The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


Mississippi Guv News


Mississippi Gubernatorial Headlines


MS Attorney General releases new gun carry opinion (AP, 12/5/13)
Mississippi can delay high-stakes teacher evaluations (AP, 12/4/13)
Governor touts jobs during ADP meeting (Hattiesburg American, 12/4/13)


Anderson wins runoff, becomes Mississippi’s youngest legislator (Sun Herald, 11/26/13)
Ex-Rep. Travis Childers (D) considering run for Mississippi Senate seat (Washington Post, 11/15/13)
Fitch downgrades state’s bond rating outlook to ‘negative’ (Clarion Ledger, 11/5/13)


Gov. Bryant rescinds part of order in BCBA-HMA dispute (Clarion Ledger, 10/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Blue Cross made enemies of gov., attorney general (Clarion Ledger, 10/26/13)
HMA-Blue Cross dispute turns patients into pawns (Clarion Ledger, 10/23/13)
COMMENTARY: McDaniel facing true uphill battle (Clarion Ledger, 10/19/13)
Task force: Miss. Health Dept withheld nearly $600K from women’s shelter (Clarion Ledger, 10/10/13)
House Speaker Philip Gunn kicks off citizen tour (Clarion Ledger, 10/7/13)
Analysis: Bryant trusts no part of federal health overhaul (AP, 10/6/13)
At a Nissan plant in Mississippi, a battle to shape the UAW’s future (New York Times, 10/6/13)
Governor heralds Olive Branch medical device firm (Desoto Times Tribune, 10/3/13)
Mississippi Democrats seek to capitalize on shutdown (Y’all Politics, 10/2/13)
COMMENTARY: GOP state lawmaker: Attack on Gov. Bryant’s stand against Obamacare inaccurate (Mississippi Press, 10/2/13)
AG: Hidden guns OK on campus, with enhanced permit (AP, 10/2/13)
US judge blocks part of Mississippi’s campaign finance law (AP, 10/2/13)
Budget fight closes national parks in Mississippi, for now (AP, 10/2/13)
Hood could appeal judge’s ruling that part of Miss. campaign finance law is unconstitutional (AP, 10/1/13)
GOP lawmaker wants absentee ballot reform, ACA defunded (WDAM, 10/1/13)
Mississippi gets OK for business health exchange (AP, 10/1/13)


Bryant optimistic about oil play (Enterprise-Journal, 9/29/13)
Bryant hopes Hattiesburg special election won’t hurt city (WDAM, 9/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Governor wrong about exchange, and he knows it (Clarion-Ledger, 9/28/13)
EDITORIAL: Did things improve this election? No. (Hattiesburg American, 9/28/13)
Gov. Bryant leads ‘Ride for the Cure’ through Hattiesburg (WDAM, 9/28/13)
Henry Barbour blasts state Sen. Chris McDaniel over possible challenge to Cochran (Daily Ledes, 9/27/13)
In-fighting, controversy continues in Hub City mayoral race (Mississippi Business Journal,9/27/13)
Hattiesburg absentee ballots push DuPree ahead of Ware (Clarion-Ledger, 9/27/13)
Tempers flare amid Hattiesburg mayoral election vote count (Clarion Ledger, 9/26/13)
Phil Bryant says Christianity shapes his world view (AP, 9/26/13)
Bryant touts Delta as auto epicenter (Memphis Daily News, 9/26/13)
Governor Bryant to host motorcycle ride benefiting breast cancer awareness (WJTV, 9/25/13)
Hattiesburg mayoral election: Heavy turnout but too close to call (Clarion-Ledger, 9/24/13)
Hancock port board endorses governor’s staffer as new director (Sun Herald, 9/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Budget hearing or grudge match? (Clarion-Ledger, 9/21/13)
COMMENTARY: State economy slow to improve (Clarion-Ledger, 9/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Kemper plant no political game changer (Clarion-Ledger, 9/7/13)


COMMENTARY: Gov, MEI bungle nuke waste idea (Clarion-Ledger, 8/31/13)
Miss. high court upholds open-carry gun law (AP, 8/29/13)
Mississippi Supreme Court overturns injunction against concealed carry law(, 8/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Rep. Bennie Thompson: Barbour’s record on black voters, office-seekers not subject to revision (Clarion Ledger, 8/28/13)
Mississippi nuclear waste proposal sparks early opposition (AP, 8/27/13)
Bryant blasts nuclear waste disposal critics (Clarion Ledger, 8/27/13)
Miss. to appeal injunction in abortion clinic case (AP, 8/27/13)
Analysis: Mississippi Dem party leaders strategizing for ‘15 (AP, 8/25/13)
Group pushes idea of nuclear storage in Miss. (AP, 8/24/13)
Gov. Bryant participates in manufacturing summit (WTVA, 8/22/13)
EDITORIAL: Bryant, Mississippi bypassing prosperity and good health (Mississippi Business Journal, 8/21/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant sets Hattiesburg mayoral election do-over for Sept. 24 (AP, 8/20/13)
Bryant narrows dates for special election (Hattiesburg American, 8/19/13)
District attorney releases statement regarding Hattiesburg election investigation (WDAM, 8/19/13)
Court documents show background check ordered for witness in Hattiesburg mayoral election trial (Mississippi Press, 8/19/13)
AP analysis: Gov. Phil Bryant focusing on prison policy in 2014 (AP, 8/18/13)
Bryant hosts health care economic development summit (WTOK, 8/16/13)
Mississippi’s push for health-care dollars (Jackson Free Press, 8/16/13)
Miss. pioneering health care development strategy (WTVA, 8/15/13)
Gov. Bryant announces new healthcare zones (Mississippi Business Journal, 8/15/13)
Health care zone plans submitted (Clarion Ledger, 8/15/13)
Mississippi wrangles with open-carry gun law (Wall Street Journal, 8/15/13)
Bryant: Miss. needs to pursue health care jobs (AP, 8/15/13)
COMMENTARY: Paranoia strikes deep with Phil Bryant during Neshoba speech(Mississippi Business, 8/14/13)
OPINION: Gov. Bryant may not get jobless rate blame (Delta Democrat-Times, 8/14/13)
Bryant promoting health care during summit (Clarion Ledger, 8/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bryant is turning manufacturing trends around (Hattiesburg American, 8/13/13)
VIDEO: Neshoba County Fair: Even in non-election year, politicians tout success (Clarion Ledger, 8/1/13)

JULY 2013

Alabama and Mississippi governors call for oil sands assessment (AP, 7/27/13)
Gov. Bryant names panelists for health care economic development summit (Clarion Ledger, 7/25/13)
COMMENTARY: BP lawsuit settlement prospects may be dicey for local governments(GulfLife, 7/24/13)
Hosemann not on Fair schedule yet (Neshoba Democrat, 7/24/13)
VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Reeves talks investment at McComb Rotary (Y’all Politics, 7/24/13)
Red dirt, political speeches, and cabin dwelling means it’s Fair time again (Capitol Chronicles, 7/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Light political year sometimes welcome at Neshoba Fair (GulfLive, 7/23/13)
OPINION: Give Chaney credit on health exchange work (Hattiesburg American, 7/22/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant sets special elections to fill 3 Miss. House districts vacated by new mayors(AP, 7/22/13)
Gov. Bryant to host health care economic development summit on Aug. 15 (AP, 7/22/13)
Fear and loathing and political intrigue coming at Neshoba County Fair (Mississippi Politics, 7/19/13)
Miss. lawmaker: Medicaid bills continue vital services (Progress-Times, 7/14/13)
Hinds County judge blocks open carry law (Daily Journal, 7/13/13)
Gay-rights supporters aim to build momentum in Mississippi (AP, 7/12/13)
GOP lawmaker: NRA to get involved in Mississippi open gun carry fight (Mississippi Politics, 7/12/13)
Phil Bryant writes letter to President Obama about sequestration (WDAM, 7/11/13)
Bryant: State’s economic numbers reflect growth, progress (Hattiesburg American,7/11/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant confident state’s new gun law will go into effect (AP, 7/10/13)
3 Gulf state governors want Guard exempted from furloughs (Sun Herald, 7/10/13)
Bryant wants National Guard furloughs to end, cites storms (Clarion Ledger, 7/10/13)
Mississippi mayor’s election shows voting law’s imperfect legacy (Bloomberg, 7/10/13)
The Fair’s coming; politics at Neshoba ready for its annual spotlight (Y’all Politics, 7/9/13)
Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Phil Bryant call on Obama to end sequestration furloughs (Huff Post Politics, 7/8/13)
Open-carry gun law on hold (AP, 7/8/13)
Phil Bryant on Bloomberg TV: Obamacare ‘going to be a train wreck’ (GulfLive, 7/7/13)
Democrats pickup mid-term gains in municipalities (Y’all Politics, 7/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Bryant has key role to fill at the CMR, but don’t limit his choices just to Hancock County (Sun Herald, 7/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Not the time for Bryant to go off message (Y’all Politics, 7/4/13)
Medicaid debate was catalyst for coalition (Picayune Item, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: Guns good politics for Hood (Madison County Journal, 7/3/13)
Mississippi lawmakers keep Medicaid alive and funded (Neshoba Democrat, 7/3/13)
COMMENTARY: History will determine Medicaid victors (Daily Journal, 7/3/13)
Mississippi tops study linking casinos, public corruption (Clarion Ledger, 7/2/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant announces good news on Mississippi economy (Y’all Politics, 7/2/13)

State Supreme Court won’t overturn injunction on open-carry gun law (Clarion Ledger,7/2/13)
VIDEO: Mississippi revenue collections create surplus (WDAM, 7/2/13)
COMMENTARY: The politics of Medicaid makes expansion difficult in Miss. (Daily Journal,7/1/13)

JUNE 2013

Lawmakers keep Medicaid alive — and go home (AP, 6/30/13)
Mississippi Republicans show legislative strength, unity in special session (Y’all Politics, 6/30/13)
Miss. Dems: We were ‘bamboozled’ on Medicaid (Washington Post, 6/29/13)
COMMENTARY: Reeves proves he rules roost (Clarion Ledger, 6/29/13)
Medicaid crisis ends with reauthorization (Clarion Ledger, 6/28/13)
Halftime in the special session; the rout is on (Y’all Politics, 6/28/13)
Senate passes amended Medicaid bill, goes home (Clarion Ledger, 6/28/13)
Legislature ends Medicaid crisis, goes home (Clarion Ledger, 6/28/13)
Halftime in the special session (Y’all Politics, 6/28/13)
Repealer deal may mark end of Medicaid standoff (Clarion Ledger, 6/28/13)
Lt. Gov Reeves hints at support of one-year repealer, and more expansion debate in 2014(Mississippi PEP, 6/28/13)
Democrats lose vote on Medicaid (Daily Journal, 6/28/13)
Mississippi Senate sends Medicaid bills for Gov. Phil Bryant’s signature (AP, 6/28/13)
Mississippi lawmakers save Medicaid, but GOP blocks expansion (MSNBC, 6/28/13)
Miss. Medicaid debate continues Friday as House passes reauthorization (Clarion Ledger,6/27/13)
OPINION: Legislature stressed in the special session (The Daily Journal, 6/27/13)
Leadership set to prevent Medicaid expansion vote (Daily Journal, 6/26/13)
COMMENTARY: A behind the scenes glimpse into the Medicaid special session (Y’all Politics, 6/26/13)
Former Gov. Musgrove: Bryant has chance to create 9,000 jobs (Clarion Ledger, 6/26/13)
Then again… Gov. Bryant poised for three Medicaid bills (Daily Ledes, 6/26/13)
Mississippi moving ahead with voter ID, too (TPM, 6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Bryant’s comments taken out of context (Hattiesburg American,6/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Differences between GOP leaders may unfold on Medicaid (Clarion Ledger,6/25/13)
Who will oversee the ethics of the Ethics Commission? (Daily Ledes, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Make special session ’special’ (Clarion Ledger, 6/24/13)
COMMENTARY: Ethics Commission ruling: Anatomy of a victory (Daily Journal, 6/24/13)
Bryant does end-run of expansion for Medicaid special session (Daily Ledes, 6/24/13)
Bryant: Medicaid special session starts Thursday (AP, 6/24/13)
Medicaid reauthorization on the horizon, expansion dead (Y’all Politics, 6/21/13)
Is Mississippi headed for Medicaid shutdown? (Stateline, 6/20/13)
Many in Mississippi may lack options in insurance exchange (Clarion Ledger, 6/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Speaker Gunn: Principles above politics – Medicaid expansion (Y’all Politics, 6/13/13)
Mississippi’s Medicaid plan may fail (Politico, 6/11/13)
Will Democrats sue if Bryant runs Medicaid? (Daily Ledes, 6/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Bryant’s timing, remarks both off (Clarion Ledger, 6/8/13)
VIDEO: Miss. Governor: Educational troubles began when ‘mom got in the workplace’(Washington Post, 6/4/13)

MAY 2013

Mississippi insurance commissioner worried some won’t get health coverage (AP, 5/27/13)
Medicaid officials till hope for the best (The Daily Journal, 5/27/13)
OPINION: Medicaid expansion makes sense (Meridian Star, 5/26/13)
OPINION: Medicaid- Renew and fund it now (Meridian Star, 5/26/13)
Gov Bryant: Mississippi works to serve soldiers who have given so much (Sun Herald, 5/25/13)
Mississippi’s redistricting saga ends with a whimper (Y’all Politics, 5/23/13)
Hudson expects special session on Medicaid (Hattiesburg American, 5/23/13)
Dems work on Mississippi Medicaid expansion proposal (AP, 5/22/13)
Court won’t get involved in Mississippi redistricting (AP, 5/20/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant gets off script in Medicaid expansion debate (AP, 5/12/13)
Bryant would face obstacles running Medicaid (Daily Journal, 5/12/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant urges USM graduates to ’stay in Mississippi’ (Clarion Ledger, 5/11/13)
Mississippi governor’s Medicaid remarks change tone (Sun Herald, 5/11/13)
Bryant says industry will continue to move to Mississippi (WDAM, 5/11/13)
Miss. Gov. Bryant tells graduates at his alma mater, USM, to ‘rise up and do great things’(AP, 5/11/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant signs legislation reducing severance tax on horizontally drilled wells(Y’all Politics, 5/10/13)
Bryant vows to keep Medicaid going (Daily Journal, 5/8/13)
Gov. Bryant says he could run Medicaid program (Clarion Ledger, 5/8/13)
Gov. taking Medicaid message to the streets; says he might still try to run the agency without legislative approval (Mississippi Politics, 5/8/13)
Governor says he will try to run Medicaid without legislative funding (Daily Journal,5/7/13)
As local leaders struggle to pull up schools in Mississippi, lawmakers prepare new approaches (AP, 5/6/13)
Mississippi prepares new push on education (AP, 5/6/13)
Gov. Bryant signs landmark pieces of energy-related economic development legislation into law (Y’all Politics, 5/2/13)
Bryant: $69M more from BP for Gulf restoration (AP, 5/2/13)
Gov Phil Bryant talks teen pregnancy prevention in Hattiesburg (AP, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: Phil Bryant’s new MDA team earns respect with Yokohama victory(Mississippi Press, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Gov. Bryant enacts measure to create coast-wide tourism partnership (Y’all Politics, 4/17/13)
OPINION: Talks on Medicaid necessary for state (Clarion-Ledger, 4/15/13)
Gov. Bryant says Obama budget undercuts Medicaid expansion (AP, 4/10/13)
Dem lawmaker: Obama budget proposal invites action on Medicaid (Y’all Politics, 4/10/13)
Medicaid expansion likely delayed until 2014 (Daily Ledes, 4/10/13)
Governor’s office says Obama administration postponing cuts in payments to hospitals for uninsured (Clarion-Ledger, 4/10/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid expansion fight now focusing on DSH funding (Mississippi Press,4/10/13)
Bryant ready for special session to fund Medicaid at existing level (WDAM, 4/10/13)
Gov. Bryant plans to sign bill adding terrorism to death penalty law (AP, 4/9/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant plans to sign DUI ignition interlock bill (AP, 4/8/13)
Analysis: 2013 session mixes substance, silliness (Jackson Free Press, 4/8/13)
Mississippi lawmakers finish their 2013 session (AP, 4/5/13)
Is Sam Hall hiding who’s really to blame for Medicaid in MS? Everyone AND no one? (Y’all Politics, 4/5/13)
Progress touted as session ends (Daily Journal, 4/5/13)
Miss. lawmaker’s warning: School bill would lead to bloodshed, other dire stuff (with video)(The Buzz, 4/5/13)
Medicaid impasses unresolved as Legislature adjourns (Clarion-Ledger, 4/4/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant’s recap of the Education Session of the Legislature 2013 (Y’all Politics, 4/4/13)
Rep. Bobby Howell (R) on need to reauthorize Medicaid and Miss. Democrats refusal to do so(Y’all Politics, 4/4/13)
MS House Democratic Caucus statement on voting against Medicaid in the 2013 legislative session (Y’all Politics, 4/4/13)
VIDEO: Barbour has no regrets about pardons (WPAT, 4/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Can’t get enough (votes) (Jackson Free Press, 4/3/13)
Will Mississippi Republicans open the gift they’ve been given? Medicaid expansion fight is a gift (Y’all Politics, 4/3/13)
Charter schools bill caps education reforms passed by Legislature (Clarion-Ledger, 4/3/13)
Charter schools on track to be law (Jackson Free Press, 4/2/13)
COMMENTARY: Who’s to blame for the debacle of Medicaid? (Clarion-Ledger, 4/2/13)
Rankin County Supervisors sent letter asking  Gov. Bryant to veto Reservoir bill (Daily Ledes, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Miss. House Democrats block Medicaid budget (Clarion-Ledger, 3/31/13)
Medicaid budget fails in Miss. House (Clarion-Ledger, 3/30/13)
COMMENTARY: Reeves’ Medicaid stance: Yes, no (Clarion-Ledger, 3/30/13)
Gov. Bryant vetoes bill giving Reservoir board city-like powers (Y’all Politics, 3/29/13)
Mississippi’s misguided approach to public health (The Maddow Blog, 3/29/13)
Terri Herring, Phil Bryant Board of Health appointee, is anti-Abortion activist (Huffington Post, 3/29/13)
Opposition already in place over board of health nomination (WDAM, 3/29/13)
State board nominee called backer of women’s health (Clarion Ledger, 3/29/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant defends Terry Herring, his nominee for state Board of Health (AP, 3/28/13)
Bryant shoots down Reservoir bill (Clarion-Ledger, 3/28/13)
Citizens want up-or-down Medicaid vote (Jackson Free Press, 3/28/13)
Bryant and board of health nominee fire back at critics (WLOX13, 3/28/13)
Bryant: Nominee qualified by anti-abortion work (AP,3/28/13)
Mississippi Nominates anti-abortion lobbyist to board of health (Mother Jones,  3/28/13)
Gov. Phil Brant taps anti-abortion activist Terri Herring for state health board (AP, 3/27/13)
Gov. Bryant nominates anti-abortion lobbyist to Health Board (Jackson Free Press,3/27/13)
Dems: Reprioritize to fund schools (Jackson Free Press, 3/27/13)
Terri Herring: Lobbyist? (Jackson Free Press, 3/27/13)
COMMENTARY: Shotgun blues (Jackson Free Press, 3/27/13)
Teachers’ low test scores under fire in Mississippi (The Daily Caller, 3/26/13)
Bryant Ed-Reform bill Pwned by House (Jackson Free Press, 3/26/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant appoints fmr. Palazzo Chief of Staff Jamie Miller to run DMR (Y’All Politics, 3/26/13)
Jamie Miller is Bryant’s choice for DMR director (Sun Herald, 3/25/13)
Budget gets $97.6M more (NEMS Daily Journal, 3/22/13)
Miss. lawmakers OK small increase for next year’s budget (AP, 3/21/13)
Bryant signs bill extending Mississippi territorial waters (Sun Herald, 3/21/13)
Former Miss. governor Musgrove endorses gay marriage, same-sex adoptions (Clarion Ledger, 3/21/13)
Bryant criticizes universities on teacher standard (AP, 3/21/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid expansion or not, health costs will be paid (Daily Journal,3/21/13)
Haley Barbour: Immigration bill isn’t going to change many Hispanic voters’ minds (Y’all Politics, 3/21/13)
Ronnie Musgrove: Portman’s conversion should be a lesson (Huffington Post, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature wastes time on extraneous bills (Daily Journal, 3/20/13)
Mississippi governor signs ‘anti-Bloomberg’ bill (Y’all Politics, 3/19/13)
Budget could hinge on revised estimate (Daily News, 3/18/13)
AP analysis: Not every bill Gov. Phil Bryant signs is a headline grabber (AP  3/18/13)
OPINION: Congratulations to Miss. Governor Phil Bryant for taking a stand (KPEL News Talk, 3/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Legislature has opportunity for landmark education reform (Y’all Politics, 3/17/13)
Mississippi gives religion special status in its schools (AP, 3/16/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant to sign Miss. law prohibiting local bans on super-sized food portions (AP, 3/15/13)
Mississippi tells public schools to develop policies allowing prayers (New York Times,3/15/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant signs bill for student-led school prayer (AP, 3/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Medicaid reform should not be limited to expansion (Clarion Ledger,3/14/13)
Gov. Bryant signs Mississippi Student Religious Liberties Act of 2013 (Y’all Politics, 3/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Make state the biggest gunrunner (Sun Herald, 3/13/13)
Emails show Gov. Phil Bryant’s staff suggested delays in granting requests for gun records(AP, 3/13/13)
Medicaid expansion – an ‘economic development’ mirage (Y’all Politics, 3/13/13)
MSGOP update – 75% of voters oppose Medicaid expansion (Y’all Politics, 3/13/13)
Miss. House revives plan that could allow armed teachers (AP, 3/12/13)
Mississippi hospital group, Gov. Phil Bryant working on Medicaid funding issues (Clarion Ledger, 3/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Phil Bryant is no fool (MBJ Business Blog, 3/9/13)
COMMENTARY: Bryant buoyed by poll results (Clarion-Ledger, 3/9/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant gets bill permanently allowing payday loans (GulfLive, 3/9/13)
Bryant vows lawsuit against federal government if hospital funds cut (Clarion Ledger,3/6/13)
Dem lawmaker to Gov. Phil Bryant: ‘You’re a fool’ and a ‘hypocrite’ for ‘turning your back on the poor’ (Deep South Progressive, 3/5/13)
Dem Steve Holland says Gov. Phil Bryan ‘a fool’ to not expand Medicaid (AP, 3/4/13)
MS Gov. Phil Bryan signs two gun owner protection laws (Y’all Politics, 3/4/13)
Gov. Bryant: State must hold the line on Medicaid (Sun Herald, 3/2/13)


Gov. Phil Bryant expected to sign bill to seal concealed gun information (AP, 2/28/13)
House Democrats push for vote on Medicaid reauthorization bill (Clarion-Ledger, 2/18/13)
Feds blame Mississippi governor for exchange denial (Kaiser Health News, 2/8/13)
HHS denies Mississippi’s bid to run its own exchange (Kaiser Health News, 2/8/13)
COMMENTARY: Betting money will be there despite deficit spending (Clarion Ledger,2/2/13)
Reeves leads statewide officials in cash stash (Courier Post, 2/1/13)
Democrats’ Medicaid vote not much more than ‘moral victory’ (Daily Ledes, 2/1/13)


Mississippi’s last abortion clinic sends a message: ‘We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere’ (Think Progress, 1/31/13)
Bryant’s education package clears first hurdle in the House (Daily Journal, 1/31/13)
Gov. Byrant decries Dems ’shameful’ politics in killing Medicaid bill (AP, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Most new governors try to paint pretty picture (Clarion Ledger, 1/31/13)
COMMENTARY: Politicians’ facts prove selective in Mississippi (Daily Journal, 1/31/13)
Miss.House Dems hold up funding for Medicaid (Clarion Ledger, 1/31/13)
State-funded preschool plan gathers support (Sun Herald, 1/30/13)
Bryant’s health-care rhetoric doesn’t add up (Jackson Free Press, 1/30/13)
House committee pushes forward key bills in Gov. Phil Bryant’s education agenda (AP, 1/30/13)
Mississippi lawmakers will decide whether to put an end to elections of school superintendents (The Commercial Appeal, 1/29/13)
Superintendents back Bryant’s education plans, HB 890 (Daily Ledes, 1/29/13)
When it comes to legislation in Mississippi, the Lt. Governor calls the shots (RH Reality Check, 1/28/13)
Bryant considers ending DMR governing board (Sun Herald, 1/28/13)
COMMENTARY: Chism, Smith embarrass Mississippi with shameful legislation (Clarion Ledger, 1/27/13)
Mississippi GOPers pushing bill to ‘assert the sovereignty of the state’ (TPM, 1/25/13)
Mississippi bill would nullify federal laws (AP, 1/24/13)
Q&A with Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant (Kaiser Health News, 1/23/13)
Bryant hits familiar themes in State of the State (WAPT, 1/23/13)
Phil Bryant: ‘There is no one who doesn’t have health care in America’ (Opposing Views, 1/23/13)
Education, job creation priorities in Gov. Phil Bryant’s State of the State address (AP, 1/22/13)
The media, Saturday Night Live and Gov. Phil Bryant’s response (SuperTalk Mississippi, 1/22/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant’s guns, Soviet Union comment makes rounds (Clarion Ledger, 1/19/13)
Phil Bryant: Criminals can get high-capacity magazines from ‘Soviet Union’ (Huffington Post, 1/17/13)
Mississippi wants to secede from Obama’s gun plans (TPM, 1/16/13)
Gov. Phil Bryant wants to block Obama’s federal gun actions (Clarion Ledger, 1/16/13)
COMMENTARY: Reeves’ gun plan is good politics in Miss. (Clarion Ledger, 1/12/13)
Mississippi gov targets last abortion clinic: ‘My goal of course is to shut it down’ (The Raw Story, 1/11/13)
EDITORIAL: Palazzo’s vote misrepresents his district (Sun Herald, 1/7/13)
Palazzo appealed for federal disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina (TPM, 1/6/13)


Bryant: 1.5% cuts for most Miss. agencies (AP, 11/14/12)
Ole Miss students clash after Obama election victory (The DM Online, 11/7/12)


Political Geography: Solid South reversed, but Alabama, Mississippi still divided by race(FiveThirtyEight, 10/11/12)


Mississippi falls into recession, economist tells lawmakers (Commercial Appeal, 9/17/12)
Judge dismisses Obamacare suit filed by Gov. Phil Bryant (Cottonmouth, 9/17/12)
Judge: Governor premature in bringing health care reform lawsuit (AP, 9/17/12)
Attorney General hands over big check to legislators (WTVA, 9/17/12)
Changes in Mississippi workers’ comp laws take effect (Claims Journal, 9/17/12)
Mississippi workers’ comp drug testing, benefits changes go into effect (Insurance Journal,9/17/12)
State agencies looking for $1.34B more (Daily Journal, 9/16/12)
Editorial: Medicare: Wait, see (Clarion Ledger, 9/16/12)
Judge blocks Mississippi health care challenge (Hattiesburg American, 9/15/12)
Justice Dept approves Miss. Senate, House redistricting maps (AP, 9/14/12)
Commission OKs November ballot (Daily Journal, 9/13/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant, other regional governors in Japan for trade conference (AP, 9/13/12)
Commentary: Comparable decisions don’t favor OK of voter ID (Daily Journal, 9/13/12)
Gov. Bryant and economic officials in Japan (Clarion Ledger, 9/13/12)
Cooperative effort sought in Miss. education reforms (Clarion Ledger, 9/12/12)
Teachers, administrators divided over merit pay (Hattiesburg American, 9/11/12)
Who’s next? DNC could drive more party switchers in Mississippi (Y’all Politics, 9/7/12)
Ruling worries Mississippi offshore gas opponents (AP, 9/7/12)
Mike Chaney defends health exchange (Y’all Politics, 9/7/12)
Cochran, Bryant discuss storm recovery with coast leaders (WLOX, 9/7/12)
Reeves discusses business, education (Hattiesburg American, 9/7/12)
Video: Phil Bryant on college career (Y’all Politics, 9/6/12)
State budget hearings to begin this month (AP, 9/5/12)
Are Mississippi voters paying attention to the national political conventions? (MPB, 9/4/12)
Opinion: Mississippi’s immigrant debate lacks agreement (Daily Journal, 9/4/12)
Analysis: No quick consensus on immigration laws (Clarion Ledger, 9/3/12)
What does the Texas Voter ID ruling mean for Mississippi? (MPB, 9/3/12)
Isaac: Gov. Phil Byrant, Napolitano talk recovery at morning press conference in Hancock County (Mississippi Press, 9/2/12)
Bryant says state port aced evacuation test (Sun Herald, 9/2/12)


Mississippi GOP energized after Republican National Convention (Clarion Ledger, 8/31/12)
Bryant: State responders rescued more than 500 people in Miss. from Isaac’s high waters(AP, 8/31/12)
Bryant, officials laud response to Isaac (Sun Herald, 8/29/12)
Miss. Gov says some price-gouging complaints filed (AP, 8/28/12)
Bryant issues order banning price gouging (Daily Journal, 8/28/12)
Isaac could cause flooding far inland in Mississippi, warns Gov. Bryant (AP, 8/28/12)
Bryant, Hood fumble over price gouging in Isaac’s wake (Sun Herald, 8/28/12)
Isaac threatens as Mississippi Gulf Coast is still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina (MPB, 8/26/12)
Miss. Gov Phil Bryant declares emergency as hurricane warning posted in advance of Isaac (AP, 8/26/12)
Miss. bars benefits for deferred-status immigrants (AP, 8/24/12)
Gov. Bryan chimes in on immigration (Jackson Free Press, 8/24/12)
Gov. Bryant re-affirms no-benefits law (Clarion Ledger, 8/23/12)
Lawmakers gearing up for immigration reform battle (MPB, 8/23/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant issues executive order regarding illegal immigrants and public benefits(Mississippi Press, 8/23/12)
Bryant creates council for Gulf funds (Jackson Free Press, 8/22/12)
‘Go Coast’ team planning for millions from RESTORE Act (MPB, 8/22/12)
GoCoast 2020 group will advise on utilizing RESTORE Act funds on Mississippi Gulf Coast(The Mississippi Press, 8/22/12)
Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant creates board to deal with oil spill funds (Clarion Ledger, 8/22/12)
Editorial: RESTORE Act panel will have much to balance (Sun Herald, 8/21/12)
Lawmakers hear advice on merit pay, teacher evaluations (MPB, 8/21/12)
Political landscape changing in the once ‘Solid South’ (AP, 8/20/12)
Options for state port expansion outlined at Gulfport workshop (MPB, 8/13/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant: NC is an indicator for other swing states (Y’all Politics, 8/13/12)
Opinion: Merit pay – Discipline dictates learning (Clarion-Ledger, 8/13/12)
Who pays gov’s campaign travel tab? (Clarion-Ledger, 8/13/12)
Commentary: Bryant seeks limited government role (Hattiesburg American, 8/13/12)
Voter ID unlikely for November election (Hattiesburg American, 8/11/12)
Gov. Bryant speaks at Ingalls Shipbuilding apprentice commencement (Mississippi Press,8/11/12)
Mississippi still exploring ways to combat illegal immigration (Y’all Politics, 8/10/12)
Commentary: ‘Port of the Future’ sold as a bill of goods (DeSoto Times Tribune, 8/8/12)
Mississippi governor campaigns for Romney in eastern North Carolina (WNCT, 8/8/12)
Gov. Phil Bryan on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney (AP, 8/8/12)
Gunn expects House to pass charter legislation (Neshoba Democrat, 8/8/12)
Jeb Bush urges Mississippi to follow Florida on education reform (AP, 8/8/12)
Port of Gulfport faces challenges (Fox10TV, 8/7/12)
Commonalities show between Jackson, state conservatives (Clarion-Ledger, 8/7/12)
Education reform a top priority (Clarion-Ledger, 8/7/12)
Payback time for Bev? Mississippi guv to stump in NC (News & Observer, 8/7/12)
Gov. Bryant, ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush discuss education reform (Clarion-Ledger, 8/7/12)
Mississippi report released on challenges to expanding Gulfport (McClatchy, 8/7/12)
Commentary: The politics of pants (Y’All Politics, 8/6/12)
Lt. Gov: Mississippi Republican Party’s Neshoba Fair review (Y’All Politics, 8/6/12)
Welfare-to-work waivers fought; shouldn’t undo successful program, MS lawmakers say(Clarion-Ledger, 8/6/12)
Fair reveals where GOP divides (Daily Journal, 8/5/12)
Opinion: Ronnie Musgrove – Mississippi deserves whole story on health care (Daily Journal,8/4/12)
Delbert Hosemann’s NCF speech – ‘The Mississippi Way’ (Y’all Politics, 8/3/12)
Mississippi Gov. doesn’t even consider same-sex pairings to be ‘couples’ (Think Progress, 8/3/12)
Mississippi governor: Wedding ban on black couple was ‘unfortunate’ (The Guardian,8/3/12)
Governor Phil Bryant wants the world to know that ‘Mississippi has changed’ (Althouse, 8/3/12)
Phil Bryant touts teacher merit pay in Neshoba County Fair speech (AP, 8/2/12)
Bryant: Marriage refusal wrong (Clarion-Ledger, 8/2/12)
Commentary: The naming game changes with political, legal fortunes (Daily Journal,8/2/12)
Miss. Governor: It’s ‘unfortunate’ church blocked black wedding (Huffington Post, 8/2/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant outlines ‘Mississippi Path Forward’ (Clarion-Ledger, 8/2/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant promotes teacher merit pay at Neshoba County Fair (Clarion-Ledger,8/2/12)
Mississippi’s secret plan to lap SC ports (FITSNews, 8/2/12)
Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant vows to improves state’s unemployment rate (The Commercial Appeal, 8/2/12)
State’s hospitals will join, complicate Medicaid fight (Clarion-Ledger, 8/1/12)
Opinion: Wedding denial feels like 1960s (Clarion-Ledger, 8/1/12)
Elephants rarely forget (Y’all Politics, 8/1/12)

JULY 2012

Decision time for Mississippi Democrats (Y’all Politics, 7/30/12)
Countdown to November 2012: America’s governmental ideology at stake (Y’All Politics, 7/29/12)
Civil Rights activists prepare for new voting rights battle (Clarion Ledger, 7/28/12)
Bryant backs merit pay for teachers (Clarion-Ledger, 7/28/12)
What can Mississippi learn from Iran on health care? (New York Times, 7/27/12)
MS SOS Delbert Hosemann issues statement on Brennan Center Voter ID report (Y’all Politics, 7/27/12)
Better roads, higher gas tax (Clarion-Ledger, 7/27/12)
AG Hood: Supreme Court trumps state immigration law (DeSoto Tribune, 7/26/12)
Commentary: Barbour didn’t set the example on tax return disclosure (Daily Journal,7/26/12)
Commentary: Citizen legislature comes with hefty taxpayer tab (Clarion-Ledger,7/23/12)
Commentary: Both sides ramp up fight for Medicaid expansion (Mississippi Press,7/23/12)
Commentary: Bobby Harrison brings Soros’ anti-voter ID message to Mississippi (Y’all Politics, 7/23/12)
Study: Voter ID law would hit Mississippi hard (Clarion-Ledger, 7/22/12)
Phil Bryant: The truths about ObamaCare in Mississippi (Daily Journal, 7/22/12)
Analysis: Auditor reports on legislative expenses (Daily Journal, 7/22/12)
Commentary: Dems spent months crafting health insurance exchange legislation(Clarion-Ledger, 7/21/12)
Study hits state’s voter ID law awaiting approval (Daily Journal, 7/19/12)
Mississippi’s Lt. Governor addresses legislative issues (WTVA, 7/18/12)
AG Hood announces state foreclosure consortium (Daily Journal, 7/17/12)
Health officials inspect Mississippi lone abortion clinic (AP, 7/17/12)
Insurance Commissioner: Plan for Miss. Health Exchange ready for after election(Insurance Journal, 7/17/12)
Abortion clinic not on the ‘brink’ of closure (Jackson Free Press, 7/17/12)
Mississippi abortion clinic potentially on brink of being shut down (Huffington Post,7/17/12)
Mississippi Republican watchlist (Y’all Politics, 7/17/12)
Judge issues split ruling on Miss. abortion law (Baptist Press, 7/16/12)
Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney talks about health insurance exchange (Jackson Free Press, 7/16/12)
Pro-life stalemate in Mississippi (National Review, 7/16/12)
Bryant talks up Coast in London (Mississippi Press, 7/16/12)
Commentary: Additional thoughts on health care exchanges (Clarion Ledger, 7/16/12)
Analysis: Miss. revenue collections up but no joy (Sun Herald, 7/15/12)
Health care changes in limbo (Clarion Ledger, 7/15/12)
Commentary: Health debate beyond state; exchange program fight mostly about national politics (Clarion-Ledger, 7/15/12)
New law boosts wedding on the Coast (Sun Herald, 7/15/12)
Chaney says position on exchange no swayed (Daily Journal, 7/14/12)
Opinion: Care issues didn’t start with Obama (Clarion Ledger, 7/14/12)
Lawmakers prepare for Medicaid battle in 2013 (WDAM, 7/14/12)
Lawmakers prepare for Medicaid battle in 2013 (WDAM, 7/14/12)
State Medicaid had unlikely start (Daily Journal, 7/14/12)
Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s sole abortion clinic, may not survive(AP, 7/14/12)
Miss. abortion law cleared to take effect minus penalties (Washington Post, 7/14/12)
RESTORE Act process explained to officials (Mississippi Press, 7/13/12)
Editorial: We need principled discussion on abortion (Newsday, 7/13/12)
More abortion restrictions anticipated in Mississippi (AP, 7/12/12)
Commentary: No rush to spend BP fine funds (Hattiesburg American, 7/12/12)
Insurance exchange tabled (Clarion Ledger, 7/12/12)
Judge will hear Obamacare lawsuit in Hattiesburg in October (WDAM, 7/12/12)
Judge maintains injunction against Mississippi law on abortion clinics (New York Times,7/11/12)
Abortion clinic’s fate still on hold (Clarion ledger, 7/11/12)
Will Mississippi become the first abortion-free state? (Lawyer Herald, 7/11/12)
Judge to consider extending block on new abortion law (AP, 7/10/12)
Coast communities weigh how to spend BP oil fines (Clarion Ledger, 7/6/12)
Mississippi’s voter ID catch-22 (Think Progress, 7/6/12)
Mississippi voter ID law presents catch-22 for would-be voters (The Raw Story, 7/5/12)
Mississippi Democratic Trust touts more on Obamacare (Y’all Politics, 7/5/12)
Musgrove’s pivotal role in luring Nissan to Miss. often overlooked (Clarion Ledger, 7/5/12)
Medicaid’s impact may drive debate on expansion (Daily Journal, 7/4/12)
Bryant names team to recommend projects for RESTORE Act funds (AP, 7/4/12)
Bryant focusing on tourism (WTOK, 7/4/12)
Bryant taps 4 for MS oil recovery ideas (Clarion Ledger, 7/3/12)
Rhetoric may save clinic (Jackson Free Press, 7/3/12)
Mississippi to get BP money (WTOK, 7/3/12)
Miss. black lawmakers support Medicaid expansion (AP, 7/3/12)
Mississippi abortion law could face long legal fight (Reuters, 7/3/12)
Editorial: Mississippi’s abortion ban (New York Times, 7/2/12)
Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic, given temporary reprieve, fields rush of calls (New York Times,7/2/12)
Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic can stay open, for now (Mother Jones, 7/2/12)
Mississippi’s only abortion clinic to stay open under restraining order (CNN, 7/1/12)
Mississippi law aimed at abortion clinic is blocked (New York Times, 7/1/12)
Mississippi set to become the only state without an abortion clinic (Christian Science Monitor, 7/1/12)
Mississippi law could effectively end legal abortion in the state (MSNBC, 7/1/12)
Abortion law blocked (Clarion Ledger, 7/1/12)

JUNE 2012

Audio: Sole abortion clinic in MS fights law to stay open (NPR, 6/29/12)
Commentary: Nissan expansion reflects well on governor (Clarion Ledger, 6/29/12)
GOP: Mississippi Medicaid expansion unlikely (AP, 6/28/12)
Abortion clinic fighting new law (AP, 6/28/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant helps announce major Nissan expansion – over 1000 new jobs in Canton plant (Y’all Politics, 6/28/12)
MS sells sanctity of marriage for tourism dollars (Clarion Ledger, 6/28/12)
New law could close Mississippi’s sole abortion clinic (Reuters, 6/27/12)
Gov. Bryant’s statement on Supreme Court’s immigration ruling (Clarion Ledger,6/25/12)
Opinion: Politics at play in training program (Clarion Ledger, 6/23/12)
Mississippi’s only abortion clinic at risk as law nears (New York Times, 6/22/12)
Quick enforcement sought for Mississippi abortion law (Clarion Ledger, 6/22/12)
Bryant plans trade trip to Asia (AP, 6/20/12)
Special election Bryant’s call (DeSoto Times Tribune, 6/19/12)
Opinion: Gov. Bryant understands what’s at stake with job (The Daily Journal, 6/19/12)
Bryant plans development trip to Japan, South Korea (Daily Journal, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Bryant revamping Barbour success (Daily Journal, 6/19/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant plans trade trip to Japan, South Korea (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 6/19/12)
Haley Barbour, radical pragmatist? (Washington Post, 6/19/12)
Requested fall vote for MS Senate vacancies pulled (The Commercial Appeal, 6/19/12)
Commentary: Voter ID ‘unlikely’ this year (Daily Journal, 6/19/12)
Mississippi counting how many lack ID under voting measure (Jackson Clarion Ledger,6/18/12)
Haley Barbour round-up: Immigration, Veepstakes, campaign finance and ‘Perot-ism’(Y’all Politics, 6/18/12)
Number of voters needing photo ID sought (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 6/18/12)
Analysis: Contributions paint interesting picture for judicial races (Jackson Clarion Ledger,6/14/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant to address Mississippi auto manufacturers (The Clarion-Ledger, 6/14/12)
Opinion: Gov. Bryant to ignore pleas (Hattiesburg American, 6/14/12)
Legislature turns tide: Mississippi tourism to benefit (The Clarion-Ledger, 6/14/12)
Attorney fee issues unresolved (Daily Journal, 6/11/12)
Analysis: State relies on one-time money (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 6/10/12)
The Buzz: An inside look at Jackson politics (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 6/9/12)
Gov. Bryant, There is not ‘non-denominational’ school prayer (Huffington Post, 6/6/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant won’t stop execution for 1990 slayings (AP, 6/5/12)
Phil Bryant advocates nondenominational school prayer ‘at some point’ (Huffington Post,6/4/12)

MAY 2012

Governor talks about obesity, teen pregnancy in Boys State address (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/29/12)
Gov. Bryant shares own  story of struggles with dyslexia (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/23/12)
Over 500 attend Miss. GOP ‘12 state convention (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/22/12)
Court denies motion to reconsider pardons (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/17/12)
MS Supreme Court won’t reconsider pardons ruling (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/17/12)
Haley Barbour on gay marriage: ‘This is about politics’ (National Journal, 5/14/12)
OPINION: Crackdown avoided – MS business lobby blocks harsh anti-immigration legislation (Boston Globe, 5/14/12)
Analysis: New Mississippi laws affect everyday life (AP, 5/14/12)
Governor signs bills he call business-friendly (AP, 5/14/12)
Governor signs workers comp, inventory tax bills (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/14/12)
Gov. Bryant: Agriculture’s economic role often underrated (Delta Farm Press, 5/14/12)
OPINION: What if litigation legislation spurs litigation? (Sun Herald, 5/13/12)
NC governor’s remark about Mississippi offends some (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/11/12)
Look like Mississippi, eh? (Y’all Politics, 5/11/12)
Gov. Phil Brant promises push for a new levee (AP, 5/11/12)
VIDEO: Phil Bryant responds to Gov. Perdue’s jab about MS (Huffington Post, 5/11/12)
Editorial: With redistricting, Delta now more isolated than ever (Mississippi Business Journal, 5/11/12)
Bryant pleased with business-friendly session (Hattiesburg American, 5/10/12)
NAACP asks feds to block Mississippi voter ID law (AP, 5/10/12)
Gov. Bryant & Gov. Perry: Air Force move cripples emergency response (Washington Times, 5/9/12)
Opinion: Legislature’s rules of engagement have changed (Mississippi Press, 5/9/12)
Opinion: Redistricting the right way (Mississippi Press, 5/9/12)
Justice bars analyst from Miss. cases after Facebook post calling state ‘disgusting’ (Fox News, 5/9/12)
Miss. Tea Party touts accomplishments over last 3 years (Y’all Politics, 5/9/12)
Commentary: Dems brag on charter defeat (Madison County Journal, 5/9/12)
MS Sec of State: Mississippi voter ID might not get fair review (Hattiesburg American,5/8/12)
Gov. Bryant to keynote 77th annual meeting of Delta Council (Delta Farm Press, 5/7/12)
Jim Hood and Mike Moore hired some of the best trial lawyers around (Y’all Politics 5/7/12)
EDITORIAL: AG power – Let official do job (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/7/12)
EDITORIAL: Bill limiting AG could cost more (Daily Journal, 5/4/12)
A look at some items passed by Miss. legislature (The Dispatch, 5/4/12)
Lawmaker blames leaders for lost Biloxi convention (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/4/12)
GOP leaders highlight successes in 2012 session (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/3/12)
Mississippi House adopts Senate redistricting plan (AP, 5/3/12)
Editorial: Mississippi still inconsistent on local-option sales tax (Mississippi Press, 5/3/12)
Dual enrollment bill awaits Miss. gov’s signature (Sun Herald, 5/2/12)
Mississippi Senate adopts its redistricting plan (AP, 5/2/12)
Measure would limit MS attorney general’s power, allow agencies to hire own lawyers (AP, 5/2/12)
Leaders kill tax bill after debate (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/1/12)
Senate’s redistricting plan adds majority-black districts (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 5/1/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant to speak at DeSoto Heroes’ program (The Commercial Appeal, 5/1/12)
Mississippi House, Senate pass workers compensation reform bill (Business Insurance, 5/1/12)

APRIL 2012

Opinion: Bryant’s first days proved his mettle (Hattiesburg American, 4/30/12)
Legislature finishes work on fiscal 2013 budget bills (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/30/12)
Legislature a step closer to 1-cent tax (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/30/12)
$2.3B allocated for K-12 education in ‘13 state budget (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/28/12)
Lawmakers to start voting on final budget bills (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/27/12)
Voter ID gets final OK, heads to gov. (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/26/12)
Senate chairman kills fetal heartbeat bill (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/26/12)
House approves new maps: Debate spans race, party (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/26/12)
New House maps draw fire (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/25/12)
Mississippi Gov. says Democrats ‘One mission in life is to abort children’ (ABC News, 4/25/12)
Abortion issue leads to blocked nominee (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/24/12)
Bar dismisses complaint against AG Hood (Y’all Politics, 4/24/12)
House may reveal district map (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/24/12)
House appropriations chairman: One-time money must go (Jackson Clarion Ledger,4/23/12)
Redistricting maps for Legislature finished, sent to legal counsel (Jackson Clarion Ledger,4/20/12)
Video: Tea Party blames Lt. Governor for failed immigration bill (WAPT, 4/18/12)
Bryant unveils projects to restore Coast after spill (Hattiesburg American, 4/17/12)
Mississippi law tightens requirements for abortion providers (Wall Street Journal, 4/17/12)
Gov. Bryant signs new limits on abortion providers (AP, 4/17/12)
Commentary: Workforce development touted by Miss. leaders but underfunded(Hattiesburg American, 4/17/12)
Planned Parenthood strongly condemns Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (Y’all Politics, 4/17/12)
Phil Bryant signs bill raising judge and prosecutor pay (AP, 4/16/12)
Miss. Governor signs abortion law (Politico, 4/16/12)
Abortion clinic rules tightened (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/16/12)
Mississippi Works coalition to bolster economy (The Commercial Appeal, 4/13/12)
Bryant gets bill allowing private pay to MDA chief (AP, 4/13/12)
Gov. Bryant commends legislature for 2012 agenda actions (Vicksburg Daily News, 4/12/12)
Governor announces ‘Mississippi Works’ committee (AP, 4/12/12)
Editorial: Reeves’ tiebreaker saves the day for tourism (Sun Herald, 4/11/12)
Bryant gets bill allowing private pay to MDA chief (Sun Herald, 4/11/12)
MS Senate revives charter school proposal (AP, 4/11/12)
Commentary: Lawmaker age, treachery defeating youth and zeal? (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/11/12)
Lt. Gov Reeves: MS Senate passes charter school bill that gives parents and school districts true choice(Y’all Politics, 4/11/12)
Commentary: Gap between state taxes owed and paid $624M-plus (Jackson Clarion Ledger,4/10/12)
After fiery debate, voter ID bill clears MS Senate (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/10/12)
Voter ID bill, needed to implement constitutional amendment, passes MS Senate (AP, 4/10/12)
Opinion: Redistricting – Issue still hanging (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/10/12)
Senate sends bill limiting AG Jim Hood’s power back to House (Y’all Politics, 4/10/12)
Charter schools deserved to lose (Jackson Jambalaya, 4/9/12)
Former Sec of State: Block voter ID (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/7/12)
Mississippi poised to tighten abortion regulations, could close last clinic (Fox News, 4/7/12)
Bill could end Mississippi abortions (Natchez Democrat, 4/7/12)
Workers’ comp changes pass MS House (The Commercial Appeal, 4/6/12)
Video: Immigration reform divides top leaders (WJTV, 4/5/12)
Bill dooms only Miss. abortion clinic (Politico, 4/5/12)
Mississippi on way to becoming ‘abortion-free’ state? (MSNBC, 4/5/12)
Workers’ comp bill advances through MS House (Bloomberg Businessweek, 4/5/12)
Immigration amendment fails (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/5/12)
Mississippi judges and attorneys could get pay hike (The Commercial Appeal, 4/5/12)
Lack of experience cited in GOP setbacks (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/4/12)
Bryant sells state jet, proceeds to state troopers (Sun Herald, 4/4/12)
Continuing the fight for charter schools in Mississippi (Huffington Post, 4/4/12)
Miss. legislature tightens restrictions on abortion providers (CNN, 4/4/12)
Miss. immigration-enforcement bill killed (AP, 4/4/12)
MS Senate passes abortion regulation bill (The Commercial Appeal, 4/4/12)
What’s alive? What’s dead? A glance at bills in the MS Legislature (AP, 4/3/12)
Gov. Bryant may call special session on charter schools (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 4/3/12)
Gov. Phil Bryant considers calling special session over charter schools (The Mississippi Press, 4/3/12)
Immigration, abortion bills face tough scrutiny under committee deadline (AP, 4/2/12)

MARCH 2012

Mississippi farming town’s immigrants pray bill will die (AP, 3/31/12)
Charter schools hearing stalls with vote in doubt (WAPT, 3/29/12)
Mississippi House flips to favor workers’ comp changes (AP, 3/29/12)
Charter school bill one vote short (Y’all Politics, 3/28/12)
Charter schools debate ongoing (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/28/12)
Governor revises his budget (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/27/12)
Opposition to immigration bill widespread (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/27/12)
Opinion: Personnel Board – protections needed (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/27/12)
MS House backs tax breaks to lure doctors (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/27/12)
Opinion: Barbour also left Bryant a challenge on the Coast (Sun Herald, 3/25/12)
Video: T. Boone Pickens, Gov. Bryant team up on state energy plan (Y’all Politics, 3/23/12)
MS AG Hood takes Barbour pardons back to state’s high court (CNN, 3/23/12)
Bryant says he’ll support incentives for natural gas (The Commercial Appeal, 3/22/12)
Hood seeks review of Barbour pardons ruling (RealClearPolitics, 3/22/12)
Natural gas on front burner (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/21/12)
Mississippi governor unveils plans for natural gas use (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/21/12)
Phil Bryant wants MS to adopt statewide energy policy centered on natural gas(Mississippi Press,3/21/12)
Leaders: State can spearhead shift away from foreign oil (Sun Herald, 3/21/12)
Democratic lawmakers oppose Bryant’s education cuts (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/20/12)
Opinion: Bryant is pro-diversity on energy (Sun Herald, 3/19/12)
Commentary: Trial lawyers digging Mississippi Democrats’ hole deeper (Y’all Politics, 3/19/12)
Gov. Haley Barbour: ‘I’ve had my last government job’ (Fox News, 3/18/12)
Commentary: Social conservatism remains key in Mississippi (Laurel Leader-Call,3/18/12)
State pushing voter ID law (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/17/12)
Mississippi Power and Sierra Club talk about ruling (WLOX, 3/17/12)
House Democrats’ insistence on reading every bill aloud stalls voting (The Commercial Appeal,3/17/12)
Governor Phil Bryant commends legislature for passage of recent bills (Y’all Politics, 3/16/12)
Suit challenges Mississippi Development Authority’s offshore seismic, leasing rule(Mississippi Press,3/16/12)
Commentary: Immigration bill would hurt economy (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/16/12)
Editorial: Are state workers the new targets? (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/16/12)
Editorial: Immigration – Unintended results (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/16/12)
MS House passes anti-immigrant bill, although without the worst Alabama-style provisions (Think Progress, 3/16/12)
Mississippi lawmakers pass controversial immigration bill (CNN, 3/16/12)
Video: Bryant dubbed ‘First Tea Party Governor’ (WAPT, 3/15/12)
Editorial: Immigration bill – not a state issue (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 3/15/12)
Senate bill would end job protections for 2 years (WAPT, 3/15/12)
Bill would remove civil service rules for 2 years (Sun Herald, 3/15/12)
Editorial: Bryant should step in and settle lawsuit over drilling (Sun Herald, 3/15/12)
Governor’s task force tackles teen pregnancy (Hattiesburg American, 3/15/12)
Bryant takes aim at teen pregnancy in Mississippi (The Commercial Appeal, 3/15/12)
Video: Bryant declared Tea Party Governor (WLBT, 3/15/12)
Mississippi House picks up pace as Democrats ease delays (Mississippi Press, 3/15/12)
Video: Gov. Phil Bryant creates teen pregnancy task force (WAPT, 3/14/12)
Miss. House defiant, passes ‘personhood’ bill (CBS News, 3/14/12)
Bryant touts energy policy, offshore drilling (Mississippi Press, 3/13/12)
Haley Barbour details presidential decision (Politico, 3/13/12)
Gov. Bryant backs Romney (Wall Street Journal, 3/8/12)
Commentary: Charter schools are already working (Y’all Politics, 3/5/12)
Sec of State wants voter ID in place by November (WLOX, 3/5/12)
Opinion: Pardon hysteria just ‘pure folly’ (Hattiesburg American, 3/5/12)
Bryant announces campaign to raise money for sub commissioning (Sun Herald, 3/5/12)
Proposed amendments likely to die in committee (Clarion Ledger, 3/5/12)
Miss. House bill would bar promotion of ‘any partisan agenda or philosophy’ in history class (AP, 3/5/12)
Analysis: Some school districts don’t have enough money to cover Bryant’s proposed budget cut (AP, 3/4/12)
Editorial: Bryant is key to the pace of drilling (Sun Herald, 3/3/12)
Charter schools, abortion, beer make for a busy week (Sun Herald, 3/3/12)
Bryant reconsidering asking schools to help fund MAEP (WDAM, 3/2/12)
Bryant: Schools should contribute extra funds (Hattiesburg American, 3/1/12)
Opinion: Immigration – Not an issue, only harm (Clarion Ledger, 3/1/12)
Bryant ponders Davis’ fate (Desoto Times Tribune, 3/1/12)
Report: Chamber paid Davis $200K over 7 years (WAPT, 3/1/12)


Bryant backs immigration-enforcement bill (Hattiesburg American, 2/29/12)
Big push for immigration bill (Clarion Ledger, 2/29/12)
Gov. Bryant pushes for immigration bill (WAPT, 2/29/12)
Bryant, 49 other governors oppose Air Natl Guard cuts (WLOX, 2/28/12)
Officials aim for school efficiency (Hattiesburg American, 2/28/12)
Mississippi Supreme Court considers pardons (The Commercial Appeal, 2/12/12)


Judge to rule on Haley Barbour’s pardons (Politico, 1/23/12)
Some Democrats did better than others in legislative committee assignments (Majority in MS, 1/21/12)
Gunn names House chairs (Daily Journal, 1/21/12)
MS House speaker reveals his committee picks (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/20/12)
PERS discussion still needed (Y’all Politics, 1/19/12)
Lt. Gov Tate Reeves urges caution on budget expenditures (Y’all Politics, 1/19/12)
Barbour: Why I released 26 prisoners (Washington Post, 1/18/12)
Commentary: Keep the pardon (Neshoba Democrat, 1/18/12)
Sunshine legislation a long time coming (Majority in MS, 1/18/12)
Commentary: Mississippi Senate off to a fast start (Hattiesburg American, 1/18/12)
Gov. Bryant’s team (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/18/12)
Haley Barbour’s last-minute pardons hurt the GOP’s law-and-order image (The Daily Beast,1/18/12)
13 of Barbour’s pardons won’t be challenged (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/17/12)
Video: Legislation now filed concerning pardons (WLBT, 1/17/12)
Commentary: Curbs on AG’s hiring counsel have historical precedent (Jackson Clarion Ledger,1/17/12)
Video: Hood: Judge should invalidates some Barbour pardons (WAPT, 1/17/12)
Pardons could go to Supreme Court (DeSoto Times Tribune, 1/17/12)
Commentary: Governor’s pardons erupt (Hattiesburg American, 1/17/12)
Opinion: On pardons, Bryant on the right track (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/16/12)
Pardon restrictions mulled (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/16/12)
Pardon no more? Mississippi’s new governor eyes tougher rules for clemency (ABC News, 1/16/12)
Controversy puts Mississippi’s long-standing ‘trusty’ program in spotlight (CNN, 1/16/12)
Mississippi pardons draw fire from all sides (Wall Street Journal, 1/14/12)
Despite uproar over clemency, Barbour finds lucrative nest (New York Times, 1/14/12)
No mansion pardons from me, Bryant says (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/14/12)
Bryant to change trusty system (Hattiesburg American, 1/14/12)
Haley Barbour pardons spark review (Politico, 1/13/12)
Ex-Gov. Barbour ‘very comfortable’ with pardons (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/13/12)
As debate roars over Haley Barbour pardons, five released convicts vanish (Christian Science Monitor,1/13/12)
Haley Barbour’s pardons: Why no one in Mississippi is in a forgiving mood (TIME, 1/13/12)
Bryant for change in constitution (Sun Herald, 1/12/12)
Editorial: Bryant passes first test with high marks (Sun Herald, 1/12/12)
Collateral damage from Haley Barbour’s pardons? (LA Times, 1/12/12)
Barbour’s pardons (Y’all Politics, 1/12/12)
Outgoing Gov. Haley Barbour’s pardons shock Mississippi (LA Times, 1/12/12)
More notes on Gov. Barbour’s last day pardons: The homicide cases (Y’all Politics, 1/12/12)
Audio: MS Gov. Barbour faces criticism after pardons (NPR, 1/12/12)
Nosef elected MSGOP chairman today (Majority in MS, 1/11/12)
Judge puts release of Barbour’s pardoned prisoners on hold (Mississippi Business Journal,1/11/12)
Study: 75%  of non-white voters against voter ID (Hattiesburg American, 1/11/12)
MS court halts quick release of some pardoned (Sun Herald, 1/11/12)
MS House changes committee rules to favor GOP (Mississippi Business Journal, 1/12/12)
Barbour defends clemency moves (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/11/12)
Habitual offenders, husbands top list of murderers pardoned (Sun Herald, 1/11/12)
Bryant transitions to governor (Madison County Journal, 1/11/12)
Proposed rules for money committees (Majority in MS, 1/11/12)
A look at senior MS House members (Majority in MS, 1/11/12)
Video: CNN is pummeling Barbour on pardons (Y’all Politics, 1/11/12)
Phil Bryant, the inauguration, committees & more (Majority in MS, 1/11/12)
Hundreds of pardons, some for killers, spark outrage in Mississippi (NPR, 1/11/12)
Text of Governor Phil Bryant’s inaugural speech (Y’all Politics, 1/10/12)
Opinion: Gov. Bryant – Gives lofty, real goals (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/10/12)
Analysis: MS Gov. Bryant avoids tea party themes to focus on unity in inaugural speech(AP, 1/10/12)
Mississippi governor, already criticized on pardons, rides a wave of them out of office (New York Times, 1/10/12)
Haley Barbour pardons nearly 200, including killers, in final days as MS governor(Washington Post,1/10/12)
Opinion: PERS Barbour’s two-minute drill (Hattiesburg American, 1/6/12)
New Senate Committee chairs are released (Majority in MS, 1/6/12)
Senate’s set; next up is the House (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/6/12)
In farewell speech, Haley Barbour pushes for online sales tax (The Hill, 1/5/12)
New Lt. Gov: Education, jobs key (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/5/12)
Gov. Barbour issues challenge in last address (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/4/12)
Commentary: Haley hitches up his own britches and heads north (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/4/12)
2012 Legislature: Session begins (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/3/12)
Gunn elected Speaker as Dems play nice (Majority in MS, 1/3/12)
Apparently, the MS Democratic Party has just given up (Y’all Politics, 1/3/12)
Judges make only slight tweaks to Mississippi map (Roll Call, 1/3/12)
Setting the Stage: Campaigning is over…now it’s time to govern (Y’all Politics, 1/2/12)
Personhood battle shifting to Capitol (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/2/12)
State budget decisions all up to GOP (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/2/12)
Mississippi Legislature convenes Tuesday (Madison County Journal, 1/2/12)
School funding crisis feared (Jackson Clarion Ledger, 1/1/12)
Official: Mississippi faces school funds crisis (Hattiesburg American, 1/1/12)

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