The State Houses – What’s At Stake in 2010

Thirty-nine states will be electing a governor during the 2009-2010 election cycle. Of these, eighteen races will not include an incumbent and four incumbents who will be running were not elected to their current position. The recession and huge budget deficits threaten to undercut the power of incumbency for governors running for reelection.

The Current Line-Up


MI 2009 Archives


Michigan Gubernatorial Headlines 2009 Archives

GOP candidates show few differences at first debate (Detroit Free Press, 9/26/09)
Pundits tell GOP faithful thinks are looking up (Detroit Free Press, 9/26/09)
Cox leads early poll of GOP candidates (Michigan Messenger, 9/24/09)
Bill Ford endorses Snyder (Detroit News, 9/24/09)
Editorial: A budget with no happy endings (Detroit Free Press, 9/24/09)
Spending caps off in MI GOP primary (Chicago Tribune, 9/24/09)
MI lawmakers find common ground on budget (Detroit News, 9/24/09)
Wrangling lawmakers miss budget deadline (Detroit Free Press, 9/23/09)
Could Obama try to force Cherry out of 2010 gov race? (Huffington Post, 9/23/09)
Hoekstra, Cox lead GOP primary poll (Grand Rapids News, 9/23/09)
Michigan spending on education plummets over past decade (Detroit News, 9/23/09)
Dillon works both sides of the aisle (Dearborn Press & Guide, 9/22/09)
Hoekstra: CIA inquiry almost “double jeopardy” (The Hill, 9/21/09)
Bouchard talks about his gov run – VIDEO (WMMT, 9/21/09)
State budget deadline looms (Kalamazoo Gazette, 9/19/09)
Budget battle underway as state faces largest spending cuts in history (Michigan Political Report, 9/18/09)
Dillon upsets labor leader over tax reform, healthcare (Royal Oak Daily Tribune, 9/18/09)
Is Michigan site the frontrunner for Gitmo detainees? (Michigan Independent, 9/17/09)
On tour of W. Michigan, Snyder announces local endorsements (Grand Rapids Press, 9/17/09)
Ladies first? Not on GOP Gov ticket (Detroit Free Press, 9/17/09)
Will Dems take a gamble on Cherry? (Detroit City Pulse, 9/17/09)
Bouchard picks Land as running mate (Detroit News, 9/16/09)
GOP rivals say Bouchard’s Land pick means campaign is struggling (Grand Rapids Press, 9/16/09)
Political ambitions play role in budget drama (Michigan Public Radio, 9/15/09)
Editorial: Dems and GOP agree Granholm weak leader (Traverse City Record Eagle, 9/12/09)
Business leaders aim to overhaul Lansing (Detroit Free Press, 9/11/09)
Hope for a Dillon-Bishop budget deal (Lansing State Journal, 9/11/09)
Snyder “fired up” on campaign trail (Kalamazoo Gazette, 9/10/09)
Granholm & Dillon battle over budget (Detroit Free Press, 9/10/09)
Mich CEOs support extending sales tax to services (Detroit News, 9/10/09)
Business Leaders launch plan to create jobs (Detroit Free Press, 9/10/09)
MI is worst in nation in political transparency (Detroit Free Press, 9/10/09)
Granholm, Cox offer contrasting plans (Michigan Messenger, 9/9/09)
Cox’s plan: $2 billion in tax cuts (Detroit Free Press, 9/8/09)
Dillon taking more heat over health insurance proposal (Detroit Free Press, 9/4/09)
Budget talks include outside leaders (Forbes, 9/4/09)
Dillon: plan will save $1 billion, improve care (Detroit Free Press, 9/3/09)
Budget negotiations reflect same old battle (Michigan Messenger, 9/3/09)
CEO group aims to overhaul state’s business climate (Detroit Free Press, 9/2/09)
Snyder wants to run a “new” Michigan (Detroit Free Press, 8/30/09)
Details emerge on Dillon’s health care plan (Detroit Free Press, 8/29/09)
Dems line up behind Cherry, but Lt Govs have spotty record winnning elections (Toledo Blade, 8/28/09)
Cox ethics reform goal: candidates’ financial disclosures (Detroit Free Press, 8/28/09)
2010 politics hang over budget negotiations (Chicago Tribune, 8/27/09)
Former national security officials criticize Hoekstra for “politicizing” Gitmo transfer debate (Michigan Messenger, 8/27/09)
Poll shows Cherry may be vulnerable in primary, but unclear who will be most serious challenger (Michigan Messenger, 8/25/09)
Clock ticking on solutions for budget (Livingston Daily, 8/24/o9)
GOP rivals criticize Snyder’s attack on campaign financing (Grand Rapids Press, 8/22/09)
Dillon shows political courage by going where others are afraid to go (Detroit News, 8/22/09)
Is Michigan heading toward a govt shutdown on Oct 1? (Toledo Blade, 8/20/09)
House Judiciary Committee seeks subpoena power (Michigan Messenger, 8/20/09)
Snyder: Special interests, public financing bad mix (Grand Rapids Press, 8/20/09)
Bipartisan committee will look at Dillon’s proposal (Crain’s Detroit Business, 8/19/09)
What makes Andy Dillon tick? (Capital Chronicles, 8/19/09)
With jobs scarce, can MI fix fiscal problems? (Grand Rapids News, 8/19/09)
Gitmo to Michigan issue divides gov candidates (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/18/09)
Here’s the reason to support Dillon’s plan (Lansing State Journal, 8/14/09)
Unions need to get real on Dillon’s plan (, 8/13/09)
Ficano’s (Wayne County) deficits deepen (Michigan Citizen, 8/13/09)
Unions criticize Dillon’s proposal (Michigan Messenger, 8/12/09)
Dillon’s health care plan walks fine line; could shake up gov race (Detroit News, 8/12/09)
Could Michigan be heading to another govt shutdown? (Dearborn Press & Guide, 8/9/09)
A new day dawning in Detroit? (Toledo Blade, 8/7/09)
Snyder won’t take public funds, questions why Hoekstra needs to (Michigan Public Radio, 8/6/09)
Could third party candidate win gov race? (Michigan Policy Network, 8/5/09)
Guv candidates vary in positions on Gitmo detainees coming to MI (Grand Rapid News, 8/5/09)
Dillon’s “cerebral” style shakes up race (WMMT TV, 8/1/09)
JULY 2009
Speaker Dillon shows rarity: leadership (Jackson Citizen Patriot, 7/31/09)
Dillon rolls out environmental plan (Michigan Liberal, 7/31/09)
Snyder brings fresh ideas to guv campaign (Detroit News, 7/30/09)
Budget deficits require restructuring state government (Saginaw News, 7/30/09)
Cox: How to keep MI college graduates in Michigan (Detroit News, 7/30/09)
Brandon: Make tough budget choices to turn Michigan around (Detroit News, 7/29/09)
Educators back Dillon insurance plan (Detroit News, 7/28/09)
Hoekstra does dirty work as campaign puts him in different jobs (Detroit Free Press, 7/28/09)
Democrats Michigan governors race becoming crowded (CQ Politics, 7/27/09)
State insurance fund proposal draws controversy (Dearborn Press & Guide, 7/26/09)
Biz to Gov & Cherry: oppose Dem ballot proposals (Crain’s Detroit Business, 7/26/09)
Snyder shows moxie on his statewide tour (Traverse City Record-Eagle, 7/25/09)
Can Michigan declare bankruptcy? (Michigan Messenger, 7/24/09)
Ten questions with Snyder (Bay City News, 7/24/09)
Some state leaders living in the past (Detroit News, 7/23/09)
Democrats plan to put populist initiatives on ballot (Detroit Free Press, 7/22/09)
Speaker Dillon’s proposal enrages teachers’ union (The Grand Rapids Press, 7/22/09)
Dillon, Granholm spar over insurance proposal’s details (Dearborn Press & Guide, 7/22/09)
Hoekstra offers peak into C Street (Detroit News, 7/23/09)
Dem chair blasts Snyder as CEO who sent jobs overseas (Michigan Messenger, 7/22/09)
Freeman jumps into Dem field (Detroit News, 7/22/09)
Snyder launches campaign for GOP nomination (Politico, 7/21/09)
Snyder promises innovation as guv (Detroit Free Press, 7/21/09)
Dillon’s radical proposal gets positive public reaction (Detroit Free Press, 7/19/09)
Dillon proposes combining public employees in one health insurance group (Detroit News, 7/17/09)
Leaders meet trying to close $1.7B budget gap (Detroit News, 7/16/09)
State struggles to confront nation’s highest unemployment numbers (WZZM-13, 7/16/09)
Dillon’s proposal shakes up Democratic nomination fight (Detroit Free Press, 7/16/09)
Snyder’s potential GOP run could roil the right wing base (Michigan Messenger, 7/13/09)
Gateway ex-CEO eyes GOP guv run (Detroit Free Press, 7/13/09)
Cox targets Medicare fraud (Detroit Free Press, 7/9/09)
Rujan enters GOP field (Michigan Messenger, 7/9/09)
Smith kicks of Dem campaign for governor (Ypsilanti Courier, 7/2/09)
JUNE 2009
GOPers take aim at economy (Grand Rapids Press, 6/30/09)
Could Snyder win Gov race as an independent? (The Morning Sun, 6/29/09)
What makes Rick tick? Snyder may run for gov (Ann Arbor News, 6/28/09)
Hoekstra: “Freedom” is key to GOP’s future (Battle Creek Enquirer, 6/28/09)
Michigan tax reform requires united effort (, 6/28/09)
Opinion: GOP’s recovery will start in Michigan (Lansing State Journal, 6/26/09)
MI House, Senate pass starkly different budget bills (Detroit News, 6/26/09)
Land opts out; endorses Brouchard (Michigan Public Radio, 6/25/09)
Land’s exit a stunner (Detroit Free Press, 6/25/09)
Land exits. Who benefits? (, 6/25/09)
Snyder embroiled in endorsement controversy (Right for Michigan, 6/24/09)
Cherry calls for legislature to get budget done early (Detroit News, 6/23/09)
MI Information & Research Survey: most MI leaders have faith in current state officials (6/23/09)
Dillon to get into Dem primary around Labor Day? (Blogging for Michigan, 6/16/09)
State legislator proposes gay marriage legislation – surprising Democrats (MI Messenger, 6/13/09)