The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


NE 2011 Archives


Nebraska Gubernatorial Headlines 2011 Archives


Lawmaker: Ease term limits a bit (Omaha World-Herald, 12/31/11)

Audio: Nebraska Democrats look ahead in wake of Nelson decision (Nebraska Radio Network, 12/30/11)

Governor’s plan to merge 2 state agencies draws criticism (Nebraska Radio Network, 12/30/11)

Ashford says goodbye to GOP (Omaha World-Herald, 12/30/11)

Ashford switch give Legislature one independent (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/29/11)

A legislative agenda for a new Nebraska: 2012 & beyond (New Nebraska Network, 12/29/11)

Beutler brushes off Senate speculation; Nelson staff mulls campaign funds (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/29/11)

Sen. Ben Nelson: How big an effect will his absence be? (Chicago Tribune, 12/29/11)

Ben Nelson and the politics of pork and polarization (The New Yorker, 12/28/11)

Ben Nelson bows out (Wall Street Journal, 12/28/11)

Nelson won’t run again; state and national implications (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/27/11)

Heineman: Term limits will force senate to lose great leaders, but looking forward to new ideas (KTIV, 12/27/11)

A pipeline’s unexpected detour (Omaha World-Herald,12/27/11)

New faces popped up in government (Fremont Tribune, 12/27/11)

Nebraska governor supports speeding up Keystone XL process (Ballot News, 12/22/11)

Nebraska state troopers claim contribution hikes are unconstitutional (Business Journal, 12/22/11)

Heineman, lawmakers at odds over welfare (Omaha World-Herald, 12/21/11)

Video: Heineman concerned about overhaul to child welfare system (KTIV, 12/21/11)

Editorial: Core responsibility belongs to state (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/20/11)

Heineman: No easy answers on child welfare reform (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/20/11)

Audio: Heineman gives lukewarm response to foster care recommendations (KVNO, 12/20/11)

$600,000 business incentive fails to create promised jobs (NTV, 12/19/11)

Editorial: Departmental merger holds potential (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/16/11)

Committee would return child welfare case management to state (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/15/11)

Video: Heineman or no Heineman, Stenberg running (Missouri News Horizon, 12/9/11)

Analysis: Could Heineman’s jabs at Nelson impact the race? (KVNO, 12/9/11)

Heineman dampens talk of Senate bid (Omaha World-Herald, 12/9/11)

Will Dave Heineman jump into the senate race? (New Nebraska Network, 12/8/11)

Mentoring program targets small-business owners (KETV, 12/8/11)

Engineers study new pipeline routes (Omaha World-Herald,12/8/11)

Nelson: Governor has ‘zero influence’ on decision to run (KVNO, 12/7/11)

Heineman says he loves being governor (Grand Island Independent, 12/7/11)

Nelson says Heineman ‘showboating’ on senate race (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/7/11)

Pipeline special session post-mortem (New Nebraska Network, 12/7/11)

Lawmakers gear up for 2012 session (Grand Isle Independent, 12/7/11)

Nebraska moves with urgency on Keystone XL – Why can’t the feds? (US News, 12/7/11)

Heineman keeps Senate bid at bay (Missouri News Horizon, 12/6/11)

State picks consultant for Keystone XL project(Lincoln Journal Star, 12/6/11)

Pipeline route review moves ahead (Omaha World-Herald, 12/6/11)

Terry: Pipeline is ‘green’ battleground in Nebraska (Washington Times, 12/6/11)

Anti-pipeline Dave Heineman should not run for Senate in Nebraska (RedState, 12/5/11)

Heineman less inflexible in rejecting Senate bid (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/2/11)

Waiting for a decision in Nebraska (New York Times,12/2/11)

Nelson, Heineman at odds (Omaha World-Herald, 12/2/11)

Cornyn, McConnell recruiting Heineman (Politico, 12/2/11)

How far will $5 million go in Heineman’s sabotaging of health care reform? (New Nebraska Network, 12/1/11)

Heineman says state will plan, but not yet build health exchange (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/1/11)

Nelson: Create exchanges or turn down federal funds (Omaha World-Herald, 12/1/11)


Senate Republicans push bill expediting Keystone XL Pipeline (CBS News, 11/30/11) Buoyed by poll, Nelson nears decision (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/30/11)Nelson knocks Heineman for taking $5M health care grant (Missouri News Horizon, 11/30/11) Nebraska, Iowa health exchanges get a boost (Omaha World-Herald, 11/30/11) Nebraska health providers urge state-based exchange (CBS Moneywatch, 11/30/11) Governor: Risk of special session on pipeline paid off (Kearney Hub, 11/26/11) Pipeline debate battle between science, emotion (Kearney Hub,11/26/11) Health analyst jobs questioned (Omaha World-Herald, 11/24/11) Editorial: Ingredients of leadership (Omaha World-Herald, 11/20/11) Pipeline bills likely in place soon (Omaha World-Herald, 11/19/11) Wrapping up pipeline work (Omaha World-Herald, 11/18/11) Two oil pipeline bills set for approval (Lincoln Journal-Star, 11/18/11) Nebraska lawmakers see pipeline bill vote Tuesday (Reuters, 11/18/11) Nebraska lawmakers give 2nd approval to pipeline bill (Bloomberg Businessweek, 11/17/11) Heineman: Business, education must unite to create jobs (Lincoln Journal Star,11/17/11) Pipeline siting bill moves forward (Lincoln Journal-Star, 11/17/11) Sen. Flood defends paying for pipeline study (Lincoln Journal-Star, 11/16/11) Angst over pipelines melts away (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/15/11) Pipeline twists create new uncertainties (Lincoln Journal-Star, 11/15/11) Keystone pipeline builder proposes changing Nebraska route (LA Times, 11/15/11) Heineman: Harnessing Nebraska’s wind gains momentum(Kearney Hub, 11/14/11) Room for reservoir runoff (Omaha World-Herald, 11/13/11) Obama administration puts pipeline on hold (Watchdog, 11/11/11)Heineman says Nebraska still needs pipeline law(FuelFix, 11/11/11) Editorial: Missouri River unity evaporating (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/10/11) Keystone pipeline route in Nebraska to be reassessed(Washington Post, 11/10/11) Attorney forgoes state judgeship (Omaha World-Herald, 11/10/11) Heineman to Super Committee: Reductions in Medicaid will ‘force us to make dramatic education cuts’(Think Progress, 11/7/11) Commentary: One house, but not quite nonpartisan (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/6/11) Special session bills (Lincoln Journal-Star, 11/5/11) Will Nebraska, not Iowa, decide election? (Des Moines Register, 11/4/11)


Heineman hires inexperienced, anti-government radicals to implement health care (New Nebraska Network, 10/31/11) Pipeline session looks to Montana (Omaha World-Herald, 10/30/11) Audio:Pipelines and floods: What’s government’s role? (KVNO, 10/28/11) A legislative agenda for a new Nebraska (New Nebraska Network, 10/27/11)Video: Critics ‘won’t take anything less’ than moving pipeline (NTV, 10/27/11) Job creation high priority (Grand Isle Independent, 10/27/11) TransCanada legal tactics rile (Omaha World-Herald,10/27/11) Obama says administration will address concerns on Keystone pipeline (Reuters, 10/26/11) TransCanada pipeline threatened by proposed Nebraska re-routing (Bloomberg, 10/26/11)Hansen surprised by special pipeline session (North Platte Telegraph, 10/26/11) Second lawyer backs state on pipeline (Omaha World-Herald, 10/26/11) Three state senators could decide fate of pipeline special session (New Nebraska Network, 10/25/11)Nebraska lawmakers will meet on Keystone (New York Times, 10/25/11) Heineman issues formal call for special session (WOWT, 10/25/11)Nebraska lawmakers could challenge pipeline route (Seattle P-I, 10/24/11) Heineman should listen to Romney and embrace health insurance exchange (New Nebraska Network, 10/20/11) State Dept quiet on pipeline route (Omaha World-Herald, 10/18/11) Guvs unite for more river control (Omaha World-Herald, 10/18/11) Montana governor clashes with Heineman over flood management (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/17/11) Nebraska becoming key player in efforts to meet world food demands (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/17/11) Obama allies’ interests collide over pipeline (Lincoln Journal Star,10/17/11) Governors return to Omaha for Missouri River talks(Lincoln Journal Star, 10/16/11) Commentary: Nelson’s TV ad funding stirs debate (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/16/11) Neb. insurance head: Not enough info for exchange (Lincoln Journal Star,10/14/11) Nebraska’s uninsured wait for uncertain healthcare exchange (KVNO, 10/13/11) Steve Lathrop is the better man& better leader than Dave Heineman (New Nebraska Network, 10/13/11)Report details disturbing abuse at Beatrice State Development Center (Omaha World-Herald, 10/9/11) Editorial: More work to do at BSDC (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/8/11) Heineman announces new senator (KETV, 10/7/11) Abuse report revives concerns (Omaha World-Herald, 10/7/11) Heineman says alleged Beatrice abuse not about overtime(KVNO, 10/7/11) Heineman pressing State Dept for siting answer on Keystone XL pipeline (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/7/11) Economic development chief quits (Omaha World-Herald, 10/7/11)Democrats swamp Bruning office with records requests(Lincoln Journal Star, 10/7/11) Committees question director on BSDC issues (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/7/11) Special committee looks into Beatrice abuse (North Platte Bulletin, 10/7/11) Beatrice staffers accused of abuse (Omaha World-Herald, 10/6/11) Speaker: Senators aren’t hiding from pipeline (KVNO, 10/6/11) Report details abuse at Beatrice State Development Center (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/6/11) State economic development director to join state Chamber (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/6/11) Poll shows Obama leading in newly-configured 1st District (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/6/11)Heineman says health exchanges will wait for US Supreme Court decision (Nebraska State Paper, 10/6/11) Heineman steps up efforts to stay on top of pipeline (KVNO, 10/5/11) Southern Power District questions Heineman about denying proposed pipeline route (Grand Island Independent, 10/5/11) Jon Bruning: Good to his friends, bad for Nebraskans (New Nebraska Network, 10/4/11) Programs to boos businesses (Omaha World-Herald, 10/4/11) Wait-and-see plan urged for exchange (Omaha World-Herald, 10/4/11) State’s talent and innovation economic programs start (Lincoln Journal Star,10/3/11) Heineman: Nebraska will wait for health care ruling (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/3/11) Debating the pipeline’s risks (Omaha World-Herald, 10/2/11) Memo to Nebraska GOP: The so-called ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ never became law (New Nebraska Network, 10/2/11)


Roundtable encourages business leaders to support early childhood education (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/30/11) Keystone Pipeline: Finally legislation is expected (Nebraska State Paper, 9/30/11)Keystone XL pipeline fight moves to rural Nebraska (Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/30/11) Oil and water don’t mix in Nebraska debate over pipeline (Reuters, 9/30/11) Heineman: Oil pipeline likely a ‘done deal’ (Kearney Hub, 9/29/11) Legislature is last best hope for pipeline activists (Nebraska State Paper, 9/29/11) Small Nebraska town braces for big pipeline hearing (Forbes, 9/29/11) Senators working on legislation to control pipeline route(Lincoln Journal Star, 9/29/11) New welfare reform leader urged (Omaha World-Herald, 9/29/11) Nebraska GOP Senate frontrunner takes a few steps back(Washington Post, 9/28/11) Lawmaker to State Dept reps: You don’t give a damn about Nebraska (Nebraska State Paper, 9/28/11) TransCanada’s public meetings ‘…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.(Nebraska State Paper, 9/27/11) GOP Electoral College threat less dangerous than state Senators’ silence (New Nebraska Network, 9/27/11) Keystone pipeline opponents pin hopes on Nebraska(Washington Post, 9/25/11) Gov’s staff got welfare report early (Omaha World-Herald, 9/23/11) Dave Heineman’s finger-pointing finally catches up with him (New Nebraska Network, 9/23/11) Video Special: Pipeline fight is a political squeeze play (Nebraska Watchdog, 9/22/11) Mike Johanns joins Dave Heineman in refusing to defend Jon Bruning (New Nebraska Network, 9/22/11) Poll shows majority opposition to tar sands pipeline(Nebraska State Paper, 9/20/11) Nebraska GOP backs mini-Electoral College rigging plan (Think Progress, 9/19/11) GOP backing? Oppose split vote (Omaha World-Herald, 9/18/11) New frontiers in the Nebraska/Pennsylvania Electoral Vote wars (Slate, 9/16/11) Nebraskans determined to reroute Keystone XL around aquifer as decision time nears (Inside Climate News, 9/16/11) Heineman Administration is driving force behind foster care privatization failure (New Nebraska Network, 9/14/11) HHS chief hoped to alter audit (Omaha World-Herald,9/10/11) Dave Heineman loses credibility by endorsing pipeline cheerleader for president (New Nebraska Network, 9/10/11) Audit blasts privatization costs (Omaha World-Herald, 9/7/11) Nebraska GOP could excommunicate state sens who oppose electoral college change (New Nebraska Network, 9/7/11) Heineman comments on why he wrote letter (Hastings Tribune, 9/4/11) Buffett widens rift with Republicans by faulting tea party(Lincoln Journal Star, 9/4/11) Dave Heineman spent the last year attacking those who wanted pipeline leadership (New Nebraska Network, 9/1/11) Nebraska landowners vs. TransCanada’s pipeline(Bloomberg Businessweek, 9/1/11) Keystone pipeline fight: Wall Street is watching (Huffington Post, 9/1/11) Nebraska Tea Party leader says emails show he was harassed (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/1/11)XL Pipeline: Heineman opposes route but refuses to endorse special legislative session to change it (Nebraska State Paper, 9/1/11)


Video: Governor and speaker mum on Bruning’s deals(Missouri News Horizon, 8/31/11)

GOP governor urges Obama to reject proposed Keystone oil pipeline (The Hill, 8/31/11)

NEBRASKA has the authority to determine the route of the oil pipeline (New Nebraska Network, 8/31/11)

Heineman urges federal government to reject Keystone XL pipeline (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/30/11)

Progressives must protect NU’s research and reputation in 2012 election(New Nebraska Network, 8/30/11)

Bruning says wealth overstated, invested with friends (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/30/11)

AG Bruning’s ethics on trial (Missouri News Horizon, 8/29/11)

Jon Bruning’s land deal with student loan execs under scrutiny (TPM, 8/29/11)

Bruning attained wealth in office (Omaha World-Herald, 8/25/11)

JULY 2011

Opinions differ on effect of fetal pain bill in Nebraska(Lincoln Journal Star, 7/30/11) Nebraska’s contentious abortion law spurs a nationwide wave of anti-abortion legislation (Lincoln Journal Star,7/30/11) Federal impasse could cast uncertainty on state’s economy (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/28/11) Lee Terry prevails with quicker Keystone XL plan (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/26/11) Commentary:Premature speculation, anybody? (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/25/11) Below flood stage in September? (Omaha World-Herald, 7/22/11) Missouri River governors to meet in Omaha (Omaha World-Herald,7/22/11) Nebraska may apply for Race to the Top grants for early-childhood education (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/21/11) New district lines did NOT wipe out Obama’s 2008 victory n NE-02 (New Nebraska Network, 7/19/11) Improving states’ economies will be Heineman’s focus as NGA chair (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/19/11) Heineman: Focus is on jobs (Omaha World-Herald, 7/19/11) Governor returns to Nebraska with a new initiative (KHAS, 7/18/11)Heineman supports federal balanced budget amendment (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/18/11) Heineman supports Sheehy’s run for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/18/11) Commentary: Obama would have won revised 2nd district (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/18/11) Heineman: Economy top priority for governors (Forbes, 7/18/11) State takes in more tax than expected (North Platte Bulletin, 7/17/11)Heineman: Slim chance Obama wins Nebraska vote again (Politico, 7/16/11) Heineman waited on Barbour and Daniels before making Romney endorsement(Politico, 7/16/11) Sheehy says he will run for governor in 2014 race (NTV, 7/15/11) Heineman speaks out against government raising taxes (KKHAS-TV, 7/15/11) Heineman to head govs’ group(Omaha World-Herald, 7/14/11) Keystone XL’s approval appears to be greased, documents show (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/13/11) Tax revenue may be put to work (Omaha World-Herald, 7/12/11)Heineman will model Nebraska to governors (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/12/11) Nebraska tax receipts higher than projected (Bloomberg Businessweek, 7/11/11) State approves legal pot petition challenge(Lincoln Journal Star, 7/9/11) Flood ruins dozens of buildings (Omaha World-Herald, 7/9/11) Nearly 500 homes damaged by flood waters (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/8/11) Petroleum companies and politicians (Nebraska State Paper, 7/8/11) Local humane groups rejects HSUS grant (Columbus Telegram, 7/7/11) Heineman remains nervous about flood levees (KHSA-TV, 7/7/11) Heineman: Nebraska will pursue executions (Nebraska State Paper, 7/7/11)Heineman: Montana spills renews Keystone XL concerns (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/6/11) Heineman determined the state will execute those on death row (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/6/11)

JUNE 2011

Supreme Court ruling could cripple Nebraska’s campaign finance law (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/27/11)

Gov. Heineman announces five judicial appointments (NTV, 6/24/11)

Are we ready for the post-Heineman era in Nebraska politics? (New Nebraska Network, 6/19/11)

OPPD dispels nuclear meltdown rumors in Ft. Calhoun (KETV, 6/18/11)

Nebraska requests federal aid (Omaha World-Herald,6/18/11)

Officials say Neb. nuke plant is safe from flood (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/17/11)

Nebraska nuclear reactor dry though surrounded by flood (Reuters, 6/17/11)

Governor to seek disaster aid(Omaha World-Herald, 6/17/11)

Heineman’s worry: Will levees hold? (Omaha World-Herald, 6/15/11)

Heineman says state will do all it can to help flood victims (Nebraska State Paper, 6/15/11)

Governor: Punishing amounts of water threaten levees (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/14/11)

Heineman questions corps’ plan (Omaha World-Herald, 6/13/11)

Economic development program retains younger workers (Grand Island Independent, 6/12/11)

Tax collections top projections (Omaha World-Herald, 6/11/11)

Wanted: “Angels” for businesses (Omaha World-Herald, 6/11/11)

New ‘innovation economy’ laws touted (Omaha World-Herald, 6/10/11)

State receipts continue to show positive progress (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/10/11)

A more colorful, diverse future awaits Nebraska (High Country News, 6/7/11)

2012 could be best chance for Democrats in congressional races (New Nebraska Network, 6/6/11)

Rural Nebraskans’ political power ebbs as population shifts (New York Times, 6/2/11)

Pipeline stirs Democratic disagreement (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/2/11)

Keystone XL proponents rally around the cause (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/1/11)

MAY 2011

Legislative session not as tough as predicted (Columbus Telegram, 5/31/11) Truancy: Measure tackles statewide problem (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/29/11) Roads: Promise of funding fulfilled (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/29/11) Editorial: A look back at the session (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/29/11) Heineman approves labor bill; Lawmakers again advance it (Nebraska State Paper, 5/20/11) Groups praise newest collective bargaining plan(Lincoln Journal Star, 5/19/11) Education leader blasts Heineman for signing huge roads funding bill (Nebraska State Paper, 5/19/11) Compromise reached on public employee labor law (Nebraska State Paper, 5/19/11) Deal reached on labor board (Omaha World-Herald, 5/19/11) Pipeline bill gets 47-0 first-round approval (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/19/11) Bills to limit abortions advance (Omaha World-Herald, 5/19/11) Teacher union blasts governor (Omaha World-Herald, 5/19/11) Three economic proposals pass (Omaha World-Herald, 5/18/11) Heineman acquiesces to radical road funding plan(Nebraska State Paper, 5/18/11) Governor OKs sales tax for roads (Omaha World-Herald, 5/18/11) Veto overridden; park fees going up (Omaha World-Herald,5/17/11) Governor signs $7 billion budget package (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/17/11) Senators override veto, sustain rise in Nebraska state park fees (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/17/11) Unions blast CIR proposal (Omaha World-Herald,5/17/11) Heineman to labor: It’s my way or my veto! (Nebraska State Paper, 5/17/11) No-new-taxes budget signed (Omaha World-Herald, 5/17/11) Gov. Heineman signs roads funding bill, surprising some (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/17/11) Heineman vows to veto current labor panel bill (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/16/11) Governor threatens CIR veto (Omaha World-Herald, 5/16/11) Governor endorses CIR reform by business leaders (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/16/11) GOP 2012 contenders court Heineman’s support (RealClearPolitics, 5/16/11) Overhaul bill will keep CIR (Omaha World-Herald,5/15/11) GOP state party chair Mark Fahleson — behind the partisan public face (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/14/11) Heineman vetoes Nebraska park fees legislation(Beaumont Enterprise, 5/13/11) Roads funding bill passes (Omaha World-Herald, 5/12/11) Radical change in road funding confronts Heineman (Nebraska State Paper, 5/12/11) Governor gets his turn at roads funding (Lincoln Journal Star,5/11/11) Override of energy projects veto fails (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/11/11) Governor vetoes park fees increase (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/11/11) Truancy bill becomes law (Omaha World-Herald,5/11/11) Sales tax hike? Not now (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/11) Parental consent bill advances (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/11) No-new-tax budget passes (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/11) Nebraska lawmakers approve state budget bills (Forbes, 5/11/11) Suttle keeps pushing sales tax bill (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/11) Voters say OK to new arena, but will state officials? (SW Iowa News, 5/11/11)Kearney freezes pay for school administrators (Nebraska State Paper, 5/10/11) Nebraska senator says he will attempt veto override on energy efficiency projects(Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/6/11)Labor board’s power survives (Omaha World-Herald, 5/5/11) Truancy measure is passed (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/5/11) Lawmakers pass bill limiting criminal appeals(Lincoln Journal Star, 5/5/11)Heineman: Vacation in Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 5/5/11) Lawmakers advance collective bargaining overhaul (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/4/11) Gov. Heineman vetoes bill to allow school district bonding for energy efficient projects (Daily Journal, 5/4/11) Johanns hits pipeline report, doesn’t mention state’s role (Nebraska Watchdog, 5/4/11) Many changes afoot for legislative districts (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/4/11) Research park funding advances (Omaha World-Herald, 5/3/11) Nebraska Legislature advances $7 billion budget with hardly a word of debate(Nebraska State Paper, 5/3/11) Bill to finance UNL Innovation Campus stirs debate (Bloomberg Businessweek, 5/3/11) Univ of Nebraska kicked out of AAU (The Cap Times, 5/3/11) Governor’s veto of blood-lead screening stands (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/3/11) Committee advances abortion bill (Omaha World-Herald, 5/3/11) Nebraska abortion health insurance bill advances (KGWN, 5/3/11) Some senators argue against Innovation Campus money (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/2/11) Epilogue: CIR battle lines have changed (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/2/11) Nebraska lawmakers scheduled to debate unions bill (Bloomberg Businessweek,5/2/11)

APRIL 2011

Ed associations offer CIR plan (Omaha World-Herald, 4/30/11)

Ed Sec Duncan hears from Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 4/30/11)

Duncan encourages educators to challenge the status quo (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/29/11)

Opinion: Abolish CIR for sake of our local budget control (Kearney Hub, 4/29/11)

Forecasting Board: Nebraska economy looking better (Nebraska State Paper, 4/29/11)

Nebraska Gov. Heineman’s first 2011 veto blasted down (Nebraska Watchdog, 4/28/11)

Senators override veto on nursing homes (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/28/11)

Lawmakers override veto (Omaha World-Herald, 4/28/11)

Audio: Heineman vetoes lead testing, nursing home tax (KVNO, 4/28/11)

Heineman wants golf as a revenue generator (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/28/11)

Projected higher income tax receipts boost state economic forecast (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/28/11)

Governor faces challenges to two vetoes (Nebraska State Paper, 4/27/11)

Bill sponsors will seek overrides of Dave Heineman vetoes (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/26/11)

XL Pipeline: Nelson says state government can still have a voice (Nebraska State Paper, 4/26/11)

Heineman vetoes two bills (Omaha World-Herald, 4/26/11)

State senator defends actions on Keystone XL pipeline (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/26/11)

Funding schools: Lawmakers would provide $32 million more than Heineman (Nebraska State Paper, 4/7/11)

Nebraska lawmakers reject bill for minors serving life sentences (Beaumont Enterprise, 4/7/11)

Another GOP Nebraska lawmaker defends labor vote (Nebraska Watchdog, 4/6/11)

MARCH 2011

Teachers warn against cuts in state aid to public education (New Nebraska Network, 3/31/11)

Amendment would change state constitution to protect hunting, fishing and trapping(Lincoln Journal Star,3/31/11)

Road fight makes for strange bedfellows (Nebraska Watchdog, 3/30/11)

Opinion: Funding roads with sales tax leaves other woes worse off (Kearney Hub, 3/30/11)

Governor opposes road funding plan (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/30/11)

Heineman: Roads plan too costly (Omaha World-Herald, 3/30/11)

Anti-union mood moves to Nebraska’s modest unions (The Daily Caller, 3/30/11)

Nebraska denies prenatal care to undocumented women (Mother Jones, 3/30/11)

Audio: Labor negotiation reform moves ahead (KVNO, 3/30/11)

Slowdown on child welfare pacts(Omaha World-Herald, 3/30/11)

Compromise proposal unveiled for Nebraska labor court (Forbes, 3/30/11)

Governor covers wide range of topics with Rotarians (Kearney Hub, 3/29/11)

Collective bargaining plan unveiled (Omaha World-Herald, 3/29/11)

Heineman: State’s economy solid (Omaha World-Herald, 3/29/11)

CIR refuses to rule on retirement issues (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/29/11)

Plan would overhaul collective bargaining for public employees (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/29/11)

Governor delays privatization in three child welfare service areas (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/29/11)

Heineman courts Caterpillar(Lincoln Journal Star, 3/28/11)

Committee splits with Heineman on state aid (Nebraska State Paper, 3/25/11)

Heineman mum on roads bill veto (Nebraska Watchdog,3/25/11)

School aid bill ‘spreads the pain’ (Omaha World-Herald, 3/24/11)

Committee faces possible showdown with governor over state aid to schools (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/24/11)

Bill gives schools $32M more (Omaha World-Herald, 3/24/11)

Heineman on millions for roads: Wait ’til next year (Nebraska Watchdog, 3/21/11)

Heineman issues strong statement to Humane Society (KHAS-TV, 3/18/11)

Heineman resisting HHS pay cuts (Nebraska Watchdog, 3/17/11)

2011 Legislature reaches half-way point (New Nebraska Network, 3/14/11)


Electoral bill hits opposition(Omaha World-Herald, 2/24/11)

Video: Governor ‘willing to consider’ abolishing labor board (Nebraska Watchdog, 2/24/11)

Voters to decide on labor panel? (Omaha World-Herald, 2/23/11)

Heineman weighs in on CIR, collective bargaining issues (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/23/11)

Bill would allow deadly force in protection of unborn (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/23/11)

Electoral vote legislative battle begins (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/23/11)

Newcomer Kleeb is thorn for Nebraska GOP (Omaha World-Herald, 2/20/11)

Jane Kleeb’s prominence grows in Nebraska politics (New Nebraska Network, 2/20/11)

Fight over Nebraska’s presidential vote heats up (Nebraska Watchdog, 2/17/11)

Probe sought into voter fraud (Omaha World-Herald, 2/10/11)

Lawmakers vote to end local aid (Omaha World-Herald, 2/9/11)

Lawmakers advance first part of plan to close $1 billion budget gap (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/9/11)

Legislature crafts preliminary budget (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/9/11)

Should state change electoral vote? (Omaha World-Herald, 2/9/11)

Nebraska lawmakers debate cutting local aid (Bloomberg, 2/9/11)

Counties, cities fear higher property taxes if legislature cuts local aid(Nebraska State Paper, 2/8/11)

Bills to change public union system could affect 43,000 Nebraska workers (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/6/11)

Cities aim to block revenue losses (Omaha World-Herald,2/5/11)

Suttle takes budget battle to Lincoln, higher city taxes on the line (Nebraska Watchdog, 2/4/11)

Bill would cut health coverage (Omaha World-Herald, 2/4/11)

Bills would downgrade public assistance (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/3/11)

Editorial: Continue to prepare for health reform (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/2/11)

Lt. Gov’s son has surgery after accidentally shooting himself (Omaha World-Herald, 2/2/11)


NY Times hails Jim Suttle for political courage (New Nebraska Network, 1/29/11)

NU facing $13.2M shortfall from Heineman budget (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/28/11)

Editorial: Give and take in Omaha’s democracy (New York Times, 1/28/11)

Governor: Time to halt local aid (Omaha World-Herald, 1/27/11)

Mayor ‘humbled and grateful’ after recall fails (Omaha World-Herald, 1/26/11)

Suttle declares victory over recall effort (Washington Post, 1/26/11)

Local leaders fight state funding cut (Grand Isle Independent, 1/26/11)

Heineman rejects idea of cigarette tax increase (Grand Isle Independent,1/25/11)

Schools skittish as lawmakers figure how to set state aid during budget crisis (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/25/11)

Omaha mayoral recall vote part of angry voter trend (Reuters, 1/24/11)

Omaha’s moment of truth: Just say NO to the Suttle recall (New Nebraska Network, 1/24/11)

Heineman warns HSUS of an all-out political battle (Brownfield, 1/21/11)

Legislators begin nitty-gritty of budget balancing act (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/21/11)

Suttle Recall: It’s about unions (Omaha World-Herald, 1/20/11)

Heineman touts budget proposal (The Grand Island Independent, 1/19/11)

Feelings mixed on proposed budget (Columbus Telegram, 1/15/11)

Heineman hopes to grow economy, hold down taxes, spending (Kearney Hub, 1/14/11)

Budget holds line on K-12 aid (Omaha World-Herald,1/13/11)

Governor: Tough decisions move Nebraska forward (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/13/11)

Heineman unveils ‘bold, innovative and strategic’ budget in State of State speech (Lincoln Journal Star,1/13/11)

Lawmakers react to Heineman address (North Platte Bulletin, 1/13/11)

State of the State 2011: Heineman finally facing the music of a $1 billion deficit (New Nebraska Network, 1/12/11)

Heineman gala criss-crosses state (Omaha World-Herald, 1/8/11)

GOP prioritizes electoral vote change (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/8/11)

Heineman celebrates unprecedented run (NTV, 1/7/11)

Neb. Governor not planning tax increases (Bloomberg, 1/6/11)

Heineman outlines goal for legislative session (KTIV, 1/6/11)

Heineman: Programs will be cut (Omaha World-Herald,1/6/11)

Illegal immigration fight escalates, apology demanded (Nebraska Watchdog, 1/4/11)

Musical redistricting (Omaha World-Herald, 1/4/11)

Electoral vote battle looms(Lincoln Journal Star,1/3/11)

Suttle recall votes coming soon (Nebraska Watchdog, 1/3/11)

Nebraska lawmakers face crippling 2-year budget crunch (Bloomberg, 1/3/11)

Heineman: Labor court needs more than tweaks(Omaha World-Herald, 1/2/11)

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