The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Nevada in the News


Nevada Gubernatorial Headlines:


Nevada’s Republican governor is ‘all in’ on Obamacare (Politico, 12/7/13)
Las Vegas comes out ahead in GOP convention matchups (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/4/13)
Nevada GOP suffers 6,000 drop in voter registrations (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/3/13)
VIDEO: Sin City’s bid for next Republican National Convention said to be strong (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 12/2/13)


Incumbents get ready to run; Segerblom willing to take on Sandoval (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/30/13)
Tell-all book recounts Nevada’s key role in ’12 presidential race (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/29/13)
Following heart surgery, Horsford hits the road (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/29/13)
Nevada: Canceled health policies can’t be extended (AP, 11/27/13)
Democrats appear to be raising white flag, surrendering 2014 races for governor, 2nd CD to Republicans (Inside Nevada Politics, 11/27/13)
Assembly Minority Leader Hickey draws opponent for 2014 Republican primary (Inside Nevada Politics, 11/27/13)
COMMENTARY: No ‘defenders of liberty?’ The hell you say! (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Campaign disclosure laws don’t trump free speech (Elko Daily Free Press, 11/27/13)
Nevadans not allowed to carry forward non-compliant health insurance (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/27/13)
Segerblom: If no other Dems run against Sandoval in 2014, I reluctantly will (Las Vegas Sun, 11/26/13)
OPINION: Say what you will, Adelson is right on web gambling (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/26/13)
Nevada Supreme Court seeks cities’ input on term limits (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/26/13)
Coalition pressing Joe Heck for action on immigration reform, which he says he has taken (Las Vegas Sun, 11/24/13)
LV Assemblywoman Fiore wants Hickey to resign leadership post; wants to ‘smack Hickey, Wheeler ‘in back of the head’ (Inside Nevada Politics, 11/22/13)
Titus sides with Sandoval on VA office move to Las Vegas (Las Vegas Sun, 11/22/13)
Sandoval seeking to move Veterans Affairs regional office to Las Vegas (Las Vegas Sun, 11/21/13)
Washoe GOP crowd roars for the ‘infamous’ Jim Wheeler… but what does that mean? (Inside Nevada Politics, 11/21/13)
Dina Titus calls on governor to decide on extension of insurance plans (Las Vegas Sun, 11/19/13)
Engage Nevada: New player on the GOP block (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/17/13)
Political Eye: Las Vegas has some competition for GOP convention (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/17/13)
Political Eye: Heck targeted on immigration reform (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/10/13)
Looks like smooth sailing for Sandoval re-election (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/8/13)
Republican Hamilton challenging Gov. Sandoval in June 2014 GOP primary (Las Vegas Sun, 11/7/13)


Gay marriage case appealed (AP, 10/19/13)
Emerging GOP primary fights belie effort to organize the party (Las Vegas Sun, 10/18/13)
Nevada governor on trade mission to Israel (Las Vegas Sun, 10/18/13)
Nevada Supreme Court wades into term limit case (AP, 10/18/13)
Northern Nevadans create Constitution Party (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/15/13)
State lawmaker hired as lobbyist for medical marijuana bill he helped pass (Las Vegas Sun, 10/14/13)
Big money clamoring for a piece of Nevada’s medical marijuana pie (Las Vegas Sun, 10/13/13)
Are Republican governors best for fastest economic growth, as Sandoval says? (Reno Gazette Journal, 10/12/13)
Reid to seek re-election; challenges Sandoval to run against him (CBS Las Vegas, 10/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Early interest in 2014 race hinges on Krolicki’s seat (Elko Daily Free Press, 10/10/13)
Sandoval says Nevada can’t afford to pay to reopen federal parks (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/10/13)
Sandoval won’t use state money to open national parks (Las Vegas Sun, 10/10/13)
2,000 seek coverage through Nevada health exchange (AP, 10/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Tahoe pact is a win for the lake, not Nevada (LA Times, 10/10/13)
Sandoval told federal shutdown could hurt Nevadans, economy (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/8/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval warns of fallout from federal shutdown (AP, 10/8/13)
Sandoval: Nevada faces catastrophe if government shutdown persists (Las Vegas Sun, 10/8/13)
Nevada Senate Republicans endorse two candidates in key 2014 races (Las Vegas Sun, 10/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Sandoval gets no respect? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 10/5/13)
Passion and pique spur Reid in fight with Republicans (Las Vegas Sun, 10/3/13)
Voters split on margins tax for education, new poll finds (Las Vegas Sun, 10/3/13)
Lowden says she will run for lieutenant governor (Las Vegas Sun, 10/2/13)
Council formed to oppose closure of Nevada military bases (Las Vegas Sun, 10/2/13)
First lady Kathleen Sandoval to speak at mental health walk (Las Vegas Sun, 10/2/13)
Here’s how the govt shutdown will affect Nevadans (Las Vegas Sun, 10/1/13)


Gov. Sandoval takes GOP chairman loss in stride (Las Vegas Sun, 9/30/13)
Nevada’s health exchanges to open, but will they work (Las Vegas Sun, 9/30/13)
What the Affordable Care Act will mean for Nevada residents (Las Vegas Sun, 9/30/13)
State Senate’s top Democrat denies telling caucus not to take a position on margins tax (Las Vegas Sun, 9/30/13)
Nevada Republican Party ignores Sandoval’s choice for party chairman; re-elects Michael McDonald (Las Vegas Sun, 9/28/13)
GOP Address: Republican ideals key to economic growth, Sandoval says (WLS-AM, 9/22/13)
Sandoval delivers Republican weekly address (Las Vegas Sun, 9/21/13)
Sandoval: Washington could learn from GOP governors (AP, 9/21/13)
What a government shutdown would look like in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, 9/20/13)
COMMENTARY: If you want this job, you must be crazy (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/20/13)
Cortez Masto: I’m not running for governor (Las Vegas Sun, 9/19/13)
Nevada GOP chairman says opponents ‘came out of the blue’ (Las Vegas Sun, 9/19/13)
NV Energy could break promise to close coal plants by 2014 (Las Vegas Sun, 9/19/13)
Sandoval campaign aims to reverse Republican reputation with Hispanic voters (Las Vegas Sun, 9/19/13)
Democrats, trapped between grassroots and powerful business interests, stay silent on margins tax (Las Vegas Sun, 9/18/13)
Fight brewing to lead the Nevada Republican Party (Las Vegas Sun, 9/18/13)
Fight over margins tax ballot initiative brewing at grassroots level (Las Vegas Sun, 9/15/13)
Glitches rankle jobless-benefit seekers (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Who cares about a single subject? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/14/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Sandoval tours Zoom school (8 News Now, 9/13/13)
Sandoval touts ‘Zoom’ program in visit to Las Vegas school (Las Vegas Sun, 9/13/13)
Governor checks in on English language learners (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/13/13)
Nevada Democrats hide heads in sand when it comes to ‘patient dumping’ scandal (Inside Nevada Politics, 9/12/13)
Ormat executive named Nevada energy director (AP, 9/12/13)
New energy director named (Las Vegas Sun, 9/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Lawsuit asks: Who really runs Nevada? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Reform schools structure (News Review, 9/12/13)
Q&A: Why is Nevada last when it comes to getting federal money? (Las Vegas Sun, 9/10/13)
San Francisco makes good on its threat to sue Nevada in patient busing scandal (Las Vegas Sun, 9/10/13)
Governor tracks ‘zoom’ funds to help students  learn English (Reno Gazette Journal, 9/7/13)
Tax time for organized labor? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/6/13)
Crucial time in fight against Yucca, Las Vegas officials are told (Las Vegas Sun, 9/4/13)
COMMENTARY: We want roads, so we’ve got to pay taxes (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/4/13)


Sandoval orders stronger effort to hire the disabled (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/30/13)
Governor, legislative leaders earn low marks from conservative think tank (Las Vegas Sun, 8/28/13)
Nevada AFL-CIO not officially onboard with margins tax despite leader’s support (Las Vegas Sun, 8/28/13)
Session review: Sandoval scores like typical Democrat on conservative issues (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/27/13)
The most important race you’ve never heard of – Nevada Lt. Gov (Washington Post, 8/21/13)
Nevada could face suit for dumping patients in SF (San Francisco Chronicle, 8/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Did I see the same session as speaker? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 9/16/13)
Reid’s energy extravaganza also a Democratic fundraising opportunity (Las Vegas Sun, 8/14/13)
Federal court orders NRC to restart licensing process for Yucca Mountain (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/13/13)
Nevada to consider ‘vehicle miles traveled’ tax for road funding (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/12/13)
Report: Every nursing home in Nevada cited by inspectors (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/12/13)
North Las Vegas Sen. Atkinson mulls run for Sec of State (Las Vegas Sun, 8/10/13)
Show me the memo: Fight between state, federal officials over nuclear waste continues (Las Vegas Sun, 8/9/13)
Can Vegas even hope for a political convention? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/9/13)
Sandoval gets partisan (News Review, 8/8/13)
Nevada’s secretary of state moves to clarify state ethics law (Las Vegas Sun, 8/8/13)
State needs money to make money from marijuana tax (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/8/13)
Nevada lawmakers approve $2.1M for mental health (AP, 8/7/13)
State Republicans consider bid for 2016 GOP National Convention (Las Vegas Review-Journal,8/7/13)
State approves $2.1M for troubled Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital (Las Vegas Review-Journal,8/6/13)
Nevada’s mental health system to get $2.1M funding infusion (Las Vegas Sun, 8/6/13)
State committee denies North Las Vegas money transfer (Las Vegas Sun, 8/6/13)
Creditors from campaigns past haunt Sue Lowden (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 8/5/13)
Control of the state Senate hinges on these three races in Southern Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, 8/4/13)
Can Nevada Republicans rebuild before 2016 presidential contenders arrive? (Las Vegas Sun,8/4/13)
Managing demand for Colorado River water about to get expensive (Las Vegas Sun, 8/3/13)
Yucca Mountain debate returns to Capitol Hill (Las Vegas Sun, 8/2/13)
Sandoval to meet with energy secretary on Aug. 13 (Las Vegas Sun, 8/2/13)
Nevada term limits turns elections into forced game of musical chairs (Las Vegas Review-Journal,8/1/13)
VIDEO: Meeting set to fast-track funding for troubled mental hospital (KSNV, 8/1/13)
Chris Christie finds a reason to visit Las Vegas in the dead of summer (Las Vegas Sun, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Lowden the anointment killer? (Slash/Politics, 7/31/13)
Clark County finds business support for gas tax hike (Las Vegas Sun, 7/31/13)
National Hispanic group rethinks voter turnout strategy (Las Vegas Sun, 7/31/13)
Lowden to explore Republican bid for lieutenant governor (Las Vegas Sun, 7/31/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval puts in request to expand beds, staff at Rawson-Neal (Las Vegas Sun, 7/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Republican on Republican primary violence! (Las Vegas Review-Journal,7/30/13)
Judge fines conservative group, orders disclosure of its donors (Las Vegas Sun, 7/30/13)
Sandoval’s pick for Lt. Governor trails in early primary poll (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/29/13)
Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval thrive where party struggles (Politico, 7/29/13)
Sandoval makes $2M request for Rawson-Neal (Las Vegas Sun, 7/29/13)
Nevada inks drone deal with Alberta, Canada (Reno Gazette Journal, 7/29/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval seeks $2.1M transfer to psych hospital (AP, 7/29/13)
Bunce to challenge Nevada senate minority leader in 2014 GOP primary (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/28/13)
Nevada GOP sends mixed message on NSA vote (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/28/13)
Gov. Sandoval selectively picking jobs data to cite signs of Nevada’s recovery (Las Vegas Sun,7/28/13)
COMMENTARY: He said what? Fundraising strains Sandoval’s messages (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/28/13)
Health Exchange insurance plans to cost less in Las Vegas than other parts of state (Las Vegas Sun,7/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Incident should give second thoughts on gun laws (Las Vegas Review-Journal,7/24/13)
Sandoval calls to speed up mental health funding (AP, 7/24/13)
Local governments spend $3M to lobby Legislature — for tax increases (Las Vegas Sun, 7/24/13)
Sandoval seeks urgent meeting to hasten funds for psychiatric hospital (Las Vegas Sun, 7/24/13)
OPINION: Sandoval’s trade mission to Mexico beneficial, timely (Reno Gazette Journal, 7/23/13)
Businesses see potential of Gov. Sandoval’s mission to Mexico (MyNews3, 7/23/13)
Insiders regaining influence in GOP (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/22/13)
Five reasons Democrats can’t — or won’t — find someone to challenge Sandoval (Las Vegas Sun,7/22/13)
Tax plan fuels talk of alternative vehicles (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/21/13)
Sandoval: Energy secretary talk ‘frank and blunt’ (Nevada Appeal, 7/19/13)
Sandoval, DOE fail to reach agreement on waste shipments (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/18/13)
Clark County Republicans pick McKeon as their new chairman (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/17/13)
Gov. Sandoval speaks with US Energy Secretary (KTVN, 7/16/13)
Sandoval pushes Dept of Energy for meeting on nuclear waste (Las Vegas Sun, 7/15/13)
DOE slow to respond to Nevada lawmakers’ nuclear waste concerns (Las Vegas Sun, 7/14/13)
Sides sling mud in fight to head Clark County GOP (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/14/13)
Conservative think tank, teachers union continue battle over union opt-outs (Las Vegas Sun,7/14/13)
Sandoval vetoes universal background checks (AP, 7/13/13)
Democrats take aim at Sandoval — but with no candidate, to what end? (Las Vegas Sun, 7/12/13)
Feds halt loan review for Las Vegas-to-California high-speed train (Las Vegas Review-Journal,7/12/13)
VIDEO: Hispanic group gets a boost by a visit from Gov. Sandoval (KSNV, 7/10/13)
Sandoval will seek re-election as governor (Nevada Media Alliance, 7/10/13)
Court tosses challenge to state’s ‘none’ option (AP, 7/10/13)
Court rejects GOP challenge to Nevada’s ‘None’ ballot option (Las Vegas Sun, 7/10/13)
Sandoval will seek re-election, but no guarantee he’ll finish the term (Las Vegas Sun, 7/9/13)
Sandoval, Hutchison discussed run beforehand (Nevada Appeal, 7/9/13)
Republican state senator launches 2014 bid for lieutenant governor (Las Vegas Sun, 7/8/13)
Hutchison announces bid for lieutenant governor (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/8/13)
Sandoval endorses state senator Hutchison’s run for Lt. Governor (AP, 7/8/13)
Voter registration numbers drop a bit in Nevada (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/7/13)
Former Sandoval adviser seeks top education post (AP, 7/3/13)
Top state leaders toot the horn for Nevada museums (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 7/3/13)
Sandoval’s former adviser is running for state’s top education job (Las Vegas Sun, 7/3/13)
AUDIO: GOP favors Yucca Mountain, but are there alternatives? (KNPR, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

The anatomy of a legislative power play: How NV Energy will exit coal and make money doing it(Las Vegas Sun, 6/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Veto? Not quite (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/30/13)
AUDIO: Will Nevada pass the teacher tax? (KNPR, 6/28/13)
Without a clear definition of what ails education in Nevada, would margins tax help? (Las Vegas Sun, 6/28/13)
AUDIO: Changing Nevada demographics and politics (KNPR, 6/27/13)
Sandoval names interim head of Public Safety (Las Vegas Sun, 6/27/13)
Gov. Sandoval gets interstate education leadership role (KTVN, 6/27/13)
Nevada same-sex couples still in limbo after Supreme Court rulings (Las Vegas Sun, 6/27/13)
Nevadans celebrate high court’s gay marriage rulings (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/26/13)
AUDIO: Sandoval says no to Manhattan Project waste (KNPR, 6/24/13)
Gov. Sandoval calls for comprehensive immigration reform (The Daily Caller, 6/24/13)
Session was good for Sandoval’s objectives (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/23/13)
Lawmaking, Nevada-style: Gambling on tax breaks to reap future revenue (Las Vegas Sun,6/23/13)
GOP’s future might rest with popular governors like Sandoval (Las Vegas Sun, 6/22/13)
Proposed nuclear waste shipments worry Reid, Sandoval (Nevada Appeal, 6/22/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval, a GOP Democrats can love (Fox News Latino, 6/21/13)
Sandoval shares personal experiences to LULAC crowd (KSNV, 6/21/13)
Sec of state fulfills records request from GOP group (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/21/13)
NV governor tells US to bury nuke waste elsewhere (AP, 6/21/13)
Nevada’s governor shows GOP strength in states (AP, 6/21/13)
Sandoval assails planned waste shipments, citing ‘dirty bomb’ fears (Las Vegas Sun, 6/20/13)
Nevada gets seat on Southern Border Security Commission (Las Vegas Sun, 6/19/13)
Environmental, anti-nuclear groups urge Sandoval to turn away uranium waste (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Is this a veto message or a talk radio script? (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/14/13)
If Dems can’t beat Gov. Brian Sandoval in ‘14, at least have fun and pick Tick (Las Vegas Sun,6/14/13)
Sandoval vetoes gun background check bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/13/13)
Governor vetoes gun bill, says it would erode rights (Las Vegas Sun, 6/13/13)
Nevada governor vetoes bill to strengthen gun background checks (Reuters, 6/13/13)
Sandoval OKs $50M for students learning English (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/12/13)
Sandoval signs medical marijuana law, allowing dispensaries in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, 6/12/13)
Sandoval shouldn’t let last-minute snafu snuff medical marijuana bill (Las Vegas Sun, 6/12/13)
Nevada facing lawsuit over busing of mentally ill patients (SacBee, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Here’s one flip-flop voters should forgive (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Sandoval veto on registration deadline misses point (Las Vegas Review-Journal,6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature’s best of the best (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/9/13)
Psychiatric hospital that bused hundreds of patients out of Nevada keeps accreditation for now(SacBee, 6/7/13)
Sandoval’s office barraged with calls to veto Nevada gun control bill (Las Vegas Review-Journal,6/6/13)
Sandoval vetoes four more bills, signs 24 others (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/4/13)
Sandoval’s former adviser is running for state’s top education job (Las Vegas Sun, 6/3/13)
Medical marijuana heads to floor (Slash/Politics, 6/2/13)
Interim committee will do the job that Legislature was supposed to do (Slash/Politics, 6/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Historic drives in Carson City (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 6/2/13)
Medical marijuana bill gets Assembly hearing (Slash/Politics, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

AG Masto: Why compromise the main point of background check bill? (Slash/Politics, 5/31/13)
Sandoval signs bill creating driver’s authorization cards for those in US illegally (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/31/13)
Sandoval says he’ll veto late voter-registration bill (Slash/Politics, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: NV Energy, gaming still rule the roost (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Hard question remains on gun background checks (Las Vegas Review- Journal, 5/29/13)
Republican gun bill — no background checks (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/28/13)
ID for non-citizen drivers approved by Nevada lawmakers (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature pushes toward progress (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/24/13)
Defense rests in Whitttemore campaign contribution trial in Reno (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/24/13)
State senators approve bill for driver authorization cards (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Trip to Carson City leads to a bizarre place (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 5/17/13)
Federal probe cites major problems at Nevada mental hospital (SacBee, 5/9/13)
COMMENTARY: On education, Southern Nevada is ‘a state apart’ (Las Vegas Sun, 5/5/13)
Now showing at the Nevada Legislature: Reruns (Nevada Appeal, 5/5/13)
Are diehard anti-tax conservatives shrinking at the Nevada Legislature? (Las Vegas Sun, 5/5/13)
In North-South battle, who’s robbing whom? (Las Vegas Sun, 5/5/13)
Reid: Legislature must fix mental health (Slash/Politics, 5/3/13)
Sandoval has Nevada budget bucks, but just barely, Economic Forum reports (Reno Gazette Journal,5/2/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval says no to taxes, yes to water fees (Las Vegas Sun, 5/2/13)
Good economic news improves Gov. Brian Sandoval’s chances for re-election (Reno Gazette Journal,5/1/13)
Good news at Economic Forum: Nevada’s job growth climbs, helping Gov. Sandoval (Inside Nevada Politics, 5/1/13)
SF City Attorney investigating extent of ‘patient dumping’ from Nevada (San Francisco Examiner,5/1/13)
Nine charts you should see about Nevada’s economic future (Reno Gazette Journal, 5/1/13)
Economic  Forum projects another $36.7M in tax revenue for next biennium (Las Vegas Sun,5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

After Economic Forum meets, revenue and tax plans at Nevada Legislature will become clearer(Reno Gazette Journal, 4/30/13)
State budget, Democrats’ tax strategy hang in balance as Economic Forum meets (Inside Nevada Politics, 4/30/13)
State now admits 10 patients may have been ‘dumped’ (Slash/Politics, 4/29/13)
Gov. Sandoval takes action on ‘patient dumping’ scandal (Examiner, 4/29/13)
Sandoval: People who violated psych hospital policies fired amid alleged patient dumping (AP, 4/29/13)
Sandoval: Discipline in patient-dumping case involves terminations (Slash/Politics, 4/29/13)
A brief look at what we’ve lost (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/28/13)
Gay marriage views shifting in Nevada Legislature (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Just a few questions about Nevada’s taxes, if I may (Las Vegas Review-Journal,4/26/13)
Judicial nominee’s law firm gives $150,000 to PAC linked to Harry Reid (Las Vegas Review-Journal,4/26/13)
Nevada GOP senators offer initiative to tax mining for school funding (Las Vegas Review-Journal,4/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Equality moves forward after emotional Senate debate (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/24/13)
Which bills made the cut in the Nevada Legislature? Here are the biggest (Las Vegas Sun, 4/24/13)
Six Republicans propose doubling Nevada’s mining tax (Las Vegas Sun, 4/24/13)
Services tax is dead; Democrats’ hopes for major tax reform dim (Las Vegas Sun, 4/23/13)
LA investigates alleged patient dumping by Nevada (LA Times, 4/23/13)
Roberson to unveil details of mining tax proposal (Las Vegas Sun, 4/23/13)
TV reporters a rare sight at Nevada Legislature (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/22/13)
Washoe County Republicans oust chairman, pick retired pilot as new leader (AP, 4/22/13)
San Francisco to investigate releases of Nevada mentally ill patients (Las Vegas Review-Journal,4/22/13)
In split vote, Nevada Senate passes measure to begin repeal of gay marriage ban (Las Vegas Sun,4/22/13)
Is patient dumping the answer to Dems political dilemma? (Slash/Politics, 4/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Are Sandoval’s magic money gifts good news? (Las Vegas Sun, 4/21/13)
Patient dumping allegations ignite detailed review from Nevada officials (Las Vegas Review-Journal,4/20/13)
Nevada’s quick work on health exchange sets example for other states (Las Vegas Sun, 4/18/13)
‘We need to modernize’: Senate OKs annual legislative sessions — and possibly in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Sun, 4/16/13)
Coal politics: Why legislative power play could halt big NV Energy plan (Las Vegas Sun, 4/16/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval names new general counsel (AP, 4/16/13)
Power play could stall NV Energy’s plan to divest from coal (Hispanic Business, 4/16/13)
Sandoval’s tax break for business faces opposition (Las Vegas Sun, 4/16/13)
Five fronts on the North-South battle at the Legislature (Las Vegas Sun, 4/15/13)
In bid to keep controversial bills alive, legislators unload on committee (Las Vegas Sun, 4/15/13)
Nevada lawmakers ask if taxes should be permanent (AP, 4/15/13)
In its coal decision, NV Energy bows to economic reality (Las Vegas Sun, 4/14/13)
Sandoval’s policy director resigns (AP, 4/13/13)
Gov. Sandoval unveils new state brand campaign (The Ely Times, 4/12/13)
Legions of bills will die today, except for the zombie bills (Las Vegas Sun, 4/12/13)
Skeptical lawmakers move NV Energy bill forward (Las Vegas Sun, 4/12/13)
No marijuana legalization for Nevada (Slash/Politics, 4/12/13)
Another top staffer leaves Nevada governor’s office (Las Vegas Sun, 4/12/13)
Transparency bill inches ever closer to reality (Slash/Politics, 4/11/13)
Nevada Senate committee approves resolution on gay marriage (Las Vegas Sun, 4/11/13)
Gasoline, mining tax bills punted out of committee (Las Vegas Sun, 4/11/13)
Gay marriage repeal expands at the last minute (Slash/Politics, 4/11/13)
Nevada marriage equality heeded to Senate floor (The Advocate, 4/11/13)
Several Nevada lawmakers not concerned about nuclear waste burial plan (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/10/13)
VIDEO: Governor unveils new state brand: ‘Nevada. A world within. A state apart.’ (Carson Now,4/9/13)
COMMENTARY: With deadline looming, here are some bills that should pass (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/9/13)
Tensions rise amid demise of Utah-Nevada water pact (Stateline, 4/8/13)
Five ways the GOP’s Roberson is invading Democrats’ territory (Las Vegas Sun, 4/7/13)
In education power play, who will benefit from leadership vacuum? (Las Vegas Sun, 4/7/13)
With legislative session half over, which bills might affect you? (Las Vegas Sun, 4/5/13)
Lawmaker: Bill to legalize marijuana is about ‘coming to terms with reality’ (Las Vegas Sun,4/5/13)
Legislature is only halfway done, so how did we already lose 2 superintendents? (Inside Nevada Politics, 4/5/13)
Titus to state lawmakers: ‘Invest in our people’ (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/4/13)
Senate committee OKs plan to allow Legislature to meet in Las Vegas (Las Vegas Sun, 4/4/13)
Assemblywoman Flores receives threats after testimony that she had abortion at 16 (Inside Nevada Politics, 4/4/13)
Bill would allow same day voter registration in Nevada (Reno Gazette Journal, 4/4/13)
Nevada lawmaker receives death threats after talking about her abortion (Think Progress, 4/4/13)
Higher gas taxes possible for Nevada, report finds state road repairs lacking resources (Reno Gazette Journal, 4/4/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval appoints new director for Nevada Dept of Wildlife (Reno Gazette Journal,4/3/13)
COMMENTARY: The Steven Brooks saga points to much bigger problems (Las Vegas Weekly,4/3/13)
Assemblywoman Flores tells dramatic, personal story in sex-education hearing (Inside Nevada Politics, 4/2/13)
We’ve already had 2 days of ‘Sunny’ news this week, and it’s only Tuesday (Inside Nevada Politics, 4/2/13)
Horsford calls for immigration reform, urges state lawmakers to better fund education (Las Vegas Sun, 4/2/13)
Teachers’ business-tax measure catches break on 2014 ballot (Las Vegas Sun, 4/2/13)
Gov. Brian Sandoval favors threat to leave Tahoe Compact (Reno Gazette Journal, 4/2/13)
State workers to say bye-bye to furloughs in July 2014 (Las Vegas Sun, 4/2/13)
Speaker Horsford: Nevada needs to pursue federal money (AP, 4/2/13)
Nevada Assembly set to debate major gun proposals (AP, 4/2/13)
Governor, Sec of State: No ed tax ballot alternative allowed (Slash/Politics, 4/2/13)
Nevada Senate OKs repeal of mining tax protections (AP, 4/1/13)
Sandoval earmarks extra $25M for Nevada schools (Las Vegas Sun, 4/1/13)
Nevada Legislature: Halfway done with a lot to do (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Precedent-setting Brooks case does little to define standard for expulsion (Las Vegas Sun, 3/31/13)
A very bad day for mining (Slash/Politics, 3/31/13)
Cultural changes alter views at Nevada Legislature (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/31/13)
What the Legislature doesn’t know (Las Vegas Sun, 3/31/13)
Brooks banished from Legislature: ‘We did not feel safe’ (Las Vegas Sun, 3/29/13)
Nevada schools superintendent resigns, gives no reason (Las Vegas Sun, 3/29/13)
Lawmaker says marijuana dispensaries could be open in a year, if bill passes (Las Vegas Sun,3/29/13)
Same-sex marriage: Where Nevada politicians stand (Las Vegas Sun, 3/27/13)
Lawmakers not buying mining lobbyists’ defense of tax shield (Las Vegas Sun, 3/26/13)
Nevada Senate committee hears debate over gay marriage (Las Vegas Sun, 3/26/13)
COMMENTARY: Welcome to the tax fight, and screw you, too! (Slash/Politics, 3/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Making history – Nevada lawmakers to debate mining taxation (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/24/13)
Nevada Legislature sees quiet session so far (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/24/13)
Campaign finance bill heard in Assembly committee (AP, 3/21/13)
EDITORIAL: A deal with mining (Las Vegas Sun, 3/17/13)
Holding back a flood of new money? Online sales tax could quench thirst for revenue in Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, 3/17/13)
Taking mining tax out of the constitution could free up more revenue for urban Nevada (Las Vegas Sun, 3/17/13)
Sandoval signs bill for fairer distribution on state taxes (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/16/13)
OK, voters, margins tax ball is now in your court (Las Vegas Sun, 3/15/13)
Nevada’s Neros fiddle while the margins tax burns, cause potential legal nightmare (Ralston Reports, 3/15/13)
Nevada Senate begins examination of gun policy (AP, 3/15/13)
Teachers business tax proposal headed to 2014 Nevada ballot (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/15/13)
Mixed reactions to Nevada voter photo proposal (AP, 3/15/13)
Nevada no longer leads nation in unemployment (Reno Gazette Journal, 3/15/13)
Senate, Assembly consider gun control issues (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/15/13)
Nevada margins tax proposal will be on 2014 ballot (AP, 3/15/13)
Nevada lawmaker to introduce bill legalizing marijuana (Las Vegas Sun, 3/14/13)
Legislature hires special counsel, private investigator for Brooks probe (Las Vegas Sun, 3/14/13)
Prescription for recovery: Cut wages (News & Review, 3/14/13)
VIDEO: Bill aimed at keeping guns from the mentally ill faces opposition (Las Vegas Review-Journal,3/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Nevada politics still shrouded in mystery (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/13/13)
Conservative opposition to mining tax proposal not unanimous (Las Vegas Sun, 3/13/13)
School superintendents call for long-term funding strategy, more money (Las Vegas Sun, 3/13/13)
Lawmakers spin through revolving door to lobbying (Las Vegas Sun, 3/13/13)
Assembly introduces 2 bills dealing with gun laws (AP, 3/12/13)
Term-limit law takes away longtime relationships between lawmakers, lobbyists (Inside Nevada Politics, 3/11/13)
Background checks for gun purchases get push in polls (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/11/13)
Tax proposal for education funds not on Legislature’s agenda (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/11/13)
Who’s afraid of a chicken? Mining, energy, ranching (Las Vegas Sun, 3/10/13)
OPINION: Time to end mining’s sweetheart deal (Las Vegas Sun, 3/10/13)
Where are the Democrats in extracting more taxes from the mining industry? (Las Vegas Sun,3/8/13)
Mining rep: Republican effort to tax us is punitive (Las Vegas Sun, 3/8/13)
VIDEO: Education reform efforts in capital will go on without Clark County ed chief (KSNV, 3/7/13)
Assembly Republicans target prevailing wage law, retirement system (Las Vegas Review-Journal,3/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature once again has taxpayers bracing for a hit (Elko Daily free Press,3/7/13)
Doing it on the cheap; Economic development crawls along (News & Review, 3/7/13)
Assembly GOP opposes Nevada mining tax plan (AP, 3/6/13)
Nevada dunks on New Jersey for online gaming (Las Vegas Weekly, 3/6/13)
Top battle of 2014 election season is almost set: Margins tax vs. Mining tax (Inside Nevada Politics, 3/5/13)
Gun control bill would target Nevada’s mentally ill (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/5/13)
Bill to change state tax distributions sent to governor (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/5/13)
State Senate’s GOP leaders call on higher mining taxes (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/5/13)
Republicans to propose mining tax initiative as alternative to margins tax (Ralston Reports, 3/5/13)
How much do Nevada Republicans hate the business tax? THIS much! (Slash/Politics, 3/5/13)
GOP senators call on Democrats to work on Nevada mining tax reform (Las Vegas Review-Journal,3/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Republicans’ early presidential primary bill has potential (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/5/13)
Lawmakers to take up margins tax (AP, 3/4/13)
Bill would keep Nevada presidential primary in January (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/4/13)
Nevada stands to lose $40M if fed cuts linger (Reno Gazette Journal, 3/1/13)
State lawmaker proposes gun, ammo tax, gun seller liability (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 3/1/13)


COMMENTARY: Lawmakers never tire of trying to save us from ourselves (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/27/13)
GOP bills take aim at under-performing schools, teacher layoffs (AP, 2/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats reveal their big number, but not how to pay for it (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/26/13)
Nevada poll: Job concerns about business tax (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/25/13)
Online gambling now legal in Nevada (AP, 2/22/13)
Nevada takes the leas in interactive gaming (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/21/13)
State tax distribution formula clears Assembly (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/21/13)
Reid tells Legislature time to invest in future, including a Las Vegas arena (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/20/13)
Political eye: Rory Reid stepping away from politics (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/18/13)
Sandoval named to GOP recruiting effort, but Cabinet lacks diversity (Las Vegas Review-Journal,2/17/13)
Nevada’s Hispanics come of age politically (Las Vegas Sun, 2/17/13)
Nevada’s higher education funding formula comes under fire (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/15/13)
Las Vegas’ political outsiders learn to play the inside game up in Carson City (Las Vegas Sun,2/15/13)
Governor’s higher education budget geared toward student performance (Las Vegas Sun, 2/15/13)
Nevada lawmakers hold policy hearings in private (Las Vegas Sun, 2/15/13)
Two legislative panels to hear Internet gaming bill next week (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/14/13)
Public land bills introduced, uniting Nevada lawmakers (Las Vegas Sun, 2/14/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Sandoval sits down for one-on-one interview with FOX5 (KVVU, 2/14/13)
Horne crosses Sandoval, seeks to double online gaming license fee to $1 million (Las Vegas Sun,2/13/13)
Democrats try to build case for additional taxes (Las Vegas Sun, 2/13/13)
Clark County Commish Collins: If he’s elected Lt. Gov. in 2014, it will stop Sandoval from running against Harry Reid in 2016 (Inside Nevada Politics, 2/13/13)
Some Nevada lawmakers want to keep 2009 tax increase from expiring (Las Vegas Sun, 2/12/13)
Sandoval wants assurance Boulder City bypass not a ‘road to nowhere’ (Las Vegas Sun, 2/11/13)
Nevada and New Jersey jockey for online gambling revenue (Stateline, 2/11/13)
Beware of unintended consequences as Legislature begins work (Las Vegas Sun, 2/10/13)
Kirkpatrick vows to be a different kind of speaker (Las Vegas Sun, 2/10/13)
Nevada lawmakers pledge fair treatment as funding shifts south (Las Vegas Review-Journal,2/10/13)
Horne to sponsor online gaming bill backed by Sandoval (Las Vegas Sun, 2/8/13)
Sandoval names deputy chief of staff (Las Vegas Sun, 2/8/13)
Nevada policy often debated, decided in private meetings (Las Vegas Sun, 2/7/13)
Sandoval joins GOP’s Hispanic recruitment effort (CBS Las Vegas, 2/7/13)
Proposed law would require drug tests to receive welfare (Las Vegas Sun, 2/6/13)
Lawmakers vote to cut their pay (Las Vegas Sun, 2/6/13)
Kirkpatrick to seek revenue-neutral tax reform (Las Vegas Sun, 2/6/13)
Senate Democrats may not back revenue neutral tax reform (Las Vegas Sun, 2/6/13)
OPINION: Business tax issue is a gamble either way (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/6/13)
Governors Martinez and Sandoval laud Rubio for immigration-reform efforts (National Review,2/6/13)
Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez aim to recruit minority, female GOP candidates (ABC News, 2/6/13)
State legislators cut their own pay by 4.8% (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/6/13)
Sandoval welcomes immigration debate in GOP recruiting effort (Las Vegas Review-Journal,2/6/13)
Sandoval to help lead GOP recruiting effort (AP, 2/6/13)
First day of Legislator is festive, but who will be smiling on Day 120? (Las Vegas Sun, 2/5/13)
Nevada governor urges state lawmakers to clear way for online poker (Las Vegas Sun, 2/5/13)
Sandoval backs tax increase for police in Clark County (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/5/13)
Path to a business tax, narrow but not impossible (Slash/Politics, 2/5/13)
Assembly speaker calls for tax reform, stop to education cuts (Las Vegas Sun, 2/4/13)
Local governments keep cautious eye on Nevada Legislature (Reno Gazette Journal, 2/3/13)
Nevada lawmakers may stick to status quo in quest to play nice (Las Vegas Sun, 2/3/13)
Partisan loyalties, personal ambitions to complicate legislative compromise (Las Vegas Sun, 2/3/13)
Gun control, death penalty among social issues before Nevada lawmakers (Las Vegas Sun, 2/1/13)
A look at three ways the Legislature can handle the margins tax petition (Las Vegas Sun, 2/1/13)
With staff changeover, Sandoval administration loses ties to Legislature (Las Vegas Sun, 2/1/13)


Let the tax campaign begin! (Slash/Politics, 1/31/13)
State teachers union praises business-tax ruling (Las Vegas Sun, 1/31/13)
Charter schools, vouchers on education leaders’ wish list (Las Vegas Sun, 1/31/13)
Nevada GOP endorses path to citizenship for illegal immigrants (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/31/13)
NV Supreme Court upholds margins tax initiative, sends to Legislature (Las Vegas Sun, 1/31/13)
Medicaid plan called one of Nevada government’s biggest expansions (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/30/13)
Obama to back Senate immigration effort in Las Vegas on Tues. (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/28/13)
Nevada Legislature prepares to tackle variety of immigration measures (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/28/13)
Political Eye: Democrats buttering up Bilbray-Kohn (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/28/13)
Legislator Brooks, facing felony charge, put in protective custody (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/25/13)
Nev. Assemblyman Brooks arrested, charged with threat against lawmaker (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/20/13)
COMMENTARY: What might have been (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Governor sets tone for session (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Sandoval plays Scrooge McDuck with his political capital (Las Vegas Sun,1/20/13)
Assemblyman in jail, accused of threatening fellow lawmaker (Las Vegas Sun, 1/20/13)
Teachers respond to governor’s proposed budget (Las Vegas Sun, 1/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Status quo State of State speech signals fights ahead (Las Vegas Review-Journal,1/18/13)
Sandoval’s budget boosts some social services, falls short on others (Las Vegas Sun, 1/18/13)
Sandoval kicks off re-election bid with State of the State, budget (Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/13)
Progress, but work remains: Sandoval reports economic improvement (Reno Gazette Journal,1/16/13)
What to watch for: Nevada Gov. Sandoval’s State of the State speech (Reno Gazette Journal, 1/16/13)
State of the State: 5 Sandoval goals that might cause him problems in Legislature (Las Vegas Sun,1/16/13)
Rebuttal to the text of the governor’s State of the State address (Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/13)
Governor presents mostly status quo budget (Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/13)
Text of the governor’s State of the State address (Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/13)
Optimistic Sandoval touts budget, Nevada’s prospects; Democrats say agenda falls short (Las Vegas Sun, 1/16/13)
Public invited to learn about state’s new priorities and performance-based budget (Las Vegas Sun,1/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Meet the new session, same as the old session (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/11/13)
Riding the court circuit in Nevada (LA Times, 1/1/13)

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