans put presidency on holiday wish list at local event (Seacoast Online, 12/3/11)
Lynch reporting on budget savings to NH panel (Boston Globe, 12/2/11)
GOP defies NH House speaker on RTW (Nashua Telegraph, 12/2/11)
Own party defies speaker on RTW (Nashua Telegraph, 12/2/11)
Editorial: Lawmakers’ ‘birther’ actions shamed the state (Concord Monitor, 12/2/11)
Anti-labor fights in Concord have only begun (Keene Sentinel, 12/1/11)
Right-to-work override fails (Concord Monitor, 12/1/11)
Leading Republicans lose positions for opposing right-to-work (State Impact/NPR, 12/1/11)
Governor’s proposed change to education aid soundly rejected (Nashua Telegraph, 12/1/11)
Lynch’s ed funding plan rejected (Concord Monitor, 12/1/11)


Video: Right-to-Work veto override fails (WMUR, 11/30/11)
NH House kills ‘Right-to-work’ bill (Seacoast Online, 11/30/11)
Opinion: Birther lawmakers give NH bad name (Nashua Telegraph, 11/30/11)
Three candidates enter NH gubernatorial race (The Dartmouth, 11/30/11)
Hassan ‘grateful’ right-to-work bill killed (Patch, 11/30/11)
NH Gov Lynch praises GOP candidate Jon Huntsman for state focus (Boston Globe, 11/30/11)
O’Brien sacks leadership team members after Right to Work vote (The Lobby NH, 11/30/11)
NH GOP fails to override governor’s veto on anti-union measure (Huffington Post, 11/30/11)
NH House rejects Lynch school-aid proposal (Boston Globe, 11/30/11)
House sustains Lynch veto of right to work (Union Leader, 11/30/11)
Unions survive anti-labor push in New Hampshire (LA Times, 11/30/11)
Editorial: Constitutional amendment to target state aid to poor towns fails (Union Leader, 11/30/11)
Lynch to question NH utilities about storm response (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/30/11)
Audio: House shoots down Lynch plan (NHPR, 11/30/11)
Right-to-work veto override vote coming? (Union Leader, 11/29/11)
Lynch Amendment likely to fail (NHPR, 11/29/11)
Opinion: Perry campaigns with Sheriff Arpaio, modern-day Bull Connor (NH Journal, 11/28/11)
Lynch asks for federal aid to help pay for storm damage (Union Leader, 11/24/11)
O’Brien says Lynch’s school funding plan keeps courts in control (Union Leader, 11/23/11)
Editorial: Hassan’s gamble – falling in with casinos (Union Leader, 11/21/11)
NH hearing, vote set on Lynch school aid proposal (Seacoast Online, 11/21/11)
Heavy hitters tried to boost Lynch’s education proposal (Nashua Telegraph, 11/20/11)
House speaker O’Brien warmly received in Mont Vernon (Nashua Telegraph, 11/20/11)
O’Brien insists he has done no ‘bashing’ (Concord Monitor, 11/20/11)
House members’ group asks extra sessions to be canceled (Seacoast Online, 11/19/11)
Former Cornerstone leader running for NH Governor (Boston Globe, 11/17/11)
Hassan speaks out against GOP agenda (Patch, 11/17/11)
Video: Hassan says NH Republicans are ‘taking us back centuries’ (Patch, 11/17/11)
Exeter’s Hassan jabs NH GOP, again (Patch, 11/17/11)
Downplaying social issues in New Hampshire (National Journal, 11/17/11)
NH has low crime rate, but high rate for incarcerating minorities (Nashua Telegraph, 11/17/11)
Living free more than state motto (Nashua Telegraph, 11/17/11)
NH’s presidential primary is first, but is it an advantage? (Nashua Telegraph, 11/16/11)
Opinion: Lynch, at last: A stand on gambling (Union Leader, 11/16/11)
Conservative Kevin Smith says ‘I’m in’ for governor (Union Leader, 11/16/11)
Kevin Smith running for governor of NH (National Journal, 11/16/11)
Smith joins NH race for governor (Politico, 11/16/11)
Is NH’s unique tax pledge an economic advantage? (Nashua Telegraph, 11/15/11)
Lynch promises to veto gambling bills (WMUR, 11/14/11)
Education costlier, funds fewer, future cloudy (Nashua Telegraph, 11/14/11)
O’Brien fuels amendment argument (Union Leader, 11/13/11)
Officials try to make state attractive as a business’s home (Nashua Telegraph, 11/13/11)
Trying to define ‘New Hampshire Advantage’ is elusive (Nashua Telegraph, 11/13/11)
McLaughlin seriously weighing run for governor (Laconia Daily Sun, 11/11/11)
NH House returning Nov. 30 for school amendments (Boston Globe, 11/11/11)
As Manchester airport access road opens, state faces drop in toll revenue (Nashua Telegraph, 11/11/11)
NH Republican makes his mark (National Catholic Reporter, 11/10/11)
Commentary: Gatsas will ‘take a look’ at run for governor (Union Leader, 11/10/11)
Lynch passes on pitching school funding amendment (Union Leader, 11/9/11)
Lynch: PUC needs answers from utilities (Eagle-Tribune, 11/9/11)
After re-election, Gatsas says run for governor possible (WMUR, 11/9/11)
Commentary: Gatsas will ‘take a look’ at run for governor (Union Leader, 11/9/11)
O’Brien proposes NH House meet again (Boston Globe, 11/8/11)
Bills propose expanded gaming in NH (Union Leader, 11/8/11)
O’Brien, Bettencourt bash Sheheen comments (Union Leader, 11/8/11)
Occupy NH members hold a public ‘demystifying’ session (Union Leader, 11/7/11)
Gardner gets a breather, time to joke (Union Leader, 11/6/11)
Commentary: In NH primary, the real contest is for runner-up (Union Leader, 11/5/11)
Ovide: Paul candidacy is “a statement of empowerment, not powerlessness” (Conway Daily Sun, 11/5/11)
Granite Staters: We’re still first (Boston Herald, 11/3/11)
Hassan goes on the attack – and defensive (The Wire, 11/2/11)
Audio: Interview with Ovide Lamontagne (YouTube, 11/2/11)
It’s official: Gardner sets first-in-the-nation primary for Jan. 10 (Union Leader, 11/2/11)
Editorial: Gardner’s green flag: The race gets underway (Union Leader, 11/1/11)


Local Dems trying to strengthen, spread message (Patch, 10/31/11)
NH gubernatorial race has started (Eagle-Tribune, 10/30/11)
Editorial: Wake up, Maggie: Mud, yes; amendment, no (Union Leader, 10/30/11)
Rick Perry urges repeal of NH gay marriage law (Reuters, 10/29/11)
Constitutional amendment would bar income tax (Union Leader, 10/28/11)
Hassan outlines goals in her run for governor (Seacoast Online, 10/28/11)
Retired state Supreme Court Chief Justice opposes repeal of state’s gay marriage law (Union Leader, 10/28/11)
House panel OKs 2 casinos, 10,000 slots (Union Leader, 10/28/11)
Hassan says her campaign will stress job creation (StateImpact/NPR, 10/27/11)
Faux problems, Mo’ money (WMUR, 10/27/11)
Bill Gardner a New Hampshire institution (LA Times, 10/27/11)
NH House panel backs legalizing casinos (WMUR, 10/27/11)
NH House panel recommends repealing gay marriage (NH Journal, 10/26/11)
Repeal of same-sex marriage advances (Union Leader, 10/26/11)
Hassan promises state ‘won’t turn our back’ on its people (Union Leader, 10/26/11)
Editorial: Wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I… (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/26/11)
Hassan campaign announces 125+ endorsements (Patch, 10/26/11)
GOP leader fires back at Hassan (Patch, 10/25/11)
Former Democratic  State Sen Hassan to run for gov (NHPR, 10/25/11)
Could Hassan suffer after-effects from Hillary v. Obama ’08? (The National Review, 10/25/11)
Democrats rally for the 2012 election (Seacoast Online, 10/25/11)
Former Senate Majority Leader Maggie Hassan makes gubernatorial bid official (Union Leader, 10/25/11)
Democratic Jackie Cilley calls for Dems to ‘be the bullet’ that stops Republicans (NH Journal, 10/25/11)
Hassan announces candidacy for governor (WMUR, 10/24/11)
Dems gather, lay plans to take state, national races (Seacoast Online, 10/24/11)
Hassan to make NH gubernatorial bid official on Tuesday (National Journal, 10/24/11)
NH House begins effort to repeal gay marriage (Seacoast Online, 10/24/11)
NH bills would require new voters to be residents (Concord Monitor, 10/23/11)
Lynch unveils new constitutional amendment on school funding (Union Leader, 10/22/11)
Governor’s proposal on education amendment criticized by House, Senate leaders (Nashua Telegraph, 10/22/11)
Lynch’s ed funding move draws mixed GOP reaction (NHPR, 10/21/11)
No-permit gun bill is pushed (Union Leader, 10/21/11)
Death penalty option for all murder cases? (Union Leader, 10/21/11)
Gov. Lynch calls for Education Funding Amendment (NHPR, 10/21/11)
Lynch proposes school funding amendment (WMUR, 10/21/11)
GOP activist mulls 2012 run for governor (Concord Monitor, 10/20/11)
Conservative group head to step down (Nashua Telegraph, 10/20/11)
Cornerstone’s Kevin Smith resigns (NH Journal, 10/19/11)
Wall Street firms affirm NH’s high credit rating (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/19/11)
New Hampshire Republicans prepare for gubernatorial battle (National Journal, 10/19/11)
Kevin Smith resigns from Cornerstone (Union Leader, 10/19/11)
More drama for state GOP; MacDonald disappoints (NH Journal, 10/19/11)
Editorial: Nevada Mitt – Romney and the primary (Union Leader, 10/18/11)
Video: Gov. Lynch talks economy in the Upper Valley (WCAX, 10/18/11)
Corrections to put prison project to bid (Concord Monitor, 10/18/11)
NH to seek bids for private prisons (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/17/11)
Candidates share the spotlight at GOP Octoberfest (Seacoast Online, 10/17/11)
Republicans call for Romney to join Nevada boycott (WMUR, 10/17/11)
Read his lips: No, Gatsas is not running for governor (Union Leader, 10/16/11)
Opinion: Undermining New Hampshire, undermining Bill Gardner (Union Leader, 10/16/11)
Citizens petition calls for Baldasaro’s ouster over comments on gays in military (Union Leader, 10/15/11)
Lynch is no lame duck (Conway Daily Sun, 10/13/11)
House overrides fire sprinkler bill veto (Union Leader, 10/12/11)
Newspaper union pickets outside Ovide’s home (Patch, 10/12/11)
School assaults on teachers raise concern (Union Leader, 10/12/11)
NH governor, workers to discuss jobs initiative (Forbes, 10/11/11)
Bipartisan NH group seeks to build bridges — literally (NH Journal, 10/11/11)
Ovide Lamontagne navigates tricky road to NH governorship (Politico, 10/11/11)
Opinion: Cut the feds out of the equation (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/10/11)
Occupy NH takes over White Park (Concord Monitor, 10/10/11)
New Hampshire’s contrarian streak (New York Times, 10/10/11)
NH House appears to be on path to ‘Wonderland’ (Union Leader, 10/9/11)
Casino measure advances in State House (Union Leader, 10/7/11)
GOProud to hold NH town hall (NH Journal, 10/7/11)
Marketplace of ideas (Concord Monitor, 10/7/11)
Ovide Lamontagne speaks at New England College (Concord Monitor, 10/6/11)
Video: Lamontagne answers questions at town hall (WMUR, 10/6/11)
Several gather in support of Occupy Wall Street in NH (WMUR, 10/6/11)
Video: Lamontagne says he would fight to end health reform (WMUR, 10/6/11)
Lamontagne: No to federal health care (Union Leader, 10/6/11)
Gov. Lynch launches third phase of jobs program in Portsmouth (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 10/5/11)
NH state troopers approve labor contract (Boston Globe, 10/5/11)
Panel proposes supplanting state’s retirement system (Union Leader, 10/5/11)
NH Supreme Court Justice Duggan to retire (Boston Globe, 10/4/11)
Lynch launches plan to train jobless workers (Patch, 10/4/11)
Lynch to launch WorkReady NH as part of jobs initiative (Seacoast Online, 10/3/11)
Uncertainty among voters prevails at GOP event at Ovide’s house (Union Leader, 10/2/11)
NH AG says provisional balloting unconstitutional (Union Leader, 10/2/11)


NH House disagrees with EPA decision (NH Journal, 9/30/11)
NHGOP: Shaheen, Lynch should denounce Biden primary comments (NH Journal, 9/29/11)
NH guber race ranks as top 2012 contest (Politico, 9/28/11)
Studies warn of revenue loss without expanded gambling (Union Leader, 9/28/11)
Rick Perry makes Ovide Lamontagne trek (Politico, 9/26/11)
Governor orders wage freeze for nonunion workers (WMUR, 9/26/11)
Gov. McDonnell blasts Obama in NH speech (Washington Post, 9/26/11)
Big crowd turns out for McDonnell, NH GOP (NH Journal, 9/26/11)
Editorial: Medicaid politics – NH taxpayers lost (Union Leader, 9/25/11)
2011 Unique year in NH for GOP presidential candidates (WMUR, 9/25/11)
Gubernatorial season is already heating up (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/25/11)
$61M contract delay irks lawmakers (Union Leader, 9/25/11)
NH Dem Chair Buckley to party activists: Send the ‘right-wing gang’ packing (Union Leader, 9/25/11)
Several possible Democrats in NH Gov’s race (Boston Globe, 9/24/11)
NH Democrats gather to discuss 2012 politics (WMUR, 9/24/11)
Commentary: New Hampshire Democrats’ 10-year income tax itch (Union Leader, 9/24/11)
No easy fix to retirement system woes (Union Leader, 9/23/11)
Video: Lamontagne, O’Brien speak in Windham (Patch, 9/23/11)
Bragdon says no to governor run (The Cabinet, 9/22/11)
27 NH House members backing Perry (Union Leader, 9/22/11)
Official says Manchester primary voter turnout lowest in 20 years (Union Leader, 9/21/11)
Another View:  Gov. Lynch will leave office very popular, and for good reason (Union Leader, 9/20/11)
Democrats grab another special election win (WMUR, 9/20/11)
Video: Ovide Lamontagne: NH is an ‘exceptional state’ (NECN, 9/19/11)
Is Frank Guinta running for governor? (NH Journal, 9/19/11)
Cornerstone Action’s Kevin Smith moving toward candidacy for governor (Union Leader, 9/19/11)
Ovide Lamontagne makes candidacy for governor official (Union Leader, 9/19/11)
Video: Lamontagne enters governor’s race (Patch, 9/19/11)
Ovide Lamontagne running for governor (Washington Post, 9/19/11)
Lamontagne launches bid for NH governor (RealClearPolitics, 9/19/19)
Lamontagne launches bid for NH governor (CNN, 9/19/11)
Ovide Lamontagne: O’Brien agenda ‘just the beginning’ (Blue Hampshire, 9/19/11)
Bettencourt endorses Lamontagne (Patch, 9/19/11)
Lamontagne declares for governor (NHPR, 9/19/11)
Pundits concur that Lynch tops popularity list among governors (Union Leader, 9/18/11)
Lynch’s human touch (Concord Monitor, 9/18/11)
NH now has gubernatorial race, too (Eagle-Tribune, 9/18/11)
Editorial: The next governor – what comes after Lynch (Union Leader, 9/18/11)
Five storylines with Lynch out (Patch, 9/18/11)
Opinion: Gov. Lynch going out on top (Seacoast Online, 9/18/11)
Lynch leaving interesting field of contenders (Nashua Telegraph, 9/18/11)
With Lynch out, lengthy list eyes governor’s seat (Union Leader, 9/18/11)
New hope for foes of gay marriage (Concord Monitor, 9/18/11)
Lynch offers a lesson in how to govern (Concord Monitor, 9/18/11)
Jeb Bradley won’t run for governor (Laconia Daily Sun, 9/17/11)
Monday’s the day for Ovide (Politico, 9/16/11)
Question now is, who will run for Lynch’s seat? (Nashua Telegraph, 9/16/11)
NH Gov. John Lynch discusses plans after 2013 (WMUR, 9/16/11)
Lamontagne may announce run for governor (WMUR, 9/16/11)
Praise follows Lynch’s announcement (Union Leader, 9/16/11)
Court dismisses lawsuit against Speaker O’Brien (Union Leader, 9/16/11)
Governor won’t seek corner office again (Union Leader, 9/16/11)
His legacy: Effective and pitch perfect (Concord Monitor, 9/16/11)
Lynch won’t seek fifth term as NH governor (Nashua Telegraph, 9/16/11)
Lamontagne  says he’ll formally announce for gov on Monday (Union Leader, 9/16/11)
Lynch exit announcement generates lots of speculation (Eagle Tribune, 9/16/11)
NH Gov Lynch discusses plans after 2013 (WMUR, 9/16/11)
Editorial: Gov. Lynch has done much, and still has more to do (Keene Sentinel, 9/16/11)
Gov. Lynch bows out of running for a historic fifth term (Union Leader, 9/15/11)
Video: NH Dem lawmaker talks potential Dem gov candidates (NH Journal, 9/15/11)
Lame duck Lynch? (Patch, 9/15/11)
Gov. Lynch bows out of running for a historic fifth term (Union Leader, 9/15/11)
Lynch says four terms is enough (NHPR, 9/15/11)
NH gubernatorial race wide-open now (The Daily Caller, 9/15/11)
Lynch won’t run for re-election (National Journal, 9/15/11)
Bill would repeal gay marriage (Nashua Telegraph, 9/15/11)
Are Republicans ready to overturn marriage in New Hampshire? (The Advocate, 9/15/11)
Veto override expands NH deadly force law (Eagle-Tribune, 9/15/11)
NH Governor will not seek re-election (New York Times, 9/15/11)
NH lawmakers move to repeal same-sex marriage (Reuters, 9/14/11)
NH House passes bill to expand deadly force (Boston Globe, 9/14/11)
NH House passes bill to expand deadly force (WMUR, 9/14/11)
House overrides veto to expand public’s right to use deadly force in self-defense (Union Leader, 9/14/11)
Gay marriage repeal advances, bill would allow civil unions (Union Leader, 9/14/11)
Gov. Lynch won’t seek fifth term (Politico, 9/14/11)
Latest state revenue numbers show a ‘limping’ NH economy (Seacoast Online, 9/14/11)
Gov. Lynch won’t seek reelection (NH Journal, 9/14/11)
NH GOP leader an old hand (Concord Monitor, 9/11/11)
Haven’t seen the last of voter ID feud (Union Leader, 9/11/11)
Commentary: In NH, the Tea Party movement is smaller than advertised (Union Leader, 9/10/11)
All eyes on NH in 2012 governors races (Washington Post, 9/10/11)
Opinion: Victories for common sense in NH (Seacoast Online, 9/8/11)
Senate veto roundup (New Hampshire Watchdog, 9/8/11)
Editorial: Lynch and labor – Rhetoric vs. experience (Union Leader, 9/8/11)
Senate overturns Gov. Lynch’s veto of deadly force bill (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/8/11)
Deadly force rule revived (Concord Monitor, 9/8/11)
NH Senate overrides Lynch ‘deadly force’ veto (NH Journal, 9/7/11)
Senate upholds Lynch veto blocking RGGI repeal (Union Leader, 9/7/11)
NH Senate overrides four vetoes, sustains vetoes of voter ID and RGGI repeal (NH Watchdog, 9/7/11)
Republican wins District 14 House special election (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/7/11)
NH Senate meets to consider vetoed bills (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 9/7/11)
Senators back from break, tackle vetoes (Nashua Telegraph, 9/7/11)
Senate backs Lynch veto of voter photo ID bill (Union Leader, 9/7/11)
Senate overrides Lynch on self-defense (NHPR, 9/7/11)
Activists, GOP push for gun-rights veto override (Concord Monitor, 9/7/11)
These four vetoes worth sustaining (Nashua Telegraph, 9/7/11)
PUC  chairman will step down (Concord Monitor, 9/7/11)
Post-Kimball, congressional staffers volunteering at NHGOP office (Union Leader, 9/6/11)
NH economic development team inviting Mass. firms to ‘roam’ (Union Leader, 9/6/11)
Shoulder to shoulder against deadly force bill (Union Leader, 9/6/11)
Lynch slams self-defense bill (NHPR, 9/6/11)
Should-to-shoulder against deadly force bill (Union Leader, 9/6/11)
Right-to-work fight rallies union troops (Union Leader, 9/6/11)
Editorial: Kimball’s loyalty – proving it at the last minute (Union Leader, 9/4/11)
Senate wrestles with gun, voting bills vetoes (Union Leader, 9/4/11)
Showdown on gun bill this week (Concord Monitor, 9/4/11)
Senate veto vote on tap this week (Nashua Telegraph, 9/4/11)
Preview: Tuesday special election in Seacoast (NH Journal, 9/4/11)
NH Senate wrestles with gun, voting bills vetoes (Union Leader, 9/4/11)
Opinion: NH GOP must learn from its Jack Kimball mistake (Seacoast Online, 9/3/11)
Lynch seeks disaster declaration for NH (Union Leader, 9/3/11)
State revenue ahead of budget but lags 2010 (Union Leader, 9/2/11)
Republican Party lead in NH quits (Boston Globe, 9/2/11)
Editorial: Fixing the Kanc: Lynch’s need for speed (Union Leader, 9/2/11)
Kimball’s fuzzy fundraising math (NH Journal, 9/1/11)
Video: Jack Kimball resigns as NHGOP chairman (WMUR, 9/1/11)
Opinion: NH Republicans losing focus, endangering the state and nation (Union Leader, 9/1/11)
Hit the road Jack: New life for GOP (NH Journal, 9/1/11)
Aggressive schedule set for road repairs (Union Leader, 9/1/11)


Perspective: Thoughts on being a party chairman (NH Journal, 8/31/11)
Cost-cutting contract for SEA passes (Concord Monitor, 8/31/11)
NH workers approve contract to save state $50M (Seacoast Online, 8/31/11)
Groups urge NH Senate to kill photo ID bill (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/31/11)
Dems to pay fine in election law complaint (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/31/11)
Jack Kimball resists ouster with last stand (Politico, 8/30/11)
Kimball forces bent rules to secure anti-delegation petition; held vote in secret (NH Journal, 8/30/11)
Republican Liberty Caucus urges open chairman discussion (NH Journal, 8/29/11)

Place your bets on NH gambling prospects (Union Leader, 8/28/11)
Law enforcement officials: Deadly-force bill unnecessary (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/28/11)
Kimball’s survival strategy revealed as some call for new Chair election (NH Journal, 8/28/11)
Editorial: Lynch should make his intentions known (Nashua Telegraph, 8/27/11)
Lamontagne indicates he’ll soon announce run (Manchester Union Leader, 8/25/11)
NH GOP pressured defiant party chair (CNN, 8/25/11)
Kimball vows to stay on as NHGOP Chair (NH Journal, 8/25/11)

New Hampshire’s tempest from a tea party chairman (National Journal, 8/25/11)
At press conference, Kimball vows he won’t resign as GOP chair (Concord Patch, 8/25/11)
Kimball calls news conference (WMUR, 8/24/11)
NH Republicans say they have the votes to oust Kimball (Huffington Post, 8/24/11)
Kimball removes Ayotte, Bass, Guinta from GOP website, gets caught, puts them back up (NH Journal, 8/24/11)
NH GOP chair under fire (Boston Globe, 8/23/11)
Kimball says quitting as GOP chair would be ‘worst thing’ for NH GOP; RGA denies threatening to withhold funds (Manchester Union Leader, 8/23/11)
Kimball turns to nudist in fight for job (NH Journal, 8/23/11)
NH GOP chair says group offers money to quit (Boston Globe, 8/23/11)
Special GOP meeting called to address issues with party Chairman Jack Kimball (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/23/11)
Opinion: John H. Sununu, where are you? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/22/11)
Opinion: Time for Gov. Lynch to make his intentions known (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/21/11)
NH Dem leader: NH rejecting reckless Tea Party Republican agenda (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/20/11)
Editorial: Kimball should go: Wrong man to head GOP (Manchester Union Leader, 8/19/11)
Manchester Union Leader calls on Kimball to leave (NH Journal, 8/19/11)
Opinion: Political wizardry or simply revenge? (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/19/11)
NH GOP’s Kimball: GOP is forging ahead without an ‘easy button’ (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/18/11)
Developing: State GOP Treasurer calls for emergency meeting to deal with Kimball situation (NH Journal, 8/18/11)
NH Democrats try to cut GOP majority (Eagle Tribune, 8/16/11)
State budget: Democrats should propose an alternate plan (Manchester Union Leader, 8/16/11)
GOP’s Kimball faces full-blown revolt (NH Journal, 8/16/11)
Kimball election petition signature violates GOP bylaws, could cause his ouster (NH Journal, 8/15/11)
Opinion: Right to vote is precious; protect it (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/13/11)
Commentary: GOP doing what it promised (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/13/11)
Kimball on hot seat after special election loss (NH Journal, 8/10/11)
Democrat wins Strafford special election (NH Journal, 8/9/11)
NH state workers’ union group recommends contract (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/9/11)
Federal debt deal won’t impact NH much (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/7/11)
Curtain raiser: Tuesday’s special election (NH Journal, 8/7/11)
Speaker O’Brien planning special House session (Manchester Union Leader, 8/4/11)
Granite Staters meet Rick Perry in Austin (Manchester Union Leader, 8/4/11)
O’Briens accused of sloppy polling (Concord Monitor, 8/3/11)
LGC illegally formed, owes cities and towns millions, says state (Seacoast Online, 8/2/11)
State: Local Govt Center owes communities more than $100M (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/2/11)
Facebook ‘black op’ lead to GOP war of words, questions about Kimball’s leadership (NH Journal, 8/2/11)
Budget cuts prompt end of NH ambulance service (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 8/2/11)

JULY 2011

NH Speaker: Debt crisis will trickle down (Concord Monitor, 7/29/11)
Politico: ‘Move over, Ovide,’ Kevin Smith won the month (NH Journal, 7/29/11)
NH gov race ranked #8 on Politico’s top ten list (Politico, 7/28/11)
Consumers divided on NH economy (NHPR, 7/28/11)
NH House speaker: Health care, retirement system cuts necessary (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/28/11)
Key NH Republicans going to Austin to talk with Perry (NH Journal, 7/27/11)
Opinion: Sullivan’s dishonest smears poison Granite State politics (NH Journal, 7/26/11)
Website forms to draft Kevin Smith for governor (NH Journal, 7/18/11)
Conservative activist Kevin Smith is ‘seriously considering’ a 2012 run for governor (Manchester Union Leader, 7/18/11)
Gov. Lynch directs state agencies: prepare for layoffs (Seacoast Online, 7/16/11)
Lynch directs agencies to prepare for layoffs (WMUR, 7/15/11)
Editorial: Time is now for Ovide (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/15/11)
New Hampshire makes plans for more layoffs (Manchester Union Leader, 7/15/11)
Health bills become law without Lynch signature (Manchester Union Leader, 7/14/11)
Editorial: Deadly force: Get it right this time (Manchester Union Leader, 7/15/11)
Veto imperils ‘Status of Men’ commission (Manchester Union Leader, 7/14/11)
Lynch  vetoes deadly force bill (WMUR, 7/14/11)
Governor signs bill modifying school aid (Seacoast Online, 7/14/11)
Sign of times for approving governor (Nashua Telegraph, 7/14/11)
Four bills fail to pass muster with Lynch (Nashua Telegraph, 7/14/11)
Lynch vetoes deadly force bill (Manchester Union Leader, 7/13/11)
Lamontagne weighs run for governor (Seacoast Online, 7/11/11)
Poll finds strong approval ratings for Gov. John Lynch (NHPR, 7/11/11)
Binnie summons state Republican leaders for emergency finance meeting of state GOP (NH Journal, 7/11/11)
Ovide Lamontagne – Our next governor? (Bedford Patch, 7/11/11)
Maggie Hassan for governor? (Exeter Patch, 7/11/11)
NH receives $13 million in federal jobs grant (Manchester Union Leader, 7/11/11)
Unexpected special election outcome has NH Republicans wondering (Nashua Telegraph, 7/10/11)
Will Lynch run for re-election? (Examiner, 7/10/11)
Editorial: Jim Crow? Not even close (Manchester Union Leader, 7/9/11)
GOP Chair Kimball blasts Obama on economic policy (Concord Monitor, 7/8/11)
Planned Parenthood centers stop dispensing contraception (Concord Monitor, 7/8/11)
Lynch’s approval rating remains high (WMUR, 7/8/11)
Former NH Sen. Maggie Hassan considers run for governor (Seacoast Online, 7/7/11)
Manchester seeks refugee moratorium (NHPR, 7/7/11)
GOP primary voters repute extreme agenda in special NH House contest (Miscellany Blue, 7/6/11)
Lynch vetoes pollution fund repeal (Boston Globe, 7/6/11)
NH jobs rebound will take over five years at current growth rate (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/5/11)

JUNE 2011

State GOP Chair Kimball may be facing ouster attempt (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/30/11)
New law makes health care more affordable for NH small businesses (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/29/11)
Planned Parenthood gets another chance because of snafu (NH Ournal, 6/29/11)
Bill proposed to a limit state house bullying (WMUR, 6/29/11)
Lynch looking to privatize some prisons (NH Journal, 6/29/11)
Governor signs into law expansion of death penalty (Concord Monitor, 6/29/11)
Retirement system files court challenge against Legislature’s pension reform (Concord Monitor, 6/29/11)
Sources: State GOP in disarray (NH Journal, 6/28/11)
Area health care officials frustrated with state budget – fear hospitals will take big hit – and shift cost onto insured patients (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/28/11)
Free State Project founder gives NH thumbs up (NHPR, 6/27/11)
NH GOP chair worried about ‘coup’ (Politico, 6/27/11)
Commentary: Making tough choices to ensure a strong economic future (NH Journal, 6/27/11)
Marijuana advocate seeks forum to fight Lynch (Concord Monitor, 6/26/11)
Opinion: NH irresponsible on tobacco front (Nashua Telegraph, 6/25/11)
Lynch passes on vetoing state budget (Nashua Telegraph, 6/25/11)
Governor won’t veto budget (Concord Monitor, 6/25/11)
Editorial: GOP was only left with tough choices (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/24/11)
Editorial: Lynch’s task: Sign the budget (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/24/11)
Unions fend off right-to-work bill in New Hampshire (Wall Street Journal, 6/24/11)
Lynch says budget will become law without his signature (NHPR, 6/24/11)
Governor to let budget become law (WMUR, 6/24/11)
Opinion: Budget keeps GOP promises (Seacoast Online, 6/24/11)
A legislative roundup (NH Journal, 6/23/11)
NH minimum wage restricted by Republicans (Huffington Post, 6/23/11)
Abortion notification bill to become law (WMUR, 6/23/11)
House, Senate pass budget that trims billions in state spending (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/11)
Vetoes overridden, but governor John Lynch and Dems won so much more (Blue Hampshire, 6/22/11)
NH abortion notification bill to become law (Boston Globe, 6/22/11)
House, Senate send rollback of teacher tenure to governor’s desk (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/11)
The dawn of a new day: Legislature passes two-year budget (NHPR, 6/22/11)
Historic $10.2B budget passes (NHPR, 6/22/11)
Opinion: Reckless Republican budget hurts NH (Seacoast Online, 6/22/11)
John Stephen: A responsible budget awaits lawmaker approval today (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/11)
NH lawmakers override vetoed minimum wage bill (Boston Globe, 6/22/11)
Pared-down budget proposal expected to pass (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/11)
Opinion: Governor’s vetoes were reasoned (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/22/11)
NH lawmakers pass changes to school aid law (Boston Globe, 6/22/11)
O’Brien says right-to-work veto override vote can wait until fall (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/11)
House overrides parental notification veto (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/22/1)
Economists cautiously optimistic about state economy over next 2 years (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/22/11)
Proposed budget would make history (NHPR, 6/21/11)
Bishop urges Legislature to overturn abortion notification veto (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/21/11)
Opinion: Budget realism – no more fantasies (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/21/11)
State university students looking at more tuition increases (Keene Sentinel, 6/21/11)
Developing: NH GOP going broke… (NH Journal, 6/21/11)
NH Catholic bishop urges override of gov’s veto (NH Journal, 6/21/11)
Did House cave? Leaders say no way (Concord Monitor, 6/19/11)
Opinion: King Veto: Lynch’s silent treatment (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/19/11)
Opinion: Gov Straddle – Lynch fakes a northern pass (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/19/11)
Commentary: Let the veto overrides begin (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/19/11)
House, Senate to vote on $10B NH budget this week (WMUR, 6/19/11)
NH closing in on a repeal of union dues rule (Boston Globe, 6/18/11)
Editorial: Leftie Lynch: Vetoes show his true colors (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/17/11)
$4.42 billion budget emerges (Concord Monitor, 6/17/11)
Lamontagne reaches out to potential rivals in 2012 GOP primary for governor (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/17/11)
Notice to parents vetoed (Concord Monitor, 6/16/11)
Parole board will decide who can get out of prison (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/16/11)
Parental notification veto not likely the last word (NHPR, 6/16/11)
Lynch says rail ‘should be part of vision’ (Nashua Telegraph, 6/16/11)
After long fight, malpractice money goes to docs (NHPR, 6/16/11)
No agreement on parole overhaul (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/15/11)
Opinion: Parole power: Return it to the board (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/15/11)
Lynch vetoes parental notification bill (NH Journal, 6/15/11)
Lynch vetoes parental notification bill (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/15/11)
Critics: Lynch’s position on Northern Pass unclear (Concord Monitor, 6/15/11)
Lynch vetoes parental notification bill (NHPR, 6/15/11)
Lynch vetoes pension reform bill (Boston Globe, 6/15/11)
Three vetoes from Lynch (NHPR, 6/15/11)
Editorial: Lynch should sign pension reform bill (Nashua Telegraph, 6/14/11)
Economy the issue for NH voters (Boston Globe, 6/12/11)
Parental notification bill is in governor’s hands (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/11/11)
Editorial: The state’s minimum wage law is history (Keene Sentinel, 6/10/11)
Public employees pay more under NH reforms (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/10/11)
Lynch vetoes bill eliminating state minimum wage law (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/9/11)
Editorial: State pension rules needed to change (Concord Monitor, 6/9/11)
Lynch vetoes minimum wage bill (NHPR, 6/9/11)
Lynch vetoes bill repealing NH minimum wage (Nashua Telegraph, 6/9/11)
Public employees pay more under NH reforms (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/8/11)
Speaker O’Brien accepts role as legislative ‘lightning rod’ (Manchester Union Leader, 6/8/11)
NH lawmakers pass carbon-market repeal measure (Bloomberg, 6/8/11)
GOP representative disappointed in O’Brien’s pressure on right-to-work vote (Seacoast Online, 6/8/11)
House passes bill to expand death penalty (WMUR, 6/8/11)
Speaker appoints himself to court advisory panel (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/8/11)
House Republicans trade barbs about drinking, right-to-work (NH Journal, 6/8/11)
Lynch taps prosecutor for Superior Court (NHPR, 6/7/11)
Budget cuts could strand 2000 families (NHPR, 6/7/11)
Editorial: Lynch’s budget gaps – a lot to fill (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/7/11)
Libertarian center ranks NH 1st in nation for overall freedom (NH Journal, 6/7/11)
NH fisherman say they’re sinking under new federal rules (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/7/11)
Seacoast communities considering their own environmental study to combat EPA (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/7/11)
NH negotiators agree on pension reform bill (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/6/11)
GOP lawmakers explain budget ‘downshifting’ (Keene Sentinel, 6/5/11)
Commentary: Things are getting nasty in NH House (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/5/11)
NH Senate OKs expanding state’s capital punishment law (Boston Globe, 6/3/11)
Bill gains adding to death penalty (Nashua Telegraph, 6/3/11)
State Senate passes $4.45B budget: Cuts could pinch health care providers (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/2/11)
Poll: Granite Staters favor ‘right-to-work’ legislation (NH Journal, 6/2/11)
Union members await right-to-work vote (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/2/11)
NH Senate passes $10B budget package (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/2/11)
Death penalty headed for expansion (NHPR, 6/2/11)
Senate passes $4.45B budget; cuts could put pinch on health care providers (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 6/2/11)
Senate to vote on budget – $75M in cuts added back into plan (Concord Monitor, 6/1/11)
Senate budget would spend $71M more than House, $250M less than governor (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/1/11)
Editorial: A loaded bill – SB 88′s gun law changes (Manchester Union-Leader, 6/1/11)
Lean budget passes Senate (NHPR, 6/1/11)
Senate should halt tax amendment bill (Nashua Telegraph, 6/1/11)
NH  House votes to quite Northeast US carbon market (Bloomberg, 6/1/11)
NH votes to require photo ID to vote (Boston Globe, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Poll: Lynch would defeat Lamontagne in hypothetical match-up (NH Journal, 5/31/11)
NH school funding amendments before House, Senate (Boston Globe, 5/31/11)
Senator want to tweak budget plan (NHPR, 5/31/11)
Constitutional amendment effort on school funding stalls (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/29/11)
O’Brien, Lynch still at odds on education amendment (Nashua Telegraph, 5/29/11)
Editorial: Parental notice; parents, and girls, deserve it (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/29/11)
Editorial: Bully House Speaker shows his true colors (Seacoast Online, 5/27/11)
Lynch must decide on veto of parent notification for abortion bill (Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/11)
Brutal: Readers advice to GOP Chair Kimball (NH Journal, 5/26/11)
House Speaker short votes; Right-to-work showdown may be put off (Nashua Telegraph, 5/25/11)
O’Brien wants more time on Right-to-Work (NHPR, 5/25/11)
House delays vote on Right-to-Work (WMUR, 5/25/11)
Fireworks highlight House debate on right-to-work veto override (NH Insider, 5/25/11)
O’Brien pockets veto; enrages unions (New Hampshire Watchdog, 5/25/11)
NH on cusp of approving right-to-work (NPR, 5/24/11)
Editorial: Keep your eye on Vermont (Concord Monitor, 5/24/11)
Delay for right-to-work vote? (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/24/11)
Union leaders prepared for anything (NHPR, 5/24/11)
Editorial: Did voters ask for social overhaul? (Keene Sentinel, 5/24/11)
‘Politics, not policy’ in Right to Work debate (Seacoast Online, 5/24/11)
Opinion: Speaker puts politics over greater good (Seacoast Online, 5/24/11)
Six former NH AGs back Delaney in fight over health care lawsuit (Concord Monitor, 5/24/11)
On budget, NH Senate has its work cut out for it (Keene Sentinel, 5/23/11)
Opinion: Right to work wrong for state (Concord Monitor, 5/22/11)
Opinion: GOP Speaker: Bringing more jobs by curbing union power (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/22/11)
Right-to-work veto targeted (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/22/11)
Lynch: 1500 jobs may be in NH’s future (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/21/11)
The NH Senate’s pro-business agenda (NHPR, 5/19/11)
GOP Chair Kimball blames himself for House special election loss (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/19/11)
Not a peep from Daniels in Granite State (NH Journal, 5/19/11)
Opinion: Which Huntsman will we actually see? (Concord Monitor, 5/19/11)
Editorial: Leapin’ lizard! Newt’s impressive flips (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/19/11)
Outsized claims about Democratic win? (NHPR, 5/18/11)
Ovide: Huntsman could hurt Romney; Also plans to endorse in the fall (NH Journal, 5/18/11)
Democrat sweeps all towns in special election for NH House seat (Nashua Telegraph, 5/18/11)
NHGOP fails to hold on to House seat in special election (NH Journal, 5/18/11)
AG investigates special election signs (NHPR, 5/17/11)
Editorial: Romney rights – states vs. individuals (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/15/11)
Conservatives lining up against Lynch Ed Board nominee (NH Journal, 5/15/11)
Opinion: Republicans must end the ‘government as usual’ model (NH Journal, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Veto override is due (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 5/13/11)
Editorial: Wrong to veto Lynch’s non-working excuses (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/13/11)
Lynch’s education nominee was criticized as principal practicing politics on the job (NH Journal, 5/12/11)
Editorial: The right-to-work issue raises the matter of the balance of power (Keene Sentinel, 5/12/11)
NH votes today on legalizing medical marijuana (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/11/11)
NH governor vetoes anti-union bill (Wall Street Journal, 5/11/11)
GOP goes after right-to-work opponents (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/11/11)
Lynch vetoes ‘right-to-work’ bill (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/11/11)
Right-to-work bill foes, supporters await veto (Nashua Telegraph, 5/11/11)
Commentary: The truth about the right to work bill (Keene Sentinel, 5/11/11)
Battle lines drawn in NH Senate between moderates and conservatives (NH Journal, 5/11/11)
NH Senate votes to support cap-and-trade (Seacoast Online, 5/11/11)
Lynch vetoes right-to-work bill, took big bucks from unions (NH Journal, 5/11/11)
Governor signs bill repealing 10% tax on lottery winners (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/11/11)
House Republicans prepare for right-to-work veto (WMUR, 5/10/11)
NHPTV vote this week (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/10/11)
Jon Huntsman to storm NH (Politico, 5/10/11)
Public employee pension reform off to a slow start (Manchester Union-Leader, 5/10/11)
Analysts: ‘Don’t read too much’ into District 4 special election (Nashua Telegraph, 5/9/11)
Secret prison plan? (Concord Monitor, 5/8/11)
GOP lawmaker calling for prison plan showdown (Nashua Telegraph, 5/8/11)
Editorial: Tier talk – pundits predict the primary (Manchester Union Leader, 5/8/11)
Senators preserve role in carbon pact (Concord Monitor, 5/6/11)
Could public pension reform cause a retirement brain drain? (Keene Sentinel, 5/6/11)
GOP says budget gap just got bigger (Manchester Union Leader, 5/6/11)
NH school discipline bill OKs ‘reasonable’ force (Boston Globe, 5/5/11)
Opinion: veto will be fitting result for anti-union legislation (SeaCoastOnline, 5/5/11)
House vote on retirement reform sets stage for resolving (Nashua Telegraph, 5/5/11)
Fighting over Right-to-Work (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/5/11)
NH House votes to send health care reform funds back to feds (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/5/11)
GOP leaders bearish on red ink (Nashua Telegraph, 5/4/11)
NH House to vote on sending ObamaCare funds back (NH Journal, 5/4/11)
NH House passes vote on union legislation (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/4/11)
NH House votes to require photo ID to vote (Boston Globe, 5/4/11)
Is voter ID on its way to NH? (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/3/11)
Lynch confident balanced budget possible (Nashua Telegraph, 5/3/11)
Lynch maintains high approval in latest poll (WMUR, 5/3/11)
Opinion: Legislators have opportunity to vote for jobs, better credit options for NH residents (NH Journal, 5/3/11)
Budget shortfall doesn’t faze Lynch (Concord Monitor, 5/3/11)
NH House to vote on fighting federal health care reform (Front Door Politics – NH, 5/2/11)
Lynch promises balanced budget as tax receipts lag (NHPR, 5/2/11)
State revenues fall nearly $30 million below projections (WMUR, 5/2/11)

APRIL 2011

Opinion: RGGI must be repealed, not watered down (NH Journal, 4/28/11)
Tax cut vertigo (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/28/11)
Poll: Massachusetts Republicans want “RomneyCare” repealed (NH Journal, 4/27/11)
Gas tax cut sails out of committee (Concord Monitor, 4/27/11)
NH House votes to lower state gas tax by a nickel (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 4/27/11)
Coup to nowhere (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/26/11)
Collective bargaining disagreement (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/26/11)
Speaking of gas prices… (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/25/11)
NH GOP primary not just a Republican party (NH Journal, 4/25/11)
Disgruntled Republicans talk coup (Concord Monitor, 4/24/11)
New Hampshire politicians snipe over primary (Politico, 4/23/11)
Union curbs advance in NH; Lynch vows to veto GOP legislation (Boston Globe, 4/22/11)
Voters crowd capitol, ask senators to restore aid (Concord Monitor, 4/21/11)
NHGOP spent $46K in March, confusion over cash-on-hand figure (NH Journal, 4/21/11)
NH House Speaker proposes cutting gas tax (WMUR, 4/21/11)
GOP leader: the 2011 NH House Republicans did exactly what they promised (NH Journal, 4/21/11)
Senate passes right-to-work with veto-proof majority (WMUR, 4/20/11)
Right to Work in NH (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/20/11)
Four NH senators show they can differ, be civil (Nashua Telegraph, 4/20/11)
Lynch urges people to fight spending cuts (Manchester Union-Leader, 4/20/11)
Senate votes today on right-to-work measure (Manchester Union-Leader, 4/20/11)
NH House special election to act as a performance review for GOP (NH Journal, 4/19/11)
Opinion: The importance of an “Obamacare Plan B” for New Hampshire (NH Journal, 4/19/11)
Consolidating Courts: Reorganizing in NH (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/19/11)
VT considers raising tobacco tax while NH awaits vote on lowering (NH Journal, 4/19/11)
NH Senate hears tax cap debate (Manchester Union-Leader, 4/19/11)
Group: Cuts to alcohol and drug abuse programs would jeopardize 31,000 (Manchester Union-Leader, 4/19/11)
Editorial: Taxes and smokes – keep the nanny state out of it (Manchester Union-Leader, 4/19/11)
NH Senate to consider House pension reform bill (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/18/11)
Closing the JUA cookie jar (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/18/11)
Democrat Connolly indicates he would run if Lynch decides to step aside in 2012 (SeacoastOnline, 4/14/11)
Fighting the feds on health care reform (Front Door Politics – NH, 4/14/11)
NH Speaker: Send NH health care money back to DC (NHPR, 4/14/11)
Showdown may be brewing over state budget (WMUR, 4/13/11)
DOJ slams state’s mental health system (Concord Monitor, 4/12/11)
Senate committee recommends right-to-work bill (WMUR, 4/12/11)
Jack Kimball and his ‘black ops guy’ – making threats to GOP lawmakers? (NH Journal, 4/12/11)
A rocky week for NH House GOP (Keene Sentinel, 4/10/11)
Bill would look at boosting NH’s business strength (Concord Monitor, 4/10/11)
NH – The envy of New England? (Keene Sentinel, 4/9/11)
NH business lobby not entirely happy with GOP-led legislature (Concord Monitor, 4/7/11)
GOP leader ousts member from Finance Committee (Concord Monitor, 4/6/11)
Leader of conservative think tank responds to controversial proposal to strip Catholic Church’s tax exempt status (NH Journal, 4/6/11)
State GOP responds to controversy over tax exemption proposal (NH Journal, 4/6/11)
GOP Rep to target Catholic Church tax status (NH Journal, 4/5/11)
Florida GOP leader blasts NH as ‘syrup farmers’ in primary rant (NH Journal, 4/4/11)
Bettencourt sends conciliatory message to Catholic Bishop (NH Journal, 4/3/11)
NH House majority leader: Catholic Bishop is a ‘pedophile pimp’ (Manchester Union Leader, 4/2/11)
O’Brien clears gallery, is sued (Concord Monitor, 4/1/11)

MARCH 2011

Speaker closes viewing gallery during budget fight (NH Journal, 3/31/11)
At-will, anti-union measure clears House (Concord Monitor, 3/31/11)
NH House moves to pull out of RGGI (NH Journal, 3/31/11)
Union official poses as press to crash NHGOP fundraiser (NH Journal, 3/30/11)
GOP official: New Hampshire’s key to ousting Obama (Concord Monitor, 3/30/11)
Democrats propose budget alternatives (Front Door Politics, 3/30/11)
Sources: Sununu already helping Romney; wooing Union Leader (NH Journal, 3/29/11)
Demonstration planned around budget vote (WMUR, 3/29/11)
The House budget debuts (Front Door Politics – NH, 3/29/11)
Birther trying to sue NH GOP and local rabbi (Concord Monitor, 3/29/11)
This week’s NH Senate votes (Front Door Politics – NH, 3/28/11)
On new collective bargaining proposals, NH looks like ‘Wisconsin on steroids’ (Manchester Union Leader, 3/26/11)
Miss. Gov Barbour cancels first NH trip to mediate budget crisis back home (NH Journal, 3/25/11)
Barbour cancels NH visit (Manchester Union Leader, 3/25/11)
GOP moves forward on derailing passenger rail in NH (Front Door Politics – NH, 3/24/11)
Unions: Bargaining would end under GOP budget bill (Concord Monitor, 3/24/11)
NH GOP spent big in Kimball’s first month (NH Journal, 3/23/11)
NH Senate passes line-item veto measure (WMUR, 3/23/11)
A legislative roundup (Front Door Politics  - NH, 3/15/11)
Lawmaker resigns after ‘eugenics’ remarks (NH Journal, 3/15/11)
House Republicans are off the rails with ‘birther bill’ (NH Journal, 3/9/11)
NH may seek birth record from presidential filers (NH Journal, 3/9/11)
Video: ‘Foolish’ college kids ‘just vote their feelings,’ NH speaker says (Washington Post, 3/8/11)
Pension reform gets Senate committee nod (Concord Monitor, 3/8/11)
Proposed bill would take courts out of setting educational standards (Front Door Politics – NH, 3/7/11)
Opinion: NH Retirement System’s day of reckoning (NH Journal, 3/7/11)
Potential hopefuls try to curry favor with NH tea party figures (Boston Globe, 3/6/11)
Parental notification bill poised to pass (Concord Monitor, 3/1/11)
Getting Social: Votes today on parental notification, gay marriage (Front Door Politics – NH, 3/1/11)
Too many rules? NH House bills focus on less regulations (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 3/1/11)


NH Legislative session – progress report, part 2 (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/27/11)
Legislators debate student voting (The Dartmouth, 2/25/11)
Politico: NH Gov race could be competitive in 2012 (NH Journal, 2/25/11)
NH Legislative session – progress report, part 1 (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/25/11)
Students rally against bill to restrict voting rights (WMUR, 2/24/11)
Changing voter registration (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/23/11)
First ad of NH primary asks ‘where’s the birth certificate’? (NH Journal, 2/23/11)
UL editor: Kimball’s actions ‘demean the office’ (NH Journal, 2/22/11)
Two takes on RGGI (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/21/11)
Presidential candidate threatens to sue NHGOP chair (WMUR, 2/21/11)
Martin to sue GOP, Kimball, whom he calls ‘incompetent idiot’ (NH Journal, 2/20/11)
Behind the scenes: The GOP’s birther, anti-Semite debacle (NH Journal, 2/20/11)
GOP turns attention to Brunelle (Concord Monitor, 2/20/11)
NH lawmakers push for repeal of gay marriage (Boston Globe, 2/18/11)
GOP says Lynch cuts pass cost onto taxpayers (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/18/11)
NH lawmakers urged to scrap gay marriage repeal (NH Journal, 2/17/11)
Local tax option to bump property tax (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/17/11)
Hundreds turn out to be heard on proposed same-sex marriage repeal (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/17/11)
House committee approves RGGI repeal (New Hampshire Watchdog, 2/16/11)
Draft state budget unveiled (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/16/11)
Binnie set to launch NH television network in April (NH Journal, 2/16/11)
Editorial: Lynch listened to voters in latest budget proposal (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/16/11)
Lynch vows to veto right-to-work bill (WMUR, 2/16/11)
GOP reaction to budget address: ‘A first step’ (WMUR, 2/15/11)
Gov. Lynch: 1 in 10 state jobs should be axed (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/15/11)
Lynch: budget proposes restructuring government (SeaCoastOnline, 2/15/11)
Lynch budget plan slashes 255 state jobs (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/15/11)
NH House members to vote on controversial measures (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/15/11)
Previewing Lynch’s budget address (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/14/11)
Cap-trade issue heats up hearing (Nashua Telegraph, 2/11/11)
Editorial: Legislature and AG on constitutional collision course over health care (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/11/11)
Commentary: House leaders; budget priorities are backward (Concord Monitor, 2/11/11)
Lynch backs northeast’s carbon-dioxide market (Bloomberg, 2/10/11)
New state GOP chairman talks about building bridges (The Citizen of Laconia, 2/10/11)
House votes to tell AG to join health care lawsuit (Concord Monitor, 2/10/11)
Lynch: Plenty of cuts, no tax rise in budget (Nashua Telegraph, 2/10/11)
UNH Survey: Economic and budget issues most important issues; Lynch remains popular (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/10/11)
Lynch threatens to veto bill aimed at blocking health care mandate (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/9/11)
Senate, Lynch agree on flat funding for education in 2012 (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/9/11)
Legislation drops ax on kindergarten (Concord Monitor, 2/9/11)
Poll: Jobs and economy are top worries (Concord Monitor, 2/8/11)
Testing tax cuts (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/8/11)
In NH, tea party mixes a strange political brew (NH Journal, 2/8/11)
Lynch maintains high approval ratings (WMUR, 2/8/11)
GOP Speaker tires of Democrats’ ‘clown’ act (New Hampshire Journal, 2/7/11)
Taking aim at the student vote (Boston Globe, 2/6/11)
A zig to the right for Gov. Lynch (Examiner, 2/5/11)
GOP chair Kimball: “We can’t compete with the Democrats right now” (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/4/11)
Opinion: Looking beyond the case of Ward Bird (The Citizen of Laconia, 2/4/11)
Lynch opposes right-to-work bill in NH legislature (Brattleboro Reformer, 2/4/11)
House GOP wants 2% cut from state budget (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/4/11)
Bird’s sentenced commuted (Concord Monitor, 2/3/11)
Ward Bird’s sentence commuted to time served (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/3/11)
Binnie sets sights on creating NH TV network (Concord Monitor, 2/3/11)
A rift among Dem chiefs? (New Hampshire Journal, 2/3/11)
GOP to council: reject health insurance contract (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/2/11)
New Hampshire GOP’s ‘reckless radicals’ (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/1/11)
Ovide’s stock on the rise in New Hampshire (Hotline, 2/1/11)
Top NH GOP official won’t vote for Pawlenty (Roll Call, 2/1/11)
Hard turn right worries GOP moderates in NH (Boston Globe, 2/1/11)
Bills to expand death penalty proposed in NH legislature (Manchester Union-Leader, 2/1/11)
Lynch supports death penalty expansion (Concord Monitor, 2/1/11)
Constitutional showdown looms over NH GOP desire to join health care lawsuit (Front Door Politics – NH, 2/1/11)
Overhaul proposed for state retirement system (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/31/11)
GOP lawmakers’ proposed tax cuts to increase revenue shortfall (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/30/11)
NH craves 2012 action as campaigns bloom late (Roll Call, 1/30/11)
Editorial: To protect NH’s first-in-the-nation primary, GOP chairman must be neutral broker (Boston Globe, 1/30/11)
Unions speak out on state pension reform (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/28/11)
GOP proposes broad reforms to avert collapse of state pension system (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/27/11)
2012 wannabes lining up for Ovide (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/27/11)
NH Republicans flocking to conservative film premiere (Roll Call, 1/27/11)
Opponents of GOP education bill rally in Concord (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/25/11)
Guns put end to Dr Seuss day at NH State House (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/25/11)
Kimball announces transition team; includes Tea Party as well as Establishment types (RedHampshire, 1/24/11)
Poll: Lamontagne has early lead in GOP Gov sweepstakes (NH Journal, 1/24/11)
Editorial: Chairman Jack’s new job (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/24/11)
Kimball elected new GOP chair, Romney tops straw poll (Manchester Union Leader, 1/23/11)
NH Tea Party win a sign for 2012? (Politico, 1/23/11)
Tea Party leader wins NH GOP Chair nod (NH Journal, 1/22/11)
GOP chair vote will be telling (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/22/11)
NH GOP faces Tea Party takeover (CNN, 1/21/11)
Bergeron rolls out more endorsements on eve of GOP vote (NH Journal, 1/21/11)
Race for GOP chair coming down to the wire (Manchester Union Leader, 1/21/11)
NH GOP Chair race remains close (NH Journal, 1/20/11)
Kimball regaining the Big “Mo” with three key endorsements (NH Journal, 1/20/11)
GOP lawmaker wants to redefine “adequacy” in education (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/20/11)
NHGOP to join media outlets in conducting first GOP presidential straw poll (WMUR, 1/19/11)
Power to the people? Will NH enact citizen initiative process? (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/18/11)
State Rep. leaves GOP over Kimball, Binnie alliance (NH Journal, 1/17/11)
Editorial: Nimble Jack, again – Money trumps the party line (Manchester Union-Leader, 1/16/11)
GOP’s infighting involves marriage issue (Nashua Telegraph, 1/16/11)
Kimball – the NH GOP should make presidential contenders prove the conservative credentials (Concord Monitor, 1/16/11)
Sources: Kimball, Binnie alliance about money, Sununu (NH Journal, 1/14/11)
GOP Agenda: Jobs and the economy (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/14/11)
GOP won’t push for repeal of gay marriage in NH (Manchester Union Leader, 1/13/11)
GOP Speaker announces committee to reform education funding (NH Journal, 1/13/11)
Kimball to enforce conservative doctrine on legislature, primary contest (NH Journal, 1/13/11)
GOP postpones ouster hearing (Concord Monitor, 1/12/11)
Conflicting interests: Republicans re-think investigation of state Democratic leader (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/11/11)
GOP leaders hail gun OK in NH Capitol (Boston Globe, 1/12/11)
Proceed with caution, says one budget hawk (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/10/11)
Editorial: Lynch’s lip service: What’s the agenda, gov? (Manchester Union Leader, 1/10/11)
Democrats criticize Republicans’ actions (WMUR, 1/10/11)
Editorial: NH GOP, wake up: Don’t get distracted (Manchester Union Leader, 1/9/11)
Editorial: State House hackery – Partisanship as principle (Manchester Union Leader, 1/9/11)
Governor endorses expanded capital punishment bill (Nashua Telegraph, 1/8/11)
Norelli to GOP: ‘This is not justice’ (Concord Monitor, 1/8/11)
Local officials have lukewarm response to Lynch’s inaugural speech (Laconia Citizen, 1/7/11)
Economists tell lawmakers NH economy is ‘halfway home’ to economic recovery (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/7/11)
Executive Council to consider Bird’s pardon request (Concord Monitor, 1/7/11)
NH Dems challenge GOP effort to oust lawmaker (Boston Globe, 1/7/11)
Democrats fire back at GOP for considering removal of NHDP leader from House (Manchester Union Leader, 1/7/11)
Okay, but round up the other suspects (Concord Monitor, 1/7/11)
Lynch stresses bipartisanship (Concord Monitor, 1/7/11)
Ovide looks to 2012 (NH Journal, 1/6/11)
AG to brief executive council on Ward Bird pardon (Manchester Union Leader, 1/6/11)
Economic briefings to follow Lynch inauguration (Front Door Politics – NH, 1/6/11)
GOP welcomes guns back to the State House (Manchester Union Leader, 1/6/11)
GOP says Lynch’s relevance is up to him (Manchester Union Leader, 1/6/11)
Gov. Lynch sworn in for historic fourth term (Manchester Union Leader, 1/6/11)
Lynch begins fourth term (Concord Monitor, 1/6/11)
When did Gov. Sununu become the enemy? (Manchester Union Leader, 1/5/11)
Lawmakers vote today on weapons in State House (Manchester Union Leader, 1/5/11)
House Republicans attack Democratic Party director on the House floor (Concord Monitor, 1/5/11)
NH House GOP wants Democratic worker to forfeit seat (Boston Globe, 1/5/11)
Democratic Party boss could be forced from office (Manchester Union Leader, 1/5/11)
State budget on the brink and we get Guns in the State House? (NH Journal, 1/5/11)
GOPer Bergeron: new chair must uphold conservative values, grow the party (Red Hampshire, 1/5/11)
Tea Party activists: Sununu’s endorsement of Bergeron throws the base under the bus (Manchester Union Leader, 1/4/11)
Committee votes to allow guns in the State House again (NH Journal, 1/4/11)
Sununu backs Bergeron as next GOP chair (NH Journal, 1/4/11)
The Sununu endorsement – what does it mean? (NH Journal, 1/4/11)
The year ahead: Bills and budgets bearing down on the State House (The Wire, 1/4/11)
State GOP chairman race a dead heat (NH Journal, 1/4/11)
Kimball says Sununu should stay out of NH GOP Chair race (Manchester Union Leader, 1/3/11)
Editorial: Kimball needs a does of humility (Manchester Union Leader, 1/2/11)
Editorial: School funding anew – a year for restoring sanity (Manchester Union Leader, 1/1/11)

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