The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


New Hampshire in the News


New Hampshire Gubernatorial Headlines


COMMENTARY: Republican Rolecek appears headed to run for governor (Union Leader, 12/7/13)
Granite status: Scott Brown says ‘nothing is really changed’ on political plans (Union Leader, 12/6/13)
Scott Brown still weighing options (Union Leader, 12/6/13)
Casino for NH wins critical endorsement (Union Leader, 12/6/13)
GOP Sen. Rausch wants state’s gas tax tied to consumer price index (Union Leader, 12/5/13)
Pot debate precedes legislative hearings (Union Leader, 12/5/13)
Former Mass. Sen. Scott Brown warms to potential Senate bid in New Hampshire (Washington Examiner, 12/4/13)
State revenue continues to outpace the estimates (Union Leader, 12/4/13)
DOT chief details highway funding worries; Senate president opposes gas tax hike (Union Leader, 12/3/13)
Push to block casino in NH ramping up (Union Leader, 12/3/13)


Manchester attorney Bradford Cook won’t run for governor in 2014 (Union Leader, 11/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Rep. Mark Wardenn: NH does not want or need expanded Medicaid (Union Leader, 11/26/13)
NH OKs renewing 2013 health plans in 2014 (Union Leader, 11/25/13)
Granite Status: Foley steps down from NHGOP executive committee (Union Leader, 11/23/13)
State House Dome: Lots of finger-pointing after Medicaid expansion defeat (Union Leader, 11/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Maggie’s Medicaid: Stop pushing more Obamacare (Union Leader, 11/23/13)
No deal on Medicaid expansion (Union Leader, 11/21/13)
Senate Republicans amend then table Medicaid expansion bill to await House action (Union Leader, 11/21/13)
Republicans, Democrats say deal unlikely on Medicaid (Union Leader, 11/20/13)
State ignored economic development law, so BIA stepped in (Union Leader, 11/18/13)
High-risk to keep coverage into 2014 (Union Leader, 11/18/13)
State House Dome: Battle likely on expanding Medicaid eligibility (Union Leader, 11/17/13)
Dems flock to hear Maryland governor speak in Manchester (Union Leader, 11/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Ignorance or malice: Obamacare and NH’s three Dems (Union Leader, 11/16/13)
NH Dems back health-plan extension (Union Leader, 11/15/13)
Granite Status: Ayotte rejects NHDP call for apology after false CBS report on Benghazi attack (Union Leader, 11/15/13)
Dems tell GOP Medicaid plan doesn’t go far enough (Union Leader, 11/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Bad timing makes GOP plan same as Dems’ (Union Leader, 11/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Gene Robinson: Sen. Ayotte rises above partisanship with ‘yea’ vote on ENDA (Union Leader, 11/13/13)
Common questions about Common Core (Union Leader, 11/9/13)
State House Dome: All Medicaid expansion, all the time in Concord (Union Leader, 11/9/13)
Scott Brown gets a plea to run in NH (Boston Globe, 11/8/13)
State House Dome: Lawmakers tackle expanding Medicaid eligibility under Obamacare (Union Leader, 11/3/13)
Food-labeling fight expected in New Hampshire (Union Leader, 11/2/13)
Scott Brown PAC gives $10K to NH GOP (Politico, 11/1/13)


Capital Beat: Threat of cyber attacks on NH infrastructure may spur legislative action (Concord Monitor, 10/27/13)
State House Dome: Highway funding a never-ending battle (Union Leader, 10/26/13)
State, SEA appear close to tentative deal on a new contract (Concord Monitor, 10/25/13)
Lawmakers plan to introduce legislation aimed at Common Core (Concord Monitor, 10/23/13)
Hassan to call special session for Medicaid expansion vote (Union Leader, 10/15/13)
State House Dome: Medicaid panel set to be heard (Union Leader, 10/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Why libertarians are NH’s most active lawmakers (Union Leader, 10/10/13)
EDITORIAL: A Medicaid trigger: Protecting NH from Congress (Union Leader, 10/10/13)
Private insurance seen as key to draft plan for Medicaid expansion in NH (Union Leader, 10/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Hassan’s spin: Who created the state surplus? (Union Leader, 10/7/13)
State House Dome: Common ground eyed on Medicaid expansion (Union Leader, 10/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Expanding coverage: Will NH go DC’s way? (Union Leader, 10/3/13)
EDITORIAL: The shut out: Hurting the people on purpose (Union Leader, 10/3/13)
Obamacare in NH, Day 1: On the bumpy side (Union Leader, 10/1/13)
NH still operating despite federal shutdown (Union Leader, 10/1/13)


EDITORIAL: Hey, Scott Brown stop flirting with NH (Union Leader, 9/30/13)
Shutdown won’t affect critical NH services (Union Leader, 9/30/13)
State House Dome: Committee’s challenge: How to accept Medicaid money (Union Leader, 9/29/13)
Some group health plans on state health exchange will cover ‘elective’ abortions; individual plans will cover only if ‘medially necessary’ (Union Leader, 9/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Relentless Rubens sets sight on Shaheen (Union Leader, 9/27/13)
Granite Status: O’Brien dismisses ‘rabble-rouser’ Obama’s attack on his criticism of health care law (Union Leader, 9/26/13)
Gov. Hassan to Rotarians: NH on ‘threshold of a bright, new future’ (Union Leader, 9/24/13)
Tensions high at latest Northern Pass hearing in Plymouth (Union Leader, 9/24/13)
Efforts underway to make Medicaid expansion workable in New Hampshire (Union Leader, 9/24/13)
NH needs more skilled workers, economists say (Union Leader, 9/24/13)
DOE hosts packed forum on hotly debated Northern Pass project (Union Leader, 9/23/13)
Four Northern Pass public hearings to be held this week (Union Leader, 9/22/13)
EDITORIAL: Common Core: Questions abound (Union Leader, 9/21/13)
State House Dome: Recurring issues on 2014 agenda (Union Leader, 9/21/13)
Officials approve contracts and rates for new Managed Care Medicaid (Union Leader, 9/20/13)
Anthem takes heat from NH senators over limited provider network for marketplace plans (Concord Monitor, 9/19/13)
GOP’s Jim Rubens announces run for US Senate, slams incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen (Concord Monitor, 9/18/13)
Northern Pass application ‘incomplete’ (Union Leader, 9/18/13)
Granite Status: Republican Innis resigns as UNH dean, expected to run for 1st District US House seat (Union Leader, 9/18/13)
Md. Gov. O’Malley to keynote NH Dems’ big fund-raising dinner (Union Leader, 9/18/13)
Shaheen leads Bass, Rubens, Testerman in new poll for 2014 Senate race (Concord Monitor, 9/17/13)
Granite Status: Brad Cook? Frank Guinta? Bob Smith? Political names in the news for ’14 races (Union Leader, 9/14/13)
State, State Employee Association fail to meet mediation agreement (Union Leader, 9/12/13)
NH Democrats rip into Republicans’ alternative plan to expanding Medicaid (Union Leader, 9/12/13)
Granite Status: GOP Manchester attorney Brad Cook confirms eyeing a run for governor (Union Leader, 9/11/13)
DOE gears up for hearings on Northern Pass project (Union Leader, 9/9/13)
Local Government Center asks judge if restructuring moves are legal (Union Leader, 9/8/13)
Granite Status: GOP says Bass is seen as credible opponent to Shaheen (Union Leader, 9/7/13)
State House Dome: More debate over ACA exchanges (Union Leader, 9/7/13)
Gatsas touts former Hassan aide Craig’s appointment to city post (Union Leader, 9/7/13)
Granite Status: Political comeback? Republican Charlie Bass considering ’14 Senate run against Jeanne Shaheen (Union Leader, 9/5/13)
Jeb Bradley’s son voted twice in 2008 general election as a college student (Union Leader, 9/5/13)
Sen. Forrester named chairman of Senate Finance Committee (Union Leader, 9/4/13)
Jeb Bradley says he won’t run for US Senate or statewide office in 2014 (Concord Monitor, 9/3/13)
Granite Status: Bradley won’t run for gov, US Senate in ’14; cites ill family members (Union Leader, 9/3/13)


EDITORIAL: Over the top, again: NH Dems can’t stop beating dead horse (Union Leader, 8/31/13)
State House Dome: Almost no suspense in vote for Senate boss (Union Leader, 8/31/13)
Granite Status: More people joining push for Bradley to run for governor (Union Leader, 8/31/13)
NH forms group to monitor Vermont Yankee decommissioning (Union Leader, 8/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Are establishment NH Republicans going to sit out 2014? (Union Leader, 8/30/13)
Granite Status: Still another Scott Brown appearance slated: This one for conservative group fund-raiser (Union Leader, 8/29/13)
Gaming panel looks at who should regulate casinos (Union Leader, 8/29/13)
Granite Status: Salem’s Morse unanimous choice of NH Senate Republicans for new president (Union Leader, 8/27/13)
NH mulls impact of the closing of Vermont Yankee in 2014 (Union Leader, 8/27/13)
State House Dome: Medicaid hearing to air questions (Union Leader, 8/24/13)
AFP-NH rally decries flaws in Obamacare package (Union Leader, 8/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Bagging Bragdon: Democrats’ goal is clear, cynical (Union Leader, 8/24/13)
GOP says Democrats are hypocrites in LGC criticism (Union Leader, 8/22/13)
LGC restructuring questioned (Union Leader, 8/22/13)
Morse rallies support to be next Senate president after Bragdon steps aside (Union Leader, 8/16/13)
Northern Pass touts jobs creation fund (Union Leader, 8/16/13)
Planned Parenthood to play role in NH’s insurance exchange (Union Leader, 8/15/13)
Obamacare at the Crossroads: NH companies look for ways to pay new fees (Union Leader, 8/11/13)
Insurance, HHS commissioners to join meeting on Obamacare (Union Leader, 8/11/13)
NH county sheriffs hold unique place in gun control debate (Union Leader, 8/11/13)
Obamacare in NH: What you should know (Union Leader, 8/10/13)
3 generations anxious about healthcare coverage (Union Leader, 8/10/13)
State House Dome: Electric costs again before Legislature (Union Leader, 8/10/13)
EDITORIAL: GOP stance against Obamacare hurts thousands of NH families (Boston Globe, 8/7/13)
Northern Pass shadow hangs over discussion of rules for buried transmission lines (Union Leader, 8/6/13)
NH’s Medicaid expansion panel looks at obtaining waiver (Union Leader, 8/6/13)
Lynch joins Dyn Inc’s board of directors (Union Leaders, 8/6/13)
State House Dome: Jobs and the economy still biggest issue for Granite Staters (Union Leader, 8/4/13)
Both sides of the gun control issue rally supporters (Union Leader, 8/3/13)
Granite Status: Many political heavy-hitters headed to NH (Union Leader, 8/3/13)
Poll: Granite Staters unhappy with failure of gun background check bill (WMUR, 8/2/13)
Insurance Dept says it found way to accept health care grant (WMUR, 8/2/13)
Biden to raise money for Gov. Hassan (WMUR, 8/2/13)
Health law foes rally against ‘broken promises’ (Union Leader, 8/1/13)
Former GOP gov candidate takes top job in Londonderry (WMUR, 8/1/13)
Anthem lone NH qualifier for health exchange (Union Leader, 8/1/13)
Poll: Shaheen in strong position; reps. may be in trouble (WMUR, 8/1/13)
Analysis: Poll suggests if NHGOP can finds better candidates they can win congressional seats (WMUR, 8/1/13)
NHGOP legislators take credit for balanced budget, no fee hikes (Union Leader, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Poll: Job approval ratings rise for Hassan (WMUR, 7/31/13)
Mass. gas, cigarette tax hikes felt at NH border stores (Union Leader, 7/31/13)
Poll shows support for voter identification law (WMUR, 7/31/13)
State House Dome: Next up in Concord is deciding Medicaid expansion (Union Leader, 7/27/13)
Gatsas campaign files hefty financial report (Union Leader, 7/27/13)
Hassan vetoes changes to absentee ballot processing (Union Leader, 7/25/13)
College photo IDs will be valid as voter identification (Union Leader, 7/25/13)
EDITORIAL: More Mass hikes: NH Advantage gets a bit stronger (Union Leader, 7/25/13)
NH Republicans blocking Medicaid expansion (Boston Globe, 7/21/13)
Outside counsel fees help push NH litigation tab over $2.3M (Union Leader, 7/20/13)
Sheheen’s schedule getting scrutiny by NHGOP (Union Leader, 7/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Speaker Norelli: A good compromise budget for NH (Union Leader, 7/12/13)
State encourages unemployed to start businesses (Union Leader, 7/11/13)
GOP state senator rejects call to resign from NH Medicaid Expansion Commission (Union Leader, 7/11/13)
Romney to headline NHGOP fundraiser next month (WMUR, 7/10/13)
Potential GOP NH gov. candidate compared health care law to San Francisco air crash (WMUR, 7/9/13)
NH GOP chair: Hassan’s leadership failures on full display in budget process (Union Leader, 7/8/13)
Early in first term, Hassan’s approval rating less than 50 percent – worse than Benson’s (Nashua Telegraph, 7/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Medicaid questions – Summer school for legislators (Union Leader, 7/6/13)
Bragdon makes final Medicaid panel picks, including opponents of expansion (Nashua Telegraph, 7/5/13)
VIDEO: Fall special legislative session could become a free-for-all (Nashua Telegraph, 7/2/13)
Conservative activist: The state Senate firewall goes missing (NH Journal, 7/2/13)
VIDEO: Unprecedented bipartisan cooperation marks passage of NH state budget (Nashua Telegraph, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

State House Dome: Lawmakers bask in dawn of new day (Union Leader, 6/30/13)
Legislature’s use of Renewable Energy Fund called ‘bait and switch’ (Union Leader, 6/29/13)
New Northern Pass proposal gets a cool, cautious reception (Union Leader, 6/28/13)
SB 41′s aim is to spur economic development (Union Leader, 6/28/13)
NH politicians, others react to same-sex marriage ruling (Union Leader, 6/26/13)
NH medical marijuana OK’s by legislature (Union Leader, 6/26/13)
Legislature OKs $10.8B biennial budget (Union Leader, 6/26/13)
NH budget vote set for today (Union Leader, 6/25/13)
No contract for now with NH state workers (Union Leader, 6/23/13)
How lawmakers’ budget choices could affect you (Union Leader, 6/22/13)
State House Dome: Budget plan creates winners and losers (Union Leader, 6/22/13)
Deadline looms as House, Senate $10M apart on budget (Union Leader, 6/19/13)
Gov. Hassan doubts Northern Pass easement effort (Union Leader, 6/19/13)
State House Dome: Medicaid remains big budget hurdle (Union Leader, 6/16/13)
State told it can opt out of Medicaid expansion at any time (Union Leader, 6/13/13)
Capital budget negotiators narrow disagreement (Union Leader, 6/13/13)
Governor to get bill to study changes to way Northern Pass, wind farms are sited (Union Leader, 6/12/13)
State House Dome: Conference time, when miracles can happen (Union Leader, 6/9/13)
Hassan, NH officials think it’s time to include mental health records in gun background checks (Concord Monitor, 6/9/13)
Capital Beat: As legislative year winds down, more than budget still in play at State House (Concord Monitor, 6/9/13)
GOP-led Senate passes budget, heads to showdown with Hassan and House (Concord Monitor, 6/7/13)
Bloomberg again lies about Ayotte in smear ad (NH Journal, 6/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Former NH GOP chairs: Why Republicans should support immigration reform (Union Leader, 6/6/13)
Ad targets Shaheen, health care law (AP, 6/6/13)
Former state Rep. Osgood wins District 4 House seat (Union Leader, 6/5/13)
State Sen. Bragdon explains opposition to Medicaid expansion (Union Leader, 6/3/13)
NH casino debate may not be over (Concord Monitor, 6/2/13)

MAY 2013

Hassan faults NH Senate for across-the-board cuts (Union Leader, 5/31/13)
State Senate urged to expand Medicaid health insurance (Union Leader, 5/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Casino gambling – From imaginative theory to fact (Foster’sDaily Democrat, 5/28/13)
NH Senate to vote on amended medical pot bill (AP, 5/27/13)
Lack of insurance choice troubles some in NH (AP, 5/27/13)
NH Senate budget chief says Democrat’s spending plan was too rosy, saying ‘There is no money’ (Nashua Telegraph, 5/26/13)
Medicaid expansion vote worries state’s healthcare providers (Concord Monitor, 5/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Oops! Lemons for casino backers (Concord Monitor, 5/26/13)
Poll: Was gambling bill’s failure a ‘major defeat’ for Gov. Hassan? (Patch, 5/25/13)
Gov. Hassan ‘disappointed’ over rejection of casino (Seacoast Online, 5/25/13)
Effort to repeal ‘stand your ground’ law falls down in Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/13)
Political retaliation over casino vote puts NH on verge of becoming ‘backwater’ state (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/13)
Senate vote would ban student IDs as valid identification during elections (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/13)
Casino bill’s defeat throws budget into flux (Seacoast Online, 5/24/13)
Medical marijuana closer to becoming reality in NH, amended measure passes Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/13)
Effort to reset minimum-wage in NH goes down in GOP-led Senate along party lines (Nashua Telegraph, 5/24/13)
NH lawmakers brace for budget battle (Eagle-Tribune, 5/24/13)
EDITORIAL: The casino vote: The House did its duty (Union Leader, 5/24/13)
Budget plan presses NH hospitals to join managed care networks (Union Leader, 5/24/13)
Hassan, Sheheen congratulate Pease on KC-46A news (Seacoast Online, 5/24/13)
Hassan faces big budget gaps after casino, tax hikes fail (Seacoast Online, 5/24/13)
NH Senate blocks ‘stand your ground’ repeal, debates voter ID, kills state minimum wage (Concord Monitor, 5/23/13)
Casino vote stirs emotions on both sides (Union Leader, 5/23/13)
NH Speaker Norelli: Casino a four-sided issue (, 5/23/13)
House votes to kill casino bill, forcing Gov Hassan back to drawing board to fund budget (Nashua Telegraph, 5/23/13)
Sentence OKs medical pot, with plenty of restrictions (Union Leader, 5/23/13)
NH House rejects latest effort to expand gambling (AP, 5/22/13)
NH lawmakers reject casino bill caked by governor (Reuters, 5/22/13)
Official says NH abortion sites need state scrutiny (Union Leader, 5/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Underestimating NH: Gun control picks two wrong targets (Union Leader, 5/19/13)
State House Dome: All eyes on House as casino vote nears (Union Leader, 5/19/13)
NH vote nears on expansion of Medicaid (Union Leader, 5/17/13)
Casino committee looks to find acceptable language, more votes (Union Leader, 5/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Leading vs. following: Ayotte, Shaheen and the polls (Union Leader, 5/15/13)
Salem gets peek at proposed casino (Union Leader, 5/8/13)
EDITORIAL: NH’s revenue dip: No cause for alarm (Union Leader, 5/8/13)
Hassan rips Connecticut bill as benefiting Northern Pass (Union Leader, 5/8/13)
Senate Finance Committee chairman says NH House-approved budget has $300M hole (Union Leader, 5/7/13)
Stripped-down medical marijuana bill passes Senate panel with no home-grow option (Union Leader, 5/7/13)
State House Dome: Windfall in April fuels debate in May (Union Leader, 5/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Economic shaping – Enough with the industrial policy (Union Leader, 5/3/13)
Legislator’s latest remarks on bombings spark outrage (Union Leader, 5/2/13)
House panel told casinos would put NH charities’ fundraising at risk (AP, 5/2/13)
Ayotte hears about gun vote at gathering (Union Leader, 5/2/13)
Ayotte defends gun control vote (Nashua Telegraph, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

NH Senate committee wants to keep stand-your-ground law despite push to repeal it (Union Leader, 4/30/13)
In New Hampshire, Senator finds her vote on gun bill is hot topic (New York Times, 4/30/13)
COMMENTARY: My advice to the NH GOP still stands: purge the crazy (Union Leader, 4/29/13)
Supporters of decriminalization optimistic medicinal pot will pass Senate (Union Leader, 4/28/13)
Just who is looking to build a New Hampshire casino? (Union Leader, 4/28/13)
Judge hears debate over education tax credits (Union Leader, 4/26/13)
Committee hears about gambling and ruin (Union Leader, 4/26/13)
Officials, lawmakers, advocates ask panel to toss second phase of voter ID in NH (Nashua Telegraph, 4/25/13)
VIDEO: Hassan questioned by Granite Staters at UNH (WMUR, 4/24/13)
Ayotte faces backlash over gun vote (Public Policy Polling, 4/24/13)
VIDEO: Leaders listen: Gov. Maggie Hassan (WMUR, 4/24/13)
Dem poll shows Shaheen looking strong for re-election (WMUR, 4/24/13)
Giffords Super PAC targets Ayotte on gun vote (WMUR, 4/24/13)
NH tobacco cash proves a windfall (Union Leader, 4/24/13)
Debate to repeal ‘stand your ground’ law divides lawmakers, experts (Nashua Telegraph, 4/24/13)
Shaheen holds own against potential challengers in environmental group’s poll (Nashua Telegraph, 4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Maggie Hassan’s boardwalk empire (Union Leader, 4/24/13)
Opposition to tar sands oil pipeline grows in North Country (Union Leader, 4/23/13)
VIDEO: Stand-your-ground repeal debated (WMUR, 4/23/13)
Analysis: How the Boston bombings impact NH politics (WMUR, 4/22/13)
Capital Beat: NH House looks to replace its voting system, with $560K price tag (Concord Monitor, 4/21/13)
State House Dome: Mass. competition factors into gambling debate (Union Leader, 4/21/13)
Sen. Sanborn met with RGA on potential run for governor (WMUR, 4/19/13)
Senate opts to give tax credit more time to work (Nashua Telegraph, 4/19/13)
GOP majority in NH Senate blocks bill to repeal NH’s new education tax credit program (Concord Monitor, 4/19/13)
Revisiting voter ID (NHPR, 4/18/13)
NH GOP Rep. apologizes over e-mail comment, won’t resign (WMUR, 4/17/13)
Hassan lawyer says gambling license not for life (AP, 4/17/13)
AUDIO: Governor pushes for casino at House hearing (NHPR, 4/17/13)
AUDIO: House committees hear expert testimony on casinos (NHPR, 4/17/13)
COMMENTARY: NH budget should be fixed, not punted (Union Leader, 4/17/13)
Hassan: Casino key to state finances (SeaCoast Online, 4/17/13)
NH rep.  condemned for using ‘vagina’ as synonym for ‘woman’ in all-House email (Concord Monitor, 4/17/13)
Foster approved as next state attorney general (WMUR, 4/16/13)
OPINION: The siren song of casino revenue rings false (Keene Sentinel, 4/16/13)
Hassan in Portsmouth: Casino would create jobs, raise vital funds (SeaCoast Online, 4/16/13)
Poll: NH residents favor casino (AP, 4/16/13)
NHGOP chair in full control after initial meeting (WMUR, 4/16/13)
Casino gambling foes, friends wage passionate battle (Union Leader, 4/16/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Hassan still pushing using $80M from casino in budget (NHPR, 4/15/13)
Chris Sununu sees ‘massive conflict’ in Hassan nominee for Racing and Charitable Gaming Commission (Union Leader, 4/14/13)
State House Dome: Medicaid issues form triangle of concerns (Union Leader, 4/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Foster’s future: Best of luck to the next AG (Union Leader, 4/14/13)
While lawmakers debate, many Salem residents ready to welcome casino (Union Leader, 4/14/13)
Granite Status: Ovide Lamontagne headed to DC as Americans United for Life general counsel (Union Leader, 4/14/13)
Coos County GOP committee’s no-confidence vote in state chair Horne criticized (Union Leader, 4/11/13)
Breakdown: How House members plan to vote on expanded gambling (WMUR Political Scoop, 4/11/13)
Gov. Hassan pushes casino plan in State of the State address (Union Leader, 4/10/13)
Granite Status: ‘Casino Free NH: Pro-Hassan, but anti-gambling (Union Leader, 4/10/13)
AG nominee Foster says he’ll recuse himself when necessary (Union Leader, 4/10/13)
VIDEO: New group forms to fight casino plans (WMUR, 4/10/13)
Lawmakers debate raising cigarette tax 30 cents (WMUR, 4/9/13)
Corrections chief seeks to avoid banning privatized (Union Leader, 4/9/13)
State House Dome: House members under pressure to approve gambling (Union Leader, 4/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Grabbing gun makers NH’s big opportunity (Union Leader, 4/6/13)
Emails show dispute between NHGOP chair and treasurer over finances, endorsing checks (WMUR, 4/6/13)
Hospitality group votes to oppose casino gambling (Union Leader, 4/5/13)
NH closes door on private prisons (Union Leader, 4/3/13)
Business tax receipts exceed target (Nashua Telegraph, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: House passes budget plan without casino fee (WMUR, 4/3/13)
The next Sununu: Like father, like son? (The Note, 4/2/13)
Teacher union backs Hassan’s casino plans (Nashua Telegraph, 4/2/13)
COMMENTARY: The NH House budget uses lots of accounting gimmicks (Union Leader, 4/2/13)
Executive Councilor: AG nominee must disclose all potential conflicts (Union Leader, 4/2/13)
VIDEO: Republicans blast NH House budget plan (WMUR, 4/1/13)
Analysis: In Foster, Hassan picks friend and someone informed on gambling (WMUR, 4/1/13)
VIDEO: O’Brien’s congressional run faces several challenges (Nashua Telegraph, 4/1/13)
Former Sen. Foster to be nominated for attorney general (Union Leader, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

State House Dome: Vote coming on House’s Hassan-like budget (Union Leader, 3/31/13)
Bill would limit size of casino entertainment venues (Union Leader, 3/31/13)
VIDEO: O’Brien is forming congressional exploratory committee to take on Kuster (WMUR, 3/28/13)
COMMENTARY: New Hampshire needs gambling money to fund its basic needs (Union Leader,3/28/13)
Nashua mayor opposes casino (Union Leader, 3/27/13)
Republicans ready assault on Hodder nomination (NH Journal, 3/27/13)
Could a gas tax increase be part of a grand budget bargain? (Nashua Telegraph, 3/27/13)
VIDEO: Senate expanded gambling plan still faxes tough sledding the NH House (Nashua Telegraph,3/27/13)
House panel trims $55M from Gov. Hassan’s budget proposal (Nashua Telegraph, 3/27/13)
Bipartisan House group backs single casino bill (Nashua Telegraph, 3/26/13)
House budget writers expect to spend less than Hassan would (Nashua Telegraph, 3/26/13)
Legislation gives Northern Pass project a pass, foes insist (Union Leader, 3/26/13)
House panel pares Gov. Hassan’s proposed budget (Union Leader, 3/26/13)
Repeal of ’stand your ground’ law up for vote Wed. (Union Leader, 3/26/13)
VIDEO: House group pushes for approval of expanded gambling (WMUR, 3/25/13)
Analysis: Decision by Sununus will get GOP ball rolling in 2014 (WMUR, 3/25/13)
Bill restricts use of deadly force in NH (Concord Monitor, 3/24/13)
Several women among leading contenders or NH attorney general post (Nashua Telegraph,3/24/13)
EDITORIAL: No slots parlors: Wrong for New Hampshire (Union Leader, 3/24/13)
State House Dome: State reps, senators nearing crunch time (Union Leader, 3/23/13)
EDITORIAL: NH Change: Bye, Bedford Falls, hello, Pottersville (Union Leader, 3/23/13)
School tax credit repeal debated at NH Senate public hearing (Nashua Telegraph, 3/23/13)
A casino lobbyist for AG? (NH Journal, 3/22/13)
UMass poll finds support for expanded gambling at all time high (Nashua Telegraph, 3/22/13)
Insiders handicap candidates for AG (Union Leader, 3/22/13)
Casino bills reduced to one; One proposal killed – another one tabled (Eagle-Tribune, 3/22/13)
NH House votes to decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot (Nashua Telegraph, 3/22/13)
House vote to kill casino bill may reveal nothing (Concord Monitor, 3/22/13)
VIDEO: GOP divisions ripple through the NH House (Nashua Telegraph, 3/21/13)
NH House votes to repeal tougher voter photo ID requirements (Union Leader, 3/21/13)
NH House rejects attempt to block Medicaid expansion (Concord Monitor, 3/21/13)
Casino foes give it their all in pitch to NH lawmakers (Union Leader, 3/20/13)
Medical marijuana bill passes House with big, bipartisan majority (Concord Monitor, 3/20/13)
NH attorney general resigns (AP, 3/20/13)
NH House approves medical marijuana bill (Union Leader, 3/20/13)
NH AG Delaney: No wrongdoing done by Executive Councilor Sununu (Union Leader, 3/20/13)
Democrats want answer about Chris Sununu’s actions in Salem case (Union Leader, 3/19/13)
NH House panel pares proposed gas tax increase to 12 cents over 3 years (Concord Monitor, 3/19/13)
Anti-casino group alleges conflict for proponents (Union Leader, 3/19/13)
‘Stand your ground,’ Medicaid expansion on busy NH House agenda (Union Leader, 3/19/13)
GOP report seen as positive for Granite State (Union Leader, 3/18/13)
RNC plan could be good for NH primary (WMUR, 3/18/13)
Police associations: Casino would be no worse than a mall (Union Leader, 3/18/13)
Lien supports GOP’s Horn owing tax (Nashua Telegraph, 3/18/13)
Battle over casinos far from over (Union Leader, 3/17/13)
Gas is a taxing issue in the NH House (Nashua Telegraph, 3/17/13)
Nervous Democrats attack potential Chris Sununu candidacy (NH Journal, 3/15/13)
Chris Sununu interested in runs for gov, Congress (WMUR, 3/15/13)
Chris Sununu confirms he’s eyeing governor or US House run in ‘14 (Union Leader, 3/15/13)
Senate voted for expanded gambling shows power of converts (WMUR, 3/14/13)
NH Senate passes bill legalizing casino (AP, 3/14/13)
New Hampshire lawmakers reject bill to allow guns on school property (Reuters, 3/14/13)
Former House speaker says state is diverting tax money (Union Leader, 3/14/13)
COMMENTARY: For casino backers, any argument will do (Union Leader, 3/14/13)
Governor visits Queen City entrepreneurial hub, looks for support for budget (Union Leader,3/14/13)
Senate passes expanded gambling bill (Union Leader, 3/14/13)
House puts off action on Medicaid expansion vote (Union Leader, 3/13/13)
House says no to guns in NH schools (Union Leader, 3/13/13)
NH Senate panel told: Proposed jobs program wouldn’t cost the state anything (Union Leader,3/12/13)
Americans for Prosperity says Gov. Hassan’s budget has tax increases (Union Leader, 3/11/13)
Gov. Hassan says NH casino funding could top out at $100M (Union Leader, 3/11/13)
OPINION: State budget cuts: Reality catches up with rhetoric (Union Leader, 3/11/13)
NH voters prepare to have their say at town meetings (Union Leader, 3/9/13)
State House Dome: Budget numbers not easy to crunch (Union Leader, 3/9/13)
NH House committee votes 14-1 to endorse medical marijuana bill (Concord Monitor, 3/8/13)
State gets OK from feds on health exchange (Nashua Telegraph, 3/8/13)
Senate group endorses casino (Nashua Telegraph, 3/8/13)
At hearing on NH state budget, dozens seek more money for favorite programs (Concord Monitor,3/8/13)
Senate backs new check on union contracts (Union Leader, 3/7/13)
Gas tax increase passes Statehouse hurdle, more lay ahead (Nashua Telegraph, 3/7/13)
House committee approves medical marijuana bill (Union Leader, 3/7/13)
OPINION: Democrats playing politics with repeal of low-income scholarship program (NH Journal,3/7/13)
Democrats want state minimum wage bill (Union Leader, 3/7/13)
O’Brien: Legislators who vote for gas-tax hike could face electoral consequences (Concord Monitor,3/6/13)
Northern Pass told in White Mountains: Get off our land (Union Leader, 3/5/13)
Labor official criticizes tally of social costs of casino gambling (Union Leader, 3/5/13)
Wind farms inspire email blast to NH lawmakers (Union Leader, 3/4/13)
Former Speaker O’Brien wants gas tax money to go to infrastructure only (Union Leader, 3/4/13)
Lawmakers’ strong positions on marijuana evolving (Union Leader, 3/3/13)
House vote could set stage for new charter schools (Union Leader, 3/3/13)
Dome: Expect gambling bill to pass Senate panel (Union Leader, 3/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Maggie’s gamble: Unexpected opposition (Union Leader, 3/2/13)
Reliance on casino revenue is risky (Eagle-Tribune, 3/1/13)
Hearings scheduled around NH on state budget (AP,3/1/13)
Casino foes call gambling budget fix a ‘fantasy’ (Nashua Telegraph, 3/1/13)


Hassan backpedals on budget (NH Journal, 2/27/13)
VIDEO: Despite a couple rogue votes, Norelli remains in control of the House (Nashua Telegraph,2/27/13)
House discusses ending ban on health care exchange (Nashua Telegraph, 2/27/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Hassan unlikely to sign medical marijuana bill as written (Nashua Telegraph,2/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Stupid taxpayers? Too dumb to notice gas tax trick? (Union Leader, 2/26/13)
House bill would lift ban on health exchange planning by state officials (Union Leader, 2/26/13)
OPINION: Preserve school choice for needy NH students (NH Journal, 2/26/13)
NH GOP accuses Hassan of breaking law with late budget bill delivery (Concord Monitor, 2/26/13)
Hassan: Federal sequester could mean NH National Guard furloughs (Concord Monitor, 2/26/13)
Charter schools, vouchers financially linked by Gov. Hassan (Seacoast Online, 2/25/13)
NH GOP logs complaint against Hassan over budget documents (NH Journal, 2/25/13)
NH facing deadlines for health care law (AP, 2/25/13)
Medical marijuana law in NH’s interest (Nashua Telegraph, 2/25/13)
It’s anybody’s game: Casino site up for grabs (Union Leader, 2/23/13)
Gas tax bill set for vote (Union Leader, 2/23/13)
State House Dome: Senator says budget plan shy $200M in revenues (Union Leader, 2/23/13)
Free Staters told to set clock for 2015 (Union Leader, 2/23/13)
Medical marijuana hearing draws passionate testimony (Union Leader, 2/21/13)
Bill to restrict firearms rights draws gun owners’ ire (Union Leader, 2/21/13)
Gas tax bill sponsors take new approach (Union Leader, 2/21/13)
Hopes high for medical pot bill OK (Nashua Telegraph, 2/20/13)
Hassan makes spirited pitch for casino gambling (Nashua Telegraph, 2/20/13)
Dem lawmaker pushes gas tax increase at House hearing (Nashua Telegraph, 2/20/13)
NH lawmakers: Legalize gambling, no gas tax hike (AP, 2/19/13)
At Senate unveiling, casino bill’s focus stays on cash (Union Leader, 2/19/13)
House judiciary panel recommends abortion waiting period bill be killed (Union Leader, 2/19/13)
DRED nominee faces opposition for Northern Pass stance (Union Leader, 2/19/13)
NH university officials say governor’s proposal enough to stand by their commitment to freeze tuition (Nashua Telegraph, 2/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Casino will not work in the long run (Seacoast Online, 2/18/13)
New Hampshire Legislature holds cards over casino issue (Nashua Telegraph, 2/17/13)
Hassan rolls dice on casino aiding state budget (Nashua Telegraph, 2/17/13)
Wind farm opponents: Slow down (Union Leader, 2/17/13)
Budget plan offers little more for cities, towns (Union Leader, 2/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Business breaks: Hassan cozies up (Union Leader, 2/16/13)
COMMENTARY: NH budget process about to get messy (Union Leader,2/16/13)
Governor’s  budget proposal takes aim at business (Union Leader, 2/15/13)
VIDEO: Hassan budget plan includes cigarette tax hike (WMUR, 2/15/13)
Hassan budget analysis: No money, no mandate (WMUR, 2/14/13)
New NH governor pushes for casino (AP, 2/14/13)
EDITORIAL: Maggie’s money: A wishful state budget (Union Leader, 2/14/13)
Governor’s budget proposals draw party-line criticism (Union Leader, 2/14/13)
Dueling State House bills deal with abortion-related issues (Union Leader, 2/14/13)
Marijuana hearing brings out all sides (Union Leader, 2/14/13)
Hassan expected to include $80 million in gambling licensing revenue in her budget (Union Leader,2/13/13)
Governor to lay out spending blueprint for next 2 years (Union Leader, 2/13/13)
NH to partner with feds in health exchange (AP, 2/13/13)
NH House rejects collective bargaining limits (AP, 2/13/13)
Big issues loom for Hassan in budget address (NH Journal, 2/13/13)
House panel votes along party lines to advance bill repealing NH’s new education tax credit program (Concord Monitor, 2/13/13)
Committee approves state partnership on health insurance exchange (Concord Monitor, 2/13/13)
Northern Pass seen as focus of five bills (Union Leader, 2/12/13)
Business tax credits for public schools face repeal (Union Leader, 2/12/13)
Hassan’s support gives a boost to medical marijuana (AP, 2/11/13)
Early voting? Not if Gardner can prevent it (Union Leader, 2/10/13)
EDITORIAL: Not all trains are alike: A freight line’s sobering perspective (Union Leader, 2/10/13)
State House Dome: Hassan to initiate state budget battle (Union Leader, 2/10/13)
In-state tuition for undocumented residents debated by House panel (Nashua Telegraph, 2/8/13)
UNH poll: Hassan popular, Legislature less unpopular than before (Concord Monitor, 2/8/13)
O’Brien may challenge Kuster (NH Journal, 2/8/13)
Leading NH GOP strategist changes jobs (WMUR, 2/7/13)
NH House kills supermajority tax amendment (AP, 2/6/13)
Debate over Keno gambling could foreshadow battle over casinos (Nashua Telegraph, 2/6/13)
Hearing on O’Brien bill to curb Medicaid expansion draws many more opponents (Nashua Telegraph,2/6/13)
Executive Council approves $3.6M rail study (Union Leader, 2/6/13)
Incompetent Republicans let Kuster walk on tax dodge (NH Journal, 2/5/13)
Bill to block Medicaid expansion generates little interest in NH House (Union Leader, 2/5/13)
NH panel hears from public on Medicaid expansion (AP, 2/5/13)
Supporters, opponents of voter ID repeal speak out at hearing (Union Leader, 2/5/13)
Hassan picks Republican to head NH economic development (WMUR, 2/4/13)
NH Sen. Stiles says lawmakers should go easy on repealing laws (Union Leader, 2/4/13)
US Rep. Kuster owes nearly $11,000 in late property tax bills (WMUR, 2/4/13)
Gionet calls his casinos proposal a ‘jobs bill’ (Union Leader, 2/2/13)
Right to work losing steam at Statehouse (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 2/1/13)
State $2B in hole to pay retired worker health benefits (Union Leader, 2/1/13)


NH Senate passes education funding fix (Union Leader, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Repeal frenzy in Concord undermines concept of settled law (Union Leader,1/31/13)
Speakers tell Second Amendment crowd gun rights are ‘a line drawn in granite’ (Union Leader,1/31/13)
VIDEO: Gun rights advocates hold rally at Statehouse (WMUR, 1/31/13)
‘Right to Work’ bill back on tap in Legislature (Union Leader, 1/30/13)
VIDEO: New right-to-work bill filed in Concord (WMUR, 1/30/13)
At Dartmouth, former NH Gov. Lynch analyzes tenure (WMUR, 1/29/13)
House, Senate ramping up for hearings, business sessions (Nashua Telegraph, 1/29/13)
GOP supporters hoping Horn follows in Sununu’s style (Nashua Telegraph, 1/29/13)
VIDEO: Repeal of ’stand-your-ground’ law likely to die in the NH Senate (Nashua Telegraph,1/29/13)
New party chair talks about her priorities, challenges GOP facing after fall elections (Nashua Telegraph, 1/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Public schools vs. public education (Union Leader, 1/28/13)
Jennifer Horn elected NHGOP Chairman (NH Journal, 1/28/13)
New NHGOP chair Horn begins working to build ‘finely-tuned political machine’ (Union Leader,1/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Thoughts on being a party chairman (NH Journal, 1/28/13)
NH House again to mull turning back clock on young laws (Union Leader, 1/26/13)
Horn elected NH GOP chair, lauds party’s ‘passion’ (Union Leader, 1/26/13)
Longtime GOP operative raises concerns about Hemingway candidacy in open letter (NH Journal,1/25/13)
Republican Liberty Caucus of NH declines to endorse in GOP chair race (NH Journal, 1/25/13)
Shaheen doubles down on support for controversial Hagel nomination (NH Journal, 1/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Kevin Smith: Will Hassan and friends really fix NH’s economic problems? (Union Leader, 1/24/13)
Hemingway PAC spent nearly half of cash on single staffer (NH Journal, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: NH Senate gets it right from the very get-go (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 1/24/13)
Hassan names revenue review panel, lawmakers respond (NH Journal, 1/24/13)
NH beer tax supporters, foes testify (Patch, 1/24/13)
Kimball backs Hemingway in NHGOP fight (NH Journal, 1/24/13)
OPINION: New NHGOP chair should like Ike! (NH Journal, 1/23/13)
Want welfare? Proposed law says take a drug test (Union Leader, 1/21/13)
NH Gov. Hassan says there’s no chance of a pardon from Pamela Smart (Union Leader, 1/20/13)
NH to ‘Taxachusetts’: Bring it on (Union Leader, 1/20/13)
State House Dome: Fresh-start optimism meets fiscal reality (Union Leader, 1/20/13)
Hundreds gather for pro-life and pro-gun rights rallies in Concord (Union Leader, 1/19/13)
School funding threatened in NH cities (Union Leader, 1/18/13)
University System of NH makes case for restoring state funding (Nashua Telegraph, 1/18/13)
NHGOP Chair candidate interview: Jennifer Horn (NH Journal, 1/18/13)
Business leaders discuss good, bad signs for NH economy (Nashua Telegraph, 1/18/13)
NH Senate Democrats vow bipartisanship (Nashua Telegraph, 1/18/13)
Group opposing wind projects offers information (Union Leader, 1/18/13)
Hassan against tax rise on beer (Nashua Telegraph, 1/17/13)
Biggest threat to the education tax credit will come from the legislature (Nashua Telegraph,1/17/13)
State unions seeking pay raises from Hassan (Union Leader, 1/16/13)

Cornerstone Action calls for budget to be based on sound revenue (NH Journal, 1/16/13)
OPINION: The governor must cut spending before she delivers budget (Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, 1/16/13)
Battle over Medicaid expansion will come down to the Senate (Nashua Telegraph, 1/16/13)
Straight-ticket voting applauded, panned at House hearing (Union Leader, 1/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Hassan has to cut spending right now (Union Leader, 1/15/13)
Former consumer advocate named NH’s director of energy (Union Leader, 1/15/13)
OPINION: Is the Free State Project an existential threat to New Hampshire? (NH Journal, 1/15/13)
Education group gives NH local control a failing grade (Union Leader, 1/14/13)
State’s chief justice pushes for institution of drug courts (Union Leader, 1/14/13)
VIDEO: Lawmaker proposes gas-tax hike to pay for road repairs (WMUR, 1/14/13)
Lawmakers propose increased beer tax (WMUR, 1/14/13)
GOP-sponsored bill would reinstate straight ticket voting (WMUR, 1/13/13)
Gardner recounts successes of NH’s Election Day process (Union Leader, 1/12/13)
School funding change on hold (Union Leader, 1/11/13)
Study: Expand Medicaid, NH uninsured drops by 20K (AP, 1/11/13)
Report says Medicaid expansion would spur state’s economy (Union Leader, 1/11/13)
Constitutional amendment to tweak education aid put off to 2014 (Nashua Telegraph, 1/11/13)
NH gun bills filed, but not because of Newtown (Union Leader, 1/10/13)
NHGOP Chair candidate interview: Andrew Hemingway (NH Journal, 1/10/13)
Medicaid expansion in NH to be decided in next few months (Union Leader, 1/9/13)
Civil Liberties Union sues state over tax credit tuition plan (Union Leader, 1/9/13)
Lawsuit filed over tax credit for scholarships (WMUR, 1/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Co-opting out way of life (Foster’s Daily Democrat, 1/8/13)
Race for new NHGOP chairman turns nasty (Union Leader, 1/8/13)
EDITORIAL: NH’s budget picture: Big decisions must come soon (Union Leader, 1/8/13)
Hassan outlines pragmatic liberalism in inaugural address (New Hampshire Watchdog, 1/8/13)
IRS tax lien on Horn’s home surfaces in NHGOP chair race (WMUR, 1/7/13)
VIDEO: Budget analysis starts with $25 million shortfall (WMUR, 1/7/13)
In Nashua, health care, taxes, energy targeted at symposium (Union Leader, 1/7/13)
NH gathering calls for action on gun laws (AP, 1/7/13)
Legislators ask to fortify NH privacy laws (Union Leader, 1/6/13)
Tracking NH’s relationship with wind energy (Union Leader, 1/6/13)
Filling key positions on Hassan’s to-do list (Union Leader, 1/6/13)
Hassan promotes business innovation (Union Leader, 1/4/13)
VIDEO: Budget battle may loom for Hassan (WMUR, 1/4/13)
State revenues down $13M in first half (Union Leader, 1/4/13)
State Rep’s anti-Free Stater post draws local, national criticism (Union Leader, 1/4/13)
15 things you may not know about Maggie Hassan (WMUR, 1/3/13)
Hassan issues call to work cooperatively (Union Leader, 1/3/13)
Gov. Maggie Hassan calls for bipartisanship and cooperation (Union Leader, 1/3/13)
Text of Gov. Maggie Hassan’s inaugural speech (Union Leader, 1/3/13)
For Hassan, some administrative lessons from Lynch (Bartlett Center for Public Policy, 1/3/13)
New legislature will take up rules for weapons in State House (WMUR, 1/2/13)
VIDEO: Wednesday marks Gov. John Lynch’s last day in office (WMUR, 1/2/13)
Northern Pass route called into question (Union Leader, 1/1/13)
From Congress to halls of state, in New Hampshire, women rule (New York Times, 1/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Undoing voter ID: Why is this a priority? (Union Leader, 1/1/13)
New laws address abortion, taxes, immigrants’ tuition (Union Leader, 1/1/13)

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