The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Nebraska in the News


Nebraska Gubernatorial Headlines


Bill would let Nebraska lawmakers step in on vets home (AP, 12/8/13)
4 finalists named for Nebraska education commissioner post (Omaha World-Herald, 12/7/13)
EDITORIAL: It’s time for a bold move on taxes (Fremont Tribune, 12/7/13)
State leaders speak at annual breakfast meeting (Star Herald, 12/7/13)
New Nebraska state senator withdraws just hours after appointment after questions arise (Omaha World-Herald, 12/7/13)
Governor’s legislative appointee withdraws quickly (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/6/13)
End of an era: Ricketts family members to relinquish TD Ameritrade board seats in 2016 (Omaha World-Herald, 12/6/13)
Governor’s appointment: Here today, gone today (Nebraska Watchdog, 12/6/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Heineman and Sen. Harms keynote speakers at pre-Legislative breakfast (KOTA, 12/6/13)
VIDEO: Governor calls for tax reform despite committee’s belief more time is needed (1011now, 12/6/13)
Nebraska Chamber of Commerce to push for tax reform (AP, 12/6/13)
Heineman: State needs to continue to grow its wind resources (Grand Island Independent, 12/6/13)
Foley brings campaign for governor to Grand Island (Grand Island Independent, 12/5/13)
Nebraska lawmakers discuss school security funding (Sioux City Journal, 12/5/13)
Tax committee recommends slow reform (Sioux City Journal, 12/4/13)
Democrat Hassebrook promises bipartisan focus (AP, 12/4/13)
Lawmakers lash out at conservative business group (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/4/13)
Treasurer Stenberg to run for re-election, not governor or Senate (Nebraska Radio Network, 12/4/13)
Hassebrook foresees tax battle in governor’s race (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/4/13)
Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg to run for 2nd term (Omaha World-Herald, 12/4/13)
Hassebrook lays out campaign priorities in visit to G.I. (Grand Island Independent, 12/3/13)
Carlson campaigning (Norfolk Daily News, 12/3/13)
Gov. Heineman cancels state climate-change study (Omaha World-Herald, 12/3/13)
In final year, Nebraska governor will push income tax cut (Washington Post, 12/3/13)
VIDEO: Lawmakers plan to tackle taxes, health coverage & veterans home next session (NTV, 12/2/13)
Nebraska lawmaker launches Medicaid expansion petition (AP, 12/2/13)
State senator calls for Heineman to forgo taxpayer-supported health insurance (Omaha World-Herald, 12/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Dubas out, but governor’s race still full (Grand Island Independent, 12/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Dubas withdrawal hurts Democrats (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/1/13)


AUDIO: Auditor Foley says DHHS must be rebuilt, denies political motivation (KLIN, 11/29/13)
AUDIO: Hassebrook says absence of primary foe doesn’t change a thing (KLIN, 11/28/13)
AUDIO: Dubas out, only Hassebrook left in Democratic primary for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/26/13)
Dubas withdraws from 2014 Nebraska governor’s race; cites toll on family (Omaha World-Herald, 11/26/13)
Audit finds HHS assistance programs ‘riddled with problems,’ alleges criminal activity (Omaha World-Herald, 11/26/13)
Gov. Heineman to speak at annual breakfast meeting (Star Herald, 11/26/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Heineman talks about former Lt. Gov Sheehy (KHAS-TV, 11/26/13)
VIDEO: Governor Heineman talks legislative issues (KHAS-TV, 11/25/13)
Auditor blasts HHS program; alleges criminal activity (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/25/13)
State Auditor Mike Foley finds more DHHS spending problems, criminal prosecution has now commenced (Journal Democrat, 11/25/13)
Democrat Annette Dubas drops Nebraska gubernatorial campaign (Sioux City Journal, 11/25/13)
Dubas drops out of Nebraska governor’s race (Grand Island Independent, 11/25/13)
Democrat Dubas drops 2014 Nebraska governor bid (Sioux City Journal, 11/25/13)
Nebraska Democrat Dubas quitting governor’s race (AP, 11/25/13)
Dubas drops out of governor’s race (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/25/13)
Nebraska lawmaker to introduce school guns bill (AP, 11/24/13)
Dave Heinaman, Mike Foley feud may impact governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 11/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Nebraska issues shape gubernatorial debate (Omaha World Herald, 11/22/13)
Rural candidate Tom Carlson seeks governorship (Star Herald, 11/21/13)
Easing Nebraska’s prison overcrowding will take years, say 2 national experts (Omaha World-Herald, 11/21/13)
Hassebrook campaigns for governor claiming economic opportunity from Missouri River to the Panhandle (Journal Democrat, 11/21/13)
Neb. Sen. Dubas to introduce property tax proposal (AP, 11/20/13)
Experts hand Nebraska a prison reform map (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/20/13)
McCoy hitting campaign trail (Fremont Tribune, 11/20/13)
AUDIO: Nebraska GOP schedules debates for governor, US Senate (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/20/13)
McCoy holds meet and greet in West Point (KTIC, 11/19/13)
Nebraska GOP plans 3 debates each for Republican governor, Senate candidates (Omaha World-Herald, 11/19/13)
Tax Modernization Committee ideas don’t wow business groups (Omaha World-Herald, 11/18/13)
Federal issues creep into GOP Nebraska governor’s race (AP, 11/17/13)
Chambers vows to hold up 2014 session to squelch lion hunting (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/16/13)
Special master rules in favor of Nebraska in water war (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/15/13)
Hassebrook, Dubas push wind energy development (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/15/13)
Senate hopeful Ben Sasse picks up endorsement of ex-House Majority Leader Dick Armey (Omaha World-Herald, 11/14/13)
Fremont voters to decide on repeal of immigrant housing ordinance (Omaha World-Herald, 11/13/13)
Nebraska tax overhaul committee puts a plan on the table, but is it appetizing? (Omaha World-Herald, 11/13/13)
Committee: More specific goals needed for tax incentive programs (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/13/13)
Omaha attorney Bryan Slone eyes governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 11/13/13)
Package of tax changes forming in Legislature (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/12/13)
Building of large wind farms could provide major property tax relief, advocates say (Omaha World-Herald, 11/12/13)
AUDIO: Hassebrook says he’s a Democrat who can win in the governor’s race (KLIN, 11/11/13)
Hassebrook announces candidacy (KMALand, 11/11/13)
Tax report adds fuel to Nebraska’s debate on where to cut (Omaha World-Herald, 11/10/13)
Report:: 122,000 eligible for insurance tax credits (AP, 11/10/13)
EDITORIAL: Get pensions under control (Omaha World-Herald, 11/10/13)
Dubas campaigns in South Sioux City (KSCJ, 11/7/13)
McCoy discusses keeping young people in Nebraska, water resources (KTIC, 11/7/13)
VIDEO: Sen. Dubas brings gubernatorial campaign to northeast Nebraska (KTIV, 11/7/13)
Chuck Hassebrook gets Planned Parenthood group’s endorsement in governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 11/7/13)
Carlson takes governor campaign to Syracuse, Nebraska City (NC News Press, 11/6/13)
Legislators hear arguments to allow Election Day voter registration (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/5/13)
OPINION: Sen. McCoy should come and learn (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/5/13)
McCoy brings campaign for governor to G.I. (Grand Island Independent, 11/5/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Heineman doesn’t see politics interfering with session (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Western Nebraskans can identify with northeast Coloradans’ desire to secede (Omaha World-Herald, 11/5/13)
Bill filed to overturn Fremont illegal immigrant ordinance (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/4/13)
Dubas says state must work with local governments to lower property taxes (Nebraska Radio Network, 11/4/13)
No chief for higher ed agency, no funds to seek new one (Omaha World-Herald, 11/3/13)
VIDEO: Sen. Annette Dubas supports marriage equality (KHAS-TV, 11/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Let science control climate study plan (Columbus Telegram, 11/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Hassebrook: Congress should support rural small town way of life (Rapid City Journal, 11/2/13)
Brad Ashford, Ernie Chambers want to put gay marriage back on ballot (Omaha World-Herald, 11/2/13)
Legislature’s tax committee meets, but no solutions to lower property taxes (Omaha World-Herald, 11/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Beau McCoy: Science has not proved manmade climate change (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/2/13)
For tax committee, nothing’s off the table yet (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/1/13)
Same-sex marriage ban dilemmas draw Legislature’s attention (Lincoln Journal Star, 11/1/13)
2 candidates, 2 gay siblings, 2 reactions (Omaha World-Herald, 11/1/13)


Most speakers angry about possible changes to Fremont’s immigrant housing ordinance (Omaha World-Herald, 10/30/13)
AUDIO: Former Gov.Kay Orr endorses Pete Ricketts for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/28/13)
Hassebrook makes stop in Kearney (Kearney Hub, 10/26/13)
VIDEO: Gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook campaigns in Hastings (KHAS-TV, 10/25/13)
Heineman challenges lawmaker on Medicaid expansion (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/23/13)
Tax rankings tell state story, chamber tells business leaders (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/23/13)
Poll: Most Nebraskans support raising tobacco taxes to ease property taxes (Omaha World-Herald, 10/19/13)
Sen. Deb Fischer says she’s learned from bruising budget battle (Omaha World-Herald, 10/18/13)
Advocates call for Nebraska tobacco tax increase (Fremont Tribune, 10/18/13)
Hassebrook criticizes governor’s handling of Corrections (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/17/13)
Voter ID plan by Neb. Sec of State Gale would apply to narrow group of citizens (Omaha World-Herald, 10/17/13)
Grand Island leaders respond to Gov. Heineman’s vets home letter (Omaha World-Herald, 10/16/13)
Nebraska home-school families denounce ‘tyranny’ of new rule (Omaha World-Herald, 10/15/13)
VIDEO: Hassebrook wraps up 2 day campaign tour in Western Nebraska (KOTA, 10/15/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Carlson tours Panhandle (Chadron Record, 10/15/13)
AUDIO: Sen. Dubas says she has the make-up to be the next governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/15/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Hassebrook tours Panhandle (Chadron Record, 10/15/13)
Departing Mike Johanns is freer to scold GOP (Omaha World-Herald, 10/13/13)
Pete Festersen to vie for Lee Terry’s congressional seat in 2014 (Omaha World-Herald, 10/13/13)
Nebraska lawmakers plan forums on women in the workplace (Omaha World-Herald, 10/13/13)
Gov. Heineman asks Grand Island officials to back Kearney vets home (Omaha World-Herald, 10/11/13)
A solid, albeit mild, tax reform proposal (Forbes, 10/11/13)
No surprise: Taxes to be big deal next session (Beatrice Daily Sun, 10/11/13)
State senators endorse Dubas (Columbus Telegram, 10/10/13)
Dubas: Protecting Nebraska cash reserve a priority (Fremont Tribune, 10/10/13)
Gubernatorial hopeful Annette Dubas nets 14 Democratic endorsements (Omaha World-Herald, 10/10/13)
Legislators endorse woman for governor (North Platte Bulletin, 10/10/13)
Dubas: Protecting Nebraska cash reserve a priority (AP, 10/10/13)
Sen. McCoy plans fight to change ‘good time’ law (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/10/13)
McCoy proposes changes to prisoners’ ‘good time’ (Nebraska Watchdog, 10/10/13)
State Sen. Beau McCoy latest to call for ‘good time’ reform (Omaha World-Herald, 10/9/13)
Heineman critical of local plan on G.I. vets home (AP, 10/9/13)
Analysis: Terry’s self-inflicted wound reopens door for Democrats (Nebraska Watchdog, 10/8/13)
Lee Terry apologizes for putting his needs above others (Omaha World-Herald, 10/7/13)
VIDEO: Senator Janssen talks healthcare and gun control (KHAS-TV, 10/5/13)
Price tag put on easing Nebraska prison crowding (Omaha World-Herald, 10/5/13)
EDITORIAL: Reducing size of government — not just taxes — is important (Fremont Tribune, 10/5/13)
Nebraska school aid formula criticized (AP, 10/4/13)
Platte Institute: Overhauled Nebraska tax system could drive more jobs (Omaha World-Herald, 10/4/13)
OpenSky Policy Institute statements on tax ideas discussed by Gov. Heineman (Omaha World-Herald, 10/3/13)
Rickets: Education, jobs and the rural economy are top issues (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/3/13)
VIDEO: Platte Institute releases tax reform options (KHAS-TV, 10/3/13)
State senators look at tax reform (KLKN-TV, 10/3/13)
Lawmakers welcome Gov. Heineman’s shift to include property taxes in tax-relief push (Omaha World-Herald, 10/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Tell state senators who should pay taxes (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/2/13)
Advocates offer views in support of Keystone XL pipeline (Omaha World-Herald, 10/2/13)
Nebraska Gov. Heineman renews call for tax cuts (AP, 10/2/13)
AUDIO: Stenberg leaning toward re-election bid, won’t rule out run for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/2/13)
Heineman weighs in as lawmakers look at Neb. tax overhaul (Sioux City Journal, 10/2/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Heineman again makes the case that taxes are too high (Nebraska Radio Network, 10/2/13)
Heineman: Impact of govt shutdown on Nebraska unclear (AP, 10/2/13)
Pipeline proponents try to ease safety concerns (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/1/13)
Dave Heineman: Lower property, income taxes are both priorities (Omaha World-Herald, 10/1/13)
Wanted: Your best ideas for funding Nebraska schools (Omaha World-Herald, 10/1/13)
For Midlands lawmakers, disappointment from both sides of the aisle over shutdown (Omaha World-Herald, 10/1/13)
Stenberg hasn’t ruled out bid for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 10/1/13)


Ewald resigning as tax commissioner (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/30/13)
Most employers health coverage expected to be stable in 2014 (Omaha World-Herald, 9/29/13)
Judge hears challenge to pipeline siting law (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/28/13)
Gubernatorial candidate makes stop in Norfolk (Norfolk Daily News, 9/28/13)
In court, landowners seek to hit reset on Keystone XL pipeline route (Omaha World-Herald, 9/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Parks funding under pressure (Omaha World-Herald, 9/27/13)
Dubas throws her hat into the race for governor (Lexington Clipper-Herald, 9/27/13)
Dubas makes stop in Scottsbluff as part of campaign trail (Star Herald, 9/26/13)
Governor candidate Dubas visits NP (North Platte Telegraph, 9/26/13)
Dubas stops in Scottsbluff as part of statewide campaign tour (KOTA, 9/26/13)
Dubas: State, local governments must work together (Columbus Telegram, 9/26/13)
Senator Dubas to expand Medicaid if elected as next governor (Kearney Hub, 9/26/13)
Heineman wants renewed focus on death penalty (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/25/13)
OPS shorted again on funding; Legislature might be asked to tweak shared tax system (Omaha World-Herald, 9/25/13)
Depew is new director for Center for Rural Affairs (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/24/13)
State legislator announces bid for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 9/24/13)
VIDEO: Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls kick campaigns into gear (KOTA, 9/24/13)
VIDEO: Neb. gubernatorial candidate Dubas talks taxes in Norfolk (KTIV, 9/24/13)
Dubas doesn’t favor bidding process for existing state facilities (Grand Island Independent, 9/24/13)
Democratic hopefuls for Nebraska governor emphasizes rural backgrounds while campaigning (AP, 9/23/13)
3  former Omaha mayors endorse Chuck Hassebrook for governor (Omaha World-Herald, 9/23/13)
Senator Annette Dubas hits the campaign trail (KLKN-TV, 9/23/13)
Former Omaha mayors endorse Hassebrook for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/23/13)
Dubas eyes property taxes, health services (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/23/13)
Property taxes draw most attention at first tax reform hearing (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/23/13)
Dubas launches campaign tour, to visit Kearney Wednesday (Kearney Hub, 9/23/13)
Politically speaking: Dubas touts experience as she pursues Nebraska governor’s seat (Sioux City Journal, 9/23/13)
Dubas launches campaign for governor (Grand Isle Independent, 9/22/13)
Annette Dubas launches governor campaign (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/22/13)
EDITORIAL: Lesson learned on state budgets (Omaha World-Herald, 9/22/13)
Candidates for governor split on prenatal care for immigrants (Omaha World-Herald, 9/22/13)
Tax committee to travel Nebraska for public hearings (Omaha World-Herald, 9/22/13)
Nebraska legislative tax hearings set to begin (AP, 9/22/13)
Foley says he has experience, not money (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/22/13)
COMMENTARY: Democrats share spotlight (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/22/13)
Politically speaking: Duba visiting South Sioux as part of Nebraska governor candidacy launch (Sioux City Journal, 9/21/13)
VIDEO: Hassebrook campaigns for governor (KHAS-TV, 9/21/13)
More faces jump into 2014 races for Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 9/20/13)
Hassebrook shares priorities: Education, energy, small business (Grand Island Independent, 9/20/13)
Hassebrook to speak at Harmon Park picnic Sat. (Kearney Hub, 9/19/13)
Annette Dubas to launch Nebraska gubernatorial campaign tour next week (AP, 9/18/13)
Democrat Annette Dubas to kick off gubernatorial campaign next week (KOTA, 9/18/13)
Beau McCoy enters Nebraska’s governor race (Sioux City Journal, 9/17/13)
Annette Dubas ready to begin governor bid (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/17/13)
AUDIO: McCoy lists education funding as priority in Nebraska governor’s race (KSCJ, 9/16/13)
Dave Heineman: Grand Island must accept loss of Veteran’s Home (AP, 9/16/13)
Nebraska banker Dinsdale launches GOP Senate bid (AP, 9/16/13)
With no front-runner yet, Nebraska governor race under close watch (Omaha World-Herald, 9/15/13)
Norfolk business leader to testify in DC on pipeline impact (Omaha World-Herald, 9/15/13)
Omaha lawmaker receives huge donation for GOP campaign (KOTA, 9/15/13)
COMMENTARY: McCoy money shakes up governor race (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/15/13)
Nebraska, Iowa job losses recover from job losses that were deeper in other states (Omaha World-Herald, 9/15/13)
Omaha rally honors slain 93-year-old, calls for tougher immigration law enforcement (Omaha World-Herald, 9/14/13)
McCoy’s campaign for Nebraska governor gets big boost (AP, 9/14/13)
Governor’s race drop-out Herbster donates $860,000 in campaign assets to Beau McCoy (Omaha World-Herald, 9/14/13)
How much will Nebraska property owners see in tax breaks? (Omaha World-Herald, 9/13/13)
Hassebrook priorities include education, small business (Norfolk Daily News, 9/13/13)
Nebraska gubernatorial hopeful McCoy visits Norfolk (KTIV, 9/13/13)
Lawmakers, dignitaries attending illegal immigration rally (Nebraska Radio Network, 9/13/13)
VIDEO: Nebraska gov hopeful Hassebrook visits voters in Norfolk, Wayne (KITV, 9/12/13)
McCoy hits NP on gubernatorial tour (North Platte Telegraph, 9/12/13)
Republican Sen. Beau McCoy announces he’ll run for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 9/11/13)
Haigler-area ‘ranch kid’ kicks off run for governor (McCook Gazette, 9/11/13)
VIDEO: Ricketts comments on past Senate campaign run (KHAS-TV, 9/11/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Heineman attends Husker Harvest Days (KHAS-TV, 9/11/13)
McCoy announces GOP bid for governor (AP, 9/11/13)
Beau McCoy makes stops in Sidney, Scottsbluff during campaign for governor (KOTA, 9/11/13)
Gubernatorial candidate Beau McCoy kicks off 4-day tour of Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 9/10/13)
Beau McCoy enters governor race (Columbus Telegram, 9/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor’s race needs ideas to go with the numbers (Omaha World-Herald, 9/10/13)
Nebraska’s governor’s race quickly taking shape (AP, 9/9/13)
Ricketts becomes fifth GOP candidate to run for Neb. governor (AP, 9/9/13)
Chamber leader: State business climate improving (Grand Island Independent, 9/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Don’t over-promise on school aid (Omaha World-Herald, 9/8/13)
AUDIO: Omaha businessman Pete Ricketts to run for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 9/8/13)
Walloped in 2006, Pete Ricketts alters campaign strategy (Omaha World-Herald, 9/8/13)
Ricketts joins crowded field for governor (NTV, 9/8/13)
Dubas to union members: Thanks for everything you’ve done (Grand Island Independent, 9/7/13)
In wake of Nikko Jenkins case, ‘good time’ sentencing law gets debated (Omaha World-Herald, 9/7/13)
New state laws take effect today: Infant heart screenings, early voting and more (Omaha World-Herald, 9/6/13)
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry gives boost to Mike Foley’s bid for governor (Omaha World-Herald, 9/6/13)
State Auditor Foley begins campaign for Nebraska governor (AP, 9/6/13)
Foley enters race for governor (Columbus Telegram, 9/5/13)
A look at the Nebraska gubernatorial race (National Review, 9/5/13)
AUDIO: State Auditor Mike Foley announces candidacy for governor (Nebraska Radio Network, 9/5/13)
Foley pledges fiscally conservative governorship (Lincoln Journal Star, 9/5/13)
Heineman: Prosecutors correct in seeking death penalty for Nikko Jenkins (Omaha World-Herald, 9/5/13)
Nebraska Auditor Foley announces run for governor (AP, 9/5/13)
VIDEO: Foley announces candidacy for governor (KLKNTV, 9/5/13)
Audit compares Nebraska tax incentives with 9 other states (Lincoln Journal-Star, 9/4/13)
Mike Foley’s gubernatorial bid would raise the stakes in a heated race (Omaha World-Herald, 9/4/13)
Democrats see uphill battle for federal seat (Omaha World-Herald, 9/1/13)
Officials look beyond Nebraska to solve prison overcrowding (Omaha World-Herald, 9/1/13)


Proposed tax changes get whittled down by pragmatic state panel (Omaha World-Herald, 8/31/13)
Labor law, taxation among chamber forum topics (Omaha World-Herald, 8/30/13)
Tax committee will outline focus of public hearings (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/30/13)
No solid evidence the state is benefiting from tax incentives for businesses (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/30/13)
Neb. guns bill used in Janssen fundraising message (AP, 8/29/13)
State posts proposed rates for uninsured (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/29/13)
2014 governor race update (The Daily Nebraskan, 8/27/13)
Lawsuit challenges same-sex foster care rule (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/27/13)
Hassebrook steps down as Center for Rural Affairs executive director (Midwest Producer, 8/27/13)
Gov. Heineman honors 50 businesses promoting wellness (Omaha World-Herald, 8/26/13)
Center for Rural Affairs picks new leader to replace gubernatorial candidate Chuck Hassebrook (AP, 8/26/13)
VIDEO: Neb. state Sen. Tom Carlson campaigns for governor (NTV, 8/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Heineman’s defense of vets home decision rings hollow (Grand Island Independent, 8/25/13)
Surprises in governor’s race: Herbster out; McCoy in (Omaha World-Herald, 8/24/13)
Vets home supporters take message to State Fair (Grand Island Independent, 8/24/13)
Herbster pulls out of GOP governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 8/23/13)
Lawmakers: Nebraska must get creative to stem prison crowding (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/23/13)
Sen. Beau McCoy enters GOP governor race (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/23/13)
One man in for governor’s race while another heads out (NTV, 8/23/13)
VIDEO: Fall City man will not run for governor (KHAS-TV, 8/23/13)
Herbster opts against run for Nebraska governor (AP, 8/23/13)
GOP’s Herbster out of Nebraska governor’s race (Nebraska Watchdog, 8/23/13)
Republican Beau McCoy to enter governor’s race (AP, 8/23/13)
Nebraska lawmakers discuss tying state aid to school performance (Omaha World-Herald, 8/23/13)
Rep. Lee Terry gets an earful from both left, right at town hall meeting (Omaha World-Herald, 8/23/13)
Herbster withdraws from governor race (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/23/13)
Education leaders, governor stress campus visits (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/22/13)
Candidate Janssen listens to constituents’ ideas (Norfolk Daily News, 8/22/13)
Expert: Nebraska school funding should be predictable (AP, 8/21/13)
Hassebrook not flinching on tough issues (Lincoln Journal-Star, 8/21/13)
Heineman: Vets came first in decision to move home from Grand Island to Kearney (Omaha World-Herald, 8/20/13)
School funding hearings scheduled throughout Nebraska (AP, 8/20/13)
Gov. Heineman fortunate state hasn’t used air-tanker ‘this summer’ (KOTA, 8/19/13)
Rural candidates dominate so far in Neb. gov race (AP, 8/18/13)
Janssen talks tax modernization at town all meeting (Fremont  Tribune, 8/16/13)
Janssen talks taxes in Fremont (KTIC, 8/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Tax proposal has bad timing (Omaha World-Herald, 8/15/13)
A tale of two houses: Does candidate for Nebraska governor actually live in the state? (Nebraska Watchdog, 8/14/13)
COMMENTARY: No clue who’s next governor (Lincoln Journal-Star, 8/11/13)
Heineman building far-reaching judicial legacy (Lincoln Journal-Star, 8/11/13)
Nebraska gov candidate Janssen doubts tax code overhaul will bring relief (Nebraska Watchdog, 8/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Seeking balance in use of water (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
Firm sketches out desired traits of new state ed chief (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
Legislative panel hears few tax complaints at summit (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
Sen. Lathrop passes on Democratic bid for governor (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
State Auditor Mike Foley demurs for now on run for governor (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
Nebraska AG Bruning opts out of governor’s race, plans re-election bid (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
Democrat Annette Dubas’ bid for governor stirs excitement about the race in both parties (Omaha World-Herald, 8/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Nebraska ways vs. Washington ways (Omaha World-Herald, 8/8/13)
Pro-life Democrat to run for Nebraska governor; Lathrop out (Nebraska Watchdog, 8/8/13)
State Senator Dubas running for Neb. governor (AP, 8/8/13)
‘The gridlock isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be,’ says freshman Sen. Deb Fischer (Omaha World-Herald, 8/8/13)
Nebraska Chamber: Cut the top state income tax rate (Omaha World-Herald, 8/6/13)
Nebraska asks judge to toss out immigrant’s lawsuit over drier’s license policy (Omaha World-Herald, 8/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Child welfare numbers point toward progress (Omaha World-Herald, 8/5/13)
Nebraska educators await moment of truth on Common Core (Omaha World-Herald, 8/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Stage set for early-childhood progress (Omaha World-Herald, 8/2/13)
Lawmakers look at new approaches to K-12 funding (AP, 8/2/13)
Nebraska gubernatorial candidate blames federal immigration policy in ‘horrendous’ rape case (The Raw Story, 8/2/13)
Heineman headed to annual governors’ meeting (AP, 8/1/13)
EDITORIAL: Janssen does disservice (Lincoln Journal Star, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Carlson throws hat in ring for governor’s race (North Platte Telegraph, 7/31/13)
VIDEO: Republican candidate for governor stops in North Platte (KHAS-TV, 7/31/13)
Report highlights state benefits under health law (Columbus Telegram, 7/31/13)
Governor candidate Hassebrook supports Medicaid expansion (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/31/13)
Heineman hears southeast Nebraska concerns (KMALand, 7/29/13)
No Medicaid expansion, no coverage for some (Omaha World-Herald, 7/28/13)
Chuck Hassebrook: Congress needs to support rural way of life (NewsOK, 7/28/13)
Latest foe of Keystone XL pipeline is former nuclear waste site activist (Omaha World-Herald, 7/26/13)
Nebraska making progress on child welfare (Omaha World-Herald, 7/26/13)
Grand Island weighs legal action in its fight to keep veterans home (Omaha World-Herald, 7/26/13)
Woman wants judge to halt Nebraska policy on driver’s licenses for immigrants (Omaha World-Herald, 7/26/13)
Sen. Nordquist to propose higher state minimum wage (AP, 7/25/13)
Tax study hearings in various cities this fall (Kearney Hub, 7/25/13)
State senators call for increase in minimum wage (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/25/13)
Ruling on execution drug energizes foes of Nebraska’s policy (Omaha World-Herald, 7/25/13)
Death penalty expert: Nebraska must change lethal injection drug (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/24/13)
Federal courts says Nebraska, other states can keep lethal injection drug (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/23/13)
State Sen. Bob Krist opts to not run for higher office (Omaha World-Herald, 7/23/13)
Resolution against Keystone XL pipeline fails in York County (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/23/13)
Tax reform committee schedules public hearings (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/23/13)
Pipeline showdown set for Sept. 27 (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/20/13)
Carlson: Water sustainability key to state’s future (Hastings Tribune, 7/20/13)
Gov. Heineman names two Lincoln attorneys to bench (Omaha World-Herald, 7/20/13)
Water task force begins work (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/19/13)
VIDEO: State task force addresses water issues (KLKN-TV, 7/19/13)
Wildlife, sportsmen may benefit from water funding task force (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/19/13)
New Nebraska water-funding task force sets to work (AP, 7/19/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Dave Heineman: Obamacare in trouble (Beatrice Daily Sun, 7/19/13)
Watchdog group criticizes lawmakers’ fundraisers (AP, 7/18/13)
Nebraska sees big jump in tax incentive deals (AP, 7/17/13)
Lathrop pleased with ‘good year’ in Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 7/17/13)
Nebraska Dept of roads windfall (KMALand, 7/14/13)
GOP State Sen. Tom Carlson latest to join wide-open governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 7/13/13)
Carlson of Holdredge throws hat into governor’s race (Kearney Hub, 7/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Good timing for tax reform (Omaha World-Herald, 7/12/13)
Sen. Tom Carlson enters governor race (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/12/13)
2014 ballot bursting with bids for Senate, governor’s post (Omaha World-Herald, 7/11/13)
Lawmakers begin rethinking Nebraska’s tax system (Omaha World-Herald, 7/11/13)
Keystone XL pipeline fight’s latest battlefield? County boards (Omaha World-Herald, 7/10/13)
Committee’s work starts with sales tax discussion (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/10/13)
Heineman renews call for tax cuts after collections exceed forecasts (Omaha World-Herald, 7/10/13)
State’s cash reserve prompts call for tax relief (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/9/13)
Tax study members looking at all options (Omaha World-Herald, 7/7/13)
Falls City businessman looks like a candidate, but he’s mum on GOP governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 7/6/13)
Hassebrook’s guv team has many from Hub territory (Kearney Hub, 7/4/13)
Hassebrook adds to gubernatorial campaign committee (NTV, 7/3/13)
Ashford inclined to seek US Senate seat as Democrat (Lincoln Journal Star, 7/3/13)
Group files ethics complaint against Nebraska lawmaker (AP, 7/3/13)
New state law funnels sales tax toward road construction (Omaha World-Herald, 7/2/13)
Heineman announces Nebraska water task force members (AP, 7/2/13)
Is Nebraska state Sen. and 2014 gubernatorial candidate Charlie Janssen… a leader? (Omaha News, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

Child welfare system settling into public-private partnership (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Lathrop, Hassebrook contest could help Dems (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/30/13)
Foes say fight will go on against Fremont’s illegal-immigrant housing law (Omaha World-News, 6/29/13)
Immigration bill reflects our values, say Nebraskans at rally (Omaha World-Herald, 6/28/13)
Sec of State calls for expanded mail-in voting (AP, 6/25/13)
Sales tax means stalled work on Nebraska roads can begin (AP, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature shares 2014 election spotlight (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/23/13)
Nebraska’s gas tax to increase for 2nd half of year (Omaha World-Herald, 6/20/13)
Education chief argues for retaining mix of revenues for state aid to schools (Omaha World-Herald, 6/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Respect is key in pipeline debate (Omaha World-Herald, 6/18/13)
Company: Terror laws may apply to Keystone XL pipeline foes (Omaha World-Herald, 6/17/13)
4 Nebraska cities engage in bidding war for $121M state veterans’ home (Omaha World-Herald, 6/12/13)
Judge allows Keystone XL lawsuit to proceed (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/12/13)
Nebraska legislative wrap (Omaha World-Herald, 6/9/13)
School aid formula bound ‘to have winners and losers’ (Omaha World-Herald, 6/9/13)
Tuition freeze a reality as NU regents approve budget (Omaha World-Herald, 6/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature strikes balance on subpoena power (Omaha World-Herald, 6/8/13)
4 state senators considering running for governor (Omaha World-Herald, 6/6/13)
A ‘long’ and ‘difficult’ year still yields successes for Nebraska lawmakers (Omaha World-Herald, 6/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Legislature adapts to an era of flux (Omaha World-Herald, 6/5/13)
Lawmakers leave meaty issues on table (Lincoln Journal Star, 6/5/13)
Drama over: Heineman signs bill on wind energy tax breaks (Omaha World-Herald, 6/5/13)
New panel’s tax study likely to be divisive (Omaha World-Herald, 6/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Helping Nebraska to compete through tax reform (Omaha World-Herald, 6/3/13)
Heineman signs tax relief bills (Omaha World-Herald, 6/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Nebraska leaders need the long view (Omaha World-Herald, 6/2/13)
With no incumbents, governor, Senate races may see candidates aplenty (Omaha World-Herald, 6/2/13)
Lawmakers advance controversial gay foster parent bill (Omaha World-Herald, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

EDITORIAL: Taxpayers get ‘grand mess’ (Omaha World-Herald, 5/31/13)
In approving wind-energy incentives, lawmakers hope to make Nebraska a player (Omaha World-Herald, 5/30/13)
14 senators to review Nebraska’s tax system (Omaha World-Herald, 5/30/13)
In Nebraska, one house is a hit (Kansas City Star, 5/30/13)
Lawmakers override most of governor’s vetoes, except for Senior Open funds (Omaha World-Herald, 5/29/13)
After lunch with Heineman, Omaha South soccer champs give him letter on immigration (Omaha World-Herald, 5/28/13)
A reset in Nebraska Senate race (The Fix, 5/28/13)
Filibuster frustration growing in Nebraska Senate (Omaha World-Herald, 5/28/13)
Is $27M enough to buy influence in Nebraska? (Omaha World-Herald, 5/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Look to the long-term on pensions (Omaha World-Herald, 5/26/13)
Dave Heineman takes scalpel to state budget (Omaha World-Herald, 5/25/13)
Governor Heineman opts against US Senate run in 2014 (Omaha World-Herald, 5/25/13)
Nebraska lawmakers OK bill to allow cities to redevelop old military sites (Omaha World-Herald, 5/24/13)
In surprising reversal, lawmakers vote to strip Omaha of authority to boost sales taxes (Omaha World-Herald, 5/22/13)
Nebraska lawmakers OK tax reforms to help improve state’s business climate (Omaha World-Herald, 5/22/13)
Heineman vetoes $200K for tourism spending at US Senior Open (Omaha World-Herald, 5/22/13)
Heineman weighs $7.8B state budget, calls lack of tax cuts ‘unfortunate’ (Omaha World-Herald, 5/21/13)
Proposal to expand Nebraska Medicaid program appears dead for year (Omaha World-Herald, 5/21/13)
Omaha think tank: State, city underestimating pension liabilities (Omaha World-Herald, 5/20/13)
Rotunda blog: State lawmakers head into home stretch (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Separation of powers; Lobbying raises concerns (Omaha World-Herald, 5/19/13)
Senators craft compromise on health insurance exchange (Omaha World-Herald, 5/17/13)
Series of missteps sealed Suttle’s fate in loss to Stothert (Omaha World-Herald, 5/16/13)
Chambers renews attack on sales tax increases (Lincoln Journal-Star, 5/16/13)
Rally calls for an end to Medicaid bill filibuster (Omaha World-Herald, 5/16/13)
School aid bill has no opposition, gets final approval (Omaha World-Herald, 5/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Rein in Nebraska filibuster (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/15/13)
Medicaid expansion supporters fill up west steps of Capitol (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/15/13)
AUDIO: Legislature overrides governor’s veto of teacher pension bill (Nebraska Radio Network, 5/15/13)
State’s top lawyer agrees to pay hefty fine for campaign gaffes (Nebraska Radio Network, 5/15/13)
Neb. lawmakers override veto on retirement bill (AP, 5/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Omaha looked good during Jim Suttle’s term, but he didn’t (Omaha World-Herald, 5/15/13)
Jean Stothert wins by wide margin to become Omaha’s first woman mayor (Omaha World-Herald, 5/15/13)
Budget doesn’t include funds for Gov. Heineman’s plane (Omaha World-Herald, 5/15/13)
Heineman consults former governors who served in Senate (Roll Call, 5/15/13)
Nebraska Senate draft movement shows Heineman’s clout (National Journal, 5/15/13)
Heineman vetoes retirement plan bill; Nordquist files for override (Omaha World-Herald, 5/14/13)
VIDEO: Neb. Gov. Dave Heineman discusses state aid formula for schools (KOTA News, 5/14/13)
Heineman emphasizes leadership (Scottsbluff Star Herald, 5/14/13)
FEC fines Jon Bruing $19K for violating rules, intent of ‘exploratory committee’ (Omaha World-Herald, 5/14/13)
Filibuster sinks death penalty repeal in Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 5/14/13)
Senators override Heineman’s veto of retirement plan bill (Omaha World-Herald, 5/14/13)
Gov. Dave Heineman vetoes teacher retirement bill (AP, 5/13/13)
Heineman vetoes school retirement bill (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/13/13)
Gov. Heineman sends back first veto of 2013 for retirement funding solution (NTV, 5/13/13)
Young entrepreneurs get a visit from the governor (Scottsbluff Star Herald, 5/13/13)
COMMENTARY: Political theater in the Legislature (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Make tax money decisions in the open (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/13)
State school aid measure advances (Omaha World-Herald, 5/11/13)
Legislature: Hold off on airplane purchase (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/10/13)
Report: Death penalty is costly, inefficient (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/10/13)
Lawmakers, at least temporarily, ground state plane (Omaha World-Herald, 5/10/13)
Opponents analyze death penalty costs ahead of repeal debate (Omaha World-Herald, 5/10/13)
Gov. Heineman signs bill on sentences for young killers (Omaha World-Herald, 5/9/13)
Lawmakers’ work on budget far from finished (Omaha World-Herald, 5/9/13)
Legislators now have two tax-study plans to consider (Omaha World-Herald, 5/9/13)
Lawmaker at odds with chief justice: Should judges lobby on bills? (Omaha World-Herald, 5/9/13)
Fix for teachers’ pension fund ruffles lawmakers’ feathers (Omaha World-Herald, 5/8/13)
Lawmakers revive arguments on charter-schools proposal (AP, 5/8/13)
State’s plan to buy airplane for Heineman’s use up in the air (Omaha World-Herald, 5/8/13)
School retirement bill passes after resistance (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Health care issues dominate (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/5/13)
Keystone critic was engineer at pipeline company TransCanada (Omaha World-Herald, 5/2/13)
Backer of Medicaid expansion uses uncommon legislative maneuver to revisit issue (Omaha World-Herald, 5/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Question calls for plane facts (Omaha World-Herald, 5/2/13)
Senators express frustration about Medicaid expansion (Lincoln Journal Star, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Elected officials in rural Nebraska pass anti-Keystone pipeline resolution (Omaha World-Herald, 4/30/13)
Proposal on wind-energy incentives moves forward in Nebraska Legislature (AP, 4/30/13)
Nebraska, Iowa follow different flight plans on state plane (Omaha World-Herald, 4/30/13)
In proposed state budget, spending would grow 5.2% (Omaha World-Herald, 4/30/13)
Proposed $7.8B state budget advances to full Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/29/13)
Bill on gun-permit records again falls short in Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/26/13)
EDITORIAL: Right signal on school aid (Omaha World-Herald, 4/26/13)
Tax break for wind energy sweeps forward in Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/25/13)
Changes in Nebraska’s juvenile justice system pass first legislative round (Omaha World-Herald, 4/24/13)
Committee backs $2.2M toward plane for Heineman’s use (Omaha World-Herald, 4/23/13)
EDITORIAL: Don’t bust state budget over school aid (Omaha World-Herald, 4/22/13)
Nebraska jails’ revenue takes hit as detainees dwindle (Omaha World-Herald, 4/21/13)
Effort to expand ‘angel investing’ for Nebraska startups falls short (Omaha World-Herald, 4/20/13)
Pipeline builder pushes safety; pipeline fighter says we’ll ‘bear the risk forever’ (Omaha World-Herald, 4/19/13)
Final pipeline hearing pits jobs against environment (Omaha World-Herald, 4/19/13)
Senator: Governor must participate in Medicaid expansion (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/19/13)
Fix for teacher pension fund advances in Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/19/13)
EDITORIAL: Nebraska’s court is on right path (Omaha World-Herald, 4/18/13)
Medicaid expansion debate suspended (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/17/13)
Heineman: $2.2M plane needed to reach rural towns (AP, 4/15/13)
Golf tops list of gifts Dave Heineman reported (Omaha World-Herald, 4/14/13)
Is support for death penalty waning? (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/14/13)
Slice of state aid pie may leave state’s largest school districts wanting more (Omaha World-Herald, 4/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Welcome sunshine on campaign funds (Omaha World-Herald, 4/11/13)
VIDEO: Neb. Gov. Dave Heineman interview with Fox News: ‘Problem after problem’ with Obamacare (Unedited Politics, 4/10/13)
NU president pleased with Appropriations Committee action (Nebraska Radio Network, 4/9/13)
Polls show shift on same-sex marriage, but local foes don’t lose heart (Omaha World-Herald, 4/9/13)
Purchase of airplane reconsidered for state, but still no go (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/8/13)
Gun measures stall in committee; may surface next year (AP, 4/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Time for tough budget choices (Omaha World-Herald, 4/7/13)
Lawmaker calls for allowing concealed guns at Statehouse (Omaha World-Herald, 4/7/13)
Nebraska gun bills stall but may surface next year (AP, 4/6/13)
Measure trimming number of days for early voting advances (Omaha World-Herald, 4/5/13)
Chambers moves to pull sales tax bill out of committee (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/5/13)
Gov. Heineman: Drought conditions may persist (KCSR, 4/5/13)
Potential for NU tuition freeze remains alive (Columbus Telegram, 4/5/13)
Talk of state-school tuition freeze heats up in Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/5/13)
Bill requiring governor to offer tax details advances in Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 4/4/13)
Lawmakers take step to shorten in-person early voting (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/4/13)
Lawmakers advance campaign finance bill (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/4/13)
Imperiled $6.2M in federal funding lights fire under Nebraska lawmakers (Omaha World-Herald, 4/4/13)
Lawmakers get jump on Medicaid expansion debate (Omaha World-Herald, 4/4/13)
Lawmakers begin debate on early voting measure (Lincoln Journal Star, 4/3/13)
Nebraska residents to voice opinions on Keystone Pipeline in public hearing (The Daily Nebraskan, 4/3/13)
Governor’s office not laughing about pipeline foes’ April Fools’ joke (Omaha World-Herald, 4/3/13)
VIDEO: Bold Nebraska joke targets Governor Heineman (KHAS-TV, 4/2/13)

MARCH 2013

For Nebraska legislators, battle of proposed tax breaks looms (Omaha World-Herald, 3/31/13)
For new Neb. lt. governor, an unlikely career (AP, 3/31/13)
Heineman: Tax relief for individual Nebraskans first (Omaha World-Herald, 3/29/13)
Lawmakers kill bill to cut off prenatal funding for illegal immigrants (Omaha World-Herald, 3/28/13)
Heineman advocates for wildfire-fighting proposal (Omaha World-Herald, 3/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor doors may be opening for state senators (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/24/13)
Vulgar comment ends politico’s job with Janssen campaign (Omaha World-Herald, 3/22/13)
Sen. Janssen’s prenatal-care repeal effort gets hostile reception (Omaha World-Herald, 3/22/13)
Lawmaker’s plan would increase Nebraska tax-hike threshold (AP, 3/22/13)
Janssen campaign aide resigns (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/22/13)
Charlie Janssen sowing seeds in open gubernatorial field (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/22/13)
Gun bills draw fire from both sides during legislative hearings (Omaha World-Herald, 3/21/13)
Lawmakers advance bill on tax reform commission (Omaha World-Herald, 3/20/13)
Nebraska lawmakers wade into debate over guns (AP, 3/20/13)
Senator: Tax bill ‘ready to go to heaven’ (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/20/13)
Bill to end death penalty advances (Omaha World-Herald, 3/20/13)
Politics aplenty in Legislature’s tax debate (The State Line, 3/21/13)
Committee says no to retirement income exemption bill (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/19/13)
Debate continues on tax commission measure (AP, 3/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Tax debate is dizzying (Omaha World-Herald, 3/18/13)
Nebraska lawmakers to initiate debate on gun bills (Omaha World-Herald, 3/18/13)
Tensions mount over tax breaks, tax study (Omaha World-Herald, 3/16/13)
Tax break for Nebraska retirees on hold (Omaha World-Herald, 3/15/13)
Tuition increase still may be on horizon (Omaha World-Herald, 3/15/13)
Lawmakers begin long discussion on possible tax reform (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/15/13)
Tempers flare during hearings for 3 LGBT bills (Omaha World-Herald, 3/15/13)
Nebraska tax reform not on hold after all (Omaha World-Herald, 3/15/13)
Schools could lose choice in how far to go with sex ed (Omaha World-Herald, 3/13/13)
State takes closer look at national education standards (Omaha World-Herald, 3/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Tax review worthwhile (Omaha World-Herald, 3/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Heineman will paint the 2014 landscape (Lincoln Journal Star, 3/10/13)
Elections chief backs study of voter ID bill (Omaha World-Herald, 3/9/13)
Lawmakers consider protections for gay Nebraskans (AP, 3/9/13)
Nebraska voter ID debate rages in committee hearing (Omaha World-Herald, 3/8/13)
Heineman blasts committee for advancing bill on wind energy tax incentives (Omaha World-Herald, 3/8/13)
Idaho ruling could spark a wider legal battle on abortion issue (Omaha World-Herald, 3/8/13)
Measure to study state’s tax system advances (Omaha World-Herald, 3/7/13)
Ex-governor hopeful Mike Meister eyes another run for office (Omaha World-Herald, 3/7/13)
Nebraska Republicans set to elect J.L. Spray new state chairman (Omaha World-Herald, 3/7/13)
Lawmakers may be latest angels to invest in startup program (Omaha World-Herald, 3/5/13)
EDITORIAL: The need for openness in Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 3/5/13)
Is Gov. Heineman more serious about US Senate run? (Stateline, 3/4/13)
Nebraska lawmakers still cautious despite better budget (AP, 3/4/13)
Sec of State John Gale urges election law changes (Omaha World-Herald, 3/3/13)
Support for Medicaid expansion in Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 3/1/13)
A rosier forecast, a potential extra $64.9M for lawmakers to spend (Omaha World-Herald, 3/1/13)


Lawmakers take initiative with bill to expand Medicaid (Omaha World-Herald, 2/28/13)
Tuition freeze goal faces tough path under preliminary budget (Omaha World-Herald, 2/28/13)
Dave Heineman: Medicaid expansion would hit middle-class families hard (Omaha World-Herald, 2/27/13)
Nebraska lawmakers warm to climate change study (Omaha World-Herald, 2/27/13)
Tax study facing complications; new wind for wind bills (Stateline, 2/27/13)
Proposal would give Nebraska voters a say in casino gambling (AP, 2/26/13)
Nebraska education chief slams charter school bill (Omaha World-Herald, 2/26/13)
VIDEO: Dave Heineman wary of Senate run (Politico, 2/24/13)
Texas sets high bar for states axing income taxes (Omaha World-Herald, 2/24/13)
As career winds down,  Mike Johanns turns reflective (Omaha World-Herald, 2/24/13)
Study of Nebraska taxes beginning to take shape (Omaha World-Herald, 2/21/13)
Governor’s tax ideas die, but might live another day (The State Line, 2/20/13)
Heineman decision could trigger political land rush (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/20/13)
Bill would create task force to study tax reform (Omaha World-Herald, 2/19/13)
Proposed Nebraska incentives for wind energy up in the air (Omaha World-Herald, 2/19/13)
Senators want to stop lobbyist contributions during session (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/19/13)
Nebraska political upheaval shines spotlight on Heineman’s next move (The Fix, 2/19/13)
Johanns to end political life; seeks ‘quieter time’ with focus on family, faith (Omaha World-Herald, 2/19/13)
Gov candidate Charlie Janssen, like Heineman, got political start in Fremont (Omaha World-Herald, 2/18/13)
A quick scorecard on 2014 governors race (The State Line, 2/18/13)
Janssen launches Republican bid for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/18/13)
Nebraska governor early front-runner to succeed retiring Sen. Mike Johanns (National Journal, 2/18/13)
Mike Johanns won’t seek another Senate term (Omaha World-Herald, 2/18/13)
Keystone XL pipeline foes say they’re gaining momentum (Omaha World-Herald, 2/17/13)
Bowing to critics, Gov. Heineman scraps 2 tax-reform bills (Omaha World-Herald, 2/16/13)
Sen. Brad Ashford proposes another new plan on taxes (Omaha World-Herald, 2/16/13)
EDITORIAL: Workhorses at State Capitol (Omaha World-Herald, 2/16/13)
Nebraska governor’s race starting to take shape (Omaha World-Herald, 2/15/13)
Bond investors bet on Keystone XL approval (Bloomberg, 2/14/13)
New lieutenant governor can’t hurt Heineman agenda (The State Line, 2/14/13)
Bill would give raises to governor, attorney general (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/14/13)
Choice of Heidemann for lieutenant governor called ‘great pick’ (Omaha World-Herald, 2/14/13)
Heineman: Heidemann will completely term ‘with integrity’ (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/13/13)
Sen. Janssen to make announcement on Monday (AP, 2/13/13)
Heineman/Heidemann: The name game begins (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/13/13)
Former state Sen. Lavon Heidemann named Lt. Gov. (Omaha World-Herald, 2/13/13)
Gov. Heineman taps former Sen. Heidemann as Lt. Gov. (Omaha World-Herald, 2/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Who’s behind the tax tree? (Omaha World-Herald, 2/13/13)
Sen. Ashford wants more time on tax plan (Omaha World-Herald, 2/13/13)
No shot at Rick Sheehy’s post for Clayton Anderson (Omaha World-Herald, 2/10/13)
Nebraska state senators eye working group to craft tax compromise (Omaha World-Herald, 2/9/13)
Dave Heineman stands by tax proposal, despite heavy opposition (Omaha World-Herald, 2/8/13)
Fulton interested in lieutenant governor’s job (Lincoln Journal-Star, 2/8/13)
Pipeline critics: Heineman lacks authority (Lincoln Journal-Star, 2/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Don’t roll these dice (Omaha World Herald, 2/8/13)
Gov. Heineman has few allies on tax plan (Omaha World-Herald, 2/7/13)
Nebraska Treasurer Don Stenberg pondering governor bid (Omaha World-Herald, 2/7/13)
Opposition continues in round two of tax talks (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/7/13)
Proposed changes in teacher retirement plans aim to cut state pension shortfall (Omaha World-Herald, 2/7/13)
Deb Fischer: Hagel refuses to disavow previous votes (Omaha World-Herald, 2/7/13)
VIDEO: Veterans groups show support of Heineman’s tax proposals (Omaha World-Herald, 2/6/13)
Gov. Heineman pledges to fight business lobby on tax overhaul (Omaha World-Herald, 2/6/13)
Lack of big business support deals big blow to Heineman tax proposals (Omaha World-Herald,2/6/13)
Sheehy campaign returns donations (Omaha World-Herald, 2/6/13)
Heineman’s tax reform plan has lots of moving parts (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Rick Sheehy and the evolution of the Great American Sex Scandal (Omaha World-Herald, 2/6/13)
Most testifiers on tax reform bill opposed to the plan (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/6/13)
Sarpy officials discuss Heineman tax bills (Omaha World-Herald, 2/5/13)
Gov. Heineman said he had heard rumors of Sheehy’s relationships (Omaha World-Herald, 2/5/13)
Heineman doesn’t want appointee to be candidate for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/4/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Dave Heineman speaks about the lieutenant governor’s resignation (KTIV, 2/4/13)
Sheehy steps aside after phone records reveal 2,300 calls to 4 women (Omaha World-Herald,2/3/13)
Johanns is second GOP senator to support Hagel (Omaha World-Herald, 2/3/13)
Gov. Dave Heineman to testify at tax hearings (Omaha World-Herald, 2/3/13)
Companies threaten to exit if new tax imposed (Omaha World-Herald, 2/3/13)
EDITORIAL: A matter of public trust (Omaha World-Herald, 2/3/13)
Sheehy’s resignation throws open race for governor (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/2/13)
Nebraska’s lieutenant governor quits amid scandal (LA Times, 2/2/13)
Potential candidates jockey for office vacated by Sheehy (Omaha World-Herald, 2/2/13)
Sheehy chatted most with two former elected officials (Omaha World-Herald, 2/2/13)
Lt. Gov. resigns; woman acknowledges ‘personal relationship’ (Lincoln Journal Star, 2/2/13)
Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy issues resignation (Omaha World-Herald, 2/2/13)
Study: Heineman’s tax reform plans would raise taxes on most wage earners (Lincoln Journal Star,2/1/13)
Local government, hospitals support Medicaid expansion for financial, moral reasons (Lincoln Journal-Star, 2/1/13)
OpenSky report: Heineman’s tax overhaul a ‘hasty gamble’ (Omaha World-Herald, 2/1/13)


Exempting retirement income from state debated in Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 1/31/13)
EDITORIAL: No reason for secrecy in political donations (Omaha World-Herald, 1/29/13)
More Nebraska women seek care amid new prenatal law (Omaha World-Herald, 1/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Heineman now longest-serving Nebraska governor (Omaha World-Herald, 1/26/13)
Parents urged to join fight for increased school funding (Omaha World-Herald, 1/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Tax breaks needed sunlight (Omaha World-Herald, 1/25/13)
New bills would repeal immigrant prenatal care, death penalty, rescind Pledge rule (Omaha World-Herald, 1/24/13)
Senator invokes ‘Buffett rule,’ asks state to raise income taxes on wealthy (Omaha World-Herald,1/24/13)
New bill would expand Nebraska’s Medicaid program (Omaha World-Herald, 1/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Nebraska’s voice on Keystone XL pipeline is heard (Omaha World-Herald, 1/23/13)
Debate on proposed sales tax changes might be a two-year process (Omaha World-Herald, 1/23/13)
Heineman approves Keystone XL Pipeline route (Omaha World-Herald, 1/22/13)
Amendment would give Legislature power to expand gambling (Lincoln Journal-Star, 1/22/13)
Heineman tax plan could create windfall for cities, lead to property tax relief (Omaha World-Herald,1/22/13)
Does South Dakota offer road map for tax trade off? (Omaha World-Herald, 1/20/13)
Gov. Heineman’s tax plan draws swift opposition (Omaha World-Herald, 1/19/13)
New bills would dump motorcycle helmet rule, require voter IDs (Omaha World-Herald, 1/19/13)
Heineman discusses plan to reform Nebraska’s tax system (Omaha World-Herald, 1/18/13)
Other states also target income tax to spur growth (Omaha World-Herald, 1/18/13)
EDITORIAL: Prepare now for next financial storm (Omaha World-Herald, 1/18/13)
Nebraskans could store guns in their parked vehicles under new bill (Omaha World-Herald, 1/18/13)

Bill would require 4D ultrasound images to be posted (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/17/13)
Analysis: Keystone XL pipeline would generate $1.8 billion for Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald,1/17/13)
More public colleges may freeze tuition rates in return for more taxpayer support (Omaha World-Herald, 1/17/13)
State of the State: Who pays if Nebraska eliminates income taxes? (Omaha World-Herald, 1/16/13)
EDITORIAL: A tax discussion worth having (Omaha World-Herald, 1/16/13)
Heineman wants to eliminate the state income tax (Omaha World-Herald, 1/15/13)
Heineman’s proposed budget includes 4.9% increase in spending (Omaha World-Herald, 1/15/13)
Governor Heineman’s State of the State address (Omaha World-Herald, 1/15/13)
Dave Heineman, Heath Mello must work together on budget (Omaha World-Herald, 1/13/13)
Court to hear lethal-injection appeal (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/13/13)
Teacher candidates in Nebraska face new test (Omaha World-Herald, 1/13/13)
Dave Heineman to give State of State address Tuesday, then tour state (Omaha World-Herald,1/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Tuition freeze comes at a good time for students (The Independent, 1/13/13)
Speaker of Nebraska Legislature credited as listener (AP, 1/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Tuition freeze sends a message (Omaha World-Herald, 1/13/13)
Nebraska lawmaker introduces firearm legislation (AP, 1/12/13)
Broad support seen in Nebraska Legislature for shrinking OPS board (Omaha World-Herald, 1/12/13)
Friends, foes and those who are on fence regarding Chuck Hagel’s nomination (Omaha World-Herald,1/12/13)
Heineman says he is willing to work with Democrats (Fremont Tribune, 1/11/13)
Other bills include lowering voting registration age (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/11/13)
Legislature poised for health care fight (NTV, 1/11/13)
AUDIO: AG Bruning says he will not run for governor in 2014 (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/11/13)
Nebraska health care bill would end benefits for governor (Huffington Post, 1/11/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Heineman says he can work with new legislative leaders (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/11/13)
Bruning: ‘I’m not running for governor’ (Nebraska Watchdog, 1/10/13)
Mello: Predictions of conflict ‘unfortunate’ (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/10/13)
Bill would boot elected officials off state insurance plan (Fremont Tribune, 1/10/13)
Bill would boot Neb. gov off state health plan (AP, 1/10/13)
Legislature shifts more moderate with election of leaders (Omaha World-Herald, 1/10/13)
AUDIO: New session. New Speaker. New issues (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/10/13)
AUDIO: Bruning legislative agenda includes creating crime of disarming officer (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/10/13)
Bruning announces legislation package, says he won’t run for governor (Omaha World-Herald,1/10/13)
Sen. Greg Adams elected speaker of Nebraska Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 1/9/13)
Session’s 1st day brings families, changes to Legislature (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/9/13)
Speaker, committee chairs selected for 103rd Legislature (Lincoln Journal Star, 1/9/13)
AUDIO: Unicameral elects Sen. Adams new Speaker as new session begins (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/9/13)
AUDIO: Gov. Heineman says he’ll take his time studying Keystone XL report (Nebraska Radio Network, 1/9/13)
Lawmaking maverick resumes course in Nebraska (New York Times, 1/9/13)
5 things to watch as the Nebraska legislative session begins (Omaha World-Herald, 1/9/13)
Sen. Ashford proposes separate juvenile justice agency (Omaha World-Herald, 1/9/13)
EDITORIAL: The need for legislative leadership (Omaha World-Herald, 1/9/13)
EDITORIAL: Hagel should serve, again (Omaha World-Herald, 1/8/13)
Tuition freeze would be first in decades (Omaha World-Herald, 1/8/13)
New Nebraska lawmakers will shrink Republican edge (AP, 1/8/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Heineman announces tuition freeze plan (NTV, 1/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Staff: Gov. Heineman’s proposed tuition freeze much-needed more students (The Daily Nebraskan, 1/8/13)
Nebraska sees less threat from revised Keystone line (MarketWatch, 1/7/13)
Heineman proposes 2-year tuition freeze (Omaha World-Herald, 1/7/13)
Lawmakers confident they can close Nebraska’s budget gap (Omaha World-Herald, 1/7/13)
Gov. Heineman proposes budget increase to allow for tuition freeze (NTV, 1/7/13)
‘Tough questions’ await Chuck Hagel, whose nomination comes today (Omaha World-Herald,1/7/13)
Governor Heineman says Hagel may be a maverick, but he’s also a veteran (Nebraska Watchdog, 1/7/13)
Nebraska lawmakers say tough budget talks ahead (AP, 1/6/13)
Dave Heineman seeks ‘better tax climate’ for Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 1/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Needs, not politics, should guide roads (Omaha World-Herald, 1/5/13)
No alarm bells in final state report on Keystone XL pipeline (Omaha World-Herald, 1/5/13)
Should sales tax finance a water plan for Nebraska? (Omaha World-Herald, 1/4/13)
Gov. Dave Heineman receives Keystone XL Pipeline evaluation (AP, 1/4/13)
Nebraska environment report favors revised Keystone XL pipe plan (Reuters Canada, 1/4/13)
Keystone XL pipeline gets boost from Nebraska report, but real fight remains (Financial Post, 1/4/13)
Sen. Krist steps up attack on Omaha’s new tobacco tax (Omaha World-Herald, 1/4/13)
Hospitals look to Legislature for healing (Omaha World-Herald, 1/3/13)
Battle brewing in Nebraska Legislature over expansion of Medicaid (Omaha World-Herald, 1/3/13)


Centrist Ben Nelson sought consensus, at times drew criticism (Omaha World-Herald, 12/30/12)
EDITORIAL: A centrist and his legacy (Omaha World-Herald, 12/30/12)
EDITORIAL: Wake-up calls for Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 12/28/12)
Nebraska roadwork prioritized by need, not politics, audit finds (Omaha World-Herald, 12/27/12)
EDITORIAL: Merit, not party, should be key in Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 12/26/12)
Pipeline foes to send ‘Grinch’ to governor (AP, 12/24/12)
Neb. senator probably won’t try to pass bill that would arm schoolteachers (Omaha World-Herald,12/22/12)
Mike Foley not interested in governor’s race (Omaha World-Herald, 12/13/12)
Medicaid expansion backer sees savings (Omaha World-Herald, 12/13/12)
EDITORIAL: Timely audits help taxpayers (Omaha World-Herald, 12/12/12)
Nebraska to lose $44M in Medicaid money (AP, 12/11/12)

Legislature exploring LGBT-related issues (Omaha World-Herald, 12/11/12)
Legislature looking at civil rights protections (Lincoln Journal-Star, 12/10/12)
COMMENTARY: Flood withdrawal from governor’s race changes everything (Lincoln Journal-Star,12/9/12)
Heineman, others discuss drought fears (AP, 12/7/12)
Nebraska governor race widens with Mike Flood’s exit (Omaha World-Herald, 12/7/12)
Senator: Take governor out of equation for election commissioners (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/7/12)
Ongoing drought raises big concerns for Nebraska agricultural future (Grand Isle Independent,12/7/12)
Nebraska education officials endorse social studies standards (Omaha World-Herald, 12/7/12)
Flood withdraws from governor’s race (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/6/12)
Flood drops bid for governor; wife ill (Omaha World-Herald, 12/6/12)
Pros and cons of Keystone XL pipeline aired one last time (Omaha World-Herald, 12/5/12)
All roads lead to Albion for pipeline friends, foes (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/4/12)
Hundreds show for final say on pipeline project (Lincoln Journal Star, 12/4/12)
UNO study: Immigrant workers boost local economy (Omaha World-Herald, 12/4/12)
Heineman stands by driver’s license policy (Omaha World-Herald, 12/4/12)
Heineman supports raises for Douglas County managers (Omaha World-Herald, 12/4/12)
Heineman: State will defend driver’s licence policy (AP, 12/3/12)


Property tax hikes foreseen if inheritance tax dropped (Omaha World-Herald, 11/30/12)
ACLU sues Arizona governor, Heineman could be next (Omaha World-Herald, 11/30/12)
Group files complaint against election commissioner (Omaha World-Herald, 11/27/12)
Top state HHS officials won’t attend hearing on Medicaid expansion (Omaha World-Herald,11/27/12)
Nebraska lawmakers schedule health care law hearings (AP, 11/25/12)
Coalition: Vague social studies standards a conduit for political agendas (Omaha World-Herald,11/24/12)
Denial of driver’s licenses called discriminatory (Omaha World-Herald, 11/22/12)
Nebraska board weighing ‘American exceptionalism’ for state standards (Omaha World-Herald,11/18/12)
Social studies standards creating Nebraska’s own Mason-Dixon line (Omaha World-Herald,11/16/12)
Johanns for Flood? (Washington Notebook, 11/15/12)
Heineman opts for federal health insurance exchange (Omaha World-Herald, 11/15/12)
Mike Flood launches bid for governor’s office in 2014 (Omaha World-Herald, 11/13/12)
Nebraskans’ views shifting on immigration (Omaha World-Herald, 11/11/12)
EDITORIAL: Plains states’ momentum (Omaha World-Herald, 11/11/12)
Heineman, NU reject idea of $40M more in state funding for cancer center (Omaha World-Herald,11/10/12)
Lawmakers question using local money for UNMC Cancer Center (Omaha World-Herald, 11/9/12)
EDITORIAL: Changes for Legislature (Omaha World-Herald, 11/9/12)
Rural power base fueled Deb Fischer’s Senate victory (Omaha World-Herald, 11/8/12)
GOP holds all Nebraska’s federal offices for first time since ‘76 (Omaha World-Herald, 11/8/12)
Bob Kerrey: I’m not leaving Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 11/7/12)
Deb Fischer knocks out Bob Kerrey in a landslide (Omaha World-Herald, 11/7/12)
Lack of retiree tax breaks a black eye for Nebraska (Omaha World-Herald, 11/4/12)
Abortion question looms larger in Fischer-Kerrey campaign (Omaha World-Herald, 11/2/12)
Senate race heats up with new attack ads (Omaha World-Herald, 11/2/12)
GOP leaders rally for Fischer (Omaha World-Herald, 11/1/12)
Election officials brace for lots of voters (Omaha World-Herald, 11/1/12)
GOP: Hagel endorsement of Kerrey to have no impact (Omaha World-Herald, 11/1/12)

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