The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Montana in the News


Montana Gubernatorial Headlines


Revenue director eyes tax simplification goal (The Montana Standard, 12/7/13)
Bullock, state Sen. Tutvedt tout business tax cut at Helena bakery (The Missoulian, 12/6/13)
Judge rejects lawsuit over districting commission (Helena Independent Record, 12/6/13)
Gov. Bullock talks business equipment tax exemption (Beartooth NBC, 12/6/13)
Bullock: Law changes exempts thousands of businesses from equipment tax (Billings Gazette, 12/6/13)
Critics of state Parole Board, parole system call for reform (Billings Gazette, 12/5/13)
State studies ways to manage federal lands (Billings Gazette, 12/5/13)
State revenue is stable (Billings Gazette, 12/5/13)
Top Montana Democrats endorse Lewis for US House (Great Falls Tribune, 12/4/13)
Lawyers for teachers, Montana argue case over pension cost-of-living cut (The Missoulian, 12/4/13)
Teachers take pension argument to court (Great Falls Tribune, 12/4/13)
Baucus, Tester, Bullock all back Lewis in Democratic primary for US House (AP, 12/3/13)


GOP field for Montana’s US House  seat grows by 2 (Great Falls Tribune, 11/26/13)
Democratic Senate candidate Adams backs Medicaid expansion initiative (Billings Gazette, 11/22/13)
Ballot measure proposed to expand Medicaid (Great Falls Tribune, 11/21/13)
Democratic Senate candidate Bohlinger calls on Bullock to convene special session to expand Medicaid (AP, 11/20/13)
VIDEO: Selling Montana: Part 1 (Beartooth NBC, 11/19/13)
Local politician Washburn joins ATP fight (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 11/18/13)
Gov. Bullock backs Walsh in his US Senate bid (Montana Standard, 11/17/13)
Bullock says Medicaid expansion still makes sense (Great Falls Tribune, 11/15/13)
Commissioner expands ‘dark money’ investigation (Great Falls Tribune, 11/13/13)
Castle Rock celebrates veterans with Gov. Bullock (Billings Gazette, 11/12/13)
Gov. Steve Bullock talks tribal language & increasing the Native vote (Indian Country, 11/11/13)
Montana judge considers fine against political group (AP, 11/10/13)
Governor Bullock announces tribal language preservation efforts (KXLH, 11/7/13)
Senate race heats up: Daines throws name into the ring with Bohlinger, Walsh (Great Falls Tribune, 11/6/13)
Former Montana Lt. Gov. Bohlinger running for Senate (Great Falls Tribune, 11/6/13)
Daines officially launches US Senate bid; game on for Montana’s open seat (Billings Gazette, 11/6/13)
Senate race heats up: Daines throws name into the ring with Bohlinger, Walsh (Great Falls Tribune, 11/6/13)
History of state minimum wage (Great Falls Tribune, 11/2/13)
Bullock plans to let partial pension fix settle in (AP, 11/1/13)
Governor wants to see effect of pension reform (Helena Independent Record, 11/1/13)


Gov. Bullock in Missoula pushing economic development (KPAX, 10/31/13)
Montana public retirees sue over cost-of-living cut (Ravalli Republic, 10/31/13)
Bullock visits with C-Falls teachers (Flathead News Group, 10/30/13)
Governor visits Stoltze’s co-generation plant (Flathead News Group, 10/30/13)
Poll director: Shutdown hurt Montana delegation (Ravalli Republic, 10/26/13)
Montana lawmakers study how to strengthen Legislature (Great Falls Tribune, 10/23/13)
Judge won’t grant Hill immunity over donation (Great Falls Tribune, 10/21/13)
Bullock violated campaign law, deputy political cop concludes (Helena Independent Record, 10/19/13)
AFP-Montana sends petitions to lawmakers (Great Falls Tribune, 10/18/13)
Brian Schweitzer mulling 2016 presidential bid (RealClearPolitics, 10/18/13)
Deputy political cop finds $860 in Bullock campaign violations (Billings Gazette, 10/18/13)
Decision faults Bullock campaign: Evidence shows staff violated contribution limits (Great Falls Tribune, 10/18/13)
State: Bullock campaign accepted 3 illegal PAC donations (The Missoulian, 10/18/13)
Despite Obamacare problems, supporters say interest is high and urge patience (Billings Gazette, 10/18/13)
State of Montana slaps conservative ‘dark money’ groups for campaign violations (The Missoulian, 10/17/13)
Judge Molloy rejects ‘meritless’ claims to ‘dark money’ documents (The Missoulian, 10/17/13)
Federal judge, elections cop drop hammer on ATP (Great Falls Tribune, 10/16/13)
Decision says ‘dark money’ groups coordinated with Montana candidate (Great Falls Tribune, 10/16/13)
Federal judge slams LeFers’ claim to ATP-related documents (Billings Gazette, 10/16/13)
Political commissioner lowers the boom on right-leaning political groups for campaign violations (Billings Gazette, 10/16/13)
A look at ATP’s history in Montana (Billings Gazette, 10/16/13)
Bullock unveils initiative to increase MT college graduates (KXLF, 10/15/13)
Bullock visits Hellgate High for update on dual high school, college credit program (The Missoulian, 10/15/13)
VIDEO: Bullock ‘frustrated’ by national park closures (KPAX, 10/15/13)
Montana’s sole Democratic campaign for House opens (AP, 10/14/13)
Bullock: Montana won’t pay to open national parks (Helena Independent Record, 10/11/13)
Administration officials tout Bullock’s cash management (Billings Gazette, 10/8/13)
Bullock budget director says state avoiding problems amid federal shutdown (The Missoulian, 10/8/13)
Montana surplus keeps state employees from furlough (KTVQ, 10/7/13)
Montana’s health-insurance marketplace still barely functional; advocates say ‘be patient’ (Billings Gazette, 10/4/13)
Montana Democrats get US Senate candidate – Lt. Gov. John Walsh (Helena Independent Record, 10/3/13)


Governor’s task force to attack pay gap for women (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 9/27/13)
Montana governor: Politics can be made more civil, but will take time (Missoulian, 9/26/13)
Electric Cooperatives’ meeting to feature governor, legislators (Great Falls Tribune, 9/26/13)
Governor makes stops in Sidney (Sidney Herald, 9/24/13)
MSU hosts statewide summit on ending childhood hunger (KBZK, 9/23/13)
Governor: ‘Disgraceful’ that one in five Montana kids goes hungry (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 9/23/13)
Governor listens to local school challenges (Sidney Herald, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Bullock stays out of political fray (Helena Independent Record, 9/22/13)
OPINION: Legislature needs to take the lead in privacy area (Great Falls Tribune, 9/20/13)
Judge rules Montana campaign disclosure law is constitutional (Great Falls Tribune, 9/18/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bullock: All levels of education help to form foundation (Missoulian, 9/11/13)
Bullock continues push for early education in stop at UM (Missoulian, 9/7/13)


Montana Highway Patrol chief quits, citing ‘inappropriate remarks’ (Helena Independent Record, 8/30/13)
Hundreds rally for judge’s resignation and judicial review (Helena Independent Record, 8/30/13)
Report: Montana jobs outlook good, productivity down (AP, 8/30/13)
Bullock, Daines focus on education during visit (Great Falls Tribune, 8/30/13)
VIDEO: Billings judge apologizes for remarks about rape victim that sparked outrage (KRTV, 8/29/13)
Re-entry task force meets in Helena (KRTV, 8/29/13)
VIDEO: Bullock visit Skyline Early Learning Family Center (KRTV, 8/29/13)
Gov. Steve Bullock stops at C.R. Anderson as part of ‘back to school’ tour (Helena Independent Record, 8/29/13)
Governor visits Ronan invasive species checkpoint (Valley Journal, 8/28/13)
Bullock visits students as part of statewide tour (Beartooth NBC, 8/28/13)
Bullock appoints 10 to gender pay panel (AP, 8/26/13)
Bullock and Tester get first-hand look at Lolo fire destruction (KPAX, 8/22/13)
Bullock unveils ‘Complete College’ initiative (KXLH, 8/20/13)
Montana joining college graduation initiative (AP, 8/19/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Bullock surveys wildfire threat in Missoula (KPAX, 8/19/13)
Consumers get first look at ‘Obamacare’ premiums in Montana; costs don’t include subsidies (Helena Independent Record, 8/19/13)

JULY 2013

AUDIO: Montana’s state-run free clinics sees early success (NPR, 7/30/13)
Many reasons possible why Schweitzer isn’t running for Senate (Billings Gazette, 7/20/13)
OPINION: Wilmer, Bullock wrong on HB12 veto (The Missouian, 7/19/13)
Montana infighting may have cost Democrats control of the US Senate in 2014 (Business Insider, 7/18/13)
Governor tours river cleanup site near Warm Springs (The Missoulian, 7/18/13)
Missoula councilor, others urge Bullock to take up southern Montana rail line (The Missoulian, 7/17/13)
Group seeks Bullock support to expand passenger rail service (Helena Independent Record, 7/17/13)
Bullock hosts Board of Education meeting (Beartooth NBC, 7/16/13)
Bullock lays out broad education goals at college, K-12 levels (AP, 7/16/13)
Education top priority for Gov. Bullock (KAJ18, 7/16/13)
AUDIO: Top education leaders discuss priorities with Gov. Bullock (MRPR, 7/16/13)
Web of relations belies aide’s denial: Connecting Montana’s former governor to dark money (Great Falls Tribune, 7/15/13)
Brian Schweitzer surprise: Not running for Senate (Politico, 7/13/13)
Schweitzer’s decision not to run for Senate is a gift to the GOP (Washington Post, 7/13/13)
Schweitzer decision prompts Dems to look at possibility of running (Billings Gazette, 7/13/13)
Update: Baucus & Tester respond to Schweitzer announcement (KXLF, 7/13/13)
Schweitzer not running, leaves Senate race open for Dems (KXLF, 7/13/13)
Montana legislative pension fix faces many hurdles (AP, 7/12/13)
Bullock reflects on first six months as Montana governor (KXLF, 7/12/13)
Tester at state convention rallying Democratic troops (Billings Gazette, 7/12/13)
State Dems meet in Lewistown, hope to build on 2012 (Billings Gazette, 7/11/13)
AUDIO: Forming a ‘blueprint’ for economic growth, town by town (MTPR, 7/11/13)
Brian Schweitzer’s challenge: Montana Democrats (Politico, 7/10/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Bullock brings Main Street Montana to Kalispell (KPAX, 7/9/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Steve Bullock addresses Missoula City Club (NBC Montana, 7/8/13)
Lt. Gov Walsh aims to spread Bullock’s agenda by travelling around the state (Helena Independent Record, 7/8/13)
Police tracking down sender of package to Bullock (Helena Independent Record, 7/5/13)
Schweitzer appointees tied to political nonprofit (AP, 7/3/13)
Bullock touts Main Street Montana economic development plan (Billings Gazette, 7/1/13)
Bullock on climate change plans: Wait for details (AP, 7/1/13)
Complaint: Bullock campaign illegally coordinated (Helena Independent Record, 7/1/13)
Complaint against Bullock alleges illegal coordination with third parties in 2012 (Billings Gazette, 7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

New boss to sort ‘dark money’ in Montana politics (Billings Gazette, 6/30/13)
Health insurance rates in Montana under ACA: Maybe not so bad… and we’ll know soon enough (Billings Gazette, 6/30/13)
Baucus asks Montanans to weigh in on tax reform (Billings Gazette, 6/28/13)
Fox appoints former law school dean as interim head of new health-care foundation (Billings Gazette, 6/28/13)
Montana supporters, opponents of Keystone XL oil pipeline parse Obama’s comments (Billings Gazette, 6/26/13)
Coalition of health care, labor, policy groups to launch Medicaid-expansion initiative (Billings Gazette, 6/26/13)
Coalition aims to get Medicaid expansion on the Montana ballot (KTVQ, 6/26/13)
Insurance commissioner: Price of policies offered on ‘Obamacare’ exchange in Montana relatively less expensive (Billings Gazette, 6/25/13)
Obama climate initiative gets mixed reviews in Montana (The Missoulian, 6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Bullock: Montana will prosper with equal pay for equal work (Billings Gazette, 6/23/13)
Montana wants decision in campaign documents dispute (Helena Independent Record, 6/23/13)
Senate leader Essman seeks AG opinion on pension law (Billings Gazette, 6/21/13)
Rick Hill turns to court in dispute over donation (AP, 6/21/13)
Governor vetoes CSKT water compact bill (Hungry Horse News, 6/20/13)
Governor plans for healthier Montana (Beartooth NBC, 6/20/13)
Brian Schweitzer wants you to know he hates Washington DC (Roll Call, 6/19/13)
EDITORIAL: More, and earlier, communication needed between Bullock, GOP leaders (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 6/18/13)
Some say Schweitzer already planning  US Senate run (The Missoulian, 6/16/13)
Bullock at MNA convention: Health care, dark money remain to issues (Ravalli Republic, 6/16/13)
Bullock appoints pay equity task force (Helena Independent Record, 6/15/13)
EDITORIAL: Talk it out before Legislature adjourns (Billings Gazette, 6/14/13)
Coalition to oppose online tax act formed (Great Falls Tribune, 6/13/13)
Montana  judge to hear assisted-suicide arguments (Great Falls Tribune, 6/12/13)
New political-practices chief Motl: ‘Keep it fair’ (Billings Gazette, 6/11/13)
Legislators uphold final 19 Bullock vetoes (Great Falls Tribune, 6/11/13)
Montana legislators sustain all of Bullock’s vetoes (Billings Gazette, 6/10/13)
Legislators uphold final 19 Bullock vetoes (AP, 6/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Little joy among state workers over pay deal (Billings Gazette, 6/9/13)
Deschamps gets another term as Montana GOP chairman (AP, 6/9/13)
US Senate hopefuls take center stage at Montana GOP convention (Missoulian, 6/8/13)
Veto override results murky until Monday (Billings Gazette, 6/7/13)
COMMENTARY: State shifts Medicaid costs to private patients (Billings Gazette, 6/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Montana must invest in quality early childhood services (Billings Gazette, 6/7/13)
Bullock touts Main Street Montana economic development plan (Billings Gazette, 6/6/13)
Montana reaches deal on pay increase for employees (Billings Gazette, 6/5/13)
Missoula round-table gathers ideas to improve state’s economy (Independent Record, 6/5/13)
VIDEO: Main Street Montana project looks to boost economy (KPAX, 6/5/13)
Dissension in Montana GOP ranks carries over to convention (Billings Gazette, 6/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Helping eastern Montana right thing to do (The Missoulian, 6/4/13)
VIDEO: Bullock brings Main Street Montana project to Missoula (KPAX, 6/4/13)
GOP lawmakers launch initiative to force disclosure of ‘dark money’ in Montana (Billings Gazette, 6/3/13)
Pay hikes coming for some Montana elected officials; others seeing freeze (Billings Gazette, 6/3/13)
5 Bullock vetoes upheld in override vote (AP, 6/3/13)
Rainy weather dampening Montana’s early season wildfire danger, Bullock told (AP, 6/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bullock: Vetoes necessary to balance state budget (Billings Gazette, 6/2/13)

MAY 2013

Effort to override governor’s vetoes picks up steam (AP, 5/31/13)
Lobbyists spent $6.1M during Montana legislative session (AP, 5/29/13)
Regents freeze Montana college tuition, but increase student fees (The Missoulian, 5/25/13)
MT Board of Regents OK tuition freeze for next two years (AP, 5/25/13)
Bullock applauds Montana Board of Regents for implementing tuition freeze (AP, 5/24/13)
October Perez bill becomes law: Measures intended to curb child abuse (Great Falls Tribune, 5/22/13)
VIDEO: Bullock appoints new Commissioner of Political Practices (KPAX, 5/21/13)
Bullock’s inaugural balls raise $315,000 (Independent Record, 5/21/13)
Governor names Political Practices chief (Montana Standard, 5/21/13)
Governor picks Helena lawyer Motl as political practices chief (AP, 5/20/13)
8 controversial vetoes by Gov. Steve Bullock during the 2013 legislative session (mediatrackers, 5/20/13)
VIDEO: Bullock speaks at Montana Tech graduation (KPAX, 5/20/13)
Gov. Steve Bullock’s health policy adviser resigns, takes new position in Missoula (AP, 5/20/13)
Names submitted to Gov. Bullock for judicial appointment (KTVQ, 5/20/13)
Bullock, CEOs launch economic development project dubbed “Main Street Montana” (Independent Record, 5/20/13)
Bullock’s health-policy adviser takes new job (Billings Gazette, 5/17/13)
Bullock to make political practices pick next week (AP, 5/17/13)
Bullock says ‘absolutely not’ to Senate race (AP, 5/17/13)
Tally on final Montana budget shows 11 percent increase (AP, 5/17/13)
Federal crackdown busts Montana’s medical marijuana industry (AP, 5/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Bullock’s vetoes were all about the money (Billings Gazette, 5/12/13)
Schweitzer courts unions as he considers 2014 (Billings Gazette, 5/12/13)
VIDEO: Gov. Bullock defends oil impact veto (KPAX, 5/9/13)
Bullock defends veto of oil-gas impact fund (Helena Independent Record, 5/9/13)
VIDEO: Governor vetoes 71 bills (Beartooth NBC, 5/8/13)
VIDEO: Bullock veto draws harsh criticism from eastern Montana (KPAX, 5/8/13)
VIDEO: Veto of assistance bill was fiscally necessary (Billings Gazette, 5/8/13)
GOP lawmakers upset over Bullock vetoes (Montana Standard, 5/8/13)
Montana gov. signs pension fixes, school funding bill (AP, 5/7/13)
Steve Bullock vetoes bill that allowed guns at Montana colleges (Huffington Post, 5/7/13)
Bullock signs major spending bills; budget director to run final numbers on Tuesday (Billings Gazette, 5/6/13)
Bullock vetoes bill allowing guns on campus (AP, 5/6/13)
Deadline looms: Bullock will determine fate of 70 bills (KXLH, 5/6/13)

APRIL 2013

Bullock signs law creating state parks board (Helena Independent Record, 4/30/13)
Senate rejections mean more Bullock appointments (AP, 4/30/13)
In Montana, ranchers line up against coal (LA Times, 4/26/13)
Focus is on Montana ex-governor Brian Schweitzer as Max Baucus exits (Politico, 4/24/13)
Brian Schweitzer to weigh bid for Max Baucus’ Montana Senate seat (LA Times, 4/23/13)
As Legislature enters final week, most big issues still in play — but close to solution (Billings Gazette, 4/20/13)
Legislature wrapping up details on big issues before session ends (Ravalli Republic, 4/20/13)
OPINION: Legislature offered hits and misses (Great Falls Tribune, 4/20/13)
Bullock lauds state forest management, pushes feds to emulate Montana efforts (Helena Independent Record, 4/19/13)
Bullock speaks about losing Medicaid expansion (Flathead News Group, 4/19/13)
Was fate of Medicaid expansion bill decided by mistaken vote? (Billings Gazette, 4/19/13)
Bipartisan Medicaid fails on accidental vote (AP, 4/19/13)
House Republicans appear to have killed Medicaid bill (Billings Gazette, 4/19/13)
Montana House accepts budget bill; lawmakers eye session’s imminent wrap-up (Billings Gazette, 4/18/13)
Montana SB 107: Steve Bullock signs legislation decriminalizing gay sex (AP, 4/18/13)
Bullock signs bill to repeal decriminalizing gay sex (Helena Independent Record, 4/18/13)
Crowd celebrates as Bullock signs bill decriminalizing gay sex (Billings Gazette, 4/18/13)
Activists cheer as Montana formally decriminalizes gay sex (Reuters, 4/18/13)
VIDEO: Governor signs bill decriminalizing homosexuality (Beartooth NBC, 4/18/13)
Montana House approves GOP election referendums (AP, 4/17/13)
Montana lawmakers to push referendums through (AP, 4/17/13)
Montana Senate Dems, handful of Republicans roll Medicaid program into ‘compromise’ bill (Billings Gazette, 4/16/13)
Montana pension fixes head to full Senate vote (Billings Gazette, 4/16/13)
Montana House supports 2 proposed election referendums (Billings Gazette, 4/16/13)
OPINION: Budget crunch time calls for compromise (Billings Gazette, 4/16/13)
Montana House panel kills bill to disclose ‘dark money’ in campaigns (Billings Gazette, 4/15/13)
Gov. Bullock vetoes concealed carry without permit (AP, 4/15/13)
Hopes for tax cuts hinge on Legislature’s spending (Havre Daily News, 4/14/13)
GOP legislators’ hopes of large tax cuts dimming (Billings Gazette, 4/14/13)
Innovate Montana relaunches to help businesses (Sidney Herald, 4/13/13)
Budget deal clears Senate after deal on cuts, family planning funds (Billings Gazette, 4/13/13)
Montana finally strikes law criminalizing gay sex (The Advocate, 4/13/13)
Montana campuses start to tackle performance funding (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 4/13/13)
State pay raise bill advances, but no more money added (Billings Gazette, 4/12/13)
Montana GOP split lingers over ‘dark money’ crackdown (AP, 4/12/13)
GOP advances alternative to Bullocks’ Medicaid expansion plan (Billings Gazette, 4/12/13)
FWP commissioner resigns, cites politics (Great Falls Tribune, 4/12/13)
Bullock opens door to Medicaid expansion tinkering (AP, 4/12/13)
Citizens United reform bills pair disclosure mandate with higher contribution limits (Huffington Post, 4/12/13)
Montana gay sex bill passes, heads to governor’s desk (AP, 4/11/13)
Montana lawmakers juggling budget priorities (KRTV, 4/11/13)
Rallying support: Governor visits hospital to discuss proposed Medicaid expansion (Ravalli Republic, 4/11/13)
Vote due on Bullock’s JOBS bill (KPAX, 4/9/13)
Montana Senate panel wraps up budget (AP, 4/9/13)
OPINION: Legislature must address big needs of oil-impacted towns (Billings Gazette, 4/8/13)
VIDEO: Dunwell Report — Governor Steve Bullock, segment 1 (Beartooth NBC, 4/7/13)
Democrats lose fight in Montana Senate over ballot measures (Reuters, 4/6/13)
Montana Republicans win wild legislative session, tighten election laws (Christian Science Monitor, 4/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Did Democrats’ gamble to blow up session blow up in their faces? (The Missoulian, 4/6/13)
Bullock criticizes Senate GOP’s gamesmanship (Montana Standard, 4/6/13)
House narrowly endorses school choice bill (Billings Gazette, 4/6/13)
Missing senator returns, work resumes at Capitol after raucous day (AP, 4/6/13)
Republicans passing collection of referenda in order to bypass Bullock veto (Montana Public Media, 4/5/13)
Bullock criticizes Montana Senate Republicans actions (The Missoulian, 4/5/13)
Chaos erupts in Montana Legislature as Senate Democrats try to stall referendums (Great Falls Tribune, 4/5/13)
Bullock criticizes Senate GOP leaders (Billings Gazette, 4/5/13)
Read Bullock’s statement in response to events at the Montana Legislature (Helena Independent Record, 4/5/13)
VIDEO: Senate Democrats stage chaotic protest as they try to block votes on bills (Billings Gazette, 4/5/13)
Most legislative referendums pass (Helena Independent Record, 4/5/13)
Calls of Senate, House rare, risky maneuvers (Helena Independent Record, 4/5/13)
EDITORIAL: An open plea to lawmakers, adopt Medicaid expansion (Havre Daily News, 4/4/13)
Legislators back onetime state income tax cut (NBC Montana, 4/4/13)
OPINION: Oil trust fund would benefit Montana’s future (Billings Gazette, 4/4/13)
Bullock appoints ex-DNRC head to oil-and-gas board (AP, 4/1/13)
OPINION: Legislature makes progress, missteps (Great Falls Tribune, 4/1/13)
New Montana law targets life insurance companies (AP, 4/1/13)
AUDIO: Legislative priorities, gay marriage and guns — a conversation with Gov. Steve Bullock (Montana Public Media, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Women’s health funding faces cuts in Montana (AP, 3/31/13)
Democrats vow to pass Medicaid expansion as Republicans say it will blow state budget (Helena Independent Record, 3/31/13)
With 1 month to go at Legislature, budget precariously out of balance (Billings Gazette, 3/31/13)
Details on how Medicaid works in Montana (Billings Gazette, 3/31/13)
Who would benefit from Medicaid expansion? (Billings Gazette, 3/31/13)
Most of medical community supports Medicaid expansion — why? (Billings Gazette, 3/31/13)
Bullock touts chamber’s Medicaid bill support (AP, 3/29/13)
Missoula Mayor spends afternoon with Governor Bullock (KAJ18, 3/29/13)
Missoula officials tout urban renewal dollars on tour with governor (Ravalli Republic, 3/29/13)
Engen, Bullock to review Missoula urban development (KPAX, 3/29/13)
Judge blocks part of voter-approved immigrant law (AP, 3/28/13)
Montana House advances plan to simplify taxes (Billings Gazette, 3/28/13)
Montana House committee tables Medicaid expansion plan (KBZK, 3/28/13)
Pay, pension bills advance in Montana House (Billings Gazette, 3/28/13)
Gov. Bullock vetoes two gun rights measures (AP, 3/28/13)
Bullock vetoes bill barring police from enforcing gun ban, says would make police criminals (AP, 3/28/13)
Governor Bullock announces appointments to boards (KXLF, 3/27/13)
Bullock priorities advance in GOP-dominated Montana House (AP, 3/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Covering Montanans: Medicaid must be reformed (Billings Gazette, 3/24/13)
Montana Senate endorses bill to tighten term limits (AP, 3/24/13)
Montana Senate OK’s concealed carry without permit (AP, 3/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Lawmakers should support Medicaid for healthier families (Billings Gazette, 3/24/13)
Bill for state pay plan amended, passes House committee (Billings Gazette, 3/23/13)
Committee amends bill to eliminate across-the-board raises (Helena Independent Record, 3/23/13)
Montana House committee strips pay plan of 5% raise for state workers (The Missoulian, 3/23/13)
House backs proposed pension fixes from both sides (Billings Gazette, 3/22/13)
2 Bullock pension bills win panel’s approval (Billings Gazette, 3/22/13)
Coalition ‘blasts’ campaign finance bill to Montana Senate floor (AP, 3/22/13)
Bullock says House’s $9B budget still needs work (AP, 3/22/13)
Bullock administration pension fix bills pass Montana House committee (The Missoulian, 3/22/13)
COMMENTARY: New faces, old issues; Bullock continues overhaul of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (Missoula Independent, 3/21/13)
Medicaid expansion bills stall; Bullock’s measure ‘tough sell’ (Montana Standard, 3/21/13)
Bullock tours medical facilities, promotes Medicaid expansion bill (KPAX, 3/21/13)
Three bills to reform pension plans move ahead in Montana House (The Missoulian, 3/21/13)
Doctors back Medicaid expansion in talks with Bullock (Billings Gazette, 3/21/13)
Medicaid expansion bills unlikely to emerge from GOP-controlled committees (Billings Gazette, 3/20/13)
Bullock pitches Medicaid expansion for poor (Flathead News Group, 3/20/13)
Montana legislators say Medicaid expansion bills likely dead (The Missoulian, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature reminiscent of past sessions (Flathead News Group, 3/20/13)
Panel kills tax bills to help lower-income people (Billings Gazette, 3/19/13)
No attempt made by Montana House Democrats to restore family planning funds (The Missoulian, 3/19/13)
Montana gun bills hears on universities, concealed carry (AP, 3/18/13)
Reporter’s notebook: Minority reminded of the power of majority rule (Billings Gazette, 3/17/13)
Bullock says honor state workers’ raises (Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 3/16/13)
Bill seeks to simplify Montana income taxes (Billings Gazette, 3/15/13)
Montana House panel hears bill to decriminalize gay sex (Billings Gazette, 3/15/13)
Bipartisan ‘dark money’ bill reaches Montana panel (AP, 3/15/13)
VIDEO: Bullock pushes for Medicaid expansion (KPAX, 3/14/13)
Governor’s ‘dark money’ bill hits committee (AP, 3/14/13)
Senate begins confirmation of Bullock appointees (AP, 3/14/13)
OPINION: Great Divide; the shrinking difference between Republicans, Democrats (Missoula Independent, 3/14/13)
Bullock unveils Medicaid bill (Montana Standard, 3/13/13)
Gov. Bullock unveils bill to expand Medicaid in Montana (The Missoulian, 3/13/13)
OPINION: 30-day registration cutoff would keep many Montanans from voting (Billings Gazette,3/13/13)
Bullock unveils Medicaid bill, which includes ‘medical homes’ for expanded population (Billings Gazette, 3/13/13)
Bullock’s Medicaid bill aims to change how Montana delivers, pays for health care (Helena Independent Record, 3/13/13)
Bill seeks tax hike for wealthy, cut for others (AP, 3/13/13)
Bullock overhauls Fish, Wildlife and Parks panel (AP, 3/13/13)
Montana lawmakers consider longer term limits (AP, 3/13/13)
GOP lawmaker: Medicaid expansion can pass with reforms (KPAX, 3/13/13)
Bullock introduces Medicaid expansion (KTVQ, 3/13/13)
Pension bills still alive (Montana Standard, 3/13/13)
House passes pair of tax cut bills (Billings Gazette, 3/12/13)
Opponents of Medicaid expansion launch counterattack (Helena Independent Record, 3/12/13)
OPINION: Medicaid expansion no freebie for taxpayers (Billings Gazette, 3/11/13)
OPINION: Covering uninsured will improve health, economy (Billings Gazette, 3/11/13)
VIDEO: Bullock discusses budget and Medicaid expansion (KPAX, 3/10/13)
Democrats use fundraiser to rally around Baucus (AP, 3/9/13)
OPINION: Make Montana’s income taxes simpler, but fair to all (Billings Gazette, 3/8/13)
Bullock takes Medicaid expansion to constituents (MSN, 3/7/13)
Bullock vetoes first bill (AP, 3/6/13)
Montana GOP budget surpasses governor’s in spending (AP, 3/6/13)
Big decisions loom as 2013 Legislature begins its second half (The Laurel Outlook, 3/6/13)
OPINION: A healthy choice, Medicaid reform would boost state’s economy (Billings Gazette, 3/3/13)
Gov. Bullock and AG Tim Fox complete the session’s first 45 days (KFBB, 3/1/13)


GOP rebuffs Dem efforts to blast out bills (Helena Independent Record, 2/27/13)
OPINION: Montana should shed light on dark money (Billings Gazette, 2/25/13)
Steve Bullock off to a pretty good start as governor, 53% approve, only 18% disapprove (Public Policy Polling)
Gov. Bullock answers GOP criticism about budget hikes (AP, 2/20/13)
Lawmaker proposes bill to simplify state income taxes (Helena Independent Record, 2/20/13)
Schweitzer stronger than Baucus (Public Policy Polling, 2/19/13)
OPINION: Say ‘yes’ to Bullock’s jobs bill (Great Falls Tribune, 2/16/13)
Montana closer to declaring sheriffs supreme (AP, 2/15/13)
Auditor at odds with Bullock on bill to end Insure Montana program (The Missoulian, 2/15/13)
Legislative Democrats propose Medicaid expansion in Montana (AP, 2/15/13)
Governor seeks help to pass $100M for campus renovations and jobs (Bozeman Daily Chronicle,2/15/13)
Bullock, Peterson announce legislation to combat ‘dark money’ in Montana elections (Great Falls Tribune, 2/15/13)
Medicaid proposal on state agenda (Great Falls Tribune, 2/14/13)
Comprehensive campaign reform bill in the works (Hungry Horse News, 2/14/13)
Bullock, GOP senator roll out fix to stamp out campaign ‘dark money’ (Helena Independent Record,2/14/13)
Bullock, Peterson team up for campaign finance reform in Montana (KTVQ, 2/14/13)
Gov. Bullock signs law expanding Montana wolf hunt (The Missoulian, 2/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Bipartisanship found on education (The Missoulian, 2/11/13)
In Montana, young, liberal and open to big government (New York Times, 2/10/13)
Montana public health director touts Medicaid expansion to business leaders (The Missoulian,2/8/13)
Bullock administration says Medicaid expansion would help state’s economy (Ravalli Republic,2/8/13)
While Montana’s governor hawked coal exports, Wyoming’s held back (Casper Star Tribune, 2/7/13)
Bullock advocating for bill lowering business taxes (KPAX, 2/6/13)
Bullock’s business tax plan gets first hearing (AP, 2/6/13)
MT House Republican leads charge to toughen voter registration laws, sever late registration(Montana Kaimin, 2/5/13)
Bullock campaign held conference calls with firm coordinating independent expenditures (Media Tackers, 2/4/13)
Reporter’s notebook: School-funding overhaul has support in many corners (Billings Gazette, 2/3/13)
Business taxes, education, campaign finance, health insurance top week’s hearings (Billings Gazette,2/3/13)
Legislative preview: Tax cuts, schools, coal, insurance rates on agenda (The Missoulian, 2/2/13)
Bullock tours Missoula College, sees need for new facility (AP, 2/2/13)
COMMENTARY: School funding bill big ticket item this legislative session (The Missoulian, 2/2/13)
Montana House passes bill to end Election-Day registration (Ballot Access News, 2/2/13)
Campaign finance watchdog: Texas fracking billionaires gave $51K to Montana GOP candidates in 2012 (Great Falls Tribune, 2/1/13)
State checking account goes online for public to see spending (Billings Gazette, 2/1/13)
VIDEO: Bullock pushes education plan in Missoula (KPAX, 2/1/13)
Bullock tells UM students he’ll cap tuition, keep college affordable (Helena Independent Record,2/1/13)
Governor, higher ed commissioner call for tuition freeze (Billings Gazette, 2/1/13)


Montana same-day voter registration repeal approved by House (Huffington Post, 1/31/13)
Bullock asks for bipartisanship but doesn’t bend in first State of the State speech (AP, 1/31/13)
Reporter’s Notebook: Observations on Gov. Bullock’s first big speech (The Lowdown, 1/31/13)
Lawmaker reaction mixed on Bullock speech (Great Falls Tribune, 1/31/13)
School funding bill gets hearing: Plan increases stability for districts, supporters claim (Great Falls Tribune, 1/31/13)
AUDIO: Governor Bullock’s State of the State recap (KFBB, 1/31/13)
Gov. Bullock’s State of the State address (Flathead News Group, 1/31/13)
Legislature considers tax cuts (Great Falls Tribune, 1/30/13)
Bullock pitches signature proposals, urges ‘brighter future’ for kids (The Missoulian, 1/30/13)
Republicans praise Bullock for putting budget online, differ on other issues (The Missoulian, 1/30/13)
Bullock asks Legislature for ‘responsible’ budget (AP, 1/30/13)
Gov. Bullock presents his first State of State Address (Beartooth NBC, 1/30/13)
State legislative session off to a good start (Flathead News Group, 1/29/13)
AUDIO: Governor Steve Bullock’s State of the State address (Montana Public Media, 1/29/13)
Republican proposes to end Montana pension system (Flathead Beacon, 1/29/13)
Bullock, public education community line up to oppose tax credits for private institutions (Helena Independent Record, 1/28/13)
Horse Sense: Lawmakers may want to alter pay deal (Billings Gazette, 1/27/13)
Education, campaigns, pensions, building projects top upcoming legislative hearings (Billings Gazette, 1/27/13)
EDITORIAL: Drop the $400 rebate; get serious (Daily Inter Lake, 1/26/13)
Critics say bill could allow creationism in Montana classrooms (AP, 1/26/13)
New fight brewing at Legislature over eminent domain (Helena Independent Record, 1/25/13)
On party line, committee OKs ending Election Day registration (Billings Gazette, 1/25/13)
Sheriff promises to ignore ‘unconstitutional’ gun regulations (Billings Gazette, 1/25/13)
Montana Voter ID bill tabled in committee (Huffington Post, 1/25/13)
VIDEO: Bullock touts JOBS bill in MSU-Northern visit (KPAX, 1/25/13)
Higher ed officials seek exclusion from immigration lawsuit (Great Falls Tribune, 1/25/13)
GOP senator wants to tighten Supreme Court justice qualifications (AP, 1/24/13)
House appropriations chairman wants to move quickly on state pay bill (Billings Gazette, 1/24/13)
Montana Legislature: Republicans seek business tax cuts (AP, 1/24/13)
Montana House endorses plan to criminalize killing fetus (AP, 1/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Montana, not California, shows the way on Citizens United (San Jose Mercury News, 1/24/13)
Gov. Bullock supports Keystone XL Pipeline (Flathead News, 1/23/13)
Montana GOP seeks business tax cut; wants fossil fuels included in clean energy tax break (AP, 1/23/13)
Montana university officials pitch tuition freeze to legislators (Great Falls Tribune, 1/22/13)
Montana Leg: New pension committee looks for grand bargain (AP, 1/22/13)
Bullock: Joint proposal on teacher and state pension plans (Flathead News, 1/22/13)
Pension deal far off; governor’s office demands fixes to system while GOP seeks alternative (AP, 1/22/13)
Secretive group that challenged campaign laws appears set to vanish after legal setbacks (AP, 1/22/13)
Montana Leg: Emotions run high during second week of session (Great Falls Tribune, 1/21/13)
Advocates hope for repeal of Montana anti-gay law (AP, 1/21/13)
What are the increases in Bullock’s budget? (Helena Independent Record, 1/20/13)
What’s really in Gov. Bullock’s budget, and the expected fight with Republicans (Helena Independent Record, 1/20/13)
Increases in governor’s proposed budget — what are they? (Montana Standard, 1/20/13)
GOP legislators to battle with Bullock over increased state spending (The Missoulian, 1/20/13)
A look at Gov. Steve Bullock’s proposed spending increases (The Missoulian, 1/19/13)
Abortion foes aim to criminalize killing fetus (NECN, 1/15/13)
Report: Medicaid expansion brings money to state (AP, 1/12/13)
Bullock sworn in as Montana’s 24th governor (Great Falls Tribune, 1/7/13)
Judge finds group violated Montana disclosure laws (Helena Independent Record, 1/5/13)
Bullock announces picks for cabinet (Sidney Herald, 1/5/13)
Gov-elect’s budget proposal backs Medicaid expansion (Montana Standard, 1/5/13)
Governor-elect Steve Bullock presents budget (Beartooth NBC, 1/4/13)
GOP leaders make predictions for the state legislature (The Western News, 1/4/13)
Bullock includes Medicaid expansion in budget (AP, 1/4/13)
Fixing state pensions to be major issue facing Montana Legislature (Billings Gazette, 1/3/12)
Montana governor-elect names remainder of his Cabinet posts (The Missoulian, 1/2/13)
Bullock to keep military, agriculture agency heads (Billings Gazette, 1/2/13)
Bullock picks more administration members (KPAX, 1/2/13)
Bullock, lawmakers to debate how to spend down budget surplus (Billings Gazette, 1/1/13)
Bullock says he’ll bring own style to Montana governor’s office (AP, 1/1/13)
VIDEO: Governor-elect Steve Bullock prepares to take office (KFBB, 1/1/13)


Surplus will have GOP, Bullock wrangling (The Missoulian, 12/31/12)

‘Big ideas’ on education funding are fodder for the 2013 Legislature (Billings Gazette, 12/31/12)

Economy, energy, education may dominate 2013 Legislature, which convenes Jan. 7 (Billings Gazette, 12/31/12)

Gov-elect Steve Bullock announces head of FWP and Economic Development (KFBB, 12/28/12)

Bullock looks ahead (Montana Standard, 12/24/12)

Gov-elect Steve Bullock busy preparing for Montana’s top office (The Missoulian, 12/23/12)

Bullock to drop lawsuit against Hill over $500K campaign contribution (AP, 12/21/12)

Bullock announces 5 top policy advisers (The Missoulian, 12/21/12)

See ya later. Everyone’s guessing what’s next for Brian Schweitzer. Even Schweitzer (Missoula Independent, 12/20/12)

COMMENTARY: Politicized, dysfunctional FWP a challenge for Steve Bullock (The Missoulian, 12/16/12) Leaving his brand: Friends and foes look back on Schweitzer’s eventful 8-year term (Great Falls Tribune, 12/16/12) Political group sanctioned for blocking discovery (Flathead News Group, 12/16/12) Opper may have future in Bullock administration(Billings Gazette, 12/14/12) Bullock hopes to find place in administration for outgoing DEQ director(The Missoulian, 12/14/12) Montana gov: Oil and gas boom could fund clean energy (MSN, 12/14/12) Bullock names 2 more to cabinet posts (AP, 12/13/12) Missoula Mayor Engen advising Gov-elect Bullock behind scenes (The Missoulian, 12/11/12) After dismantling campaign finance laws, Montana group under scrutiny (Thruthout, 12/8/12) Tim Fox announces key AG staff (Great Falls Tribune, 12/7/12) Court denies attorney fees in Montana campaign finance case (Missoulian,12/6/12) Bullock names budget director, top aides (Billings Gazette, 12/6/12) Bullock names key staff (Helena Independent Record, 12/6/12) After big US Supreme Court win, Montana nonprofit suffers string of losses (Center for Public Integrity, 12/5/12) Brian Schweitzer’s parting shots (The Montana Pioneer, 12/3/12) Brian Schweitzer, 2016 dark horse (The Fix, 12/3/12) Did Schweitzer just tease a 2016 presidential bid? (Missoula Independent, 12/3/12) VIDEO: Schweitzer’s ‘warm regard’ for Iowa, New Hampshire fuels 2016 speculation (CNN, 12/2/12) Montana Gov. Schweitzer stokes 2016 intrigue (Washington Post, 12/2/12) VIDEO: Governor-elect Bullock announces first appointments (KPAX, 12/1/12) Bullock picks 3 directors (Montana Standard, 12/1/12)

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