The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


MI 2010 Archives



Inauguration to be a return to old tradition (Detroit Free Press, 12/31/10)
Snyder: We’ve got to think, act positive (Detroit Free Press, 12/30/10)
Michigan’s Hoosier role model (Detroit News, 12/30/10)
Snyder and lawmakers face tough first budget (Crain’s Detroit Business, 12/29/10)
Parting thoughts from Granholm (, 12/22/10)
Opinion: Snyder must not stumble on abortion issue (Lansing State Journal, 12/20/10)
Snyder, DeVos want grads to stay in Michigan (Detroit Free Press, 12/19/10)
Advocates await Snyder action on ethics reform (Michigan Messenger, 12/15/10)
Audio: Michigan’s big budget hole (Michigan Public Radio, 12/15/10)
Snyder, savior-in-chief (Capitol Chronicles, 12/10/10)
Snyder seeks jobless comp relief (Detroit News, 12/2/10)
One last chance to save Pure Michigan (Blogging for Michigan, 12/2/10)
Another effort to OK Detroit-Canada bridge fails in MI legislature (Crain’s Detroit Business, 12/2/10)
Snyder splitting the DNRE again (Blogging for Michigan, 12/2/10)

Snyder applies business model to running state (Detroit News, 12/1/10)


Audio: Snyder tells farmers they’re one of the keys to MI’s future (Michigan Radio, 11/30/10)
Snyder says environmental depts will focus on ‘quality of life’ (, 11/30/10)
Snyder picks Utah official as budget director (Detroit News, 11/29/10)
Lame-duck lawmakers may leave Snyder lots of leftovers (Detroit Free Press, 11/29/10)
Nothing left to cut: Some facts behind Michigan’s looming budget crisis (Blogging for Michigan, 11/24/10)
Snyder to use social media to help reshape state (Battle Creek Enquirer, 11/24/10)
Snyder’s stance on gas taxes will cost Michigan 1,000s of construction jobs (Blogging for Michigan, 11/23/10)
Snyder to deliver inaugural speech outside (Detroit Free Press, 11/23/10)
Environmentalists wary of corporate connections in Snyder cabinet (Michigan Messenger, 11/22/10)
Opinion: Snyder’s plan to overhaul Michigan must include tax reform (, 11/21/10)
Rothwells chair Snyder transition team (Detroit Free Press, 11/21/10)
Snyder could face GOP lawmakers with own agendas (Detroit News, 11/21/10)
Audio: Snyder goes to governor school (Michigan Radio, 11/20/10)
The smart politics of moderation (Capitol Chronicles, 11/19/10)
MI economy to grow in 2011, 2012, but slowly (WWMT, 11/19/10)
GOP looks for detail in Snyder tax plan (Detroit News, 11/19/10)
For 3 Midwest governors, public employee compensation takes center stage (Washington Post, 11/18/10)
Public employee compensation cuts are necessary, Snyder tells RGA (, 11/18/10)
Snyder’s choice to lead GOP will test clout (Detroit News, 11/18/10)
Editorial: Commuting will be a challenge for gov-elect Snyder (Lansing State Journal, 11/18/10)
Editorial: Snyder is right – no need to wait to reform state budget process (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 11/18/10)
Snyder’s choices seen as ‘moderate and pragmatic’ (Lansing State Journal, 11/18/10)
Snyder to live in Ann Arbor, commute to work (Detroit Free Press, 11/18/10)
After failed guber bid, it’s business as usual for Bernero (Lansing State Journal, 11/17/10)
Editorial: State should no bail out Detroit, other failing school districts (Detroit News, 11/17/10)
Editorial: Unions should work with Legislature to reform teacher tenure laws (Grand Rapids Press, 11/17/10)
Lobbyists will have major role in Snyder Administration (Blogging for Michigan, 11/16/10)
Snyder names ex-lobbyist as new chief of staff (Detroit Free Press, 11/16/10)
Opinion: Michigan and nation need the audacity of austerity (Detroit News, 11/16/10)
Michigan’s ‘tough nerd’ faces tougher test (Washington Times, 11/11/10)
Snyder’s business tax reform faces tough test (Wall Street Journal, 11/11/10)
So far, bipartisanship not a dirty word for Snyder (Crain’s Detroit Business, 11/11/10)
Snyder aims to empower residents (Detroit News, 11/11/10)
Opinion: Snyder’s problems will come from the right – not left (Holland Sentinel, 11/10/10)


Understanding the men behind the candidates (Detroit Free Press, 10/24/11)
Another poll, another 20-point lead for Snyder (Michigan Messenger, 10/20/10)
Passage of con-con proposal unlikely (Michigan Messenger, 10/20/10)
On TV, candidates stick with usual – no specifics on spending cuts (Detroit Free Press, 10/19/10)
AG Cox joins DOJ in suing Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI (Detroit News, 10/18/10)
Bernero wants to open state-owned bank (Detroit Free Press, 10/17/10)
Snyder wants to put a new spin on taxing business (Detroit Free Press, 10/17/10)
Schools, lawmakers struggle after Granholm vetoes school funding bill (Michigan Messenger, 10/14/10)
Bernero touts idea to lure business (Detroit Free Press, 10/14/10)
Snyder builds run on business past (Detroit News, 10/14/10)
Bernero announces distressed property plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/13/10)
Bernero seeks to revive manufacturing (Detroit Free Press, 10/13/10)
Bernero brings China bashing back, but attack is showing its age (Detroit Free Press, 10/12/10)
Bernero: Snyder is helping America’s competitors (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Opinion: Bernero, Snyder miss opportunity to be leaders (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Angry mayor still isn’t seeing the big picture (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Candidates do little to calm Michiganders’ money fears (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Following debate, campaigns continue – via press release (Michigan Messenger, 10/11/10)
Bernero calls for moratorium on foreclosures in the state (Michigan Messenger, 10/11/10)
Guber candidates divided on many issues (Detroit News, 10/11/10)
Face-off draws mixed reviews reactions from voters (Detroit News, 10/11/10)
Snyder, Bernero clash over solutions in MI governor debate (Detroit News, 10/11/10)
What debaters said, what the facts are (Detroit News, 10/11/10)
Bernero renews outsourcing jab at Snyder (Detroit News, 10/11/10)
Editorial: State’s choice becomes clearer after debate (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Video & Transcript: The one gubernatorial debate (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Voters lose in Bernero-Snyder talking-points race (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Candidates clash over Michigan’s future (Detroit Free Press, 10/11/10)
Poll: both candidates losing ground; Snyder still has huge lead (Michigan Messenger, 10/11/10)
Lansing’s Mayor Bernero touts job growth (Detroit Free Press, 10/10/10)
Another poll shows huge lead for Snyder (WXYZ, 10/10/10)
Snyder holds 20-point lead in governor’s race (Detroit Free Press, 10/10/10)
Snyder: School funding must stabilize (Detroit Free Press, 10/9/10)
Bernero needs debate win to shift fortunes (Detroit News, 10/9/10)
Snyder woos crowd as Bernero stings (Detroit Free Press, 10/8/10)
Snyder voting record spotty (Detroit News, 10/8/10)
Bernero shocks Economic Club by blasting banks over foreclosures (Detroit Free Press, 10/7/10)
NJ’s Christie stumps for Snyder (Blogging for Michigan, 10/7/10)
Snyder gets support from NJ’s governor (Detroit Free Press, 10/7/10)
Snyder supports transparency unless it effects him (Blogging for Michigan, 10/7/10)
Bernero slams Wall Street; Snyder backs funding Pure Michigan ads (Detroit Free Press, 10/7/10)
Bernero puts Wall Street ‘on notice’; Snyder says blame-game a waste of time (Detroit News, 10/7/10)
HandyLab’s shutdown in Ann Arbor: Oct campaign issue for Rick Snyder? (, 10/7/10)
Bernero takes aim at Snyder’s jobs record (Bloomberg Businessweek, 10/7/10)
Snyder says he would fundamentally restructure state govt to fix a ‘messed-up’ Michigan (Kalamazoo Gazette, 10/6/10)
Third party ‘issues ads’ dominate election campaign (Michigan Messenger, 10/6/10)
RGA ‘bullying’ TV stations over campaign ads (Blogging for Michigan, 10/6/10)
Hey big spender: Snyder’s promises at odds with GOP agenda (Blogging for Michigan, 10/4/10)
Opinion: A constitutional convention is nothing to fear (Detroit Free Press, 10/3/10)
Snyder outlines his plan for Michigan (Detroit News, 10/1/10)
Snyder promises billions in ‘efficiencies’ (Blogging for Michigan, 10/1/10)
Why Rick Snyder’s tax liens are important (Blogging for Michigan, 10/1/10)
Snyder calls for more mental health spending during radio show (Detroit News, 10/1/10)
Snyder: I didn’t profit from Gateway outsourcing (Detroit Free Press, 10/1/10)


Tax liens filed against 2 Snyder companies (Detroit News, 9/30/10)
Legislators finish up budget, no shutdown this year (Michigan Messenger, 9/30/10)
Bernero lobbies for state bank (Detroit News, 9/30/10)
Snyder makes his case in largely Democratic Detroit (Detroit Free Press, 9/29/10)
Snyder attracting attention from Detroiters (Detroit News, 9/29/10)
Governor candidates give vague answers on budget (Michigan Messenger, 9/29/10)
Governor hopefuls offer budget fixes (Detroit News, 9/28/10)
In Detroit, Snyder touts his urban agenda (Detroit Free Press, 9/28/10)
Bernero prefers internet sales tax over services tax (Michigan Messenger, 9/28/10)
Bernero disputes TV ad that paints him as wasteful spender (Detroit News, 9/27/10)
Many eager to vote in ’08 could sit this election out (Detroit Free Press, 9/26/10)
Bernero tells cities to consolidate services (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/10)
Snyder: cities need to rethink their spending (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/10)
Bernero: No unfunded mandates or revenue cuts for localities (Detroit News, 9/24/10)
Citizen input key to Snyder’s budgeting (Detroit News, 9/24/10)
Opinion: Gov hopefuls need to debate ending special interests tyranny (Detroit News, 9/24/10)
Finally, a debate for Snyder and Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 9/23/10)
Is Rick Snyder Michigan’s unlikely savior? (The Ann, 9/23/10)
Michigan Farm Bureau endorses Snyder (Grand Rapids Press, 9/23/10)
Democrats fret over weak Midwest guber bids (Politico, 9/23/10)
New poll has bad news for Democrats in Michigan (Michigan Messenger, 9/23/10)
Democrats question Snyder’s role in alleged discrimination at Gateway (Michigan Messenger, 9/22/10)
Bernero slams Snyder’s views on abortion rights (Detroit Free Press, 9/21/10)
Snyder weighs in on Michigan Business Tax (Detroit News, 9/21/10)
Dems question Snyder role in discrimination claims (Chicago Tribune, 9/21/10)
Guber candidates in pivotal races still out of focus (Detroit Free Press, 9/19/10)
Poll: cash-strapped voters look to Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 9/19/10)
At forum, Bernero, Snyder find common ground (Detroit Free Press, 9/17/10)
Bernero, Snyder find common ground at forum (Detroit Free Press, 9/17/10)
Snyder says he’d eliminate MI Bus Tax, Bernero would drop surcharge (Crain’s Detroit Business, 9/17/10)
Bernero: Snyder plan hurts small businesses (Detroit Free Press, 9/16/10)
GOP candidates favored — except among young people (Detroit Free Press, )
Snyder lead grows, undecideds shrink (Michigan Messenger, 9/16/10)
Men, independent voters boost Snyder’s lead (Detroit Free Press, 9/16/10)
Poll shows Snyder widening lead over Bernero, 53-29% (Detroit Free Press, 9/15/10)
Business owners skeptical of Snyder’s tax plan (Detroit News, 9/15/10)
Out of nowhere, Bernero & Snyder have a debate (Detroit Free Press, 9/14/10)
Snyder won’t rule out higher biz income tax (Detroit News, 9/13/10)
Guber campaigns bicker over debates (Michigan Messenger, 9/13/10)
Bernero urges local TV stations to set up debates (Detroit Free Press, 9/12/10)
Snyder rejects debates with Bernero (Detroit News, 9/11/10)
Opinion: Michigan can’t afford ‘Obama Democrats’ (Detroit News, 9/10/10)
Can Rick Snyder control the hyper-partisan Michigan GOP? (Blogging for Michigan, 9/10/10)
Poll: GOP leads in all key statewide contests (Michigan Messenger, 9/10/10)
More bad polling news for Bernero (Michigan Messenger, 9/10/10)
New TV ads praise, slam Snyder (Detroit News, 9/9/10)
Ad Watch: Dems target Snyder’s record (Detroit Free Press, 9/9/10)
Snyder up by almost 30 in new poll (Michigan Messenger, 9/9/10)
Bernero asks Snyder to help push Congress on small biz aid (Detroit News, 9/7/10)
New poll shows commanding lead for Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 9/7/10)
Snyder says Detroit is key to Michigan’s rebound (MyFoxDetroit, 9/7/10)
Guber candidates expect race to tighten up (Detroit News, 9/7/10)
Editorial: Guber candidates need to show they can transcend state’s divisions (Detroit Free Press, 9/6/10)
Breaking with Dems, Carpenters Union backs Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 9/6/10)
Bernero, Snyder both pushing for Detroit votes (Morning Sun, 9/5/10)
Editorial: Make cities a campaign priority (Detroit Free Press, 9/3/10)
Michigan’s long-term unemployment rate skyrockets (Michigan Messenger, 9/3/10)
Bernero: pull state money from banks who won’t help with foreclosures (Michigan Messenger, 9/3/10)
Commentary: Bernero’s political economics (The Michigan View, 9/3/10)
Post-primary reports show Snyder with $505K, Bernero $85K (Detroit Free Press, 9/3/10)
Snyder nearly outspent the field in primary (Michigan Messenger, 9/3/10)
Snyder widely outspent primary rivals, Bernero tapped public funds (Detroit News, 9/2/10)
Bernero wants state to cut ties with banks not in foreclosure program (Detroit News, 9/2/10)
With redistricting on the horizon, some see Supreme Court race as the key (Michigan Messenger, 9/1/10)
Tea Party files appeal of court ruling blocking them from ballot (Michigan Messenger, 9/1/10)


Weaver resignation sets up Supreme Court races (Michigan Messenger, 8/30/10)
Mayors Bernero, Lawrence should campaign for cities (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/10)
Bernero dismisses talk of bringing others down with him (WLNS, 8/30/10)
Bernero: “I’m the guy to defend Main Street” (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/10)
State conventions settle on key nominees (Michigan Messenger, 8/30/10)
State political conventions suffer disruptions (Michigan Messenger, 8/30/10)
Michigan Dems to push “Main Street” message (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/10)
Lawrence to back up Bernero on Democratic ticket (Detroit Free Press, 8/28/10)
Davis could be Supreme Court consensus-builder (Detroit News, 8/27/10)
Weaver’s sudden departure shakes up Supreme Court (Detroit Free Press, 8/27/10)
Editorial: Diminished court should take Weaver’s warning to heart (Detroit Free Press, 8/27/10)
Poll shows Snyder opening huge lead over Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 8/27/10)
Clean Water Action criticizes Snyder’s Light Guv pick (Michigan Messenger, 8/26/10)
Snyder grabs dominating 22-point lead over Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 8/25/10)
Detroit Mayor Bing endorses Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 8/25/10)
Snyder picks state Rep. Brian Calley as Light Guv (Detroit News, 8/25/10)
Bernero turned down by some potential running mate picks (Detroit News, 8/25/10)
The non-transparency of  ’issues ads’ (Detroit Free Press, 8/23/10)
Romney endorses Snyder (Detroit News, 8/22/10)
GOP delegates to state convo denied seating (Detroit News, 8/21/10)
Could Detroit abandon Democrat Bernero? (Michigan View, 8/20/10)
Editorial: Can Bernero be a mayor and a guber candidate at the same time? (Lansing State Journal, 8/20/10)
Bernero proud to be “America’s Angriest Mayor” for defending auto industry (, 8/19/10)
Bernero agrees to three debates (Lansing State Journal, 8/13/10)
Hoekstra blames Right to Life, demands leader’s ouster (Detroit Free Press, 8/13/10)
Snyder begins campaign with huge lead over Bernero (Michigan Messenger, 8/13/10)
Detroit goes from gloom to economic bright spot (New York Times, 8/13/10)
Hoekstra set to help Snyder in gov race (Detroit News, 8/12/10)
If Snyder stays in middle, he’ll be tough to beat (Muskegon Chronicle, 8/11/10)
Dem primary rejection of Dillon a message to Lansing Dems? (Livingston Daily, 8/11/10)
Snyder: Detroit crucial for state (Detroit Free Press, 8/11/10)
News poll: Snyder has wide lead over Bernero in gov race (Detroit News, 8/11/10)
Snyder already locks down GOP base (, 8/10/10)
Obama considers support for Bernero (WLNS, 8/10/10)
Did Right to Life’s endorsement of Cox help Snyder? (Grand Rapids Press, 8/10/10)
Editorial: Take the fed ed money – but get to work on reform (Detroit free Press, 8/10/10)
Obama considers support for Bernero (WLNS, 8/10/10)
The next governor is sure to be a Michigander (Detroit Free Press, 8/9/10)
Opinion: Michigan primary outcomes upset conventional wisdom (Detroit Free Press, 8/8/10)
Will MI voters elect a ‘yes man’ as their next governor? (, 8/8/10)
Snyder’s rise in polls not a big surprise (Detroit Free Press, 8/8/10)
Editorial: Pass the budget now (Detroit News, 8/8/10)
Candidates for governor jockeying to shape great debate (Detroit Free Press, 8/8/10)
Bernero unfazed by uphill climb for MI governor (Lansing State Journal, 8/8/10)
Did Democrats nominate Rick Snyder? (, 8/8/10)
Opinion: Governor’s race is anyone’s game (Detroit Free Press, 8/8/10)
Snyder’s rise in poll not a big surprise (Detroit Free Press, 8/8/10)
Outsider Snyder will need help from inside GOP ranks (Livingston Daily, 8/8/10)
Dillon slights rival Bernero at unity breakfast (Detroit Free Press, 8/7/10)
Bernero could pull off November surprise (Detroit Free Press, 8/7/10)
Dems, GOP have fences to mend after primary (Detroit Free Press, 8/6/10)
Poll: Snyder ahead of Bernero in gov race (Detroit Free Press, 8/6/10)
Right to Life won’t endorse Snyder due to stem cell views (Michigan Messenger, 8/6/10)
Granholm endorses Bernero; Dillon holds off (Michigan Messenger, 8/6/10)
Bernero, Snyder will try to sway party loyalists, independents (Detroit Free Press, 8/5/10)
Editorial: Governor’s race needs civility, focus (Detroit Free Press, 8/5/10)
Group of top execs back Snyder for gov (Detroit Free Press, 8/5/10)
Underdog winner Bernero still has a lot to prove (Detroit Free Press, 8/5/10)
Self-styled outsider Snyder brings business, tech acumen to guber race (Detroit News, 8/5/10)
Labor TV ads pushed Bernero to victory (Detroit Free Press, 8/5/10)
Bernero and Snyder will fight to be next governor (Detroit Free Press, 8/4/10)
Editorial: Bernero, Snyder will offer voters a real choice in fall election (Detroit News, 8/4/10)
Snyder’s defeated rivals vow support for election (Detroit Free Press, 8/4/10)
Primary results reveal few patterns to analyze (Michigan Messenger, 8/4/10)
Snyder vows to focus on solutions (Detroit Free Press, 8/4/10)
Bernero has to tweak his fall message (Detroit Free Press, 8/4/10)
MI businessman beats Hoekstra in gov race (The Hill, 8/3/10)
Snyder’s venture capital past (Wall Street Journal, 8/3/10)
Witness who implicated Cox still missing (Michigan Messenger, 8/2/10)
Snyder: A moderate for Michigan? (, 8/2/10)
Robocalls target Snyder as primary clock winds down (Detroit News, 8/1/10)
Voters have high hopes for next governor, poll finds (Detroit Free Press, 8/1/10)

JULY 2010

Snyder finally gets jabbed with campaign attack ad on TV (Detroit Free Press, 7/31/10)
Snyder, Bernero ride ads to leads in close primaries (Detroit News, 7/30/10)
Will voters choose insider or outsider for next MI governor? (, 7/30/10)
Profile: Bernero’s tough talk strikes sympathetic chord (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Profile: Cox ties to Kilpatrick may not matter (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Profile: Dillon, a moderate who tries to work with GOP (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Profile: Bouchard’s ideas, position pose challenges (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Profile: Snyder, the ‘tough nerd’ raises lots of questions (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Profile: Hoekstra’s tax plan sets him apart from rivals (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
In MI Gov race, GOP has 3-way toss-up (Detroit Free Press, 7/30/10)
Dillon promises campaign will ‘defend ourselves’ from attack ads (Grand Rapids Press, 7/29/10)
Snyder holds slight lead in tight GOP primary (Detroit Free Press, 7/29/10)
Snyder: we need tangible, real results (Detroit News, 7/29/10)
In Dem primary, Bernero pulls ahead (Detroit Free Press, 7/29/10)
Cox denies new allegations about Manoogian mansion party (Michigan Messenger, 7/28/10)
Cox denies partying in mayor’s mansion (Washington Post, 7/27/10)
Candidates face economics and ‘uncertainty’ (Michigan Public Radio, 7/27/10)
Hoekstra taps more right wing supporters (Michigan Messenger, 7/26/10)
Snyder’s final ad features Bill Ford, Jr endorsement (Detroit Free Press, 7/26/10)
Hoekstra calls for end of  ’factually incorrect attack ads’ (Grand Rapids Press, 7/26/10)
Hoekstra’s DC ties cut both ways (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Cash-strapped Bernero sill in race, pundits say (Lansing State Journal, 7/25/10)
Newspapers endorse Hoekstra and Dillon (Crain’s Detroit Business, 7/25/10)
Dillon courts voters who’ve had it with politics as usual (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Snyder needs to turn outsider status into votes (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Bernero has intense focus (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 7/25/10)
Decision 2010: Dillon’s issue positions (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Decision 2010: Snyder’s issue positions (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Decision 2010: Hoekstra’s issue positions (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Decision 2010: Bouchard’s issue positions (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Cox a tough competitor who battles baggage (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Bouchard: good resume, lagging campaign (Detroit Free Press, 7/25/10)
Bernero embraces underdog run with working-class gusto (Detroit Free Press, 7/24/10)
Snyder pours nearly $6 M into his own campaign (Detroit News, 7/24/10)
Snyder dips into his own pockets to raise cash (Detroit Free Press, 7/24/10)
Hoekstra talks up bipartisan skills (Detroit News, 7/23/10)
Nod from Bing a boost for Dillon (Detroit Free Press, 7/23/10)
Snyder on quest to ‘reinvent’ Michigan (Detroit News, 7/23/10)
Opinion: Nobody’s got Dillon’s back (Muskegon Chronicle, 7/22/10)
Bing backs Dillon, former Gov picks Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 7/22/10)
In early 2010, Bernero drew money from inauguration fund (Detroit News, 7/22/10)
Bouchard the determined conservative (Detroit News, 7/22/10)
AG Cox shaped by military, law jobs (Detroit News, 7/22/10)
Hoekstra leads big in individual donors (Detroit Free Press, 7/22/10)
Cox, like other AGs running for gov, runs into conflicts of interest (Michigan Messenger, 7/21/10)
Bernero gains on Dillon in Dem race (Detroit News, 7/20/10)
Snyder strategy : broaden appeal (Detroit Free Press, 7/20/10)
Hoekstra to join ‘Tea Party Caucus’ (Michigan Messenger, 7/20/10)
Cox runs new attack ad on Hoekstra (Michigan Messenger, 7/20/10)
Schwarz endorses Snyder, urges Dems to crossover and vote in GOP primary (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 7/19/10)
New poll: GOP guber hopefuls locked in 3-way race (Detroit News, 7/19/10)
Detroit groups back Bernero (Michigan Citizen, 7/18/10)
Hoekstra enjoys free media from Obama’s visit and jab (Grand Rapids Press, 7/16/10)
Teamsters endorse Hoekstra in GOP primary (Detroit News, 7/16/10)
Snyder releases tax returns (Detroit News, 7/16/10)
MI chapter of Republicans for Environmental Protection endorses Snyder (, 7/16/10)
Bernero works to make up ground (Detroit News, 7/15/10)

Dillon bucks traditional support (Detroit News, 7/15/10)
Poll shows 3 GOP hopefuls tied up (Detroit Free Press, 7/14/10)
Group files to get Tea Party on MI ballot (Detroit Free Press, 7/14/10)
New poll – GOP close, Dillon leads Dems (Michigan Messenger, 7/13/10)
Ad wars heat up in governor’s race (Michigan Messenger, 7/1/10)
JUNE 2010

Cox addresses Kilpatrick, Manoogian investigation in new TV ads (Detroit Free Press, 6/30/10)
Bernero, Dillon vow to lead Michigan out of funk (Detroit News, 6/29/10)
Hoekstra admits to Family ties (Michigan Messenger, 6/29/10)
Snyder, Cox & special interest group spend more then $900K on W. MI TV ads (Grand Rapids Press, 6/29/10)
Dillon’s economic plan targets urban blight, job growth (Detroit News, 6/26/10)
Dillon courts voters who’ve had it with politics as usual (Detroit Free Press, 6/25/10)
GOP hopefuls debate – find little to fight about (Detroit Free Press, 6/25/10)
Split of major endorsements more evidence GOP contest is anyone’s race (Grand Rapids Press, 6/24/10)
Teamsters endorse Dillon for gov (Detroit Free Press, 6/24/10)
Judge still won’t release Cox’s testimony in Greene murder case (Detroit Free Press, 6/24/10)
Did Rick Snyder ship jobs overseas while at Gateway? (Ann, 6/24/10)
GOP candidates tout need for jobs in Michigan (Detroit News, 6/24/10)
AFL-CIO unveils election strategy (Detroit News, 6/24/10)
GOP candidates agree on lower taxes (Detroit Free Press, 6/24/10)
Bernero embraces his underdog states with working-class gusto (Detroit Free Press, 6/24/10)
Bouchard says public employees overpaid – calls for constitutional amendment to limit pay (Michigan Messenger, 6/24/10)
Hoekstra criticizes BP escrow (Michigan Messenger, 6/24/10)
AFL-CIO begins Bernero-for-gov push (Detroit Free Press, 6/23/10)
Bouchard: who cares about attack ads? Without jobs plan, GOP can’t win in fall (, 6/23/10)
Hoekstra membership in RSC becomes issue over BP “shakedown” position (Michigan Messenger, 6/23/10)
Bernero, Dillon debate heated (Detroit News, 6/22/10)
Cox campaign says its TV ads were stolen and posted on YouTube (Detroit Free Press, 6/22/10)
Endorsements fuel Cox surge in GOP primary (Michigan Messenger, 6/21/10)
Bernero, Dillon spar over jobs during 1st debate (Detroit Free Press,6/21/10)
Cox dons his Marine uniform in campaign ad (Detroit Free Press, 6/21/10)
Hoekstra says he would support sales tax increase, expansion (Michigan Messenger, 6/21/10)
Opinion: Candidates for governor aren’t inspiring voters (Morning Sun, 6/21/10)
Cox goes to war against his opponents (Michigan Messenger, 6/21/10)
Profile: Bouchard is cop first, but believes politics can fix problems (Flint Journal, 6/20/10)
Snyder, the nerd who should be Michigan’s next governor (, 6/20/10)
Hoekstra flip-flops on tax increases (Dearborn Press & Guide, 6/20/10)
Cox takes slim lead for 1st time in months (Detroit Free Press, 6/19/10)
New radio ad attacks Cox over Manoogian Mansion rumors (Detroit Free Press, 6/19/10)
Attack ad brings up Cox, rumored Manoogian Mansion party (Detroit News, 6/18/10)
Behind in GOP race, Bouchard courts Tea Party voters (Detroit Free Press, 6/18/10)
Snyder’s next challenge: convincing GOP voters (Detroit Free Press, 6/17/10)
Polls show Hoekstra, Dillon leading but many remain undecided (Detroit Free Press, 6/17/10)
Bouchard: I’ll back services tax if it’s neutral (Detroit news, 6/17/10)
Bernero sees “new bright future” for Michigan (Lansing State Journal, 6/17/10)
Bernero releases economic plan (Bloomberg Businessweek, 6/16/10)
Dillon first Dem with TV ad in governor’s race (Lansing State Journal, 6/16/10)
Groups join to lobby against constitutional convention (Michigan Messenger, 6/16/10)
Dillon’s ad urges “hire Michigan first” doesn’t follow it’s own advice (Michigan Messenger, 6/16/10)
Dillon’s “hire Michigan first” ad is work of Chicago firm (Detroit News, 6/15/10)
Cox wins congressional endorsements for guber run (Detroit Free Press, 6/15/10)
House Dems seek to enhance drilling ban in Great Lakes (Michigan Messenger, 6/15/10)
Teamsters to endorse Dillon? (Michigan Messenger, 6/15/10)
MI GOP guber hopefuls more popular than Dems (Detroit News, 6/14/10)
Snyder wants to “reinvent Michigan” (Monroe News, 6/13/10)
Opinion: Flip-flops on tax hike could haunt GOP guber hopeful Hoekstra (Royal Oak Daily Tribune, 6/11/10)
Dillon would not veto partial-birth abortion bill (Michigan Liberal, 6/11/10)

MI Chamber of Commerce endorses Cox (Detroit News, 6/8/10)
New poll shows Hoekstra with strong lead (Michigan Messenger, 6/3/10)
Poll gives GOP the edge in November (Detroit News, 6/3/10)
Radical or not, change is coming to Michigan (Detroit Free Press, 6/3/10)
Guber hopefuls trade accusations (Detroit Free Press, 6/3/10)
Bouchard says he would cut taxes if elected (Detroit Free Press, 6/1/10)
Gingrich to endorse Hoekstra (Detroit News, 6/1/10)
MAY 2010
MEA endorses Bernero for gov (Michigan Messenger, 5/31/10)
MI Education Association endorses Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 5/28/10)
Bernero wins teachers union endorsement (Detroit Free Press, 5/28/10)
Bernero gains national attention (Michigan Messenger, 5/27/10)
Rove tees off on Michigan Democrats (Detroit News, 5/27/10)
GOP Underdog goes on offensive at debate (Detroit Free Press, 5/25/10)
Teachers rally against education spending cuts (Michigan Public Radio, 5/24/10)
Hoekstra, Cox feud over TARP (National Journal, 5/24/10)
The flaw in Dillon’s electoral gamble (Michigan Liberal, 5/23/10)
Snyder ad attacks 2 GOP rivals (Detroit Free Press, 5/22/10)
Snyder wants Republicans to just get along (Michigan Messenger, 5/21/10)
Weary of ghosts, Cox finds live foe (Detroit Free Press, 5/20/10)
Opinion: Smith’s exit makes guber race less robust (Port Huron Times Herald, 5/19/10)
Hoekstra responds to latest Cox attack (Grand Rapids Press, 5/18/10)
Schwarz still weighing independent run (Michigan Public Radio, 5/17/10)
Ironworkers slam Bernero ad (Detroit News, 5/14/10)
GOP’s Snyder to skip next two debates (Detroit Free Press, 5/13/10)
Man featured in Cox ad now supports Snyder (Grand Rapids Press, 5/12/10)
Guber candidate crank up the attack ads (Detroit Free Press, 5/11/10)
In ad, Cox takes sharp aim at Hoekstra (Detroit Free Press, 5/11/10)
Varied field lines up to be gov (Detroit News, 5/11/10)
Wheeler Smith drops out of Dem field (Detroit News, 5/10/10)
Lansing residents mixed over tax increase (Lansing State Journal, 5/9/10)
Snyder to begin airing 4th ad (Detroit Free Press, 5/7/10)
Snyder says he has a bold vision for the state (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 5/5/10)
Feiger will not run for gov (Detroit Free Press, 5/2/10)

APRIL 2010

Dillon picks up union endorsements (Detroit Free Press, 4/30/10)
Bouchard slams 2nd bridge plan (Detroit Free Press, 4/30/10)
MI GOP asks lawyer to step down (Michigan Messenger, 4/29/10)
Romney on campaign trail with Hoekstra (Holland Sentinel, 4/27/10)
Voters back GOP in 2010, Hoekstra top pick (Detroit Free Press, 4/27/10)
Feiger mulls guber run; takes jab at Snyder (Detroit Free Press, 4/26/10)
Dems  would choose Feiger latest poll shows (Detroit Free Press, 4/24/10)
Romney backs Hoekstra’s guber bid (Detroit Free Press, 4/23/10)
Opinion: Cox lets campaign intrude on day job (Lansing State Journal, 4/13/10)
Dillon and Bernero fight over donor names (Detroit Free Press, 4/9/10)
Cox joins Tea Party tour of Michigan (Detroit Free Press, 4/8/10)
Web playing role in governor’s race (The State News, 4/7/10)

MARCH 2010
Granholm: pension plan may need to be adjusted (Detroit Free Press, 3/31/10)
Tea Party seeks toe-hold in Michigan (Detroit News, 3/31/10)
Majority of Dem voters undecided on primary choice (Detroit Free Press, 3/31/10)
In radio interview, Hoekstra calls recent events “domestic terrorism” (Talking Points Memo, 3/31/10)
If Bouchard is elected, he’ll say “no” to federal mandates like health care reform (Kalamazoo Gazette, 3/30/10)
Opinion: In search of Light Guv running mate, sometimes foes are the best match (Dearborn Press & Guide, 3/30/10)
MI GOP budget calls for eliminating prisoner pay, phone calls (Michigan Messenger, 3/30/10)
Hoekstra back on campaign trail after surgery (Grand Rapids Press, 3/29/10)
Granholm: sales tax on services needed to bolster education (Detroit News, 3/29/10)
Business backgrounds working for first time GOP candidates (Washington Post, 3/29/10)
Is legislature really in crisis mode? (Lansing State Journal, 3.28.10)
On campaign trail, Hoekstra has missed 71% of votes this month (Detroit News, 3/28/10)
OPINION: Dillon shuns partisanship (Traverse City Record-Eagle, 3/27/10)
Snyder tells college crowd Michigan needs a nerd (, 3/26/10)
Cox backs health care lawsuit (Livingston Daily, 3/26/10)
What’s not being said in Cox-Granholm health care debate (Grand Rapids Press, 3/26/10)
Fieger may run for gov (Detroit News, 3/25/10)
Bouchard says state should withhold payments to feds over health care (Michigan Messenger, 3/25/10)
Another Bernero official tied to late taxes (Michigan Messenger, 3/24/10)
Cox woos reform foes with legal foolishness (Detroit Free Press, 3/23/10)
Snyder lets public select his next ad (Michigan News, 3/23/10)
Poll shows GOP has edge in general (Politics Daily, 3/22/10)
Cox warns he will challenge health reform (Detroit Free Press, 3/20/10)
MI GOPers step up efforts to block health care reform (Detroit News, 3/20/10)
If Schwarz runs as independent, he will be playing catch up (Detroit Free Press, 3/20/10)
Hoekstra, Dillon see eye-to-eye on some issues (Detroit Free Press, 3/19/10)
Why is Joe Schwarz running as an independent? (Capitol Chronicles, 3/18/10)
Bernero asks campaign treasurer to resign over unpaid taxes (Lansing State Journal, 3/18/10)
There may be a third way to governor’s office (Muskegon Chronicle, 3/17/10)
New poll shows Bernero trailing Dillon (Lansing City Pulse, 3/17/10)
Hoekstra, Cox trade barbs in campaign (Holland Sentinel, 3/17/10)
Have campaign finance laws been broken in gov race? (Grand Rapids Press, 3/17/10)
Bouchard touting experience on campaign trail (Midland Daily News, 3/15/10)
Editorial: Michigan in no shape to afford a state-owned bank (Detroit News, 3/15/10)
Poll shows Bernero gains name recognition (Lansing State Journal, 3/14/10)
Cherry doesn’t plan on re-entering race (Detroit Free Press, 3/14/10)
AFL-CIO backs Bernero (Detroit Free Press, 3/13/10)
Former Cox aide has “important info” in murder investigation (, 3/12/10)
Checking the facts: the Bernero and Dillon robocalls (Michigan Messenger, 3/12/10)
Nerd ads helping Snyder, but nerd appeal mixed (Crain’s Detroit Business, 3/11/10)
AFL-CIO endorses Bernero for gov (Politico, 3/11/10)
Two top Dems open to raising taxes (Detroit Free Press, 3/11/10)
Which candidate gets the union label? (Michigan Radio, 3/11/10)
Trolling for a governor (Detroit Metro Times, 3/10/10)
Illegal robo-calls hit Democratic primary (Michigan Messenger, 3/10/10)
Bernero touts state-owned bank idea (Detroit Free Press, 3/10/10)
Public fund for guber candidates short on money (Battle Creek Enquirer, 3/10/10)
Bouchard announces spending reform proposals (Michigan Messenger, 3/9/10)
Voters may be ready to consider taxes (Lansing State Journal, 3/9/10)
Cox “can’t remember” and refuses to turn over phone records (Michigan Messenger, 3/9/10)
Union leader disappointed in anti-Bernero robo-calls (Grand Rapids Press, 3/8/10)
Kildee drops out of Dem race (Detroit Free Press, 3/6/10)
Kildee’s exit may push unions to support Bernero (Lansing State Journal, 3/6/10)
New poll shows veteran politicians gaining support in gov race (Royal Oak Daily Tribune, 3/5/10)
With Dillon in race, what next for Dems? (Livingstone Daily, 3/3/10)
Hoekstra calls for smaller state govt (Midland Daily News, 3/2/10)
Polls shifting quickly in gov race (Michigan Messenger, 3/1/10)
Dillon gets into Dem race (Detroit Free Press, 3/1/10)
Democrats need unions to win governor’s race (Detroit Free Press, 3/1/10)
Michigan budget, fed-up public a potent political brew (Muskegon Chronicle, 2/28/10)
Andy Dillon, Michigan’s next governor? (Time Magazine, 2/28/10)
Hoekstra still leads, but “the nerd” is gaining (Detroit Free Press, 2/27/10)
Dillon to formally launch gubernatorial candidacy (Detroit Free Press, 2/27/10)
New poll shows Snyder making move in GOP field (Detroit Free Press, 2/26/10)
Granholm threatens budget veto if education is cut (Michigan Messenger, 2/25/10)
Dillon unlikely to resign Speakership (Michigan Messenger, 2/24/10)
Will legislature pick up pace on budget? (Lansing State Journal, 2/23/10)

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