The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

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Minnesota Political Headlines 2013 Archives

JUNE 2013

Legislature’s $485M windfall for schools not reflected in new district budgets (Star Tribune, 6/29/13)
Are GOP and businesses crying wolf over impact of new warehouse tax? (MinnPost, 6/28/13)
Rosen weighs run for governor’s office (Politics in MN, 6/27/13)
GOP legislators call for special session to repeal warehousing tax (Hot Dish Politics, 6/27/13)
VIDEO: GOP state Sen. Dave Thompson announces campaign for Minn. governor (Star Tribune, 6/27/13)
MN gay rights activists exult in ruling; opponents say fight continues (Star Tribune, 6/27/13)
Sen. Thompson joins GOP governor race (Duluth News Tribune, 6/27/13)
Hobbled Gov. Dayton explains his torn muscle: A stairway mishap (MinnPost, 6/27/13)
GOP state Sen. Thompson launches bid for governor (Hot Dish Politics, 6/26/13)
AUDIO: Dave Thompson outlines key campaign issues (MPR, 6/26/13)
Minn. Dream Act opens state aid to immigrant students (Alexandria Echo Press, 6/26/13)
Senate prepared to pay out $500,000 more in legal costs for Brodkorb case (Hot Dish Politics, 6/26/13)
Republican Sen. Dave Thompson launches 2014 campaign for governor (Politics in MN, 6/26/13)
Minnesota Medicaid rolls could expand rapidly with health reform law (Star Tribune, 6/26/13)
Dayton will be down for days because of a torn hip muscle (Hot Dish Politics, 6/26/13)
Tinucci rises to new role as Dayton’s campaign manager (Politics in MN, 6/26/13)
Thompson joins 2014 race for governor (CBS Minnesota, 6/26/13)
Hip-muscle tear hobbles Gov. Dayton, but he plans to make Pride parade (MinnPost, 6/26/13)
Zellers in Duluth after announcing run for governor (Duluth News Tribune, 6/26/13)
EDITORIAL: Minn – Challengers to Gov. Dayton line up. Good. (Pioneer Press, 6/26/13)
Dave Thompson’s run for Minn. governor formally announced (Pioneer Press, 6/26/13)
AUDIO: State Sen. Thompson enters GOP race for governor (MPR, 6/26/13)
Mark Dayton’s 2014 bonding bill proposal could hit $1 billion (Pioneer Press, 6/25/13)
Zellers calls securing GOP nomination ‘first focus’ in gov. race (WDIO, 6/25/13)
VIDEO: Zellers touts experience, roots in goal for governor (St. Cloud Times, 6/25/13)
Michael Snow named top federal-level Minn. political donor of 2012 (Politics in MN, 6/25/13)
Zellers kicks off gubernatorial campaign with stop in Rochester (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 6/25/13)
New name — Michael Snow — emerges among Minnesota’s top political givers (Hot Dish Politics, 6/25/13)
Gay marriage support costs Republican Sen. Branden Petersen (Star Tribune, 6/25/13)
Kurt Zellers says his ‘hot wife’ separates him from gubernatorial competition (The City Pages, 6/25/13)
Zellers stumps in Mankato for first tour (The Journal, 6/25/13)
Zellers goes after Dayton on taxes (McClatchy, 6/24/13)
Former Speaker Kurt Zellers becomes third Republican to challenge Dayton in 2014 (MinnPost, 6/24/13)
Rep. Kurt Zellers enters governor’s race (Forest Lake Times, 6/24/13)
Dave Thompson register gubernatorial campaign committee (Politics in MN, 6/24/13)
Kurt Zellers enters Minnesota governor’s race (Pioneer Press, 6/23/13)
Republican Zellers announces run for governor (Capitol View, 6/23/13)
GOP’s Zeller vows common touch in governor race (KSTP, 6/23/13)
GOP’s Zeller vows common touch in MN Gov race, but brings past political baggage (AP, 6/23/13)
Suburban guys dominate MNGOP gubernatorial field, eroding party’s divisive rural-metro rhetoric (Twin Cities Daily Planet, 6/22/13)
GOP state Sen. Dave Thompson to enter Minnesota governor’s race (Pioneer Press, 6/22/13)
Thompson, Zeller jump in governor’s race (CBS Minnesota, 6/22/13)
More GOP hopefuls prepare to jump into Minnesota governor’s race (Star-Tribune, 6/22/13)
Brodkorb firing ‘flabbergasted’ ex-GOP Senate leader (Star Tribune, 6/22/13)
Republican Dave Thompson running for governor (MPR, 6/22/13)
AUDIO: GOP looks to business leaders as candidates (MPR, 6/21/13)
Minnesota Poll finds day-care union bill unpopular in state (Star Tribune, 6/21/13)
Advocates for poor put raising Minn’s minimum wage on top of priority list (MinnPost, 6/21/13)
Republicans who supported legalizing gay marriage could face heat from party activists (Politics in MN, 6/21/13)
Zellers to announce plans for higher office (Politics in MN, 6/20/13)
Sources: Kurt Zellers could run for governor (KAAL-TV, 6/20/13)
Minnesota mayors say LGA changes finally will bring budget stability (MinnPost, 6/20/13)
Former Minn. House speaker appears on verge of governor bid with event set, Web site reserved (AP, 6/20/13)
Former state House Speaker Zellers schedules Sunday announcement on gubernatorial plans (MinnPost, 6/20/13)
Dakotas are wooing Minnesota workers, companies (Star Tribune, 6/20/13)
Minnesota Poll: Support gay marriage? 46% say ‘I do’ (Star Tribune, 6/20/13)
AUDIO: Why the political differences between Wisconsin, Minnesota loom so large (MPR, 6/19/13)
State rolls out MinnesotaCare 2.0 (Politics in MN, 6/19/13)
Dayton announces new Minnesota trade office in Germany (Hot Dish Politics, 6/19/13)
Gov. Dayton’s Minnesota Poll approval rating climbs to 57% (Star Tribune, 6/19/13)
Gun owners target Twin Cities block fair for coming-out party (Star Tribune, 6/19/13)
Dayton seeks dismissal of daycare union lawsuit (Politics in MN, 6/18/13)
GOP freshman Rep. FitzSimmons spending summer explaining his gay-marriage votes (MinnPost, 6/18/13)
Minnesota Poll shows support for DFL tax hikes (Star Tribune, 6/18/13)
Republican MN Rep. Abeler jumps into US Senate race (Hot Dish Politics, 6/18/13)
With 2013 session in rear-view mirror, Minn. lobbyists report costs of making their case (Star-Tribune, 6/17/13)
Republicans jump into congressional races (Politics in MN, 6/17/13)
Will tobacco tax estimate go up in smoke? (Politics in MN, 6/14/13)
Senate adds another $28K in legal bills for Brodkorb case (Hot Dish Politics, 6/12/13)
OPINION: Conventions need a return to respect (Deseret News, 6/12/13)
COMMENTARY: Support starts at the top: A Q&A with Gov. Mark Dayton (Star-Tribune, 6/9/13)
Red State v. Blue in Wisconsin-Minnesota rivalry (Star-Tribune, 6/8/13)
A brief history of ideology in the Minnesota Legislature (MinnPost, 6/7/13)
Tom Emmer announces congressional campaign (MinnPost, 6/6/13)
EDITORIAL: The split between the states (New York Times, 6/5/13)
Gov Dayton’s trade delegation to Germany, Sweden and Norway includes his sons (MinnPost, 6/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota’s tax plan: It’s not overreach; it’s overdue (MinnPost, 6/5/13)
Day care providers file second lawsuit seeking to halt unionization bill (Politics in MN, 6/5/13)
Minnesota’s gun-control advocates focus on ‘successes,’ despite disappointing legislative session (MinnPost, 6/5/13)
Secretary of State Mark Ritchie won’t run for third term (MinnPost, 6/4/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota’s new budget: Real spending still below last decade’s (MinnPost, 6/4/13)
Tom Emmer plans Wednesday announcement: Could it be 6th District run? (MinnPost, 6/3/13)
Emmer likely to run for Bachmann’s seat; a state senator rules herself out (AP, 6/3/13)
Gov. Dayton predicts uneasy time for elected leaders (Star Tribune, 6/1/13)

MAY 2013

Dayton spokeswoman to become his campaign manager (Hot Dish Politics, 5/31/13)
Dayton press secretary Katie Tinucci to run governor’s re-election campaign (MinnPost, 5/31/13)
Norm Coleman sees big paydays from nonprofits (MinnPost, 5/31/13)
End of legislative session means it’s campaign time for politicians (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota politics shaped by grassroots involvement (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
EDITORIAL: Minnesota’s priorities for 2014 legislative session (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota Legislature and campaign implications (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Union desperation in Minnesota (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Bipartisanship in Minnesota legislature? Better believe it (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota suffering under DFL-controlled Legislature (Star Tribune, 5/25/13)
Dayton signs care workers unionization bill (Hot Dish Politics, 5/24/13)
Lawmaker pay amendment moves forward without Dayton signature (Hot Dish Politics, 5/24/13)
Dayton signs $2.1B tax bill into law (Hot Dish Politics, 5/23/13)
Dayton signs Legacy bill; vetoes metro parks, invasive species $$$$ (Star Tribune, 5/23/13)
Court: Votes for gay marriage not grounds for recall (Star Tribune, 5/22/13)
Dayton, lawmakers join Mayo Clinic celebration in Rochester (Star Tribune, 5/22/13)
Minnesota: Prepare to vote on lawmaker pay (Star Tribune, 5/20/13)
GOP gubernatorial candidates won’t try to repeal gay marriage law (MinnPost, 5/15/13)
Minnesota to become 12th state to legalize gay marriage (Star Tribune, 5/14/13)
MN Senate resurrects noncontroversial gun-data bill (Hot Dish Politics, 5/14/13)
US Rep. Paulsen rules out run for Minn. governor or US Senate (Hot Dish Politics, 5/13/13)
Outdoor Heritage funds: A metro-rural Legacy battle (Star Tribune, 5/13/13)
Jubilant Minnesota couples make wedding plans (Star Tribune, 5/13/13)
In historic vote, Minn. Senate approves same-sex marriage (Hot Dish Politics, 5/13/13)
Dayton working on new Vikings stadium funding plan (Star Tribune, 5/9/13)
House to begin historic gay marriage debate at noon (Hot Dish Politics, 5/9/13)
Senate votes 39-28 to increase Minnesota’s minimum wage (Star Tribune, 5/8/13)
Battle over Minn. solar mandate shifts to the Senate (Star Tribune, 5/8/13)
Minn. voter turnout fell to third in US, behind Mississippi and Wisconsin (Pioneer Press, 5/8/13)
MN same-sex marriage advocates embrace ‘civil’ marriage change (Hot Dish Politics, 5/8/13)
Minn. gas tax hike rejected (Star Tribune, 5/8/13)
Case closed against Minn. Republican Party (Star Tribune, 5/7/13)
Gas tax hike proposal resurfaces in Minn. Legislature (Star Tribune, 5/7/13)
Minnesota House abandons plans to vote on gun legislation this year (Star Tribune, 5/2/13)
Minnesota income tax increases virtually certain — but not tax reform (MinnPost, 5/2/13)
Minn. Senate boosts undocumented students’ college dreams (Star Tribune, 5/2/13)
Gov. Mark Dayton says forum crowd in Shakopee was ‘juvenile’ (Star Tribune, 5/1/13)
MN Gov. Mark Dayton lobbies for same-sex marriage (Star Tribune, 5/1/13)
Medical marijuana bill attracts 40 co-sponsors (Politics in MN, 5/1/13)
Minnesota Senate passes Dream Act legislation (MPR, 5/1/13)
Minn. Legislature begins work on compromise health and human services bill (Pioneer Press, 5/1/13)
Senate omnibus tax bill shares goals with Governor and House, but differs in the details (Minnesota Budget Bites, 5/1/13)
Gun safety bill shelved for the year (MPR, 5/1/13)
MN Senate to ponder pay raise amendment (MPR, 5/1/13)
About that glitch in the Senate tax bill (mnpACT!, 5/1/13)
COMMENTARY: DFL tax plans: How liberal is too liberal? (Politics in MN, 5/1/13)
The fine print: Minn. budget bills contain little-noted provisions (Politics in MN, 5/1/13)
Millions of dollars’ worth of projects await Minnesota Legislature’s vote on bonding bill (Star Tribune, 5/1/13)
Minn. House rejects Sunday liquor sales — again (Hot Dish Politics, 5/1/13)

APRIL 2013

Dayton to name directors of Minnesota health insurance exchange (AP, 4/30/13)
Minn. Legislature: Easy to vote to spend. Harder to pay the bill. (Pioneer Press, 4/30/13)
As gun measures stall, rural Dems hold key (KSTP, 4/30/13)
AUDIO: State budget negotiations set to begin (MPR, 4/30/13)
Tax hike in Minnesota? Tax cut? Yes. No. Depends on how panel unravels it all (Pioneer Press, 4/30/13)
Minnesota tax reform limping along after Senate vote (Star Tribune, 4/30/13)
Next goal for Minn. insurance exchange: Awareness (Star Tribune, 4/30/13)
Dayton not keen on Democrat’s tax hike bill (CBS Minnesota, 4/30/13)
Minnesota: Meet your health exchange board (Hot Dish Politics, 4/30/13)
Dayton appoints seven-member health exchange board (Politics in MN, 4/30/13)
Minnesotans United releases TV ad ahead of likely vote on gay marriage (Politics in MN, 4/30/13)
New ad urges Minnesota lawmakers to approve same-sex marriage (Hot Dish Politics, 4/30/13)
AUDIO: Senate Dems turn around tax bill vote after initial defeat (MPR, 4/30/13)
Legislative tax bills — difficult vote but stay on course (mnpACT!, 4/30/13)
Dayton calls town hall crowd rude (MPR, 4/30/13)
It takes two votes, but Minn. Senate approves $1.8B tax bill (Star Tribune, 4/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Don’t delay Minnesota’s teacher evaluations (Star Tribune, 4/29/13)
Senate passes tax bill after it’s initially defeated (MPR, 4/29/13)
Revised minimum wage bill ready for House vote (MPR, 4/29/13)
House omnibus tax bill’s priorities include progressivity and lower property taxes (Minnesota Budget Bites, 4/29/13)
Senjem says his vote on gay marriage will be ’spontaneous’ (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 4/29/13)
Senate DFL tax bill fails (MPR, 4/29/13)
Conference committees on key finance bills take shape (Politics in MN, 4/29/13)
Minn. House panel OKs minimum wage hike, 40-hour workweek for all (Star Tribune, 4/29/13)
State GOP served with eviction papers for its St. Paul office space (Politics in MN, 4/23/13)
US Senate gun vote reverberates in St. Paul (Star Tribune, 4/19/13)
AUDIO: Fee increases proposed at Capitol could rake in hundreds of millions (MPR, 4/19/13)
Kline to seek re-election, not Senate or governor’s office (Hot Dish Politics, 4/19/13)
A first look at sequestration’s impact of Minnesota (Minnesota Budget Bites, 4/18/13)
Dayton unlikely to back oil fee increase (MPR, 4/18/13)
Panel fines GOP group created to fund recount in 2010 governor’s race (MinnPost, 4/18/13)
Guns in MN 2nd District a game changer? (mnpACT!, 4/18/13)
Minn. gay marriage supporters rally at Capitol (Pioneer Press, 4/18/13)
Rally downpour dampens gay-marriage supporters but not Dayton’s message (MinnPost, 4/18/13)
Judges dismiss complaint against ex-GOP chair, fine and reprimand others (Hot Dish Politics, 4/18/13)
AUDIO: Same-sex marriage supporters rally at Capitol (MPR, 4/18/13)
Gov. Dayton leads the call at Capitol to legalize same-sex marriage (Star Tribune, 4/18/13)
Senate OKs higher ed bill to hold down tuition rates (AP, 4/18/13)
Transportation tax increases rolling on in Minnesota (Star Tribune, 4/18/13)
Attempt to lower government contribution to Vikings stadium defeated (Hot Dish Politics, 4/17/13)
COMMENTARY: Gov. Dayton needs to support his own proposal to expand the sales tax (MinnPost, 4/17/13)
Dayton, legislators working to woo ‘mystery’ Fortune 500 company with tax incentives (MinnPost, 4/16/13)
Lawmakers explore ways to boost sales of e-pulltabs to fund Vikings stadium (Star Tribune, 4/16/13)
By one vote, Minn. Senate passes measure raising lawmakers’ pay (Hot Dish Politics, 4/16/13)
Dayton pitches budget on Iron Range (MPR, 4/16/13)
OPINION: Minnesota Legislature’s bonding opportunities (Star Tribune, 4/16/13)
Keith Downey Q&A: New GOP chair wants to stress ‘customer focus’ (MinnPost, 4/16/13)
Minn. may aid biotech firm after covert courtship (AP, 4/16/13)
AUDIO: SE Minn. now on hook for more costs in Mayo plan (MPR, 4/16/13)
Dayton: I don’t want to reopen the whole Vikings stadium financing plan (MPR, 4/16/13)
Tuition freeze proposed in higher ed bills at Minn. Legislature (Star Tribune, 4/15/13)
AUDIO: Legislators, critics zero in on higher-ed costs (MPR, 4/15/13)
Local share for Mayo construction jumps to at least $128M in House plan (Rochester Post-Bulletin,4/15/13)
Minnesota 2020: State spending at historic lows, needs more investment (Hot Dish Politics, 4/15/13)
House passes economic development bill (Politics in MN, 4/15/13)
Dayton has raised $32,ooo this year for his re-election campaign (Hot Dish Politics, 4/15/13)
House offers scaled-back Mayo ‘Plan B’ (Hot Dish Politics, 4/15/13)
Minn. House DFL tax plan goes after drinkers, smokers high earners (Star Tribune, 4/15/13)
House Democrats lower state’s price-tag for Mayo plan (MPR, 4/15/13)
DFL Rep Pelowski offers increased higher-ed funding — and blistering U of M criticism (MinnPost, 4/15/13)
Senate targets HMOs to fix health and human services budget (MPR, 4/15/13)
House DFL tax plan targets top earners, smokers, drinkers (MinnPost, 4/15/13)
House transportation bill has optional tax (MPR,4/15/13)
Same-sex marriage could add $45M to Minnesota’s economy, report says (Pioneer Press, 4/15/13)
House Dems eye alcohol tax bump (MPR, 4/15/13)
Early voting measure heads to House floor (MPR, 4/15/13)
Votes ahead for bills that make up MN budget (AP, 4/15/13)
In Minn. House bill, college funding would rise by $150M, with tuition freeze (Pioneer Press,4/15/13)
Budget bills, tax plans, guns and gay marriage a big part of session’s final weeks (MinnPost, 4/15/13)
OPINION: For Minnesota, greatness lies in two visionary health care proposals (Star Tribune,4/15/13)
Sequestration gouges U of M and Mayo Clinic research budgets (Star Tribune, 4/15/13)
Lawmakers to vote on economy, jobs bill (MPR, 4/15/13)
Monday vote for new transit finance package (MPR, 4/15/13)
DFL still a long way from deal on budget (Star Tribune, 4/14/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘United for Jobs’ groups not always united on Minn. tax policies (Star Tribune,4/14/13)
A discussion of the competing DFL tax policies (mnpACT!, 4/13/13)
OPINION: Tax plan wouldn’t drive out millionaires (St. Cloud Times, 4/13/13)
OPINION: Minnesota’s spending shouldn’t grow faster than the economy (Pioneer Press, 4/13/13)
EDITORIAL: Minnesota Senate revives tax reform (Star Tribune, 4/13/13)
GOP Sen: Senate DFL’s tax plan ‘a mistake’ (Marshall Independent, 4/13/13)
House HHS bill seeks to mitigate targeted cuts (Politics in MN, 4/12/13)
Senate tax priorities start to come into view (Minnesota Budget Bites, 4/12/13)
Political notebook: Taxes split DFL (Capitol Chatter, 4/12/13)
Senate DFL’s sales tax expansion gets cool reception in the House (Pioneer Press, 4/12/13)
Minnesota House wants $250M in property tax relief (Star Tribune, 4/12/13)
Minnesota education advocates applaud Senate funding approach (MinnPost, 4/12/13)
New GOP chair assembles team to help dig out of debt (Hot Dish Politics, 4/12/13)
Graves to take on Bachmann a second time (Star Tribune, 4/12/13)
Study: Support for same-sex marriage at 43% in Minn. (MPR, 4/12/13)
Dayton pledge to supporters: ‘If I’m breathing, I’m running.’ (Hot Dish Politics, 4/12/13)
Minn. Senate revives sales tax on clothing (Star Tribune, 4/12/13)
Franken raised nearly $2 million in first quarter for re-election bid (Hot Dish Politics, 4/11/13)
Legislator asks for larger Vikings commitment to stadium (Hot Dish Politics, 4/11/13)
Senate slims, retools Mayo Clinic’s $585 million bill (Star Tribune, 4/11/13)
DFLers put brakes on higher gas tax (Star Tribune, 4/10/13)
Business group takes aim at DFL tax plan (Hot Dish Politics, 4/10/13)
Blowback at Capitol sends Mayo back to drawing board (Star Tribune, 4/10/13)
Mayo CEO on Minn. expansion: ‘We’ll have to rethink… the best use of our money’ (Star Tribune,4/9/13)
House DFLers unveil education plan focusing on all-day kindergarten (Hot Dish Politics, 4/9/13)
House calls for $800 million in new bonding projects (Hot Dish Politics, 4/9/13)
Mayors make pitch in Duluth for more local government aid (Duluth News Tribune, 4/9/13)
Time for a Plan B for Vikings stadium financing? (Star Tribune, 4/9/13)
Dayton rolls out $750M wish list for state projects (Star Tribune, 4/9/13)
Plan to boost lawmaker pay in Minn. budget bill (AP, 4/9/13)
Minneapolis, St. Paul to get more state help (Star Tribune, 4/9/13)
Dayton to outline Minnesota construction project wish list (AP, 4/8/13)
Fairview/Sanford merger meets with wide dissent in Legislature (Star Tribune, 4/8/13)
Southwest light rail excluded from Dayton’s bonding plans (Star Tribune, 4/8/13)
EDITORIAL: Minn. health exchange will have options for business (Star Tribune, 4/8/13)
OPINION: Minnesotans should be wary of public-pension distrust (Star Tribune, 4/8/13)
GOP hopes Keith Downey will stabilize shaky state party (MinnPost, 4/8/13)
At Capitol, around state, Minnesotans wrestle with gay marriage (Star Tribune, 4/7/13)
Minnesota Republican Party elects a new chair (Star Tribune, 4/6/13)
Keith Downey wins GOP chair contest (Politics in MN, 4/6/13)
Lawmakers craft legacy bill (Capitol Chatter, 4/5/13)
Group in Minn. House DFL key to gay marriage fate (AP, 4/5/13)
Panel to trim Minn. agencies my get axed (AP, 4/5/13)
DFLers to outline priorities for bonding bill, including Capitol restoration (MinnPost, 4/5/13)
Civil unions bill draws sharp reaction (Politics in MN, 4/5/13)
Democrats are back in the Waffle House (mnpACT!, 4/5/13)
DFLers to outline priorities for bonding bill, including Capitol restoration (MinnPost, 4/5/13)
COMMENTARY: Make Minnesota civilized again: Generate progressive revenues (MinnPost, 4/5/13)
Minnesota lawmakers getting update on federal cuts (AP, 4/5/13)
Ed officials discuss Dayton’s plan for schools (Marshall Independent, 4/5/13)
AUDIO: Outside groups take over where Minn. GOP falls short (MPR, 4/5/13)
House DFL cuts to spare nursing homes (MPR, 4/4/13)
OPINION: A public pension surprise for Minnesota? (Star Tribune, 4/4/13)
Minnesota bill includes teacher evaluation funding (Pioneer Press, 4/4/13)
AUDIO: Legislative first-termers long for bipartisanship (MPR, 4/4/13)
Education advocates fearing DFL ‘under-reach’ (MinnPost, 4/4/13)
Legislative ‘Big Four’ don’t draw headlines but are key in shaping Minnesota budget (MinnPost, 4/4/13)
Dayton noncommittal on Mayo Clinic financing plan at Rochester town hall (MPR, 4/4/13)
Senate committee passes noncontroversial changes to gun law (Hot Dish Politics, 4/4/13)
Bill would put Vikings stadium on hold until state fixes financing (Hot Dish Politics, 4/4/13)
Is Minnesota’s economy leaving Wisconsin behind? (MPR, 4/4/13)
EDITORIAL: Pass a budget… Please! (Winona Daily News, 4/4/13)
Some labor unions push back against Mayo Clinic plan (MPR, 4/4/13)
Sweeping property tax relief bill approved by House committee (MPR, 4/3/13)
How much a Minnesota Dream Act would cost the state in financial aid (MPR, 4/3/13)
OPINION: Minnesota’s health exchange received full airing (Star Tribune, 4/3/13)
EDITORIAL: Lawmakers must get to work (Red Wing Republican Eagle, 4/3/13)
Civil unions: It looks like an uphill fight for compromise idea (MinnPost, 4/3/13)
AUDIO: Some lawmakers push civil unions as alternative to same-sex marriage (MPR, 4/3/13)
Legislative notebook: House DFL wants $250M in property tax relief (Capitol Chatter, 4/3/13)
Undocumented students could get in-state tuition under bill (Capitol Chatter, 4/3/13)
MN GOP offers gay marriage alternative — civil unions (Pioneer Press, 4/3/13)
House lawmakers introduce bill to allow civil unions (Politics in MN, 4/3/13)
DFLers remain divided on some of Session 2013’s most visible issues (Politics in MN, 4/3/13)
Pension funds turn to Minnesota government for help (Star Tribune, 4/3/13)
Proposed housing budget is on target at $98 million (Session Daily, 4/3/13)
Bachmann’s leadership PAC could be key to ethics investigation (MinnPost, 4/3/13)
Brodkorb suit against Senate moves closer to trial (Hot Dish Politics, 4/2/13)
Protesters take to Capitol against HHS budget cuts (Hot Dish Politics, 4/2/13)
Dayton tax on rich would send Minnesota back near top of US rankings (MinnPost, 4/2/13)
Dayton, Franken lament high cost of college (MPR, 4/2/13)
April to be for state budget (Capitol Chatter, 4/2/13)
Skeptical legislators split up $500 million Mayo Clinic bill (Star Tribune, 4/2/13)
For Dayton and some business leaders, tensions bubble to the surface (MPR, 4/1/13)

MARCH 2013

Mark Dayton looks to re-election, even amid turbulent session (AP, 3/31/13)
Young undocumented dreamers find doors opening in Minn. (Star Tribune, 3/31/13)
OPINION: What Minnesota college students need from lawmakers (Star Tribune, 3/31/13)
OPINION: Minnesota income tax: How much ‘fairness’ is too much? (Pioneer Press, 3/30/13)
Abortion demonstrators rally at Planned Parenthood (MPR, 3/29/13)
Jewish leaders upset with marriage group’s Naxi references (Hot Dish Politics, 3/29/13)
Unionization bill faces rocky road at Capitol (MPR, 3/29/13)
MN for Marriage now ‘regrets’ Nazi language on partner website (MPR, 3/29/13)
Dayton says all sides acted in good faith on e-pulltab decision (Hot Dish Politics, 3/26/13)
Gov. appoints chief of staff to work on Mayo-Rochester project (Hot Dish Politics, 3/26/13)
Dayton: Should have been more transparent in e-pulltab plan (Hot Dish Politics, 3/25/13)
Insurance exchange changes the health care game in Minn. (Star Tribune, 3/25/13)
OPINION: Dayton, others must remember all they heard (Duluth News Tribune, 3/25/13)
On break, lawmakers bring budget talks home (MPR, 3/25/13)
MN legislators: Are they underpaid? (MinnPost, 3/25/13)
Business forum: A broken tax code and how to fix it (Star Tribune, 3/24/13)
COMMENTARY: State investments strengthen communities (Albert Lea Tribune, 3/24/13)
Dayton joins others at Minneapolis postal rally for six-day delivery (Pioneer Press, 3/24/13)
DFL budget targets for health & human services could spell disaster for Greater Minnesota (Bluestem Prairie, 3/24/13)
EDITORIAL: Avoid budget that makes Minnesota uncompetitive (Star Tribune, 3/23/13)
COMMENTARY: Move Minnesota primary election to June? (Star Tribune, 3/23/13)
Candidates for state GOP chair agree the party’s a mess (MinnPost, 3/22/13)
Republicans sniffing around bids against Dayton (Hot Dish Politics, 3/22/13)
AUDIO: Dayton keeps up ‘fair share’ tax talk in Duluth (MPR, 3/22/13)
MN lawmakers call for deep cuts to health, human services budget (Star Tribune, 3/21/13)
DFL Party files complaint against Greg Davids for ‘false political attacks’ (Politics in MN, 3/21/13)
AUDIO: Critics say Dayton’s ’snowbird; tax would backfire (MPR, 3/21/13)
Gov. Dayton gets an earful from Duluth residents on his budget plans (MinnPost, 3/21/13)
AUDIO: Critics say Dayton’s ’snowbird’ tax would backfire (MPR, 3/21/13)
House committee passes stripped-down gun background checks bill (Star Tribune, 3/21/13)
State DFL raps Rep. Greg Davids across the nose for misleading letters about colleagues’ votes(Bluestem Prairie, 3/21/13)
Dayton keeps up ‘fair share’ tax talk in Duluth (MPR, 3/21/13)
House committee approves bill with gun show provision (MPR, 3/21/13)
Weakened gun-checks bill passes state House committee (Hot Dish Politics, 3/21/13)
Proposed $150 million health cuts surprise, anger lawmakers (Capitol Chatter,  3/21/13)
DFL’s plan to cut health, human services spending comes as surprise (MPR, 3/21/13)
Background checks at gun shows expected in revamped Minn. House bill (MPR, 3/21/13)
Dayton takes his tax and spending proposal on the road (Star Tribune, 3/21/13)
Divided DFL stalls universal background checks (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: Coleman/Brod conservatism fails its own test (Pioneer Press, 3/20/13)
Legislative notebook: Senate DFL not on board with surcharge (Capitol Chatter, 3/20/13)
The need for tax reform has not changed (Minn. Budget Bites, 3/20/13)
Minnesota health insurance exchange becomes law (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
Senate DFL prioritizes property tax relief (MPR, 3/20/13)
COMMENTARY: ‘Plan C’ more practical — and more progressive — than ‘Plan A’ (Politics in MN, 3/20/13)
DFL budget aim: $38B – give or take (Politics in MN, 3/20/13)
Minn. DFLers push for higher taxes for transportation (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
All-day, everyday kindergarten has momentum at Minnesota Capitol (Patch, 3/20/13)
Bachmann CPAC claims leave trail of questions (Hot Dish Politics, 3/20/13)
Minn. lobbying reports show big spending by business groups (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
House DFLers abandon universal background checks for gun buyers (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
Supporters celebrate as Gov. Dayton signs ‘MNSure’ health exchange into law (MinnPost, 3/20/13)
Minnesota’s health insurance exchange: What’s next? (MPR, 3/20/13)
House DFL proposes surtax on high incomes to pay back schools (MinnPost, 3/20/13)
OPINION: Minn. health insurance exchange done wrong (Star Tribune, 3/20/13)
Dayton hits road to sell income tax hike, K12 plan (AP, 3/20/13)
Universal background checks tabled; House DFL seeks compromise gun bill (MinnPost, 3/20/13)
Dayton, Senate Democrats cool to House surtax plan (MinnPost, 3/20/13)
Dayton against frac moratorium, for now (AP, 3/20/13)
AUDIO: Senate majority leader previews budget framework (MPR, 3/20/13)
AUDIO: Senate DFL budget focus: Education and property taxes (MPR, 3/20/13)
AUDIO: Dayton signs health exchange law, creating ‘MNSURE’ (MPR, 3/20/13)
Dayton slams NRA’s ‘bogus’ gun arguments (MPR, 3/19/13)
Minn. lawmakers consider a fairer take on LGA (Star-Tribune, 3/19/13)
House DFL revives 1982 idea: The blinking surcharge (Minnesota Matters, 3/19/13)
Dayton: No regrets about opposing Iraq War (MPR, 3/19/13)
Jesus ‘enters’ legislators’ gun control debate (MinnPost, 3/19/13)
Farewell event for GOP chair Pat Shortridge is part tribute, part party critique (MinnPost, 3/19/13)
Minnesota needs to renew investments in higher education (Minn. Budget Bites, 3/19/13)
Gun proposals stall in Legislature (Politics in MN, 3/19/13)
House DFL calls for income tax surcharge on wealthiest (MPR, 3/19/13)
Minn. House DFLers want temporary tax hike to repay schools (Star Tribune, 3/19/13)
AUDIO: Minnesota’s frac sand mining rules already outweigh Wisconsin’s (MPR, 3/19/13)
Insurance exchange bill clears final hurdle (Star Tribune, 3/19/13)
Dayton not ready to impose statewide ban on silica sand mining (Rochester Post Bulletin, 3/19/13)
Dayton expresses support for universal background checks before showdown vote (Hot Dish Politics, 3/18/13)
Electronic bingo games approved to help fund Vikings stadium (Star Tribune, 3/18/13)
Minn. House passes health insurance exchange bill (Star Tribune, 3/15/13)
MN House OKs bill creating health insurance exchange (Pioneer Press, 3/15/13)
Gun background checks bill heads to full Senate (MPR, 3/15/13)
AUDIO: Health exchange bill passes House; abortion restrictions out (MPR, 3/15/13)
Confusion reigns at Capitol over Mayo request for $585 million in state aid (MinnPost, 3/15/13)
Anti-tax group attacks Gov. Dayton plan to increase transit tax by a half-cent (MinnPost, 3/15/13)
Mark Dayton to speak at Minnesota Environmental Congress (AP, 3/15/13)
Dayton-Senate DFL ’switcheroo’? Lawmakers may consider some of his dropped sales-tax provisions(MinnPost, 3/15/13)
Minnesota Senate panel OKs in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants (Star Tribune, 3/15/13)
VIDEO: Dayton’s new plan: ‘Tax the rich,’ leave sales taxes alone (Star Tribune, 3/15/13)
Twin Cities transit tax would double under Dayton plan (Star Tribune, 3/14/13)
Dayton’s revised budget spurns tax reform (Star Tribune, 3/14/13)
House Dems push change to state election law (MPR, 3/14/13)
Background checks bill passes Senate committee test (Hot Dish Politics, 3/14/13)
Dayton draws Minn. tax debate into sharper focus (AP, 3/14/13)
Senate panel passes gun background check bill (Capitol Chatter, 3/14/13)
AUDIO: Dayton’s revised budget raises $1.8B for education, economic development (MPR, 3/14/13)
Revised Dayton budget keeps investment priorities, drops controversial tax changes (MinnPost, 3/14/13)
Dayton calls funding plan for Mayo project ‘almost unfeasible’ (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 3/14/13)
Norm Coleman to return to his DFL roots? (Wry Wing Politics, 3/14/13)
Health exchange bill clears conference committee (Politics in MN, 3/14/13)
MN Republicans haul to the nuclear talking point on gay marriage (LeftMN, 3/14/13)
Dayton drops sales tax changes, keeps income and tobacco tax hikes (Politics in MN, 3/14/13)
MN gay marriage bill survives GOP move to block (AP, 3/14/13)
Deadline brings action on flurry of bills (Politics in MN, 3/13/13)
VIDEO: Same-sex marriage bill advances in Legislature (Star Tribune, 3/13/13)
Background checks at center of legislative gun debate (Star Tribune, 3/13/13)
Gov. Dayton gets standing ovation from business group (Star Tribune, 3/13/13)
Dayton sticks with tax hike for upper-income Minnesotans (Hot Dish Politics, 3/13/13)
Democrats anticipate Graves-Bachmann rematch in 2014 (Hot Dish Politics, 3/13/13)
Dayton will choose among three for Supreme Court vacancy (Hot Dish Politics, 3/12/13)
Destination Medical Center plan hits roadblock (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 3/12/13)
OPINION: Let Minnesotans vote on marriage for same-sex couples (Duluth News Tribune, 3/12/13)
Ingebrigtsen, Anderson and Franson discuss Dayton’s plans (Echo Press, 3/12/13)
House Taxes chair has strong reservations about Mayo Clinic plan (MPR, 3/12/13)
Gay-marriage bill passes committee hurdles; heads to House, Senate floors (Pioneer Press, 3/12/13)
DFLers press revamp of school integration plan (MinnPost, 3/12/13)
Ritchie supports expanded all-mail balloting (AP,3/12/13)
Dayton’s budget plan: What’s in? What’s out? (MPR, 3/12/13)
Dayton hints at $750M construction plan (MPR, 3/12/13)
Update: Committees OK gay marriage (Capitol Chatter, 3/12/13)
Senate, House committees pass bill to legalize gay marriage (Politics in MN, 3/12/13)
OPINION: Dayton made the right call on services tax (Star Tribune, 3/12/13)
Minn. legislator’s remark about ‘gay lifestyle’ causes stir (Star Tribune, 3/11/13)
Advocates rally for Minn. ed funding boost (MPR, 3/11/13)
Dayton aside, service tax idea not dead yet (Pioneer Press, 3/11/13)
Minn. House: ‘Gay lifestyle’ remark by legislator causes outcry (Pioneer Press, 3/11/13)
Educators voice support for Dayton’s budget (MPR, 3/11/13)
Conference committee for health exchange bill named (Politics in MN, 3/11/13)
AUDIO: Critics of Dayton’s budget turn to income tax increase (MPR, 3/11/13)
Dayton scales back – but we need to pursue 5 “Musts” (mnpACT!, 3/11/13)
In bizarre floor action, Gruenhagan roils entire body of Minn. House with ‘ex-gay’ friend (Bluestem Prairie, 3/11/13)
State lawmaker’s comments about friend exiting ‘gay lifestyle’ causes House outcry (Hot Dish Politics, 3/11/13)
Debate resumes over care-workers union (Hot Dish Politics, 3/11/13)
Dayton retools budget as poll indicates public approval lagging (Star Tribune, 3/10/13)
Early childhood education promising, but no ‘vaccine’ for disadvantaged youth (Star Tribune,3/10/13)
Pay hikes recommended for Minn. government leaders (AP, 3/10/13)
Dayton drops much-criticized business tax plan (Star Tribune, 3/9/13)
Minn. Poll: Majority supports raising state minimum wage (Star Tribune, 3/9/13)
Minn. Poll: Support is strong for legalizing immigrants (Star Tribune, 3/8/13)
Former US Sen. Coleman passes on any 2014 fun (Hot Dish Politics, 3/8/13)
Minn. Senate, following House, passes health insurance exchange bill (MPR, 3/8/13)
Dayton to remove business-to-business sales tax from revised budget (MPR, 3/8/13)
Gay marriage has votes to clear MN House hurdle (AP, 3/8/13)
MN Senate passes sweeping health insurance change (Star Tribune, 3/8/13)
Dayton on archbishop meeting: Not much marriage talk (MPR, 3/7/13)
EDITORIAL: Votes can beat special interests in Minnesota (St. Cloud Times, 3/7/13)
Bill allowing larger political contributions passes House committee (MPR, 3/7/13)
GOP: Gay marriage debate should not be priority (Capitol Chatter, 3/7/13)
School funding bill advance in Legislature (MPR, 3/7/13)
Norm Coleman rules out 2014 run (MPR, 3/7/13)
Groups opposing gay marriage rally at the Capitol (Politics in MN, 3/7/13)
Minn. Senate to vote Thursday on Health Insurance Exchange (Star Tribune, 3/7/13)
Minn. Legislature hammers out exchange bill (Kaiser Health News, 3/6/13)
Head of College Republicans endorses same-sex marriage (Hot Dish Politics, 3/6/13)
EDITORIAL: Let Minnesota tax study guide Dayton’s revision (Star Tribune, 3/6/13)
MN lawmakers to unveil more modest gun plan (AP, 3/6/13)
Dayton envisions minimum wage between $9 and $9.50 (Star Tribune, 3/6/13)
Total cost of Mayo Clinic’s tax plan questioned (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 3/6/13)
Minnesota Poll: A majority doesn’t want gay marriage (Star Tribune, 3/6/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota shirks its duty to fund schools (Star Tribune, 3/6/13)
Issue of gun background checks divides Minnesota Legislature (Star Tribune, 3/6/13)
DFL leaders eye higher Minn. gas tax, other fees (AP, 3/5/13)
Minnesota Poll: Background checks draw strong gun owner support (Star Tribune, 3/4/13)
As Dayton pushes for preschool, a success story in cultivating young minds (MPR, 3/4/13)
Minn. House to take up health exchange proposal today (AP, 3/4/13)
Minnesota GOP must learn social media is a two-way street (MinnPost, 3/4/13)
Norm Coleman: Minnesota’s forgotten man? (Smart Politics, 3/4/13)
A different tone in this year’s tax committee hearings, and a clear consensus for more and fairer revenue (Growth & Justice, 3/4/13)
Dayton says he takes businesses’ tax concerns ‘very seriously’ (Hot Dish Politics, 3/4/13)
Minn. is one of several states weighing shift to sales tax (Star Tribune, 3/4/13)
Minnesota Poll: Most in state want tax hike only on wealthy (Star Tribune, 3/3/13)
Transportation: Patching it together is not a plan (mnpACT!, 3/3/13)
Rising special ed cases are huge cost to Minnesota schools (Star Tribune, 3/3/13)
House set to vote on Minn. health exchange (MPR, 3/3/13)
Legislature mulls Sunday sales, liquor taxes, stadium beer (Star Tribune, 3/2/13)
EDITORIAL: For Minnesota health system, landmark legislation (Star Tribune, 3/2/13)
OPINION: Minnesota tax reform: A three-act play (Star Tribune, 3/2/13)
Minnesotans are bracing for a smaller slice of federal pie (Star Tribune, 3/2/13)
Minnesota budget forecast improves (Star Tribune, 3/1/13)
Study finds Minn. tax system tougher on low-income families (Hot Dish Politics, 3/1/13)
February surprise: Deficit shrinks 40% (Politics in MN, 3/1/13)


NOM pledges to spend against Minn. GOPers who support gay marriage (Politics in MN, 2/25/13)
Minnesota could feel fury of federal budget cuts (Star Tribune, 2/24/13)
Minn. gun debate takes on fears of registration, need for background checks (Hot Dish Politics, 2/22/13)
Universal background checks are focus of Minn. gun debate (Star Tribune, 2/22/13)
Gov. Mark Dayton flies to Oslo for troop exchange banquet (MinnPost, 2/22/13)
Gov. Dayton’s proposed transit sales tax gets mixed reaction from counties (MinnPost, 2/22/13)
AUDIO: Tax overhaul – How Minnesota compares to other states (MPR, 2/22/13)
GOP leaders ‘celebrate’ Dayton’s budget (Hot Dish Politics, 2/22/13)
Dayton administration makes case for government efficiencies (Hot Dish Politics, 2/22/13)
COMMENTARY: DFL lawmaker: Legislature must sign off on Legacy funding (Star Tribune,2/21/13)
Mayo’s expansion may create jobs, but how many? (MPR, 2/21/13)
Lawmaker’s view: DFL loaded bill with controversial provisions (Duluth News Tribune,2/21/13)
Round two of gun debate on tap today at Minnesota Capitol (AP, 2/21/13)
OPINION: Minnesota’s local governments need state support (Star Tribune, 2/21/13)
Star Tribune CEO fights Dayton’s business sales tax (MinnPost, 2/21/13)
AUDIO: Lawmakers seek alternatives to some of Dayton’s tax ideas (MPR, 2/21/13)
Republicans’ factional duality on bright display at U of M panel (MinnPost, 2/20/13)
EDITORIAL: Fix, don’t scrap, basic skills test for teachers (Pioneer Press, 2/20/13)
Southeastern MN asks state for frac sand help (Star Tribune, 2/20/13)
Early Minn. voting options explored (AP, 2/20/13)
OPINION: GOP lawmakers: Dayton’s budget shortchanges education (Star Tribune, 2/20/13)
AUDIO: Minn. lawmakers urged to rethink year-old teacher test law (MPR, 2/20/13)
Mayors: Dayton budget will keep property taxes down (MPR, 2/20/13)
Health exchange bills draw closer to floor debate (Politics in MN, 2/20/13)
Mayors: Dayton budget will keep property taxes down (MPR, 2/20/13)
Service workers union’s goals get Dayton, leaders support (Hot Dish Politics, 2/20/13)
Minnesota’s early-voting proposal raises constitutional questions (Star Tribune, 2/20/13)
Same-sex marriage opponents fund-raise on GOP lawmaker’s support for same-sex marriage (Hot Dish Politics, 2/20/13)
GOP Minn. legislator preparing to co-sponsor gay marriage bill (Star Tribune, 2/19/13)
Frac sand mining awakens activism in southeastern Minn. (Star Tribune, 2/19/13)
Senate approves latest Brodkorb legal bill, total now almost $200K (Hot Dish Politics, 2/18/13)
Assault weapons, ammo bans off table in state Senate (Star Tribune, 2/18/13)
Dayton’s budget frays alliance with business (Star Tribune, 2/18/13)
For some Minn. businesses, sales tax debate is all about fairness (Star Tribune, 2/15/13)
AUDIO: Dayton wants to boost funding for English language learning (MPR, 2/15/13)
Dayton to head to Norway for troop celebration (AP, 2/15/13)
Dayton sales tax plan details released (Pioneer Press, 2/15/13)
MN Senate racks up $5K more in Brodkorb bills (AP, 2/15/13)
Dayton administration defends, explains sales tax proposal (Hot Dish Politics, 2/15/13)
Minn. Legislature: For GOP lawmakers, marriage vote would pose career risks (AP, 2/15/13)
Minn. House GOP leader says anger over rule changes won’t threaten bonding bill (Pioneer Press,2/15/13)
OPINION: Gov. Dayton tames Duluth biz community (Duluth News Tribune, 2/15/13)
Dayton administration defends controversial sales tax overhaul (MinnPost, 2/15/13)
GOP leaders rule out reprisals against caucus members who vote for gay marriage (MinnPost, 2/15/13)
‘Budget Plan C’? Legislators already working on alternatives to Dayton’s proposals (MinnPost, 2/15/13)
Medicaid expansion passes Senate, goes to Dayton (Star Tribune, 2/14/13)
AUDIO: Same-sex marriage debate returns to Capitol (MPR, 2/14/13)
Minimum-wage increase gathers steam in Minnesota (Star Tribune, 2/14/13)
COMMENTARY: Higher taxes should be governor’s last resort (Star Tribune, 2/14/13)
DFL lawmaker: Gov. Dayton’s budget doesn’t rely on gimmicks (Star Tribune, 2/14/13)
AUDIO: Mayo expansion bill eases past 1st Capitol hurdle (MPR, 2/14/13)
Deep federal spending cuts won’t hurt Minnesota as much as other states (MinnPost, 2/14/13)
Destination Medical Center passes through first committee (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 2/14/13)
Gay marriage supporters rally at Capitol ahead of legalization push (Politics in MN, 2/14/13)
MN lawmakers get education budget details (Star Tribune, 2/14/13)
Marriage rally kicks off Capitol push for same-sex unions (Hot Dish Politics, 2/14/13)
Bill seeking $37M to expand Mayo Clinic Center gets hearing (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 2/13/13)
Battle brews in Minn. over hospital nurse staffing (AP, 2/13/13)
Brodkorb charged with drunken driving; judge shrinks suit against Senate (AP, 2/13/13)
Court shrinks Brodkorb’s case against the Minn. Senate (Hot Dish Politics, 2/13/13)
Minn. Democrats mimic Obama’s call to raise the minimum wage (Hot Dish Politics, 2/13/13)
Special House elections yield familiar results, with each party holding its turf (MinnPost, 2/13/13)
Johnson,Theis win House special elections (Politics in MN, 2/13/13)
MN lawmakers open debate on interest disclosure (AP, 2/13/13)
The 4th bracketeers: Who would pay Minnesota’s higher tax rate? (MPR, 2/12/13)
OPINION: Dayton budget offers taxpayer better value (Pioneer Press, 2/12/13)
House rules adopted after protracted, partisan debate (Politics in MN, 2/12/13)
Minnesota House special election results (MN Progressive Project, 2/12/13)
EDITORIAL: Dayton’s good idea: The ‘Unsession’ (Pioneer Press, 2/12/13)
Forget raising contribution limits – move to amend (mnpACT!, 2/12/13)
Minn. House tussles over rules that govern them (Hot Dish Politics, 2/12/13)
Special elections leave state House partisan split steady; former Rep. Quist won’t return (Hot Dish Politics, 2/12/13)
AUDIO: Immigration – MN lawmakers try to balance path to citizenship with need for workers(MPR, 2/12/13)
House passes bill to move thousands of Minnesotans onto Medicaid (Star Tribune, 2/11/13)
Dayton: State budget ‘is not supposed to be easy’ (Hot Dish Politics, 2/11/13)
Legislators eager to parse Dayton’s budget bills (MPR, 2/11/13)
AUDIO: Some business leaders concerned sales tax plan could hinder ability to compete (MPR, 2/11/13)
Dayton offers stronger support for Mayo expansion (AP, 2/11/13)
MN House passes Medicaid expansion; expected to save state $129 million (Pioneer Press, 2/11/13)
House passes bill to move thousands of Minnesotans onto Medicaid (Star Tribune, 2/11/13)
COMMENTARY: Minnesota’s lean state workforce (Star Tribune, 2/11/13)
Number of people carrying loaded guns in Capitol spikes (Hot Dish Politics, 2/11/13)
Where are the 4th bracketeers? (MPR, 2/11/13)
Minn. health insurance exchange funding sparks disagreement among DFL (Pioneer Press, 2/10/13)
Wis-Minn. border battle heats up; we’re not talking football (The Cap Times, 2/9/13)
Businesses line up to fight Dayton’s sales tax proposal (Star Tribune, 2/8/13)
VIDEO: Paulsen doesn’t rule out statewide run (MPR, 2/8/13)
Gov. Dayton delivers up a broadside on state budget (Star Tribune, 2/7/13)
AUDIO: State of the State: Dayton defends budget plan, supports same-sex marriage (MPR, 2/7/13)
Minn. Legislature: Assault-weapons ban heats up gun hearings (Star Tribune, 2/7/13)
Read Dayton’s full state of the state speech (Hot Dish Politics, 2/6/13)
Gov. Mark Dayton boasts 50-35% job approval rating (KSTP, 2/6/13)
Gun bills give rural DFLers ‘heartburn’ (Politics in MN, 2/6/13)
Dayton defends budget, same-sex marriage in statewide address (Hot Dish Politics, 2/6/13)
Dayton readies annual ‘State of State’ address (AP, 2/6/13)
Mark Dayton to make his case for budget, tax overhaul tonight (Pioneer Press, 2/6/13)
AUDIO: Minn. House eyes limits to gun access, ownership (MPR, 2/5/13)
AUDIO: Campaign finance board urges Legislature to approve tougher economic disclosure rules(MPR, 2/5/13)
Minn. House gun showdown begin with pleas from both sides (Pioneer Press, 2/5/13)
VIDEO: Emotions run high at Legislature’s gun-violence hearing (Star Tribune, 2/5/13)
Mark Dayton’s tax plan is good for Wisconsin, legislator says (Pioneer Press, 2/5/13)
Governor Dayton’s budget proposal part 3: Education (Minnesota Budget Bites, 2/5/13)
Proposed MN House rules change has GOPers steaming (MN Progressive Project, 2/5/13)
Dayton trying to keep ‘Obamacare’ from swallowing MinnesotaCare (Star Tribune, 2/5/13)
Obama hails Minneapolis gun efforts; his plans still face a fight (Star Tribune, 2/5/13)
Offshore tax havens cost Minnesota $2 billion a year, report says (Star Tribune, 2/5/13)
Minn. House kicks off 3 days of committee hearings on gun control proposals (AP, 2/5/13)
Sunday liquor sales debate on tap again in Minn. Legislature (Star Tribune, 2/4/13)
Legislators promise to improve Minnesota’s mental health system (MPR, 2/4/13)
Dayton proposes more money, then wants city aid to change (Capitol Chatter, 2/4/13)
AUDIO: Gun control, voting reform debated at the Capitol this week (MPR, 2/4/13)
Political notebook: Minn. budget clash continues to grow (Capitol Chatter, 2/4/13)
Draft Emmer? (MPR, 2/4/13)
NRA faces major test of clout in Minn. (Star Tribune, 2/4/13)
‘Draft’ effort afoot to get to Emmer, GOP’s 2010 nominee to run again for Minn. governor (AP, 2/4/13)
Gov. Dayton has offered a bold proposal to move MN forward (MN Progressive Project, 2/4/13)
Dayton, Jessen press for US health money (MPR, 2/3/13)
Minnesota: Ground Zero for Democrats’ gun confiscation efforts? (Powerline Blog, 2/3/13)
Obama’s Minneapolis visit today kicks off week of gun-control debate at Capitol (Pioneer Press,2/3/13)
With no ado, DFL Chair Ken Martin elected to a second term (Hot Dish Politics, 2/2/13)
EDITORIAL: A damaging tax plan fails the fairness test (Star Tribune, 2/2/13)
EDITORIAL: Burdening Minnesota business (Pioneer Press, 2/2/13)
OPINION: Budget is swell — for Minnesota’s competition (Star Tribune, 2/2/13)
Minn. gun bills include proposals to keep guns away from kids (Star Tribune, 2/1/13)
Minnesota gay marriage fight topped $18M in 2012 (AP, 2/1/13)
Border sales tax impacts: Do we believe our lying eyes? (Growth & Justice, 2/1/13)
Dayton defends his budget plan, ready for a post-session re-election run (MinnPost, 2/1/13)
AUDIO: Some DFLers say Mayo Clinic finance plan is a bad idea (MPR, 2/1/13)
Sand storm heads toward Capitol (Politics in MN, 2/1/13)
Huge sums tossed at ballot questions in ‘12 (Star Tribune, 2/1/13)


Chamber opposes Dayton’s tax plan (New Ulm Journal, 1/31/13)
Expanded background checks, assault weapons ban proposed at Legislature (Hot Dish Politics, 1/31/13)
House, Senate introduce bills to keep MinnesotaCare (Hot Dish Politics, 1/31/13)
Right wingers gather; best news? ‘Draft Emmer!’ or… (MN Progressive Project, 1/31/13)
Minn. Legislature: All-day kindergarten push gains momentum (Pioneer Press, 1/31/13)
Dayton plans European trade trip (Hot Dish Politics, 1/31/13)
What brings in the big bucks in Dayton’s sales tax proposal? (Hot Dish Politics, 1/31/13)
GOP lawmaker: Everyone pays more under governor’s proposal (Pioneer Press, 1/31/13)
Gay marriage group says effort to legalize same-sex unions at Capitol needs more votes (Star Tribune,1/31/13)
Minn. Senate OKs 2 Dayton cabinet picks (AP, 1/31/13)
GOP cites ‘cross purposes’ in Dayton plan (Finance & Commerce, 1/31/13)
With guns on agenda, group will make its presence felt at Capitol (Marshall Independent, 1/31/13)
AUDIO: Dayton proposes $86 million in spending to create jobs (MPR, 1/31/13)
Dayton budget calls for additional $45 million in fees (Hot Dish Politics, 1/30/13)
Politician’s view: Dayton’s new taxes will be on Minnesota families (Duluth News Tribune, 1/30/13)
How to vote down Voter ID (The American Prospect, 1/30/13)
DFLers eye campaign, election law changes (Politics in MN, 1/30/13)
State Chamber retains position on pushing for spending cuts (Mankato Free Press, 1/30/13)
State working on adding 145,000 to Medicaid rolls (Star Tribune, 1/30/13)
Dayton hits the stump, championing his budget proposals (Star Tribune, 1/29/13)
So just how big is the proposed Dayton tax increase? (Capitol Chatter, 1/29/13)
EDITORIAL: Trickle-down taxation adds up (Pioneer Press, 1/29/13)
Legislative notebook: GOP lays out complaints about Dayton tax plan (Capitol Chatter, 1/29/13)
MN GOP takes aim at Franken, promotes Paulsen (Hot Dish Politics, 1/29/13)
AUDIO: Dayton and GOP clash over fairness of tax plan (MPR, 1/29/13)
AFL-CIO to press for lockout protection (Hot Dish Politics, 1/29/13)
Gun hearings planned in Minn. House for next week (Hot Dish Politics, 1/28/13)
Legislative subcommittee reverses GOP moves, approves contracts with state workers (Hot Dish Politics, 1/28/13)
Fractures showing on Dayton tax overhaul (Star Tribune, 1/28/13)
Insurance exchanges are next big hurdle in health care (Star Tribune, 1/27/13)
Amy Koch: Affair gave GOP foes an opportunity (Star Tribune, 1/26/13)
Dayton’s plan to boost college grants gets scrutiny (Star Tribune, 1/26/13)
Dayton girds for a backlash on his tax plan (Star Tribune, 1/25/13)
Dayton MMB and higher ed commissioners confirmed (Hot Dish Politics, 1/24/13)
Minnesotans split on same-sex marriage, poll finds (Hot Dish Politics, 1/24/13)
Dayton to Scott Walker: Mind your own business (MPR, 1/24/13)
Minn. Legislature: Committee examining ‘epidemic of lockouts’ (Star Tribune, 1/24/13)
Businesses: Plan to tax services a ‘killer’ (Star Advertiser, 1/24/13)
Poll: Half of Minnesotans give Dayton high marks, beats potential GOP rivals (Hot Dish Politics, 1/23/13)
Dayton’s budget plan: Widen sales tax, increase top income rate (Star Tribune, 1/23/13)
VIDEO: Impact of proposed MN service tax on household budget (KSTP, 1/23/13)
AUDIO: DFL lawmakers hold off on endorsing Dayton budget plan (MPR, 1/23/13)
AUDIO: Education gets big boost in Dayton’s budget proposal (MPR, 1/23/13)
VIDEO: Dayton proposes $2.1B more in state taxes (KSTP, 1/23/13)
Not all cities see LGA gain in long run (MPR, 1/23/13)
Governor Dayton’s post-modern budget (Bill Glahn, 1/23/13)
What’s to like, what’s not to like in Dayton’s budget? (Star Tribune, 1/23/13)
Cops, courts want Legislature to tackle gun background checks (Star Tribune, 1/23/13)
Poll: Half of Minnesotans give Dayton high marks, beats potential GOP rivals (Hot Dish Politics, 1/23/13)
Targeting corporate political donations (Star Tribune, 1/23/13)
GOP gives Dayton budget a cold shoulder (MinnPost, 1/22/13)
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Area legislators’ reaction to Dayton’s budget proposal largely partisan (Mankato Free Press,1/22/13)
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Modest broadband goals get more modest in Dayton budget (MPR, 1/22/13)
Dayton’s $37.9B budget proposal summarized (Brick City Blog, 1/22/13)
Dayton budget proposal: Solid progress (mnpACT!, 1/22/13)
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Poll of Franken and likely challengers mostly good news for Franken (MinnPost, 1/22/13)
Dayton’s budget plan includes higher taxes, spending (MPR, 1/22/13)
Dayton tax plan leaves plenty of questions unanswered (Capitol Chatter, 1/22/13)
Legislative notebook: Commissioner hopes budget plan turns the corner (Capitol Chatter, 1/22/13)
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Franken looking strong in 2014 re-election bid (Hot Dish Politics, 1/22/13)
Education plan reopens divide on US history (Star Tribune, 1/22/13)
Dayton to present his budget proposal tomorrow (Hot Dish Politics, 1/21/13)
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Another fine mess the GOP has gotten us into (MN Progressive Project, 1/21/13)
Gun control debate is testing Minnesota’s rural congressmen (Star Tribune, 1/20/13)
Dayton, Thissen, Bakk: Time to move Minnesota forward together (Pioneer Press, 1/20/13)
Minn: There’s what pensions promise; then there’s what they can pay (Pioneer Press, 1/20/13)
Minnesota’s school start date spurs fight (Star Tribune, 1/20/13)
Minnesotans rally at State Capitol against stricter controls on guns (Star Tribune, 1/20/13)
Sales tax on clothes likely target for Dayton (Star Tribune, 1/20/13)
EDITORIAL: When spending exceeds growth: disaster, ultimately (Pioneer Press, 1/19/13)
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Minn. gets $39M more for health insurance exchange (Star Tribune, 1/17/13)
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Humbling year ends in silence for Bachmann (Star Tribune, 1/14/13)
Carp, wolves, moose, copper, sand high on Minn. Legislature’s environmental agenda (AP, 1/13/13)
$35M tax subsidy could go to Vikings stadium plaza (Star Tribune, 1/11/13)
AUDIO: DFL priorities include higher minimum wage, education and jobs (MPR, 1/10/13)
Senate pay produces howls of GOP outrage (Star Tribune, 1/10/13)
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Tussle over staff pay erupts in MN Senate (MPR, 1/10/13)
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Legislators want U report on administrative costs (Star Tribune, 1/10/13)
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AUDIO: With bill in hand, legislators squeezed for time to establish health insurance exchange(MPR, 1/10/13)
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Norm Coleman: Senate, no. Governorship, maybe (Star Tribune, 1/9/13)
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Minn. budget fix likely ‘nothing groundbreaking,’ Speaker Thissen says (MinnPost, 1/9/13)
Dayton plans nighttime State of the State (MPR, 1/9/13)
DFL Senate priorities revealed in early bills (MPR, 1/9/13)
MN business leaders prepare for DFL in charge (CBS Minnesota, 11/9/13)
WIN Minnesota has set  up a federal Super PAC (Hot Dish Politics, 1/9/13)
MNGOP is huffy over Ag Finance Chair pick (MN Progressive Project, 1/9/13)
Legislators introduce bill establishing health insurance exchange (Politics in MN, 1/9/13)
DFL legislators focus on finances (Star Tribune, 1/9/13)
AUDIO: Taxes will rise, some business lobbyists say (MPR, 1/9/13)
Minn. Legislature may face tougher rules on financial disclosure (Star Tribune, 1/9/13)
Minn. Legislature opens with pledges and a little pushback (Star Tribune, 1/9/13)
Senate Republican leader criticizes proposed social studies standards (Hot Dish Politics, 1/9/13)
Taxes, budget big topics at Chamber of Commerce event (Hot Dish Politics, 1/9/13)
Work begins on Minn. health insurance exchange (Star Tribune, 1/9/13)
Downey announces run for state GOP chair (Hot Dish Politics, 1/9/13)
VIDEO: Minn. session open hints at priorities, discord (KSTP, 1/8/13)
Despite budget focus, DFL legislative leaders will face hot-button issues (MinnPost, 1/8/13)
Univ. of Minnesota tops Legislature’s goals, will get withheld aid (Pioneer Press, 1/8/13)
AUDIO: DFL in control as legislative session begins (MPR, 1/8/13)
House DFL opens session with priority of paying back $550M to schools (MinnPost, 1/8/13)
VIDEO: Who is Michelle Rhee and why do we care what she thinks about Minn. schools? (MPR, 1/8/13)
A kinda sorta retraction on Constitutional Amendments (Wry Wing Politics, 1/8/13)
Democrats in control of Minn. legislature, but they’re not in lockstep (Star Tribune, 1/8/13)
AUDIO: Health insurance exchange, MinnesotaCare, Medicaid decisions due at Legislature (MPR, 1/8/13)
AUDIO: Same-sex marriage debate moves to the Capitol (MPR, 1/8/13)
Political notebook: Senjem reflects on what went wrong in Nov. (Rochester Post-Bulletin, 1/7/13)
EDITORIAL Governing Minnesota (Star Tribune, 1/7/13)
Minnesota Legislature’s budget priority overshadows other big policy issues (MinnPost, 1/7/13)
For Minnesota, a ‘D’ for school choice, teacher evaluations from StudentsFirst (Pioneer Press, 1/7/13)
COMMENTARY: Ranked choice voting is achievable and effective (MinnPost, 1/7/13)
Game-changing strategy for MN GOP: Run a woman for governor (MinnPost, 1/7/13)
If the MNGOP calls this regrouping (MN Progressive Project, 1/7/13)
Tax reform on Legislature’s docket when it convenes Tuesday (Capitol Chatter, 1/7/13)
Legislative session: Let’s get to work (mnpACT!, 1/7/13)
DFL Rep. Morrow and GOP Rep. Gottwalt resign, let the special elections begin (Hot Dish Politics, 1/7/13)
Where do Minnesota House Speakers come from? (MPR, 1/7/13)
Legislature’s Tues. start means Monday dash for campaign cash in MN to beat restrictions (AP, 1/7/13)
Consolidating power, Dems at Capitol say budget is priority No. 1 (MPR, 1/7/13)
AUDIO: Disclosure forms offer little information about lawmakers’ outside jobs (MPR, 1/7/13)
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Guide to a DFL-led legislative session (Star Tribune, 1/5/13)
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Aftermath of agonizing fiscal cliff vote will be felt statewide (Star-Tribune, 1/3/13)
Seeming DFL stronghold could be up for grabs (Politics in MN, 1/2/13)
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Minnesota’s new legislative leaders make a political ‘odd couple’ (MinnPost, 1/2/13)
Minnesota Senate to debate gay marriage later in session (AP, 1/2/13)
Out of hospital, Dayton to spend a few weeks recuperating (Star-Tribune, 1/1/13)
Minn. governor’s mansion to get major spruce-up (AP, 1/1/13)
Transit, roads and schools top legislative wish lists (Star-Tribune, 1/1/13)
Counties, cities offer legislative wish lists (Star-Tribune, 1/1/13)

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